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John B. Stetson Jr. Card Calendar
University of Florida


Spatial Coverage:
North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alacuha -- Gainesville


General Note:
The collection contains calendar cards descriptive of manuscript documents drawn from the Archivo General de Indias in Seville. The calendar is comprised of about 14,000 catalog cards. The documents relate to Spanish activity in the Southeast borderlands from 1512-1783. Copies of the documents are held by the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, Gainesville.

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University of Florida
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0i? aT As 1-1--T.. bn ? 1-6, 16S S A! 1-1-1/19,2 cd ?i 1-6. 1600? l 1/19,l 9 on ]-A

De ote roecoo y an oa oer icwe de -i De Cit C.. .r h o er r e i or .. ro o hn cod e ri- ea R- c iC
,bb-,11 ..... -tc.,ioe, l nodate obIaio r dero Ia bo, la a t ob1 ione br

ot I, -by tl do bhlotC d i-i re by Alv- ro fi lp ci by Alvroo Rexi n by l oeL n ST co-,r o a5 t i a l i Lo 6 1-6.

lawl~R 3bi 76j.l AZT 1-h~ fi U, nO b-& r~ 7..

o~Tht~fa~t If ffoto1 1 otf

\ .. ...


- ~ -: ~-~---- ;~;-_-- ~;~ =.-~-;;~r ;;

S I 10-1-1 bnd 790, s. I- a36 ? iT 1 1+-1- ba 79u p. 1- I T 5I 14o--i bt 7n95, p. i

-i, to ;1 t-- 1 J n I .. 1 1 oi I, i "n. ,t t on o o u

Kin o ;end cuiis a, p ole a fo-ts in L King to sed u l 1 n r p pl ot i sk Kin, to end sup i d eo e a or0 n : n d y col I n erou all th d c b rus Recll 1 pe- y del ou b e ll tht per ii 0rvio y do e, I a-o enndez tiion pr viously de by do Menndez r-, ti.n p vio ly ie by ledro oen nez fr uo i cto, n o on eede Rdri c d ounca. act acto n- .or notrio dn y o i d u

40 0 S

11001 4? a 3M--I ~ 7g6 ~. ,a. IIOI C 214p3 bad N, ~. 3~* 110? d L4 I1b.4 nl -6, 2' 14

t. 0j ja 10l a 00 a a

(160m? ) R ahl 1 -1-A bad 7b p. 1-3. (16c0? ,I 14-1- br- 7, p. 12. (100,?) A A 2 bi 7 i 4-h.

1q- a a,. F, yadr. n, d5,. Erved lorida ma-y years as ,ciscan priest. Served in flori ,e many y, a Fr emi n yriod. erved in a-ori many yiars as Frisan k r hi h l to b that he ;sk for hed2ulk f receive his oly book. tha
ft riti left i1 Florik<. left in lorida.

0 0 0

-~; -~-~~1 ~---~_;- -;-::;, --,i _~-, :

V V 2


Nh Nh Nh

600 T r ii 5k--9 bnd /, p. 1. 160 a ? 5-2-3 bnd k, p. 3. 11 ,t Pb br :Yb, p.

N r t n fo n ns l ndzad oM btition o Xonzo ie r de nzc. 8d d i O of 10- o n ian

i f r r nrion for jmor e r f prmisin ,ks for exter ion for 4 msre yea of misic k o exitenion fin mo ere o per-i-n to coll ct his cmjlet sal ; ro uc do, a en to co1 t c lete fro i o. n- to collect his cos 1c 4al y fro- .ituado. tions aedll of May 9 June 6, 60 tions eduls of May 2 96 Jne n 16L. t n ~ero y 5' 196 ani J- 6, 16'. (c onti.e 1 1ay 1) a(continle 160 1) continueu 16C ay i4)

0I 0

(1600) T AII ; 1 I Ii ba 7 '. 1, (1600) I &l1 56-1-i bn 78, p. 1. (1600) 8i 1.

Sri ing. Spa.. Kin. Spain i (cp ico lete) f. (c-, i celoe) ~I! ,co, incom -te) 1

To estre de CA p!o 7o 'a Fetnande de Co 0or 0ov. To stre de C a mo Jos, Ferll cdez d Co do., .o. To Maestre 1- CtI Jor Fermde de "o doo o, ov. and t. enerl of ad i1 lf an C-i obal nd t. enera of -ub -d city f San ri ad t. Genrl f -uba nd city o an Criaobi
de.. K ovana r r osof ad 1 0 id. fe vir lr ct lo H .n to Fr tio, oo V,, a riaol .

0 0 0

iO fter Ish) Wa AG h145-- 8n a p. i-j 2 ll a(nfer 1 4) at AI 1 1-1 bnd 29i ~. q. 30 Catr 25*) C 01 2kg-i- 1 i Ifnd 79

( pin rito o i d Vl c. i) ition of oi 0 e r1 enn. p 1 in' .t tio do

L- o o io f In aci I yor i, k o o -' li t i ition of l1, i. or ns a i ime pos 10 o 1 i Y r iror o
Ixco te aiion a oi-n a i for a peiod Mexic; the 1ositi-n giv aLi ,Io ; prioo Mexic tog to uc vn ahio op ye y- Moo ion hi hr-,io a o hi ft f o I h io vn dpvo PonOnp-nfdez w- di- pov? tyZ i- not -iw h tr dovry fo io or hi d t

0 0

2',l 8("ii ~i 1-;


ir- I f L-C Pt,, ,,I I~ ', I S-at0 -at 0- -nd 800, It 095 1 (- 0op1 a t

I0 J- 1! -I' 1I5 --9 bd fI .. 27- 1 J n 2 AT 5- -9 bni 60, 7--. 16.0 JW n 12 4 S A 4-5- i p, I- . n 0zn uin laolo n- r-0. i on 1 n T 0
(cop.) 6 (cooy) 6 (!'y) 6 p.

-1 fithe icro irtur to report on tt s i -11 inar r Artu to r o n -rte t.o rort on titl ivn

Feb 7 by : ih KLin, -ive t u-1d- for siti of Feb 7 by ich King ive 16 ducedos for poi ion of Feb ? by :lich ?;i ive ,5 Iuedee for o ition of :h or n o u- h fo atille- h of in fo i bo .- o bn nh-rC f ther iaron tun i:h i ogl, i Myor b narg ft iardo t-r ih 11 i Myor ba n a es fa r -I i i o tur it. Ile i ayou i h i -il V iT n II- T.1 .- .itle Vi-i-do in Sn .ii 198. I1 T:- .itl n n 1iit o
oh~~~~~~~x non Fgnn1 o g orbe

Jan ST I 51 -9 bnd 1, ? 3 16 -, 1-7 -ni I an 1 ie o -nzo lo enezs d, nz. 5n gutL Gnr o ends de -n-. -n S- l -:1th, on1 zal i a inued i roced r o inued rom Ieedi< cr continue from precedi r nul ed H1dil 1099. hted vnna A I

O Jan 31 C S 9-H9 bnd tCP, p. MS. 16,n J3n 1 ST 5 --l bnd 8 M. p. 31-36. 1600 ,an 1 ST fl 5+-'-9 bnd 82W.. -3.

(c y) sp_ I(apa J- (copy 1
art tin !I.,- :n.o 1 1nz.. Inn t lan-nl

uo onc n fro for u le ni n fter A o cc rnin lo ro in aftr uo ocern fre dor for t r
Sk on ko ni h r t i ey s. sl very by Sl nirds t o n h ts ny by Sp1 in ,
of nr ps wiLl ,nish-d. Oid-re by ir of In n ,ill be prishel. Ordered by o, f 7n. n wil TnYuised. o rde-ed y ing

I0 0"b 4-- T -- d 2, 6 Fb 6- TI 5 80,. 6. 10 F 0-6- Ti -5- bnd 80, 6

Sn sti o on o e z u tin. onz 10 T-dez C yo uttin. o'o endez t zo

-le one ah o i ter ed Ic o a rph of ette ed in es arraph of King leb"tter a-5 ted 1e No 9 'b ich n -ask to L iford of a be Nov y hich he anks to b -forel of ov 9 b i i .- noil, I Jun 9e itb- ,e .- TereR 5: rtin, Indi 9 oldier Juan ac Jib Term -t In i-r .- ol e Jw- dJ ib. 4,.- es Martin

6c iFeb k S 6 160 e T I4- -d 0 ,. 6. 10 b 4-6 S-. I -)- bad a. *I .

tin. Gonz.lo d .ao ,ends de C zo San ti. Go 10 "n de Canzo,
- : r ,o r o c in- I fro r l i eI-, ar

vi Gl n, T-i ren, Ir h, .- n id Iri ,0li r Lic, -
1 'f z -1 j,, lin. ,rzi- Ti

I6 feb C sC A1 5 -3-1 bad k p. 1-V. -h0 10 at S A In- bnd ,0, . 1600 .0 S Ag$ 5 15 tl OC, p. i-V.

n as stjn. o i Officials o in,. an I- tin. Royal fficil to Kin. Sa t in. Royal Offiia- to K .
(co ) (oy) 6 .o

Sreply o I aiula, th]t arri,,ed r t edl t ariv d oa l 1 1 rp o 4 edu s t t rr d n i
t;t s o Go. endez d. o. ocr finan di tc s to ov M de one-nig finn i0 0ches to ,or. 0 enez le Cn concorrin :i
i tn ld co ad,-o dro ode i de iill ai to c n ni& tl.; canta Ido ainrdo o aI ll 0n0 ce n ; cotedr 0-, d ed, e ano a i-ill n eo
ion, a toF oa o ont r o ro- evnl to flori0 a no ake accounts; te so ro o r a i t a out e
u 3aade MI., c tIo i-.- -.o onlt toollectal ituaIdo ian v Jr e de a araue to colle -tido n 1


V-" C~-- '~;,i--,:..~
$ r~1~. *-~1;

Ilan r &c 7 GIr--- undr0 1I T ,' p. 1 0 l0l l: P : i 1 -1 -a ad a ._ pr 8 1-4

ILn on o 10 dei s 0ana toG 0r 0a ai. A n 0o lo1ne e3 z to 0re 0a ssn on 0ozl ae~o 0eCnnt
-ro oi an- 10 t0 0o le 0o 00 0 0 r
rriv 1 of Roya i c -h hornn:0 18a it Ff 't. oiriva f iaio -e, ie cr of, o i t it r: ta.; Kt 1, 1"a i n --n nAin, ti co-lete py tas; ear 1, fir, in -n+ to ,o -ate py i ar 1, LS 'ire in ian .,,u t in, 7o ,af a r t i t r a tol t a mtnt of a l o inf -try; o o f sE., 1to 1 rF antry; toco r: r e, r
in la., reclasent eie in E of Tri-,t,: ??cr- in Finr., reco...d aevc in a. of ;riess: jica r.r- in .. aecmmeds srvine in il ofnies
op rtur, I- Fracisco ::ron, Fri Fei1l de Atur, -r,., ra coso Moran, o i aca do -t-, F-, xra co _oro, -iig i i 0o 1 alne 0 o a a t > o r .l t t.onk e I& o i :i d 0 nl F ri

0 e T a I e 7-) bad 1, '1. 10 b E T T fiL- 1:vi 01, i 1-21. 60i) fs b I" A 5~I -9 bad ]-1-.

o.nn G. o. -olo rende- e a, e r o. n i. o. M ez anzoto c J Lin. o onale ene -,:roa to o
co 0 ntinud o d ont d ocedin cr., co0nti nu ta pocl ein g -r-.

u unof or oney ivn aco, r v d in o f n edro f or o a ECei as rejr.ra
ai o ib -ia0 f n a li, ndli n troo nation it Indi a of ., -n al, Indi n iut ion i ndia of y and le, Itd r
u oi t Ptar i d 0, ; ha so- a-u to v ie, o etroil d J.nco, ro I ion le Pon i d- Ju n, ah ha p en S oa. li J n ire d Clntr r l ea FiL c to Je an m dre i Corotrl l le ia. t-er toJun m ez c Coatrers' ,o Co-n tructi to be fd a t- rval of o.k- dow. Con auction to ac made rr the .rrial o k. dot. ontucti o t o do r 1ho r al o wor0 0

0n e2 w Ii 1--9 nd i 1, p3.3 16001 '- 9 d U01. 11i-1. 1 i f .I -5-- bid 801, 1-I1.

0 ftin Gc- 0onal d l nzo t o ]ron n a t.. nal Nandx de Ca to r ctan o. -onalo Maz de ca-Co to L rown.
continued frt a precdin a d. conti-lud frn a d continued f-o rcin d.

r1e Worn Havan i iscus itu o, a aitn rrivl n fom H vn icu see it lo, waitin riv fom ana .1cunsel 1ituad, w-tin rriv i of Co ador P-dro .edondo Vill. s to tak ac ount of C; n:.-dor Pero -ddondo d Vill': a to tke occo rt of Con .ador !edro an do lille s to tk -ccoiin
1 74 isov -y f o of p of ro ahin, g New ln-n di orry of --r nd rpoe of rec- n -l-, rln- tico r of T and prlce o rea n New
ei needs o, expIiaon. jhip traction. on ex o, n- for e tion. ip cnetrctio n e e or x edition. s hip ct traction.
1 onjo ii- -co-s- nt -1m. 1-- --. on-t- i. it 0 1-

-~~----; ~~I~

,; ~~,; ---;~-i-i_;~i ,-- ~__;~,-,-,__~j~;;-ti ~;i~~;lr-;:r;~-;-i~,~.- ~;,_:,, -;i-: :~~;.~i~;rt:-;.i .-----I;--;~;==

1*0 t I bn 0, ,6. 10 F 28 T IS -5-9 bd 10 z 160C z0 R T I 5-9 bn0 80 nL 1t o. ti ozalo E ea can o o Kia v o o o to ,o1-nC

eu l ,a f i i1iuilin il fir 199fire ,a e aid au a h lr i" z- fc re lri

to in an- r, r a i- f, ry ir r c c a -- t it fi0n e, z c n iar to 1 nf r to Ad a f to to e t n a dfree I30a,'r, r in 1 0- 0 -0 ca -er n all o i n of c i n Ju f ro ao ition of ri 1- un r a Pdro aj p aion af

0 *


.Sa ;l;un~tin. ov. analo e; n ;eC de Uno i :utin. v. onl z no o i 1,r .;u.trln. ov. onzio r. z no : Ein.
Iotin u f r- d Cntinue f0o r r .( C,,. zon.tin d fro, ir-c94i-L cGr

la -1.1 til 1o som :-ilnt .Asks l Iy-I -e la- -ils til to som --idn Ak f or Iyn dy- IC: la ; title to some1 -eiens .:1- 0 fo- -lus .e
Conta -5 re-wa.rd. 'entions: Alf-r, Her-vi: ,e -t-s "otu re::ard. ",ntor- wilferz Hermin-o 1e :ostas o-ta a-s" rear'd. 11-t Ion.--: Alf"r-, --,ned e 1 e-ta.
Fr,, 'Inrdo .r r, Fray FlRnci.- Rlrroo, iry 10dri Pr*y r rdo Artr, Fray Franico F.L on, F y- 1r r. "ic rdo -t, Fa Frnoirco ro, ron, -ra 1,-ri
, ar I:< Irte 1 0'uil, Ini for. ,.-nilla Fra d o 1,- i de 'rujill o, IndIn Do on nilklo,, .-a -1dro I'l a .I de ru 1 1 In -i -or J ail, zra, rod:
de ora, i 1; R o, e, un m d ntr- o u n re, d c ora, r .o -n rirez de -ntr,
-,r -f u de. Cu &ruri Petro --, Lie. -, i e de Curru ltro l u L -, c. e -r- q t nila .e urco, di-

: :in. Gov. ",onzalo miez de C:0 :o Kin. an ur_. Go,. on -lo endnez d, are o King. -rn ^u ov. Jonalo i:nie e lao :0- Ki,
no ,inumi from precedir.3 car:1. o tinued. .rom- prFEcein card otnefo eedn ad

--i c. ti-a- , i- o 1. n.7 ..... 1.:I-Ron ::p illo, M ~aria de Gunce,1 Jan kenodes Marques, Ron..1, Mari on u o, Jun nade 1-ns rqu o, non uiilo, Mri e unee, J -n hoee, Marq:, Jn tierrez de :a a : fere J rz rl '11 -irib spr e ls, -lr n utirre d -.b, G:nr -e ln lfer

a-tinez .v-n -no, --t. Vicn-t, Gora:a Redro -!on yorbinez :-ved non, t. Vicente :al- 5,. Wro -- In 'Iti'ez z.erd,, -t cente GOnz ., fear E-do
do de '-I ega. do d 1e ill s. 1o de Vi1lgas.

16e00 b 28--2 .i J-5-9 b1at ;?, 6.:. 160 eb d-i : .-Z %-5-9 bnt 0 p. 6.7 16 i eb 28- : :Z P- -9 bu 02, 6 .

(opy) .r (:cpy) ( y)

Ral Off k for c t y o de et l ff k for c by o te s Ro Offil k f unt by en do e o rnia J .o to n d v i 's to e ly of bas oncernn 1 cn d C-v i.- ;one. -e y o" .eto Inn-cen L .or: y lot uring co a 1tok on u. to innocnt .t c- ui co is tt c on i r to innocent; -mo ey c u i tt ac on r rto ico. 1.-ions r .on Vi c. Certified b o. I on ero neoon,. Vile rtfied ay c. e o eon o Vil e- ,er..ed ,
Office ls Ju n l -e i i le n -eb-tian de Yai- n O f -ils Juan -a e: de -vl h- tia,- n do Tnrian Off cial Jun Lo.ez d I vls n b tia d, -nc
(c-.t. 16 ,n ( Y d ont..1(1-. ) (c 1t. 011nt

t roo sT l I 5 d '. 7- o.16D vo tr a T 21 3- -- bd 2, p. 1600 Febt trero. T I 0 3~- 5 hia U p.
in aov. Nons 0 nd-z e a o to can ;ina o. one oa ae aon in Gov. onzlo ende S zo

o tch o Co t Lo it o o ih L of oe dii tc s ent f -- on a e a ingta -h c 9n 1 to ] Rori0io de ndo le 1 cate. :is0 tches cnc te Lni o d do d n. D he oce ae o
usT1 eva 0ill enn Cevil mentions o d e un n on Vile .

i60S Mar 15 3 Z -7 Und 8C, 1. 1600 Mar 1 ST -- 4--7 ka 103 1. 1600 4r 15 3 A- --7 bnd .. 1

nvanaln; iFedro de >edondo Villeo to Kini. E '@r; Pe ro de kedonde Villcgn to Kr. Hyan" ;edro d keondo Villg- to King
(i'con- at) .(i oplte) (incouin]te)

o g to Tlori- ir rcht take cco-uts, 1 wll To go to loi i .re tak acoult, he ill TO go to iord i ,rch t take accounts, e
tra-e, ith nco rdob fleet tr e it icho Pve th ncho re fleet.

~1 >-&

V V 1% 1%

- ~ ;--~ : ~_

00 yr T a- : -l &-12 8-, p. -,. 1600 Ar t IU S 14-5 nd I0 .1. HOO Apr 2 ST 5 bi 147*5 1 -d 806 p. 1-.

4 dri e de in. M r 1,i d e to Ki MAe d. edro de Ilie oc w in .

Sk po i n ov. in service ion i H rec erv e nd position in a r ,s rv in 1. and Hav A hon l olantad n ndz e vils in 4 od a n whe l antd o ene e d vile in l a F ,vn when delnta eande ile s o oti t to Fla. it 1565. k i both in 15- : ks fr: w ov. in both; went to ia in 6b i Fkt fort
Ar 1ddill in Haoan, tn ourd doa-t, c tr ntend Ar-dilla n n--, t 0 -od oasts, EFr inted n e
ia o odiers lrol Ferto i eo nd Sato Do do o -rloiers fcr t. uerto no ,o c s o ,r ro ria, u to ico n to Do

V~ ~- i~---1% 1%-~~- -li r-~.r -- ii-r-- __~--~ -~,r----

w I ---9 had 10 4-161,. 1 pr 5 I AZ 9 ad b 0 ,. 14 161. 1CO pr I S 5-H ond 801., j. is ~- .

(1op -,iu .- Ceyy ,i l ( y 28 0i.

Dor do Adro Feda eonido al 0 of inrn Sron ador Pedro oedooni o e Villegs. ro of Inforea Con ador Ped o Re nda o d ille-an. o of Infrr cion concerino -rgo tcoc i k s tt k on -a- ri,. i- JJ n~e.o l e ad-,:rn o n 1 Ma 0^i rn0r 0 1 o d de b re ,fo -o er oi nendz -,e
0mion loa nhee, J e clnoon r z on .anin 0 lon o usI, J-, Je in-J, 1
S o il i e dr on o do il i -e de Vi l le no V

9%-1--- ,, L II I' ", ,9- 9

l 0 Ai r 10 at .:a 3'-g-1S bId 8 b.. 1to A. ,- 10 r ,..l ,+ -1 or7d ,, 1. 1- A1 10 1 t,,1' Lna E.. 1. -.

: r i ne -yn 1 m 11 .

S a .I C eo nnri 1~ d, oro 0r e : p l-- re ii Ur-e i 1qu1inro i a e p ne irie 1 otrenio quen Lcir o ia a
-... 1- 1 1 . D . I 10.
l 0 I, 11 I I a 11,IPu I ,I a uI

160 r 1 I 5- 1 an- 2 1 p. 7. 16o.0 r 0 T 5,- -1 od C p. 6 i 10 -1 5 -- nd -C -. -- 7.or ,ustir.. p ro Fedc ic de Vfile tin,. le Redon c do PIlia -an u in. Iro do dondc d 7ille
Continue d f r prceing c r Car n f p i 0ard. can inu i rom recediln car

Sno I 1 Co nr t n a a1 . tion Tn 1- tP -u m n i: T 'on a do 1

e o: r no e ir i o o le ern o e i r- r o zar, le Te o '9 0

0 S

1t-a p 18 aI -$ ha ,. i-". 160 ip 158 S.I ti-H- bni hA. .. 1-A. 15C0 AP 18 L- .- 9 --9 kn hi. .. 1- .

Lan a,-tin. alao .nde t t in. a aetn ional l-o zo do Can0 Loi:.

:m soaiin~ a ado ..17r d0 C ailol a ait: -iiths .nt eli ,a t 1.vre, d ti- il a .it, iat i de ia
to Inon c Tfit from -ay-n In'cllar soiu to -rw; h 1 1 -" rmHvn in -ohe -,r ;) orio-s o -rown; he -from Havenu In nh r oOio-'
l t ,ri ap of on do a e onIc di i a fl at. ai l i a cot r ado -d- 1 dl 7 fl r f 0i cedr dil
a i a n 10 s. t' cen to Ie:. Ib, Juan 3 I r a t a a i0 n 0 1 asnt to l. en r ri bl olde-rdod a n J 1 e To- ill. -z 1 it- r n j n I I T.- Fl. In e Ci le o r- J I- a or o fk -i n1pac a. nd r 7 o n pa i n o IlA : Ie, T n

16 Or 18 i2 iaI --- 9 bn 1- 1600 r B T ~ 9 i 600 ir i E j bin 1- .

S -gitin. Sonzalc ,ites d Ga e to Kim an in in. Ga znlo e ndex e c to: ?ia g i u tin. Gonz 10 ewis de am
0oninu 4 f 0 ecedig Ca continue fr 00m --a- c ing rd can nT :;frIm p rcedin. crd.

-rming ie Florida to ly fort, Kenion C facing i 0rid a sup:1 fo-t. 5 ation C f-.rm1n in 210ri- o ply fort, I
Jerrydo 8 K-st Ju MO ionalo, ( 0chor photo ern no de Ceto Jua ali nao. e or boto- Vornndo is ets on Maldo la.
tc 0 1 t -5- d In

K~ ~ U*ThV>4&~ *>S> >~ <#~A <*VtJt> ~ & ~>S




N~a~. t~j 'N~v~. ~N %~z&&~ ~&~XS~&~

~ ~ ~ 1%

1 1-) -1 71 I tCO 1 ,I--, .I i, 1 F, 1 4 3, 1 -1 ., 1. -4.
d-id t ft n .. -rzl ira- ti of *x.v-R anlaz ine n o. n'oa- 0nti0ion of t. on a ,-en d e 0"..
(co-y} L 1: (cin i: i. (cn ) p

ori.. or 7ro e- ra- nn -ai J_ or xtt,,,nn or 1 I0 r I001ro yta, 1 i ,
'110, 0l 0ed Tole o 1 n6, t-d. o 'e- a te aco o1 6, "don. 1- 020- -, 1 ,7 ated T o ,1 t t o ..n , iton i.n to -o le z ion o ine z nro a h I t -i3
Sollct itrd nt. 1 y 1.[ ) o l et h 3 rr fr. 'it--- inons. fIo0 3,-i,-d. cot. ~l' ol

1u MW 2 1 C 31 i 5-17 bnd 7, j. 10-16. 100 May a2 aI 5-3-7 bad ), p. -1-16. 100 May v I 5--17 bad 73. *. 1.6.

t;0, tin. ixecutori e an tn. utori el. n. ecutoria ea.

Auto or. the la war cotween ov. .on o an z Fto fr the li n ir buoten Jov, -oc lo Rendez Auto for tbe 1 mir b twe r o iOn:alo cel ez de -n-o ni -lno de ia la c-ncrri sellectin e anzo de l-nso de i las. Con0cerng solec tion t o -, lon0o ie las ls-. Co cernin col.0lei
ch ed b ilor de In la i ot i u ra d by on ne t n othnr In lner ni t

o nt to b, o i coun to b cet f0 Co je d n fo toh defi cco t to b qt to o 0 de tn fo1 t ,i
in i io n i t i ve-- n c ont. c o t 1 t )

- ---I.~---~~-=~

16f,, y 27 1 il 4f- -1, bnd 10 I. 160o 483 21 4 1 f od L , 1. 16! ga ; I 1 7-f-1 bnd o:, .

d ri' Co u lta rel a co de o n S ari. Go a el ate h L nias Madrid. Consult dl n nejo I i i s.
e el tr of a e e concern s e io ce d li uque de r concerning et ion r ecei ved lette h of Crma c ce i
of PIrc aldez, a1 ise not to ve to V e: r of e t aidez, advises o -o oie o f 1,e: atr- of d ilde, advises nt to ie to i det
a f in f erintaliancia iL , n Radi n -avt, n"eIintedencia i 71, an t mI illf if v auerintenencia f Fla, ta
Do Cn lan ..rt o ece ad p er ovr enr e- 'Cno n 1u t o dor- iorin o u io an p o er over r -I
ping inu a n. Pedo e shout o.. to jng in av-. e o 7i Ide sh o"l s ov. to an 1 En n e-o Va ez ou -o 1, i ov.
lav-n a he as rdred la n he s eed Havar he qs o'ered.

1600 Jr. 7 T A I 86--19,StoD252b bnd 256b,p1. 21-52. 160 Jfo 7 5, AI 6-5-19,StD228 bl 256,p.524-525. 1600 Jun 7 T GI 86--19,StaDa2528 bad 256,p.5.4-525.

El Basque (Segovia). Cedlario. El Bios-le ( egovea), edulrio. 81 BPsque ( egovia). Cedulario.
(copy) (copy) 1 p. (copy) 1 p.

To Gov. of Florida, concerning Contador Bartolome To Gov. of iorid, concerning Contedor Bartolone To Gov, of alorida, concerning Cantador STrtolte
rgulles complaint. rpenditnues for contaaor, Argoelles co plrint. Lrenditures for contador, Arguelles co.plrint. Expenditure for contador,
uch as paper, bod, note books, etc. should not such as aper, boods, aote books, etc. should ot 5uch as caper, bood, note book, ec. -hould lot
be chaBged to Contdor's sel"ry. s y nts to hBve v be charge, to Contadors slary Wan. s to have I be chrged to Contador' salary. Wants to hve a report of xrienses for the year and Govern'or' report oof expnse for the ynar and Governor's repot of exeresc fr the year od Covernor's

1600 Jun 7 T AGI 86-5-19,St-Di2528 bnd 256,p.52525, 1600 Jun 7 T AGI 86-5-19,8tD2-258 bnd 256,p.524-,25. 160 Jun 7 ST GI 865-19,StD 2528 bnd 256,P.524-M25.

El 3osue (Segovia). Cedulario. l1 osque (Segovia). Cedulario. El Boi ue (Segovia). Cedulario.
continued frm preceding card. continued from preceding crd. continued from preceding card.

suggestions on this matter, suggestion on this matter. suggestions on this matter.

*P *



1, 12V

3- 3- 3 - 3- 3-- 3 3--. 3- 3- 3- ~3- 3- 3- 3-3-~ 3- 3-

=,,, = ~~-~-~--~--~=~ -~~~~ ;--~~-~-- --ii;-s-

1600 Jm 26 ST AjI 86-5-19PSt )252 bnd 256,p.2-52-6. 160 Jin P6 ST .3II 6--19,StoD52 bnd 256,p52-526. o 6 d.w 8-5-19, t D2528 ni 2j6,p.525-56.
Salarnca. C lar- 0 .e L l-mic.a m c edul
continued from preceding crd. contend from iredg card. continued fom preceding crd.
sT 41s 86- -9,St*Da2528 bnd 256,p.5i7-528, dated ST il 86-5-19,St*DP528 bed 256,p.527-528, dated ST iT 8-5-19,StfD258 bnd 256,p.527-528, dated
San Loreno, Oct. 30 160G0). San Lorenzo, Ot. 30, 1600). San Someon, ct. 30, 160o).

0 0 0


+; -- :; ;- ~--i i--~ A~ i 'U> .: ,,,,, _;,

-;; ;i ;;-1 II ~ : ;l;~.- ;n:


::-~----~i _-I--~ ;:-: ~-;;-;--, r-l.

j;;2'---~- t :: a-~i =--_- -- ; -; ~i-~;_=-+

600 Jn 0 a a - an 02 -1 -u. 1600 Jun iC r si t--9 b pD 4123 1 000 Ja n 5 I S4- -9 bd hi., p. 2J410.

a- to v t f ovn bf lte r n cop i 1 ir brd 80, 51-12).o n n

00 Jul 7 a I 1 .-b L 8 I: Y 1 1A d p c b a1 54 bn l. I. -- .

S u i n. Cont 0 d dco fa u :ti. Cona La- dro don a Vil autin t c a dro elando V ieges I 0 n 1 i Cho a R n a n i C 1 un CO- Iu s i i t .E

13 1, 1 I- t

a U u- 1 l .u 5-!--1 nd I1 ., 1-4 1 . -4. 16- 1- .T L W , 1_ -? l .-- -H1 at El..

i aort-:or Idr:I lo 'L i ;. o r i oa ila n oI aed .

nii j" t o e for I. u n tion l d chl : h fo- su pi no n
C- il stron-il1 d Juoc Pedro onender Mar:ue, C-e-:1il :a- ronfl de J.Ince, Pedro j-r,. :oz nory en, Dev-dili, P.t.nil de uncor oro rrd ,
u'ttrre 1 1 t.r a k for o i o -ric: -- r in utirre de irrl:. ks or r'itin o n o ir, de :irmak. .r- f -i f -cntdr

1i 1ea to hi o iro i 11-d oh .o i -e

V Vt

-t -~ t- ~- N a a x N


600 ug 20 S G S 16 U~nd 81 p 1-3. 10 Lug 20 S 3-1-6 b~ 81 p, l-$* 1500 Aug 2 1; 1-1-6 bnd $1 p. 15.

ocernin ee of tee a-u r f etroni e conce n ee of three du ter f troi, de Concei nee, of t he dau te- of etro il de Jino, -e tn 1 o e JUno-, I e n 1 ao. on me J no v on me iw Je'eidoe w in

ISan Ml ri n. -etitio of blerez ;rtoloM.e Lopei. an -n Petition o' lferez rtolome Lo-ez. San ut.1.n. pe tiion of Alferez tolore Lopez.
(coly) Q. (copy) 2 p. (coly) 2, 7o

ov. ses oya. edule, dted l Fo 15, Wa- ov 5, ov. ee oyal dl, cd 1 Paro 9, o 5 ov. ece I oy:l edul, daed 01 Perio 1 6, Nov 5 y which i0 duea-o .- don ted to :a'itl. icanta by which 0 ducados e n-od to Hoaital data by ni,' ,0 diucdor; .e donate to Ho piarl d nta Larbar. Jun enen deos *iarue cllcte modrey, o. i.; nenn.n deo lae eollcted ione. ov. oarbara. Jun ihencedez ar:g-es co.1eted loney. Gv.
osier: o ntador o rtolo de oc eilles to pay 1OC or-er: ; ondo, drtolone de ,ngu-li to pay ( ordaea: 'ontador lartoooe ~ e ~agullo e to py >0 du-dao to artolcn Iopa ,ho .o iosion of alfe- uca rolo ope o ion of .le- u rtolo Loz o i oition of al

V -;-?-- -- '- r

~;;, -~ ~s 7~~~~j~~"t'"-""

i00Oc 5 SI--1 in 85 1 g, 1. -10 l -j-!4 Snd ib1, ,10 O c P..HA 1 d 1,. L.

1 Cr i:-T;U. e no 1 0 i an utin. Car aor ydro Lir o r ed o e ill an 0tir. Can ador lev re~raino 1 illy 8 (copy, incom ple, rtially olAte-te!) I (co y, incorrist, rtially a literated) 1 (ca y, inooplete, p rtially a ltor-t d) 1 .

Jun t de Juco for cc0out to 1one, --- z Ju o . fo d J c 0f Jo r acco tfo mo a n J f moey oro Jan
de Gev lilla had a his ieth. Jlh. co c-'r, eal -i.d -eidilla h d at in d th. Junco clai ex e1-i
tune i floral 1ur n f -- 'ue in fu nera

1600 Oct 13 SA AI 86-5-19,StDH2528 bnd 256,.526-527. 1600 Oct 1 ST AI 86-5-19,StOD2528 bnd 2 6,p,5Gi-27. 1600 Oct 13 ST AlI 86-5-19,StUa2528 bnd 256,p.526-52

Madrid. Cedulario. Madrid. Cedulario. Madrid. Cedulari
(coPy) i p. (copy) l p. (copy) i p.

To Casa de contratacion. Gov. of Florida infor- To Casa de Contratacion. Gov. of Florida infr- To Casa de Contratacion. G. G of Florida inCfrred that when Conottdor went to get te situado med that when Contador went to get the situado med that when Contador went to get the situado from Ngew painho had to send to Contratncion from tew Spain he had to send to Contratatcin fror New SIpai he hd to send to onratacion
7V3 ducados for the ,ur-hase o e arguebuses. 70. ducdos for the purchase of ome aruebse. ?O0 duado for the purchase of -ome .rquebses.
Orders Constrata o ship rquebues of hih Orders Contrataco to shil arquebses of high Orders Contrataco to shli arquebuses of riFh

0 0

- ; ~ ~ ~i-- -~- -

-;-r- 'ir~~ ;-~~i-

16O0 Nov 5 T ACI 86-5-19,stnDo252d bnd 256,p.529-)30. 1600 Nov 5 ST AOl 86-5-19t0 92532 bnd f56,p.529-53. 16 Nov 5 ST 80! 6--19,EItrD2528 hd 256,p.529-50.

1 Pardo. oedulIrio. El Pardo. Cedulario. El Pado. Cedlario.
( y p. (cOp) 1 (cOy .
To Sov. of Florida, reports nomin tion e- To v. of Flori4 taporta noitioO 0s 0s T Go. of r TFlrid ort, -oiion aO erib-ano of San Xiee. resident o i Fl da. ri rbno of j -i Xi-enz r-Hdeat of Forida. crbaro of Juan xlm n i resident of Florid.

0 S

160 Nov 5 ST GI 86- -l9,t D b 5in.8 n 2 -56,.5. p.. 160 No S T MI 86-19,t-D--28 bun 26,.-u3.

El Pardo. Cedulrio. l Pardo. Cedlarro. El Pardo. Cedlario.
(copy) (o o. (c) (Onpy

Gv exte on oi one yoea to e ndu given to e ain of one a- to eul gvn to ii tension of on, yer to Codul given tr
Pedro aedondo fillegaN, to take counts in Pedro edodo p il lges,* to tke acco t, i edro ie*ondo Vitlego, ta tae acco unt in
Florida. Florida. Florid.

0D 0

- %6

1600 Noi 5 ST AGI 86-~ 19,StoDo2528 bnd 256,p53 -B 160 NoV. 5 ST AGI 8 b 19,stD252 bn d 256,p .53-B 1600 No. i ST AGI u8--19.,t D52 bnu 26,P.53-aB

EiS ado. Cedulario. El Pardo. Cedulario. El Pardo. Cedulario.
(copy) 1 p. (cop) 1 p. (copy) 1p.
To Conde de Monterrey Viceroy in New Spain, asks To Conde de Monterrey Viceroy in New Seain, ask To Conde de Monterrey Viceroy in New Spain, asks opinion on whether or not to keep fort and people opinion n whether or ot to keep fort and people opintn on whether or not to keep fort and people
in Florida. in Flori. in Floride.

1600 Nov. 5 ST AGI 86- 1',StD*2528 bnd 56,p.5311B-3 100 Nov. 5 SP AIi 86-5-19tStaD2528 bnd 256-p.U31E-C 16W Niov. 5 ST AGI 86-5-19,toD-1528 bad 256,pA 5IB-C

El pardo. Cedulario. El Pardo. Cedulario. El Pardt. Cedulario.
(copy) ly p (-oy) ib p. (copy) 1I p.

To Audlencia in Santo Domingo asking for advice To Audiencaa in Santo Domingo asking for advice To Audiencia in Santo Domingo asking for advice on she station in l. If to keep pele and on the situation in Fla. If to kekeep peleole and on the situsituatition in Fla. If to eeee peollpeople and on he ituati.nin la. If to keep people nd
fort iSn San gutin or not and wants to be infor- fort in San agustin or not and wants to he infor- fort in San gustin or not and weans to be inferreed on hristianization. Note menlons same Cedu- eed on cnristianization. Note mentions same Cedu- med on christienization. Note mention same Cedula to be sent to :Gov, in ilorida, To Junn al- la to be sent to :ov, in Florida, To JUan J al-

l100 Nov.5 ST AGI b-5-19,StD.2526 bad 256,p.531B~C. 1LOu Nov.5 ST AGI 519,-- 4too6g b .7 U.53i0. 16DO Nau ST A11 -19,StD, 25i nra d 256,.4 i B-C.

El Prdo. Cedari,. El Pardo. Cedulario El Pardo. Codulrio.
oontoled from r ceding card. tontinad fdro feeding card. continued from reading card.

dondo de Barnuevo, ov. in H ; to Pedror e e dodo de Barnu gov. in Havna; to Pedro de donado de Barnuevo g. in Haon; to Pedro de
Valda to go to Cubaa av. alder to o to Cuba aGov. Valdez to go to Cub an Gov.





i-l~i'- ~N> ---

-- _~~- ;-

N N~

N N N~t~vNN N
N N N N N V N ~N N N

Nh 1%



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