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John B. Stetson Jr. Card Calendar
University of Florida


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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alacuha -- Gainesville


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The collection contains calendar cards descriptive of manuscript documents drawn from the Archivo General de Indias in Seville. The calendar is comprised of about 14,000 catalog cards. The documents relate to Spanish activity in the Southeast borderlands from 1512-1783. Copies of the documents are held by the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, Gainesville.

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University of Florida
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1559 ,U _I 545- W., 1l9 i3 I 17- 5 bn in, 'l99 e DI 5A-I-17 bnd ??i

M inia, can "u tin, executorzi 1 e:1 c .erning i. M !did, Jan ,,t iIn, Pxecu-oria 1d -1 rernius . Madrid, an el sin, Ixecutlria Ieal con erni g L, -air bOt-es mov. Grllo idenr z nza actor uit et n o o -ndez d C zo a actor 1f -teen o. onalo idez zo n cor
r o on t o _oen ,o e h e la nn-t d f otonr io-- a ls i o l o

for co -on doc..12to see ries fort 1 by 1 1or comporon docue t-1, I- _ntris for: 1997, p Il: r componen dow;tmrt see entia for: -p9, ce;
1'.5 a, 10. 16 0Ha 21 4, 0 ,il e I 7 0-- 1899 Jan 10( 1, loo ay 24, 181 9 Jn 0 1600Cv 4 60

1599 3i AI is-- bn4 775, 1 99 3' O 1-2-9 b 1 775,. 599 AI 53--9 bnd 775,

-n u i, Madrid 11laloli, 1 kardo. ie vice n u i> Madrid, Vladolid, E1 Rado. e v, an i n, M id, Vlladoiid, ardo. ., vice
of Alon o Sanrcho U;n de etrcdoe in lorida. of 0~ so ancho ZaeC ao Ir irccn Florida of lorle SanLo a de hdao in lorid-.

for-comonent document ee eLrie for 1 f oont dacgnts e entries f i :t 7, for c oent doc-n e entries for 1 t 7 1586: ec 6,12; 15,7 -cr c, -199 Oct 22, 1-2, May 158: Dc 6,12 1 l7 r 22, 1- Oct 22. 16,2, 586: ec 6,1 1! c 2 1599 Oct 22, 16C2, My
V a 3'Ia i

(i I -b 7 p 1- 99 I 5 -9 Und ?S y 11, ( 159- 2 a I : r3--9 bnd 7EI _i 1-1.

n Officials to ,,n Cone d In s n Offitcial to 'n Cn In in
c -S p a y) 18 pp c -) id o d Co -it -u Itu i t

-An ur : .imone. Cr uz .I n. a i unr i n r -- :iw u :: I. iCtig m z9.

=z"~- -r2ua--~m;

.'"v I v

Vr-t~ *~C &VX\*~o.. S>*>. rt 2> ~K~&~~-m

V N V NV> V V NV.rV*Vt* >X* N~X'~*


1-99 la 2 3 -- bY i 7-1. 1599 a 1 .. ? bn bi j, :. -1. 1 9 M ay 3.I ,- bC bi p. 19.

M, d? 3l J a n zM n c cn1t4 fj o1 rc i c coti e fo rc in contim L;e from ri e ir ;. S ( l 1 ), 15 l i) 12, i199 o-. 1,7 i-)

*I 0l

-ic'~ \r \\ ~ ~ ~ -S-aii ~ b~ \ci V -t t-t- V V

1599 Oct 15 ST .sGI 86-5-19,.tD2528 brd 26,.5iE5-24. 1599 Oct 15 S GI 86-5-19StADA252y bnd 256b,.5P -524. 1599 Oct 5 Sl AGI 86-5-19,Stoa2528 nd 256,p.523-54

El ardo. Ceduhirio. E1 Pardo. Cedulario. El Pardo. Ceduloaro.
(copy) To p. (copy) l1/ p. (copy) l p.

To ov. and Treaury Official in Florida.Orders To ov. and Treasur Officials in Florida.Orders To Gov. and Treasury Officials in Florida.Orders that shipment of clothes from New Spain for sol- that shipment of clothes from New Spain for ol- that shipment of clothes froe' Ne spain for soldiers in Florid with value of I04 dueid has diers in Florida with a value of 10 ducados has diers ir Florida witha a value of lo4 ducados has
arrived and they must not hsk for another. If they arrived and they must not ask for another. If they arrived and they mut not ask for another. If they received 2 shipments af that value, one should he received shipments af that value, orne should be received 2 shipments of that value, one should be

*0 0

5 K W~V-~ ~*t~m~& ~ ~< ~.>s-~ ~ t~>>s&<

~ V. sps<~ >1 <


v> > r~ ~ ~ A> >~t~W7s*> ~ 'mt ~~-> +~ -~

~ S~&~



1599 Oct 22 ST AGI 86-19,StaD-2528 bnd 256,1.519-521. 1599 Oct 22 ST AGI 8b-19,StD"2528 bnd i 6.319-521. bp9. Oct 22 ST AGI 86--19-St- D-2528 bnd 56,p.519-521

El rdo. Cedulario. El pando. Cedulario. Ei Fardo. Coedlario,
.cp *. (cop) it 'cony) 1r
To Treasury Officials in Florida. Orders to a To treasury Offfiaiss in Fl-an Orders s .ay Tonssrp. Officials s Florida Orders to -y alary to rolier ilonsa ganco Se de Mercado salary o soldier i Sn.o Sancho Sez do Meroad. salary to ollier Alons Sanco e s dErroado
,ho served more than 0 years and wnt to aFlorida who ser-ed more thn 20 yearsand wentto a orid whosrad more than IL Ye and went to Florida
with Coctador Lathr Ssnz de hercado in 1579. with Contador owaro Son, do ercido in 1579. with otador laro Sa de do in 17.

0 0 0

\ \-

1599 Oct 22 So AGI 86-5-19,StaD2528 bnd 256,P.521-522. 1599 Oct 22 S' AGI 86-5-19,StaDo2528 bnd 256,p,51-522. 1599 Oct 22 S'T AGI 86--19,StD'-2528 bn 256,,.51-522

El1 yards. Ce.ulario. El Pardo. Cedulario. El Pardo. Ceulirio.
continued from preceding card. continued from preceding card. Continued from precedin card.

his urcle, Contador Lazaro Sancheh de Mercado; his uncle, Contador Sanchez de Mercad,; his uncle, Contador laser Sanchez de Mercado;
served c soldier -nd 10 years as Contado served as soldier and In years as Contado,. served as soldier and 10 years a Contador.

V;-a. rV~~ V~ i, ,

t ec 1 I I t- bnd 6 I-, 1599 e S --C- bnd a ? t. 1.39 ec 1 3 C W h Wn 7 -.

San r r yan nIm ion oF a Bltas or ne o -in- n 0u tn razy l a L,-e to in.

'escrioes oc tiom or n ut 0 ocri oc io or, f fort t-n a au1tin v 1.0 A- o -, ... ot u 0,utir So-ve t to bet ter i ce. Mention,: ilo Rteo t ov it c oter 1 ;e. nt ns: ilot 0 o v t i et e 1 : ilot Q o
r tlom rl y FAnisc in a- I -i, artaloede ru ell- iAry r Ao 4 -i lo d ry
.... .. A..ovc of r rvic o ro rcvince cf rolen


r 4 4 4 -

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