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John B. Stetson Jr. Card Calendar
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Mixed Material
University of Florida


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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alacuha -- Gainesville


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The collection contains calendar cards descriptive of manuscript documents drawn from the Archivo General de Indias in Seville. The calendar is comprised of about 14,000 catalog cards. The documents relate to Spanish activity in the Southeast borderlands from 1512-1783. Copies of the documents are held by the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, Gainesville.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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(1589) S II 5--9 bnd 5i p. 1' (l169) U 5i -5-9 boL i55, p. L-6. (1581) f no pt-5-9 b.r 5S, p. -J.

Havana. 5utierre e Mi hial. H avna. ..tierre de Yiranna. Havana. nticrre le irana.
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Ank for Infranna on on the et of rtillerhe a fo Informaion on thr +ipment of rtillr-y he Asks fo* Informacion on the shipment of nrtll-ey he was taking to Ilorid an. ao captnred by ornirn. was takin to riorida as was captured b, coarsir-. oa takin to lai oia nan wai captured by caors ir. Inludens uentions far itnesses. (continues 189 Includes quejtons for witne ses. continuess 18 nldes questi' r tnesses. (continues 1589 Jul 6). Jul 6). Jul 6).

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1589 Jan 9 S A 5-16 bd 6 d 669, 5. 1589 Jan 9 ST AelI 5l-il6 bnd 69, p. .5-69. a589 Jan ST AGI e n a 69, p. -o9.
San ogustin. Service of Gi de C.ea illa. San -guntin. Service of il de Cevaiilla. San gtinl. Service of Gil de evailla.
(copy) coy) p. (opy)
Juande Ioseda as the replacent f .o. edro Juan de Poisradl as th replacent for ov. pedro Juan de o d ao the replcegent for uov. edro
Menendez Urues, nesae acl de Cevadilla as Teneente neodeo ir.ue, names Gil de Cevdilla s Teniente Menendez oraues, names oil de Cevadilla s leniente of 2esorero dnng the absence f ori do of er duing the absence of Trigo de Jnoo. of T.orero dindui the obee o i e Jao. eorero duin bsene of odrlige de Joco.
(continued 1 9, Oct 2). (continue i9, Oct ). (continued 159, Ot 2).

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j1989 Mr 2 rsT amT 1?-0J bnd p, pl. 189 r 2SS TAi1-7' nd iaj, p.. 159 Sr 26 SA Al 10-->' bPnd 6i41 p..

py ic ei l e)

Con;crn0ing neirs of edo 0 enede Ma u~5, Co:cernin0 heirs of Fer z r Concening eir of Pe

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1589 na 'A ASI 3--2-5 bnd b,4 g. 1-i. !89 Ja A I 5 -2-5 bnd 644 1-t. 189 ai A 5-a- bnd 644, i. 1-5.

H van-. dranci c d, iVlverde to Kinv. Haynn. rsrnisco de VItllrde to Kin.. Havn. 1 r-nsco de alvede o King. (rtily obie ated) (~tnly o iterted) 4n a (rial obliterate, e eats ertr, de nCL, Jn ejd, -Ih Frcisco Met -:tre de mpo Jurn IT j d, ith FranI co Meet atE le imo an Tejd, with ra loaez Ind 4ov of la. uir de -, I Iranda. istri- om vf -a. t-i=r nv of 1!&. uticr de NIranda.
ton o- at ar iva of hip ih pp e. uion of arm at Ir -1 of ahip euon o hrms at a 1, Il of hip -ir nuD, P Loss of a hip, to wether. os of hip,ue to we the,. Loss of Ish p, 1 to wethe.

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289 Jun lS 2--l 1 b ~. Jun ,ST c a-/1 n 2, 1 Jun S2 5 ---/1 b s, 5

t e- 0 a o lpt Vie l v Ia

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17 i-- ~ ~ ~ --~: _~

1589 Ag 13 ST AGI 86-5-19,St*D2528 bnd 256,p.15316. 1589 Aug 13 ST AGI 86--19,StD2528 bad 256,p315-316. 1589 Aug 15 ST AGI 86-5-19,StOD2528 bnd 26p. 15-316.

San Lorenzo. Cedulario. San Lorenzo. Cedulario. San Lorenzo. Cedulario.
(copy) i P. (copy) 1, p. (copy) IL p.

To opt. JUan de Posda, who wss left as gov. by To cpt. Jan de Posada, who wa left a gov. by To opt. Juan de osada, who was left as gov. by
Pedro Menendez Marques. King order Posada to stay Pedro Kenende Marques. King order Posada to stay Pedro Menendez Marques. King order Posada to stay
as gov. only until arrival of ept. Gutierre de as gov. only until arrival of opt. Gutierre de as govE only until arrival of opt. Gutierre de Miranda, nominated by King as gov. in Florida. Miranda ninted King a in Florida. Miranda, nominated by King as gov. in Florida.


1589 S". 3T I 1 1 T. 6 64, p. 1, 1b e I 1 -1-1 T.4 bnd 6 ,189 Se. 1 Ce:I 154-1-1 T.- r it45, p. 1.

FenI a sio for 'ry o 0in.o o e 0-- to i ion F o r u to ray e o t e t lo- ta 1 e r rvri1 iets 2 0e L l i n a servants.


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1589 sep 28 ST AGI -5-19.St-DS2528 bad 256,p.319-321. 1589 Sep 28 sT AGI 86-5-19,StD2528 bnd 256p.*319-321. 1589 Sep 28 ST AGI 86-5-19,StD2528 bnd 256,p.319-321.

San Lorenzo. Cedulario. San Lorenzo. Cedulario. San Lorenzo. Cedulario.
(copy) 2 p. (copy) 2 p. (copy) 2]6 p.

Nomination of Francisco de Salacar as opt. of Nomination of Francisco de Salazar as cpt. of Nomination of Francisco de Salarar as opt. of
garrison in fort San Agutin, Florida. grlson in fort San Agustin, Florida. garrison in fort San Agustin, Florida.

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1S89 Sep ia .r AGpI p-5-1 bnd 672, 1. 7'-n. i589 e., 28 T cs I a -5-1 bnd 17, 7-81. ? ep 26 ST SI -5-1 bad 672, p. 78-81.

an Loreno. Service of Lpt. rancisco Selitr. S- n Lorenzo. Service of Cpt. Francisco alazar. San Lorenzo. ,rvice of Cpt. Francisco alazar.
(copy) p. (copy) % p. (copy) 1, p.

Title given by King to "pt. Balntor for the pstion Title given by King to pt. Salfrz for the position Title given by King to "pt. Salizdr for the oasition of "Capitan ode i gente de gbrnicion". Certification of "Capitrn de l gete de guar nicion". Certificprian of "Cait od e a gte e do guarnicicn". Certification
of of-iciasi in lorid;: joun Lopez de ie t n-d of official in lorida: jbon Loez e vile ls n of officii in l'orida: jan Lopez de -viles nd
Juan de levedo. (continues (1589) n.d.). Junr de uev-edo. continuess (189) n.d.). Ju:i de f evedo. continuee (1589) n. .).

1589 Oct 2 ST al --16 bnd 669, p. l-100. 1589 Oct 2 ST .GI 5--16 bnd 669, p. 8i-( 1589 Oct 2 ST iI 5-5416 bnd 669, p. 89-100.

,an 9-gusdtin. Service of fil dde addillll. an guoutin. Service off il de Cenadill.. en coUin. Service of Uil de Ceadill. (copy) 11 p. (copy) 11 p. (copy) 11 p.

Gov. Gutierre de Yironda due to the delay of lTeorero Gov. Gutierre de Miranda due to the delay of Tesorero Gov. Gutierre de Miranda due to the delay of Tesorero Juan de Cevadilla in returning from New Spain with su Joan de Cevadilla in returning front New Spain with su Juan de Cevadilla in returning from New Spain with as pulies, decided to send Gil de Cevadilla with ship pplies, decided to send Uil de Cevadilla with ship pplles, decided to send Gll de Gevadilla with ship SAN PEDO to Havana, an from there to look for ship SAN PED}O to Havana, n I rom there to lock for chip SAN PEDRO to Havana, and from there to look for ship with supplies. (continues 1590 Oct wj). with supplies. (continues 15A0 Oct 0) with supplies. (continues 150 Oct 0).


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1589 Oct 4 STi I T-- T, brd 615 p 6. !89 c 4 -,I 1 -1-0 T. bor 5 41, 6. Sn L-anee zo Roa-l Golla, san Lor-n-,o R.o-i d ul Sa Lorenzo. Roy l Ce. la. (copy (coiy) (co-y) To ov. in tlo order, F ay a.r 1 -ry To O in l: orde- F y r e To o,,. in Loril: ore Fr G r lo 8 pray n .an o ro d )-- Tlt,r .n t b k Fr- i-n Kn-nr o ni S-: aalt-iir L,-ye I- b_ k rry I- n 1 11- -,,I Fr 1, 11 ,ln L.,
to oiin. to Si in, oo Spainl

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c'X<~ ~u VY 1%a-ra-~~~~-n-~ 1%~io~ I-*ip. -F9--i L~ I~ ~mP-h ~ S~ T~V B

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