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John B. Stetson Jr. Card Calendar
University of Florida


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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alacuha -- Gainesville


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The collection contains calendar cards descriptive of manuscript documents drawn from the Archivo General de Indias in Seville. The calendar is comprised of about 14,000 catalog cards. The documents relate to Spanish activity in the Southeast borderlands from 1512-1783. Copies of the documents are held by the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, Gainesville.

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University of Florida
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(188) ST 4--l/9 h t. 54 (158) T 12-5-/9 P. 54, ;4. (88) ST ,12-5i/9 Pat. 54, 1. 7-b.

e of ie Miranda. n.. Defense of ioo e Miranda. p. Deens of "iep d Mirn.
2 2 .

Caiinsa e I Alasi s husn, asks to be ,i money atlina de l Alas's husband, ak to be pUs money atina de la kls's husband, asks oi be Taid mon e ohis fher -inl ictaban de l Ala, used to ,ay his father -in-iaw, Esblan de ias Alo used to y his fae -w, tAl ue to y odie "I ori oldiers i Fiori,~~~iers in orim. (continue s 28, Jan 8). (cotiiues 1988, Jan 8), (contiues- 188, Ja 8),

on ion gansBlta e act asil x a Iraraco aantBlt ar lC t illoawh at Inomco Iis at ar e elo i in Floria or mi o y a r ur l for iu o y oal T--r J. i d r iFlo i-d, o is, of. ] Tr esO: a iny1 ", al lil 1 Da 1 1 1t 1y 1 0_ 17, 19 .

Li88 S' U I c4-t-16 bn d 62,, 188 S T -5-1- 6 nd 629, 1588 ST AI Cy-516 bnd ?.9,

San 2gurtin, Ylorid Informacon on Juan mirez San Ag tin, FlorTi. Inforacia nn ann i amires 5n ig stin, Florida. Inlormacior or Juan bacire
d- Contrera, who seared ais r-an aItr of tr de Contreas, who ervred Er trrre lator of the de Contr era, ho served a trans ltar of the
Indian langage. indian inglage. Indian Iang age.
10 Ia -p. 1- pp.

for coonent docent, e ntie or fo component cent, ee e i for 15 .d., for opo dou nt, ee ntie for 18 n..
J 5-, Ot 27. J 4--, Oct 27. J-u 4-5-, Oct 27.

~~ ; ;

I -~ 1 ~, r;~~- ~ ;;~ ~~~:;:-,~~r~-----;---

158l .d. T LOT 5--16 bnd 629, n. 3-4. 1588 .d. ST 5L--1n bad 629, p. f-4. 15K n.d. S mI Sb-5-16 brd 629,. i34.

n1.p. inorocion n ov dew n are, d-( c es n.p. info con n Jn irez de ontra, :rfor cion on juen airl e Contrers.
(cony) 2 (coLy) ? -. (copy)

Toaty yev r ago he on'ent to Florid6 as rifle-ar the Tenty years ,ro he wen to Flori- as rifilra in the T1'nty yeaj ago he welt to .lorid riflo in comrrj y of tr. Mi.uel nrriouoi; in his contact with comr ny of 'p. Miguel nPriicuer; in hi- otct c with co any of 1:-. MiOuel nrriuez; in his contact ith
Indians he learned e onofe. Afki for rcrd tor Indians hre lern- he langl; ge. sks for rear- lfo Indiens he learned he Ian oe. skn for reIar- for
devices as tranlacr. (cotin !88 Ju 4-5. se vicc i tr nlor. (co8tin 15i8 Ju 4-5). seviOes a t r _l-cr. (cotinri 0 1588u 4-5)

0 le

5 J;06 2-5-1/9 vt ?L- Una 6O, i58 ST Ril 2-1-1/9 Pt bd 3, 1-58 sI 2-33 1 /9 Pit I5 bad 6t5, i, t. en of -ieo Mrand Spaint St, au in. ive do Mapain t. .g-ir. m ef .t m i o M to odl t eb9 t of -tb- e la- In o I eirs t et bt tb de he. to co2e. t -oebt. of oEsteba: e 1. ^a, n .
6J op. 64 61 -,. for comronene ocmn-ts, ee entries for 156 My 5, for arcoee on. enrie r 6 Y r coponenM- .ounts. .C ntis fo 1)640A

5 15 47 (Jan 'I, Feb L3, Ja 21 (15 ), lb : 1 (Ja ) 8 e It, Jan (15 : 187 (a 1) Fb !, Jan 21 (156), 1(Jn), Ja ; 1.5 sot 1- 4: 5ovl 1, ( n 1,9 3 f-, 1,4: v 16 .u 0. (Jn, bar S; 15 S, 1 4: o 1- 5

18 (Jlla) S AT 1-11/9 Pat g, bud 63, 1-11. 15M (n) ST AI 2-i1/9 it 25 bud 6 10-11. 188 (Jan) S GI -5-1/ fat 2a bad 6 0, ,. 10-11.
(M i) olDefense of Diego d M1iraso. (Mr ei)l. Defens- of Dieo de Mir (Madri. Defense of Digo de M!i n-a.

Reclls presenting pper~ rviding ebt of 7l c Re11lls preentihL paper, priv-ing debt of 7,(X0 Reoall proseing pp-,rs rl&viding debt of 7,000 rales. He is son in lw of ist-ban e las la. a-ls. He i son in law os ESebS n de l r. re lie. He is son in law of iEs s an de L Alas.
sks bnedt be paid. (cotlnsaes (Jn) 1588). isks bedt Oe ppai. containn es (Jon) 1588). ,.k, bedt be poi. (continues (Jn) 1583).

P 'A *

~ *
'A 'K K 'A A '


v~t y- <>~>J~t >4' ~ t~t<~2~ 7< !~'~- ~& z<~z&n<'<>< ~<7<. ~ ~ ~
-~. ~ ~ Kvfr> ~.' S. 1< a.. V >'~n~iL->< ~+>. ~

->~ V

~ *

-N '~-V~ ~-zV*m- ~V -Vs N>- 4- N

-~:=- ~;-1-

15B Jan 2T ?-5-1/9 it 14, boa 60, p. 9. 158 J- 0 S I -51 b 6 198 Ja 8 2 2-5-1/9 5 t 25,, n 5,

Madrid. Defensr> o i o de i d. Madrid. Defes of i en. de di .-id. DInne or -i ad Miranda.5
ceontirued Irom precein car. cora inue n frox recIncierg r coninued from p recedin cre.

:atlii. de an)ir (cot ri( Jn ?2 ). Cali1. d0e ir d. co2liurd a. 1388). ir iranda. lconn e (ainr 1

1588 Jan 26 ST AGI 54-5-16 bnd 8-85. 1588 Jan 26 S2 AGI 54-5-16 bnd 82-85. 1588 Jan 26 ST AGI 54-16 bnd 8 -85.

San sgustin. Service of Gil de Cevadilla. San AgIutin. Service of 3il de Cevadilla. San Aguetin. Service of Gil de Cevadilla.
(copy) 3 p. (copy) 3 (copy) 3 .

Pedro Menndez Mrques gives Gil de Cevadilla the Pedro Menendez Marques gives Gil de Cevadilla the Pedro Menendez Yrques gives Gil de Cevadill the
position of Teniente of Treasurer. (continued 1589 position of Teniente of Treaurer. (continued 1589 position of Teniente of Treasurer. (continued 1589
Jan 9). Jan 9). Jon 9).

00 0

"~" ~~"- ~ ~ "'-- -"'""-"'"~ ~1"1 ;"

(1588) Fev 29 S lI 5-5-16 band 64 p. 1-2. (1588) Fev 29 S GI 5-5-1., bd 6ui, p. 1-2 (18) Fev 9 S AG -i-16, bd 0, p. 1-2.

havana. I formaticn on utierre de lirndn Hacoi. Iforracion on .ulierre de Miranda Hovanc. Taiormcion on utiarre ie nirana (copy incoml:e) 2 p. (copy, icaro nl e) 2 (copy, incomplae) i:

Parrt of tle .uestan- for wU ne ones, concerning ct Par dn of t oftiuetionse a for ,i te-, soC co rninn jt. art of ti u io or ni tirre de iran an forr t ~nt i naz itne- ncller% a M ran nid for- at Oanta ra. itne- utierre de Miri, a fo- at nta lem. itnea: old1ier 1>emoce n: so-l andez, os: sI ldir D.i...o crrdz.a

0 0

LS68 Mar 25 ST s v -1-9 bid 6j5, p. 14. 198 ar S I R-1-/3 bnd 633, p. 1 1/ .Mr 25 6t5 1-4 's 2" nd 61", p. 1-.

ntinud f m priced 1.=i c.r c. o i ......a :ontineafro m prece din crd.

ti r-ort r- iintl-, tof fort. Ordrs to -eort on dismntlinr of fort. OCrer b to report or dio .ti ff. Or.
Maestre de C po, to encde, Mo e M c r to n I,.a, u a r r de, a p o orn-. nsitra


S I on Jan 1 e 11. nfo ion on t diu n r T L

v. o nnd ar r i i o nne Mu cetifie de o d 1e -0 1 e on 7 r

ce 0lL li .

2oOd -d, orc. :lpL1 1 C- doy. 1 o 1-n.? rzli>-b00 CE i t o on.n" rC i nori ll C n t,0 iorr iF o onz : ( 0 la n rta o uZo of o n :h F n F n.;r -F0, o of n i 0l 0 r Fin 0 ai L n in 7o r settle n I co r n.n t0t le -n

a0 0

Jn- 4 2-5 Sa AI 5'--16 bnd 629, p. -8 un 4- T 1i 54-5-16 bni 629 P t-1. 1i88 Jun 4- T ,i -16 b i 61 9 p. o-1.

Sat agunttn. Infor-rcion on Jun, rair* di Contferas, an agTn, not. o icion on Ju-n frmirea de CoJntoer San -gu t. normcion on Ju, Rmi-no de Contrer-s (copy) 10 p. (copy) O p. i(opy) in .

efor-e do. ero Menendezt iarues aks per ;on to -efore o, Per. M nndez t-arues s ks e ision to efore o. Pro emeondez -e ,kc er- sion to hv nfor cion on 0 yer vice n o 'o hve an nor on yr erce n d hve an Irforrcion on 2 year aerlce in lorda,
y s sls w s eti- e e ally a t nlato. res tnee e e ly tr l or resents it st money of itnes es: 7.- Domingo ias; 7.- Frudencio rony ol i-tnie-;o 7,- Domingo rios; 7.- Prudencio mony of witnes- .: 7. Domingo trl, 7.- prudo-rlio
Arrieta, 8- Juan de i CrCz, 9.- Vizent, 10l.- Nico- aFrle, 8.- Juan d ]- rr, 9.- Vizonte, 10.- Nico- r,-etl 8.- Juan de f rus, 9.- Vi .tLe,. 1.- Nico0I 0 0

ft,,, i="- ~., --,,,

1588 Jun 8 ST a5G 865-19,StD=2528 bad 256,p.307. 1588 Jun 8 ST AGI 86-5-19,stD2528 bno 256,Peo7. 1588 J.n 8 IAGI 8- -19,StDU-G28 bnd 56.L307,

San reno eula Cedulaio. San L San Lorenzo. Cedulrio.
(coy) p. (opy) p. (copy) p.

To Gov. in Florida in favor of Diego Lopez ses- To Gov. i Floridad favor of Diego Lopez se ToGov. inrida avor of Dliegoi.opees,dero" residentin Fla. Acknowledges permission paderon residentin Fla. Acknowledges perission padero" residentin Fla. tckloledges permission given to Lopez to go to Nw Span with wife and given to Lopez to go to New Spain with wife and given to Lopez to go to New Spain witS wife nd
13 Iar ld an. year old 5n yi year old son.

0 0

-"---':.-i-;""-. i-- -- ------~-1: -_:- -i-ri ii":_--l-~i- ii-Il:i- i-;
;ii: -

1588 Jun 29 ST AGI 86 -19SiD2528 bnd 256,p.G.8. 1588 Jon 29 ST AGI 81-t19,SDt2D2528 bnd 256,p.308. 1588 Jus 29 ST aI 6-5-19,StID258 bnd 256,p.308.

San Loren. Cedulario. Sn Lo renzo. Cedularis. San Lorenzo. Cedulario.
(copy) 1 p. (copy) 1 p. (copy) .

To Gov. in Fla. reminds of peresion given to Diego To Gov. in Fla. reminds of pernssion given to Diego To oV. in Fla. reinda of permsion en to Diego
Lopez, resident in Fa., to go to New Spain and Lopez, resident in Fla., to go to New Spain and Lopez, resident in Fla., to go to New Spain and given permission to sell belongin g nd take o give and sissio to sell n ad e ive pe sion t belonging and take to
Nea Spain. New Spain. New Spain.


1588 Jun 29 ST AGI 86--19,5StD-2528 bad 256p.509. 1588 Jun 29 ST AGI 86-5-19,St*DMl 228 bnd 256,p.09. 1588 Jon 29 ST AI 86-5-19,StODO2S28 bnd 256,p.09.

San Lorenzo. Cedulario. San Loreno. Cedrlario, San Lorenzo. CeduLrio.
(copy) i p, (copy) i p, (copy) Ip.

To Gove in Fla. mentions permission given to sol- To GOV. in Fla. mentions permission given to sol- To Gov. in Fla. mentions permission given to soldier Joan Pablo to g to New Spain with family dier Joan Pablo to go to New Spain with family dier Joan Pablo to go to New Spain with family and give permssion to sell farm and be able to and gives permasion to vell farm and be able to and gives permission to sell farm and be able to
move belongings to New Spain. move belongings to New Spain. move belongings to New Spain,

0 0

18 :ul G T T 5+-1- 4 bad 6, 1 15. Jul 22 T 3~ 4- bnd L. p. ~4. 1588 Jul 7 GI -L4 bd 6,4- p. 1-.

MayT, n edro de R.nne to Come o de Indias. H ian. edra de Arana to prison a o ladian, Havera. Pedro de ai nna to jonsejo de India .

Detal-d description on rak's retu rn. exte 0 Det ile descriptio, or -rake's return route to i De mil d description on rnk5 retur-n rc to to nith him Englih ettlr of FI,. -eort g-v by "ia with i lih r i l. reot give b on th hi Enlio settlro of FIa. report given u l
so nuiz. another r copy in b1d 6 ,. .) o uz. Another o in bd 4, 1-4.) so no. ( 0notle co biad 63 -

1 12 L' AT ---"-H b i S0:, 1 -l lM 1. -e F. 16-1) .uga 1 r -I- b m ,.. 1-1.

Slu n nd arqu n dr nd u San tin a nez rq (copy) p. (cop) (cop )

o or z A -_s iov. ma on rd -s-:-, i fr o io ie or v. >
r e. s im y o- pt r i Drk Tet ny to r, Drke a o 10 pt r: co a ( ryhr coy in .. -- : b i 1, 1 noh oy : 5-5-6 b , : (anoth oy i S- 5 n .
{ot1991., 4ud. 26. ( o 1591, 4u, 2G. (cn 491 u. .

>fl\?i 3~" i_~~, ~u ..~i*,, -sci\-~*,s V U\I

-I.h u~~ ~-ih_ -

-:w;_~;i- ;!ir:~ --.;~;;;;:; ;:i~ ;_~ ;...

V -~~~ U- U- -- 1-U

-\--- t-= -; I~ ; ~ V Vi

~, ~>P~'"tThSVS>rV-t+ r~t~<~ 2 W WXA i~S-r $ ~c >p&s.;<~*~s ~. ~*t< ~ "tv >1~)~


1588 Oct 16 ST AGI -16 bad 672, p. 7-8. 1588 Oct 18 ST AGI -5-16 bnd 67, p. 7-8. i98 Oct 18 S AGI 4-5-16 bnd 672, p. 7-8.

an gusting. Service of Cpt. Francisco Salamar. man gusting Service of Opt. Francisco salazar. can ^gutin. Service of Cpt. Francisco Salazar.
(copy) 1% p. (copy) lbc p. (copy) i1 >.

Before Sov. Pedro Ieendem MNarques, asks permission Before Gov. pedro Menendez MNques, asks permission Before Gov. Pedro Man nde Marques, asks permission
for an Informacon on his service with Adelanado for an Informaoion on his service with Adelantado for an Informacion on his service with Adelantado
Menendez, Diego Flores, Cristobal de raso, and o- Menendez, Diego Flores, Cristobal de Eraso, and Ro- Menendez, Diego Flores, Cristobal de Eraso, and rotigo de Junco; uard of galleon SAIIAO. c. i ves drigo de Junco; gard of gallen SANTIAGO. ov. wives drigo de Junco; gunrd of glleon SANTIAGO. Gov ives
permission for Informacion(contines 15% Oct 20). permisson for Informacion(contnme 15a Oct 20). permission for Informaion(contines 1558 Oct 20).

0 0

V h ,z x'*Stm \V

~L-+.xr- "akNY~\E --~;

Sua ~ i~~ c;~arr.rau~s -~urr~a F~


4 4'-4 r- 4 --'

- -~ -",c~-- -

A> ><~rt<~~NcA~ >. < ~ny ~ ~ ~>~4 .C*-a~.

A. ~
~a~Qvy sc.~>r-~C Kv~ + > -~ VI

VI t-. Vt &~

1588 Oct 26 S A,1 54-16 bad 672, p. 16-18. 1588 Oct 26 ST GI 5v-5-16 bnd 672, p. 16-1. 1588 Oct 26 ST AGI 54-5-16 bnd 672, p. 16-18.

San gustin. Service of Opt. trancisco Salazr. San ,gutin. Service f upt. Francisco Salazr. San guaiin. Service f Cpt. FrancLsco Salazr.
10 p. I p. l p.

Gov. pedro 'enendea Marques certifies services of ept. Gov. pedro enendea Marques certifies services of pt. GOy. pedro enendes Marques certifies services of apt Francisco Salazar in Yla. enation Gallean SAN PEDlO, i'rancisco Salazar in Fls. rlentions Galleon SN PEDRO, Francisco salazar in Fla. mentions Galleon SAc 1EDRO, Adelantado Menendez, Diego lores, Rodrlgo de Junc, Adelantado Menendez, Diego ilores, Hodrigo de Junco, Adelantado Menende, Diego lores, Rodrigo de Junce, Galleon SANTIAO, Juan de Junce, At the death of Jan Galleon SANTIAO, Juan de Junco At the death of Juan Galleon SANTAGO, Juan de Junco, At the death of Juan de nc, ee arqe gave laar title of pt. de Junco, enende Maruegave Salar title of pt. de dance, aenende Marcues gave Salazar title of pt.
of fart san austin. (continuel5 (Nov 30)) of fort ban gutin. (continues1585 (Nov 5)) of fort San ^guotin. (continues1585 (Nov ))

~' r r

v#~ n~-~ ~ ~ S t V. ~ -0 255>05 <05 <~S:05~yT~ .o.>Cs& V. V 05 <~r~ 05 <05% %t05st5%V Vss+sCts s 5<0 V


111 2-.m N ILIN.N k 1-,-

.ct> t -- ,

1588 (Nov 23) ST A'I 139-7-14 Junta de Puerto Rico, 1588 (Mov 23) ST A I 139-7-14 Jucta de Puerto Rico, 1588 (Nov 23) ST AI Il9-7-1A Juda de iuerto Rico, bn 599, p. 13. bed 599, p. 13. bnd 599, p. 15.

(MNdrit. Royal Cedla. (Madrid) Royal Cedula. (Madrid). Royal Cedula.
(copy, inomplete) Y, p. (copy, incomplete) 39. (copy, inoomplete) t p.

To Caua de Contratacion concerning ship for Maes- To Casa de Contratacion concerning ships for Maes- To Cas de Contratacion concerning shiis for Maestre ie Campo Juan de Tejeda to take people to Puer- tre de Campo JUan de Tejedo to take people to Per- ire de Campo Jin de Tejeda to take people to Puerto Rico and Florida. Also to : Francisco Valverde, to Rico and Florida. Also to go! Francisco Valverde, to Rico and Florida. Also to go: Francisco lVlverde
Jan ar de He ill o of .and rJn ra de Her irill ov. o and r mill Gov. of la. and edro Jan Garica de Herosill Gov. o la and edro I Ochoa. O hoa. OC...

1588 Nov 23 ST AGI 139-7-14 Juntr de -uerto Rico, bndS99 1R88 Nov 23 ST AGI 139-7-14 Junta de Puerto Rico, dnd599 1588 Nov 2 ST AGI 139-7-14 Junta de iuerto Rico, bnd59 p.2-13. p.2-13. p.2-13.

Madrid. Royal Cedula. Madrid. Royal Cedula. Madrid. Royal Cedula.
(copy) IOY p. (copy) 10i p. (copy) 10Vi p.

To Maestre de Campo Juan de Tejeda, struction To Mae tre de Campo Juan de Tejeda, instructions To Mastre de Campo Jan de Tejeda, instructions to fortify ports in Indies with Engineer Bautista to fortify ports in Indies with Fngineer .autista to fortify ports in Indies with Engineer 3autist
Antonely. Instruction fror: 3.- Puerto Rico, eni- Antonely. Instructions for: 3.- puerto Rico, neti- Antonely. instructions for: 3.- Puerto Rico, mention Cept. Francisco Gomez, Francisco Valverde, JUan ons Cpt. Francisco Goame, Francisco /alverde, Juan as Cpt. Francisco Bomez, Francisco Valverde, JEan

0 0

.-<->z~v> ~ >~ %C *~.OQS~F+> > <4t<~. ~- ~ -w'*& ~ Ct

V tC~-V~V'~ C ~ <~~tt~
-< Cm V~WC C C~fl~CtS~W msC-~ C CCtV*aC. C C ~C ~~C>~CV tCz~>CC. Ct-C \CxCs~m.
>Ct~CC~.K*CrCa *Ct CXC C~ C


]588 Nov 2) t l;'i 139-7-14 junta de Pu--ro Rico id599. 1588 Nov 23 12 1rI 1 39--11 Junt de Puerto iO eico %On5999 1i Nov 5 7 .;I 1: -7-1 Junta de iuerto Rico ini99.
v.iI Yp.4 p.14. Mt-i. ,oy-l Cedula. it- id. Roal Cedul. Med, i. R2i cedul,.
1 P. (copy) P. (copy) 1 .

To Authority in Pan-ao, r-nto Domingo, Espaola, To ,Autorities in tolma, Santo Domingo, Espanola, o authoritiess in t iaria, anto Domino, ESpanola,
Croeagen, Sta. Marta,Floritd, Puerto RiIo. Informs Cartagen, Sta. ML-taFlorida, Puerto Rico. Infos Cartagena, t. Mrta,Florida, puerto hico. Informs
of complete authority given to Mo.tre de Campo of complete uthority given to Maestre doe C on of comlelmtv authority given to Maestre de C ,ao
Juan de Tejeo ; will fortify Indies. Juan Ie Tejedai will fortify Indies. jCn de Tejeda; ,ill fortify Inies.

-----~ -.~--~--"-~

-~-- ~

~ 2 N Z ~ <~- -a- -- N _____ -_<~>a

K ~>~r>Z~ >t+4~-W>~tc+aot~ 4tVtrQ s& ~<~rY~~vvxA. ~ r

~a t~ V Vz<><>ffi. K. ~

~r~jt~,a ~aVC < &sz~z&-~. ~ V V. ~rst~.


1588 Dec 8 ST AGI 42-6-3/7 bnd 546, p. 10. 188 Dec 8 ST AGI 42-6-3/7 bnd 6, p. 10. 1588 Dec 8 ST AGI 42-6-3/7 bnd 546, p. 10.

Seville. Casa de Contratacion to King. Seville. Case de Contratacion to Kirg. Seville. Cas de Contratacion to King.
(copy, incomplete) p. (copy, icnomplete) $ p. (copy. complete) A p.

Sent acoount on salaries and expenses for ships ent account on salaries and eeensses for ships Set account on alarises and expenes for ships Marcos Aranburu needed, because he has books of Marcos sAanburu needed, because he has books of Marcos Aranburn needed, because he has books of
the ships that went to England. the ships that went to England. the ships that went to England.

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