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John B. Stetson Jr. Card Calendar
University of Florida


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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alacuha -- Gainesville


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The collection contains calendar cards descriptive of manuscript documents drawn from the Archivo General de Indias in Seville. The calendar is comprised of about 14,000 catalog cards. The documents relate to Spanish activity in the Southeast borderlands from 1512-1783. Copies of the documents are held by the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, Gainesville.

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University of Florida
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154 n.d. ST AGI 2- bnd 414, p. 33-35. 15 n.d. ST AGI -2 bnd 414, p. j 5 n.d. ST AI -2-3 bnd 414, P. 335.

(Spain) Cpt. Tome Bernido to King. (Spain) Cpt. Toms Bernaldo to King. (Spain) Opt. To5 s Bernaldo to King.

Arrangements in fort in Havana for more effecti- Arrangements in fort in oHavan for mee eeffectienes. Ne dipiion of roo, ne tir e. venues. New inosiion of rooms, nee stair ease. ensess. New disposition of rooms, new stair case. Mention a r Mti Alvaro Florieor.


S l.d. T I 5- bad 48, .. 1- 2. ad. a AI 53--14 bnd 86, p. 1- 1,84 n.L. f l 1 53--1 bnd 48o, p. 1-2.

n.p. Infor cion on omino onzalez. inoirn cion oL Don no Gona~lror n.p. Inform icon on Dmino Gonzalez.
(copy) 1 (oy) 1o. (copy) lip.

Soldier and tranloitor of Indiar longuai in Flo- Solier anr translator of In iOn i ngu ag in Flo- Soldier ond tranlator of Innut" language in Ilr da. s for ermie ofr slave ind o o r for emit r cl o o r A for pr of -lv and o e
tie Xncribano Mfyor in Flor the cb-n M.yr in Flrid. the acribano Mayor i loria.

(1584) nd. I' 43.1 5 1-1+ adlf>. -3. .LD45) n.. SI 3$1- b1nd -6, Ip. 2-.)n... t --- on u, L -. 4-5.

n.p. Inform ion ,on Doinno Go rizlez. n.p. informaion on Domlngo onz,lez. n.. Infor cion n Domino nzlez.
(copy) c (opy) I P (1opy)
Do i>ng (Gonraler to 4a- ie 4 evr 2 yY aro for DoIinjo Go--z 1 .c to Kiri Hse ireo 2 yea or Dom Gonl io iL He a. red -. r for
*r, cn; I oi on; -, ldiar r of -dcn Crown *i cod.ic n r ior of Inisn ce rilr, In c--lndr -ct'-cked iom oE in i 15. nlon act-c l,,iio.e ii fort (?) n- ifr Splad to r.t-n o io I n. olt (?) ano c-lied to rturn from tow iin fort (?) nd at. call- to, .m it in amd ll pac-lfy Iniann. -k, for rI-and or cnm li i'ify ndi ns. f i s r I E- nd help :f flldl-. -m 11, -ro mor -fce-

(184) .d. ?aGI 5 1n i86, p. -5. C58) m. ,Y AI 5-1-1 bad 61, P-5. C o nI WS S--A bn I 0 S-b.

n.p. Info" ci on Dor lin -anll Inin on o j ez. a.rp. Inloocion on ouin0o ianzalez.
continued fro recedingcontiud rom rdin- c. Oinued o re

i'o, miL fr roila land armi i o io, demit or a Fi -d o-i-on Pa vioes, nmit !or ^ Y d i Perriton za
re dmn n,, re ia lo-om. Men-ior Ju*n Pardo eT,*n r ori, en cior -n- o n da. M nin, Jn Pardo

0 0 0

(18+4) n.d. f7 AI m5-1f1 bad I6, p. o-11. (1o4) n.d. 6T II -114 bi 486, p i0. (1589) .d. ST AGI 3-1-14 bnd -6, -l .

n.y. Informaion n omino Gonczale. n.p. Iniforo cion on Domi; n Gonzalez. n.i. Inforocion on Domino oulez.
(copy) p. (copy) (copy) P.

Informs king of probel It ntct 0leoa, espeoia- Inform5 King of problems t Sa1ro leUna, e Lecn- informs Kin oi problems t Santa fena, csoeciafly beitcen lutorities. Suggosto populating ports iy bet een iauthortics. 1 opulatinr ports i1y ootween authorities suggests populaing poros for defo ne purpose ond having *oat cr guor-i- for defen e l-rpo asd vin bo; fo rdin for defense pu-pos- Ind h ving bet for a ri ng
co ts stood relaiorn btw.en I dies an, -rench; coa--r good rel ,tion b itween ina an; Fcrnchi coast; oodr rections between Indis aid ,rench;
mentions Fedro erIendez de Avil Chich eco-, metons Pedro i enidez de Avils, Chichi cos, mentions edro ben er de ,vile, Chichomecc- ,

(15 4) r.i. IT aI-1- 16, p. -1. (1584) n.d. ST A 5 3-14 ana 46, -. -0. (158l ) n.. T I -i-i1 nd 4I6, p. -. li.

n.. for ion on nlnrmaiaci on n3-nzmc. 0 n on on Domitro ionzalez. n.p. Infor- cion on DorIno Gonzalez.
o r;Lnue from preceding card. contind fro recing ard. cntn rom predi r.

Teatin Antonio de ras. AA ksor permit for lTeaino, Antonio de raso. Aks for ,ermit for Ttin, ntono ra. k for eit fo ,3 lrva, r aro -r crvice and to ratn and 5C slavs, reward for srvice ndm to ret1-n nr 5, 4laves, re ard for rvic ana t ret1ru an asere in floriila. fanmer of loin New ii i iserv i n Floraid. nger. of l ino- Ne.e Spain if sv in lord. I r of loig ew pan if
Frea.. Lke oer Florida. French tako over dlorida. Frnch take over Florida.

ciy<) n5. i l bol r, (54 11-. d1 Sr-;ion (T 1 Ind- i--1u.

n.p. r cin on oino z c.p. Infora cice on Domingo Gonzalez. -.- Inoracion on Doair o al. (coIy) (copy) (. 1. Ho as first soldier to earn indian lanOuago. oa ie ooo o 1&n ,arit Trai -fe or p a it otoo h 1-gTron ouao Fo o ort of m bohavio of au oritie ne o a ge to ottle a or o ut tionr Ad n or judge c seLtle author os delnT do ud to sie aut., ritios. Montisn lnao lr nz de vatlt, hiro e V. lsorons dl-rIando oe il o Ki Vlaeo ad Fern o do no I .e irande.

1 nd. NS .!I 55-1-14 Und 46, 4S-,. 18- a.d. S. 1 53-1-it bnd 66, p. 24- 0 1584 n.d. f .I 5--l-1 bnd '86, p. 4-0.

L. Inform oon on Doilo Cn Trmo on Linro onzal n.p. In o Domingo Gonzalz.
(cop) (copy) (copY) 4 p.

o go n ez recall h rip to Si in 176 Do go onlez recalls hi tr to S in in 1 Dom g o lz eall i trip o Sa I 1 6
o r-ort on lorda to n. Report hl by ro- to epot on Flora to in. Rort h d y nto- to re rt on Flora to in. aort held by antonio di oras. ie went to ew Spaoin, where after nic ie raso. He went to No Sain, here fter nio e Erao. Hoe went to oew a..n ,here fter fw of hi arriva, Fero ena ez Mr e few d s of is arrival Pedro urdz Mar ue3 few dy of his rival, edro e. idz Var .ue
asked outhorli ae for Gonzrml z o ao iri-on and .0-ed -utoritie- for GonzaS ez o be inr olin ad ake atioriico fo. Goaralez to o inrison a

-.~ i~~ :;-i ~ id rU,

*. 1%

* flat. A

.taA~* ~'.. A ~W~A~>~Vt

3d Jan 4--16 4n6. 1-8. 184 Jan 9 5 1--16 bnd -8, n. 1-8. Jan 19 4-5 10 bnd p. i-.

Sa? -gutin Jain Cedi'll oKli n n Ua, in. Jual .a Ail o l t aln tinL Janl eva wila. s Kice.

0 0

54 J:n AI1 1 0-7-4 bn 489. p. I-2. 81 an S I O- 4 bnd 49, 184 Jan 2 AI 13i--4 bnd 49 I I -.

Mrid. Co;n;jo de ini1s to Kiin. Iaofid. Com ejo do ind-i to King. adid. Consejo de indi to rin .
1 1 p. 1

iscu s ifirnancs o Ma.ia de -os, roor.ion: Ji"cusses frirnces of Mri do o, m io Dscusses finances of Mria de meio:
husband -lon-o de Avilo, fO>ter Sil Gonalz de hosb-nd lono doe Aila, fai oeril Gonzalez d, hliobnd lon o de Av-ll, fa:I er Gil donzalez de
oAvia, grrdd 'lhor e i.Pd od dolvroeo. due to lil., rand fatlr o .ro de laado. Le to AvlI, rnd father Fero di Alvraro. Due to
noted fdr priests in Florih tle nre sen in, ned fdr priests in florida, they aoro dng 8 need fdr priests in Ilorido, they are sending d Francicanos supiier from asa CeCnetratacion, erncicn; suTplied froq Cia- deconltrtacion. Franciscans supplied from C acContrat-ion.

0 0

-fl~~~--- -~

VA~aY~ +< -> A *r*> c1~ >Y_~ i2 Iil~~~a~ur.1 W*~~~; NII?*i

1584 Feb 3-4-6-7 ST AI 54-2-5 bad -, p. 6~ M ab t -b-7 S. A 5 -2- bd A 54-2- bd 414, p. 6-.2.

Havana. Petition of iego Fernandez de Quindnes o e de nuinoneed ition f ecedn de uinonr
continued fro preceding card.continuedfrompreceding rd.

5-.- Bartolome de Morales, 56.- Martin de l oral Mart 05rtolo e o d Moral n, 26.- Mart e r lrinuc 59.- pt. Franisc do de Aval, 62.- Jorg M riue 6 aspar de ne6.- Jorg e Crlos de la arnipa, 65.- Cooper dde inones, 68.- Carios do la ria,
65.- Gasper de .uinon 68.- Carlos de la BEarnia 64.- Malpcr da do eAn, 78.- oador edro a 74.- Melchor Sard de Irea, 78.- Contador Pedro de
74.- Melchor Sardo de Arana, 76.- Condor Pedro de Arana. Arana.
a I 8 w

1584 Feb 7-8 ST AGI 54-2-3 bnd 414, p. 91-91. 154 reb 7-6 ST All 54-2-3 lnd 414, -1584 Fb 7-8 ST A. 4-2-3 bod 414, 91-98.
Wavear. Treasury Officials to Altcide in fort.
Havana. Treasury Officials to Alaide Van fort. a. Treasury Offisials to Alcaide in fort.T ur Offi n rt.
(copy (cop) h.

Tesoreao Juan usiota fo gcjos and Co ntad Podro Terorecs Juan bEutiota de bojao and Contar drro Tsdeore Jun Braatista beforede soniole er d r broffort Diego ernander ezO de de Arae before Alcaide of fort Diego Fernandozde duinones discure Alaries of Lit iof peopleander d inone diacurs salaries. List of eo ple in fort
quinones disrcu salaries. List of eopl in rt and their salaries. nd their lri .
and their salaries.

0 0

~-"" -i-~-""""~"~

~ ~ ;~~~ ~ -- -~ ~~ =-=~ ~-r ~-

~-~i ~ii,~,,~, ~,,,,~~ ~hi~l~
\a~a P. ~_ip rrh~-l.~ 9pPl~h- .-Y~Y~-.~hr-~- h~ ,~,~, ~-lr;:~ -iiu~*e ~7i'~h---- -~a.-r~h

E --- :"i~--1 -=; ~~i~- -; -~-~-~-~-~~--~~- -: ~~


-~~ ~
-,- ,


1584 Feb 14 ST AGI %-2-3 ond 41, p. 7-11. 1584 Feb 1 ST AGI 52-3 bnd 414, p. 7-11. 1584 Feb a14 T aI 54-2-3 band 414, p. 7-11.

Havana, power of attorney Havana. Power of attorney Havana. Power of attorney

Power of attorney from alcaide Diego Fernandez de Power of attorney from a ide Dio Ferandez de Fower of attorney from alaide doego Fernandez de
.uinone to eniente of fort Tomeas Beraldo de Quinone to Tenwote of fort Toa. ernaldo de lolenes to Teniente of fort Tms Berlm de
uiroz.wer to mrke a request for needs of fort Quiroz. Power to make a reqet for reeds of fort iroz. Power to make a request for need of fort
to King. to King. to King.


1,8 Feb 2i ST 1110- -4 Lnd 491, p. -,. 1- .eo 21 ST I1 140-7-t bi 91 1-. 1i4 Feb 1 8 A I :-7-3 bad 491, p. 1-2.

Mldrid. Ccns o do Inri s to i. l d. Conejo d In;i to Kig Mar,. oso de iia to Kni.

Decid to giv zlcr- to dona Mie o-n -or D cies to give moniy to doa- Mrie Ioe Ior he tci- -o ive rooney to dor M.- r'i for he support; ,he i lonso de .vi-'is do,. e orts suIpor; she 1 Aon o le vila, doj. e-oa siorot; -he is Aiono de la sido. eporto
Tlht e oran ciE does not hove ro e a de lontrataton doe o hv mone tht Ca- dn ConLratlcior n aoed no ve e
in nes e if~u;os to iv Pric i go in e de to rccons to go in B iroes dol ifunof to iv to F-alnci-sr to go
o ori b sin to i e to Forid. 6 ina
0o 0ira 0 Tt~r

1584 Mar 20 -v AGI 115-1-18 T. 2 and 485, p. 1. 158 Mar 20 ST AGT i4-1-18 T. 2 bnd 48, p. 10. 158i Mar 20 ST .3I 15-1-18 T. I bnd 85, p. 10.

Madrid. King to Cas deo Contrataoion. Madid. King to Co.a de Contlataion. Madrid. King to Coas de Contrtacion.
(copy) p. (copy) 1 p. (copy) 1 .

reminds of Royal Decree nted Nov. 22 1 i5, by Reminds of Rioyl Decree dated Nov. 22, 1585, by Reminds of Royal Derree dated Nov. 22, 1563, by which Csa de Contrataion hd to pay needs or whiah C e Contratacin hod to pay needs of which COa de Contratacion had to pay needs of church in Florida froo money of Bienes de Difo church in Florid from money of Biene, me Difrn church in florind from money of Sienes de Difau
tos. Orders to obey oder with no delay. too. Orders to obey order with no delay. tos. Crders to obey order with no ielay.


* 0 0

+- ~ V~- 4-:~ 4~~--- - i ~- ~ ta~, -- r ,;

-~"- Zi. ~-; -~-';''~-Y~ i~'-'" -V

1584 Mar 31 a 2 3492 ba 2,. .1 199 Mar a1 s 1 a2-2&4/ bn 92 j. 1.Mar 3 mA:: I-a-Ra a .a 9-2, p. 1-.

S ca Lre ol d to aw 0e o t Lon. San Lo o t a dO Contratacion Sn ltore zo. oal Ce ili Caa de Cod[
(cOy) (cory) 1i (c py)

O- ders o -rovie fc' nd of eih riests Order to provdc for need of eigt r Ore- rovine o nees of ei
erv a ot t o or



N <

V -~ av N t

N a

;a su Atin -loi Jl. Juan l sn -fi. i l 6 in. o- J 1,inde. i -al -lo ldr 6 J i u i ndoz to in-.

Coninuou, o, -n cf' n iriom rc i 1-cord.i::Iov ,nt'd o ul- lo .d .- of u-.L b, lodrida tiani o r,to,,e hne- eloto o' n -, n.,,7 th on ni 1

i~ii ~ ~ *

28( il 11) 3' ,I 10 0,, bnd ii), p.4. 18 (AWri 11 S At1 2-04 ba 4Up. 4. l2aM (Aprl 11) ST 1, 7-j4 b49, .

n.c. King to Con:ra cion. np. King toI Casa i Co: rarc ion .. Ki n, Lo Caoa d Co r-cir.
(copy) (copy) o u. (copy)

ives permis-i on or shi of 6 Lon- tc o to ite -cr a ssion c r o a> ir of 6 tont e go to 1ives p.rm-nion for a y of o ton to to lori to fro S Lr wit i. lo t fro an L r with sup liori~ to de, rt fr om sn Lucar wit ,uplies

156 Ap r S 1i A bn 95, p. 12 15.. Apr U ST i i40-7- n 95, p. i-. 4 Ar 11 S al 1A0-7- 4 bn 495, v. 1- .

Madri. Conjo do indis. Mad id. Consejo de ndia. aa.i d. Consjo de indi.
Sp. 1) e. 1 .

0 ton rini to nv nx; month for Filoida. kon- ton srhi to lave rmx onot for f loreid. Mrn- 6O tn -i1o leave nxt rontl fr Foria. Yentions Frencl merchnL 3 nillormo Lustnquse and zi Froncn merch nt Gui leno Lustaue and tions FrennEh -oranat Guillero Lata-uc and
-i-e, Maiondo an a -Can S itthie. 6iieodndo a anaries ip iaues. aio Mlionad an h Cdn 0iip. 6 lgrlrnus.

1 >s Apr Set I 2-6-A/6 bnd 70, p. 1-. 154 Apr 21 ST I -6 -2/6 bnd 710, p. 1-22. 14 Ar l S I -t/6 bad 710, p. ,-22.

Seville. aa de ontratasion to 'ronn. seSev-lle Cale. de o nnratcin to rlown.
(copy) p. (coy) I p. (copy) 1 p.

,i-ry herranio de -an Pedro, Dominican, hrs per vision r-y ternindo de Pn Pedro, Dominicen, hrs elaisiorn ray hernando de tan 2,ero, oinian, has permislion
to tan 6 Priestf l t Elpa ola, f nd ray aloanso fe to tst b anal n Fray 1or n o de to tk, b priets to ,aprno, *n ray -lonso de
einonoo, trancisr riest or Floriha iTnao, Franci.can, 8 priests for loria. Reinoe, Fr nciscan, priets for irl~i .

-I- &rV-~_ i_;-;_~~- Iu--;V :;~~*

V -- V V;

1584 Jun 20 ST 5GI -2-3 bnd 414, p. 100-103, 158 Jun 20 ST AGI 54-2-3 bnd 4414, p. 100-10p, 1584 Jun 20 s. S.T 54-2-3 hnd 414, d. 100-1u3,

Madrid. Tos bernald to Cnsejo de Indins. Madrid. Tomas Bernaldo to Conejo de Indias. Madrid. Toas ernaldo to Consejo de Indiasa.
(copy) 3, p. (copy) Et p. (copy) 51 p.
Beraldot teniente in fort in Hvana. Inform- Bernald, teniente in fort in Haua. Infora- Bernaldo, teiente in fort in Havana. Infornanion concerning fort needs and aske reward for cion concerning fort needs and asr reward for coa concerning fort needs end asks reward for
his services h is crer

t~ ~ ~- ~ ~;m ~ L~t*~. A. ~ C ~ Vt~.
N N N -+ k N~. ~t, N ~ t~s~&~N~- vr~v-rn V. ~
N ~ V. ~ ~
V ~ >~ca ~ >m~Vt V

aS J.. 2 W AU + -41 ni 6 8,p. .4-1 1l8 a % S 34-541 ba SRI, i. 14-J. Jun 6ii rI 5 --1iA bad 28, p. 1-2.

ar orno 1ca Cedule. S Tn Loer. 1 dul. 0norno Hoy eula.
oi In, 'I -C -n (copy) i' (apy)

y --- jtirre irnda i, tc take oiion o! -y hni ierr de ir t litio 3ov n che Ub o e f .ov dro err i M! ov in beA-i b n of,. Gov. PeGr. -ew l o- 1 ., ndcz M e ot d. n AgustnP n, i dae S.n -utn Jun '1 no Ro 11 N et0 AE0in Jun lit ino 9 C ia ls c prd )US receive C la.ol fi l c p ree uOi
*fi~l_ 0c~r~~ ccic ai

-~ ~- ~-~v-- - ~ ~ ~ - r

------5- i- -5- -5-- 5-we- 5- -

5 4Jul n-1-j 1sTMel E,-1 ha b 14 Jul v11-13j S AS 34-1A 4 bn .6 n. 1S aJl 9-111-i'1 ST 11 3-]-11 ba a6 p. nI 1 nrm on 1, omino on--o. D In-ormaioon ominr o ,onz-lez .iv Iorri ona Doni aonl
(op) (cop 1 (op) 1 p

1 do !a t 1 d ando ri u sk on e t r 1 c nn ri o sk nale ta a d ndo.
n itn or in'frm aioa. Tstirayo: .- sen inc se for Informacion. Tetimaoyo, ;0.- fo tn se for Inormion. T imnyo> 0C.a.- a do la Ro, 88 a rdao, .- jna
in z -oi Jun 0oro

t~> VA> ~+ ~ '~s~S >t~tS-~ ~ ~ t >O~~#~
y~-~ VA 'Ot~U~ ~ >~. ~**z~O~ .

&>-~ ~ -~ *0> ~ KA-'S~a~ V &~'-~ t V ~V N ~V>.V~ -&>~~-_> _&V<~Xw~ ~K~.* ~ ~ ~4~-tz-.~-.~ $K~~-


-K---~~-C-- -r ~ I-

-~-:i _i:-- __~!_-~- =-~ i

-i~::-~-_~~ r~~-~ii.- -~- --~--i_;

1% I---;-ra

-T 1

1584 Aug 7 S' AGI I2-5i bnd 41, p. 99. 1584 Aug 7 S AGI -2-i bnd 414, p. 99. 158 Aug 7 ST AGI 54-2-3 bnd 414, p. ?9.

Madrid. COp. Toms Ber~I do to King. Madrid. Cpt. Tomr Bernaldo to King. Madrid. Opt. Tomns Beroaldo to King.
(copy) 1 p. (copy) 1 p. (cony) 1 p.

Asks for reply to report on needs of Havana foporAsks for rl to report on needs of Hav ort Asks for reply to report on needs of Havpna fort
Importance of sending supplies with fleet to Importance of sending supplies with fleet to Importance o sending wuplies with fleet to
Tierra lime Bernldo is Teniaent in fort. Tiera i>n e. bernaldo i Teniente in fort. Tierra irme. Bernaldo is Tenieat in fort.

184b Aug 29 T AIl i40-H o1 d 11-, -. 1- 15I *U c Si bT kiI 110-A- on ir8, 1-. 154 g r IO d 4 1- .

anLren' o. RoyalDl -ecree. Sn -ronzo. oyQa Dec r..n.n oa eees
(ropy) 3 5 (oDY) (opro) i.

To Viceroy Peru, oCo d e *0 Vio la, cone-rring To Viceroy in PerV, in V conmrin7 To V/eoy in per, onde dc Vi concirnrng
txation on olayn card. Coies f thi u txation on lyin ca Co=. i c of this PeAil t ton on ,yi. ard. opie of 1hs i eToia
Cen, to: ovs. in Carni, o t. M -n Lr : Gr v in Carta ; na,, ii i M ia. r t: io Ca Cne, F ,id' ol t. M i.

C 0 0 0Zrrfoooy'a0 C


i-.-;.L..::-l~:- i-..i~l._ ~iil--i__l..-~-~

1584 Oct 17 ST AGI 86-5-19,StDD 2528 bnd 256,p.276-277. 1584 Oct 17 ST AGI 86-t-19.,StD 2528 bn 256,p.276-277. 1584 Oct 17 ST AG1 86-19,StD' 2528 bnd 256.p.276-277
El Pardo. Cedulario. El Pardo. Cedulario. El Pardo. Cedulario.
(copy) p. (copy) p (copy) I p.

To gov. in Fla., to allow Juan Mordach and his wife To gov. in Fla., to allow Junn Mordac. and his wife To gov. in Fla., to allow Juan ordaco and his wife
and children to go to New Spain. Mowdae sered and children to go to New Spain. Modac served and children to go to New Spain. Modace served
12 years in San Agustin. 12 years in San Agustin. 12 years in San Agcstin.

K--i V--


581 kec 14 I Al 114 En 4k6, p. 1_-1. !584 1'. 1 IJ 3-11 bn J-i p. 1-1. 1 n 1- ST AI 1 3-14 ond 43, p. 1-1, .

(ri.) inforocion on Domio Gorzilz,. (ola.) info,rr-on on ominfo lonzrerz. (Fl .) Infort-ion on oamin o on-olez.
(opy) (copy) (copy) f p.

Gov, erando de Kriri to oldicr Doino Gonz- Gov. F nmdo de Mirond to Koldier Dinngo onza- Gov. er~aindo de ir t i: to sol ier Doingo ion1z "proouurador" of soldier r t ia in nd lez, procurador of ol.irs t an in d lez, procurador o oldier S-an u n ad Sn r;eleo. Lic-je for 0o-ne to go o ; j in. iSnta -lena. icen fo>r Gonznla to go to s;an. Sarnto lo Licet-e for onzal 1 o go to Spiln.
Mirinc c 0ifie good er ice. of Gonzalean eifes ood o a ctifis gaoo erv ic of onzals,.

0I 0 0

1581i Dec 18 ST AGI 114-1-1a T. 2, bnd 485, p. 12-1 1584 Dec A8 S A 1-18 T. 2, bd 12- 1 Dec 1 T. 215 16 r AT it-1-i T., bad 48,d p. 1-13.

cadrid. Royal Decree. Madrid. doyal Decree. Madrid. Royal Decree.
(coy) 1 p. (copy) I (copy) 1 p.

To ludienci in Enipdnoli authorities in Cuba To Audiencia in Espeold, authorities in Cuba To Audiencie in Espanola, authioritie n Cuba
and San Jlun, Jamaic, Florid, orders that any and San Jurn, Jaica, Florid, order, tht ny and Scn Juan, Jsnaica, Florida, orders that any Dominican -riest that is by himself and without Dominican riest thnt is oy himself and without Dominican riest thlt ie by himself and without
permission i to se sent to Fray ntdonio de Mejia nermision is to be e Io Fray Antonio de Mejia permission is to be sent to Fray Antonia de Meja
in Cub. in Cuba. in cuba.

ic: Dec ) t AT j I3 -ad 5 .15. i C 5I1-34 on do-, r. 1-5. 158'4 e P0 :) *L 5r4 on 5s, -. 2b .

H-i1 nR oya- O ff-io to Ps ,-O .,di Offico 1 -. 4,1 H r.I y.1 Of illtoo 1 d.

Jd on t' cdet oj d rLa de rade ,.iews J-o l .., dra .- edd i -r d.oor i d- Rj s ro 4I c . d od1
fr o-ue f 1iito to io b ro n cunt o Iil o f bc cn n- of. H&0rL e to OHnt ob-iitrf tioiar ,y ct E C i.o , om l s of slod e f i rt. tas o C-t llO, coli. of 0la of ft. ta1 c ilo, c ins Oi lcade o fot.
tnio ,: In vI o o -e .-> oorr 'ro 'f n e o or 11y- loe o, c o zo....0 oD. -de> ot tI rcro o Eodo one d d ,, a i -.,. 7-n-noiao dco n d t -rono. V. -o.. .- e doi n-o c'o r o. corr-o.

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1,'. Dec 2M T 1 54l-, bnd 01, k, C 41-. d .-1-5 bnd IA D501,ke m I d a i-.

Hvn Ryal Offi ials to ir.ff H a oyl O Kin.
Cninued from cd g ca cntinu- fro p .ec g card. continue fron precede. card.

er h o of 2, nd A t ph y of ,in d 0not r photo ic oy of ir bnd
S d bnd O, 1.). I d d D p. p nd brA 503, p. 1.).


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584 Dec 22 ST AGI --16 bnd 510, 2.5 1584 Dee 22 ST AGI -5-16 bnd 510,. 1584 Dec 22 ST AGI -5-16 bnd 510, p. 52.

Madrid. Martin de Estueta Lezeuno to Conaeo Mad:Id. Martin de Etueta Lezcano to Consejo Madrid. Martin de Estueta Lezcano to Consejo
de Indias. de indias. de 1ndias.
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Went to Florida with Adelantado Nenendez de Aviles; Went to Florida with Adelantado Menendez de Aviles; Went to Florida with Adelantado henendes de Aviles; served for 25 years as carpenter for land and ea. served for 23 years as carpenter for land and sea. served for 23 years as carpenter for land and sea.
Sent his wife and children to Spain to be cured and Sent his wife and children to Spain to be cured and Sent his wife and children to Spain to be cured and
ahip was capture by Don Antonio and lost fortune. ahip was capture by Dn Antonio and loot fortune. hip was capture by Don Antonio and lost fortune.


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15* Dc 2b S- aI 34-1-1 nd w,0 I 14 Dc i= I -- 1, -d t-, 1 f-j. 1 D4 I 67 L 54--11 bn 30, p. 1-3.

Hav ly Gabri l de LujL to in. I avra. v Gabri l de LIa o ing Hay r, G, el Luan a -n .

erved it n Trcrce nxa a, i aov. nl in r ranch o nsej nas, as ,,Lv. n
Cubi. robl- ith lcajde offor: Diie o arn Cub Probe th aide o fo i Cuba Pbelrobs ith Alcide of fort.: Dieo Faern Rdez le arone, mentaos Ir Fernrandei., v- doe ia iniar r ntions iar Fe-rrndeZ. i- d le ;ione, mentian Garci -Fen ridea. ;
"I tit ov. suid be Ao.laierar -. Di-csos s t a ,f ao sodelidea Dias sea thoIatho od be10aide al. Di asa
hong for ov., pariynt of r; lad sk to n ouinfr Lov.i pa Fot of i rl;aas to e urn ovi .ayent a r-rd to b

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15 4 Dec 2 A AGI -1- bd D4, 1-. 1S1 Dec 25 S i 5-1-15 bd 504, ,. 1-. 154 oc 2f St 3 54-1-15 bnd O4 p f1 -3.

Ha ns. Gov. nbriel rte Lcuan to Kirn. avn Gav. Gbr ; e. L K. b Lan to Ki.
continue fror procndin, -rd. contnud 2lo cndig crd. continued from prece in, cald.

reminbrsed for expenses of rent; construction of rcinur l f c of rent; cootruction of riburn n ns o n contruLLon of
church, Francisco ii charge of it. n priests cu t, Fr r ch nl r s church, rnciscan in cnarg of it. ny priests r i a L loda oe or e n rri n t eir ay o olo-daa some -e sic, in arrived on their y ori soL e re Ca-es and otrs flee. anotherr po tatic copy Conr- s nd ot ers flee. (AnctFer ootatinc coy Coa- ami oL rl le. ( ccL lr no a Lic coy
of p. 2 in bnd of p. in bi0 in b 1.)

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