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John B. Stetson Jr. Card Calendar
University of Florida


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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alacuha -- Gainesville


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The collection contains calendar cards descriptive of manuscript documents drawn from the Archivo General de Indias in Seville. The calendar is comprised of about 14,000 catalog cards. The documents relate to Spanish activity in the Southeast borderlands from 1512-1783. Copies of the documents are held by the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, Gainesville.

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University of Florida
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V ~ ~- -3-V 3-~<3~ >~-~ -K-X
V 3- ~-.- --; ~r\K---K---.43N


1583 n.d. T I 54-1-15 bnd 483, p. 1-2. 183 l.. T ,it 54-1-15 bnd 483, o. 1-2. 183 n.d. T; I 54-1-15 bn 483, 1-2.

Eavuar. Joi. abriol da Luja~i to Kin. Havaua. jo*. briel d Lan to Kin Hvan- ot. Gbriel de lujan to Kin .

received letter, froI Gov ~edio Kencniea, Marue eeived letter fro ov Pedo d! en eez Marqes oeive- 1-ttir, fro ov did o nedez Mrqes
nd Juan de evdilla in Florida. Problem between and Juan d3 cevdll a in Flori d. Problems between and Juan do Cov dilla in Florida. Problem bt een Mencndez Marque. and Cevadilla. Motions: Menendezi Ken-enez M/rues and evadill-. Menion:- Menen ndeea MKen arqaur and CevadillN. M-ntions: Menndz neahe Bartolomo doe lon, Pedro Guerra de L Vega. nreI Bartolor Eon, POaer Gurra 9 la Vega neohew, Bariolome do Leon, Pedro Guerr de la Vega.
(Anot or potistatic copy ir bnd 48, p. 12), (Anot er photostatic copy i n Pd 48i, p. 1 ). (pno or potostitic copy in bnd 484, p. 1).


~-t' ~ *t x -> >

- -'-> 4- ~r4 -~ ~* -> ~0 -\ - -~- -- -~ '- --'



1583 n.d. ST AGI 5-5-16 nd 520, p. 2-8. 1583 n.d. ST AI 54-u-16 bnd 520, p. 2-3. 183 n.d. ST AGI -)-16 bnd 520, p. 2-3.

n.p. Gasnpr de -quina to King. n.p. Gaspr de isquina to King. n.p. Gaspar de Lquina to King.
1i p. it p. iM P.

On the behal of St. Pedro Luis de Paez. Paez went On the behalf of Sgt. Pedro Lis d Paeo. Pae went On the behalf of Sgt. Pedro Luis de Paes. Fae went
to Florida with Sancho de rciniea and served in to Florida with Saneao de Arciniega and serve in to Florida with sancho de Arcinlega and served in
the company of Opt. Juan Parco. Workned in onrunstru- the onpn of Cp. Juan arce. Worked in o the company of Cpt. Juan arco. Worked in construction of forts: Juarai Guatira, Orista, Santa Elea. tion of forts: Juara, Gratira, Orlsta, Santa Elena. tion of forts: Juara, Guatira, Orista, Santa ELena.
Never received salary. Mention Pedro Menendez Mar- Never received Palry. Mentions Pedro Menedez Mar- Never received salary. Mentaons Pedro Menendez Mar0* *

1583 n.d. ST AGI 5-5-16 bnd 520, p. 2-3. 1583 n.d. S AGI 54-5-16 bnd 520, p. 2-3 1583 n.d. ST AGi 54-516 bad 520, p. 2-3.

n.p. Gasper do Esquin to King. n.p. Gaspar de Esquida to King. n.p. Gaspar de Esnuina to King.
continued from preceding card. continued from preceding card. continued from preceding card.

ques. Asks to be Cpt. of "gente de guerra at San ques. Assk to be Cpt. of "gente de guerra" at San ques. Asks to be Opt. of "gente de guerra' at San
Agustim. Reply from Conmejo dated Madrid, Feb2, agutin. Reply from Conaejo dated Madrid, Feb2, Austin. Reply from Consej dated Madrid, Feb2,
1583, does not accept petition but to send a Ce- 185, does not accept petition but to send a Ce- 1583, does not accept petition but to send a Cedula of recommendation to Gov. dula of recommendation to Gov. dula of recommendation to Gov.

I0 0

(158) IT Aii 53l5-16 bnd 614, p. 9.(13) zST 6l s-a bnd 4, p. (15S A --16 1 p.

Sp ir. DiliCenclis on hie Tymnt of e d Sin. Diliis on tle yment of iers sido,. Si Dili geci. on toe rayert of iez'o io.
1i -1 .

Esp lr e EisFqun on tie bTehaf of iedro Lruis de a d iquis on tLe behalf of peo is d ,aspar de snrs on tse -eh lf of Pedro uIis d
PIez 2ik for til o pt. it an r- P of pP an t stia r- Pa mk for itle o -t. t r auti S reard of ny years service. Roid, that hi ,, fe ard of many yer service. ird, tht his ire iof of .,y yea.s service. Reids tPiL his eife Ia tured oy don Antonia. Also ask to be Ii d 0as 1at,1 d by ion ntorio. Iso asks to be paid a, c-pt r-d y donr *ntonia. Als asks to be id for o-y lost at cture, in ,riion to t for money lost a capture, an perissin o t e or ey at po ue, rd a emissio o tke

0 0

1- _- -~-~-I --.~

:r ; ~~;- r- ~l- ~: ~L "~i:- ~~i:-

-:--~-~~ --_~ ~.--'~~~ -~ ;~=--

t-I -~~_" -~~"i-\-~i~

-,,, Uy-~ib~_i
<-> Vw-O tS'&*x, A 1%. 1%i u;u-;,- 9% ---~~1_-_T~-~-

158 Jan T 14-118 T.2 nd 5, 1 Jan T 1 1T2bd n il at 141-' l i. 1-. 153 Jan 12 ST A i .51-i18 T.2 bed A85, 7. 1-j.

Madcii. oyalP Decree. Madril. ,oyal Decree. Ma. io iyal Decr^ee
(copy) 1< p. (copy) i p. (copy) I p.

Orders to pay expaeses for trip of ay Alonco de Orders to py er nres fcr tri of Plry ion, de Order,, o pac ex penes fcr trip of Fray Alono de Reynoso o tke 8 franiso ns to Florida, iao to Reynoso to take 8francis ns to Florid, also to Reyposo to take 8 franciscano to Florida, l o to Fray Jaan d-e i1ocer to take 2- priest to : Fray Jun die iocer to taKe 24 priests to .lto. ray Juan Ide A ocer to tak 2 priests to :uito.
To pay Pedro Romcro for some e en1es. o ro oomeroo for ome exIe To pay Pedro romro for soe ePenses.

'85 Jan 2s 'a I le Un O, p. 1. it3 Jan 23 I l 2 2 bd 350, p. -. 1 J.n 3 T AI W--2l bna O,

Sn I o de laI aana. etionyag ,inst a o ala l, a an oioy a t a i a in i S t
Fray Alon-e ide einao Fr 1 l o de ino r a o e e r ao.
(copy) Ca copy) i(copl

'orro JuaI Bautis a de eb ane n Pedro Teoro Jun Buti de hos ant Cotano i. o o Jun i- d hol anG r Fetdr e Ar r porat nrriu l of Fray Aloniso e de a de r repot arv e o y CnO de iinco de aer report arriva of rnay ll no d rei lth 4 pri -t n; rvanL o go o orid a with 'priests an d a -o rvant to go t t i e it 4 prcts aen a servant o to florida
Se people esc a o. er hlf of e in Oo. ib ohcer PAlf of the pnrel icla~ in o '. :-be


13 Jn 2 S I P--2 nd 50 -C. i3 Jn 2 ST -I 5--2 btd t06 -1C. 1Pi Ja 2i SP I 5-2 -23 b nd p. -lC.

Hav n esimon ,,int FrFy Ana dc hiios. Havan memory nt Fray --r0 de einao. Hayn. mo gant Fray lnco de ino(copy) 6 (coy) 6 p. (roay)

ly Ped a de u iL:r before Contader- edoa d ry ed de ilr bef ore Co tadorl ed a e rly Fed o de i~lr bfoioe Contador prodo (e Arar, rieo-rts in detail or. ray lo e 1j- Aran, report in deLa or F lonso de e- Arn, reports in deti n y Alono e ioiao, priest th lt h left in Canaries ao d "cor ; noso, priets ta he left i CLna-ries and co.: noso, priests that ne left in Ca n nr d n cor :
Friyt Alonso erez, Fray Ful-tenci, Fray Ttrfal. Fray loso ercz, ry Fulenio, ray hnfael. Fray Alono rr, Fray Foulie io, Fray ni~fel.
Mistreated the riet, Ali mibehavios; dealings M--itreted the riests, nis miban-voi ; dealin Mit reate Lc ;ria trs, hi; misbeadiosi dealing

0 0

1?i Ja 23 ST AI 54ii-22 bnd ii, p. 4-10. 1,85 Jan I S AI a 4- -23 n 56, p. -1. 183 Jan 2, S I 5- i-23 bnd fcl, p. i.

Havara. lTe stir iy ga inl Fray :lc-o ds i elnooao Hvaa. TI^simony -,ist ?ay .lons de cinoso. Havi. em imony agin; t Fray aor:Go de lren
cont-nued from ipr'eding car. cnrtinud foa reeaing card. coltinaed ro preceding -r.

ihtn rcnan Prdr d- oto. lar fse to .ith mrc-ant edro i oto. -iir rrefu to with mcn Peo d uil refuses
served in Florida brile Fray AOaza de sel-so Srved in Florida, ile i.ray Alo so d 'inoso ervd in Flror a, whi r ray 1alonso e Rinos
is tlher. Coy datd: Envna H eb 1, 1585. is there. op iated: Havoa b L, 15, i. I nre. Copy ded:- Havana 'eb 1I, 1585.

*I *

lal Jan 30 T 11 4-2- ,a ~rid + 1-. -S J A 1-I b 4 .-4. i5 Jan I 5-2- bd 4r, -.

Iva, icola -rr-io to Ki, I .i u- it ol ] r i. n -u a co r c r.
continue fro iree -g ca.rd.

,orkd ane sty. itnI fior r ort trl or a i ling for rrer frot FlorI io ra al i r rrt f rot
concetr ing Vallate.

0 0

Y --.-.~~i L

-I~ S

- -

1583 Feb 4 ST AGI 86-I5-19qStD 2528 bnd 256,p. 264-265. 1583 Feb 4 ST AGI 86-5-19,StaD 2528 bnd 256,p. 264-265. 1583 Feb 4 ST AGI 86-519n,StD= 2528 bnd 256,p. 264-265,

Lisboa. Cedulario. Lisboa. Cedulario. Lisboa. Cedul'rio.
(copy) 1 p (copy) 1 p. (copy) 1i p.

To Pedro Menendez Marques, gov. in Fla. Orders to To Pedro Menendez Marques, gov. in Fla. Orders to To Pedro Menendez Marques, gov. in Fla. Orders to give favors and a respectable position to Juan de give favors and a respectable position to Juan de give favors and a respectable position to Juan de Arguelles. Arguelles served in fleet for Indies Arguelles. Aguelles served in fleet for Indies Arguelles. Arguelles served in fleet for Indies during 6 years in 168 went to Fla. with Rodrig during 6 years in 68 went to Fla. with Rodrigo during 6 years in 1568 went to Fla. wth R godrg de Junso, where he served in forts. Mentions:San de Juno, wherr he served in forts. Mentions:San de Junso, where he served in forts. Mentions;San SMateo. 0 Mate 0 Mate."

1583 Feb 4 ST ^AI 54-2-3 bnd 414, 31. 33. 158 eb 4 ST GI 34-2-3 ba 4141, p. 1-3. 5 eb 4 ST Ai 54l2-3 bnd i414, p. -32.

Liboa. Kin to Treasury Officials in Han Liabo. Kin to Treasurboa. t Officials in Hana. King o TeauOicialsinHavana.
(copy) it p. (COPY) I, p.(

Due to completion fo coa trcti r n Ivans fort Du to completion fo cornsuction Havan fort, Due to completion fo CO. traction Hvana fort,
gRven derision for runltc sals of slaves tnm iern pr-mision for ubulic ale of slves iht ivcsn prc;i.o for tlic se of loe that
will not be needed. eill not b ne de-.

-::'~-- ---11_'-1

:;: -II-- -i--- i--

~l ~;- .c-~r -~i ~--.- -;,,,~,,-~:;,_:
~=_-~ ~ ::;-

1585 Feb 11 S l 8-l brd 46, 1. 14- 18 Fb 11 S AI 18--l3 bd 46, 1-2. 15i83 Feb i S7 A I 1S-i-1 brd 'A1l6, .

Ma*id. Royal Cedula to Casa de Conrirtacion. Mari. Roal edula to Coa de Contrataion. Marid. Royal edula to Co; de Contratacion.
(copy) (copy) 1 (copy) 1 .

Conce-nin r ionso iso co;eao who a ,h master ConcerningT ls de o> edo whoa, thi r IL0 Concerning 'ionec d 0 0tcovedo who bs si- ister of cSA. JUAX ,h cl came fro Fil. Gives pc mission of SAN JiAN whic orrme fCo iF. Gives prmission of SAN Jr N wnicn came from la. OGvo ivraem biion
to tak o loia. r e rcndise ordered by: Jan o o t e o lorida, mercnandi orde d by: uon to tra- to rloriia, nercndise ordered by; J n Cevadilla, .;. Juan io-, ad are ollier. (ano- Cevadiclo, O. n an o- Cevadil, p 1,. Jun Poas, n e o, dier
..r hotostatic cofy in Ind 46 -. .), h. r photo- tc ciy in bnd 469, c. -5.). hr e stac.c. co.y. it l n 46 . I. 1.

1583 'eb 12 S *-I -5-16 bnd 4 I, p. i-10. 1216 Feb 12 5, AI -5-316 bnd 'D, i. 3-10. 138 Feb 12 1 AI 5--16 nd a47, p. 3-10.

ort Scn Marcos, Gutierre de Miranda. Fort San Marce, Gutierre de Mirarda. Fort Sn Marcos, Gutierre de airanda.
conlinuLd from precedin car continued frc rrecedin, card. conlilnud fro- precedir card.

tin Sei 5, 1566 niration a "lugar Teniente" of tin iep 5, 1566 nomination a, 'Lu~ar Teneietea of tin Se 5, 1i56 nomination as "lugar Tenie;te" of
Gov; title given by Pedra Manendez de Avile as Gov; title given by pedro Mecnder de Avil s Gov; title given by Pedro Menade de aiiLes as Cpt. of ship bought in Vizcy, adrid, April 1 Cpt. of hip ought in Vizya, Madrid, April 1 2pt. of stehip ough in Vizcaa, Madrid, ;pril
1375i ;oyal Gedula nominating him a Opt. at arta 1373i ,oyal Cedul nm inting him as Cpt, at ant, 1573; Royal Cedula nominating iam s pt,. at aanta
ileda, June 10, 1579; and nomintion a Alc ioe ilena Jrue 1, 179; and nm nation as Alcaide Ele Jurne 10, 1,79; and ncriation as Alcaide
*I *

I' V

183 Mar 4 ST AS I 4--15 bnd a71, t. 1-5. 1553 Ma, 4 f -GI C-l-1 bnad 47, 1-5. 1583 Ma 4 ST ,Gi 5-1-15 bad 47 1. 1- .

Haana. Gov. Gbriel do Lun to King. Hvana. Cov. Gabriel de Lujan to King. Ha va ov. Gbrel de Lujan to King.
55p. 1 r.
robl4ems ith Ala ide of ort. reth of Conta' or Froohiem with Alcaide of fort. Deth of Contador Problers with Alcwide of forr. Death of Conaoor of floria-;aI;ontdor brought a Frernhman from sship of Florida;Contador Trouht a mrr-nan from ship of Florip;Cortador brought a frenchman from sli XL P7IOIFE who lived 4 ye ;rs ith Indina no, ith EL iTCICj who lived 4 yeas with Intians no with XL "INCiPE who lived 4 years with Indians ror a ith lra ide at fort. rech sip in ayamo. News fro, l a de at fort. French hip in A.yamo. News from Alcaide t tort. Fraench shp in Bay ma. New from
YaguIsn, Cux. n:s ti-t Gov. n Crb be a so Ya-uana, Cuba. As that Gov. on ba be lso Y aovn, Cuba. As -at Gov. in Cub, be aso

0 0

i 53 1 Mr 4 sT AG 54a1- d o 1, 1-,. 1 A Mr T Wal 1-1-15 bad 4/1, p. 1-5. 1' Sr o 4 ST 3-I a1-1 nd .71, 1 1-5.

H ana. l L o KIng. aril iu to King,. a,. c Gari-l e L,n rto gLln
continue fro, rlcd, r ca.d connuid rm receding ard. ontind fromorge

pt. Grcral of fort. Opt. General of fort. Cpt. general of fort.

e *

1533 Iar 4 AI --16 bd 672, p. 1853 Mr ST I 5--16 bo 87, n. 1SI -- bn p. 2-77. 15 Mr 4 ST 1 5--16 bn 672, p. 7-77.

lorida. Service of pt. Francisco aazr. Florida. service of pt. Francisco alazar. Florida. Service otf it. Francisc alazar.

Gov. Pedro *enendesz Marques gives title to Cpt, o- GoV. Pedro eneadez iarques ives title to Ct, Gov. Pedro enandeo Midrques gives title to Crt, Salazar as lis eniete Governado sill no lace Monen- lazer a, his Teniente Governador will nelee esne- laear e ri Teniente (Governodor will replace Menendez isn iatte0s bsen. continuess 15i89 ep. 2SI. des in matters abseroe. (continues 15<9 .ep. 2). der in Lttr abornce. (contilnuo 159 dep. IS).

0 0 0

>2 ~ Z~*~ C$7StdsW~V<. A~2~a .-~> 4S >*- t>%tv~ z\~rw~ ~2 >S~ ~%w~ '>V&, v&C* -W ~ZzV~ tt>~< ~ N > >.

>I~* .~*K. ~K*> S*~&~1> V. Th ><. >1K V ~ 1%

i8I Air I .' 4 2-521.5 bnr 66 .. 2094-1. 211 5 p 8 ST ...i a-&-/t5 End 6624 :. :9-1.6. 1583 AN I ST !.I 2-5-2/15 bA 562, t 10s-1!6.

T a ii. rice at6 SPi I i e1 .
n 1 -10

( y 1( y p c oy
Et ic1t Gfn.1 b C iDorerG P:l e p, i n Isb o 1-d 11eend aru- I ke 0or InforbLn 0 ncerni t o i Marqu ks r in r cio r in o i M s, ask fo Iror co c1er n imL

n Fl.P. frced ith Menendez .arqu ; hi ip in co- i 1 v iti -eandoz Marques* his nri n co- i .18. evd ;ith Mrnendez -ainves; his trig
.:i.t M:. r1

N-,;;,I.,, ~ ,~:;,,;

>~ N ->

V. ~'~'<~ W ~ t4~- ~ >~~> ~ V '~ ~ sv~ > a> Z~


"~ X

--- -S S

e~r sz~Ht. ~ ~ ~Th~% ~ &n~&t~ ~ ~ t~-.~t e t~ a~z~z&z~. ~ Xi>~t~.

Jts~ v 4~t>wt z~ 2' atKt ~ ~%c-~,ca~ tSt. > '~~ ~ ~ VZQ N~tS~2

'~<*~ ~ ~ ~V~VI~ ,7~ ~ *~ ~ t~-.-~-. ~ >tp>-~o> >&~ -~ 4C,*z~~- V >4 2->S~tOpY ~zA>'Iv.-o&~Zv-.'1%

-- S

-S ~'C5; <~~-S2~ ~ ~-5S--- flpaS5;. ~ .x55t Qz~-,----

>ars '+- '> >'r


1%~ ~ ~iC \_hi~a\u-_Eh ~ ~ ieri~\-o-~~-mo~"lai ~~ ca uC~

1583 Apr 19 ST AGI 6-5-19,St D 2528,bnd 2 p.27O-271a5. iAp 19 ST AGI 6-519nSt 2528,bnd 2- -.272--j7- 1583 Apr 19 ST AGI 86-19, sitD 2528,bnd 2 P.270-271

Madrid. Codulari. M i. eula o.drid. Cedar. Marid. Cedulario.
(copy) A p. (copy) P. (copy) p.

To Pedro MenendeS Marque, gov. in Fla. orders to To Pedro Menendez Marques, gov. in Fla. orders to To Pedro Menendez Marques gov. in Fla. orders to
receive people as oldier u only receive yo g people as soldiers, but only receive young people as soldiers, but only
capable ones. capable ones. capable ones.

a 0 0

1583 Apt 19 ST AGI 85-19,StDa 2528,bnd 26,p.271. 1583 Ap 19 ST AGI 86-5-19,StoD 2528,bnd 256,p.271. 1583 Ap 19 ST AI 86-5-19,StD. 2528,bd 2L6,p.271.

Madrid. Cedulario. Madrid. Cedlario. Madrid. Cedulario.
(copy) p. (opy) (o P. )

To Pedro Menendez Marques, gov. in Florida. Acknow- To Pedro Menendez Marques gov. in Florida. Acknow- To Pedro Menendez Marques, gov. in Florida. Acknowledes news that laves that were sent to la. are lades news that slaves that were sent to Fla. are ledes news that slaves that were sent to Fla. are working in forts, as they should be; and some are working in forts, as they should be; and some are working in forts, as they should be; and some are working in the corn field. Kign wants that only working in the corn field. Kign cants that only working in the corn field. Kign wants that only
gov. should decide their jobs. gov. should decide their jobs. gov. should decide their jobs.

0 0

t283 Ap1 19 S 55-2- bnd 4, p.. ST L8 53-2-9 bn 74, i 183 Apr 19 ST A 53-2-9 nd 4, p. i.

Mas-id. King to Gov. 'nd Officials in ilOi. Mai. King to Ov. and Officia, in lorida. HMadti King to Gov. ard Officiils in lorira.
(o -y) 1 (Taol) 1 p. (coy) 1 .

Order that one o thl should i to collect Orders t1t thaone of thnm should go to collect Ordns- that one of them should go to collect
Sitade nd purchase urpplies and give Inform cion Situndo and purchase sples an give Inormacion itlurdo and purchase sagplle and give Inf~rmaion
on urchse nd Expenses, on "uichase and expenses, on purchase nd expene.

0 0

K~--- ---mZ

"Va a

1%- 1% -

.~ ~

~b'S~x nr

1583 Apr 26 ST AGI 86-5-19,StoD' 2528 bnd 256,p.272. 1583 Apr 26 ST AGI 86-5-19,StOD 2528 bnd 256.p.272. 1583 Apr 26 ST AGI 86-5-19,StoD 2528 bnd 256,p.272.
Bacia Madrri. ed o a Madrid Bacia Madrid. Ced rio.
(copy) 4 p. (copy) 6 p. (copy) ) p.

To edro Menendez Marques, gov. in Fa. that after To edro MenendeMaru. in Fla. that after To Pedro MeneMnde Mrques, gu. in s. that after To Penendez Marques, gov. in Fla. that after supplies arrive in Fla. should be storage by fac- supplies arrive in Fla. should be storage by fac- supplies arrive in Fla. should be storage by factor or municionero, in the Amunition house. Keys tor or municionero, in the Aumeuition house. Keys tor or municionero, in the Amaunition house. Keys should be kept by mnicionero and Officials. This should be kpt y muncionero and Officiala. This should be kept by municionero and Officials. Tis
is to prevent al functioning or distribution. is to prevent al furctionlng or distribution. i to prevent ml functioning or distribution.

0 0

1583 Apr 26 ST AGI 86--19,StD= 2528 bnd 256,p.27 1583 Apr 26 ST AGI 86-5-19,StoD 528 bnd 256p.273. 1585 Apr 26 ST AGI 86--19.,StODO 528 bd 256,p.273.

Baia Madrid. Cedulirio. Bayia Madrid. Cedulario. Bafie Madrid. Cedulario.
(copy) p. (copy) p. (copy) p.

To gov. and officials in Ila. King reports he had To gov. and officials in 'la. King reports he had To gmoa and officials in Fla. King reports he had been informed of expenses of up to 3,000 ducados been informed of expenses of up to 3,000 ducados been informed of expenses of up to 3,000 ducados for a custom house tt h ot b built King for custom hoe that ashas otnot ben ilbiltt. ing or a cucustom house that hass at been built. King for custom Ione that has not been bilt. King
wants custom house b se eoast. wants cto house by sea cost. wants cutom house by sea coast.

e *

Pn~au*n~ ~~i-~SM; n\ i~ r. \ ~ n~,~,

=n~~-*mY--r~r~-;~-h-~Fa~-h~-~n~ six~a ;~-~nurt i~ ra~-r~-~, -.~ ~ 3n\~\~aua~~.r~-E~
-h*~.~-~-YZ~ViM~a"S.-~;~"Lh\~\ii~iu~ ?
.,~~~~~-, Yii~~_~-~rim"u-ua_~E~hum.~-i~t-_ir\- ~-"i-'-~""
uhier~w~-f--a-ih- i~~i~whm-f h~ in~-a---o- xr

-S ;v

V.e----ii- n>.

1 Iz- ---l

158W Jui 9 ST lI 14-i-i5 bD 469, p. 5. 15 3 Sm I 4. s. J S l t, 1 bnd 'b9, t. 3.

E do. Roal C-lai. Pardo. Royal aedula. 31 P rdo. 0oly-l Codula.
pio .o p ,i .n (cr) i

ri ion o o New p pin for Ean n N itne. termilon to o to Nli pa-n cr ilera ari ez. Priosoion t Now n or a rnon

-.1 z I--" """;- ""--

.;, ~- ,


'~~;nrx~lr;~FL*-;-i~ -

1583 ug1 i S AI -5--9 bnd 476, p. 1-3. 1585 Au 1 ST AGI 5--9 bnd 76, p. LO. 1583 Au 1 St- AI i4-5-9 bnd 476, i. 1-3.

San oustin. Pedro Menendez Y~rue to King. San Agultin.P Pedo MennNdez Marque to King, Sn agustin. Pedro rent nde Marques to King.

'ints to go to pain to ive a peroiel Inforzacion ants o o o pain to give a ersonvl Inforac ion unts to go to Spin to give v personal Inforracion
after 7 years in la,. Needs of people, death of after 7 vyar n Fla. Needs of people, death of after 7 years in Frl. Needs of people, death of Cit. Hernado luiro, Some people sent to avan Cpt. H!ernendo qiros. Some people ent o Havan Cpt. rernndo quiros. Sore people sent to Eavan
to recover from illies. Reltiona with uale In- to recover fromr illness. Relation, with uale In- to recover from illness. Relation wit, Gurle indians. Death of Contador Lazard Sanchez de Mercdo dians, Death of Contedor Lazaro S-nche de Mecredo. dians. Death of Con sdor Lazaro S nchez de Mercao.


VA~-- t"S#-*i- V
~ i--- ~ ~ -

1583 Aug 1 -T !aI 5-5-9 bed 477 p. 1-e. 1585 Aug I ST i'i 54-5-9 bnd 477 p. 1-1. 1,83 Aug 1 ST AGI 5-5-9 b d 477 p. 1-2.

San Al tin. edro Menende Marques to King. San iAustiPn. Pdro Me-endez Marques to ing. San AJstin. Pedro Menendez Mrques to sing.
1 y p. i T. 1 b p. Asks permission t sgo back t o ai and resolve his Asks permission to o back to Spain and resolve io Asks permissi-n to go back to Spain and resolve his
finances, flances, finances.

zZ l: f -- -T" .7 e _s W m t m.. z p s x s -

158 Oct 7 MI 53--9 bnd 775, i. 1-'i. 153 oct I I 53-2-, bd 777, 1-l1. 15 Oct 7 I 5- -9 ond 775, p. 1-i.

S.n lg otin. -e vice of lonso Sancho oSa de Mercd n a"gu trn. e vic of lono pancho Sae de "erIcaro San -S g tin. ,e c of lone vuncilo arez de IMerae
( coy) I p. (coy) (copy) 2

Pero -nen, ds Yariuas cov. for loria. gives title Per, ne'ndon Ma-rqu o for clor~i,. give' titl edr'o Iaendooz Yrques n. for lroria. .giv ritle of Ionta-or t~,~10o oanho a de ercadro. Hentio n of +Iltaor to 10m r O ncho nez de PMciradc, ~ entions of -o-dor to ^lon, o cho Sez de Norcado. entior
St ontdor l a. E-nchz de ercado an -edro e cont tr nchez de Lec-do, nd pedro te contado Inzro anchez t ere do nd eodro
uerra de I VEg. Certification of titlee mde by Lrra -e I& l. Certification of tLtle 0,e by urr, dn- la ega. Certificion of title made 'y
icy;l 'f IiJ er. on Lov 6, 108 (crnt. 160), y ). Royal ofiaials. o or 6, 186 (cont. 16, o ov 6 1 6, My 1).
t9 9

1583 Nov STi lA-l 2 L5, .1. Si a. ts A l4-,-16 T,. bnd LC p, 1. 158 1 T A-1i-i 7. bnd i5, .
SLoren, Rol Decre. en Loaonzo. Royl Dcree. Lorenzo RoYal Dcree.
ooo *-O o y *ry) t.
Pormissin to oay o- noi-oodo trotll o return o riin t ran o d il t u to tiiotof. Fano dyi .to ttermoion to t ray Frncisco do kvil to rturn to No. Grand; to ?rnoic n ilonso de oan Junto New or~nanda; to Froncisca Alon.o de ian Jan to New. ora-rn; to ratcicon l.ons d o Joan J to
return toew ST-h; 1- .roy de ory, return to N, ta;h; to Fray ionilo de Vra, r nu to Nowt S-oiho to rY onisio de Vr.
n toini n rtu ,r touor; t 1y, Sttan rr Domiiocn to return to F; to tet j rhotin Dominicn t return to pero; to ny Soeb stin kran
Co to rotorn to New Spo. e to retun Ct N, si. o to rorn to INo, 1.t..

S 0 0

183 Nov 22 T AGI 154-1-18 T.2 nd 485, P. -61568 Nov 22 51 :11 1+-1-18 T.2 brd 485, p. -6. 18 NOV 23 f2 Al i15i-S T. bnd 485, p. 5-8.

flrdo. King to Caoa de ContrLtacion. Tl Prdo. King to tasa de I Partd. King to Casn de Contratacion.
(coy) 3 ; (copy) 3 "; (copy) 3 ;

Prfmisaon for ray Airuso de rynos n,eirs P iion fr Fray d yn d 'enon, -farci*an, Vermociion for ri Alono ad reynos, frnac:san,
to rItur o olyi I n t,.e 8 riests nd P to ,uen to Florid nd take jri,,s snd2 to -t to ioFlor nd taa 8 iriests aad
ae r-nts, nd to five thm ,i P -o xen- -er-l-, .d to ,e th -and ay -arun- ernt, v n o Ve h t un li r an t, p-n
0 @S@

1583 Nov 22 S AI 15-1-18 T.2 bnd 4i5. ,. 7-9. 158iJ 'No E2 T A I 15t1--18 T.i bnd 'E, p .1585 No3 2A L I A -1 T.2 bnd 48,. -7.
El pardo. King o -csa de Contr ttiou. El Pardo. Kins to Caa de Contratacion. l P.ardo. Kinh to Caa de Contracion.
(copy) 1i" p. (coiY) 1> p. (copy) li p.
Order to for rhuh needs i Flrii Ord to p y for Eorch eedos i lorid- Ordr to pay for church .nedl in ilorin
Fray *Aio 1o de ryso i. to t*ae toro. Monr i lo d PIyn..o If o te to.e. No1noy Fro ylono de Reo i to I... to Money
frriene t e fl-t,- for Eneo ,e di" from "iese 'oi cuntr


1583 Dec 20 ST Ai 54--16 bnd 6BD, p. 1-6. 1583 Dec 20 ST Ai 4--16 bnd 4a, 1-6. I585 Dec 20 ST Ai 4--16 bnd a8, p. 1-6.

San Ir utin. Royl Ufficials to King. San o utin. Royal Officials to King. San utic. Royal officials to King.

Concerning Cedula by which GCy. does not have the Concerning Cedula by which Cov. does not hove the Concerning Cedula by which Gov. does not h ve the key of Royal Chest, Coula for administration ofr ey of oyl Chest, CeduLa for administration of key of Royal Chest, Cedula for administr-tion of black eoreio, ond other Cedtlas sent to Florid black people, nr other Cedulo sent to Floride block people, oar other Cedulas sent o Florids
for Alguaciles, Blenea e Difuntos, collection of for AlIguIl, Pies de Difunto collection of for Alguhcil, Bienes de ifntov, collection of Sitrado. Problem with Gov. Ouer tu-do and who i itr'do. Problem ith ov. over Situldo nd who is Situado. Problem with Gov. over situado and who is

-r -,

1563 Dec 20 ST .GI +-4-l1o bnd 48, p. 1-c, lIi8 Dec 20 ST .AI 54-5-10 bad 48, p. 1-6, 1,5 Dec 20 ST ic 54-5-1 bnd 8, 1-6.

San Agustin. Royal Offlcial to Kin., San Agustin. .oy.l Official 10 Kin. San agitin. oyal Oficial to King,
conlin d from preceding card. contiefrom prom recedng rd. continued from preceding card.

Francicoe de Miranda. Franciso de Miranda. rancisco de Miranda.


1it3 Dec 24 ST 1r 4-1-1i bnd 481, p. 1. 1* Dec 24 ST AGI 54-i-15 bnd 481, p. 1. 1*i3 Dec 24 S A1 54-1-15 band 81, p. 1.

Havno. Gov. ilariel de Lujanr to King. Havan. Gov. abr.iel de Lujan to King. Havana. Gov. Iabrel de Lujon to King.
(copy, incomplete) 1 (copy, incomplete) i (copy, incomplete)

Complains of ova. in Florida, limtreatm. n of Complains of Gov. in Florida, mistreatment of Compnlins of lov. in Florida, mistreatment of Royal Officials, ov. wants merchants to take Ro"l Officials, Gov. wats mero nahts to tak Royal Officials, Gov. want mercnahts to tae
supplies to Florida ad not y the any of itua smpplios to Florida and not by the ay of litur supplies to Florida and not by the ay of Aitua
do and ub. Also cotlins of Gutierre rae inda do and ub. Alo dcompins of lutierre (e irand~a do nd ub. Also complains of Guterre de Miranda

09 0

A >~ > VS ~.<-x* & > ~- *

-~ K-> ~-t-v~,~-- -~

K -v->-v--> >+~~< N -~ N- -N<-'~-'-v

lb83 Dec 27 ST .I 5-5-9 bn A 2, p. 1-12. 153 Dec 2? ST AGI 5 -9 bn Az, i 1-12. 156t Dec 27 ST .Gi --9 bnd A4b, p. 1-12.

San ADEustin. ov. Pedro kened4ez orqoes to Kine. San Agti. cov. Pedro lenendez Merques to King. SIn A-gusti ov. Pedro Enoendez iUr ues to Klng.
1 R. 11, A. 11- p.

Dood relation with inians and christirniation. Good eitionS with inianA nd chriwtirr itin. Good reltion ritb inmtn ond christiani-tr.ln.
Need of people, problems wireh etreeent or death Need of peolle, problems ith retirement or death Reed of people, problems .it reirement or death of ome needs of Apnllies. Royal officials rooeCve of som.e eeds f .upoliee Soyal Ufficils Treceive of some needs of sup lies. RoYal Ufficils rCoeve too many supplies. Explin, miuderstanding with too nny supplies oxlainw i.understonding with too rany supplies. Exli- misuldersranding with Hoyal Official. Opinion; of different Cedulfo l con Royal OfficiAls. Orinior; of different Cedula.s on Roal Offic-ltr Onions of different Cedulas con

183 De 27 iST iI + -5-9 bad 82L, p. 1-12. 158 Dec 27 3' A 5--9 bn 482, -. I-12. 1585 Dec 27 w- -ll 54-5-9 bad 82, p. 1-12.

an Agustin. Gov. Pedro ienazno srques to Kinf San A uonin. (Go. Piero ienendez Mrqles to King. Sn gstin. oi edro enendez Marnes to thing.
continued fro reedin card. continue fron preeding card. continued front preceding card.

carng: Key of oyal Cheost, Bienes de funto, corning: Key of oeyal Chests, Biene de difuatos, cerninrg: ey of Royal Chests, Bienes de difto, Situado, weight for monthly supple, supplies -ned situado, weight fo monl supplies, supplies and Sit o, weight for mon.tly suplies, sunlie. an municionero, Customhouee, death of Lazaro Sancez eu'niconero, Cutomncuse death of Lanro Sanche municlonero, Customhouse, death of iLazro sanhesn de Mlercdo, his nephew, Alo-o rancnez de ercado de Mercado, hCi neh.w, ln anche o de e eredo, hi nephew, ,lonc ar ncez de iercad to take poition of Contador. Me-tions Nonrg r!e to take position of ConPador. Mentions Rodrigo de to take position of Contador. kentions Rodriro de

0 1

I I I I:

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