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John B. Stetson Jr. Card Calendar
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Mixed Material
University of Florida


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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alacuha -- Gainesville


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The collection contains calendar cards descriptive of manuscript documents drawn from the Archivo General de Indias in Seville. The calendar is comprised of about 14,000 catalog cards. The documents relate to Spanish activity in the Southeast borderlands from 1512-1783. Copies of the documents are held by the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, Gainesville.

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University of Florida
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1 Jn T -2-2b p112 n. ST i GII-I bri 5.62 4-?- Ii A 4, p. 1. 15.2 Jan. ST A] 5 u-n- 5 wa aU8. 1.

-i, ov. Gabriel Lujan. to inr. 1 3brie njn to king,. Havn.- ov. Gobriel Lujan to hing,
(inolete) i p (inrolete) i P. ( ot e

To instigate Frenlh at 'Osozs dot.. .r[nend o inveti gat Frenih at M-an-i. pedro I n-ndez oa i-tgalgste ensh at 1tnans. Pedro .enend z
,ar-.,s ent for block slavstwsork rt ksrrE vso- ntforbiklaves to orkt in forts. Mtarqis sent for block lv to wor i fortos.
Problem, with intilans ts ,nto I .v, Goo. lives Problems with aians at antolo Io. Gov. lives Problem, wlth nions s nt lna. o lives
in C fto Hous. In tom Hce. in House.

\i- i-;--;--K

31S Jan 2 .1 5c 5- bd I49 ,.l 12 n E A I ,

inch go t do R e o u char uado du oi n re o, Ro l u of uI-od i- u
15 by ih Roal Oicial u v ke y h o Officia mut key y hich ffici t

or 150 c oldrc in rl for 0 o i vi 1 for 1 oldier f f.

1 fo*i *

~v~ 'a< trt.-

1582 Jan 22 ST AGI 54-5-16 bad 520, p. 24-26. 1582 Jn 22 ST AGI 5C->16 bnd 520 p, 24-26. 1582 an 22 ST AGI 5--16 bnd 20, p. 2-6.

Havana. Pedro Lui de faez to Gov. Gabriel de Havana. Pedro Luis de Pyez to Gov. Gabriel ad Havana. Pedro Lus de Iaen to Gov. Gabriel de
Lujan. Lu.an. ,.
continued from preceding card. continue m preceding card. continued from preceding card.

for witnesses for witnese for witnesses,

1582 Jan 22-2. ST SOT 54-b b0 520, p. 26-34. 1582 Jan 22-222-2 ST AG 5-5-16 bnd 50, P 26-34. 1582 Jan 22-23. ST AI 54-5-16 bd 520, p. 2-34.
Havana. Infornmaion on Peo Luis de Faez. Havana. Informecion on pedro Luis de Peez. Haans. Infornacion on Pedro Luis de Pae. (cony) (coty) 9 P.
(copy) 9 pP) 9

Testimony of witnses2-J Lpe de Ale Tet ny wte : 26.- Juan Lopez de Aviles, Testimny of itnesse : 28.- Juan Lope de ilc, 27.- Francisco Gonzalez, 28.- Juan Rodrig Blla- 27. Francisco Gonzalez, 28- Juan rio al 29.- Pedro Sanchez 30.- Juan de Cevadilla
dare., 29.- Pedro an.hez, 30.- Juan de Cevadilla, 1es, 2.- Pedro Sanche, io.- Jbu da Cev adlla,Juo Lrenoo ,e Ce
31.- Juan Lorenclo 31.- JuJ n

0 0

-~.i';"-1 I;..'. --.--.= -;:-' -~-- i ;: --=I--~i_;

~: ~"I"""'i'' "-:'""--= ';- --i ;=-_- ~-;-

l2 Feb 26 AGI 4-2-i bd .50, p. 1-2. 15, Feb TO6 T AWi 54-2-3 ob.d b O, . 152 FebI 26 T A-I 54--3 bnd 4, i. i-.

Havana. edro de orar toro. Hva. edro de Aronr to Crown. Ha, Pedro de Aran to rown.
(coy, i(comylete) p. (cop, inoompl ete) 2 p.
i mti ln nelr h i Leo Aenehdez, .o money M rtions iao latadh 1edrd "ende, no .nPy om-.tIo Adlntado Pedro iende, no money
in treo-. Toorer from 'l-. o 1 c colldet in Tresuro. Tenoor, from F0. n -y to collect in reury. Teorero from Il. on oya to collect 6i1to o fo, ed tooJh iRca lde e of ch Sit, do, mmfelmed hdr m Henede T c u. of mip Sit- do, Infornmed Faro ,onendr f aroue of ohip
to n, mont *th upoFlie for tla. ner Dt to hb snt 4ith s fupplie for Flo. D-er at to b, et i1th Iopiien fo dim. -nr at
Mat n with Trench. itasar dCl co1tillo depo- Mtonzas with French. Baltar aet Castillo depo- Matnnzms with French. Baltasr del Catilo nepoa0 0

-v---* ~ ~ ~ V -<~-a V--i~i~-; -~--;;iii

S *~

0r~ L~i~~,
-' 3 ~ C-- ~ T

15' Feb ?7 3T 1 5-1-1- bnd L1, p. 17. 198 ", 27 6t sGI 5-1-15 hn 4, w. 1-7. e158 F- 7 6 1 54--15i bnd 45, p. -?.

Havnn-. aov. Gabriel de Lunr to Ki Eavna. Gov. Gabriel de Lujar to Kirn He n. Gov. S oriel de Lujin t I in,
onl.inlld from prceding car oinued fro preceding card. contnueafronm precedl4g card.

lic~~l oe lRoed and Juan Ferrer. Nioab de Rloda and Juan Ferrer. NiolI de odaes and Jun errer.

1~S Iar 1 Al .D/15 bn 66, 13 I ST GI u-fl/ bn iS, 1512 E 1 'lL. I 5-2/14 i .1 1 tr. S t do Ilt. cInta ors-rIz. nt. ic 1.o o 10 In in e oene- n .

,r 1. aril. r vl1,
9 9



(158) (:ay) IT G: 54-2-3 bnd 4-3, p 3.1-, (12 (Kay) 1S : 5l4-2-3 bndi 4 p. 1-3. (1582) (May) ST AGI 51-2-3 bni 451, p. 1-3.

n.p. Alons de MO dregon tI Ki.. np. Alonse e M o dr.gon to ring. -p. ;Ionso de Mo dragon to King.
2 p. 2 p. 2 p.
In tho beh lf of ic. Peaez s O O hove eition In the behalf of lic. Peae ,o hve position In the behalf of Li. Pelaez k ;o have pe ition
of physican in Cuo ov. Frncisco Carreno re- of nysicin in Cuba, Gov. Frncisco Carren re- of pnyeicion in Cu, Gov. YFr ci co Carreno replaced PFlmez litn ortuguese brber r ntono i-bo place- pelor wirh oruguese barber Antonio Ribo Placed pelaez rith >ortuoueoC barber Antonio Rumbo
Noto from Conteo de india dytd Madrid. May )8, Note fro Con'ejo de indis dated Mldri. May li, Note from Cn ejo de iis dated Madrid. May 18,
li82 agre- s with request. 1562 gren with re uesrt. 11 -rees itn requet.

0 *

158 Ju 11 ST AGI 79-4-2 Tome 6 bnd 69, p. 7-8, 158.2 Js n S AGI 79--2 Tomo 6 bn 369, . 7-1582 Ju 11 ST AGI 79-2 Tom 6 bnd 369, p. 7-8.

Lisboa. Royal Cedula. Lisboa. Royal Cedula. Lisboa. Royal Cedula.
(copy) 1% p. (copy) lb p. (copy) lt p.

To Gov. of Cuba, Gabriel do Luxan, orders that To Gov of Cuba, Gabriel de Luxan, orders that To Gov. of Cuba, Gabriel de Luxn, orders that Lic. pelaez is not to lose position as a phys- Lic. Pelaer is not to lose position as a physi- Lie. Pelose is not to lose position as a physicean. Mentions: Antonio Rumbo, Alonso de Mondragon. can. Mentions: Antonio Xmbo, Alonso do Mondragon. oia. Mentions: Antonio pRumo Aloneo de Mondrao.

9( 9

4 y N~> + '>


t N 4 *

- K N> N N> N

1582 Jun 20 ST Ai 5-2- nd 4,l, p -. 1-. 15 Jun i20 iT Ai +-12-3 bn l, p. 1-3. 1582 Jul ,0 ST : 4-2-3 bnd 434, p. 1-3.

avan Jun de osada to King. aing. Jan de Poaa to King. Havana. Ju n de Paora to Kir.
continod from preceding card. continued irom preceding card. continued from precedir card.

will escort him to Florida. (Another photostatimc ill encort him to Filorid. (Another photo otatic will escort him to Florida. (Another photostatic
c~oy in bhd 455, A; 54-2-3 p. --3.). cooy in b d 455, S AlI 5 r4--3 i. 1-3.). Cooy in bd 45, S lI 9+-2%- p. 1-3.).


1562 Jun 21 ST AI -2-3 bad 456,. p 3.1- 12 Jun 2 *- A I 5-2-, b nd 4, p. 1- u 15 J AU ilt--3 bnd 56, p. 1-3.

Hav a Jun de Ceedill, to King. hvan, Jun de Ceva illa to 'ing. Kaun. Ju n de Cevawill to King.
2 p.. .

S*rlved in Haw,-r Jn *16 wih Situdo from en r Arrived in H ,-on Jun 1 ,hn witurdo fro 1 Arlvea i- H *'-> J u 16 ilh Sli.lo fro ra
Cruz ontinn- rodeith er cort bl feet frr NEz Cdnrt cenoio hrtb eort bb ofr New Cu n Ont n e it rom New
S3rit 3C leag firom S9n A utin.Met in avar Saln to 3C ]a"g- from r okruatin.et in oav n- Spain to3 )C l ag r Sran H.-tin-.Y ia lianra
Jrn de Po a, Gov. In el GoIr e' vrol-r-in Jam, d, Poland, Gov. Mennde ar : o' brotl-mn- Ju- deFoaooda, COov. ecred ar-ec brMarnI
lw, ith one f i e from Flrto an' t, bct 30 law, ih e frJote from alwriden dn b-t 30 ]w, ith one frigat ifro > lriw l iw belt

0 0 0

152 Zl 28 S AGI 54-3 bnd A56, p. I- 15 S d -- ned 56, p. 1- i58 n 2 A- T 5-- bnd 5 . ]-.

Hadan. e C-dill, zo Ki,-. J-n. d or Cewdill o i }Haanio. contain ed rn, r edKing ird. continued f reedn? crd. oenti-nued fror cedin rd.

.oiI,'n ot to unoflt JooOdir$ion eln. ;lier. Money ton upOrt nlroid cin fwt. soldier-. roey to sppoort oldier in Han.
Mentions -eneral f Ih, th i re l n ention en l of shl, ih itudo, rrique. rrique. rrique.

a 0

158i Jul 6 ST iGI 5- 16 bnd 4f/, P. i-3. 1582 Jul 6 ST I 5Y --16 bnd 1-f. -182 Jul 6 ST A'li 4--16 b-l d 47, W 1-J.

San Austin. Pedro Nsendez brques to Kir1 San Agurtin. Pcdro Menendrez arq to King. San Agutin. pra Mnidez Mi r !ues to Kiln.
2' p. 2 p. 2 p.

To send report with Rod-igo de ulnco. Intorrs of T o sed report ith iodrigo de Junc. nfors o To snd reort ,ith Rodrigo de Juno. Infors of problem ith Indiarn of rovince of Cciu- Ciar- prolm ith Indians of povine of Ciue Cr- problem 1th Indians of province of CaFie Carlos caued by Spaniards killing Indians while trading los caused by Spanioo killin Idians while riding los canned by Soaniards killing India-n while trading
Blamei. on .oldicr edro Lis Tho is on way to Blamed on ,oler iedro Luis who is an say to B15med on soldier Pedro L i who is on way to
Cou. t.o.. au o.ey. Aks fFor hysi r or Court to sk for .ry. Ask For r ysici an or for Cor to a.k f.or erc. Asks for I yri n o.. for
* *

< > < ~

*t> ~ V -v <'~ -~-< U



V -i- V-- -~ --;
-;~~--\Y"""~r~--~V. N ~-iY= ut~?
V- -i-6--~'

16L2 Jly 17 LT Al5r Un I.%, e. IA. 12 .uly 175S AC 36-16 bn p 15 huly 175 SO P-3-1 bnd 1, p.

y an -uisin. rLa-r.o ano dv Mercao to Kinrg. vu Lizro Sannhiz de netre oI to ling. n u i. Lazro Sjnhez i Mcao to iin.

Repotjn Lick of nedicines nd no phy ic n. ;, Icportin ;ck -of edicineo and no physician. 9b Reportin -ak on redicne nd no hysiciln. 26
Sb]n sle an 6 female a ed fro a- nie black slve an6 fmb Cole anrri d from R e black slvc and v feale arrived Hevano. isuLde-t noing oetwee f-tor nd o I yal offi- fn. Miundersr:ining otwer factor -nd l oa Offi- na. isun1dersan:nl ,eLwer Factor nd R a Officians for ue oves. i-ve sh id be ~ od to irn' for use slve. Sia e od b red to cin for use laves cd e used to
tke bricks foE fort. Dis rlui on of nsilion. ma K bricks for fort. Disrioution oif su:le. make brick fo- fort. Dirilution of Uplies.

0 0

1582 July 17 ,I 5 16 bnd _p. 1 18 July 17 I 5p- 5 bnd 5 p. 1- 1582 Jljy 17 ; AI --16 bnd L p. 1--.

San gnts. Lazar an hez al ercado to uing. San AslmTin. Lazaro 1 ancl z de Mercadeo to King. San A"s; in. Lazar.o Snchez de Mercado Lo ing.
continue ot precede r. coninue fr preceding c contmne from precedin d

Sov. r-e f Irenoe C d ifere an2 Cpts. CooL- Gov. r r rnce owar Alfree an Cpt. Conta- 3. I -r fir cne oaor Alferos A n Opts, Cotador end eianf- or feed i orcc8 T.ra

SJuly 1, S AI 54-1i3 hnd 459, P. A1- i.L Juy to itl i44--- b-lin 459. p. iSan ustin. Lazarc Sncr de <-erado Lo Kini. Sn auiin. Lza: :O nchez de elcado to King. S Ag z. Lzr Sonchez d ercad t Kin

On sibno ubc. rolem on h an rieano on no i o.pia olm cnn a h-ih prices for clolt hig. hih i_ces fo clohhh e i

~i"; ;'""~ """~~ +


588 Jul, 1 51 -I 5-i-l1 bd 160, p. 1-4. 1,t2 Jly 19 T usI 4-5-1n bnd 'ED, _-4. 12 Jy 19 1T Al 5-,-16 bni a., p. 1-.

ern in. ern enende M tarues t Kin. an -i tin. ,edro enenez arues to Kin. ia ,u in. peo etnandz M que t in
(partriy oblitrated) (prtially obliterated) p (ptilly olitertd)

ar-i.o d Juro to taie eile ienest o p ooiee; tdrio a Jne to e detailed new tcMin Rio deuo to tak it0l new o si; Chris- itnizatn of Indians; ule. Alon- de icrrii aviation o Indians; wile Acno ae Chriti-an ofi inin; oul>. Al a ae
-icodedo, merchant, to suply oil, wina, n d, o ly l,rog jc ed, al ,i n vnegar icobedo, rrllt, to surly cil, dine, ini,)iSc --S- dL- r-z s totinocse in la DIScusEn. 2 Tnedore de ,astimentos" inFl. Discusse clcadoreso Fe iieanocl in Fla.
arival o INnboIrora cleric. Doina- Ar oil o 1 ils.liehavior of cleric. Dor- Arrival of caves. Mi sboehairor of clerc-. Dcn-m


11%r 1% 1%-


1582 Jul 27 ST AGI 79-4-2 Tomo 6 bnd 369, p. 8. 1582 Jul 27 ST AGI 79-4-2 Tomo 6 bad 369, p. 8. 1582 Jul 27 ST AGI 794-2 Tomo 6 bnd 169, p. 8.

Lisboa. Royal Cedula. Lisboa. Royal Cedula. Lisboa. Royal Cedula.
(copy) I p. (copy) i p. (copy) y p.

To Bartoloe de Morales gives permission to To artolome de Morale gives permibsion to To Bartolome de Morales gives permission to
resig his position as E ncribo. resign his position as Ecribao. resign his position as Escribano.


1*2 a.t PC 12 I -I-16 n b46 'm p 1-.1 1 eq T11 1o, Wet o- 1 Ia In P- 16 o i pi. 1m-a.

San tii Ja a de GCta ili, to o,. iennez Sn outi. Jun e Oe il to o,. en-ez S an J n d va a o, "oe

(co copy) 1t (1oy)

A- a eIl op y o 0nfom ion k o k ta ha a i af ain on i a 1 pi t ov. re lied that coy il b iv at v .or r- ieCd lhat coy ill b vn a a :ove- .ov rel ed tat copy i o tien at convcni tit ini~t tie.

0 0t

i Oc 1 ) T AS 5-2- n 16, 1 Oc 10 UT wl -- on p. 1-2. 10c 10 sT5 AS n *4-- nd -6, '. 1- .

a Info c n l Ea Inorncion avin tlsl iin. Hav'. Io--ac io in
(coy) 1 coiy) (copy)

Bo Go G r un p s Oerision fo. -,or eor y GabrielLuj.an prsontd per i ca before o. ari L,, t pe
I n ir fr- fort isnonord ontoa I rmaon 0 rf fot dihoncreo mi info-rca- olir f Ct oirshonor- ntom
d ua if of ohif pilot of orid, ontoio de Goevara, in of ncief iLo o Floio, tonic c of loriA, lntono
martin. Mrc0 Mrt

T2 1. :k

1 Nov .5 ST W GI 54-1-15 bnd 479w p. 1-I. 15 ov 30 ST Ai 5-1-15 bnd 479, 1-2. li48 Nio 50 ST AI 54-1-1 b. d 479, p. 1-2.

Ha.vo. Gov. Gabriel de uj-n to King. Havan Gov. Gabriel de Lujan to King. Havana. .ov. Gabriel de Lujan to king.
continued fro breeding crd. continued from irecFdng cnrd. continued front preceding card.

tions t. Fedro de Montial who served in Florida tln Sgt. e dro de Monti-i who served in Florida tialon St. Pedro de Montiel who erved in Florida
and Clbu. ain ub., and Cuba.

0 0

1582 Dec 10-17 ST AGI 54--3 bnd 414, p. 12o-147, 1582 Dec 10-17 ST AGI 54-i bnd 41, p. 126-1I7. 1582 Dec 10-17 ST AlI 54-2-3 bnd 1i14, p. 12,-147.

San ogustin. Informsoion on Tomae Bernldo. San Agustin. Information on Tomas Sernaldo. Son Agustin. Informa n ion on omas Bernalo.
(copy) 21 p. (copy) 1 p. (copy) 21 f .

Tomas Berraldo to Pedro Menenoez Marques askd for Toss Bernaldo to edro Menendez Marques ask fnor Tomas hernaldo to Pedro Menoende Marques asked for Information on his service, includes questions for Informacon n his service, includes questions for Informacion on his service, includes questions for
witnesses. Teetimoly of: 130.- Opt, Vicente Gon- witnesses. Testimony of: 130.- Cpt, Vicente Gon- witnesses. Testimony of: 130.- Cpt, Vicente Gonle, 132.- Juan e Posada, 14.- Jn ios all- zalez, 132- Jun e P.- J io alalez,2.- Jun de aonds, 13g.- Joa hiss all- oles, 15Z.- Jan de Pasada, 134.- Jorn Rios Valladares, 136.- pedro Menendez de Aviles, 'alferer dela dares, 136.- Pedro Mnendez de Aviles, "alferez delay s ares, 136.- Pedro Meenndez do Aviles, a lferez del

0 @

4-~ >~-'> ~ v~ V < > Vt ~ -zy~r %rks zo~ Q,&.~>v*o*k

V *r~. ~ V ~ >7i4Th t>~-~rs~z~% V ~ V~t<4t .SX


S.. Sts k~>rr<*~> -> tfjtz>~c*Is*< ~~Z .> t~

-v N I V S S \
~K~ t. I.

I- ~
-S ~

$ ;;-

15 2 Dec 24 S- AGI 54-2-3 bnd 414, p. 104-100. 1582 Dec 24 ST AdI 54-2-3 bnd 414, p. 18-l. 1582 Dec 24 ST AGI 5d--3 bnd 414, p. 10G-lOt.

San A*getin. Pedro NeMendez Marques. San Agustin. Pedro Menendez Marques. San gustin. Pedro Menendez Marques.
(copy) p. (copy) 2 p. (copy) 2 p

Gov. in lorida certifies that Toas Bernaldo de iove in larida certifies that To.as Berldo de Gov. in 'lorid certifies thas Topas Bern,lao de Quiroz served in fort in Florida and was given sueiroz served in forts in loride and was given Quiro served in forts in Florida and was given
orders for a visit of friendship to Indinsa orders for visit of friendships to Indians. orders for visit of friendships to Indians.


1)62 kec A GI 5+--1-1 bd 4 -j. 1% A S A4 4--u bn F. 1-, 1* i P AC 3 -b brd 465, p. 1-.

G e d ujan to K Hava v, 1rie jn rna. Go. brie Ki

-k for o ip or defense gn t cr lr. ,s for two ais or dfen i L cirs- s. ks o l is or n na o r .
orts of cleci V or o as olier in l. por o cleric llo o i .. ot, oi lic llc ho re i l.
r- escaod oith O r mn. Poor rser.e of Ghef n[ esclli- wit ate- mnr. Poor r- ice o Cief a oce i h ohe en. oor s e of C f
ast Franc1- co Clona. Corplai n of ueion, Master mrarc co Colona. lompi-nrs of ci-ic. Master rancico uAra. Comlais of cleris.c

i; -
~ ~-:- --;~ ;l~-_i:;

:-:- - -;-;~ ~

158*- n 1. S D tI i ba 36, a. 1-6. 1518 -e. I- 0 bi D d 1 6, p. 1-6. .58- -e ST S -, 1 i nl .66, p 1-t.

u in. Ju a Ca dila to u t oan ustin. jm de v t i.

eainj c th=t in.-. o v o0n t, L-n t i a o. I a ita o oot that ov. o to s in i L,n 7 in Gabs; -th i- tk. e _,rerst non- n a, bo t "Ik. -no. 1 rnchaz in Gtot; balisick.-ac. i1 a -en t
de t0 n tov. 1nd O l o l in ae bteen ov. anOfficia o o ad eutween Gov. a ffictals f-roolection of
Situado Oc nhul oit do. Gov. should not lIav k s of oa rea- "It'll Gov. Cho-ld hot ai v k of rl T cry but I, .r s nuld r rt o e-r ou vy b re try hoL. r r ear So u Te ry d r L on S

** 0

V V -- > <~

V -~ ~-.s-. V -~ V ~-> -~V NVV VT VT


li 1MG: 5ee am 3
ho o Cu ii iihop of iu: o iio L; 3jn. Me'r i o. ofi Cuo, o I o to ing.

1po ts of v 0 2 oo rcriety : iton 0ere a cort' of v u of so tyo e to tn lronio >epo t of 0 ce of 1ait t nitons Gero
Karti m o rists rl on it i i n ; m y o- p re on ith Inin a ; man for fri-ts, rel tions ith
Ment h1 n-r o o I r nti P ro c on ura o, 3a coa, Puero de il,,Ia
t elloo rl ol ri t c sl t inip for -10od. sell to a ilp for -oti .

(1t5?) iiST I 54-5-10 bnd 61 7. (15859?) t All 54--o bd 63, p. 7. (153?) S I I- nd 614 7

Sin Dilig r o r he a a ym of Puez's wido,. Spain. Diligcnci on the pay t of Pae's ido. Spain. Dilignc on the aym-nt of Paeza io
(coyracomplete) I i. (li.omplete) p. (coy,inomplete) 1 p.

erved more hai 22 yer I nith Served ore r hr n 22 e n wih er ore to 22 yes ent to lrid Itth
>delnted enadand and retr nedz ai l hi wife dl t, cnonde ando ret urned i1582, his ife .elantd 4erds a Lnd retur-re in 1'f2, his ife woo hr- uck ,o Si-n ca tvrd by Don An- on 11r y back t Spin -Y i a tuk,- d by an in- on her ay b ack to a in bk aa e bi Don rtonin* n lost 3,0 ducd. Pero d ka tonio and -ojt tO duaedoa. edlro L ui a a z toria; oat 3,0 du- dor. eie- Luis de a-,
ks to be o id none, lost in capre. s7 to be pid mone lost in capture. k, to be rid mone- lo-t in c t-e.

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