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John B. Stetson Jr. Card Calendar
University of Florida


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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alacuha -- Gainesville


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The collection contains calendar cards descriptive of manuscript documents drawn from the Archivo General de Indias in Seville. The calendar is comprised of about 14,000 catalog cards. The documents relate to Spanish activity in the Southeast borderlands from 1512-1783. Copies of the documents are held by the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, Gainesville.

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University of Florida
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1581 .d. ST AGI 79-4-2 Tomo 6 bnd 369, l. 6. 1581 n.d. ST AI 79-4-2 Tomo 6 bnd 369, p. 6. 1581 n.d. ST AGI 79-4-2 Tomo 6 bnd 369, p. 6.

n.p. Royao Cedula. n.p. Royao Cedula. n.p. Roya Cedula.
(copy, incomplete) p. (copy, incomplete) % p. (copy, incomplete) A p.

To Cpt. of fort in Havarn, Melchor pardo Arana To Cpt. of fort in Havana, Melchor pario Arana To Cpt. of fort in Havana, Melchor Pardo Arana orders to obey instruction sent by gov. Gabriel orders to obey instruction sent by gov. Gabriel orders to obey instruction sent by gov. GaOriel
Luxan, until new orders. Luxan, until new orders. Lua, until new orders.

0 0i

(15Wi (Jan) S h- I i-9 bnd 441i. p. 1. (1581) (Jn) T 1 54-5-) bnd 1, p.1 (lS1) (Can) ST i %--9 b- d 44 -. 1.

d.p. pero Konend r har.ues to King. np. eecoro Seneode, harnues to Png nP, pedro leren dez Y~reoin to Pini.
(copy) 1 (coy) I p. (copy) 1

Ak per1C t ion to o to Spain c,~-eort on tittle A-5 kermiion to o Si Spain ah report on battle Akh porision to go to piin and reort on ttle Yifirena c~iaiirLr ily iiiil1Pi nd siolthp renl ncnrcnhrsin nir o l;.uoIcnip andapl~l with French corairs in snip gItIaIpE nd shi with :rench coroirs in whip t PRINCIPE and shi with Frnch orsi in snnp L'i RNtPa nnd h
of Cpt. IGil to leave Porid durn winterar d of pt.ii to euve idaduring inter and of1t to eae Florid ingwinter nd Etao.rn r print. d-le, if cor-i. t-- 0t retan io spring. Dager of corsirs. fated b, retn fmr ,pring. Danger of oerairS. Dated by
onOejo oe ini Janlry 1, lfbl. CIofejo 1de ias: Janpry h 1581. consejo de indmns: Janu loal.

00 0

t -~ ~ t~ ~ _-~ -~ rZ~~V> SEr.T-+ -~ -~t~4~frz,~z

1581 Jan 12 ST AGI 86-5-19,StD 2528 bnad 256,p.261-262. 1581 Jan 12 ST AGI 86-5-19,StDo 2528 bnd 256,p.261-262. 1581 Jan 12 ST AGI 86-5-19,StoDo 2528 bnd 256,p.261-262.

Elbas. Cedulario. Elbas. Cedulario. Elbas. Cedulario.
(copy) 2 p. (copy) 2 p. (copy) 2 p.

To Casa de Contratacion informs that opt. Joan de To Casa de Contrmtacian informs that opt. Jan de To Casa de Contratacion informs that opt. Juan de Posada's report of need of people in forts in Fla. Posad's report of need of people in forts in Fla. Posada's report of need of people in forts in Fla.
Orders Casa de Contratacion to give upplies men- Orders Casa de Contratacion to give supplies men- Orders Casa de Contratacion to give supplies mentioned to 50 soldiers tgo with Jan de Posada to tioned to 5O soldiers to go ith Juan de Psada to toned to 0 soldier. to go ith Juan de Posada to
Florida. Mentin. gov. Pedro Menendez Marques. Florida. Mentiosn. gov. Pedro Menende Marques. Florida. Mention. gov. Fedro Menendez Marques.


San 5 T *i S M1-1 Id J I, Tj.- .15 Jn 2 T n j-A 1 +, i 1p1. JM i I -1- d .

San arci. BomLnGo Gonzal;a La fedro Mran.rez Sn Marco. Dorino Gonz L to o .ro 0en0nder San 00as. Do-i 0 Genzlez to le a.e

continued from precedin card. contjlned from preein card. contiru from prece cin crd.
t d tc,! T i nc to. -o- C--u 1 -o e- r, -d.
,n. ,,rv- 2-11-t-r. Fa i to 11p-ot ierv- Ti lto i to 'or h f and -- a

0m d---

V V$k~x% ~x >*~Qtm.K~ V Kj~
V ~'~ ~ *~ V tt~4. V~<~~ t~ V <~2~ V *~ ~


-*~ - -

1581 Mar 8 sT AI 54-5-1. bnd 442, p. 1-t. 1581 Mar 8 E' AI 55-14 bnd 44 1, p. 1-3. 181 Far 8 ST AGI 4-5-14 bnad 42, p. i-3.

San A-,ntin. oyal Officials to King. San Aguti Royal Officials to King. San Agustin. Royal Officials to King.

Torero JuAn de Cevadilla and Contador Laza o Tesorero Jn de Oevadilla and Contaor Lazaro Tesorero Jun de Cevadil' and Contador Lazaro
oanohez de Mercado. Paeont to soldier aand offi- nciez de Mercado. dayaent to oldier and official at Santa Elana. One Royal Official to o cats at Sant. Eleda. One Royal Official to o cils at Santa Elea. One Royal Official to go
to collect Sit -do and have slary of 1,0W0 io collect Situado and have a salary of 1.000 to collect Sitido and hnve ta lry of 1,00
mraveda per day. Mentiore: de cuirds maravedia per day. Mentions: Fernando de clrois raveis per day. Mention,: Fenando d ;rin

0 0

15I1 Mar 8 ST AGI 5-t-14 bad 442, p. 1-3. 1iSl Mar ST AGI 54--14 bn 442, p. ., 15i Mar 8 S- .3I 5-b-11i bnd 4,2, p. 1-3.

So Aigustin. Royal Officials to King San Agustin. Royn Officls to King. A .gustin, Royal Omffiials to King.
-.ntilued from receding card. a ntinued from receding card. ntinued from preceding card.

Inigo Rin, who died at battle With rench in Inigo Ruiz, wio died at battle with French in Inigo Ruin, who died at battle with ren ch .
port of San Mateo. port oe San Mateo. eort of San Mateo.

*0 0

Nb Nb Nb

1581 Mey 15 ST I. 79-4-2 To. 6 and 569, p. -6. 1581 May 15 ST AGl 79-4-2 Toso 6 bnd 369, p. 56. 1581 May 15 ST AGI 79-4-2 Tomo 6 nd 369. p. 5-d.

Tomr. Royal Cedula. Tomar. Royal Cedula. Tomar. Royal Cndula.
(copy) 14 p. (copy) lb p. (copy) 1) p.

To Gov. of Cuba recommending Aloso Rodriguez de To Gov. of Cuba recommending Alonso Rodriguez de To Go. of Cuba recommending Alonso Rodriguez de
Aevedo who served as soldier in Florida, Azeoedo who served as soldier in Florida. Azevedo who served as soldier in Florida.


-rinr ir- - ;--a i

11 (,J) ST I 79-2 Tomo bnd 2. i581 (Jtm) Sc Gii 7-4-2 Tmo 5 bd 30, T. O. 1581 (Jn) ST AGI 79--2 Toi m 5 bnd 305, p. 20.

n.p. oyal C1edul, n.p. oya'l CedCla. n.p. nRoya Ce1la.
( coy, inllcon lte)o p. (co inompl e) (copy, incomplte) i .

To j-lchor PoIro rlan, cpt. Pf fort in 'v;ri To Melclor Pardo Ar-n, ct. of -ort in ann, To Mlclhor prao ra pt. of fort in Nvanc,
sends a cy of in tructicns to rec from ,o. sands a opy of oitrjctionto receive froml Cove. Cn. acopy of instruction to receive from Gov.
Gabriel L .i d L abriel de oi uxn.

ILI- -R1.ka., :- i'l. : -I

2.Lik a A ~11lian Mexam. 1221 s1ss~

~ ~,^~; -~i~ ~_-

~* ~Cu< Th V $< Vt. >tC*O>S>~+~> t~. v V- V ~ V V-.~-'~ V V

1581 Jun 5 S' AGI 14*-7-33 brd L43, p. 1-3. 161 Jun ST 1 40--35 bnd 4ij, p. 1-. 1581 JSon ST AGI 140-7-3 bnd 443, -. 1-p .

Madrid. Cnonejo de indiaz to King. Madrid. Consejo do indiaa to King. Madrid. .Consejo de -naias to King.
continued from prrcedin, card. continued from preceding card. continued from -preceing card.

jobs and alaro. Six ign;tres. (Another photon- jobs nd salary. Six signtures. (Another photos- Job an sLry. Sir si~-aiuro. (Anoker photostatd4 tatc oy in bn 4, copy in lb 4, -2.). tac oy in bnd 4>, -


151 Jul 31 I 4-i-6/ bnd 445, p. 1. 1581 Jul p581i,- 42-1-C/I bad 445, p. 1581 Jul 51 ST AI 42-1-6/1 bnd 445., 1.

Puerto Rico. Rod!igo de JuJun t C o to Casa de Con Puerto Rica. Xodrio de Junsco to Casa de Con
trataion. tratacin. trateion.
partiallyy obliterated) 1 p. (parti lly obliterated) I p. partiallyy obliterated) 1 P.

On his trip from Canary did not find mhip with On his trip from Canary did not find snip with On hi trip from Cunary did no find ship with
Guterre de [irana; plans to leave for oavsan and Guierre de hiranda~ plans to ,eave for Ha ,an nd Sutlerre dt 1ir nda; pan1s to leave for horvn end
meet shi. that will take s ip iea to forts. Re- meae dhi> tnat will take supplies to forts. R-- m0et h-i that will tie u.plien to forts. Reports of arrivl of different ship, at puerto -ort of arrival o dIfferent ships at uerto ports of arrival of different hips at Puerto

0 0 0

151 Jul i ST AGI A -1-6/1 bnd 44, 1. 15 Jul 1 ST A 42-1-6/ ond 445, p 1, 1581 Jul 51 ST AI1 42-1-6/1 rid 445, i. 1.

Puerto Rico. Rodrigo de u c o Casa do r o R ra de Jco oCaa e Puerto Rico. Rodigo e mco tE Casa
Contra-acion, Contratacion. Contrtacian.
continued from preceding car. contained from preceding rd. continue from preceding card.

Rico. -nger of coF.air. Rico. ~anger of corscirs. Rico. anger of corsire.

ft + At- A

-~ ~AA~ a V r ~ -A-,

~t A A 'V ~ '-V ~- A
V V '-~r'A A
V V V-A-A A>

1% 1% 1%

81 (sI) I ai 4 -$-2/6 ond 71,0, 1. i. 1581 (t) 1i i 2-6-2/ bn 710, p. 191 ( f 3 sl 4-6-2/6 bad 10, ,. 1.

Sevill Cams de Contrtacian to rown. Seville. C a d oontroocin to Crom. Sevile. C- s a ide ontratcio to Crwn. (copy, ieomnrlote) p. (copy, incorlete) p. (Cops, incomplete) 1 i. n entry o exr es of Cajs Re-les for fetsr to Inv try of expenses o Caja neale for fleets to Ir.ntry of Cxpcnnes of Cajas eals for fleets to Tierr- r n ie o:urisnc and ,,Lnd-r nad- y Trra irre, Inuev ,slra nd Hionduras id monse t rken fs ituo for lort o.taken c tui for 0lor taken from Situd-o fcr loilo.

0 9

z;arl,=f-aai .~-~Lw_ L;IM~Crlw,~

u*r-ihl~h u ~ ~-iw~~ n -in--i'-iu~-h~--2--i~;-~- -~-~ rrm-~ r,,i-\-a~hP?~n.


. t

V K V-u-i~-:---~r ~l~l

1581 Nov 1 S AGI -12-3 bnd 414, p. 4-6. 1581 Nov 1 ST AGI 54-2-3 ond 414, p. 4-6. 1581 oV 1 T As51 d4-2-3 bad 414, p. 4-6.

Havan. Tomas Bernaldo de Quiroe to King. vana. Toms Bernaldo de luiros to King. Havana, Toma Bernaldo de .iros to King.
(partially obliterated) oblitlitereratedd) p. (artrtally Coliterated) 21 (partilly obliterated) 20 p.

Reports Pedro Menendez Marques sent him from ort iepors bPedro Menender Marques sent him from port Heors Pedro Menonde Marqes sent him from port San Agustin. He is to take 20 male lack slaves San Agustin. He is to take 20 pale black slaves an Agustin. He is to take 20 mle black sales
and female slaves. Spaniards fighting Indian at and 7 female sinves. Spanlaras fighting Indians at ard 7 female slaves. ipniards fighting Indians at
tata ilena and avand e to Guale. lanta 1ena and advance to Guale, anta lena and advance to Guale.

0I 0

----~-1 ~ :~:_._ ~--~:~ _:I~- ,,::,i- ----

1,l1 Nov 1 ST i 54-1-1 bn d 7, p. 1- 181 aNO 1 T i 54-1-15 bnl 47, p. 1 1-4. 01 o 1 T A- i54--15 bad 4 p, 1-1.

'Za tov. ;abriei de Lujn to ing. b ien to ing. a in rbril d Lu n to King.
aoo*inu-a from reading heard. cor*o*u-a I oarng ard. fro i d.

utnrol buiint;to iard Alonso XUiarE to goe r,- usonm bilin;o 1n t onro ire at cet re C but].;to nd. A onh>aurez a o e report f Frnch t rtainza. in Flora and port of Freneh rt aancu. Disorder in lair and port of Itench t aianoRn. Disorder in Fiarod rod
Scardu ab, Fnch exnligi mercrhadil for lather tagtuar n

it~~( 1 ,
1 i t to 1 1 0tn 61- 2 0a 1 0 bd onev o ad co 1o eF s o in o 1 0rnd o d iurat edi 0e nod asc 2 i orn
n e(-rcon ) 2 3o, no (copy) 2 p

n it a i s t r n i 'tl, 1 o n i e to t y 1", Conce na hi- s r c o h on in !I 1 Fl!
ewa t ith -t-c ra no -l on ct de h c it u Vs do- J y n fo, ter h I act i Lua -g js de yD
diin -l arn nd5 L M exped r 10 t la ar- -t, M-rs cri ,xe tio.n to 71 tayron -.n a he t -I ri,i r al o on- his hto t n ith rea al ,3 a i eet o trsa3Ien in i oe a
i h tr ir ot in ii 4t co -

. . ... .

\ ... ..

At I o c di i cIonodrr
II G- I,, I c__r

rc op c o -1 .... n cIf I ot aIom n ihe a 1p a- 1 1 0om r l rr e io I no r 5, 10 -I n n. t it0 str 1 t iepni

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