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John B. Stetson Jr. Card Calendar
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Mixed Material
University of Florida


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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alacuha -- Gainesville


General Note:
The collection contains calendar cards descriptive of manuscript documents drawn from the Archivo General de Indias in Seville. The calendar is comprised of about 14,000 catalog cards. The documents relate to Spanish activity in the Southeast borderlands from 1512-1783. Copies of the documents are held by the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, Gainesville.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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CIp ?) n.. 2 %1 2-H/12 brd N p.i-. (1 70) n.-. T 2--/12 bn d 2w p.6 '(1 70?) n... a 2- a 4/1 brd 6 p. 4.

ot e o inntonic 5 Pra 0t o Kin n nni c de Pr a a l g (;o (coy) (c! j

ccc-he ohe f- on s-ips fo -t -nd L e Svill to ced on ip o fleet n t

ar 0 od i rei o n o ar ncd odto

V S 4- ~ ~ \C& 4- '--V '-A > V 4-- *
N-- <-0- t-

9% 9%

- I' F --

(170) n.d o Aiul 4-1-1 nd 252, 1-2 (C50) n. 1 S 7 I 1f -1-1 n 52 i 1-2 (iWC70) n.d S I 1 ,-i-1 ba 2, 1(Spain). pedro r i Fe de to rin n (S.1in). oeo nes de tiles to Kin'.

Oocerninm thfe u of gn-no de fo ae in bonze Conceir in; th- u of n o n -o l Co cr lin th use of ulowoer to u-e inrrl caton in rel io, to tLe h diy of wea1he ir car- ons in rel ;ion to t e lunidity of wether in cannon i rI Lio n i h hi aniity of we-ror in
nies o a u po er x it I To u u owd i d h 11 Indines. To se arueb gunpoj er ied wi 5
on o c fo b r effect f ao nt o cannn aLpower for a bJ:r T u. s amount of cnon gnrpowder for oeter effet.
for Cedul to e rub g powd r fo Ia g f o Ce s lo to get ar ubus -un ow er froi Mal laga for Ct Jrq.ebus g u n owder lfrom f i -,

0 0

)n.d. S T 145-1-1 knd 2 p. 14 (1O)n.d. ST I ,5-4- bd 22, 1- (1 70n.d. ST JA 114-l- bnd 2 j. 12 ,

in) edro r de de Avile o Ki (Sain), e c e d Avles o Ki (Sain). e o daar e e Avf le o
Sfro e ar coti r c a- rd. continue frcm r-c di card.

caue Sevile n ae lc doe n-t have any. becare evil 00 nr- hve ny

(1570) SE I -5- 0 nd b. 1 (157tl) s.d. ST i -0 ond 2M4, p. 1 (1570) .d. GAI 5. 0 ond 941 I

a.p. rar to of i info a on o tn-fn9 nto a n for acon. n p-. e, ento of n 0o n- on.
(cop, a 1incr i te) (o y, 1 ince 1rte) ( oY 'nc co)

ase to 3 u'd uesion I or h- Eit- Ans wr to 1nd 9 ;tions Inform nt -ste- -.- r o and 4 u s 2on,; I for a that t
b, a l t r1 1 co nrri,-z to a b e -a, 1 -nt Franci co a icez to bn l i sent Fran i' o a rnrin z to d:Er

nu^r ered on e yer. l i rriu; s o rv"ed n S vd o y r o iqu, erve in ius, serv or. ysea rriq- cu 1 v n
t- r a t d 1 rdee i a staban d e -i dre

0 0

1520) n.d, n a +-5-2j b0 lb '. 2 ( 70) nd. n ,I ,-- ton _,4, I. a (150) .di. a -I F4->-a bnd -, I.

n,. ran nL :in rfo r n.. rab.an nL a ro In ornasion. n.. rgent of T nfo-r on.
(coy i o Le) (Fcay, icom1 (ciy, Inla )

.,.0 are nd oo rfoa I f nit- us o r d ief 'o I t- nson a an, to in: if wIti.e kF o Fancico 1iq e onclO- 1b k ..o F Ici i ue, 2-rrivlof n of knos Francis- -,o non o, r Ci l Of Irbnes F, to foida in e cto de r flet r o o otez I cifie I., flet arl ezo -o -- lorid in 3ancho de r r fln and delanuado erende, sent oc IF!e whe-e hee-o nI dan:2do h-erondez sen -t c ule where Lmre andidean:ad'o lndez -Fe n' le where thr
ere ndan .nd nk d wer I india and 1 nir. ern nn rd I aniar

V ~< ~

N N > ~>, <~UM~UUL V

sT I a-i/12 bnd 4 i- 1i-0 i -5- D 12 bd 244, -. l 0ni 2- 1 bn 244, p. I-.

-i (co y) ( ,)

el al sor e illo d o f illo del eat, al t 1 ,

l 01 a o

I z oa to n edo c n, to .

foflac ofholr eo Con aInin of I c oo nh iro o o to olc ofhl f Cz Co hi fleet, in 0 e on a 1 for- hi: fl at o a of 1 0 el a sis or hi l t i fo. a-- of I I a T In 4< l o
n at n0 po or is or ore L n o 1 h t on or ore o 0tin pco or he et A

i a to -e of coi s n 1 to I-rof ai ie one- i er to 1 I oI c ,rei s uc t in vans iihd ru i ct in en finihed u Li n e fiih

0 8 8


Vf 2-V1

Nh-;--~-iii--i NhC;ini -i


1570 a.d. I T IJ 1 1-1l End or p. 14 ifY0 n.4. 3f 141 1 n 3 1-P ..d T I 1h 3 1-11 nd p, 1T3

( a ). Jun rillo e a i to iC. (Spain). J n cari]o de a ii to ,, (slo in). JuI l Carrillo e Ca ill to Ki
(coy) I (coy) p. (copy)s

ak L b i for his s ice n F-. 1in ,sk to b p "o hi services in dr ps to be 1 or o vies in a d
yea, .d hl if served in fedro e ede as ye alr d at af dLved i aed .M de year and a lf a served in Ped o M1e em z fla. as r n r M.y .7, 157. fleet. as re ived in !a r M 7 57, let. receive in iadrid, May 20, 1a7a

0 0I 0


170C n.d. W ,I 1-1-11 bnd 257~-.1- 170 r.d. ST i 145-1-11 onu 27,7.l-2. 170 n.d. S AGL 1 -1-11 nd 257,P.1-2..

(F. Frn o P to Kin. ( .) Fr toig (Fl ,) Francisco Pelez, to xing.
!p172 p. 1)i i.

reports that at the deat of phys cin n -n? gSt Eeots tht tth death of ihy;cln ad du i epFrt at at t he death of physician' an drt
Lic. edro de Alvarado, he, P z, took the osi- Lic. pedro he .varado, he, almes, took the ios- Lic. ;edro de Alvarad, he, PAler, ook the 1i
tion~ ien by Ad-lantdo 'o enenldez. elarz tion; given by Aielrntao Pedro Menaez. Palezr tion; given by Adelntdo Pro Mender. Pele
asks for salaries ndto be r ,rird for x- asks for salary n t riursed for f ies and b r bur for
Sof eiines for o iFlori.Asks pense of dicnes o eol in ord k i-n of meicne or peoi-le in orida.

-=~_ ~r~ -;l ~~ .

1570 n.d. ST I 1 -1-11 nId 257, p. t-4. 150 .d. ST 6 bd 1 -57, p. .-4. 1957 n.d. ST Gl 14-1-l1 bnd 25, Pn

(la.) F n..&co Felaez. (Fla.) Fncio eLIz. (Fa) Fr sci'co Pela .

Reo-rts tht he It to Floria it Sncho de Reorts tht he ent to ilori ,ih se cho de Reorts hat e he ent to Florida with Sancho de r.iiega with salary of 8 ducado a month. He Arciniega ith al-y of 8 ducados a ronth. ie Arcinieg i lth alry of 8 duc dos a month. le served from Ar 11, 1566 until Jun 15, w e- erd from a. r 11, 166 -nil Jun 15, when Me- served from Ar U, 1566 until Jun 15, when enerdez took wy hi- po iion. Ass te p i nrdez took aewy his position. Asks to e paid nerdez took wy his position. Asks to e yaid ifr services. .ote mentions thtt iCdula will be for services. 'ote mentions that Cedul will be for servicEs. Note mentions th-t ldula wil be

NW"- "' C'- '- '--">

- 54% 4% 4%

0 ud. S A I-7- bd 265.1-2 1570 n.d. iT GI 1-7-0 bad j65, .1-2 157C n.d. S 1--C 65

evil ct J uit Diego L cz to e ector Je it ieg op z o C ev ]e. nRector Je it O ieg Lopez t
de Contract cion de Cotratcio de Contrtion.
(co1y) l (copy) i .0 (cK y )

Inform of Cls given for- hichn bd z zend IZnforrs ofS dul givTn for fhio h : to -nd Informs of Cedta.s giren for hich h
0 pri: tS to Florin and pay expense t .t wil 8 priests ao Florida pay expenses t t il 8 priests to Forid .y expense
b reinbursed. Claims 92,52 rvdis :remsts i-r orsd. laims 93,582 mr> vetl o rsmts be ri:lrborsed. Claims 92,582 m0ar-vers
Roy0 l ed0 l9 o e g 0ayment of ex e o Royc*d a -e t of e nss o l Ce l deri ent of xy..
t 0.0


1570 Jan ST A-I 1,82-8 bnd 215, p. 44 1570 Jan ST AGI 148-2-8 bnd 215, p. 44 1370 Jan T AGI 14-2-8 bnd 215, 44

n.O Royal Cedula to Ca s de Contratacion. n.p. Hoyal Cedula to Case de Contratacion. n.p. Royal Cedula to Ca* de Contratacion.
(copy, incomplete) p, (copy, incomplete) 12 p. (copy, incomplete) i 1p.

Corand to pay salary to Jan Griego de Candia Commands to pay salary to Jan Griego de Candi~ Commands to pay salary to Juan Grieoe de Candla who served gov. Pedro Menendeo de Avile in the who served gov. Pedro Menendez de Aviles in the who served gov. Pedro Menedez de Aviles in the
fort in Havana. ort in Havana. fort in Hvana.

0D 0P


K- t~ C> >r.-'at~ ~ .

V T .UK\

*~>\ t~v >~~,a .m~V . .~K~ .<~ sv~\ \ 5z~

> . ."~ > .


I ~--~ ~- --~-- -~-- ;~-~-nr~----i.-;-;; r~-;~~~I ~_r----~-l.


IS70 Jad (16) SJ Ati 51-6-16/14 bAd 221, p. f39 170 Jan (16) ST A 51-6- 16/ d 22 3 17D Jan (16) S A- 51-6-16/14 bd 22, p. 359

3-an Agutin. Inforrncin nthedefne o frt an ut. Inforcin on Lh de'nie of iof r s A1ustir. Inifor cion on the deene of for
San Maten. San Maco. ISn i~ito.
(copy) 1:. (coy) 1 (copy) p.

Fnica], Tomn Aivarez, prerenta questions for his 'iscal, To- Alvren,-, pnrenentt ccstions for his iisal, Tom Alvrez, present quantions for his itneses in cae ainst: Dieo iarcllohonran- itnessesin against: io Catel Frn- itn es in ncas againt: Dieo Cstellon, Frar cisco unez and Pas l Nsavorro. concerning ahn- caco lnez and Pascual N-vrro. Concerning aban- cl co Nunie a praca- l iaverro. Conein g abanr
don't nt of fort :an 11-to on Apeil 1568. donnont of fort -n Mtao on peil 1568. or urat of ort ng r Mtco on peil 1i68.

0 0 0

1?D Jan 6 T I 5--16/14 bnd 2 p. 361-66 170 Jn 16 I 51-6-16/1 bnd 2, P. 361-66 150I Jan 16 i;T I 1-6-16/14 bnd p. ,61-66

San i tin. Information n tho defense of fort S nn tin. Info rmion on the defense of fort SJn ,tin. Inforcion on the defense of fort
Se stin. Sai ir ttin. San iu tin.
(corY) t. (coly) (copy) 6 ,

-roan of foiscl Toa rlov.rezo i the defense Proaonza of fin l To~;o lvarezl in to diefnce P-robnza of ficcai Tom vlnroz in h; defense
painst Diego Castelion, FraTcsco 1nz and Pan tinst Die o Castelon, Frar c-co uez end an aPr- in Diegio Ca tcllon, Francisca N!z ind pte;cI ;avrro concernig ab lo.-oent of fort San cul Ni-vrro, concerning ab;ndo4ernt of fort ian c0l Navarro, :onrceni g abndota.-ent of fort on
K, 0co on .pril 1 68. itns.es: 301.- alfere Frn Iato on ,r5 15o8. itnes- .: 361.- alferen Fr n- f to on pl 1568. itnesfse : 61.- l Ire rn0 0 9

1270 J 16 6 A1, i-5-6./12 bn ,p.1. 1570 Jan 16 l ASu 2-9-1. i b60p.1- 21?0 J 16 0 AS 16-12 b, .

Caiz. Pdro on desz, fleet. P.dro hen ndezr' fleet. Ceati. pedro hen -dee's ileet.
(copy) ?- 0, (copy) (coy)

EacriTano F-ancrisco Roigue oecerning aedro Escribano Ftancisco hodrigue conernring 1dro Escribanr Francisco Rodriguez concerning pedro Mre-ndez frlet. Juin Gutierrez Tello, e.orero le-erden fleet. Jnn Gutierrez 'ello, tesrero enendez fleet. Juen Gutlerrez Tllo, toeorero
from Contrtaie n seys he will no give ,,upli- i fro onetratacion says he- ill not ire Ijr;lje frrom Contrtecion says he will not ie ulies
uelr- before Contedor from i. al aar del less before Contdor from I,. ~ta r del unles- before Cont?dor from I.. Bitaf- del
C atil'o y Ahedo, oro h1 to ive n inrformecin 2atil2o y Ahedo, wfn has to give -n iefrrmacion elatile .y Ahedo, who hba o give n inrmn ion
* *I

1u70 Jan 17 ST AGI 148-2-8 bnd i15, P. 0-42 1570 Jan 17 ST AGI 118-2-8 bnd 215, p. -0-42 1570 Jan 17 ST AGI 148-2-8 bnd 215, p. 'O-42

Ace. oyaledulatoasa e onraainAea. Royal Cedula to Casa de onraratrataionion.. A a. Royalal Cedula to Ca de Coontrataita A Royal C t Co n. (copy) 2 o. (copy) 2 p. (copy) 2 p.

Com-ands to pay salary to Gabriel Dein for time he Commands to pay salary to Gabriel Diaz for time he Coands to pay salary to Gabriel Diaz for time he served in lorida, where he sent with Sancho de serve d in lorida, here he went with ncho de serVed i Florida, here he sent with Sanho de rciniega. Arcinlea. Arciniega.

~Th N S

Nm N~ N N *

N N N ~\
N ~N~CNs N
N-S ~*~- N N> N> V N>

>5- N> N N N >5

1% 1%

1570 Jan. 1 t AI 143-3-1, hnd ,r..-4. 1570 7n 17 3- A1 14-3- 15 and 259q,.1-4. 1570 Ja 17 ST AI 1' 3-j15 bnd 259,.1-.

Cadiz. Pedro tonendeo de Aviles to Kin,. Cadiz. Iedro esnende, de Avile to Kin. Cadiz. 1edro ner dn de Avile to Kin .
continued from preceding card. continued from preceding oerZ continued from yreceding erd.

extenion of territory to rie Pouno, no Y.-n extension of trrltor to river ianuc on men- e-tenion of territory to riner Panuo, nd ertion rih mine frm P to t len. In- tion rich mine from n ruc to S Elen. In tions rich iner from I-o to lnt Elena. Informs of r m nd icusses h fleet. forms of froIbem and di cussi e h fleet. forms of .rom nd dicu*se hir fleet.

9| 9

170 Jn 17T AI 2--/12 bn ?60,p-8,. O jo 1 A -V 1570 Jan 17 T A 12-l4/12 b-1 16,..

ardie. Pedro Micn ndezs fleet. adizb Pedro lnendez*S fleet. adizt Peo Mncardez' fl-et.
(4oY) (copy) r (cory.) a .

Juan tltierrez Tllo greeo to ie s-unplies and Jan Gutierrez Tello egree o e ie Jn ltierrez Tello erees to give se Ies a
contedor for Florid Zeltaar del Cestillo p condor for Florida, Beltaer e to y cnt for oria, Blta ar d io
-pdo ll take account of suplie' for fleet. dhedo will tak eaoeut of suie fe fet.heo il t.ke account of uplice for fle-t.
irten by escri-oFodrFacso digue iren by eciano r cico Rodriuez. ir, by escibia= Francisco rodrigus.

170 Jan 19 -T EAI 41-1-19/1 Contr 185 T.? bnd 163,p.12 1570 Jan 19 S -1 /1 on 518 .2 nd i 1,p.12 l7 Jan 19 ST AI 431-19/1 Cotr 515 T. nd 16 p.

Seville. Cas. de ctratcion to OtchCa. Seville. Cas de C0ntratacion to Ohoa. Seville. Ca.a de Cotratoiorto Ochnl.
(copy) p. (copy ) p. (ropy) t p.

Concening english prisoners that arrived fro In- Concerng english romaioner that arrived front In- Concerning english proonnr that rrivel fro ldies: Contrtecin took their testimony and that die: Contrtclion took their tootimony and that dies: Contrtlcion took their tetimony and tht on r l sisn day is given to prieone for their one real each dy i- given to priaorer for their one real sch day lven Io prison rs for their
ulpot. Advises -C send hem soon. support Adises to send thec soon. support. Alvise to e.d hen soon.

1370 an l- ST .I -5-6/1 ni 260,i.l.1 150 aT. ,1 J 22.-/ Ti ,.. 1 a A I 2- a/12 bn S60.9.

Cnies. odrro Moenndeo's fleet. adi. Fedro kenerdezs fiet, Codan, 'rdro Mnondez's flet.
(copy) i P (coy) 1 p. (cory) 1 p.

Noe wr~it~ by hterih-o 'ohncsc Ror ige in NoTe b ri, t by martin FrncisoO -co igeu in- oa writ- by Escri-bano Frncisco ac.drigueo inform ht Jun Gocrrez ello is t give ur form tht Jan Gutierrez Tello is to form t, t un uierrez Tlo i to gve
plies in to- morning of monday, Jn 2 before ipl ic in e morein, of conday, o 21, b- Fre -plies in the moor-in of moeaLy, Jan 2, before
hn Contador of fleet. the Contaatr of fleet. th ontad r f fl et.


7,I 7- 77--
so a r 6 ueM FAwe 2 r 97

15"W Jan 2 I 2--/I bnd 60,p. 1570 an ST AG 2-- -4/1 nd flp.9-I. 23 C 1I 2-l-4/1- bnd 26o,.9-]114.

Coiz. edro en feet Pedro rend fleet. iz. edo e ndz' fleet.
Coniane fro r noiu fro in car continued from prE ng card.

urer hold ditrb b uris. e mis ner- urer shou1 distribute su lie. h und- ur shod strbute pie. hese tnds ,ere the cse of e t tru- tdin ee the u of delay in he ditri- t ndigr e the cau; Lf dila in th di
tion onf uolies for fleet. ti-n ol nuppi ff-et pa a flet- tn for Iet.


~-. I-~~ -~:~ -~---1%


;-s--= . I~- a

i- ;- ~I \-~- ;-" ii._ Ir, ~~-i~;-~i~*rl- ~;--~- -~-',-

lJO Jun 2-1 b I 2 i n/ n p 13-i 7,. 1570 Jan q-- / A1 I-5- a 1 En 8, 13-4. 1p70 Jsan -51 I T 2-a- /1 bni 2 a 13 -4'.

Hvan. Infor ion on up vn y n a Iforl ion on u les g ndre Hv an. Inoricio on o lo iven y ar
Sdoino. d E1 i-o. d 0e Euino.
cotinia d from trcedin cr,- Eoil o c in cn tineao fro precedJ r

to tscorero ino. tio of .- Lucas to o o i T- iony of : 1 LUCa t e- -r er uln, e tion of 4). LaC
tri to, 11.- 1un de Inostrose, 1 .-i- Li. ic. -- ir -o, 142. J-a I- notroa, 1 .- iT-. Gar
ra, 14. Fr co r e r, 14.- Fran ci co l ere de crrot. rr, 1t.- F ciF co P ez d o rrto.

0i 0 0

V' 2SY\ h*1A~SL> CQ4~~ 1%~i~i 1%m"'-

1570 Jan 31 ST AGI 148-2-8 bd 215, p. 45. 1570 Jan 51 ST A A 148-2-8 brd 215, p. 45. 1570 Jan 31 ST AGI 148-2-8 bad 215, p. 45.

Madrid. Royal Cedula to Casa de Conntnrtaoin. Madd. Royal Ceddla to Csa do Contratacion. Madrid. Royal Cedula to Casa de Contratacion.
(copy) }. p, (~oPY) Y p. (coy) p.

Informs sending dispatches relatives to departure Informs sending dispatches relatives to departure Informs sending dispoathes relatives to departure
of Pedro enender's fleet, also dispatches to be of Pedro "enendess fleet, also dispatches to be of Pedro nendez's fleet, also dispatches to be
given to Menendez and to Juan Gutierez Tello, given to Menendez and to Juan Gutierrez Tello, given to Mendez and to Juan Gutierrez Tello,
contador in Casa de Contratacion, contador in Ca de Contratacion. contador in Casa de Contratacion.


1570 Feb ST AGI 148--8 bnd 215, p. 46. 15?0 Feb ST AGI 14-2-8 bnd 215, p. 46. 1570 Feb ST AGI 148-2-8 bad 215, p. 46.

n.p. Royal Cedula to casa de Contratacion. n.p. Royal Cedula to casa de Contratacton. n.p. Royal Cedula to casa de Contratacion.
(copy) Y P. (cohy) p. (copy) ip.

Permission to pas to indies with relatives and Permisiaon to pass to Indies with relatives and Permission to past to Indies with relatives and
servants for Belenguer de Casanoba, Ana Rodriguez, servants for Beleaguer de Ca anoda, Am Rodriguez, servants for Belenguer de Casanoba, An. Rodriguez
Alonso Lopez, Sebastian de Villa Rubia, Miguel Alonso Lopez, Sebastian de Villa Rubia, Miguel Aloano Lopez, Sebastian de Villa Rubia, Miguel
Sanchez de Vela, Julian Tello. SancheU de Vela, Julian Tello. Sanchez de Vela, Juima Tello.

00 0

A \> *~ rsc*.S

>~&~&VL~ ~ ~ ~ t&&V ~ -~ ax<~ ~xvt~X~

; ;--.. -;-- ii c~,-,j;- r,,,,,,,,,~ ;

^"'" -'; -"--: -I ---:~ i:-";;~";~I-: : _-2n~ ir~ i:
~-:~':' -----'-i;iiin? ~_,,c,

1570 Feb SI T AGI 4--2/6 bnd 221, 1 151O Feb 8 -S AGI 2-6-2/6 nd 221, p. 13 15?0 Feb 8 ST A t 42-6-2/6 bnd 21., p. 13

Seville. Casa de Contratacion to Kin-. Seville. Casa de ontrtacion to Klng. Sevolle. Ca de Contrata-con to King.
(copy, incopltet) p. (coy, incompltet) 1 p. (copy, incompltet) .
Concerning Cedula for settleirt in Florida for Concening Cedula for settlement in Florida for Concerning Cedu'l for settlement in Florid for
Pedro vencldez, it arrive and nhi aLswer will go Pedro enendez, it arrived ond hi, ; anwer will go Iedroa enendez, it arrived and h i answer will go in this depatch. Inprisonsent of Betdaooce oan in this desoptch. Inprisonme;t of 3,rtolone Bayon in this despatch. Inpriconoent of artolome Bayon
menti : ions: i enons: Lic ,ire, Jun e uzn. mention: Lic J-guirr e Jua de Guon.

0 0

aO Feb 11 5 I 1L bnd 247 9 1 9 FebL 11 1 1 bnd 247, -9 1 70 Beo l I 14 bnd 1 47, Mad Id R 2y Ceh l to n Cont- t ,cion. Mdi rM 1 Colu] i d. Con t-, io2 Madri c e 1 o a e oH

r e lo L t lo e to l a r olo e Cno e aa er- y he rini he rin ea te

0 0 0

S elb 7 34Oi 4 S-7- 3on l, 2 2. 190 cb 17 f I 1O 0 7 3 n i61 p. 1 157 0 1 7 3 1 -7 2 on 26, p. Md id. Cosejo d- I i; o n M i Co jo !a ndi to io .. drid n j 0 1 fi t .

di te e on o I oin C to u BE r on l ot o o o0 o ve i r on or no eiz r t ~ C i o edr ene-c d I 3 d-a one -arto r i a 1c ne1 de- In, de on 1 r I Lo a P! r 1 -ordcz i-clude on -,rm of r n z 5 ltoer to Kin ; C di b of Mn n let : to Kin, dtedi Cadi, Feb of M n oneda let or to Ki ,,ato: C diz, e Ca 11 to receive may a 1 nb b ilt in Catillo to -c;ire money a ag n b i n C illo to r ce'oe Inon,, a r cn b o n

1570 Feb 22 ST AGI 118-2-8 bnd 215, p. 47-48 1570 eb 22 ST AGI 148-2-8 bnd 215, p. 47-48 1570 Feb 22 ST AGI 18-2-8 bnd 213, p. 47-48

Cordoba. Royal Cedula to Casa de Contratlcion. Cordoba. Royal Cedula to Casa de Contraacion. Cordoba. Royal Cedula to Coas de Contratacians
(copy) ip. (copy) p. (copy) p.

Comann dto pay juan d Audicara salary earned Commands to pay Juan de Audican salary earned Coraad to pay Juan de Audicarm saplry earned
in ilorida by deceased sn of the ame ame. in Florida by deceased son of the share rsme. in Florida by deoeased son of the ale name.


-; .,

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1570 Mr 9 AT AI -1-l bd 263,p.i1-5 570 Mar 9 ST AI K -1-31 bnd 26, 1 -3 1570 Mr A ST .GT 5-1-1 nd .63,iv ona. n do inotoKi a nd e ruino to Kin. Hvrs ."n.re de gio to Kin.

mtions writing to Kin, fro an Ag;stin n Mention writill to Kin from an Agutin oi Mentios -iting to Kin from S, n Agustin o
4ug: .t 1, :169, ,here he ro et by odeu.:ntado Aug:st i, 569, where he w rent by idelnrt oc A',st 15, 156, where he w ent b AdeLn-tdo
en l, to tak -cot of u ies, m, YMendel to tk, 'c oun- of t u ies, arms, r Men llnde. to take ,cout of ulie,,, rms, artil ery, m:mit or etc. Infrms thAnt to in til ery, mmuniton, et. Informs th t to fnsh tlry j-unitOr ,tc. Iforms tht to fison prove must e mde or firud i wiiht ecorn proce~o m t b moe o fr; in eiGl t account a proceed ml sot -e mde o fraud in iglht
So odi de 1 1 f of li1 -r oldier Estab n d las

N4 *-

1570 (apr) ST AGI 148-2-8 bnd 215, p. 52 1570 (apr) ST AGI 148-2-8 bnd 215, p. 52 1570 (apr) ST -AI 14'-8 bad 215, p. 52

np. Royal Cedula to Casa de Centratacion. no. Royal Cedula to Casa de Centratacion. n.p. Royal Cedul on Casa de Cntratacion.
(copy, incomplete) (opy, inomomplete) (onpy, incomplete)

Informs that edro de arrola and Diego de Cisne- nformsthatedro de lndDiegdeisne- tha Pedr d, Y.rro.1 ad .ieo de Clone- Infozms that Iedro de Ybarrola and Diego de Cilnero. went as oldiers of opt. Juan de eorita i ros went as soldiers of opt. Jun de o'ita in ros went as soldiers of opt. Juan de jorita in
fleet with gen. Sanho de Arcinlaea. Colnd, to fleet with gen. Sancho de Arinieg. Co nd to fleet with gn. Sancho de Arcinieg. Comnd to
pay salaries owed them. pay salaries owed hem. pay salaries owed them.

* *

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157 Ar 6 S O I 140-7.5 ba S 64,p.1-2. 1570 pr 6 ST 140-7-3 bnd 26,1.1 15 a1 r 6 I I- M?-3u nd 26,.1- .

Madrid. .on ejo de Irdi s to Kird. arhi. Coa jo de Indnis to Ki Mad ri. Cons jo de Idius to King.
1 p.

a e l t fr C e ,- let r ow d r eivin lett fom C de
trot ,i nd a cop of --t of -d e trtioa a1daa oy of letter of o trat ion a cop of lette of 0 r del
still it ra simn ofn e, asr r l rtlaloith aetimore of -maer ai a l il lo i icftr r r ei
ro so ih they re aendin to ing, Ia OroZCo i-h Iey re n o in. 1o Orozm ich thy ro i 1 send letter frn Jan de Medoza with ews of -e i ,ter from Jan de Mondon r th new of end letter fro Jl a de Flrdoe tf nn n 0

,570 Ar I -i 10-7-s bd 64,.,-2 1570 Ape 6 S I 1 3- -7-, bnd 2 4, .-2 170 Ar u A1 14-7-32 bad ?,pd-?

MIadrid. Co ej n d ta .in d. Co sejo de Indi to Kin, adid. Car eo o de Indias to ing,
continued r:<, :reedFing card. conti1n e flro preceding crd. coiri ued from pre eding card

Ju a ise, Eg i wth ia n l ne, En n, wth 1 s. u ns Eng ith I1 hi, Ifor of nin a eger boat to 1 r 1e t- fo-rm f ning a mIeen t i no or o en ng a vesenfer boat to do er

of Ju ir o o d o Ju d n D tor de of J.,n de i nines. ilged by: Dottor L-i, de
olin, Doctor a a or, DO-totr aO ilre, Doctor alinar Do- p ar, octom ; :ra. Doctor r Dor a,

- + -v -N


2p0* 1 2-5-4/1 Un-, -. . 1 pr 11 I -4/1, In ,, p. 5. LI pr 11 T I --l/1 o p. 2 .

f- d cc in Su iellt C iu e -d for isrC b3-lie t i
S o c vi co c vi o- r der-

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.r I 12 u. 2 8 p 4 1n970 A ir l i a 2 / In l ,8 4 219 1 A 2r 1 lI 1 w 2I 4- .

In o u0 J R 3io 1 iv C va f on o 7 y up
no -u: cnc c.: c- 4l

n l, O i t-le ,- : -on e- l r i- r i ln:c hic o t o o a f ner i- d I, cy 1Ce

I 1r 235 is I2-5-/12 ba p. li-n. 1 ?A i U / bnd a g. -M a H Va o T ao o uppI a v b IraI

io nnoi ano
conic1 d it r cedi r 1rp n

Ot -r Gd la nc it In foI so in s a 1 r n- t

dted- anjus : 1 681. Roy1 Iiat it 1. Ba,- r u, -, it- 7, 168 la C han 1.a
noc as nom i on of 1. 1 oure ro I-t Dn ath e ai no, In ti-n of ne Lel ol Io t&-t, aa o ited: scr ,7b ,I6. 03 reif -n, I ed nori 1 re cn, 1t-: tor a n

i 2 P- .i 1 i3 1 4- nd 8 -P 170 i S = d S, i. 0-'.

-a or cicn on v I r c on n v -, n r .v In-or-a a o v n

o 1 po (c )

a0 ro 1- Inc d i t o 1 to no of ri- r0o a enc i l Ssor or i c o fla in 0,. n te t r- a 1 i ore nen.o 1. 0 D ol re ac c ni o 1 h .

* -V

O r i b-/1 n, 2 z i 53 17 r 1 1 / 1 -4, 1 5? 5 /12 bo 248, Ivn n I nformcir o- t ivn- fwn In r c i% on onnsu i 1 r
l In, n C o.,r a

of 2 n v L -r r a -r or ye a a o 0( v v tr, -r. :n n 1 d r- o r 0 t coI 1 n


I- -" ;; ~; ~i-
--1 -_

1570 Apr 24 ST AGI 148-2-8 bnd 215,. p. 1-52 1570 Apr 24 ST AGI 148-2-8 bnd 215. 51-52 1570 Apr 24 ST AGI 148-2-8 bnd 2i5, p. 51-52
Cordoba. Royal Cedula to Casa de ontratacion. Cordoba. oyal Cedula to Casa de Contratacion. Cordoba. Royal Cedula to Caa de Contratacion.
(copy) i p (copy) 1 p. (copy) p.
Commands to pay salary to Gaspar SanchezI from Conmands to pay salary to Gtspar Sanchez, from Comands to pay salary to Gaspar Sanhez, from
Canaries, as a soldier went to tiorda with gene- Canaries, as a soldier went to Florida ith gene- Canaries, a, a soldier went to florida with general ancho de Arciniegae, dro enendez sent him ral Sanchb de Areiniega, Pedro enendez sent him ral Sancho de Arciniega, edro renendez sent him
to Puerto Rico, where he marred. Contratacion owe o PtoP o Rico, here he married. Ccntratacion aeCa to Puerto Rico, where he married. Contrataion ow
hi 3 ducadoz per month, total of 93. hi 5 ducados per month, total of 95. him 3 ducados per month, total of 93.

0 0

1570 A i 9 I 2-5-il bnd 295, p. 19-2. 11570 r 29 ST AI 72-5-11 bnd 23, 19-2. 570 Apr 9 S Al 2-5-11 ba 25, p. 192.

Snta Fe, leva raios. Information on Santo e, Nouea Granada. Inform ioa on n Santa Fe, Eueva oGron da. Inforacrl on
Criol e ont ,rtol de Montao Cristatbli Motao
(caiy) 3 9 (coy) F p. (copy) p.

Power of attorney from Cristobal de Montao o to i ower of ottornmy fro troitobl doe otto to his Pow of attorney from Criltobal de Montaro to oi brother kodrigo de Monteno nd nis itorney vFra- rother lodrign de Kontano ,n hi attorney Fran- brother Podigo de Montaio nod ni attorneyy r:ncisco Beitoern cisco Beron.l.dei, cico Borr, de.

N- ~ N-N--"' N '--'~ N-'~"" '>X ~~N-Z 4
-4' ~ <4t~'~ 44N."

Nb Nb

157u ,y 11 o I -4/1 n 2 p. 16- 1570 "y 11 T 2-5- /1 nd 2 p. 16-i8 1i o 11 o I -5-/12 ion- , p. 16-1

Hana. Information on suplie .iv,-n b lrr o avail. ITaformaoion n on allies iven by ias ana. Informciacil n aupolic siven b ;n-es

s for info.mcion on tippice I f -,ve to i ra- k for informcion :on l s e to Hrr- A i ir forrncionon -ie n ve to er
Sdo de 01aa dcae, in 069. Sulies re to o de -, decea se, in 1969. a.-l.i ea to be s.n to fin but were sol ir w rr. M-nion b sr La F tt er d in H von. Men1 ions be .en to I. b re old i ] ios his inaes: Juan de Ynostrose, tecorero; ligo his irneo e: Ju n de Tro. o m, tenorcrol Diego hi- wi nes-s: Ju n de Inostrooa, tesoeo Di o
0S0 0n

157 MIy 11 St CI 2-- /1i d A., .. i6-1, -'I MY 1 a -i- /2 hd -, 1. 16--8 150 ay 1 T I 2 --/12 bnd 24, p. L6-1

Haa- Inforcn o i b n va Infor aion orn u i gv n nes H1vana.Informacon on rlies g en by
de usuino de glino. ae aino.
con -d from rea ad. cc in fro prc : cr. coninued fro rcel card.

Lopez Duran, conL- or; Jurn liaojs, artooe Lopez -an, contacr Jr d oj o e Iez a, or; ju-a de js, armle
,aero, Jun l.onso, Fracico d alos, iil:hor Cepero, Juan ono, Francisco de v ios, e cor aOperco J Alc; Faio a avalos, elclhor oiu-nz, AIto Ver, Fnico de .crloa, edr odri ez, n Vezio, Cco Cira, z, Inton Vezi, ranciso de ole x,
SM uln arcia. e Jo arc

0 0

1, aCay 11 _t AGI -i-1 /1, bdi f, 1- I 1 I ay 11 -T iI I /1 bnd 24, p. 1-, 1 0 May 11 T 1I 2-- /12 bndt I, p. 1s

H.aan. Inforrnto n a alie given by un reama Infor acion on u pl iven by ndres Havan Inforac.cn on supli v1 n by -oro
ab L ui-o. o not. us e ilo.

andre d, aino, ontor in t en a de iino ona in Fi in e I :- ino a o In Vl e 1 n ti ti of ccptnc of Ifor clan onL-c ,n a nfo cir oac irs oi u cIInfo caficnnn ccnnncerning ufat Inoo r a nnnin5 su- i,
arm, r 'unii ao gv o r.n- do de BIa ari ammun ior h a to i r.ldo e alza ars ammunition e av to da lza
in tha . i aana for ax, i F lt wr ol in I a o for in 1a h ar ol in Ha N

Is 01

15/J Ma 11 S 2-5-+ 2 bad +, p. 1-22 1 M 111 S T I i t-5.4/1 6n2 +57 p. 1-12 150 May fl 3S 1-5-/1 n S. p. 1-?

avarin. Ifor:c-ion o ur:,ioc g:ve p-o A.-nd, Hovn. I or-maCion on upplie: givn cL mndre avanr. Infor- cion on su lie iver b n reSE:uino. de ino. ds o ino.
cont rd fromj recadinr card. conEiou a firo -i r-din- cnrd. conina d ro ecin car.

r ar-tsov. rc-v ptitionn rd ,ill decide re otori ov. received petition on, ili ride re.ori -nov. received r tbtition rd ll de
the b t fi r Crown. the bas for ohe rn. te to bL for ie Crown.

0 *

., M l 1O a, 2-5- /-2 brd 2 8, p. 3- T10 M- 1 25- /I / bd 2 H, p. ab3 1 M 1 G a-5- /'1 b- -, p 1--8

Hn I n i fo c s i b Infor 1 o. n I lie v1 b

o in.oe 0inr t c t. Blta- de 7 roa at-r d- 0rr i r hi 00 olies. Cbe ece d h 0 in r o for h l0 o A ..ie.C b ,i
d n dr, t a r nno sr t--


'j*tVb~ Vt~ A<*~'VZV> *~~ ~ < \ >& V

-> ~ ~v>~ ~ V2~. C*O*S~> ~~-VU t V C.
V 1t>t~4~t
V >*~*>Z~ V~2~**.*


1570 Mey (20) ST ASaI 2--5/13 bnd t97, t. 1-2. 157O MaI (20) S A8-l 2-5-5/i nd m97, p. 1-. 1570 My (2n) 52 SI 2-5-5/i bnd 97, p. 1-i.

va. ief of nho orioavanariefoaioPief ofa anho Parao Csorio. havana. Brief of archo parn o oorio.
continued from precedin card. continued from preceding cerd. continued from preceding card.

Aguosin *here he fogoht against ngiis. Menandcz Ag-stin waere he oucit against nMtgi. Mnande, Age~tin *here he gou ht against Eng is. Nenndez goe to gavona and to eranca to meet ship alni-. goesto Hvna rand to isr-nola to meet sip azi- oes to Havand and to o-renola tomeet ship amiranta of Nico Cardona. Menendez to, to f ht ranta of Nicolas Cardona. Men-andez to o to finht ranta of Nicolas Cardo a Menendz o to fight Freonth corairs in Ycgue, fePorts of one of sLe rench corsaire n Yerm, Retorts of one of Este French corsairs n Yau ra, exports of one of -ste
bn de las alati s' ip l: t in afire. bn do las las ship lost in a fire. ban d- a Ala' ship lost in a fire.

~r r\ '~k-R>


K ~K%*.*\~TQ~S VK~ V V v~

170 jun AS I 14-7-20 bnd 26 p.-7. "? J n S 1570 Jun i 5 LT L 1 --O bi .M

Sevil1a, COm de Getroier. Sevil~l. 0 de Conon tr.acion. Sevill. 2ass deContratacion.
(coy) (coy (copy)
continj form pr eingcar. ont fo r. continued from e n cr.
ecx nces, lists of supplie etc. Oepei i of io et. e se it of uI et'.

.e *

15?0 Jun 18 ST I S-- I bn 266,.1- 1570 Jn 18 S 'i 54i -i bnd 266,1.J-2 170 -n 18 S I 4-1-1 bni

SHay Re-imiLnto nd Juistili to iir. Havana. regimiento and Justicia to Kii av iaegiuento and arliia to Kin-.
1 7 1 p.

nfcrms of coartrctioc f forit aith moroe fro Iaformst of cfntructicn of fort with moey om T Informs of co ,rctio of fort Lith -oney r ror
Nw Sin r the efe; e of coast and irt. oe- New Sain Fao tll defen, of cost aeo vart. Com- Ne. Slain for the defense of co at id port. Colins ht fr oe t e year they be p ha for more than re yers they nh ve ic tht far more thaa hree years t-y have not r noe ve tha oney, -d delltndo Moen d not -rceived the mony, an! delant-c Menevn not r -eived the oney, nd Adelant-d- Menen- d
wcs suoed to bring the money Asas concl sio- as uoed to bring te oney. ia- -oncluion wis supo eid to brin' the -o k onc usion

i70 I 1 ST 1 54--1 bn 26 .1 1 70 J'1 18 T I 54--31 bd 236,p1 15 Jun 1& T 'GI 5-1 131 bnd 266, .1-2

evea. lIeg mlento and Jus ie. to K .Hi avn eg -iento and Justicia o Ki-. I-nva el miento lnd Ju hieia to King.
continued fro preceding card. Tontned from recedi g card. cc lnud from peceding cild.

of fort. ComIin ha Pdre Mlnnde, de vi of fort. Cormllins thioatedro menendeo d- Avilre of fort. Cmlains that Pedro Menendez 1 bAviles doe not r't to pay foro su lies pel e in Cuba doe, not ant o py for suiiie people in Cba does not want to y for uplie- eole in Cuba
gave him to tke to if1orIida. Mndez laim v hit to take to telotia. Meneunez -ii gavea- hni to tlk to loria. c eananden -laie
that rown ill ry, that Crown ill py. that Crown lill py,


1970 Jfl 18 i 5- bnd 266, -. j-. 1170 Jn 18 I >5-1 bn 6s 1 t1 Jb 18 ST I 5 bn 6, -2.

-,oici i it in to ; Ju ici I v oJ ic i tot k to r c o ei to d r n a on r a cedi t r Abi ity, teen inibi i4 tyVt, 3 so n ..ignbi itt A



1% ixv