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John B. Stetson Jr. Card Calendar
University of Florida


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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alacuha -- Gainesville


General Note:
The collection contains calendar cards descriptive of manuscript documents drawn from the Archivo General de Indias in Seville. The calendar is comprised of about 14,000 catalog cards. The documents relate to Spanish activity in the Southeast borderlands from 1512-1783. Copies of the documents are held by the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, Gainesville.

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University of Florida
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~~s ri~ ~i- i,


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S- 1:--4, -

-~: __-__ -- ->vj -

1569 Jan 19 AI 2-2-3 Ft. 186,R. 3+, bad I3,p. 169 Jan 19 S A1 2-i-j Fat. 18,R. 3 bnd 250,p.2 1i69 Jan 19 ST il 2-2-3 Ft. 182 ,. t., bnd 20,p.2

I.xio. udiencia to Kin. exico uienc to King. Mexico. Audiencti to Kin.

Audiencea oiion unfavorable to Mnndoz ideo Audiencia S opinion unfavorble to oenendez' iaea udienci,'s oinion uifavorabl leo Minndez' iea
of ettiin in Panco. Mln;ions: io I sri of sttling Pnuc. Merion io Ispri o of settling in Panuco. mni io Esiriu
Santo, ,oanta ina. 6 Sigturl,- ;Snto, Snto Elena. 6 Signatures. Santo, Santa ioa. r 6 igru re2.

-rQ \:~. ~ -_i r- ~. . . . . .-;:

V V ---~- ;~ ~:-;- -;~.

-9~: :~r; :- _~~:~-~----;_-i~::i- ;-~~:-_;_: .:~ I

-"-8---I- ~~-- ---~I~- --- _-i~Wr-i--~-_

1569 Feb 3 ST AGI i-2-8 bnd 215 p. 14 1569 eb ST AGI 1-2- bd 215p.1415 Feb 3 ST A I 148-2-8 bsi 215 p. 14

Madrid. Royal Cedula to Juan de Aalia. Madrid. Royal Cedul to Juan de Avalia. Madrid. Royal Cedul to Juan de Avalia.
(copy) 1 p. (copy) 1 p. (copy) 1 p.

Discusses news of 10 portuguese in shallop that Discusses news of 10 portuguese in shallop that Discuses news of 10 portuguese in shallow that
took supplies to Florida, Fermission to Jan de took supplies to Florida. Perission to Juan de took supplies to Florida. Permission to Joan de Boifacin Jan de Parrag and Hernndo Palomino oniaionarraga and ernanino oniaion. Juan oe parras and aernano Palmino Bonifacion. Juan de Parraga and Hernando Palomin
to go Indies. to go Indies. to go Indies.

N- ~Vt~ >z~S~&~N- >Ktst >~-. ~4. *~> j~~< S 4~S\~N. ~~>S~

~ -< s~Th~ v>~~s~.> At ~~S#~vss $~*~~a~j ~
~v~SS---SS- -~~S~SSAAs ~ V


-t~<-*~'v v~ v 4* 4*z~t~ tt~~v c\w*~v ~z >{cs t
~%Thr~. ~~ vC t~~s*s'tC &~Sa~ 4 >74*

*&* ~~'V t4S~&&~*v ~ N~*~k~


1569 Feb 5 SC A-I l8-2-8 bad 215, p. 16-17 1569 Feb t ST 4GI 14b-2-8 bnd 215, p. 16-17 1569 Feb 5 ST AGI 148-2-8 bnd 215, p. 16-.7

Madrid. Royal Cedula to Casa de Contratacion. Madrid. Royal Cedula to Casa de Contratacion. Madrid. Royal Cedula to Casa de Contratacion.
(copy) 1 p. (copy) I p. (copy) p.

Cromlnds to pay masters and owners of hip that Co manda to pay oasters and owners of ship, that Cor ands to pay raster ad owners of ships that went to Florida. Mentions Juan Carrillo, escriba- went to Florida. Mentions Jdn arrillo, escriba- went to Florida. Mentions Juan Carrillos escriano Tn fleet to Florid, has to nke list of la- no in fleet to Florda, ha to ake lit os ala- no in fleet to Florid, has to make ist of sla0ies. rees.

0P 0 0

tr~- ~ ; ; i;~~~-:Y~, 9%-l-~ 9%_ii- --_ .I .~ i -lil-li--_ i\~i- I- i-.~~

~--rr~l---r::=~'-----_~-;-~- -~=i~.-~~.'~~":l'-~':" ---i-- ---;
-i -

59 Feb ST I -3-16/7;at 69, hnia 1 i 169 Feb 22 1i 3i 1- 5-7;i t 69, t O 2i 3- 159 a 22 S Ai 1-3 /71 ; t 9, bid -1, 10kPe co. Infor mi ,n n. ebastin de ille i o.If io. n-- n bastian d "illexic Infr 1io on bSeasstin de Vil l,,,
ieto. Prieto,. ril-to.
(co ) p (co ). (coy) p
cimony of rncisco edo H i- tiny of Francisco Rdonoi, 1.- H-r a s- Te tlony o Francis- o -do o, i .- HrJ i
uo, I.- Lorenzo de rrvajl, in t infor- .- d n o uz, 15.- Lo enza de arva l l in i for
pl,-On on n ,- n e s cion on S i i rieto.

0 0

1569 er 4 1 A A-i-1/26 ba 32, 1. 1-2 169 Mzr 4 A 0-1-/2p nd 232a 1-2 1569 !ar 4 s i 40-1-1/28 ond 232, p. 1-2

Seville. Ortega el jtosra d JUan utierorez tllo Sevill. Ortega Mo lgoo a and -Juan utierrez rllo ellet Ortega teloom -nd Jumn Gutierroz Telo
to Kin. to Kin., to Kin-.
C( y) (copy) 1 ~. ( 'oy) 1 1 .

Jitle parents to owner of shis of flee to Dlcuds pyrenLs to owner of ?;i of fleeL to Discuso payments to owner of hips of fleet to
Tierrr Firm I wt copt. Jua de uarr. -Incho iera Firme with opt. Ju-an de ugarre ndi ann o wierrn firmc with -t. Juon de Hug-rr and lianho de ilqi and g Crisbl ,e rao n o d l n gen. Crstooal de raso ad eo de Alli;a aia gen. Cristobl de t rno nri vieo P ore- d Vlde- feet to New Sain and sierra Flores e aides nn fleet to New ipoir nd sierra Flores de 1dc in flect to New Sain a sierra

0 *



V <- V V V V V ~


t 1~ >> V <~~>V ~ ~Z ~


t *-*c~> t~>
V.~t.~vt N*X V~t>S~ V > O->-U~V*t4t~S.w SS z~*o< ~ ~


169 Apr a8 S A-I 51-6-16/14 bnd 228, p. 5-6 1569 Apr 18 A3I i-6-16/14 bnd 228, p. 5-6 1569 Ap 18 C ACI 51-6-16/14 bnd 28,p. 6

San Agustin. San Agutin. San Agustin.
(copy) 1/ (copy) r1 p. (copy) 1F p.

Informs that enemy attack Irat San Mateo in la. Informs that enemy attack frot S5n Mato in Fla. Informal tat enemy atthcke frot San ateo an Fla.
and took all the artillery and suppli tnat re nd took t tillr n ulie ht were tookok ol the artiller rand .suplies that were
there. Asks for justleC nnd punishment for the thoer. Asks for jus tice nd punishment far the th ,e. Ask fort justice and punihment for the
guilty. Mention, Estaban de las ALs and P Menende. guilty. Mentions Estban de la Alas and P. Meenende uilty. Mention Entaban de as Aas and P. Menend

0 0

1569 apr.18 ST Ail .1-6-6/14 bin 228, . -14 169 Apr.18 ST AIl 51-6-16/14 n bi 28. 5-14 1,6 Ar.18 ST AGi 51-6-16/i bn, 228, p. 5-14

San Austin. Infonmaion on +he defense of fort Sn Aigustin. nlformrcion on the defense of fort Sn Agutin. Inform cion onthe defn e of fort
San ateo. Sn Mateo. San Sateo.
(copy) P- (coy) 8 (coy) 8 i<

Tea imony of Franc ioo >erez de Villda, n cr- Tesimon of ranciico erez ic Vil d, in char- Teimony of Yra'ncisco crzc. d ill da, in cnrre ofd suppls at fort AtEo, col ernlng Fren ge of aupli-c fat fort n Marteo, aoncering Fret- ge of sir. lie at fort an lateo, oncaring rench attack. Very detailed description of dengcr ch attack. olar detailed descr-ption of danger ch attack. Very detailed description of dnger following Diego C stelon's order to escape ith folio ng D go Cstellons order to escape faith following Diego Cstellon's order to ecape with
*l *

~~2.- -~ AI

< > t ~->

"0' '0

V >0202< '0 0 0' 2>-' 2 2' <-2' '02,2, 2' 0' 22, 2~ 0' 1%

1569 Apr 18 ST AGI i1-- -16/i bnd 22, i. 1--2 1569 Apr 18 ST aGI 51-6-1J/1. bnd 22A, p. i -22 1569 Apr 18 ST GI 51-6-16/1 brd 22i, i. 1-22

San igustin. Inforrmciononn the ifene of fort San gustin. informrcio: on the efen e of fort Saon o tin. Inforoacion on the defense of fort
San Kateo. San atio. San Mateo.
({opy) 8 (copy) 8 (copy) 8 .

Testimony of .rancisco Peliez, phycian, abour Testimony of Frana oaa el pPyabaton, t T y of elaep, physician, shoit
w t na penned at fort an Mato in april 15. hat p d fort San Mato i il 16. fortanMa in 1 t apit fort l 1568. Inforns of french Ltack and spanish escape to fort forms of frenc attack and spanish ecmpe to fort forn of french attack and pani h ecae to fort
San Axsatin. Mentic: cacique Ali icary, Dego San A-stin. Mentions: ccique Aliacary, Dieoa San iustin Mentions: ccique Alimcaran, Diego
0 0 0

569 Apr 18 ST 1-6-16/1 a bnd 22, p. r T 1-6-6/1bd 22 p. -2 1569 Ar 18 ST GI 1616/14 bed 228, p. 14-22

an Inforoion on the def-nse of fort San jutin Informcien on the defense of fort San rguotin. Inforoacion on the defense of fort
San Mntno. San Mteo. Son Matao.
(copy) tp. (copy) 8p. (capy) S pr
continued from .receding card. coinued from reedling cara. continued from preceding card.

Casteilon, Francisco Nduiez, )anoisco erez, Dieo Castallon, Orancisco Onez, Irncico Perez, Diego oastellon, Francisco :Bez, Franoisco Ferez, Dieg
del Vallr, JUan eal, Esteisn d a Alae. del Valle, Jan Real, Est-n de ras las. dei Valle, Juan Teal, atel a doe a la.

i69 2"8 .B ial 51-6-16/18 bnd 228, F. i22- 19 ,r 18 S AI 51-,-16/14 bnd 22, p 22-6 1569 pr 18 S' ,,I 1- 6-16/ 1 bnd 228, p. :-6

an austin. Infomocion on t.l defense of fort Sn j tin. Infor sion o Lhe defense of fort San gustin, Informaclon on the defense of fort
San Iateo. SanI atso. Sn MAteo.
(coyl) M. (CesY) ( o.r,) 4, o.

Testions of Lope de Sosa, oncerrnng ifrench ittai Tetimony of Lone d ost, -oncerning frenc tottock Test Im of Lope de bosa, concerning french Uitc
on fort San Meo in april 1C6. Soa went to on foa-t sn MatV o in cpll 1568. So went to on fort Sn Mateo in eril 156. Soa wuet o
Sin Mateo wih oher soldiers because of of Son Maeo with otoer soldier because of d~cer of San Moteo oith oLhe soldi-er Oecause of denor of indias. M'nions: .Diege Castllon, M iu-l Helnan- indlia, Mentions: Uiego Cateolor, Migu H-erm- indias. mentions: Diego Ca-ulion, Miguel lernan0 0


1569 apr 20 ST 1-6-16/iL bnd 228, 26-27 1569 Apt 20 5 6:I 91-6-16/14 nd 2 ; 2i6-7 1569 Ap c ST AGI 1-6-16/1 bnd 228, p. 26-2

Sn Ago uin. informcionn on the defense of fort San Agstin. Information on the defense of fort Sn Agus-in. Inforlnacion on the def, e of for
Sen Matet. San Mateo. San M oco.
(copy) i (copy) I p. (colpy)

Signed he rEteb o as Al as, note menionts he Signed rby istban de las Alas, note mentions he iged by -steb n he las Alas, rote ncntions he Si emi informacl~on concerning fort Sa, yroo will end inform cion oncern- fort Sn lMteo will s .n concerning fort Sa n Mateo
o the King, to the King. to the t in .

0 I0 0

1569 pr 20 T I 1-6-1/1 bd 228, p. 27-h 1569 pr 20 w GI a 1 6-1t/14 b 82 p. f7- 1569 Apr 0 A-I N1-6-1i/16 bn s, p. 27-5

Tn A nformacion in :t h defotn e l fort --an uin. Informcion on th defen tort San Agu i in. Infora cion on defense of fort
San iateo. an Mteo. Man ateo.
(cOpY) 7 r. (copy) 7 ('ofy) 7
Test-ony iven by Franoisco l: uez concerning Testimon river by Fracisco NLrez oncerinin lestimon y 0iven by roncico NaiEz co.e in.
rnch attack or tL ur a atoo,hen paniard :b frch attack or fors an a ,teo when sanar de- Frosh attack or for ,n tro, inn Spaniard ecide to escape to Srn gustin. Mention being ent cideo, o esc. to ar Agustin. Mention being ,snt oided to e cap to -a Agustin. Me;tion being
.ith o -ol ders to an Mato. -entib Dig ith soldiers to n Mateo. ontio ligo s ith oir to a ao. ons Digo
tell s.aa1 A d a.. tell, Satri limacny, Esar dc s. tell n, .t ria, AlSan .r d I l.


1tb9 pr 20 S 'iL 51-6-16/14 bnd 228, p. 35-j9 1569 Apr 0 T Ai 51-6-16/14 bnd ,8, a. 35-39 1569 Apr 20 S AlI 51-6- 6/14 bad 2, p. 5- 9

S 'alstlr. IforEcio, on he iefcnse of folrt an gusting. Info;-aoion on he defene of fort idla tcinS. informacin on the defense of fr
San Mareo. San blto. Sn MAteo.
(copy) o (coip) (cop

To tiony iaen b, ilfr-z DliPp CAteo12, one- Tatimoniy ive a'ler0 Diego CaSte lo coen estimony iven by hfierc Dieo Ctellon, cocer
ning French a1- in fomr San t, hn Spa- ng r nch attack in fo-t Sn Mrteo, whne Sic- ninG French attack in i fort n to, hen anirdss shaped Sa ra sti n. ni iscp o iAn a i e- aped to -an agustin.

-rr=x-~ -~ "Zlr~ ~__~ ;_1 I- -~__~I~---

-'II- z

a a a a a 'a a

N Nh

- =-

K- "- -----'---


V~. -?"~--" Vi--y 1%_~I~---

1569 cpr 21 A1 51-l-I'/14 bd 2P8, -50 I9 A1 a I l1 -2A. -1 8 1,69 pr 1 Sol i 5--1/14 and 2S, p. I8-.

continue, from precd ng cardt. crt nu ed firon preceding a rd. continued from rceding crd.

to f1e. cnd ren ook fr w tn ril1ry, I- to l :rch tlook ot t tee-,t mmu Lo flee and roch ook fort wit), rtillry, a-unilo on oI ki io ep ir ko u nii n led re opeairds. i. o j- nttioand-ld--3 nid fn and killed ome t rpa ,rds. Islk t jstirdo d p-ukrherd foro ilty. einoo t. tAino Ce .o m uesoons e5-for ailly Moebio.rm 1loo ce and punoirmend for Vilt i etions It Sator ib-hu. s cudr ', OS E t -iho.

i--: ~~_= l

'wll - -"

1969 Apr 21 1 Al 1--16/1 bnd 28, . IS9 Ar 21 S i1- / bi d 228, p. 52. 169 pr l I 51-6-16/- b .d 22, 1. i2.

Srn Ainstin. Inforacion on1 tne defense of fort Sno Afu.tin. Inforl LOat on the defense of fort
Sen Nat Sn Mat o. San Mat a.
(coy) p. (coy) 1 p. (copy) .

Diego Cateillon ass :e present A;toio L jues Diroo Cadtellon asks o present Anonio soquez Diego Cactellon asi s o present tonio asiuez
de Ceped. d Cepe.iZ de Ceped .

0 0 9

N--i~~; -}~----~-.~

N N- -~

'-----~~~~~~ -r- ~ -" -I;_~~ 1% ~

1569 pr 1 ST 5 i 51-6-16/14 bad 228, p. .p., 1,69 W r 21 ST i 1--16/14 In. i2, p. 5-1. 1569 Apr 21 Si 51- 6-6/1i bd 28, 55-5.

Sane gsinb. Infornacion on tho dofnse of ort in. nfroratn on th fe of for~ San gustin. Informocion on the defense of fort
n gus i. San Agustin. r Astin.
(copy) p. (copy) I i. (opyl) 1.

Defetor de b AItodnioo Vaqucz de -ca t i : le Defense mde b Anonio Vsquez de Ceped in the efenr ae o Antonio Vsez oe Capedt in the
chn-rges gaint 1ferez .nd gov. of fo-t an Mteo cnrges against alferez and rov. of fort on Mt o ch rges mginst 1firez and gov. of fort Sa, late Dieo astellon. Mentions: Gonzalo ill, i, c Dio iJo tllon. portion.: Gnzaolo nil, AlImac D a artll Ion. M i ont onzalo ill, Aiioo
n., 1rrnison N. ez. Die.o Costellon onded ny, Francioo Nnz. Dieo C -stllon ,- wounded n, Fratco niaez. Diego Ccatellon was wounded

0 00

1569 Ap 21 T Ai 51-- 1/- bnd 22, p. -57 169 Apr 21 T GI -6-16/1 bnd 22 p. 55 169 Ap GI 516-1/1 id 2 p.

.Sn A usin. InforXAcian onr defense oa nort S: >utis. Inormocion on tho defense of fort Can tin. Inoormacon or t-e defrne of fort
n .t on M Sn Mato.
ontinued rcm rnoccding car n continued from recdin card. continue d fr'o preceding a rd.

y -n tndian attack on fort o t th i ime of Frenal by an indian Ltckon fort so b the ti, of Fren by on indian attack o ort o h the time of r
attack FrenclrEo Nunez wa in charge of fort. I ttak --ncisco 'nez a charge of fort. n attack rnio ne a in chr of fort In
a no1 he sks hot Nilfez ro rnt Codul' for I not- he ak khnt h- e present a Ced1i for a not he asks ht Nu en present a Cedula for
which ho went to San ite to be in co an.d de hich h went to Sn ateo to b i co mn y de which he ent to S- :o to e i n co- wnd de

0 0



15 A 21 Aa I 21 1-6-16/14 bnd 2, P. 66-7 1569 LAp 21 ST !I 51-6 i6/14 ond 2S, p. 6-75 169 Apr 21 S AI 51--1 /1 bnd 2, i -73

San aIstin. TIforeIacion on the defense of fort SAn itgu:ti. informacon on the r one of fort San gus in. Informaicr on the defense of fort
San Mateo. So Mateo. San Mtco.
(8c) 8. (coy) P (cpyo1.)

Defeno by Francisco NTl oz to toh accusation Defense oy F-taisco Sicoru to the accusatio- by D'fenre by rncisco ute to she accusaion b Fiscal Tora Alurez for charges of flitgt from Ficl TOmi Alvarez for charged of flight fror Fiscal Toa s Alvare fo+ charges of flight from
fort a of ckfort San ateat o irenc ttack. fortSan MYatea t tL of rench attack. fort an Mateo at time of French attck.

0 0

~-\ r


V.- N -< NV ZN -V~ t~

-v ~--'~ V t.~-v -N ZN
-v~ t >~ N


-t s -u sL 9

V 1' SN SN N -NN

9 Apr S AGI 1-6-/1 bni 28, p. do-63 169 ApS ;I 51-6-/1 bAd ?8, p. 0-j 169 ;pr 22 -GI 1 -6-16/1m bnd 228, 10-13

n i Info ion on fe o ot Sn Austi nforco onn the efne of fort tA Inforacon In the .efnso fort
San Austin. _an Ag3- nn Agustin.
(coi) ik y (cop,) 1 i. (coay) Il p.

,Lntoric Va ,ue de Cee irn the behalf of icgo Antonaio Vaquez d SCeed in t-h brh1lf of ieg-o Antonio Vasquez de Ceed .n tfn behalf of ie;e Cateio a er f al Toman Alvarez that h Cstelon, ansers fiscal l rz ht eate a er fical Tm var t t has to arc hatl Catell was not Egulty beau- ha to acres that Castellc aers not guilty beca- 1a, to Iagree hat Catellc was not u .ilty ecause he a nt in. -rnd f fort at th i.. of .. hne w not in coua. of. t t r thc tiae eI s he wa not in omrand of o- the. tim of

1569 A r 2 31 51-b 16/1, bid 228, p. 60-6f 1569 A r ?2 S? AGI s1-6-16/4 bd 28, p. 60-63 1569 Ar 22 S All 51--1 /1 bad 228, p. D-63,

S A u~ nifor maion on Ie d~cfrne of fort Sn A stin. Information on tn1r derfn e o faort Sn au tin. Information on ohe defense of fort
Sat Mateo. San M to. San MAto.
-or-inued fram pr-odina card. oorninued from preceding card. oninced firol rocedin ard.

hoe r-rich attack. iDefena of Diego a telln, the r'rench attack. Defense of Dlego Casnellon. the trench l attack. Defen e of Diego Crtll on.

~i -2-- >*~\ >U -'~-~ N <-S ~-~2 >- N -5-U U U U -~2 555 U5

1I69 Apr 26 S l 51-6-16/1 bd 169 p 26 1-6-16/1 d ,. 2. 169 Apr So6 e A-I 51-6-16/14 bl 22d, p. 92.

San Agostin. Inforcion the defres. of fort San Austin. Inforocion on thr defnese of fort San Alatin. Informatioo n n te defnee r of fort
SrMa teo. San Mnteo. n Octe0.
(copy) 1 p. (coy) 1 p

Antonio V aisue do oe Ceeda on th b laf Diengo Antonio squez Oe Cepeo a on th bEhalf of Dieo Antonio Vad-uoz de Cepei on the behalf of Diigo
Caoiellon ~asks a ebano de d a A. ias to receive Caseollon asks astebano ndo n A is to receive Cstellon a*ko Estebao da I- Alan to receive
question or th robanza, concernin bandoing -i ion for th probon, corc-rnin c bndonin quCnston for th- robanza, -onaernrin aboning fort San Marco at ti e of enh attack in 1568. fort an ateo t time of F nrench tack in 16t. fort San ateo at ime of rench attLck in i68.
* *

4i -"- K--rl---"ri~. --> K--i-ri~~r-

: i~c:~x- ; _-~~ 1 ~ ~_ ~ -~-- ~ -

169 Apr 28 ST A-I 51--/ bnd 2 ,p. 76 159 Apr ?8 T AI 51-6-16/14 .nd 28,Z 7. 1569 Apr -8 11 AGI 51- 1/1L bnd -22,p. 76.

San Asutin. InforT cion on the defense of fort san Ag zin. informaclon o the deene o fo s-A Sn Aguoin. Iformation on Lte defense of fort
San ato. r. o. an Maro.
(cOny) f p. (acop) i f (copy2) I .

Tomac Alvarez asks Lo in prison as uiley: ranioF- To s Alvaier ask to in prison -s guilty: iracri- Tors Alvarez nks to in prison ao guilty: Franisco NuIez, Diegc de Catstllon, and sgt. asoal no Nuate, Diego doe astelion, aed st. Pascu l co Nuies, Diego de C'atellon, and a t. Pascual
Naverro, on c arges of fleeing from, fort Sari fato Navlrro, on charges of flo ng from fort Saol Mato Nlavaro, on c arges of fleeing from fort San Maito
Menbtons forts of Tacataluro and Santa Elena. Mentions forta of Tatacuro and ante Elena. Menolris forts of Tacataero and Santa Ele.


1569 pr 30 S A 51-6-16/i bd 2. f. 9f3-97 1569 Ar 3' S f-6 -16/1 nd 22. p. 9 -97 1569 Apr 30 IT 51--16/14 bn 2, p. 93-7

Son IPdro. Ilformacion on th defense of fot Sar. P edo. Inrfonaion on -- efene of iort Sano edro. Inforo.mcio on to defnse of fort
Son i-teo. San I too. San Mteo.
(copy) 5. (Copy) (o ) 5 p.

Diego de C1stellon presents his tnesses before DiegIo do Catrtllor proesnto his itnecoes before Diego de Cstellon prosent-. hi itnae se before Istean d itas las. question for i eses con- stchn de is tl. questions for ,itnes oc con- E iban do io io c. ueston for itnesses con a onra oFit ar Matc. cerring abondrnin fort San teo. cernintg i-ononin fort S n lateo.

00 0

1i69 p:r O S-T 'iI 1-6-16/14 Ond 22*, p. 16 r 6-16/1 d 98--i. 1569 pr 30 A 1 51-6-161/iT bnd 22S, p. 9-]35.

,an idro. Tort-nz or Dgo d Ctellon. Sn edro. rbare t nn eo, Porbnza on L Dieo e astellon.
(copy) 8 p. (cop') 8 p. (copy) 8 1.

robn a conrnin -ba donin, fort an M to ,t i-roanza cocernin, anndonnr fo t hn ateo at Pobanza concern, banning fort San [ Lto a,
French atte in april 168. itnees; Frcrnch att. in aTril 1568. itnesses: iFrech attic in airil 1568. aiLneses:
c- ncoi o im 10.- jun do rmi ,.- Frnci-co inmas, 106.- Ju ari 1-40.- 9V.- Srn o r 6.- Jdn r io, 11.Jm Ponce, 116.- Fncico Lope, 11.- Joaquc n Jun once, 16.- rancico Loez, 11.- Joun Jn Pe, 116.- Franceico Lo.ez, 118.- Joaq in
de 11 L iinn, 1i.- Dieo Mi 12.- Diego lopez r ivn 1- o Exia, 123.- -ieo Lopen

is 40

-~ ~ t K > K\ ~-\ ~>K; 2- K- -< ~K ~K K-K -I K- -K

Nb Nb Nb

-:~i- p-.

~ -

~~~- ~---~~--;~a~,~

1569 May 1 ST aGi 1-6-16/14 bnd a28, p. -8 1j69 My 1 nT GI 51-6-16/1 bnd l2b, a. i-82 1569 May 1 -T AM 51--16/l bnd 228, p. 61-8

a-n Pedro. Inforascion on he efenso of fort n edro. Information on th defense of fort ran pedo. Informcion on the ef-nse of folt
San bato. San Mato. on Mateo.
(coY) 1 p. (copy) I p. (opy)

onncisocooi uez asks that dur-ing robanzr oncr- ?Fra ei;ao Nl ez isks that during Fro.nza concer- Frani o ofooie a k that during p obanzn co ornin brandonin fort San Mateo during rnach- attak ning bandoni-g fort SLn MCteo duJrng Frach attac ning abandoeg fort Sa Mateo durln -nelah atLack est monies from both side should bI preoarted. Al- testimonies f-ro both sides should be presented. Al- Leotimonin from both sides should be presented. Al
so asks for -ta tim to ar 'g- hii lobo na. so sk for extra time to errnge his pr-obhnz. no aska for extra tie o rrange is proanz.

N N <~ ~\

N >->~ N V

V .TNS~?atThNVV>VV~V V N V ~t- V N N V N A NV N NN N N N N
N ~N~NN V -N- N N N ~

e- <"_~- T

ic- ~ ~ t~_a -~-- ~ i,~ ~rl:
Ki~ ?, --~ N -

1 69 May 2 a I 5-6J-16/14 bnd 228, p. 85-8. 1569 May 2 ST AI 51-6 16/14 bad 22I p. 81-8 1569 May 2 ST A ;I S1-6-16/1 bnd 228, p. 83-84

San pedn-. Inforemaion on the defense ao o-r Sl Pedro,,. iformation on the defense of fort Son edro. Informcion on he defense of fo-t
SIe M"teo. San Mates. San Mateo.
ontlnued from preceding crd. continued from preceding card ontiinu, d from receding cr

tin, ask to be free became he left fort obeyig tin. Asks to be free c- e h left fort o.eying tin. .sk- to be free because he left fort obebin
Nuremr order L take cople to an Au tln. Ntezrs order to take people to an Ag- tin. Nu-;l order to take people tc S-n !custin.

V4%h *~r~; i-s, i~

V N ~V>~ >-~\

-> -~ -~~- N-V V -N. ~ N

N N-~- N CV- -N NV-N. V V NV-

1 lbMy I S AM 2--19 St nb1SC, i p. 1-b. 1U 9 !y S S ASI 2-1/VY !kt ti 40. p. 1-6. 159 T -/ fat n l p.

San equ tin l a. 7)e eae of e- a d a b nda. San U r -ti. F-i- Defense oaf t"o d, iranda. o iotie of tic de 1ir nda. (ce:y) 6 p. (co:y) 6 (cop6y)

t scrf o-rt an to ..t a s d las ^s dcrfoa ls of fort Lan at o li in 6 t di r ria, 168 o indin d r-ir at c. r- Fria in 16 o indin d crir at. tons. 'ilot Anrs Feran F nc o aurs, t t r "i r, ton: pilot -A-rs Fer Aim.cani Francisco
Juaks fr Ja l, ero enende I ks for Juen d- aaz.. Il. T Feo .enende MdroUz. Ask., raodad rpliea.{( o is (1 )) oasnO supli in s (1 8)). fodand si ui.s. (oniue (1588 .

1'69 ly 6 1 AIl I-6-16/fb 8d e, 8- 16 ay 6 f- (3I 1-6-16/1 nd 22, p. 8-,9 169 May 6 S AI 51-6-1b/14 bra 28i, ,. 8d-89

San ijustin. nforrmaro o, t e dfcn e of fort San lu-tin. Infomr ion on tie drefer of ort San .u tin. nforcion on t oefe se of fort
San Mateo. S n ato. San M

To Pedro Valdes in c.haro of oldir s in Florida. o Pedro Valdes in charnc of soldierss in Florild. To Pedro Volde in Sare of soldiers in Florida.
Pascoll favarro says that portion prosctled by Paocual Nav -ro says ti t petition presented by pasc-l iiava- o ay that eition irTsented by
fiscal Tomas Alvarez as no validity. fiscal To l z no vl dity fiscal Tomas lvare h no validity.

00 0

--~-~- ~c. : -

1569 May S T 16/1 bad -, P17-i20. 69 y 15 S A t1-6-16/14 bad 28, p. 217-220. 1569 Muy 153 ifT A 51-6-16/14 bnd 228, p. 217-2 .

Inforoocion on the defense of ort Sani Mteo. Informin on the defefle of fort an MOhteo. Informcrion on the defense of frt Mr n teo.
San Ii..o. San Pero Son Fedro.
(coy) 7. (copy) p. (copy) 4 P.

Pocol Nava-rro -ok Ltot his witness ce examJ Psc-al N'vrro rk; at hi witnesses be cxmni- iascul Noe ro ak tht hic witness be ex-ind in the cae concerning French attlc t fort San nei in the case concerning French at ck t fort Sn no in the cas conernint Frnch tck t fort Sa
Mateo. Mcntio itnesseo nd question Ma ec. Mention itnees and uesi-on. K-teo. Mentions 'tnesse s and q(ostion.

0 0

569 May Sc I 7-6-16/1' b 28, p. 2l-23 1569 May ,15 ST iG 51-6-1/i b 228 p. p1-3. l 1569 May 1 C MA 5-6-16/14 k p. -21- c

n ; guti. roanz on Pa-cn l N varrcn. an g robnza on acl avarro, n ,a ,utin. roana on aci va-rr (copy) 17 p. (1oPi) 17 p (copy) 17 '.

Testimony of witnesses pro cnLd y set. I ascul Testimorny of rtn eire presented oy sgt. Pascual TeoLimony of witnesses presented ay gt. Pscul ar-ro in -o ca -on-ring roeno attack on Nov- o i c aoncrnring renc atcIk on Navaro in S case oncenng Fec at ck o
fort San Maro and paniards IOandoning fort. fSot San LMaio and Sopniard. aInonoin fort. fort San Mato ;d 3aniard ar ndoning fort.
~itnesse: 221.- Pedro Domini 22.- eronime Witnesses: I.21- Piero Dominuc, 22.- Geronimo iltnerovo: 21.- ed.o Dominguez, ?, .- Gronime
re Cohimora. 226.- Erteban SedeZo (sic) 22.- oe cohimora, 2a6.- Esteban Sedeo (sic) 29.- e Cohimra, 26.- Esteban Sedano (-c) 29.* *I

i1s9 may 15 ST AGI -6-/1 bd 8, p. 2,1- 8 1,69 My 15 n, -I 31-6-16/1 4 ond p. 221-j 1569 M li T AGI l-6-16/1 nd f8, p. 221-2l

San -gtin. Probanz an iniNav-arro. an, in. P'rbalza on nnasu SNaaro. San ustin. Probanza on iasali Navarro.
continued f-o prcdinz Card. continued ron prceding card. continued fron recendl arrd.

,lonso Lrr, .31- Baliaor .,233.- 3 ran- ,lonsa do Loa,, 231.- Blt-aar Ruiz, 2f3.- Fran- ilono d Lore 2 1.- Bltaar nuiz, 253- Franoisco Gomez Cannurro 26- Jur co GEz Cro, 2 u ar ai. ciacpona Gom cancarror, 46.- a Rui.

40 0

169 Nay 16 S AsI 51-6-16/i1 bdn 22l p. 1 1,6 ay 16 S FII 51-6-16/14 bn 28, h. 91 1369 May 16 ST ..GI i 6-16/14 iA n 228, 91

Taartcumo Information on the defense of iort Tacitacue. Inforranoion or th defense of fort Tc atacuro. Inform;cion or th defense of fort
San Mnteo. San tMteo. san Matco.
(coy) 1 p. (caoy) i p. (coy) ip.

FranEinso Nioae asks to postpon date for his Francisco Nuhez ats to ioopone date for his rialnciso Nuez aso o to postpone date for his
prob-na due to fact that some of his witnesses due to fact that some of his witnenes probant due to fact that soae of his witnesses
are in S an irutin a he ha no way Lo go there. are in an uatin aon he has no w to o there. are in San gustin n od h h no way to o there.

*I *

N,>a;~ - -=; ~- -I~.

1569 May 16 ST AGI ti-6-16a1L bad 2l8, p. -- 19 Ma, 16 S AI --1 iad 2, p. 1- 169 MIy 16 ST AI l-6- 16/ bnd 228, p. 191San Fedro. Infor,- con o the defense of fort San ledro. Inform cin on Lh .icfoine of fort San Pedro. Inform cion om tI defen e of fort
abn ottec. Sa.n ioto Sn MtLo.
(coy) (cpy) p. (copy) f.

Tom- livaren ak I- armssion for 20 more ctay to Toma Alar ak ermi o n for a nre d, on Toomas lvarez Esk- ermission for 0o mre ty, to ,elare e a, nst: Foc ico NC e, Tiego c -,eare cse aist: rancico Nu a Diego s- repae o se ainst: s -ci co coz, iego ostbion, -ond ase l N2.erro. tlilon, no Pascal Nvarro. teion, and iaccal avrro.

1569 May 20 ST AGI 14,-2-b bnd 215, p. 18 1569 May 20 ST AGI 14-2-8 bad 215, p. 18 1569 May 20 ST GI 148-2-8 bnd 215, p. 18

Aran..ue. Royal Cedula to Casa de Contratacion. Arauez. Royal Cedula to Cad de ontrtrtataion. Aran ue Royoyal Cedula to Ca de Co~ntrtacion.
(copy) d, p. (copy) i. (copy) p.

Orders to pay 500 ducados to Constanza de Andrada. Orders to pay 500 ducados to Consoanzi de Andrada. Orders to pOay 00 ducados o Constnza de Andrada
Her husband Pedro de AndRda served and died in Her husband Fedro de Andarda served and died in Her husband Pedo de Andrade served and died in
Florida. Mentions Pedro enEndez de Aviles. Florida. Mentions Pedro enendez de viles. Florida. Mention Pedro enendes de viles.

1569 Jule ST AGI 148-2-- band 215, p. 20-21. 1569 june ST AGI 148-2- bnd 215, p. 2U21. 1569 June ST GI 148-2-8- bnd 215, p. 20-E1.

Escorial. Royal Cedula to Casa de Contr tacion. Escorial. Royal Cedula to Case de Contrtacion. Escorial. Royal Cedula to Casa de Contratacion.
(copr) p. (eapy) h p. (copy) Y p.

Permission for Juan oe Espinosa, Ctalina Camacho, Permission for Juan de Zspinora, Catalina Camrcho, Permlision ior Juan d; Espinosa, Catalina Canaacho
and Lic. Traspinedo to go to indies. ad Lic. Traspinedo t o to Idies and Lic. Traspinedo o go to Indies.

, -n 1 l 5n- bdi 1569 J4 a I 54-2- n Jd p

5 ov na P yedo Me-ndaz de v er to Ein. avra. Fedro M n anez de viles to pa. 3 avana. ed-o Nen n de vile a o ring.

nf rms f i n to g e o V d for o hi ; i o g t If r of I as to o ew, I Val, e to n S It set. 1 .t from os irs. I fe f anih o i t fro ors afe f d S ni s tle n frm co Si 1 f fld to ain avi s mo arial le t t le v e ecu ia of fet Lo New in, rie Ior e
-ohn 11- 17 e- i . o r S ity n I o ir n c t f0 ri y 4 o_-i -in c t for n

f_;,,i~ -w.1"_ _= ~-:; i ~~:;=-;i ; ~---- --~i~i;"; i;r\l ;-~2~;ii--:-

K 1< WA- -~.... -~ -~ 2<



1569 Jn S 0-1-1/ bnd p. 12 2569 Ju ST I -- p. i 69 Jun S1 I 0 1--1/, bndl p. i

i l nfo ion onr Xm o d e Br, oo S le. In a ion on i no d re os il Inf on X o. d brie olrr

(00; ) (co ) (coy).

aoe men o a Ca de COr tacion receive petLti on No N en on Casa d- Conra tLcit r cev p et tion Nte o o iont, C I de Co tratic on rcEiv pltio or r tno Inf -or onoon f w or rt Inforer- on uadto, f t- for Brt ono Inlfor lon que tion 1- nota cs ooncernin h, al I a z t ent o: ox n ne s cco-nin hi sala y an y t of x n- ne s on ce in n al ly n a, eot o cx ne. on s h T LIa t n -ent i to I0ie e on his s ip CT LI I ent ice to In io on nis shi '. LI T n t ice to indie
o 1tIe O an 0 0


169 Ju~ 22 ;- ili i -1-1/ nS nd -56, 14-1 5 169 Jun e 2 1 4-1 -1 ,2 bnd 36, p. 14-,j 169 J ,-3-2 AG I 401-1/2 bnd 236, 14S ail. Inor on imno en na Sil. nforcIon n Xijono de rteo vil Inforcion on mio roteno ,
nip. ship. hip.

Frencio g in the ehlf ol X na n- nco i in h hlf of .imnen -a rt rn-co guil r in the aoh lf of Ximona Os brten
dnpesets nor I r acon o e iona -e-nt i n es o Iorl con on ar e- dona p -t nes fr I rcn or re onon ship T h fe w tris n a hi L h after t Lrips t In- oral 1i 'ALL ther after e tris :1 1n* 0I

I 0.9 Ju 2-3- T I11 -11- nd -4 159 -un a,-2-25 _- '-1-1/2 d 83 J1 1 0, our :-,D -2 ; 4-E 1-c.. bnd O p. 14-Al

ile n cill r z 12cio n on imro -a 3rrrioc n r 1,a d.

-rio han t b.en.iid s or n-- .-ai ior .a o o-en oid s a c or nex- .1s -Jd n an t een aidl oio t.- il e- i.. -d- CML, a>
i~mc;. ;ninny a ~reiri i. 'I in ,, -, -, lbal 1: .- clj. clo l ; ,n "" -c i 1, p lo a m 1 cno d
irar _.- ja ; i J;CI. ZL. .~rr_ -a lit rr-,?, ,-I. (. ini Titip
:'Lru, Io-o- n-nin-, ill, Afir

169 un R --3-2-S i A-1-2/6 bnd 2S6, 1-S ipg J1M u -2S-. in: 1 O1 / / n e a p-. i-+ 36 I- -I-a1, ST J, 1--1-i/ hn '6, p. 1-4

-eills. -o-r n ir on I co de ar endona S 11+ inform oon on ien n X ro de 3-re endona r ii. ~shi'- .l

continued 1- l nee n card. co Lin d fre -ece a ard. contina d fro pre- li ca .

"tonio de Saersan. ntonio de, I',n.a. >?- tci ooorr o -e a co 3 Antnio dj .ae rr 9,- ntonio Gathe-.
1a1 I *

V~ -V -1-V- --~~C~ 1%i

Ut- >< ~t-. + it- U

-t- V Vt -U t-~t t


V N> ~-~t--- U'tA

Nb Nb Nb

159 Jun 24 ST AGI 51-6-f16/14 b 228, p. 25-.E8 1569 Jun 24 ST AGI 51-6-16/12 bna 228, p. 2G 3-28 169 Jun 24 ST AGI 1-6-16/14 bod 228, p. 2 3-2 8

San gu~in. Infornmaion n the ocfans of fort E-rn Agusin. Informaion on the defense fort San a o in. Infor-aci-n on the def nse of fort
S i Mn eo. San Mato. Gn Mateo.
(cop ) i p. (copy) 5 p. (cop,) V p.

Antonio Vlasqouoz Oeped in the behalf fof ie ion o Vasquez p in th bhlf of ieo Cas- Antonio V quezo Cepea in the behlf of iego Caotellon complains of iocal TJo ~ iAlvarez for not tellon complains of fical Tomaas ivarez for not tellon coplar- of fiscal Tomos Alvarez or not preeting L Clar a ri Cstelon re-, ina Cforic whei n Cat Sllon went to n psortoing Cedul; for wrlc Caste lon occtt to ran

0 0

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