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John B. Stetson Jr. Card Calendar
University of Florida


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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alacuha -- Gainesville


General Note:
The collection contains calendar cards descriptive of manuscript documents drawn from the Archivo General de Indias in Seville. The calendar is comprised of about 14,000 catalog cards. The documents relate to Spanish activity in the Southeast borderlands from 1512-1783. Copies of the documents are held by the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, Gainesville.

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University of Florida
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~ < ~ V. ~N >*~X,2>A & <.&~>h~sz V. Iu~;~-

-zz ?LtS ~ n ~

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(1567 ST A-I 35--9/19 Contr 908 bnd 03, 17 (1567 ST AGI 35F 9/19 Contr 3908 bnd h O, p. 17 (i167) ST AGI 35-1-9/19 Contr 3908 bnd it3, p. 17

Seviille. Diego de arde Seville. Diego de Cardenas. Sevilla. ~ego de larders.
I p. 1 p. 1 p. Declare receipt from Juan de Uceta of 300 pipe Declare receipt from Juan de Uceta of 500 lip> Declare receipt from Juan de Uceta of 500 pipas
to go in ship SANTA MANIA to go to Florida. to go in ship SAIA MAPIA to g o Florida. to go in shi. SANTA eARIA to go to Florida.

~ -~ ~ < t~>$~t~ 4 ~& &' < ~< 4< 4< <4 4< 4r< 4


1567 ST AGI 5~2-i5/10 Jus 750 B, bnd 197, p. 258-272 1567 ST AGI 0-2-55/10 Jus 70 B, bnd 197, p. 258-272 1567 ST AGI 02-55/10 Jus 750 B, bnd 197? p. 25b-272

Seville. Probanra of Isabel de Bobedl>. Seville. protnw o Isabel de Bobadilla. Seville. probanza of Isabel de Bobadilla.
(copy) (copy) (copy)
Complain of ernan Ponce de Leon and his answers Complains of Hernan ponce de Leon and his answers Complains of Hernan Ponce de Leon and his answers concening the law suit between isabel de Botaill concerning the law suit between Isabel de Bobadll concernig the law uit between Isabel de Bodill Herando de Soto's widow, and Heran Ponce de Leon. ernndo de Soto's ido, ad Heran Pnc de Leon. Hernando de Soto's widow, and Heran once d Leon

0 0 0


1567 ST AGi 35-1-9/19 Contr 3908 bad 2a p. 1-5 1567 ST AGI 35-1-9/19 Contr t908 bad 203, p. 1-5 1567 ST AGI 3 5--9/19 Coatr 3908 bad 203, p. 1Seville. Juan Aguutin. Seville. Juan utin. Seville. Juan Agustin.
(copy) 5 p. (copy) 5p. (copy) 5 p.

Lisa of supplies given to Juan Agustni, maetre of List of suppliess given to Juan Agustin, mace re of List of supplies given to Juan Aguotin, maestro of hip SANTA MARIA to o go o Fla. and receipt, signed ship SANTA IA to gto o Fla. and receipt, signed dlip SANTA MAIA to go o Fla. and receipt, signed
by him, a f goods he got from different people. by him, of oods he got from different people. by him, of goods he got from different people.

e 0

1L67 ST ASI 3-1-9/19 Contr 3908 bnd 20), p. 6 1567 ST AGT 3 i-9/19 Contr 3908 bd 203, .6 1567 ST AGI 3 1-9/19 Contr 3908 bnd 203, p. 6

Seville. Eupplies for Iloride. Seville. Supplies for lorida. Seville. Supplies for io;ida.
(copy) (copy) (copy)
List of supplies to o on chip PKeCADEA and List of suplics to o on ship PESCADEA anmd List of suppl i eso o on ship ESCAr and
Barzoso's ship. srzoo's ship. Barzooos ship.

0 0 0

1967 ST A135-1-9/19 Conr 3908, bnd 203, p.8-15 1567 ST AGIS1-9i/19 Contr 908, bnd 20, p.8-15 1567 ST Ai13-1-9/19 Contr 3908, bnd 203, p.8-15

Sevnlle. Jun Zacarte, mercader, to Juan Francisco Seville. Juan Zcarte, mercader, to Juan Francisco Seville. Juan Zacarte, mercader, to Juan Frmocisco
( 7 I. (copy) 7# p. (copy) 7n V.

Letter concering merohandise le is sailing to Fla. Letter concerning merchandise he is sailin to Fla. Letter -oncering merchandise he is sniling to Fla.
and he will not be rsponible if something happens and he will not be responsible if something happens ad ne will not be respon-ble if somethingg happenF
on th trip. on t trip. on tn- tri.

0 0

t~ ~&Sz~.> .~- ~ ~ ~ V. 4s~ Au '~A~ ~.>

-~ ~t~~t~-ut. X~ -*~>7 ~ X<' ~4<~ ~~t&z**7&>> ~ ~tr~

1567 Jan 3 ST AI3 2-5-4/12 bnd 201 p. 5-8 1567 Jan 3 ST AGI 2-5-4/12 hnd 201 p. 5-8 1567 Jan 3 ST Al 2-5-4/12 bod 201 p. 5-8

iEspaola. Pedro Menndez de Aviles. Espaola. Fedro Mnendes de Aviles. Erpnot,. Pedro Menendez de Aviles.
(copy) I p. (copy) 3, p. (copy) 3S p.

He nominates Pedro Menendez Valdes in cosands of He nominates pedro Menendez Valdes in commnds of Re nominates Pedro Menendez Valdes in commands of 500 oldie forthdefenseofava other 00 soldiers for th defensed of aava d d th other 00 soldiers for hth defense of Haa nd other 500 soldiers for defense of nd other
ports. Mentions Royal Cedula concerning tuis ports. Mentions Royal Cedula concerning this ports. Mentions Royal Cedula concerning this
matter. Mentions Pedro Menendez Valdes as maestro matter. Metion Pedro Menede Valdes as maestro matter. Mentions fedro Menendez Valdes as maestre
de Eimso in Fla. Discuses artillery, Pedro doe capo in Fla. Discusses artillery. Pedro de capo in ala. Discusses artillery. Pedro

-4 ~- ~- -~ -h--~4~ -v~-~~---~ -~ -~ -~t -Th-~-- -~ -


"- V~l t ----~-u;~-.~~i -.i i~ i ~ i~ 11~~;;-=r

1567 Jan 2 Si or 87-'-2,V,f. 25, nd 20 7 Jn 20 I 8-2, 2 bd C, 11-2,, 1b7 Jn C. ST GI 87-a-2,v,i. 2, bnd 20, p. 1

Madrid. King to author ies in oGiat n Mdrid. Kin La authorities i ut nd adrid. ing to thorities in G oml Id
N- Spin. New Epin. INew Sain.
continue r ecdng cr. co from ecdin car. o ud fro n ca,.

Due to Veli tne's vie 5 Kin colmnd he Du to Velauw' servi KF- ing com mnanda he Due Vels ue'. avice King omrand he
be iven piLior nd ll ecmry aid nd be given a position n l i ece r i 1iven position all eSr i n oport

1567 Jan 21 ST ACI 2-54/12 end 201, p. 1-3 1567 Jan 21 ST ACI 2-5-4/12 bnd 201, p. 1-3 1567 Jan 21 ST AI 2--4/12 nd 201, p. 1Havn. Pedro Menendez de Valdes to Audiencia. Haeya. Pedro Menende de Valdes to Audienia. Haven. Fedro Menendem de Valdes to Audicncia.
(copy) 3p. (copy) 3 p. (copy) 5 p.

Sent by Pedro enendes de Avile cae with 500 Sent by pedro enendez de Aviles came wih 500 Sent by Pedro enendz de Aviles came with 500 men to help port of 9avana. Wants to build a men to help port of Havana. Wants to build a men to help port of Havana. Wants to build a
"torreon" for the defense of the to n, and die- "torreon" for the defense of the ton, and dis- "torreon" for the defense of the ton, and dicA s it. Informt tat he has Royal Cedul for cusses it. Informs that he s a Royal Cedula for usnses it. In ormsj at he has a Royal Ceula for
all defensive plans all defensive plans. all defensive plano.

00 0

l$67 Ja.n 2 S A-I 42--61/' bad 103I 52-54 1567 1Jan 2 ST -i 42-6-1/ ind 0od p. 52-54 1567 J n 23 ST A1 43-6-l bnd i3), p. 52.-5

Sevill. Caa e ontramacion to Kinr. evill Caoa de Contratacion to King. SeVlle. Cas- de Conrstacion to Kin;.
(o) 2 p. (coly) p. (copy) 2

oanciso DuIrte reports he will ,o to San Lunc in Francico DUente rcorts h ,ill gc to San Lucer n Francisco arte tr.orts he aill ei o S n Lucar in oreer t. hlpf lee o o tIere will not be dcyly in orier to celp flet o therr wiil ot be a delay in orcl to rlp fleet so trere wil not be a delay in departure(to tew Spain). mentions receiving letters departure(to ew Spain). :Sentions receiving lerEors departure(to New SpaiU). Mentions re-ivingt letters from P. Menendez from ia. nd he sends Fricncien from P. Senndez from Flrt. nd ne sends a Fretnwhan roam Moeende, frtm Fla. an h e sends a frenchman
that was left in Fla. Conernin, clricsor hat was le' in Fa, onernling frieo for Livt sr lc in Ill. Conce-nin nalaries for

1I67 Jan SL gI 42-6-2/5 bnd 103, p. 52-5 1567 Jan -5 S .I 02-6-1/5 bnd 10 5-4 1567 Jan ST 1GI h-i-1/5 bna 103, p. 52-34

Sevile. C b de Contratacion to King. Soville. Casa de ContrtaCion to Kin. hevidll. Casa e Contratcin to Ki--.
Continu ed rom ceding crd. Continued from -recedin card. Continued from 1receding card.

people in Fla. Problem with pilots that want to go people in Fla. 2Pobnlem awi ilots th- w ant to o people in la. problem wit pilots tl t wnt to ao to Indies anddin't gt instruction in cosmnoraphy. to Indie anddidn't get instruction in fmography to Indiep anddien't net instruction in cosmogaphy.

9 9| *

1367 Jan 28 ST AGi 2-5-4/12 bnd 201 p. -13 1567 Jan 28 ST A 2-5-4/12 d 201 p. 9-13 1567 Jan 28 ST RI 2-5-4/12 bnd 201 p. 9-13

Bavana. Garcia de sorio. Havana Garci de srio. Havana. Garcia de orio. (copy) p. (copy) (copy) 4) p.

Asks Pedro Menendez to get people from Fla. to Asks fedro Menendez to get people from Ila. to Asks Pedro Menendez to get people from Fla. to defend Puerto ico a avanaa oyalCelerto Rici and Havana, aas Royal edCeu defeefnd Purtuerto Ric and Havava, as Royal Cedla desd Poe dico and Havens, a Royal Cedula presented by Pedro Menendez Earques, said. Dis- presored by Pedo Menende Marque, maid. Dim- presented by Pedro Menendez Mar-ues, said. Discuses torreon, ases torreon. cusses torreon.

1567 Jan 28 ST AsI 2-5-4/12 bnd 201, p. 13-14 1567 Jan 28 T AGI 2--4/12 bnd 2C1, p. 1-14 1567 Jan 28 ST AI 2-5-/12 bnd 21, p. 13-14

Havana. Havana. Havana.

Opinion given by Diego Perez Duran, contador, Opinions given b Diego Peres Duran, contado,, O pinion-s ive by Dieo perez Duran, contador,
Antonio e in Torre and Diego doe oto, regidore, Antonio de la Trre ond Diego de Soto, regidores, Antonio de la Torre and Diego de Soto, regidores,
concening torreon to be built in Eavana. concerninLtoorne to be builtt in Hana. concrnro trreon to be .. lt in Levana.

1567 Jan 28 ST AI -5-4/12 b.d 201 p. 15-16 1567 Jan 28 ST A3 I 2-i-4/12 bd 201 p. 15-16 1567 Jan 28 ST ,a.I 2-5- /12 nd 201L p. 15-16

Havana. Pedro 'enendez Valde-. Havana. Pedro ^enondez Vaide. Havana. Pedro 'renadez Vildes.
(copy) Zr. (copy) 2 (copy) 2 .

Ask tiat his cpts give their opinions concerning Asks that his opts. give their opinions cor.cening Asks that his opts. give their opinions concerning construcLion of trreon for th. defense of Hivae construction of torreon for the defense of Havar contruction of torreon for th defense of Havana.

*P 0P

>f< aralt> A >4> ~2arO> 4-> >2

Thar~. >~ ~rp+~' > 'as> .

'a ta 4 <>ar~
--<42- ~~-~<- -a~- -~>4ar>-ra ~ >arv~-vaa 'a Vt arar&xs 'a L rssrt a -x t~tsas ~-r. 'a -a. ar sz'a . raN>a-r~ 'a- '-N as 'a. >-

r > '>X*<*~> < >->, > ~>?X< >fl?< >~>>~ 'y-Ct~ > OYt&, <~.

0-~ rn?~ v~. ~*>?> 'LW 'so t>sss&"s~ -,m~' N 1%

1567 Feb 12 ST AI 41-6-1/36 bad 2C5 p. 1-2 1567 Feb 12 ST AGI 41-6-/36 bnd 205 p. 1-2 1567 Feb 12 ST AGI 41-6-1/36 bad 205 p. 1-2

Hava edro enendez to Cs de ontrataion avana Pedro Menendez to Ca de Cdeontratacion. Hvana. Pedro Menendez to Caa de Contratacion.
2 p. 2 2 p.

Duplicate of letter. Informs about plans of dis- Dullate of letter. Informs about plans of dis- Duplicate of letter. Informs about plans of discovery, distance from Fla. to Havana, he is to covery, distance from Fla. to Havana, he is to covery, distance from Fla. to Havana, he is to go to Bain Jua Ponce. Wants to find shorter go to to ia Jurn Pence. Wants to find shorter go to Bahll Jun Ponce. ants to find shorter way to San Mateo, by Bahia Juan once and from way to San Maeo, by Bahia Juan Ponce and from way to San Mateo, by Bahia Juan once and from
San Mateo to Guale. Mention Puerto de Ballena, San Mateo to Guale. Mentions: Puerto de Ballenas, San Mateo to Guale. Mentions: Puerto de Ballens

0 0

1567 Feb 12 ST AGI 41-6-1/36 bM d r05, p. 12 1567 Feb 12 iT AGI 41-6-1/36 bnd 205, p. ir2 157 Feb 12 ST AGI 41-6-1/36 lnd 205, p. 1-2

Havana. Pedro enendez to Casa de Contratacion. Havana. Pedro Menendez to Cana de Contrataioan. Havana. pedro Menende to Casa de Contratacion.
continued from preceding card. 2 p. continued from preceding card. 2 p. continued from preceding card. 2 p.

Caiques: Tocobaya and Carlos. (photostatic Cacinues: Tocobaya and aCrlos. (phototatic Caciques: Tocobaya and Carlos. (photostatiq
copy in bnd 205, p. 3-4) copy in bud 205, p. 3-4) copy in nd 205, p. 3-4)

4 4 4 4- -4--- -w-r t~- -4--- 4- 4 ----4- 4- 4-4
-- <4 4 -4~4-44 44-4444 4 4-44- -4 4-4-4- 44- ~44~-44-~ 4444-4-44
-44-444 4- -4-44-- ~-4-444-44 -444-44-4 44- 4444
4-4 4- 44- -4444- 44 -44-44- 44-444-4 44-44-

~->S~ <-< -+>AV r~ra r~ ~> ~c> ~4~~si, ~ 44 '4V~ "4-~ 1%

~-~-- ~ -~~z>

1567 Mar 12 s AGI 51-6-16/14 bnd 216, p. 115 1567 Mor 12 S AI 51-6-16/i4 bnd 216, p. 115 1567 Mar 12 ST AGI 51-6-1/14 bd 216, p. 11 San Juan. Infforciono on juan pence de Leon. San jur. Informorion on Juan once de eaon. San un. Informacian on jn Ponce de Leon. ( copy) (copy) (copy) Note mentions proban that -aN presented by Joan Note mentions proanoa that was presented by Juan Note mentions probanza that was presented by Jur once de Leon after a law suit, con hi Poe de eo fter lw uitncerning his e ter it, his nce de Leon after a nlaw uit, concerning hi honesty, was accepted on July 10, 156. honesty, was mcceped o July 10, 1565. honesty, was accepted on july 10, 1565.

*D *

-*sn-~' .sphm^ ~cr<~ccsjt \ a V \
V r ~tCW* u

1567 Apr 15 ST AGI 54~3-19 bud 208, p. 1-3 1567 0pr 15 ST AI 54-3-19 bd 28, p. 1-3 1567 Apr 15 ST AGI 54-3-19 bnd 208, p. 1-3

Puerto Rico. Cpt. Juan de Curita to King. Puerto Rico. Cpt. Juan de CuTita to King. Puerto Rico. COpt. Jun de Curita to King.

Informs about triangle shape of almost finished Inform about triangle shape of almost finished Infoms about triangle stape of almost finished fort of San Agustin. Afraid of corsairs, Pedro fort of San Aguotin. Afraid of cordairs, Pedro fort of San Agustin. Afraid of corsairs, Pedro Me.nendez distributed hia people in the i.slnds Menedez distributed his people in the islands Mnen nde distributed his people in the islands to ave them protect. Gov. of Cartagena died, to have them protege, Gov. of Cartagena died. to have them protect. Gov. of Cartagena died.

0 0

- -4 -4- 444~ -4 -4- -4 -4 4-4-4- '~4-4Z

1567 apr 24 ST GI Mi1-4-/14 bnd 111, p. 86 1567 Apr 24 ST GI 1-I/14 bud 111, p. 86 1567 Apr 24 5T GI 41--4./14 bd 111, 86

Madrid. Royal Decree to Casa de sontratacion. Madrid. Royal Decree to Caa de Contrataion. Madrid. Royal Decree to a de Contratacion.
(copy) 1 p. (copy) i (copy) 1 p.

Concerning money owed to Gregrio do Luuarte, C morning money owed to Gregorio de Lugwarte, conceding money owed to regorio e Lugarte, portuguese, who took hics sip to la. ommands portuguese, who took hn shi o a. tcomrlnd portuguese, wo took his ship to FIk. comrn
Contrl-lionr to pay wlth no delay. Contratacion io Pay ith no delay. Contratacion to pay with no delay.

0 0 0

-~ -. -.~~- .-~ .- -


1567 (LMa) n.d. 3T ai0 148--8 bad 17, p. 11 1567 (May) nd. ST iGI 148-1-8 bnd 17i, p. 11 1567 (MaI) n.d. ST AGI 148-2-8 bnd 171 p. 11

n.p. Royal Decree to Caca de Conteratcion. n.p. Roai Decree to Caa de Contratacion. p. Ropal Decree to Caa de Contratacion.
(copy, incomplete) i p. (copy, incomplete) < p. (copyl incomplete) S p.

Agrees with idea o putting Li Gorez Zapata Agress with idea of putting Lic. Gomez Zapata cfgrec with idea of putting Lic. Gomes Z. ate
in charge of mail coming from or to Indies. in charge of mil coming from or to Indies. in c -rge of mail coming from or to Indiea.

0 0

V. K 1%

1567 May 1 ST AGI 32-3-11/30 Contr 3259 bud 196,p.159 1567 May 1 ST AGI 32-3-11/30 Contr 3239 bnd 196,p.135 1567 May 1 ST AGI 32-3-11/30 Contr 3259 bnd 196,.139

Seeille. Sebatian de Aoorda. Seille. Sebastian de Acorda. Sevile. Sebastian de Acorda.
(copy) 4 r. (copy) 4 p. (copy) 4 p.

List of gun powder uused in ship SAN S>LVADOO List of gun powder nosed in ship SAN 2ALVATOR Lit of giu powder ussed in shis SAN SALVADOR
that went to Florida with generthatenttFlrid genera Sn d r- Florida l Sancho de Ar- that went to Florida within general ancho de Arolniege. Different dates. einlega. Different dates. ciniega. Different dates.


V V -~ V V

V V -~ N V V N V ~ N N >V~k V V VT> N $V ~ NAT> V V VVVV> V V

Nb Nb

1567 flay 1, ST 2G 12-1/5 bnd l), p. 56 1567 May 1, ST 3! 42L-61/3 -li It d 0 1 L67 My 13 S Gl 421-6-1/5 bad 1C, -. 16

evill Cls- dae ontratacion to Kinge. Svill Caal de C1ntrataciio to ing. Sevil Clle d OCcntrtaci to King.
(copy) p. (cosy) p. (copy) L n.

Ment-ins ship to to Ne p in e ill b, rea- soon. Mentions ship tc to New Spairn ili b ready s.on. Mentions ship t go to New Spain ill be rey soon Alinso Castelion rmd a declaration and are asies ioono Ctllo aeclartion nd re L cole Alono tastellon e a decainration as n arc coies
of it to nd to Li. Castro. of ito rnd to Lic. Cfstro. of it o s n to Lic. Castro.

167 y 8 A42-6-1/ 17 18 T AI -61/5 bnd 10, p. 167 Ma 18 e i -6-1/ bnd 1, p. 57

Sevine. Cana de Contratacion to King. Sville. CnIa de Contrtrcion to kn,. evCile. C e Contrat cion to
(cp (copy) 1 p. (K-or) 1 .

JnLn Crrll st- -is- in his slary nd Con- un Carrill ans a raise in hi r Coi- Jan C ts n hi y and
fiatacioni in i iar of it, ae to his good tratacion i in favor of it, d c tc hi ood -ro tion i in f7vo o f i, Pu to hi good
ervicin Fl. n Fla. serve in P.

*I 0

1567 May 19ST A I j14-2-8 bnd 174, p. 1567 May 19 ST AGI 14-2-8 bnd 17 p. I- 1567 May 19 ST AGI 1-2-8 bnd 17 p. 10

coral Royal Decree to Cas de Contratacion. Eacorial loyal Decree to Ca. de Contrtacion. Escoriol Royal Decree to Caa de Contrtacin.
(copy, incoaplete) p (copy, inacopiete) p. (copy, incomplete) W

Orders to pay ALonso Garcia what they owe him. Orders to pay Alonso Garcia whot they owe him. Ordrers o pay Aloneo Garci what they a e him.

-,- .- ~ L- --

1567 May AS G 41-4-4/1- bnd i1, p. 9-j9 1567 My ;c A -4-4/4 bud 111, p. 1567 May S r lI 41-4-4/14 bad 111, b9-90

El iscorial. Royal Decree to Ca de Contra- i lscorial. oyal Decree to Casa d Contra- El isorial. Royal Decree to Cs de Contra
tacion. tcion. Eacion.
(copy) p. (copy) l, p. (copy) li p.

ing will send ist of supplies to be shiped King ill send list of supplies to be shined Kin will send -iat of oupplie to be .red to Pedro Mnendec in Florida; di cusses ay- o Pedro Moennde in Florida; disensses pay- to Pedro Menendeo in Florida; discusses ay mebt for two sailors who ame fro m Fla. Di- meant for too sailors ro came from Fla. Dis- meant for two silors who came from Fla. Dis-

1567 May 24 ST GI 41-4-/l- bnd 111, p. 89-90 1567 May 24 T AGI 41 4-/1- bar 111, p. 89-0 1567 My i4 ST AG 41-4-/1n bad 111, p. 89-90

E1 Escorial. Royal Decree to taca de Contra- ol Escoril. Rya1 Decree to Casa de Contra- El Escorial. Royal Decree to cas de Contratacion. taon taoricn.
continued from precedin card. continued from rreeding card. continued from preceding card.

cusses flet to new Spain: send it .ith no cusses flet to N"w Spain: send it with no osses fleet to New spain; aena itith no delay, 160 pole to go on ain hi, arti- delay, 160 people to o on main shlp arti- delay, 160 po le to go on mTin ship; rtl
11ry needed, ery needed, liery needed.

0 0 0

1567 May 24 ST AGI 148-2-8 b d 174, p. Li 1567 May 24 ST AI 18-2-8 bnd 17, p. 12 1567 bIy l 4 T AI 148-2-8 Ind 174, p. 12

Escorial ioyal Decree to Casoa de ontrataion. Escorial. Eoyal Decree to Caa de onUtratacion. Escoial. Royal Decree to Casa de contratcion.
(copy, incomplete ) p. (coY, incomplete) p. (copy, incomplete) i p.

Comands to have ship ready to delrt for Flo- Commands to have ship ready to deart for Plo- Commands to hve ship ready to deprt for Florida in Jua. Mention security for fleet nd rida in Ja. Mentions serrity for fleet and rida in Juna. Mentions .ecjrity for fleet and
people and artillery to go. people and artillery to go. people and artillery to go.


157 May k ST AGI 148--6 b nda 174, p. 12-13 1567 May 24 ST A41 14 -8 74, p. 12-13 1567 May 2i ST A -I 148-2-8 bnd 17', p. 12-13

Escorial. Royal Decree to Caes de Contratacion. Escorial. Royal Decree to Ca- de Contratacion. Lscoriel. Royal Decree to Caa de Contrataion
(copy) i (copy) i p. (copy) 1 p.

Concerning expedition to Florida eouands to Concerning expedition to Florida comunds to concerning expedition to Florida coardl- to
pry pilot that Pedro Menendez sent. To send pay pilotl that Pedro MNcende set. To send pay pilots that Pedro Merendez sent. To send
fleet as quicKly as the one prepared for New fleet as quickly as the one prepared for New fleet as quickly as the one prepared for New
Spain, the most only 230 people should be ent. Spain, the most only 230 people should be sent. Spain, the most only 2o 0 r people houd be ent.

0 0i

1567 Jn i( ST ,i 148-2e8 bad 17/, p. i1 1i67 Jon 10 ST AGjI 14b-2-8 bnd 17 p. 14 1,67 Jun 10 SP GI -4--6 bnd 17-, p 14

Na id. Royal Decree to Coca do Contratacion. Madrid. oyal] Dceto to Cos e Conitataion. Md rid. ojyal ecree to Cas Ide Contratacln.
( copy) 1P (copy) 1 (copy) p.

Orders don Luis de Vlesco, Indi n acisue of Azs- COrdi don Luis de lo, ldi cie of zc- Crders don Luis do V-lasco, Indien caci ne of ,zacn, to return to ii;n whene he Dll mee e r O l, LO return to havae -her h ill met Pe ro can, to return to snael here he oill ;e P ro 0es-c zc. Proi rson ,n upl- ll be give n M nld. ]Pro I ions an suo lies .ill be iv n eneorde. provisions or supliste .ill be o en
tu him ultil he o ache sfol to him ntil be r ch ea L m uil h r ch aEol.


1567 Jun 1 T Gi 1-4-/1 bnad ii, p. 9-1,8 167 cu 1 ST AGI 41-4-4/14 bnd 111, p. 92-108 1567 JIn 15 ST A]I 1i-4-4/14 bnd 111, p. 92-108

Marid. Royal ecree to Csa do Cootratacion. Madrid. Rol Decre to Ca*s do Contratacion. Madrid. aRoyl Decr e to Caa de Contratacion.
(copy) 16 p. (copy) 16 p. (copy) 16 i.

Copy of two lttnrs: June 13 and Aug. 28, 156 Copy of two letters: June 13 and And. 28, 1567 Copy of two letters: Jule 13 and Au. 28, 1567 from King to Csa de Contratacion. Concerning from King to Casa de Contritacin. Concerning from King to Ca,, de Contratacion. Concornlng
plie for 8 month tt redro nendez needs sup;les for 8 months tht o nendeneedo onthsthat edro Ponoen needs cup,3-c for Smonths that fedro Mleendez needs
to feed 90) people in Fla. List of uplies, to feed 900 people in FlM. List of supplies. to feed 900 people in mla. Lint of 5upplie.
0D 0

k~> 4~\~

N >4>-tn> -~ 'V -~ -~-'~ N- \-~ ~A-& V V >~ I ~ ~I-~a&t~I~ '~N--'-- VNV IV >ffi-~ V N--

1 67 T 17 T 31 42-6-1/5 bnd 19j, i~. 17 Jne 17 T l-6/ bd 19 p 7 Jn 17 3 (:1 426-1/5 n 192 p.

adli i o. oa de tratacirn too io Kin. villc Cani: do Contraac cn to rin.
(copy incomlete) p. (oy nco letc) (copy, incomplete)

F ntic; rned o a uch ercury e i need o nd a uch mercry as possible Mention n ed to c a c mercury s o
for mines in ei Sin r ipain f ine Nef- Sain.
a n a Se

1567 June 2 T A l-6- 5 bad 1 p. 5-4 167 Ju 23 42-6-/5 bId 1oi, p. H-4 1567 ue Al 42--1/5 hi Il9, p. 5-.

-ille. Casa ,e Contr a ci t -o i .evllo Ca d o rato ia o evi C -. d otrt ion o i -.
(coy) i i. (Eop) 1 (copy) ator a current exp-enir an L 12,00 du- o cur e enditre nd wit 12,0:0 d- rts ac t xpern tr o fth 11,
c0dos l t they w3ill buy sipie for Flr. c do t tht1ey will :to la pic c IT fo r.
eieve i t o l ]a t and ole to lI. Believes i ti t la i, uplie to B;ievs it i o otwe t end s rpi s to .
for 900 people for ht tht ths in ship )hat f for ioht picth in -h that ,
le-vng for New Q ing fo Now Spain. ietaig foar e Spain.


> \ < > 1%

1567 Jul 24 S2 AGI 53-6-5 Tomo 2, bnd 209q p. 1-3 1567 Jul 24 ST AGI 53-6-5 Tomo 2, bnd 209, p. 1-3 1567 Jul 24 ST AG 53-6-5 Tomo 2, bnd 209, P. 1-3

Espanola. A*diencia of Santo Domingo to King. Espanola. Audienci, of Santo Domingo to King. Espanola. Audiencia of Santo Domingo to King.
2 D 2 P.

Informs of arrival of ships, received Cedulas: con Informs of arrival of ships, receivedoulos; con Infoos of arrival of ships, received Cedulas: con
cerning people to go to Fla. mentions Palos i cerning people io go to Fla. mentions Penalsa is corning people to go to Fla. mntio Penalosa is in charge of soldiers for Fla. Cedula concerning in charge of soldiers for Fla. Cedula concerning in charge of soldiers for Fla. Cedula concerning
soldier rebbllionn in FlI. Discusses problems soldiers rebellion in Fla. Discusses problems soldiers rebellion in la. Discusses problems
in Indies. ~ signatures. in Indies. 4 signatures. in Indies. 4 nignntures.

0 0

(1567 lo f9) S : i 42-6-i/5 n.1 lq, p. 9 (L67 Jui 29) ST .i I?-6-1/5 babi 10 9 (1567 Jul 29) K :i 42-6-1/5 bin i103 p. 59

Seville. Caia de Contratacion to ig Sville caa d- t-at ion to King eville. cas de ontr t K .
(copy) (3 p. (coy) i. (Epy) p.

Mnton ir hnger of -ople in i ta1 a t -u of Mentions hangefl of eile in CErtgenb becau of Montions hnger of people in Cart,,g-n because of lck of corn; Hernando ie Lugu0 informs of ilinocs lack of corn; Heraomdo ce Luque informs of illness li ck of corn; Hernando de uue informs of illness
Ship of Diego Flor- lvft to Crtge w i o pl Ship of ieo Flores l f t to Sartage.o r ith -plie Slp of ieo .lore left to Crtaegent wlth euiplic,
for only one year for only one yeaf. for only o e yor.

1567 J11 2 42--/ p. 9 67 l 29 T I 426-1/ b 1C0, 89 17 l 29 :T 2-6-1/ bn L, T. 58-59

Seville. Casa d 3Zotratacion to ing. eill1. Ca dire otraLacion to Kin. Sovalle, Cas de 2ontratacion to -ig.
(copy) b (co 1 (co). (C) 1L

onceoirg ,varo de onan to go to Cabo tn Viocenr e oncerning Ailaro de f fan to o to cabo San Vicente Co aenin tAlvro de Ban to oc to Cabo S-n Vicent
to ouard ships coming from Net in. infras of to curd -his cain fro 'e ai. Inrc o to ua r- hips co ing from e'i Informs of
rriv-l of 15 shipo from h aol with leather and rrivl of l shi from EsIaol with leather rd arrival of 1j shis from cacpala IUt I-ather and
ugri; people from i t r ico. I Ihugr; oe from ship to get their oalarie-. isur* people from chips to et taeir salaries.


1567 Jul 9 S AGI 4-6-1/5 brd 1 p. 58 -5 1l67 Jul -9 3T iGI 42-6-1/ bnd 10), i8N 1567 Jul 2 P 4 2-6-L/ bn 1-i

lovillo. Case e Couratac on to i ng. Svcille, aao de ontratarion to loi. Sevilkl. Ca de 3ontratacion to King.
continue s ; rom irc2, ci otd. continued from prec ing card. ontiue-d rn roc tng cnrd.

'ention r mory to b u u lis t no n to Florida. Mentions mon to bay uppii a n to Fori. Mention money to bu, supplies to ,rd to F lorida.

0D 0 0

1 7 (Au ) T i 14-2- bnd 174, 15 1 7 (ug ) r 14 17 15 167 (Aug ) 2 AI 1 -2- bn 7L .

lia id. ioyl o ecrce to Ci de Contra; acio ac di. ioal Iecre to Cada de o:ntaacei C M adNiCt oyal Decree to Co de Contraticion
(oy, incomlet) ? (coy, incoilet ) (copy- incoml te) .

cri on o Gonz tlo B .llo trnado 0io, mi ion to onzlo llo, ernco Xaramillo, periision to onzlo ISllo, Her o i arlj l lo,
aco a ci and a Doctor ayas 0o go to indies Mcit s CF rd an l c tor xaya to o toIn ica -0rcos a cia ocor ayos to to Inoi~
o n Canric wit o vant nd fmily or oni ith some s vnt, .d f or a ria ith so vats d family.

0 0

167 (Aug ) : T Ui 1,i l -8 E d 1 p. 16 1 7 (Aug ) S I -2-8 bnd 17, p. 6 16' (Aug ) T I 8--8 bnd 17, p. 16

n.tot ip. Ro..l Decreeon to Caz d raion n.p. Royl D cee to arC i Cro r tacic.
(coy i omlete) (coxy, incomoplet) p (cop inaco t) 1

Acknowed ivl of fleet fom ew Sp Acon d arrival of flet frm N SpaiI. Acncleac rrival a lc L f N 'l
tio V co ionJn Vao union J d I ~ o,

00 0

167 ug 1 T 14 bd 174, p. -16 ] 7 uI 8-2- 17, p. -6 i 6 1 S i I -2- I nd 174 p. 1-16

1Purdo. iaoyli Decree to Cs d Contrat~cion. 8 ardo. Royn D ure to Ja s de Convrstacion. E1 ~-rdo. Ioyl Dere to aa r de Contratacion.
(c p)c 1I ( co i) 1 p. (co y 1 .

-lie o ship to iorida with Pdsro iscuses plies to shi o 1rid i1thuaro p l chipL rida ith edro
dF cIti llo. del Cos illo l C. .illo.

1567 Aug 13 AGI 41-4-l/14 bnd 1, p. 109 1567 Aug 13 fT AI 41-4-4/14 bnd 111, p. 109 1567 Aru 13 *T AGI -1-4/ bnd 111, l. 109

El Pirdo. Royal Decree to Casa de Contratacion. El Para. ..oyl Decree to Cas de Contration. El Pard. oyal Decree to Ca e Con l trtmoton.
(copy) 1 p. (copy) 14 (sop) t 5I.

Pedro dei C-tillo who has some of Pedro oMeen- Pedro dei Castillo who has some of cedro oeren- Pedro ael Castillo dho ha some of Pedro enendes ships mill take suiplies c Floida for des ships will tke applles to lorida for dez's ships will takoe -pies to lorid for
900 people. 900 peole. 00 reopile

-~ ..-.-~

p ~s4 -t ~s~.>LS~p~r -t-- -,- C- ~--cc~ ~ -

- ~ -~ S

-S ~ ~5tZ S

V S.

1 6 7 ST I --I ond P .4-. 19M u -6 I 1V bn 62. 16 uAS ? 5 2 L /12 bad 2 ,. .

I Ll I
fo mi, nf'tionL on pp!lm i n an gu h I nfo cr 0 ouP u i S vthn tin. In-, on i pp nv oy
d a nd d i no. nd-e de nn .

ca a pr r on n d red a Cd o d
an 2-n- Jun S c n u0 c i-n ch--r
co n i 1r: e 0 ho : co He wi a r c0c co E r d S dor Oc o Jun

de al s ea d B d

> Cs r
-~ Cs < i& CK. ~

C t~.

567 Aug O ST o I 14 -2- bnd 1+, p. 17-18 1167 Lua 30 S -l Z45-2-8 In 1~, p. 17-i8 1567 Aq 30 T 1U-2-8 -l 1 17-18

Mkipd. Royal Dccee to Ca a d1e cl-taL cion. adrir. Royl Deacree to Ca'r de Contratacion. Ma.ri. Royal Dec e to Casr de ontratacion.
(copy) 1 (copy) 1 (coy) 1 r.

Order o send cupls for -igh .th fo 90 Order to n rd uppli for eight otr fo- 90 Orders to aend supplies for eight month for 90
people in Fl. Mentio-s pedro 'readez. peole in la. Menions Fe-ro nandez. people in la. Mentions dro 'enndz.

0 0@

e z. . 1: 7- -

1567 (se.) T Ai 146--8 bnd 174, p. 26 1567 (sop) -T CI 148-2- bnd 174, ,. i6 1567 (ep) -T -1 14 8-2-8 cn 17t, p. 26

i.. Roya l UDecre to Casa do ContratacionrP.N., Ro ll Doeere o C sa e Contratacio. .. aoyl Decree to Caa de onr tacion.
(oy, incoiplete) p. (copy, inco ilte) p. (cop, income te)

.eus of vacancy of job of recepto- do averis Becau of vacancy of job of "receptor d avocri Becauce of vcncyvc of joo of receptor ae averine
6de h:rmasi tile will be riven to ermndo d de IT mtis' Ltilc eilal be given to ernando de dc he-aaa" title il ic iven to iHerndo de

o .r.o

1%67 Sep 6 ST (I 41-4-a/14 bna ll, p. 1l-116 1567 eep 6 ST AGI 414-1,/14 bnd 111, p. ll-ll6 167 Sep b ST AGI 41-4-/14 bid 111, p. 11 16

adrid. Royal Decree to Casa de Contratacion. adrid. Royal Decree to Casa de Contratacion. Madrid. .arl Decree to GIa de Contratacion.
(copy) 11 P. (cooy) 1 (cony) 1 p.

Co m-nds to et suplies for the 900 people in Commondo to get surolier for the 900 people in Co-urands to et suplies for the 9C0 people tn
Florida. Something trht Contratacion is not Florids. Something thnt Contrataoion is not Florida. Something tt Contrataton is not
doing. doing. doing.


-- V V 9%, ,, 9% ~ ~ ~ ~

-~ * -\ t~ ~-r Th

b-~ ~\ K- K- -K
-K--- K-- ~ -K
V N-K ~ -K> <-K-K-K-- --K K-- K1% 1%

-Z T


*~ ~VS


Nb Nb

1567 ep S UI 1 42-6-i/5 f d 103, . 1567 Sep 2a ST GI 42-6-1/5 b 103, P. IS6 1567 lei 28 ST GI 42-6-i/ bnt 0i, p. 63.

Seville. :- io C ontrataion to ing. Sevile. Ca ontreaeion Ki. Seville. CaSa de Contrtaio t: King.
(coy) (copy) S ij. (copy) i.

Concernin- -only that ca~, fro N. spein Cnd concern ing 1oney that came from Neu Spain rn Concerning money teat cme from 's, Spain an
differ parents the h ve to ars. different payments the have to make. different pacyent, the hv -o mke.

V i'; ii--.-x~-_;\ -i-c Vi --ir

V >4 ye a kk tst RV
t. 's1%

1~-~--i\~ 1

167 (O 14- n 17d I .1 1567 (Oct ST GI 148--, bnd 17, p. i 1567 (DOt 0 ST AG\ 148- bud i74, 31

corial). oyl De ho :a C ontrataion. orl). oyal De to Ca don. (co l). oyoyal ec ee too Cas d contratation.
(copy, incomplte) 1 ,. (copy, incomplete) 1 (o-ly, inomlite) li

To ve ron for ne, ch-urch in ew C nor, n- To ive manrL f-r ni;i hircl in New camora, Z n- o ive money for new ciur in New Calora, Lctonio lc Ion n h e of Linan n of chuchn. tonia de Leon in barge of finances of hurch. tonio de -con in harge of finances of rh-u .


+ -~S. K-. ~ C*v~ >< > K- >~K-K~ >

**'-v~t~I>-'~- K--' c-K-- ~ K~K-~c~ ~Tt>~-VtK-~ ~


It t,. -:.t.

wo e.2:so. n am m

1567 Oct 2 Si AGI 41-6-36 bad 212, p. I 1567 ot 2 w AGi -i-1/36 bnd 212, 1 1567 Oct 2 O T SAI 41-6-1/36 bnd 212m p. 1
Madrid. Pedro Menende, de Avilee to Casa de Madrid. Pedro Mnendez de Aviles to Caca de Madrid. Pedro enendez de Aviles to Cas de
Cotritacian. i p. Contratacion. 1 p. Contrataoion. I p.

Asks Contratacion to give him soon, same te- Asks ontratcion to give his oon, s te- sk nratacion to give him oon some tetisonies. Discusses his plns while in Spain timonies. Dissoees his plans ohile in Spain tionies. Discusses is lans shil in Spain
concerning building ships against corsaris,. onernrisg buying ships against corsarios. conersing builaig ships inst torssros.
(phostasti copy in nd 12, p. 2) (phobaostatl copy in b nd 212, p. 2) (phtostatic spy in bnd 212, p. 2)
qD 0

1567 Oct 7 SZI 4-"-1/5 bnd i03, p. 61-62 1567 Oct 7 ST 42-6-V/ b0d IC5, p. 61-61 1367 Oct 7 S' iI 42-6-1/5 brd 10', p. 61-62

eviille. Cas de Con;tr'acion to Kin. evil Care de ontr aciun to King. evill. Cas, d. Gortcon to Kin.
(copy) p. (copy) 1 ; (copy) p.

erived ifo- riclon of -rrival in Cartagoc of Die- irecived information of arrival in Cartagena of Die- ofiverd infomrion of irrivll in CIr agon of iego lores' ship', hr it to o to Nomr e d ioL to To floes' ships, h ae i. o to Nobre de iion to o lores' shi h i to go Nomre de Dios to 'gt ~od and silver Suplies -re getting ready o get gold 1 nd silve. rlies a-e gatilng re-dy to ct gold nd ilver. Su pli'es are ettin redy to be sent to Cartagena to hel I eonle in .tierr frr,. i-- tibe snt Io artagenstir to L opl n tirr fir-e. Inform that -lio c g o". I ,orm I d Cleot I oe". Informs eat sup s nd clothes bin


. 1~

1567 Oct 15 ST AGI 41-4-/14 nd .11, p. 119-120 1567 Oct 1 ST AI 41-.-4/14 ond 1!, p. 119-12 1567 Oct 15 ST AGI 41-4--L/1 bnd 111, p. ii-120

Madrid. Royl Decree o Casa de Contratacion. Madrid. Royal Decree to Casai d Contratacion. Mdrid. Royal Decree to Caa de Contratacion.
(copy) i% p. (copy) la p. (copy) 1 p.

isusses ship to go to New auniion Dcune ship to t e n sh to o ew Spain, mmlition Discusse ip t go to New Sin, ammunition and clothes to send to lorida. Ac~nowledges and clothe h send to loride. Achoaledes and clothes to send to Florida. Ackhnoledges
arrival of fleet wite Diego Flores Vales to orrivl of fleet with Diego Flore Valdes to arrival of fleet with Diego Ilors Vades to
go to New Spain. go to New Spain. o tou New pain.

* *

1567 Oct 1,E i GL 1,9-2-8 bad 7 1p. 9 16 t ct I T I 14- 2- nd 174, p. 9 1567 Oct 1T 2 0-2-b0 ba 1-b 1. .

Mad-id. Royal Decree to CaSa de ontrat (copy, incomplete) ? p. (copy, incomplete) p. (coy, incoplete) a p*

aol andis het Don Diego (de Santllan?) does not oomi-nds tht Don Diego (de oanillan?) does not Coa ad tlua Don Diego (e ain ila n?) ocs no
h ve to go to -lnd (Cubat) ara ncrtner pss h ve to do to island (on ) n, ni h r pa h o i nd ( and ni tae, po3 ~erv"ts, serv nts. servants.

1567 Oct 17 T a:Il 42-6-1/5 bad 103, p. 6+ 1i67 Oct 17 1 LI 42-6-/5 bnd 103, 6 1567 Oct 17 S I b-6-1/5 bnd 105, p. 64

evillo a de o^o rtaionto Kini.g eville, 3r C do ContratacJon to ling. Sevili. C-n de Contr:tacion to King.
(copy) p (copy) p. (copy) y .

Lie of p ole hna shipo to Indies fromI tp paet Lis of peole and ii to Indies from the past Li: of people and ships to Indi e from the pest
4 years ill be pre ared. Su-plies and clothes that + years ill be prepared. Supplies and clothes that 4 yors will be prepared. Supli-si nd clothes tiat ire hard to find il be sen laterc to *l. aentio- s are hrd to find oill b sent late to Fi Mentions are rhailr o find will be ent later to Fla. Menti
receivin seed rm ew ai, ontion edro eein eed ro ew i nio ero recin oeivg seeds fro ew Spain, mention -oero ienode t on i e t. enendocz sking report on suppies he ,ill gt. Meendez a-skin t report on uplis he .,il t.

* 0

1567 Oct 17 ST AGI 42I-6-/5 v d i p. 65-66 157 Oct 17 ST AGI 42-6-1/5 nIA 13 p. 65-66 1967 Oct 17 SI AGI 42-6-1/5 bid bh, p. 65-66

Seville. Casa de Contr1ataion to King. Seville. Casa de Contrataclon to King. Seville. Ca s de Contratacion to King.
(copy) iy p. (copy) 1d l (copy) 1d p.

Concerning ship SAN SALVAOR with mercury eiipment Concerning ship SN SALVADR with mercury shipment Concerning ship SAN ESLVAXR with mercury shipment
for New Spain; Navio de Avi to to New Spain is for New Spain; Navia de Aviso to New Spain is for New S n; Navia de Avisso to New Spain is delayed because owner ants to to tke ore goods. delayed because owner wants to take more goods. delayed because owner want to take more goods.
Asks being for advice an sending 6 more priesT. Ass King for advice on sending 6 more priests Asks ding for advice an sending 6 moze priest
to Fla. to al. to Fla.

I i

1'7 Oct 17 _T 4, -6-1/5 bnd 19 b 5 160 Oct 17 ST AI 42-1/ nd 1 7 Oct 17 ST I 4 --1/5 nW 168 d

Seville. o le Contratcio to Kin. Svile. Cas de Conr cio K.r, Sev le. Caso de otratcion o kirn.
0co1y icr ) o ic e) 0 0. (copy incomete)

SAl1ries should be pid o 1e tre, owners of talaries should be iaid o maestres, on.r of S- Arie should be paid a m0cetres, owine of ships nd aiors hat se5 c in fleet o s-hps ind sailors, tlt ertad n I ,,11 l shiL n d ailorn, that otrved in t,- flert to FL-. Supplies, c:othe and -r v no t been Flc. upplics, clothe and rms Pve rot been Fla. iuplie loth ran *,ms have rot been
e o I be-aus, tho don't hve amount sent to 71 because 0 they con't hve amount cent to ila. Dec0t in- don't hve mo1n

I| 0

> 'N 'N -\ 'N a r 'N


<~Sx2vs~Thu~i s

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