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John B. Stetson Jr. Card Calendar
University of Florida


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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alacuha -- Gainesville


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The collection contains calendar cards descriptive of manuscript documents drawn from the Archivo General de Indias in Seville. The calendar is comprised of about 14,000 catalog cards. The documents relate to Spanish activity in the Southeast borderlands from 1512-1783. Copies of the documents are held by the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, Gainesville.

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University of Florida
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1547?7 S Ai1 1-6-1/24 6 PIt. 1 bnd. 19, p.]-2 1547 ST AIi 1-6-1/2L 6 iat. 1i0 1nd. 1U p.1-2 1517 ST ACG 1-6-/2 6 rat. 150 ond. 19, p.1-2

No place. (copy) 2p. No pilce. (copy) 2p. No place. (copy) 2p. Mentiois that lucas V 3ascez d Ayllon, son of ne Menionia tialt ucas Vaque de .yllcn, on of tho MHltions that ucas Vasquez de Ayllon, son of the Oidor Lucas Va-uez de Allan, was sent by the Kiln Oidor Lucos Vacquez de Ayllon, as sent by the Ki g Oidor Lucas Vaacuez doe Aylon, *a sent by tle King to ohe Audicnca of Santo a omingo. Mction Fla. Lo Audiencia of anto Dominso. M ion z1a. to te Audienci of eanL oingt. Mentions alay


15147? Et. 7 WT Ai 1-6-1/2 6 eat. 15 bel 19 .d-5 1547? Set. 7 .T I S I i-6-I/'4 6 Pat,. IO ond 19 p.5-5 15477 Sen. 7 ST -I 1-6-1/ 6 Pat. 5 bnd 19 p.-5

panola. Lu- Van.uez de Apyllo to King (copy. .pancl. LuEas Vasuez de yllo to King (copy) Espanola. Lucas ar)qucz de Lyilon ao King (copy)

Mention ayllon as Didor. He sent shis to north. Mentions ayllon as Oidor. e sent ships to noort. 1en c.ios Ayllon a Cidor. i csnt hips to north.
Yinncial problems faith Eitbon Pasmonte concerning Fi,,inal probl: LK ith Estacan Pssonte concern Financial srobl m ith seton aamonte concerning
a deb that is blamed on AYllon. db that is blamed on Aylion. a debt that i bla ed on Ayion,

09 0

~ --~- --i_-:;_.-;-l~l-~-;;; ;;~-i~: I; :_- ~~.

I_- -i,;__~---~_ 1--~' ~1---- ~~ "--1 --- -~- -;

1547? s: t I 4-6-1i/ 14 2D bWa 19, p. 2-f 15477 v i1 1-6-1/ 4 b t 1i0 nd 1i, p. 1- 1547? l I, 1-6-1/ J, Pat S -ad 1. p. (-0

Santo Domingo. Testimony of n omez de Azye* Santo Domrino. T1- timony of ,un f oez de Anay. santo Loirgo. Testimony of J-n o de Aaya. soez resident of SD, in favor of ucsri-lon, Juan Gomr l r &eident of SD, in fvor of lucasr Allion, Jumn Goe resident of SD, in favor of Lucai yllo,
concerning problem oo deot. Mentions iguel ;Ocad. concering pro ble of debt. Mention Miguel Po a* concerning probl, of d^t. Icntiio Miul osa.

:o c. uiuo J lva. No pla i. Du:u -va. No place. -uue lva. (o ) p (cOp ) p. (coy),

concern cno del asillo r on ny o llo nt o r d y Concerning os dl ail o .i ntion re9 id nc of 1Tatilo in "exco, nd ..h h, Du-u Tlv of lc lo in eico nd t Duue l of tllo in exco nd .t b, uue 0lv,
5 tive with the inians d-n ine y w.:- ca tive h c rnjiano d rnr nine -ars caTive itt e i n dn u uine years,

H Z, z

-.(i.- -__ :.--f_:_.-i~~;=ii

*i-r;-~ V-- ;i;~Ci L\i i~ii;~--\-.-,~; -i.ii; z~~ ~r- ,- ~ ,-: -- ;,


V~__- Vi-.2i-i~ V Vi.i--

(1i547) 4D ST AGI 1-6-1/2- 6 Sat 1, bnd 19, i.14 (15,) ND ST AI1 1-6-1/,4 6 PDt 1 bla 19, p.14 (1547) >D ST AGI 1-6-1/2+ 6 fat 150 nd 19, p.1L

Santo :lino (coy) ip. Santo Duomino. (opy) li. bSnto Domino (col) k.

Ayllon ha s ai >20 p',,s on hi debt. Ayilon has paid 2 pesos cn his aet. Aylloa hs aid 204 peo on his debt.

0 0 0P

(1547) 1:D T I 1-6-1/24 e P.t 150 bd 19, .1-16 (147) 'D ST AI 1-6-1/2 6 bt 1C bnd 19f p.14-I6 (157) UlD c Al i-6-1/4 6 Pat li bid 19, p.1-1

No place (o) 2 ho lce (opy) p. o l (cor) 2 p.

01at ma ri LgEc of Lucas sy ouez e lyllon with Relaes mrrige of Lucas Vasuez de Ayllon with nelte- mlriiae of Lu .s acuez do ylon .ith
isbel de Paiamonte, u, er o Edstebn. Concer- label de dFaonte, dughIer of stirbano Concr- I bol de Pdaocto, dauhter of Etban. Concern -n, po.e-ty in and tt land is chea due to ing overty in SoD nd tbt lnd i rCshep duc to ning ove -ty sd tat lan is chear ue to
laok of buyers. Mn.ion AyIlon' hbnsty, hi lack of b yr. MLtions ayl on's honrsty, his lack of tuyes. Mention Ayllonls hnesty, his
dia d lor of iane, deh e it o fences. death nd lost of finces.

0 0

--_---~: I-1-_ _.-~r-I=.\;.~;.--(_: __-~~-=.

=-;~-^-; c~ ~~ ,~:,.,.

154i Se a I -6-i/24 fitt 1 ) nd 19, p. l2-2 I7 Se AI -6 1/-V 6 Pat 1,0 bnd 19, p. 15-2 1 Sp w I 1-6- /2+ 6 Pa t 10 bnd 19. U-S

Srn e omin. tiny o licnciao lo Snto ongo. to of licenciado I Adll-o nto o igo. Te imony of ]ic ni0 d dilo
(co y) 5 p. (cay) 3 p. (coPy) 5

I:ntio .Vspc de Ayllon's Lip o the no at and mentions an az de yicr's tri to the a'co a.nd entions Va1-l dI. Ayllo ; ri to Lhe coast nd Lhat he a- an 0idor in D. en-ions roblem of Is tha t he a r id r ir SD. M0nion, -ol of in th - a n i1ior it SD, -eticns probler ot hi
debt ald ri Del id Lbn i iionte. db Est ban Ia-o ne. oebt and i 0 ard stcr n aamone.

*| 0 I

1,7 Sup 4 .l 16-/2 6 at 1 bnd 19. p.-10 i57 Se 4 1S L 16-/24 6 1at 1 bnd I9. .5-10 1 7 Sep 7 SZ 13-61/iA 6 t 1 bad 19, p.5Espoo'l. Luas Vamo ce 1, yl-on o 10 n0 Epanoi-. Lu- I., -, ae yl i Lu 0 Luto Vasquez 0e yllon o n .

,ontio ana n oi de Ja n, ie n Icina J Nnc, ,- co d ab Juae, L J nla u de1- an J U- o
-ol db tht un t debnt tfat ii neu dt
0fllo p pr o iti llon pa pt of it.


V Vzc;. e a hs < :- p A a. st emras w

N lt aN NhethA

i 7 DOv 19 Si ial 1-,-4/ amo bn 27 p. 1 7 v 19 T I 1 2-4/24 a o 4 Id 27 154 ov 7I 1-2- /.4 4 bd 27 p.

ICo. 0 C 1i 1 to resi t Nexico. lon- Olnhill l tolc d L. o ei io u tillo kalon 1a toc
l idee of Auiccia (coy) p. and Oio o -au I- (-y n iorc oi uinci co

Iict tr 0 in y Ki o h -a i a- i nI

1 (, ov 21 ST i 1-2-/ mo an p T 1- i!? (1o. E) ST -/24 bm d 7 j. 21-35 517 (Nov 1) ST 2 /2- mo ip.

d-exirc. Lex-ic Kexi c. (0co ) lp (. (tc ) l (o )

t ttimony ania nr 1 t t ioni. i I ti y an e a te t t-ny a n ad al r L ua tio- in t rb o A 1 ti tdo. roban ao An ac el Gatil h a a b n at a o del bICsillo ia-.1donado

i ov 21 ST I 1 2 4/2 Ra ond / p 40 15 ? ov 21 GI 1- /2 I nd ? p. 1347 Nov 21 S ,I I- /24 RaO bld 7

[exico Alonso del Castillo iMalo .exi a o A iono del tillo Ma on-a M e lo- o l Ca- 10 il M aio .
(oy) 4 1. (n (co ) .

een u1 ic1 o L aI ked 1 it1- i his -rese ion o e esk d of 1nes i 0is Prsent ion to b kdo i in po i o L on el io don ob tios lon l 1 ro anns Al a I!!- e a t C bjo r L a :1 b G.a a -,, rney -alan a r t
brt r0

-V;~ \ 'V

til 1 -a not -U toil. ,c o A I cop

7 D ST AI 2 /24 hmo bd 1 147 De 9 I 1-2-i/ anc nd 5? 1y Dec 9 S T 1-2- / 4 Po 4 nd .

-xco 1 p.ixc (co ynio (co1y) 1

DIno hn uen a rel do nu- e I ch e l c u- i o rr
r "d lo e d ti 1 do, d de loo a e e onso e no tillo do a a edim Do s de C ml n d e

So t va T y e le o mat a ara/ant t
1 ed rral Co o/ yan a8 ljo/ 0i t on doe. inD-- ,, -.1 l e DID 1) on e.i re c a be cno ?or c.injicae- shu h., Ra 7)

Vi~i_- ---~:

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