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John B. Stetson Jr. Card Calendar
University of Florida


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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alacuha -- Gainesville


General Note:
The collection contains calendar cards descriptive of manuscript documents drawn from the Archivo General de Indias in Seville. The calendar is comprised of about 14,000 catalog cards. The documents relate to Spanish activity in the Southeast borderlands from 1512-1783. Copies of the documents are held by the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, Gainesville.

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University of Florida
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The University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries respect the intellectual property rights of others and do not claim any copyright interest in this item. This item may be protected by copyright but is made available here under a claim of fair use (17 U.S.C. §107) for non-profit research and educational purposes. Users of this work have responsibility for determining copyright status prior to reusing, publishing or reproducing this item for purposes other than what is allowed by fair use or other copyright exemptions. Any reuse of this item in excess of fair use or other copyright exemptions requires permission of the copyright holder. The Smathers Libraries would like to learn more about this item and invite individuals or organizations to contact Digital Services ( with any additional information they can provide.


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15.L May 3 ST SI 1-2- o"24,a 5d 7, p a 0 T I -2- /24 b 8, Ii i 1544 w ayL 30 ST .AG i-2-.124, bnd 7, p. P 13.

Los Angrles. Ne, Szain. JOan doe Anasco. Los Ageles. Tew Sosin. Jian de Anasco. Los Anr eesl NLe Spain. JuOa de Arnsco.
(co) 10 1/2 p. (c ) 1 1/2 o(opy) 10 1/2 p.

Before Alcaalde Orinario, Alonso CaleotIo Arasco asks Before Alalde Orinario, Alonso, Galote, Anco asks Bfore Ailid- Lorinario, Alonso Ga eota, Anasco as permission for a Probar.a of bis ser ice i : Idies : s ,erniss n Ior a Proca::Za of his seaio e in Inies ho ;emision for a Frobe-za of his serve in Indies i re he arrived .wth Hernrido de Soe, srved- in Floriia re he arriveads ith lerando de Sco, s in lorida re he itarrved rith -nerna:do de St s erred in Florid
and Loi A: les. ncldes -estios for itnsses. d Los Ael. Includes Lluestions fr wltnesses and Los Angeles. Incl-des ouestios or -tess.

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15 Ma 31 A 1-2-/2, bd 1 a T 1-2- bd 2-. 11. tay 31 ST r I I-2-4/Z., bd 878 p. 3-89.

Lo Angeles. Few in. Pr banza f Juan de Anasco. Lrs Aaieles. ?e, S;ain. Prcanza of J, uar Anasco. Los A:eies. oew S-ain. Probanza of Jun e inasc.
(copy) 6p- (coy) 66 c (co) 6

Bcf;re Alcalde 0d inari Aloars Galeote ores it- Bf Alcalde Ozdinarin Alonss (lecte t- rests wit- Before A0ca ld On dario Ao!nas; Glete resento ,itesses for th roCs za on his service. Testimony of: eases for the Proa! .za on his serv-ce. Testimat o: ; ases or the Protl a orn his seia ice. Testi-- y of: 2S.- NMigul de liendia, 25.- Miel de Tiendia, 25.- Migul de Tiendia, 10.- arcta de Len, IC.- GarcFa de Lels, .-- Garcia de Lein,
3.- Antonio M'arti z. L'3.- Antonic artJnez. iL.- Antonio nartina. 52.- rias i (?) 52- ias inoco (?. 52.- ras Chinoco (?).

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154 May 31 ST A I 1-2-4/2, & Nid 878, p o. 15L) M: 31 ST AGI 1-2-Qs/,4 hnd 88, p. 2. 15. May 31 ST A)I 1-2-/24,4 ond 87, P. 23.

card 2. oar 2. card 2.

6C.- Fra cicr o lde Rinso. 6C.- Fracisco de Reino 6C.- Franlcicn de Reine o. 64.- Garcia de Gody. 64.- Garcis d cdoy,. 6&.- Garc a de Godoy. 76.- Fabian Rrcdriguez. 76.- Faian Er 7rigues. 76.- Faois RrodriuJ5z. 92.- Alvaro Fernandez. 82.- Alvaro rnandzs. 82.- Alvaro Frncndez. Metions: Hrndo de oto, aban, Inians. otios: a d t b Istio-s: larno or t, Dab ara Id> arM otia ercando de ot, iaaa, Indians.

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