Index to Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board Interpretive Files in the Government House Library


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Index to Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board Interpretive Files in the Government House Library
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Index to Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board Interpretive Files in the Government House Library
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St. Augustine Restoration, Inc.


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The HSAPB interpretive files give a unique look at how the HSAPB chose to interpret specific properties in the city (including scripts for some sites) and information about life in colonial St. Augustine and the work of specific craftspeople the visitors to the Spanish Quarter Museum/San Agustin Antiguo may encounter.

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University of Florida
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Archaeology in St. Augustine Archaeological Research in Restoration Area St. Augustine Architecture Architecture of St. Augustine Domestic Architecture Domestic Architecture and Decorative Arts Textile Arts
The Gardens of the HSAPB City Guide Exam City Guide Manual Primer of Restoration in St. Augustine History of Restoration Preserving the Ancient City De Hita and Gonzalez Houses Peso de Burgo and Pellicer Houses Arrivas House
De Iesa-Sanchez House Gomez House
Ribera House
A Visit to the Gallegos Family Woman's Life in 18th-Century St. Augustine Christmas in 18th-Century St. Augustine Blacks in St. Augustine Leitch Wright The Dowry
Corruption of Public Officials Biographies
Hispanic Culture I Hispanic Culture II Daily Life in 18th-Century St. Augustine Livestock in the Museum Hispanic Decorative Arts The Two Republics: Spanish and Indian Florida Indians, 16th Century


Hispanic Culture, Study of in U.S. Carnival
Occupations in Census Records Population Social Structure in Colonial St. Augustine Important Events in St. Augustine HSAPB'S History of St. Augustine Historical Sketch of St. Augustine Chronology of Events Relating to St. Augustine Periods of Florida History Iagic Lantern History European Expansion and Rise of Spanish Empire European Economic Life, 1500 1800 Society and Aspects of Life in Europe, 1500 1800
Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Spanish Culture Jimmy Smith
St. Augustine, First Spanish Period St. Augustine, Second Spanish Period St. Augustine First Spanish Period I St. Augustine, First Spanish Period II St. Augustine, First Spanish Period III St. Augustine, British and Second Spanish Period
Puente !lap
Liedical Care in Colonial St. Augustine Character of St. Augustine IMaps and Documents Available
The Store
The Carpenter
Drying Fish
The Elacksmith
The Soldier
The Potter
The Housewife
Heating and Cooking


Craft Production in 18th Century The Printer Transportation Artificial Lighting Provisions and Produce Food and Drink in Colonial St. Augustine The Plants of St. Augustine Reading
History of San Agustin Antiguo Lecture Series Pronunciation Key Frequently Asked Questions Interpretation Tour of Restoration Care of Wardrobe A Quiz for Interpreters Guided Tour Plan Backyard Tour Glossary of Terms Personal Appearance and Etiquette Teacher's Guide Adventures in Learning Theme Tour: Colonial City Interpretation Outline