Restoration Corp. To Buy Lasky Property For $40,000


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Restoration Corp. To Buy Lasky Property For $40,000
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Marin-Hassett House (Progress Photographs, Book No. 2)
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The St. Augustine Record
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Going To Mexico
Chairman Wolfe and Newton
will leave for Mexico City on
Saturday to meet with Mexican
government officials regarding
the possibility of a Mexican cultural center for the city's
400th anni
3. Sat ea report
that the emission
had app diture of
$250,000 f the restorationn, a state
agency, du t biennium,
an increase of 000 over the
current biennium. Mr. Lloyd
pointed out that the $250,000 budget appropriation must be apTHE LASKY PROPERTY on St. George Street whidh the St. Augustine Restoration proved by the Florida LegislaCorporation voted yesterday afternoon to purchase as another link of the expanding ture. restoration progra. (Record photo) Mr. Lloyd also said that a subcommittee of the Florida House
Restoration Corp. To Bu will visit here on March 17-I
r during a legislative inspectior trip and would be taken on a toui
of the restoration projects.
The commission passed a mtion offered by Mr. Sims author
izing the employment of an as
The St. Augustine Restoration The restoration commission re. commission or corporation would sistant public relations man for Corp., in session yesterday af- cently purchased the property tbe in a position to purchase any the commission. Funds are alloternoon, Voted to purchase the the north, kno as the Fried. more-property in the immediate cated in the commission's budget Lasky property on St. George lander ing St future. for the position, it was pointed Street -for $40,000 for the future George $2,500 DONATION out. reconstruction of a historic build- Earle direc. The corp which is an Mrs. T s said that she had ing which once occupied a por- ior of resmis auxiliary toration com- been wor t r some time to tion of the property during the sian, said thatc a histo uild mission, ed that an- get statenal women's orsecond Spanish occupation. ing, known as the Marin House other of $2,500 ganizations t sted in conA motion to purchase the was located partly on the Lask had bee e Flag- structing a nation building ler Founto Wolfe here as hea rs, and other property was made by Mrs. property and partly on the Fried- pointed ou ,000 had commission e expressed Elizabeth Morley Towers, sec- lander property. now been to the approval tha e continue this onded by John Versaggi, after When the Lasky property is restoration progra by corpora- approach. Chairman Herbert E. Wolfe in- purchased, then the entire east tions toward a goal of $200,000. Newton informed the commision harmed the restoration cwrpora- side of St. George Street, from During the session of the res- sion that the Riberia House under ton that the property was now Cuna Street to Hypolita Street, toration commission yesterday construction on St. George Street available. will be made part of the ex- afternoon, the cultural center to was 90 per cent completed and
There is at present a two-story panding restoration, p ro g r a m be- constructed by the Spanish that it is planned to formally building on the property which with, the excepti of the Ap- government on St. George Street dedicate the building on Septemwas occupied on the ground floor pliance Center, operated by W. was discussed and Newton was ber 8. Mr. Newton was given apby. the St. George Tavern, with F. (Dub) Cl the cor- given permission to make a trip proval to proceed with plans for apartments second floor. ner of St. Gypolita to Spain to close out the Spanish the furnishing of the building. The build ated on a 50 Streets. project, should it be necessary. by 150 Mr. Clark s poChai e said it is sition regard plans of hoped ty would be in- the restoratin ogamn. He said terested yink a section of he was not interested in moving the property to square off the from his business location, but property recently purchased id not wish to make improvethe city for a parking lot. The ment" to his property -if the restoration corporation would fi- commission desired to obtain it. nance the rest of the e Chairman Wolfe said he could price not see where the restoration


Restoration and parking lot pro face of St. George Street between. Cuna and Hypolita Streets and o under the wrecker's hammer. The top photo shows the old Fr jacent to the Appliance Center,
in the final stages of destruc ill f a restored building.
When the Lorillard buil g, a fewd orh was razed, a nearly perfectly pre-: served sign painted on the side of a acent building was exposed, (bottom picture), advertising "The Olden Fr re" of bygone years. Much of the area being cleared in the block will be used to construct a municipal parking lot.
(Record photos by Phillip Whitley)