Benet Store is Reconstructed


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Benet Store is Reconstructed
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Benet Store (Progress Photographs, Book No. 2)
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Benet Store To Be Completed Soon
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The St. Augustine Record
Carling, Anne
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Box: 1NW22
Folder: Benet Grocery


newspaper   ( sobekcm )


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August 20, 1967

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University of Florida
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An Edition of The Florida Tnmes Union


The Benet Store, located at the Corner of Cuna and St. George streets. is to be core-

By Anne Carling g of the interior, which will mission, involves the re- crea-::

St. George Street., tine's sister city, will be used Benet and Mrs. Rena Haas, who ReconstruBtion of the BenEt in the Benet Groceries, New- reside at 28 Cuna St., just around Groceries, a general storeton says. This find is complete the corner. Before actual reconwhich once stood at the corner with counters .and cabinets. struction work began, the two

ais just about completed, ac- clude a museum area and "pro- very early childhood to help the cording to Robert Steinbach, re bably" will sell a selection of restoration group with its prostoration archaeologist and con- items, too, he says. ject.

struction superintendent, who The reconstruction of the Ben- Building's Interior says his crews will be finished et Groceries, a project of the The reconstructed building

thepeegi= thinorthen week. St. Augustine Historical Restor- consists of two rooms downThe nextstewil be furnish- nation and Preservation Com- (Continued on Pa se Eiwht) is just auts pleted ac-n dude arseurea' ands "po vryarl cp ilhod torhlpt. ornge to rte ib osotne Stor is e tr
of~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CuaadS.Gogesres otlkey h tr il aiswr us ealn hi is justT abou copeea-cld uemaraad"r-veyerycidho ohl h corin toRbr tibc, al"wl el eeto fretrto ru ithis rstortionarcheolgistand on-item, to, h say. jet: struto sueinedet wh h eontuto o h e- Bulin' Interio says h;~~is rw ilbefnse t oies rjc f h eostutdbidn the~ ~~~~ begi:min of 1 th ek uutn itrclRetr ossso w om on ,,Te nett will befrih tona4Pe rao Corr (Cnine ag igt

Reconstruction Benet tore

On St. George Street s completed

(Continued from Page One) tega, and during the second pear on any maps" has been stairs, with an efficiency Spanish period, records show discovered there, Steinbach ment on the second foor. One that it was a House of the King, says. "We'll probably, put the entire wall and part of' another and Don Diego Mirando lived in real old one back," he says, exhave been built with old coquina it. plaining that investigation will rock uncovered when the land The heirs of Batholeme Villa- continue as demolition progreswas cleared for the reconstruc- longer lived in the middle build- ses. tion work. ing, which dated to the second With the arrival of fall, NewIn years past, "they took co- Spanish period, but at least one ton anticipates that work will quina from the walls, put it on wall was the same age as that begin on reconstruction of a the ground and covered it with of its northern neighbor, Stein- high wall, once located on the dirt to raise the grade," Stein- bach's crews have found. This east side of Government House. bach explains. The entire north building, at least two stories, For the present, work in the Wall of the store is built had about four rooms on the tourist center has been comwith the rock. from the original first floor. pleted, Newton explains, and wall of the Benet groceries, and The southern,- -most house, now, energies will be directed part of the east wall contains probably a three story struc- to restoration of the governor's some of the original coquina. ture with four rooms on the mansion. One of the biggest
The -second floor efficiency first floor, was the home of the problems, however, is lack of apartment includes two rooms, heirs of Marganett Acosta. material concerning the interior a small kitchen and bath, And This, too, dated to the second of'the mansion. the building is centrally heated Spanish period. It is hoped this information and air conditioned. Foundations of all three have can be found in the Spanish
The exterior color is blue, be- been exposed, giving the .sum- archives, and current efforts in cause that was one of the col- mer tourists who visit St. Madrid are being directed toors discovered on some coquina George Street an opportunity to ward this end, according to rocks found when the site was see just how the restoration Newton. cleared. group goes about its work. .
One such rock was used as a At present, the *orkmen are cornerstone. On it; outside plas- "mining coquina" Steinbach ter reveals a sucession of ex- says. Like the Benet store sitterior colors. Yellow was appar- uation, the workmen discovered ently the last color, .red- the pieces of old coquina when they middle and a very pale blue the began demolition of the store first, complex located just south of
Area Cleared the general store site. They are Just south of the Benet Store, also tearing down the entire Steinbach!s crews have been west wall of the store complex, busy clearing land, for the re- which is solid coquina. constructionoof three houses, one This old rock, now stacked in of which dates back to the first' high piles around the area, will Spanish period. be used in the reconstruction of
Unlike the Benet store, which 'the three homes.
is a "'project of the restoration' Once 'these three structures commission, the reconstruction are completed, it is hoped that of these three buildings is being they can be utiliz d for "furthundertaken by the St. Augustine' er development of the InternaRestoration, Inc. companion tional Center," Newton exa g e n c y to the commission. plains. At present, the commisFunds for this group are more sion is continuing negotiationss limited, Newton explains, so with the Mexican. government, work on this site will probably and Agustin Salvat, minister of continue at a slower rate. tourism, is "very enthused about
Through the "generosity of it," Newton says. It might be donors" the property was ac- possible that two could be utilizquired, Newton explains, and ed by the Mexican government, now others must be found "for according to Newton, with the funds to construct the build- third one operated by the Cenings." tral American common market
Steinbach's findings have re- organization.
vealed that three private homes Negotiations however, conoriginally stood on the property. cerning this phase of developThe northern most one, a resi- ment are still continuing. dence dating back to the first Other Projects Spanish period, probably re- Meanwhile, plans are being] mained through the yeari, and formnul".ted for other restdration! had additions added to it from properties. This week, Steintime to time; Steinbach says. It bach expects to put his crews' was'probably .a five room to work clearing the Judson house. property at the corner of Cuna
Occupying the'house during, and Charlotte streets.
the first Spanish period were! Thus far, a floor of a "real the heirs of Nicqlas (Lopez) Or-, early" house which "doesn't ap-,.