Historic documents providing context for the Fort Mose Site


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Historic documents providing context for the Fort Mose Site
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Fort Mose Site, Archaeological Excavations
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Mixed Material
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Folder: 33 Prado - 02-0672 - records, reports, communication, & research


Subjects / Keywords:
Saint Augustine (Fla.)
33 Prado Avenue (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Fort Mose (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage:
North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 33 Prado Avenue


General Note:
BDAC#: 02-0672; 06-0482

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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Fort Mose
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..+ -tO'pe!eli~tAlPHO';March 25, 'rs *Z.
+TA.1Urtehel filed, at th e m ido rn of hesr F Pencil street. The proptitd ArilaenIngfti [still tlto Abovo title, lies recently hll other T-H-+- :+'L: ........ ..
so-n-a ,,Ur .0'I w ,o,,,,, ,0,, ICI l T,,,,,., street ,I ,, o,,n 0 ,, ...... ,,,n fi e ,,,n,,li a,,.- ,, ,, Ila fai ren. ,,," ,at P YA I L
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+to r bnanher o t e W lno0 t wh ly noted. pany with flmrbeeat cnhtnN or JoiMsh wnunuelnl. "CHwIyHr lTlR'* I hNGLISH."
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Mrs. Gran, _861101 llsolnrldo: 'Air, Ioorgn i - woor ethle I "A t m lloi. view to
-T cht o It Ar. -m, O tvan weddnre on tn>tlmy al rnvllt i I lrv o For h bveral yeaor s ina e ia a n a s.he l iIA . R rMhell wo nnran a ond M s.0. M I. -iort in is ierrcorilN, o AIA.rnunth e tn lro th ti, r t. l t .' l. .,.p.. p..lpo.. T.he,

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.o ti h aM rt. l Ch aint It or m r J. A- ga i n- .o w +- ~ n +j lrt eln Q ap i.9 + ew York. yuie. .. ............... . refirlt-n the Not,,t clim of gtries slm ..,.-,, itsfw ,art. Is,
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ro m tn w York. T i Julia lien a t 'ror erly of Floret", H. l. in t be Jimran. tuben- nldd tiontl I chedr i flow f p ut A" yea" aai v rhsO
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steame funo~ aving d rala harkih- .l s loon of Mrto A w ri1.1oou h of thin fil bUlli'to de ep e am who llni. I/on.Them r 1, Arle yw n d ti l ae b r it o i il Iwire. or N w i t la m er at fnil. peed.fien Ita o i rnha
a- nor oil bon s n be grown'In gret York, who hav ewr ayr 1hi Kl rm or w hih r al. orJo wel b f r hhl m ,AOur by ., ..1lote 1.
~~~~~~~~~3~~~~~~~ k[O'-- l:rlllll Ull( II JY l C II r nlI:ll I *llt I llrll l r lxl,. n l I 'U" sa"'" t "lt n'"' ll L Allt ll

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Ithsouwhart, tbeeo eiisu~ mad aufni workitl the BEWARE 1 OF FRAU0.0o
-The atw wAoll n of Mr. .enrva +yrs f Ini r l tlt no v, F r. Itlharo lv Art aall IlniI laergl n .olt ln Ik onx rII
bar iknz namelos he r to e 5 rl men oJ rla ci hrn itbstr ..f. o ndI th'i Iis niatoe to, ne w 1 ars, yh id r m kl
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rinto ne ower le h e el l in t |n se verla twa ain -. e grtlfn n w .i l heatll-e iced tha a velli '='+ f1, oimd l III "II or i it Feornaroln"Wnd ., rtd ay, tl rn ges for wi lls I le o m n [.'n l theven, fIi, wi., I,,.thlilowe,,.. I. rl n1I,1 ,
Zif...trwYork. ThnT"ttrt)n I- ir liotslharpdn" Wh} }e l4I le~hK Ih htir here. 'fih eniertorh.|i-+ f]im ofP Wnvlrn. go, A Tlh ." ".
stlbg n I M bl frtll cranft I h o ile i witl hnr le b 'tt e Il rn b 1 ..Y r h irllr e a t h t ir n a et n'tl, 17G O S t l ,
tlihellal, rl wit h I I 1,l r t' l ,,Il .J. Ivar,, Iltr, J lovf rloo it, olWn w Iere. I ly.mr M ES
.+ ld r l m r.dl r h rtoln rrlInR fron tl l o Arl r*ln tl oll I, |,lt + hi la In, l + lr+lnr .nll + .l Il,,31Ill
a pleawr. rhen f o rr e rrl I ls othit lI )ll ter in on ier tf mllW o h n 1r-n.onf, I Ilo:n. li
S Ingsl he Aloh is e per iland i. Johns r nlve r At r oft l' orh i NftIIvn mh rn Th,. I Kl W or k of r ks ,rn I ndeii ngI -yer ,ha s.nt *,,
: -T e Attain yachlit Tunline, Of fio ? w or (otin' etirtil, am ngi t loi st, %ju.ll]l trct:; ont lrvl~ ry dI r 'clooll ,..'I to w lthin
Mr.M F.'|,+lo n I,. K. In:l]+ml, h """''V1,[It, '" ''; '"+l Itt .rtdhl '"'' tro1 'II fil ,...

Y + %ork Yacht01 Ihii, cam~e Irto port oil NtVl, or, h rt l Il mis goin l 11h1111e. lit 1w 11hL siflI +d ll nr,+ha .,l ,,r l 1, tt.:,;r;"itl -%
Quali tly. n. w e , Aeterb ry, anti te'Ills o (ty reo,,l r1 nDr. o :lc ll ham, ,ores, ,,pril
n rlol, o er"expected to ),,In the yarehth)for. ]"r;triu vly 1i. i ~ r lf ot lyrd d :a h ,th h h era +, rni l,,l*L +l..~+M :I ~ I. tH it
I"+ad Procemd 1oIoaJ~bew Wood, where Mr.,"
I ,, xa M tot( j rainstorm stial projo.Aiest plI ~ oo (,or atIOU (-I Ulo-loo sit 1 11.1 oey- )r

enrR d flillkim. An~t ,elythig oll rtlh raiD. file Preollo ll ( ro t loi ttry 51lre, Hove rer lit I rll t .,1 Isi i'i ho l",Il 1 1,el. In
3,i+. I000 a tre$. Il[a to If1 Alho visit Jek yl W olf 1), ,,1e A. Vl,' fitn, twit prominllentl sotI~ flon red dollars hjqv0 le'll 'lroloady, d t Ja l i --ilv, i e1 hy MI i1. R('tI+;lq.
and+ .. ldtakent look at flife PK. lts hva Improve , (orHharo,,kfo, )on., Atr, m.opllf, ... by N,,ri ft,so i -, slog n t Itn+ 1,'l,. hoprd ..N, ltho
n flowettor nia w ersy o brs il K l a b tiff I Ifi
i T l l h In rfr rl J. Al. oarnhell nd %fl An ATwA, Ws L hvigl hrun0vrrvetintent19,
I + In command tl ilia Into T. Al .. rt.ll ,.11i,'AR haove, take ......... .t ,,fi ,I, Yr. Mr W, ,, 1, ,,,r,,i,, .... ,,il, H O
\2 1:: r~nhl lt, ... wni In e, Itll .... o.. gloseIl ... I I r, (v, IAirI tfoltr N th'r $3 S H O E
n.The copttiu hail a worth greting from ont ao ieailio Ir,1 oews lit.)le fo Ii
j t gl ops T I ) i+)lt Waveyed i fo e ll I IIs lo ll TIhlh .opll I trelon lw. ls ol,.l l l I life nin y rtl , s h,. -er e ,,, ,,e ,.m M iro .. ,., ll ,,, r,a ,olw, l .' , : ien ,, i... .. y l,,, I. i .. ,, t 0 e
'I =G .][agt~irhl~. fleno n~ehttt~lrmiles woAther.-andn the Teorftrinaet.li exl (11,. fr m h e pr. o,, r, ile rou teoW 1 A. .... /k + -,
s, til.mrnorluno, having (lie Itaelian hark hl." ces..... hi o Mr ,1%hro .... + v+Ioroiiu l, .. 1h. :51 H \'
a :+++ ltfirll opossi. ITt required fil inootdexer ,ored soorn ed ) Nslight aftern A rhort Ill. I'l 1h, it (ow'W NY lJ+yi .evtl l o (,xrt~hn ,f'- 'i/ .
h+ ,th Armsli I keepfh* lisrk from running Tfisthrilolllg-stro (or fhs diali of Nfr. .'A. ,+,,lolly I, likelyy io gie h e, litlle ,h.llow ",''"
.the lstenfir djwll, file liste, of colurse, hov- Khng wan its vved ht+ in by hlA tnny frplelh v:+m lhhurale o, s+l og i ,.r Afite~l dinle t[ -l'o
In a itIeelfy lsailydiritd with nl1u1ch rt-grt. 11. wall rnv~ornblv knolwnl mr. J. A..lh i reote y, or ilut, ),.o ,,ir
'+ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ n llORIII

by.Lhe IR ++el i, otit hstann g th, nll% i ts- I o t~ anl e lrelItlon, haeving bfis-n o11. votllnly roi thi mellll it~l, litld oor townl at vlAi
lisp however, lheJlnoslc+rse efi l tg frg r, l er, f l lll ..tl. fI! r ro g hlm week. .411111. isi't I1IoVli ollh.. lfaIr .
"the e el abreast (i WaMrringto nl.l rs)d1,'find Ii-Irnytolooby aornnotlol,, I Mr.\W .H. Mo e. nd Mr. It. It Drownt ..'I.. ......* .. IhI.,l I...
fihl five ll In In three hoors And h r lmlir r e t, lt ih.e n Ier n hntk-fvh d om ri % ,i l,, le.1to
? : her hea dropifrnldr went along low" hW. II +) I +1 + ,. I l r.lI b ll llY o ne lllrn Ihe p n I -,1.M t'11 I'ikYI III~lib nn .lc o14l ol Vrl () a11101( ~ly l 1!IInlt jl W.l I I..\l IIeh' Itlllltlllk~ rUI f,+11* 1'h1. p l n +rl l,i,,,%%' II |l)Il +i \m I ,I l ,J.1 3~~r .+.IIII

n;+" w l urnar.J~hl .. .. lf ll, O r inworm II It n r l htr w .k ih,, BE AR OF,, .
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was I hlh + drO od of, Wlahrti *gnan n earPeu itq AL o loss
ili+ eltdey aiirnlon l -.ul, al lri ll ,;ohrylok.r Mrr lr l rll, Hl rro i',rl alllny I. l.(vrl1I, Il\J ,(11 )T I

Is employed a it runner for I he W. L. lot) U son 'A.ot I I 4, 8114 1ko 11 tile clootoril of iln nrnllrlt 1. ++'lll) I1I I l.,ll lllll l (l lllllllllole l[1 le-1 1-ll [
;+ofiltl'osalIng he Irequetlyc o ,.t 4 vl, .tt+tlr+.~e -(rul\lw he LxtlvlM rhVoI In ly pIe,, ) -Ig f,]i g rv ni l'l, ror,. \ sale }t .% oy tl~l l+
b aly I l l 1 t I. hnlnl Il ne ro l ll oll 4R rn l liri, o r lel eh v, r w .1 l, ly ll~jI r-lul,, l tooe kllh , l Wy .] T S ININ P ) N :4,
)hi. Ir"Itil" b o A N.rerll | il w I Ii) X ,1 l1( t l tIi t Thi dry wih IhaL Iin si proo e-ti fflihor rf, o or" f tt InI iir hr llot "1,1| o n is.it
'+ hi l01g nl Itl It eltle fellw ,it Wr. P 0lelllY 8llm ell.llg eril rorll lh.twne.T e Need ,, 1111V. _13rfidlh. tha,. love rl nitt o W a rf t < t h at itnnO w r I tire fri ll Al l e n j Po'-0e ; o ll d n f a l y 0 4 V A l. ll 3 '. to oo1 1 s 7 .fi
Iaitllier. I lihbe [te lile boy l wI It h l+t.n'b"+btt l l' i1: T lr +*[ri~v: I" l't i.,< t l l I n mluly ,!,s .1,+ .'. Inl lieIl: ,%l. IW l~he~lllahnicl r e f ilhe le d, 1 The o .i of tI ll hlllld l on k ftlln erlelrol linl Iraltiot. .N S *' I I !; l I ortf I s se tii jusll r oil now lllil
I++ rw Ileitllr |f il now of ndh14 e llw~ers&a~ Oloan re will b,-filhi III it hrt Ili. Th "eol't .o" limi pst lm 11.Jr~ le A K.U'T + '1. i ,.
was In~lluld, stll IIIR low loolo ll tile

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dow"., Tlle ll ont ll llolln ver fil e 1111 6-6- -4111111 I hlrl lhl WO(1 f ItlV11l1. it'. :"o ttl i'L 1 ehe,, r hIt, +. II- Ylll
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if )o intl ih ilod (lfe carried II If. fa y Iio ,nTll I l vhl. lown hurl ll,,n; o l+ ., 1 -+ -,. liv sh l stoo ..hrv ollh ,n .I I I r I +.''o II ll't l l

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tslto a nIumbar of trees which bore frit > he r-treI, oath, you rO. ater tl.. Volin Drg cne r C too l/ Co., tia i t kl T lN i a I ollt I rI c
Iargilast sanson. )I.,lne ora i lt 'tr more l vr o ellllIe l'ulr i i" BALTIMORE. MD., L'. 8. A. Iyo lrl, le r Ililll AhIio ,I/ ill id I'Ill
argely D last se seco* .N "Yor won counties hike Polk ailt led ly.
--lion. 1 .1 l Irl h a Vrylf 0in 11sn' teM It lAr be s Of Cattle are 011 (ie BUni rt fromn t AuuolW.and Ia
-rei tn t ac the mo lific er in' rl er r in a rIn li le Ia Ite owncls restl.e rllewle re, arl hutlld take Itll 4 loltid i Mlllorn It:
'irl anid val table roYe; in Waldo, that rfo eltotl herds ar nit return.eI nt e i. Oall, w rr on arrival tt I1 ilc t rUt l r
tell yLears lcod anl grew In a lihot hOlle in The above so for as re'late to Mtr"llle
the NiAlt of outh Caroina. ton 'ears y county, we br l a wanlon Iterverlon if ir tran to i att lllru il'rry ei n o tlht ra I since It wal remolvd rlliter and Ira an t.ll. fl ctlr which we trit all s les wilful than Hprll, lMels t htel h ls traY iot real
ed and it has grown raVi .ty GulIta Otil. .,t t tIa ertaro ItNreidii lt t I el,
-Ti'0 Ilon ho tio r atlarreit V n* i .at, hilt bly no llan inl of thle rlh e i r ti. Iit it e jol Ar. aen in a Iteteont rotrili Matnile" Cotllfy, We _sondnt, fala and conaiderable cotton notie theo followln: "Trie coutly ol~lrans. IsI Olt o tr ith Vulliln l i all ildern aslallie -gll, leletrio
tolen f theft wees eldent'yomml ed ee, I which there w Ire probably fmlreis tthd. to ( L ard col tore, rillli wa'er, int anid
.by Xsae DoouRila, olortl with the help o cattle on the rarge than ill any othercolinlyr iN IlllNt I lm R an r IN- ,
b s o1w alf) of 19IIIAI N 1MVItll, rlillf IN- IIlllllnnN 9 1illllc- O l lte iortlld To oofederalte Mr. Vlnint Lollowed the anti with a opltillton of albot i it N I t to t silittlie.
traok to within oms Ilthirty yards of I)oull. t- t wan returned by the A tssmear in 19.n, 1111atI I .11e 1 tol. L .1 1
at n" hom e ,. I I IT heifiiy l lhonil ft hoters and munlt. "A il l h t iu tr p. T,.In !U Iltr li tO ', Mani .
i' Ari. ca"" tle i aheer., an t 127 l in gs." e. eal A DYIIPIPTIC ftllo y a t
fi"l. ;eg" eh 1o1 riiiylor lr, en, d1 ihere, o irec he io el." He r h lll so t
o a h ae n airw lertri fur oirtAtertrtil. Nowfor iteralt The D a IL1=ke.nu ,
ti folIowlnr.amda ienlenoli a dole-. tAzxbook ntow Ot file In tire Clerk' olice, an
sl ftIrom our town to tI l Ooas t l)erol I'tne stb, r 1 t .ir"t.ee iwe r ini < Jeatte "
(oniton to be held at Dl n llr., on tile exhlbrl Ilortee, er t l rit r 1212. .ieat
.,., 7", silh pros.0,I, cai f tltle C A I II02. iholi lllgini I ;i I
th proimo rr NV IF Millo, oart. a,rrc le iltorra TIr;I ,lt l tIAo
J, II, Mf eKInns, Iln. IV. J. i)llnel annI lr, hrtgs II, t ai w. rciplet le o t ibee __. s oC
r. A.' ill, l. iy rgnt rlqftiilp, iuyor litre lyw lei rlt o direct i ell er elit. e.. ...I i.. i
I l h wis adilelI to (fie delegation, t Ilod wtd dlAl olrt i di." \ \recr.it
-t.-lWIIII a eParke'tlie. elgihleenyefr. Nititr ofiUra aiidiii i irl no l ciler"Tlw, l m r '-,.i iimr cti -rl, ... i:
eritii l on of CAple. iietiT l'('ler, ctl en lr lr I:lltt, r.: r AI ,
hoy ofi a bot ir soame Arnt were tiranllng Nu biier olilirie n tit tOnoc T er l ix O %F"s. i
t ". h.a tll ti) at .C'elr Key ht airiy. tl' Whliri:c ,, AN ,i Lv A rI".
1tib o on los r r ; f faw t r a i 'f i at 1a s:1,r7 7)t ia e t r al' e tie tI o. kne kln i On i irrm l ofl n-bor, 1Ir,!ll; Ill l!retl II lltt h kr cknll'i tt, i mi 11 ,-' .
Il y telth and Weod r In i tie back or tile t ftilr 0r mnhi'T cr k I-W.r I 1'.," '. Wper "i."
Shomeof. It wlo n tr o, ex1rnte*1y il i p llrtol e, o book, t,o.: IItdifrtd.fl :ti l 'I N1tT,
Tho cheek bonre itadtly turn in thl t l illl l t ll Il, r ent i,,mil h re,;ii A e.o i tnilm+. i I .
I I o I a a n o t M y-totl i s .A Yery ler tiotrgi trot ncOno. bittlig, t 11 R it I llll ttJrr T, I Ti er(!. *.. i .. t .......*....
a' trt a on ltl11in 'it e l i li H...LAFA- ETTE. :
-,'d lr 8i' wIs, ioslnrale r at an8 ieley di Msll r 8;ll n Ali vtryl- r.oI. nt .. e f:o:
o, I w in eli at M oaiI iM cii r1 d w l a lldu o.l.t.. . .W
S ttlon o rr Irrutoro r wce ey 'r. A I rus uon I: .tT I:'4. IN it L e ctiiny.,
: evrtled rpont soirne trt betlorui t ,i'o Jifr. 4dpiil ill n ll il'ii r tt i.' io thtthil t r)
Lewl.- and lalvertl ea e for l Uie vi'd vltral, i t ry -n Il roI Axt t...1a at1 .
: lile. it.neto r.r. TI nr tr ldthl nct Ile tre '. t a ti e l i I L 'i l fiIt A i 'D o'N,D t~Ht 1 .
(levy tilr tre itdn ot hlit su ccrot.') r te a I airhn tru lhe fund i nfat tittl uOn venas to0 T ll po .
lined hc been broflin Inth ocl hoe orn re i -lI, w H r IC' llTl romill l r i tle, r
mOdn Ilos Hall a t hld e i tlolr Ic ll Madmei Jrnwrord IneI r ah ll 1i ll- t'oli fll 11,row 1I11( xIlrr lllr ar.l i
oved rI irut l i le n e llro, tllal Irl l w. re c ivsel 0m e i rL nn r llee m a .nn p t a r ll
miovl ng iliea crnr uporne an ailllyit l of aitpr. tile Ilr to JI i Ilr o rn 'lia i .i Ih lelk 1r l'nlll.i .i1til rtrill
son cia ifl t aei Etonrr tiile drtiirtria to I...l.. ir I t. t il tie l lt
iwi A : rrrrt e rri ecirred end li-e WS' tier o ti alrr, Ilw lllAtd iirllllllltl l.
;et: h oll nd weenell Ho lie Ilrroo h ti(o 1II IIAL .ad r Ilrpr )Conn'T fq r Ili ~ r Iltitll
-Xriy 'last Wedboiw br a d tc ire ilndA ot h r. o t. E na.ri tor to op. rtrEil Tr t. ti. t'rtlt.NI'nll no t A t A
hnmeof )D . h weremrro, o onflo I t Ii r e I l i,%t til lllI, i.N IV. l' IA.-.
pT a. yne as e snw ll I o llllof t I Itlr. W iironle i It lilet r enhirha ri the.llle i. A ridurkitng l r o t o a t r f e inus ti Irlvemet tii lin i tre aItfthe .'i. it i tl
S fair n this t tslle l A lterIl l the 1hl t e-ei n Au ll [rne (lian a ptli. ElntrIc IiTtori.n
a lon d W t of Jtmer n ofnw, i bo dTy th utimi" n d It Iet'k letRall Tlwai k 0ot ufcty, {tArtTrly ihi Airr twar olirro*
-erid to b o n lire, tl lhantI th eell ar es badiso f r An lldtU n . C o- PiJt l ;s l v lpinserr d t.. ltyleohth r tr. r th IAr lia
bittltilt til e wa s yImp rlo alble to olW:: li e, l te ta e will
bllitloug, wtloh was stwo roo 'abin. fail da r ld I Nri (410Tit'l uR.at l '. nlt riain,."rd .
SPer imbrook livetl here alone and for a wemk Ai. V.' tiiate a an ch thoi l i t, T llr l t. Illu n ; I
r two woas nnwell, w o rcpin tIoe rear o n'sr ev, eral vanurle ) o l ai I lil t i titld o h nt 1 tllOo l Uami y t~l w o lt. rat l tllo iut ll i tldit irltllll tritll r t *l al hady iplna t was at thIo r a fllo|)ewt ty lft rtr o t r td n u room to. whhi lo Ui there ol tina n y o io niia l n n wn n f ih Ninime nd Oill, it. ilt4
.dtie ruling could lki e tha Ist loster tiea MNeL Vlt l r Ff w trItr ue nt At li Itti l siri
S moon althe phclh ae oer lite entered hla .i Ilein, r .,i, illa fr n i hIe I ( r u IFLo, Ft Cil i r J nnA
body wau fot nd brit In a errille rn.itlotn l 'lat rher thyh e t aneY eter Srt DOIIIN alre IO nLhr
the arms, ahed nt legs Complete y tie. Unitet Ratie tCavatly. sind le. WVslAla J. .m- xllxl.-t. A.a. xaae1rtlto JA1X1o1vrL.L yloaLo*4.
seatrO ld. ato er Ktilt at. ti l The orhT w i l ouse itar III Jt 1lowIiit. .. *Xrl i teress UstEn ita
't e o th as be et e to t rn.t !t e isa Kani no a von fu i le by I'aiiiietio i chiaRd LLhe hov .t stat. l beUn'ic t.n S** oprtetr .

.A. It.oy in blunofr neosl an ty er nt c gra s to at aritillttc that fiit'lods i n dnd lt i of lih tr.e lray I Ma*y, A
reuton And bean bake In e spaciin new towlt her Ihoroth tle ult., t .iak.At and itety Kisreru t. owlnt Madame Janish 6p lotnlo, again to- mnboe
Odd "ows IHfall at this i1 6, to which al l Ni rr Is t t. - .... -ihe-qteontheidee ohd merelntl. tue enl Itni ur c ilw I reei o nsape. l orknt n rurnisti any parte fi lE N0r T. NT. J e E4iJl r.l
:' Thie onc blee exteded arou nd thr i e ine E ell et l l ie ollt Ov ulton, e l r Ils a r at llrllll I 1 ua A.C. L StIN. I .11
o the W i and w e vell sulted with iso. II. 8andftrd, ilridgeprl, onn : (I1. -o- -n 'h ts tl .'
:" bans, brolr brad, hrd tack eud other D. (lGoodwln,, of NeOw YtolrI, are stopllng aT lt l ll Iietor F lly l of tihe
:;: dltaol that were mnoh more nncomheon ihe New Ht.rItorge. Worer Mt. ttoto treet I Li ound t old mp thn ho Davd Wr, O N York: 0w rAo ('OwmN(iMT OF mAeiy Mnlit ile.
-mentioned; it. 'rvr .I.eaitP. W..T11" ~ II)A
spr' omponlc; Tthebiana werea Ired r In tin 8hrplr, ,liW N 3.i, art i W, "10"'i' -lA M ti litl .A
-- pla pan lltea -lois iron r po rode and the lylr, of. Ne w l ork, a r MAr a.ll h l t. o'l'Tl I taq -a trmlnl
o: a. warha Iafrom tin b up. A nie r or 8t. a ugulltne, after t pleasant r t. l tne - e.
jm wor edl We puot and ated In servlng Nortb lOlV OtRN I o.a.ehs ir ththment l A itAe tnl A Aultx ifls o I .d, W. aarn i, a a int a ln eis tnti nlr or In. i
lag e a nd a.o ild oeratue al Awblh brnelthe m lloe ri, n dl k Ity i l eel ier wA loti "llhoKLae riTAI A' ra e'll, 3, ra Ah Olrii : 1' ',

an cx tto.fedi er u lo th at l al T ul ll tre., tt. l ote n lt Jaui 11 ti I n l l .tit,'ti I ,1,01 ri.t tttl
ItIhel wh nll In F.rp tmoeA and cllli lln n --i i-- ,'r, t I-3I; .i-
rotkeep Uh tha e etrtilteor elfih *tit, of Villa, of oew York are all t an tal M rta e can tA lit Tle
i L War t boall d y h ein es wn rtr atnelr rg'a r tou teoug Cuba tre oirttwiHoundt i ati ii. nitrihorlll.
= 82.ni i 01t1.; h' hr e idesmn 'd In tlnluo ri i lDr. I t. II. trttn nd trty wio ave an meI'eIltd on he'lllhil h.ki \ t'l ilt itJltA.t I'ri
whic wlldt l c erte wI It w. 'I the n long* for w i ilflelwy lr- wt. itli't t I-" ed llr = tii r Ti n..
S": to All llnt a litl% dellt olin ol .oc...lo' n ,Crll eta lw illa eio en r I ': t ... ..i t 7
thea th .old .Unmt army* t t aa JiLiu thIlt Itsnxlr Ane lsd. ni.tr' ln r (11 nlnilnte aIn31 h avig .t i ft l li,
r sparkled In the Nlr.l c elilltle ii.ro.rl lll lba yer, i|Y., h vetIttlv Irttnan .\it.l a. e. Thistor t silfeti c r.. 't Il e r lllt I- iA...0.
Sflauihtor.l d n.plauss, l tl close orree: tl l hat Ihy hre Il*r.l v ll l lratv alier.l. i eld, rl h# TintI aln pitlwi tir t Iiil iol. ,tit I
: si ll t e on eoO h'denersrl l aor o that T oe of it.. n Iluxisi eater) ttogRil, tleimr Iens i n . tlrll:r .iil 1
voe ll61 thinkL be ex4 nlll I0eo the W an l tate io o I*raeelie Ttldy llxivienar hmoriti1ea7,a If e'1it
a vey boys ti r slidlute nch toltialnbl 'ch to f t tel tl el IA "lInrll e rhland rall. Nt rllm .,-.I (I U,. t II I
4 r ooll min, l lc s done by rislng vote will Atil Col fort to Its lltatrsin d (t. llt *lek .A I We t'lt i . 1nh'.l. .r 0 i, li,
: lld while on their fel t another exCinl- lte agell llonlt rAe. I. Tlmai, ody to Ill, ntlt orj arNee, e Lt. l rl tTler t.ll d. It o Ir ,. re.
ahisrte p l t reI ohr pr o ihse H t a rl e a ln ibyt o olr hor hesti O .r A A r, I,,"er. tei -.k. A C TIti i I-x I .
t :c cd UIoe whlEi wct e w tll h nthu- N e xnt r lllinln d WMll W lll ni l h llit te a i a e lid. ad -- a t s t
AN ' Llakel eel inlt'I tt Del tra l, It : At th S Me 'I'r W T CL T t Nires, l t'i1, L )I1 < -l .. I t II 4 l et fl rti, ran rllll -li I he prrlvlor of Ilia "OM$ Turner INil.(hl rrlan) Io n,,iT'ill l'lllrlln. look ltoro"k ow )l and ftvorbly kLnown Th1 t VlInlllVl. rtll l )llltn r( Iek .; o-,%l?
--e ( o lri ln Tto lil N ga.nd Weir i' o illnll. Itit. ll, Tbl l bil 3 r, Anl Mil It. It. )f'hlle Msn t Iownllalm rrlbsl1 In 0)ie Iilthll I
:nIm -Ft p-s 's 3 1 -Tti T "of llolton, s st theSn ,[ncO. Mr.\Vhlle noof.rnlul, thi vnariou 14 iof &ce+ r l llr o l al b try Ai i ln ..f Ih a 'til el
.l -lim lls it'e&Holtnlstl dnnomil oonl tl or TT* well knolin dry g dL house or It. to ore it rwnrt* it tll O[ al- Tltlt; Yrliur t, Jlul7. I 1 ii
by und orr ) pii tlo n O:d Folk' -. .,Whe . odt*" at reo.Wl rrlI. Ii A ll i C
c fbor ::Jseaoe beatt.,of the yongl en's C rl t IF. Myers, Etl. of c Haeoc laThe ti'olll "ti otlhelrni Raiy )l- Wlr oadl
htlattln .t ,l'ld-. The mone ~d I a.. Is h med by the iret ovtllnW '-h t i r, l t r risk o oll, .D I lt o l 'r .
rlbl lahtnl et, n. '..ing Juo &rd Mm J. A. Trela, o f odlse, iflL . ....,h. l .o. 'II .T
somthtyooms. Teconcern promlisto uAr t ihe Merida ljoup. d LLo atle r, otllhli u;;; e .....9did "].I l
aii lrM ago, a klw In,: -tnai t su: mari a Itsistslit the jole fisolea. o an t rand rUrIthr'wilrulare al tdre lots, I bulb r lrtelA, (ul l
b WEL J. J1 VXu. OAr lrod p 'r enl .) l'rle and arox~ lsl seart frrmq
Tir; Dllram, k. .e orWlr ltr I dr-theeLik A pDabaao t wl ee IliN = Im, tract loN anwd'w el FIlIJI wantlrR to make ." Yrou coubtyr, irorlds. B I lla peo Otario. CAP

UV141te insome at tne large g~raves orn we, ofilnneil Dy a ilocosill Cicon witj~~ to,, i I
.Ake Apop still emain inplcked. dreaei. Iwyer is aot muchi hurt, lut hle bt rsl Ieiwrhoi rus i ,"..
J- w i oerhraftte Japan per. had avery narrow escape. . MALARIA
*Immon and Afirsns and Japan plums. -A On.ilden county farmer was driving te, rt"f"I'fho .. .d met.id4,erlo h
-Mr. i. ; eeterdf Hunny Side, is hisold mile leisutrely alonc thle road itq u str iluet eelitire'uOut.,tuintoy.l widIuphi buI nee, preparatory to L town, sld a h drove along whiled away I orur CHILLS & FEVER
1)trtjs to Uentnl and South America. the time in smoking hif oh! oOt, plim atidl In- bi /i "o ,friel .1.il lot i
-A meeting of the it~en ofitockledge It itng i pleasant reveries over tie pro se. e is si Iie.*it / g'so tlin.
ewile aount le woul a get for fir butter NEU R S S vae held Monday naght, for the purpose of eggs h CoRg for hihe engd rr KIDNEY DISEASES
Incorporating that place Into a town. lotg'tie road noted a ai. T%* issunghfrom .r.rv/t,, -ly unI.,1 ir,..n I, ot. I '
-Col. Codrlngton, of the Detand Af;r* tboerar oend of his cart, an p t h
tWiute, who has been stricken down with hadsome patent foot-warner inad enot LIVER COMPLAINT lXca arltsuIs iha been obliged to retire from theold farmer was- haply unconscioulr. u y ha It t ai o ne -AXD?0ne.the object of their curiosity untila neighbor | n' l N n oA neoomotive hasjust boon placed bwled out, "HaY, Old man, whatin thunder U NEURALGIATIC OCKLtWAILA IVER on the Ot. Auguetlne and Palatka Railway, is themitlerwith your Can?' ie looked b U* > i and srreA.Ini q the t
acom mod aU -jhe-aaLrowif lgI i around and sew the fire, dropped his tSe (
ro ast ars bsne' fire d ms;l r ods swtmtrafpedr i"... -R**E* UfATI9M--se ---A Vi.w Ex prolunalrom Tourilts la t
.r--M Mc~rory, of UlranpIlre. mnent1 /I aaved bl cart, li Instead or "a'o o Marryw yearr"Alwayirmesothe bit. fltrthe rad oona poeed a patent orane buttr and ir hehad only fried eggi to ,.,.Iy treek rt5i. y,1~ arru. sprinsaldgowo i e river." "Tce tripl
at rtancas a itorn take to market_.-Tiihonscan. thrrom t ft ****** of alp trips." ndgodlon the rive trd and piip twa i F M AL I FIR M IT IE9 or all trip.,, rhe I t eatt. werd and pla twety to be kept buy wrapping. FEMALE INFIRM IES teq"Evththa-rattrtiv
-Danams rier orange are now being MT. At(JipeTIN NOT.rn. r..1'.17 IA.0 nat. I e afresqu rni n Faste yI Itio st tOi be lt*on b ueracfltl le atf t.16eissO.s. I? tlu4h and4 'Wouerfl n IrlorldesT to be ee by ona Onput tsu sr in tand Abent he heIi.htmooethands C* .k t. tookingt itieVarious ti .ver Pprings and on tta nd agobro tohtor (pecal Correa dee trTxx- I.o S:) D LICATECHILDREN atblpduwn hti'u ant the Ocklawaha
Inoweee i e srrmr ea nien 2111. naeu ,.e, .oA uea far at 0 river." "T l e itr rl"g 4 q ee m In be t hoe a T a e t u Fr. AurIxx, .nt ary 29.-The progress *rmwe hemay .d o h wnn xpr esegopaey has placed meen. slyeeuchreparty, in honor of the MIs.. e BLDitifDl, IS E IniSefthe ratlomw, and ~5-c4Tanoy se.o both the trains froi tat place to Ill ke at the Cleveland bone Thursday IT oURo, I( I fil e iteteiSro ttee the poit'l glt ofd., it n y o abe iff ir t e arg g r~r ax by e- 4.0 l~ Id P -*41v on ohs btoent, heTb hm.e., Il e eos~t t'y changlinr-o( Siatr orrday., :.,'
o.ea. d f t. Thoma is I ll Twi esfithelouean wa gr atet he t, cotor tints, tie hoiling and gtnhin of water rouneedat the t -James, in pensaica. many frions who called to pay their re. ANY TIME OF THE DAY fron deep ian a, the arting a.d iting of
a N O ropecting tour in Middle specie to these ohsrmling young adles.- The umoprot, L.-.han. Jr oe.o or Ns,upIi.. sth l hil. tih most teantiful nd nttrse.7lod1 afd If Much pleased with the on. music that ierspersed the social. features in ...use id. e.. teIe.o* v,. u n o
eral appearane of thIngs in that section, of the occasion wa exceedingly pleasing -i .o r Orint oreifill i t t printed a.n toholdall thel lttertri0i jewels I LL W hits, of M oore Oak, I in g p om and of mno h sweetness and skill. i/ l I t l prili n eit it hold all th el Iintertir level 00. Wt ofIrteOaki eng prom. Mr K T. Williams and dalulrhters, of Ift. *.in t aut ft st. .i'orthe world."
JndiCt fthe rd. shipot ethrd WalthourvlleOa., are visiting Mrs. King rt, lie... Price 1.00. Passngtrs from Jnkronvllishould take
Sof that circuit. The a Ino betwe aw- ibbs at her reildencek In north City. TI 'Iho.Volniau Almanna for 188IT-new thit F. It. and iN. It. It. li-. train, direct t
ta ite I +h ree-' --I bsote Ih ngin, I'-Istk,"j;A his ,,e m i nd the presill Incunbent, Judge .the t. Augotle and i'alatk airo ad asl llrive, ail td on receipt of a .i the ir oftthe new sd i galitly a1Ilnited
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TO: Mark Knight, ACIP
Director, Planning and Building Department

DATE: November 15, 2002

RE: Preliminary Results of Archaeological Survey at 33 Prado Avenue (BDAC

Introduction and Site History

This letter report provides preliminary results related to archaeological
investigations conducted at 33 Prado Avenue prior to the proposed development of the area for single-family residences. The intent is to provide an initial document that can be used by St. Augustine Reserve, Inc., for management purposes. The investigation was conducted under the auspices of the City of St. Augustine's Archaeological Preservation Ordinance (Ordinance 89-38). This regulation requires an investigation of those projects that involve ground-penetrating activities and occur within designated archaeological zones (Halbirt 1993; Piatek et al. 1989). The project area for 33 Prado Avenue, which is listed under the City's site file system as BDAC 02-0672, occurs in Archaeological Zone IE. This zone is recognized as containing potentially significant archaeological deposits associated with historic Fort Mose as well as prehistoric Native American deposits (Halbirt and Carver 1992).

Fort Mose was the first free African-American settlement established in what is now the continental United States. The history of the fort consists of two occupations (Deagan and McMahon 1995; Landers 1990): Fort Mose I (1738 to 1740) and Fort Mose II (1752 to 1763). Both fort locations-are within State owned wetland areas and, therefore, are not subject to direct adverse impacts resulting from construction activities. The proposed project area does, however, occur within that area distinguished on the Pablo Castell6 Map (1763) as being under cultivation during the occupation of Fort Mose II (Figure 1). Thus, the possibility exists that the project area will contain archaeological deposits associated with farming activities (e.g., outbuildings and agricultural ditches). It is unlikely that the 100 or so occupants of Fort Mose resided outside the confines of the fort given the violent and tumultuous events that were symptomatic of the era (Halbirt 2002). Fort Mose is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and is registered on the Florida Master Site File as 8SJ40.

Numerous prehistoric Native American sites are known to occur along the Intracoastal Waterway (Deagan 1981; Madry, Smith and Whitehill 2001). These sites primarily date from the Late Archaic (ca. 5,000 to 2,500 B.P.) into the historic era, which commences with the founding of St. Augustine in 1565 by Don Pedro Men6ndez de Avil6s. Early to Middle Archaic sites (ca. 9,000 to 5,000 B.P) occur in the region (White

Page 2
RE: Preliminary Results of Archaeological Survey at 33 Prado Avenue

and Halbirt 2002), although not as frequently as later occupations. Most Native American sites in the immediate project are found on small, dispersed marsh islands, a result of rising sea levels that inundate low-lying areas. The site of Fort Mose II is one example of this pattern. The historic site rests atop earlier prehistoric deposits that date from the Orange Period and St. Johns Period (Deagan and MacMahon 1995).

Due to the proximity of the proposed development to both Fort Mose I and Fort Mose II and corresponding historical agricultural activities, a Phase 1 survey of the property was initiated by the City of St. Augustine's Archaeology Division. The intent of the survey was to determine whether any subsurface archaeological deposits were present and whether these deposits were significant to warrant additional archaeological efforts on the property as specified in the City's archaeological ordinance. The survey also provides the basis for determining whether any archaeological deposits are potentially eligible for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places, as specified in Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, amended 1992.


The 7.8-acre parcel at 33 Prado Avenue was investigated by means of a
systematic shovel survey. To facilitate this survey, a 25-meter grid system was laid out across that area of the parcel not within wetland locations (Figure 2). This entailed most of the area around the existing house. The grid system was established along true magnetic north. Shovel pits that measured 30 cm in diameter were excavated along each 25 meter east-west transect line to a depth of one meter. These pits were spaced at 12.5meter intervals for a total of 39 excavated shovel pits.

As a result of the initial shovel survey, an area of buried, low-density shell
debris was found on the property, albeit without any associated artifacts. The shell debris occurs within a brownish gray to brown fine sand that occurs between 15 cm to 35 cm below the humic soil horizon when present (see below). To determine the extent and nature of the scattered shell, additional shovel pits were placed at 12.5 m intervals between the original 25-meter east-west transect lines in one area of the parcel. This resulted in a total of 50 excavated shovel pits on the property.

The archaeological investigation at 33 Prado Avenue, St. Augustine, Florida, did not document any significant archaeological deposits that could be considered significant for further archaeological testing or inclusion into the National Register of Historic Places. What was uncovered were scattered shell deposits (primarily oyster shell with some clam), trace amounts of charcoal, and a light scatter of late 19th-century

Page 3
RE: Preliminary Results of Archaeological Survey at 33 Prado Avenue

artifacts. This cultural material does, however, reflect different uses of the property. The following addresses each of these separately.

Shell and Charcoal Deposits

Although the cultural and temporal affiliation of the shell and charcoal
deposits is unknown, given the absence of diagnostic ceramic or lithic material, their presence is suggestive of agricultural activities. Ethnographic information from various locations around the world indicates that both shell and charcoal were used to enrich soil deposits in environments with low nutrient content. Charcoal can be associated with slash-and-burn (swidden) agriculture. Small charcoal fragments were found in 44 percent of the shovel pits and were scattered throughout the property (Figure 3). The integration of shell fragments has been documented in prehistoric ditches dating to the St. Johns Period in St. Augustine (Jerome 2000) and within garden locations in the colonial downtown area (Deagan 1983) to enhance crop or garden productivity. Shell fragments were found in 32 percent of the excavated shovel pits, with the majority of shell recovered along the southern portion of an elevated area that bisected the property (Figure 3). The median weight for the shell debris was 50 grams.

Two possible explanations exist for the presence of shell and charcoal debris in the project area, provided that both are the result of human activity.' First, both shell and charcoal fragments may be part of agricultural activities associated with the residents of Fort Mose given that the fort is approximately one-third mile southeast of the project area. The Pablo Castell6 map (1763) illustrates the location of agricultural fields in relation to the fort (Figure 1). Evident is that the field system shown on the map either borders on or encroaches into the project area. The possibility exists that the scattered charcoal debris represents the initial deforestation that occurred around the fort not only for initiating agricultural activities, but also as a method of creating a defensive buffer around the fort that limited surprise attacks. This would be similar to the mily quincientos a defensive zone established during the Second Spanish Period (1784-1821). This zone extended 1,500 varas north of Castillo de San Marcos and was land granted by the Spanish government on the condition that it be cleared and planted with low crops for defensive reasons (Adams et. al 1980). Shell deposits may represent a location where farming actually took place. The location of the shell deposit is of interest for it is on high ground closest to the fort.

The second possibility to account for the presence of shell and charcoal debris in the project area is a prehistoric affiliation. Agriculture was a component of prehistoric subsistence patterns along coastal environments, especially during the St. Johns Period

i Although the presence of shell beyond the limits of tidal systems is a certainty for human activity, the possibility exists that charcoal may be a result of natural bums caused by lighting strikes..

Page 4
RE: Preliminary Results of Archaeological Survey at 33 Prado Avenue

(ca. 2,500 to 500 B.P.). Similar to the preceding scenario, the area was initially cleared of vegetation. After awhile, shell was used to enrich soil nutrients as the debris created by slash-and-bum techniques became exhausted. The only evidence for Native American use of the property is the presence of two fragments of fiber-tempered Orange ware, which is indicative of the Orange Period (ca. 4,000 to 2,500 B.P.). The subsistence practices of this temporal designation, however, revolved around hunting-gathering activities and not agriculture (Milanich 1994). The two pottery fragments are from one shovel test pit (No. 9).

Modem Material Culture

In addition to shell and charcoal debris, trace amounts of 19th- and 20thcentury artifacts were recovered from the project area. Although these artifacts were found scattered across the parcel, a majority was recovered in shovel pits situated in lowlying areas. These locations occur primarily to the west of the existing single-family residence and are characterized by soil deposits of fine gray to white sands (Zone B). This soil deposit replaces the brown to brownish gray sand, which contained the shell and charcoal debris and overlaid the culturally sterile yellow sands. A profile of the property abstracted from the shovel pit data shows the relationship of the various soil strata present at the property (Figure 4). Apparent is that the gray to white fine sands occur where the culturally sterile yellow sand deposits drop in elevation, thus creating a swale in the historic topography of the property. Marsh sediments are found at the bottom of the lowest Zone B deposits, which suggests that this low-lying area may have been wetlands.

The presence of late 19th-century and early 20th-century artifacts in Zone B suggests the possibility of recent fill deposits based on soil stratigraphy. The cause of this filling is presently unknown, although one explanation is that it is a consequence of Henry Flagler's hotel construction activities in the mid-1880s. Flagler purchased the Batewell farm, which was in the vicinity of Fort Mose, and "used the dirt ... in filling up the remainder of the Maria Sanchez Creek, south of Bridge Street" (Florida Times Union, February 1, 1887). The possibility exists that gray-white sand deposits found on the property are a result of that activity.

Although the evidence is circumspect, there are some data to support the premise that Henry Flagler's activities altered the historical topography within and around the project area. An examination of the F.W. Dorr map (1860) shows that the project area, which was forested at the time, was adjacent to cleared fields with structures (Figure 5) owned by the Baya family of Minorcan heritage. An overlay of a current U.S.G.S. topographic map onto the Dorr map shows that the location of the historic Baya farm is presently within the tidal marsh environment directly south of the project area. Furthermore, ceramic and glass artifact fragments found within the gray-white fine sand

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RE: Preliminary Results of Archaeological Survey at 33 Prado Avenue

date to the Flagler era (ca. 1885 to 1913). How Flagler's activities affected the project area is unknown, but if major dredging or soil removing operations took place, then it undoubtedly impacted adjacent properties. The possibility exists that topsoil was removed from the Batewell farm and placed into low-lying areas, such as that encountered in the project area.


Archaeological investigations conducted by the City of St. Augustine at 33
Prado Avenue did not uncover any archaeological deposits that suggest human habitation and/or intensive occupation prior to the present single-family residence. However, those deposits documented (i.e., shell and charcoal debris as well as modem refuse within probable fill deposits) do represent human activities that occurred on or adjacent to the property. This does not mean that potentially important isolated archaeological features are not present, only that the general project area does not contain any deposits that could be eligible for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places. As such, it is recommended that no further investigation of the property beyond that of monitoring construction activities is necessary. Monitoring will ensure that isolated archaeological features, if present, are documented.

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RE: Preliminary Results of Archaeological Survey at 33 Prado Avenue

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