Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board Scrap Book No. 1, 1959


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Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board Scrap Book No. 1, 1959
Series Title:
Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board Scrap Books
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Subjects / Keywords:
Saint Augustine (Fla.)
newspaper   ( sobekcm )


General Note:
Note: The Historic St. Augustine Scrap Books were composed by Rita ("Cookie") O'Brien, who was on staff; Note: It appears that although the cover of the book indicates that the articles within are from the year 1959, that articles dating from later years (up to 1964) are included

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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I , 1 -;, _- 1 ,,--,, "'-' 4-, I I I , I ,,,, I .,.-. ", ; ei7itage of lovin towi., and 1 57 found
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1 A t- _' "" roo tities 0 t6 -',1''_1 ,enormous'- --f ,- . : .; -_ and mentor, ojjjfj f ] n tf)- L ", I --"'L ,, ,,, 1 I .
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L , , ,;.; i I --: . ., ,,
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11 :., I :, ,. y IQ
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'41 , t ;C, I I L, ' '. ': ,",
: L' i , ",r ,.7,e't., , I I", K ", : : _. I P 1 ,. -1-11. ,6 i9rile I'' -, 'hours of ,prae icea, URy,. work, 'LL" "Jt ._'."I' ,:
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1, '-; signed, I' I_ .": .- I I uhd 4 '- ': ' i
11 I ,1111 : "t j-" 3 'b4 e ej L lj j& ' I : i 4 1_ r I" i iiiis" hl 4 . ' .- ac cx ,- more I I !
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I! _. ....: "'.- '' -, , I "Jav, ._,,: ,5.t-, I ,,, and:.: I I ',Moscow "i '-- ki '_ i v t I , I
I : 4 : t, i. "' It t" . i i I ', 4 ,VIi tz 6tu ,s6bditj ,. m" aR eas ew rience, but.,,.' 7, hi'' tfie ,,history-ma ug ,- ] ,
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'6 , ,,' I- 'I -,fi I, , '. _". ". _. %; ..i , I much or -- W,: e & t;o, f- tests an d contests. ., -: t aung ovat6h',ac- , "' -1 I --, ,I v_-.
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,: ,1' L I I . nor .,. corded 1 1 1 : ., 6
T ,I t7 l 4,'. , ', :1. : % ,." -, ,"Ment- 9nd.pi I I I ,, ,; I x -66 'd' I ' L _;. t. L tL .- I
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:,"I'Ll" ,,A I l t L ., _, C Less", un(lerstFu i 'jh ;'j" L competitioDi- "__ ,.'GrAphicallY , the i ',Ch I l I g apprem w n' _e. eventriti ,." '' i '_'W'tn,,I'.
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'.',5,0 , ,q il, ,.- I ..,;".. '. i ,, 1 ''. I ,!" 1-......, 1-1 I 1-_.-.j'_tricnds1iip' whicho a-o inna -, Ahe -friend.sbi1v bestowed upm ,, ,, A'
I I'L I 'L L" : ., I I, ; I L i - , 11 I ,,, 1- .1 - -, I '', I I I ttw
,, "Ill' I"": I 11 .. ,, q_ ; I, -soilrC. -_'. t -, to ,:
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I., , I ... , , 7 t t _'f t Lj ,, 5 5 I", I ., '_f, :.1, ,, I I 11 I - I I I j L 41 taj ,, 411 1 Ur 1, "',--,, ,
1. ,_.,,-. 1, '...'T: . I Y A ,,,st --is, it luck' bris At be- L, ,Inever targets, hl& friends. aTad., ,Rikit, Kiev,' Mi nsk'
i, r j ; , ,_- 9 114 "..- 'and I ;;f4qv. .- ', I '. : , , I I I I __ _1 I tll ., ,, ,
11 $6,75' t 1. . , il " '1 eaV7 L ", ',
I ,,, I -1,,,, I ,' 1 :- L. ,1.1 ...
", I'll _, calAe" one the 11
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ff, -1' j gets, Fo ovang the award ,aIOppajr _,,,, rejurned t I' 11 I ,,, 11 uAl _. I I ,o MOS6 before I 1 '. J, I .1
.Vijfe lial Fm , , , ,
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i o :.ih A I ,: 7 , ,'
.1 .. ,, ". I V.: D 4 llbi-4 i" 1116 e is.jh6:,:s ory' 'u tets. p der fhf Levg ritt, eomj-- f- i ,%4 hd then carne' ' ItLl I ,,
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1, 1: __i4 i ,jr,6L
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t: I I -1 I I - - '--' 1- ,, :': L . : ., , 1-1- I- .: -- I : .' ., 6 e, adulation ":I',
L ; : "", .... M."N' .,
; ,, t, '. ',-,I I" I .. 1: ,
., '' I I I'll I I.- ." .. : I :, -, --'r - ,, -,',. ,, ,' ;- t "' , I - z ,,, k- -, -1
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.. ,t '11 ,,, ,; I t , I Ill I .. ',, [6vv York, and 6f:'Atifterica. Eiut 11 i P .1
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I Al 1 '1 ,Pilr,;, : w., -_al I I I '.: -.111- ,.9 ,, w ''
1' -, _iJlitir 'ta be helpfu ,to, ,;, I
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-ayne ,a ze r i AliatT T .- ,- ",. , ,,, 6 ,,, .- ., 1.
J , I ., - I I .'' -: ong the : ": -:- I j ., -1. 1- ,I .
I I 't, : r, 1 , ,.,;t'. ,.,
.1 ,,, ., . , .:" , istruggling , L .1 I 11 : I V I
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W: ",Yli ftz r' , ,... -. I t, : - I I "I , v,
A "', deittan :, I of ,, a, h sibii_: , .1 --J, ,'I L I_~ 11 I 1, 19' _, : I 'k .,., t_- _, ., -..'., t_ ,.".97 '.,., 11 I ,,",I L, ,t: I tr t. I .X1
1 :; ., I I , ,-; 4", 1, , 1 1, -1 ,, ,V i.
,, ,-,,,, ', 'I" I .: 11 - g ,,' ;
,,, ,t") I I ,6 ''. -' ,_ .- .-I" I .. 1. 1. ,t, 1 : ,,t -, .''. I L, - E :pn _O " :
I '. , _1 it ,4 -.:, ,t'- ,, : t ,4: ,t ", .I 15 r, ,: ) . ,, _-., I -, .-0%L,"4,> ,: , ,., 1 ,,r the natqxqt, i4 .,co'nteiip jov rnment,- .,ecowmyi _, , 0 p e n h eitn -. ..'_ ,,, , t, ; 11
_41 .1 tr ., L I ., Is:- i, up Art'j? ', I _: I 1".. LN .1
., ,L I! ,, ,,:%. t - % -.,- .,.0 ,-,, I 1.
'& p, 1461 r l b t 'v., ., :I ,,, ' 11 g ,,_:,, Itt' ;'Mt -',
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-... ; ioclbt h- "' wevvki M '. v ,
I ,,I, - -1, I .", ': ," '. 'L,"'. .,,, .,,. ,. ,,; ,,' -, I 1 -, ?,- Lth 1 ..
44 1 ,. ,, '' _. I _, -, 't V ,. ,'---, (I'CW' titi 6s treated " 1, ,_ .. it ,.t_ I .S6. words., "Onden'i-abl'y thea- ,
I 11 '..' , 11 '' 111, n'e t- _, ,',& ,, , ,,
_i 1 ''. '- .. "A .1 ,; ;.- '' , -


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COLORFUL ROCESSIOW-TILESv'THROUGH -1 1TY T, 1 1 4,w 'the "' -j -r- ,' , '
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ovatL to catch the spirit of t e earlier ; 1 11 us ng a Vi le. in in
Cbatelain takes' a, similai- Ppr6ach in ;his... of 6 ,p, Wo
report bmtfie'pro osed r6storah6n.p Vat 016ii 11 so Will'sup-L Uw's '"The- plan," he' vrote, -c6rltem oa ei the: Ot _"4 y:, e q 'for,
c6ritinu6d normal use of the cit r by I cAtUens ts ues' eklo
Tfibke is no thQ tledainl d of disturl5ing h6 the.nildg+ j liaj, i inrisO' en t '. ti Jul
IF life;"of the.communi jmj normal aptivities
PQ W e CUI eWly Ienvision A ibly U139 A 'd -4 in'the ol4i
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,'c9pam.emqr _p, AFTER V.OW. T, X JSP -b' abd u nd6r ;OA Y, many feELWfts of Its rich' t, the :efits to',be"de ved f SL
ill, or pI citi7ensi of th qa but int e xest rain el. t is rical like t
"Islap, ",ther"b, _g5jil, 6'4p- 'Augustine. fr6rn a, P an of restcIra ion both in, gram, will b
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,!I t 'business abd employmebt-Chatelain, continued:.:' ish civilization in the.nation! e as a
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'A 71Y 1:1 I.W k ;0 MH IR
'0 k


St. Augustine Record
F77-177' 724 November 1959

osulant Re

The St. Augustine HistoricaleRestoratio n Commission, meeting here yesterday, retained'teltics-o 1_7 Earle Williams Newton, noted editor ad ed cn B-:sultant to prepare a preliminary-pla of.. methepr Vt apoj Y C GverO1 in developing a restoration; plan for St.l Ause
onson.1 lis m orningv wi th Mr. Newton, who is listed in "Who's Who nArits
Wh an tm to. make, his report a h aurymeigo

6 g yVith'A~tiiiOfA~nttve buidget._ Ytedy's meeting was: held, at, the! Mons3 ltl aspesided ovebyH E. Wolfe, chairman. 'h ohrre. ,6&htati~e b, iage t; exbers of the St. Augustine Restorationt and Presevfo'n
__JU ~~mission, appointed by Governor Le oy Colins, r:Wlim
Rolstn St. Augustine; L eonard Usina, Misn
TId MEL' CYN Poynter, St. Peterurg anid William Sms;, Po TIMESPICAUNE The: commission received wod ha thy (ta e New Orleans, iso a prvdte$80,00 b6 kse~ I7 Novembergroup fqr. the year ending. Je 3,99

s fitto." v a

l Governor



1 140


m "s

R.-O.Wr; W1, J

g A
rg, Ow,
.0 V Ell,

tE iA "u,%li.; At 6&: t k.Z:'ri' ., U1.

1, 9 P,4 f-:0V'V ,Q n 5. Mm", ,U -- A
M 2.i ?..
64 Or '.0- EO!, U.


"Aw:n ,;,i 4 ;rl 5, 41
wa V D


VO MM Sam 7, N. -i: e. r, t Aq IME

VIZ ... USfw XZ M nv o MR111 T11 f Ox-;'Q nq vm.. M 'T." R N1- Maw Or l LQ F".. ,.210 w nz,.sk- 3, ;fr gq- 005i T4" 011 I
e la
N 1. 11 6
1 01

IRE gm
5 q t, V-1-1 r5l.,


refeor o phyia scigees
gor yat th e 'Unveri
lojrida,bWas been engaged bI
$t. Augpstine IlistorIcal Res3

piopril n 1924.ewithh ra, and waUa
Slat i Qp a or"h

1950; Thvesis, "Th To riqIai

P )h.)DfTomhClarkUivit
nd isetto 't.Augu -- ---eoraph 'Y'
Po FG on s hold, 19,0 1

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e-s U9oU nnQ tohrothe.fthi naja ebhmnso cr

BSic &t ndRAgstn o esure wstmtiat ed f 3 o ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ o thigesi o 1p nr s ai istoric alemor
ng a Qeva hIs M d 4" AS. ady, draft and e~ recoim
ps ~ ~ ~ ~ ~a pr 4D41 eiG-lparpraeporm

Ghun 1qs aoy olad B- t ndarpr wes 4,P

po k fr e t fiotne.":

vksu a5,4 ampal lloida IFh a frcdt ei

a ~ole ,si raniztio the co
bliction iteddi authoren-ot nohas:
r n of b ndm'oraged Dr aleNeto

y, h itrch urela

of.P skT ceseprs, iv
ieie Pons of btidngao
paFi colnia arhie

'n he ns motel uitsp an oic tAl, drafng ofwndw u~hi 4k~sitY, 'Oa,'d _a lisitcre of matria
Avial fo UseU~ Y

6, ~ ~ ~ ~ b nR" the histd'ad ora are:,
,ea re ex)prmesse the deir t The hlj olig n epn
hT r estraio plana si: on islcenthe-gvr Excrl I Bank uildng hrewthe
,it O'Brien, a aiv4

d saddsuson4aebe
ith, th ainl akSr
to, whtroeth edr ment ay asume n tb nt. Te co misson i hop

b~~~vIL ~ 'I s re et.ter a, ~ ~ ~ omIson s majoriteV hSceadi I ~ t

f f dollars.sig

4r,~ thtifastr"cnb
by th commission it t 7NF, Orrom owner o roertyMIer is.aigoodchance 0

d to extend, ovr mn
ei t~at prora wetll unerwa j ~ ~ ~ Sr N vtf ud 'of its fning in



'.Toh-n ob
pri egKor,6f pla si'C l sciences
c geogr ph at- the U Aive a V
Fjorid4, '4as bee Ti engaged'.to
9f. Auostir e HiF


a nntive.,Floridian, born in of tb Prepare i .,
tviIJ6 in 19" &
4d oAs of- buildiW.9 porTunRlp-received-his B.A.2 a
traying Span M th'e'U)!1;vers1tY of Florid;i4inture. The$c simtehes ,OM include lpT, and, was a L T
one And ttv"Wry. esi
stores, motel uas:, and Graduiate VeatioA
withLdetaW dra
51.A. degTe-e- U L. A doors,.. and' a ter*b I T
.1950; T esis, "The 'Aa bo.
'tiy 0 f S,0 AVARW Wolfe said this
i'LL.-P'':truni cfg k"T material wouU
t.-' Augu be made availableto ownem of property in the historical
who hiV6 expressed the desire to
renov I ate I their 461dings in.-Xeepiag Held i with the restoration: plan..
The porary Offiee of 6e
1 42 conunissiOn is located in tbe. ExS* change Bank Bvlding here with hb
-S Qqt Incl 'Eualn S"na VQ
. . . ... vLorc-e,',*atb6r pbserver, rium. Aita'. O'Barieg ti of ji v& uw o tA
4ecretary, ft Spain"', *)W- =qap
6 dii
'Mau 1P ztn PD02'JUT414 10 iz, held-with the'Natio ark -ReFv-, Aoj jo 4no t] atio QP; ice as to, whatxole the-federal a V04*jdQajO at IT VRmdnt may
d' p ,
_V en 7 ,me
A'. 'goy assume in the ,ePTJOtA,, 4atqP 01 jV _iSS, L sQd "P tW9 program. The comm 1011 1 OP&- ?YjRAIIUPA P; ,dTqsr P ft ,up W- r fe ral agency'will ie iiild i,,W% a U1 V
fthe old tubc) jpfense line- f rom, the: tit
Castill6-de 'San- to IT M4 191T& Pam 00"a 09
Cordovi :'Stre t . ..... tlq*,' Q '2p, uoguvqS0 '7M O The ssion's head- *s
ach bb 'ralsing full d ','for VsMsnq Pap Poo?, -ior MW aa PP(l 0011 T i4y tTpq'
_c the -ram .-which on, restoration pro, Alumla=qo aL U,8
o Y )vould require, SA Tk,'oqj OPISO t :Uo Sg= '-6 ad h0q jo,'g j5k-" fo 404s : d llaxs'. J01110" PIM, T! qc S'j f4 15 4a Wolfe'.said he Avas confidqt a JjjoffSda
1 ft -- JFJ'o4Tjda 4 ,,L U jl"rs 440 p, .o 491C 2& tT j 6 j jq_ 4jsj*
CIL i made, j)y,. the,,cbrn i6n with 'GT isn=V[S owners o ",61 '0:10n ',LmM ,:;atxre ne,,- q-: -41=, 0 pkye 0; f property help fro
Sa elre a, -, good aL11 Wo.4 ucqss U6 -,' Utaddv-,_ jj,:-? M 'is ch fice, of PXUobtA -,found't'' P@pppttoo, eq ozisiodM03 V -I=UV L jap fpnds,'fr6m, 19nz
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ek-vseo t4ry- Of'-t the tniv6:sjV,6f Mkpile ot I.L BT Staff Writer 'p, -. __' MinneRpo IS.r e
r n s, 1 ty, 6Q isgi6t cal KR el:Y ; I I U ,USTINE, MiMi 8-The candidatet 4 or. Comm hi d, IF, t
ujwtft1eHiStorip4=ra io a' ilf th Ca Studiest Vl th p t ,an urke rl tae ,,,rpqj) p thj 'C d Preservation n % W'j thhi is.
with: 0 SeC I Ure, an -.executive secretary OT
tiofi, in4 l OCCS -' Ppiiee- deLieoD,'Ao tba and agreed tonegotiate fo B. Wt bT
ologIcal Work at the V-1,9111-1,945-to 19'1 L Pic t can,.be'_ epltOn St.:George street,. gervi66 erving- and_-,IYommercial %,W ission bopes to "S', 'Arn'iy -8,2 Air, orn in 'it b 7, maiihtaine i
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By, Staff wrl mid,: ag I si y of Florida
tee, thq owhOrs Wolf e r6ed.tp,MarIih- -a'fair MRr-lce pr =der I 9L w 'sell ummer
Thd St; Augustine iii8torical, Ads- oth4i own-gwr:quoted a _'p rice a
,Gedtge Ot L 'toration, d,,,r lPreservatl6n ;;Corn c6nsid&O, out of line. he iald," of z i otor EaX-le -W '1oday;,-v t' abi idon its- Executiy&, Dire ON from the' H storiaBufldlng Survey t D p are J11 e24 lans f or'restbf J;ti6h- 6fthe tiv", :Newton sald 4%00 ivas a praiill sh
6u due to, what',ond merribei for all'of the ptOp6ftyI' 'K16 C-DM7' Voted to ask ti e 1affijly ,,o lL19tIo 8] 6 t t 0 on dekiribbd as mi&,;ioh IiA -ey ess -n e W*ardYawson; S ugus e e- commLs4 cir ed tik-, 0 6 ying, a. Cy 6s- &,000, 't h and r&earch li 611 -,4 Hb U6, outrageod price asked 16r', ay as., 4911 4 i's 0 aff
: I .... aurd lot, I 7 _41j 11 a r d,',A,. Usi the:' home." b rel
The coffimissioft-1had hope&' e itidividual o,,vr 0
have totaled $51 6N 'he restwatiopt' motion-, to' ,,tabanldoh b 66ase, the ome, Gedrg e, il,,-gates; N n. to dook ISt e-,itr6at e rth cl wtc) was ;re pre. hcadquart ?r8 Tw another suitabl ing. R q, as- a e build ot 6 bUrlding.-The ;pro' 12-tt 'als-D t WLhirh h U T -was' o g
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T AUGUSTINE, Fla The g'. retail shops, of M
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i5tilting -experts nd appro*ed a' to oAform W th4,0
ast .,prin for the restorAt ion, A: foremost aim: qf'Ltli
pects of this ari. ']' ration promotersi .4 )- tated,' P
i ent inity ixi* oi7dqPxce,.W'j't an
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-gislat re., It-carried rea4s, vi Om
-000 for the ple prtliti&r, of $150
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by ]kEdJ4 W t Cla
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akon of Bridgel C, roadside attractidi Avdis,
ho,'i Ahe principal oijiultari 6 oning is one -,of the presse_ ol is problems. Acts, that Mv
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use, V. 0 llliience C-.," a j
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eL WiMaix restbra-; M 1, eVecti i luilds
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br-, 'piaT -'fo'r St. AukustinO Valpro%'Lf--_ tt,
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outh' to iall cities l',' The egis, ye
4L* ','Qharjestgpi ,, S.,,,.'C., :anq BeAch f -rmer chairm an of hie Ta. n sr p_ 4,, pain_, m cipes notLr 4 all, 11
OpMent L, onmil .3, "and-L ni et 4gainijn 1' histotie C s- Pgro wn, with'weeK those. earil ',' aN 'Y p e 6i al ss U ,
_-,back- F16kda, DOV l 96i; mil&ss a e, 'I Afr., B th, emplo e cl a; local heat, the1O
"Wili of O'r- h4 Sion; 'L IS Call6d whiejj L'has been al e' drawin is "o noV!
othef cop t is Dr. a' retired'::' ihdu t'rl'aiist,' architect 0 M L '"g
,, I jje With theseand ug "At le .Tlrofe or of'and I V all iAe ro'974s. Next tp the Qld,
tudi he ,Aienf: to _P lnL In is 'tiie- tbi-id T a'nquall, Ea24 W, ee
erl, n -hi tory,"at-Ae tanager, of the-3' e-,S Os
jjne arin Hitp' SalazMj tly j takes jan t lt dirjaa jil th' ovprri whe c ie q ce is year, om &nes- sepretarY re ,u Y of_ qs ii, 4 1 or, ment, arcwt46t aild rill ant anjs vcrnor,, ijfjhe Wer April' 17.Lthr6ugh', April,' 11 L '4jsjted' 'Ewt quarlans L' "ke'
Florlda s o _O arterly., He t,','a histori an 'of inxjA 6d' on t,#0
1-kcaf iat ,h allb I 11 / i 1 -1 L'
J y' Of' L Jinfiesot!a' t' e6iib is Ibeink -'pi
Wit' at ab$iit t- iiii1ft 'rjra in-t e41'
_ffait s:iii lbtida:1rolil
old -the, niverF, rE e aboyate sea
-aii, aiithorlji 16 L 'e 6us years.'
ti saxdej, me, as e st. A4gus
i6j t'&nbl .,J ogers h' a s ee"if' '0'-'b' 7 6 t as execu e L-, the
er.-, to 41i4 atop, 63
er, *ho 0 inn I., , -t - i
Spamlsh'-aut iw, -in AA& -s the wiJe*s. f sp a eq-l ,4a3i sh S Y e L adfi inistraion afid W4,e' oriti .'Oe W pa -q] j W", wJ14 inaugurate ket c pr'6 hi'
s '] esofjhe,
Jqe.Avi1,irepq h6 'Spkifish, iniday, is arqhi or kinds 6 1 f fuPlilish ttyities on 'S P17IM91
Ultkfit, E _l&TOr L p be nei dpd or i ,sai a, u
nd 4)lot,' the his k'A d"till- t pon there
P n '17:.
4 an a6&nl d ti- f VA Op-.4t9or- ]
Acrical,,I'area; di-t"b jc_6t'VeSLqUt_ Wl T Ah Then
-j," 3 ,P Easter promeyiade apuno th
.0 b Pl za, ioll6vied
-,,,,r rnaps; r., geTs LiAed-ihAhe',rii thfj the gu! vacatj qove!pi
'f ktexislv .iese A e, at sition ruc- r.Qably,,j" t ,Wo Ten _,; V "U n aequi, alled a adfx,' d, ,Jqq
r igh-q r C en am these M .
t'b bve th Os, -jTo iqence, AA C tfjs,' 1 arale, thp towns early. I iicti e, oi eAcraii6n Y
hai tZ h hi'- E th'i'ha Uut4iiture gia 7 orses- 'an -earr onie hing,,! approach" their of __ iagq. j
)k,_Diin1de-,assoi of ol'I o&' arid, bong tirl 'post -office ,, arrd wan ed
area b "I - g, fhei 'hlsto lca many,,, ,,t es ': Df, R VsQ, owing
gxa Ah U 4 jjht fit 'cen
PA11 he c r6ag. a,,vvill,, e ,ga
p y at e- niver- the 'Nati6n'al Park SerVice A cS,_,jnT ep_, Ovine ,,has, een ern- acquiring proper y b'dt,, w'cire ittleni'b t' tO Ina a Ve
pcl er t"
d6r'- Old, f fn' I wear cos u 'P oye 01 ort andL 'razing Xi L g' t mes 4"the'ear Y:f y Oin Lth &
sis one
lroje 613r. buildingsifor a.,122-car4arkiii ea of th few, b"dih- Spanish. and- n -li-perio s io is', the a cc kidi jo its n gt.;Aii ,U i e ,author of "St.L are 'Of the 11 "a, tine: o 'which the Occ:4paion. The
oni nijSSjQA, LjS negotiati opening to' the blic1a bf St A p'l -Thel Lp uit..' olonial S,. A ."i'toricalc, eogr, e L purchase cif ilt, S o lt it nglmo 68tor tton""C; Santa Maria.- Model San Augus m_, *ik he Url ates,' labusiq fqr-L ',r, Ove 7 y:,j nonpro 0 ears 6f, St.' A
It as pilot i je6t fo th furnishings are ganiiation, ,has 0' tAqWprp, rd tiAA2
er -,, I tory both fa t h tion
dder the many ancient tere o t e lov6i s of nhiexit, epresen qn,, our Smfth ,- Ji6a b0ildih YL tilt' U
9 1' so n u sori6 of the'unusualL obje I keen iftteres ni ofii' Monda me of *] ich ari ;A-cli li s -s o". s
pecial xnerl on. iri the
a s ari& i*ill are wqfthy'of tf T Aisrebair aiq on the -the Florida State recjuirecqp i"ra e a, carved oak dmarkSL hj_ I 0' Liesday and Fr1-7, b fof L);,4 woik 'to b c, Among these an America ha Castilld -T1
1, , -tS
gity', 'gt T ay ss fin day, qiidint Avile
e, ,has pi reserved made in the. time. of FO, agreed td ance 1 ,res or on, b of e-',St. 'A-ug e a A -o od'e xav ti' a a goodwill gq tur6. mem rs
*ne- extens'i'v, V616f what 6 T'i dinarid'aiid IsabehA;.' %. 4' I I
ti th 'b d6ne is Among, t rt A'ssocia idn"
e, th t r ti Also '6h.- sho he, rpposal in, tli will'hang tli i
-us ne oyer, e w in. the nn are g S anis e res o a on lerdi a z I nd, a n., isa: t blic., ew.
ifvc'oiitifiuel liebld,: h Inn byi Gerald portraits of F s. oration; ina m p painting 'forpu
t ivoi kfoi ,thecornniissi(in., Horton Bath, vh6' fo*r,.Lj, el-V6 bella,':pr6ably copies, tho gh ter plar is, for a 'moteljo be On -S day, Xprll 24,,,'the fes-'
, j u
d- years w, a the ni 0 pobuilt on the,,: vilj come ib-in I )end, w I th ,ccor r -o i jit'_self is hea as assist t to -definitely .,kil east sid f
-by% Herbert 'E. Wo 6rge ill with: acee's' s'Jroln JQ o ; us .,Tro c I ession and, scl I of tfid b- niodel. "o in G6Ife, Sf. presldenV 'andL h f thel- Santa'Ma rla aiict biink j, depa'rtTnen't'_ o 'which Chr'i -stcipher ',Columbu's 8 W_ e -at
Augd e eontractoi! 11 I C rel iionse' tree ou Mrl edictloii
to e ; ew, Woi-ld 'dei s J) 'airman , andLLeor am rg he old voyaged- a s,, en:. or.
,'er as ard, A. 'Colonial Wilh' sbu T th a dozeif of Nornbre, do D16
as ima; be I ie ved Ut hand-woven scatter r L igi-, done s r4t dings 'c' rin 6te&bwhpre nehAl -400, yca s akothii
*71 ,sjni '1','1qcql -b4nk,,presid o have been'bu a W- bol& 2 0
'eni er ,&ars. iiko, 41 4 1 d gardens, -ail country s periparen ce iLi6ii'l bs ,d6sc 'Tid an t e Moo c si tios aii t his o
B1 -for 'Xive,:y ain :char ure. There be' tn unoccupi d anh a7rchit& tj ,,aTka

caus; 0: 11is former 'assodiad. ,
e' Willia brus urg festora
relarm'g. e__ '4- '1n' _ih -pre imangry.
A'140 4 3 3
-maste Plan for' St Aukustim'
ma' e stu je's, of' .-%vh he :
I t 65 6. :5,
is oric preserVb
tion ffi!, PMladel 0 13 t 11LUO
p ial os O'ni
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City sVL- Rstor41at nrorr
FaueNe Y rk Times
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new Misun of ,W At Scinc 2.6 th Ma Jn Stdis,: at anem dCi Spais Go ante t
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c iv s f a n,,ield ou H t he Unve' Asity of Wiriiesota, Oiarl s if AirI i gedt

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eCte f6r the prjethr l a be sliced eectiv fndeiM eboito a. g
with ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~i d1eWoambrbesoabsij dm srtinadmal A00 theposa h n t1 St
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B l ar s'si r t S C an or gi a co.i i n ie of of! ga d n al i p Ifi ar h e

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Another egnsul aht is Dr. uri g roert op oit th l et au a t e al o e o a
itir ~ ~ ~ ~ 1 AA rica H'ir ttefra 2 -a akn r Mcech r wn e; hist ofa sre

F d t l r H t ertn b t o er t d h l
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from~~ ~ ~~~ eI stvas r oest er dS ai" In eal d Iorve an t oe .pec ear e

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yer S m Apr17.Then Sant Maria ModeSl 4 therewllbe no hEasiterprometeres to;o a thepoves, of anqesba n atronprdcle
are wothy o spec albl men tion es5,te pad of thehrsan d Amon thes are an cave oak carrciages
din,ad h irn and, Isabell The' carrige wil e g-il dec Aloro on sho inre the!rre inn' arJrtdadterocpnts wil portaitsof Frdian rded ;sa- war cotumesointh eal Span-1 bella proably coishhuh is n n s erd o f we ccumodelio of 500fo the Sat -ai I A paeat" Th Voc ofSa
pap~voya.ged to thheNew Ohrld haend St. AugutiAne' thitry bth ac ov.en Sat it ru oys doeby deo tal an rd tioaheilbepe 'niaste' plan- of',restortibday thrsi ough Thrsa on the b~
green of th Catio On Tues
repare~tret membomr-hiral f e of th S.auN vftn o %Bid Oh I 'On4 Su nday, c Apri 2, tha sti
Wva will come to an end wi ha reidu procession .and solemn
t' Denediction t th hrie, of om


I .AuutiePrbe
M RESTORAT OR................

Timest er alo 0tffWde

T AUSTINE Agul' 33I1g, tore-front wmosdslygarg a
iotmen ,o ods, ust do4t6i' nwt he ln fo:r restormg- this, city sqifa

eldl$ wd pihol n of, the many chal 'ag rbema
(Ag- ;Histo410al R1estol'ation "an Presqvation comnusion
Y goe nim og ied last
s'A V 011le Legisatur e "IP
tut oan, i w -d, rez ation -inth
'bc its is,_readY. to,

lO7intito eF to e x,,eecutneq,
ec o r' ecom sso
it'ess,,ils,-along StG grge,
Seet- fro 1 repblta ste put
I This -poe o~f:'the yetoation,
agl bi undertaken on, A
ungy 1aeu answl
ha ke d ti-eoate thfi tr
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'Stree I, othiner Ani
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the pf o n a oprepale ta strbAtGorge ,Street, 1in fthe suht h lpthu
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Res ofati-on C ,n nis ting, pja rps, of hei- lstdr'ica jtqr ronts in reStOrat1CM pTograrn- le aVov Seii tijo d -he-, cii, 'Ote'r i! f ke"epin q Ah, th y z k 8TaMIvfn9_ 'Y ATC11tect I'ihe Tequest df -tbec, "IF 1 11 *,
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re t k Id area designated 15 th6L -C() j n4.I tems- Ore mission Ahe Agieap- j.einpaeling ,Ibahs AtAihdral rate In s TAust e6qqM y i
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Ahe- Ciiy,-G4te sl IL h "_FC6jd4 V, .V,, merchant ro be4 available'' JO Augi stin Gbarlotte eir Ai sup*estinj treetL to' S E t, -fjas th tectsLan%

Agency Unit to Bu Retrain eAec'nent

F~~perty Cit Ie Commission bs we aonco wo ., fe corned the offer of the -St. Augu- tion of the affer to ai3n~
5 ~~~~~~~stine Historical Restoration and teZnn omso z

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ibnw" ade',t aatsfo a ed cositaev ak leo e and e a bu odng f edoo copage thestbuin andremodeltheO oor thore h nw steJhsp tr.I iofastructu 'reawtinte.l aate 0s te fiarsthepooperty gtes fmr City i a fo w i wion or
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e-erva," Com i th enth t 'em elin fu siness moot- aginst pilIrcliasi t isA- econimende o tend Cigtye Comhtctivor such otetmt ri Hos Obcuse oh ofte isin.h t s aceptt oferrs s rei sted by h C~mmis- to oner as sekingap e Whlteciyon gorna e
og staff.w the commission r egar dedasor povidgest t he Zodn in Cor m
ha irma ofw the com ieson i J 601U- soe. ot m 'sion mutumae wthen deiin
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optional ~ ~ ~ un of arhiecurl say conemat o proceings
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Ot is, viabilty o he draw i.'i cing pt a'i brcnin -li erita c reueaoneldo te sm
ure iotell te St.Augustne e w h b okm iio- d
U S ax e o,-.ilg e 6 1 Ing ~ ~ ~ ~ T h In ri e fogis pthe h os eg ti w A : li t e o m n 6 to h i-C y c
w~ed:ashe,$19m400 plus $4 000 to the
arepo for the- adno ning ~ lotewas
0h aedeol b ula fteAdvs of eri fsagswica Woe said oeul proprty to meii an os
tes a~ yiq ete~b eC~ mi tw sh> rs wasbu s in e o h themenity I a chitecturialn fa o alcep c n o ilb
1 Olk"th e lan1i i o ,rt redn ive s tloax iy h m iso k e ed heet
Mafyla dii. on 1th fo aai leaodsed folos 'The workwhic thiCom
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colgca aI hieoi matia cit ktecneex pr Roba t Ag u si ard helgcahvstgt E.. vhichj William SifI of Oh wes- a r lee d, care to eeryi reaoaablfh

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storatio ency
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The City Commission h#s wel- the' City ion 5 apprqc
om o er of the -St. Augu- tion of the offer f a. aid, an1, c ed the ff the 'Z6 ing. comirilision ot,
stine Historical Restoration and n
hase, Mpert
P Preservation Commission to pro
in'th hi
mitsin, e, a ricktIVarea ,jpjq( vide the services of -staff in advisory qApAci
-its ty *W
)A t assisting the Zoning Commission mously adoptecL
Geir pp
S tre e .4.d in reviewing, qns lications and

tion;_was-mad.e, it All ants, for a period of, twelve weeks' v eV -014. 6plans .for construction permits in rer6
than th i his Tica -area. at a rate of pot more stj e It The, in*,of6 the P I UP, Restoration Commission, at
$1,5o.00j*,eek...f f the supcrvisor, st,
Restori- adopted a
and ;7,5joo: per week for eachl. its May'16thmeet1ng,,
stooe;it;'ithat be urth r_ con- 'resolution, commending the City
tract, for Ilockl -ire "t' I ommission f or its efforts to, en
iA ; *d ItAt
Aft ronsti colirage thebu
qorg t ilding and remodel
q n 0 s ucture within the -Old th of- the-, ff-,, "A"" City in'ja form which Will conform
rty, an also an ad, pj'ern';day;' is
0 n a jiirthdr to- the,.-brign aU architecture -and provide- t A t -jqa.de i ':o:tf6r'eiEAs serviqeshK.advisois.
Tac u
or t e: C, 15310% Th 2 sio 'a its e onmg Cqmmis
or ild'
-des gn,, 1asV,:n1eetink .. 4dopted,:a xesolu:tion welcoming,,the ,assistanceand
VuAder :se;7iqe to t 6. 6ns, -axe to- ge siness: 16 I 1. - 46 recommend&d h'6 City 'Cbmwith the" r6emode'ling of ,bu'
_a chjtcctivc,,.br_. s"uch
Atei .6ther mat- mission that it.'acedpt the, 6 er., af the s felor OF&I
-tkis sxqiquesi6a. y, b U6 C While the citX uning ordinance rteks! byl- providese'that; the, Zonhyg-Com"ll b _gm ;Soon there'miss ion mu st make the decisions
Chairman of the' comm City,6-Atonopermit appllc fions,
trans: T. W,
acti t, Wa 6' hb
al me cis in!_,kttendinec 4 c;t:; -Wiiiey hobert Andreu said the
id 14geting,., ere M; 1, staiation. ConimiSsion st.
rnei RZhAtelgin .,who, IL e d-E. Usini;- of *ho':' 46uld, serve in a 6 n, advisory capan4ble, to -a'tt6jid.,.bcaus'e of ;c it
,1"jih jj e CarnOgie Re was .u t the ZoningCommission.
i ness ;hisfamiJy.,,
,inSt- Augustin offe motion re-d'byCommis
Atteirfd and theen A .1 iimijer of'routihe-li ion'e Walter Bugeski stating
th #6rs were s6dAncluding
'b6 devote' o e su -, ma
&aTcH T)ie eornmiSSiOe adoptional- of: arehit t I
Id"the Carridgie re- quireinents,'the: budget' and
jy'ailab a bro- a!M
be izeresearch "ad 4bi ty.of rc 04
e I If- th6:LS.t.: Augustine
chuie 9 N i
rflill i t 0
.6 Dry. "Y '
31 w as decided
,mee ing.. 'C'
"st en
Y ,eonsu, rhe Auku th '11'
_,Ita- t which, 'maY bb
s ine, is rical thepure asc-of--theAr ages, 1-Masip6rop s Sr
we'sollit* ,were Rest6ral 10m, aii ,: P.reservatio xe rg6 appioached ove erty on, St on 6 nd ad- ra successi
e' If "as 'th b
ommis lion' at-', 'I ,w e .4.! Usi- joining,%pr per Y.. yearg'io,' MlnJM12& any p6ssible ne inee-'ng.:ad 4kn' a
-tha t, t _e Augus-. hi tj opted Th "t f- t h favorhb e1innact',on local ibusime4,_;o ..,are i ectural
d tecturkI policy, to ,_b4 ;'fqll6 wed policy','of th&al, Re'stora ion.'9111 nes:iiA6xe8ts; jii carryingou a r6 t6r t' leas C com- ionpro- ed as fi6li6w whi hthi oninils-,
ec i o- 31 will under-take'i basedgtion -. which- w
ts, to encourag& the The 0 0 a in it.. -on the iriost,
066ing oi,6 6 "I its ahe n ti 61 1 nf ormatidu create b- th 'Fb5rida' Legi La-, oi h osoircA:a b's" 'Teraod-.1- el.q 0. 6. erR; "*hie can be, deprived, Tomcare 'Ire e pire, st
01&:Cit ressed -in tio opening, state' e as' s je, a
as,: near y cc
orm to, A a _4 -&10
_architd dturAl'po!icy-_ :rcs ora.i(?n o i e alled: ve stjgation,,, 'the archeolo cal I
hi I teetur e Alfd m herg- 'fit shall be the pbjeetive, 'of this c1ty-'of Sai u"Us 1 e.., h&frl d f'o.,e,,,,ery._reasofiable limit
n e services to, bt g' .4in, vni ts ecogniz
commission jnj, t4,4't; ihis A t 6 2j,' wi thin -the iezo'urces Of, the Com-thos 'of t I' 'th'
plicatioxis an -,Ov mresourcds c u esv e pr6pi#., usifiess I _bther, .,'e00Pera:tiP
d and e q. hers,: di mission. 'an
. ..... ... h
for peimit for -m etches Ari as nearlY6, accurat6. as'-'p, ossible' t e; modern',city, a that
Pi7nance an 0 les;
Oul k n : J, r e 'to afjqn. of 't et 'An 6' Al 6 Ce sources; of,, fuids..,'to a6'- 11'11e&'oft.
-Vjeesthe two.jof-: Pi.esented To;. ity of. St,'6A,_Ug U = h its ob ectiV6 alre.as-.yet Th6 f in Comm, iop'ted 0 irit t' sue th is ion, pro, %,
ions were A4 t'k
gram"wag' _' a eiil :- is 0 'wit oses'tp -di 'd "'t ot-, the, Se tar'
6 ym
cre huion.6; ivi ej. s proj c! ih.o a,
ntr,4ct w-ith'Pr6f6'-:-,
e. rt f dr, s rvices, EarleW NqwPon,'executi4 4. -ps ora, 0.
rector f 46t Hisibiical Regtora,Aivnl and. PreseriTation commis rogra, t
sion.baj preseAted'the City 61ii-o totic: icstbrationateal-,
iniisio7iI.-with a zium 0 sug- (C 'd from Page within: a his
d 6 sue* or.bu'siiieses7 om es:, 111. ac 6... 1 .1 6 1 6 6 V*ted sketches )n can e vi where preserve 1 isi ing
6. serving, th 6 ;Publie buildings or possible use, in eo hshed,'it shall take piece-' as
nectioh' with alterations and: s &] j coMp a
121., areas
restoratiOP6 wh6re
hist ical, area dence over 1 1 6 P f the infen-; ditjqns within the or 'ti6n Aieas becauSc -b b&, Ished'
ation can c mpn
k restoi usb New-ton, said 'the s etches rep ,, bftheir'pX6SeY1t busi
,rescnted'.what the'. c6mmisiidn k if will tzike, precedence over re "e,
stu-ifie-s-,sbow-, to ,be-.St. Aug"tiriO- Construction-j- Where e Commission.'s a _ncoarage
d -hit morej buildings have,, isal but the developments o emporaaTchiteeture ind 3peare panis 6 colo mai, arre-creatidn ft o his orIc', env,," compatible.
;Authentic. drawing -will 'be av itectur6 f p
il lporta it,, ilicy ch; t 6! e...used in
.able- within: the next several moment. is deemed A I uglus I ine t h
shall be re-constructed, inas fat xcep w ere-sp doing
The: Restoration. Commission is, i be determined, in th'ef oim, involves ap, undue. eapital., invest as can 0176 e- th6, iil : r- '' that tore fr'onts and n the itle 'tvhere they ig- ment whi6h might inipdd
historical ',be- altie along inally Msted6' Where ,historical, ti, ate authentic cst tl*.
d ata as o the 'area
t. .Augustin architcctureJilies t, their originit orniAs,
to, ti.e, in with, their propo'sed, n6t: complete 'bl "I e s projoted,
reasona y repre- n ar or, eaT. y. restoration program sentativ 6 e. structu 6 res nia xT y be've- rest ration, no urther irivi A-l
Along the rest6rition lines th' comtru6ted,;and j npa6eti6,uses mene in non w. his'foric bulldv'-,
G, Commission authorizea-.City
tty, founidf or'thtffi. ingsfor building or remo 4i n
.Manager William Lawson.to pr 5 o be assumed that sha I -e encoura
ed, *ith drafting' ofLa "Work- all, or any -large part of ."The: Qdmn issicm -s all in every
Pro&iat" Tequirpd,,.by- the
et'all 'government, in order to restored-or reconstructed -'st uc_ wayencourage private ownei, to'
:f ed t t ly their i6per will'beopened to the'p iblic, rcs Gre accural-e Y"
,p&rticipate an tTrbkn Renewal as- iiid i t -shall be the obje c tive of the Pro V'Iding advice and jt
:Sist nce 'funds. The urb an:'renew- d t t
a "C6himission. to, seek uses which sliaTl. en eavor..t c el
-program *111 be ol grfeat*"Ist, t h d
1--mi be considered. apprppria q 'A' 0 0 so as' wel as th6 hi tbric"' ,anCe, to the. Restoration 06minis-6,
.6ionin i s program, In., addition, whble;,'by
to helping Ahe city-,eliminate t city o ins

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pecia 3sts, eaitled--by
'-Th" i6si6arch crew is, s own exca tIng, kn a roorn-in-t,
Iogk at lori4a Stat,-- Uiiiversityj --,ptayt.;, h6,
a :tre 'e a foot',dcep an Y' t th' :A H' 011d pu4L 6 in Itibby, 440ywas, unco d Ca vere W IC f k pu
-6jan.,may .., e- re- stine coristruction.,
r the St. Atigti4 A -; 16,fttd, iik t R6beitflaijj S,' rasdti- S-u"t ation, ,orhn i,6i rt; ;qav h i P''
o c ie- ananc Thwj y" ql) San V'Hiit )I 'la's, t razi e G,2 fle D i.
gqftep iLv)ew in which we, pholt J6hfi',C air'ofl)
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alinsmt 'headd; va on',4or a -next f 6, th rleM k. "t. be t LLL
-Ahi & artniefit of mithropolbv% jibuisej St G6opg6j'Stre'ei 'P a 'will, wsed :,it J Iorld StAte, Univeeiity j,; J k in-,an artid, :s-tuA e nti ;, 1 -, LT
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I Aed -dng e s H Ie Smith (I e heaAbf 16A : -worK Pana-non,. ang-' A buil en hrqpo o 44
-.Ahe. departna of, n G HoUse pnr-, t lkbk''Tha 19' tiiio Florld(a State ut4vw'sity :-'. 1 4 'Auj mtiM &L 6 UOL-O
-s imtructiong, f -77 .,'siifd n's wh 4M 'St' 'P ek -n tW'
0. lkslsist :hlhi in (frOlh% left

FSU: Ur, Resec

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,TKS--Froi, ew ua
t1i, ti help of
H' -W A. Stewait and. his
The-St- p e : j!toric-al Pr6fesspr William w
he ,,.University d= j',d istercal-doe P Serv tion'; from-t of Flotida the 'ol
has been engaged to make meas- umqnts determines;, that a buildssl6n ,has mdVed into.,.,i S: 'the I vas hould. be located on a. a P
t ur.e inj e'h d' ia t n At 6 Ue. The arch
eal or ,1 A t ation And, cific.. eologist digs in House f u uve res or
I '-in sured d order. to deter th'
43 a so exac Ao Geor p Str btAbd k research 'yq, g h rawgralilfor the rds: Orati6n of the ings of other historic 's qptioij 9 the". old, foundations.' 'll uhder : arou ii these fo 'n"tion ai .1 ArrivasHobse l".-nov we nd, the 'old city w ch: Will -Whp f, 07 b com part of t 6 Is oric ca -d' t h jr ., g pnera ou line 9u;r ey: and 6
Me Buildings, etermined the Arc itect ,,ex
,The 6 VU7as oil n e hi
th v" ly. -.be register6d in. the' q th. 16iindation And I ro'M
'the .'Of Cc egs;: Professor the eV.i ehee oun a ere, p s
f ir$-t'l tndlni.ark to, _be Libiary ngt i d t1i"6"" hu.
ras tor ed uhder. the Progi Am. e* rt ha's with him' this sum- 0 und, in he 61 Abeus ogeth
la in er Arc
'ihree hitectu ki students' anc t't", er with"w he Restotatwn; bmmissiqn. s" Q.
*h ng in- t i ldnts o:,ar6 assisti n W, M'
--br( ugl t, ogether many: a t is; wor n of istdrid sruc ures 6r 1 ho i ;;a e. o aw-,up:
eain, to; "C oinpfle ". W t or a researe An important- inefider. of the gP
xes pre. -Dr' 3-1-in R., .1knis -for' the ,*Ptuk 'c tlie-neepissaiy Oaia: to, t t ei 'research team I- is
A, 'Rous. -is. a professor a 0 tion of Ae builaing" thAt::!w a s
..,rrivas!, e and, to f formula T iikle wh6 tAh
1 1 ori 4 11 situated'on h 10411a he' overall tntVe sity_ of. Florid t, at,
e ,p an a, ' in ilie 91 Y.fpf t
Tdity,,of, f., ;Ge'6graphy deimitnipht. Dun,
-est;t tion of-the,61d S.
AugUs ine 1 ..The' problems .entodnter e in kle?. ,,', wqik.. this sumfner.wi 1: in
CTU are many 'and, Th rcheoilc* i team Und6r ct t e,,compari of-old',maps: rest*ation, work
Pri. H'ale G Siyliih to determine Where,. the,,actbW varied.. AlL facets of,;the r6.qeArdh,
ate U er,, I ity is pr ese nily- stmbtiirbz iii hiAori ,e t._. h k aPIN ex.,- Au;. tprogram have. to be c ec e ;: re., k ofdinat6d-with
Cavat' the 1ot-,0#C'Of_ P g st.. Wdrekca te Hd will.be c ec 6 an cc
ariivas House to d6t0mine 0 d 'wo-rking, n.a., I- otler acp s, 0 the prqgra r, h. WIll shpWi4n ) ven alt in k
foundatio Wa S; for, Possi e, u- scale M6 h any., wqe s q - e nsiona orm.,, tailed
ture reconstructibp,. Th are three.dini6 11 i 'w'hatiA4 wor new.,,.evideneq s e iyVch I do
wifj look l4q _h di lggij tre riches through t e U U Te, res ore tim i a r !'i '.d
Arri ,as Uobge itself ,de, to Dr Cliarles A iade; I .vliq c an es t esuppose pa erA p:rof e9sor o t, ibe' e i ar-, ai
t6 f history ;t fro ;4-A
titions, of the:'old. Struct t versity. ofTlor 38 16 ii, re as5, i 'Ida, is wor ng r e ai in o i e estorthe Co'rn'm'ission i1i!s"sbmme#:to 'at jsqsion u; to'.-,,6bta'in of- "old
't ,'With i1hri 'thi U the
ical Trdi _F_16riu state-, d' data. from. the old gpanish:' -bui ings ,o i Aujuatlrt6 atd -tc
t"LtTniversity Wh9"are qi o't only-' d'o'cumefits.' 'Dr' krnad rihas if '
valuable kpp eiice but rready di ;Ome-red, -I' 'Rrd cturil. k s.1=6dern met b6s Z6-, ;A h,
UJaiversi,: Whil axe -a sq ty rnateria i in t ese old' docunlen ts
= 4 xp it or 4 dir N o hi demand :Ior z )xt '61,talled. afl-:1
-d f rk,- :this w ich :icl.e
give% us a ar&: quratle ik icture t dnwe. e-, ,prevja-qsly t en je reS Org n666ssit tes 'all LSniith- in, 'his 'W 0 p h ha
Olt 'has t-jaj' :F jr uncovered, ri zr 1 had ralrahg.,t O -Sfr&ture and, sfow a6i timas panif ul,
artifacts, some'6i -.v-yhi6 Won, bf the; old; WBI Inig', Pacej. t e,
"4f. tthe Corn riission has, put _o dis _?rTh, work, of "the :In jvhi h, th6'; Au-,. 'k play at rof ,Flori
A the ices,- inates spnfe hit, 14,the f 6.: ; ,iistiiie P'eo'p e.
and'ill merionsi p7id6 r dtectural team, -,hea' e-manher.'The cattographjar

j:j;! j:j!1j 0!
6-r 'takm;g.'aerial sh co
'TtRE TRUCK 19 he-lni use' ot oPtb Ph I W in projre at t e rrivas'. use proper tion '6 1i 'A Ho t- T e. k cay k 0 are'.
ofDr. Hiile. G. Sini h,:F16fida.St r 17 t at uV6 ;tY-'.



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by George W.-'Sfjjjdng by'
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accepted, b the' Cltv rjanning p annin jeomr Com, ting 6n jn e nlisslon a EIMee 28go
1 VOolt Y, three N, v a s p orr 'qjjt:ja st nikbt -terms haVe'nor, expi Pd 0 1
that 'acceptance of,-the pUn ja a have not, resigned" e major'step in cOMPI6tIii91a'*6tk- iion-tookjio,'A ai i th
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PI It 8 id $14,m haz,-b,6eu donated ward purchase qf ,t4e,
private Aiitere
la meeting to takL ovpr,'the' I 'U if
c62d)en6tf,-, pro eedirq's: were
ne cassary. Since then, bne',of-tlte
,bUikUngSL+,W been rena'J'ated aS
x head uart-ers for thb him.
in'd the Arrivas' I ouse. is
underg6ing..arcbeologlcal- explore:. V RMSt jnLr6Btoratjon PL
,A,-,hiajchI -g6al-,Df th
tr-eet" Itoni the oLd:, 9 461ith
,to itastrect
The, cionirnisaion app oved s
Plan to, invi ,-the doverno Inerh-,
!he'rs of the Stite -C4bixiet legisla,
tbis ahdjtheir wive,3% liere it! the Pg ,all W o mspeot projirew of, the
I;v D_ P_ q l t alid: for 96 q_'briefitig" 6n"-10 9, rang -,'-4,b&H 6fi" the Ar yavr
--the, tabb _Eo
-Specifications we, e Oft al)prQved 4 t r,
-re OOTI monh" in
-and, Adverti dng.-otbidk authorized ae-Spanish D r-&xiitti saa
for c6xist rdction of, & jeale hiodel, ESEAR of Iphlk f homeS e Spaiiiiii-sector of the/clt IvL by' 6
-Will depict the rezto ation _$ 1 A 006u i6d
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hi it.s fiiialstages 'Picht -1 % I 9
kpv, _011 IL d en";
6aid the fiscal inodel, w UI do't 4_4 The tabby,
,about $4, Wkand4hould be,.rea,'Y sandr,
,ov a,
-by N 1 ,
'arle in th(
I executive direci6r to the cbftirnis. i;;7 wo-Po it
Sion, _, as::extended =t il' Jan. I Wa "the trst"'eVei oria part tdibB N(M Ml w
lie av ba (I i be n f Ond. )r 41ablY? m 'za e,
Milt &iutti'Wm Rlan:g;-A _. Wing S MI. William SirmRr, ame#ibei',of i r o brk a t I _- The Aabby immariz the w the zbiximlAsion. f r6iri Ori ar6, an. At offie on Sb Ge byW Ing! V %Iof t 6bpr hlly ift'' Pr b jjtM e 'Grant Adi uti .' th q .-S 6nh 6d' 'that- th r offiT 6h; -- -- es, ere--, T. Dry3dale St. of Chicago has lagrt6l d &Orj Lio, .: o H ile"Sr th, hed -Pplyt port P,;S, Jjffeart e "a, low 'th 10146rve:_k publid ItIations court a by
-eomniiWon', w#b' an P2 rtm.enf, of anthim ,olog 4
foe, the,, out "Ttg, 6 the JL Due
T e I ad ()f the, film, -da'i St at ,Uni ,ersity 'said thb wa ll ,
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tra ed TQ$Ume, of t'h It f the, 4i nal fri4iid of Sir4, e Of (con' t 6-e' 'ka wg itg idiSCQ*ry S ould, llw s I er, tance"'in p iiv --, Ouse 4qM
-h b: 'Jmpor t 'tioll prc 0 0* t CLng 11, gether: e hist 8 h: Aid 6 wbuld be o of St.
3tp ges ()t4, _J ze:stQx l Ign"W-or thh e e .-dq 6f Pwlble 0 -V 'to a rl l ., I It e durin the 0 ore
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set Iid ofiitl taliby tot behooud
At ld.Auustin e Dr. H ae Sm oth Cab defense_- wl, o s T e i ne

m doing' resarc at theh ArrI st 11 datesenc bac to St Auuso Agrees to up or ute~a 1650 end 1bd ie cva fromd.th the.eieneo h ~ca
y~~~" fl rs- 1 ion weeonno eSIOYrttOon ofC bODffseLn he por mteril An then asact nf se b wr u se ore a oti on of he Cub lie,.pninorhrc rpry h tins o th e s l oraof the hm wAs ST AU UTN ,Jl%6Tea ate otiiainta u srpwudtk ite ast el

he~~~~~~~~rc sec11o by th lvain poruo of th old" Cubok defense orti Maincrcet odoa Tecmmsinvte owr nga wals of al pnsh ascino St. George stet oud b es -! r ee m to dra ken waihin .e next t hre on prhrvngtepu iy n Tes walfnd r. Smthe hsai ei e vmeht Ic o o e t,, ecars faccm ing o reli nr depth ofims Oyteirekafe ,e tall, bA suse i s ot s riht by .i the Seco. Auusin Hiserica The cloin oferl St.Gorge tree
L ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ eea wasemnt appretl poured be- Comsina tt gnywihsuhtoCn tetwudb e oto
r~l 1eon thers Solmis quarter M eqoth re .te o ms-fne iei'hc
for~ the 4tat agecy saidy ahraiteOdSpnsdT"s-'gons see rsoe
tionalaParkService plashtoNretitnthePCatholcrChurch fr ex- Earle Newtonke
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0-W, Q rdup of thaf jyfle, on GeWe"; tt6pt- 'd ly h Lto St lth class fi ini orplse all know- yet,-r r-class I amil h L, Ob 'ftind ,'* -bo ", ne E i en u ec Ord "U
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I'L ,, SPOUTS pt", A KASTELT f ,4 An
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ResbDt ,,tiqt ip's -V 'fx 0'-',C D ;5 Jot ? Oul 11 4vz,, appar V1, 4 '-t i l mi Lpl,- a is underwitmg a pr f, r the S i U, r brL' v Ot er buS1n&3,,,th C P=Uis- g;hl,'- eLift,,lb' 01 Ea j Dr, -,ion WTJA TP
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X-3 -60 P;qt past pj,

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'4" oldhbuildin
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6f the th

A !I I I L ,

-Gainesville Daily Sun August ?, 1960


tihtshd onlouse

lial S i Oflo The, only accurate descriptions buins oroI ayw ofhousepi Florida during the in 1763 are nonexistenttdy Eal ;pps P-eriod (1513-1763) making the appraisals dul m have beeii discovered byDr. Char- portant from the stafid]on o r esV.Ade, associate professor chitectural conceptions t eue pl1"! $toAt the Univeraity of in the possible reconstrcino Plorida. 'such buildings. The existence of glazed tile fire.Thexcloaino :places and decorations, glass win- D annoe, dub ot ,dowsj-_halcoriles, patios, rain gut- rishmess of: availableas m fiho tersjemirxored wardrobes or dres- yas 736;Iuh Aerf, and stone construction, are Jh .Dnlasc a)fcswhich have been s up* Jorn Rf gkeogaphy ate b fes pos -ition irntil. now, reports Dr. Ar- tyr of Flordaph is ttol si

vade ord 8-I6 iae.ate the old maps with~ml'e DaThsedescriptions were found in nations in St, Augustin 0paftshH tax apprasals made in '10,to -determine the value of private Spah shhouses and public

morningid~~g oni Wt.Y Auutn din' hertebeinn bTH gatr HELPS RESTORAThIN PROGRAM o"d h theingguist
_-acmrritpesidentzof the St. Johns Cupt oo or soitoi h ipraisals do not show that
f ~ ~ ions contibution towrd the St. Atgustmne restoration pro- ?nost othes buildings at this time
t manager of the St. Augustine:Restoration Commisssoione aaddaest.t gT or 8-12-60
sAt t its monthly meeting, had Mr. Picht as the guest speak

propertya and/woul be wilin tow giv uphhi -ihtstalk, the association by uanimu voe ovdt irst -Spanish Period Dr. Arpropert ro vide fund wer oade aoteilablet
frttoh u help forward the restoration commission's plans, s ints out.
k '',r tkati that his arganization wanted~to go on record as'being I100 .The .Spanish Governor's Palace, b dotoby Charles 01son). Indedin eappa ,
large door o Doric architecture 12 wells, two patios, 36 doors and' 90 For.,. wvifdo~s, --a stable, and a, large 944 .orphard.

7The orchard was also taxable f6r the types' of .trees it containM M N D U bd: Chinese, Orange,, sour orange, school
0 R A N U :.'lemnon, peach, 'pomnegranaite, fig, quince, cherry and grapi tru it ting mn 1VIami Beach
FROM THE DESK OF Dae 12Agut16 to i e v- th aoer (oodwn

more thin 4,000 pess whl ap0r n aain raisal Of the town'sddgad letter received fromth '8 house And lot 'caine -only to 3,466 gustin~e Historical Resa yesos w nd 4 reales. :The Royal IMission asrad anc Blackamith Shop, at the bottom of the :scale, was valued at 877 sed. The letter. was coc pesos, said Dr rade. th e re-establishing o ( ~It is difficult to find the comqoni. ewihrn e parative'ratio-of, the 1763'peso toeryThscolba the dollar of today, but DrA- operate, Completely: viht OWnade says the annual income of trato. omiso pnie house owner was only oneWe made the state and local newscast this -thirteenth the total appraisal of his BIDS FOR MILK
home, 'indicating private wealth. len Nease mo ved that bd e morning on WFOY. I didn't hear the beginning tIn tecrse of eslearch for the dfomlode
:Alon- and Preservation Commiss- ed that whoever, mae th but gathered the school board is behind the Jo6n- Dr.;Arnade. discovered these :st bid' 'on milk couldsuw real estate. claims anmd Spanish eshositecun tax appraisals In the Field Note eodda aproved:th Restoration Commission and agrees with our !Division of the State Department a and w1ll be determnd of Agricultural. Archives. Previous ltl ttenx .suggestion that the NPS re-establish the CubOencril cldaW omnesttha
Dr. Arnade, When it wasgi the lelnmth twi3 line which would mean giving up some school basement, of the State Capitol all nsidered.
fthe, time. vid Ca prah
property and Wfd be willing to give up this 'Pictures, Plats Nonexistent on. a' drairuage matterna Dr. Arnade. says that pictures operty. His property nett or plat oftese house anulchn D. Crookshank-Sco property provided funds were made available -xvarr1Mnd are flooded. He, askedth strate their product up forbd board's permission to have~atn for the re-building of the dental clinic and APPOINTMEN TS APPROVYED ty tdo na teze.:
Appointments- were approved The board moved to contact band rehearsal building. hy the Board'and the, following county engineer conicerning teachers. have been assigned ,to problem and tfhey plan, toVakious schools: St. August ine their full cooperaion LAlettae will he written +o Mr. Now-rbon T Iish Rehnn1 T-Horhort C. many a !"

173 ee nnetse

aicug. the appraisals coby
rant from the stal)i Ofa
pitectural conceptions 1o eue
the possible reconstrut~ O

L The exactebe location of th!ebl ngs. cannot be determind a
r. Arnade. due to. the intl
shiness of ,availablemp m 1i lbO
ears, 17636j., But, he d
ohnf R. Dunle asschepoe
or of geography at the nvri
ty of Florida, istrying t ore
late the Lold maps With,.-~esleations in St.L rAuigatine

ai~lackmright preide t f th St. Johns County Moptor CourtL As ,uons
e' n his organization-s, contribution, towalcd theSt. Aug~ustine restoration rToug~ .Pct aae fth tAgsieRsoainCom, sin St. Augustine Record, 8-12-60
emotr eoitt asocitio atits: Moty meemg hd M .Pichlt as the guest speak
he~~ co ld- f11 ihtstalk; theL association by unanimous vot, moved to

a a or stt etc0 t t ~ ia toria ltcat~o o~or oas'being 10 3oard H'olcisMeetin
phidctheretortin ommnission.-(Record8 phoIto yChrles 0lson).
k Re eveRo

Fe~~ PulC ho MEMORAND tims fuduefo te h- engiMinBac i li i u J u ni o K SLh o o t hIt 2 h o e o w FROMTHE ESKOF $xans ofOrage Sree, Puler
pqt 1 Agus 160Ivop ndlt B Hutandcae-Iri PlehopanMBa

M~~d E M 0 R A N D Ujite Omeubr thei
Comanies bid in on t e di e t _rat o t om m i n FROMerentS schOol neuip mret wF lered m tt r
Hei Amria Seatin Company, We mde te stte ad loal nwscat ths htant, Geogia LR I Reeves BID FOL ML
moringon FOY I Dntear 2 thebeginning B. on untovanc. e o o non
an eup t alm Bec;F ese htw ovr m but gathered the schol board isFbehind th an Huson CmAy Vereo Cooet i nlkol an e Galc Brotheters o 1 th s chlsite crounih: Sf

erHa Com any definitely at the net sggetin tattheNPSreestblsh he ub Bis eferea b Sut.dou Musicopnes tha t or as arle He B a d is staff pn delC m ive i n ; inthkast wijInd A. line ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ll whilinh ol mengvn psm cole11 p ah ndn tiswl e e

pro er y nd d e il in t g ve up thlda et l.Sinst ng ill 1of igh --i chool ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ M Buligoth opn the oh DnrooktblshkS propetyprvidedfund weremade vailale vl~ avedo toe setnde-bing flodd Ho askL trt thi rdutu orbd. bd' piemisio n s o a have for ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ reip. th ebidn f h etlciicadAPITET APOE titc1tt L nh Appointmenerts were approedoTh board move to ont band rehearsal building*aeacthe pay d h Hw ner c o n warious school: t. Augu tin th i fu o p rat im at Aim++:a* r~illha ritt n t Mr Newon ighSchol-Hrbe t h .np Fister SeLa nsln w it -t

St. Augustine R cord, 8-114-60 8-21-60ineReor Miami Herald, 8/28/60

ReeS Progr nW
al~~~ re1,0 iItoF ida

en e* ait the k.sli Ad Hom
toded 2 S.Job ad 45,um 9,S. ugsin Coiisebdul fn-aor n ol r
Ti e k odtal ed il81, S t V ra orp t o C hff or i n'j om otp eb a ae u o a 9 6 c p fa i d k o 1xed t the h nsae H V and orma J an Tu ner c i i fund s o r lestrs t o u -e n F o i a d r n h e ry p s o t e d la f f d
i ecvt d oD n ek kj t A d fdrl ubn rnw^Sais eid (1,73 a come coonfsero

Reiett: d d nSt An and C.45, anliart S Muguswie fireplaces an-eoatosfesqoradPe dithfR. Slat ieg-k toaled oth 100d ee oI ar~g tract ofe a y ls idos aeiep-Cmmsi4 r;And
b ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ody tti GndkNEser The3,onhii sonlth ang wIdrbe a deses an is adfSparlsto s 110 acorin lt o eta'y 2 p f0 eas V ecie -on aed. sto e ttuto;?a~ f riasi of l
oetteq Louis M. rp tola Sm l f o Ed c i Of fh'psiiiyacctWelae bee itipti- sidmri ofthe6 rateo of'aeps 1 46p rfix d o ofi~agcal dHe G. and Alma, T eanurn er sition untilfo now,~i~_n repor to'iuturadl1rc :hivs tiontai descddilbede v sp r col ,e i0n10 Fard a Previou treseecher itu lo 1,n elc k at th Pintegeo of the Thesea desripion weree lodke the, A ortle r foysp a1 pw u(?eu 8-port lipe~tan o he k I70 alwa Wo fouSpnd II parish ,a apr5 s- flr7nfrmt7nsad)"
lob ,blikl1 ret lG eo.ame tet ej n o stAgwthth hevau oftl priat Kpns epent ol the tte n ap t e

ed 2b S ed Au0 eat nCm ts d8o h oni h is pn etrlcnet on to bo th 8.3f m G a n e one oarperis r. Arnade psocints oallpd of b
aiapn di fion ig t h a paet of see1,ifonk 8, ThkpoessSpan istovor's al- h dcThen exiact eainoth re ~ ~ ~ ~~ t AU usarid inRg4suhag se cor ace inlue in the aphais building cno, besdaetefr
Bet. alunk eb n to dwh Telli n a e o of'gae t heaaeuihes f.v
enevae L. 1629 nih6 St. eb t riwoptosc6dor n wnl76-4
Augatpp.d d .a' Ma rare A.M iee as dealsons aa Dueassociap n ,es n6io
6mi Gen ot 4 0 and~ o 407 traade h l o h ypso re t, o P o r i6, as ,, try n to corr

an u n-to y' hmem a lot 1, %2 Ae9 coerf .in t e ase poeraae feg,0 qux o e
t~ ~ ~ ~ ~~H 20 eladBigMa Hel hitrclh'

est,stion 6 asde-w hun o M dlol M h (r if.r s .ond 'famps aecntl was aprv seaa sai D. Ana
dioe Soj n Inc. to rne a dd a a

,2:ai 24e o Blocka B. fa.t Fiderf asn tru e aip zc p-y for Ih n.t Io as onin ordnae. woohes0ut, g i ti t Hp isie'Ma M Fllert Si t Ead-' hncadvl adpii ile himnofa'xsig bidig th t co- Mf Sm evlea

in bl6-2'arik, mini n i a d eo 8 onhe euse tio n the Z oning eComtee:1Mr., Su.g Cn the ebi i lbaid COar Mt. Milgusin m oflt u fse a 4ermnnt Augstne udsv yeadas lii ac u hoisr
it SutIc. t l dBak sibed Jam p xt O. n ia saidur~esi i thttehetraanComs
Unvesty, 265ad2fe F og ayw tracts of ec F i~rtion sidhko wthoebdisn heZn
Auutie Sotie4 ows int sot6 rang 29rl ovng Com iteeonwhthr ro Ada,?~ ~~~~~ h to scrbq dn deed.on weries ntehitrearacml i dici Ca454oh SrthAugsily oth Inc. toil with Sectionion 2s(00 of. thro
2072, -ta 7, St ugs ..out stitta ale tin o n w pidht*aprl
tibdt A bxtilling e-h itri ra e .gt. uain 1oth Inc tol fl@St Auutii architecture. t as n hea
4 toration rankiM afo a posel lots >ghie Indiida bri6gs pro-erin
70 ee and ntinu in a 0,.S' 11-i O se i u ice Age-pas to themZon
xceptinOS Sbd hieonite the willsa bebic turning
St.ibi Stg tugstee tooh bee told ed over. tod thes Petoic-1Co %1R% abl SIfe a ii for theiraoat~ r adic whenever

St. Aumustine Record Miami Herald, 8/28/60
St. Augustine R.cord B-14-6o 8- 1-60

Of 16
46- S e reD*
t Urbin
-e TA W
I I I I 199
od Pro
v Re'new graw
Membeve of t St Augustinir
-Historical.,ReEtoratiov and
A00 In Flo "da'

Into r
ion Commission, axid.,14
and City Mans*ill leave
vj William Lav 54
e -to
night -for : Atlahts; for 6 con4r!st W t.he H-Ousingand Home
Earjy Holls*
Financt AgendY.
Rda estate. deeds in St. j6hris and 5455, unit 792 St. August ine Th eetiTig, Scliedultil for county.. -last we k totaled $131,- will a diq
South Subd.' Monday movniT195 GAINESVILLE The qnly It Is, difficult. to ft th '900, 1. accor ding to -1 document ary cuspio3i of th accurate d6' a.10 0 k p. t Cliff Ord possibilit-Y of .1763 Ponte Vedra Cor 0 g&Iptions iDf b6uo- compar ve r t f 4t4mps fixed to the transac-1 'H. V, an& Norma Jean turner cei- ing lunds for restoration 'an es in Florida durin so to'thedollat of; Way,
the early Pe
tions recorde&in the couhtY court lot 1 block 22, P6nte Vedra. -ban ri I
-re awal e sys,, anqi, the federal ur I .. but' 'Arriad s e. Here hre'thd transactions Ijan. P.and.Clea Mickler to Ar . . . Spafilsh Oer,164 1hual-4neorn o 0 ouse,-own
Program. havebeen discovered, by Dr. Everett R. ,nd- Agnes M., thur, G. And teAille C. Kilroy er -was onl one, thirtem the: Me ade1b ft Au g'. Histdric 'I Res- one )CharlesW. Arnade, associate total jj' iii or h
lot 12 'and the south 31 and ppril b, h6me in-'.
d- P t, C Ili bl profossor. of' history
toratiqn aj res rva ion 0-, half feet'of 1 t ock 3, Mick- diegting pri a eal h
22, block. :12 le 's Subd. Augustine Record University of Florida.'
1 11SS iofi all of .1 r :In the course dtfeteai h
0#6 d' 1-P I O'.maP., Bell, Hancock Behrens.'to Rich The existence of 'glazed tile, the St. -AR
4t, /23/60 us#
49tY We, atil 0. ah Margaret A. MqEwen fireplaces and decorations, Restpratiop tidh
'Ch69tqr. Zdith. P. ,Si g- tho' north 100,. feet.-ofal traqt.of glass, windows, palconies, -Pa., %r ornmissl6b, Dr. Arn I ade. digih'6 -- t %:, t of Yec- tios, rain gu
murid"to, t Hopefl eld gus ind is land goverhment c ttbrs, mirr6red :,icovereo- 'jhese afit; te toricl. Re[&1qr '; 'tion, and, Pr6ser to '32 township- 6" gouth'. range obds- or. dressers, fin ",,iggims and, Spanish--' apat* War
IOTI or- Mllsqon aft of 'lot 21 0, east as describpo 4n:d4qd.',- Agg praisals In the fiel -nott'divlI f 6i-A t h e' r eo' factp wbich have bee4i I iUVPQ-'
except the soultk 121 uise federal h ndi sion of the Stat L6 M Millan Small,,,to: Ed cf- Agri uljjjiaji Ives. acebrdin tooficial until. now, reports in block 12 Alma T.,.Murphy..'cer' I -- die C. and
of St. AuguSti 6 Arnade.
'Inap 111revIous-..researeh4rs had
idin destribed Property c
'.The, Univeiti t ti th'- rati.on. Foe R 0 'lodked thewoild",.6 for 'sirfii. a n- the in ersec ion of e. ver Those descriptions wer@.,, I 'd'ow ment. Orp u us Im Spakish tax. inforniation, sat rM Ar e 9 nolt of the FEC Rajlw nager Willi' La, ilar s' in the bitserese ation Co.'s i ht of W ay aM the, east woo als rna& in 1768, to determine nadei when It wa
nisgjon-,hll-'d 16 j 1 1~ the property line of, Paliner,,Stre et 211649tift 7with,,, the, ent of..t4e State Capitol all d alue-.of private- $panlsh eXcqP z e.,Rq the time.
t -th Luth,,'21feet thereof, and continuing as desciibe& in houses -and public, buildings In
!wdordirg." to' j ial. map of St. dead. ere. St. Aukustifte to be, soldt to, 'Dr. Ariiade sa s iwi" ple'Au"g"u-stine, is a that ionie, Ahe incomin'
Connie L. Craw1ord' to Ra I g Ertglish., tnre or plats ofthese WuN6s Y renewal' pr6gram.,jujj &.,.Wijj1. Be
nd Elizabeth,. S. mond :J. gild: Mary' V. 'kelly'lotok I vi2ible r6 The. appraisals' d6 not show Mid;publIc buildings, 6r &I any
np ,Ltb,, Ion: toil the rest
,W 3i.L5'. 9, 13 and 16; bf* raostL _bt which existed 44' -nontfh6 'brtlj$4y 10 feet' that her buildIngs. at
aluvrrIg In L N Ahis m of L wood," or exIstent today, maldrig apAufhuql L ti e were' ce tiin deacribv'.d- 1,9 jdf- in L t, ayor 01 Xickl i,
SubLd., in t6i' i6617 an'd L' straw ConstrUctio pi*ials d 0 u b I y b2iportant
f t LL OL the St n, in accbrd.
lig-ustine beginnih e-n It from
on owns io 7. South 'ange, I ', j -', Augustipp the stafidpoint pf ATW34t h JiiStb Alpo ,erty tectUrZI
_iC& R ance, wi#ithe geher o na Street a c inul.
On. 30'AaSt, tj L ervatlon C T, roncep on$ to
d of Spaned in ee Or=jS8jonLAft d t e, town in the first uAed. In t4e,, possible. reMnand. ki'm i L, e Arnade points ', Sfa&oniUd. aAd- L Ingeing-with the L ish per! DrL
n liza et regiona..,dl;e Odl
hn, toL, hL LL L' 0 struction of such buil'ft'p- L 'e. St rty to L.L 1) and Gurtrudey ut,
Aor a LL' YL An 'Ur
-JtbSt0,,af1On- a 1griff a part, of section,74, of 01, L pal.L
ball re TO The Spa'-jigh governor's The'exhct location of these Coniini Sjo' 'n S'L ihip' 4 South range! 2 e16 ALS -a the appraisth e ace, Included I buildings cannot be deterrnin'block % city'of t .Augu scr e. h! d alE, was a two4tory. stone ed,, says DL. Arnadef'. d v to
a ing, as Umlapupi oI ( .Vo).
4th, C-L to 47MUAjjjjj$tjn e 0 dyv,611ing; had. or of the amateurishness 6f,7 ,des 'b d d St.. lut c j e a4liii, U Z tautv, so' UO.
Orris I an& able maps, of thosp years, viez T r. and ti majaJU00 sola4
-.10 jo
'j, 17 gus
an'4 Gieneva 1629; lin't 6 -'St' u -a s-RA 1763-64,
ti Subd
'Y'OUngjLL a, r 74, 1 8 'L 'L:' But lie adds, D
0 Sec On PaUtAol u1j, J0= R.
's oaqs j tz p!ato t. Augustine, .Sduth In&.' -to .2., ;Lj :jq LL WU1'129a L L I
J'angaL q CLUT 'el- Xa unkle, associate,, Professor of.. L PIS P" P911" fIL as'- ])ajSy'LM' jjj,-gjjd EdW T:? L
d d- paeq 13 ut4op ISL-cotin Y.a 'L e"ribe Jn: d-ee qrro, "I IS' '.' : L a L iniVersity, w, .1 L geography t the, 'L PPS Ot 11 11 L .13
Sj. 11 1 !qnD :q is trying to COM- L Th, ompson to. Gene L "L, L. f I L 1 : .. L L I of, Floridg,
d 407 L it 1.. 2 .. 1 t th old'm aps with dern
lot 5', IlOck A" M -Sui UaajS9& 0.1ij -94V-141"Tul OIL a e e U10
Mattie S.Joh gon C,
'utugtm& 'So q PDD IS UqjU 4W
'Atlantic', dUf a. bifiC,
Genov'ar Addidon of :5Y LL I L IOU locations in St. Augustine-,
'to 'Tom f J L. L lot$ llj
'gU 1U.a
L 0 Oj'SU4Djq'UUL:Uj3Dj'X ,., S 'dLgUS 01'. 'L, Soup -P
thi' L :J c L L to
ine.- ou S
T 'jiblen Ili. L J A,, 111Widliael and L rid' it essins,
dts. an --5836 Unit 20,f(t. dL" D. 0113 B
-L, 8.3 S 'or JqVB L Augsti It lot -2nV '-d V
I e L 'Sout SuM. L' L am an
nc wards: lind- in: the,
5t ugustine- 9, 1 to
f L, gOV. t
V,61aL l6tg-_ 64 s9uthwe st corner o 0
:,Shardell And 965i
unit 4,; t. f -Smith36 e and continuing as describjga:eet W, i e R-pa e M'. L ee Ld.
L, th Richard 'L N. and J"ano er;ekntj iit lot 8 to,!? TS SOU
hune .Aor i leo nj
ge 30 ejjst, sectlow 6 as de L .1 f.
Noe I the. ea StL 20 eet:.
d Aug! stine Record 9/4/60
11 ribed in eed. of -lot' 0, nd'the 76 feet, ;of
$t' L ugustine South lic. to;
Ot 1-0i: Barce ona Park ans have been. submitte(i jo Sout j: 'Inc. L t0%;St. Augustine L. L 6mMtt
6hald aid Mari A St 'ion C m ission Will P'
99 and 6100, UnL t R' Zoning C but
-ne P. De gado. lots, 2217,.. and e rat 0 M st, J L South; Inc.
2218, -imit 8,,St. Augustine 'LS Outh ct beingraware 61
;j1 archite Of 'the rd Al, ell W jr.)'-hr a jj' 10 Me- L
Su visions of S:ection, 2 L aik.to :W.,,Hj ,gn ,Florence.A. *tt Of 't
g, lots L jr ste and Advisetoty Zoning Coimni ee
KIjjj 22 -and,24 Of-Bl6ck, C. FuAe zoning or inance.
''t R th' Full6r toLH LT TL Y di
g L Mr. Summeryille sta
avenswoo trap Lbuilding, that he conth Tohn Sum nerville, chairman of an-existin
S)iapiro 'all at pi rt L bf-j tb6l
Mar, to 4 the'citizenSL o L n and Matio LindseY :the' j6Uth the Zoning COM estoration Coniinis,- hopes th;
8-and 1 9, mittee, stated yes- sult with tl e P,
'Villia so_.. er g;ptine will coop L erAte flb
In Stan6ell l, St
.16 ckL 1 and qua er ter4ay that the Restoration sion before, Pringing his plans to
ock hip Zoning Committee ih this
Park i, jjnjt 3 and Col Road. '61 action 28, towns missiop.has been requested to act theL Zoning Committee. Mr. SU L and th ereby. 1elp in'sure"not: range 29 east; Also merville, A t.L that 6 : M the -e X ist ;(nit I fL L espeetit. Y. South, As, ad isorto the Zoning Commit- this procedurd, cohiplialic W
W ';L of lots.,3. and 6 L of He eti on A3, t b '' L, e, sAve ime L and Also eliMj L nahcp So inSUre the, V would t, ut
-L 'Ll orenZoi :Rrid: Cli 'L; t L -L.. ". . al on L; .... .... L Allam, lot L JL,, block, t6wrigbip '7 sou -range 2 east. h ate h h has ma L ny L RnC6 'of the bea-u j L (T
erjaL Alvez Jo an. v
architeetitre, Mr. L, Summerville in tj" Old, St. L &,I&tIn
times *here
&S"CL a past Au S_ t It L Barkookie to JaIn rm I ai(Ithat the Restoration tommisuguStine OU ne, 0, L 1 1 t"
63&L ee Ogar Y tWo L raq g 0- L eetion sion will now be advising the ZbnL
L erez L'' 2 2636i L
74, townih! L; 4L gouthV'Lranje 29
'It AugulSting South 'L C ing Committee on whetherL pjO7 ,bd I e n d lnty L is de-" p6L sea buildings oj :majoi altera-:
scribed in deed comply
Sb' th ti in the historic a
Une, nc.. L, ug us ji L South, L In,,,. to L With' S etion 2 L L of the zonin
ociol I(jt'PL 54 j e 9 K Arno L Kriobloch 207 and or ifiance which requires that all9 ;Augustine S'
207 2; uYh t 7, t. structural altera,
L L tions or new b
SU ij gs in 'the istoric area, re-,
A gU stiL
e South L Ine.. to dt. St
116 Augustifie irchitecture.
ion, Caposel a lots g ff brih S prouni L
2) 8 0 1 and j 10,..- St.,, Aub- posed uil t8 ns to the Zon ustibe 6idth SU Ld,.- j c L tittpe they turnn Gm2y Will be
St. LL', A gustine' South' L Inc. 01 ed: OVerjo th6, ReSlt, or I ati on Comjohn '.,k,., and,, Ajda V. Steele lots inissi o n for-the',ir'advice whenever 874, 2 751,2897F 'L 2 L gj) and 28L 991, L: (00) is. in question, L L L S n 2 L
A, Stine So' ti th i L the
'gu Since, this Procedure has. n

St. Augustine Record Oc tober 16, 1960

0RANm ttee"'OO~ lr~a ofe whc Mr Juhae'R exressed a ee cfgrttd

ona 1F ~ E01 M 6 m rismxdoz sbt~do
ca m M rs L eonar T uHe pr s ntdtd S atsrais adcf rallt a
A nc T~~~~e rontamy 'soeat eein g. o s good misoriatn' a sartry

f ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ h th'ttPoniKihso om sinhdmd netne i lo nd b Preserv Ation tinis rAftess a to ethe in nd uo Seak p t mineeed effat hel reaor evnn athil thereen th we Poerind too uplrce they Fu Orng Coun Hiont and h pla s. w ermroa rl lkn
en ~ ~ ~ i apitdaofies15ao e dFa n e quston tion He alo tod of he "aste
ant bod By Govern aueidnt repsidrtg ah ino eid~frsoain-fns
ois o nehot 1sclH and eOcet r att ruio enya ti~ 11rfi-e
1t imesin OSsticl ottrain~n Irs ooato wa gien aby Ars st ht cribed in detaitonlit
ha Lhrdy cobe 1 3t poty co a oner accotin W.th p ur of retr tion ora .M ih wsm s

GrndKnghtJoep cmees t n misose n $2,7 hat rsrainpormls er
and ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ E th fieso is lrd h uio rolle te angod he#oad omsins~qiiisT e'omntySrieCm nomtvei- akadPlt

St. ugusine ut sste
Reucilod 6, Oc it. 1 fC- fete9,1960 ndn ue,_116. ite f hc rsJlaeprse elngo rttd
aubu celdel ooe -0b i

Florida Times-Uniono October 26v 1960

St. Augustine Record -26-60
R R e q AD r d tYJJAO Co
esroi mmission

ss A. dop ts Ten ta tiv e, Bu dgO t

For. Cabinet 'Approval

A preliminary' budgpt, calling cese assured the commission n in
-or spending of about $350,060 A letter 'that every' move made was adopted the 1961-83 for by the church Would be to honor
biennium by the St,, Augustine the historical traditions of the
'Historical,. Restoration and Pres- city. ervation Commis ion at yester- A contract- was awarded Uerday's monthly meeting. cury Produictioxi of Winter Haven
The budget.wili be presented to prepare: a color film of St.
to -the State .Ca'binet by Conimis Augustine in line with re0toraioners Saxton Lloyd and, Wil- tion plans The film is expected
harn Sims. The Florida Ldgisla- to b ready in time for showing
ture approved an appropriation to state officials who have been
of $150,000, for the. commission invited to, come to St. Augustine
for the current biennRim. on"December 273 as guest of the
At yesterday'.s meeting Cath- Chamber of Commerce to, inspect
olic' church officials expres ed work.,don e by'the commission and'
willingwess to confer'.'with mem- to be briefed on restoration plans.
bers of, the commission on Plans At yesterday's meetinj the i - t d I ,
Placing the razed El
for: re "s 0 '0 'T Sgion vo e to restore ther:
BuiJding at the corner; of CAthe! House' on St. Georg'
dral Place and St., George S6eet. treet as I it appeared, in a 1786
Acting Cha cellor. Irvine Nu- map drAwing,'to achieve the great.
geAt'Of the Augustine Djo est integrity an authentiel Y.

tl e St. Augus- Au uth*45 Jtpou d'16bk aft 'T UM;
-6stotatidn an prqpdsed pro4.
res tprat on' 'relations 0ounsell"::
OA -om iehl "iitre 'andVhwamorils i if, m 'd I St*Augu.stine
6xecu ive lromwor, 0. ' 0 e, Florida
I.L Record
A 6,vu 1W
pia to, [b
letb(I. seale ei Sakton rloyl, Da Times-Union
*hk 0 IeWi -16-60
-: . I 1 1. F 1 1V 11-18-60
AV iet
ien. r ii ouse,
t em
Of Arrivas
Z kfiM limn
C' fthl
op ap aFt
or House Sta tf
L I i- It t S, eteL' h
'Jqnior es-Union dh Tim
By BANK DRANE Jts 2,0ve ill b 6r! (lilt Ci;' ii t lik *1 By staff writer
Tfmei union stad, Witter t ti 'd,
di "Pro'n !In ere8 i) --The an vaqe ST. AUGUSTINE, Nov. 16 1rJ,0USTIKE,',0Ct Z -Tht St. M tin WatottLt!6
ugus e d: gr 4 h St. Augustine Historical, Restoraion q a" V shjLj wk 0, ill "att. 1- c e% tion and preservation Commission
1 ngd1d ii4, lifiajain W04 1 rin
Apd were a eompan lea oy; erg started demolition of an Office eorge reet. building on St. George Street tokrs of the t J r,*oted Wtnipnth' 6 'tt"ess aA q it"':ro; e
The prograhi was,,beguh' with': day to make room for restoration Ity, d: restQr6i thefipme i 'bet f748!.'0 IT 8.; , "I I 11 4 . I .,."
tappea pd: of the Arrivas House.
t h6 installatioxi of seven Mew
oramissioners chibged
1 1 -1 rnembed s by. a visiting, Imt I The building formerly served as
1166rs, bal&nibs and s; mission slanting tbe, c9ram mop' -th6::, I 6, I : I 1 1, 1. 1 1. -ters for the com ree or o e- cees,,., m
i%0 which has moved temporarily into ok th -The iv ouse-an a aqen b
ai;H t H. B ffitty he ri. t -the rear of the build,as, n', bers Ad'
pr6peity were purchased recently St -of. Com- me"n ing.
Augustine hmn6er.
pl4c6,10 ca'dei, -'o
by he 6onurfission as Its first Me7 con
171 4i' fed the ca -10 on qy, Douglas Picht, resident man,96atty -histo cal and 41 tiibilt 6n 'thejll
-storation', pro. pl", x. inviting state 'p ficials
L, data re Ject: wprk ,Js e ' 1 il j 11 I I ager, said restoration of the Ar
etd :t6 4ik -3. LeADY Cola oJ e..
as, 36A is -final ma VaVeIoTj, nt 01- rivas HOM6 5hould begin within here, Dec. 2 GOV.
iontr 31xton '14oya-,of Plans are' di**h.' A porti6n'6f. the Jim,,aov.7n6min& Ftrmi Bryant, St.'Augtt 4he- thro; h e r.' '. 30 days. It is. the first restoration b d I the coitpleted lao me, Ilt b& --used nl m*s Or. th 's,"Cabinek and ul pr
ac o I Oject for th6 commission which a',- ii iq-6k. U0, orn i&jibnj 4o te 'I Th'e-nex% J. em ,Ii prettsr, lo, c adqumr ra.- kjikiture *M -be invite'd to tour Y i 0 i was created bY the 1959 Legisla"1 1. ib'. ;. d ture to undertake a program of its t ne Was e pres It 'd ci Y, lnsp ct *orkbe*,'d6 r s -0 10116S VPW t r%-, spending of about $350'60: 'by,",3fie o6mmiiW61 A &IA brief-- #p- Ja restoration for the city.
x e adopted'for the,. 1961]4 bieli J 'p ans. 'd
ft-,ApPea' "d um. ings on restoration- I ers,,t atligd'gr en.spepe esdur- The Office building is located
It toa 6hleve Tf e budgqt wili ;b Presented- to A contract'*gs award4 Mo' 1 next
P to the Arrivas House in all in ri :6& aw. the 9 6rY Frod4cti& of Wi&46r'Mven e, area that once served as a Patio
h6 178g abe6m- willia Avinner. for:' he. Palst quar late o prepaie a iolor: hira of it., t r for the historical. residence.
nd-xkP.tph bpA'iliri T aMMI lp AugiisOw Ja lii6*ft, rp'stolitioll F6116**thi pr6seniiitioli. aT
an3. The., Mra is Depted t6 be 0 th4 gue .- P er
it i the" 1119 4
ready t1ri*.'1br xhovhik t6 66
't, , I I)buk Pitch, re ide4t',nana ge .' 11 ate, Aciiltii.; the'Si. Aixgustfr'J'e. I His't''brical" RaT" St. Augustine Record, 10/25/60 Cat-bolic ofh.614s exoress6a 'will-:
14%ss AA.' onte"r, th" JrA& em', toration ah& P eseoation Coni.;,
'tola tl e iiiem
e 664 tmion- on PlansJl "tt
berOlip at.t e.restoVa on
replacing 4he razed -Bishopbt t grai 11 is, bd ;AAoca
ing in dowil town, 8t., AuguAine, i P prongrami, qr Acting c 6,Wipq One, liniftle.d--L, sqs ,:ar Are Atcepte-d- hancq]1%1FV# 'nt
61 the St.' Ailg shn i Mil I Y e, D coese. one that',ie:U ,ron b -IM sured. I co ii ion' in i Wt er t -am, th t 1 t min -a, -2rpro'9T.
U, that 'every, move made,.-b r the wide,, that i0l! r 6MPV PO%.
itore Ar'', a' Ho 66r the
riv s his bi
'hur -wo d be'tor hd: sibly, 400i Ill ngs, and N J e tr tf,6:f s- q
Augustine Historical ture and other state officil
t16A: and Prese,,atin be invited by, the cham)er ' ier,
conims rce tocomeAo St. Augw Ur,-. Cht, sio4 in business session -iber 2 and 3 to tine on Decen n- concernill detail bjthep'lan,
yj agreed on the archi spect the city's historical landigns obe followed in marks, and see the. progress and
,oration of the Arrivas plans being inade to carry Put
St.. Geor le Street, the restora-ion progral:n.
be the first' project The budget for 1961763 w-as
A in fhe '. restoraiion' discussed by the commissioh,.an
an' agreement was acce p ig M1111%
orninissioa, after much Bob Eastman, to make a motio..

St. Augustine Record, 11-16-60

Agsine ecR ,-d
ST AuuteHsoclR toao an Prsraon monte rrahoeWhnheesotonothAr
n 14'o bea dmhIo toda ofterpeaun f ashuei opee h ae hr h eose move o n e w temr ary he0uatr lb ~ th1er3fte 1rvs os prvosohelc tion:Jd' or thecrt state futerta h xpcsaculet
pouglas Rt P Tcht residet manager to the Comms- tpon of the A vse huet emwti h ettit
stated ~ ~~ that ret was neceisar todroehtebls d
St George Street before~~~;, actual rstortoncudb-(e rdPoo yChre Ol n)

8oi.t Aguti

St. Agustie Recrdfeco2rd

St. Augustine record, 12-2-60 Florida Times-Union 12-3-60

St. August'ne Historic aGro

Seeks to Replace Garish Signs

ST Acat( Writer
ST. AUIGUSTINE, Dec 2-The St Augustine Historical, Restoration and Preservation Commission agreed today that something ought to be done about the large number of garish signs on business establishments in this city's historic area
The commission instructed resident manager Douglas Picht to contact the City Commission to determine if ordinances could be amended to establish a uniform sign regulation for the historic area. Pitcht said that garish, neon signs defeat the purpose of plans for changing building facades in line with the restoration program.
Suggests Wooden Signs He suggested these signs be replaced by simple wooden signs with Spanish lettering and colors. Mayor Earl Mickler, who to. day presented a $7,000 check to X,;

the cominisioni lam~ the city a a contribution to the restoratdon Program, agreed that more "iron-clad rules are needed for signs and other phase. of a tity that distract from the city's ietoncal importance. Leonard Usina of Miami suggested that as a courtesv to Gov.-Elect Farris Bryant commission members should offer to resign as a group if Bryant so desired. All appointments thus far have been made by Gov. LeR Collins and Usina and Bryant may want to appoint nis own member s.
Will Confer with Byant Chairman H.E Wolfe agreed to duus thi natter vith Bryant. Wofe said he fet, ho ever that the Rests tion Cornnssion was outside theiealm of the ty pe politics usually azsnc ratea wito other state appoutd il boards and commissions He -Tnme -Union Staff rPhoto

contact Bryant to resolve any Kent S. MKinl1Y (left) Pub- succeedig William Rolln
MODEL OF I O AAOF CI d o c e th Sa oaNes who resigned recently. With ghd -ae . joined the St Augustine H sIT Wolfe, left, The model covers the- area' area will look whn co t Kt .mey is Wilham Sims II, Mcunley, Sarasota from the City Gates_ south to yreted tsafalycq publisher of the Sarasota News, lainCmiso tameet newly elected secretary-treaswas recently'ap- Hyot tetadfo h ate representtation o wha1tth Joined the commission today as In nS uutn esterday, urer of the comrmssion. o t" Augustn area of the, Citylof St.. Aus, a new member to succeed WilPs-ar; reseration hsfottCrdaSre t ime looked hke m proiat lam Rolleston whoe resigned reitA~'over. a ....nm.. Sion by t- lobby of the Exchange Bak in oA historcal mvie toacquaint
a C n two weeks it willbe moved to restoration promer. While the model does not gram was shown for the firs time. Thie comisso as ac~ ,9 miso this mlforn- depict eiacthy thb 'way the out the city' cepted a display model of the nthreetooth strof (s norhen. ecio of-te hstri (Pots B Cares:Olil historc area foim Miss Lea Wells, local acitet,~ which deV, sM9 INAMY) icts an area of thie old section Of theciy as it looked in 1788, S9CT.-TREASU

sertayad ras r 'aaPs

ral'i Qear ,,. f he bardI
he vasaPnie be
Turrinj t- oter. usinss a

kok-rillel p~lbli~he exensie bakgrond i p'lbli monhly neL'Ing 6f, 6. a rI Nes, ervie ad nesp wor boh th se a Mtio 11pe comissin pa

Welcmed oda as ere n tie sate f. loria and b Saxon loydthattheTestrah, hme taieof ioncommssin saff oveWit

l~Loiked 'member to. -in s New York., work

SU L t e erit4 an'ce tol,,4wab t Jam
Augustine- h 10!* Jd- 04 n i s h e of
Flodda is' tz klng lo rdstor6: j,
-AlUGUSTEN ppn hientS 41bq4t
T6 sf -E ith t Ad
'It's fun-tb 4,ji4'4,be Z")Yning but'it'f -th, St 6: ere was nv *,G z = igus on in e :;S P g once
"apktI4 #bufid the A' the Spajjisli
Lau der., it, was' 46 ',d'egree 5' above I when L amm in Anier'';ca, so
fr'onj a' Av'ar',M bpo Tt*. brave the c 1h ipi wa*d' an
,w2th -MV4 'M M. Tii t4 Nil
M1SSl0ni.rn etin5 of the St. vq? M the British y often' sal el ko ation gRob 'a ppaintFU--%v iGovernor Q4 vill, -the fortre s, he', M==Mt age-, (IVnevpr 210
0,'e! soared alon to, ahaltftude of ,O 0 0, f wails.ch6ike d hands" the-Pen,.',
northern' head :-at earl Y "Mam tt ,Ir- Ued by, and.f 6drflags' flewfrom. ltsra i.,
'flew serenely northward. T4ere, is-: a fas6ihati6 t S iii-sh", British tile St andBars GPth,6, 4,V_ M e ( Fpr is momen e
lfirsoaring over th6:Iehg'th-oiAhe li as of, im" t 'th"
ft."Vf 4, JG", i6rxqd b6a-uty 'that we, for*, gaiiit. ys'.beerL Tan h"alwa r paTzgled ner!
41' Tit b I d0i6e 'Jorid&'AS, YaQ]# f& te
T&A. g a ()aTd. M.-ComMexcla A a in, vmgewi
doesd47get it' th" ion' omxdary wodqat wlgtces ablishnient on cfith 'nonti.
iidre l ', nots, -moreL, he -a altitude and-2peed. Here ut .] jj am f urthei ra.is
see-.the battle andthe. 114w C4 attT&cUn-.ftat':&oeS nothdve to have a'pho Jhav&* ',car below, he armer at his work, th-6.1. n y 7buildup, that Is -,too muchiii' the tiblfc'e: e of"
curling smoke'of f crest f ircs'e6jre and, there and this state. Here Is authd A and dis' a', I 'Me6eOkqd bgr AvJiw
t 6t t
er L,, he. state,,1from Sara2ota, to, the.'west of ...,..to non6. Mere af ter, fhe"' restbiation is c6mpleted,
Lakeland with its citrus grIc')v6s, and, dotted Iakcsl." 8;hd it Will take years, will be a picture of 'early, an(J!L thence 1etween iitk6 George and Lake Cre
9 .,',rncrlcan life that shbnid be asjmportanta the
cent.' j3y the tiTn e 6he, js4 floating over tj e -Munic-:, rpstoratlioni6f Williamsburg,, vilginia It Will hav.p, pqlityof Clermont: irL a 6cloudle, 'a, SPanis
Ss sk ',: Jh6' reak-'. ,: h" fla ftikt *QW 1 breed good relaft6fi,
ers, qf the Atlantic..Ocem;caxi be seen t64iie east:,! Ship With ALLW : 3wnx1h, an d',"
and tile ribbons 4 roads:, naiw,,and 6IThave by' brightex -i tCTY th 4t 0 FO What
bccome p artof.the lhap reading. Flori da.. vakluebq i oft A VA462Mto date nib -with: liat. vast ex, '0" UW JWV '70 d,' s one green tt panse of hv .., d
oaks gr zulg aftlewandpringxivqr_-,ar swamp- int'atk6mg 46 ur the. 11ftpr OTet 0 the afith:,C M ianW that -bui e s, fy amppearing' a
grbw.int6 to'", and:A, s into. J,...., stone lat F506 a PwP
likes, as- far, 'e' eye, can ,see. 'ar was
*M'M'ej5 and'"Pa;_ emmlts. ae; e An
"The., s Ta, Vlin 1ty'of.-Orlando,' is JiRe 9,,,, Vasf ql*wyl MpIt *X1rjTtaj6 liegille VoM4#MpJ'R
-m; a, dist;&Ac .:,! thp-past l that -Wemit
and, fhe 7d!stp;, tl of DaYt torida, 'today. V"Uierms lt)D 1' Beacb "abdlts auburbsZftn 4=er =M I Ets,*34P Seek our w= Ux m be spo e'd and digest l
e a, 'once: when flyfil t sta 6 eby small and tlfp m 0a i
10 yQarSL ago thep- wa tor expar4q on Df, P.DV
Jn:,shortdt, js like 4if,
wav irr a Small spo S cat, ."ptq&, heAte-T,111 69 1 wlt*
Oa'dillai "with the elativ e SpeedL,; =5t tMKjJMib9,
We were Tnet it ihe; &irfield by the seerv* e le -it ,;n ,Vy 'goo4 -ffrijqbnd ant',L
ssi oncand'--a cMver Tb6 airfiei
of 'the e the iLows. as Opp
FZAW, Raleigh, -Amt,
r!v- _41r. nspor 'jj r
ir ah ir '.1, ''. ,Rie _'Pe'd "his. to"U ,X, Y 0'and '0 wI oops- or-su]Vl .es. T1 se teT drzP
t b.66t',,
big upgamly. ckeatures al 6, 1t r 37 Mi d onw ..a pe cafi yet,, they can pej dy-,:ny, with-krai,6- And -,A.TreVlc&Z currency In T..wind'a aiz!, e t I., W I'Md Wit' his, Aaot down on umn feri
q, ., ar d i h o"e, It' Wbm Ao bhidh. 011-ax, bM, anj'' A, a, e :w e WO:-Were rei chd 'O*er, to, grab- i*,V1".O_ hOr Jetji that w I ere air,% Anyway, we were iate! b h 14 4iwe 4t into "Em: breftm, t bbTe g, a ea WAS a tor
W4Pd and, the a ':jtoto*ii was.loi UaT -6ig i uildi g W. -_,_fM m -to ntern. L 167we al' htec before, the ban here- YIT f theW' 4 -1 ir Force,,, the' ztaj,
the mecti ng as in' Sess' 'i;4'irmiarked to the or TAas vvlea:ifnig his trench sccret ry that tLh W611 over '75 il e 0 O at ;Eua d r I I dr, M--IY, lie IML-w 2 iz P mma lzio panel
_peedwaa: in j1d_ eV jfj an hobr. -He, back: jhe info
gz!"I'led, "If 'e"LPe"ts 'M
tha(-oiit,,d 1vbr __ won ailiithe nioney. y,
_h Lpp enedjo be the chief of police.,.,
ails ver for me andJ was Paekagels. Will- I never ,k&'w''Jiis Secret, a ,neiffi6r' 'mm danyonp, e se
h [niy-'lit rooni-with'Ilip pj bp would I h adn'll shoivn rne the rl

Tne on.. _,T ag


atholic Church its t r cal J n man t7each reanr e laand I to the ers and its missionafie th ur own State of Flor- co e tj ter came the British dot dity on the con- and Huguenots to add to the
1% 611 either conti- on
compiled of this fascinating or zouth America. beginning of our early colonial
-..T.4gislature In its: history. Today, the school chil.
Ti prq*0d and made ren of private schools, parochial the new Porrimission,
school and our vast public
-atta h.Od td, s-t 4 t school sYs.tem could Well take ne4ton a reStbrOon on.1his, task. of ensAra-u-ng".qur
this. historical LTn" firstwhite s qttlerent.by a:march
'PabM Brit- of dimes of theiA own,. and
old" in lore and an- thus when the tourists c o m)e
raiiks first In impor- south in their annual, trek, there..
NO.111 be giv'eh proper. o id 'be the proof Q
WU f the pud. the::, St Adgustine ding, good old American pud Pres
ding, and last but far:Jrom least, m"sion. The obair,
,iiii-S worthy project Is,, 19 the-op, tile-,
k _pqr Um cement
WVf e ; of SL relations, between T;brtli A n:id" d,- i:qmmitt ee. mcrfibem South _- Ame'ri re t ca with a )s ora: ff Usina'of'.North W tion thatcan tie into our south.
tonL 10-ya Oi-Da"YtOna
ern % neighbors. Here' in sunny illiaiii L S1* II of Or- Florida 6axi% We beglna goodwill, d A:i1e,'edit6i- t;hw st -of eep, e M -young and, pl ,.to keep the'.t*o contInonts f r6e dj tree ,is,, one -1 0- ul, r a o 14 Q1 M st 6411 1 Sid tbMqhIng to, It 0.1 I 1 1. 1 1 j ...tatorship. alld, bofnrnunl r of: t6rt. ffiilltuy',6U'6 firs' a ni I e 01 f! h6w-'inueh prog -: a Wovoen, ulto.a pa, rn that. is b ) been fnAde; in tte JCP i a es :a 0,11 T)g t lre,4
n planning for the. And the
meni 6f,.this, -enc&',Yof, t M
qP pa he c urch eriod, at'
6", in the, short- ear d all
and eople of,, bliA,
ugustine 16 a
ke.thgn proudof And reve
-r 'itnd staff thai have e;.can all,, 'e b1l. to date, One of the,
'P F : qjects ..was the, ei-,, of dontributIOO Afiht-'. i V14
66'.Arxivas House life
the Egyptian :'braceig a -'Wa .8 0
jet, alhorbugh going' ligiorts;9 And: could W,
St. Augustine by m6eciL, of., gy4gtpt uri oi k h of hard wor :plen.; i, between our LAtinneikliborg And' anae was found'a few, I of tieI
r - .. :, I A n: r rpund to gul h the om axon, pe pus U ed States. b6--Archa6ql6gY team Pit
a ytugrapheir"Dr John' ihbers from we tate 1'ha e-b'eeh helpfu irl", ch,, 'widk.,a wo king .' re ei p ffie-,to-yer.

': IOLWLIln b and has ro d'-' 'by the comM
-k-, .4
_' ti n 6s, bit A J
STREET w VJIVS i1i SP AOe M, bQ A-f-i 6z, de, C, a Wdi the i6u n d L- r of s t., U" ine "th, is'ftbw In the 'EL' M'
1. : I '7colony, k MsOt, b6i
our preseiV
"4"If, T:?--t

t ith tjl e c
aii and e 'e
to sibe to it
68 ion IM".1b
p- aoi A'
yali -otic; metJpj interesting..,thoug t'
'J Ile rst city ax,4 g00.7' -.
white"ppOple..from the
-ond, y,,
the, Aviges. of

ei'SpRn hw o.Vere-,,
ed N It le -as"Itf ni'the 'ramparlLsxof.the
-invV ers
'V- d I
iani 'and.th4 rAv. es 2:4
b hd pestilence.'SPANISH T. ASPRY b" t'h Kin K of sp. flri.bo. Weer 169.. UY3 "Ie"the nucleus ofmjg* _, tic kefids W bygone, d gr th, 6V

ifer- in. e
I ustine *, er le,
ections'. ana,,here
le of.3 ships
Un C1,2 r P 6 a& ries who Were alpg,'outside its harbor

St. Augustine Record, 12-4 60
V2, _-k


....... .. ..
Ts RBEC W HY JOY. D.: GA BA UE,:AT--W.,,.OLFE RANCH:,mr. and Mrs. Herbert..E. Volfe'w'ere' "hos.'s' -on, altur'&3 r',,: 'Coh, Harplid NVAII.,;.,
to la'rge, pum, e qf_ a i i-, o f ia' w; n, Qtl L 11 f-ItoWri id giniitaries Wor6,4n;
af ternoon a aite'n Lin:.
'f 4-_.. a ggests at a d licious.baTbectit, par y gi, p 'a etr tif U1, "Clu a., kr tl, ntatives an
-wno spent', e wee
qek sedibn- t eir wives, a in -5t. In ranch house in the; Mill Ci th k;e" -me: as, gues 3.0 6; ei, of cornin ''r
The ;&ests f, Were serv gam6whkh. .e,: ar. er, e.
,, was ag- d h ng p'aAy in ge by Mi. Wblfc ;&,redent untli The:, dellcious.baib ecue was seryed-on the oa -covered, W; I.Ws'b eau I i Tanc oThe. Seitimp.- oundsqu tiie 0 -h:,h r iing.'Tfie 'enu Also: feature d'bat6kiaed' h gr ui*6 n ,
ShoW:rx at- one of -the ie' r'ving. t'AbI to right eri lhdndr&O :;g 'tiei joye4 h bs iWity,-Of Mr-ahd Mis
State Senator Verle A. Pope,. Mt.V6lfe,;;, ongrpssxpa -A Wolfe4 e "Ol the- h d, ef 'And cor bto by 0,
(Syd). "erl o'ng Jr., b .: K, E W ea rO


bLDE T_ A OU-SE1. is'd. ocated -in'. St,'Augustine. Jt,4_ _Coli 00 in.
As,"e r alhistbtddfl"
e t
poln 4.in 1


CIIARMII Q. d, building' in St _A11071Rti ic i 1T -

St.Augstie Rcord, 1/8/61

7 n:- -i

St, Augustine Record, 1/17/61
Florida Times Unionl, 1/18/61

Mir 1; a qr,,,JLM-as lc ITT.
oves e an, new A to
an of"tol lav of r, N
-The S t estoration e majorpoll7ti.. this city, We ai
h is 0,6W W ap-. The en C, Ixi e on, W-4 Netloe n 41i6, .1. rqc4iire ol;t;il
'46tv liligJhei :i
i ni eet, wzs.d voted to ti 111P 04- i3t. Aug
Pr6v64itoday by ithei3t. Aug, ei om e-5 alid Zqn;
ness, aossiqA, oso :master Hiii
*.W _ar. *191 Dr, Ossion e prop 'HYPDiltR,,4StWt includilig'; ions an SPM distiilbutllot;.' 4eptions ofj Jh -bayfrofitand'Cbi rAnge--malitir pj ahd-'jkblic_-r lat' d erv
lan for L 'I k j6tte' andAy 4sine'i Be r*tgorktiow-. of 66 r i In oth6i
th 'old I _aiAng to eari-y on the rdsto- ft. pli., after, year -, of., 'Arrhite6turai TbQ restol _ati RIJ
D, 1. yi adon: progri Qr Oh Voted 94
Yn h Itin
vAitevpll W le afrom, contni -' a'
4 leh9thy 't
_4g reWaxch by a tearn
..William, silinin, III, weti. 40 M ,
covered, all phase's of Abe. rest6- do ,urnp the 0110W hg ispuriz ge
iitioi a ri, presialiti and 1reasurer, gxv( Ahe plan Cbhffij d; "42M;- 'Coiffity 4
,Mik.rl.9.,Nevvto'i exe ut -04, priesentationi ..ol' the', eoznmls htn e d ta e. cit aid n
for 1
oir the coniimis
j sibn's ludget to the state budget In The mk t6r 14n,,;Will be plAbed PTed r j 'Aij, t of Co i lhriolwl Jpli i
b2d ITIftlission it TAllahas ee.
on '' I A re t rqt C
,,at. the "It. E. Wolfe ',ehair'wan, presid- 6niplex 0 '4 O.Ci
_J' ate_' j edeVejopj#pt "1 1 hj
s4jne tl me commissions reiss- atO, 0 thp K north on 'o
6d o*er!,;thd,,mee ing. liel at-'the d f
that an aPpr Q 4f C -, b, 0 ne 4f the -49
d thi6,ii nporti p4rd df4ije t jj TO i ni prese r a bi d Ppp rrii al t 6', 'V members ' 4 r, priate brioe and "Othe- nf:*eri -9,
4- simmis, I. Saxfon Lloyd, of Day' Pe ico
t6i ibeprepg.e in 1 9
to Ysell th#1 ITS-1, B -h fi_ of ..and.. 'T
til program tov the lst and ie _jSa AAota. eonar srha;.
';b iti in
nation, mem Or
, Thee imfiii si onem-Pin'i out,
f, o - 1 0 WA S 1'uhible ., to-attefnd ofthe orat; Ahe -te6'hnit.,,a' .:;gioiiiidwork' r6bable U _e6sS.
An eXeCU# ,rapett;i tib e t -i -ax1b .. -1 pommismon w 4711 the finlin< i i'i orld th has bedir 111; Ive held'Ahis idits.,
n qw , e , ii, ; ., !:, I.. ernoon, ., .. I ". t I, 1 1
oi 'r:Jl inw. T4 d. cialiher of njanagpmeri ,,Is giy qtions wer oncOr7fed,'An
-iiivi 1, Ndj to- ep,- tll:e 're pondent idz noi equal,, not'gireater;,v eighvit a j t9kiii pre tj fh' k hilastbrOion. -b e inqjiirieii' -vv a s A- on," tWo- ecoon'
-oidqst 'C"Ify'' as -which side Ali
,r 1, 1 .. .. I 1 4 tl lcitles,'Qf capnita strue,
n" otb r --wiar s, I I L', d ",he Nvas p aying ture he,
it, is e. Pressing 't e 111 attier, f Uj_ I "_'d iii L 11 s i pn dibe oitunate,, I MY'.
'whi'chi n vas in 40ded: _11hancialL assis e CaVtj LIS, C)i
A, f tha'tti )iniolu to obt .in thp-servic'es''oft
make I t..,' ugustine ness gre-w inpa I rt at least, fr61 u, E a rj 'T\T&-v,-ton'LaS_ ,exec ii--th meimbran e-'of'siinilar pro-', t V'e d11 2: 'e C! t 0 r Q 'the' prbgr'pru. 4, torationii I sliripeii 6,iTe
,.The pommissionalso wa ,Jkbien nmresqod
detailed report -ion'the lt.- Wh ii h'notiing, hap ened ,andth6
-4 ion "Projectii.,iw'o k responcient, iidii'cit j ten
resto, t* d n of te li"PI
-t S on record. as aving "fallen fo
aqrestoring. e,,pygper ypn, ewto b
G l d' jui
o*,,uner.w4y 'Q i
Oxgel: lr q . r -in'd up by Managenient wponit saying, industry, t ii oinrnis, ii nj Th ,fijcst-%.ttii ofth h6vte b r d in e ee s ih:l)et-'
apiiea: frofn'the "'practdca'
the -'first, Splinis Ir. pei ;'and thi te Tar,;6f1 "jit 6 d ui tj jty 3 n M
sezon&flook WilYbe'dulrifig.-a a ) r, hi L ay ,, -ney h'-' s ille d, I'Wieii'have,-Tio 'set io t
c'riodi ofv le v o 't 1, 1 b igig e -'P'_nd b I r n useln t th -usiness the Tw1-0 Oncli siql fi ie TPli hly unl, said Mi e j n 'I C017P07
not' C,
6ommjqsiion eci ed X_ dm qivthe rqtedas an pleinefit!4of firsi&iM7
And'-,; at ti ient.,. tlie_-hi - ' L, i, t "' ". L' I 11 P ). _. _'. I I .. )Uis ibh
torical nodql;'of,,an oirl !. j ls--- ,per ance iin 'oui planning is th6L evid ij S
'L Augus ine. 1' b' come- of, t:,Aug re Y i leanqp,
The following appeared t I i I"' t be r jitu'rnlh .,t l prac ca se o
fi eac4iAndivi in '4. Augustine Recor
th a 'St ,AuL
"Letter Box", 1/22/6i ine, peop aie I llfaL I a L
11 I-Ilud, t-q e -a
e P p 7' nieiiiber of 'Plii, Beta'L appa,
Stine H6 ple can. spell "the "di er(i -be-i Ne
c or 'i y ining 011 3 0 rioncej'
er signs,,of sti A atuaf-, ixid; cultural lk t test ratio tl e g, Jec lie, fac si.,O&th gh ,a pe_ ei s.,or.jus a er"i UR4 .8ts. ugustin t, P1.1 nd f eelin t th t, 'I.,
,Augus ind' sldph 6; t e Is s .,0- at -.Flbfiila i oi hi 'h f l1ri 't rk h" bunder ancl 'ediL 'Pe of We C 0 in ti, t h er cayiii erit ge"' truly' it.'Augustine s o: alip .Ca 6storatibn land' es inatio

P liis'ifit, ,,llectuafahd adOtl, was t d t attn 'I mm ssi at encel el 6 M s ative 'eapabili, i%, janL ity Ttkcla ual y t eis re o Th' -R" or tion Aii Ily,e t j) n liut, St. A-ugustine j ,a 0 n 'an outsider wo ,lld e ii _" tt fion, 43qt
1. .1 1 ., % ', P
-'permitted to, sit ju but"A qu Is. eslre inits shoi notbecorno -a;
orl 0. in 9,j.,OP(T,
informant ind oafed tha .Uthis his, in-, B6'et i ozers iipesno
net., sb hJ6 the't-ben'&fits.-of..L.thd1 ViOtk olztliWithi ii wMiole ale,,, ;de-;.
!j'sh6d ,,:tj,16;St t w ist pity s quiet su6n t ', i, kl:-depend re. t ;, a- builUigs I )n a, t'
open- o:,a y'jnteiii6s ei:l' bb jarge y ;on, the,: s Overtones 0-.. 6f, g,61'u'p er i i divi khhe fe Ain t1i asis., n' e mean ime, in ividu l h els ai ielnllbi n
l ni y. itelf.-,: Remno eled tizlp wo, 11 t, s to sult. I. q. ng .. u i no e-,rjDmis
;Af w"als, ,the re, 01 9zen ..or. pon-rm"i d b more h 4 '. ve. affirilollai t1loukhtAo.,their pare. only: t e 'Props gi
ora ion program,
sales hd,&: A8 6 Wiv p&;9,te'rest t qir nia-ss.thoug't'. Few, wil -'di tbat pqo.ple Ans pps 'brjpst on.,tlie', of Ahe. *oplet th 5airie6, ,t:t ink,;
me to-iri file'ir-quletuiriityl their faith ali8 of, c e, with.., the
p"hysidal B
furtlier but;, the. '-Restoration outlobk, comp Bid 'the aura,
program, many, starte4:thoircon- spiritual quality in any cibmmu -, 2s St.;
-wor gus nes , y, t iesplrL versktidn with,, measured !ds,,. nltyor.,pliac6'. Ai i ti persolialif h
almost a eiisi of aautiousness. It To my.,ruind, al.pa:rall l is pres-' ltu l. out1obk.afid,, -faith".od' 'her
was -the kind q'f, i ,epiy,,one "Wo Id enfleie bet v th aingful. 'pel
li f some di lica teddsue_,*as facts 'taken': unde donsiadr iialiio'n in 'd" kttk .
at-,stgk hi-ch two 0 il ana y i .,, I iii : s tiile, F a.
ppos- jlv'estment 'I and-Ahe ana

St. Augustine Record
Florida Times-Union 1/26/61 1/26/61

let.resident sdn of- the historical ThUt.uutte5socl tr

th Sto Agsne nd dYstra the letda Campenhas ritril hnd"
4 e r a a a ao g 5 at se beela r e stored I e ie ay Pdohitloqs, seng _tr o is atj tche "bn tl$ thats r 6ortn ms.)i? r r ~, ,acuI t
lismohis cotrbuio i 6 thehev hnth. haq
(,,P~he om Ui ho ads beet ie n rat' Ip
the..pabusuressh corpor txons and Af
fto thdiiddl wihf the n ee
ti indi'vidut ai A01 "o Gil ThhL -b n ni- 0the

of theek cotrbuie weeue te
ernrhents, ~ ~ ~ Ag hosS;nke y et fan, irst ri i f ,oiso ha'by' i

G~~~orge.St Augutin Recrd 2-15-61eAigsth_

Florida Times-Union St. Augustine Record, 2-19-61 n
bAugustine Record

Lnustine ReStoraton Bill Sponsored.
lan ay et U.S. F unds
7T;AGUS9TINE,Feb. 14-The National Park Servie hsa agreed ** r'tuy ere to daetemnune the. feasibilty of restoring old LO mlS R >alAfrtifications known as,'the- dubo Line.-26S., Au the Historical, Restorthen adPsetvation Com- The St. Augustn H.soia
asbed today onl& confereneheld recently in Wahing-1 Restoration Ia nd, Preservatson
radWirt, Pgk S rvic dwetor HE.Wlf, hira Cormussion has drafted a, local o ietsorical, omission, aEal Newton, isxecutive. direct bill for,'passag6 by the 1961 Flor-.' ida Legislatuxe which in eect
lonalil PakSrie s7w1 ancel' taxes assessed andop,0 le source of support in levied by the'city and c6ountyre- pa
Asin'spln t retoe g 9pectively.for -1960, on land c.tonSpakshsecor.veyed. to the cqommzission. 1 id if'sl the- agency under- ,The. bill, in its entirety fol'project h is pae1m5
tl6 ton ud etndrom AN ACT Auithorizig adDi ednPretmxg the Tax Collector'[ of-St h fo th fot. he ec-Johns County and the Tax Color.'he of *the restoratfon planlco fteCt fS.Ags P
haL to await remove of tine to; Cancel TVaxes Levied.and Sbnetreet bcol Asee by St.' Jolhs .County e oa o~tthposbl and by- the City. of A ugustine, la onal'federal aid under respean lyk for .1960 on Ltands a, b at ben. ntroduced Conveyed- ir- 1960 toth t A as-Cog 6 by- Rep.- Carrol gustine Historical Restoration XrnofPemisyh ania.. The bill :and, Peervtonomisn Wod, w the.feder-al, govern- and- StillOwned by it; n Pro,
atchfund allcate byvidfikng ulffectve Date
states for., restoration BE IT EATDB H
'ro octs.. LEGISLATURE OF TI TT T biity Of Spain andi LA- OF FOIA anl naiosaiigh Section! a 1.- The Ta Cleto
work in time f or the- of St. Johs Cunty an Uthe Tax
1 annivqrsary in 1965C-ollecto of the Cf yofS.u
tisused gutne n hyae ech
mison3 0pfltha t hereby, auhrzdaddreceted
rvecailcabeto- cancel taxes sesdanlev- 1 A fiudo~nanc make than half 1e by St. JonIont nh >rto~rgaCity-of St. AugusIne respectivelyF Z fori 1960 on l 'dcovee to
he AgStmne Historicda~lRes- .3Sanhez left andCarl 6asrs are ho toration and Prese til1oCi slv afest 'which "they fon'd'n ma rat's niest i ~j't by it,, which, lad aedeserabed GereSret which-is, bengetedbth as follows: ~-Preservation Cmisot 'Lot Block'12, except the 1 South 21 feet ther.On, according A nube ofsalpees;temnf South 21 feet thereof,' aqeordmng :den'ay to piece th'emn together t-o 6lea aboutedte.-f hiec
StMusm, 1 fe hywas brought. into St. :Augustinei, Te wri tan .-a s ii South 21 feet Lot Blc beprin fi eer to eiht weigh te~
,tcc d- ~ toto anYogFctesi eait manager o6f tht'e train ReM Flrd; oebeg.descrj bed ini that ratshas carrid th old manfe, intkt DeedBoo 217i ,Page- 82i.fte t eve tsm in i h ogao public records of S t.Jokn o CounityI. Florida.
Section 2. The Tax 'Collector of
St' J ohnis C ounty land the-Tax
,Collector ,of the City of St. -Augustin'e b'e, "an'd 'thef,.. are:, each,
hereby,, relieved, frob, m ng
any. reurdacutnTo h
collection of 1960 taebs 'on tfhe lrd Tme-no lad mohdim Seon-1 here 2-18-61T

St. Aug,-ustine Record St. Augustine Record., March 9, 1961

Plans To /A _oiYRstrq a Ad ,A
--An outline of the St Akguitine tibR. He WAS4 peit y granted a ly accurate as portrayingt
r- S e ker' e st o ty tOplan, presented by graduate fellowship at Colonial Augustine of that time.thtwknwody
pe i-ouglar R. Pichtl resent man- Williamsburg.,MA. Picht has his Some40hue r ih
9S gr, an t] g of Good Oiti- masters,- degree It history from this map and thee'retdy
shipp R~st o 6 t' Johns the Universit of minnesoe n only abol]t 25 of the ol.e b

at 3:30 o'clock innor theinedht is MrPlh gav cna t ost i tet so; of the, hose ofe theen retrto
ropms i n h Culic~ f Liil .h rar e rro si n uln fw a sbigdn n gtive to t anciet na
Builug and wmeil n hav asdy ind St.Augustine adn connctio prjtt eets the ol-wrl atneios d
speaker DogaCih hpgi rs rec av ghthear ds withhe t he Renstitt oraio Por m ae had pinb e t eong tuc ag
04 6 ilgusmt e R estran A r ca u a -Rkpaltic, ofld St & Au and said it is e ex t impret- sMr.o P ht sad wha bd o t
onkln saf.M .Pc t has gutn Hg chooa nd Mash antse for the futtr ofy the pla tob no "h a
bfec Retoato o3 St.& laes of Ht ing Hig Soo, thtteSaeo.4oiaedr-tn tp aaciet e
fe" ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ n Members woaeMsSreyM erfM laJf dit offic ally i 1959, dn and a i e buth i nie. Th rb
thgpmsfi estration o Lth-ro Capr uDAR Mr beent been givin itsuprtghauhsotarihiomuiye
Hptisethp 01 t. Goge m r of1 tepo cta God inte out, gist e programec outostt i o-ofrain mu phe r
it muh ttrs art enhi car aad M s a im itn sttsand will help Woa.P opebitshi
'orard togaigi~ r rengente. a d a t h a m iespeado Preognim, oue ofd cqina th e native s iies_ et
otlieth so ic pro-s twepeehainitortuh ou th nain an the toermake itwea
sphakis beoig lanne. t A Ma r Pu ipticht, the. gu St Aupedake M .i t ishoedtaesety bfm psrt p r an h d a wa erpr o cl i y i
reid ve te n etnbyMs. Migh M Charles n citing 'andicated-the. catrefl reseac hlan gn bacne of wood
ts ll beff Mr. Pihl Gold th bakr-d of thenw y u g wr thtspecdn atale- n achetral fthe gs
Ir~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ in R.rer Vinen Mr'asesadhWaoeelnsoaiofhreOea oySpns rhtetrlo h
Newjell,!M6srs. on A. t H.Ed msstrcs ofH sinsr HihS 'tat the Un ta t R oque' mao f8,rida "booms days was unk
erle ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ tn Mtyltte Mrs V; D versity ofs~ Mineot addrm was whhc hesi b ere f t-i erySt uusie
Mi Ruth Sch l." Aals asitn oteda ftede n cm alo ih ohrwS mp arabt. ivnfed 1 i it t
Igradu apteho fta isit mp ha iven t po. exce edig work, an tha ofgnsimpnte det Itrst e

SSH. Auusin Recrd 3/1o/6 Suot. A Spi ine Rerd

Florida Times Union, 3/15/61
St. Augustine Record, 3/24/61

.1 sine My eai

Helo on 400th Aniersary Pln

AU stan wrt rc 14-- nslt wih the. minister of cu-were occupiedt fo a mersb

uggede-di a Spo n hex fom b 11 nex uodthe d R straih on ou mghe carle afte epa -tn pand o su est raeton Nwon lans te tep o huoe Newtglon h cubm si n a olu
r~~lebration ~ ~ ~ g on to65 church ohhval ofe-t Pr h oe

Children, eetGive cmatricte CremJ de eto dh a eevdn to.dlo- utne Htorl Str. Aumsio gstd nomtoo htteCtoi

1, heestorto~ r td Pr Ire ter buins Neut re-Cuch -pan th So t h uutine b am s I I, r d a.Icm rayted ha r g s o wah "bing dTo Bloc 1 dw to n t, miio tof~ rat eladmAt ade th eirkt, r. 6f A Woruti e onch Ihe street Woas

1sm Aibwd r t r alde Infrt L~ akn pchool c Ow r c rf t re too SPpIHoAYLrFICaS VIil l He s g e dthe ri c ain ah paper aboudai t.g sourne re 16 i t he o mmB isin l oa o e ust -ea fe seAa i N y I A m s T i g S p e f er be willonstru t a ntrxibte Onics d dy' 1, to ADM. WM. Around 300af foicrs misip e ad cr w me b rso Il a t h P t a erth e Als pnett d a bt t h 6 M 0a~ buo ta Jo'fi~al caovn-wll vst~ tB e 2 g o t di for the Jar~ st wn, VA Por ance U 1.ftla Pl m f r 6 ncM w~h~ plg iecordfo

Sxlii t. Au stindr'.e Recordtf ofah/14/91 nhi ebidig'

NEW YORK TIMES, March 26, 1961 FoiaTmsUin,426


pn o the Fo 0t Brh a t teo tion a1a
ti Flth. Ti1- This p ea t 1.. e- ecg to ,_ . ch wil -ele at ,j beia tdco pirt 95 versar ean 1965 a ppsiblyith'x hnet e, ia.mghto ag has nOr e ISw een mots tn fiil r nter, ssand qltioep- tofuesuos w te to a ustil de, S 4one drama dy1/Ggp
ea and :otM6 LotC otl y an whih s

rstin n ird r Park tii

Ot oO ahi Wop' kdnRsoaino rii oiei t h

htch ~~~~ ~ R sorto Uni to Be eitin ,,i Vght~npro o 95
nn4v i rbra Byo~ HAN, DRANEe gtST. AUG STNE Apri LVao goal ofa l th S. ohsont dleato ib e oi th fotcmn eso f theA m Leisatr is tol obtai adeuat funds for conti-,N

He~Theot ea qel, vho&h tI Tesaecoms11a

ir Woll ofSouuthea

712 ~ 'fp nian ibrcnly cml

on t I estoatio pla totta Poundtions andt grup w i thsfiin aia sat ,o ,e vto cor ortins the Naio a Pak Titretd n prsrvn A ei

e on beitenii -ee rt Sofs iilo olr pr mz h o p o r m ad m s e cniudE 9 6
tIo twy rtilit fCsso isretrigth rrks oasue limt sces

Tneo retoato prgars. cm isin fntoig t
ntog.spotdb e.Vrl civ hsutm t ol
siee andt i~ j Resrhri Tsn nte ao oa ilcn

Times-Uniont Th comisio iWs reusIn i.o St. A uust
that206 au~ billXQ beE E pa se al o i g t e t r c l S c e a d D u
1at, boar to borro arun $15-0 of th4St.Au utth from1 a- speia fun tha has arr Retoa and Pr cried eo contrutio of ASeKCSsin r i
_.tUe~ flcutose ec ttni h

St. Augstnustine 55111 St.St Augusinetecor Record, 4/10/61 4/14/61....z

4,en '4Th ear InA, Fla ilsS 7itra Mae ToGven

daunh mf sue pms' omh.g wr'ba
95 th.-,venatemer o~tuapp1er ,:"
an Ro ration o omn estrto nd r4. tIt
or, resne, ofn be exhpe 01o papa'

totoiI cheqisio aei he:e

I ~ JAT S E stI oT ot14il'sn
ernory conter theirmai HsonE uagt060sso -f 11

storial for ariy cha s.ld They adopted bechis thep Atur*~ lat was, b'aed gont.GvYr

dar y n b y ug the s "fo l w n p o

Florida7 qby Times-Union th vi-16-61e, ,. e Seaenprva itie 4[''7 4 Ed. Is.il..ponf--ht, teinnn~oii-W

St. Augustine Record 5/7/61

tne Wel, Represented At St. ohn ur ouse

ra -Economic Conference Plan Is.Draw Cril ism Hionor Of 'Founder Of St. A m

acksonvilleLast.Night A Suggestion has been made tion Commiissi' .plg7jo
:,.",Jack nville Last h ht, By Staff Writer suggestion that Bay Street with street names in tehgoi~- c

ato s tzl n r re t e d or rot ofe citesto in m rca ST. coU TI E v ut uild e to visi ted n e adrid and i pb o vsed pare a beg re et so t i 1fe a ow r e .Lt cat he daksnine ra ul be t viie seonomi value Cnt Rsou r atio -anddtAg her ei aso iopn o cx IAvnid Meetnatez iiinew ba Canl p .Nwtn prs d irc "o
e hrse ex 1 dtd r tn c ionentdaor e ln.frrmdln the ed sae z th fou leer de
s4Fod aElono mc ou rs htadpintage a c ltue inss eomsso uor eearaae t B n A sy
t voof te leader In of he S Augsti e xeir pl f the x Cor dov n ore- bul vn eren ,s chpS.Agd tn AvniaM n de in Ct n p
i" wel tte a s Hito ral Soi eyrlest uestleds y bcon des Te on da lhn a oo a oet o Ith Ae

the ihtrodrcoiso by as aoa dechrecu

find ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ t Augutin Recrd men u ol la/7.Agsie/61 i- S.Agsin" s nhs~s h t uutieH~rcl

u~er n ass ote mai wecTeoes
ient 1 H e n r da exp esnd en n

alit ahen tdieye returit tditytath their a pn pei n f~hLisoi and, ~ ~ ~ py Fa, i Brar' tourios. efonNakayi r a ~ie tte hth
'tinh to mtth wa mi "or
Jacksonvil assistailto itoredetelieestgth
dee t andib polili idlatioditairectorbtLfo "ve~d Kned" wa g
of the Atlati Cos liid ths u bail-mebrssad
Auutn erdst road Dand R.,od arpin; Jacstsupprrt
c~gnpd of.J villelafi efcuir vietrsdeto

i P !q

*n 4W, 7-17 411
owm s 311 and off eFing 5ug
ter o 14 c iiy'.Planning ornmispioA c
tio" and, askip questions' wei
t, etersburgi AM erede, t a h M 18X Albert' Sp
Effi aid son;
cprnnission- Slid outlin d briefly 16r Jr., Joe Td-Fonel, -ftom' Page 1) be inclWe4 of brkaind hii Said she -t
Henry Bx o m I rr s k- i,,, amp
-This meeting i ihe sf6ps- which have been taken ston( me Tb e c ittee was greated Y pl,
and. eorg,,e, 1 1 eac bh o e wolild',beintezeste
1 nv WAS Op6zie *1 a prayer, Y so .:,far by th I Lindsley' G
P.Mning group, e 1959-le u "how people jd y e axi Te f or 'the oui 1.
MO'Ur Ti, T -of t 1, 0)1 1. 1. 14n "w t. Rev. dhirles 'Sey, J ector "We will be-happy im. bo rle bf ,d6 iiie early Y6, to work with chairman Pose of_[ Stablishing a progrgn are durin is o pa ommis s loner
tiQn of. Trinity Ep I,. Church. the Restoration commission and f r"v# ion, and re t "'t"' U11ding Of iheLCi : Y.,
e puxp of th inieetipg cooperate in. every way, possible/ ielt sure the Y 1 .Sio L y 11 Th ose, e -was louni act -com iillsslofi;:% 'Rolleston 'Tna*
eld 6 'hear expressions an ,ppi ,giving the At the, city 'be e4d' niono Mr Crookshank said. go Along wit th TOO ppwers.
Fk eoq ll Moior -of, local itizens as to4bidli dour eople Wanted in, conn W it 6d, "
se P aledtion-' geii perio s7- pan Br J.:1T, Van Campeni president of F lbwink -the
T, h, I _,
dlf ; ',who 7estoration. but af ter dis
was the commission- sho0ld'Jpllpyv in iound- dis u tine Historical $o7 table the St.. Augus ssion 0, the, cbrnmir- 3t6giim- Welcoming' the commission en
aaoptingare'stor.ationj ciety, offered..the cooperation of ss'o jupd embers -v'oi"dtheir a t rget dht.o of thefirst nbers.. at yes ro
terd4ys ior rs'o'f the-co'mmi siqn Wi ganIr Membe mei P4 ZOna, -op, -Was "general]
ithe society ointed that the ...... inions.-as to 7how, the oceppat" t
--and P meeting *er6v
4.n. consider tbes Society. bad swer d 7ational. _.n
e sugges ion an a cumulated much ed. IX
ek.. t sllouM be:'-ha al UP 93L.
s' mayor Commission J _Earl war, seek historic n' wei 4n, aiT It' I -Agreed th-af,'
I S data.which-inaybe of qse tothe men t at On
Qf'L'- thA -libL commission. Mikler, and irs _., an 't, ditfimIt jq4v ble- :nd qua ified,
basicintformatioh before- ;eg t;' d mj*
116 ently' A, Pope, both speakin briefly.
li bihg a, defi 9 e A uld be employed.tp b_ if- I -_ se, i.,g.
Einmett Hill, director of the 1Ws W -t at' Of k "06 Ver pr j O:Roy, d t t writ- 41ori of Pa k,$ and Maw Also At tending-ap, participate ing rati
11han Wolfe pointe-& out t it progrzifii, and' di Bba d On project,'. o oc -peo policies -It
emoria s "Al-cal people expressions from ci oca usiness pers PS;.
1: 1 C, I diwb4ibtited ly, I Ipwpo
-1. % 1. 1, - ; F nk D. U orney ra .:.
4 P In h of the.,; was oftanc'e of the'p woffl d also b# w -that rOJ66t'.2 .1co ed.by t e 1 nted out St Augustine es- fq al bld seetionv 1_. I Z: _':_ .: I 11 1. .... I -1 t tho uglily undejst, d'th, _1t *4s al O the
r oommissi6n. prepare : by the who gave a resunie toration, Plan d 't'. DO 0 cowse 'a lon''PrQject since it wa' Opinion that the rest6i a
ser ,ed W.-I. Drysdale, _chairmAv of d and ,offered his -co.opera- it.v6:s felt tliAt the ma-' .:, fivated in e ruar St.. Atjgis Q d P b y' 4. -Ye 'grain'WO121d,'run into, mi V.."Ould favor the project,
h" n-n ,,,was el ed: njAi, 6 tine- un icentenect fo
t h'lb, ae olitlined,,ef .t "t dofl- th'' ee,. expreskm State Se'; hatqr V6rle:: A'i -Pope or ingbneralagre6njent was ars ut at privatb_ i g-X411, onard
-u s t: importknee 6fthe eityoi' OMIT said, thAt' commission was" facing, en.,p,.,anjS: gen. ,o 4Ypmion that: -th Pro
4nivorsary in iqm ssed an whi6 ,*illbb, And, drawn jec t so d -oTitheprojec
'1 )iQ-1,24nent Miam, Am'] sft d proceed elowly, beginning
th t h &: 0 church !4.-c
e'e-qtk', -ice 'ch4ir-' ny' and cooperation! of benefif to, the vhole,, state:aft h An ofAb trjbub funas,,
oi:lbo nation. He aid, Ae AT 6 h "h .kaid be- t 4D t arf g i
me pr jeet] npeds_ Operation izd, 1 egfDh Siig geF 49;-throq ra i -on 3 U enQs of tli'e oldest it &r -Dth6x mem X to a, n sipl, carry roug v XAr -ft& tfl
_43ihi to' it tb J y be 'In"Lre.9 orLn
9 red-including th '20
t 1 1 h I te&t6d t ri, v
gu o rt e-* b

be bulldi g-of
ing the city, Othe rs Seim
Oct the 'turn ud ed e
a so ins era
TI, ury g tr
*6nfal A-h-th e-, e I
Stab ishment
9 piial," later named

t e
The h
k(d 'iho subi&t 'of
engtl y Ld j A4 I 6ffice .df State Tr, easuior -j.
d wijvl ars6n" "Participated
Ae kis lat
bf;,' 150,000L' or,,the, pr,6j-'
'and"'Ithe qi esfion- wa,5 raised
ras', to, hbwt6 roceed to obtain
the M o n e I
cbuntY c 6 A: ibutions,.
7-uriug,"the, d cussi6ns it was
Miigj"d that ,experts I in .'-.the
Lbe coiitacteU A s
to how to proceed ard also As'..to
the area to, be L restored.

om, Gordoiia ireet to)4ay,; rpm
t e Cit 'Qat6,
'y nels _St
r's POYn er ma e esugges-,
Ba ryLnOW'

'ear, t

K t 1 0 K
of 6 1
_chairmaA th atur t6d,,by vcrhor,
8"L"e;iCC e ,p rmanent J cR4, C611i'n L_ ft I CJL-oj j fy
X111 wllwwas
'il te vice,: Z: y4n,_ ri g i, a r e 6onafa Usina. of iaMi,',
ne a es oration, An 0 :,e ec h
h'--Id- Y L Is poyntllrllb'f., P A 1:villi. izationa 1 ster r-,, __c ai an; rm e on t... eters iiig.. iarn.
.L ce Orl4fido:,- nc
L 11,
IFU 3 e :
left, is sho ot er mMn. a b2 eK retarytreaSure
aiz L (Recr, h' -b' JA

st. Augustine Record, 5/9/61_C 7=1
kr! Aired By' y
est P r ablem's
The. Restoration. Goniniission. solution. was-. to use, the z Wooden purposeful violation or ignorance
nag. asj ad e,, City Commission shin es, 01: hjLd rqved fire of the law. City Attorney Andre
tOconsiftr steps to make pogsible resistant to 'a 'nigh degree while was also asked to look into this matter with the city manager
41ho use of wooden' shingles on jj w, and then spray them with and offer a recommendation.
the Arrivas House and to secuz I a. fire resistant solution af ter
protection. of 'historic houses And theX have had an opportunity to
kdestrian traffjc On narrow St ,
acquiia an aged look,
George Street from vehicular But the city' ofdinance on traffic. wooden jilingles allow$. ro room
Ool glas Picht, resident mana- for, compromise: The commission- St-1 Augustine Record,,, May 21., 1961
ger.of the Restoration COrnmis- ers expressed their desire to 'COsibil, appeared -before the- com.- operate with the Restgratian
mission At last night's meeting Commission and instructed City:
present ed the requeatg, in Attorney Robert Andreu I to. s tu dy V.
the, for' f resolutions' ad pt d the matter, and offer,, a recomation- agency. at. A' mendation. One possible solution
,recent e ti would bplto amend the, zoning.: a -. 9 1s la tu' re
m e ng. By, MIKE BEAUDOIN' more than 2
The sliinge pr, 0 n- million during the $6 I '_ -6biem 14'the-re-: .ordinance, t permit IWOOa ghi
a )propriatl6n, for the 1;releas
Senate app' A the d"
The next two:Y)6ars, The, bill:'hiti 24 W ta; th
rOPriati bill te of'- a '- city zoning' ordinance g1m in the historical, aria. la 0000
ihe se 6T *ood tralfic problenj steins from Passed il t Inim
whi6 'The Friday in less than, two 7,8 0 0 t he : f- tleg of ]A 07. Tr Ti 12 o $20,ibo ------ ---that.'bile ies, on the $ 4 irst year and' $894, rillare on s ing es,, as a.,fire Ed ty the act, on hou*rS, contains m re than yea?. Is a's 0, hajX.each General Mark
eRS14re T o Restoration, Cbm- ArriV;is House: and an'Otber old million 'dol lars iji-dire6t 6r 000,We second di of-the no L a ros aPPropriati x 0 Years;--' for, the Ralp h C asion is, c, Ex' anci
presently reitoring. th6, 5tructuri a the !jtrect, pro- urect
jnt out over, the na ons for St.- Au- penses are.listqd at, $158,006, oQper we A George street ,gug ine. Year, $166,000-. ffistoric re ig
vas- Ouse a 4 St., rrow, t, J al COM113110ibn and tol-lasi1 r I t 6 first, thesec. Week
e Th food. Products expens or theAhastsilk tate Park;
eet aiid deems. 'n ceisary The Atrivai balcony is presently, e bill in its pres,11t form S An d, to,
used in c a barri may llot. bethe. final laW,"but a]- P I$,. Th'@ Ansistasia Pa C1 $138;800 the first Year and $143, tio 'in:t oress'DaYLQ that wo. den 7zhin,'gles protected by." or which' has' Park sPickie :" Arn* F
order to% comply.with #s avoived' heen erected in the street, but the most SbrelY it will be close. The. 6QQ, the, second' building fujidh 000* fence $4,000,; 2' total, $62, Urs foi* Its.,safety House Tnust still pass- its bill NO t A 'Plex pichid-sh it and, fi e' 'd policy o If authenticity. Fire- commission fea L the, life
'Pk6of shin gles,, in adAitio -ter the barrier is removed. Pro, _n &li6e CoMmittees .$3.4,706. the s cond.- tru eTs, W oo.:
le,: pose- -he pr6- tection of pedestrian- tr from the two bo les get toge -nione
.being ii theh t a rf ic is d' the" Th y may. be 11 oni of h'.,tvqT I g to 'han I- gecon I true-, 6e,;,en 'T4' P Icht sai'd. an d co'nipromise -the jr ditfer6n es. e s4lary of the exocuti o di-, ore Concern, -rector pf'th sdhOOF-18 Pegged at 't uld be He ,'noted that large, vehic It appears likely'jhat the 8t.'Au- $17,400- eap'll -Year Theri is ilio, d6n,,:plans, cause ey wb les, in gustine items -will not be changed i'$6'50 ooo'jt6m,
too h t b'e supp-o'fted ,by order ubt- tdl -hit the" balco ies or bpil r
eityy 0 L niaterially.
.present mus .9", '.Utilities, at the -Deaf:
Authentic. construction t alter, ftection'and.
The state School for'the Deaf and.' Blind. rkh6
On. the 6i)ier that pedes-triiTr, might be hit. -and 0,butit ig iri, seeBlind is down or something o-nd p'riority- 'Ij plaris,'Picht sai n
hand if the ar d when funds
't I 't .. dir an c be8pm
rayed,:with a., ire TeEo am,, 4 limitink thii; heigh 6 avairabl ;, m aterial", an I d A I ealed the shingles vehicles, which u I se the7s I reet.
I I ., e Bill lud.es $150100(y 'for;
*uld nbt ac, uim the -look, of therd'is no -,.physical barrier-' t Si. Aug itifie Hisfdriqgl j og:
alit e b 't On. and P re$ervaiion' Com He ...'s aid,:oili p "preverit their using thk ,91,rqe, -in torati
'mission. Me bilLprovides
------ appropriation. of $75,00o -,each of
neXt, t yeaTs-.;:'(This.
lesstha-the sto ,J61ln% delegit,
tion wanted' but -lprobabiY m-ore
ekpo6t.4# r Jacksonville Journal
St. Augustine Record tlian f 6Y,; eaj I ney- policy. thei'16- 6-6-61
5-31-61 ollow, 4 The:: lilt udek'. more- RESTORA -R th TION EXPE
V, the..--wilithry. eparfthen't t' w,
of whieli
MPM9 to St'.: Augt:4iine.
ml 8';
te jobs will., to aj
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itly Growtng, n er
1 "g 20 0 0., eaqit. wWa p, e p nsesare ani kh, ihe k A '' i;_* W e'r the sec'gt ywir and
ere as 061 IWO :'J'i. ifi bill
_u )f hapel Choir "; '. .; meni er-(,,. firs I H
History _N' IN
,tgi I Yonongr 6T- -the A116iont2-city P t 800 the, sedohd Year. cliurch wL 0 ','f6r A130 iw$, orke r the mbnth aii ,
zihe_ oung he bi 1 is $2101 g4 for,,, .A giowing. IntereA in re qc-ived Ahe Li's ln orltblyi in S aw 1COTistructi6mi At the eaxjy hool, a-nd p ay the,, iver. jAini, an -history among people in 6 y )je L I 'r R or' College in. p this county bodes -Well for tb 'R Va'vd yester! y club tb'' Wedne
9 zali I oy sd y ngI ht d6untY and,438 344 f fture ,of restoratioti. tr6j6ds in
o of t fiq t 11h, Pon,,, 1,e- Le 8LAnd, for theSixn_, d tlon. at,'iho,66.1lie ay evening 1; rVjr r-B1 6kerjllillor igeneraj and the restarition C 1 6 ii Putnain
The 'presenta o he o I e. g,,.
jr, L L -1 old eei;tifica es .-,va r City ln St.Augustine in pexMad f1doular, in'clb ed' i'n* th e' bill.' bu
i8t- enof;subject to Rnge hAlliOrl of Douglas h6 pAstorj L Xrwa L T11E 1, m the
n P.: 'T tive' ch,. That is the :f, Ohtjrch propria jons or, Pi6btl resident manUer. -of the. 9
6 V&S Bap-' several. ap, that,, Of are
time Y' on il lll Augustine Restoration, 'at _StL trust" hrids. A des_AuFu9tin'6 High t-hii 'Week, Kji a
__U nians, W Prese vation commW*on.
E, Ploht,-in Jacksonville for.,& th of, 6y jwh or e, e o
L r". bServing Prayer;
Q nd NW 6krk "for ea ceWpo ."2,,- spealcing. enMement before the
U.&'Senator 0 ge In MeninW 00, said the historian 19, Millie
riseVigi Is rapidly becoming a Popular W115 11 IT H g e person. yest r ly e, Ltl Of
e, "Tha: P Ospect "of conibintag a
al.so, zwanian lof 461 g nd- 'Vacation in the. sun with 'Visitg_ to 's Florida, -an
i' being. a Me er of;, C lli stoiieal area g give
Xiv ani,, club S edge in the COMPCUU611 for Wur- V bt business," said llicfit,
'the cco d", talk o son e of'.t z The.restoration expert, a giad T uate of the Universityof Idnn,,,
in Washinigtoii,, speax-, sota, and formerly a m- ember of
r 'gar v
rig in high of the facultk there, praised norid&
kennedv 'fhe'S en at'nr'has lblig' for's Pr O9re&kVe attitude t6war4
oge ,pers, 1 frie d 'of preservation. of antiquities.
i the', 'He, r i Tgurnai P, a fteftkillk of the re-storation Connugl stine for_ the ntete t 'a d A Promotion program to*
activiti-b6ing- -sihown in, two in-1- 'Under way, Picht said, "The, plan vestored iias teen.;', Portaliv, I Wng.stftge is en re, now gra%,,,1 and wm -be-., trans
6 J ready:to
Ile sald'plang jbj City to Cit
nlyAev, al g the Y Rg-,' eys and t!44bih A Promotin
b atioato b : 4eM in D60. Only raeonatrilCted City i ag a, tojjrjSt the ',c.0.4ntty,. beattraction include a
,rece series ofIk_ Re said W6 -SpanIS4,4ntly 3Senatot. Sinatherg and ture toum by himself
H and other Ment --has. shown" 9'. st]%nk, = be f the ommis sjofi and
the cimiflitio the rWb ti em rg 0 n I a oloi jj est in

t. Aulgul POduced by the commission for and has.offered'A the
lishtnent of ; a 8 Cationai rSearoh. Pr isho*ing to'civic and edu 'T
QUadnl;cent iAl Commission, groups throughout the.ioulitry. drive to assemble alX he Ot A Sbc foot by six foot model i9a].
es ir-ZN properties' f4' of the ancient City as it WM, be, ', ihe restored
a, Oil

Florida Times Union, 6-6-61 St. Augustine Record, 6-7-61

e financial grants and indirect con-,a

Auguualt.neiestoratFlon ida: Restoration Grou
nanced restorations undqr the
Is Outlined to MLninak staff Piete T Abude
t S t. Augustin e must remain a. tM

tion Ooonm Ofet aAreedtine totoherpoeed anth Itrpresentedowhen
edo, by, Spi.isa be pnni araut.sceidaey d he living anot eon a muse Money was th subjec of sev-viesmtng on

projectsi o-oft Georgeio Streenea th Old Cioy Gates.
Will mdiseaw teree Wolfe Spai utor, o thet~te fore possieletor
wlreds erhe arS Pai layed, in the American -said. The comnision's concept of eral disevasiohjs held this .) oms,- aid then -sell the ideai~te.t

mbes o th nfl~k aubwetldynrestorda, 8
re o ceste d the restoration is to provide a ing diiirin e the provide- fupd fs

on,~Hos etre pesren ofn thethg ofero the
t tinein which thea r- sources
St. Augsatine Histor- the commissions beginning fund. tor will "feel". Its antiquity., obt A~gustin6 iisori al # ptojr- TeAtiscop
ation.,knd fRreserva o raisinocampaign which byl rem- explain to i

atiln of ti rea h been : ,iethe to al parts of the state and na. #1o- speaking briefly Was W; s cus and it waa
'of .tTlub in, tion, Picht: said. :Irving Drysdale, chairman of th o, s i i inan Herber4"t h netsepsol
e, owgr Hote1.. To assist in the campaign, the St. Aug-ustine _400th Anniversary tiohis begi, with theozkfo nmission was gree4 commissionf has completed a e e0byihoe lon The cel- Wucefe; pesiding.a

be ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~o o inw .,et9 sevtc d purchase of thel potrappais
model of the historic area; a 15 .pratoln f 1965 'will nor
Ddbhcol ite win he re on- 6 W of e0 a
w rai, oriqlu- cmputedoliv ater elearch lac of dss ai uamT p
,givenbrofd hitori r l d a iw was everebuildnprese
pwof h Addem nt in hstoryillbo topAguteifi do borg f eleunatfion spaeatO- om e 0 P itc oble h G poile, to lii dn

T commialon hoe s et h r -mtof
of withesr A titleor c eie othe dieed cot n o ClcoialfWilli-mu d enr F Brat r oe

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cr~tornerahitoril aidg Aaebohri'eigc rsa bil h as als been tro : An., bould moise]

tractap olo theleong.ies th o i ud

ACKED BYn STATE AI pass. e poieeou thr apore- te t Atore G

eelded Interest ie ceantna ben etinArs twnthriyutraqure
my pr ram ensc he ss, h s. ea n he w a to b h e w b

natu reoft the prtifi- ryata, l ar rad, ofnd
o hgtio Wsthe Rethstraett. PolanEectvns ic Eaorknl oextrlete r.i
,oad this stan ir Ne o, was alsooptimist eoftor e ,ec

a pp ng of nob~e~t
thtte i prm avcnltnrth ofert e theh Arriva Hos which is 'ares- neyisungt e n re ita t thepenrwhi the..o
s ajj a p i i k a e ntign ges t~ ..n.Ar v a. .t l &. a $ A n 0 0 l e M 6n i

ote te pt n oft e ve cto- sm eghaotivsmn n n en
of ix s e me in that o the C mi ssion T s
bers of th Aver famly Restor shoul move oowad an pro plte befpr Jul et
-tly-conationd ofo thisrc are hapopi~n been F or th thr Btm
gie o ro itya th c ms-Un o Sims6 IId' brough ah om'S1
etionr~blon.i Bil Introclucec ino onw resitim o r i et o It.fteRso~If negotiations are.oe f t sucesfu P el naryeslu
hie dh horiie es- ephaoces-sede;,~p e g

strucsio prHet during th nex
m""pe,? a "An i esr o Commape mission~ enra ore
,,Ddide. IterExeBCutiED recTor E New- Fur th pogs sbeen.s'inJne w T h omisiton is also
toeepre thatis theerHistorhc m a onthe crasa btiouf the Saint e't accep doatos ofas
L ,Ameredincans Buldng Surve Grnt Augu sin QuadrientenniaL Com-& proprty or prona ebrcue
alk federal T ainlAcen ha Clegdin- misee s io wihheitrdutonofa d tocoeatenith, pEoh~ia'e tr h uga pbil riot eU. SWenatelfor. the and h toall h scetisan(d'L establihmenico suc as commisng insituion of learning,
Jtsio and Cityjng offrt St. Au u tn e s r ea ie for avic te a d v n a e o willh8 b ake toaporte$2-Ti in rmtionw s ie 'Eto .c in caryin o ut the pritn,
500 'ach to aidy theth prLam'x membes of the St Auutine of th billT
pen itur h ud pt 300Hsoia Restorationan Pres- Dougla R ;. Piht reL de
forL_ printng!ofbroch res t pro- er a i n Commiss 'i by h aiu g er o the St. Augusti
-th 1wa l el-Pch sld mpopte o the Stra werste au tor cl etrto mso a n H.E.Wof anes ter a' trcah e storation. and

of76. izh~eo vcn o o fte monthhr mHoin ltnn r o hacity and ony

Florida Times Union, 6-6-61 St. Augustine Record, 6-7-61

n tigusin apbpeaance itdpese do fhna nc g rat an c ino dio e c m cun-3 ne wa th su ec of s vi e om h ng ot

I nber of u the Me nkCuR ereto yera ther strtio in inefo to f rride A in uin m eigo he poid udaf

forida TimespUnion, 6/re a /61 U
Wit Re andetratio ins rte
ST.~~~~~~h AUPTIE un -Riff o b 15,00lgs&tv
Ilo .,tl blbito ten caman A ui ade noofwt himn ehr n e

n ls m od lhe thSt Augustia Hisorai oston r t 1an ri so n

2 A ~ ~ r atoi o f a A u g u n o a g op r n it r ere d 6 W t h e' to -b e c o mhti 00e e m uh aa d

proeot b st Gnrget Ste near the o misity Gttett
on' vith. re ti o or cm parepa i aedn Htela Ae w-ack Thoriz o cnt f i eet p l it
f b b to r e a beine ot north d e 1e o or tb c o e ofmbthe Af ticien Cil fo r e itly est to otptild oome 8 Hoae matof hes to rm est the r i 1

pe, ino aersn an Sc u St. Augustne e tord, 6/8/61

ofl six hoe pcupe by em beroothe tvr S -tiiy.r(storw sex
erat ch asd* aA bolnhaoafotbens2 troeA nd abo ldeote
gtiivn too prioe s the bCo ssio ou i
f r o' ';dresera ch sn~cmag whoc Unite rechtatind',esvaproriatm the Momion wa b on rebu ildiin a cosse te talprsof lorsatad a I Ss pen ing briefl 1e6 fs o- r the t Ccm is o mis wh ich cumseta a rt of ecdd.ta

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!many grops, and id tvu. tlegslatera asured him would ,i
Sas gvnshhwa amios tbeha vE er o 'vice asss stdyn theapin h'S. uutn 40hAnvesTh ~ leo4

t..ed the esph the inrtiff. conbennu aso estsora Pla tnsmdaryoundathon fundse
givnEetai Pae mea- 6as star w- iter
old to M T AUGUST ein, ree p--t ein by a$150,00legsaaiv

tfe~ 4eea agency, ,;6

o store b D~raed .8siatnad oa st orpsibeJyoa ng ththe t of Flin istoprh e o f S. Augcsti of i orth of hAra oe hhs e no behiespcttori c m il gewll beeig esto Drl b underwrieothe ncentorati. The vacntoot n s A erives H use arespart of th Aveo $3,000

fer ofl the A ronp i to r ation ofogress thi areadhe
otv e to h prict o wriy utho iaIf~nx nee0tition are sucesfu
fo burhas ofs theo', lotn anro Spanish
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struct afte resarc work' isieso~he 0 m iso

ri ~ ~ ~ sruto prbet dudn gh next e i old ietoaqi
ctly,2, ""st"ol oig I-' Annivrh o Ut6 Sesappraig CoeMmnoissioiBy tre
Executive Direord EarleNe- Futhr ores has/6 beens To-he commission is aho
tonon reorertatte itoicmdeodte rato of th S int ize to ae t ona t of th ti Americanr Buldng Surveyate Grint Auutn arcentfen3ai nia o oety, or personal s

Dfederal as B C En hdp eB missi n iha the nroducin Jmof n tocoeewthd a
-pais, bvrnest asai het ofasuc ab toms insttutonsof earing
de ~ ~siodan Cityez on Ste Augustin he r esid6_ X 4 oul,' ageniesfravcin will beid asked totipproriate $12t- Thised inomto a i e oane. in carigout h
500each, to- aidyin th'rgatExhe brefth t uutneo h il
for prstoting ofe brcuest r- raio o msso y hi-agrfr h tA gsi
moteththesprogrami weresathor a t o maP.ElW leaaysed y'noial R soatosn
0zed monthlyurl' meetin vatio Comisson wraid
tp-Th bill ink th formng of aifre join whl there0 isenosdirecte
resolutionorha bee introducedINEn tion bew ente-udrc n
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ h U.S.e Senatel,-Pctsii aporitoteSt uutneHsoia, etrto byd Senators cmisionan th ret
Georg Snuather andoato SpsarUomiso he p St A ;it his~~~~olad It call for thein esabid resoraio progr willAsio gedtdyt roed_1q A 4
,County ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ m n of. auln commispoecssion.Gerg tre na toe bed Civ benefit be ae o then
Chairm an~~~k ow asrer thef "Sain Autgustine tt enio whioiah wfll bes l f;.M q4 4 d
Quarienena Comm resionio on thisty. ciy it te st
"'ali~~~~~~~~~ing~it twoi member apponte men ofr thehas Sain Augustinnrh ofteAria H uewhc s
fro th U.S. benateettwo fro drienenia Commission.stred
ut~ rthe' H ouse ofstR epresnntatives;aI n f ur h e eaab orating
ones from thet De a tm n ofe the te da'om ein Pi h
plenteio who shall bea Oc CosteS ,Au t dietRecthat theMoso/ Hte1 p
ofo the Nationa Parkly Se vieeosstn ex ele t ex m le o

his representative and sism m-ccessfulo~i al an~r
for urchse o thelota Spnis
home of he tpe hat nce oc- r t
cupid th sit wil be ecoh


strutedaftr reearh 'ork s g re

7 T

Florida Times-Union, 6-11/61

vii, r Restored, for Ancient 6ity's MstorlW


tile 'tu'
4, IW t ',itz, fi for:
D]kANIt er.',, W, M, -0 'in
Tinies-unon, tift WrAek proj6cC reatdlration of the Ar; Cub r6-dd6t, old: for ca ons
his puiW e.
KdG1qS7M June 111 1 j- , e"i
Me rivas- 'Hollse on' St. Oe6rgo Stre-et 'tha itirrodnded 4p. pi, y dudqg I 1 qs des Rpp' Driatidha troffi-jhe St. AuguAffie _Historical, Resrtora near, the "Oia: O.t5 _Pat The,, 1 ti I t fie Park Sen
ic6 ear y yea rs, 46,z,- the tion Ai) d ret ervatlon hou&L- sietiv id" . a, q rs s interest in
the pr6grain, iA plye_ Tarb nd' $20,OW, *,prnLL-, ,'St ,L f, h htened e It' is
r-M months o pre-pax'a-". -for, th,, e 'res6r 'ro eig b Se.
to-' Johhs-:CDUhtY
tMo deSa4_ 1\ a and,
ti a4!r644ed ti,, poinc*h6ii Gomp eted, "h on,.h- diL of A4e'C* rit lsnow A!,O 'to b6 ffi selljhk ireill iv;l t. Aine os 'thi;,cltyli 'Iiwor an addi io aVi C wtml t t' 'located
its pro0a'tTi ortegWratlbu, ldr-, the'. 66 Re n a h6r ithese.tWo 8ou
'serve D nation's oldwt-aityi-" b-As d as
-two Y04ra be u9mmission, a 44
The next, its *g ill Qn, 'picht-&aA the "on also U! 'Other'.tpritrlNtions ct xi,01: ones for, the ,cQmzn*1qnk1 other- nonsaj rle :;n eMbers are baxikin hei xn private idire Pri Rti_ irms duri4
9 Mdualls IE.nd is p9,w-fiivn1i =Wi banker; Mtent 'CaDiw t 11 tal) "around of 4he pas ,, yeax
tat6-,] S WELn' o, re- build ngk that cu'. b & ut
board: ae ft d Lized, $0-0, contribu,$15oooo approp'riatiion ApPtoVe d tired of 'th6 tolkat,-. Prof Itabl fo busffie s- purp scs tions include. $25;85' from pupils by-the rebeptly adjOlftrneO legis- IMInioli) e -M, ECnd mdT.,..a citrts' sucii, auran;ts, Mdi 13,4ft at -the Ldkemorft School I 'Wlnt ". ., 4 1 1 R e ,,.and, t Jnd office spalce- 'Paxk WiD read a who 19 for- of the program Since qn z fh', W ,.". seaoh, ,.an !and se rn, an ,
Od Kea
tember 1959,,zaost ot,,the tommis- mer meniber of th6.-;Statp,,-Aoad 0,
ag ',been a an dL "hetp'qstoye Old ,gt, A6 I ion',s *rk Iihm -at Board f Drm I rcha 4n, of :I!TW!'x6storatioti, ,pro r&P, pre a -mast& plaa- -0c, its- the,' StW meln -C6mmission; 6D.and, :portunitiO4, ;ho,_ Bad, Ili* Ruse to Ahe Cft
raffoll 01 SNW ey'j' Sargabts;
Isebtor. -TW5,-hu required co][14_ publishee., the maAer con ed normal uiw oM64WN
erol reswch xii-, Newton" a hjstorlkiG, Oho: Mu The 'Ini wr P, an ow colt- p Spanish There, pl6te;andix:br6chqre 15 Irglwt- pro ecL s of t1ilsfyX'j ,1 iebUti thought of time,
pared, f or ., distributl on .O ipdivid- direptor,-and Wt.._ Xoxw uals, business. firnis 1nd, joun a7 for! the, comrnJf,_6joii 1knothef'- Possible.-. souce -,'oft .tions that' riiay 'be inlei, gted 14 _Good,$tart eefi fbianein- rneMber e6C he' :-is frorn the nurhobus,'foun-didi6fis,
9 Wolfe and other
Model io)l thi's i 64 voicO. hope in erested, In advinc qr Ot&rAccom g ana .pqq4_, rp- ud 66catioi, r6je6w. 1167b'1eM1iW'mjwSi_,eiftdin9 included O)ti,,.gf old',bu'ildings Wi be M 1jas' Ons 9 -a ScAk''Model-of a under *iy at thi "d 6i the next expressed"Interei4npo
of -0truttl6n"Of waft:- JrMlAt bui.ld g'. Portion the,, -sw )secj;6r';i3'
it is expbd &to lo& aft r tom- "we, fbel to r6-toratibif program
A -66lor', vi Sta rtt% h6 Wd1-,-'.'i- toli xnkze bpiin,
-has'-b6en compiletdd d CO%4 gdVd: progrEOn tooffer.,-', .. ; NetV.W6r1d.
1 rlnted,:for widmr4ead,' The, cornmis ion Is, hbpwta aie The: wi6ife suc e8s' of the ar, a, lnezis'& creating. NationalPark R'Mce, Which h6s. plrokrlam,, wever, wU ,'dop nd iln, the 11ro 9 alreao 'shown 'tonsideA1 1e Int-ei- Upon; th'. e Iilterest shb t by.'Sf.L
tleelir home-s and bu lness, places
old St. Augustine
Raw M ao,
While Wme I citizps, remain
aMptfpal betaw"of-'-0e faildre, of
:numl)er bave'ex*r, int, it
here, are offerlnk

St. Augustine Record, 6/11/61 -Union Florida Times 8/6/61

-St k ugas the

History ntt

Adds 101 U&

gT. AUGUSTWE; Augi 5-T-hO

tio aad'Pre$ervadon ConmA9610n has -added' i' full-tinie WsWrIP to itg jjjR, .6airmm-, Herbert Wolfe-,
G61d, vrho, jroM. iUniversi of 16 Gold:has.litudi6d Spwah colonial hisjory'and c Ln d cjpjjer ancient SPX M d0culnenCg fr'6M which ffibk; of t-h&- Wwlcd6 Of t is city's his Ory -bag bem3 K eaned. Gold will Wbg ,_ the fn& 6f tor U w, h% ic an : m d tb:,
with-1,are.h.le,01,0gical 0oweri(%, w Li kuiMi the -,commmonl in"Ati:
-eg6r 61d bu bomes ere. Wolf4 th ;,Df
r6siden4t 011. t, fio be& with the c o, 'ion for 18 t i I onths, is ret, U e.. U iv0rjy, r pg -Minnes rep
not bfen-J01n d.-' The- iomnii*m wili j ebt her
n 7.
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7 MIN At 0 Ll- ge, %"2 e
ti live a I Ztl
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t j, jll V, 6 hni,
6 V1 "Y 40F, ',Ag, 4

te VA

rL tp tj'5,L of

p tor4c- f A ti,
0 4-aW
e r tec,y V,
Zlli 19,--, ijz*-L, J C U ea



Florida Times-Uni
St. AUgustine Record 8/9/61
ii VAr'' Is

'Ro "IdADIP Hiitori=l

ij, ion .,
F o t &AorAt'

Anj.. : reserve. ion'tobiwoloo" WIN 'the
.; I : on.- explained that
tidngVftrk Be ce repre Qn &-o ST. AUOM M %Aug. 87.-7Planjs sto n is h1V 6ful that a lAi90'Z1t11n- tivei that 'tbe city. alter its blbs
The appoint 0 : 6 eiit'L, e is oku .*ere launched her
today fo. e nDf the restoration Pr6jNts't eet ljg4LSbfi Fort Q014 an Higtoriah or t 't St AiI. rded.-'last surnin" 6,-i, be
ana Ublishinent 'off a;, cprporatimil to; riwMte finaAcid b !Wari6r) lbitcl6. 'Lig, h li to in, process', atthe present Ofitine Histm-ical "A ist'thQ St. Au Private bapital.4: those ,dnstalkd In the T1 .a me ye
tLnd, F'tsseryation' -Commissm time; A will then.1 q 'gin', concen- FMtomt11oA and, Freservatioyi in t 0-tvat6 'bloiiess- the ediO : v
announced, ere,%, yesteMay Arated wiirk o. h' her haiv3e5 -Comroissdoh In tgcoi mended e ark t e ito.,pro.grhin to MLAPA aiii, a p erpitt Nin 17 uat b
N Wt F, ,ti've which s o e jhds cjt .19 j6pia, h' to Awabded
y e Gn,, xecti 66rhpos tb com gpCl S 5T 06DWaOt to Service, b&bre tb lights-can pO
,Dirp-00i of ssion. Mr.' pl x the 6orpVr' ti ri. Pt,!-ntei ,,', OrUnd'o,,' to I i'11StaUe e th, tion TWdLfld.'i be' to attract privat,!Pr 406VOPi
Amoni ese ard the ATriv;%s, e8- 0 a e, P)411 fo nVm*z,,,,;:.6f the
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ed, Comn niein
across t e stree ,: a gs i df Y*s T" OIW *0 mempeis '',Saxton
1 ther'A ou 6s _o - "I parishsh mq :" '0 re _4d b e, h4 Be4h ay W4, PF7 to *O*
this eom) oxm lfa ff 74 8 an, d 0' led
em tan
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TI Or n 0'%V vacart or
by ra 6dern t.
cture5 Jtllts_ Oped 'Plan,,Tit
thdt th e e b0 If V j one. ,Con i eratio' of eM) V%
t,'Iec nst tuct" i r, 11,
take 'P, la C P at the' 0,0 on-, 1,T Sion s A* Ly co W
I JgU ,Gold
-Dr. A e of th e
y. of, unc
ov Di t e! -th6 ite' bt6 in' 196T 111 Com-,
..M I 1. t, ', W t, of _tjf6 ",
P S, lon
4 ity- t t 'C r1ler 9, 1 0 'L (1v L the arnLly and it o nig
e Re also a stI;i eiit ( f f hoer id i. IhkN4 1,
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e sor j6i
it, u911S.11te! g qs,
n, one o 'ft)T"par Xg"" f j 4 A-; harles ''Gibsb' f th,16- t a' #:storiq q - V (1, 1. 7 1
atiii 422 C11 _9, jj ;Sion', aurlng, a ee in wedpya,= lz meiican h'plar, "Alr., Gbld-- has
-GOLI) el'(1", P4,9 M"
;tudept oTLL;-,, ,
RO ERT L" long, been a- -yes er Ry
participatihFin' the di' pw co onial history, and, ex '. L I L'f ql 01811 h6 1, 1!" I c 11WAI$
Gold fiasjarri 6d, ju-& Au ua- :
n the- de,'ibli6r of the :An .,NV(5r,(,."Sa ztd1j, Lloyd',o -,"DAytona,, -0
tine "arl "Vvi 1',tg e Up ,,iocii t, Re,
'I _'L 11 Ime"' S L,"'Y "I I 11 p K
6W' Oven, to t _re JT'AgA i"
Spknish -tbtlav _Wd t4 I 1h he coixinrisst6if With, auing t k.;t Picht, who'I' beel '
ULLIIIUIAaily _'1!oi f Rlr
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tS ReMgnt anage arector 1,K)i _s ion bft', Ih:st eek' to, f M, be'gin 6 t s -hit
e, r sen$us is 011",-RanIitted
c inin i S si 6 e, Stu dies Aim th P nt
11' ppiniorl"Sou ,
"MY ,)V, la, k
'mente 0
'f "' a 0 be,, i)led as, sc o4 U e, TeS _a t4 Pra I(
of, OW
,Plata j 'A
Meone! wit Iv rwa -'Po nte dl [It th -g6 ii iki & ,-tM 1; in' eth6 Mo- 10 geriaL jah d_ I Vblk, 'it j ',d Iii
_bj a, 0 i66enfl# 4 t perlence" prefera :Izi VL,, -1 P 1 1 C,01 1p, "'d Iprojec ixeslgI e 1 een. -are,
'b t' tbe
_p-6su;16-, ucted Au Wl of 'Arc 'fbWor J't j 61j'drit,'S,
-'Ve% f iik & Se O'pedX"L hat LL'a' Cgf he lokigt ', waiv 0 A Mport
je by te nt6r ,:
e Cbmm;S sjon 0 R71 n4_ es St. Augustine Record under-Hthe L'a 0?
h b a'D 'Music C u 111
0 L r'Oh7'
-very, con ,p etent, r, ak restore ion. proj-/ 8/8/61 J w thL, W rill J htervij N'.. I L ""'' I" '
6 t sympa par t,, et-commissioni WaSL ment 'of 421thr -h- "heii, )T. t 'es it ei
',',Tep or
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tinued 'Lby t e newVappoin eq painted"lout "tbat".t 6Y ra On 't J C'atjjj "t e, inig dyij" f or -the -,
0, oonsiderat),p, : UUds t C
rD Pj 'Oj6qtL an suggested'_ prilvat6,, attempt, 'i ,i I b6 -Prc)pe .-,s_,a '4 d
e t6 :pi P s, 0 1? i ,
t -7 1 t sou ces. iroun, 1 1 4 , business"
si 6f S T V t -C 9M
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a sj ] Y Spil e'r, _sentL"jt1,Wj'J' ten I 4 t _W, -Y, logr Or, ajjdl'4" pjano, : Ad: IeAahLL
-oiig,'-aiith6nfici lines. He ne _!,in
-Al he- "W
engt Y, L xneetmg of 'i r I 110 it ,
lox Xt'$1;gust1n6-, is rieal-Re ration
]? -C 4 1 '
oramIssion, A
was .-hej'ii, 'egihniiig. at lb ',I ck' A c
'I ti b T V Pe
1119711ng, 1111 the donhreiice onstrup, On a. ani j
room of.the Exchange'BAnk, with 'p' Ch aixvia H erbe rt, R. W bile -p'te- oy T risL TI 011$e, an rnor j, ,
'd de cidedlth t' St ndgL'rhDd goo
"In i ee 4f6r '
'tAbI4 for f urth e -6iIsid d' hW a' 't-0 t- as, 4 tk e Tirect6r ,of. the' Commisis6n' ti.6n S the ic t:j i'sitj6ii Q r; L q n-4at, ''Si St.,
Ea n, said, he7 as oulse on the deL
,;edL WItF
]__ t 'b
p qua ty, of the
vork restorin onlu of the, hohses hi Ares-,
of 'the B',' )Fr ge ; !ahd oikne 'to n 'j i Tit e(i olit Cthat, Ot arajon, p l
b 7, C,61onial, 8t;,'AAikAa'stine'j- Inc
-t 0 been ar(. oyqp Nhed-,-'
eorgb -Str6et; how -underway. a,,, n ii prof t ;,L, rg hiz4 ion with aster L
Re- r6p;o W l work' Ibeejj inijjar",goklS to' lh&t of'
couid not, j e 'ConInii" sj 61j L bs ne atitmsAo InWstan
ss co-r-por
TaSer", Wag, pLF
,rival iSf S jehra be eT i
Ing' e Wh 'ii a ', by,' Ch&iiT an h
-a- L"bf the t C :Wor
7&lkyed,, me by ac on 6f the Y (Qers, e s br-Ahe 'p gt, 30 Thp t Vs- a
ity in apPi7oving the i ". r I I 1 e s Ind tri
Ir'p ra -er, L __"they' Con1d f''
eopr e -Festorh r6ift. 'usink -,p ,huzatd
11ti j the pri e on ,,c o s a s. f-'ap"it-al
factor in the xes6ratEon a4ar, Xev tdn' Rlso, re-p rbed'thA'_both, M R t 'W ,'Jj grdmj although, 6ic oTde was
pjaCedL pro 2 e lt6r6d
localiy, the I shingleB "Were, pro 4 vs pleased nPl'!t e, te 5v ts 6 lht;iT,
_ji 11'r 6ol_ bj_ 0.ratiop'r' rUgL
't trip on to lnl, T i-i!W ship 'ed from P and e' oxiiaI jo Wa' hip e es
r Sl 'am a,
6 S aj)j, h -rhMe t in par an&rro're time e apsod_ 't Gbve n L titi ,po ing ;ari 'th e resto-ration fi-', ariety o rts 1 vere 'olf
--A- L 'v, I ' We U vr , ,
La Tyddiqcussion of"th6 pur-' re anci i y r and',,ofberwise in! IOU:'
clagi io other,* is oricsites, se'v- ent, 'jrbVided Yb4-, the QuadritenteniA1 and
a On Commi8'g161i be I,
v as ,-plb sant b
jority. oyd,, j Prin'
j R6,bins6nL unt i I I , -In -W M a -nti 0 6 Ork

Florida Tims-Union 819161
St. Augustine Record
7 j 77 7,
6dG61d ppoilit, H is,,torian
-A ed 7- r 4,_,' t 1

tX,6,:A g stW* e Rostoi
Fseekil-ri e raiet
v 7 11
Pieserv fi6i com. non. LIX I that
P. t4e. trdn ar IP k' SmTj
1811 qs,,r0presQnta,
is hoi ep that a e, that the zity alter Jts Oans M e nt bk -io Th-e'- appoint L i i the Ii: 'it, light
f the restoration ffo e ,ts'tq for in t441ng stie -s ofi Fort 's Hikorian for the St. Allz- fo d' f4dr, 'anq, vY
rp ord t j.dert k6nx%,be.fmWpd'by, ?qarioD C cle. Lig simils to gustiiie 'Ellstor, L R it t;'6h- tho e,:Jn, ocess. a,
Ica ap rfl t the prese# we a PP, -4(041,*4 e 'capital 4n tbe, Plba
Present, + :02nnll 1971 r4e., qg1ji, cone ti H then 'P"
41011 PrI.,lita" 69iness The city mu
h ArAted wdrk 64 u es was announced ere: yes er0A.T, t a-other bo s ifn p6rl., 60m, jhe' Park
hy Earle W. 34.6-ko ; E'Neeljti've W, hiqh qe:th Av 4rq i ,&q I] )me D, giljf!o, l f4a! the, lto 5 can .):ld z insDo,' -PI'Intt M do alled D r pfor, of _plex"' on-noith, St George $treat. r of the 'TqAi t 5,OGO copies' P -e i6nj- these : 4r Arr TOE PL, Q, Pog TOP e, tQ te0Wts aEed -ol 'ou e,_ e14 rently' un er restore_ 411ou 9 i th6
'2;3 r ,
tionj the-Rodriku _R Se 7[
t;#oor, the Avero 1 6use-b.WA-1 iMq Tlqx PW
across the treet;.a'lid pb,3 ibly thq, PIP I'Q Qz 4' is h
Pan]- Inn", 6ther h'6andtr tb
tIll, aqmP ex.stoa -on e St. Augustine Record, 8/9/61 t ', -j,
l 6rth _nLOA,' vaLcan q bc.cupiel
by Ing dern str dctuxes. lt;',' ,-hoped,
that 'these can be re bn trufted
One by one. 'Con l eratlq 1'9f-thdi
,stru(,ti6n oroj ck will.,
takp at
neN boetlng
M old x
:DT. Charles Arnade'Of M
"16'rida,- wh
C 'D the site.,,. red :in iq601 the- Vero 0 m., the
s ei t if I al
eX M4 ftli 4'al Y s i _4tioA of a, or 'a
'n a' o eprhe Of li to 1c, g tap the. old Spanish amily ',and i t 'H t -46 e Wa5.'ajSO aL,t ejjt" Cd (?r, 0 e; nett- otel, IC r, Dar i
Char eS ( jpSon ica e Ora
-Te a
one of, ti e, 11a s to Or lam,
tlph and i sqry, T30_1 a rcog; -Whic elentufi ti s, -,ea ing co qnJjqI,'
'd' g ht-,' Ameriegn scholars, Mr. G6161- s "s on durlzig 4,,, ;,:qng
er ay. -prbddetjb S-L ()f g$r. ET ti R63ERT, i ': CXO'LD- -' ell, a, stu ent"OVSj),anish _tI hi t'l a In Ae, d i 1-' 'XPe# ',Mbn' (Jnlj tel 01 tA Cold,' hml arriyeid in St."- _ugu SiLxtbjj, Lloyd of-, DgY qna
tje a Y
S pan is4 (iocumerits 'WhIall at, _h" j, i ang
me a 'k'j to ihose, -who, T-6,ad, P)a rzipril c t I OIV, .
SpanishAo0lay h, Q 09'. q_'mQ t
-vi mK_ e CUM O'd Vy
n iBSOar a- ia- heelf a" INK ,
riihv d6cuni Is a omiry ',eNq h( a7 ',,R ekd 6it Ai 'op L' L-,- 1 I , , ]i r, ,,, ', h 'th 'ejail6d ', V, 1,2'n i weE in w o 'ga Fqon, d
b'YL"bfiljgingr 0 5 9P 1 4, Pti, studiO jbr the' do tor te ,at Ss:()TI i s 'a M :j of m is$r ll,'4 h e lu s e'dy f o r, -so a "4, r PuT G-Ufe, -Universi y, P P iNO CE r0j, Pep
e4-t td ta "'d Offeniealr ,sou -, T T03 tio I ed Irr a, ej 'T eS, 4h Pq 9,nL,, p h_ likhts guc a Po'S B ible it P eq ot, "t 6 Usb AJ(5nk J;j Za
w th, eytpngivp
CS be 'S stj
'od d"L, th
P:RT7k saT 4be so -1 T n';'
bli "re, at U 4 eX I'r tj a.
-nf 1:
4riazide; pre i" f Doug14 )e tion
rt 'd
a F a heologi b
'e:w p,6sit f' 'h iKogi t
has,, also 'beon- es'fablished and' ig" N lp_ : gi t, site,
expected to be' illed,, AN S'6P7'L
"t am -k lAa by, S' pt6lnber. ew-' histoff AF',se
Tnusle e u in
"the 6;nlml Wor _rpjans,,, pn St. Augustine Record 51OD-undiE eOinmiS I r 11 1
fie (Ite-' hoi r, 614et ntj ,, -1, roj-i 'ac
8/8/61 t. Vw, Comm ission wasSYRIPal
artment. Of. Arithi, W
_Wl_.! pring JsLj, ProgreS e 1011 1 St 6 L"versity Ne T2ii Ib
ti aed by tho so- Ise'tIsse f PoIll "Ou (htjcrtL to O Iq stl C "t& jt 8' S!' j6n buildingn g s rt 6 on.1
lljstrutted- a's A archiRiRbfiP V )a O_, LL ect ral, "jSj jfar 'j pljo!"t whi6h t, '-nd e private,,,'
1-be IM It 08 g 45'rr ] e appreciate
-adjbIns--t e V:
ean -,of,, usine3m estao Lt 'h t d eL ;ud 1 3tree ctur'6 _n 6 fj and ,homes,,to",'M fib , "'t _,Dq, ...... L Mort W"
epl Cie 1, tcrm ecl "",'b t fa tjjtLWa 't 1, I
r t
man i ment,',that, wh Ic -,Was, W.]
A, 1, Mee Ing o thp
'6 t priV ArCeL, aj imgt Y, r, r, v tL ,
wU dje",a!f "_'L 'I,
n- 10 I ) rf I I r I W 4a
aAd' prreSai vatipn CammissiGn o"WeYer, a d fi
a's"i-he'4 '0c w' *b6girming, at 10 0 cl. k
Jolt I,
iin t a eonfdrence' ua
U";P was, it h RIA"t Z- Ieiik.pro- -i 60M- ji j at, 'decidE ytMt sue
Tabl A e6 Ar-ftmds Xe ed" for pro gress 4epor I 'k- 1 1, ,
tiV, i Aiir_ of Ah6 r CQ'nlmjsis6n' -As '' th rqui l t a'. a;- ,,
-said, House 6n'rthe JeASt side'- of pjease w L tli th e qua ty of the Georke _Street'; 'PL4r TAJAIIY, as 4t'd,
I ', &_'LFiks, d
res oring on e a the-bo usas r
t j by W .'A,
of tlie ex.. on c ,
-be'-n ave
a nion profit,1 or iz ti&n ,,'Witb a""'n
16eqii 119 Pr e r_ PbrV p as er wor
H k' imilar 'goil 3 ''to'
'OU 'd TiUt, I one, e qre io n L jne corporations to, L, bist, 'the commiss he *ork, ri, af 6:r :Paj byL L' t

ae fon o t e T e f W61fe; who-sai 10, -tyt p4i "C

aiirA Ahe,* ,
city in approvi "Using
4 +
:Y, I I ' Ji 't" 'r'
-they' d: _'; OuSfjtU e Ire re5toLrAL
OQU L C L jDm ti6n'a d- eiidti leg*,
on- eo'ns'866'
Since authenticit3r g "the pri;nIe a'" reorbedl,factor n th-e -.rest6ratfon pro nL V, a- Vr I L although,_ jh'
Ini X eAjt h6 -a j& ' L grain, a L .Lor er was P 'd r ji P, kov, I k. 4 e
t shiiikles jwere
he, a yi t"O WW t) i itrestfll,
shipped froni bri ish, Olurnbia;, t iil I d pan sh -Govetnm .t in
:,and inore time elApsed.,
T r
11 ing in the ,Test-() atj(,n
heatd, jL a were ;FLgreest. e to -A e" ralteially I and' e
all' dLseussioll'of-thelp
gament, e'd'' the, reA- -the T, rvid the Quadricefeniat TiA'
-e 6n commi b'r, jn'th'
6 ati 9 6TI 8 L
V _4t -WaS 1) qasith 'but' Orlai b, a llig', _J je CbXJ 7
1.11 A, + nn d*m.nt !irt A

St. Augustire Record /10

blished Toorro

Agstine ~ecord Will A nmber- of o ',xaiz
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etoeorrwl fe aturej ited sb etra co~x e by hisoran and edonst

tIwho -are well -versed -sen t y'the Rsoai x m is tulaI fiqld Th son to persolsa ''aiz' 'aAoonta maany pho- thoug1houtth
ai~~igto he zrds. YAu r
iuifh' iconr par chdI e ItT~ add the Resto- tion of the Record

io of ~ o S, Apgus VA o-7rT c
of t pe S ofsta egnts per Po hip

osummtine Reord 9//6

'-7 477"7 :, T'

St. Augustine Record, 9/3/61




VA I', It ..Tr is, OrXA mo
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id, er -ong a ,q or, U a4, L Or

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eoj tjon, ,apa -X ,p, TR' St 'R tor t1b n- T t ,
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:'q htinue -researr_ Ln. eve h' A jo m Tit of 4116' Res prati
9 an gxqu, ye- w,,; ac4
inn sil y c1tv
f Eirn

EME MBER -cstora ion.,andjre v 0 AN F! e I 'm ell !F
'R ftr huct,, xiyewA' onnerit otr of, the, OnL. N xill continue'to, ueat
6innlu'n ft, e s ory o our c6mlnunitk I ' _' I ". I I t an In et esttim pur- It t_' VVill L he
tbip 5've, 6nLr '
ge ILP to, at trao il d"dffi th ou'- gress in 'm erpretlngr
SQ S, Of" _viSf, r d
collrirluous ),W'thL_,a a I TeseArch for fac dn-._ .presemng th e,, iiiW3 riek'L 'bI's' t-or y,. "', ng' Lu "' gr b
ih_,:hir"tory"AA'd enjoy tllebackgi 6 j&d- th ormati'dn, s ould go on-the his ory," W e :,commend e e bil"
1 e UT -our Veqp e., we' can so a uliaaroily 01 9r. 4 Cormnittee-111 U '.OUT wonderful e twc ljes ;v I as,,,wo jl a,, restoT at' or ,!Oll and p eServaW 1 9 I : ent her&,, at th -f, h"' 'waters,, aspeo of e Nati6llal :a tor, ived jookin
Augustine ,js some, jrg toud 0 th,57 inte're4t. arous6d bk; It' tho ',ivorld_ oT,, ouf- hi ""'.0aIt which Ei 11 I I to d' I t- ,A.'Oqr To"," a series of rt Ic es ..... Aor Y L 1r'Qm- ts' bbginnirlg )"5. ',atd other, TaTmirlg,
00 for-war to T iig ros qrationg,
e atioT ,,ds "bee b ,..,There, aie rnajl ,L oth' gtoUp a d,
',;":&Ponsored 'y this bank several yEars ful 'Climitte and' ax4ihible fand Ai h
drea We-linve so dollg. .- ago featuring : stoiij widlpietiimes dndividuals-t oha- e, reo ok jFed j o t4should b6 inviting, -o,
a ill e' 6f (I. A fej t, Y h-' -ind
_a I d OfSt. Aug-ust aT,,.: WE) .,k wpor ance b ls, ory not, 6 ly as', merclal- ust es to--jPjT np aeTis ed ill -b o4p4n
arduous- Lpat and L m e iaall proold bvel 'th,6 T'e'r-'ePtion'' e m tage but f 6r itse mnQTnICL Vfl ne rea Ly Mtdd nmr- U' .
fThe St. 'AtI'gUjst1i b_ ,.Plctu L ti .21y ack vjo o]6, the e 'era' a as Y, we so-gTatef -iio,
_n( ed the tion 0 pop I h 'i _, ji T eni the renewpd"e f6rts'v avai a e, The: ,,; more recen seijes-'We An' 'Oomp L an ffi'bl a-Ve _'sPPn:7
ECONOMIC, YALU, lti tbIe 6 i 'of ,metehants and theT ', 81ng
E, T60' 4b i Iffl POT To "a wc,
there-,., h I to M m ye 3 o",rs _JoeAted in tife e rly:kAuL
r genera- today. -gustiile section, o _Y,
iserve.a heritage f oi -T-Litu 'd' f tlie ,'cit
he ,,apl jg old. W.orj(j'LLook ," ',C6" Ltjj IT k E
Q0OPEP.Atii* '"l" 'A t4 ,c i; ed- af gain'v,'6, ,dd, 0 1 for,
1 d the r,, remodel
k": n6, St-' AlIgUsfine 'National Ba:rik rernin ora, i on,181,
e -prQgresi ,o gue, o! 8e t o. raiulra't. th is 'glvoai'-V6 jtjb
Commission ah'a 'th W.- 6, er,' that w ile v i., aU of us., It I
t 41"
g ir 0 na I" it th6s' h a',v-e' su p'p'orfhd", w" e that:tourlsn- ig 0"ur grea, fl n
J --- 4 -1 ,fheif ef forta ll 'SoLpapy ways n u .tryyo rr us 0 j'b Tf4' Ili 'jrL L- ", b eat at'OtS. 't in W je ory 6f t '6 Cjt _h
ht f, 'je,, a are, a so gPatdd1--tq1 Th6l, t.- Augus;a sjg our., 4otho, TI
coni- es-0
tine Hist6n il -'al" X6 rical, a -give, h 4

U 'Njl
3. 1

hav had
ett, 7MI],P
'Dell, You
zibil' ,ii

St AugustineAe6 ord 9112161

Fjorida Times-Union 9112161

10 4
64, 7,0

61fe Renamed at Ancient CAV
V T,
B7 Xaff Writer gustine Inc., a private non E V
-profit The commission voted -to hA IA2 Wolfe of tbj
ItJOUSMNE, Sept. 11. citizens. group which als6 is In- tablish. a charitable and edtka- q-ele t-ed chaiimap f the, -Ste A crea, d,,by an 4t, 7f the- Flo W 1:68 today waa re-elected t&ested In. restoring the Spanish tional, organization 11 1 which would aild
'The private organization serve th accept- bontributlow from I _, I Y O i JE rM an of' ihe 'St. Augustine sector. ]on, C,6mj jj gjojj at YP$, pi6al Restoration and Pres- had suggested at a meeting in persons, interested in.ihe restora- Tday s monthl ,6s iiy'eg's Meefjn i Ono,

g! 0 Con I August that'the commission mem- tion Of the ancient city.
bers become members of Colonial Th S 61fe,, A: St. Augustine banker both were e commissionexpressed con- XT. M191fe, jias'seued as ill P
St. Augustine since 0! tliO' commi siori since, iti contFactor, has se7ed as working toward a common goal. cem over the fatt that trucks of the- commission since have bruslidd against a, bale orgab ion in ept
By aligning themselves with the 9 q-, organization in September organization, the commission on the Arriv" home on ax6n, Ljoyd on t. tBo, could bve obtained certain prop- George 'Street which the commit. foT spi as I e
n, uT i n
A Lloyd, Davtona erty which it kDect & to restore. &ion is 'restoring. Members In- C q1r qn
q was; named vice chair- The comrnission voted -to.nego- structed Earle Newtonj e Wi iiam, xecutive
'w am Mms III was re- tiate with Albert Spiller jr. for dirbetor, to conta;et the' "e 'e city Com.retW-fxeasug KjL_ p1gehase of property on St, nifasion Ao -d'etermin what regu- j
1101 ; George Street which the commis- lations migbt be issued, to eoft, ,
with Colonial St. Au- sion also hopes to restere soon. trol. truck tratfia 'ip this M*, area 'a eb U61ra
'Th6 gus

St. Au I gustine Record, 9/11/61 Florida Times-Unions 9/22/61
-, 7 7K7 -77


tjiijr_, as ] eld : da:y "Citr 1 Purch e 'T
t AE
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dstjoi -'diE claimed kny '1
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gro mOV'e o2' b
th th C'01nmIs man
N vt OmYn1S_ be ejceellb

"Ifl, th( _,bodS, asT a" aTe _Dir, not" 6np(,W r rL
Nmteiiti6uy of OmgL -into -.one 20f,''th6i Vh 'N
ri"ed'' 4iaiig,, St,' ,i, 1c,
Mn e,,.
vawanck mher py
'df tT a f i b

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Geuxge t'
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4, bgepa, r.0
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lonerg 0
on Sid- e'T" th e x .
ra weM
"(5 St :AU 9 q
alCony off hOjCe;T" F0 'TrU(!kji ers
get r


a CO' nft ite a a n d, T r, u. c k S;

ei. 8
t ts,
oy 'th6 lobitlqn PRANE St. George Stree tl OS6. the- 44W t6 T o a ar ret f I ge number of sa' 0 present page 21". storm T,p, IcOni .,and. trile);gjug, 6e balcony wag probj ea aren't Even before em.
.-Ancient city 'completed, it was sn acked to 66mpatibJ4 ji tbig by- ,BiWd, in AM~ Way where probl6rMeonfroitting the a milk truck rumbling down the one at PhO, en City,-Commission are as the street in 'the early, morn. AvilM Str et str .1 1 11 eirs narrow ing hours. would. be 1 x Ann The da, miage, f6rtung6ly,, was comin6dat .&40ks S light but the accident c I a not to Large trubks'have fr6quently It sed collide"with, t brushed against upstairs bal. concern among members of --- ace a, I atr conlea that Ugh ovitr the at either' adArn the, Spanish the historical conufAssion, 9, fionits here. of 91fice the wooden, fititp. igencY, with limited funds." side balc6 warn overs- trucks.
.balconies are no: mat6 for lhe', Director, Ebxle Newton was an trucks. the commission Ms been dispatched to the next Cit3r f orced to ctwb travel in commigbion meetir4 ,to urge hich, w en certa.iZi areas, that 61ty.tathers take- sized t ck; wo ue An, Weggary aarm.
This clash between the old a op to'prh ihiiI vent a a- -ar eol-1. The problem lly wd and -modern mode's 9f life, Was h8lon, Newton' suggested that as so,_wejj t7,,L tb 9, am I Probleni. until the St., the :-restoration -Program' pro; cided take 'it 'der

d, 47P
Augustine Rea or dj 9/29/61 St. Augustine
Members:, of -th Cluh atid others

MUSIC Are looking orwar
annual banquet of. this *qi OVOo g
which'has beenAn, e"Xis from-.years. It will be, held[ iit the on Pone of idia- n, A'staurant duate Leon spent 'threa, onlem d at'
an -J e'4
Thin$ 'ayeverang. is
Y, The eveit-lis ila ned with. a in the field,
t' wh6 a rie. res to Oltiz6m -S
Q of Y',
-t, jit" he ,,restor'adon in
city I I
VNH ms &wt,'oji-ivho Is -Dir lementat7. Is., k, Schilling, of fhe,,kiisto4caVAh'd Re
Commission,, W, _.the Fed'' JG ad _Am er#; Vat l1be acco.
au e .113
leg'; e" 90_M,_M, W.'eu-6 1'., A ".
4" W;,
give; a!
hich Hon,
tiiil t;iol,
indB ey
r the j ',C 10 WobsterP lis ing., U91C wi
St. t"Ouls, e,,, i ts' c,_ I -en dge edguell5t W
e er. a r of''th Vex
ay of
ciety's' 3ed in- ion (,f
,,4 foundedanc e e Q nt, of Vd'I,
(histQric.al, 'q erl
b 1 P t o ry, of t h e estate
lciety;-': njt-i a e a
G rowth 'O'f'?. 7er .. 64,' Ze, ie ies jec ed -104y blV i.,.
dn i;P OYeersqpyw
Iistoriaji in the Pici ic 'P., Ts
lni,1942_while -afill'the director Xr. s ax. K1ettH,,-. KWORW 'of Vermon's jlisto icaj IN
MW founded "Am6rieanHeri W -v as t6_1 ome this, pbun- ,
tr 'A, J 6st suc esstiil hisior'kal'
Serve tor RL a
N Ile, n_a* itil 1:056. whA -On" 950,
RJOTI IMPe Eau V'i t -to 'b ton Jeff rmoA-. _e zM e tor of! Old' St Mi CI ,orj i 7, U11 ", L' _,-, 4 lj ige agsachusetts
96beffA, 14., P 6nt the."next fouryew M" to an
nflrQi fv "I'L :IfK" the village, opezitio'nl 14, id, for ,by its publi jill"U "'A ab. _Mi
In 1952 fh6.left m seum iree
V 01-1 years, 6 adeymc yiwly", n 'i
f_ Iiiw, FRI

to Ak

St. Augustine Reeord


jhgL The, -N LtiorajjrUqt, for
tii,_ ?eetv4ibn'JOPbe I'held Oe
-, L I -, 1, ", 1 "'! ', L - -,, Florida Time-Union., 10/25/61 to her',-12 15, it,-New Y6rk citys
I 7 ------, L F 6
H1, fte

IdiF '1 "'i",
'th i 30

64 k,'+S' of dUTiTIM, 'fo J
qT 91'
V te:, s; lan&'' ee,, ary pari k 06
hit" V11tr'H6, P I 1 1,
0.- y ,approve cortgrem bas
j jfojjt; J ',b jngL LpNp 6 tY, vide or
-rea: + 'Visit6rs ftlr ds -for aog 4 JP S to, reNa ,,, ,gT 8- Ft. y9xion
% Th ,Natrpi tr t I W CA, t lb de S6 NAPPO

jhe 1 ng AX 1) r o it itongov 'NSC eiholished,

-,ATftp 50 0
of B X, ttc
r1c iIpt at b
q f

nk, MW 7, 'Tlm

Augustine Rea or I d, 9/29/61 St. Augustine
Z C La

Mernbers" f 'th
Club-nnd leil.
miusic are looking orw, r of 'Songs,
annual banquet of thi *si 'p. 'Th
w ich has -been. in existen
years If will be, hild: iit th'e ly fr.6jn.,;,.D' d I iate
idiin..Restaiirant d.n. Pone jhr
UT6-on-i-.-13ouleVard at 7 rkan ]Red C
I this.
a 0-Kor IL;'
The eveiftis jjiA#fie(! A a
J, gram WWcwill 6 d, n the fiel&
es 'd jn th
the on
city as t a in the kbil h -,*ppa er wflF'b#.

t -,y
indB ey
irqctordf msrica. est y
6r th6. W ster.Pu'blis dng-,, C Usic Will
he' wAg ch seit'dire 4_*Liest
th. hibled 00 in in IS, "pael Y.". in, nexL ILI, t eig
''i hi YeA4. I
nuaeum: 'Irk r;jpe f4, on. ound ed L an d editeaNerimoiit
(bisto-rical L _4UL art "; _' 1" )'
q -bist'oryiof't e. state
rho pt-,Story," pu lis ed
i LtL t
"Growtfi ol- er on : ' 1 7 jectpd' 10', volu e se es
iaehtly-pu't' in tv o-yeji
-Histori n in the' P ICIUC
-In,1949, Nyliile sfill the director
I -,Historical S66et b t -B
_A 01 'Vermon s
7 he f' d d A i6ah He h Oki
which- WAS eome this' 'couii to j;e
t y's iost ue6ssfiil 'historieal UU riod rV e t6T bb' se eLcj as edit6Lr
w# until 1955. Nle nwhjle', X., it6n 1 ft rxfiomL el.
A e V e io.b
lift," Stlirbridgo Ohl t Ifl NW oPZ'it f, 4 pAon- of Old an,&,
'I 'A -4 '4, -4 "kjh ,
DU411, husetts till, Tillage iii kagm 'nt th 6xt fo d : t"' 4, pe C n u y"rs a ap
the village t tion T. trog P in;
1j, b 7 j H ivqo P i "L 6 i Wf ha, .0s
n Ap g

y6rg of aca emic
I J4 L- t
-,U e, firAt.year o, estabosh ,Worji;
th e, lfisfiitite ,, 'on and
0.d idIia &I Tfe- -Ii'e
0 study",Museunt V- the
0 ork at -:'Ul' qm n *,er A ,oi t,6ndoji tia, P,..Wbrik
eturh '-f6-1.4di y

St. Augustine Record
10/8/61 HjStoriC Sites In, this
he:,had the Sta e, Mu djV61() Mdntl -.-and;
pt, 1 _eXpo a nd thh, 1,
-6i bistorical -sitbs.
een or, is;:mc
utfv6ti6' retar of theAn-lerkain','
ss O'Ciatioii f' Staf and, Lood
i s o ,K- 415'49 5 2)
bieV f A -Th or o ,. m eriv Ln.
in CW T s (194849); C&irmam- I f.t I he
P-J A to b
the' innual
'he, pJawns 1953'; th
-N el'Tec Ment-4f, I' n d, Ir'
j'y ser "
a 'qn JaL.! ,h&, a ar
C Florida Times-Union., 10/25/61 oca
C ry a 'Am6 rican nstitute
&n iijl 5i6T16rL J"' rap V
Os wy tlz ,i
Rest j 'I ec ing, safid H b t e ib pim
4s the'Sil Ce zft ii h Presidents IT 6m Y, is
-nt j
ra e- , ,, '' , F of, 'Tepr ng'aCultural Center. al
ot the, C C
7, Orly '10 InterA:meriqa'n. Festival
n,_t 'e, Oldest, Wth the 6o Oy' $Uff, Wrher :, neV7, r operation 0 e Re4tdration Comhtndr dptps, oa4 iadi 0-in', '46"
ThL mission, Thuigd. y"s event.*illb e
n ofJ, tl e,; St. kuku 8 11A 0 Ci t PL te t
inemorabl di bno Acebr ng to br o*c
14 t h os 6 W' "th qm are., w r, ng7 oni n-th 8 ito c ommod4t- 120. 6RtsL,,- h o ki 'b ing 'd6molj9h6d:jb Ph jppt- : frmit_:I ,,
Vide" 't ',par
ktl*'4 area 46r
Ant ftihds for at tyL
r4 tfondl:' Ti t, ari0fi, circle
,no L, o er argq the p rk ng axe
'Oyit tong Aeral gov6r' 168t Aft L
L I I I /'' ".4 ftfn e 'f(
'L er the is-doiholished,
iitii i6ii char ered ,,- Y.,
jjar t ba qd Jhe-,,-,hbta' lor 59 A ttlin6L Ato i#
0, -4, 9U :60a0d,, op, tb6 mbA 0 the 8 9p 4 ,,Iiw6ricL il ft'-, Torali 6h d 1 i I s n 0"I
I At 2,
un rtgke zLrbheol69i&1',,W6f hal"'At, JAW Ore, Aved; ,

ilie ogica age: rop .-U.....,...
Ar 61 a Wori Speaker Av Hi
157 W
elia Plans Lau -hed, For Tremendo.''-Cida- -17C
nned At Bennet Hotel Sitex,
the Bennett this time, but will be measured quarters must 'also' have deniolition of rest bay, di to pu An event Io k t rooms, studios and.kiteben.facili- usieAn Jack fwnle on th r Mem- In so
I.TanquO t"" e bay front nearing and recorded fo future' histoH- n o be re n a
1. 11 6ered was the annual banquet of Lies that Will permit servi i
-4',- ion the National Park cal reference. The, speaker: of. t
9 a-ad friend -C. Robe the St. Cecilia Club of t, e has announced plans to Superintendent B. rts hich was large group of people,., Eirle W. Newton,.Oir u The point was. brought 'out. Histojica.l gem ratio are reminded held at th Floridian Resta' rant
t a limited archeological announ(ted that an agreement has last, night. The program, ar- t4ti while this seems- 4 v g-t-ion, -,CommisBion, w'
-banquet which wi
%ta at that site which is now been.worked out wher eby the St. range by.,-Mr.'H' P. Hahn who dous project, it will -fulfill the
kV-:,Ltho Floridian Rest kugustinetHistorlcal Restoration produce y, r
of Castillo de San Marcos has distingulsh6&herself in the, needs of other organizations and o ce, de Leon Bouleva Lindeley 'helit theA c
on, th and Presef ntion Commission will work of federated music clubs i the. cooperation of these group* te ti
night of T n iisgistance... The, n, .h.
cooperate, in the excavation proj- was indicative of will be of" on of isa id the Southeast,..- great ience
0 event, ing their staff arch- with simple eloquence ber,26th. This approximately 1737 to, ect by'4ssign being' the '""big doorstep to the '' Chamber: of Commerce-. greatly f
all -those, intereste4jr
re stood within this site edlogi$t, Robert Steinbach, to suMusic. ing's pervise th future." needs proper, facilities. tor, jin all 0 9 ultu r I I ce n t speaker for the occasi g.known as the !'X e% actual excavation c v %vork and'prep9 e. the techinfical Fre'd .Schilling was Master of, or large on mention. The, St. A ati e-. The purpose of.th ttl I ex- r em I n ies, t e prog e P1Di S report. Supplies-; materials 'and Cer U e n f ugu
W-'Newton, executive.. h ram begin.1 Theatre is xi.st g in' 'Out nts traditionally ', 'th the Col, quarters and, needs a to the, St. Augustine -will be to de ermlyie the labor will y wi Well de_ N an hiatorM keybe furnished by the
-Xe5t6ration, and Pre; and extent of'ar6heo- National Par Se] vi6eas will his-- lect of, the Florida Federation, of signed, stage and--Auditorium, *Ith hh 6r
if any, connected torical music Clubs and singing -of its The' need. of th from Spain-, it 4 2 onimis5ion, and spe advice and'data. q nature, Both 'or- e city for :&
to hymn, Mrs. Aubrey Jones wwi ac- building for-the performing arts,
is -,will, be given Smithy Should exten- ganizations can )Iiia'ke use of the contact bet vken. the,
Q4. companimt -fo thi It
ed as a part, drania) andballet, (in addi- a cu ura cente restoration in St. 4 ins be located, they -will iiif orniiition. develop 17 'm hyni;n as well nen
o, St. Cebili* Club o nipletely excavated at of 'their research- progr ams.. Aa. for "Swwanee River and "G.od t oril Jo- 'the: bandsome, stri!i tifr d, J
intial step Of to-ope The Bennett Hotel site was Bless America" Which *ee..s already _' 6e ing the fine ajt, is 1 i knd:bel,,on
project;: therefo li N'ati later in the program. Y' cl y quired by t e onal Park Mrs-,paramouht',it t1hi city "hes to :iAthef-thah in-- it erjng fiekt.- Thursday 86rv'Ice to be used ultimit Charles C--Cr aig, president of t el
ely in -h attract, industry. Fifie churches with-t on sig ns-- -and in,
lvbe lot' interest to. citj the r"elo'citi6i of Fort' -Marion club, welconiedAhe guests After Scb. 1 061s, an(! a culiurAl cent i: are nection'Mr bt w-t on
eth .r or, not. the Circl e be ween the 'City Gate, and which. Mrs. Hahn gave an.- en.; Aecj ive factors in ind ustrie- me %-M
e, I pu is 'ATni his iti share
awaxe 0 tb BayStreet, for the rpose of re- ligbtening -explanation, concernL jection of, a gite. bridge emn
storing addRi6fial Fort Gldieis ink the launching of a tremen- 'Last wffi er, said Mii' T r Hahn., t trinspdftation will be, wele erencO o &6rs improving oad alignment, estab.' project which Will', require r- WeQ.ormick-Goodbeart, -an' As tbe.cu tural j)r'dge.,,F;ffi
i d this.an ekeelle
lishing uhi:rorllri m nAment bound-,, ,the cgopdatiqn, of Many peo'P16, howiorary citizen,. of ft Au&sw 001r, out h to become acqua i, s"ana c k* e" forits realizati AfSt Auku$tf are roating'par, ing spac ion. tine and. a-pr6minent Min in'jqiu. ei S of MUtUa1 M*te, adjacent to the Forrt,-Grem, Recalling the fact that the club Sic 11 e the $dt st. f6r.
rs William M., H 11 iannot.,be, c I o I in -circles in New, York 'City; an ,d MUg
This p an i p ote& was, founded in 1906 and is Ti OW se ing on the board of the: Mtf 1;tin
f eJan: rv
.,or! 'Until a -ed :,o UniversalAa
ay ddition al,'I fid is,,acqnir the'o dest clubdri the, Florida Fed- mp
ad 'th i t&t h --ag" I 41itan: Opera. C Any' and liguage.
4ter which d, _s e as reei oration, sfiqremarked that is was d can talk vitb6iit,.-c6ntr6, a, d- d to t e f ortitud-e and untir! ng other such boar Bi- visited' Sti b
at .9- 7 e ct e r6locati oil of this'
bnj ; 9-2529. short, section of the ,- ditclewitich Augustine and, aftergiv-ing. the Arrangements%, ayt, or s., : tapoivecoM, f -'bf: ineinhers and 6lecied mu, h thought,,, I gu cure,.*
1A I off idea toie '! .a ress go-tha price Find YA ggesttd
also State Highway A officers!:-tlial; It' had gurvived excellent F'' 'dd
116bei A b i 9. thAtthe, cit become' a esti- al b ts safd thUt eginnin many hand ca She stated th t e eard by those ona, gr6.te t to 61 W-09"r, ati -:Park 8 'CitY, Using music- L and:-, RASt''
of "th 11 o :t,'Mdnday t i I ihe Phandicap' Was the %able ad",'rtfo' foir bids to the 'Americas. Such A' project ions but thiq- fact thtit h' Se PiesentIaAV. d e club could never -of the.leaders o .,,t o_;c .Wh struc woul neeil'this type of center
clude anyone -,vh t A ., ema)6371aty 63-car d,
oast of rmanent gested', pjt.ej 'in the p kifik.'Oea 6n; the 146 n4t site., pe 1710tlng -And be a tremendous cuffiiioal 'ahd, the.., diftis oi ibbqdqua it 4 g: the spirit,,Qf tht"
-rters. e onomic boost r6storati iii.: coo 61;a eti vill begin as:,-soon
needed definit'& place for meet ,
logical ekcavation After, this project eatchig at imietis, 4 the contract'Will' Angs, concerts, and a sta where, it r4tiona ton would "b.ii-' invi tentioh of State' and
the could be p laced per-, music leaders as-, ell I .'' before the vhriolim."
tj as promi-, orga en y. of the'- cliy.' nent Musicians, there igthe possiMrs.' Hahn delineated the f I- bility,.W luiids:frori A IP-b.Undaiti-on. A 1110Si;attr1a(1 tiV1e,"'
0 mus Tby g'. requinnipriti that, such a LS HoweverP sai ..'H hii "be- -grain wo
: uNlng a concert fore we can ook, g", t tha Bottom, Sol 0 14t
St. Augustine Record ball ,, large. e '_ ough to accommo- 16 th. nee from the outside-,"w-e. who : ns.onlpit ini ti.:1,3t, iisB'o date;'at least, 560 people;-,one wi ed charin-ak ilie, sang,,
-live here an- d w"ho dipe)I ct a6ouStical'qualities, com- tifilljy v med
re ilyt l h I
wil 8,ve.4o put., .iirmhou
ortbleseatslan A sIantedfloor. 3 y_,
*d :4er-to thew, e0l get
Flc - 7 c i4lid tili
td-;allbw for prop4r.vision. of the, IP rpti : re
pekormin ectinbvinJby,-,dPfn 6ns; Ing. our, U,,i, g artist8; and, one that and -,'Tonikht, Won,
_is tinteres n
proper yr air-conditionedi and ; Any Nig t. Her en 0, She added that .,:,. to *ork h fo azuitiirai, b
o e Potter's,"Can
well jo
v as the 41
the Ina
St." Auguiq_' I' A.diorima depictwg 9 nown, as 'riso." In the applauge
-k- to: ivord:' received ceiv,,' a here,,. ne;1s, Hu' o Oblin, Who' is' k
the fi t Tillage- prt -d oundii, rst resot ci. les 0, ating t ei
N6blin nimn a ge; of one of t o no of the great lestm-tiralists in lowed, Mr. Atkinson, am basis i' or ih6 :14nn
De C6m _- "ven; specialenip' n d Fl' o 41 a. the ited States and
velopment 91 rm ...
ase OMO 10' er16d 1--, A" who Very nist as: recognized, lorida Showcase, the i'da S howd pr P", coAt o arm e ge I nerously had. in a '16 'Nd*'York r tin NToyeMber'will 1 e,, ".St. a66 9 dra ing- Mims Bottont,
It is reported that
ca -.tWh I rilities. th
ass b viow 00, RCk, the wind W jgplay.- YL d indi 9 at the Mrm. W _M% Hu on
'n6c'ke-, peopli "t the
iki ,'Month! at, the -0 e6inniltL 'Build 118"MeM argL: qoncert'hall would'.have'. 'With his
hit" - 6 ever A of the -ban' uef
bi d -11 Attrah 16
,exhi Itl6n.L 'T IhgLWIJ1, WL y q c*. htvi.- b 6,ri 'in in ins 1, o:unceraent WaSLre- sovirfil'' th&aSari4 People Chainber-",df-.,C'omm& enr Mr. Ohl ed. 'telegramm an 71 on ed:the witli pointed outAhevarious ways in. re-teid. TII6 -We"; ronfLpi eSt _tlie Chanibor oxhlbit L' inside J g 'request je Aiii bim0ofi we
b bntlfe type of dis- equirenicffiig tliat Mrs. id4nt and Mrg.,Xerihedy the, Clfam, ek which the r' distaride, te ephoiie arid a in 0 received, a
ii.t6Tm6l -ln; a con- Earlier tMt nqnth lW o 'tinds- they have _11. li n had enti'ned. could be n invitation
MCH A:Ugustlue' 'Re tha t,6, a7i be I b4 .d -"f or: fufuiedis- reaHzed. initial step. in internati
Bobl. enTyL ad- lek and i'lie. Show
gsis tAat ; to I Fl 1 6 rid r 'a' Ys 'the ,Florid t ease This project is actu ral relations. A] so'fromn
rle Ne t6h fi pla In ally that of
a 'ratiibn likireet'd Lh
When na tian Mle direct
dbm 'i SIL 'r other 6ppor uni ieSL Presidents". Ass bly 0
in s on Chai arrar stA-4 4i'ne a if the, Past eTh 0 Tnen L L st tioL Make tp be dis I ULY,- L I L;'e ire off ereAjo feature theSt. Au-- which im' an or -ex- sonvillei SYmphqny Oich
Aor WehdeH '.Jarrard, tran3poL gaiiization co
*thq- Nov L eY4 or ex- gtigtine ar4a, C t of rt- in Mr-and Mrs. -Iie, iyod.1the,"gojDdL71ews from fd as a part of m, to istefit with tlis' St. Cecilia- Club. a hineile ibit ThiO't. Auivitfiie lkbnt d or diorama rniick-C odheaj
y .h inUthe di All the past pZesidents, v ere:8eatl 'Co -_t:
James jo*otio11I..A". A.L I borne by the L L
ibk'wficials., I ast M111uteL dev'el New Yorkfmutt 'an r local residents.
31. L p ed at a designated t4bl e- d 'ose
ffig -th '.monib of Septem- opmen L ', t L 11 Dwners if they eL!aL. COMMer- in rL Spo, L jig L
'"L : ' L .''. "" ;' Lj*'L6,h .,. L Gratitude,, wL IhA L I tr L nse to Mrs. 314,hrilgintro- L kugus ines-.6, Inping iil'_ L The L ber-;L Commerce cia at ac I 'i 0 1 fL-LL John Pra t 'Chabi d, omin duction of ea6l ne ,TnridentalL t en; -, +o de %ya feattired',-Iji the Flor- has alre AL a.j3rint of Tho L; dhanibcVL. clever front tabl.dL L ly, the Waster of Ceremonies al- pro to b k- d
an attractively -the St. Atigustipe r Ioca1i!esideqs- h -plan I e 'performin WcLaso. m ujIng dicatink ih' so introduced EL number of
(I-, wiiidioW; display. L Once -for continuous showing .at New 'di :6 L a.' L gXtr *ell am' lead- Other membLirs 01h.
kugu stiiie will be. fea.; Flo S a Supply' vebibet-to Visit ti. guiishod guests,-am I.
we Be. ',JtL WL committee- were kis. IF 61'' est 49th::Street in' in the-St. Cecilia OIub; out-ofdis- Ot St'L ArfgOistine and St-'Johns case'',-window I I and ihe Z town kett Mrs.' Albort, ltra
sent to,' Rdckdfi 114-r P azi guests seated at,- the 'speakpilding on 49thLJLCOUnt: _folders'has been
-a theJNpw York I tobe handed 'out -'to' Augustine exliibitw ers" table were MrS.L.JOSLeph' L.
well as inside i , tli" .-. "; 1 11/3/61
di g to Word: I vi itors during'the oming month. glimt- oL &on lnp drxess LGra of Tak4 City and: Miss Thel.
e n
UnLarea. -Cor
on of 1te'LSp inkS.'MjS.
MEL Bolt Whi
GrsqLiS president of the4lorida
Federation of Music L Clubm'L ami
Rollias'Students To, e 'Miss ]301ton s in charge., of,_thp
Folk Festival pr aduc6d annually
Trip.T-o St. Augwetine Sunday at the Stephen FogterMLMorial
site. She i's on the Board of, thu,
Rollins Student group will ciate professor of Spanish who. 1.9 Florida ;Federation. Mrs.make a L I I" St. Augus- hai rman for the trip'L aid ige j),j, f L ad&' Gray's ess copoeriting, some
tind St nda, ,A&Ltdljy the -first pert: Settl(!m' L studentaLL Will _first Visit the f ort- Of ilie, Imbortarif phases of the
Initneh ent -by. Europeans
riss,,Castillb do San'Marcot. work. of the Federation" -whs in the United. States,
L TheL e.4u-cational trip, one of The rrou wilt also be guided warmly appla:uded. Another outp of-t4Dwn guest was Miss Caroline
tfi4 oldest traditions at Rollins, FthrQukh the heart of the colonial
hiibe n,. arranged especially for town and ats III toric shrines by
sfiidefitg o't-ths, Latin American Robert dold 'e-hi1ef hist6rian %of ,; IL, 6i6a C-otirBi and, itudexits'of 'the


Bi Bo.
Weste Auto, St. George

rnarm y, ding

ac Outstan
pont)rjbVU04,bJ4 een were aniong those inalcmg,. the of-th q Augutine's. restois. :'tHp to Willi rflsburg and were fiom, New York City, anA bt er Fog -joiped, by the And. business. p West family. jn car- northern cities appeared at 'the ffigouttheld a '.Genovkr Dp( ra House as -w ...1h D th e reniodeling of the store Other St. Augustine busin6s many of the great ente;tainei% of
y ta Western Auto Asswi als
-fr ntr, places est eryear. But the pp ra h9use,, have o.cooperiate in y 'Ats,,.Store,'.aud the St. George this mo-Vement and a f alon
ni niber.o g 'with. other surrounding store froats hava bben.remodeIed buildingswere destroyed b fim dhirough prop r planning a I ad in I keeping, with'St A t Th eat bufld*
ujus ine s e pres ing, was conw, skifl.-Tull workman'ship these store historic atmo pherp structed by Mr. Genovar. as- the
frentg have been c6inpletely re- St. George Street has' horne: of the Willis'Fuinitiiie' :stoireii in keeping with the. city's.' seen many, changes'over the. cen-, and other businesses.Th6 pi6se
hi tortic 11 Spanish hackgroiina Wries---Great,.fires:bave played a Genovar property %includes five
The'acCompanyi'tig photographs part inthese changes, stores along this, section 6P St.
tell tbe'story and show what', can I The noted Genovar Op era George;Street,..
be doneto make the business area: House once stood where We tern The St. Augustine kestorat"
in the old section of St. Agstia, Aurto -and. the St. George Phar a'nid Preservation Gonimission
*INCENTAMATO a tourist attra rtion and At the macy are now located, Built by, stands ready to -give advice to same, time serve the p)ablic. The the late Birtola. G.,enovar, a lead-other -eivi-e-minded. persons who above photiikraphs- show. the., re-- iiig St. Augustine citizeni the viPh to restore store fronts, in modeled store -fronts .o f Western Opera House was the: cultural ceii- keeping with St. Augustine's resAuto, and the St.-Georga p ar_ ter of the city before the turn toratiqnlprog am.

m4cy The pho-tograph- at the batb sliows' how these istoie s
lookedbefore' the restorati Augii9tine
wishes 'to eitendl congratulati ons' And highly 6aunend:Mr. and Mrs.
ViAcient AinAt ownerg of West ..".
ern..' Auto"' Associat Store,: 4nd, Dr; and Mrs.' juds9a'',B West,.. and their son,' Judson, B: Wek.:.J ., -who.or, erat' the St. Q orgQ Phat
N-Es. W. Phij, Geriovar, owner .-Pt"
he I PTOP erty is a I so, to te 1. co Mmenued for her coopetationin, the' carrying gut of the:: stor -froatt_,
estoration program.'
onunents :from- t e public h -have
thg ise of: 'thl beeh higlj- in j5ra
restoration.t few months: ,ag6'
...... the storo-.Tronts-wqe o the, or i-,,
P ary type with unsightly,, flashy slgnsi bpglit.paint, and pbor light
Native d'4uina roek was used
inlreb-t i ,i g.t ',,s oie' roi ts, and. f,
i6tliresq ie verhanghig.balqonie.s ] RS. W. -PRiL'. 6&6VAR, I I S -, , i
56 typaeal ol t. Aukustine s p9
dd to, th6striic u'rdld6sign.
it-iisight y s'ig 'b be' en. r e placed w i t rop7dtelY. de7, signedsi lo each:st, e. Instead of flashy neon ing, s I bikil spotlights are sed t ill inate
the si ns?.1 d,
store, ro. e ;in indows 0 did: vvii I earance t I el fujl, 'of the
interiorofit e stbres.
The, resto ati o'i: of., the store
,fronts in keeping with'the badkground,..!of St.:,,.,,Au,1 *.
Spanish'qu4rrters. is the, result of an edumtional ti;ip of-businessinen And, women gnd 7 civic. leaders).
to, restored' Williamsburi '-Vliul which was sponsored byThe St Augustifie Record St. Aug n,.:, National-- Bank Xd Exchange '1 ank-.- One of the inain-p-Lirposes, of: th'e. trip was to show inerchants and owners7--of businessproperty. how Williamsburg had' restored store, -froats to colonial times., The. sponsors felt that St.
Augustine could also b6coine a great -tourist attraction with. the restoration of. store fronts in with tile city's historical und.



MM 41,

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RAY"', .................. .................. 4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4 . . . . . .


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Dicuson OfFleY ar th prpIe "Craonso'lrise e ~nie~ mmis msoao sugte e te o c

Higonht setrtin'e titnga naoeo h po sa
-which will fo nakeareleae purchase grups om a R nd P Discupionof afiveyearplannial. in sting ad re-a iigligte a eeingyeterayon heCom isions i dg t swtu d i g t besst
and ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~Wlin Sims ofrou Orlacido statcotnttoeced-0,DO .jeao
Restoration Preservation Adtthe openit tha et era' all ofUS the~Ja e

BefobbiNfo m the Coud n Cndommis- 01 Prsrato omms
Executive ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ tnr Diefto the meeing Co-wlhair-roiete lnpane i Cu*t

'State D inuld teablhe ft teatwt theo- hue

areas~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~he hav donor with the Wil--iteCmiso' atnAe-Bt oy n of xresdS.4f
M mission weaCsmassio ak vmeou toin that the Commi ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ dscssion wi ass nrsac ot. supp rth ovteror ai an ria os wihi en e rjct.Tepa 0.fee ya ony ue

b'have beenp' madeavail

p sed t h e be e o a e str during s t i'durtr.ad sidh etalofA eiaw s ~ iet Von, were: Director ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ an Newton f elt thatth d meigChimnH.E. ft ehbt. itrsdinevlpgih a-ew ot
i' thle m a : rsne, ih a c
State, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ i nivahabl to the Com-"o tet hseo h omisomasrn.

Augu-stine Aecorn, e /29/61 Florida Tims ainion Features 12-2-61 oFor UPI
sIn City St Augustine Belogs and Mrs. Ernest Baldass"- E fpg~ n rkh t an uspeyn t -Gvernor Farris Bryant an te Kinet the Ponce de Leon Flr e 3ar6 today cddr Baldassare is known, Pro- th harleston (S.C.), AfustumA sally as Roslyn K~omack A Portrait ;,of #he -faiel

...... nteN w uild-pitn because the, Indlin'aa, New York. diret c letin ihSo t l I Bal ssres are spendinghiFrdasteobonc s oshi p of the Gover- Cause it was, from th t e tha Florida ToDurism' Steering O aceol was tken "against, t Wi
-ttee in conjunction with :,Aft r'. being, size undek ht IJa tI elorida Development Com- tCmPeoAoOcbr1 ,Uisan. They were given asp 'the famous, Iian fighter: And:)iM 'Cmmreeti ffif *alC bhen they t ug t m ,ti numy
ea he Visitors Informa- whe tbywe uan toFor


t spw. ener ans esemoyite-1w seoa8 rat
Lg ng abn rnch n w r op6 i gr atyin 0 e Ciy or n t C a ae- 0 ta

The~~ ~ ~ ~ portsitre ord $iitdSt0tS

*unsn 'egtYAgs in Record 11 3 /1ndopr s t .~Irit Teus paor the headlenear r
ina ofOfdol? Thebo y in
a~dassare I Us O&POIbunter-n5' ullva el'a Islaudpo CEt at~

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d~~cal oneatoratioai~n Of45
x~vag angse OAsl acoJhr toala nIIh fas ioi oI! Jiilliazttsb y g, a r~ ct roinl thp h Xtria
hniiy ino~bt incomatid
qil ueqir tbg ony.''T,,te'ov

oreeSot.atoa AugustineRcrl1/06

log 4t l Arieansl bndoIn
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contract ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ T hasd ing pr7rtoyhocosrutonihxpi t-Jcmleeni ie fth igwy nsrso
R. H Wrght, of he arkig aea.The bou theg weksand he ahtn f add lial ot Ge n

mate ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ tn plan ofteNtoatthongtaeeo custo


S t had progr0s&ed overcome this 100'.
Ordinakee AwerA.ed 71iD.ame S,
city-. lwdiftn e 'before Zh n gie8L
ir aOt 0. 'IV could be MaWled- oii'Aho rmt.,

By HANK ANE (Rff WrK r
ff,- I -p lh --sff6evto preve '. 2 e A "gu-'s-tift Histo' ti6 6 overba
0,U$TIN Noy n ra L
,qL lame truckSLfroM zoDldiuig with, eserv QMMI Sion, r House &UO' C ,q la6d t Ome-, I 9-tabilits-INb to rbsto -e the -AkfivLos the balo6ny atw. nkmo w
'041 Uti e
i-.1Czt. Georg6-S (-P Exec
atka-A4t 44 Wo be L r A b m 6,x escape. ted
*it-olo-st QJOE 'te vi 16lidetec;;- i- Theho* -wheii'ooi nj&
er. fe tures, of"
V 11
'%Jhis, companso CaA-WoWd"be jhe-, Id' hoii e *hich 'ahd tii4gh architecture d4rin ofution frorp VO ghl
t& (W j e.'sticond 'Wr d
'y:iTemame., re P'b The MpId-Peri6d restoration OnL of" 6L 'V 46pted "b L 'L Cla byt4Q, Veonjnj I n '. WZA the Afi ed L w -- Y the'tko", $, O:
e'dlo and,, 6kte- r r t4e,-,si 161 '--ilie-,gppatea amou -,of;
uidfliimi h-cl to hql itbivi it* "W Arclhtbi i-whil
Areb, Ooli 1- 1 11 - ''M -; e ahd, historia 7aSjq"46 thei nw,9tefy;,i P7 -t e "
on 15 _N L
as Atcurat0y.-asposstbletLe h
mel al
aace oif tihe
aPwamce o n6e, Lf h oil
NPI)sfM3 1 11.1-11 -,, --t L -, t i
t ye AL -J. 0-1803 -;so-plang i pe 0 -it& ii4ntfng
be "'&t Th6f pb,
c "to, ji '' coniplete
r ;
h;_ Ut te tjj6 d "te ro: o W a ,feV L- d W --exPP se
9 6W cbnstruction:Jsat ItEilet qrfflth and ajeam,,Qf-' he aits, 'the do ors,-, "wi-a d O'W'z-, Nil, sobqg sWdqn, tsL fro Iq6r are Jhclfft ,,' A coO,, slWtter an fencesililgh vbrsitydiq,
SP hi s t'4 6'r
g un, dove
WiWg -bth6ts Wsed K P We ring,
-'DieciD ange 6- old dLdkiibi* j otth ry- dotfi _h6U an -s P v 0 -, '- I J j h adq ,,g 3 IV, asiSure"I. tb -one atbi ttfio rl P=Zle .UGorLIeVe 8 ana 10=Clatoni
OiLueLeCUVe,3 gre st"
neW that J, e U01 ,Dc -w -e ,do on c Tbel, '4b U;1
-= , 1 4, 1 - I, r
of e as,

the Iopati-o nD
ih urne b
'Pap j1, 'PtA

vy at Qn"
_W 8

r ,qonAruction-4of Ahe

-'Wt6- th 4004
lo t" tibo' !,4orklalso t en ed -InumQr td416wprob.
eiris. It -was _-t ces ar3 0 U Al 7 -Ai G Dun b il bac 'rnith -t9Tge shape, hiz iges, ap bthef -'jt taj fqt gitlm; an,4L',d;'6i,'s since these a thentic d e

or' AV-ReW "Od FO nsylyabia ,

t "Wind
zi 6q 6fia e&
(Yoe of, d
h6 ru ObLEY Obnst ctedof b ed caq d umai oc' ter s ells.' This L _'presented "a problem, -hi6ci sa iab 43 1' f1mrs" aren't; v6r enduring The prob.
16M .' M solvef-* s'ubititutifig: 'whlte,' Ment for th&1ime. which
e same, gppqVance. and, provides greater, Aft The coquina r'Ock' foundations and'oth' hotne Was n inj d'oft




:-I-I--.--- yvIq . . . . . . .

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UN- N., 1%x.Oxf;P ;






St. Ai_,gustirne cOrd; V

:)rida Times-Union,, 12/$/61

% "t-6_Xp ota. on ii oing _Ori
The, Nationiij, arppeoio i tg! D
Upves C 41 ing
h, "t'ilistorian. 4"i ana- p h Wiiln to ww ,614- -blacks' Opi" LL 't 14sibly dateit 't I'l
mith,- t4 a 0 3-7. 444-H&
13 int kin lot f 011 t6od on p .-a., par g
11 VvI eqny, Zgiizal boVc phot?) is tinkn wn. but et PI .8 7 'o C qtlfre -was-,teiken,15nor td t6_ a urt VNationall- NAS6i



w "P" F q
,ReJtQria'ti6ri Comrnission Arch,_61b_-isCB6b CX2" overe treet.,,-s -B
PRI'L esi e 6f 'An I , s , 1 6 Bladisidth, ffi& Connxxission n&As -Wor ihg, or- the, a bofiiif_'Mik erv 7', Ini* ,t 6 of Dld
e Proj a
th eCtL or Va t
fir's'- e'a'wa I 'y W it A

JD1 S-h U,
Ti a g s i4c: ;, ,, L,4r I .
I b
7 2 1 1
't tyv,
0 d
By SM, 'WrIto what are, of.the fof$, sald' bew tain the ina
TEITEN' L le. shop one ofr,,11he _Mbst, ot' the,'-14rtifae he Ji, A, lieVed to- -w h Fould ilt the hop 6-Ved -t&. a op haNt uncover W h L' ie. ee s v blacksmith ;s beli h been: ed'.'
ghlirLa,, fpottery %0 6 'bu ig, in"t e area uiicove ,ed' I '' f re ptet4%, sary o help retoroo,
1. 1), L "" '' 1IL" ' b ui,-,, .- have'been in opo op. here as "Whether, enough rairs ,a ost invisi i c Jn Bob Steip- Axana,- hhlks, fli it 'the" naaspj use ess ecau e they-, ,e en;i rau I can, 'i Upse be uncbydred f Of histOrT-70f 0
8 p an4 Jv1sti Y restoVe' ki'A -h nd, 'that, arly 'as lt ht t" I Id
for thi extra *411s -c l-ift ari 'particuiftx y a t; calIstrurtion", of,, sf, uto radon, of ':the, st, b *ill b ave to
-I 's, British"'. :, 6 .-said, "'and the, side f ron ,in o" th, ay was- ilied 1 61,. parkft'lo' fot'-Visltors be'deter I rn Ine by, at one Me,, a: sea,-wa h', "It s all',, a, -her6, J
M Ild be 'dated ajR'yNyhere roiTIL probably-at ',Ile Ca6tind dd Zan Marcos. and historians, after jurther re-,ao,66 t for
a "Wou d cause t ings ave'- een, 'I Ahe h g h- b b 'It' Roberts ikld.
h- *Iclmess," adds.,., 'E;ite" t06, doN-m-and ov The: parldng lot, 414bh Vlll 6e arcb,'
cinb eck i s o n oss Foit Marlon WOtk 'Fillcontinuie bn tbt lr QrJ -be locAted acr of. the S t. Augu tine Ste ang on 7-again, mkinder of the ryarking,-lot
d I I B, 'L "' e' Circ)O'frox the bMtorit, Drt, is Vm
,.pr, E; 1 ck 'ih' s'Yol) Vor b6ut e a- .. g;. til:thls- deternibatiqu can be J egf6ration' 'an e ervgtion. tle b M1 I discoverv, ''g. 03.It t Jwl gite I h iade
and the 'tedibi r doze -a small ost y J ott,14 c g__g" h d," L ni s sio4_and is o-nAoan to th iye _'d;i2 no
_,,park he ey n expos e of li' d I oZt of _jliel, it, th
'a r- s -and- jy r ervice on Ahe;' dec d' td Be ett Not
'where the Yin
6,ld'- LTZ 'Nldl= 'he B e av:f i he -,#all' Bi tih
'before. it was. tDrn down Mt)it
to. in hL*6cal docul
_&,ourd .0 -u]d b;c Ct, St'ein noitf parish. ly., ref nre
_, 6ffibeck!s ( Xca t, th, teckl __;jixeovered h i'xIehts 4'The Kijig's Snl ut 1 he VQ k'i the ruins of the old,.'bi ckva ion J4 at e alo of i3 ale iabqut 1 "tha
-an ,old ron' S___ staft at- :it Will, 7,, he ,Na y s,
sli of in t2
i, la pe. . 4 d s _r e ae-is 0 6 he, ; Pr v6 Jiste th'd A tca t f tfi' s smith shop were, loc t park - pace, land at the ou 4 t arekf. Ao,- h p4ni Mar b
't.a.ps. 4t. southeast corner
h 'dc of Bu '. Md-eyeT larger 0 lini, a tather routini job 'V entS another An lot area' y Bob
9 1 ] = _. I 6e the'-Park, Sery ce df
'filii 'the deeper "Plie buildl wsm t' sqd4 r d6 16a t to1hel ghiot tcfor- the St.
shpi), Is restored. Its,,. loc ail4a li s dig, Miorep b rouT d,'49 feet'lo-ng be, h s,.6 41, Rostoration and -tion Jg,- Iii Ahe path of
vel lr . :,. woi, kln g on, thp 32 *hich allows resemation Conumssl'Dn- road-!; e 4
t rijas the uneq ak-a ff P tl 6 9 Ice 0 to 'pet wide, pes con,. e b areal, Aefits, of rooift or
"Rightaw4y W ran int horse, Steinbach was given pelMlig- struct soon for 'Mo'gadon of
t _L :
Tuz ier,',' S,*n eck tAte, aW6 suspe t 'that' half of, t e -be, s ,raeia g ;ig,4in, i gon to dig in the area to try pbr lsu wn Circle.1,
uar or pneLt"
is h Alt6aiii g- wAS U A shop Which This Would dwi i extensive
4nil ee'rl' 'JP121-' ui,. in 4 as" il rg q and locate the
te, pmba' V his oriansknew had OPerat on of plats' tha4 'hay
,1110";t al, ,ays speci iOdA44t, a!. rs, e.; ay, nd hope, to un- C yi 7'atio-n yplL,, t ed'in g1tersd
ov.dr-,some evi th s that area during the SMiSh bedri prebared"for t 6w oad for a oi e-story ho 6 should, .be' c' MeLnc e. that
'11 inches go. 'e6ntUryl or tWo_., occupation of St. AugUsttnO. and anent park1w
ftr ee' L thC. walls were iusua y One of Th B But Roberts said he felt 0 01 1_1 ar ing e Pari Scrvi e C% Roberts, superintendent
feafureo of theli- e i's the' v6l- 0
'_"Loo'k A: tti pne thpuglV' th'af," 'St & d ofe'ri t 'I- _d'that-t e-smj i's sbuD standi, L, th
sai& the4. sandy-haIAA, 4 461o- t1le re 'ar 6 e' buil ang. on.
gi tjl h d ON' ard,,'tw 6 Abo, I ht Inch'ex of''It are :, "ACtUaDY; '*e '17e _11 Ot QRt tald )h thiclmess," : I 'I i oquin ro hie hai 6'11 ill6w'th4 iind. ihe 'C A k it at -this ti
The, f ort "hisibil Lo- ArE' 'is niad6o'f'still.looki new. contractors, to- pave e,--h I
Tial 4 hAS een Scxoching -his he_ dj C'iviliz6tf6fi.' InOdeft dAk ci-Vili-, lot"', SaYs 1 aA -Superinbandent t4p 6. Zlitionp hAs made.inroAd4irito t 81' on ... #p .)3. C. Roberts. "It 1, hinges
Arana has a ap laid out q:n *hat I the. archo6lq ica inve tiga74 pipe egT. 6ii bk_ Ion" 11171sup.
1)164, Ahat cites -the existence 6 A A d- 0 esq e v ex
.,, ja-ck-siiiith but.,ah :ear tended froiA the top ,of the ;Vleil.' andth h

St. Augustine Rcard 12/12/61 Pensacola News., 12/12/61

a IEM~edAtions: -/L->t
AsEditor eevt ,, o 4u -/:-i

tOfatlon Group. Suggests _P-e- in Ancient c

By MAION T. GAINES erresearch Will.pcn
her S urvey 0Of C ord ova ST 4AUGUSTINE approaches in 0
40t dmvesry n1965, theb *IA a gy perx
dto Couiity Commis- ideal, County Courthouse, and I building seems by' all odds the ede State hast sedtefaeiatc iy
inrmyn received a, feel,.sure it will be possiblp tp most logical proposal. The Coma. but inspiring task-that, of, restor- tA veth aea hee en
teSt. utie His- work out. a new option period, thission hspeviously gone, ego Ing and prsrvn alge section.. Inust renain for the; 'Floriato
044mia~4- spXa jkB.Jhigpd ide s in or of b\imit orighiga sWaei h ex 0 sp an opo tu6t onom s
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he~~~~~~~ impression th, the Itble1sta4hiioe p
,egieein arhndtm n arhitectra
:handing restrachages to futhej ihterir ie sr y
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withing Mrtoeradsicrl
i La Pa k Se 1 P rvigH M h pe*br th kcti on w r lh a ,, S A I H E I A G I E
& blak mt shppiero vetthpro tyito e'Mr.lNewton cii o include ha t *

a d& coi~ ia on watd ist" utaobssi t was de serc frmd nus sohmedberb s i dathe decso arudi.T ef n at n will b r iow nderyconasierationefor the

of"he NPSn With hl h r 4 eresd av ndrf4entstrain ro*la a ndfi C ox st o ppes hre t r a l o co f r e w ith n th e Floi da E atI o asno.oe:e t r ti n p o r m L e t a e "J c s n i l station A to. Ca -t rtcseomsio n f t r e rd' q e ie ciy u utn s ol e a ve o lb s

SA he..whapt -use t PSk y rk n, l Sut Roethsiih t l n arvd hee T esaoih h ugV bcueofisSp ns r.W le weof l it. fie o r theto paring lot- w-lCr-PnnSoefoblltamdmisoy-t n athd atqiy en tlh

nic may daebc o pde obn o e pa ing .aectorhe today The stpepofarruethogp-oi,.fobalta "P u wa s unc ore by~ shotl aftere the star ofe troe th Ol: pnsnth let H ad ia sugwsal a potnt
House andisines theof Arrve HJs otuhado efr twste"rn
eolgialr ve stre Iu' ne yer whic isd being'.'gu~h restoredg byteretrd yte okfelrFai-conr."I
St Auusin Hitrcl Resto daton tNow, hei~n said t e antosa experience
rationre and Preervtio Com is no onlye on of Amria' faofe Dr Wle
he~sin touressst attacton -&ut has alsoi s weathe herero -ap




As. A Uying. Museum

Daytonan, Ex Daytonan Help

Do, U
is ry 's 0.
..Turn -.0ack ,H* to C1 ck (Continued-from Page

inate along !he main historic
route from the City Oates to Cima,
t St., giving Wayto7a cQueentratiob
of lodging and. 6atihg facilitate
io n S along the waterfront where land
value's are high.
The! second'axea the cen ral
-owner editor qf. e..Saruata News,, section-WI have to make
Staff Corres ondence recently succeeded William F., Present b-ildings for several years
Rolleston, of Maritieland. ul :: .1 1 "
Me third area the southern sec--.......
U, GV E I .. :. I ", SAINT A SM. "Mere is. %,one Vican tion will have reconstructed b cy on the ul
-Xpmmitsion d _to,.,,- e resi
In 1965' St., August gna ings'leading to the "Oldest Hou'
tibli -_qf.,, Leonard M ml sectioil for, shops and craft.' oldest nent commu theb ankcir,, who- 4-111".
Perma studios. Areas to -the west are )r6j6ct,,,,wheri time
nity -in the 'U.S. will be, predominantly catholic educa-' ffit6d to. i -the oy jllwas: appo tional properties and will- remair :
_400 years Old., epding Wt. on d, devoted to that use.
-Even in the midst of a- _P0ynter,._St. PeWsburg.,
fast growing, mo ern. 740 h Go nission's. ak -employes, FINANCING APPEARS to U Jri "ditibn t6 Newton and rs. Americans have' pointed % wi h M_ the big "if" for the Whole project.
0-'13rien,' are Robert L. Gold,
pride to history filled with In the restofation of Williamsburg, Robert Steinbach, Va., John
sacrifice, imakinati' edir an d. D. Rockefeller Jn catio log
to freedom. 110hated $40 millions,
"Although financial assista
y in the last ationBut onl neek '7HE'PROJE, T erier,. y of that magnitude
co would be highor SG ltasthei&' een awidespread
mov, to lififig- F--, ,',,' ly desirable, the has:,
ement I preserveE th6, eight blocks, long ommission cerns A. i re
not remained inactive-,- wai
d with 11114 ting' r
-6f: t4a:e hist6 L-6 keep;- .2 r and three blocks wi
for- gdaeratiojis, to.jeomel:,objedt V4 iv" t 1. Y, I such help to appear, Newton said t" t., St. S; -N of s ructilres in
"Each step of
progr in
h the
'which 'aiire tihe basislof our culture Sti, Ahe'mairi It as been formulited I so that ail: typ
asa nation. .-far f0 donors- and investors will have
'-with this intere8t shed that, &ie to
-in mind; the NeWtom, e tabh
9n. opportunity to part,
Stkie-of Florida in 1959started a a icipate th". t i project,, itei vas ness o
_pro e 3 The Florida Legislatureap TiZ C orily-n0w: is begin- "Would jur sec4.
1 divided, =_to
riated $150,0
h 'of, t6rigible prop 00: _t6r',tvvo : p4rs'
t4: show7 signs 1 -! T fl' "' j;ea six
an and St Augustine an St.
si" foot-, s bale,;,.modej of the '7 ,acbleivetneat, established Commis'sions Historield Fbgfcc have donated,.$12; Q Thain. Eec ion of the,'project. which
tation and pq 'seri-, b display in the F1
z I PE, or- each. vation ComiV1ssf6n-,to. recreat6 th6,
A Goncerted fund drive is
ancient cit,3 of St.. Augustine,:, York 4d ShimeaseExhi)jit--in New emg planned, with special invitations,
Fortner Gov. Collins in promot tQ foundations and public e as. cone mind
ing the project, emphasized- that entrated on..,corporations.
this project not 6nly -of state,:,- I:E.6id tfie Averd,' Individuals and various e %011
but ern.. George near the
eoric 6P all over -the nation Will t e,
iva 9 House
ested in making his project a,
--What time I and Poo, was orie:,. of iia group of historic," -reality, Lloyd beliOVes.
REDOING iiZ11,11.- 1; ", % I ouses, on4:b and 6 6upied
ple have been undoing-, for more a St. Augustine c y pron St. Augustine ould become. a than, three tent rics isn't'easy- All age goal
pa- T-sifiz, "co'1'0"]. IAI f y, the.. for, all Amerlp
take I MODERN T T arrill
in all It probably will, MUT ISMI ; When',t'r66bmtructlon of:
lions and rriilli63 of dolla s 6 iid bwlfi' the .:coMp ex- is 'tomplete, this
pL 'ars to c6m I je','
rhaps, 26 ,ye 19 -be Tepres .-con in' w e tho arly e -6flAhe u6mpleti .-restoration But t6 u ed,'promoti6n of, the a, I plui It proposes rev IVi, o _*Ii6 er s oi iie, e, lb4rst_ Span;w 'U3 p ect by'- GoV. hry ant,'Ld he- and nioat,:. iJ roi I ,: oi thd -. shops liii&--, businesses, of ish 'Pe .,.A wEdl-. ex- pro ect,:,Newton said. "rhe Aftivas
dedicated effoits, of C' sion I I p P, P 2'0-0 teh( ed- '1rom- 'the Castillo to House is expected t i66':done In d' ishl: 'St. Migustine
ottimis of I -o
-'their-.,fulitim6 -'stafi I I 11 Jall members and.; years:,ag o i8an Sebast I a n Many. of 'its houses uary. hd St. Ai igiistine and ns had the
EiA, V, _' The C 6 m mi's s I or1% f I rst survey x, typical Sobanlh baloonies
County,16 em, already are mak- loggias. The'Eh P6il y, in. t'hb an _; 9 ON, OVEK Newton d lish had built
ertaking worthwhile. team developed this ldn steep, roofs on most "of I sa s vation can be ing, e u. d the b 'id- -,WherLn pre er-, Summer -of 1060., The t 6arn in- uild By .4965 tfie quadri e'tit6nnial eluded. Dr. Charles Arnade, his- ingsbut some flat robf remained,.. accomplished sdt shall take precedp -C w ul d' -wfth stucco. once over rezto ti It
year-i is; Iio ed tfiat',enough of, torian-, Dr. John DunkJe carthg- quina, as se a on,:w ererethe xestor tiozi Will be"effected, to, den buildings also'were com- storatio'n, can accoml#ish d'it
"rapher, and Prof. William Ste-wart, Wce' i bring. abo4t%'tlid greatest tourist af6hited, MI from the Universiik mon Warefiou'se's" and a. mar- will ake precedence., over recon4i lux Florida 6er has known -By Gal r ket, faced the; busy, waterfront.,, struction. vniere', -historic -build
rs I of Florida, Inesville, And. D
sthen, visit6 mAy see'in a "living'? 1* * ; -opeared 'but reervaHale- G. Smith, archeologist from ings hav 'disa St., Adkiistine, a communists sum. Florida State Univbrsity, Tal-, :0 NE, OF THE, Co tion of-the historic:enviroriment Ii lar to -the nation's first c6inmuni- mmission's ;imp9Xta t they shall -be lahassee, first moves wasto:hire Earle W. deemed
ity. -di reconstructed in, the for'ni thek The team found th t the-'MoS NeWtowas executive rector. Now.
i uthentic. and sufficient inf6ima- living:in Bridgeport, Corm.,. he Is and on the same HOW DOES ONE turn an entire site. Where data Oon, 'oiiginal'f&nk
city backward An, time? t on for restoration-Was:-based on founder of The American Heritage,' is not complete. reasonably rep- ,
-'t easy, as any of the maps made in 1788 b historical quarterly. ire. resen
It is n yM4r1ano an spends tactive struct4es may be re-,:2,,
Coinmissioners'or staff members ,de Ja Roeque, a Spanish ar&hitect. eight working days. each month in constructed and syppathetic us
will tell you. It takes money, 16ts. These maps, said -,Mn. Rita St., Augustine. I I I I .::,I -, I fouhCfor them."
of it. It takes cooperation of thou- OMrien, the Commission's first "The, restoration of the ancient Tn r6sent b,1 'ess areas, th6. sands of persohs,,. aiid their time employee, and resident, manager, city is a, task. that. should not C,. 0 e mmission hac ricouraged de
and hard work: -reflected.the unique characteristics -mOve too rapidly," Newton Said. I' tembo ary compatiDaytona Beach's J. 'S a x t 6 h 'Of a city, pass ing.frozn Spanish, to In stkiving' -for authenticity,, All i ble.Spanish CbloniaV. architecture
.-Lloyd, vice chairman of the Com--'.' English -(for 20 years) and backt6 reconstruction work is belng done;', ex I cept Where d ing' so involves;
Spanish -h StA mission, said. he had, more ad ands, with the colorful by hand, in thd'sarne manner thai undue capital 4anTe ient.
miration for this restoration pro- story involved In the Chang*S, it-Vgs -done centuries ago. The,
ject than virtun,11v anv state. and- both historically and arehitectut, cedar shingleg are' being split:bY THE COMMISSION bad James cMc- endeavor with which he has', ally. hand. The. balcony railings. are r,.Fimble Rogers. forine-1, Daytona,
been associated hand finished. Coquina rock is, Bea6h.architect now M- Lakeland,
tloyd anii four o.ther unpaid. DUNKLE,- th6 cartographer, being broken as it was done -200 make sketches suggesting; facades
"on call" gen- said: "In 1788 RocqUesurveyed years ago andthe metal hinges which vahous. busuiesse could
eraIlly at'least 6 a month to., and measured the streets lots and and latches for the gates are be-. .
on e adopt. Western Auto, aind St. chi ckon the p ogress and help. 'buildings. He names ib o then Ing forged by hand. George Pharmacy already have
sta ff members chart the course owner, the construction material, "It's been a real job to keep this I'Movated. in keeping with Coinof future.work, the iiumber'of stories, tl te-condi- thing accurate," Lloyd Said, "but. mission wis4es. at's an, extremely gratifyingi,,. tion and something of the roof we decided we didn't Want any sti St. Augu ne City and St. Jo'hnS
% ork,".Lloyd. said. '.'I th ink every- materials for each building in part of It if it was going to be County. Commissions-,, have heli,-)ed
,cne will be proud of -this proJect.- '- town. artificial." alSure conformity in!-the area,'by Lloyd, said the Commission s, 'Ttirther, his. maps- even show -laws puting teeth in zoning Tht
first consideration. #as that the the rooms in the buildings. No THE WHEELHORSE of the State Commission 1hust give ap-'
ancient city Would, not beconw. modern map shows this much. His whole project has been Herbert E. 'proval before ma3or building or
just another iriaeum_ and that ', measurements were precise. Wolfe, St. Augustine contractor, rebuilding is done in theatre,
th6.commnnity n6tt;be"dep kved oC'. gets A close match. with existing banker and cattleman, -who has The National- Fark Service Is
it nbiri-i al On, the c oh- stm4ts hnd blocks. Archaeological been chairman since the Commis- helping,,too, by planning I to reit---s= hiin-a manv nfi* diffmhimq vp.rifv Rnedup!s nfrbirt-.

~RA M',N 0




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Weit sid, ,ol Saint'GeOrge S et frona Ctina Street

'S1 a f'i On V-1

esque city Jn a small part -of St. Augustine is a pie r this nation, But in 1565, long before the landing of, the yflower at mou g .settlement
-Ply th Rock, Ion bef ore, the Mx
of: Jamestown, a permanent, community was. 'estabUghed g Florida.
..,.by Spain in:a virgin country the called -L
munity,,. St. Augustine, -eneonipasses'
Thiscom -,inue 6e- Spanish story in Noith America,.,, 4A, vital but, n gee e s ry z or Spain, was..'Ixe, p neer n spw t. d, tt, f 9 I p-Arts 'of' tjx'e
uro an, civili *&st rn ion. o al
o 4eqrrect the neglect Florida, establiihed Ein Histoxicdle kekoration and Preservution Coi js4im;-tI U V V V UnUlun C t ity. Tbe',ptoject-id.- atl nwidll


old, ronver


'ill Lei 9, 'W."O desC OR so



i 1 7 P
-it hoUse Fatio h wse7 okiyi al Shtt4 1

..... ..... ...
i~ ~ ~ ~I: "~
1 I 1 .I m m .....

to City Gates


4. uus m .Castilo de an Marcos All available ancient maps have been gathered and studied for informgation on the restoration. Complete drawinigs for each :bilding to be restored are carefully prepared. Even after the rsoration of a building has begn insarchiteturaI
t works

ers W obtain
-,t e greatest.-' accuracy.
i?;- $$


Ct gaes looking soot tisAg111


Ol pnish inn '*<
Cathedral Sant Agustin
IT A T (' R 1 l
_--5 ,5c: Cr,

-:I Wl. E -I ~s ?:~i-i~: E ~~~'~ ~ ~ "a

.; I ir~Ei'
-__ ....~%'
-: ,

-" ;;i',.Q i,'"il=' ] 1:

BI :l :IE fL P

-1 :

.=~~~, -,I'i Ixi ,d: + 4 L 1: l.









But, like some Other places that history has Augustine is ia deed miisc le. It stands nheraargrowth,'thes c
lingeed aSu ss io d Aung qre sies ofland, miasg it easy she early 1600's, St. Augustine-then a Spanish Artists call St. Augustine the "most paintlingered in St. Augustine. Each year progress to move about without able city in the world." They have
has gnawed deeper at the richness reference to a road ell Todtayai ect
the charm of Spain re-visied map. Located in St. Johns County, the city en lh settlements to the north. Today, reasons: the abundant floral growth, the nar"rcetmotstouhth nra s o sstains Jest cau -ndyr1,oopo, ciyhe Egi hort,0 people, many ef only the Gates remain, still equipped with row, winding streets, and foremost, the picturIonirecento mathe, thdoul gha een snrod of Whom are retired sector citizens.lemayo
sth ee sopds T mae ere sentry boxes and moat. From the City Gates esque Spanish architecture lend themselves o. o, t cit w s at te wi The climate here is conducive to both winter visitors may proceed leisurely by foot or by grandly to on-canvas portrayal. In colonial and summer vacationing. There is a mean the ubiquitous horse and carriage to any of times, homes were built in simple rectangular action. For, the city c en threshold of temperature eeMay and Octoer of the landmarks of antiquity that freckle the city: shape; the living room on the second floor,

at h 5sie r estovirtal which, Over the 77.7 degrees with a November-April mean the oldest wooden schoolhouse; the oldest fort with an overhanging balcony. Bedrooms were
St. Augustine might never have attained its in the land; the old slave market; the old located on the first Boor for a coot siesta.
rsent. Auusti iht n e r t ha ve ttai ned its Impressions & Attractions Spanish treasury, and more than 30 others. Gardens at the rear were enclosed and planted

real estate speculator f ioni at te first visit most tourists tarry awhile Yet, St. Augustine's attractions aren't re- with foliage. They were called "outdoor living Will bring, if it hadn't been for Pioneering, few lcks no stricted to things old. Only a half-hour south rooms." Frequently, the kitchen was separate wilt hrcgand if h t hc . d Leon and ou Studios, Marineland. A mainstay of Florida Although St. Augustine's chief industry inFas ge as a f it.e Henr Me a got rnd prig M o and a scaie model Of Pence de touristry is the alligator farm. One is situated volves attracting some two and a half million
his Price as a favorite wne srt and WesbigretdyanIin
mediatymaden. If we have faith in histim- findg n tourists each year, there are other equally mediately built t ury hotels the Pn the Fountain was Ponce de L fir, nnacg nearly the city.
de Le luxar. he lus, h e on dce live after landing in ce ie eo 'S t hSt ghje A short distance from downtown is the thriving industries: agriculture, for one. In im proved the rail a y f o J uaks e andvlle F n tine in 1513. R ep rteg s- A tlantic O cean, along w hose shores stretches surrounding St. Johns C ounty, potato raising Improved the railwa

thaStf ege.e Pe Jacksonvinec y, his sailors filled their the world's widest driving beach. is the farmer's first love. About 13,000 acres t u S s i the Fountain as his water, and claimedown Painters, Potatoes & Fish were planted in this crop list year far a gross city and itheye flokedy thereaicrsi Fe vors eave atom dream come true. St. Augustine is bordered on the east by the income of over one and a half million dollars.
cityand tey'v floced tere nng ito the Few visitors Ia ms on ad aigi ayth al 6Os t ugsiete pns

er vrsi e h mgn increasing Fountain, r lthout drinking from the North and Mantazas Rivers, and to the west Cabbage is an important product, too.

Compared with 0hn er a With a secret wish that by the San Sebastian River. The waters here Commercial fishing is a lucrative ncupaexnenr mo re expansivh ete na Youth might be theirs.
vevacai o t mre expansive and aer eo e around in sailfish and tarpon. St. Johns County tion, St. Augustine being noted as the headeni t cas in the sate St The Gates to the City lie at the north nd has been called the black drum capital of the quarters for the South Atlantic Shrimp Fleet.
of St. George Street, the main thoroughfare. In world The leading fresh waer fish are lack Recently revived as an industryis the mining ~~L~lf~~d 1St~up~,,b,.bri~C1*l~ ~ nd8Ymm~llr~t~ngwold the leaduin fre water iharrae l ack iehms eebiti iml etnua

bass and bream. of coquina rock, a native limestone formation

Visitors to St. Augustine are within easy motoring
Fam ili n sihti in S i a t C G distance orf M arine Studios, M arineland. The ri ng________________ 0 Failtir d sig.t i eSing of the school bell by an datede" porpoise ofh S" ahre s C Gt signals the start of each session in Marineland' at the head of St. eogse tre then City oGa
tion is completed it is rep tet Wenre or porpoise school.
xpe rrcted that al motor
trfl ilb anned from the street.


A popular mode of travel is by horse and carriage.
Here, a coupleleaves their carriage after a visit St.L46 A a n r h o otat the o ldest house in the U .S .
sonuth. Fine tthe larrestartcoloy inthDeep sea fishing boats bring in large catches of ba rginr tie oaheas a n shrimp and fish that are shipped to northern marouhFieart -works often can be Pur hea
apri t sidewalk displays e hhe St. Agatine is ta rp the headquarters for the
diio tan lanstic Shrimp Fleet.

3 4



used in restoring the city's original Spanish group of architects investigated the fabric of architecture. In the years ahead, as existing the house itself. Only with this hard-sought structures are crumbled, coquina rock will be data could the Commission commence to reused in rebuilding them in the 18th century build the Arrivas House.
tradition. Already, some private home owners Apparently, the greatest challenge in turnare replacing their dwellings with replicas of ing back the pages of history is in the actual Spanish homes and gardens. Local merchants labor of restoration. The Arrivas House is are face-lifting their stores, using authentic being put back together by hand, painstakSpanish facades. Significantly, work finally is ingly, as the original was built. Acquiring a under way on rebuilding public landmarks, permit from the city to install wooden shingles
An 18th Century Future was one bugaboo which caused delay. Once
Catalyst for St. Augustine's restoration is this was overcome, the Commission found
the Historical Restoration and Preservation that the nearest supply source for shingles was Commission, which was permanently estab- British Columbia. That's where they're shipped
lished by the state legislature two years ago. from now.
Among other sources, funds for the program But, now that work has begun, Old St.
have come from the state, St. Johns County Augustine is not to be deterred from the busiand private interests. ness of restoration. The Commission already
The preliminaries involved in restoring the has solidified plans to reconstruct the Blanco
city's landmarks have proceeded slowly. First, House, which adjoins the Arrivas House. And a team of experts had to be summoned. Their it is optimistic and determined to restore the
job: learn everything possible about the his- city over the next quarter of a century.
tory of the Arrivas House, a former private Four years hence the oldest city in the nadwelling on St, George Street, and the first tion will celebrate its 400th anniversary. By structure to be restored. then, it doubtless will have made considerable
While an historian searched documentary headway in rebuilding its glorious past, and
files, a cartographer checked ancient maps, the city's maxim, "Worth Your While To Stay and an archeologist explored foundations, a A While," will have become even more valid.

Tourists stop at the restoration of the Arrivas
House, once a private home. Records show that
it was built in the 18th Century.
Merchants have joined in the restoration program.
These stores on St. George Street are being rebuilt
to conform to the surrounding restored area.

Here, coquina rock is sawed into blocks. The rock
is mined on Anastasia Island, off the coast of St. I Augustine. Exposure to the air hardens the rock
and weathers the color from a yellowish white

niallsell 1 d re aiof oifid maria life.

St.Augustine Record., 1/9/62 Florida Times-Union, 1/10/62

RetrtoCOMunission Meets: Ancen 4i Ret *nBd

-D dic alion Of. Arritva~s Sets Drive for Privat Caia

Ho-se Set Next MonthBySafWie inpriiaigithprga.iaprpiiosrmtesae
Th t ugustine Restoration Earle Newt .on, Comimission Di- al-ont drive was launched tdyLloyd of Daytona Beach urged Johns County, th Ciyo St

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tbe Chzeda thefe St Aua uthn Ei a tloiga es. t P oto e abo ve-ostefmu -2 W olethue nteU IIictin co mte frI eA -stor a nu 0 in the late 1550seandphasobeenoseenrbynmillions

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Conmaio iniasos shoetbe next' month for Augustine, neraenradFr a

St. Augustine -Record, 1/22/62 New York Times'. 1/28/62

jT-_.,H-,_-REE "AIR
P '115 piolp
IK- AU'g WtM au o
ay 6, r a 1
or Birt W- Cel'

lao, a state disr6 r,
widv three years'and had -'bee* socred
-left, -Wore this city's times b6tw'am'1163 And-1821"
foiai:_hii mlredth anniver- The desireloidol pleewxtheh.;
_gary:661ebration in: 1960,.the St. thentielt yln the reconstruption.,.
X Augug e Historical Restorj T ed arch for, matei ij- fd n i
-v I those used in the and Preer at on Comm
-'Is redo efforts. to r
iiR 9 dbling o 'gn. se.
ear ry. out 'Its 'el aborate ij Although,' Ahe
plaster mralls ift
forrest t e ,S Q Old 4a ouseS Ma e'
er. el
ph -of the orI al co unity-, witli. cruphed,--bur j#,iqyste-r A ll
H1 I One bull VaS mixed., m w8t6i- th 64 ecor
ps,'qr p'ict 'sque:St. George structed -..;;Z made of:,%
'lids. restored, -and regula p ster, mqth py;.iw r la mixed,
e: commjssi n is ,Jauhc Ing a ter. shen' to t.etain the Y4e
campaign to ih'61 91 eiffect. T-he-floors
T In sh thL-work 99 9 ',on a larger, str4cted IlOusii 'were mad e of 0 loemept be ri
Scale. k Aevel '_ drif or"a, 'whit' cause the 6
ti6n, is to' be -formed o.: s. ur I -hoors', ofdrdshe&c6quinix
Of pnii !f roT Jfflke& with Iim jrom ",rat'' 1 burntoystiet-shells', woe -ouh4-. W.hil sep x e, reduction
-out q _Iil',Lki
on wIll rece ve and'ad.. t9o ave..- wprn. c y
and grants'. Th 9 'only, thing' not in ecp"
.T Ing
staiatton, Plans.,,
V House, is 'the-,
g ran e pro
:Although a .1 lon 9 iiL= onlpags. This nio'dern.
to, reotare ihistoric areas t ih- is fdr tfi6 -b & 'of 'e
e was" instituted ion 9
of; St., -Augustin 61rjmiss. the', by ;t te -1,Bgislature.I1l 1959 A p.
Arrivag House, as,, 'ea uar.
pill $300, 6 ter
QQ bas been appro
prlited by the state for that
gurpose... some.,gdational, funds
er ,,,rpcQ4s,
SITE: OF, NEW RES 'TION' ilp, city, and The inast tAfp
ia, few'sma on I- 11 d.- _at16ng1rdn1 wi Plan ivIded% t -Augiis ere. es pration Commigsin. a' ec is, x e. recezi y comp e Ouse, 't 6 t to' tll tl let'd ArrivA-s B th 'o' '--The'-fi
vatie,.-sourci& into four secti ns. rst -ec-,,C.L nstrtxation on a second bl ildlng the -A-ve ; sslan -8, firs has I- ''rp comm-i t project.
"appel" hdlped,,St.- tion, which' inc udes- a,, lar e
on St. George'Strect, The- n'ewg restoration proj .(Rest6r libn Cornmission. Joh Rocker propoi -d
Photo a Apgjas e., n :D tion :df%'.th -- exJ sting, hAs-,:
fellei ir -.he'lped Williamsburg, toric structurI6s;AnCluding, -trli ll ;a- 4'on l hopes -Arrivas. is Deat tle
ta e fHi, add Va. 'So the, comilit o,_T klsf e city ptes'-andAhe fort. Ift- tl d'thr.6ujh the sal
:io n u1si ions necess ry. Of er f 'f
r d
IndL on the- sites of h6ates, backed area,, iffie corfunission, says on, by, a missq6n- c A y%,6,s such, as great deal- can e .ae .0 wording. o e th th.. ro ar, 9 &,' but in some: cases, -such: as this! levied' aV o ;9. er his;. wi a m un d -red
e s -j.hp.rG 44v' been'.-,major-'land The secon
'tdrat on oil ond, PI ec
I 6adjustnlents A, eam, of chi-7 ea is farther s6bthano-,covand- '4- 6 0' eg
origin P owner (ects, ers aJsubstanidm,4 qrtion, 0 ship tive "clogists and,, artog, has egun on the uncover the director ,of the :i b.,center o
wo' down own- business sect on..And' ine s bs- and giv rapherg-,has,' sipeqLt t' -years t,
August R e it-A name, the- house is ex ec &f6-beai ai o ini an, ri 9.. 9 1. p, te -t ar -13 mew., o s
u use 7%vay co o ill ugusiine' the w4 6 ront,.Twoou odo bf tfiis ho, 9t, ssf.n b;j1d Ing Foundatioils ance". r Ol ones.
were. least a 75 per.cent Tesembi
discovered just -north- of thia &r- to. the oyigln'; l which wa s vornple6iy;d stroyedl hotelsL facing' Miiltamas
_ 1fz06n5: hive begun structure that subgtan j EL y; c licates, '1762L Id L I
)use -durhtg _archgeolqgy st nr e sl even.- ouih n Q blem 0 d adquisitioh d1n. &nd tepLr led ajain were recer dei"
rivas ood, o' th th' t e pro 1: lan
11 9 all]s of gniith photogj;lp by & hurricane n .- !Their -it is hoped'. that what er
uildertakenby., Prof. Halp S or vis-ual 6vide I
buildifigjh 5F e ed mister uiu 'onthe, hotei,
ver(r. 6 Plbrid4. StiAe Uil$-vergity ,durw< is &VHable. "Mariarizid 4' a,' still.- under w t, st6dyhhs'res ult b iites, lj ssibly
N, .. ReseEqe as 9., 9. I I _1 9 L ill 'mg I t in( a6 ned the, AVIIi,5, gtouip_-'of bui d';; I-- s ay )tels' wfil t o accura ei, 61 jy St, t, dd-t" "'Phist'ori-ml. and qv nod,_IAth(i 18A 166-n" riv H 'This uncover a i lona-I.- panis4- Ayje,:bf -tar
7r as 9., Ousia cha-eolloig'ical I'd, ha The Xrtiijas, HO; us sa we call even seejIi' i6latink to liese ad-, ugusT research -inue lii data 'i k 'as the f'-.A7_qto gus me
wa s. eoi t d by Rob- jalacement oi _the: i6oms- th patio 19 jof yj.i
jouppg p It st_'Giaorge b
rnamea Av'or.6. everaj. erE'steinbacli, st .df '- nhapoT'rigi,4t. and the -,b' qpe leg on, lbmplexP ,a group bfearlY-St'. arther. south- -many building
t' f, whi6ft were
Str6-0,;Mos 90 art woul 1fdV&to
dingi are sfill stand-' who als _&Z'whidiliv is. confirmed b- 'th 17,6"
ID uncovered- the an i ht .9 _, ; Y,9 e :47- der r Ugl,
a, Arri H bu" well and the llamed,- rO
Val dhaeolok- We 'haven gained. ia o P.Ob6rV i ,owibstored, th a'itd marrieci dadgfiteir rging t pl Pp, 4knentar building" kxqa es't_,.r6_ 01%. e c th tbi "gul ance are u' tha a e gla,! Lw'u_'
Corn maj 0 -su t f th a C uracy
0 99, 9 0 mi ission historian. Gold is c" ArrN sigi 'be.ie k6 hoUsd Is" ien'- Ih estigatid* of"the fatter 3 t' The ye tova- ion of th was. dows and-neon
t ' ti" ""-1 M p, y, mount dwelling ,- was made possible., ip Ills
gnated by!-' with Ii rc itdctiiralOra-; inuing.,even j6 6 bing the ains
',$4t"art-'b)!' the-.Pt'dje6t wos & y theL Ro, -No. 44,, e, OM lay d'iW.6 moiai;6. wh lle h , I t, gddit f F1 h t e.'Rssis ance of On- le;ctibii- af-th e University, 0 sear ch Ts wit. ooing- Nu 9 rists e': a qIQgica crew "i al lan&,wag Aequire -Then,'it was- J'idaj _has nl t 6 ':of- ihe,' SmIthad.0 pre4iminaryin Oeo'
e, araousgujo 'Map-,a qm lete O'u rge I a- eg, a chank d I last area; vestlitations 0 o-'1atlge Y,
-la, t1iis, house,' w1flet iiiafll, fAhe East Florida sohian :Tnati u'tlol'i ',"I.i'ri,,.)Vashihk- bil
t b, of z P .er the years. aiid-th foundati6n. p0rsq III. --d- siness-, buld
cate,;, in Vvi 'the tile Library- of -an -are I ec Oce"Ple e6m i at on th h 'd.o er-into mn, a iajjon Ila t b ipletely, 4aj 3i_,:"
of t e house, lappP'A aterial. 'iM '&_j A ve o, e-con gress or per inent rn ikilledinhistbrica I t9 14 -91 I I t '' i qcqqe ah0j"t 0 ftrohifact4i seari hi f the ovdrbia 'are b hg,
l dj ining-, 46t. nother., wo tdied. and'
tdi I I -4-- ke' c Ing., or -urgE In of e a n e Arpba i big lftt' 1, -.
( Iogisti i a
c haystack, he -said; d 'to ev.l6p,,cp(
-)Ver6 t6qui-rea -to Cledt, needfein,'the rt
d Ah: i i" RTle"w, 1 6*ioti 1)r ja A6'Silif :an, erch aeo -tax
r h e r-speOIai
e"c iTw o P n-,
un&ty, tk7uw progranig und e
tl '.'.b t -w e have the feeling that'ad -iohs riftState -v cess
ditioiA.Inf'orlnatio li exists-among from 0 Uhi r r vergity
them. higtorlc Ldpcuinen 9-if we a iAed by soz ie.,students, CO c jj on d ie_ said: 'tThere -is .-'.,no -doiibt,4, U1, I -fin Ahe'-prolper pat idWe arehaeolbglb l wor
ara top,,',tb. the o tourlst,,busiriesm'cArf be. dy44m the -ones w curiously'
1: to si -jpr ,J&hh tinllvate4, by,,,Auj ces At W#t e -ArriVa4, tbn a s
Of he- tsefu UGUSTINE, J Qrn ex,),under the uf. theauclent_ city. ,, t1l' gald nde-116b6d ;qoid ,co us. to find'out that-, a certain macoq Y of The registration' It
kt d,'on reco u n:,of, tifiii the UPA, erg twallos (Of t hoine, FoU'a_ gj-Qnhisto 'J'a'n. cuments ha f d' Gold is, pr forl I bat ion o a 'stu dy' o in D-9- doV rlhg_ St Planned' to proyl e, acilitles md -74on St da Ong Of this home were dis- f'value 9 to us; tl en f
e accommo4ate ti6se V'i sitorg in:., 'e Street' hde t e Augus i9e, y perioO.-An-.'.. a'rea 66 6r 'just orth: of, the Art-lv j do'cument 3 at Jeast V S- no longer' have: to- thin h On f ff'.6f r6ii0italiz,61 city wl 6V' wnak h( The'aeiu&) Pc s ruc lo
)U e ddflig archaeology under. 8tets fi O'O Ifeetion, at,,
e, t k e UniVer-' worry about it," aifd: fak tl
ero dompl as gus was :v Pg
en bk I)r,, Ha 0 S rjth of Flor- Ion
P.hing. are -now under way to r
Atigustln6' duringlli& in- 1111-iin&' v -undert4lk'6 further -research in
a-, vestigit on 6fthe rriva house. 'East Foidda al),. s.-,. .,,% b-,Li r missing
Spai:and izi:Enngalzind:
ThJs 'archaeoWi6ai re-.50-U- ell brarY 'of Cong ess 4or-;p.ei-t1nehi
'Was' cou. inued by' 1 ob6 ft' 9 hl-.irihtekal. land re'cords maps d'#ring
-ivas; 14'=5e. b* staff archaeol 's' 1982-63., rlier contActse Og;L t, who aL6._ t .11ke -searching for. th6. pr Js7 next door'- to. the hor comered And' Ver hi .1 needl 9 e in he ba stack overnment officials, he- ancient, wdu 11 Spanish..
6wstriicted vid ls also. the firgst", ibdInt'lo t hington and Madrid; 12 s of a m8joi G6ld said "bui.. t bc.th in Was of the NVOTO c.arriplex'. we.have"The feelsu plementary buhdin i g_ that additional .9 y r., wt6n in, 1961 produce
kn g. Invosti 1 'Jnformati on M Ne d
OWn,: as- the gatioll of the latter is continuing clNist s a his rical do ve offem 6 help from mong. these to extensi
cbmPlexbecauselt i t t
COIX s even as cons auction bi*iiLs, on unients ifwe can..billy fifidithd Spa-nigh Archives. O IlUmbqr qfho 9 ffiw- pi Jthe ItiIiin 'building Which
e, Avero family. Proper. paths, tio. the, ones In 16e l8th i the, ar&iaeol6 eal!- ere* was ha; e
11 6it Y, Wa. s, under able uncover com jete founda.; ',Curiously enough,. it is often'
"rule, tions of'this house, which
jige' indi as usefIll to us to find. out that, a
reconstructed cite,, In 60m j atjoji with
t I've I y dles, I E e ce maJor group, 6fdobum" .
dlteff &6 Roc- Rocque mgp_ the architectural has no--infonnation of,.qvaIU6.tO,
Ibe cause It, a0bars, With charazt6r of. the,9
building Neq ,' Us,'- -then" at.: least we.: no
th4. famed ton 9 gEdd onger
13, 1788 Ouse is expectL ave th
-the b d D worry awut lt.,
by bear at least.. t' 5 per celit. re-1
d6 Plans are un er Way to. underRoMe -which seniblance to tbe original stiuc take. further re.
poncipal search in Spain.
guide ture fh t.stbod on al even an r nIlning land the W d Gnglazd f6i
sionlli Its Plans though.no'photograpbs visual I ri"CordA and maw -durin;z lqa2 8n.

Florida Times-Union Ghristian Science Monitor
1/12/62 1/24/62
H I It 14'. -- ,, I "
4ne,,&1 biz py,
A F6
14 n V
oro Au g'u- Stine Restoration
"llill t tqckefelli?,. Foundation_.4.
has done W11hAmsburg, As wePtt widespread understanding of the 400th celebration star s the anniversary licized 1965. The state of Florida has Ajdo*d: tProuglici the' Uhlt6 18 ezi Chief of the New York Sureau of pub The Christian Science Monitor
jud his jieek- the ,* Augustine' Ais- through every proper channel been hard at this since 1959, NeW York -and strong support for the when a state historical restoratokcal 46kbratloI 'and: Preserva- A 20-car, rnotorcad of Flo- restoration of the 16th century tion and preservation commisAidn. pornMissidu Orew. inspitatiop ridians has rolled into ity Spanish settlement would com- si'
t, ,, on was established. Then
-;rom.tftt:,sbtit e- 4 'liuiithed.upori to deliver a message'fr 'St. bine to produce a most sympa there is bright hope that this
campa Augustine, about 1,200 miles thetie'reaction in the Spanish- year's Congress will move t
taa oiwatv ea l- 0 to the south, whi6h isboth an rooted peoples of Latin Amer- put the important backing, of Rftqb nt clt 40 tha:in.: invitation and a challenge. ical, and strengthen the United the federal government firmly 'sarne-purpose,;i,,, These busiuessmen and civic States program for xnutual un- behind'the project.
The success ti i V.1 . .. leaders want, to attract more derstanding there. As an earnest of
of!7 visitois to the "oldest city in Under Four. Flags expect, the commission has lrecti on the. eommuni inter- the United States"---and to "Avero, St. Augustine- has been been restoring the
w c acksonvilld-sbill with Its, prepare for thie 490th. "nniver- flags- Complex," a group of 'houses
3 3 1 .61 hb In-St, -founded governed under four Jolihs County. V at sary of that Spanish e by members of
i, g Qr- Spanish, French,.English and once.own d settlement.
J'.Istl ups ne s,:.. 9 941l t e of prominent -Spanish family.- The
.1 1 t I- Setting. for this production. is American. A reminder St. Augustffie and St. Johils
of privaie- f" h6noio;!, the'Florida showcase in 49th Spanish rule is Castillo San single house, now almost re- County ChRmber of Commer"
f. th Marcos, the qua&,.ingular, stored in its -entirety, the
o ne..o e b-i'st if'idition s I rL o we Street, in- the Rocke4611er Cien- ck "Arrivos- House." Step by step An Era Personified ernie-V 4ft 9n.1% roug 1pone ter buildings, wherO the four-bastioned coquina ro the house has lost its unm Florida Development- Commis- stronghold that was built, by ristics, afid the Modern 'conquistador' Is Orld;6. i ce V some ,of characte ;,_j .: . --r. .. sion exNbits varioiig sides' of the, Spaniards in 1672 and has, down iftecture James A. Ponce- direct de.
I e igrea est cUltif ig, have". d. -the multiple attractions in': the ( ecullar. Spanish' arel
flowere b!en it greatly contested'strong P scendant of the oldest known of r6of porch, andshade TeSunshine State. point in many wars.
vived. documented family im the Renaissance., became the, pro 0 yl o of, The Conquistador 'History-from the colonial United States and'Sti AugusPerhaps fuller understanding tine Fla., resident, 116r, venture, -a days, when the British used it
wilitili, s 09, course. thpre is eye aP7 of what t is restoration project' peal. But in r fortiess, iht this instance. it is as-a majo o the burg, arid soon'' ud,.Pfin utn't Our Own means'can be gainedtrom this ming'os nor 1860's, When the Stars and the thing -which will take plate neither the pink fla statement of commissloff-1, in. a -hurry. Nor will the 400th' n"oblest -examples the. floril. display Standing Bars:and the Stars and Stripes ,The first consideration celebration 'be an immediate of thjs 4h ng.-., .peently't'ln the' there, to greet the. visitors sought its control-springs that-the restored ancient P i - 1" 1: fi: I was affhir.. But both are "- bli h "conquistador" s A. froril,.the moat, the t very much ees a is. rneafhere. of., t P Cummer ,': is Janie urrets and -ty of St. Augti tine would not Ponce, whose lineage iitraced the battlements of the cl In th6 active stage. The'quaaL ery,., cl -.. back to 1594, 79 Castillo. be a museuin, nor should the dric entennial, for instance Is years after The town Itself-as being lif e of the community be de- 'a pageant'. oh I.f,. history me n4 t an, Don. Jdan Ponce de Le6n,- first revealed through'a. careful, au prived I its, normal acti 17 'to.' open With
of v Anastasia Island; the Pulitzet
-c4d iii ihii iaxfi t Medi s6rne- 'Mer St- thentic restoration lives ties'. g playwright Paul .4 I ... '- ,, as a -nange L Prize-winnin
: &' if, tt' Augdstine Was founded' l5eaedfully'under the. guardian- Lo n 0 breen is already Preparing to ,,A$oidy ;.may, earn mse a nlA eAn"7
fortified, city. ship of the Castillo And it is 9 glory a*e's4tence. by iws"Piay 61:& "The. master plan proposes write the drama.
Mr.' Ponce is a St. Augustine the town and the development the revival of some of the "Conquistador" Ponce kno ,'nmll enceton.14e ust*,e. r 6 to Pd ws
-13t. Aug- businessmanwho-has eml5rkeed of the toivii that is attracting sho d businesses of St, all of these developments, but
pro*t. this drive for. revival of iiiter-' .the 'historian's interest and Is Augustine a restoration Of his enthusiasm is not dated a est int A d restoration, of'.Ahe
expected to stir the. visitor to many featu f the waterm few old city'with fervor.',He is.not, res o years away. His is the 1, a greater consideration of the front,. the development of usiasm. of the present. surprised when youngsters C Jl enth' hirn, a:,."pirale" ot 'when'the hi t67 vilihich started oh'ilibse. a center,'' devoted to the study, "Visit St. Augustine now." ladies comment on_.hisAIam_' shores, of, the many facets of colonial Say the 16th century-garbed boyant, dr6ss, black beard, and' 'Th i xpectati6n Spanish culture and civiliza-' Floridian, "You'll want "conquistador" demeE at the 'restqratiori Will be tion." -corne back and we'll Want he--beaffis -when isi rmArcbing:- 9 1 i* 6 Alywhen Thisj,,to be sure, ishot some- you! time to ask about'his cl-Ey ana
learn'the real meaning of this
Floridian endeavor.
For this is -no, transitory-af-7
fain Under lying it is the'-de6p
conviction li ld-'by many St. St, Aug stine Record AugustiniLs that- they can U
-presentthei;. city :as an inill 2/4/192 ,-portant and effective,-symbol of -7things historical,,'especially: to
'Tay overdue tribute to the,
.role of the p'anish in the discovdry,,,-and,-- development of
America. ;
i Objectives Outlined
There are.two phases of this
moverh6rit.-The onewhf6h will
come to'fruition'in i965 it the
o bservah6e of the 400th anniversary of St. Augustine's
founding. The other will take
longer. How: long depends on
the quality and quantity-of the
help given ifie restoration pro"
Meeting with, the press In
New York, W. I., Drysdale,
chairman of the 400th arl
vers ry corporation,, and. Dr.
Earle Newton, executive. director, of the.'Histori al Resto-,
ratiori and Pr6senatian Cdmin issibn, 6utlined their objec
tiv. es.
There is a Ufi4yin:
hil I h W 1 can
osqp, y Ich be-simply,.;st d las A belief that

The fdur persolns pictured ab.v ,, the s taff of th St. Augustine Historical, Restoxal nIll:1 Preservation- Gommis sion.Jook' ovet a'.1blue i t of 'thdir new. offic6i,' thle. X_,i
ii ", Ho'u' '4, -which hag just recently been-restored.' The staff moved from'a sn altbu r the Testored Arrivas house i hto the second floor olf. the building. The,-Aiw?
a reception' roomi a central bffiM. an office for: the executive:,secretary a b lerd 'of direr,,tor me ting rlooin....'
Bob Gold, coordifiator lzind public relations director for the Restoration comrnlft e, announced yesterday that work -has begun on the "Roque 4 4'-' building, adiacent td 'the "Arrivas house. The-new "old" building going'up'-is called "Roque 44" asitwas de'iig ,
nated such in'a 18th century map.
The four- staff members pictured abo, e from left to right Bob t intiock, a rC ologist; Rit O'Brien, research-transla' doeiA6 secret Nona= EM tor: B 615 GoWi: Omd, Marion Ran, arv

Mosrid seek the advcef rSt.Augutine d record

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Qf tSthtSt.A s
04,home.,' eantho fwas on n int II
pon n atet het en ran Pree icward nntoI the s p riv
Tn.ih thremn ait

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Review ,' ,as d esigned' to il or 1. btte otoe ooltdot,4l v ,0tlr0t0,,; nt a, c -ino 1 t t or of h s to y an dh de el o pme t o s ors, ,o -- b oo",' o, ., o 4 tac 'r te tur1 o. the centr y f o oooc N. 0 a o lrh o :rh ( cd e Mo eu l dr.

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St. iguti eRecrd,,2/1/62


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St. Augustine Record., 3/5/62
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A ptjn M' tor' wax& 134 Of eft- a m-; w a," t, e pr6fitmakifig Prezently whpn 14eFl Restqr.a#on Preseirvition sonvilf nA e wa4, np t architecture i and the' archeology, gs, presen wriv Pox ph -e t, Av sti-n6 nnia 0 W in js'C'oMmission niet" its new..quar- r res ora Qh4rinair. WoI& reij6rted;,. to,. of the nation1g,
ters the AlTivas -H. IF a wd*ot aW I uld'b" ak
P_., pti;e ;htj he commission that the Florwit', A qqv r e r:
otle disgussed;v ith fhe A I 6 chjw -to
14 to 14 In Ara# ss Vi"
d biiildi
ii GV m per- _Ug 0 T, i: SSIOV domnu ,S;( 9'. Of re IaK-price an ing sis, mnee Ag, W. J MoMng, and v 6,uadriceptenni ti'' 'n inprporatiph' abaume4g, se cial :Aedka#On cor lormulatod ii 1 .11 A
il1that is7hem inw.,Atia !-, 414a( ng grou&'- hit.plan t6 erect a s-'011' e Plic age Pr
ttornley- Fraiak F Up-c hurc
Flebruary -of 103. biit-66-qld hew builclingjf:: A'tlie, restoration, ni t *tial vaJue( at.-$100,00.- S An i nri
gton was progT. ssing, c
h the qommlssionprs thj morn- th orporation will'be' on of Althbijgbthe buiiding Span- . .* i, t time.:6kAkie. t' w&en: the arm 0 c6nf orm-.t o,, Ane ezi
Igive a -d 1 tied $10 06 jje kl_ --- and'- -went oyef., etaij qpen'to public in the yer he ri ,qopmission would" b0coitneex ish Archit&ctil'p,future the group felt thai'ded' ' ': -_ I _. 11 .""_. '6 b two new-co7grationsJor ',OtYer, members of e ,cb G p14 H 41sQ, 6utlin a -proposal for" innii rpen s abiout b y. The t W tl9r.* St. orp ra-- Fs'i o'n 'asked -Dix6ctor Nev t6fi S ne. ioFn, sh6uldbe w4h6ld until"ca- ;tyli ,,,, rt "' d' ; i s6ntatioh booklet that"woul,& Tep9t., As. xem- t- im a. pre s -*ill' Fprofit 4hdF hon-pfcf it at least t*o orgaiii*vl esitqration *Ajtika, ,be-more fully Jo. e-asseza oh, 'EiAe show J, i, -,
r Pac_ age-.Pr jects., ,t in-, 0 non7profit. ti ikl'-wi fund' ng ofiAbg af'he, had lc W ete and go-rpoya oxi-*ill, rais!
ISo*ton 'thld,,thw group' that the te ,e t desb I k I ng, tk A"paA" he guch 00 alle& St'-Au&-stine Resto" ra- tiqpal level.
ate Qfficials could. va-r'iouis'. qkli-b' '. -in',-' Arri'vas 166' $140,000T, froinl it's, -, the 1nwrPorate(f. ,' The,' g' o u"p , et Np*ton'ex 1' 00, r'd l revenue certi e4es,,_O,
-to b6 pre p ained,;td. -f I
,4ent, a i,. f4, ial. dedi -wpre; tearii mpietion. ger ns of Cun ith , Gov- phitbeatra, and feej ,'
7. hqyse )Tlg C01 n -111. s that e Spanish.
i egular-,ffie ers lss qncK
eremoni 'PhoA'r'VaS' OUS& IV ou a b,66k
et w 10 -it ImFeo Th 'H h 'X"'7. Th, efi't iir9ject be ru
_rap il,, F is" 'd that' no-, dues, LLL lgrg F , I g 61
_F, oba an .14;, 19. w. COM-; ig in each room 'f.the h6use' to UTIjBFa ul "a
". -b '' a ed, -yan- entr;6n 6", A,0 misBionerg Saktft Wd -of'DAj- dprvymstairs ley@' an'dF woul&bo' fu i gea't-l" hollurary -,Tn Th . it I ja Ti DMff na, and Willlar :,SirL Qj j! r _Y_ A,
-will t b Wkf o?- 'iinQ -n
Tepresen 'o" ace. -de st, Aug49tine ase, 6tsl
lart o were resei t ach i(;Qm Vul "4pp or, today's] w ted be nio
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Florida Times-Union* 3A/62 Florida Times-Union., 3/6/62
Fletcher Stua pts Slate,
Group ForniedtoR Fund
Y-6f G'A
Stii H
students: it Metcher. -j tie' interwt,
I Sch" & ugfi,
fthool In Jackobiwff e'.Beach ncient ar e. Pdi l ii _iTi:, I k Do 1 ft For, A Cit Restoration
-going corner more.facquainted said'. he ls-;,holpeful pro-grallwi ca L
-M a history and i6ge at othe-r schools ih.' ST. AUGUSTINE,, By HANK DRANV state officials are in a position
restoration movement kn educational corpo ation was Times-union-stidt writer to attend the ceremony.
activated today by'We St. Augus. W. I. Drysdale, chaix 'a Instii te Or .o torii itl, Restoration 'and reconstruction' of fo Mau th. mart o tipe ur- : s e -St. Augustine Quadficenten'--emm whidh. the-,15641PO1 Pregeriation, Commission:to 'help buildings which occupied th' 11
,, 11.1 11 11 1., a iif CoffiMission, reported that raise the millions of dollars that sout! side ot CA& Street' 'be-' Prelin in Y Pl ar ans have been com
e will be needed. to restore this
ogram;',prepared by, tfi4 tween St. George and Charlofte pleted for construction 'of 84 cit 's Spanish sect amphitheatre on Anwtasi&'W or. S&ets, c' & to, 4sl tine His t Re6to-: ac or g a 17,76 ma
Purpose of the non-proht! eor. of the ci&_ f6r*Aging ot a his ca ant
-rAtibnand Prese"zi -to receive. and
ion Comm tori lp
poration I wW be -to be.,writteg by 'I of N Wton said the buildings could, Pa G=
-kon, '',-cooperation--with 'the utilize donati6ns for the r stora, the-,Un"iV'e'rsitk!', of North Carolina.
t , ,
be utilized ascraf sh6ps in the *iysdale; aiid $140000 had been ie i; 61', *d:1 tion prograpi. Members of, the- event private 6apitil can bel!.obiist of ffv'o Speecbe's and. a tour. commission will serve n' tbe tained for TaiS6d;.'thr6t*h public gqbscrip board along, with -four other per- the resto atiq .projtioii and, *ork shoald'b" soon
-.Augustine- ect. Other p ckago deAjs Are be 'on construction of A.
by"St4dii i1ts!" sons to be elected by members A f the,
ing prepved by No bqja ra
ii h sect6r, V: of, the. corporation. :amphitheatre. The. his on a nati d e'::
-!Membership foes Were",, set at Paralion fbr eafftAvill be onE ogrint tOmorrow. i of the hik to. r J funds 16r the."re'storaconsist "of 3 ech. by.. Tober _$lW -f 6r a, life 'tt6 Quadj;icen nnW 6iV
Pold, '661-11m MeMbership; The' borporation.,has Itionmr9gram.
isasolii hlsMs d on
granted a, charte Chairman,. H-. :,thb Spiiii h. background-t,6 con. r by the Wolfe *wton reported that, throukh; sezre.4aw of -state port&'that-t formal open g tefforts Of the comftiisslon;'_Albert C.jUeSt, Df. th e, NeT.' orld. .. Gold of.
*k-. ctl'16'.orf, the he; coMmisgion als 6 discuss6d the recently res or N ea. Arrivas 'of St. Auo
Manuc stine, a.
r to
St tin plans-for organization of a se.6- l1ouse Will, :,be;; pq n :40 tjoial:.Servioe, hiAon as b n
es radonof r Ail" e., s pb Od
ond 4;orpo F hei 1, ration to solicit funds e U W. Fulbright a the grii3ite&: a
Charles Arnade"of., the, U ivei- for 'investment purposes, sllnflar NVolfe said the house, whi;Dh"to studyingn Spain. His research
'' ''F to the corporation in vdstence at ih'PW', 's-6rve ,-as.6e epnkni
Aty of',south M'orida *i1l, dis&ss ;, sslOn's w U be made Available,% to e
I Villi burg. .. iirters, will be open
.Coloni41- Florida- ams headqu ed 'to, :c
rom,' 1&1 to
The I ffr4'of.s6eral. 4 'package" the publiq in the, near'-Juture
'.L5#.!Kenn t!j'-Biaeson, St..Augus- I 1 1. P
I iiak i restoratibn, Pr6Jects 6 be -xew when o'dilbits ve' 'poxnpl4k. 0ut
;stored:,,th'roug'h, privati- capital 'he' L-a mmisAi n members St. Augustine Rec ord, 3/12/62 O, on 18th andFl9th penfury Mr. "qq I_. O as pr6entea to the commission felt.
i 'tha a c6remdr
1&. Pboih R Mbert PitrIck f6- w t ky., shoul6 be ---- ------Aeatch- historian of-, th y Dieci6t 'Earle Newton. dela ed until' RdO'itional
;P 4111 -deal' with The projed Would: consist offabe qx letdd 7and a r,
"A ?t
td 1kh t d R'O
a an 20 h century
in a, taI],- ', scheduled V F
March, 13 A 1: _.- I -'"F -1
t the.-schod.
iMed 'IUMB
lectures whic stress the
anip6lrtawx of the swe"iAmlifili
ry i restoration'
bi& Pe
s 0
th -:615 ,
'Gold e titute -Was t. Augu tih-ia -s w i a t e I
e sident' IL
tcheK Hl'h
6, p.Qssibl6,, At M g A A
.A V-hi h6 ore ron
I I I , 8 L "I
ul Sel ator George mail ers, o g",,n i t OF
.ere- _,-en. us,,Qd oven're erences' _J.,fn !:h' ress"
Keiine4y,, ck- dax e : sident
ing tine's '400th Anni- aA
versaryljn-1.9,6,5 st %gu ine.
mocra. ic diiinef ,afid. e :; President iiaid- W
t'pn was .;held at 'Fon i u l e gea.. to lbe h6re in, F, 1 0
*M6 aftei all 'is tlie,,oiA,
riy. -were: F-L,
0 6_pa ttending,- I resent United',
and'MPA. Herbert E 'W.Wolfe, At-, it s its.-four uh
omoinied,.:by- Judge and MIrs. agniversary in 1 90. f
Howell W. Melton.- deorgb,,, Smilth ers tl Mr, Tid Mrg,. Louis Connell of 'd a the' 'state has alre ad
27 Oak Street att nAed the pres' 'restoration ofoult.
dential' dinner and rece on, as
Auguttin'e,, and Vpes
guegt:9 :of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph I -P., + soliachunk reAdy.16r t,
P6wers of L Lke quy. mr. Powers T, 1", ti;)ns in 119 6 5. Which I'll'
is State Road Department. -board ThiS. is V ky fih, attend).
Tninb r, Dist ,ic 2. Wil
-wm Brig Gen.
Also. attending burg has served iib eff
Ralph W. icd.60r Jr."Assistant
ral of Florida a symbol e'elIo Adjutant G6ne Enghsh-sp akin op P Mr. -Wolfe, in company 01 sen- g, Pe --f sides;.,qf

oida Times-Union PAGE 62 HISTORY NEWS MARCH, 1962
Augustine Restoration Progresses Nati.oal Trst Sponsors Four Educational Conferences With Construction of Rocque No.44 The National Trust for Histric
Preservation is sponsoring four local SWhen masons began raising the coquina walls of a long-demolished building erosaro throughout the country this in St. Augustine, Florida recently, the St. Augustine Restoration Commission sp s part of its atiooal promarked the beginning of work on the second major building project in its gram. The Trust's educational promasserestoatopoga grams encourage and support individpublished last year ms The structure is part of the Avero complex-a group of buildings owned in uals and communities concerned with the eighteenth century by a prominent St. Augustine family named Avero. their historic heritage. Several of these buildings are still standing, and one, the Arrivas house, The first was held March 1-4 in has been restored by the commission. Charleston, South Carolina. Entitled The second house is tentatively de- Often modern houses stand on the "Charleston in the Spring," the semsignated by the commission as Rocque sites of old ones, said Newton, but oc- inar was co-sponsored by the Phil#44, the designation given it on the casionally major land readjustments adelphia Museum of Art, Historic tions to t e an famous guide map of 1788 by Marian- have caused houses to be built on lots Charleston Foundation, Church Street no de la Rocque, which has been the that do not in any way conform with Historic Foundation, and the Preservaa i basis for the commission's planning the old ones. This substantially com- tion Society of Charleston. On March for the restoration of the ancient city. plicates the problem of land acquisi- 12 the Connecticut Development ComFurther research is expected to un- tion for restoration. mission and the Connecticut Historcover the original ownership and give Robert Gold, commission historian, ical Commission co-sponsored the se it a name. is still trying to uncover historical an ond Trust seminar in Cheshire, ConFoundations of the house were dis- map data relating to these adjoining necticut. covered during an archeological in- properties, most of which were part The Association for the PreservaSvesgation of the Arrivas house under- of the Avero complex. Gold is comb- tion of Tennessee Antiquities and the taken by Hale Smith of Florida State ing documents in the Stetson collec- Tennessee Historical Commission will SUniversity. The foundations of Roc- tion at the University of Florida and co-sposor the hid conference May que #44 lie just north of the Arrivas has made preliminary investigations of 1-3 at Sewanee. On May 5-6 the Unihouse. the Eas Florida papers in the Library versity of Omaha, the Joslyn Memorial Continuing Professor Smith's work, of Congress. The commission plans Museum of Art, and the Nebraska Robert Steinbach, staff archeologist, to undertake further research in Spain State Historical Society will assist the uncovered an ancient well and the and England for missing land records Trust is sponsoring a conference in S first indications of a major supple- and maps. Omaha.
itmentary building. This investigation is continuing as work progresses on the main building.
the Because the archeological crew was able to uncover complete foundations hf the house, the staff was able to determine with the help of the Rocque map the architectural character of the building. According to Earle W. Newton, executive director of the commission, the house is expected to tear at least a 75 percent resemblance to the original structure that stood on the site, even though no photographs or visual evidences are available.
"Marianno de la Rocque's map is so accurate," he said, "that we can even see the placement of the rooms, the patio and the balcony of the house, all of which is confirmed by the archeology. We have gained the greatest
respect for the accuracy of this man's cartography."
Work on the project was delayed two months when it was found that lot lines had changed over the years and the foundation of the house lapped over onto an adjoining lot. An- Construction work on Rocque #44, the second major building project in St. other two months were required to Augustine's restoration program, began with the erection of coquina walls on the 00e Steaothe approc Soh the addition origial foundations of the dwelling. The project was delayed four months when
-eslear state approvalfor the additional archeologists found that the foundations lapped over onto an adjoining lot, and it acqiitions necessary. became necessary to secure additional property for the reconstruction.

study form exact replicas Bf the earliest houses. Much of the construction is being completed through the use of original methods and materials. The course, consist ted of lectres covering specific periods in the development of Florida, .nd wos administered by several
prominent historians ssocioted with the restoration protect.
Mr Robert Gold, historian of the St. .ugustine Historical Restoration Commission, spoke to the students on the Spanish, conquest and colonization of the New World and of the work being done by the Commission. Mr. Luis Arade, historians of the Castilo de San Marcos, spoke on the Spanish Empire in Flotida; Mr. Kennseth Beeson, historian-biographer, on the British and Minorcan intrusion in
Spomsh neids; oand Dt. Ptbert Patrick, professor of history

at the tUniversity of hFlorida, discussoed the evolution of Florida

When speaking of the oaims of the Restoration Commission, Gold defined restoration history as "the process of reproducing the past in visible e evidence today."

-1juoZ aa1109 10nuur 1is aqj apinf sapS 13!JO$S!H qsilqnd oIN 'op n u! aaW oq "NP"J.oIaflu! AON UOJSSJImWWOD lV3JsJO1H 1nlJ3auuo0
Florida Times-Union 3-7-.2 SIM 'os..I I '" S ....9 g "Ig Z961 'H00vI0 0 ....N'I1AX 31...A

plipor restor TeHest
nnnttse St.ayte 'Hstof eal

edan Tat Puesetion wacoprortheaster, Fletcher High Schoole search, 1962hue M

OF INTEREST.. History Istitute Provided work and fun tions to the restoration programLectures

In connection with a restora- ancient city, March 20. The purpose of the trip wascorporation tion and preservation project After studying the background to view the work being done byanswer now awaits the i aloriginated in St. Augustine, of the community and its role the restoration ommiappreciatteionand generosity ofin

ercansFletcher's American history i the colonization of the New its effort to increasespecial tlyhe visible F thoughstudents recently completed a World, the students made a tour evidence of the histsignificanceorical value history of the state Climaxing a 290 year old structure, and While on the tblongrip, the classes

ings which, through extensiveFlorans have study, form exact replicas tf the earliest houses. Much of theMarch, 1962

construction is being completed through the use of originalSt. methods and materials. The course, consisted o f lecin the development of Florida, d was f administered by several prominent historians associated with the Erestoration project Mr. Robert Gold, historian of d cnity..for fleAugustine a historical

u n e o lRerstoration C commission, oe

to the students on the Spanish conquest and coloniation of the

New World and of the work being done by the Commission. Mr. Castillo de San Marcos, spoke on d the Spanish Empire in Floida; Mr. Kenneth Beeson, his-of torian-biographer, a the British and R-sortin immio in bert Patrick, professor of history at the University rep cussed the eloih evdeor in the American period of history. Jthe Restoration Commission, Gold defined restoration history

the past in visible evidence today."

St. Augustine Record, 3/20/62

V __ _, ,_ 11 h u

)Etuden Jak s on ville Beah areshwnin Sa Macs the ria os another buildings which haVe :been re;
foloin a tou of the uild- storedo St. George -street E leNwoecutv dreor fth

S -. Auusin crd 14/8/62 StAm~a Auufn Wood,5/1/6

Iding Th rmit h

Mac, fthsamut t, altiuu idin, e~stiatur O' U'
r e ae1

S.ugstine ard cor, L hSt. Augustine Record

>t- Au25,000 e linkor en., e/n8 td/ os6 $10

pdr it isu d ere a St i M A dr um n
1a a

replaem Widos, esimte
a Finner 124q Pomar te cost $600.
romAddistioM a ube Oil4e L6 a Coan y 7,w Poced 00~. Leo an Grvt me tfe,
Jnes, 26 -WS Kssig -oSt., mtd $6200
d el in g e st a t e c o st S t r I y d s a d

nws's Mo th ge6g a4h l i

r a w n e o f S t r a ir e s i t d c o t n e

Pafe, 9 oeria for 1 St, p~ 2lm 1ntsdn,eG imte
for esia tco st cot$140
HaynT, e 59fl Gran t.,ne ,TeDRSTRTO UEM LCAE N ARVS ta

n r m 4 r r H S t t e n a t t n

>g io o eti no

re, 100 Nesmith Stf, a s i

St. ugasieRecods,5 /11/6 2 St. Augustine Record, 5/24/62

ttiiion, Bd

0ve nIt i so e d e
on dem RIbjpbsEr

n 1 si of 3aVi

t$kW to f Ef uiv
teedk weWol.Wo fe e
och s aOnwsinmai
join inseece to the Bo rd
hed oOrapo ctioe n T e w t

awtbe e -,?~io, w Ar 90 b
'11 zeth nipi dia n

Auustn e eod, /13/62

Sts Augustine Recora,3T/17/6 al PictureuSam tDeR


tve oie"TALLAHASE mpT / Mn aed S TAm T., b6Idl

re v9c t is ost d enb


'Rone:7 'Join i: : inbe:!:r, :t lh!!J g 16 ve n ef h strong 0dor Wall bmleuliseor, ai'd MbiideMByn ad eofrftteps V-itrntoal 0Asis.,~ spia r denae o h SaeSurm

whos ad'nFtato thee sfe "h'CsCout
m~~~~~~~ AlTaomntdweeJdg Ml
v ~ lan Oadwll O' Tallabasisee, 0 ur

'Y'15 ln F o o f tine, Herita artof Saana sll fomehae om

Ath gwh I" I mission m e A
pite 01to he kective

mnittee were Mre. Wolfe, Mr.' Beach Also -a Gommsso mm

gustine. was ected'to the ,Boar
ofte corporain n serv -a ltrnates on; tive Committ.EeeTee oa directoradps wveeI left ygN

1pre nt these, wreJ

St. Augustine Record,. 5/13162

en n / OKI:

Florida Tiana-Union, 5/13/62 LS. Augustine Rtecord, 5/15/o2

~ ~ ~ ~ VN 1X Th C1yCom1so1hst1e

theustSte Agin H$stncal

TOiridt restoration

Grou Is rganzed inge adrdvelmenrqt roms
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~teSt. AugeR soainIn.ua encetesee i etr t t e C ist omiato asis inthe ecostrctio oftheSpansh ectr o soreat lastni h ameeting, this anciet city*ssi n ha t e t wei bEome

S taf e grt rou as an eduatinal Sul-im ldaet r of theagenc
ST. AUUSINE non1-rofit organizaetbished sThrin in RsoaJuly bu that the by. theut.uAtine HisrtonIchs ence tohrle tt aayfud events
ReisoatinPrsvainfcient Itty sked that Newton l ben
np un ef a emd1catinl retinedirco by r the a ensu can

grup t oh 6e S. 6i te msivel sat te Staalary tud wr o t surehi

Mstrto' th rest rerationki inteltrwretob adad
ec ted tso b ehnded byfthean sacid e~ t k thet commson new orni ati d o acc rigato should meeth w it aewtonsorlthnt Earle~~~~~~i Netn hifamnita estate bodly to furhis tivera ofcefo te ctommtatssn cuain:therbe. Ohrcnm
Mxemersi wil bxedoer atpeioa soe ssig ree mHr in termaio
ton said oe mphsiz the saaidr h the, dbeg. tlne
otiwd hrce of the restoratiewon hork iss~le e~ ered th bretoatin eff nztiaotdin t i son ag eyas irh et o r at-e
E ooary membrs hipamsta w re te asin.o t ute is.
ved ofoicr GoFri Bryaom isnt or-e! atr.Ohrcorms mber si ov Le eo Collion and ,w Kre.m ifrai

tatefSupreme Court Justicea Mil St. Augustine Reordt- 166

Florida Times-Union 6/6/62


St. Augustine Record, 6/3/62

Restoration To
PIC, ViRestli
w', 1-urant:
Augus6ne-- R
Msslon is it T ilq iznitge wi
Pr9anizatioh 'With 'a la ckin
bllzines s in 'the
and ...Corl C'o is not make I's 11 i "ne 3 t_ th t er lnueurn Rob e -91, e't t' bUsIn orian of "W
th 7 told a e
,b Inem6- to oca 1, R6st:44rant- "so- e ce :tl or e I d'
at his L!1,.Shri1n
At T r elSe M-.t th' --Blv_' nP
t operatoi-S -.Ina M t iami, andw, en. the e Me &''
glhw4ys are, C
6 by4phsBed.
now uIll Ch
to attract Bill
_G Id
N WiVised th"
8 age.,
ugustine it "IJh Uni
cl*uxe itishon
Qrk I e: !com: s I o nt the Be I.,
a er "d to Preservation,, C o m m.i dond home tob restored
:PleW iind duly, 15' On''t known', as the Salcedo homeAft- 'first Y, the',,coniriiis Thdl
Sp&th,,' hw e. on St.: George,- 'er. a former owner tha house i was the, Arriv as Hooa, alWon
treet foundations, St '-C*rge .'Str b
1 1' being recon being rebuilt o n fd eing,
ru ted by. the St., Augustine. that were found hiiiffing a mao, 'used a musqum" alnd"hjdad-'.
ia6rical. Restoration and that dattsbiek7 to 1188. it -is quax ,$or the, Florida TimeS-Union, 6/24/62

Florida Times-Union 6/17/62

hoagk':,Re9t&dthw- 1 Noving. -Ah 'd, A4y.way,;1

Ah#d W6 Wd 1 P -d:
81ving restorini 0 PI
'4.-what Si $2 n lllon to (ll a lit 'u
iii- storing the co oni coitaL r1i bdulsea to be Used A -pe o,
er or a, ethibit,'4' t a na ermore,' grant would, be' tentnatl6nal d at tion'a iinpact"on,
to e rest ra- mide overe ve: year ew, World.
ty ''j" 1pi
0* 61 - end- .of three lie 'Und r this ift 11" of th 'S t,, cl .the.
nder of brother I s wil 1 1 re ew ul
f,,rm vi tb iesto, --. tablizh a',, sort Pe
"il, TL- S..'s, rich Spkith heritage- 1 6, 'th vJ t St. -A Stine q on, e W tural fair, 7a bi
ange 1, has y'et-,_; tepped forw tbward,, c ii an' additional'. ',Autheqt1ca.11y rest I 1 '. teptesenta lve 6, the c s n year, I n.,
jlbid St Auj Btihe jis' not-lwaiiffig-i .'five, sib t 'in lvlMrA as, in),.. h e Win 9s for :'One Sal torical AtilS D.ratl n , rpceAtay last lyl?-rch ab
His ,!,y7as td,'1 1] Out te on'.
ation Is -&i'eaniA I I& Th6n-'is nothing- dellnlWpn! ,t
-With it& giadliil, Rbbut- ,, $70' t ow but it itet'n 5. pd hhig,'aiie'ad -A Va" prop hb did
20-year planJo restore t
r! gTan ear.
it y- d The 0,
t the rece0y
lates move was ad Rocke rener m e ,,g -St t6me't so' e t6 05
Jmation,' -in U161;100112,1.1,uw an= ular St6 1p;r r i PV(Yfit 1_'CID66i 44 ot., dab a to 4..- Au e rese, 0 ave e
AVguztine, -4W M 1:11 i ,
$gd the genera -p-,rog'r-4aJn,' of to io in, Ice W,
purpo a g -ur g 411i ry"';
If ts d6lonial Willi" con colimiission. btficials.
be W(Jedbyhfs feathers least, &Ss2tance ri ource Vat g 64ps for,'restoration. Do- I or Worical' re
'tpirit -a d' love',' for its qymWa. s arch-- thd v an, -, nors ted to feel mor
ar ., ; , z_ e role in'rerl f utu e., genera- fil'ng should n% fkq
.kind 1; d it nonptOfif Ill ti ii:lg
ly'; taw Dnl their
rzti:61i thau th y might to- ta j greaj st.yal he sal frorn calancl sta government .,g ,npy. ,w aii In m ill 'is,'.Jjhe 'stattiis of -Was thel lesson' it tekd4eA exp ted 13Illth the citY.'
AAe co pqt4qtiSm high p, of urpme, 'nd S, iu e Rn( -Titl
the restoration Is zx-, Count ,' hhM appropr1i $12, Historian. Robert Goid Inspects Ruins of Old Bakery selfish ; otion of. bur forefathers'
be andlod W the.i ew th tornirigslort.' The to the common.good'." annually '= tfon ."'Cording to ]Fatle as , St Augu.ti e' t Morqda; ls6gwatur6
2 ewton the' conim-ission's chief
Amin identical to thllt of W1niambuYg,- :'-panted. the' donazriission 1$?506' R u ins F ound a t S t. 4 ugu-1414i IV 1,gl bfficer citieg are livirilg Brooms a year during the, curren ',bim
the Augus- of lit ute geiieram
ti"B Idea Ahat SC story where f t national .,5Ignffi6 j war ,tionslvanlet rn lessohisiof Spanish
.rants the; attention of a rill America and 0010 la 'Ajiterica lai*e, ",,philanft1r&pfst keeps, tbe ba ls. upon whi8h,9t: the restor tibfi 'of St.- Augustine A pp ea k to B e S p an h 'The -kustlnels finajicW has )xer left by the 6wmisslon most freqfient source re bid f or
mi with Its n, the -hands of C610hial, Williams- a&51stahc By Staff Writer
nders 'is restoration
er eiys owners 'and inv InWor restoratfon project. .5ho the r6 P vate'
bur the Virginiacity rest d reAs. Th eiti RW'lie the t estors. Most ST. AUGTJSTM June located beh- 4 S at hopes for finding, a maJor'donor the bu ildingsin the area.,first cpntury appearance Archeologists today k :(he: ng which. heighten Vo its "ib. who plades enouo !,value slated fol restoration will be d6- unq.QYe ed 4A old Spanish home' which thbovided by the late
4ifitli Wds pr 'ts, iodg what RXe believed t6 be teebommission Is reconstructing. yst ;-J-ohn D.'Roekefell r, Jr. the need:,of Ntun- gen- voted to shops, resta4ran rov di, ruins of- an old bakery that "'We, have a 1788 map that work beg
tai 'St. Augustine's eratiotis witp, 't ) to, Jn'g 'facilities, aits an OPer' Archeological
Just last mon t ', L "I" ated in this 4xk Aent
underwrite the re ra and, other to xns serv ditY ti6arlY shoWs the buildi be:dvethe week and the team of w of. finding an angel rose tion proJe _qA a ve be 11 ry today uncovered the 110 ices, This should be an, #trAc'_: 1' home and we h ase tre" when it was demoristrate private busl,4., Ea uzzl ag to what type huge fireplace or ovefi-L inv6stment for
there-still Are people At present, the restoration com- tor of t '9 he Re# it = 00 bread was cooked. The,
'Vift. the inclination to fi- is at the stage of prd- nessmen'f&miliar with the pot6l : bm- it was," Newton said. a und tion It is Ossi- small for another house and to possible major tiil' of Florida's t6urlit-ilidustry. cal work is being. do iest&ations, True, the iap
ha;ve pre- arge al ane its'plans ble the bake' I for a kitchen. ne noo iDon
A Wil- donors. Still, th r ls a good chai ce 06 knith, head'd -C' &monstration came froi pared 00 hr I "; The 106LRo6kef'61ler 'th a dream of d for anish soldiers partment of Aill opo ogy At Fl ,Iiamsb rg and the Rockefellers. re are sevew very inter- wi statione at the' I Lstillo de San
Virl :RockIlifeller, chair- estingjinabc ai prospects lor St. reminding future,, generations of'.. Marcos. ida State University, gnd', 6i I FSU students in Codper&tf mn of"tbe board of C!ol n!Rl Augus neg: testor.ation.- Now in theirfieritage wo ld be welcomed on
the tal -the in St. Robert Steinbach, staff arch 61 outicedAhlit the kfug stage4s" possib ity mlhei' enthusiastic aly culation he


o ne a oet


Iwa Re

4 O A~~ ath th ocd6

"00 96
MY u K

'i tng 1 -0
46 coin, t e z of thw f j 01 11 119_ih6r 82. Th'p 91 e of ratbei thah'. MAle -W4ent'a- d the WaT c, 'Te IS a..
old Uxkited States, -halt- dime 'tbe artist-philos*opher Wi U te _,d an -pro "sor mAle ijit ergr a S qgy "knd th "4fk-' : It"
pe. jj Iaye -obt the grg'4' -, Kpvin 'bea'rS ty
-ea pU th _tjje ,p.4ons #.na.., ed, work, 8vppr- ih 'g 4 Ises its-activitio gpd ',g i g Ivi e ,B e6k
17 1 croens tile ineinhers' -fiiidlngs. 14"Vore, to it tha'n'rpAding texi lbemT6he q mor' -Part: : d, tsgis have not 'IWO ha ; to, a ser b d nation peop e bf t e:e detei-mnok(j the enomi a of early St, 'A"U _'regW#T, kh M I xpeqit O of rlbrthe Qobiisroi hrLthe'y, BtlTlg"L qttlers tliu is
the,,tirne, whic Own tate VIIrVe UM raer' rV 'jr
-might have-beg 14'"e'he 6ass in 'th ij ijiwhile
_i an an
expeditwA, pz ; d $pArf;sh a-n -other g n 44 "I" SRI
tiOl h, , NK tiheTaose T 9 p e a : qq ,q f p 8 P, T q 7: oi4r '7_ I q i word f,'delvjpg'IL J e _h 040 '
-dirt of ftkines _text, Nfolm
pt.,"r,,rrqML flete'rfibqV, ,O W, i r T, TO jIaJ 411s ", field party
e 4 er'6 the '-'dlt ptn'6y b y few- -4 'Will' of, Lqj, Y -_W ", "0 ,,R ,g;,i;p, a -gas, 7T 7 4- L L66,r__ .,V, I- I
wms'ib6, Irusted AIOE d,'bf
AM tq- a -Tiiore "light 01"L t P 4J _,T, COD
Of rglmo'pt -bfidrej' Qp en
hO lIjkpric4l Pre%,i ,
'blij1dings. T.Iiq Ih,6 for in4 61 'd "AO$toratiDA.L nwit4r qg
IiMii g, that-- ,DRqk7pFea
lb-Oj p TOIL, th h qieldf a# J) _t t tUV
t X' p
'bdi ,
W a lf 6iii TA
I 'u

"tUr 6Lt v '&, ardei


B" ro r r y
r eA r, o i ,;L, p
A z
0 ) MMOik9P Mr., 01 M, t wz K'






,;I.pl I p V
4 MW


St. Augustine Aecord, 7/12/62St Au sin Reod 7/26

. Anth~~~ropolgcl6olPatn

ugustine HUistorica l ton,..commission. fo~r S.Ags ereS. uaS.ad3 /1
and rsevain hehdgoetocnfret de l frtfio' o -the quadri-h lrd AnithropologicalDeatnttFlrdSeeTni ill hodit Setem- to lthie -difference' between ,bills tennial celebration H- oi Socety IN plann hi is est.D.Sih h ilb
9in qver beidthe'pse by~h Senate and, House out that the SAlcedob Hos n< ana dig Jul'02 heei n ftegrullaesa h
a Ions at Wlim-of, Represytaives.)*hen fipal- Avero codmplex was ,Tpracti thentosoletiy.'ghabenxcvig
depge a ametig y appro v _d suh mea-sures will coped an workmen are Th theeda me twlrfurininS.gstesic
ifivas House_, hed pe tteresidenitto appoin n ha ihrcntuto taketefr ofp a, laboratgry- pe1 iheih tdnao
rsagy morXin 4h ixma commission which wilwa sblee ob etel xerbeto ekardl!te uue sono .S
routing usiness ,aid nDokonly2 in restoration proj- old bakery or kichnadjary, gtswlki n it17r &Aceiga et lpheu
all". E Wolf afe csbu h ot-coming q td tis building, Th comis A site whyr l Spanish, home Clis.
'Wjjiamsburg invita-. racentenniaI celebra ion is looking, int the matro9,esoo.Teproetnwbe
tifytegroup to ISince the:Nationl- Par Service ing the property f.or Use Jogtohet.AutieBs
siggestoratio~ inmd-,tthe Castingq de- San MaLrcos bakrx rcafhp4 af oialScey
-th91at the loalmet hd aen over restorition of thed of.th area'sTelbtpcovninith
eysttycomisin iltayportion -of the city's re3s-' Commnissionier attenidinig Thus

g gfoups hr ,charge. tothe,6Commission tha its activi- "Wolfe, chidatianWilim L.Mtt tCoBchegnr
ewopbrobug h te- tieEsi bes-pointedtowas te cvil Simm I secretary treasuIrer' OT ebr hnet efr
todton local ian aspets O r lad a6 nd I'newly appointedni xesun
ip -ha te egsl- aor.effort will be ,etenue cumssoe SaTelo ans idh ida nn Florida Times-TUnion, 1 /6 as,ederal restoia- to completethe tqiangle o, At it. eso alsA1patiaing npem510 Abers whilby assiged toa squadj! i captinedby n erortarched;olT.e 7,g is fskn St. Augustine 1tecord, 7/13/62 depr rpiitoft .
Mattox' directionandfirsthn
7 7 report 3 revelmuhq nhsis It we, mom e Au pn te perifsA members and strt t oca1organizationm, connected sio ,zine St'b

bers and' guests are, eXpected at 414t:8 ,arkg upo he p

heT e ire' apprpxinately, 300 Tillahasseea oi members in'the society. Most of' aailtpport_ In res oringih the ar Aatersand earn
tir ving ini other -profeE s i11ons. Even, thofigh Williarmeburg was r eOnly ahandful: of te mIembers stoedkis alppetranc6 duita colonlr-I arx e anthroooit connected al dayA with, millions of, dollars from wit unvesites the fortune of the. late, John D.-Roce e LOne 'of'these is Dr. Hale,'G elrJ. h roetwudnthv

feser r, e proect iodnotvol
tftoe li 1 operty of so Manyf
e-4'duld b~e successfully completed posed it. That is as true
Agpin s Williamsburgo in
pte of te dlifferedes, in fin4neing. T fs 'the Florida QkLbinet, was seelt In' o re-auratcef this week w gh At eaeen 4 i-.A dta
to- estion tChamAstisag e as lOal I~ su ifo -ontinates 'The Cabtit vaf8 i~esue te po0s wasio case of 11gpiiia~e by weak, flesh
A response came quickly. St Au gustine Mayor Jamesa L Indley sid14 the Restoration Commission had been assured by the city government I-of continuing _stypport in every wayt, in-, cluding finanels1l contributions Members of.,the, St. Johns. County Coma4mission like-wise had previously in-stritted their budget makers to in46 N 4clde the regular appropriation for / Y he restoration project. The local
-Y I sourcesHER contributed $25,000; toth ,yal of I t:, Italstral eartment ofte Flor Ba Delpmn Iotuso Uroect during the 1961642 fiscal year.
aseesad iefrmy av be e~oin aweka actin nStf Agsne, The abmt i requiring a like amount
Sboaky vihMr RtaO asriht onth8goudsofth F r~ _Hous betyar before it releases the $75,000
asJA etretbytetaeupotd etoain :onisot&Year voted by the Legislature.
(Pot LyDi oat) uely there can be no doubt about' the willing spirit of the citizens of St. Augustine to accomphish- a 'goal-, long' sought. The most concrete ex-i ap ple of that public support w as re-, sponse to the commission's long range restoration plan.
The trip to Williamsburg odn which, commission members wi111 be Iguests ofi Colonial Williamsburg, Inc. the corporation set up by Rockefeller to, ,manage 'restoration projects, 1s '.ano6ther example of the thorough ',way the'St. Augustine plan has proceeded.
The Florida Cabinet was -right in, seeking r.feassurance about local support for St. Augustmne's restoration'

Florida Times-Union, 7/13/62

_'9 V ..


te A ugustine"s Restora 'on.,.,,.

Unit Sets Williamsbu'rg

By gto Writer lish a federal Quadricentennial which was voted by the
ST."AUMOTM July 12- Commission wlilch has been ap Newton said.
Mi"bbers ofAbe 'At. Augustine proved by both houses of Con. Even if the bill gaini, fina-I'lRmkwaI PtImmission voted gress. approval without an appropri
tod to I 00-k i0bi- 14 In W11- The- bill mrkuatv w tion this year, Newton said, commission will have achie vision by SeI
91 Va_ a and House one of its maJqr, Ojectives.
fd&ral com
10M 41ppro rla'tion mission,,*Ith six of its m hers to be appointed by Fresir,,'
dent Kennedy, win assi t In amWsburg bui flAsirs i-16-6 tract plans for this city's 400th., a
t oeting-4 I f aij according to Ex CON, July 12 The .niversaxy celebration In 1965i
ton, ass a Construction Co. of Commission : members utive Director Earle New Gainesville is getting a $739685 that the c46bradon will fd6iig
will be to gather information contract from the General, ;W- national attention on the t6&1 f
which should prove valuable in, Iper, Administration for construc toration program to an ex n future planning fourth restQra, tion of; an agriculture. research that sufficient, private ;cRP
tion -of this city'& Bpanish iec. laboratory in that, community. can I be secured to fin thr,
Most of the work in th6.new fa- large, number of res on!" Construction -has' been com. cility will deal with entomology. projects..
pleted on restomtion.of.a Bee.
ond Spanish home on St.
George Street and the bommi ANTHROPOLOGICAL-GRO
sion Voted to lease it for use
-as A craft shop on the reeDmmendation of Newton. SETS ANCIENT CITY, tDIG"'
wap, w. e that the find of sy,,stoff writer,' Tiwemmunion floor 4 eIome:,wou d b his'
torle2*- suitable for a"bakery _ST. AUGUSTINE, JuLY 12-The 'MrJ& Moo' ,GAINESVILLE MAN JOINTS5 RESTORATION AGENCY, because :.getent archeological Society; which consists of Bome 300 amate&-'.arcbkdgist
first -22,' 6e SC -Au g S _'A hold its annual "dig" he" July 26- tine H. E. Wolfe (Ieft) chairman to Sarn 'Dell, Gainesville at- restor.6d by.,'the com-hission on ..eke, va4qn'k,,IAdicat ,'th6r6 w -_ Ke
k .- 44, amber of Co d, gus -small bakeiy ai' St. ". .1 1 1 Aced todSt. Au tine Restoration torney, who recently was a itche;b_,qp,.., johns- Couxity, Ch mmerce annou ay.",
mi sion, P St. &o,, rig" .4 Street in the An- tl 6 regrof'_& h6ffiedufing th4 The laboraiory4P6.-bonvention. wi1l co IS4 p
Points. out fntures !pointed & meI of the Comireconstruct6d Spaniab home missiomTh ho eisbneof tWo ciIent City. 64niih 6e.cupgtjon' delegates digging AI sif f4ng,,, on A site-. wh k home once site The; Wall kitefieb-Is,' being stoo&'Th P610ngw to'the SL A t16
reconstructed afid'-.1h -,,bakery
pioducti I couldbe do6li l t era C*,fMa#m
sjid, display d in tfj#.fi st floor" mde' 7. ff ptogrrtm 3, the firiiot il nid
on abotit,100'.- i i t, of tbe home Newt iiii fiber Art exteeted',to arqc pa. St. Augustine Record., 7/17/62 lessee coi dII'u'dlize" the 'second Dr. h 'td -Of, the'. bepa
Ha e Smith, .; eE rtmen of floor cO. tlie, horri forlvbig' at", su '-Is members, of tbo, ft&IP* 7 0,11,3',h
i -
quarters' Newton said_ pldll d *heologlit., k6 id s6rve'as one i I ,, ", of 1be g; P e
7 1 e commis 16r tb Ildl SiOn was bFjefed
Briy a e on Wcongregsional. billto,;estabd
on, r suft -1 d
T r hL
-*, at4tepentby' G6 ,. Farris nli8jilori ave adopt & Ithei AT _,
, 11 - 1 '" 'L '_ "I", I ;- , I st. Augustine Record, 7/17M
,Bxy an ,7jn T,4,fta4jsee hi ;,mbrn- get'y&,,T e.n' "'I' al ld ISL year, Pes
n-ot-,- pgin I, unti',I ctober Ist and
An5" P TY the jwo- agencies 4
fullds. this year or
'upF J
_i;oni; ierya ion nirinA-gq$t-'6r-9eptember., Tbatis, the, L v,
(for the, ne ctl oNrk I
.1 .11 7' M '_ I _' -1 L 11 ; __ if 'oj'-Btj 4 '0 ag6- jt, hag;,s _ttje b
the' yelir r v", L, tA,
I I l :" L, _, 't ",jj&tjjig' 0 loc R ittle; it "of -PTIVa e ii
1 4a ement at L f tb:e,, 13' 11,, -,Wl
J' praprii d' 'a' -a'' Ilea -a ,pointed out.t at,#8, dn )H 1 '- on 11yori e.V transformp.'d
41net,'. r O
have- Bev o 1c, o n ,aj maen, op arnoun
jft' t -Pl ldge JAOTIICq or .1 .0, retiinied, e, sez;yice -'P i
I LL 0 xZg Ip OoSt ary e_;ty hat has, L Stru tP'd
'-mucih, -,but -sorue lllleh 'L I -j8tIT: -C hi ed' 141' W A L.AliiotntL CCII je,_ nj
ol, 'Wag ] Jal, tvj
th' hVIn rd TLh& !folloi ihgdila
on e earpet over Tblin"ion aji OU bi scussing., reaP'
tOiation, "tills'' mo ng g -tfabla,- f oun' the 'n1latte, is u 17k ,I 4 D6nf it ON, Jq Ther-6A that ige' Jj
-ip roval to aLsalary, raise- c&-ithe
S44 t, --- "' -:, i r g 4 juip d'&
us ine 00, L I I L I- -L I ;, I,, , -,
y q'
-to t III a -,dr 'thW_"-seWn-1ine- ugmg eg,
6_)v rki
q g
By ','494] W-01 rati6 O!Vr JsQgen
YOT r" -16L ei riori&ns Mntyt
Nvh o, -h 2L I _beT-1_pasgin g yp I d
-d Oil, ey, jp
t Wht rowi at 41 ine
A)I t ,.wn you 'IajetT a lien-1 00 isftt the sail e ki ,, $ -h'M C -C,4nging, 4't,-- MchMd .-I, 11 11 ''- __ I _pl h- -et b*-L',,,-,t,-Sun ey 'A"I L" P
r 611
0 1 ,Y(
-rig, L ta p -, ?% y I, I" ne -,old-things

,e R71C

Td' "to'--h -I,- "g-,
'A W I
y t
lwall d,
?u y;l 'JL jj
!eL tj U th N th
'tr an ou 6 ar"
rn ef a' tS, toNy Pan, %
r _Tj
riled Upih, govej k All all atl e e a du --al)qut 0 a( n:, h Oj klg

Th Tllhase Dmora, /6 W ih RiestUnora, o 7/86

Aug u tine r re hCne, Brysoeappa


V he Brrdln who ha beini pss* bearri mranisilectdan.. h a
Et whelhe the aegigtco Tin e casuppot li t

wgustone stL oldestpd ctty aleoug tale aoou
etretmne started on any sor off a f rnl aS A g st ane Recods to t / 20/62 ut bt 1ALeC0L B O N O St. Augustine istorical restoration and prs42po,6j we Stat mfFoneyiand wh hltl bitof rivtel i ande beausea ut are ofld ci tow saW, Prprn .'e-ugt or-q~r Tretime accdetuly lefti mount aseIi ot odcd alir hsmnh Oie a

dodr city ton deelpmn inldaeu.e m fti i

e ab isW S t hih st i theee. tewr.-ept h ea'usl

esen con blacl fort waii % frJms .KnS
andth some square cotone casteftover
rs unit wer built toe givefi~ SttAg st h at merg.t 0d ,its morearecg ito tha it1 icl er he Assatfoi 1,G, 1M4ie fr- o sierfnet th e~aihi 1 ; ( irTttwr $400

AwBrmgd occpaton ame rati ,slg tlrd o ht was shd ing ,p~ is4-'tr.n s t periodtot euriglca achn
yet restoration i worky isoeignasdyWh

a t l t aestr e en shto cr eful about authesne tied t e~ u sio f Ga 6 '
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V New York Times., 7/22/62

St. Augustine
4 Florida Times-Uni
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san Marcos Will hive ep todri
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4n added' Mtra6tioii this ght AS of
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It is t,, 8ound and
historic s%4,s., of olltv'
Light, p4togram, ibe i be Min -in one day;-A's, sk
tionL'oj *&1al lijhting -effects Y ,O
tape-recorded-, narration re uli- man Grx v4l the morning-ano depart j#AtM.
ahd.mt glc that haAN en used so
afternoon. IF a jar uropean 'Y The,, Sound and' Wint6d -Herbert W sight- e*lng sp'bts In the past ttad t ru If s f I of f Ive, yeaxa, I no i i Qstine t4a inoth
di", de.- tind& Ole name of
i gh jstorj6" Oar Y W
-(baih productWh: of tien-.,*i Ap ustfne wili",- oilik- V 6ji 'And Prese n*Ij o 9,Ms= Its Ljust -been lptro- its 430th ve MM-7duc d aj lhdependen e Hall in
Miabord e pivpa itlons, arw>*- -WIN -b P OaMphla The opening perto-iinanc 'of V16 Castlllo lira- 14 im en
ii st eduledLth thhe p ace I Mean 1 the ZL Aup*ti" W 6
here Saturday.
Sound- a4LIg t-,1;14 -Otl coln sslonll !M0,06 pro
0 R it'U ii W w-n abroadij,' non f t:, or, eplans 0 reno ,I th ihveii tlbn 6f a Preh6h I jc eding:,With its t aAd- 'reconstruct D &rchitect Paul' 'R'6bert-Ho dfn, 41EAR,
6'-h sj 'IhfroA 66d It in cAs-1 old t;- 6uildings lnjhe Cfty,
ln'Ahe- Li6ife, -rition., of I t6r, This, commis -in Aink 'ffds, Fthce- 'Clu tl el k ilals. sion recently established an a as heenLre-app6l tm iug stine'A
4 ee'.chfteau of CharnborU. It filiate" St. est6ra srri i, ftyant to A O
sprta& to about elgh tidn; Inc,, to re6elve; don;00ni r ern,
ty 'on, the, Auguiffile" I 41t 61 a' I 'is - ,I ,
,*'p6s" and "6thet,,EurqpetLn and,-administer them. M resto an
A "tbat tourists Wt, '*s' old structureo.,--. ,, 6r n.
jo the 'Py d ia n d The plan Js to--indiicv-pAilan Mr. V61fe h a;
throp i organizations and1ndim. ,e o -th
CO www
"d, bF )rii4, sponiors 1A L
wiw. organiz In..j qp.ag
e--'U-x, d of p 4 lhey-: PU 'D
'* ctoi% that; blendi the b 07-hl 11P WhItl F which M o ese pro - f ie a iTe acLldentifi !. -go --fAll gU nword, sound effie 1, Mu !N.' THE SPO
TLIGHT-Woiker,4 ins th6 eq*pnientfor ects,, I wM- cost gic and a inass, a brilliant
Augus $10 000- ;''
lighting In su h, a way Ithst' 0 ;1, 6andand',Ug]htspe ,t l at th,
'd re ie 'As:'- vfilsked Ahi6ukh e st orM 6,
'ceinturi k- of- ;hlstol in Iir- Ii. 4,penedto the public
At c -th*:; Florida Times-Union ontraCt W 11hd A roitjidings-'tj at- 16nd,, themselves ere ,proylded
tional Park' Service, Squn in,-e quipm nt-.-,i46'u d e, iei ov 8/4/62 Jn'd;
th ,sucW&"fhgl4t'ba k, Intotime. and, Light, CDr ordtion of, Ne, r uireA at e--W
WTOv" OM-AhaTaA Yorkjh cq cessi6nifalrel Oti dence v ouse Idn'40
a suspend, stal auoj s, it ,rernis u du
i't a that',Wcouldt ins, iii, I it A j 616fif
'41i -tbi! '01 t, Au 'X
-PV l ces uring ari thrle(F w en fto qsetation; the', disenibodfe& ces
months Vhen,. touris -,, Volume ln, ,,, jand' ii;;- hou M14 ces 4 j 6'fl ark.' Service :d4 ",not
'on, t edro. Menen St
F Iori"Iiai ltslowe ght of tha t a, 11 modern
wall 14 .
Jiowelver;', .rax fe' rU SixnO* Urtk;ah es to, impaik, -Lthe o, LA -' L 6' -a
aps nd'XiMbIts
presidc t'L"Ot.the e0jilljany! n, quity' 7-,Lt tj r
OsL that perf orm6ai cs niy a 4 ld I on a b the 'L : o)r fttlrhi 'v1s1tor;s; Thus,' the
acts', 4 dltfw-&'Sd yof this the "L., L uuyLs c xexquu- w runke rponI tow presentagjs :devozed
old ei k vil'i be; heard 'fr6rn fen -wkki
-pro- n Cseht P.M 6e, Aeatg Justifies" such I s '6 IfSiOn- f0r dISIba3itling thetii.,ofjhe ,imsof e commlsUq-,d! 6)iuinns con aInlne sixt t', f t6 S, Ma ,,dr W I 4 S 6jjj jjl
likely p rIqd Pq'uipment-, An r sion. -.7his Include! 6uk-,'4t& c6phonicL- sbealcers." i -f orn'aRo La- ancL,,! model of od 0 r) 11
eL sa g4 hi hts With '01 "'Suspens on 1 g. only in 0', tip Day, ,'l until sb _rt e
Cjj tM jL Y; balorw tlie,-6114psee SPanIqhKectoras it, presma g", 00 -wattsL Df' o We- vu il-1sibi will- etw M 11 ,.wi -b w s6ppgar ,, 1 rap, 'din' Iti rhj ,'jd als ion charge'i will bi t6 d to ,program ;.
slFr0im. -93., hdWt5 and' 75 cents z plete ,t In another ,,iodm,.
jk Zthe,',forty 41hffite t s col :of
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ftich 1" been-,-pie)ared. by,
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so-, jy. b otil, i e days ,grow short' whit a third ro
bin serve .1o,,diA-'_,_j) aid
these v6 L be 4 -4-36 and 5 er plpg,, ,arttfac recov
the, eve A r P. j,. g ', other irionths '- th4 en a s.- means-, Vfljuse V,
ns, L 4 z I e -1lating LtO,-t e W
.1beL I ay s art as,,eArly 5146h;.khip'm fit', terns
-City firlcsh,: V- in" z t ou aqw 4,ana Jh
-L c ort 'WIL, por:traxed' ti, LL
4igh ng; 'W tin A' rt 'Joqn Thee as ryUt jjt'- Sp"i L proper y.,,con7 *16 -1 the"llike4nust be de oted-to n
that v, 'Porice de Leon in, 15'13 hZd-1,ihe :V Al, in _,no agler, .-which be
Fo,- sieges', by illo's Integrity.
n I y;,10ssen Casf 1885 and J9, th tqu,, or
174.0 b' 'ir6d f" Iat(SfPlciOrV "$ Sjj6h ite 0 'W
MJ4 could detraet Th a d -&Wa eim Plr'ofeSS'onal
'failed., We) on, d evea hose-who axe e.
fo it eif-' .vas, b" in-i Mt2-, 'lot 'inside t1i6 -foit-.,A&j,-see i .th oyme4 O-f th e 'th 0 il s arl ds hor i<uri, ts lj bie',d6ljght t :
-;d e eo le whoyisit the--hation aping %progT e Tbia' -suclien6e''will W-and brfllipnt hLfght-tlme, how. This,01 1 )M i 4e,.j is because the pow llght -humen-tT. .du'ring--- daylight
erful mol that fimb en t' r $0 g
cjally 'r Construe ed' 0 -, seat will -ernblazon the ter r snlallil grounds t 6,
9 raised scene to -it" &ob, it6ugh ,AttOdance Rt the buildi g, which N as eirccW a
a]ly ably foje the and- ,-Jcr verk-,,- 1-4w.m, 11661d iort has h'kd, z its ul$s-,grid WUS recen years, t ,re
-Seft i763. ie kyard, I oi, When -in posltl*: sWPS at iri bLI
twenty feet r 114 L h *hen! low r e d -In the r"Jor'touristp'l"e,
ill _(,q'duT;y 4Ui n Spa AhJ- Ld! Etnd
,w e p6a, manner
and- not Jn use, pment fat t- 11
t con atten an
compaF- Apac#,oply fiv"t, fl d.Llght Rierfol*axledi. fhe d 1 C'e W11xs ,ieachedJn,1953 of, days
cessionnalre en6otint e w ie 533,000', vis gr&,e L -a,' ;6r, C ,, I .
geL Ln,
Thei a re t it, it6i 1 1 16 1 h ilread re krowlng,,, d an lem' that4, had, hot.' to
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*ac even 'self an Vhe well, th, di' 4Z q ered
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nfn' Ar. The Na ional- k ei 1(, 1 itro( uctlon of thi 4,pundanding ekca rfl 77