Memorandum for the Superintendent


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Memorandum for the Superintendent
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Castillo de San Marcos Terreplein Project
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Albert C. Manucy
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Folder: Prior excavations, research, & reports

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University of Florida
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97-3003; 93-3000; 94-3000
Castillo de San Marcos
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bmrY 26, 1940

ereandn afor the Supertntendents

ermene i mad to Dr. A# as E3ay's Ilnram num
of bakery 15 esitewing my report om *Ta"replisn CotrZettonS

Dre Elys s tlae w *tifiable4 to the po1ntat but a be dicatae It i di fflomat to pply a newly develope4 proceens to alealy gong, faengey 0*0*
when I wa asdegin to oat rion in l Normber 1988, pha~a te the toropleta weak wm mp1ete4 The t1llowif mwnh the profeet was app a sa satM# at I was 9ave. the job or ashesg obrsome No PM eae a o wee mea fo bsteu trrv a
AS to eaosnre ta mn somEo rtal

resaroes won hasse ts tn e projees wa strs h, Ust tapmant s*a awe entWely unShMl eve at the pedea tim though a O taportant s wen e a availbl* ia the I oey of osseess 4A t an eds-e to takatee the tum., embeaft M. seatom at sUlm esn-mai tob the oet stuy.)

A a sseaste e mrap a~1men an elical aplirable of th mesplebs wtt haes% been dsAyble t A t the eautlato wn a ts vieStie sibu,. on of the paish tapta e asommary erfaCe W ith waCh met of the tsraplota Is v epa weas a oeasaaio na be oSantet wed wslatirely siat a.d Onftia mostly to the bastions. The apPe f111 In the bastiss to a t e t the tapans oAt tweSty tet or me iate the ser spanlish fiul is a meot seemstem

The report on the t Wein as cwaompiled to rt onA weQcd sIuch notations as aoulA be mae while the PV*Jft was in OPOe tions that t is not more oOqplte is du4 to th fact that Under the etwoaxteatas, thee was no w to provid4 persEonel. fAnta =4 tia for meati mr profound investigation.

The Prepts outlmIne In Dr. ellyte review
were bought ou iin i4he tewhaba aorano a t Wiahmost in 193. after the baio conateavtin vok was ompleateo It Is regrettable that they weia not *lrUer dWlope4 sa appU4 in regional and ahIngto review of the projst apltion.
roidenta~ll y 1 to; vsggt eod that thee to eachI wrk to be 4n atot Marlon in he filds of Weholoy tad arbhiteta"r Yet there sems #4 be as w spea to pzov14e for even tSepawry *4tone t the tat# As a va4et, me4 of ourt 4e opUvmt pmarm to hUA to a

asmomo the aibj#te riae below aight b amtiVAted by vwous temiatls s4a order to Oawt bei potaUs and add to our know14d of 1oa01 iotal

Naf of e ala of fo t r s

(dearvaso o r tu oakin Oppeans oft s

OTjmu s 2!ba if
Speaelo"tiion at itso ee pbdeeast

Lasetion s o A of I cas GAMA the *Ae I a Uo Uty Ad** e I *s UM sbonl aite
sa(eto h rgnlaat

take uxatans oas ioA nutet 0* tW sm.

Abett Oe Manuai


brxzary as, 1940

enmf U Sh tpentdent

earofenO is m=e to Dr. A. R. K e y's armrdu of Web reviewing my rPpot on "Trplin B Coaltmstlon
Fort Maroi Natinal manst
DI 'ate tiL e aeO JMlPitlble At the potat, bat as hle tinates it is 4ittiault to aPlR a newly 4evelopat
pig.aed to *Xad g i&ag sem eny uw\a.

Whea was elaiw a t to pVrt Mariton n No vmber 1938, plane fr the terIeplet wrk were oplsteA. The tlls
th te wa appos and stat .was 4 the
Job ot rekng omaeates a, ee Mons
were a4 for beforhead historrical Iastigatlon.

Ao to Maw iS d" m1 soure tbhQa a los atll scenes wm .Z 0SPt R V 4 *DStio With,
the aanetta histos of the twe ma tlm,)es
aMe isap st sare p e eataAy anavil a4ble h*s at the
paWtet the7 3iighi a ter lprtant 1e-ot ae alb2 tin
the Albrw ot C. g A hth a agm*a s d a
to ialtestO the m"a00re Meanst an4 *tion of a0s seetl
to the ftaet stag*)

at the t as umt bm bew 4 la a i tsO9&t or te eaoplications aJth the Fetnag publi ith tastra of the sapash tapa as umonry fastee with whith um of the
wa4 arX smei'm r aull .4 atlbariaau.1 tp lawAeions.
The uppat tril tn ths bastina is sseri a an iA taptae of aiia teaw that or me into the lowa i msatb till ts
a meet qutaS

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Th port on the tor plain was ampl"A to put cin teso4 0asu notat-s ia as aoed be uad while tBe

s due to the tfeo that unae the ioumsmateanes ther was no vt to psot14 pawsoaeli fund saA timw to makag awre profou invosttiaions.

The preeta out ltan in Dr. lstly* waevis
woe bwouht out In the tehutI*Iease onftaene at eaha nd in 1959,. afte the bae oStw3'ton woa was eoplOe4e It is asettblla that they wee not earlier 4e81w lped an afe~ i in :atoneo ad Wesanltou n "ewav f ~te projlt e~pitestion.
1nistault tt is **gaeted that the I ameh wrk to be tone at bat Marlon in abt l4ads of aBeeaoTgy and aWhisstu e Yet thee sema e be no wYQ ea to W MOW o nd temqorw eatiM*ts a te stat As a see2t, me of oar d4e t peae It hA to a

se at the subject Uted below aght b Imatigses by vOAU tea iinidasc in o r to 4Oear baiee poate sad aA to t edkn1 e4 ot l"Ad 0o0ela onlture;

4 pesibl otion et its w4e p en0d4esuok

at we so at or Ae ond, uo

Investa t the~l att o TeRlmate medosh
(on ste),steanas anu atsaWkd
e netonast on ski tno vwl*.

Asteo tIa Iit ea t e o bataitonandobeitotion soat li and

4pPas a opealy ins wool use St ten.t

Albert C* Manor
Feator moarch 2eoabtedam