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Transcription and Translation of a Document
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Castillo de San Marcos Terreplein Project
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There is a note on the front page of the document made presumably by Al Manucy (initials A. C. M.) which says "This translation has not been checked, and is not to be regarded as entirely authoritative."

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Castillo de San Marcos
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in the Public Buildings, Fortifications and Defenses section of the East Florida Papers, relative to instructions for troop movements, distribution and retirement along third defense line, particularly at Feria del Puente, in 1812.

N.B.; This work is transcribed from microcopies of this Congressional Library material made for the F-ort Marion National 1 monument Library. Library of Ccngross designation of this document is East florida Papers, 176-2. Microcopy destination in F-24.

Detailed plan of the places that ought to be garrisoned in this place in order to avoid a surprise; defense that ought to be made in them and manner of retreating which the Commandant of the said Line will observe.

Redoubts of Solana and first

Feria del Puente

At the General's command the troops in the number that are detailed to cover these places will fall in line and be distributed in the following manner.

The officer that commands the front that looks to the San Sebastian River and those which correspond to the right and left road shall distribute the garrison assigned to the redoubt of the passage of Solana.

The reserve corp of these places will be placed in the orangery of the master major Martin Hernerndez or in another if the Commandant finds it more convenient, in order that he can assist with the necessary desposition.

Defense and retreat

The garrisons of these redoubts) placed in the boundary districts)will observe the environs and margins of the San Sebastian River with great care; and with rreat precaution detach each Commandant of the place with a party composed of a Sergeant, a Corporal and ten soldiers, which will be distributed in two patrols for going around from one redoubt to another to prevent disorders and whatever novelty that they nc-e inform the patrol that covers it, to the next ((patrol)) in order that its Official Commandant may take precautions for their security and defense. The greatest care of t hese patrols ought to be directed toward the river, observing if


noise is heard, people, baiks, lighter of anything suspicious is seen that indicates that the enemies intend to ford it. In which case the two patrols of each redoubt should reunite and proceed to arrange themselves in due order; Those of the Solana to the channel which is at the front; those of the Feria del Puente to the dockyard next to the margin of the River; and all should make fire continually upon those that intend to ford it4 who may be afloat on barks or lighters, and the troops of the redoubts doing the same, using at the proper time the gun of'bal alion which each post should direct, whose fires directed with effect can prevent the arrival of the enemy to the margin of our part. If the number of the enemies should be. so great that they can surpass the fires from our advanced party, each redoubt's official Commandant ought to strengthen his own, giving at the proper time information of all that occurred to thh Captain Commandant of this Line, who will apportion to them the reinforcement that he considers adequate. But if notwithstanding having augmented the number of the advanced party, and that the fire of it and that of the redoubt from which it depends cannot impede the approach of the enemy to our margin, retreat to the place from where will be 'etached a body of troop aad then mak -.a direct and opportune fire in order to prevent the enemy from disembarking and taking refuge, whose operation will be made difficult enought by the marshy land. But if this difficulty is overcome, the officer that commands the place should give all information to the Commandant of the Lime, and if it is decided to retire with the troop do it with every precaution' ;n the meantime leaving the battery gun showing, and get in disposition of retreat a number of soldiers