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Burials in the Cathedral
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Cathedral Basilica
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Arana, Eugenia B and Doris Wiles
Saint Augustine Historical Society
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Saint Augustine (Fla.)
Cathedral Basilica (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine


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El Escribano, Jan. 1966, Vol. 3, No. 1; 15.; FLC

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/5. CF 31e(

BuialJ in. tAe Ca 5ed/al

The cwuAen.t ienovation and 1Lanodelling of iAe Ca(Aednal Aha pranpted a
review of Ahe hiAio/lt of ;tai- veneAable dtzuctiue, and a. a /aiultL rane ob6cune
and almnot fotn golden fac;t have come to Lfd itegandizng. e beloved piLed of Ake
MflinocanA, Faelten Pedwo Campd; Ah Auuccemon. hene in. St. Auguddine, the FAanciAcan
Fathe. Nancido Font, and Don Miguel Lon.eno YVna/~dy, who confiacted fto. tke con-
;inct"ion of Ae chuic4 in /793.
Fahien Ca(mp4 did not -Live to jee iAhe building. begun, aMwjougA plan fPon.'
iA conrinuction wene afoot in. /786, when on Decenbea 8, a noyal onden wa& Lzisued
approving. i.. Plani dnaun by hAe engineer/ Don. laniano de la Rocque wene LiAewise
approved by ie (zowu in &/h, /790. Bui d.wo montA late, on. /ay 19ZI, FaAten
Campa paied away a-t Ai& home a.t he age of 70, afen. dezving. twueny-uwo yea"t4 in a
dicfficuLt miLnion withA hL fino/Lcan couninjnen in. (ad Flonida, boihL az Cw(mae of
St. Pe-tenj church in New Sm/nna, and hen.e in St. Auga. ine in. the makejhift chapeL
on St. 5eon ie Stneet a-jigned -to him by the Bnatidh povennor. He uaj buzi.ed
the following day in he paunziA cnerene ,. /
/7e death, of Faihzen Camp' inallU obliged the audioniLtiea -o replace him
wiLt a pniLea, acquainLted wi. ;tle language of tie MinozcanA, and ;te young. Fa.teA.
NanciL o Fonrt, 0. F A. a/vt.ved in it. AuguAiine omne-time in /792, apfen many~ deLayA.
Hi &euanuee hen.e wa Aho, t-lived, hooweven, fon. he ,pa ed awya on. YanraiLu /3, /793
a.t e age of 3/. He, .oo, U xi buuned in Ae pa&n.z cenee&y. 2
ffo&ia to n.eplace Faiten. Font wene rwno LuccejfALl, and wiihowt a depfX2nae
pa-to/L, IJe Minocan go/up meazged wiAk tie oeien pani/hionrenA.
meanwhile, iAe inadeuaie quantte/ on e second fLoon of -he old Spanish
BiLhopa Houxe on. ite joutA jide of tAe pLaga, wAhene divine AenviceA had been held
since ize n.eowcem-ion of Ftonidca to Spain in /784 wene beyond nLep2a. On ApAni
//, 1793, Don. MiueL Yanaindy pnejenied a coni act "wiA neapec_ to labonL, ion wonk,
fadieninpg, painting, g.-aA and oienL uiiliiie4" fon. approval of hie gaovenonL, in
tAe amount of 5, 000 peAoA, -to be paid in five pan&A: finL when the conit/acit Wa
4igyned; Aecond when Yihe unwaLL wene one-Aiwid completed; hinAd when iAe wall& uwet.e
finished; fuowth when -the noof una begun, and -the -Last at ie conclusion of iAe wohnk,
"with dooi/z and window4 painted and gLazed, fLoolw planed, woof finished, and the
choLA. and two chapel wuliteuwahed. "'
The contact t to fu~niAh hAe lumbeL uain auanded to Don Toman Tnave.A. And
tAe pniAAhioneet began bning.ing in gpifti, of Lamben, Lime, fA.ee Labon, and even
male and a few hen wA ic wen.e Aold to add to ite building fud.
Into he new cAunch watlA went cou ina f am te nuinS of -te Chapel of
Nue-na Senona de la Lecke, 4ie old panLih cuch on St. geonge Siteedt that had been

uded by de BnitLdh and u,. now in nuinr, and de nu.in of Athe chapeL at Toatmato.
WVile ite Lad~ten u.X bei-ng naied, an accident occuaned. An enomlunous one
feLL on e 4anb of Faithen Campw amnahed the cofiLn and bowe one of hL LeZe.
&lid devoted /rinolncan piihwAoDnelnt found upon iein annival at hAe .cene haat albAo
molne hlan. tnee year had padded dince hLd death, 6he body wa. in a nemnaable dta.e
of pneenrvai&on. Sai&fLed wd ith iAL p/oof of ihe Man.cti of -tein beloved paon,
eIey demanded -thaa -te ne'mine be .enoved &o iAe new chu&cA. i
=.i a no-o unrtiL Decenbe 8, /797 Mhaai ie building wa fo.4nmaLL dedLcaded,
and FaikeA. Miuel O'Reily n.eponied tdo & oveneznon Whte Aa.ta witk univenal 4ejoci
the cibo/ug uW tinanfenn/.ed to 4he New aaniA/L CiwAch, even thouhA i. iL no-t yei
finished. "
Pewm1nimLon wan ob-iained fAom Don LuiL PenaLven. y (andena4, Bizhop of
Louiziana and de tlo FLonidao and on lay 20, /800, 4he tendh anniven.ana of hiu
buziaL, te zenmain of FaJten. Pedto Canmp4 were removed to a bAdick vauLe in t4e
chrcAh. A week -lae., on May 27th, FaIten Fonrd' i n enaimn wene ikLewise rienoved foN
hAe cemetery .;o an adoinin copn pntment in the vault., with pzopen ce/.eonied.
FalteA. O'ReiLly dul.y econded the4e event in he Filn~A Book of White Bunialj, on
page4 95 and 96.
On December 3/, /80/, Faten O'ReiUly called hie govennown.' attention to
dhe fadct tad afie hAeavy nain and wincd, he noof of the new chuLCh Leaked badly,
and tat Don iligueL ynandy had offered to make -the nece4aaUy nLepaioLn a- hdL ou.n
expense. Penmi.nion unw pannply given by hAe aovennoui.
jit .eemn to have been about -/Mi time that Don fiaeuel decided thafi when he
pa,4ed on, he too, would likJe to be buried in 4Lte newo church. He had been foi/naUll
given lhe title of Steuxand of Ate building by B3ihop PenaLvenL in h800, a po0i4ion
whAich he had aLteady jenved fon marny yieana '"wuit eaL and honon.. He vaj a man of
mean, and usa heeld in Alih e-teem by n.e&iaoiouw, mili-ta/u and civil officiaLu And
Ate nemain of Ate two pniLet of .Ae Minol can bad ahLeady been nemnoved fAomn 'thei.L
oniginaL /Le sin/. place in. -te pan.iAh centelny and placed in adjoinhina vault in l4e
danctuanty. qt uad it henefone pwxbabLy at Ynandy '4 duiection that a place wua
.eLected by Antonio Liambia4, in ihe przeence of 4te con iabLe. /7htee men we'ie
enpLoyed at Y!nandy' expense to pnepane a place foan the indenmend uwen needed-
Manitin Henander, Ate ma~ien canpenren, Antonio Liambiaj and Juan 7niay.
Aften a painful illnej of jevenal week, neali3ina Mthant hAL diy weAie ranbelr
Don A l uel VYna/ldy made hua La.t WiLL and 7Tetament on /llanch 39, 1803, and on 'noly
Friday, ApnL, 8t, he pau4ed away. Sn hAi will, he dineced that hiA n/emain be
intenAed in dte paridh church,, under he a-tan of La, Anima.
/,woof Mha.a hA wi4heA wene canLied out i found in te volminobu document
in. -he ancLhvew dealing withA de adminisoration of hiA ea4_ade, panticu/anly Ahe

i. A neeipi e nLP m A /,in HeAnande, dated 29 Octobe, /806, fot,.
43 peod 4 Leale4, _o4 -he labo' penfonmed in /80/ in po/nepa/in
Ie vault. T/7z monet uwn divided among ie thiee wonA/ten,
Hennandez, LIrambia- and 7Tiay.
2. The cet&iflcate of Don Yode de Zubikannveta, Aie government ,eectea&A,
dated Apdil 3, /803, w/ o v isted Aie y nandy /~e-idence on the day of
ALd death, aw him being. j/o uded, and ;&ated thai the-deceased uxu
buwl-ed in. the paui"h chAun.c of AL ciiy, accoAdinog fo ite clause
in hkm wil.
3. Account #5 in. he papen of the Y4nandu (5tade, Liting. expenses of
Aie Afunenal, wAicA included one iiten fAA hAing a majon. to open and
cloe tie 4ep1LckeLn: / pe/o 4 /nea-Le; and a LikJe amount fa a
cLpende1L to aenove and Leplace e e tanima nameme) of iAe a.Lan,
Sat te foo 4 of wAicA Ae uws buried.
ALL of ideje in.cidend4 would, no doubt, have been buni.ed in fhe a/tckive4
and foltgo;ten, had iL wno been fo. the di sat &nou fine Mtha- on ApUiL /2, /887,
de4iowyed c o much of dountoun St. Auuixtine, incLuding. the chuvtch, of whiZcA only
Ite 4fou)w. UxLL weze Left dztanding.
Snn IJe week that foLL owed, dUin.g YAe nebuildcin, -wonknen. came upon a
vault, buiLt of bnLick, pa/ndtitoned in. ize center in each comnpa/inen-t of uwAicA wene
dincoven.ed Iuman bone. The S-t. Augutefine PIe. foI auly 39, /887, aold the

~7 had no4 pneviou-ly been. noun Aad.ha anyone had been bui.ed beneaA
lize an.ctuanu of lie (aiAtedbal, and lie diicoveVy naitzaunl occasioned
conridenable dsuApoise and conrectuAe aJ to Jie identity of ize 4temain .
/Ml Th. ma/ Saniol imnediactely wend do wonk to jolve die myteny, and fzan
ruenenouA ancient chuAch, docunen.ti he haw been enabled to penuue, made
ie foIowing. di covetziei, and ha kAindLd fAvuniAed 'Me P4Ie-i wiAth te
ae4ult of Ai reneeanche, n an ancient book of buAiaL4, whi.c i.
endtited Sndice de ntie/neuwi de BlancoA de la S7Lelia de San A ,4udin
de la Flonida" ( Atene i ) an en. n of the nenovat of ~e /Lenaenu, -
S" naaicion de huejo" of DL. Pedw (amp. to Aie C(aedwia on tle 20
Sof fay, /800. -the 27th day of Aay, /800, ;tAe zemaitn of ano.tena
p. ied, F/.. Nanci.o Font, wene also zenoved to eCLe CatIedaa, Jo hata
thelne cannot be tAe question of a doubt butd iaat tie bone, found .ecentLy
in Ate newly discovered vault ae e o.e of ie lwo pLieted4.
S. Wednesday anotwze vault wad diJcovened uinrediaxeluy unde4 t'Ae
altan. of St. godepk. Then/e -a no clue whaateve,4 a -to wAo uwa buried in

Ai6L vault, altiougA fjutnm e situation of it, Li, muwi have been. somne
Aihk diniitant,. Ihe bonee of -Ae pnLie.tA have been. put aunyi foir.
iafe keeping and will be ne-in.teaned unden. tAe new altaa.. Relic Aunteln.
welie kept buy aj uAuaL, and two on. hi/ee wo/lanen jecu/red ztnall pieces
of. .e pniLe~ih' veidmentri.
We believe ite exptLanat.on foAIL M. SaujLol 'd inaliiuy to idenify the ikind
vauLt L iZhi: FaijAen Alic/aeel (CLoAgb, who conducted ite fne.enal i ezvi.cej on. ApJil
9, /803, made iie en,.zn in. ie FiLA Book of WhiAe Bu iaL, pmgea /117- /8. Hle 4ae
haat Don, Aliue-L ynazndyc uwa binied in -te cemeeln of the ,p.iLA4 c4wurch Me day
foLLowing hALd deaAi.
Despite MthiLa iaaenernu, iti LaL ou. opinLon tjhai he documendaiwon in Mte
AxLchive4 of tAe y4nandy ia-tie -A juff.iciend pioofo kai tMFalte' (C/owby ua men.ely
foLLowing ie cunomnanu fovm fon. -uch entin, and inadve.zeer ily made an ern,-u in
itd iJn-tance. 7i uia JAi-L ew)/on, however, iza.a pnLevenied Mie myie.ay fzton being
4oLved in 1887, fon. At. SaunioiL tLua pom/ilyl unaartue of Lte.ne documenbt-, and Mtey
wene ven. y.ike-Ly n.o. onLy unknoun bu.t unavailab-e to .un at tlai time.
Fu'/tenL pn-oof of ihe nebwuiaL of Fatlzen. Pedrco (Cam73. Li. 64e (atiediza L a aULo
found in Ate I7e4-ameneiarn IoceedUJinr pe/etainin}. to &. 1L e.iu ie. A7e.ze a.ze many
iece.eipti fon vacniou^l expen-edi, including one f1iwn ARtloniLo Liambiaa fo.I' e coffin
dated Iflay 20, /790, and anow/ea. f/an L.&mbias dated Aiy X, 80 ', fo.- a box in
wAi.chA o depot te nemnaina in the net, cwdut'/ Anotie.z man, Ba.ztoLioe LLuf.o,
received 3 pejoj I /eaL fozn wonih nerlaiive to zeanoval of (apo aLao n.eceived 6 pefoe fon. je.,vitcej penlainin l. .zfemoval of e .zeanin-. fzLrn
ize cemee&L. /.
A AimilanL neceipt iU found in tAe C liam enIa P(oceedu..- (i.ate of

ofw ie Lenain .
1. C(~a-edaw PaalLiA Regi.AI eL, Fizua Book of W/ZiIe u i i;, o. 2 ,; qie (a/t e i
of St. Augadutine, A HiLdonic Sute Repo&d b6y ALbc.zi (. d)inuc',' fo. IA r
National Paik Senvice, 7une, 1/j6. (/uAcl. uni S f t i -ic Scxwa.ni fou 'a,
1783-1822, Rev. Mi.chael Cu(lle, /9/40, p. ,S.
2. Fi-fd Book of White Bwuia&, p. 57; Clu~ndc ami Se ato ... 2/8-7.
3- .- t6azt jlonida Pape/nz, Con/LeApondence of A-e t ove.vio-i L'L4 t he Btdi-ooja a11.l
(uwralte: ydnandy .o Que.iada, ApAil i/, /793.
4. 7Te Catedtal ., pp. 29-J.

5, An ariLcle entitled"La ViLLe de S;. Au~Lutine, by HenAL Cowuey de LaRoche-
Herwn, pubiLUhed in Feuilleton du Younwal de Quebec, 1anch-ApiLL, /856.;
Tnranvlated i on ;the Hiaoni.cal Socie.y by MA r. lohn 77mnpaon in /95/. The
wniwe/n, a FnencA-Canadian, had been a viL.o/n o St. Augu~dine the pteviouA
winter. While he/e, he interviewed an elden4ly Lady ( idenrzfied by /iuf.
Ueanon P'hiLLp4 Banned as Do'i Iflaiina Hennandey) who &old him e JAe dZo/t
of Ihe accidents a- Toiomralo ceneede/y. He wnote, The nezipeciable lady who
told L4 tAa-t, had iZ.a4ed with devoti&on the hand, still dupple, of Fahen,
Camp; hAe daw itenae Ahe pnoo~p of .the danc.ity of 'thZi woidtAy enwvanif of
god. Thmi iadu who iL todayy 8/ yeai old, i. the juL.vivon of the aenenamton
bonn in. New Smmzna. She uxa only one yean old when dhe came fo St. Auuo.tine
wih hen family, buwt n/nenben/ whatu hen fahern nelaled to hen, and Ahe event
4.he wihnzeded daurAin hen. liefime She spoke only a Mlinoncan. dialect,
and what hAe wlwae in French had fibLv o be Lnanwlated into Spanish, then
into (nali&h, with t&.e help of Iwo inte/1pnee/te.
6. Cornezpondence O'Reilly to White, Decenben 20, /797.
7. bid., O'Reilly to WhLe, Octoben 3/, 180/; White to O'Reill, on the
.ame dace.
8. 7bid., Penalven .o White, Febauarl 16, I800.
9. ad F& l Ronida apenr, 7eA~iamenianu,/ Paoceedinqg, Ano de /803: ITedamentiana
pon muelte de A. Iiguel de Vynandy, Capitan de Illician lnbana4 con funcioned
de Rexidon y DepoAiLani-o enene/al de ei la Pla.a; iLcrzofilm Reel 6.
0t. -bid., Ano de /790: Inventaniov ( title e poe &oin) PedLw (Camp;
flizcofinm Reel /; T71e Hitoiony of Ahe (Catolic CuanAcA in the United Sdtates,
by c7ohn ilmnany Shea, 890,, Vol. 3, p. 7/'6; The (ja IAeal ., p. 45, n. 70.
/i. 6ae Flonida Papen&, Ieltamenar/iy PIoceedingn, Anjo de /793: Diligencia4
fo/madoto obne el falLecinenendo del Padne P. aancomo Poni (iLc) del oiden
Senafico, y CapetLan delaA familiar MaonecaM/ de e.ta ciudad ., Reel 2;
HiLdont of ,he (aqtoli.c Chuiwc ., Vol. 2, p 563, n. 4.

Tnanrjla tconr arul nejeanch
by !/L. (ug enia B. Anana and
Alr". DoniA Wile4.

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tA/d vauLt, aJLAouJA fAmn 6te di4uaion of it, it muwd Aave been dane
highA dignita.. T. he bones of Ate pnieads have been pza auay ot
4afe keeping and will be re-in.enzed undeL Ae new alza. eLic Auzrienzi
wene kep buLy ad uual, and 4two on ~tee wonk/nen jecuned 4nal pieces
of A~e pa Le 4a&' ved nend&1.
We beieve Ae explanadion. os ML. Saado '4 inability to ideniF y the hind vauLt i. tAiA: FadAen li/cAae Clo by, who conducted Ate funelal services on April 9, /803, made ite en.&ty in l/te FinsA Book of White &Ani zae, pae //7-11//8. Hle in Athat Don AMiuel Ynand/y wun buAnied in -Ae cmneieam of -Ae pcxniLh c4uwch -Me day following hid death.
Dedpit.e La j.dta;tenerd, L i.4a oun opinion tha t tALe documendaiwlon in ;he Achived of Ate Yinalndy j@ate -3 jufficiend piof -tat Faezen Cw-4by u= merely foiLowing Ae cuitanay founm folz Auch en, and iadvenientLy made an enwon in .tiwj instance. i u n tAiL en on, zoweven, za.t pnevenred i Ae my eny ftaom being AoLved in /887, fon, ln. Sa, iol uz-i pOlbly unait ze of Aete documen, and M-ey wene veny LihkeL y not onLy unknoun. b.t unavailable to Aim a4 t ta ime.
Funie. pnoof of the nebwuiaL of Fa iea. PeAo Camp4 id de CaldedraL id a&o found in te Tedlamenitanu PwceeduinJ perainln. to hAA eAtlade. /7.eae anze many /leceiptA foL vasuiowA expen-je-, incinding one .fr.an Antonio Lamnbias foz the coffin dated fay 20, 1790, and aoteni fizan Ll bia dated lay 2, /800, lon a box in whi.cA o deposit Ade nemains in Me nerw cIuincht. Anolen man, BandoLome LLuAnio, .Leceived 3 pedom / neal fovz wotk reLaive to ,/znova of MAe bones, and Loaengo Capo a-do nLeceived 6 pedo fon je,zviLceJ petlining o zenoval o iAe LnaainA fiRAn lAe cenetezy. /O
A Aimilan receipt .l, found in te 7e iamnenan: yI Poceeding.- (Ata.te of FaAet Nanci.o Fonr, da-ed une 6, 1i84),, anrul igned by PedLo AeAte fon sleova of lie /enains.
A-eda aL Pa.ihA Regi.te, Ti,-At Book of Wiit BwiaL, p. 29; The C a edar L
of St. Aunufine, A Hiatoic SiLe Repo,,, by ALbelJ C. lnaucy, foI Vtie
Na-i.onal Pai Senvice, une, 1946. ( /u.Lci arul Stae in -e Spanih JFloida
1783-1822, Rev. li.chaeL J. Cueley, /940, p. 2/8.
2. Fi/. t Book of WhiUe Bwuial, p. 59; C/uL/zl and 5.tate .., pp. 2/8-9. j. 46ad't FLonida Papena, Con7neapondence of Me 9ovennozA wiAth fM e Bidhopj and
CunwaYte: Y nandy -to que-ada, Apzil i 1, 1793.
4. The [a aedwl ..,p 29-Y.


An a&ice enitled"La ViLe de St. Au~tuq inLe, by HernL CowuAey de LaRockeHeron, publ hed in FeulUedon du founrnal de Quebec, fanl-Apcpil, /856.;
Tnanalraed fo ~te Hilonial Socie~ty by / w. foAn rmpzon in /95/. The
wiLte, a Fnenc-anadian, had been a vii.ton to S,. Augwudine iAe peviou.
wine. While hexe, he ineavieLewed an eldenldy lady ( idenii.ed by Aul.
cLeanon P'hiIp4 &anne4 as Do'ia Aavina/ HennandeS) who fld him lAe d-oa of Ahe accident a- ToaLmaao ceneeenu. Hle wmo/e, 7he nexpecable lac4 wAo
o-old wt .Aa-, had bhimed wiiA devo-ion tJe hand, ,fil zuppe, of Fadtenz
Camp; jhe daw tene he pnoop of Ate ianci&ty of LthA wont/Ay deavanf of
9od. Th ady who ia today 8/ yealw old, Li YAe nuavivon of Ahe geenadiion bonn in New Sm.na. She w. onl one yeaa old when .Ae came to St. Auw.ine wiJh Ahe family, ba n.nenbe that e. fae. ea. lwaed d.o hea, and he evenra
dhe wcteemed during hea lifetime . ." Se poke only a Iinorcan dialect,
and wha- he wno4e in Fench had fLdt to be nn-ralaed into SprnA, A.ten
inro (nh ih, wdiJA Le help of dwo intewepo ee-.
6. Couzeapondence . O'Rei.y to White, Decenbenr 20, /797.
7. Ibid., O'Reil y -o WAhte, Octobea 31, 1801; Whie -o O'Reill on he
ame da-e.
8. Ibid., Penalves to WAUe, Febumanty /6, /SO. 9, faudt FLonida Papens, Te.damenany doceedings, Ano de /80): ed-tamenLani a
polL muenlde de D. Aliue de VYnanid, Capiuan de #Jill cla Lbana4 con funAcione4
de Rexidon y Depojisanio genenzal de ei a Pa; Pliozofilm Reel 6.
/0. Ibid., Ano de /790: InvenIa1ioj . ( t ue puge ton) PedrLo (ampa;
Alico film Reel /; 7Ae Hi/La.onj of Ae CaAoli.c CluizcA in e Unied Staate,
by soAn gilma_, Shea, 1890, Vol. 3, p. _76; i1Le Ca tlel . ., p. 45, a. 70. i t. fa~t Floida Pape, Teatameniay P zoceedings,, Ano de 1793: Dilgencia4
fomadoA double el falec.enerdo del PadLe P. anzcoio Ponia (jiLc) del onden Senzaico, y CapeLan delaw families laonemau de eila ciudd . ., Reel 2;
Hidto,y of ithe Cadtwlic CAuvc A . ., VoL. 2, 563, n. 4.

"zaanijla tiorA arnd zeeancA
by APb. (6uenia 3. Anaa and
MILn. DoaiA Wile.a.

uwed by Ae BaLtZi and Iwas now in lwinA, and d-te ,in of e capel at Toloaao.
WMile ,Ye aiLen Le uv being nazaed, an accident, occwaued. An enonmouj jdone fell on he tanb of Faien Campo, manhed Ae coffin and bawhe one of hd Lep. lid devoted Minoncan panZhAionen1 found upon hein anA.val ae dAe ,cene Aa ait.w mole Aan Vmuee yeana bad pueaed dince AiL deatA, he body ur in a enwadable ad of pedeavcat.on. Sa.ifLed wiA ZiAl plwof of /e jancLy heinL beloved puo4.,OA %Aey demanded Aa. Jze /nsemin be nenoved ?io te new c /.tch.
9, w nof urfil Decenben 8, /797 4Aad MAe buzidi ng.u fo amally dedicated, and FadJe' /4guel# O'Reilly reponded o govenon Wide ;Ma- wiA univenal nAejoi Ae Lbo un inaifennved -o e New Pandih CiucA, even ougA Lt i rwnot ye finZihed."
PenmizniZon und obtained fom Don LuiL Pena ven y Candena4, BiJhop of
Louiiana and te .;wo Flonida, and on ay 20, /800, -e denAt annivenaa~y of Ahi buwial, A&e nenain of Faiet Pedwo Campi wene nenoved 6o a b&Lck value in he cwa.ch. .A week lZate on Mlay 27t, Fade4 Fontd enaina weze likewise Izenoved fA Afe ceme.en-& .to an ac4oinnig cnmpan/enrd in -Ate vauLt, wth pzopen. ce/Lemnonie. Fathen, O'ReilZt duLy seconded -Mese evenrd in 4JAe FL-,.t Book of I Lte BuAiaLj, on page 95 and 96.
On December 3/, /80/, Fa-ez O'eiJl~ called te ovevon,.'4 aen uon to
-de fact 6at affez heavy nainj and windA, IAe woof of Ate new chu.zch Leaked bady, and Aat Don Miuel /4nandy had offered to make the nece4a/ny sepi2nA at AL4 oun expens.e. oPenijzion un paompi ly given by tAe govewon.7
3t j eemn to have been abouw LtA& -time haa Don /Miue decided tbaJ wAen he pa.4ed on, he oo, would like do be buried in lAe new chwch. He had been fomnwmUn L given e ;tLte of Sexnnd of ae buildingL bLy iop PenaLve in 800, a apojitLon whAicA he had already jezved for man-u yeaa "waiJA eal and oon.' le wm a man of mean, and un he-id in hAigh e4-teem by nzeliiouj, miliday and civil official. And dAe remain of -Ae dwo pniead~l of le Mwinn.canA had ahLeady been removed ffan tAeiA oeipinal 1Linezg. place in e panih cene and pLced in adoining vau.l in Ae dancua.l. und 2- en.efoe pnobaL at Y naondy diaecion baf a place an elected by Andono Lhambiad, in the pzeence of Zie conzable. /btee men weze enployed a, Ynazndy' expense o pnzepxe a place foIa /le indelznmerd uAen needediandin Hennande, the made. canpente, Andoni.o Liambia4 and fwnI 7Tuay.
Aftez a painfuL iJne4 of jevelaL week4, zeaLL ing &tla-t Ai 2A7 weae rwnbe Don Aiguel YVLandIy made hiL La. WiUll and eatamen. on /ianw.c jy, 1803, and on oL1 Friday, Apnil 8A, he paz4ed any. Sn hAi will, he diecded 6Aa- hi nRemainz be inIened in Ae paniAh cAnl, undea de altanlL of La Annmad.
lRoof ta- hiA widhe4 weae cavNLied ouwt ij found in lAe voLuninrwu documen& in ,tAe an/cive4 dealin. w.h lAe adminimna-tL;on of hi e-alte, p2 nicuLalZy 4 .Ae

,. /7.

i. A eceipi fAm Iafdin H/ennande, da.ed 29 Ocobea, 1806, fot
43 pe4o 4 ,ea-led, fo dIe labo4 pefoamuned in /80/ in pnepaz in .
iJ/e vauL /7Ld money uanJ dLvided among. YAe -tzee wounknen,
Hennande3, Lambiad and Ttiay.
2. /7he cedificade of Don }oae de Zubiaanxeia, Ae govenmend deczetaVy,
dadeed ApAnl [3, /803, who viL .ted he Ynand ,nedidence on .Ae day of
hij deafi, sjaw him being. Anouded, and dta-ted .aMa;t Ate-deceased uad
bunzed in Aihe paih cA hcA of -AtL c4ty, accodi -o Athe clause
in hj- will.
3. Account #5 in. e ppe of dAe Ydandy 6(Mae, citing expenses of
Ae Amenal, wAicA incLdes one iMen PAx hing a maon. -o open and
close JAe jep dhel: / pedo 4 ea lej; and a Like amount 4 A. a
24pende o aenove and place Ae ;anima (name?) of Ae aaI,
at Ae foot of wUAicA he ue bu.Led.
ALL of iAe4e in.cden. would, no doub;, have been bunwLed in he azchdive4 and Pongo1enr, had Lt nod been for the disa4out IW fine -Aat on Aptil /2, /887, dean~woyed jo much of douintoun St. Augustine, including Ae chc, of whiAcA only
-Ae fou uwaLL weae lep t landing.
In lAe week4 -tAa followed, dnning tAe Iebuilding wo&knen came upon a
vauld, built of bic, p/n tonedd in he cenren, in each compasnenl of wAiLcA weae diicoven.ed luAnan bone,. /7ze St. Auuz9tMine &Zem forz fLuL.y 5), /887, -told the

. St had no-t paevouly been Anoun Aa-t anruone had been buried beneaAth
tAe danctuay of te CatAedal, and -e dijcovely natwaally occaZioned conidenable duzpi.Le and conjecbAne as to te iderntiiy of he emnain..
i homaj SatzoL irnediatel went lo wonk to 4olve -the mye/uy, and f/an
n.aneowu/ ancient chuAncA docwnen;. Ae has been enabled to penue, made the following diicoventie4, and /has kinzdly funnzLhed tAe Phead wiA Ahe 4/e4ult of A j ze/ea/zche4 . In an ancient book of buniald, which i entitled ,Sndice de r~niennow de BLancoA de la Slesia de San AgL jiin
de La Flonida" ( ezee zi) an entn of t Me reno val of Ae /enain4,
"-Atalacion de hue-ow" of DA. edrw Cump -o tMe Caed zal on -e 20t of /ly, 800. . C. tAe 27th dy of lay, /800, te LemainA of anoteln pulea, -.. Nancio Font, wene a-o 4enoved -o dhe Cauthedza-, jo tAaza
te4e canno be -Ae question of a doub- but tAaL iAe bone found recent i
in MAe nezly dixcovened vauLt alte Mo,,e of lie -io pn-ejtj.
W~..edneajay anoA en vauL usd di coveed imnedia.tely unde4 Ahe
al-&an of S. foep. /7Aee ij no clue wuh/aeve aA to wo uno buried in

/5. r- C- 3 "

BuwiaL Athe (adedal

Th/e cuAend ienova7fion and renodelin. of the Cadrednal haj puAmpted a
Review of iJAe hLddotzy of uitZ venenab.le dJ6ucAue, and ad a neaul, mane obcwue and alrnof 4ogoen jac6i have come to LiqLAt megaading e beloved pred of Ate linorcan~, Fadhe Pedro Campd; AL juccejoL herne in S;.. Augudine, -the FAanciLcan FaderI ancico For and Don Ilue Loiengo Yznady, who o coniaced fo ie con,j ucton olf -Ae cAlcu.4 in /793.
Fadtes Canmpo did no, ive to jee -he building, begun, atltougA plan fo't i.L conwh6ruion were afoot in /786, uAen on Decenber 8, a nwyal oAdea uad iAued approving iL. i2an dZam by d6he egineer Don /laiano de la Rocque we/Le Lewi e app ved by lthe Cwrom in Mach, /790. Bui -wo mon/JA -Late, on May /9.t Faite. Campo pmed au z at Ai home a ihe aae of 70, ape jeAvi9 -wen V-hwo yean~ in a diLfficul mC imon widAi Ati /inowcan coun&aynen in (aj Foid, boi ad Cua-te of St. Peter chuck in New Smyna, and hene in St. Augdtine in -he maheiif capel on St. George Sitzeet amigned o him by Ate Batiah uvenrwn. He u- buried Ate fooUowinr day in the panih ceneler zy.
/7te dea of Faite Camn finally obliged te auJoiie.e4 -o neplace him wi.At a pziedt acquainted witA thAe ianuagqe of -Ae Mlinorcan4, and iAe young FaAthe Nancizo For~, 0. F. A. aNvved in it. Auguwfine omneAime in /792, afte many delay. H/iz -enu e hene uz jAoa/t-lived, however, fo he panued acwy on ganuaAy /3, /793 at the age of 3/. He, too, uaxn buuned in tLAe p-nih cenetey. 2
(foda to repIce Fatea Fon, wene nort uccedeful, and wihWAow a -epanaeapato&I, the Minozcan yaoup melned wiMh /ze othe paxanitionenA.
leanwIile, iAe inadeuaie quancen~ on Athe second floon of -the old SpanJih BiAho/p Houie on the douth jide of the plga, whene divine AenviceJ had been held since the ne2feoceLon of FLornida to Spain in /784 were beyond nep)in On ApniL //, /793, Don Migue Ynanddy plejenrded a coninac. "witA ne~jpec to labo, i-Lnn woUnI fjnen in, pining, pLazi and othe L lieL" lfon appsova of the govenonl, in the amoun, of 5, 000 pejo., -o be puid in five mpa : fPLit when the con. act unw signed; second when hAe mLUie wene one-Mhind cxpleaed; hAind when hAe wuaL& ulene fin ed, Pfo when whe nuof un begun, and he Z-at a-t Ae coneLion of the wonk, "wiLth doons and wizdowx pointed and ed, fLooa planed, lwof finished, and -te choin and ho chapel whideuazhed. "
The contac fto fvunzih the Lumbe uwn aucnded -o Don Tomam TaveliA. And he puAAhionena began bkining in iftij, of Lambel, Lime, fAiee labo, and even ma-ze and a few hens whiLh wene jod -to add to the building fund.
Jnt o hAe new cAz.ch ueZl wend coquiNa 'on the zuizA of hAe Chaped of
Nuednta Senona de la Leele, the old pa&i2h 9Az c on St. geoae Sz.eet Vzat had been