Image and Video Processing for Denoising, Coding, and Content Protection

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Image and Video Processing for Denoising, Coding, and Content Protection
Chen, Qian
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[Gainesville, Fla.]
University of Florida
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Doctorate ( Ph.D.)
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University of Florida
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Electrical and Computer Engineering
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Wu, Dapeng
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Li, Xiaolin
Sun, Yijun
Banks, Scott A
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Data compression ( jstor )
Decryption ( jstor )
Estimate reliability ( jstor )
Image processing ( jstor )
Mathematical independent variables ( jstor )
Multilevel models ( jstor )
Parametric models ( jstor )
Pixels ( jstor )
Range searching ( jstor )
Video communications ( jstor )
Electrical and Computer Engineering -- Dissertations, Academic -- UF
coding -- delay -- model -- video
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Electrical and Computer Engineering thesis, Ph.D.


A typical digital video communication system consists of the following main parts: video capture, pre-processing, encoding, video security, video streaming over network, decoding and post-processing. In this dissertation, we address four parts of the system, denoising in pre-processing, coding efficiency improvement in encoding, content protection in security and delay requirement in video streaming. In the first part, we propose a novel transform-domain based image denoising approach. It groups similar 2D fragments of image block into 3D data arrays to enhance the sparse representation of the signal in transform domain, so that the noise can be well separated by shrinking the coefficients. The proposed bounded BM3D turns out to be particularly effective for highly noisy images. In the second part, we focus on the adaptive in-loop filter (ALF) module to improve the coding efficiency. We propose a classified quadtree-based adaptive in-loop filter (CQALF). The output pixels of deblocking filter are classified into two categories: those modified by the deblocking filter and those untouched. A filter will be designed for each category. By considering the impact of the deblocking filter when designing ALF, it overcomes over-filtering. In the third part, we study the robust video hashing which applies to automatic content protection such as video identification and authentication. We propose to derive shot hash in a pair-wise manner. To utilize both temporal and spatial information, 2D-DCT is applied to each frame in a shot, quantize the DCT coefficient and record the temporal occurrence of the co-located coefficient. We select a pair of closet value, inverse transform to spatial domain and derive image hashes from two feature frames by Radial hASH. In the last part, we emphasize the end-to-end delay in video communication system and propose a model to trade-off delay, rate and distortion for source coding in both real-time and delay insensitive applications. For real-time IPPPP coding mode, we verify the model accuracy and analyze the wireless channel transmission performance with varying encoding time through experiments. It is concluded that the proposed d-R-D model can accurately estimate the true coding distortion and rate, which is essential for further delay QoS control use. ( en )
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Thesis (Ph.D.)--University of Florida, 2011.
Adviser: Wu, Dapeng.
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by Qian Chen.

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