Corporate Crime and the Regulatory State

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Corporate Crime and the Regulatory State The Case of Purdue Pharma and OxyContin
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On May 10, 2007 three executives of the pharmaceutical company Purdue Pharma pleaded guilty in federal court to misleading doctors and patients about the risk of addiction and potential for abuse of the drug OxyContin?. It has been argued that the marketing of OxyContin?, introduced to the market in 1996, represents two significant failures ? first, of Purdue Pharma to properly attend to the public interest and, second, of the state regulatory structure to properly perceive the drug?s abuse liability. Some criminologists interested in studying social harm that follows from the nexus of state and corporate behavior have advanced the term ?state-corporate crime? to describe the phenomenon. This study uses a case study of OxyContin? and the operation of the abuse liability assessment system to consider the utility of the state-corporate crime paradigm. It argues that the OxyContin? case usefully fits within the general framework of state-corporate crime, but that the framework needs to be expanded beyond the state-corporation binary relationship, to include the influences of other influential actors in producing socially harmful outcomes. ( en )
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