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The Howey tribune
W.J. Howey Co. ( Howey-In-The-Hills Fla )
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TThis is a Howey-in-the-Hills Year I

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i..' ..:....-..: "... ;-' ..,.....- ELIZARBETH M *p '. FLY 4 showers 'that quench the thirst tiplicity of products--eighty uaI ty. o. .
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___"_"_ __",_.__._._.__.___....__.___,."_ Tlhis.,i typicaI of Florida' She (Continued on Page Five) '_.___


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PUBLSHIE ATThe Home of the Greatest
mind Largest Citrus'
HOWEY'IN'YAE'HI'LLS .,. .Deeomn ",
IN THE SATE H OY'[n Ij r the Entire' World
--- "^ !rD M R F SI" TIT S l"T 11" 1 F 111P 'rlT D" T H A T INDUS TRv'.,."Y0" v 1. Local Developers Visit T wo Big
gather for Reminiscences at HowleyALL Land Projects in State
gather for Renicence at Howey ALL FRUIT GROWN ATl (Florida Review De'f Ail" (-o S.Pes
(Lakeland Ledger) From Manufacturers. Record HOWEY IN THE HILLS -lure TalL' (From St. Peersburg Times)
----_ In the proposed establishment of a THIS CROP WILL BE ,r' Returning late Friday iht from
. ~~THIS CROP WILL BE iReturtiongo .ate "r'd'aeof oig,... .. ..
In the hotel at Howey-in-the-Hills, $20,000,000 steam-electric plant in ot A K' ".f tV T s ,en "0 rip'to Mt. PlDymouth and Howey-in-
Tuedayeveinglbi RpndMARKETED BY DI- ange04andigrape-f. lkn1'-' and atldsii-
Tuesday evening Opie Read, author Alabama by the Alabama Power ? - rangess and ra- *tieHW.a group of St. Petersburg
and lecturer, and Hon.rbert l o -initia RECT METHODS wide marketing plan w.lP't '"
dra, e, congressmanrfrom t Cpa ,daiteat reported fine entertainment
Flrda jsrct rass'ex~bled" atrcontracts of construction and steel ofu the 'w'atinetwecnte o Flria dveop
Florida at ihe t;^N W E A T L RIAS ^ ^E wo center of Forida develop-
a epraio o mre than 5,e:r5, work for the $7,000,000 plant of the I~l ~(- N 4~~jj~- ey, developer of.H4~wey utl4-i-T1ls&,"
a separation of more than 5. years. w k $' I I vv ,E'i/-x ln r LER I LOIDA Thean!-o'n-e'e-"w-s^'df-:a.-,ment,.one'for recreation and the oth-
Both of them being goodlt r'count American Glanzstoff Corporation, ., ,, .,.. The announcement wa ay or recreation and the oth-
Both t being, near Ezabethton, Tn., for the RUI LL N by W. C. Lindsey, Tampa Wa4ii e ,ne of the world's largest pro-
ing events and story--telligi' rvna ~aeho,'~ o h FRUIT SELLING ,os.e0o
ed to e an eveng of Tare i re manufacture of rayon-the company r of the interests, who''statedthiIev--. Jectsin the citrus industry.
for them and the guests of th htel having i view an ultate expend- The Howey plan of direct selling, cutting this conservative estimate in eral locations had beei'.,6 Th'raltois left St. Petersburg
who gathered aro"'iture of $50,000,000 ad the employ-.for distribution of the juee,. Thursday morning in one' of the
whopersonal supervision, gaethrdlliaoug odIitaluef7,500.0Uperaeartneeprofit
Some thing e 52. years 1 .ent of 20,000n eop that d persona p the cu of hal 000 p ar net p will be brought direct from th'w- Howv-in-the-Hills busses and made
aSomething lwke 52n tYears v ry-i. +te statement, published in the pack. the selling of the calls as If, which is more than highly prob-ley groves daily in trucks$ -.%. .,- the'trip on invitation'of Carl Dann,
Drane was at work in te iewsa" this issue t hat the Saludda river hy-l by-product?, the refusal to permit able, the average per box price re- The juices will' be ...narkqted''n onIe of- the developers at Mt. Ply- i
office of heheranklieP'l.en-bolt1 1.,,, onsml er ofthewh e velach mopes tMtoy
-Fraklin Favoritein Fraik' dro-electric deveJopm.ant, now underside selling organizations to interfere mains steadily at $3.00 net on the five-gallon bottles and, smaller mouth, where a chain of golf courses
Ky., whe. n ,Op ^e Read was one6f th way, will cost $24,000,000, and with 'with product or profit, the opening tree, the 10-acre unit would mean containers, Mr. LmndsV'..s.L .'.,:, .is.being completed for national ciam-
editorial and publication fort.. r. many other enterprises representing retail stores, is rounding- .out in $15,:000.00 net profit each year. Mr. Howey, who .vp Tp .ponships in the winter season, and
Drane insis that because h peied. a m ons of o lars n ual cases marvelous shape. Enthusiasm is run- Enough to keep a large family in af- fmu, e the
page of hew _as ,,Tired" -_. ifieand many il~ions in the aggregates. ning riot at Howe,, in-the-Hills when1....eastern, western to.. p f1,ctng.;
mag ho late hb-e so well by.,he nd n .... i the..tate s i r th w fluence for their natural lives and his plan and obtaini'Tesin tesoutstaniding citrus development of
mazi wlo later became so well a' reported today, it is readily see-n ndfinal retv s o for October and No- .....a' ,d o a mi , n-t
fav^o rby k t, there is a sweep of development work._.ember'wdre in showing that grove then the.grove would keep on pro- all over the countrtyA centerter' 'i d, w.t 1,00 .e p e
f.orably k-nown in lit, ziurer [, -orid.A,-with, 10 e .. .;#4 ,, ',000 'c'e" pl wanted
th.... ......n.en ts was in the South of such stupendous im- .owners received an average of about-,ducing for probably 200 years, as no distribution. o., ,.,. t geS and grapefruit on. a tract
shon tt r in these pewa enterprises is thathey by the W J. Howey Company. The I When one considers the price at p 1
'!I wa [ otacs t d ma d nd co ma d 5305 pebo n L n hetreioraW hIo ek n o nec n ies the ]peofa r ieatnge etre ,r'i'p ;, /'.- ,"-' : ;-C. " -. ...
ha hlf~ andoftenotuat p~d ae free fromn spec1atm land "p~ fist, da.v.the Tampa store was open- which good young groves, here at groheeprosect. will get' way un of te P
Mr. e. t. fr y s t ,:" d'or-business over 700' glasses of Howey-in-the-Hills, are selling, itei mediatelyMr. L idsey said an t -E -e Boyce .-Richrtrd Endi-
"An'.' reca d r e "I, a h- oa d gnie the touth t'.ici.e wee' ld, while at least 35 box- not much speculation to say that in pa ,c-t e ,_ ..e".. -of^St_
Vx Drame' was ill t, Com ing c ' I . ...iJ 'Ss pe n ;. E61'.1o. ao ~b .r a u Webb; N. J
heon rei ran dlas m, t edo' I nie ntas of t n trial proe s6a9es ossl wient onver the counter. AtDo epi g fr rvili dpubl ea s nd .. 'ver -Th. aP1 other F. I rida a.r faa'd veie, r..N. J
a'n"'pr"os "" 'ie '" s6e po ns.. 6.. on t' aneirlyr1o; L,. -M. a~mau, p -eSu -
. uat di er when Mr. Reel wh ti ".nd" th per l o Aancepe s and that. hcanme tie hey Ct oum th e ao W ene ne ronderi d thi pi renevit reIW s t., ..l... at a. earl Igpnal W o '. r. gea. and a.-
roele ,Ad e+ino ipt"rnlay l aton the Uored lat-es and y we re 93 .ju tome rs- in -was 'w g ong g r s or i vesy i ore at J.l'. Atmht-. l oMat indell, Ed Bt-..
s.----, o.t.. .Y .- -w'-i k -'. -".. I ... .... w e ing .*-'. .. . [ me ia y Lber pneentrated on lth '.Ir, o C;.arenc Coa--
r.o h .or .t an. e a os a om ant the ,ot | .d o eA'u t j st. In op t ge i l r nd a ison, ow itowey- -the-he.arense n te t.eas ..'. ,.-, ae. : ,n_,.son,.ad .i oe.,'
.. ... "dold h -i hen sd, W. ofinves t hient c opital n t. e tie Ps .e n: l ans ar .n . e pars o n ea ina at loe a' Gve .' te oiy
.s M and the huge su misfit by-nthe southebbrg, whes rd to' stores were rnient- te 'ae etof t t e vsp o pen then a 1- time 'i ti. 'i 'ne -At t. Pfymd' tfi the renltors -e --
-'- . at o S ,oh r e 'ne ie o ta. -. ^ "' - l 'laset* oanee .ds. ..u ..n a io n or nizaio o sa.' I a te o
n" remet e m e, einto its. wn industries v tis y likea 'r o en'd geacn ui r ei not rogen speore in s f e . .,. coo ..aen d lf co nst... or
; amn hadoing.o-tel--ou iehd |iain," mgty panogrma, unfolding -before ed the stores making it nearly g m- Mr. Howley's plan calls fpr the states -in-summer. months...-' Flor -holt -corses are gr-o nsthe ;
R. H ', Iconan ... cnter f mdutrm]" proress ... 'The. pnter te"s"of" trusbPirnbLrgdan hot-er d 'r da, 'andioatdo, ren, tWest, '-plryWedb N. J

the congressman. n the eyes of the nation the greatest.possible to wait on the trade. Doe- opening of retail stores in every im- th thes The epoess o f c h analo- io ad wthe t or s aed a e
_ e s do ow you," was te. ateril ad vance ever shown' by any tor cae t o the stores with galleon portant center in Florida this winter ,ing will not destroy riginalI-oi- e of se, Mr. Dan gave an ad-
-rely. And 'trie intereiatdon, v section of the United r ttes. And yet bottle and jugs to have them filled ing of retail stores in' ev'r 4 ,- fl aor or l "e ..n b"ui -a r at Mt plynm uli w
ha e'wee i a Mr*are< hevidn fonlyr t teb it. h t- we re dhe pur e fuit ji es In Taome pa-a n entobearin g f. im por tests have shown. keep for project. ..
known humorist and writer aled hs r n y only tthe vr be- more and pure fu juices. In Tamp ant plan i aod this winter I'
gi;n-^ havi.g, ning of this movement. No a te th e oe. he plan work out oth ree years, or lon.taining the1 The party mved .on the Howeyin
name and told him where ha 'a .. .a ng a inS. Per s gtn op ra oiw ey a l plg asns arebigws. o re outptt forad . ,._ , .
"o er" was abl to t ell ; ,w ,ot-.n~ mvF,^en Th~ oe theu Ind ut h,) luetera day '~ 'fo r ut AFloridr=in e x'ns thta growerson ery. .I.. youn grve -,urn- .out, .hi .O~ G r p fr l ... -,;") -^ 0 St. 3._ ... .
bcme o." great any wo t .... kin: .. ... 'i us fruit arhe ouh I t a tat after all t.e allotted am t oes sen ti l vitaminsa s ll .d' .r. t lls .and te. ,e etors wer en r-
botn.ehim. They're walked" o ut afte r it can be g b g anifested oreal delight in learning the ope n toing ofnstores throughout then e i Gitain s b"' d c t h l a rlt o
w rh wrRe haa:. :"n "bwe _, to ol d ,rin ds i it eNet'iecinlake at fi aly a t least oe man'in the country. The national orgcanizatindy said. tain iedat the hotel there. Much ofot
oSut Ao fr i n g t h e n e x t : t h e w a y o ff v h i s h n f o n d a D 5 t h e or a t en o n ar l l y a ty s p ell e d alst to t h e e rro r T h i s. s t o w n o e m t Si n c D E C h t I. j e vr' "
e plae. and it ist afe, wa e t th n ets at x Mr. Howley has in next day they seat in looking over
the tbuonti Thes an gsano r hd oe is o af hoeaveri t a tat e snlee kn wa genutin the d emand exist- will open sto res in sufficient rum- th.oem t t sa ari Flr.a the'. a snl "g i te
S e of s- b s f .r o .. cthelinm w ent tohaes ryc ei. Forida tne oe "la es t sinletro.gve inthae
his' party had fo w nihaed their the terI l so great that it will amaze shre.f rth beeroa sOtf t e ano s wnt lln frtor ta e ner or th s it ... .. po .. .. ..
wt .. .. Me' b wr No ci t to r oru a lor heperics -ar irees wr l" .r w iohn s pc i s houe ad allre
and C nte d f soon' -ae an. our) setwen o ffthe th U t.and yet ie s h nre os t he e ther ga d ei opfe sto res tiak c e ofpal-re ui tpo citrus. there easibut o f eway.a.. o rld," w. t its pac houe and"al
-6 'n fruit. As one enthusiastic customer duced at Howey-in-the-Hills. Eachte i ee r je
ow h rst we aN te e b h.t pey h sin g one-third of his. crop fromae a b the facilities for all uses of citrus fruit-o trs ntr a a. ,

... .T A.. ItrX -Anni gowe th an pro duen fNo y ] em f ', m do .. .. ,o .... h oetin sc aitesorswl e te yegiiarstrrne r m edi al nn prfsi ne' THe- party m CONRADwy-
'anDo you reme-- 'ande -thenadI'. put n it, rWe enjoy choice fruit hoe r e n e year a large'acreage of y oung groves b d f to uth ge f b n . emre W
camed nrutme he afteruidig nar. e-.rexpaMr.W. .-owy
a te bei Fr al i t'e-u n hcy and Rus- ithn Florida the same aswe do up comes into bearing forW the first thle standarduh as occssful plant, and his pla,-odistribute cit-
ng b e a atees .- f g fo lesaklnseees north." time, necessity a eating m b ore wand more . ..l9. r'fu juic ..a thuad o
st'ek: lfa el:71d out. shmoonth T~r~an: f:;: ly trebyh io m.n % htSsfruit jicesd atht"housands o7 r::ki fo=
XMr.--fe having been away d w th an e t etPah sfrenc oat $ bwae hen W. J. Hoey put his dire ct stores. The planr tworksoutro wlytre im nrds all over the United States, a al
oil Wes was ablog tlnl .ot'red- (rom Te C irui. s a mt ritrus cnt gon e ownersic ane d Fatloreida000hile thehe pgro .iye .y Ce ot or tt t
eu in- or great many years o f e plain o perationitr was ared as a guess as to output is not necessary o e rp fre t o jc e fore ly desci in the
b "o f remea tnaanyho alet en Wh acpl, not k e Cind fn an off s ru etter h day lnforr T imes. a m rge acreaohe young gre s d tfr ooresSoe .i ..r ate ". ."ih e ri. i. t
ni .. c u fruit a ,rea y It mean s that after all the quib- allotted amount of cfruitn a, s ar on o f te. ne n o te se sot d r t.

Howeyrcomp n iand spen 'tanen- Wha t few icnts peox. But foruith fare you oia h onrdig btwe 10- (otne nEg ~ r .,.'.Cni do aeEgt
Gabe tweek fter e. Mr -.ran. !hPeterbugat i mr i swbei ngxcingl A poricame s a e a3.0 wer b ox nt o me 00000 Dearndior $ 0 glross bu _. -, '. .. .... .'

- o ds il . ... ,h r -b u .-the'& sho ,rt this easo of -c olo f it th. t e mean ,,a .. .. grove. ow. ......nnu. Thi .... mak t e s* n a o h s oee. Bueees1p i^ *!/ p"ant, ri m pln-o a-Trlute e
Vo wraising ogroweror' .ussets?,A.d.hy'.t Central? a ue. Th citusjuis wl
rwho ore.loi g bear d eande tw il e it In New York auction markets n wer w .d selling organize t ions, stores ithou e el ncs e be dooPtributednd,'el". .... C trou. .
out of the way of his h ands and feet Monday, December 5t, t he range on quarrel n Is' ch s pelled a loss to the error. This is nt o then one must Since Dr. E. C. Taylor has taken I,
pe d and -s. f f-di 'into is Foria oranges wase$5.25,nthe rn of mroneth in h e s yea in Florieda an T
he poa ied a t t h ld (FromnTes n ate r ng) aentir yftate. on e man has taken the depend upon manufacturers for mer- charge of the Hweyin-the-fill me the- South and a
shirt fro-t. There was another who "s-showing the way to great- I chandise. The groves are sure and 'dicinal grapefruit its merits as a there e e ao
daet of a a 'sns fho ed r e p R or t citrus industry certain t o furnish their shar e of the apeutic agent has receive nat a- various sizes for heaviest distribuo
d"s' "ofhirt be uon s " aoater-$6.05.ln t d' iwm te northern cites and towns throuepa hn

bot tase, v..yhere.'a molt.. eaow morai Lsing, anyor rusetsy Andwht bhn andJbykerm am g1fy i 'fe henc the adioa store bd*um h Ur W^l~ gTO ,U .... .
from gold dollars chained together These figures represent the differ- the ste. means intelligence fruit for the new stores each season.publicity att te u e nth s il g
with a told chain. Men and women, encewich buyers were willing to payinjected into the marketing of citrus. No one know s yet t he number of beginning Dr C. Taylor has arguefruit
S(Continued onar aged Four) It between off-grade and ot is the Henry For plan in opera- stores that will be required to take other e as but one a tusto bri igo r c ius f ate o
e. d L P fruit and fruit of finer quality atd tio n in Florida citrus. the entireoutputgPh en" uthe n mr --'-m b' fboteel ist e wie y tho 2
N .r.- Howley has changed the. acres have been planted to trees mbutntofin na rt s an
oaag andf lsts s t to tiha t pe en ra .ddne it already." Facts count more opened ion time to takcture fe th hasad to untangle som e knQtty
Foiaoranges for l $5.25,an the dffraneI .' .," .. .- The OuthAN AGEtup TpaHaEso

si ut r w russets, or fancy grapefruit for less' adoi. Mr. Howey, wi th h organ hiacres areohegos aring t he awhole- handling of this wmeitn s clthie or oe, i nU..e.....
o$.6 .0 t s mkn d c te p t w laymen unfamiliar with the. ethi nnorof
r andMrs. W. A. Woods, of Oak the,,kean the differences f th $mtioni a in oeas m tef the saolereiacheasoin pubh ty aduit n n mw. .. . .
e a a ltter Citrus culture, grove ownership and approximate $50,000,000 while the 'the medical sprofesiogi.. be- otn sm r Ponlte "of te b
Howey ingthe-Hillr Min company with of fact the difference between t he th e marketing of citrussare gnow e w yeee $0,000,000and Dr.R. H.Alte, has agackso, k..n.uice formula men in the
J.M Frame, of Charleston, West I cost of producing fancy and off ahead of the lst insofar as profits making the retail chain sto resa one of Micohia, col saborated',i pesnng c'.t op asirru, has be gag tetved t i o -
i nia'- .rep.eentati.e.f-the J.tgrade roff-color. fruit is re ally but are concerned. Cr itrus is now king the important link of chain store s in scientific article ondt -ey s fruit -h H i
EHoeyompanyT aN spet .a. {en- a foefet pweey'boaxth anfd the foa inaereFr hae count anytdresi.nub e e $The 100- Contiand on a oe ji that plean ---A
'oyable week, hee r. and, Mrs hAt theiru caeropdsuxeedtaingly A.rier of a $3.00 per box. nto he one 000,00 icraind$2,0,00 gr sorssw beuhelgi-mt Pela~i '~r) sso." on~tindd n ag Eighlt)L-
Woods w Ilreun ee aboUtI 'th "sor this. seso of-coo, ri t th'- e treo e mLaleans" thacts the n grove- o pen-' ess annuly t hise wil make a e ofthe -a a outnl .'m knty l'# 1U &IT'11
fr t of The her they-will re- w oul beligfr y^-^wen lestan anow ert oula ge ath lpeuastio $150 peChrise Howeyd-chiona str est raenk wth te -0,AN0Ei problemsTrought-a-thantnooghrhher at"al'_
manfr" *:o the mots While e ths beifnG tu, -and rit is orule, s why p rofi onwiefly, math e hsoga a-aroe. s a r a yte flband g other whlre- h adl i ssoft -atisfedprc a the p *.by '. p UI C s L N
her Mr an ,4Mrs Wood caught is not, a. largdier prentae of 65btheen Thtn is consi derings 50oxeso the. ,ysalen -The owntefrshi ohrfro wal He Taken smLall profits toplges sThe Henryo For metod
(ConWetiid O~-niPage t.-a t -- Cntidd o n Pager 'Euigt)A a crte.r WeicancutL t his, inox onhalf and ye gprov iae is 5oun to 000 becom e as e prft- e vertaedi a] pr of larour) ." ,' ly'heh{. ,M Coradi god ne o ugthe
__-__'_________-T _______......... ______________.________"_w grov te herkeatin Hoeyinthuae-is able reas id, tie origl stockd $in0,the00Buld up. RH.Ather b q_'( ack-country ~k -0n.juill formu lomng in time-
"4 #,_-' ...' '. "' '"-"" 'w.. ci- n-ad of u bheado the most prsofiabl thin pr ofit M okngtoereti cm ainy itoris said by Itngaeoadf rastly' reparing[leuai has ee n o sfigage ituta
.A. rmo GRa PEFRUIT BeACEl eOinvestorucould buy." Te cesi" drtn th"wol'Potct your..dstr .,- ..~ y l ,o,, fail .. --n -
irgniarenr- etat~re, 0fthe J rde r of coor rui is ealy bu ar concern. irru isthwksngthe ho ftanlly of Trusttoesin, c enremen-bute onbe0 wey..,r.., tout sel fla. he-woey fruito..g p-
Do wn int0m 'doand s umn and "-"all forlornswithboxdarkt browntheufact nuFlo r eesawuld ring by og nram. in ewen$i0- (Continoe maointe .ae'," -r) th y".(ont~indy or orProved plant
W-odit, 'regrettaing'~ bh the ashyoowre feeing fitson, ofu at-or bes it, L'the'a ~ ~r' ~el h truthas htth about[nesau~.Tiswl mk heI '. F.-J! om')!),-d,-but tel it, !,,. efet l, -that' enough
- ,,-g off, to you feed.Bu .maybe ;^as bracer is,'al you'es ta noweed r -ol g f' h. rdcpcpccl nell youreown fruit. berAanre Iuwycan storesurnkwith The auo mre Aui ds go.).The Rolls-Royce.i ne~ver. autine off.
-Here-'sr one a s eriou,, to make you rself-p easanta tof tak e,.That Rnedembgr00thotesto theOnly-ms. Thcoenersh' policye y is.the on......e..pol. .. ...
-, and.tA": costs no p eif' ''ke two rip grperut peel.. of th re We 'a BuNtbahn Mayo, Commissioner..of Agrculur eom Dis-eouNevrtak al youlr b~J]~1hud threby-aaintain.--=e ua hghc aedi stnig
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'%":.slfi'cu'..t slcs u an'lc a leo g lride hase athirty-odteHil blsdd thou-iapcs havingiknasowk n the Pulan yurpwf thedbac-ultivat~e'-your own groves, pron tmet ou
:': '" : zest .... .PE RUI BR CE and.i cnveatr' colak u Te es thtirro t h se Whofruyliershipno the aa e whdin0 rdut.le- '. -....u -an ...' '.
.:.. : I"."..o.... ".sca....and.....w.o..eve had flg-ru~f sel in af l se eond bt'edAe't'el fruit.a yprdcs.Pc~l h ch~ 'i-
: " "" .''t r brown t -,,, maur ee wokao' g y progam. ,oeei 'p a'te .:,.."~rod 'K~ tor .
.Dwn -il dodrm and' iilAanlfows thoprlidtrnaiew~swth ai da k ef e- Permoit no -a toierwt yo..le r or rvd ln
:"j"td' tor i o st i l,, t~h' aiic h bn osn .vu naii center biI~ 7!_=2_ _ "lf __ _'Atrali i-th -fe'h as i~-'- satsf hi. "
....."" ..'o... . ... :: .. .. f clear wa er n h tears-- of' i. ar e of) 3500,O cesrm l Tel he de uthadoia f or dla ,t Wb u~ t tell feciey that deulenougih.
J -e-..-. ..... ...-.. ..

1d -

i!: : :" .


_TWO ... -

Published Monthly, at igowey, Florida
By The W. J. fowey' Company ... i

RAY A. FRAM E............-.................................................--.........-- Editor


By Richard LH. Edmonds, Editor Manuifacturers Record, Baltimore, Md.
"The material progress of Florida" is intimately and neces-
sarily linked up with the material progress of the United States.
As wealth increases more and more people of the North and West
are seeking to escape the climatic rigors of their winters and find
health and rejuvenation in the more balmy atmosphere of Florida
Indeed, every part of the South which has become known as a
tourist region is every year drawing more and more heavily upon

THE HEART OF FLORIDA. the population and wealth of the North and West.
(An Editorial in the Sarasota Herald) Florida is the cynosure of all eyes. It is redolent of romance.
The other day we took a trip to Howey-in-the-Hills, in the Those who have never been to Florida are ever looking with long-
heart of Florida. In going there, we passed through Plant City, ing eyes, hoping to have the opportunity of seeing this wonderful
Lakeland, Winter Haven, Haines City, Kissimmee and Orlando, land, which for many years, has been growing upon the attention
all interesting cities. In making the trip to Howey-in-the-Hills, of the country.
we traveled about two hundred and twenty-five miles, every foot Until America began to accumulate money on an unprece-
of the way on hard surfaced roads. The fine highways of Florida dented scale and population increased heavily, and the leisure class
cannot be too highly praised. They make easily accessible all the grew in proportion, it could hardly be expected that even the un-
cities and towns in the state and offer to the public delightful MOo- surpassed, indeed the unequalled advantages of this State would
tor trips. There is now no reason why anyone coming into this be fully utilized by the people of other sections. Our national
state with an automobile, or being in it 4nd possessing one, should wealth is now increasing at the rate of about $15,000,000,000 a
fail to find a'great deal of enjoyment in motoring., year-a sum so inconceivably great that we can scarcely compre-
The cities, through which .we passed, though not the only hend its magnitude. Our population is growing at the rate of 2,-
citi.s in the state, are all good sized places and prosperous corn- 000,000 a year, notwithstanding the heavy decrease in immigra-
.mmunities. They lie in the very heart of Fblorida and are located tion by reason or our wise restrictive immigration laws. This
fhn the' state's"rich'est agricultural territory. Citrus' fruits and gain in population means that in the next ten years we shall add
vegetables a&egrown in abundance in this territory ind agricul- from 20 to 25 million to our population, and 40 to 50 in the next
liue has here, perhaps, reached a higher standard of development 20 years. It means an increase in wealth during the next 20
than anywhere else in.the state. The citrus groves, which' cover years at an accelerating rate, which will give us a gain probably
the hills of Lake. and Polk counties, constitute a beautiful picture, far greater than ten times.the $15,000,000,000 increase of the
as well as give evidence'of a.large measure of prosperity. The im- present.
ression-one&gets' on trip through' the heart of Florida is that, Within the last few years there has come to the entire coun-
conomically, .the condition of this state is sound. No one, it try an awakening such as we neverhad before as to the vast re-
..* odld'seem to us, could tour the central part of the state and not sources and opportunities of the whole South. The movement of
b'e impressed with the substantial development and great possibil- money into the South is on a scale such as has never before been
ties of Florida. seen in this section, and the vastness of these operations probably
S Tlhe immediate purpose of our trip was to look over the citrus surpasses anything ever before seen in any other part of Ameri-
ofW.S.Hwey at Howey-hIthe~Lills." eew found
enterprise of'W. J. Howey at Howey-in-the-Hills. Here we found ca. Hundreds of millions of dollars are being poured into electric-
citrus development in its most advanced stages. Mr. Howey has power plants, into manufacturing, enterprises and into almost
possessed himself of '102,000 acres of the hill country and, at the every other line of human activity..; Every dollar thus invested by
/: present timeii, has home twelve thousand.,acres in bearing orange the capitalists of the North and West sends out a note of optimism
d..:.:.angrapefruigoe e has perfected an organization a
a and grapefruitgroves. He has perfected an organization that has to draw additional capital to this section, and to make the invest-
S. standardized'he citrus industry from the selection of the 'seed to ors in these enterprises realize that the South is the coming center
,th: t 'i: te marketing of the product, even providing a market for the of world activity.
:':i "- by-products of the grove. Strange as it 4-may seem, it is yet true All of these things bear directly 'upon the future of Florida,
':he : hiis insring his go-ve on ton first and it is of Florida rather than of the South at large, that I am
l^ ^g.ade citrus;'r:ditonth e anfferng an investment writing. Well, Florida has exactly the same advantages :which it
une odtiM6 o ubIL writing.ft ofll failure.i i
S" "C':L .cUiditio : e psLi o failure. : :The) had before the real estate reaction. 'It has' its 'orange groves, its
bii eauty 0of'.0th 'niy'i" 6he eigliboAl46dddf 'Howetyin-the-Hills, grapefruit groves, its abundant agricultural resources, its indust-
| j W|" I h^!sil ;and.valleys alternating, and Jakesnestlingi. the bosom of trial potentialities, its marvelous climate and its seacoast of -over
e-:- ryvalleyisindescbable.. Foratwo or three days' outing, we 2000 miles as now measured by the :Geodetic. Survey, which in-
have'ena nothing':n .'Flrida to eqala trip thr6Ugh Lakend eludes some of the ins and outs of the indentations along the At-
:i""Po.countisa.0 o; .- l "n-" n "lantic and Gulf coasts. .
Jlljp^'^;": *i^'^ ;J*" ;*:]:*; ; ,. : ..Florida is the heir of all the ages, of all the "wealth and all
I .0:!.,' : .THECUiE FA ADITION; the increase in population in the entire country. As wealth and
:i:!.i;.:Elsewhere'weg-publish ,a long editorial from. the Brooksville ..population increase, the movement to Florida of money,. of men
: llHeadidlalifwith th-Foida freight rates' on citrus as con- .and women-seeking health or business opportunities will inqvitab-
;j'. wed wifao'"Caloria.'Ithi sht oinient' we wish to ly increase. There is no other section in America which can com-
A'90rkr f"he.ppuato"t
)mia.kewoQ'ipoints-(),wee-d' 80 per cent of the population pete with Florida in these particulars. It will not only continue .to
3Y dIfthi' countryy even i crimiated gainstwe can draw from the North and West and from other parts of the South
S'. -V 2N.., ti ur; economicaly than c- as it has been doing, but it will draw with increasing momentum
3 i: Calfornia. Our second:point is that when Florida votes nation- yas go by.
i,: .... for. ., ;,:.., a, ..;..._.. ,: ... ,.. .. .. as the years. go by. ...
nm .voe.nationallyfr
"ally ally-for.. partte. asiCalifinia.voted. natinay fr In thinking of this State one must take a long look ahead, for-
ei:Deamo~aticP artywe mayhope Vfoi frightt adjustments--ot get some of the disadvantages which have followed the town-lot
.^'beforeThe Republican pa^ttthbught ithad'Califoiiaby the tail boom and the reaction, and recognize that nature's advantages
S.wiathadowhfllhaul.The .epdblican party felt :that California was which are here, and here in abundance, will compel 'an increase iuii
.,:."...". e'::. '.:,' .:h'." "d.'f',h. G -"''..".. :" u "i il ...
"':"'"'pifctly safe:in the:folds.'ofthe&G .P Butp Caifornilapprenty population and wealth greater even than-the enthusiastic dreams
i.. CTkhia-Fiberidatiraed'.r tetrick an!d, -yoted 1 'Mr :*;.Viison-, of those who during- the boom period went far ahead in their pre-
..n... tend to..ave the.Good'Ol.P ar& altbgeth'er.. Ptesto, dictions of what could be accomplished within the next year or
isThe adsrs' of .he, :G. O .s m ae fbr! na tw .' ....
e::' en'afd.iesra wasthefrst love and only, love. The re- I think the people of Florida can well afford to study some-
".sut..isthtCl.ifornia gets whatit it ,.do ibIot-' thiig of the -history of real'estate activities in the early 80's in
.. i...ida, hids.6ttoitkold.ditibn t -inijsts part of the Kansas City and indeed throughout the entire South and Weost,
ivo" in the upper anatomy. As and learn a lesson from what took place there and what has been
14S...d.outh-'whicli"means ivor" iattin da ...
-;"* .* ;t. 1 "-. ,\ F 5-... -. .**> .*. .* .,* .. .-.* ;.-: **.! i * :.. . , . *-' . '+ .. . -. ", . .* *
.:::.,i aswe iitupon fvori the Deocatic done since.
". ioing:'a-: Ute r' ou wn interests. just so long, will that party,;.and The real-estate boom in Birmingham in the 80s far surpassed
: p0iii aty;law o Break :away once and in activity the town-lot speculation in this State two years ago,
w:a.:.. h.appens. ,. : and the same was true of Kansas City. The land company which
., .... ..... :. .. .founded Birmingham for a year or two had a hard and desperate
'FREE: PUBLICITY ''' struggle to pull'through. Its stock went to $15 a-share and was
The TampaTribune, a good and worthy newspaper, published not salable at that price. But within a few.years thereafter that
-Tm:: .; .at.' aiiafl ''sgreatestinddistrial city, has rather definitey very stock rose to $4500 a share, the par value being' $100 per
'::'i out ,iaseries'fds. its- future polcy towards abouteverL- share, though only $50 per share had ever been paid in. In that
-:' 4hn: .." g.wl bi nceirnt the nesaper field. 'It has decided to re- year the company paid 2305 per cent dividend on the paid-in val-
fe, ;7.. :lgatetot0 the waste basket matter which. smacxds of propagan a ue. Later the company went into bankruptcy. It was reorganiz-
;: i:, or fri ee publicity.It is frank about the free' publicity and comes ed and4 has since then been an active factor in the upbuilding of
i:: ;:i '! ^ right out and atys Iiiwo'ttolerete" hd such' stuff. -While ifeschews Birmingham.
i"; ') a: l thhgs.t-iatev.hin.t. free fiblici& 1twill, it is assumed, The wild boom which swept over the whole Birmingham sec-
., .-:I cbntinua'.tbofront:'bat.all, sensational .murder, rape and arson cas- tion in those days had its reaction worse than Florida has suffer-
:: i i eathat $ts fstafft"-ca possibly collec'; remake," emphasize, and ed, but Birmingham soon righted itself, fought its way by the un-
,'*'... ":",.. ,'; :, -*i t.r.- ;.-'. ^ t l V.j .:'. *.. ... ..s ', "- ,, .. . .^ -' -
": 1 build :up Of such- stuff aremodern newspapers made.. Let some thing energy and optimism of its people back to safe and sound
: wt::. hy'WbdBusiesdktau'throul" sher hard work, absolute honesfy lines, and today is one of the greatest steel-producing centers of
,:*andflnrteUigenw p~utslaip one hundred competitoiW in building the world.
'."'':-' : '* " ,' ... ." ,'.* 4 .' ,i- :L"t .."1:. ',' '... .... .'- -,! '.- "* "* .'." ..'. : .'' a n*lt l i e n e u s r| .o n e h u d e c o p t t r n b u ld n th e w or d .
", '!:: ;! a better mouse trap or citrus' grove and the Tampa Tribune will About 25 years ago I attended a banquet in Birmingham
.... havehonre of'lil Hm itscnews''cblumns. Tb men0ti.n the fact that where most of the business leaders of the community were gath-
; such~anan built a better mouse trap would Jbe giving him "free" ered. The editor of one of the local papers gave his address and
publicity an~d would be a menace to the newspaper. We "doiit jocularly told of the success of one of the leading bankers. In a
niuiw'a dangng" thhig about running, oreven waking,' a newspap- bantering reply the banker said that when he was elected presi-
er; Maybe the ,T.tiipgTrfibune,:is tight. ifowevet. -we ,make in-, :dent-of a certain bank he began to make an investigation of its
'quiry. Just -what-differentiates free publicity, from news? condition. He found a large amount of'notes given by the editor,
'? ** .


and not knowing as to his financial condition he went to other
banks to make inquiry, and found that every one of them was well

A man can do, within reason, exactly what he chooses. to do. .'-'
A body of men, banded together for wholesome purposes, can
overcome obstacles which would repel the bravest hearts, Cal- .;
ifornians Inc., is a unit of men and women working together for
a common cause. That cause is for the upbuilding of California. :
That organization is' doing wonders. Floridians Inc., or some such
organization, could do equally as well as Californians Inc."
SWe of Florida seem to be willing to let the other felow do :.
it- and the other fellow is a politician at Tallahassee doing only '
what he believes will suit the greatest number of voters of the
State. Thousands and thousands of dollars are spent on books
and booklets of little or no value to the citizens of the State. Fat
printing jobs are shuffled about from one community to the other
in order to placate some ambitious man whose interest it tied up
in a printing plant. One fellow of a statistical bent states frankly
that we could have loaded one of the erstwhile exhibit trains with
dead literature printed at the expense of the taxpayers. Someone
should write a book and call it, "The Epitome of Waste."' This
book should summarize the failures that Florida has made in try- ".
ing to co-ordinate its efforts towards building up the State. Maybe
that book would be more appropriately called, "The Martyrdom
of Florida,"
Yet our leaders, political or otherwise, represent fairly the
average intelligence df-the mass. Measured by that yard-stick we
must be mentally deficient indeed.

. : ..; :. ,': .. .

U' J%':..


loaded up with the editor's notes. He concluded, therefore, that
the notes must be good by reason of the abundance of them. The
bankers decided to unite, according to the bantering statement of
the banker, and issue clearing-house certificates based on the'
notes of the editor, and by doing so they floated all of the banks
and all of the town out of financial safety. The fact is, that in
this bantering discussion the real truth was told. It was due, how-
ever, to the judgment, the financial skill and the energy of the
business people, including the bankers, that thinks were righted;
that a spirit of co-operation was developed and Birmingham was
soon started on a career of magnificent progress which now enab-
les it to ship its steel products nearly all over the world, and in
shipt built in Mobil out of Birmingham steel.
Kansas City went through a period similar to that of Bir-
mingham. For a while it looked like everything was going to
pieces, and real-estate dealers and business men generally 1-0
Kansas City in great numbers because of the collapse Indeed, I
employed on the Manufacturers Record three men who had been
newspaper managers and big real-estate operators, but who by
reason of conditions were glad to accept such salary as I could of-
fer them. It seemed to me for a while that Kansas City people
were scattering all over the face of the earth. But a few people
in Kansas City never lost heart. They too, rallied the forces there
and the growth of that great Western metropolis is another indi-
cation of what can be accomplished when people make up their
mind to forget the things that are past and to press forward to
higher things in the future.
The experience of Bimingham and Kansas City and lots of other
cities which could be named may well be taken to heart by the
people of Florida. They may well develop the same spirit of
co-operation, of enthusiasm for the future, regardless of the diffi-
culties which many of them faced when- the reaction in town-lot
speculation left them high and dry financially.
The money that has been invested so heavily in electric light
and power companies, in railroads, in steamship liness for this
State was invested by men under the leadership of men who did ,.
not depend at all upon a boom' period, and they have. in no way
been discouraged by the temporary reaction. Twelve years ago,
betire there was any sign of a boom in Florida, President War-
field of the Seaboard Air Line wrote me from the West Coast
where he was then studying the possibilities of carrying, out an
extension of the Seaboard which-he made a few years ago, that
"he expected 'to see Forida the chestet 'state in the Union." The
reaction two years ago did not in the slightest change his views
as to thd future of Florida.
When years ago a severe freeze proved disastrous to many
citrus growers, Henry M. Flagler never lost faith in the future of
the State. Indeed, the morning after the freeze he wired to Vice-
President Ingraham to know how severe th damage was. Mr. In-
graham wired in reply that it was very severe and that many
gi Jwers were ruined. Mr. Falger instantly sent a telegram, say-
ing in substance: "If any people along the line are discouraged,
furnish them transportation for themselves and their families to
build, let them have whatever money is necessary as a loan or a
gift,'and.draw on me for $1,00.0,000 if needed.'
That is the spirit with which far-seeing men regard the fu-
ture of this State. They look beyond the temporary ups ,and.
downs, as every business man has to do in his own affairs, and, in:
the language of J. P. Morgon, are "a'bull on America." '" .
I am a bull on Florida; I am a bull on the South; I am a bull
on America, and I believe in the future of this State, of the South
and of the country, with a full realization of the fact that.: the
prosperity of the other, and that as the South and the nation pros-
per and grow in wealth and population, Florida will. inevitably
grow, not only proportionately but, more rapidly, because, of its
peculiar advantages and because of the desire of millions, of people
to escape the rigors of Northern and Western Winters.


~ I-


r, T HOWEY TB 2'--- EK

I .1

I.. '- . ..



Solid Growth a




Tribute to Its

FOUR outstanding factors have combined to
make LAKE COUNTY widely known and recog-
There are sound reasons for its solidarity, expan-
sion and progress.
Located In Center of State
Located in the very heart of Florida, in the far-
famed Lake Region, equidistant from the Atlantic
ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, and midway between
Jacksonville and Tampa, it offers an appeal
to the home-seeker, winter visitor, tourist, and per-
sons seeking opportuinty for business where living
is really enjoyable.
Diversified Agriculture
SFortified with rich soils, agricultural pursuits it in-
sures rich profits where capital and energy, are
properly employed. Citrus fruits, watermleons, cab-
bage and beans are the principal crops grown. Cu-
., .cumibers, tomatoes, celery, peppers and mixed
::,,.: ..::,,vegetables are commercially producd for the north-
ern markets. Eggplana, lettuce; sweet corn, Irish
:: .and sweet potatoes, berries and numerous other
small fruits, as well as hay and peas, are profitably
wi.i foi':thehome markets.-
7 Commercial Grape &Vineyards
i *' ; : .'Grape culture: : is ' important industry
:: in which LAKE COUNTY is the pre-eminent leader
of all Florida. Car. o1t shipments are made in sea-
son. Large acreage is being devoted to new vine-
Sy :a ; ': rds, some of the most successful grape growers of
~i^" ;' the north.taking advantage of the opportunities of
^ f ;': :''this :comparatively new money-making
venture. '% .
S; : Dairy and Poultry Products
P .Dal ying 'And poultry culture -are receiving in-
-:; ::' : ^creased :attehtiom The. latter' industry has made
'S ,; : rapid strides in the past three years, both, in produc-
:: : ing pure-bred birds Which bring fancy prices, and in
:':;^ supplying tIhe markets: with eggs. Each line
,; ';:: .%;:&s an' inviting field for persons ,with capital and
.-!'... ...:experience. .. I
-!:: "" :: : Fern Growing Thrives
,^ ; : .Fern culture is1'a large source of revenue. Lake
f:.:^ .' county being the center of this highly intensive form
:- "* of agriculture. Narcissus bulb propagation is anoth-
: ^-er :r n r ofitable industry. Training and skill are two es-
.::'. : sentials 'iinmaking' a success in these lines.
; :", *: *,; Industries Stimulate Trade
:; .-' Forty ditrus packing plants with large payrolls,
I'.. ....i:... crate factories, lumber mills, brick kilns, concrete
i~i : produ-ct plants, koalin and diatomite mines, togeth-
:: ':;" er with ^numerous smaller enterprises add' to the in-
^S'^. ~dustrial output, thus'f stimulating commerce and
';; : trade the year around.
:;i. : ;' : Recreational Facilities Provided
.. : Boat regattas, boating, golf on six "sporty"
i':ic:i;:i : *courses, trap-shooting, bass fishing tournaments,
.... :. .... roque horse-shoe pitching, tennis and checkers are


.... ..,.TAVA
'.'" .." '.- .:" " ; "" '' . . ".C (

provided by several communities for the entertain-
ment and enjoyment of winter visitors., Hunting,
fishing and motoring over more than 400. miles of
paved roads are other forms of recreation available.
Splendid Hotel Accommodations
Tourist and commercial hotels- offer the most
splendid service, and at prices to suit the individual
taste. Apartments and bungalows are available for
the season. Rooming houses and .restaurants are
sufficient to meet the demands of visitors in the sev-
eral. communities. Prices .for all these accommo-
dations in Lake county are unquestionably fair.
The 1927-28 season promises to surpass all others
in point of number and variety of entertainments.
Efficient School System
Lake County justly boasts of its efficient school
system. Buildings and equipment are .thoroughly
modern. More than 1200 pupils in the rural sec-
tions are transported to and from the elementary
and high schools daily.
Seven Million for Highways
eral communities of the county and affords easy
access to all parts of the state. A road-building
Program involving the expenditure of Seven Million
dollars' is being completed. .' :
' .Transportation Facilities ..,.
Three railway systems, boat lines and de luxe
busses operating on regular schedules provide su-
perior transportation facilities. Practically every
city in the state .may be reached by bus from Lake
county points. .
Many Other Assets
Lake county has a modern $300,000 courthouse,
and maintains a County Chamber of Commerce
supported by taxation, employs an agricultural.
agent a home demonstration agent and two county -
Aggressive and Modern Communities
The fourteen enterprising cities and towns have
paved streets, commodious public buildings and
every facility characteristic of a well ordered com-
munity. Six of these maintain a local chamber of
commerce with a paid secretary. Electrical cur-
rent furnished by a public service corporation; ef-
ficient local and long distance telephone service,
eight newspapers and eight public libraries are,
some of the numerous assets and advantages.
Make a Visit and Investigate
Come and see Lake County. A visit to Florida is
incomplete unless one observes conditions, studies
resources, enjoys the climate, drives over the
smooth roads and mingles with the aggressive,
friendly and happy people of this favored "Em-
pire.." Newcomers, are rapidly being added to. the
growing population. They find conditions, here to
their liking-for business, agricultural endeavor,
health and recreation.
Literature forwarded and information on speci-
fic subjects furnished on request. Address:


Department H. .




-. ... .



-' .... ..W .,.. :," .
ga,'-'.i;': .S ',.
S..:fcr.^.y'."' :.

';: .:. ,
1.^ q:.-. .. ,
j',"; .. . ..." ,,,,**

!;< :: .: '; ,
2. '" .... :,:: *.!:a

,:. *... -.:< ;..,: i~f ;:.
S. " .. $:;..- ^

I .i: .... (. : ::.';'.-;. "~ .
iS.'.:5 !.:;. "::.;!.'
^-.: i -. : : .,'.,.
..i;*?!:i,:ti-r!: *:**:
^S:-"-. q ';.( .

: .' :.:* ..
?i. -:!:i .'. :. ^


.*:! '*,1


.. . l






-DECIWiiKB '1027



iEvery resident Of' ior .lda --blespararaphers and columnits of lr-
!than one hundred miles froi a Salt ida were invited 'to come to Lees Ire
,water coast. Either the Atonfic or land -take parc in t he ra
itae gulf may be reached y any lament. They -ere-uests of the City
andi ao Te Wute oCr a few of Leesburg, the Leesburg Chamber
:. -,.

F.hznish fw ingu itaesCunyr

-hours motor ride. the Felitor as ins p r ers and ol il staff p t d u f : o
I Approxime ately tiewo thousand ls te toeLeesburg, Morning Commsner-g
atf coast line affords the lover a nte pthi te Siat T.r
m:9t water fishing ama the opportmen. The "haortliners" formed them-t
lt in the world to Indulge hisefavor- selves into. Florida Pa-Rag-oaphers
F in p ortDee inute ora fe w ofnLeesburg, thetLeeaburgbChamber
itr oor. De. League with officers and everything,

:fishing, king fish and blue fish ang- ahe writer of this article was elected
Aping is enjoyed by thousands of tou f the Lehief.sXbagger."
iot during the season. h l r., An allJday fishing trip on Lake
No state in the unioong h pornise G fih'esatlakei twelve miles long
greater variety of location s for .eandlave raging six. miles in width-a
greater variety of fishing than does with a ise h fry s a t noon on beautiful
Florida. bu f ih Treasure Iofn t as ar w attended by alle
Lake county, in e the heart of-tie the Pa-RAGh rapers. who could stay
boundae vrite ofr fourteen hundre T n ouah not put on a s a publicity

greatro variety of fihn tha do aest with a fishan ay 0h ih epettofshn fryg id s N natcefes unooneitr-; on beautiful ^, Tn ,',,,4,., i^ .h,. r l
oida ,eebur ha ae'h-n Trai e it asreh sl~tand was ny epr attended byuple yth i allcssr o ne hetu- d-0 tewy oHwy-nte-ll~e rvle bu tohn
lakereiona ofs foidahasg wt hiramn 'tfrstat of Fl- d; ee adoeteLebr asFsigTun----- .-'
named lakes. These are of fi-e etunt primarily, it has resulted in
water and are subterrania t spring' ho-sa'nds of dollars worth of this
fed. anuch desired'.omodity for this fav-
A perfect network of bhardsurfaed oed secti..SpecIl prizes were
.roads covers this county. So that *arded the. luc ky paRAG-raphers
any motorist may tour the county flho landed thbe most and the biggest "Behind You, Ahead of You, To Your a
tad seldom be out of sg t of a bass. ..
rkig buee lake montrfovmer andfe Offin ialreck rd ofu the Lakes of Cot mission. yOf climbed atop the telephone pole it is doubtful, ifyou could see beyond thfic

The lakes of Lake County are thie to note that.-one woman, Mrs. Ottos lacreal agriculturaland o in America. Toh ta rgs extreme s
imatural habitat of the famous b rigiht 0munyie riewo sm ...I
natra hbitt f he amusbi- cisky,f..6fPunnyside Drive won some 1,000 acres cleared and planted to citrus. This 1,000,; acre unit is but a small par
frmouthed black bass. Fishermen of the.. hanud-onest prizes with fish in-the-Hills. It was thirty-three Club).
from all over the counb y'come annu-t she caught in Lake Harris in front inches long and measured twenty L. M. Johnson, (Chamber of Corn- RIGHT IN THE HEARTPdF FLORIDA
ay in great numbers to this section of he 'lake shore home. inches at the drosal five waistline. merce).
o fish. I '- Aig b' there' prizes she won a H toward B. Kane, (Izaak Walton (Florida Times 47iiin)
Fish In Florida are protected by twen. ivW'ollar Pflueger reel and Bass that weigh from ten to fifteen League). F fl ta a bo oeli he sta t h a
aw during the spawning season, nd a twefy-five dollar thermos kit. Her pounds are frequently caught during Jennings Cottrell, (Rotary Club). an e onte l
so the supply shows no sign of dimin- biggest bass weighed eleven pounds the fishing season. The closed sea- Mrs. L. C e. Johnson, ('Woman's though the most of them are fairly well informed regarding condi-

Ibn. : However, step *are being t alc clse sea Mrs.* In' thug th mos of the are farl Wl Ie inowme rexpects tond be abet ar n-
shing. However, steps are being tak- six ounces. .. It was twenty-eight and son extends from March 15th to May club). I ..
en by the Izaak Walton Leagues to one-half, inches long and nineteen 15th. The National Fresh Water Cities in Lake county where com-; tions and affairs, they are sometime moved to exclaim over the
pf young bass. So, no matter should biggt da cescnd, f s catc with b e oe cou betourn ofoe cna part be toe se-t l
stock yearly all the lakes with lenty and one-hai'iches around the mid- Bass Tournament will end five days portable hotel accommodations may e e o t hio, e rs ed w
p f y o u n g b a ss. S o n o in a tter b o w d ie H e r ..'bi" g ge~s't d a y fs ca tch .yh e o e t e b g n i n f t e c o e e p o u ed a e H w y i h i l ,d is c o v e r ie s m a d e o n a t r ip T h e e d ito r o' th e S a s o a H r l w s

region of Florida may cohtie to be eight ounces;. Any and all information in regard land, Mount Dora, Clermont, Min-
a veritable paradise for devotees of The .Natio laBass Fishing Tour- to any phase of fresh water fishing, neola and others. waxed poetic in his remarks about things in the heart of Flor-

th e ta a rodn and reel.b ..,tSedgorosdy not-(o~ud nae n. en eurd1ywJ hings fron-th oheart o Flor
the rod and reel. a .naentwill las:from January 10th with respect to fishing camps, guides, No entrance fees, dues orregistra- ida." On the way to e inthet e at
Leesburg has taken' teiniiative ito March 10ta.d cnonly be par- boats etc. will be supplied by the tion is necessary to enter the tour- the way w ih a d a h
this year in putting on a state and a ticiphted in*'y on4esidents of the Leesburg Chamber -of Commerce or ,naments. Just the fish. dred and twenty-five miles, every fo90f of the way, on hard-sur-
National bass fishing tournament for 'state -of Florida Seven handsome the Leesburg Bass Fishing Tourna- sat
Lake county, for the purpose of n-,. engraved trophiesare up for top ment committee. HOWEY GRAPEFRUIT ed roads," he said. "The fine highways of Florida cannot be
restingg the home people and the prizes in this event with a biglist of And, by the way, this committee GETTING PUBLICITY to highy praised They make eaily accessibleall the cities and
,winter visitors in the psuerior fish- otherprizes, chiefof which is an $80 was formed by a representative of ton in the state and ff tothe public do10 0htful motor trips.
ing afforded by the Lakes of Lees- fodingboat donated by the King each of the seven civic bodies ofwn e
burg and Lake county.-. folding boat company of Oakland, Leesburg, and are as follows: nn f Pge On) Tere is now no reason why anyone ming.i 'his state with an
:Ihe State Tournament lasted foroCainrna . .r D E ve hryone (it y base of e song both i ln tel a s" nto w asong ita nd posesii o, infdshustat few thoan
't he f StamotehTour a e t lsefor C lf ri..D. E. Bivens, chairman, (City as d on along and tedius exannna.-
e ful month of November .and I Official record of the Lake Coun- Commission). ion of the same both in clinical and automobile, or being in it and posseSigo should fal to find
, ..... .. . aTh.ts arti ce',,'or, e x- ..- ., . ,,.. . .
epnty-two f .ahdsome prizes were, ty .4iTict asto size isf.a bask, weigh f. MC Killip Secretary, "(Ameri- aeoratora work" t-dt alofnjoym in ui isgr o
0..g. 'to tbe'winners. l"g eighteen'and *one.half -pounds, can Legion). .tracts, from it; has appeared'in thou-'
For two days during the month the taught in 'Lake Harris near Howey- Dr. E. B. Fletcher, ..(Kiwanis sands' bf papers ahid maga -ines The Sarasota newspaper man talked considerably of the see- ,
the TheSarasota newspaper manofthesec-thrpugliout the country, and has
; a. aroused wide interest. ,. tion through which he passed on his'trip and'f the fertile'section-
Dr. Taylor is trying eo give' each
inquiryy personal 'ittentin' but finds where there were evidences of progress' and'.development on all
this almost impossible. He has, how"- sides. "Agriculture here seems to have reached a higher state.of
eyer, been able to answer all letters-
land inquiries up to date. His oi development'-than anywhere else;" 1He suggests, and his observa-
-.:.? :or.e .ovforce has recently been expan'ded-'n&i s ion of the splendid citrus groves in Polk and Lake counties left
D O R A Iis wo.rk without delay o bet K thle. Theart ofa of Florid sthat c trida i s e contomie caf
he now expects to be able to'carry on'-.,.
.A hointerup hi.n enthusiastic over the outlook. "The impression one gets going
i TH -Hitio. Al inuires or nfo maton R t'rough the heart of Florida is that.i, Florida-'is economically
UP IN THE-HILL AND LAKE REGION any kind or nature concerAing this.
-medcinal grapefruit should o6und," he says. "No one could .tour tle" central part of the state
.'dressed to Dr. E. C. Taylor, direior, and not be convinced of this fact, bdsfdes being impressed with
A T' ceWfVat. oeyi-teHiloSntaim
3. J Ira eceationsthe substantial development and t at possibilities of Florida."
ereo:t'e z rnbered OPIE READ AND H. J. DRANE "
S -" MEET AFTER FIFTY YEARS Later the wandering editor tells lithe -enterprise and success
.i... ; "' __ .being secured by W. J. Howey, the hq@banad front of the splendid
IGet away-frDm the coldobf the"6 iorth. Spend glorious days in out- (Continued from Page One.) -t- ills project. Quoting artice in pr as
known by both were mentioned-- and Howey-in-the-Hilsprjc. Quotin th&C a f1
.:door sport -and- -enjoyable re'e" nuderthe won erfl sn-n opartothwer followas.
rb'shine, t e w nd r ul s n -'- : it was. found that one or .the,. t
'do .-njyaben itewat on r the e~~.~tr will indicate the way in which a Floridt:W an discusses a plan that
"hin" .'," knewthRead Great Golfer : seems to be developing wonderfully for th&d betterment of the state
Mr. Read has become.a,.i" eat and encouragement of others with capital and ability:
Enjoy a kee 'app e,thl blightt of living, the happiness that golfer, and has written several sbhpr
goes with perfect healt.'t41 this in beautiful Mount Dora, where stories for the golf magazines "'Mr..Howey has possessed himself of 102,000 acres of the hill
pneumoia and kindred tdomtplaints are unknown. "ragged" his old friend a great deal"country and, at the present time, has some twelve thousand acres
.. ."s e va '." for not having taken to golf, but said ""
that.hoethadin'time.t i; .bearing orange and grapefruit groves. He has perfected an or-
v'. ~~~that he yet bad time.' t.;.: .
,The'hospitable. intimm" of life in Mount Dora, where everyone is "My new book soon to be out has ....grWtion that. has standardized the citrus industry from the
t Pour friend, :cost .bti'littie. You can live in a hotel, in a cottage or a great deal of golf in it," said the' .sel~i'bi'.i of the seed to the marketing of the product, even pro- ,
m: .i.,t : a 'author, "It is, however, a story, of vidifk a market for the by-products of the grove. Strange as it''
'- .pu .. [" h l Msispirvrdy n apartme ,itJ .You 0at njoy yachting, golfing, tennis, lawntholMisspirveda'an] 't-
I sportsts of all sorts.. ': '-' feel that you are going to like i't." may seem, it is yet true he is insuring his grove owners three dol-
'I., .o.;'",.. Florda has made a favorite of Mnare'.o ntei is rd ctu rdc on thetrees and offer-
I 0me Read.ntDe"I'llth never spend another" woos ad akecwin-y ofth ge theinthmannorinvestment n undern in th mconditionsuner whichs hic preclude e theifI anpossi-, h

1Ti-hrhnnd. -f 1.T.Inr pits, .. ... ).; 'averred. "With the cold of last win_.[ ability of failure. The beauty of the country in the neighborhood of


ter we had no real bad weather here Howey-in-the-Hills, hills and valley alternating, and lakes nesting
at fowey and with the delightful cli- in the bosom of every valley, is indescriable. For a two.or three
mate that we have in this state. I am
never going to suffer another cold days' outing, we have seen nothing in Florida to equal a trip
winter unless it is forced upon me."
through Lake and Polk counties, and nothing so reassuring."
HTWEY-IN-THE-HILLS IIn a story such as has just been told there is nothing to be
-- put down as "boosting." It is merely the observation of a Florida
(Contiuued from Page One) .
some mighty fine bass out '- Lake man who has been moved to praise and explain to some extent
Harris which they had prepared at things which are going on at a little distance from his place of bus-
Hotel Floridan. Mr. Woods, an arch- .. ,.,. ,. .,. .
.Hotel Floridan. Mr. Woods, mess. And it is worth more as suggesting conditions and chances
itect and builder, was much impress-
ed with the future building possi- than a great deal of advertising which must: be -discounted by
abilities here. -He stated that he the readers through the habit of allowing for :much'color and ex-
could see no reason why Howey-in- .. -* .. -ii r i i
could see no reason why Howey-i n- treme favoritism when engaged in exploiting. anything. The local-
the-Hills would not be one of .Cen- 1. -
tral Florida's most important, cities ities have often been described and :1.' Howey'-'"tIms and ac-
'in the near future.' He, was'muc .h 'e-. .'.. g'"'', '-- .
'i the near future. He' was much, complishment have been discussed at'l figfh, on many occasions;
impressed with the ric h back' coun- hqbc:d }:;7dasio.rT s;~htii : :
impressed with the rich back coun- but the Herald's story is different, and'wiU attract attention that
try, especially the thousands of acres
of orange and grapefruit groves here. valabe. ' vlae .


.: * ",, : .^ :.* *:
*,. *L--,-, .--^-.*:,'. .y/

Write to the Champerjqf: Commerce if you are planning a vacation
,in the land of worth 'emiemories.
: . ;: *, ,. : *]* T :. ( '.
. : : "* ". "**^**, ^-. i' : ,. ...
"" "'" : "' ' 5 "' I 5.
Ard 'don't forget, floriddaisummers are just as delightful as the
w "ne ;] Yo "",n",b n-' '101, I;"7#:.-
xwinters. You can-ehjoy.,f...etre all the year round. Pure drink-
ihg water .and a low taxkratAt
, *; . "" . =-. ,' = .* *,.
S . '- /' ,- ,.,..- ..1,.


Mount J-oria, Florida

enI o a m'.-' .- d k
d hnsml yi.u t.latd boo let. Free for the asking.-..'. .
^end for ,our landlsomnely illus.a'ted booklet. Free for the asking.
'* ,. M i .- . :,** -., ,r *,, ,

- '. --
.' --""

' t:.

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s:^ ** '*; .
'*i';". . ; *
:' ...
''':: ';.
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'i.j .' !
:* *'
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; .: *
i. '* .^ .
';** .
'A' ''.
hi::.- *' *
^'^ ' ^







T :. 'HIE :' v -":---
flM N 3!i -r-- ^^ -- .- ....^f Tt BOWEY TRIBUNE ..... ....._ -- .. ... -- -- ____"--

SThe Tampa

Store No. 1

W. C. Lindsey, director of the the following day with a jingle which
-t Y Howey interests at Tampa, delighted rivals Opie's little poem called, "Na
about 150 of the elite of Tampa with ture's Charm Spot. The poem,-
a program befitting a king when thea titled, owey-in-the-Hills, follows:
first Howey fruit and juice store was R
. . . . SplenAofficially opened for business in y suWes tN TH. HILL b
l Tampa on December 12, 1927. This W I T L
store, unit number one, of a chain of Fawteiom the city noisd and strife,
stores soon to encompass-the U. S.T -'Farp from the maddening throng,
A., is located at the corner of.Frank- Wsfe'rm one may live the peaceful life,
c eilin and Madison streets,: one of the And Ihxfi -s. ng.
busiest corners in busy Tampa. HerF., Wloire f -'ks a the whole year
will be dispensed oranges and grape. t -ound,-' "--
fruit of a high quality heretofore'
not to be found in fruit stores of the Where winter never chills,
'State. .V P ., beauty spreads o'er all' i;he
The store itself is a model of per- ground-t H inte-
kfection. A fruit display rack, beau- ,1hacHwy-nth-il e
tiful in design, a drink counter of the
latest equipment, plenty of room and.The .orange Wand the grapefruit grow
windows sufficient to make the en- u.i flavor N unsurpassed. a
J:: c~auseDaeNtrthebsow
Satire interior of daylight. The guests Dshelter fN0mr there blast.
were by invitation only as room was wAod' there the sun and rain have met
tio,. ,, vrcgr;acsopltnpp mrcndolri o ot 0 nume of Atre uphete nortm thenin blast.
Snot sufficient to take care of a frac- ,Ad kissed the fruit that spills-
tion those who would have bee nectar w wthat one can but get-'
kise the fruitsiteiece^losnl thae hedsnticpaddillssi ftestt ;* ***' .;
present had a general invitation beep 1 Vrom
. . . . . . . ..... given. The program for the evening, Howeyin-the-Hills.
was asO e follows: New York Times--A large ma-
-, *Address of Welcome-Hon. D. Ben Fjdrity of the pickers were -in favor
$t To Your Left, Is Howey Property." McKay, Pres. Tampa Board of Trade. of Phar5key, while a little more
To Your the Iommand ofakgwePrA Dream Come True L-- W. I- than half of them favored Demp-
er f Howeyaporperty. More actual wealth is represented in this spot than any ..., IC T W t
Sa woodland which is- part of a tract purchased by Britishers wIho are having A Sunrise at Howey-in-the-Hills--
tthe huge development under universal ownership and unified control. Opie Read. Ciinati Enquirer -.Respect-
ARE WE TO H AN OIL BOOM? I FLORIDA-A MIRROR this word. We have splendid rA Completed Cycle-J. W. Law fuy su. g t that Mr. Rir I be
OF O 'h gHAVEP ANa in Flra Tho Mill- rence. .engaged to promote the Chinese
SisnF p __higgigaO ions of the N orth are finding it Citrus, Florida's Golden Opportun- war; it's hardly living up to its
i Miion "D poltrs' hv se iF i "oity-Hon. Perry G. Wall, Mayor of promise as a spectacle.
ing" for oil. Forty or fifty wel"p have been bored. A score or more (Continued from Page One.) out: The kind of trail-blazers we Tampa.
are working at the present te. Experienced oil men believe pro-i and there being no day in the now need is the one that sees The newspapers at Tampa played bston Transcript Perhaps
areedy?.. tyear when crops are noE t Arow- visions and dreams of industry, up the occasion and, as one fellow Henry Ford is plannzn. tc. get
during wells will be in operation in several localities within anoth- ing somewhere in the state; a commerce and agriculture, stated, "all Tampa is interested in those new cars out of the factory
complex combination of clim- More people eat Christmas this affair." Tampa should be pr oud by Christmas.
er month or so. If Florida oil men strike "pay dirt" we will see a ates, ranging from the coldspt of dinner in Florida than in any of the fact that it is to be Store No. Atant ConstitutionIn other

E ,~~~~~1 of ahn chainit ofoane fruit andlrac juic stoee. Atlanta Consituton-I other,.
|p,,,; ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ -e beo thbetsrdlrthwodhaevrko .Anise spyofrn zie ro finance. aitem other state in th wol of~ the day h woman woehr\rse
boom here that will make tlh lite lamented corner lot bedlam look 02 degrees below zero in 1899 at other state in the world of the of a chain of fruit and juice stores
Tallahassee to the ne tennially same population. Come and be which will soon rival some of the pop-. .days two wr hser adr nss
like a "piker.' 'wt ua ular achwain store sotm of the fot- .e d a th3r w nmht to hes r ade now
S''warm breath of the Gulf Stream make try Simila T so systems of the coun- w dw o s n
We know whereof we sp6ak .In West Virginia, Pen sylvania forever bathing the beaches of awhle. Florida-the state beau- try. Similar stores are now being hey wear them up to their step-
the southern shores, where two tiful, useful, progressive, has a 'opened in Daytona Beach, St. Pet- ins!
and Oklahoma, oil booms sprungg" up. We observed the excite- zones meet and play and make firm foundation, a substantial jersburg, Miami, Bradenton, Lees-: M
ment. It was a great circus di one destined to cause us to lose an. ideal playground for millions superstructure, a splendid peo- burg. Jacksonville,, De- Wall Street Jonal Most
of people; a splendid variety of pie. Land, Orlando, West Palm Beach and- trouble from out modern youth is
of peole aase splndi thos interscon
F.some of our self-respect wher reflected that we, too, were in dustries where labor and capi- other locations in Florida while prep caused b those in their second

K; j0 AITNHL NDRL SCLEE.- plasr speker childhood)n- mcinr- eae be v ^ ^ ^ ^ *3
members of the samegtribe-of these mad and furious bipeds. No itl have never had a war, except Cincinnati Times- Star The rations are being made to open a
over cigars; a cosmopolitan pop- American dollar is now worth 70 number of stores up north beginning
man can even remoteJy1 imagine-what would happen here if a real, u which numbers among cents; the other cents is the in the early spring. The speakers Eastern Shore News (Onacock,
wulation ,hich dm-e -Va.).'-Two'of Accomack county's
old fashioned oil booms vouald break loose. Again the fertile soil its inhabitants re resentatives a you ee when you try to t ther attractive oung women were
li ghtednth eoncin, and evidentlyghtjdattractive, oung women were
would be shot to pie ces; again, all the sound and substantial in from every continent and a -
great part of the nations and '.etch its buying power to pre- spired. a -columnist for the Tara' married at Rockville, Md., ow
vestments wculd be neglected ;again millions . dr11ars .wo-ul. be languages, -her annual visitors. war size. ITimes,;for that columnist burst -frth Aug.. 2nd. "

$;,.. ~ ~ ~~~ .. . 1. Mor draes withos another fe B\ .--^Ati .~W
S ost---and following on the wake would be millionaires overnight., outnumbering those of any other . , _"f 1u r
'T h e m s t g ni..h s ta t e o n a b a s is .o f th e s ta te 's-
..Themass'intelligencelai ahh6sVnil; 'tie herd' instinct handed population.
Down to us from the timk wewere savages in Asia, predominates. In experience of undistu rb- More Than
-Once we followed, like. sheep, a chanting priest; later we marched ed calm and of feverish excite-
I.a.. d rinthda takes the prize a i yFions
i: at the command of a king. Now-we go "hog wild" when some methFn loher these pizetu iwi
Ponzi announces a "find" be it gold, oil or "planted" relics of re- some instances the slothful be- II O
-.I I -. Ihw o.
:.: "uent vintage. o a came rich without knowing tow ;
: e .nt- 'praer .r. y, active adventurers be-
'!!::.:B':.:/^: : euamillionaires in a few
; ..... tOITInA REVOLUTIO lo -ttd.hDs, Hot mh ts Impressions for the Howey Companies This, Month--- -
POLITICAt-'REVOLUTION ja is their main assets being'
a::;"" ;. . ... .... .. .. . ... . di the cranv, and opulencePub's- Co ,
Isj!: ito goInng to tae a poltitaI revolution in this state to..set Dosra, thecaa o
-Is i.t." .. t. o take -, a '" Iflaunted its peacock feathers in
i; things going along really pragessive line? Has the old time.tidea the face of the dazzled eyes of th e rea so n
ft-,-. *f religion 'and .. .. : It he poor. Craftiness feasted on I
of religion and politics.a soro;of reigio-political oligarchy CIOu t
..hamstrug.andhogiedtoth.extentr i no h a the gullible and factions rose out' A MODERN
... hamstrung and hogtied to thee. of the wilderness-e like Jack's COMPOSING ROOM e .'
remedy? It would seem to be so. Apparently ignorance predomi- bean stalk. Later, excess Consisting -of the last i -_J ..,A."e be -
'Btu: bthu:;7: Are we to -" brought on its inevitable reac- word in Typesetting, Ma- oVO O
4 :':. nates. But must it ever 'he a-u.Aew t vrgo ut.a-.
and; i e f o Gion and reason came to her own. caines and labor saving-
'hood with backbone endugh-iC'face the facts and strive .-6 tio.-n afrfn ran came rato from a chines-and labr savn Go.,,
-rectives. Politicians are a terrible curse to any land. Nearl.y:ltl of sinking ship, and canny specu- es of Foundry Types and'
n4o '. -, Vicki; o ee-
., dpi ngonthe stage of th ' t V'S gt. .
-the best straddlers teworld arhatrsfl ther lowerin cutt Decoatio Mateils -% he V2 5ItA ~o
th... has.verknon..A.isu pihy of frenzied finance. Distem- A PRESS ROOM ve1 gtbeV I~rIIvo-taO
them pink. Witness. both sides on the liquor problem. Pay;ctse pered imaginations gave way to With a battery of Gordon tatet %I tWI'-0. 'i tbo";
..-realization that a fool's paradise and A Ps J-
ishrlensfyisiand Automatic Presses--- .6; e ._ fo- -" "..
attention to our three-ring circus at Tallahassee the m is short-lived, and safety first is Two cylinders including a t
Two ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ .e cyidr-nldngaXIT I
-spring. -The average joiitidan would make a huge success as .a-the council of wisdom. The fitful new No. 3 Miehle, the last aties
.clown-some of them would even make good acrobats. The Anglo- dream has passed, word in Flat-bed Printing ILI a, e '
tt" iv Florida is: all here. Nothing Presse. vet.J cl o& .S:e &e_
Saxon is slow to act. But when he gets going he seldom stops uD- has disappeared that is substan- w.e ileP-"be e
-til the job has been completed. May he soon take the offensiVe tial. We have the young and A Be
the old, the rich and the poor, That i unxcefled in Via:4 9 se" vets' V0,,
against.our politicians. the wise and the otherwise. We Central Florida-The lab- et'S voe boer'" t x...
have youth chasing rainbows of -o 5 ea "' tO i" wi l -
est cutting and stitching, -.ol'a tt'oe lat:O'so -
HAMILTON BOLT AND ROLLINS COLLEGE pleasure and old age resting un- machinery-.We are able aoher .-Oess -reW.' .9e I
.-.7 : ,sf t, c,

Florida's one weak point is, and has been, education of th der palm and pine. We have to care for any bindry .b "0 b~sine cor"*
; .:::., .:.thrft nd restless competiin eV \a uh ..
Fg'rtp bto atthrift a titon needs, such as, uerforat- O UT -iie leaW, ,.
higr t N lng ao an e or of ninal and internation- -like wingfooted Mercuries, ing, Ruling, Punching co o
ii:;.., renownn sacrificed a more brilliant star in the firmament of edu-[ rushing in hot pursuit of Main- Book binding etc. g' at"- p.-, *"5" aUag'" .
cation. inodrt ath i h.b fee sc ion: on. We have luxury of climate .- .... uN ..' -:ys -
:: azo i oar ha e igtbeozeengraerus :oa etinunknown in the greater part of A TCKROM_ Mv8
j: : sorely needing his great educational talents. We refer to Hamilton tis plnt, "ASOKRO
Florida is a land of dreams.
BHolt, former editor of the Independent, and a scholar and educator 'Mor idremes wit he... fee doubt we carry the larg- xt / 'u'-h-Ann,rz-
... -heqaofany in America, now at the president of Rollins Col- onthe ground, are building cas- .lt paper stock of any Ai.LI ftflOVe: L
.I g "printing establishment in Every dbepartment of our organiza-
..'l~ege at Wintei Park. 'tles here than ever were built CnrlFoia-yu.toni andb rfse-o
.:.! Dr. Bolt is striving to attain an ideal. w He is, not pedant. He in Spain. More ideals and pans, don'trhave tlorwita weu empoyees alone-Mnad Worf men--o
: does not unduly adhere to forms and rules He makes no ostenta-tare beinghre p Titoeffec here:lay have it. .who are "T2lqkest"' in their particu- -
"tanelewer..hee's lfay'r yruhf GahcArts- --
t."..,: ious display of his knowledge. He realizes that at best we are but Io of Arabian magic in many of'.a brach Grahi
:.., students searching for knowledge and truths. He is attempting jarthe deveo pmrentsiow. beingO A PU LING CO P NY0I
.:.!-to teach t~he boy and girl tb think for themselves rather than, par- crin d toeln p verfetion state onesM U T D RP BL S I G CPA Y Ic
Itrav lingo er th
J! :"rot-like, repeat that wl'i%. is handed down to them from the pe- bees things that remind one ofPULC TINA D OOR RNES
.. ~ ---. .. .. Spain', Italy, California, Holand, P BIA INA DCLRPITR
.... ,dantic. prolfes~or. :' eduction fit.i.da..o. the& Pampas. The architecture MOUNT DORA :: FLORIDA

',: -to turn loose t~hinkers in-,tbt~land,.,lr. Ho1W might this minute be nypaiso southern Itly t ,, _
: :. .,,. .. ditlched farm lands of Holland- Mt. Dora Publishing Co.
:." doing something tre; u... .are not the least bit alarmed. in the 'Evergrades-- the sparsely ALM.DrFn
..m ought .lop.neiP" ed c nle.snadaits co-workers. timber~ed plains-of the Pampas Put us on your mailing list. We are interested bn...........
'. '; some ."* : ... ... ...u ... .-nk ilui n hac- [of Argentina, the rolling hills' T H E -! " "" : H'] .".- :'.::: '''
..: 4... .,-:,g2 ,:'', 7J' Tfl .s itch ,. ......,-M -- -and," ..akes .of .th north and cen- ('f TTPfl'NT :"

.:. *ed way.bdal:^i, e Dafk Ages Power to think straight is a rare tral, regions ware equal t Ftthose .', "'No Obliaiin is a r: ..- i
<"*'" ';. yf'' lll egi W n ar e e u l t 'th s Firm .* . ..' *. ..*.'...._...,..-.............-.. -.... ....................----.-*. .-.----- --- *-
thing.. o I s a -htenih6 ut some of the kinks in i 'ade famous by the poets of the _"' .. . iAddress..-......-.....---. ---..
.-the mind,oQf..mnany youngsters. If so, praise be to him. Trail blazing is about past in Adres___________________

- I m "" .
' ',.'..' .: .... *.

------ri. .-.I

ZELTROCIDE CHEMICAL CO Florida growers will be interested operation of them anachineryand..mix- The- corporation-has. just-complet-. spoiled- shipments And-the greatest- research-expetrL.
BECOMING INTERNATIONAL in knowing- something about the out-,tures. Then .Mr. Zeilner plans to go ed what is believed to be one of the portion. as gone forward without E. L. Cordery is office manasppr
ORGANIZATION IN GROWTH put of citrus fruits by other coun- abroad, sailing about the- first of best equipped laboratories in the being iced,-ice being used only when Commissioner Reid Robson, is vice-
tries. Figures on file with Mr. Zell- May for a trip around the world that: South on the second floor of the fac- the destination is on or near the Pa- president.
...(Lakeland Star.Telugram, (ner phow that .Spain this season is will take him first to the establish-itory and office building. In this lab- cific coast and even at that ship- During the past few days several
Feb. 27 1927) producing ten million cases of Valen- ment of White and Son in HulLEng- oratory tests are made regularly ments have been sent through to additional contracts with packing
;i__ cia and other varieties of oranges land, and later to the branch houses every fourth day to check up on the Seattle un-iced in good condition. A house owners have been signed by
The Zeltroeide Chemical Corpor- and Palestine about 800,000 cases, of the company in Valencia, Spain; action of Zeltrocide with the idea of complete check is made on every con- President Zeilner and on the basis of
nation of Lakeland has become an in- The winter season is just about to be- Jerusalem, Palestine, Pretoria, South improving on the present formula, if signment from every packing house present contracts, the Zeltrocide
international organization with a pro-, gin in Australia and South Africa, Africa and Sidney, Australia, return- that be possible. However, the record throughout the State and records Chemical Corporation is assured of
gram of usefulness and service to the the former country estimating the ing to the United States by way pos- established on a smaller scale last kept of the whole operation, a gross revenue of $2,000,000 a year,
world, stretching far into the future. coming crop at 400,000 cases and the sibly of South and Central America, shipping season, is being repeated H. Grady Zellner is president and commencing with the year 1928, this
In perfecting a, chemical process latter at 1,200,000 cases. The stan- thus making a visit to practically this year on a much large scale, .the general manager of the corporation, giving some idea of the vest propor-
for the protection of Florida oranges, dard case in all these countries con- every citrus region of the earth, fruit treated by the Zeltrocide pro.. John C. Stahl, a graduate of Buck- tions. reached by a Lakeland enter.
grapefruit and other fruits so that tains 115 pounds of fruit. Mr. Zell- Before the present shipping sea- cess arriving on the market absolute- nell University, Pennsylvania. is chief prise that is not much more than an
they can be transported from the ner says that South Africa will soon son opened, the. Florida Citrus Ex- ly flawless, with no deductions for-chemist and V. P. Purling of Toronto infant.
packing house to themarket with a, be a rival of Florida in the produc- change signed contracts with the h _e ________i___ ______ ____
minimum of loss through deteriora- tion of grapefruit, producing an arti- Zeltrocide Chemical Corporation for
tion and in most instances without cle of high quality. South Africa the use of the proceeds in all pack-
refrigeration. H. Grady Zellner, !growers have set out enough orange ing houses in this State. In addition
president of the corporation, has in- land grapefruit trees to produce a to this contract many of the larger
vented something that means the sav- crop in three years from now estimat- independent packers entered into LAKELAND BUILDING & LOAN
ing of millions of dollars to the grow- ed at 8,000,000 cases. agreements so that today the Zeltro-
ers of citrus products, not only The opening of the European field 'cide process is being applied to close A SSOCIATION
through elimination of icing charges, has made it necessary for the Zel- to 40 per cent of the output of Flor-
but by being able to market the trocide Chemical Corporation to es- iida with new contracts signed thatI
fruit in absolutely sound condition I tablish a European agency, this be- gives them 70 per cent of 1927 crop. ASSETS OVER $900,000.00
without flaw or rot, thus preventing ing in charge of J. W. Andrew, who The Lakeland territory has been par-,
serious losses by means of the usual was Mr. Zeilner's first research engi- ticularly loyal to a home citizen
deductions for "spoiled fruit," with never and formerly pre-cooling engi- since every box of fruit grown.within IHas Always Paid 2 per cent Quarteply Dividends
which every shipper is familiar. I never for the Florida Citrus Exchange ;a radius of eight miles of Lakeland I
To demonstrate that this discovery' Mr. Andrew has headquarters in Val- 'is treated with Zeltrocide, close to SinlCe the organization of this, the first mutual Build-
is not a passing fancy, rights to use encia Spain. twelve hundred cars having been a Lo A.- cain in Po nt om
Zeltrocide have now been leasedI When news of the discovery and shipped from this territory so far this n L Associato ok uty, so e six
throughout the world's citrus regions,I practical success of Zeltrocide be- season. The use of the process, it is years ago and the subsequent organization of other As-
including, of course, the Unitedcame known a little more than a estimated, has saved local growers sociations, we have adhered to Certain rules for con-
States, Spain, Palestine, South Afri- year ago, the California Fruit Grow- not less than $70,000 for icing ducting our institution. We have never attempted to
ca and Australia. Central and South iers' Exchange sent East to make an ,charges, which money is now in bank u i g u i i u on. Whenever attempted t
America now making inquiry. investigation and report, H. J. Ram- to the credit of the fruit men of Polk promote or1 stimulate the expansion of OUr Association
How foreign countries came to say of Los Angeles, field manager, county. I by solicitation of the public.
know about Zeltrocide is an inter- Mr. Ramsay, after spending several The plant of the Zeltrocide Chem-
esting story. The great fruit concern weeks here, going over the plants in ical Corporation is located at the in- We have, as a result, grown gradually through the
of White and Son of Hull, England, operation and studying the reports tersection of Lake avenue with Rose years, to represent the strongest institution of our type
importers from every country on the from the commission men from all street adjoining the Fort Myers,
face of the earth, and with branch sections of the country showing the branch of the Atlantic Coast Line' in the country. We wish to call the attention of the in-
houses everywhere, began to note a fruit to have arrived in amazingly Railway, while the warehouse and vesting public to the following:
year ago that shipments of grapefruit fine shape, returned to the Pacific machine shop are on East Rose close
arriving in England had come I coast convinced there was something by. It might be well here to explain; 1.-We are strictly mutual; every shareholder aid borrower receives
through with every crate showing I to it. However, his board of direct- that all the parts are manufactured his share of the earnings on a pro-rata basis. There is NO preferred share-
perfect condition and they began to ors was slow to act, but Mr. Ram- here except the Sharpless No. 6 cen- o
wonder, particularly since the fruit say is back in Lakeland, for the sec- trifuge, which is made in Philadel- holders or Promotion Stock owners.
from the United States was opening ond time and has made preliminary phia. Recently President P. T. ur shares are ALWAYS for sale, and can be subscribed to WITH-
in much' better shape than that from agreements covering the use of Zel- Sharpless came down from.the Quak- .Ou ang e ar e O MfEMBrs Hl FaeE
Spain and South Africa. Within a trocide in five of the largest packing ,er City to make a personal investiga- OUT paying a PREMIUS OR MEMBERSHIP FEE.
few weeks after ascertaining that buses in Southern California. The tion of the whole enterprise. His con 3.-Our shares, representing your investment, are secured by first
Zeltrocide process was. responsible machinery has already been shipped 'cern owns several manufacturing, mortgages on homes only.
for the amazing state of affairs, they and President Zellner is planning to plants in the United States and Eu-
were in correspondence with -Presi- leave Lakeland early next week, rope for the making of machinery
dent Zellner and a conference with [driving through to Los Angeles by for clarifying and refining purposes WRITE FOR BOOKLET H. T.
representatives of White & Son was I automobile, accompanied by the cor- notably or oils and petroleum pro-
arranged for in .New York -City,'poration's research expert, V. P. Dur- ducts and so impressed was he with
where., formal papers .were signed ling, a noted Canadian chemical en- the future of the Zeltrocide process LOCK BOX 629 LAKELAND, FLORIDA
by which the English house has se- gineer, and graduate of Toronto Uni- 'that he insisted on making a substan- ..
cured. the .rights to :use the process I versity. They will'remain in Califor- tial investment ini .the corporation, .:. ..
in all their establishments-..wherever iniafiuiitil around the first of. April to despite th'.-fact that there is no stock .1I -. .. .....
located;. Isupervise the installation and initial for sale. .

. ,. ihen I bought
At Kelvinator one of
"t things that made
Sme hesitate was that
I wondered how long
Sit would. stand up.
We have now used it
about four and ane-
l ialfyearsanditlsrun.
n inzg as well as when
First purchased it. "
(Mean rqHj)

The:. Oldest Domestic Electric


Long after you buy a Kelvinator-after it has been
giving you perfect automatic refrigeration for years
-you will realize what good judgment you used
when you selected the system that had been giving the
same perfect service to others since as far back as 1914.
Wfe will gladly come to your home, look over your refrigerator and
gnv you complete mfrmation about eectnfying it. Call or telephone.

Clermont, Florida.

OPIE READ, President

-Home of the
World's Largest

S. K. MARE, Treasurer

RAY A. FRAME, Secretary





Dec. 15, 1927

Lake County Kelvinator Company,
Clermont, Florida.


You want to know what we think of our Kelvinator. Well, we, at
present, live in an apartment that costs us $75.00 per month rent and if
we had to surrender either the apartment or the Kelvinator the apartment
would have to go. That is, we would keep the Kelvinator and build another
apartment around it.

Seriously, it is the best refrigeration system we have ever used-and
we have used them all.

Yours very truly,
RAY A. FRAME, Secretary
Howey Board of Trade.



360 Feet
-ea Level






. . ....... .. .... ...... ... ..... .............. _.- -.... ... ......... .F.C M B7



sEwn.. --- --

nf''fl''IVMUR'I? 1097

jrn, Lu. Iservice are


Executive Secretary Chamber of

Mount Dora the beautiful, the
"city of lakes and hills," is calling to
Nature's magical topography, a
picturesque elevated area of plateau
washed by the waves of Lake Dora,
Lake Gertrude and Lake Beauclaire
and crowned with stately pines, ro-
mantic oaks, well kept streets, beauti-
ful homes and a great family of
christian and hospitable people-this
is a true picture of the Mount Dora
of today.
The wonderful natural advantage
of Mount Dora include a climate
that is glorious beyond compare,
winds sweeping' across the fresh
water lakes actually reaching the
city in:a condition of water-washed
air without an equal anywhere. Suf-
ferers of bronchial difficulties, in-
cluding asthma secure remarkable re-
lief after arriving.
SMount Dora offers a remarkable
welcome to lovers of outdoor life, its
galaxy of sports often intriguing
those who profess their biggest and
.4 most solid pleasure is "just living."
S _V Golfing on five courses, all. within
a few minutes ride by motor, bathing
on sandy beaches free from under-
tow,'motor boating in the fastest
i -raft in the state, fishing that meets
vith the fondest dreams of an Ike
Walton, lawn games, including ten-
is shuffle board, bowing on the
.'.... green and a battery of eight quoit
courts, all contribute to the enjoy-
Sment of the townspeople and visitors.
... Perhaps one of the most univers-
:: *' ally enjoyed pleasures afforded the
;. Mount Dora resident and visitor, is
: "derived from automobile trips for
.. ...Mount Dora is linked with the rest
o:1:-.' ':.Of the state by wonderful highways
;-i '. : .:The trip from Mount Dora to Jack-
:-..-... onville via the Ocean Boulevard is
i;!'." ; just 158 miles and for scores of miles
-" ..along the Atlantic coast where the
En :.:,. ." .
C:.. ::;.-;spray from the breaking waves can
.be felt. This highway is all' asphalt
..i'i. ..-and is the favored route from Mount
fl*;;:"",? "Dora to points in.the north' and east.
S"'".'.-:,..- ..Paved highways lead, to Sanford,
:"..'iC'.:lernont,:.. Lakeland,; Tampa,. St.
'~4.rt'....7Ppetersburg, Indian River, Orlando,
',-:-.,,,- .-Palm Beach, Miami, Coral Ga blues,
'Leesburg,Qcala, Lake City, in fact
,4A.*. t'evdery p i f 'thecompass. .:



ll| LJ
,L.l'Jr'aq. Jl.%. ]IgaJl.lp, JL i.d i

Mount Dora offers a home-like
appeal to tourists and winter guests
that results in them coming year af-
ter year. In America there are so
many places of special appeal to va-
cation loving folks that it would be
a person, difficult indeed to please,
who could not find somewhere in this
big broad land a spot that just suits
his necessities.
According as we are constituted,
our vacation or winter resident ideas
are associated with travel and the
stimilus of a new outlook, new ideas
and the pleasure of actually seeing
and staying in new localities foreign
to those commonly associated with
the north.
. Dotted With lakes, mantled with
forests of noble pine, with rolling
terrain, exquisite valley, Mount Dora
and community offer all this and
Mount Dora is a community where
there -is one defined purpose- that
of making Mount Dora the best place
on earth to live. This is done by the
cultivation of a broad fellowship,: fac-
tionalism: is a. minus quantity. The
common' good of. Mount Dora;.is the
keynote of every wish, every ambi-
tion of every citizen.
Mount Dora boasts of a city coun-
cil, *a live Chamber of-:Comiieice .if

.... ...... ..... .... .. . '... .A

,: ...... F-IRST-
b" ^ ^^ *,"'.. -.' . ": ** ,' .*** ""'"M ** - ^ -
In ^ f'? i: i:.:" ..l .. ,.: *'1 ".., " " '.' .. j "^ "I f


:.... "EA N S
S. (,wNRRS:.



O.ur stocks are complete, quality the

.' highest, service, supreme and

v;. :'.F.o .prices right.

:or the convenience of our Howey
jF ** i: customers we have recently opened a
li:.branch at Astatula just across
: :i jK..:' *'. .:. : :> ** p r ce ri ht

:: : Howey Bridge, known as the East

: Howey Lumber Company. We hope
:i; \ *"x .. "..'." ;^ ".' *" *
,; you will make use of this extra
:,". '' -' :. .
:4:,::.. ; ... !i . service.
Y ';. ^;'". .- . ." *., : "
iih. :"..: ,1t



?.'" T. here is a Material Difference."
.,- .. -.; .-... :.t; . ..,..* : .*i : *

,':: Phone 80, Tavares Phone 11-S. Astatula.

I.. M. C. Watson, C. B. Treadway, F W Lagerquist
I. Pres. Vice-pres. Sec'y.-Mgr.

S... *..

:; . . . ... ..
a.., .
i14 R ''- }:4:,. .. ..''

The Juice Extractor is
priced to sell at $2.50 in
Florida, $3.00 elsewhere.
The Grapefruit Corer sells
for $1.00 everywhere. If
your dealer cannot supply
you, we will gladly fill your
order direct, postage pre-

-indispensable items of the modern kitchen's equipment.

The popularity of the Seald-Sweet Juice Extractor has grown by leaps
and bounds since its introduction nearly three .years ago. It has demon-
strated its value in over 20,000 homes throughout the nation.

They have been made part of the regular dining car equipment of var-
'ious of the nation's railroads, including the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul,
the Pennsylvania, et cetera. The United States Navy purchased over 300
in one order for use in their kitchens.

The Seald-Sweet Grapefruit Corer is making a strong bid to rival the
popularity of the Juice Extractor. It is the result of long research for a
grapefruit corer which would meet public demand for a tool that is effic-
ient, easy to operate, made of metal not effected by the fruit acids and yet
of low cost.

The Seald-Sweet Dollar Grapefruit Corer is the result. Try it. The
perfect results-so easy to obtain-will surprise you.
Orders for Christmas delivery will be sent to any address desired,
postage prepaid and especially labeled "Do Not Open Until Christmas."


Box 1108 Tampa, Florida


Juice Extractor an

Nowhere in Florida are the waters. I may-bi ustf_ it,.and Kiwanis'club 'gob scheule. between:Mount Dora series are to prevail in oil church- dances, etc. These dances bre 'all
more alive with game fish than in that makes for a powerful triumvi- and Orlando. .-. es Sunday mornings and evenings and well attended and the music is fur-
the lakes about Mount Dora;. Doubt- rate. The.members of the city coun- Mouf .r .rs; 1 first community -in the afternoons, band concerts will bislshd by- old -faiMoned fiddlIre,
I'~'-. -piano and diums.'
ess the most coveted prize among the cil belong to the chamber of cornm- in the.Uited. tatds to have an aero- be given in the Annie Donnelly park. plan a rus
fish is the gamey black bass, and in merce and the Chamber of Commerce natie comission and commissioner. On Monday evenings the public Of course we have cafeteria sup-
taet a ea ounm onIatta ct ev enin sua cp& Ipuo e r,.. .ert..inm...., etcby"a_ very
this connection, we want to say that I members are Kiwanians. The corn- it is first city in the state to have an forum will attract the usual capa- progressive Parment-Teachr assoc -
form wll ttrct he sua caa-Iprogressive Parent-Teacher assodia-
fish weighing 18 pounds and over [ bination proves a powerful stimulus aerial police. Mount Dora has an city audiences. Tuesday evenings the 'tion, by the Pythian Sister, while the
are frequently taken from the lakes for progress and good. airport and within a short time land city team basketball games will be Masonic lodges and American Legion
by the ardent disciples of rod and Within the past ten months Mount and sea planes will be able to land played on the Annie Donnelly park I contribute their share to the enter-
reel A short distance by motor is Dora has enjoyed a period of marked on fine runways. Crews of men are court. Tuesday afternoons as well tainment program.
court. Tuesday afternoons as weU tainment program.
the Atlantic ocean and the Gulf of growth. This may be regarded as ar now engaged in grading these run- as other afternoons of the week the The Yacht club occupies the seat
Mexico, where deep sea fishing may bold assertion in view of the reported ways. The airport is located on the tennis club will conduct a regular of honor as the center of social life
be indulged in. depression in other localities of the shore of Lake Dora within a few schedule of play on the new courts of Mount Dora. Here are given some
Mount Dora offers many delight- state. But records show that Mount miles of the city and is under the di- at Lakeside park. of the prettiest dancing and card
ful side trips by land and water. On Dora has been steadily progressing reaction of Aero Commissioner, Wednesday evenings will be given parties. The Mount Dora regattas
the historic St. Johns river one may under the usually quiet summer per- William B. Lawrence. Over to the business men's volley ball I conducted under the auspices of the
take ship at Sanford and ride to iod and today faces the most suc- Just at the present time Mount league games and this promises to Yacht club attract national attention.
Jacksonville and back on a palatial cessful winter in history. Dora is a hive of industry. New be one of the major attractions for Mount Dora has an art club which
steamer. Or one my motor to Miami Big things have take place during homes are being built, two of the the men who are seeking to grow occupies a commanding place in the
or Tampa and there take steamer for the summer and fall. A new sche- largest hotels have been obliged to young again, state organization. The club conducts
Cuba. dule of mails provides for morning, eredt additions to take care of the On Thursday evenings there will an annual exhibit that attracts their
Mount Dora the beautiful is well afternoon and evening distribution. I demand for reservations, all of the be dances and card parties etc., pro- attention of the community.
prepared to accommodate and enter- Train service on the Atlantic Coast store buildings are occupied, real es- vided by this office, Friday evenings Mount Dora is progressing because
tain a varied clientele. Thre are four Line has been revised to provide etate sales are reported as being ac- will feature high school athletic con- the city boasts of a citizenship big
fine hotels, many furnished cottages trains between Sanford and Lees- tive, extensive improvements have tests and the tourist club meetings, enough and broad enough to waive
and apartments, roaming houses and burg morning afternoon and evening, I been made to public parks, in fact,; We have the largest tourist club in selfish ideas and projects to work for
private rooms in family homes, all an ideal arrangement. The Seaboard there is more activity of a substan- Central Florida outside that of Orlan- things that mean the building up of
offered at reasonable rates. Air Line is operating parlor busses tial nature is Mount Dora right now do. Our meetings usually draw from the community. The chamber of corn-
The social life centers around the between Mount Dora and the Wild- than at .any time in its history. 600 to 800 people, merce, operates in an atmosphere of
hotels and the famous Mount Dora wood station, thus providing spledn- Our recreational and entertaining Saturday evenings are given over optimism. The chamber is backed by
Yacht club where frequent dances did service on this splendid road. The program for- the winter season of to the tourist club dances which are the citizens, by the city officials, by
and other social events are offered. Seaboard busses also operate on a 11927-28 is an extensive one. Special 'of the old-fashioned type with round the civic organizations.

-a- a ~

o:'.': 0'i 2.-" '"- '




Creative genius is not characteristic of this modern age.
t. .. ihTus h e new plant will, when
Greece ancient Greece, hadartists incomparable with ours. Chi- Th new will, whe
9_ [full capacity, use about
nese engineers unknown to us, planned and built the Great Wall. fruit every 24 hours. It is
In the days before the Christ humble Persian shep.lerds made rugs iern in every detail. Bi
S1"'' " ... and concrete will make
beyond our ability to even imitate. Even physicians in distant I sanitary and fireproof
Egypt handed down laws of material medical practical unto this
day. Columbus defied the gods in sailing the iurknown seas-seas
that God had left outside the pale. Marco Polo braved ghosts and
goblins and all sorts of wierd things in order.. to tell a petty king
something about another word and another and. "This age is
without its thrills, its adventurous spirits." That is a lie. Lind-
bergh proved it. In all the history of this:I*brli-no individual has
'done what he has done. No spirit has soai9d' with "The Spirit of
St. Louis.' We live in an age keenly conscious of its civilizing and
stimulating power, a sort of hypocritical apology for our lack of
chivalry. But ever and anon a Lindbergh lifts himself above the
common and shoots at the stars. Then we read and dream again of
the great adventurers-but scarcely do we remember that none
surpassed, or even equalled this young American, product of the
modern age. .'"

FANCY OR R1USSETS? which they 'alone can .solve. Until a
S--- greater share of Florida's citrus
(Continued from .Page.'One.) fruits rank in the higher grades, the
fruit grown in Florida of the fancy -industry will never bring to the state
and bright grades? This is a problem its proper share of the mbney spent
whiich no manner of marketing effi- for citrus fruits, nor .will Florida
ciency can solve, but one which the fruit attain the rank which it should
growers themselves must face and among the citrus fruits bof.the world.



rad, who is supervising the building
of the plant, hopes to have it ready
.for operation by the time enough
tree ripened fruit is ready.

We desire to call our readers
attention to a full page advertise-
ment appearing in this issue. The
ad is unusual. Unusual because
the FLORIDA GROWER is spend-
ing $100.00 in order to tell the
readers of the Tribune that in
Florida is published a real month-
ly dealing with things particular-
ly interesting to farming in all its
branches. The FLORIDA GROW-
ER, at One Dollar the year, repre-
sents an investment that will,
without doubt, return dividends
of at least 1200 per cent profit on
your investment. The Grower has
a special citrus department, a
question and answer department,
and in each issue appears articles
on different farm subjects which
represent the best talent obtain-
able at any price. Do not fail to
attach a Dollar bill, or your check,
to the coupon and send it either
to Howey Tribune or direct to


This is unit number two of the Howey St. Petersburgh Stores. Mr. Ken-
muir, is manager of the St. Pete. unit, and is proud of these three stores-
three in number in St. Petersburg.

the Grower. We suggest that
those interested in Howey-in-the-
Hills send their subscriptions to us
as we take some pride in the pull-
ing power of the Tribune. These
will be instantly forwarded on to
the Florida Grower.

Cleveland Plain Dealer-OkiaL'
homa woman has employed hpr
husband, an attorney to get her at
divorce from himself. That might'
work all right, but could she trust
him to demand a high enough ali-

Ask Us for Information About



"" ., :' .-. .' ', e "' -'" -" "
A -- p' *' '* '* '

We are prepared to answer all questions pertain-

ing to Orlando and surrounding territory, whether the .

question be about running 'a "hot-dog" stand or renting

a rooming house. We kno.v "The City Beautiful" from

garret to cellar. If you want information bout rents,
. I ,
roads, homesites, taxes, h'otel'sfrestaurants, garage,

grocery stores, schools, boating',tathing, fishing, hunt-

ing, golfing, poultry farming, tickingg, dairying, we

can supply you, without cost or obligation, reliable and

complete information. That is why, we are paying for

this advertisement. We want to be of service to those

who are interested in OrlandoQ whether they plan to

come here this season or later. Drop us a postal or

write a confidential letter, in either case your inquiries

will have our best attention;.'


Harlow G. Fredrick
122 N. Orange Avenue
Orlando, Florida.
I am interested in the following:

Date 192

This is our St. Petersburg'Store--number. one in St Pete. Sto0ts..liik
one will dot the nation ufitil"sufficient stores have been opened toE
S: the fruit grown on the great Howey development.

--, b.. ., .. .. ... .. .-

ke this
sell all!

I '

I ~ .1-

I. '1
I I'

Name .
S.- ** %. _*
St. Address"- "t
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FREE. We will send you free a 32-page booklet describing the Howey.n.,.
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