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The Howey tribune
W.J. Howey Co. ( Howey-In-The-Hills Fla )
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How -4n-the-Hills Year
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'he fi L '6aiie lh
developer in ehihk at Meadow Hei t i6 ose njy, fo L L-1 gk yj L.T. 1' 11
01. E D 4M e'' nd 'OL werv,
was the perfecting o, the first the Jackson County MedicalL L t
practical drainage system in the ciety. This was' a farewell. inson Di:o j'.j. 'A 4140" r v* .
111o Perxnitted Only Three Days e as na in t 4
Everglades. In this work Mr. Wil- for Dr. Taylor, as. h h Rogers, Dr.' J. Q Kug ej d Dr.' .811u C
ins Unless Special Reser- , rN
t and is moVingL to Florida wii, 11. H.
:V L i ed with some o:
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nation Are, Ma de. fpend- IM-P eca
f amily, where he'haS L orangeL As qP*K,, ism,
the best engineers in the state. At
grappfruit,. groves. Dr. Taylop hpj 61 'Ke& Ofy
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V- El*p,.d -lp r o f e s s f the embers of the jac C
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6mmodate urists who have branch offices will be opened atxp,,-Or. 40 years and. previous to ty Medi* IS a
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lio, X W, ill*w' iiiCe an libIgag, qfA4,'pi I Adog` -11"11
I announce that un e s special Williams stated that he was now in T* 9
member, 1*
Of L the Jackson Co fee ing]. 4C-J4,L OW L 4 V" Vve"Aw
nation have been made ahead neq 9 twq additio441 men, are f
4ere in the medi-
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OiM will be, as t alesl'104. Accor
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ing to Mr. Williams, the Howe5; ypar is e San iQ
or any guest nS hi jq Jp Pg-"ja 'OLAgj7 -1 ; i '. -
two being Dr. D. E. Robi o;L i n I S e S', esjj 6cme sa
will conduct a vigorus I e .'
j,?se who have been staying here company an (W
Dr. F. W. Rog son d h
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r I k each winter season and systematic aavertising
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Mrs Orlando this season, as 1 -ty
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nee 'Of their, intentions. In is his ambition make the Or ITNC 7 -77
Ie 4_1,.,_ U,_ 4__ 1,- Innfln nffj,_0 +" janflay _Frn_ _n i -nf. LAWRENCE ANNO US ATF49 *10

.* "r r * ar

THE HOWEY TRIBUNE A Reprint From County Seat Times clTDtim w A0EN
Published Monthly, at Howey, Florida EOPIE READ .. the old time weekly e e
__ By The W. J. Howey Company i Three-Score-Ten-And-Four ao m penf Page Bill Thompson! He said he
RAY A FRAM .......................................................... Ediorh ay paoA. F amem Ithepoemanomfe peaotaipnm I
RAY A. FRAME- --------------------------- Editor BFameEdgar M. Dilley-in fact we publish hoped to meet the King and Queen
SUBSCR ON-1.00 PER YEAR two of them, both of them worthy of England, Premier Mussolini of
_SUBSCRIPTION---$.OOPER R When Liontinus Georgias. who was energetically persuing companions to the masterpieces of Italy and the Pope, and possibly some
0F0 -o- _- 0 his studies at the age of 107 years, was asked if he did not de- the great Hoosier poet. Captain Dil- other New York officials who are in
SFOR HOWEY BY HOWEY sire to be relieved of such prolonged life, answered: "I find no ley traveled some half-dazen times Europe.-Mayor Walker in N. Y.
AND OF HOWEY reason to complain of old age." If one asked Opie Read, who' around the world before steering e.
o 0 o o o is 74, and who is now doing his best literary work, and, incident- his bark towards the reefs of Howey- times .
[ ally, playing his best game of golf, if he did not think it advis- in-the-Hills-he first came here in
DR. E. C. TAYLOR able to be given -a -handicap in a foursome of young bucks, his his private yacht-but when once an- Boil the Pot.
When an incredible thing is reported again and again, always answer would more than likely be: "Hell no!" and when- the chored-"On the shores of an Inland African cannibals plead for mis-
by people of standing, it at last becomes debatable, and this is "-19th hole" was reached he would be several up on 90 per cent Sea"-he immediately became enam- sionary.-Watchman Magazine.
exactly what happened to statements made by laymen and a few f the general run of golfers. Talleyrand, Mettermnich, Parl- oured of the place and now sings of
.reputable physcians relative to mte therapeutic vale of the marston, Seward, Bismark and Benjamin Franklin are but a Howey as though he had at last found Unbearable Silence
reputable physicians relative to the therapeutic value of th few illustrious examples of aged men triumphing in statesman- his soul mate. May it be so, Cap- What would happen if only those
Howey hill grapefruit for the treatment of diabetes and high blood ship and diplomacy. Voltaire penned much of his best philoso- tain! May it be so I When a globe- who understood their subjects would
pressure. It was left to Dr. E. C Taylor of Michigan, a physician phy when he was near his eightieth year. Mr. Franklin was trotter, whose eyes have feasted upon do the talking?-Howey Tribune.
and surgeon with long, honorable and even enviable record in med- in'his 81st year when he was an influential member of the all the natural beauty of the world, --
ical annals to finay bring before a skeptical medical organization Philadelphia convention which framed and adopted the Ameri- comes directly in contact with Miss Send It to the Barber, Bill
ical annals to finally bring before a skeptical medal organization l ca Constitution. -President Von Hibdhnburg, now,. 81, is as Citrus, here at Howey, there comes Bill Mare is authority for the
final and adequate proof of the correctness of claims previously .~ .ntally alert as he average student of 25 years. His health, a sort of queer feeling and jerking statement that a golf ball was lost
made by Dr. Hannum of the Eustis hospital; Dr. Emil Roy of his mental -faculties,.-are unimpairec by age. Cived' believed[ at the region of the heart-maybe on a Howey putting green.-How-
Howey-In-The-Hills.... Mr. Howey and other laymen and physi- that ripened'age would.-mean better gOvernment.'-" Age brings that was what happened to the Cap- ey Tribune.
Cans. experience", said he, and "Without whip.h. no well informed gov- tain. Now we want to reverse the ---_
With the tenacity of a scientist; the show-me-spirit of a eminent could have been: established or can be maintained." Captain's own words and say to him Applicale to Howey?
.iori th p c o a aountnt, Socrates was 94 when he composed h.s celebrated .discourse. -"come to Howey." Tourist-"About what is the pop-
Missourian; the pains-taking care of a public accountant, Dr. 'When Plato was 81 he was engaged with philosophical studies; u ulation of this place?"
Taylor pursued his investigation through laboratory and clinic, un- the Cosmos, Humboldt's greatest work, was written by hiu .f.. HAIL VALENCIA! 'Howeyite-"About the post of-
til his efforts were crowned with success and glory. The full re- 'ter he was seventy-five;Reid was 75 before he finished' his -- fice."
port of Dr. Taylor's investigation was published in the October principal work on mental science; Haydn composed his mas- "Yes, we have Valencias today."
number of the Michigan Medical Journal. This report has been terpiece, "Creation" when he had passed the seventy-fifth mile Thus the clerk heralds the glad tid- R.evere., Action
numor oings of the famed and famous Valen- "Al Smith's" Sun Rising in the
reprinted in pamphlet form and willibe sent to physicians through- I is interesting to think of Michel Angelo, the renowned cia orange.. Other varieties are sold West."' We guess. this means Mae-A)
b__^^t^ theot o eh, ,, ^ country '^"^ " utnt wt aeca
out. sculptor, waiting until he was seventy years old before applying as oranges but not so with Valencia. adiu'-Howey Tbue.
At last the incredible is made credible. Dr. Taylor deserves himself to architecture,. in..which science became celebrated. 'Here at Howey-In-The-Hills we have
a whole lot of credit, not for a discovery, but rather for the im- Some of the lpftiest achieets of thought were not accom- a pair of Kings-the Valencia late Market Report
spelling evidence of a discovery. plished until the heads of the thinkers' were "silvered o'r with orange and the ever popular Marsh "Calves higher"-We thought they
at"l .. .. .. S eedless gr apefru it. T hese are m ast- i e e o l o d v s b e i b e
Associated with Dr. Taylor in this all-important work was Dr. age." In fact history overflows, with illustrations of the vigor- eedle raperu sere mas were only more visible-Gibbie.
H. H. Alter, of Jackson, Michigan. Dr. Alter handled certain ous'" mental faculties of aged pe-fomeis o. life's stage. esno the itrs a a Tomas Meighan, famous moving
phases of the work requiring the highest sort of chemical skill. Opie Read has just completed one of hisbest 25 novels. The ets.and they are thighest apple of the housemark- iTromas Megactorhan, famous moving
pase ofthewor reuirngeta. They are the apple of the house- picture actor, has 'spurned the Call-
He, too, deserves a great deal of praise and credit. book is only now with the printer. I have read nearly all the wife's eye. Listen to what one of fornia coast for Floirda and will
He,- t ee "great novels of the past and present; ;I-.'have read Mr. Read's the oldest and most reliable nurser- construct a palatial home near New
THE WILD GOOSE NEEDS NO COMPASS supposedly best works; I have eid. the' present novel, The ies'in America has to publicly say of prt Richey. Mr. Meighan has long ':
By Opie Read Gold-Gauze Veil," and if I am ay'j iudge whatever of an inter- the Valencia orange. We are quot- been an ardent lover of Florida, hay-
y wldp e needs h. . seating st6ry of golf, love and adventure,: besprinkled with a ing. from the 1927 catalog of Glen ing spent several months in Fldrida
The wild goose needs no compass. Instinct, the bud o all the goodly amount of rare philosophy, then his latest book is the Saint Mary Nurseries of Glen Saint at' various times making pictures.
logic and the reason .that have ever flowered for man, instructs best of all his literary efforts. That isn't all. He plans to write Mary, Florida. ,au .ie .in ""_
the goose which way to fly. And it is notable that migratory birds several more novels before settling :down to a steady ration. of I "Valencia Orange" "--
"I,, .m ,. lo [matuilfiphilosophical W~rk. Min 4is .bndetfulljr and fearfully "bsipras]h otfmu
fly -south and then .back north, never lending themselves to long atu philosophical work. Man w derfully and fearfully "This is, perhaps, the most famous consequeitly, plantings of this varie-
west west to east In all ages man Here s a manwh a:beenthi ahislf and variety of fruit in the citrus industry. ty are very profitable. A survey of
flights'from 'east to west or from west to east I all ages man made. Her is a a -... '. fikbg ...~ hi... ".- ........ d'-
has learned shrewd ldssons from beasts and from fowls of the air rals easneither flags nor flounders It is one of the leading varieties of prices received for.Valencias over a
hasarned shr d sn fo b s an fo ow a. Like a first-class electrical machine it is.ready to perform by the California, the most prominent in long period of years shows that. the
H learned that climate is behind all life, that it is temperature mere touch of a mental wire. He will. soon be here, at Howey-In Spain, and the standard late Orange returns have. been most uniformly
th'hatches the egg. Tribes of barbarians that migrated south The-Hills for the inte Lakeinvited to come of Florida. It has been known b good. In years of short crops, or
in, -winter, it has been observed by anthropologists, were' stronger up and get. acquainted with him.':. i et c Flalrna Lat e as bee kow by go.i instances of growers o
.~ -, .- -. -many names-Hart's Late, Tardiff, .held very late, isacso rwr
i.'nan power, that the chiefs were wiser and that they lived to a oValencia Late etc., and came to Am- receiving as high as from $7 to $9
.. ear age than e svages who ad nt the intuition to Seek HE SMOKED A BRIAR PIPE O ind, always a. great place for erica from Spain in different ways, per box, net, on the trees, are not un- :
teate age-thani tli~ svdes who had not the intuition
oa". t the forest. ,Itsos.nowwelknqwn,,in this day.of penetrative in- Dedibated'g to De.iW.- aJ;trH6w'y.::. i.w and the onslyone to, be considered or planting Valencia,.hocarity shouldf.. I :
.sight,. "hat.the ."mo engenialt e.Oliieate, the ibte t n u a n, uad ... . .Sh &: i'0 ithseeA dniMarceo June. Owinynets e ed :selfetei d.t V that e is. reasonabl y freea i. ho ..: .d
'i' :B. Ed. .. .. ...
.-i the .-. more.?deia.tbl. '..and exquisitely fgvoraed' -t1nedil r'il'Fl tghZO"....un -,. -'- the only fbom4rdsl bis'rmagingcoldahe, .:.,.
i::' seciall'tuewithtg wtO" anges aid accentedly so' concern- A anderin' up an' down the world '" aebeengen. Orange on the market at his time; fruit remains on the trees throughout.

ig.- '-' gninfra i''ruit. I mef a lot of men. ', least, 3.000.birds will be at,the show. Valencias.command a fine price, and, the winter months. ... ..
^ R iRecently' net a'notable tan;*-Ramsey Stapleton. Before he An some was gooda'n' some 'waa'.bad ?':. .'
-------: : ; -- -- *" . w r L n so ..e ..a..o'a,.th '.
n tt~inedto is,.twenetn yeane'ennst'eu 'to 'go with. nenry t, But the fines.. folk Ib everd ki nlw '.d .......:'
intthe wilds ofArica.He tolystained the toils In. a lifetime H..long, an .eripe, . .... ...... . ; : : ;. .
iga..d ca tu n 'At smoked acriar wpipe. S. h ... . : . : . .. .: . : .. :.l #

i: ,some." The4Iiozi newspapers acclaimed him a hero, and Stan- ... .. .
.' y .. -i a;l.. etter publ"shedi teheNewYrH Ha l tr hm's, .. an i t es -.- E .

li;,.;.:.'.atter day Hannibal,. During'a long-term of: years he has traveled Some fofks 'at smoked 'n era"i..... mea*'rer"es u fa. H is h
.| o.:Q:iodisc*imii.aty, s iw ii ptdpaeation.a nrr e up grass under foo-blue skies overhead. Hills with golden orange .
I wasinteieSted-in his talk, and As big as mankind gets. .. .'*. "
u'nwie he d tci ne Witthis remark.: But some was small an' some ,ut s groves and valleys with sparkling lakes all around you; Everdap. ..... ...
,: 'Y. ;oumayaotrecallitbut.:Ihad :a nie conversation with you -. r mean n okel type-"' -" ... : ..
st winter. Oh) 'yetz didn't'kdw .my name," he added as my coun- Moreel.kery li. gu kewas. type fect golfing day and every round a pleasure. Your game.your health and ,:- ,.. .:
tdn:a.: .t cemust htvb'own A ise. "There wars one part of Aner- While every g was a gipar u . .'-*
': tm.. th'I 'dnio r and d m h 'bda pipe your disposition are bound to improve if you play at " ..... .... ',. ':^
^r^ Bn -~he sid or ""' one da in Dcc "' ', '' -, ^I
Uowey-m-the-Hxfls," otin m-bthehate-a

:.%i :.,(; ::=H~y-tte-i]s. t get an nonieWeal at the hotel.. It seems I don't know why'abhuikr pipe ,... .2i
':i.i".."had b~een an excurion out tO th~e place~for a -number of i Cany mkeo a foinn at man.' i... :.
^ :.ijc i d h e ~ n ^ . .. ..... .. -.. ..:..;';
men- wan."omen-had gathered in the lobby'to listen to dhresSes .iet st.te.t. :' -, :a;
I, ris ore state--hat ian.b'a" o
dn the:.itue of the ves.thMeeabout. Afterward, as I say, you Thecorn-cob's good' an' hab'a' heart -- ....."""

.:: .,: : ,. .; .. ..* , . ... .'* '. .'. ,::'
S he fii.. I Was i haste to eet the Briti:h But his soul, too, s 'ol siftr.: ." 'co c" A Oa:g .k a h -b

:!:,,.:.' consul;-at ;Nw.OrIeans, and' I. regretted not only then but regret bread. ," .... ,,,:_ .. .- a . : 'w'
: gow haIii : a :not lnger.stay. I was never more impressed with S o, wh eI .se. e'r ...
a.ii: co.. y a~., :. iA~t once.inoted that this part of-Florida was as differ- sir owiiefd. '.,,.,, ."..;:."
S enti:fromthe rest'of'Aterica as India s from England. Indeed, He's allers settin' on' a porch' '" '': "- ..e an d!. -in'.
,. ." I'.wondired why'lions ind elephants, ,knloWn to .th, Westen A dreamin' in blue haze .":'** "' ": ''
Wdinrldi,'d not onip lly 'made these rich and lxurious fens and An' smiling' at a happy scene ....

neve turnse away,,. and. sa : ,.
t41i:i: hab[itia! t. a great garden of romance and. undoubtedly .of "Go hntve yournselfa an joby.": __ .. .___
p:; *yfitoi -No 'whiere'have Ifound, oranges and, grapefruit ;with so No, brother Briar sneaks inside ," ,HEX "; "f-',
delicious.a flavor. I am how on my way to Quebec, but I shall look The' ice-box store to rob. - y
i... .iits advantages, and it may be that I shall become an inhabit -", .,
h^;:i:t". t ofhfitpo"etit gr"ves, t6'see my final fortunes fruitfully yellow- An' when he hands me bread and ,. -:
-- : .. " .. . .... ... ..... .m eat
:i pk:' wtth2 ;nydvaiicznyears. Be~love me, I mean what I say. An' praise Gawd, sometimes pie, "'
: ". a?' I." "-:: :* -mf- .: ... : .. : : "ii "i ~ o ,jw i ,ui L i c .1 . 1 .
:::. :Isal~'gasone.who has trodden the earth. Nothing could The world seems full of Brtherhood -
d. :dtothe charm-of-the climate, but every growth pnd subdivision. An' not pale Charity. Visit Howey-In-The-Hills this winter and play golf to your heart's content." "
'"":4'?, a ,-Nottherzt city, will add value to the Howey lands. Ha, you An' then he'll set an' rock an' talk, . .
t:xi:texe.'c i ex t'me.'.." .'-- ..: Perhaps more food he'll swipe, Here we have the sportiest course in all Florida-every hazard a natural ':" .
:':/ -'Adesfa:lpbkfewadt his coming. -OPIE READ Gawd bless the kindly, regular gu :: .

S, RA 'At smokes a briar pipe. one. ..-:
".: F.". -. SWALLO.W BACK HOME So if St. enter smokes a pipe '" .-. .. :
" .. imPyan-not 'stay away."- That- applies to Howeyites An' that same pipe be briar, .Play it ii baea
.. ..". a [frazzle.. .Once imbued :with the Howey-In-The-Hills spirit al- He'd have a chance to coax me in .. . ".

A.13 Gi i.~h wer away fr m T:ae. etu ig e .y-
S imb.ti ndMrs. R' B. Gibsn, who were away. from To take a seat up higher. Opie Reid makes Howey-In-The-Hills his winter home. Come up, and play :
S Howrab fur months returned eary order' An' I'd sure see, when I looked '
we-".. "o.o t'Tofma oesuretheHow e ok we I r d a round with him. Our course is a no-charge course-play free till you are
.o,,Gib;ie e "To n e.s.....-. th Howey golf links were in tip. An' my dear old specks I'd pe,"-',
T pi: time Colonel Opie Read. got here." Then came On the front row seat, the regular ready to quit and then come back for more.
: Mi a Mrsi.fJames W,.'Lawrence followed by Mr. and Mrs. Ray guy .r u Pt : ;,r W
,' ... Ftanlt-me,.M.t'iaMrits ;George Carpenter, Doctor and Mrs. E.C. A-smokin' his briar pipe. ForFull Particulars Write :
:.:: Taylor; Mi; and Mrs. Chas D. Kidder, and a score of others while4H OE
D. Kdde, ad a cor ofothes wile Mineral products of Florida enter
i" retain rreiader are on their way-Opie 'Read to into the picture of prosperity when Th
bi ng' jpth; rear-about the last week in October-maybe sooner- the state geologist reports that pro-
S; depending on-just what .Gibbie has told him about the 10-cent ductions during the year of 1926 Howey-In-The-Hills, Lake County, Florida
l";: imit poker game and the playability -of the Howey golf course, were $20,724,487 or $3,000,000 more H sL
S We a&Captain Di eyjbiudksay: than in 1925. The greatest increase Opie Read, Pres. S.K. Mare, Treas. Ray A. Frame, Sec.
Do o'lu n was in the production of lime and
I^ .'o.yoU-ng to rol. grass?. Hunting like you never knew, a ntepouto flm n J
y gto royl'.n gss? HuntingOran limestone. Pebble phqsphate showed
'",'.. Go:tp.-Howey. . Orange trees and grapefruit, too. : ..
Would Howey.hOrange tre a loss in production but a gain in
y.'Would os like tohook a .bass?. Listen, man, I'm telling you a l u
|| Go toHowey. l Go to Howey. "ue I

nr ,rrn i.S I .q2

JLL7 wi-JiJf j J.L -I __. _-- -


. 5- A11_ A
.. . u ... .. uL ". A 11 __l- A...

Citrus Developer, however, Maaus
Stipulation In Making Appropria-
tion that Money Must Be Used
Through State Chamber or
Similar Means '

SPledge of $10,000, payable $1,000
annually for 10 years, to a million
dollar fund for advertising Florida,
made at the State chamber of com-
merce meeting in Jacksonville last
week by W. J. Howey, veteron devel-
oper of Howey-in-the-Hills, near this
city, will remain in force for an in-
definite period, Mr. Howey stated
yesterday, subject to the single con-.
dition that the money shall be ex-
pended by the state chamber or other
organization of business men.
"I do not care to have Howpv-iu-
the-Hills or any of my enterprises
mentioned, in the advertising," Mr.
Howey. said. "On the contrary, I be-
liee thie 'copy and illustration should
be state-wide in character, giving
facts and figures that directly or in-
directly are of application to every
Spart of Florida. At the same time,' I
disclaim any altruistic motives in
pledging the money, which frankly I
feel would benefit my interests more,
if properly expended on a continuing
campaign of $100,000 a year for ten
years, than any individual advertis-
Sing I could do for ten thousand dol-
I lars.
"The time has arrived, in my judg-
'" ment, when the business interests of
Florida must realize that full effic-
iency in advertising can not be secur-
S: ed, for the most part, from money
S provided by tax millage, but appro-
S. priated through channels not free
f.' rom political influence and directed
b y men unfamiliar with the practice
.*:' of advertising. In communities like
Lake county, which have been so for-
:: tuniate as to measurably 'avoid the
'.ii. '..te of public" hunds devoted' to ad-
etising, existing procedure may
w- ell be continued,;'but as a general
i::.". ..: proposition I believ'e: that' more and
: more it will be' fond commercial
.t::"'^. *and industrial concerns must furnish
;'. the money .and' carefully:- gard..: its
.... .....ou : '"tlay "i '" ps" ull i t
| : 3:.Piehapsn.ast efforts to ,raise. ,
".'. i*i'fund';fdr .state-wide .advertising. .*too
';*:.i .'arR "'l f sum has..:been sougb3..
Through careful selection, of midn :
PS...;...rums;iand;:.the right kind. of'.attention

glS ^w'lintlilannedrio..tmpntinuq ^ffr .ten.

^p^ i~fiientproper~con sideration,: in
tt;' ght ofista ad needs aiwng.d the o'por-d
#"6 .. 0 Fo a onehundre.& hundred

...... ....-...., women or. firms will join

Rhe.-bioPosA1-;yeiech- assuming
.' jij atlouatdollr dawl1a pa g a ior:.!tena.
al0s,, dun,* especraisrf'th .e.mpa.g.. is.'
.... ... d...lannedr t commerntinue or .te.s

V^ lE le venprpeitconsideration, ine
jlqlight of the needs anid the ofrpoi-

titsf..IFloridai-, onetat.: hundred
prmens womenway.'or fi s will JPtoin
$^^t:'42..! et~theveryoposfl of eath Unimi
ft q. dollars zye :.or ten
...t*lo sand f t..un cy- said further.
chamber 'o.fs co mmerce orsome

S..... .bdyin..po.i .o.n to. tell the real
W""Noz.of iFloor ida in that cnservative

^^~ ,Niebri-Deceinber or January. In
1 .i.'yrpres ive.big: tohati purist hotels
S si&n e vey'for ii .'r of .'months U bted
g:in: JanMuar.How.ey said fUrthe

opl& e n-,-,Vas,.ua Zl:oke-jeats 'by: this-
^^ ici&it~ore-o~es^ In'later years
i i! erd that the 'gommreatl a-

"' iE i ;: TrO visitors to FloWida

e.. .' .0 .';:.':.. n o the s.ate.
SLie .:irs:no valid ef.October and frthe

.^;^! 'MltpnU-a.-Pi was :especily
I aurtseason in:.' Florid1 to diart" i
""5 lbetber':December..or January. In
.j Ag ber y dea d'the ieg tole it hotels
Z 'oened'for o0ne 'or two "months be-
i- 1in g i. n Januar : and these. tourren
;,li:.;was'gua.edfor years by tchisrge

t -l^xlltilor tuitioni 'The
lieiub: more or .less, In later yearsd-
discovered that the great, m

^Sii~a^ le 4t.'fe-Braddnton'-*' school $WIl
l..o,. '.winter vtors to Floridand
j ld, to"arrive. p in the state

rSy', Srl untl 'Mur ays Thiswasespeciaw llym t
IS -' :I ^. .''. thos w """"
h$:.".i o page and the.excellent .scihao1s
.,. .:-XT iordah in"wlpc:: e thesoa "call ren
.'....''.:wayswelone did not charge
K;/.'" ''i:iL"'a', eent" d: a for tuitiom 'The
1,Th&dea-i|on h.Herald ide .a recent.gdi-
6.l '^s 'tuit.sao ogr h t

ir2La~s to ro^adcs'te a ig 'the
^ -' ....e.$h.i'at:'Bradenaton" : schools .ui1
ii'a.Sfull nine month s term and
S .i i,' .. ..., are especially welcome to
.24 .x ';''-; ,',::' "..': "- a "" a",act'g.o."
"*conle: down NOW.'and put the child-

..,,, F.t:,lorida cities .area putg: t the"

a^^ '. obak'wnm with the odeanofsiaking
touri.P-,.st eao n o ng:T er Thkea St.r

,^ me' inews n,: Ititors a 'ewll knos fact

all'hebu' house f..orrepsenten in many
ofFlorida :c are maudg speial
,is .with. the idea of attactingtor
rS ot e stt n Sepemer. ire'

~~ i therin Florida" ir ideal the ya

N .."'7': :;" r?-*nl' :is difficult to make our
0iO.::'rihe".n friends' understanding .'this
:: ": ,:, Ife;.::. th~ey will come down NOW
<' bring the family, get. reasonable
3:.:.:,:4 s for eight or nine months',and
'tj.;:, 4 !:-~k, Florida .a real: visit, they-;wil
'~jakhome with good news about
V'i6;. ""M iSate ,that for a few years .has
::been' :,%'; badly' misreprese.." .. d in .. many,




.:.:.-. ....* .. ; .,..:.';.... .:* :;,-,' .... '. : f ;..: `.':... .,;';f *.*ii. v".. .if.. w ^*l;-.,;r. ^' `*.** .*.^ * ...,.;:. :
- ; .; ; .* ; ::. ," ..: ,; ,',.; ..; .'..*% : ., ... ,, : . . .

PRODUCTION AND.-EXPORTA- around 8,000,000ooo boxes a year. :
TION OF CITRUS FRUITS The United States exported 1lll
000 boxes of grapefruit in 1926 a0 '
Production and Expottation of against 447,000 -boxes in 192' Our'
**< :* .. --
'. Oranges ". '". grapefruit exports averaged 31.,000.
"i ,,; :"" ''" ":.'\''* boxes' a. year" during 1922 to 1925'
Preliminary statistics of -the De- or about 4 per cent of average probeb
parimrnt' of'.Agriqulture Cgli- duction. Canada is our largest market
fornia with "a production of 24,000,- for grapefruit, taking 228,000 boxes
000 boxes of oranges in 1926 and in 1926. Shipments to the United
Florida wth 9,900,000 boxes; Ala- Kingdom have shown a sharp: iii-
bama, Ariizona, Louisiana, Mississippi crease during the past few years, ris-
and Texas hada. combined produce from .10,000 boxes 19 to
%. :"..-...,: .... . ... . .ng rom .10,000 boxes in1 0 9 t6
tioniof. 412,000-boxes.-. Our average. --" .- .
year .ro.duio' o.'-orange :du-riig 141,000 boxes in 1925, from .which
1921 to''1a92 aorouinted tb over 306- they jumped to 157,000 boxel" in'
000,000 boxes. .' 1926. This increase in British'. im-
The United States exported 2,700,- ports of our grapefruit is dud' 'in
000 boxes of oranges in 1926 as large part to the "Eat More Fruit"
against 1,981,000 boxes in 192.5; ut campaign conducted in England in
orange' exports averaged over 2,0066,- recent years; '
000, :boxes a-year during 1921 to While- not'classed as imports, the
1925, or about 7 per cent of average United. States received 684,000 boxes'
production:'pzCanad'i:is.our prindipil of" 'grapefruit' '(value $2,000,000)
foreign market for oranges taking from Porto Rico in 1926 as against.'
2,273,000 boxes in 1926 as against 781,000 boxes in 1925. The fruit
'1,830,000 boxes in 1925. '. trade of London (England) has esti-
Reports, indicate: that during the, mated that around one-third of.
'past year United' Stiates oranges 'British grapefruit imports from the
'gained a' foothold' in the United Jnited States originate in Porto Rico.
Kingdom, British.imports of our or- ---
anges in 1926'amounting to 234,000 Florida's industries, its soil, its
boxes as against: 31,000 boxes- in mines and its waters produce annual-
1925 and varied takings of from ly commodities worth in round fig-
6,000 to 115,000 'boxes in 1921 to ures'$430,000,000 or approximately
.1924 .., .. $184 .for every man, woman and
* Spain is the principal source of child in the state. Its manufactured
British orange imports; Palestine and products exceed in value those of the
South Africa also dispose of most state of Delaware, those of Mississip-
of their orange exports in the United pi, of Arkansas, Montana, New
Kidgdom.. During the past two sea- Hampshire, Oregon, North Dakota,
sons Spanish' oranges suffered heav- South Dakota. Florida's revenue
ily'from frost, and many reached from tourists is estimated at $200,-J

British markets in wasty conditions,
but stringent measures have been
taken this season with a view to in-
suring -the export of only good qual-
ity ..of Spanish oranges.
Smaller foreign'markets for Unit-
ed States oranges in 1926 and the
quantities taken were: China, 60,-
000 boxes; the Philippines, 44,000;
Newfoundland and Labrador, 15,000;
New Zealand, over 12,000 and Swed-
en, 12,000.
Production and Exportation of
.. Grapefruit
Preliminary statistics of the De-
pa:itment of Agriculture credit
Florida with a production of 6,900,-
000 boxes of grapefruit in 1926.
California produced 6,000,000 boxes,
Texas 340,000, Arizona 75,000. and
Mississippi 1,000. During 1921 to
1925 grapefruit production averaged

000,000. There is small comfort in
these statistics for the uninformed
who assert the state's economic sta-
tus would be precarious if it were not
for the tourist.


Thomas Hardin, veteran bus drv-
er for the Howey company, made the
first trip of the season to Howd&-In-
The-Hills from the Orlando office
C. L. Williams, sales manager of the
Orlando office got on the job and
began sending bus loads of prospec-
tive grove purchasers to Howey-In-
The-Hills early in October, because,
as he stated, "Orlando must lead all
the Howey offices this season from
point of sales, so we must get busy

Anen A. avMurray
Here Permanently


Contends Many Florida Home Build-
ers "All Wrong" in Building Too
Flimsy Buildings. Hopes To
Inaugerate New Method Of
Building Homes

Allan A .Murray, General Super-
intendent N. J. Florida Company. has
located at Howey-In-The-Hills where
he is engaged in building several
homes of an altogether different type
from the usual Florida custom. Mr.
Murray contends that a good substan-
tial home is as much to be appreciat-
ed in Florida as. in New Jersey or any
other section for that matter. Mr.
Murray will build a number of such
homes here to emphasize just what
he means. He will make use, for the
first time, of a composition of fibre
and magnesite which is a binder for
a special block which he will also in-
troduce in Florida. This block is a
calcium chloride compound making
it absolutely waterproof, fireproof,
vermin proof while being a perfect
insulator. It will last indefinitely said. With this type of building
block, Mr. Murray says he can build
homes cheaply as can be built
of ordinary lumber, while the beauty
of this block is far greater than
brick or stone, and will last equally
as long.
Mr. Murray feels that hundreds of
grove owners here would build win-
ter bungalows on their groves, or
near them, providing these could be
built economically. He plans to work
out several types which he will,fea-
ture in this sort of building. It is his
contention that a beautiful, substan-
tial, roomy little winter home can
be built here for less than -$3,000.00
arid that for an. additional small out-
lay these bungalows could be made
-doubly attractive by an inexpensive
,bit of landscaping. These homes,
while small, would have every ear
mark of the northern small home at
its best. He dislikes very ,much the
.type of home so much in evidence -in'
many Florida' communities where, up-.
,parently, the builder 'was ..ter-.
ested in throwing -up; a smoke, screen"
in the way .of a false: frt.. :
' .. .. ". 1

34Kb,', ";,..,.'.: 4. """ ,,

'A *'&a :& a~... S ~ ~4~j~yhc,: ',t&~i..




... -..1,



We wish to announce to our friends and former customers that hereafter

Sno medicinal grapefruit whatever will be sold or offered for "'sale by or
through afiy of the .Howey corporations, nor will others be permitted to "

offer this fruit for sale as medicinal fruit. .This fruit hereafter will be

handled through the Sanitarium here under'the personal direction of Dr.
E. C. Taylor, and each box of the fruit sent out by the Sanitarium willl bear
the Certifigte of' examination and registration of the Sanitarium.

For The Safety of the Public

We. were long ago convinced that thie medicinal 'grapefruit was entirely

too important to have it handled by laymen. We, therefore, worked dili-

gently to have it quickly taken from the realm of commercial enterprises
and-placed in the hands of ethical and reputable physicians, so that the
public, and especially the medical profession, would realize that we were
not desirous of exploiting this feature of our enterprise in order to enhance
the value of our groves and grove property. This medicinal fruit is now in
the hands of Dr. Taylor and his associates, who, with the organization of

the Sanitarium corporation, are a separate and distinct body, acting

on their own free will and judgment, neither hampered, hindered nor di-

Srected by any other organization whatever.

Any inquiries for this fruit, or for any information.bearing thereon,
should be addressed to Dr. E. C. Taylor, at Howey-In-The-Hills.



I .. .. 1 ... .. .. . ..... ... ..... .. .. .. ... ....... .,


': ,
" '"" "'2..

: Z,

t... ."

Is W W -

,.* :,* t rg, .;- .GH DECabbage
'i^ W'~e~ !OT7opd AlcohbolJ. -^fSt^^'~

g at S I more cash as ag 46t4. .PR
than the banks 40 y
was he whostre$h grapefruit W~1
It^ 9h -, Union.
*tY~a &te? to> pom swsw~r of Does Not O IL
#Layo, 36. ..9.
Adture' N4ha i.ayo, Mr. "And now, alp -F04, hi
Stikil 'fdferref "to the Midustrial gone through a &11O 4 P $ P
jnrv4r liow ting eomptled by the a terrific;, IwiM
department, .gA indicated that it total deposits of 134 ip4 r# Uip
would be apropos .to record that of dollars, nearly three ti.i
bq h be rq4bited with starting amount of deposits of thb eWt -
W4pt Tp4r.. teen Southern Statep in 'U4 j1 tlel r
a^ rflg he ,par.pJ to banks and trust compsne. inll.
irt the ''o" "The state does not w. ..p r,
J Mw:tiliz i e" and smw. does not have one peW.ny of.Q.9u. ta$1
.pif-Io # .in 191' W0PfI ing indebtedness, boed or; other-
d0ohqtc Re ie$ys Q.,j n.W- wise, and has $13,p00,000 of idle
spces ofs tarti Of e cash in the State Trea'sury. Apd l i
'pe. z u 'a i P the middle of July at .thX of. tL .
ry'a" bbe A., SAw Pt deflation period, state taxes were
rtto co,.Ld e turn ^3io 17& voluntarily reduced by the State Ad-
f "w d ministration 30 per cent.
eter .an.a /.. ma1.e. "Florida has no income tax, no in-
31iaer" o M
^~ zcd t'"16. r" t,-.. heritance tax, no severance tax, no
?; 'i t 'j ... nKaw.?e, P corporation tax, no corporation stock
t ,IF. ; e B WlT. transfer tax on intangibles, raising
0 d, Hl Srna! H,,. a of0 its revenues for state expenses
qVr/";L -bsaid he .9? by an occupational tax, an autoneo-
-Mati8^ o'? d VL. bile t4x and gasoline tax and an ad
A, irrsonal
ii?'f Q Te,! t4r' valordm tax on real and personal
Mp WrvW' 0^ property. .
are,71.rr R' "By reason of its incomparaE.
cre a -some akhefi op e. ..
fensd *oaS Yd "th h climate and~the producat$i tyga godv#-_
f, t, r. Ar "-ie ability of its 9 sil, t 't r e' 259 4
e"fi "b n s couy-,'^ rieties of field crops, fruits and vega-
t rn ~~ .T L" tables; supports its people, m Zx ba
Sth sked f il ? ....... .
mit -hin il- grape itl the same num ...r tourists.; h..
e ed that nobody would 1 *00,000 carloads of pshab.1
"l old notuge m.ouainoI.P
.N f l"n0ioditles annually; c d *easily 1'. bd l the W'em." ,'''1 port:"poptlationo O *0M0 ^
ereoe tnprsu ,i hum". -;ple ad " increa se uc B e t
t"T s "We 1-1,000,000 caro ads per ..n.,m -
IL 5:C & ed that State Splf ^up1prq tuuq
oAfL,' '0 &frid "It receives zrnlio.. n f pP
'. 2 bw u tem-i"for 7 -., nually from it sp g
-a#s biUlM food naval stores;:
i:lM .2k in and catt'b indu; j .$nrA
?"bndy -TQa hundreds of tj
u.. ['L'ooxbs 4,"f who. come to
ofits man ufac4s
_r oA*Qft0 11ofin of $3jof,$9I r
V 0 4#'sev 7npradgzces iorecW
10 'njis'" rV in dollars nd
e`4 "i e dial' :.te- aCOWn
itr y star..It, co'4 !
Ve arnun isefAd ltlwi-

6 :. I te 't cFd I" na M M ace. -iln 'eae6
b 4Ile iu t6orbet
said thtFhre 'een e ae, !se
::, ** ,," .:. ., .; . .
. .* " le grapefru in ustry.
SMr. Stiirgis added that later he
Ir w the immense -palmetto forests
I':.:.'". .. Florida, "and wondered what
l I od put 4em..R ridaf-.'ir'" "e
:'.4 i]gan to investigate, he said.
rI iI ,"I tool some of the saw palmetto
whih had attained 8 tg. I0 Lffi
,: g : -1 ove, 4pund. I took arawB
:i:':d t:r.i:.: m. ted off the rough bark, cut
Lem in Locks ,about six inches long,
:r 'I;. oke dov the fibre and with a
: ackler ade by driving nails in i
S'' I: : oard,' I leaned out the loose pulp,
Saving tfibre standing about 1 1-2
.w,,; .:'* jgches;j saw~ii ~e blocks in the
u::::I. I nter taIing ereo" t e^h dcks abi"
Saing th h e'

. eld a e t e Al af. ,'"..
: nd pulpthe 'i r said, erel e-
ah;'' **j'^d race~lin- .' ol~tltadht

'**-'..- *ipg'unidy the eaives of ltialied.Tl
^a;^; "-*Ield.a- aeat deal of y~fr. 'j.q
Ine sonf about 14 years old wh
:': e camein: o Florida. I got him a gun

;rs&aI..: da m nd minitidn to furnish our larde.
;T th:gan e which was plentiful ttri

:.;-.y son ai:s fond of sport so I let
Punlp he uq T FSP%

II rely ta ned.*-l eI a pocket-b ooi
.;;: ~ u o ^if aJ squ~riIi?." .^ q **ff~'i
:^'The Un.nist'pi4 4af*Se
rd paett'c in t c acl an6
: ,'pi alcohol, Jie ..W 2~ ftU4 '^ d
'an shrdding the hoots of cabbage
J" palmetto forilbw. ws^ -o*
iI" (t a :s re .. .... ..4
'' : I snatchh ..! mpaniy, .he. added, and per-
6 ,uadedmn -dalof

"'. ." ." ";.' )" "'.'gr 't 'M 'o .e, mmIsn ,p tt "
-: -H w :} Eros manwas.sppg careaood
1 I:: :ll ~ll .:. . l_^ *' I:o : :..tae. llr at. Om ha, ] e~br., "and
i;.p'.: .;;:"awlng iver 200 per cent .on his in-
dj:;': niin to funs ou lardVh',"'' *

11'^.'.. whk -wa pHWXEiErlentiful iO 1

im :m. l m' . :'*-;.! *r a *. AN" D "PUBLISHE ,! m

yi. s (Coinued from Page One) l
'" na.'n l 4et-together meeting. At
0 :: VNoeber ,s V as"
S- mport; announcements will' s

mmm- nade .w ch will give the pen-pushers
.t .'.;,. omethinrtfangibTe\o"flbVwra'iaboiit7"'
ui Approximately 80, people ,artttoo

S f the banquet. Theaw *oid :ferought Clermont ino threestf the huge


IP-wevy 9Aog lo

4l .t,9 9. : i @
; ^ ie e :e..
$^.-^ IS


.1 ...... .. -nw-..39.stan 1h z~eewQaiq ,jU 7Rnt
?wourlu. ...3... -. ***-:'.*.." D55* -4 .WWZ 6 -^*W^w^~.^Bfi^^ ^ ^
"Florida showed an increase of j it a u p .w 8, '.. ... iavhd jjjij
130, per cent in the sales of ordinary uses 120,000,000 oranges a year. The e 0' in bringing
lffSAsuin nce for 1926 as compared j. ..Le wl .w1be ", hby .theb I
..7l -w-Zj -' e . 66MLA6
-iwsegter saon, ai$ r .
state in the union, reasewinter season we will
registration of automobiles in Florida e winter season we will pa
for 1926 over 1925 was 76 per cent, the juice for distribution in northern I
leading the Nation; expenditures by states in the summer months. O i
pubic utilities, ralroaas and uldU- process does not destroy tie origi
operations generally were 30 per cent flaor an vaue e ^o te^ jr^i ii Te '
movie for. 1.926 than for 1925;--the -. o
't nt i I ^ IQ, ". have shown that the juice will ke.n
'encretfef'aiproffI~iiiy/ '~U ctn pr ttrxq .years and no dopbt long
over 1925; collections from gasoline These juices are shown to reta
tar*A'r lJ92 amsuntneVp -vl; v0,- vtamins A, B and C, so imports
4 Ahu B02400 4 990If *4n range and grapefruit juice."
*"'Although the'smalle'Q state in the In Five Gallon Botldes
south in population, it paid more in-I The juices wi ll be put p in y
come taxes than the state of Texas;' The juices will be put p in fy
1 f gwv The 'iS fE'.er* ,c~ajq- ^% bo^ -wd' t smaller paq 7
lina and Virginia combined, more ages. Mr. Howey said e believOe
6tfean ^$&~ Bt~e at4'5a Sl& nd ~ IiBid U time will come when there
.6%hCarolina d teDistict aewith .sru.fp I
1.i^11^^ S ^ ,f 0 ip' A f Fase, with.sTT ; ;: .
WA o n d.oi e 'o"a ethan~he Ites -for family consup ption. t ,
.f 1 if#.Oat*ere isa. ,,
ssppz, Arkahsas and' OU3 roH danger of overproduction jf the Fl.j-
v _________ 'i6a1v u4d'sMr. IJowey saji: i.
,~p~ ffl~&py yru~ Atli r~ his vq. 1
. '. "I d~o -not believe th ecropti enl
CROP SHORT 5,000 CARSoer 0 oxes. r4
S... f.jket f pi $oT ,r jrq covers territ r
-witb 130,000,000 people. That is t
(Continued from Page One) 0ve 1 390,000,000 p e.Tls a yi w.
average of 890,000,000 meals a yagr.
This dropping caused by the dry For that geat consuming populat-1qp 1
t' d'on 4 P $C gts ialifornia and Florida combined anq .
cl.."e he.of o rd. g butthefiretese
cue o tsue shortage, btthereze pply only 65 meals a year in tie I
Sor .abnorm;Ealy cold weather, United Staes and Forida, prodcin
tulptt~k~t ~dayd a' h~I~'n .j .r States. an, ',lrid4, product
K a" o nne mb 'T enire' grapefr : 1
[ ^F' ro.*t g PfitCq^ .ply -Pnough tq .
Sfit is generally estimated that' Cal- 7 meals a year per capit.o u '
"n aw ". at n the la"l
several thousand carloads below last season he shipped a carload of
.*,6" . 4 : '
'jfq.- ;,otrnges t6b ,E atid, with' the ,i-pte
This shortage of ctrus fruit Tay statement that h9 pould duplicate the
iprov aT&I' .i"ase o m1e for' te N year. Back cram
nOPI XvI A J4pvi 100000 boi p
prices, an oftn g the prodcers which of course cond not ibe filled.
9 _wa fibney tJg tR fgf. oW- 'IP9 J' i Guoves
Many well informed citrus men esti-I Mr. Howey said that in his 60,0tl9
alt Mit- Ufe 6t '=ro 'balAw :4l,- acre' trjct .btib eoipany now s
0PV,PO-Q boxes. 1I 12,000 acre in groves, wjth an a9
D etPalVi prices should he much tionaf b aeres set to young trpy0
betterr thalst sason anda te tojl makjg a toal pf 22,0(0 acres:
casM income' ohi' e p may le' pi'diably'the world's largest rqvi
['greater tban ar, centers .1is Rvf W & $ 00 ree. wl,
We also visited trucking centers when old enough to produce an nvL-"
in Southern Florida, and addressed d'eag f five boxes to thp. tree, tfq
the growers in regard to their mark- send into the market a total ,
it- .tfdle*..iThe'eg"ae^ nui. :_J ,ao 6~rXB.
.er odu irrtgaeeid
,we are ous lo fo fficiet N .Mr. owey sid rrangements
mA ting *associatlona 'so 'as toh im-been ntMae ior many special par4a
prove quality, grade and pack, and to arrive from northern'cities i-r
t. ship in ear lots in order to avoid ex- month. These parties will come f'
8 cf'Sv "& s chwes tessary New York, Philadelphia, Pittsbuyr'r,
when prouctasa re'shapped T'small New Castle and Allentown, Pa., ,i 6'
l lots. cago and St. Louis. All the partiO
'T he people of the state seem to be 'will come direct -to St. Petersburt
Turning their attention back to the They will visit this city and Tampa Z
Ssoil, and I am hoping for material and then go over to the groves t
Improvement in agricultural and Howey-in-the-Hills.-St. Petersb*U .
6iss''n ..': La lorda.)r i'ign. 1

Py f E r M. Di.ey
lp po IP-IpJ Ig down and out?
S' -p OveBwy.
W -mq yS qaqcq and sing and
o tp .pOe..
9y ha.bve to.ip -' like wine,
D_ ipg water j iperfine,
z y tip nfd fall in line,
Go to Howey.
Ai th. Higl nd, calling you?
Go'to Howey.
Crave to see a wondrous view?
Go to Howpy.
Howey will renew your youth.
Would be young again? Forsooth,, man, I sing the truth.
Qo to Bowey.
Do y. ,ong to roll-in grass?
''G to Howey.
W4..d yu like to hook a bass?
'.Go to .lowey.
H-n.taing like you ever knew,
Orange trees and grapefruit, too.
Listen, man, I'm telling you
Go to Howey.
Less than forty years ago the first
grapefruit was offered to the con-
-A Thiis fruit has set
*pp ial America only
y tomotive industry.
l E year of record
!.0 4$,ade when the sup-
tK6.demand. One city
W f 200.000 populM-
'ior loads weekly
v city two decades
50-box local or-
emed to be ca com-
B iing the past o ive
-Cor grapefruit has
'led-and the end
uit costs no more
e than the orange,
bout double. For
p same conditions,'
'f-year-old orange
"2 to 3 boxei, a'
.!the same age will
s. The trees are
t the area Where
.6 successfully y grovn-
....... ....... o operation of.these
. ..... e lim in a t io n o f

Mana otner .evelop- na. a plan ca'n :oe worKea out na
i*:i'.de6ply k4hterest- will greatly increase the number of
People to the state, visitors to Florida this winter, i

Phnywjn t ePws 4mulww Attar 40
Yq BRaufice Ja Coxgifutw
After practicing medicine for
n gily 40 Bs w *h S
^iwin C. TCaylgx hassrgonevto ^~wg
as medical director for the 'Howey
* 'An interesting fact in connection
with the sauitariuI oe q te w-
search work that t14 AP tUitivP ha
developed witH .Citcup 9jtps.
*In ithq ,4ctpbwk Mjijql I9InI
wiU avlaw An artql Oaljlg *9ig;
the wae of thki partjgl;14 MR
fAuit whiob age rgigje ipi
elevation STrQd Jpwey.
It is awedd by Mpidqj gifpprts
that 4he j use p91 the afit i4 bQene-
ficdal W dibhpte fagd otaer dws-

t' 6popi ag Ajj WO t ,Mip t- o
comflny 4a abrn$ t9 bhij4 p JWrp
sauitgr4nu 1r tjU cefne f .f #J8
4fiaict. A M f QRpt # wprtiop Rf
Wlti botul ta'i@ ia bgjgg ijsed ^or
tzeatmq$n pf PAti.ptJ.
* jt 18 pai4 thip $e9tl~j p t M
eowinty hnS is. e O41y pw ig ] w0r,4
Wp raism .tbip MOnI ,pf rpe'rui* ia!
RQ45qgaea thege wqjlj9jpql gfllRi*ijE|
UP CQWPqmy .QWA 44aOq a ;f 4qGi,r
0DM ae.rea.
As a token of esteem, Dr. TayAQr
W~9 fl\ ane t9hiQW!7 xiw' pfff the
4ueckflsji i;lu&1iS! *Medi5J .^Pciet1 liy
that ,owiignwgJon At -a recepPt mngt.
* r i ty .inner, ky iOb zLwdical so-
icifty .'- -. :,:,.,.. .
I-Dr. 411 M.A .ToTl$r wif by jgHp-
^t1. bi j~qirS sp ,.Rd .daii4tqr, w-k
hWY4e jfj,e^ ijviag-i .oiij for:1 Ia;m

#,i fie.aciljt1 Rgyey of Al#q.a*
qCPAy $i0m. M-990Q wvs of i40
4t~pblj j ,Jhe;rpn of bight
WRg 44 4c- 1i4 aid 'swi h Qe oaqr;
$O gi9wasg 5 b. 4tA .aqi
foPrJ3j4.j*1s fAtf-gple@ rap; -
1W iisIIA in i ik- h s'o-hat t now ap-
pears irery wi flahe, re-ae o^ gp-
fruit soil will be bought un aE'!fiy h

S-------- -'--p -- .-uYip,


"The Gold-nGaug Veil"
*. '- ,< i- .!* ... (i,'r rt',' T.' .*, 6 "

t.Prrw RM U

T/jp ( ldesuAze Veil s Oqpie dRea'g t Novel,4

tReadi'Tf-,,9AW, W, py tW' A 4 1 $4
ver -written.Kn h41 pir.m 1 style tNA ,rife '' ,
^ ^.^ ^ ^, ^a^-style LI NIe t~
'^1Iqrs f^Miv4 Optof.ewQy. wada.# .

JW ,Gld-pa a,.N Iy .stej e 9f r^%^ ^^.pd d
mentur.. Read this book and solve the mystery of JI -. am& Wflh .er

1ans of Romance and Ctarm. Peek into therarret th t ero swit
r.,|',,.- ,. Itr f,r..-.,.,, -rT .,' *-..... '., "T .?-" "I, .*. t f,..
gg ,4#..k,-r4 is grat stpry ad v tbriUpd j ikff ;ay o Q e
^nie;4fn Vcof cp 1j i .

Send Orders To:

R4Y A. fRAMEV W oloeae Dibut
&lwwfsybs-H*if, FiQeiadis

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"* I *':'

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