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Title: Abaco Account
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: William Maurice Thompson
Place of Publication: Abaco, Bahamas
Publication Date: January 31, 1964
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wr-- -

htIiow count




Captain Sherwin Archer I'm fresh. brwy and bold and Im going to
a1. Pn a lot to report about what's going on in Abaco. If that
A1 1 sounds Uhke I'm tooting my own horn, yu're right: I
Named Ahaconian Senator am. But Ill toot yours, too for free if it' news, fr
a modest eharg, If it's advertising..

Captain the Hon. Robert Sherwin Archer, one of
Abs*o's bent-known and best-loved citizens, has been
I Into a now poito of r- M

20001er of the Bahamas 1SemAe.
Am & Imstor under the Mw
CaolStlcn, Capt. Arher will

nsW adieory capacity to the Gov-

Amneg other areas of lnofin.
mas, the ent aa wig be mnpoed
to se d money Ba bek to the Capt. Archer was born In
Huse at Asembly with reoo Mnh Habor In April, 19.

imdatioma tor anendmete de.-
hln it maomory approval of
ga* =lis for up to two months.
The body will have the power
tr deay certain other mesures
has ta-fna 31 B0a, for s
moabs, but no longer has the
powerf veto formerly held by
s pedecemar, the Ltegislative

and left mbool at w1 to go -am.
He wu captain of a sebhooner
plytin between Norman's
Castle end Namau when. ce bt
at son bet BHoe ton the Waon
and NAann dufin Uthe terrible
hurricane o 1M. s ship loet
w Soremast. But be was able
to seud the vmel to the Bar at
Naeau. The s hoor sank, but
under Capt. Archers ha e iad-
Conaneed Page 2

rm mBUN I, ,,-. int..M
than n e o smm, pere, low r-
tme fumoe md new Tork SuBn
which m sutod otm 1M~sn r f
pag menunrlng a8 % las es,
and thm, of source there's the

But yoll find 8% a 11 loeh
sIe bea- y ftr esin to
IlM-@- mactam i and prospee.
tlwie palxus. I eam emsn yr
a fw tand wide 1a standard
number 10 envelope.
Lt ovw my maup In thin. my
maldn voyaig m leaded within
load MWS, pI1turwe ud ed0m40
eN e everything tom 0edi l
ommntfs sbmt the Mw Abao
ae Calub to ed notMe- and

And aymme you fdel rm
Mta too bi for ay bete ah
wrote to th -U ptetred below.
Hens my bom

Abaco Resorts Form Hotel Association

The operators of the major
toemts In Abeo have pooled
their reoure In order to *Ie-
vate Aboa to the top of the
touls Itlerary. Two meetai
bsew ben hbe to elect offers
ad o ppemas efor Improvisng
suWIem Ib Abime
amd a ebeairman for 164
'-W Mr. Mard J. Maury to the
arbour Ld The
S 7m Mr. W9ist Korto of
Ch. Other mm*

vwwM ahCub. Mr.

Bayard stookn IL. ibow Cay The combled strength and oo-
Club, Mr. Jerry Malrm, Teasu operation of the reort bm sbld
Cay Ian. sad Mr. Charlae Kearl bring cotiaued properity to
of the new Pn & Tode at Hope AbaM .

**-** W3XDS WE -
Taxie, FerieW Ua ................ T
Toast Abafts Cakelm ........ 3 dltorl .............. 4
CnaUtitution Day (photo) .-... athl .-..... ....
construction, Cmmeee ......... prts

rst we k la brurmy ~FW
ibe the ophlg dat of AbaM's
nawst mortm, t 7he it & Teals
at Hop Tww. This mew touriw t
attaction Is aown by Mr.
Chares Keel. a former winter
Mr. and Mrs. Ktee won at-
tracted to Hop. Town several
year ago by Its sutural 'uty
and wonderful fshlabi After
mn active. bualnee la New York.
four yar of reMNmeMt p md
Eam and at .nathu.l.st.o oaph
hawv turned their enerue to
making the in & Ton Be U Per-
feet Island hideaway. By mid.
January. definite Sle of pro-
gem bed been made. The pool
wa wen aloeg and noat of the
fagratur had been rMeoive

WA. Naliiii-i
NOW we

1-- 1%

2- THE ABACO ACCOUNT, January 81, 1964

Taxis, Ferries Make Trips

Around Abacos Fast, Easy






An a
ed the

aents of Abaco and tour. Devine Key. Junior Robert
save been aa)oDyt for Bert Williams, Garney lawyer,
some time now our very and Capt. Lonard Albury, at the
mt taxi service that is al. Mara Harbour Airport Any-
available at the airport for on planlna to 0o oa to the ad.
Silence of commercial and J*fet lia8ds OnM eUrange treal-
Salferat portan through than.
n a few of tho desiring to viit
Sengaged a o thie Hopetewn, MWa O War, or White
men engaged i.n :lmeat-
we have Cmpt. Carried aw Soud there a twice daef
ept, Anall Albry (known terry aervwie operated by the
coast to osoat asa potty). stable Albry brothers. RitcA@
and Marcel. Any questions put
,- to thoe sea oame M orfreues
for your Safety, omofort and wel-
fare, will be take care of.
The t rry will dlver you to
the fromt doors of the MIbow Cay
Club (Bayard atockton, .I, owner
and manager). Mim & Tonia Cub
(owed and operated by ViviAn
and Charles Kertke). the Hope-
town Harbour LEdge (Mr. and
Mrs. Marcel Maury owners and
operators), aUi. by speaoal r-
quaest to the Guaa Hbarbour b
at Great smana Cay (owned and (ons
operated by the Gordon OGsaral) uad<
i Traveling north to athe Green sr
Turtle ay C AratrBip tail amwkse their
.I available to the OGopeatowa
RITCHIE ALBURY area by Leonard lawyer. If ar-
Pla Boat Skipper driving there by private air -r..
-Pboto by Iram Wooef contact Mr. CbartL eow. who
oves withi wkning disamm of
the strip Another ferry gavils,
INC-A-DING-DING operated by Mr. Gilbert Robert. 1 2
will take you to Green Tule
in r i hCar and its hotel and clubs: MBnt
delay in the agmn Ot shore (skip Wright) ho 1
of Zvt Ma of ar New Plymouth Ins ( . and Harry Butlrf and the many cottage Mr
Town. Haroed Lwe offttrs for ret. 14

of tl


bhldren c
titatlon Day Jan. 11 are
ed by th.ir school master,
i4n BooUt. J.P. Fuads for
party were provided by

Abs.o Repreaent tives In ti
Houee of Assembly Cpt. L. M.
Tbompbca. the Hao. Frank H.
(bri and Joba H. Bethel
-Photo by Bruce Weley

Oast An Abaco Cake: M-m-m!

Is3 oup flour
cep WuSW
teaspoon wit
teaspoon bakig powder
cap ahortesiag
cup ocoout milk
cup awe0t milk
eg wbit"
esepoop vanilla
t flour three Umea. Measure
realft three times with the
r. alt. ad baking powder,
mat time iato a lars mining
Add shortening and % cup
a two milks combined. Beat
ow speed X minutes with
ric beater. Morspe batter
aIdes of bowl twtoi while
tng. Add remaining liquid.
Ws whites and vanilla. Beat
minute longer. Scrape aide
owl to keep better m-ootS.
to" two -in h layer pam
with gr-sed ad flouaed


paper, Bake In moderate -eve
(M00) for ulMt~e. Coel 5
mi-ute then tur oat to flaah
oooung. Froat with 7 minte
dip, sad aprinake 1-1- y
with fresh, golden toasted oe-
SUL Mr. rese WedWe.

(From page 1)
eraia. -an eew adm pae gers
was save
in moe f th yena at Wa,
be bae rims from deckhad to
nauter of many Maing abdipm
sad in recant years has om-
manded motor Vas. Owner oft
the MV Almeta Qaem, he ia well
known to Abaob am, psium
larly thboa living on the out-of-
way oaya, w6hoe axlMaM v'
tualy depads po te aI
of hib ship. Ba maI nlawri
foar Margaria 0l oe Oaeon
Tow Im a

Situated on the border between
Dundea and Murphy Town. Bill
Thorndycraft and his wife.
Yvonne, daughter of Capt. and
Mrs. Ano Albury, gave to this
area the Abaco Shopping Cen-
ter, Abeco's anarest answer to
the well-known American dis-
nouat houses. The vast space is
well stooked with furniture.
Philo appliances, lumber, toys.
hardware, sad a complete haber-
dashery. One can obtain from
this establishment anything BUT
soup and nuts.

On the edge of Dundas Town
is a modern native stone and red-
wood structure called Archerbs
Super Market, Abaco's first self-
service grocery store, managed
by Delvin Mon . Owned by
Capt. the Hon. Sherwin Archer,
and his nephew. Percy Archer.
who designed and built the
Another welcome addition sl
the Abaco Drive-In in Murphy
Town. A first class restau-
raet serving American and Ba-
bahlan dishes at Abaoo prices,
owned by Sherlin Bootle, J.P.
5 *
It is understood that a clothing
department store la occupying
the recent addition to Roberts
Woed Supply Store, owned and
operated by Junior and Jennie
Mae Roberts.

Work has begun la Dundas
Town an a new clinic and nurses'
quarters, which is owned and
wiN be operated by Dr. jmnar
Gottlieb. This. Indeed. Is a wel-
come service to the residents of
this area.

Much thanks is due Bert L
Roberts. who fought so hard and
set the machinery in motion for
the citizen band sets thoroughly
eajaped throughout the Abacos.
aow we lived without this In-
t romeamunlation hithertotore is
Indeed difficult to understand.
The reat Absoo Construetion
Co., having completed the Lopel-
lat p, is now busily engaged
Ia eengoM the addition to Bar-
aer's Bank.

Carerl Albary' garae. de-
stroyed by tire last year. baa
been replaced by a much larger
concrete block buUding with ad-
ditional office rental space.

Sea Brease Ld., e well under
way with the Board of Bduea-
tion's three classroom school
building, under the suldance of
Contractor Kenneth Moess
Late la 1S our new Premier.
Sir Roland Symonette, along
with our representative, the
Hon. John Bethell, were present
when the Iaght switch was thrown
supplying electricity to Dundas
and Murphy Town Distrcts. This
commodity la proof of our steady
Opening of the palatial multi-
mIllona-doUar Treasure Cy Club
and Marina marks another mile-
stone In our constant growth.
Footnote: In 163 the popula-
tion of Abase was 3 and In
1M. L.51 an Increase of 1S .
slightly higher thea that of New
Provideaoe for the same period

,- "

DELVDI mom11
-uom~ Maae

'. THE ABACO ACCOUNT, January 81t MM. 8

"9 I

Like th legendary cblckshar.
alse found banging upside down
from trees In Andrea. their first
ooushT, the Taboo are pre.
domnlent In caves on our cay
bw i Abae. TIy arrived
many years before our forefa-
thers the Loialists. set foot on
those chaores. Theme Wlndary
people are a friendly sad happy
typS, gifted with power of
knowing alu, sg all and whisk.
paring a little bit ...

We Tabsee understand that thi
first meeng of the Abuo Junior
Camber of Commerse wi1l take
place any moment now.
It Is heatwka dn*to knaW
that ol the Tahoo Land of pro-
gress, great aInterest sla being
sbown nla the newly formed Abase
Sporting Association. -
experienclang a aw growing
paius. but the spirit of sports-
manshlp caR only sneesed.

For quite some Ume mow, we
Tahoo have been watching and
hovelag over the MarIh Har-
bour Airport, and are happy to
say the Abase Flying Club is off
to a soaring start, thank to the

able guidance of the dlabs la-
structor, Ray Lawrenoe. Jack
Albury soloed on November 1t,
and we understand the ant In
liae I Owanta GotiUab, who wtW
become Absoo's flMt avatrma
Jack bas bee ano eagouised, oad
bas fallen so much In love with
flain, that we undersnted
Taboo Lad there l a ood poe-
*sbilty that he might be a can-
didate for the Royal Canadlan
Air Foroe this coming summer.

It been whispered that Cap-
tala the Ron. Aberwin Archer.
our new Beautor, will sooa be
reUring from forty years of a
tive sea duty. dropping hl an-
chor at Archer's SAper MaW h.
turning ver to his nphw, Oar-
at Arsber, the oemmud of the
M.V. Almeta Quse.

ar those e aeptla orne who
believe we Tahooa do not eaist.
contact Chester Thoempson. who
tried to sel u ome real estate
not se lonn age at his Lacey"
development .. ouenlat pro-
paerty . highest elevation la
this an .. bach, to." But,
so caves ... so al.

-4Nb@rn by Brua" Wee~ip

Construction, Commerce

Grow Rapidly in Abaco

4 THE ABACO ACCOUNT. January 31, 1964

94it Abarc Arruunt. Break-ins Must Be Curbed
During the past few months, the Marsh Harbour
area has been experiencing a little crime wave that must
"FRESHEST NEWS AND VIEWS OF THF ABACOS" be curbed NOW. Offices and Shops have been illegally
entered. One grocery merchant's place of business has
WILLIAM MAURICE THOMPSON had repeated break-ins. As the same method was used
EDITOR AND PunusmUH each time it appears to be the work of the same person
Published Twice Monthly or gang.
Corporal Cartwright, handling our one man pollee
FROM MARSH HARBOUR, ABACO, BAHAMAS department. is doing an excellent job. However, on oc-
(Printed in the Bahamas by Bahamians) casions such as we are experiencing today is it not pos-
sible for our authorities to seek aid from the C.I.B. in
Nassau, say, for two of their detectives to be brought in
ClB "0 to assist Corporal Cartwright. until this culprit or these
Mens Club Can Be O.K. rieniids are caught and brought to justice? Remember the
1.1 A oar, -9 "!a ufitt.h in tima aatavb nina"

5~a~e n'.aa~c

Congraulations to the men responsible for the for-
mation of the Abaco Mena Club. The idea is excellent.
However, a certain phase of your constitution has the
odour of a week-old dead conch. And, man, that's what
you call "stink, stink." You are only eligible to join the
Abaco Mena Club through one's birthright. This I don't
like. I love the phrase, "for the welfare and future pro-
grees of Abaco and Abaconians". This has a sweet
scent . a reminder of the night blooming Jasmine that
grows so profusely here in Abaco. But, In order that
you do not defeat this purpose, include the many men,
who have, in the past, present, and I am certain, future,
proven beyond any doubt their loyalty and devotion to
the land of their adoption.
Face facts . there is gentlemen, a well known and
lovely doctor, who has lived here for fifty years . A
loyal and dedicated man. Many of us Abaco born Aba-
conians may not have enjoyed that privilege, had it not
been for this doctor's care and attention. I had heard
about this doctor before I had my first Gumalumee boat.
There is Dr. Kendrick, at Green Turtle Cay. Why, this
man, a few years ago, was honoured by Her Majesty,
Queen Elizabeth, for the many deeds he performed
for the welfare of Abaco.
These gentlemen are just two of the many non-
native Abaconians who live, love and will die at home
. . their home . Ahaco.
I consider myself a true Abaconlan, and I am assist-
ing in my own small way to build and develop Abaco,
proud indeed to share the honour with the late Capt.
Stephan Cliffe. and Mr. Colyn Rees as the pioneers of
the tourist industry commenced many years ago in the
Green Turtle Cay area. And I need not remind you that
neither Rees nor Cliffe "were native Abaconians. Rees
lives permanently in Abaco, Mr. President, in your
own home town. Cherokee Sound. Should you visit Abaco,
have a look at the cottage colony he developed and the
many acres of a heretofore barren land he turned into a
real thing of beauty. This could only have been achieved
by someone with his heart and soul dedicated to the fu-
ture prosperity of the land of his adoption.
Buy a copy of the "Out Island Doctor" by Dr. Evans
Cottman, available at all iewustands. The author of
this book is so much in love and so dedicated to the fu-
ture of Abaco that he built himself a little ol' castle here
... I assume he will be staying around for a while.
Please do not misunderstand me, officers and mem-
bers of the Ahaco Men's Club, I think this is the greatest
and personally, would love a membership in your organi-
zation. However, I do feel there are exceptions to all
rules, and the men I have mentioned, and there are many

others who should be on your Founders list, or in some
way given a seat of honour in your club, which I know
will prosper and bring happiness to Abaco, Abaconians
and resident Abaconians. Mr. President, or better still.
my good friend. Rusty, from an Abaconlan whose navel
string is buried in Ilopetown, if you could make some
exception to your rules to suit this purpose, then I feel
you will have an O.K. Club that's O.K.
Footnote: This newspaper would like to exstd to
your organization a full complimentary page In our amt
issue, in order that you may give us Abaconians living
in Abaco some knowledge of your aims and functions.



Seen smiling very happily at
the Marsh Harbour Airport
early this month were Jill and
Peter Tompkins. Peter, the
manager of our local branch of
Barclay's DGO., was awaiting
the arrival of his mother from
England on her first trip to
these islands for a five months
Returning home after spend-
Ing the holidays in Nassau with
their families were Walter
Archer. partner In the firm of
A & A Boatyard, and Kenneth
Mome, among other things, the
owner of the Big M Service St.a

From Hopetown to Freeport
for the holidays went Miss Mer-
lee Kemp to be with her brother
Gary Russell; and the Brady Ma-
lones to visit their daughter.
emmas and son-in-law Oswald

Captain Leonard Thompson.
OJB.. M.HA.. his wife, Mary
and soM. Jeffrey, spent the New
T aWi Holiday's at Treasure Cay.
Aside from the club's guests,
leals seen taking part In the
godersl celebration were Bayard
Stockton. III. Dr. and Mrs. Einar
Oettlleb sad their two sons home
froe school in Jamaica. Cuth-
bert and Sammy Albury, the
Meatocery Shepards, the Hit-
led Alburys, Daryl Paul. Mar-
sell and Christine Albury. Ver-
-m (kdlp Roberts. with a most
attrestive partner, (Sklp. Ieai.
d- iNy, is building a new
hIms at Bluff Cay. just outside

Green Turtle Cay).
Town boy. Arnold
staged a fire dance
sional standards.

A Dundas
of profes-

Much activity took place at
the Great Abaco Club New Year's
Eve. The feature of the evening
was a rock and roll band Im-
ported from Florida. which drew
a capacity crowd.

Home at Tavern Cay after a
long absence is Doris Tasker
E. d and Vera Kader are
again at Foots Cay, where they
have a fabulous nursery Visit.
ing our newly appointed corn
missioner and wife. Mr and
Mrs. D. H. Jones, isa Mr Jones'
mother and father from Wales
and Mrs. Jones' mother from the
I' I.A
Had the pleasure of sampling
some tasty coconut water at
Dorros Cove with Jean and
Neville 'Big Daddy-O) Roberts
Kurts Henley. formerly of the
Dev Board, was seen at the
Green Turtle Airport after a
brief visit for a look see at
the new Clubs in this Area.
Carrying a lusly guarded
liquor basket he wae. asked the,
Inevitable . Your quota of
booe,. I suppose?" lHe replied.
that he hadn't done his required
48 hour stay, but was carrying
back the neat beat thing . .
five loaves of home made bread
from the ovens of Bunyan Key.

Mrs. Patrick BetheL formerly
Margaret Albury of Marsh Har-


4Say .....

bour. now transplanted to Scot-
and. proudly announced to her
family the arrival of a soa.
A well-revered member of
our local Catholic Mission.
Father Marion. has been trans-
ferred to CallforalW. Local Abs.
conians. Catholic and non-
Catholic will miss him.

A welcome to the new manager
of the Canadian Imperial Bank
t Ofanmeree and his wife, Al
and Mary Cooper Their steel
yacht was recently brought to
Marsh Harbour with the help
of Carl lag, sad as they an
death uastle yebtlng Types I am
sare they will be spending aily

free months exploring our many
cays and settlements.
H *
Darees Rertha Diergardt
from Rome and Capri and Count
Von Berg of Dusealdorf visited
thi Dr. Rntar Ottilab for a

Bayard Stooktot IE and his
flnt mate Pat Malon, an otff
to Palm Bach for a fishing
tenamat and iWea are haet
theU other parialpnat wl be
lord to Abaso .e a sampnUag
an aor own fAoulobw fhi--g

Mrs. COun AlbM7. the former
noetw rgam. hrth to a
am dol-peud am
o 0 0

THE ABACO ACCOUNT. January 81, 19 6

Ball Games, Yacht Races

Brighten Sports Scene
October of last year marked In November a dinghy race
the beginning of Abseo portles sponsored by Mared Maury.
Aassocatlon, which will give dif- owner of the Hepe Tow Har-
fereat games to the young and bour Lodle drew sMme tweMy
old. The first lame started by diashles. athisadi was so
this organlation to softball. Te e0at that Maury edame4 the
orgaatlatlon Ia led by President help of tlesad to found the first
Allaa owe.Vice President George Hope Town YTaet Ca. As Chair.
Albury. Secretary Jack Albury. man. Kamry. with Race Chair-
and Treasurer Pred Orasby. with man ill = Dts leo n tary reank
Directors Maurice Thompson. Keayosu and Treasurer Bowe-
Charles Sawyer. Nemlah Hep- White scheduled the first raee
burn, Rowan Higg. Anell Albury of the ew series. soe e beat
The softball season got under- from Man 0' War and Marsh
way with Field Manager W. A. Harbour were emptied.
Thoradyeraft training boys In The race uader ReHope Twn'
the game. After two weeks of new Burges went splaidl. Th
practice, the local boys were Classic dinghies were divided Into
challenged by Man O' War Cay Group A for larger beois ad
Softball Club. and the localtesur Group B for smaller dinghies.
primed Man (Y War and them- Sailflth made up the third clas.
asives by winning both games Th winner's aodr lailuded
of a doihle header. The loesals for the first time an entry from
went on to win another game Man 0' War Cay. Dick Barton
against the Man 0' War boys and took first place nl the A's. Rudy
then defeated Cherokee and Malone. a young kipper from
Spring City to other games. Hope Town. woa second time
The local boys were feeling first place in the W. Maury
quite confident until January 7 rhalked up his second Sallfleh
whea Spring City defeated them Win. Doctor EJmar GotlUeb. of
in two straight games. Marsh Harbour, warded petae.
Much of their success was due The next race after the Jan.
to the support given to the team nary 26th race was scheduled
by the community and the equip- for February 1lth. It Is open to
ment donated to the team. all sportsmen with boats of the
The local team was spearheaded three classes. The aet rac pro-
In It wianlag streak by two mlace to be the biggest yet. New
good pitchers, Rwa Higgs and boats are baleg built and Mld
Curtis Sawyer. Special credit Is ones are bealng worked Prime
due umpires Corporal Cart- will be awarded from first three
wright, Merland Albury. Charles places Is each class.
BSawyer and Devine Key.

6. THE ABACO ACCOUNT, January 81, 1964


from our

Large Portfolio Of Real Estate

For Sale Include:

Ideally suited commercial lots in down-
town Marsh Harbour.
New 2 bedroom CBS unfurnished build-
ing on Lot 50' x 140'. Stragetically lo-
cated for commercial conversion. Bar-
gain at L5000.
Six acres hilltop, sea to sea, Elbow Cay.
Near Burl Ives Estate.
Prime spacious homesites, ideal view of
Atlantic, beach rights, near Elbow Cay
Large beach and interior lots in beauti-
ful High Banks sub-division.
Homes and homesites at fabulous Trea-
sure Cay Development. Property own-
ers Insured Membership privileges of.
Abaco's newset and largest marina and
club facilities.
Residential lots with beach and dock pri-
vileges, Dorros Cove, (The Creek),
southern tip of Elbow Cay.






THE ABACO ACCOUNT, January 81, 19 7

"Going To Build In The Abacos?"

"Quality Job?"
"Of Course!"
"Better See The Best "
"Their Name's Down There."




Percival Gerald Archer, V.

W. Meturice Thompson, President

8.THE ABACO ACCOUNT, January 31, 1964





A pipe, a peaceful sunny day in the Abacos, a bit of work for the hands. Scarcely a
lap of the water at beach-edge, the harbour quiet, even the palm fronds silent in their
lazy swaying to the slight breeze. A faint fragrance of conch chowder cooking wafts
its way from the settlement. This is Hopetown, one of the friendliest havens for sea-
farers in all the Bahamas. Many have discovered her charms; if you haven't why don't

Photo by Bahamas News Bureau

0 0

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