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Group Title: Vindication of the Conduct of Colonel Grignon
Title: Vindication of the Conduct of Colonel Grignon and of the Western Interior Regiment, under his command, during the Rebellion of 1831 and 1832
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Title: Vindication of the Conduct of Colonel Grignon and of the Western Interior Regiment, under his command, during the Rebellion of 1831 and 1832
Physical Description: Archival
Language: English
Publisher: Office of the St. Jago Gazette
Place of Publication: St. Jago d la Vega, Jamaica
Manufacturer: John Lunan, printer
Publication Date: 1833
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Bibliographic ID: UF00102973
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: National Library of Jamaica
Holding Location: National Library of Jamaica
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.D, 'ROBEBTSON, 1Major
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ulith ,seve ~Fs utingr to 500, say, werp, Mr.
Searl1tt q sT.sertrbled~ npaar idel : hle*
1s 3llimeq: not~~ lie~rie~e ip atl cr gss
au.f,t thle~f~~~ jcto! ad. illx~e a~~; g i;)~ a
r !Ia~ioa'e, where about 200 ldsje were asse ll
ti' ~~d' by! the sniffe E fin. henSt
'iPt -n -; ste 1 $'rie to
the estae ranghtl atn at t~hesamet~ime, ds rn

Inl~aki~pyggiggged'gas~~ra lo beattggca:l.:1 .tleph
shese sagesioped..8~ d9ncon~sequen#ce of thi infiermattI~~E~jLs
I Wo~~testtre fbl~oromiing~ttCf)s: :~ e >. -
Pr~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ : s"P0 Rgr rrcsth Deg. I831.
I have just : ofiiri iq thart a 'od 4 abGbhtfilve hun-
dr d35~f near Lap~land intso hhv ound them-
sel to oli their freedom, or to die in the
attic re~o'IEnlke Who to [ f there-
fore Ulgic 5trrihgh ito~q~ga 'qrygfi 941 pp
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h~n n ~ I great~ thirc~::~' acipp, 27~!P c. 1 I

For tith i ti;n s h~iiis~y th AsitR ieht~
hateth~fe hgype~~llQlty, gg a cpyr p~~lp.qrter I have consider it
nay duty to address to the agi~~i~fYtsy4$,4pfqgs' ,.~ I,
I many observe, Laplanrd as hi~itfuaf gglout syaes from this
posy jp~~~st received feather i~oinfordiati thlat a similar
mgets~P j~ 1ms~rthqsf iof, 144gigglpqa 0,44~~LL ta
<*ax,StCP~ fom, M:qntgl$,Pr 4,tq.Aqep, aivqrgas i

.li ..i~L ~ gnt srva t,

HM;.li;' 1 ,tireatiyt B:~ a rrackss 27th Dec. IgsE.
~-$~-4e~i;ertsonp,; se Eg, ii tr'rfgo,
A~td' ibe hdnour .to rec~eibe~ryophil~d r9 ftshe foth
'"reprog~ bpg to sybypi:gB? i(q'rtyitn lettei~s
hlirrh Ilirve w9t~ten, as well to yoilypell~ ~ ter constithta.
opp~ esp~re~ss ;yesterday, with copies AThEs-
rcY "rPkeiicsl, and :wtilic I afain send, in caf6i
tha rid 'h"Yg. ,reahe~d yo'u. I &T & Edrtflird yocu a copy of
a Wint Yo t~:h+Itdgfr Usd'S.'Tamlei,dnd Ihud
hrav ~ q i(f~rlorma lon, the samte 5upjedt, S(rt hk'iilT~
a" tPoopI' T~~,-flg~hkvice oi[rdere two of''tl~~aif414ady

(S d ;dteid tlf~filiet, to jdin thlrndwHifew ;1diq 9skhhlid
i5 ffeitty @bigedc by fa~ta:'crdieriirg a. Aw 8rosperee sjoin-shis~
ot.A gentleman! of respectt~Er al Lacale heire -tq~,dayandE~in-
foqqgH bg a hadl undgrstood that (h~e nlregrein Mafiches-
t~ihdexpresse-d sfimiclait~eildgi A~t~hose in St. Jatmes' but
Fgptldgi~ve ;fpo~acticulars,

The ao ~eduts Ie ~ietar taiw. GE he
(114 d 1ai~ethefore in* irdhernation which.I felt
m ~~lf5Kfd~od ~i~t~i'i~. bii%1ie e~duaritut~d altho-.
rities, yet, knowi~ ~ hoa~v~gpups pgggyps.H to e a~gge-
rate~,-1 plaed3 but little reiance odztt~ thwoogduications
Made to IsitaP-thyh-irgraet~ csadvannjb ttibaeredagthat even-
ing whv~er we~pdrceived several fbres he the neighbour-
flood- of Ha~mpton; thati cohti'dbrihg the remainder of
his information likely to be eqlualy correct,,} thought
it expedient to ur ~e thle regiiment. 'To effee this I
marched the detachment at Bel~vid~ere to join our. main
Forqpat reat R~her Barfactq 8, were our ammrnunition
was deposited. I wrote to the officei'ortiiria2idit~iig'the
JYJeanswestuut: c Iregisagt, phy fallgeringi~ lettqr~ :
'k. Gret4 Rigr~n BarrackFsr -2thDec. 18~8 I.
To the officer commandhaig Wiest,
mobreland :fegine'nt,
a~ Btelvi~ere trash houses, have just been set on fire, and fronm
taue last information I have received, I dth induced to thin-k the
redgimbut here (lkhe Western Interior) wiflbe astached to-night by
a strong body of negroes. I dispatch a 'triooper to give you this
m '.to enable you to mov e.y a body Of~ troops to this

;~ ~ ~ .. .ra,4if~c::M. .8. ORIGNON.
On tis *night one: of :the trash' houss at Belvi-
da~re w as 4 .aepdn..everaote fires took plsae, as
apLpears by' tak dbl~lli wing lettei Crome- Ir. W~hitting-
*' Cow Park, Dec. 28.th, 1881.4
x No" doubt you sarw the fires last night, which confirmenced
Sqbout eight o clock, in the dilrection of flamp~ton, and down the
va3lleyLanwardlsPvotionfego13a three large dijetinct grg burned un-
til twelve o'clock, then I discovered, I think, a trash house on



i Alee stilijbvide~aws- pwr.hen h afterl one at IHandyasnph~~r~a ln
how thak esr Ie.iat~,Gq3ep~Pyi<;lp.. Th~yey b~lew jJp and~il~r
ap Sigin~ opet aQ,pB~videre fir~e, and ocenplondflyj ura
gun.;,tp 10 rpp an.liI comnibricej I rom; ab~oiit Pitke~t(4 Uad
'COA),britigarl~dlfd admint Edo ifalymph. A1Yi' the' fite at'Grerteri-
waink, s~y Ha~lk~pd three, daly firedl a few gains,' and a teased so
rre~trakhtwi gle sp aclkcwardDy~e} 5 wgs, 9, saw nore in any other direction, foulr
of in pDleafu as~ed' for weapons to pro-
~itilil~ht,: nd**&eti~ek inme thei

Sth~ipistanthypeelppp,~ Igyp$T qq,,,,i i~ is a desppret~e Seginning. I
hope all is well wiitti your r~eglment. I have twoi fgwling-pees~ and
a mnusket here, 1 hardly kniost66v~btt rBM~-'uke wn with them.
Adrf noerdo~~siso nee sh~ap:4 Qlc are* juesr heaninoustt M~ao~f my
Ipeophy thun~ncshildssak Hid 4Pnlds eorive shuink~og .arel harnt

lft'n tle 2 h of Decemb~er, at day).of das~ I
sent En~sigrn Geddes, wiGI a.par~ty to 10 gidefe,' td'"as-
cvursah thh ~erven of chaagn~e done by the rebe)ls do
the nighlt of the 27th. About e~ight.o'crlock, I received
the following disipatchr frony ~I earenarst olonlet Wil-
)iams, h~ick wnos'trsureredi. se ndihngl him a cop~y et
my let r to tire~ magrrridfat~'essd .~ Aisd quest-
~ing; aS cfffff~~~~ e froly ~iin : '

,I lpevqei~gg 41pi of this date.: This begg'g the
day of electiina la ttips parish, at present I feel some diflioulty in
..or~ering pp a dpetrrsBt~4 moky is regiment to your neighbourhood,
ulntii i hear frulf EI Ware YoP, of any acts of insubordination hav-
iSQ acua~l y takeni place. ~ipm in hopeR. (se,Ap.~t Belvidero
~u~a~a~e sq urther enquirines acciderikdi. ~We rehere sil in
~ g'~8i~~~td.sh'oul'd it b$ hie6gStrpF ECIr ##(~lflof~ita~ilt send
~~~dPP~~i:r~~Y %o~~ ao;-itr' th? n9aib6a~t kffdha guard of the
troop has been established dLe~e, irideft a19dftd yo~u dtid phoa
SoP cdhi Munitfatiggr W it h this quartelle
k g15fivete fil hnour, o bel Sir,,your obedient servant
liietitena~nt Colonel Czomnnarldingo.
Shi~Sers forarded a coldy of.your digatef3J to .Opnerarl Ro-


;1 ." Ube o'clock I marsched~ sqpk ,the regimcnt,
~i ng ~thecessarys guard at the barra cks)iepsi
lig pebp~lii Ond; QA ly ,e4 g this day~ .topk

RKiver Sarac~~aks be~ing intizitely .top setl~l ,tomiccome-u
modate our lnumber- of men.h Dul~ri <= -ca .qmatch. Av
observerl York, Chester-,Caitle, ar ' 'vribtas. others
),cea ig.qsltPqs4.1... cec.eivey~ed'allq i~JPpg.Jiptiett~ciaga
Colronel Lawson,l andl Ihke longistraites. of St, Jame~u s
r dprfoon, 18'tail Deer1881.
rne \@ll@e daulrawlanB;il on rembiisbadrliga~tW~~irlerpstaatshoen
mostrhble~ .toainani~n. I .will border oilst 7th~,Aos~eill fuin ypaQa andi
I will suggest to the officer in epmmnllal, at Rtound Hill, tymoveu
to yourl support. I appr-ehend the~bysiniess will be decided in the
strjets! PI b~teilo-BJay ~ '
-: Yohrs sincerelj;, r $ta :.)
i :.G. M. L~AWSON,
gjolonel Grigpon. ; -`ib,
as~r ;t-:. Muotego-Bay~, 27t~h Dec. 189fl.
I:BEAIR.k It rr a.
S'Yritr I ftd~tor'?this dwdt hh jd~st rholyed ut, it is wih eu-
:trIemB regret we' have to infor~ ygou, -ti~t the:~ccobs~its from~ every
djirecti~on around us), are ofT~stch a nature, thyat all oyfr dspsabl!9~le
force i~s already lpstationed' at polnt~s Froim ~which it woulibeey
unllprudienlt to remove them. W'e subet to' y6ti thi ~ ~I~ej'ct'
appb~! ing, for assistance fo W~esjtmoreland and1 Hanover.
SWe are,
Dear Sir,
`Your most obbedienltsits
..ac .s l~p'; t .. n ~ ;P 1 *619 Mg
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ OB '- WA TT. rC~i.~ !i~~~~AT
SJAS'. GOffpe'N.
W. S. G~rign n, Esq.
N. othingo in! th~ay' f a$;stbinee can Colonel Lawson gr've;
do slo'.be surprised goshear, of all the estates in the viemity of
Adetphi, all or most of them being on fire.
SIn ihe hacndw~riting of Air. WFadtt.. 0
TrI~say here repetit, that the ehneniy w~eis not` then
con sidered .the .contempptble oppo~nenits the~y subtse-
quently prosied themselves to ly, 1: The co~loqul,-of the

St. Ja U(i -t# (imtnS myset~or i's core

magFist~aes iff thatkplt, abnd-dkerneigh~bouirisg pr~o-
Sprictbrd and'attdrltiis .all en~tertainedct (as their letters
hary~, ligaidynt trdd), seyidha 'applirelen~7sion,, andi
mieapf og:nguen mid~our will not p~lac~e themselves on
thle~ reaie-rond --which after-knowledge hans
a~~~jiSVlfFfPIlgt4Wsituation froml the kinow-
ledge I- theA passessedl. c as a de' .U.@1.;

of .thifs ada -lnl p~urst. of ;the: !rebe~~ljai pjt-Yeveteg p'Y
sealdi 'de beeirabanges l@ eadngAikfo
th~e' *; " "
were ~ '; reev rg 1 o-eer"g ,4
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we are perfc'l~ tly a n~~~i fro ch re ed to-ay ro

a at the atchI had th honour to lreie
fr!:' i: t my duty b' t on:, order out bot

on~e rabl~ eaceiurts fiom yur qiuartr.
of tl~~e fails tyXal hrialiyrbJlthe'ehr-,6PSi-
Sforelant 'i vu den in ef ror, in statitig..t Watt

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to most id ujt rdrotbt

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fll edii ro le ?&#thidte, in snet b~u copyrer
nof yort lert~uter to thera maitraes ofn ~Sst. Jamies'.I hv owt

fsP e that' early to-morrow mlornmgp,,~two companies from1 thid
r 4t~Bethf&A~hilt 494 r~gdy do Moral get# evepassistlhb pee.0te nr

Yyrrt very obadie~nt servapt,
-si* < 0 a 'Ld.Ot.;l Comumg.

Old ManaqfepYL~ds psqtwCd.#ply .

I ,ayft && aWahie ree ~pt dyur disq
pat~l~ch o~f h~e inannt, and adu glad-tu hpar that you ~anequieta~
considerable number of estates 'in this
and, pn! nozone hlr. this hanve thbe negraps
-t~he^ itiate of St; Jqiuner ma be Jai'sig~ed 'iviet-
ter, a copy *of hichl* Ine~nd. a

sy~stee widvhell slatve@, art& I ear that it ha B:s bec* *b
t Iatlel8~~~~t is, ~eral thpiqgbou t~'ireisai~.
s- the me-ce~iossar f to rem1oveeran questers te ~his
pine, itsea the'~Cy.; l chifreeb rosably tfit to coqlta tspelr A nmnher~
of men,- aadmodi o)'dthraeeker~sam~slok .b8iffo& bp slub. I leadhne~
past~~ ~ O es-lste -thegol igre Iluch intoxi-
.cateOt.l~~5 ~~~i~$~5 ~ ov'kt sem.

.'tb lj ur~"Y~r ajC3~~~a sid.le servant,

:ol~~ rdee .F woii ~ f

themace sion :ufEs 'has reup at:
have b~een fi~~~rid I' sati. irfp~i ~ 5( ne ple~st evelHdng. A
number of st~ragm~~lqoe eggoet :~te'Cfc'al yesterday and
I understands tl~ 1 St. Elizabt~ch's and West-
InoKF~riled. - In o receiving information tha~t your
ddaelauent has s at Hadldo, I will commnunic~ate widothfe
oli~ieB* command rt~and~ effect such operations as mlay ~be. benor
ficipiga ~i have been.rspder the ~seqsity oF ;remo~i~ng my eeginsat
to dti~p~iShops,0mi thejineficaiency of the quarters at Grea~t JtSaise?
Balrrale my mlen beginning to get sick. TheaUne~xerlps~, prf .
letter fedity Colonel Ltawsoni, wll destre to yrou thie ifSi~~i &5 s
"DeSct.Jampa ]Py 4 nSyet 4T ~ tity rainfo~rcrulat es8t acaedquas

r I 4@re thelrsau fetaou to,@ .
oI b~eent servant,
SMft'~~d~ r ... wMa. S. GRIGNJON.

Obtonel lwson, and~ t~o Mr. Watt, ow t-

To .*~ ,rsfP- pa nA~dff~e

TI n o ~ r~~ .1i~1 seapestBi8f82he ~ l~89~~ tollad-aeanp

tal'l~ 3a e mare '6 ;I yety~bj~Cc~ompassedi to compare~
rsrr CJlisgl~gglB gP agbir nva it- is Apig~ to m~dak A
t~g~36'~lp~Oi~-legio ur~ the. irebeols.ac Ch~esiei* ICurate, you wsill
aes~i oep~sr i9ibgg U4.ypI Qap opanies to Ko8~ackv.
-amn, ir,
Yout serve~~ a~ant, t

Colesi)1Y~ Sugl#1) &a

venth ilm)45(taittrW rrbn

wh' Iexect~tta you~g. I have had no commagi3~c,~
eethe oaer icn cnmnesnd at Roung pilil, (seht I under;
staa~~ Qolonel Wlilliams, thqga e~l~ptw lje wagpi of the West,
IBPlesrf~5one~9taih had been ordairt sp,4(iddc.. It is mys intyl
tl ~~~i~JJ~on of ),6) to sitoack the i hrait Cester-One-1
ti~Cf~l~ersi~~l tey are in soreea9~ and. many withL

king agg ledaveipfe rladde. Obe

nusupban of dr agg~rpos tuvejamed from fear,and I beake tirdefore-

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to~e alnsbs imrdefi~tel, and fh~ is ik
liase a Johg);~t ait 8ih~essible For-bit to

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\isi4i~']ib~wayB~~s~f JaicBi8e~?ft 5 ngding

lab~w~and u~ij~ip detwisdaleheatrrv~ii ~9; n watera 4




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4o of :a~4~g hdbi ~ Ihe

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I1IB~~i~d~R `JpiaNLkee

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ees~i~4B to Laug, 14 Ur t
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theh Los rp edt Ur

..~1 Q' ii1.ce..*i~rr
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'the wRh re 'etrese~rved its fire until thie rebels
8dtreP~?~~~:C ic 'iid uM61 c V~ e"


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de NW
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which intervened-.

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claredal leir 'fa0 es ,ibir. '4# einse-
qaI~?Tlat) ?@4 ##isnt $!laff to the
qebrters9 of the bdghi w .eri I~J nfee
ragnt -at hear~ing that his.menlhr Md si refF~ki rtheiPin

theflcssed, accoP panied-bhyr Captat;in wart, I repdiredl
to.tigg-,Rapler acptal' ~iibLi oi-dSel trh e mewtpi nti
one olat ib'fooms, wrhitnerl thqy ~wer4 qcgjompgy58i~ giggth
Erskabla$J icernand ~mysjelfl' 'The thLa~ruleP1 safeatner :nd a
raqlf, 3ip,,f, if n~otathq Whale ofi theel2o i dpomplanyt
pePty~~IseP"pt; ad~rttsSpd t ei~rn, stating, wha~trr pd.
~en comimimioated to me~ of thdif; objdoting to 84494~
MRo blLei Ci itaCsonrsequa~8sseseft:want of~ provisionsi
I~cC ~ rie with ithaildst are.bBvrVbl h~~rr~isa~
;~JiCi4,i eoaiF8p p
did WirPC~Ismassedeth
:' in~atdemnr;ahar~alde;mnatewe mAinie

4loB to stay'~~ ah~et Motp

1 I proppagd to t~kym empper .toMa.E ddec$~iiJd, and
gISk ~istjraceon wvt-~~S~~~;ithw ,ntererlawidsleteween
stationed a~t thist- pace To this I was answeredy-ktltr
tfhisg wejl-~~fe14450 f~reecesa -tonerdias e far ier~ sh i Ogrrheir
homes, and r~endering their returrr dE~fli~JbWW~ k .
.Inhah: aitk nl pj~seiori:Jthy~obset'iiibg h~edik ifrl wei were
cormpelled to I~agetthk~ Inter-i itfor; e ingh ettelefo1a-
tknr i%-f eel~f ir~Le,1~tfre thiybs~.i~ia~ SkePthrist4oMIia

~i~~~b~iEneeresta n ift itkArgeastastsdos ~~sn~rsz el n~ging,
anit18 'Wintsin mcrW3iothy~ ikrf~ ,ora
excelat an adkeneI~Olj~4~bQr;An ;~~go l;abseedow-dt~f ~ i~
by~~liluM' Sthemes 1. Ab~;etjpfj$iff~ :be iing~ F ,
of' ItqF-th -somninjr~panyws~ gprbjei~i~senerb ac l~a drib
theiv~~ecolepion of somre oifi mpobtchrfr ssore E g
Hblinemyel '
..~ tI ~~sear asy~offic'ri the circum'stances wiidalide
to thea9~th thimpany whiek Inhave jest dets ed, stald
rqbeBste~d tanhavllpe. tsh~ leinid~sisso b theoc-rau~~priqpri
an ~iit to poi~gsd#.' T hdt'ankiwtnedu -andtl deida l~~ spi-
nionsiwas;4ReJltj wealaedrmmshddhy )ttr'
makinksSt~E~hehe7th: edisrpot~ nye~~ whih: dwit), rreelfade~lat
girdlpaericondaignment~ to ~theleretres,-s~reving~vidyalittl
am~n~uali4ioninemaa'inidg I and. especting!~to be assalpdEBI
byb:anseincr~eased:unurkbet-:c~ti ofthe el f~eEwo,44(4he
shoadnemw-plattala~t~t~rZ t rdamnt, bclow~inuindl3~ 94~EdqP irtetln
quaralled~s,9these s t~iionlyar edroebese tsghdi t~e lliget
we h~ak~~;;~'keB he i C~Y'lmel rk, ritdiddbadagahlb id## (Mai#1pia
comhipatr: Andalesi~r dedht~ asdelephe! ~arta idant thiok~jph
n idKl wasmo~srr~enaprnitia sesh1the oPtliTa BdedRak As~t
dunoff~gew~r wil~ledighet~aar. Peli isasheirefake v~pe>too
stat atlif ~ed~pteflusi;dowi~a c hi Oopaqinfla~gb jitedf
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itseirdaipdeedUbpldrP F hhdam Iithiev.Kin8g-wrnis fedishd&~bt
fkf~tgsDis>>iaion her suidi .t'ithirslurnaieaEjssea~l Ty of t
giverth~sageanny' ority :Ihars' alriebd~ ydecfides ;oquabee-i~,
cessity b~rfBCid rdantent'i~uzonB In rpPOsSpicr O fe9 o 'lv l *
indiv~cidutdt~ opiniori`, :he fidL~y corincid~ed wvlith a~ll hisai

uber o~ffices I ther9 prop~jsed to fbrm a jikmectio~ stith
srjJitelbe Wpulseldthid debdnnt pt Msclifie; ~Fld, it
aswluj~ly6t A gTt' LAvihd rti 9
pl;attedtialikedth;udibots sutetthftl ih.
togibr4 wtainlwaifiniS~t RHM) tFidle,

rin he esnt: Interior last evening, and behave l~lantlj,
t pg, r at dais a les'Iy*u hee
o98 ~~lr* ISF' m c~~6lk~s'di8 ad"le~
as@~T"~rP I vyfO@@3"ift Thd5~5E~,'~~ pdaa~fetith not7

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Menli~e~n ~ sono~
i. is t~o' bed oblserved, thi ~ in the Ab~e.Ivefeitr
wrTitE dt at te mom~ent I~exprdW~ et .~the deteE~rmi-

anoiltidnts; andI that4, chkf~ bore testionK1y to
the i'~)i~&rPployday-haddiiptspedn tion. YTetnit has
d e~jathw' eh~ptpieted .thatat~he pre-dletelermi~ned no-
tr~eatie th;t' 9thmeo w~lipas subsequwatilpFalkteged by
w$easphei~reder F~~itUre .s~ r~~~t ~kCaihnat~o~ern str
ra peesto6 ~ban I dbiakii~lplas~tineIsJ;Ie Plarsy diM~oweldi
efJlieL.;lhn@. Jnis'agi dsest I' anl' r. :r. sanuQ~B~nos n~.

~ ii~~ p~~b:lar]B sdembit asfaLri .irEe remauinas
l~lapdp!paki~ 4 aishi~jdshef ~ 4uid sav~ed; rTe`r.emrarir-
port atkj PI~ lowffevasta~iP ered;on: wich theb~iaggag
was iblPedy arnt'ca8tt'lbraishinghlt in, wnhenP it was

discovered that these worseei~thlereboas wsor..cha~ins,
w ptih had ppen removed .hLy the negfroes.lil6 his air-
St.j~nstqq;sCerqqpgriped~tfigginfaodghars sure sur-
ro 3UnId d CtP Iggag and rangp~s thel~jiateaeslour3

fo46, p314e i~~abPcrhksgef ~iabnety,. ggws ne ot
andy, by th; mi.grab~jds seInyvtOweded~ iapan, .~Butp a
rg~re~at rmeak~l;~E~itFssrbsess~ ua ndl ssophi~ eungslE1er.,

t '8%'8NMA~E~t,tir .9rAft @

t o nl md ip ile,
utets$ Mitt & t). t e"2thewitke 1 .lt~~~~Eti~ 'of
the regild~en~t bdkt:ecifg~'skt tidry At (J ,al & 1 ft W

O. ~the 3sist of December, the party uzylr dff;: is
cog aga d (' Cqtain Balme returned from Cthew

order was yet e ?ofEo ea
p- ,1 :reacr to g ve support to ou~r detachnynea at I riieldF
Is E6elth ~ine3 Altii'irdiffst ~idla.: ';;'"
Yours, sincerely, r

tr ~ ~ ~ Ioyg qigt : -. .. neroust A W* od)~~tSB~ I It w
ls dyphartmancekof th-is indrgelea~~-,rtr nelme d' ithemeg s-i~
insrevai 'Xithes~~lne~jaheaisanqf rd gua~rd wePaess~ary: ti
UIpton, marched to Catherin~e Hall bridge: On art~iv.~
ralt~EJbendSO~Ealls dtcacinen t o the StudJai~edes re-
'eate ad: time -esltePrnsI~Indedder In
eqence asrrdic e I .manameed r on immcediateblyst+
Yaiadki. pdq61ty J0f he regulars, i ws~ohrichd rstake
poi~ilsthe;Fairff eld w-ouls,, rournred to their batrraaslyat
TVMontego-Bay, arid the W~estern Interior re~gia~elt
having, wrrafted some time wIthout seeing the hnemy,
or~ obs9erving any ~irsobabiityi of being attacked, is.

(nrded -g :' Cathl~Zje'r~~ine4U1 l~l a ~nd 8min~ t~bal re er

- -Ip tesyg >Ma~Sjor'~~j eal~ > .84^ Wti~-
doingalelgue;l dene s aid ;lt. MddangeBjLFA y,4Waplaced
: Ils~ taiw ididltdI<#ndt~$~~ktM~~tpe Ssurgi-
sathis~. ;Itbbed dleW lebyst eEithatnightent~l
iziFakf~rcl(a5 it,4tim~Eibfts 98nsddn 40 te:giwrunt to~ .Recorn

bry ' e~ hearding brethis,, 7 t A enediity
raby jA~ 1 yd:,ant. y--- to irS

to to p y quaerbters' l~ didght at

S~il Jd rl no if$ isla ftdi

and. the v~ilki;e glbmlg thd: ~it in;8nf il
On thea e6 f Jan uary,bts det~i irtfot at the out-
podts, b: order of tfre commndlu~ler-sf~~iittachief, I lingswd
tenior. r
,- g timo(.fan ar received an order from
e -thet~ thk ffces, to take under m~y comn-
neared~~ U~in I sCOmlpany of Onle 9thl egi-
spen5-t~~thene~k~s;,kibibpini k~ ~ v4adl, andt tp .jpeed

nIimrusi ait-
zein I whink oibr w~s. slow.;a&r
nmoulds. I lals eupptb~ydd a gunsagith
t~icej iim61b, eifiek v rere6~ id ry bad condichi~i,
in chble order.~ -
... 4 ot'c.~~lock, A; M. .On the 5th of Janluary, th'e
Western In-~terio regim~ent left Upton to join the com-7

pfany of ,the Sa3d, under thle cbmmnd of~ Captain Gaf
lowayg, at Fairfield, and thence proceed -inter C~inskl

Iarene lpitan.~i Air reid;si a mounds
sqp~ ~ r, l adow J64*WeuesedQi~sl~-;PPnia
a rri red .t Iiat: eir a kpee'lakdeie
u~lselves~ralaused: frannetherbesf~stiand 1entalw~eaqpi And

L ~~~tenjagg-~ ~lf~ agabseekea tippfidgtaeg e-fyirSt o gl e >
vestratte ~ ~ i~ f~-j~~~ messimD 4w aeee o e quegg e:ffourr detention!e st.?Fa rfi ld y;
cad~Pedtt ke~~lyteefiulledr60ps s but-,he emoteeled he wh~S~
tingA 4 sway.4hrouFghti and tseek nRill ~tbhe apnitJi ~bl
safety, takiiig ( positiott i Irttle biettidc Old 1990~
lier wrinky ..~; r;fqr&IBk quas~.Ipt eetriba8nersi
wheatmeing atl trpgp fud fifoua~l~ gr;.l~C qit?43 CQM
ma~rt~ial, wvere shot. ~B'r~itifeat 14tle;:'fiZplanpelie
about.e 8 ir'cl ho*rrP,. wk a4l~.uduve. bet ~een: five and
six, 94r@eppegvpod.
a ~the~ 6$the sent a de~tachmrent to NTU ew (At-
Sordler S$

the junction t ~road .edll to 9sese pce
pg Qgq} 6, 's,.ce
atlglr p,9 ppyp. r g~~~~~ I jSie
QTero, w~ere i.up pr,g p~olym~? F tp e~~-
Ag ilst the der of. the forre, I ust g 0b
C of th~eeer Inteiorn!, under. C~Paptem
Stroeeed to I~Iazelymph aindl Seven Riveidjr
Plavi anrt~yed the duty ~pon w)-hich we avaOe.1r-
de~red to Gqdawich, the giarty, conlsisting~oF the pem-

piaqfe~Pitbs.tfitakksWith0an rthe r~eardra Intebrior,. pndeeed

t$t4 741 nSodi-primean dr~, :F~ee, commydepr' (fe
ifthm' o~lnS t:, Pcid'i @ veV,
C Av; Pa~fk arrt~htii~h wrilf that distyits~i-anad ibakingio

M r

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a~~~ sid.l Ib ?MW, r ? (

inTrlan., tlao ocig ,

4 V~si the ledr of ~6Plawmary, when the CtonrC~es~~tadioYS
by- the rrway AIcF enge r ililp hetw~een de~ heabiC~letin
t rit dAn@*f~~~~~~fff~i~~~~! 61p@Elisheith s ctinw wift~~~ akesb ter .
vsta~w' llthe~rwahnk idacant~y among~ess Iby that tbud ~tci
St. :Elaaindoths, and, hivingS effk$iStbed9'~ohear pn; psepa
ttaie 'in-salesy.
I me hg t )av ail' H4 f~b ts 2

C48t Ga9~r~sokes~ 694 sed m

his m nitary t ea, ismn toc:sihi, s wq e,

pas laklRy inebtdyorhs er bly 4dosso

opyraltion during the tirne sL erved to Idether an
m& ~ 7~~it &P li~o ~ e
itio3~ firi

I this o y at~ryig;..!. lbp34kpy~,44yqg 4
kq:~pwledgm~ents- tor te very abjle and codidtsaeppeat.
tge~Cghe~rded rn0r rin the vb6sleshine~~e wue we &n
duSt: TF1canmIbear2 testinioagy.to t88C bdriB htu~qiver~ i
tient endLanence of hard~ship, abl' their .94r~Y connect.
3ad ~sodataicadgr. c~uct~.' l in adry.: siturrllbademyIia bi
they were placed ." ne o

folkwhyO iispel~ space Akjorrk e-

12. r .L i

Ont H~gitiff li~ichiSdl iffbranidtiori Phart a 12..blarg sd o ne-
grees wereasembled at Chester Castle, and I proceeded with a

reg %abno U~i anur :1oSE~d .ncit Teami t~he eymattonuphiet;oiB
~t~re jlpd irnd wouypd1u J pngPp~Jer~8lefgA.emrtd'tame
adm~itteC1 Sbey had hlad ten nren kileuantsenty-$ve. wmrecde.
The company of thle St. Jame1s's .r~egiment, together with th
1 astern qls) e r re m3Cont, lay underP arms to farl2apig a p the

: : Your most dbodihent humble servant,
9.6' i,r: ,i WMu. 8. GRlGNONh,

c : ~. .. Uptn, EMowleplgorlys.d.Tar 1882~P.

1, ,c 6r a

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s.,Vour loo obsd hanbec$ scivahtR

,Jl1)pigPP qalpgh;ii~s0n ,ip.asyin, that silt W.~ Golen rze
tad .to th,r~giplest.(o typggag A 7 4t~8lc
q Al b ~ bserve," Yd uld ha4r been vyby~ ~kngle de ti hi~vi:
:at 1sp ~ ~


IF s -fif~it'all

r:~Pp v jgg Joir u t slpyLi I lnabyor un-
di~y P-EyeP spus . 44, the want: o tat3, parole
evidFeipop aqAhiish ihavgs fal~y preyPared to corrobo-
ra ta,~f AiCgu do~utumen tary evidence,

1kfIore,' however, I meet thehe

ohe rl te 611rs imt -W

v l6 Lt jjTil

ni Blha Ye ftW lgiblentkardfiied, wldErid 4 m
]n unit ionl d oblsted. I' wudd have been 'e i''~~+d~isiglyi

aAdugp~ I n, alg~ apyfr4 S Mr3

a~t I B i~

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gr, not was rt enilpingfrhrfr ih.g
-bd< *<+oe rod patymntioed b.11f. S arltt


~th~~i the ad~t'Itab nighaJ~ntim~3fed~ Bsld MateWllt

diad Thaidid' Itarsu~it MIgtitl#986eWW f"Wil41FPI


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ei waithadrawal of the 7th .. I~sdl$ iefr

a on the 2~ of becember, I wa~PsiJriti ig
soranit. I hiave since also been told~, thrat GeneQidl Ro-
b ertson hald iasente certa'p orders, these orders I ne9

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LaIBM ~wnw~ayl ir~ageirie to eidj me~ a ,9sC
amerf rregulars,}. was to be furrthler lessened the~h
witheleasurbrSil 4144 4th sopapyald~~,Bn-Wlaw, dy~uecas
of that withdrawal w m~ade known, as it wouldl un-

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1 at te sad liages obf dw -Situa~tionl :Ituse Itd
b;aJ can it be A maqt dPir
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Is there nout a de~r~ee of a rity in-the eaitk
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it ha~s 14ethik~ag~,lirhe inany tim~eL it..has~ be~ehnagsiit-
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marroi rgnd of'the w ashen~tic-documrments whaicoh soup-

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to bbs < truetnr bill" whrlichl t~ie "sul seilueght whlT
i '~qderitly>proves: t~~ishhae ,been'whlo~ll destitute of-
Ssdo[cE;4i~d~brdtion, so cognpldtely is the a~ccisatib~n
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th~e -CLLacendag~seEte 5 aBSfhlOmhntt w~oukl~Inentheredige-~!
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pagkishYirla~~.kt~inep Lkendhe ,aiSeI~b~r~iagi~ed, paaike nil
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assaunreeaudiagaffewerC~F Ysuldhrve been-hed when
supdbSnfined~ Ethelstof nanalytic proo44a~r 15;be: le the

" t~ale of an idiOL." though "e full of Bsoud antd fUP.-y* yet
Earnestly do I en~treat thc~ti~taention6 the'~ddeq
tfathings, naot, rrnras. ,There~~,j4 squ mp\a)!.gCkdgetep
e~rjffentall~y~ ilepifg,,y C
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te iam ~~lydy of' 14pi pyn,~ iphygj i tlopittt ube
twice of sdc~h an occurrende, for "host .perseils woula
~Jt~~i8t cit '4-1& # As ky pa cata was
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Sruddlbdo two d ~i~es gi~ anaPmiss ya
suca~t dzist~ment@, .~y t9haW nere~r.~W a 6Y9~itf ] iQg
heard~Esqlbters, ;aiii t hewig issint~rr~eeri eld di~c
t on wttl -WPq:rt5~~''iiretd'i~t ed St r~etir~ti~tf~'the~~k $giift t
of theab inksSt a cddl3meC~ib t whf prsi~heaqelrrrwery
an~dts oeiit Axp~ii~ce. wt~igpll 'sm l e isudfth

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cn ojf the St. Jamecs' re intent r~

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k~aik, clthtwovc tr- three ilsniqqie of r_fe~y tildsiai:
fronl nppudent reason's, kt i~tern pt~ t \ F~
a6H a ~b:fttr ?:} 91b ,tr .-

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nund icid r~eaers.;R u lEvey 1 o e li ny
regiment~ considered the retreat to be imperatively

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sl~tlbes of' opr hf\ tiop, an vidabl lon di~~wi'atea retirir ~nguievnen4, wlsafrg8)ts- qia
ble. LS~a i u:As gheqip,4pae found~ one Aunki of`
coraln rapy comedI .pr obspop
d~i'~f iehnrlj?~o?~ A ng a my or-2ielrkR It is rtt~~ossea
lits to-iic Flrfsu,,all of thefn il@ rsn ye he if e
Ioshb adriosly of o~pinion that tly wa~s an
i~i tie ec ~sytytosretrteat~ when no such mecessity

)p objapted (tmd Lw di 4) to fla- officers .ca~ Geombkidr~d
judgghstii'at they ~etS 46ted tpoln
we rg fo~er thi-colonle~ le werl~e noh
e~~~~ pf pdnic.-or .nubvid by, border deronen sh r
unw~~ja mr~bFe- ,Yt one of' thee po~ijpfiers s'~~
a b~ike .swly~t~t ppsved was~Y pes ly
Sto a4 e, sh of theni exhibited, both1 in Ihie rei
oa# esUplltPute, -and in sub~sequlent sk~irmlishes, coq(l~
pal. elibep ijo ~ !EsErok suCh an~ ri~nn ntQ
y elshak or 419u~rt e An aegg js 'ss-

not e e dpm-4 tarCR~s~l~lT: ignant~t sliruller dir IIe : s

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n ,' aqdl F1to u so'1) t
Sod :B inla~r ~ on, '1~ whol

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il'tants oF'il'IF~E .{hro~ugh thie niei of ir
asen~ibly, was I 0 tedl with the PIC'ir~flcufuspace

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edl .8?qh:i'prob-~atio"aj inl hlis L general or sqrs," the
WA, '9'io eignent obtains, equallly w~ithl its


?i T~ihP!; l dierss of the not:::~~ i;2 c 'iitt te [~

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f approbation of ir ~'llillot &
Cuo ag PB: o anye ha antd
w t~il wi rde cpthellcd
it ma disions of itria

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Ctonr ex~P~ r2 he peany urpes clmie

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.!~U!Cf~Yu.., ~ Icb i~l s r
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5S'~BI~L:71' ~I: ;dr , 1~

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;e.r re it,
U.:u! -IL;I L(


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g a
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;r. ~:~~Lr sajr~
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bP~F~; -1,
-; ~i~L: ~eR st~ou~d; 'eh~tb
, ~s8ure y08,19PJr+it~ib ane ;~t~$ii~f".;k ~tbe

s and ars.anxio)is
; It~sll~pftilfil eclf;alled upc~p. ~ a
1;. r $. ~ ;3 P A.
C. -I
cr s
1 i 6RE~.bi" svHN B;bLi~hi, eieutei~in
;1 : ~ t~Cb
IIf4; r-. ~ilV~BLlr~C~ULLFTT, Z'euri~oe ~E?.%
ii; ~.. .,.
rqMES I~IVIDSON, Stk~ea~
'Y~~PT(~ElaYCP, L~eut. and
;~i: YO N~ ~nsig~. c L
YO s:;
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8- t.
F; ..
~c; "i~B; .. J.
gA,;I: ;' Y . a d
Fl. ,~
7~: ' ~
I' 'r
~~I~ d 60 .~
%~ .. ~~~
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'4, c.48;




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.'~~ ~ ~ ,. ,- ~~n~


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