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dLOC Summer News July, 2021 ! Digital Library of the Caribbean 1 DLOC NEWS Summer Edition Starting the Return to Regular Activities I n the months since the Winter Edition of dLOC News many among us have slowly started to return to a version of pre-Covid life. At Florida International University, dLOC's administrative home in Miami, faculty, students and staff are once again on campus. Classrooms and of Þ ces are being used. People roam the library and other buildings. Friends meet up for a Cafecito and catch-up session . While in person dLOC events and trainings remain restricted much continues to happen virtually and behind the scenes. On three Fridays in June 2021 dLOC hosted a series of virtual workshops as part of its dLOC as Data initiative, a project funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Please see "Exploring the Caribbean in DH. dLOC as Data Virtual Workshops" below by guest contributor Matthew A. Davidson for more information on the workshop series. dLOC's administrative and technical staffs and dLOC partners continue to upload material for users. See "New" below for links to the items added to dLOC between January and June 2021. Several things are in the works for the remainder of 2021 . A dLOC hallmark are the trainings in digitization and data organization regularly offered to our partners and af Þ liates. The last dLOC training sessions were held in fall 2019 and the feedback received since then indicates that trainings have been missed and are needed. While universities continue to exercise caution with inbound and outbound travel training sessions return to dLOC albeit virtually. On Wednesday, October 13 from 11 a.m. to noon (Eastern U.S. time) our Technical Director, Laura Perry will lead a session on the Metadata Spreadsheet process and on the dLOC Training LibGuide. More information as well as a registration link will be circulated as the date approaches . The bigger news is that the dLOC website is in the process of being fully rebuilt. Once completed everything will be new. The site remains free and open access to all. The same wide range of information will remain available to users on the new and improved site. The initial release for the new dLOC site is scheduled for Monday, November 29, 2021 . Click on Partner Information Session to register for the Thursday, September 2 information session on the new site. The session is from 11 a.m. to Noon (Eastern U.S. time). Partners: We will be contacting you as work on the new site progress and to remind you about the virtual information session. We need to have the most updated contact information on Þ le for you so be sure to send your technical contact information to: . We are excited about the new things ahead for dLOC. Faculty, Staff and Students can once more meet up for Cafecito at the Starbucks in the Steven and Dorothea Green Library at FIU. Photo: M. Stephanie Chancy


dLOC Summer News July, 2021 ! Digital Library of the Caribbean 2 January to June 2021 dLOC Stats: Total Views: 15,341,175 Top Title: 46,498,638* (Diario de la Marina) Top Item: 3,697,847** (Indice AlfabŽtico y Defunciones del EjŽrcito Libertador de Cuba) *September 2015-June 2021 **August 2009-June 2021 Social Media Stats Twitter: Followers: 1,420 Engagement: 79 Facebook: Followers: 271 Engagement: 89 Instagram: Followers: 196 Engagement: ÑÑÑ Exploring the Caribbean in DH. dLOC As Data Virtual Workshops by Matthew A. Davidson As a component of the ongoing dLOC as Data initiative, this summer dLOC is hosting a workshop series on Exploring the Caribbean in DH . Facilitated by leading scholars of Caribbean digital humanities, each of the workshops consider how different digital data sources may be usefully and ethically utilized by Caribbean Studies scholars. Three sessions have been held so far, with more to come later in August. The Þ rst set of workshops were all facilitated by Dr. Schuyler Esprit, who is the founder of Create Caribbean Ð the Þ rst digital humanities program in the Caribbean. The series began with "Delving into Newspaper Data," which highlighted the dLOC Caribbean newspaper collection and discussed the opportunities, challenges, and other particularities of working with newspaper collections. The second workshop, "Dreaming With Data," was a student-focussed session. It introduced students to working with digital collections and detailed a "search and serendipity" method of research. More strikingly, it also interrogated and challenged the colonial concept of "discovery" in archival research. The most recent workshop, "Ethical Re-use: Disaster Related Data," considered various ethical concerns regarding research on disasters. In that session, it was my pleasure to join Dr. Esprit for a conversation on how gatekeepers, encounters, contexts, silences, traumas, and narratives shape the archival and digital record of Caribbean disasters . The next workshop in the series is "Finding Data Sources in Caribbean Studies." Facilitated by Dr. Alex Gil, of Columbia University and one of dLOC's Scholarly Advisory Board Members. Dr. Gil's workshop will teach advanced searching techniques and explore vast information landscapes in search of data sources. In doing so, workshop participants will also build a crowd-sourced bibliography of data sources for Caribbean Studies research . Additional workshops are currently being planned as well. Once announced, details will be available on the dLOC as Data website . Recordings of each workshop will soon be available on dLOC and the dLOC as Data website as well.


dLOC Summer News July, 2021 " Digital Library of the Caribbean 3 Celebrating Ten Years as a dLOC Partner The Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) is a cooperative of partners providing users free digital access to Caribbean cultural, historical and research materials. We began with nine founding partners and today have grown to over eighty. The content on our site comes from archives, libraries and private collections in the Caribbean and circum-Caribbean. The wide variety of information our partners provide is all focused on the Caribbean and is used by researchers, scholars and students worldwide. We appreciate and thank all of our partners for their contributions and continued support. In this newsletter we highlight four institutions who are celebrating ten years as dLOC partners. To explore the diverse collections uploaded to dLOC, click the Partner Collections link on the dLOC home page. Click on a partner's name to open their page. From the Partner Page, you can conduct a speci Þ c search or to explore everything in a partner's collection leave the search box empty and simply click go. Your next discovery is just a browse away. The Caribbean Region International Resource Network connects researchers, artists and activists whose work focuses on studying diverse genders and sexualities in the Caribbean. Established in 2009 the Network's archives are on dLOC and include: newspaper articles and scholarly papers, activist reports and interviews as well as forms of creative expressions. The goal of the archive is to provide a glimpse into LGBTQ lives and experiences in the Caribbean . An important part of their collection is the material from the Gay Freedom Movement in Jamaica (GFM). The GFM formed in 1977 and was the Þ rst movement in the Anglophone Caribbean seeking rights for the LGBTQ community. From 1977 to 1983 the GFM focused on raising awareness within the LGBTQ community and in professional organizations . To explore the dLOC collections of the Caribbean IRN and the Gay Freedom Movement follow the links above. Caribbean IR N Joined dLOC: October 2010 Florida State University (FSU) is one of the largest and oldest state universities in Florida. It is one of the nation's elite universities and has been recognized as a Preeminent University by the state of Florida . FSU provides dLOC users with access to its Caribbean Collection which is part of the FSU Digital Library. The Caribbean Collection has items in English, French and Spanish. Documents date from as early as the seventeenth century up to the twentieth. The collection features books, maps and architectural photographs . To see the FSU Caribbean Collection click the link to access their dLOC page . Florida State Universit y Joined dLOC: October 2010


dLOC Summer News July, 2021 ! Digital Library of the Caribbean 4 dLOC New Partner Welcome to our new Partner! We are pleased to welcome our new partner, MusŽe Ogier-Fombrun (MOF) to the dLOC Community. Based in Haiti, the MusŽe Ogier-Fombrun collection conveys Haiti's history through artifacts and documents dating from the island's pre-Columbian period up to the colonial era. Look for MOF items on dLOC soon. ! The Association for Culture Equity (ACE) is based at Hunter College in New York City. It was founded by musicologist, writer and producer, Alan Lomax, with the goals of exploring and preserving the world's expressive traditions. Lomax believed in cultural equity so that every culture can express and develop its unique heritage. ACE's mission is to encourage cultural equity via preservation, research and circulation of traditional music and dance . The ACE collection on dLOC includes over two thousand items from all over the Caribbean. Most are recordings. While some of the recordings feature interviews and spoken word performances, the majority focus on music from a wide range of genres including but not limited to: Religious Music, Children's Songs, Ring Shouts, Merengues, and Sea Shanties . Explore the Association for Cultural Equity dLOC collection by clicking the link above. Association for Cultural Equit y Joined dLOC: April 2011 The The University of Miami (UM) is a private research university located in South Florida. It is considered one of the nation's top research universities. Items on dLOC come from the UM Libraries Digital Collections, Cuban Heritage Collection and Special Collection . Speci Þ c collections on dLOC include Cuban Postcards featuring landscapes, street scenes and monuments. The Estus H. Magoon Collection has photographs documenting sanitation and public health projects in Latin America and the Caribbean from the 1930s and 1940s. The Manuel R. Bustamante Photograph Collection shows Cuban life, architecture and landscapes at the turn of the twentieth century. The Tobacco Arts Collection includes labels and cigar bands from Cuba's cigar industry. The Caribbean Document Collection has material dating from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century . Click on the UM link above to browse all af Þ liated items. Click on any of the other links to browse one of their speci Þ c collections. University of Miam i Joined dLOC: October 2010


dLOC Summer News July, 2021 Digital Library of the Caribbean 5 dLOC Technical Updates Partners, do we have your technical contact on our Technical Contacts email list? Please make sure you are part of this list by sending your information to ), or please email Laura Perry ( lauraperry@u ß .edu ) to be added. Have a favorite Caribbean source? Add it to the crowdsourced dLOC Caribbean Bibliography Project. The Bibliography covers various facets of Caribbean history and culture and helps students, academics, and the general public who want to read, research and learn more. Follow the link to see or contribute to the dLOC Caribbean Bibliography Project . The French versions of Introduction to dLOC videos are now available. Click the links to see how to: ! 1. CrŽer un Compte Utilisateur et Con Þ gurer les ƒtagres NumŽriques ! 2. Parcourir les Collections ! 3. Recherches Simples, AvancŽes et Textuelles Between January and June 2021 the following resources were uploaded to dLOC : Partner Collections Check these partner pages for new material : • Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator ( DVCAI ) • University of Florida ( UF ) • Pan Caribbean Sankofa Interviews . An outreach organization and advisory group focused on the history, culture and diaspora of Caribbean people and their descendants in the Americas . • Archivo hist—rico de Vieques , Puerto Rico, fotos. Click About the Collection to learn more . • University of the Virgin Islands ( UVI ) • Material from the Wallace Williams photo collection. Miscellaneous Recordings from Stephanie McKenzie including : • A poetry reading by Pamela Mordecai • A poetry reading by Tanya Shirley Be sure to visit dLOC regularly to View Recently Added Items . NEW! The dLOC Caribbean Newspaper Collection continues to grow. Between January and June 2021 the following Newspapers were uploaded to dLOC : • Bahama s • The Bahama Herald (1849-1863 ) • The Bahama News (1899 ) • The Nassau Times (1874-1894 ) • The Royal Gazette and Bahama Advertiser (1804-1837 ) • Cuba • Carteles . Now with issues from 1919-1933, 1935 and 1941. More issues from 1934-1940 are in process . • Dominica • The Dominica Chronicle (1821-1827 ) • The Dominica Colonist (1856-1866 ) • The Dominica Guardian (1893-1924 ) • The Dominican (1842-1907 ) • Saint Lucia • The Independent Press (1843-1844 ) • The Voice of Saint Lucia (1885-1924 ) • Trinidad • The Port of Spain Gazette (1825-1828, 1841-1843, 1847-1922 ) • The San Fernando Gazette (1850-1881 ) • The Trinidad Gazette (1820-1822) More historic newspapers continue to be added. Be sure to View Recently Added Newspapers for the most recent additions. NEW!


dLOC Summer News July, 2021 Digital Library of the Caribbean 6 Follow dLOC on Social Media Keep up with dLOC news and events on social media, our handle is @dLOCaribbean on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Don't forget to Tag us when you Þ nd something fabulous on our site . Save the Dates! 13 dLOC's Technical Director, Laura Perry, leads a virtual training session on the Metadata Spreadsheet process and the dLOC LibGuide. Both are organizational tools that make it easier for users to Þ nd information. October 13 from 11 a.m. to Noon. October 2 Partner Virtual Information Session on the New dLOC Website. Click the link to register for the session on September 2 from 11 a.m. to Noon . September 29 Launch of dLOC's redesigned brand new website. Same open access, same information available to users, but a new look and operating platform. November Mark your calendars with these upcoming dLOC happenings. For information on future events, virtual and in person, follow us on social media. Attention Partners! In anticipation of the launch of dLOC's new website, it is important that we have your technical contact information. Much work still needs to be done and we will need individual partner input as we proceed . Your updated contact information guarantees that we will be able to reach you with questions, and also that you will be reminded of the virtual information session on the new site scheduled for September 2 from 11 a.m. to Noon . These virtual sessions begin in September and continue until launch day in November . To make sure your contact information, especially your technical contact, is up to date send it to: . You can also email dLOC's Technical Director, Laura Perry ( lauraperry@u ß .edu ) to be added.