Death of Napoleon B. Broward
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`v VOL.. XVII. NO. 14.




Thousands Mourn the Death of Florida's
', Junior United States Senator "

The spirit of" Hon. Napoleon B.
Broward, ex-governor of Florida and,.
' . Democratic nominee to the United
( .' States senate, passed into the great
'< be; end at 12:30 o'clock Saturday at
the DeSoto sanitorium, where he had
been removed for the purpose of per-
forming an operation.
This is sad news to every 'citizen of
Florida,. for even his political op-
ponents admired Mr. Bronard's
many tine traits, and admired him as
a mtain, and will mourn his death.
The funeral took place Monday af-
t ternoon in Jacksonville, and where
- standsethe towering oaks, festooned.
with rg lands of mps,.. silent seitti-
-'"."'"'"' .nelsof peace and e- 'erra:ireii,e0-ri
," * the.bivonac of the dead, .ai
. mortal of the late ex-Gov. NAx o
* , Bonaparte, Broward' was co6signed to
its rasL resting place in beautiful
Evergieen cemetery
Probably no dead citizen of Plorida
was ever so universally mourned b3
the rmassei as was the late governo:
As a mark of esteem anrd respect to
his memory, all city, state, countL
and United States otlices in Jackson-
ville were closed for the entire, or
part, of the day, and during the hour,
of the funeral there was a general
closing-of business houses.
Many distinguished men from all
parts of the state hurried to Jackson
ville to pay a last tribute to the mem-
ory of the dead statesman, and the
obsequies were marked by the attend-
ance of one of the -iLrgest. concourses
ever assembled in the state for a sim-
ilar occasion. It. was a respectful)
and sorrowing assemblage, for wher-1
ever the funeral cortege move
through.the streets those who witness-
ed- its passing stood *ith bared
Between the hours of 9 a.. m. and
]:30 p. m. the body of the distinguish-
. . ed dead Iny in state in the rotunda
under the dome of the city' hall. Here,
surrounded b. banks of flowers and
draped national colors, guarded by a
*.,. . special escort of honor from the Na-
tional-Guard of Florida, under cotb-
5 nioand of Second Lieut. Wright Ellis, r
.and a squad of police ;under Lieut.
Harry Hall, thousands from all 'sta-
. tions. of -life, creeds and opli.tid
*tV2 rftiths, filed silently, by, .with b fi
epetl heads, .to look' for 'fat
... ' time'upon the face of the man who;i
' ' as probably known personally.. to
more'Floridian's than any other mah>
of his time.
Later the body was removed to the
late residence, and thence to the First
Presbyterian church. . The church
services conducted by Rev. Mr. J.
Walton Graybill, pastor, and assist-
ed by Rev. Mr. W. H. Dodge, ot
Ocala, a lite-long friend of the late
governor, were characterized for-
the beautiful and sweet simplicity. At
the cemetery the services were con-
tinued and the body was tenderly
lowered by 'loving hands to its last
rating place. "
With the sinking of the sun behind
the Western -horizon, 4 firing squad t
-= from company B, the Dixie Guards,
commanded by Capt. W. S. Sweeney, B
fired three volleys across the newly- la
made grave, and while their echoes D.
were still reverberating through the
gathering dusk, a trumpeter from the
same command, stepped in position
and the plaintive notes of taps soared
and lingered on the evening air.
SThe honorary pall bearers were Dr. beautiful, consisting mostly of carna-
S' John C. L'Engle, Hon. W. S. Jen- tions and white roses, favorite flowers
i^ nings, Hon. W. B. Young, Judge H. o the late governor.
B. Phillips, Hon. W. S. Jordan. Hon. Among the prominent State officials
, Cromwell Gibbons, Judge R. M. Call, -who attended thbe funeral were: Gov.
\ Major Richard McLaugblin, Hon. J. Albert W. G'ilchrist and his cabinet,
/ N. C. Stockton, Hon. A. W. Cock- Hon. H. Clay Crawford, secretary of
. rell, Jr., Capt. C. E. Garner and J. state; Hon. Bark Trammel, attorney
,^ Walter Rast.. The active pall bear- general; Hon. A. C. Croome, comp-
. e)rs, J. M. Barrs, P. A. Dignan, troller; Hoy *M4. V. Knott, state
. -' .Frank Brown, D. T. Gray, James B. treasurer; ;. B:' E. McLin, <'com-
- .Dodge, W. M. Bostwick, Jr., J. C. mission& Aiculture.
''. .-' Conmially and Ed Williams, who had " ''"

t. " -beea-.tfe governor's best nd life-long It is important that the city should]
,ds. , own the publiqcdock before private in
M , . ' - The floral offerings were many and terests gets i4p "e gaft
" '-r.: .. '," " ' " " "



.t Broward Tells How It Happened Broward wins by Large Maqjority
is- Decla ing that it wis the- " e pl's 'n,* ,,I the, h..ttl,_il and niuSt Lx-
6 victory" and nLIt a pler-onal one for *: itir:L c:nili. :iile - 11 the p.litleal his-
6 him, Ex-(G.verti. r N. R. Bro,..ard lias. t, ,,i t ."-,,- I da C-ulnliinae.. TuLsdiv
k .ubm itt,-. to an interview. |iin thr ,-.l ...t n i f E,-(.;,. .I n . Brr .-'.'-
a H e in-istel thit h,_ m rl ly . , p' - 1 ,| f,,l U . I.-, , n.I ,jl ,..o. .];.h n,.- P.
sented th,-- pririi .iile which alppp'.il',ld T' liju ii i .
. to the IpJL ple a thli i igh t : t l ThLe n 1,1.1 it , iIn th .,r ,'f the ex-
It ',va.i noi t a ca;se Of "lerI . ...r-,hi ." ,jt.l ,,, is , i, i C.t a i will
f but ir their a [ ium ph of hi. ',lici.- p ,.,b. l. . I.. ,,.,-r - ,..,in '. h . niall thil
S as ,ipp ,sed to th,--.Pe .-f hi-; ,pl ..n..nr . i l.Lurli. 'll. il
, '*T h . i. , ]>. i.,r H i,,t .. - l t.i r . ,, lI , - . N ,,th in ,'..,- 1, L't , nn. , , ,, - L,.. tlh
r id;." ai.l M r. r "'.a l.j i - ' :lt- frienl.-. uf tli., Iw, anil;.l.ItL.s to,
e e. the fact that the c.iusoe i e-.i -..-.it-I mak a -ti ,n i,. nIl i ., -.in ut if
ed hby N. B. Bi r..'w- il w - ih ir t pis- ible. B. '.ar.l nide gi :.it gUin.
e cautle Thev hb li'.e,.l that th I p'li- in sI .. ' ihe CL't .- v i.' hwh in thu-
cies advocatr.d by m - .'.i ul.l inire first pi intar, .'.nt sti .n fr Tlalia-
to the b n.-n it of the-- IL,*PhI,-- f Hli h- fer, . while e ith..I Camipign wis
s state. They recouni;,I l lth il.-a wageil ,.n i...r-irii:alti.-s all ,i.e the
I aild anced a: thiri wn il.--.- Th.-y at, te, that niir thi- L' niigleI 'V.utie die.-
s met those- who hliLd' 1ii|..,inii view- not explain lthe trermnindms gain that
- anrd grappled ith thmi I in argi'u- Brouward g..t in HIllI. roughh , Mana-
nment- Th, .e' retiirlln -how that Mr. alue and. Li.SLUtIJ cuLLnic., which
Broward's mind was in harm,,nv three euunti,.'._ alone give him about
with a greater number of oth,.., 75 per cint of his lea4 over Taliafer-
minds than were those who hl-.1l .pI- ro in the last primary. It is evident
posing views, that the Broward men did herculean
"It was a hard contest, probably work and made it count mut effee
the hardest ever waged in Florida, lively to produce -�uch a decide
r which makes the victory the sweeter change in those three counties.
to those whose views triumphed. I We congratulate Governo.
t congratulate my friends and all those ard on his lectitin ti the higeli
who labored with us because they state and the next highest iprthe
0 believed as we did upon the fact that of the people of this whole
their arguni-nt- triumphed, that country.
9 they recognized the right of those
i who opposed them to make arenU-
1 ment, thereby showing due appre- l
0 ciation of the gi r-at pri.'ivi'ge..ijoyed u
as a legacy earned for them by our i'I
anestry-to think freely, act freely r
according to the dictates of one's r".
own conscience, each recognizing the t"
full right of the other to differ i(o
s honestly and remain friends and all
o join to,.-thr the day after the bat-
e tle and go out to work for the com-
mon good. Thi-, '":,:urinis after each
successive political battle in the Unit-
ed States, shows to the world the
wisdom exercised in f.,rminulatiin" our
r bill of rights.
"Yes, frbm a personal standpoint,
I am deeply grateful to the great-
hearted, patriotic people of Fli.,rida
for their loyal adherence to what
they deemed to b, right, and inci-
dentally I congratulate myself that
the fact that I was the standard-bear-
er at this time to advocate the peo-
ple's views did not detract from the
issues to the extent of causing them
to fall ineffectually in those things
I they wished to bring about for them-
a selves."
C'hinmubrlbiie n'r I tiimin.h aIn Lii 'Tablets
* will bi L' ui[, the nrve.' baniiiM -ick head-
ache, prevent delprindeney ,ini invigorate
ihe whole ,ystlem. Sold by all ,I-alh is


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Courier E t.abliet-d 18,t-
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.l'orida has mLiouriieM d Ith,- dlJ i_
of many a di ittnguisie ,.-s.rin \i ,t
\dLatitL jidrac? it has seelted jirdi- ..
lill, but he h aS ne\.er t:>.d at tUle
blir (01 one, where. Vitti sucti sil -
p ' tirng u ['inUliiit;o.;, h'i- p uj'tple , ILI\
flo 'Id wv th LLrI L etl.'i- d I . .- aLt, l' -
Jilo .-h, passing -. ri g.cd at .|' q itl.
as at tihe gra.\e ,,I Ndapul(on hni.iia-
pai te Bri\ward. PIijAtical lii:rnd
aird :,pp,:nientsr a iLko ta\ e paid -Lil-
:treSt L1i luti: LT. bLi rIrfe- I'iy arid
l],i.': jin', 'd lii .d*a ilt.i lng lifi 10A.'
,1tl\ a great .Fbul i,.Ladll rijut a 'i -.l
ALii * ri an.
V. while p'ayinf .ir Iiurltole ti t ulte
to i r .; im iii.',,. V te Ithatnk Gio1d that.
vI.e weie rn(.t aaning in. e..p' ,: Jing
jur tltigh apprvi.~ at.i ..1 [the iMAN
tdcLi ng ri. Ji'fe. H-. had ('Li.r n-
Sl inted ai.lJiiiriinri , .f hi3S gi,.oal qual

fcil I I gent r ti .l-t ani .rfoai .i I I .I.I
a il 'e kni- t. It u r -- --- i
Ito ii.i .-

] -rio-rat i. K.'irti,; S ti t-wi i; lt i[ .
l.- .- . I H : I fll I - A.1 I ' 1 '- -I t .-
hIll a' . dI lh .lI l - ', ,. ,l'. Ild i i nt i*,
] 'l 1 1 l j th e ,.. ,1 l, l~, l . '. ll! 1- ', ! ,r .

T 'h,- I- i_- l ld l i ? ,)1 J'iil; ,.,-. ,. rh. i t
Gfineral E. Kirri- SuL tlh -S1... ij |,-
Onifi:- hr le r, P . , r -i!* 9 li -j1. -
U.iii. hall. Her- , ..le- ! pl I .l - -W -n.11-i-
lia( . a ', , 1 i%, .:,*,n ni ni -,l. ,ti-r J
' SU0 ',?i that lb th i- 1 I-g- , le-
lur-e t. ,-.t T-x rnor r Bri ,rd .,-r
th,. pl.i.,. ar a tI. ,: I'. Fi:or..o ri r
Whu' by ratli-.i- lflrerg',- a' d abiliiN\
C irtbedi ,:\. r rund of the l.id,-r
of tamr -. ir',:rt the ", ,rv !,o' e..':t It.
I ho .\1 i l ti. � I ii Ili- nriati.-




i.Fiederi,.k Biount Warren, in N. w
York Telegraph .i
LU.t in Ya u'-juth auld Cansi-. Nov.i
Scol.i. whe-ie Cl'ap n Beaupre's boat
run: out to the banris alt'e c.d, had-
.locL 'and 'hbke, -heIe the FPr~u..
fisers ort St. PI-ire -and St Maloe ~tv
a.n multinational tinge to the fleet;
where' e1%very man-stcl: (comes alouiud
Promontory Point in tair weather itag-
ing rollicking sea chanrte. . there ar.r
still a lot of tiiist itLien uld -ca cat-,
who could te.ll you stori-,s about N:A-
poleon Bonii.a rt,: Biron' .ali. . enat'.r-
elc:t trom Flolida, who diii-d Satuirday
afteinooi, following a surgical opera-
Hete was a man vwhosi career tur-
nihed ample prout that romance in
America i. no't -dead. Born on a tarm
in Dural county. Florida, in l.5'4,
young Brcovward atte-uded the countf-y
i-cuhols. and at the age of 12 was
working in a logging camp in the
Florida .amups. Four years later he
sbJippe.i out ot GloIcs.ter, Mass.. on a
fiMhing s'.hooner hound for the Ban1i,.
and it is one of the Stoties that will
lire long in the ann-als of the fleet
that this 16 year old bioy 'was tladt
for a winterer cruise in a gingham shilt
and skimpy top clothes that afforded
hinm almost no protection from the
Broward was alwa. .- r'-ady to take
risks and pa.\ high for adsventuie.
Seasoned s 'kipper-r and their men will
tell you that exciterient COWmeL in
�'i.ualli" v.hen the Banks swells are
running lone and green.
But Brov. ard tailed to find the ex-
citement be ciraved. Theie v.as too
mu-h coninemc:nt and no shore leave
at all. So he quit that job with the
Gloucesterm.n and became a steam-
boat hand, roustabout and later n bar
pilot on the St. John river in his
nativ- Starte Next he -got for hims-�Ilf
a line of --teamboats plying between
Palatka and Maryport. All of these
pursuits w-ere dis-ouraging because:
lacking in excitement.
in 1'�7 he was proprietor of a wood-
yard in Jacksonville, wben he was
suddenly propelled into politicKs ass
police comnmim siioner of hi .I doptsr

.gIr landing b~ci find driven t" "
Tea .ith pjlrijiing .gurboats sporttng ,
a pat' -ti .ith ti -ir carchli ghts for
Il,: - unon-i:- to ma[ke luiuk work of
the ribii-ist-r.
A anit au.ni r'n.. :hildlen pitevInted
Bic arij Lionu i,-...)i g the v.urld ro-
el in t& eall>h Ot ad.J- lilulte fOt whiLh
Ih-. ai)peiit.: ', :I - . v. -b-itt.1.. by the -'u-
J.il -i. I'i'. -, 1) ii I -ti Iljed home and
e-lt L It - loi, uit , t' to . I-- l.et t by run-
uing t,.,' th S t.i 3-... : Lj bi' . In 1904
Lbe f .ju O [i-s Ic t t.c-l'illiu 1 i0 _lr. g 1 o rnor-
t Li. . altj 1 il.- ill tlis po-sitin loughlr
tr and . in L- i Cmiipaigun for the
iTrijm .r i th- EvE i - ia.lw . Tbhe rail-
ajd-.: an FiriF ler itL[,i'. [i 0 toni-m t his
.1 he e -.', thour a il. . ld :ji. IIl. 1. 1
d-.lese I tlat. t bickt: ,ri.rtuL lamid-. ail.ibile
.at itom i 121 to .$t.i; an ri"te \' ill be re-
C 1l. iin i j
In pralv t ,tt J urplith.o ii ife Broward
sa a i. iiia' ilihtig. With a meager
11I. ct' eilliltlnt-l tor publ li lie he had
inipiov,.ed himelI Ly r'-edirng and by
istUdy nrid l,, :' |I:r- as;O-.a ition with
LImen tri i-.ittrr. it .r. j n educational
institutions than himself. At heart
and in ttie dail, p,-rfrmniance of his
Jli- he iv.tc 'insoij gent," ai that
tei m is no. understood in our politi-
cal ilie. And .is a insurgent he was
.uordially latie rjy tbe Souttl.;rn "old
goard," which till .]es'Orise- thb. youne-
,ter ind the bi'iiuiler in po.Iitical life.
With a ..ingle oec.pti,'ou Broward
whipped thbe in exer, conifi.:t. His
te-rnJ of offit.e a coveirnori ended on
January - , 1 .3 9 ,an..l the preceding
autumun he wa,. defeated, hy Dunean U.
Fir-ti.,-' In t1l i i:anl.,iag i maet de for
the Unit:-.J Stat. .-uato.rilship for a
vacancy i::auId ly death. In 1911 the
term ot Senator J P. Taiiat.iro ex-
pirc,. and Browaru only a few months
a i -) , Leated Taliaf.-err,i bv i large
majority in the Democr'atic priniaries.
B',n Tilliu n ioul.l hae had a wor-
Ihy running mnate in the nr:xt senate
had Pro.nar,i .urvive.l. While there
.-ile termpm.rantental differences be-
tween the meU. e'ac'h dealt with things
in the aw, and thI tadilition of the
f,-a' Ie;iiniing Senate Bourbons were
fated to undergo meore peiceptihle re-
vi-iiou than that inflicted upon the
How-. e-.?h pa.siiu year is putting a
blightr upon the pursuits of the ten-
ture-orme! I.f.anard Wood senior Ma-
jor G.-ner-al ninil Chief ot Staff cif the +:
Army, .-a. dlown in Havana the other
day, and he sterppe'd into thie harbor
niaoter's office to see his. old friend,
"'D;,njnit, .Johnny" O'Brien He
found him peering out of a window
.canning the water with a wistful look
that tL i tru-,I t,: bani..h.
-Need I t.-ll 3\ou what hbe was think-
a"'" ai:tel the general! "'It njvist be
adLnttcd that "Dyinamite Johnny' finds
letC paths of pna,:- hnard to travel."

Ever. roiauch and witerfron t criminal
knew and feared him. Thete was nol
game running with which he w.as not
'miliar. and a- a result the tor-i ris '
leanedd up with aill the vigor which
we are apt to. ao.iate with Roose-
Ilt's days i. the- same po.-ition in
w York. F'''Itii the co3nmission'er
.p Browal.I n en r alter thi-si lei ally
..mination. v '.. n t,. was elected and
b'eld ollfce ur i _oue ,rears.
In 1895 hj found his true calling.
Since 177 there had been revolutions
and uprisings in Cuba. but Spain al-
ways mnanage-l to stamp them out.
From time to time aid hal _come to
the Cubans, from American sources;
every month or 4r, blokle rIununer
and the agents of the i e.ol ttioria5 1,
junta ida.lrei a rcr.-ion of gun: 'au.1
Spa.iti;h b.itt thi i . . li:l the iian'u
succe-.siull], landing arm, to the in-
Of these relief agents the mo-i t siij-
.cesful h i. Lbeee n ' yvnanmit. Jurinn '
O'Brien. and with him Bioward form-
ed a Bpartner'hip They bought a
swift rivci a9nd se'-niin, tug. the fa-
mous Thr-� Friwetn.. -and cleared her
of the fitting .Jown to tn.- iuWe--t Uir:.
to gain speed. Ei.ht times OLBritn
an.l Broward rarn ,-ov.ler and mu.i-
tions of war on jurjgled t,.-aithes. eva.-
ing Spanish cruisers, and lar-r the
patrol established by the United
States government to prevent an im-
broglio with Spain. On four of these
trips the Three Friends was detected



VOL. x

^ ^ - S i.. ?i
; " " " ;2 . W..e -V









Suffering From Jaundice and Gall
Stone Trouble, Died as He %as
Placed on Operating Table - A
Great Mlaa and Typical Floridian.

From Siuiid.-'c TiLnes-UniLon:
The spirit ofi Hoiit. Napolteon B.
Briward, ex-guL' erIur of Flor'iid
and Deamo,:rati., nouiiiee 10to th,
-- UnLLted Sta.tes Senate, pasiAd int,:
f the great beyond. at 1it':3U o'ckink
' Saturday aI the Desolo iSanturo'iuin,
whqre he had bten removed for
the purpose of performing an op-
; eration.,
The entire sla.ie (rf Flo.ida is .to-
day bowed m grief for the loss of
thas, great man, who was respected
by friend and foe. alike, who pos-
sessed a giax.ut intellectt, and who
fought his way, rung by rung, up
the ladder of success. agami.t over,
whelming odds, u nti h1e reached
the top, nlvy to have 'the laurels
snatc-hed from his outstrethihed
hand by the grini reea.per, wno b.
no respee.r of persons.
Napoleon B. Br,owa.d wais un-
doubtedly one of the greatest men
t'.he South has ever produced.
Without education and financial re
sources, he battled singlehanded for
a goal, to reach which.the barr-ier
seemed impassable, and would have
been to one made of less stern
His career was. a nwst pictur-
egque one and sin:e his nahms tio.n
. he cratic prx .e . last
-Tune h, n hailJd by the press
,, of t.he c y as a man of bound
wisdom, daunTless courage and rug-
ged determination.

Stricken With Jaundice
.... The governor had only recerutly
reinUed from the convention of
the National' Waterways Associa-
tLi'n,. held at,Providence, R. I., and
after spending a few days in Jack-
sonville proceeded to his old home
at Fort George Island, where he
became stricken with jaundice,
* caused by gall 'stone trouble. He
was removed to his hornme in this
city last Tuesday and everything
known to medical science was done
to alleviate his sufferings. 'The best
physicians of Jacksonville. an.ri oth-
er cities were called into c6nsulta,-
Stion, 'but oL.er complications set in
S'. angd,ysterday .momriBg ', was deci-
* I.r. .d&d.%an operation was. absolute
. .:'.; .e. He,., was.removed to
t' p Desolo sanatorium for dthe pur-
. pose, arnd'expired shortly after be-
' ingipl'ed..upo4-. the operating table.
He leaves, Besides a loving wife,
nine children to mnourn .hJs loss,
' ehit girls rand one boy. 4h~T.y. are
'Misses Dorcas. J--."- ihine, Elsie,
.Enid, Ella, Agnes, Florida, Eliza-
beth and Master Napoleon B.
Broward, who bears his honored
father's nam-e.
Ml ship's in por.t are flying their
'fla'gs' at half nast', in respect to,
(.bh late Capt. -roward, as he was
always: knor,, ni by the river men.
.The flags orn all the public and mu-
nicipal buildings are also at half

A Typical Floridia, I
The followinglfine tribute to the
" (lead asit'-,ran is from the pen of
J. M. Catheoart, Jr., city editor of
the Tampa Tibune:
Oa.l.aJri Bovward will go down hiT
the history of this SLtte as a tv-p-
itcal FloridnaLn. He loved his State,'
h.- talked it: hie advertised -it in
sin:-h a way that it has been said of
hin t.h'at within the past de<-a,:le he
bh's done more to advertise it than
any li iLng Floridian.
He had some all impelling, inrter-
es-t-comnpelling sentiment elpoiUsedl
in every campaign he ever ent.erea,
aid occasional defeat Ltended to
e.rannder in him and enforce a de-
lerminatio'n that recentliv led a
writer ie the Saturday Evening
S Pc.st to write just, below his like-
"He sniffs the battle from

a', agree with Irim politically, but,
a- a philosjoper'h , he preferred "to
regard these aa friend who miinm-
derstood him, ralber than e-ne-
mier,' oaid tihel*i 1, a State-widle
'-,_rit .l that this guod, a,'t've man-J
haz- p.t-c.ed If'illn a leldJ ol endea-
V'i' ii lPIftei' g ml ut .1i n the fuLtur ,'.
'014 unl) fori' him, but dla.o for an
aaidring ui'tu'nii .. Ufil
In 'iI pairt o1 the State is bis
'Jh-,'.�tlr tg.-it't' d ni',- te tharL i T'1 I i.
pa and Sout.h FLtrida, for Ca'.pt ,r
Broward had, as he oivi. - -.d:a'r y
.j , ir.ii'.-.a.. tin ,be esteern ahd
coni'Idence of L.th'iople. No o64e
doubted .the intertl-o a.t a spirit,
n1:,v lijh-ihed in the .I n,: ofs -.o
,J+,.tth. H- d,:-. -eH .v_ 1,0 be l.1l.., J,
'pil 'I I I IIan, I I ausI'i lie 'fl
Je--r.'..o ii.H - date, .a n-el's aI l
il li i.,, iand lii. . s'; p.i ogres'i\
in ,doing gu1.iiiJd f: irrimsel'f he tli
x rouglit well for his 'State, Jius a
hi' w,,ul.d hal e eo ntirnied I, wor
hl.r hi- publi-- ,: i weal had ri 't Provi
denr:e decreed ol.htrwile.
His Early Strugglcs
Nearly ne\ry hoy born in Florida|
ithic di arnJ tiine has a [:i'l op
porturity for succe.ssthan did Lts

man of the people who rose t.o
such high eltalte.'-He was born of
poor parents in 'what is now Putl-
inam county. and sh+are-d poverty
with three oth-er ..hiorent two sisz-
tee- and a bother, M'on'teal.m Brow-'
ard. With this brother .t.he former
Goer-nor of Florida engaged in.
farming for a UrIme.
His parents 16" their -home
through the h.avocyf the civil war,
and when they retuirnTed, and things
seemed brighter for them, the
mother daed, and two years later
the four children were left liather-
The girls were cared for at the
home of their aunts in Jacksonville
The boys looked the world in ihe
face, and with r eslu lion set fonth
to cae out th-eir--own desliny.
St.ambnoat life, fishing off the
.janks of Newfoundland, and polit-
eical life form a continuous career
from .this tfime to ithe day .of 'his
death; a bard life, but one .hCJbu-
Ilated ito bring from him the best.
;that was in him,, and it did...
With 'his brother .angd a,.frie"
helping him. the etwerif t
Three Friends was built "and lhris
was used in,saJvage' srt, ad alR
in supplying munitions ah'd ren Wo
Gilba in its time of need. Ilis.' ser-
vice in this re-pect. won fort'-t'im-
fame of ,a far-reaching nature,'but'
,it was onl.y a basis for the super-
'slirutkure upon xhich his later and
more permanent good name is
In Politics
He engaged himself in pohtice
in Duval county,. becoming sheriff,
and later went to the Florida leg-
islaiture. .

Then came a change in the sys-
tem of Florida p*ita's for select-
inrg Democratic nominees, and the
convention gave way to the pri-
mary. 4
Captain Browaid announced thi
candidacy, for Governor, and , he
and Go:. Iobt. W .. vis, a f To rP
qongre ssman. were the .'hdbih Inf
in the first.' rimary, Gatet. Brow-
ardI winrni.ng the no:,rnina i-'i nii the
�-ecoii(l primary. In hioth lie a -',,
cated the drainage and r.elamalioh'
of the Everglades. -
While Governior he so,:.ured the
.r.Cr.tinenit of laws si,.l'trg in rmio-
tion .the, tiar-hinrii.rv for the dre-.g-
irg, and , r I-ms'l. Oi. one op ncasicon
in Tainmpa. ,hr i-r ,.-ni a dsireJge now
er-'.ged in this valuablee wo-rk-a
work the former Governor never
abandoned in his support, and in
which even those who misunder-
sirod him agreed he had made a

During this campaign William



S" ntinued irrm fiust page

Jameso Byan, .'I Sjackuir,\iNllc, auote
as ias Lcampdign in jiager. ' lti- Ia
le'r was appoauired .Lt a-rie the a
itjini [el-inl o -01 .enatItur ,.lpiphel
? 1M'a1dory, deleteal'1, anid tiiijuar
i iIed in' office.; ,:
* CapLtan Brovward announced hi
candidacy lor the senate, but wa
defeated by present United >ltit:e
-iiator Dulin.n U. Flel.clier. Ht
\was defeated m ,id rii e.ii-,d iig-r. -efullh
'aiiri.OUllerig [that lie w Ould tj.e
i ialndidate tfor .rnnialj :osituil
agari-t. UniLed lStat . Senator Jam-,
P. Tliale.roi-'. There'i'e v.wie l xe call
diJates for the poI.itoii. Ivo with
jrx. a:idJ Caplaim Broiward. Se.na
for l a: l. atll iii iid' Claid.' L'Erigl
riadrIl, tIih- ':,-f. CaI'lai Ei B iowan
pr..ivi t.ii h- h 1igh man and .onl .i[hi
r'orinatir iii ll i 'he second primar'..
Cjp.tIiiit Bi v.ward lhas imprflr,Ssei
his nianme Il.!ihtly upon the histo-
xI ,of thue Statle. He 'I. suIr\xied I:,
0 wife and nine children. eight o
whornm are1 a.iplih rs, the yoilbnge
Sid o nQ I-'- th'se .lie ? yri.pa

Ca6lWri briui'w:ir-d obt'-aied hi- in
Hlif.Itn. pr[. 1ivip. lly fIom iTJie "LUn
i\.ere it. ,:. Hfli,,'Rd K ,.-.ks," but hI
graduated, a i.li .it to the -hool
It caught him tio i;\e his ltIlow
man anld tolii iourrt-and himun. Hi
knew ihw ,, '-ipp'al to himir, and h.
was alx\As. a hi- --a'd, desirou.s of
h'lianiplr nini tIhen I i ie : tl he Pi(,
an' *dwiiwtiodde.rn: J.r \,?sted hu.
inanity f'ir-t, and hlii n for piropeti',i
inltreits, biut lirst ior the hnmain
in life.
Napoleon Bonaparte Brlward
ThbI? Jacksonraile Times-Unior
r lays the following gracei'ful and afp-
preciative Iribuite on thlie bier oi
the dead statesman:
The lroaper that cut, men lon
. also levels 'the barriers that. di-
vided them. The bchasm which sep-
arates:;.1, e dead from lthe living is
I Impn asable, but the view across it
Si clearer than beitwern those whn
. are on the same side. "In life liherre
s is light and the smoke 'of battleI
ad shu from the view oft each sFide
much that it should have seen of
the ol r-'r, bLit thle t eni.hre:-t amnd
best are cleareS-t e\ealed whMVmn ii',n
tlook dcin:s a( oIlC ll i .;Tale.
Alld i' today theil- dre Ilioiu liantil
iho, likti tile Tli]ii, -LiiliIL, alway-
ilp - i e ,Illl? .Illian ZI , ' ll []),

t Low ii-,d W\iil llau ,:1l aidud itow i :1:th-
.'i in shio-iud, wi.ho see :ou clearly
th,: ,u" ; lith i.-.S that all adnurJ- d tha.l.
lie't. .ilfLerenies, reltdi.' u L, inti ude
i iid [l4- l iilJ>.niLnl[ ci.a a -- ai place
'a ii. i ,- li e in iiI' ers.
.rnj t 11 li1: are many I hi..u-aii.l-
w 1. V,',I,' alwn i\ riead-y to flllo\\
, iii-i t hi- l-ax'd. m',l - to i, r? .:i[

!'in loddy aI ; fod r ' i i.e ._i IltAeii un-rT.
\V :r dir.i t bullex e that m,.ii?.sor-
', Iow bh&a. -, ele o.' p! *-- I, [ Ih.: .- la ,
:il ltih ]i.s ~t an honored ,i:-ri (h.ii
I1iI people ol F ilori.a l's,-1 t,-laod -
While CGio\. BHoward lir.'1 Fl'",r-
Idiirij - Wex l? 1ti- friPends or hi- lioe.'.
Tlii-h r ws i nothing in I1- .natiirr-
thui :ol.]r'ted nulia lil"v or peirmuil.
I'-' l]uke-W inn'i-ii -;si. 1 lii-e \x I. h
"exew1 hi]mi perionall. recogn iz iJ
hinn a a man of i'Napole,-inic force.
Those who did not know him ga\e
i. ll' hl% credit t.ha'.l lie deserted.,
They knew he had nnot had the nal-
vant'.iges of schoolhiqe. TheIv ili.
nuti know that hie had ,-.duijatei
himself .un.ii! he wa. on.' of the
best pote.d men in the state: and
so- the-re were many -'who gave (
h h fri-enis and ad\ise'rs who had
enjoyed betIlr early ad\arntae-p
more credill than they deserved.
* .Among. Got.':Briward's supp-irt-
.r .wrpe a numt'bef of able men,
h$t$ '."was the biggest brain,, he
most masterfulipower. IT wa.s his
S.brain. his force, hi.. npow. r f.haf
1won for him the position of lead- i

5 U'ia.ided, G<>v. Broward loilght
lii- w;ay tI the realizatii...n oi- Ins
highest ambition and -low oi hls
lilelirne Irieid.s regret more deeply
j than the- Times-Union thal he 'did
- not lihe to enjoy his sijicceFs.

l Resolutions ly. Governor's Cahlii t
- Tallaha.t.-.e, Oct. 1.-A.L a me.et-
ing of the goivernur and the dliJiiLu-
Ls l,,ati\e oli-'cers ofl the ,exeut, 4
, 1.lepartntnt ot tlie stae'of j Florid ,
s .held in the execu'liv eofliie Satua'-
S. day, O.'i.tL.Li 1, 1910, the death of
, tih Hon. N.tipo:ieon B. B-o.wardJ;
loii:r i . :,\, -iior ol Florida. in- th,e
nCit -I1 1 Jaltkionmillh, at, noon on
'the lir- l. day of Ocft.,JtJr,. xwas an-
cInourilce',d, wileieupon the 'following
- ire- ol_ "l-.on \v , i iinifmiouJly ad�t]'t-
- pd, diiJ i.ir le'-r1d 1 be s.i:Sr-eai.l uponl
S.lie ei? i.lort'.l- f lthe ex 'ruti\e ,'llice:
S N.apt1le.:,i Bonnaar.te Broward,. a
nativee of this state, to wtint:h
1 ,tlioughuit htis ipfe he devoted the
high atlrirjutes ol mind arid hear-t
- with which he was so richly en-
i lo'Ned, '.xilnh gave brilliant prim-
is.' ol makIiiaii him one :of the na-
l(ion's rel -?gn z'all great men. lihad
- d.Ju_ .natie s.L.atl.ein biotli
- the legi.-li'iii\_ J nriid ex.-r ili,.e d,-.-
. paMrments,-having undi lhi will of
,the people .serv.e'd fo' ur years- as
. o\ernor of'"%otdoi.d.a. Hi- adnrinis-
,trationi of the afftirs ol tli state
e was rnark.-d b.v indomiilable energy
e .and ulitIlueti-lone ilnterCity, wit"lh a.j
f remarkable ins irlt into .the .ed
SOfl the people ia,nd tlie most J'ai.'
Slul elliort to carry out polic-ies foir.
it lie tending to thl pi.resent a-nd fu-
n Iure Wiellare of the coinrmonwealit.h.
.lter Ihis ret'ireflmnent roui Lhe
oflice I ,o\ rnor, so greall was
Sthe faLth of the people in his couu I-
age and his de\ootion to thewr inter"
" tests that be had only recenitfy bee-n-
,elei'ted to lie thl.-ir repiese'n'tcative
in the senate i' tthie United States,
in \videh capac,:Ly a,ll ith.e people, of
SFloridia, -regardless :, 0 . .;.;-P.o.ltti J. I
alignm enit, were lookfin fiorwa'id4i
many years of servt'.4:ronM
,Brioward, filled .wit . i.t
taite and liig ci ei .to.'.himseif'
His dorn.e-ic lil'f, was, marked bcy.
singular baiiil.y and pul-itv -.anld his
gneroiisty ol(. mind iandl heait " as
-'i ,iLnded to all whom he ktin-w.' It,
'.,Aill t l ' i-.i.grnized on all hands
lhat in l,,: \ari]d relation oi01 life
hio? Inri. i iied as one of Floridai's
4'ielte.iit I-Ii ul his general on.
I li tite -,nse of thi adminiiltra-
ii1.e ,11- ril..-u o1 the state, a. major-
it:. f'/wlion ,r\edi a- mnirbel- of
Iis addaiiinisrlation, that t[he un-
liinvly denah oif Go\. Browai.id is a
ia'e,li and slh.,i.'k'nie puJlji' lo - '. andi
it 1i O r eiJed a.P a inm rk ot i r-..i-jeC.t.
t.o his ierii - tiha.l. t,[lie 1l at the
'*apliol lie di. pl.ive.l at Jiilf-miiat
ofr lib. pi iif.l, o:if tiliiv d' ay.s: 1it1i
all ihei olii. es in th.' capitol h[e'
losi-d l at the trirme set If or his furt-
cTal i , i-uIuLItles': tlhal an en.rll)ossed.
f*,,p of IthL i ,ii..'. iri al ibe fumlish1 ed 1
'lo lie ilanuil\ i li the diueased and
* iii.' al-o he b liji' ll-lti-ed io the
prI -,. .".
S Signed i
_lh'ert \\. Gilhri-.k , G r)\,r ,or.
H. Clan Cal.lra 'ord. Sec. o'f S'fair
Pa k TIrumini-l. Attorney (';.'ni.
A. C. Croom, Comptroll-er,
W1. V. K intt. Sl.alte T.reasuier,
W. M. Hollowav, Sir'l. iPubl In-
t rI'Ll0,-tion,
B. E. M'Lin. Comirnm iner o(if Ag
. ri allure.



* . ' , 4 . #: " . .
*: A.:. � p . +=' '

S -. ,- .

. 'J.D,6OR.IS' tRQA. '/A



vrA,' . L A.', '�,

OCTOBER 8, 1910.

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tton brings nearly 14cH xhis
week and.prospects good fOr
- . still better prices.
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Gold M edal ". ..... . . . ................ ......... 8
S elf-risin g . .. .. ..... ........... . ... .....
Halfbirrel sacks Gold.Medal .....' ... . . 0,
25 pounds .goddQRice , . : .... . ;. .... ... '. .. o0 '
i s8?1^ " . '', "7. - i
iood' .. .. t ....... ............... .... .. ..... . ......1. . c .

Eggs ... .. ................................. 30c
Hens.................................... 40c
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i E"E12-

Death Claims . es.tville. Sentorial Cndidats
N. oWard. Pastor NVilhams of t- Metho- Sine- th, death o7 Senator-elect .-
---.'. dist church conducted the ri.-.uILr Br,.i-a,-.,'d t-.: wires have b-.~n
Many hearts were"raddened on church services last Sunday morn- ke:-pt hot by politicians anxious to
last Saturday afternopnri when [he ing, concluding with an excellent gel the-ir favorite in the race. S. '.
sad intelligence was .flashed over sermon. tar only two have made public
the wires of the e ot ex-ov-n Thee old soldiers of Camp Finlay, their announcements, Hon. Nathani
ernor and Senatr-eA tINapuleon e - p- Bryan, , f .'ack.so.vle, and .
B Bioward, who ..-,inbd in U.. C\. C t V.et last Saturday in rag- ' o Peacoi.
u i 1o n ' "" i o I . t . l-� 1', �VlAwBou, , of.IIB t Udi a o- l. t
JaCe ln\ llt Sedie ls a n |T-ud at yI" "8 pi e . i- p re , "ast Sun a "the ot'] inh a . '-Jacksonvillesa ronut h b_30ular tr ented h .ab ncese ticonderng and sever-
o'lock-l while 'undrr r e -r "ei : of some whose zeal for the cause . tr ae ci dering and sver
oclonk while Linde g. tan oper-I .. .. , e. as,! i f.-. al ]m ay yet announce. Mr. Bryan
at-o n fo r g a ul U . . n� .d is In b ro th er o f the - late S e n a-toro
SCapt . Bro arI ha. been ill. for , intes of ge t will soon entire v the.l, on b other of t he at Sa
a. a .. w soV d t , , of last old reb to that home from ir ',Tiam J. Bryan and was Brow-
about a week wthL auattack f, 0'ard1 s anaign managerduring
b.u his .ton , atI ;to ony rcplinds whence no marn e're returns. a, i a hie d ri-
gaul .-tone and kiaa complaints, | . Hthe recent senatorial contest. Mr.
but hi condition ot consid- J.J. Williams, wife and children Bot w a canddatefor th
ered very seri s" 'l til Thursday surprised his parents last Sunday bighoffice in the recent contestt,
night when physcia pronso unced ni-ht by a much prized vimsiation. I bist withdrew early in tie cam-
his illness o a've rCerious nat-. He returned home Monday Teav- pbign onl a .conht of ill h -alth.
ure, and it was sooth decided that n ing wife and babies for a longer1 'Ihe State Democia:ic Executive
an operation, was tlte only chance: and .muci appreciated visit. Committee will likely call a pri-
of of savingthis lied t failed. Squiie Hawkin's court was .in imary to decide the contest.
Few, evef. in hi! ,home town an session last Friday with a tase ofI NEX WEEK.
Jacksonvle, realized that Napo- i-d.st.ess for rent. C. Glass s. Per-, NEXT WEEK.
leon Bonapart Brow' rd, the nn .in 11 i ... fo ret .ia Glas t. r-1
who hd attained nation fame iller; jry trial, verdict for de- The Advertiser regrets that it'
solely Through his n efforts , fendant. Hon. Q. Campbell- o has not th-e space this week to
handle hin ors n tfifo aio, DeFuniak, represented Miller and Iopublish a lengthy article on tlhe
and who" had risen fram a coo" '.k ,H n C . - Cox the'pl aintiff. *-"
on a ste~mboat to that of United on- L' . m.. lo the. plat. West Florida Sin ing Con;efition
Stateseimator, bwa~t the point of lMrs. W. H. Breft, of Bonifay,.'writtex by Mr. J. Z: Mayo,, y.f
death. All thoughtthat lie would was visiting her parents, Mt. and Ponce de Leon, but as we expect
overcome this illness, s he had Mrs. D. Gillis, several days. last'to issue a ten page pase" next .
all eLse in life, and iten it beciinc' week. week the article will be- pUblished
kno-wrrtthat he pasjdto the ire it, Mrs. John Floutnoy, of DeFuni- in that issue. Other articles that
beyond, Jacksortvlle iwas shock- ak the venerable mother of Mr. . were crowded out this week will
ed. Citizens of all politicall affilia-,F. Fiourio, is on a visit to soh . appear in r next issue a lso.
.fions even to thosdi w-ho had op- and family. ' Merchants desiring extra space in
'osed him so bittes'.Y!,. - Iregretted, next week's edition should see.aM
this death, for within a'ew monthsIl The school opened Monday with at once. ,
tte .would have rez -ed the 'ambi-s;: afL" attendance. Prof. L. R. Moore, I o --
tion for which a-head'striven for Pincipal; Mrs. Docia . , .Justice . ,first,, :'
so umany ears; ta she assistant; Miss Richards, of . e- tomiethina Ne\v .
-.people of Flort ci l.ls of w ahitchka, second assistant.

mbious.No and r ppe; arumoed W.lleA.Sh st stedb.i TheOr poiies are ablutey
congress. fo hi s a - . Something Good.
The rMs hj.CnPI .'P.f'-Droward . . I
,was almost'metomcR But...it was, vyIllIIum. . J 1 4
not the gift of brai s of 4nothe4,l jIM ht I have just secure 'that' iade hiim fa us inhisia-.i' Warin Weather up this way for- The Indiana & Ohrve Stock -
t(e ,state.and i g hout he Mis Essie uranc the Co., andn ,mp in tho n - e +
ippeoun but all thatree ig attained aturayl nght. t might meaon a pot tcyo you.
teas by li efforts-l aloe. He Gas eileMoay. t i .
50permbitiousttle. No o le appear medicine of her sister, Mrs. A. F. Cob Horse orb, on
too great for hi J 2eaomc, ness at Nqma last wee'k.. .|. U e
land idi hig.deat O | a.1sS her L- i-MysiepNtli-ie t.Ata .^B^iieat.e.ase B
greatest citizen;- -. i visited her :Aori and family here ffi'c, lightning or sickness.
dealer -17-yr. last weekMonday. This is the onf y Company intheds.
Plank's Ch'ill Ton" s guarar- .'. A'. Shanks and Mr. Boozer Unit.e.-States that has been sue-
teed to cure malaria, cdills, fever, spent Sunday afternoon in Grace- cessful with this kind ot insurance.
colds and lagrippe; y r money ville. Their' policies are absoluteIly ^
bock if it does not. guaranteed M a M B Bush are good; the cost is trifling compared
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grippe, in three night Acts on it might mean a lot to
the liver as well as alomel; its tura night. i m analotoyu
purely vegetable. PriHe 25c and Mrs. J. C. Reddick was the guest L. D. CARKHUFF
50c per bottle. Ask yo r medicine of her sister, Mrs. A. F. Cobb, on
dealer. ' 9-17-lyr. last Monday. Insurance of ALL Kinds.

0 Yes, 0 Yes!

The Honorable Circuit Court of Holmes County opens on the 17th inst., and while
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. . .. -' "

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As yet the Ernglis language Is:nt turns towards the fattening of the safely a s . ti g i d n %t wthi rt . l
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o o e l erskeys not to, be kept over for breeding a o .. �thee - o
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ate just as much excitement as an dltio sells weil at thr s season, ut -e aini mNGTN-Te 'icatonsbe- o, and so doe..her

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When an automobile strikes a rail- r the extr ftlesh p the eo- er.o90,000,000, it seems ae assured that �Argentina ansd Ca.da ar e mai , �

me e cn redw wall aep Icots p tnr mo ene going ii1"t and' with eud A ag. ^
road train, the victims are those n key, for the larger the birds ared he tel h ahee republicc contatnsthre .tl an'hal in growing o t ast at with su a- .' .
the machine. more woe ucan realize pond for themr. r of te I nhabitants o. the New World.'suranebf e swet.pr. . sl *ft:
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Another way to attain greatness ls Range. This being a fact, in the first is i;t :. Tecoun, tries orlhs her ia .te ri es oues utl c aa-- ;
t be mae president o a thhay r place e hvey effort should be made by n i a. shoU, ie. b . e t an c 'eee . ub ltes 'air lli
to be0 .a.pesidentofathay-fever ...have' fewer than:"'..80,000,000 IMIl � -.the 46argest 'civic .ent;aks .. - :.ei.6 �

s . ree ping so o as .e all turkey growers to raise only lahge , Upeding arrel. t'nt. ' , " ,:. ' fanrgit ditvcor h 'eelt . . ". i
ferers society. as to Sl e o birds for the market, as large as is .l' t' " t ina Dna mesdttledde- o ther nitn states. i

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aris o losing her cabt horses, but possible to do so e wit hout Inury to C Hingbee it PopularMagazine. . th it c. n
Paisisloing bar cab horses but Ok �nitely until condltlofis' change . rad-l.. the Mexic.an totat

no noticeable degree in the prie oful the breed stock. It s possible to you have .maSy brrel Lo handle, thCe Nelil ond ta s le hr t he e se rinal e ' ln "n"r
got turkeys too large for breedingupur- devcof From these rivals, sounlikelit ,

meat Ie s reported. o l w ell fattened lae fobe andsg pue- deiceshoul Ie t a woti hSae of Uatihn America. Now most ofe8 of.ethings, but so s imilar " JiatU te big
eat csoris reported, arposes and the turkeys that arde over- great ass istan�*e., fThe ontructli on of . o ae ofte th e i sone t their
._ so no t .... � .ri statess south of. Mexlpo' and north i'. of hopes � and: their rapid develepomA u ...- .

Ito ie g rouwn b and leggy n appearance do not the dipleand t can b he Argentine eer aka farce of down through coun' l m .
It Is easier tto muzzle te.s anne t make good markern turkeys. There- made in a f l n mAin.es' time. The u'elr census taking'ehor else do' not .dowat- lintoeea s-lik.aent t- a

.t.hn itns to k i . . ear. out of thea 6r cenu a o or
S than t so ee ir aore, good j udgment should and thbe'used In handle is abl't ithfee:, feet long, on t e - t at- any time. Columbia, Venezue6ls ai, wat Bolith a.

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h ands o e assasbreeding, the object being to breed the lower en 'of whic . aIs fastened a -dp- rtag eai thei r wwa tti the a
' otin Msat be aend hat birds ase largeas e possible and atn the block havingne sid hollowed out to . te, smallest tei which nta a
Do t thinkIt'y. accident te ime avod bdinsg overgrown ft he curvatire foftbarrel. An. eeut a n records, -*mich : have ' beefn ae e'xistene n. ath;e A4ln.'tei m.at s

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man t the obect directly behd gangling birds. Inbreeding seems to Iron hook i fasteneithe ood 6 mae n South Americ"and "Centrae Rica I rbaby ,lea fthe all

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her. S he mierelny fesss o her si. ruin the vitality of turkey quicker ore8f te thes lm ow ti'hand gwrip. Th Amr- i e ttre are a n ers may tns thma
.'than any of our domestic fowls, and handle is usedar showmnFig. 2. 7,00,6000 people living between dent. Cba sfar well filleup.

Keeping cool wouldbe easier the tis soud be guarded s t he R rande and Cape Horn,. utng a innes at
, fellows who have advice to give on birds need good e strong blood behind iA the West Indies. Canada has ler- several of the .oot-t s

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the subjeTOWPEAS hal000,000, anowinie For.-ri-pids 'As a -rule, rwlth" .cbimparktlvetiryfew "
.m t the subject leould keep quiet.t s theml . to carry them through. ER a".

S. - " trowt s r ins ace the census of 190,d'. ..id into n e ll b- t
None should be marketed beut well rs aa'

. A elsampgraph is a very useful In. fattened turkeys. The demands f n Sown n foe p N ndlan th an c iof 2e.te teent ivery large . .
Srtect. It seems to keep al earthplump, well fattened birds and the ex- Should .B fCutrate, boutt s0m Unless o tha ted eorpo then e erst e A v e l akrgd po a t

"er as at least 2, miles away.e u . e so othe laria te .thons . e at et o int a '
qi.l�s 20 tra effort required to produce this Matuty asforHay. mostintelllgent y madearefrry..wlde the Mexican- frontier. al the wtvi.tI.

t e_____e__l .- * Akind will bp e well repaid. It costs no 'f o st e fa u n the rIn sestee m eth- ot -e of. Sth it
Bost n now attains notice as a poritmoe to make a pound of turkey meat When so a l s would ur hveri e a tdeen
6,'f entry for smuggled Chinamen. You than a pound of pork, and thet former teharvestedor ensl asgenat about the- e ct.statibtcs ofpopa t tlon,.athine tot~ ei "sealle d suc we althe sr un dane i
simply cannot keep a good town down. commands a price greatly arn excess same matu' as for ay.. They o. t i ewWotrld', ptsidoe. of the r es ' urce h m s o :

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efaath o nPas siml s toe nited Staten. n o tuof ath sadmelk . Qt- buntedeStatesbu.Her c 0ome arnerthe varmeae. he uee
n o that sleew s wa oo that of the latter. Turkeys that. should be C ly ai e sho'ty o ti before. e Sta tes, An tXeowe'80e,- grbwth,"but that- ia mattq ..' , R

Ao tiersl aemenute r the ahgthator tor, --to poperly outrd be kev1 w ed i for the ap ear ad a.fw se h75e shloudeenttne Aftoury.Jt th e bete propoed
te reano f sleopwor ns war eonth are not large enough to go ,on thee es going into rakde greong place, DO d f nite future; 3 Fd t"id p.ent l .h a ,
f a third-story window. Slumber e- maket for the eThanksgiving rade dl i small esd' e., , " iaz muhthe largest country of certainrthat te"tnidseat
''etrns should sleep in whe base- should be kept over for Christmias, lavenderr one te fao'2etlf -. ibuthe Aneric, Isthtlis .ost'popilous hoald its lead ov * .othea otheraJd um
et . Wl t asp 't in.. is when the late and small birds.oulj o the windro .phenat l)n ed . with oIn ..ethe '.eptern femispqree ' pt of the New World, countifig miaU .-
=.temastage and oe bitous ae to be In prime condition. The Crist e wtorn the p. ned cr .aybe fbar- t d lted tAtes. Ith pro able propat themtogether." �
Boston boasts that It hascthe od- smalrker'geo eraly wcate rsmor .e anyle V.ested with c d r ta . od. ndhniy ' R

aSt ic it is ill evid ht aerl of te lorse an the soe bod hee nf Ine at essealost a lfs Ees- I o othe triaue'r " o. be 'nsed intt.
ast up girl in the world. She'should way to smaller turkeys, Ear prlumpana 'dlein th ae .s ae ' and a .eN Mar iony o R a u n
e ol o well fattened, while the Thanksgiving Iy as corn p. t ed re ei a tions ar the
chorus en rk. market demands 'the largest and' best ron . .. softL. ..e- E o seb ah o n th e bil
--a" " turkeyses producec l ared.hits" -o' 'e ." . " o . e c ess a be eio t t tb ..
TL se N.Nw Yorkers who spend- Turkeys -inrotended for dthe -mark~t . HAV r "'rOp rly' delimits' the' goireneicsr
S a ong dresa m st "be ig should be allowed, .< ..- loseda fn e are n h e rado "in, d olot .' a. d 'i' t,
corpen to find roomto hang all, of the first e tnuotn grad uall o ot reeot d rs t.e r ei ges teutnone a ho.y of
the t ements. - increasing th"e"fYoodioLteahe oin y are ..c tom-'iN - e ads ddot'da S ltr in the o nes last '
Pres mab ' ,"...t.defbrLably on a'fulUgrain ra'ion. If the ". . '- .' PLdE'c m NG' tsr for"the' 6i 'iit nenof a r ill
"Powder and cream 'are a necessity flo&.ontains many, late fowIsd, whih . :,t highway''between Fort Leave
to protection for. girls who fe.stn- should first gain in"size and frames and Fort Rileyaa00 iles, by convici-
burn," says a headline; We's suggest sometimes before tho'.actual fattening &AV' n = " ' " ' . regularly as the sessions roll in the .two, federair.penltentirdss at'
.... , .'.:0ow-e i rgte" "* ."� "' .Aaroundonge idestepd, '.soth-
living in the cellar. process begins they should-'be..fed Cow . rtA ound..congress lde ,t,..'.m.th� ' ort .Leaveni'ytvorth. 'The bill was Inst
,such food as will develop 'boup 'and. 'For.hy.,',peeslecut. en ero ot-overridesall propositionsrwhich after- a. debatd'.that developed igt a
SPrincess Mlary of England has muscle %. corn, poats and wheat' in the.first:pods an l Iso�'e leave begin would embark the governm'qnt in. thegederal'"discussllon of the goad roadli
Slearnedhow to run a typewriter Now . . , b lessof road building. The logic movement .
o so" oefrd the ks andh ue ntey soe ouno i. id importance In the outcry fpr The measure ad the endorsement
If a somew the dukes and lords'iyould kind of' animal 'foosl if insects' are Copeaby esmoreslblthant y A e theiorest
only take up honest toil scarce, such as beefscraps or evn alfatut d e hndledgooroasis universally admitted:Pr 'theh of st
'Ai 'n th .o'e peace skimillk, is a good ration-for=.ing.Inuthae 'toy ne tht . .. 'buterybdhasvbusiness comedperil- the armry. Geanerl Iahd artcnermal st.ess-
hd t -advocates w'il ts purpose. This re l produce bonp r. shuld.ot e '" manody'sattentionerAl. "eeral n Be te
�1 . Tathegpeaceo:seli ibomodernrding. '"veorrwe c oe fnoiL ehu'townsbLps,"coun- c Of the otter in chiltrep
'find that the new gun which shoots and fesh,'.aiding nature to develop utq dl t and the 'yrshould .Confnuletownships o t st etter v e
edenetehoudchiefof-stt o a marmtand te uarte r e g
e10,000 times aminuteois the thing that them into' properly filled out birds.. bte raedht o awedo ue in te ies and afew stata.,have made .mord reseutaive Anthony.'that tah pi'ob M .
to s really going to stop,warfare."' " They should not be overfed at this, wondrowl a b e' eie. , or less real progrdssb'etowarda..inpr ov- road would unqueyttin hlo ' b te',
tes.i rp period, only giving them enough feed ,aThe piture do a' co*-pe~ o ti c erpgatmilitary v a e ie
�:ahe u typrofesaser who h to keep them 'id.' a growing, thrifty Lester attci ine for ' om 'states taker ,hnd t.;lil'dr g, ois'.adp. .ainers.of. antownhsae. . .
Smatbematlc and poetry are aUe r hat. h n doof is ceois flowd with the hor efs'. toia ted wig as obtai th 'troroee tsa . M . he' roe ,rad
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pobably' never tried. mathematics on small blrds or devet wth 'the whole guards d'a w idrowing'tta "Ibent. rsev.ai thatohfoea. .. if I o, al..th
aii'omantic girl in (the moonlight. flock. o .longas' th. feeding Is. not temas i lcn e almdstAse id g nti ot atias l td oble Wh'useh
,.__trldso r . I overdone, 'they ca.n gradually ,be, able ne r a rops toted ,h ar sending eiltorl'al suprt fo u be the ruunqstre.o -'e' -h ' * -
s o a brought up to.a full grain ration with- vested.ca movements ye al y tais nch-d ntrapla"i't-, te s wa ke o i st I-
A Maine man tells a tor ut danger ofn serious results fol- 't .n tio wsoet ses t - rk StiTe cop ats'inthe b ms
frig h ten ed deer jum ping In to his lap, low ing. It 6 ' su-ue rioy ape nsqt h""" " " n o i h es .ntl ae ,w or ti .:' T ,.. .o'
while he was out driving, in a buggy. t3lown.:It opo undobhappens that eI alorrongenup, te of
S. the gend lemn sure that his spell ults' incrop bound or ond o eThe. fadi ai'gdvernment oh'us farpI, Idlgaothe ofa miitay .necet..

" � trouble and veryboften a'loss of some . maintains.,�a .['sm.ll' bureau In the. de- th ,ernmnt cmIdd 'not build 1,1'.k-
� According to a learned professor, of them. ' ' , e:thet partmen.of ''griolture devoted first azte"onstitutlon-authorize thi
the typewriter Ih the poetry of motion. 't' 'I".J o the propaganda'of the good roads cdiriucntlonof only" such roads astmrW
el.:. . .: Presumably he Intended to add tbd:t fs .. Idea'andscondly.to the mainteDance requjr0 !fso..moismilitary nacesdtiei
the motion must be supplied by the Ryeof a limited cbrp'. :of experts, who, and jest roads
right young woman operator. . - , ' Level"nultivat n saves moisture when their ij sistince is solicited, will . " ' � " .. = '
____.,_. � 'A Japanese, official' report gives the Water is"of I sti".able valuinthemkuethe

fly across the English caeland 14,825 acres, .y.eld 1,302,857 bushels. ,Disposition ha an Influence on the cunstana and toa certain extent, Ev---"Shabll we tale.tsle sna0p wit
hback. Her manager should see to it The totalexports in the same year value of a hors f anytype. ' ':, . experiments -in the userof materials us?"" Adam-'WeI guess not;
th.. at on t French side she does not .were 10,185,181 pounds, 86per cent. .Are ybudsure' everyy cow.'sn ear'. are conducted by the.specialists of peopleawill think we'.are going b= a ,
0 f aspIParis. being shipped to 'the United States..' output of buti. at and milk.? this bureau. Hers the government vaudeville.

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S an and sleep ' 'y rld ad found the bucket In past years Mal.Sylvester has [a- ecuted. The police L'hllah w
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'et- ..o..n we .as a nut 'eaw law. He still thinks something accomplisaL. m &u4 c ,�-Lcj',
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.U.. . . .a
Chicago Health Department Tells
,qf Germs in Sweets. '

City Bureau Issues Ti ely Adifice to
. Childr'en: to Swap encils or
Marbles, But Nou t Trade -
A apples or Delicacies .

Chicago. After a sef es of aoealtbh
grams" dirdctqd to the adults of Cht-,
*-oago, the 0 health' department has'l
turnedtis Attention tc4instructing .b6e
school children In ws ,of iwoiding
The. weekly bulletfit of th'e depart-
: "A. ,:ment. 'was called "dqloolgraCWs" and
econta~ed much pert I6thotbpgh pithy
ad for the youggt s of the city
41`D. "Don'L s , . andy ,:.ewing-gum or
' i." ft' emn o i ainr and to fhe,Wilfe of.Presl ent pio lleres ofthe French ap"pi '" l b
%,ihui.leh ct the "ski'-doio from re h6a, or girl
S.: pajage at the occasion,; f i the king aid queen's ith te sore. throat, e pe-
helpss)R .f ',e, ar. Pm la .....3.i; .-........... '-.'........ ......... ... ..: l,.-....t.o.. ". '".'".. .. ...."...
.a. t " .tee ". a P . s. .'o. '. ." . ... . .. your . mot -tice Me r ed n
____ repre__ e_____ ._______ o______a_________________rdl _____, __.. __- some-o t blts p7 0iD Ice s b er& In
Sl aguage ,that every oolbo or girl

'oi f te h g. ' .'. rams ' are as
`N to !osflki. lh
,i,. L " .' ,�.. "I .. ' s": :" ` - , , . . ' : '1 . ' ., ;:
, , . .- e . hIs. fyrst' led .b. .how to.
Sthed contr ary that te gI.y paper ,kee 1
v i 4 Stickin g to Facts ,rA soft of s coue tr- btbtgbte r mre and 1
.13 ature, an I aman lmipe a-admir bette heal yo teacher
B,. . . . . . .y of.the cIearTincisive style adopted by ki p the windo of t School-

"J" N w"p" p'r,,'' ""d had" " '"","I" " sut miuJates curiositt,' aand when br-.ain -. '" fa"
v. New spapeat itia Ap h Vigce -you bave donb that In .nfy hu- f uo.otes a ou would bave
Sta es,& PrevetA is . man b6in" yod have started himo ot o ont' o an. Don't
r' . ,Litature "and H pp , the righ roh d., The one deadly tbling .' i s germs . school .a nd
S.t:"". . .he Poor , h wiis apatly. ,.The cow in..the fell .: as no a e e a ' death
" . "" ' note of Interrogation , Tle -:savage kmno u plam I' ifyoihave a
tln ado. Ricba tdhTei, veteran might see an aeroplane and 'not won- ctiou disease ome e en-
. .-Fe6et stre . , ti4O fj ob. 5 der. Yod" can -lead..a maq. from, the i tl t."e'y "- ote . 1hfldren.
.. tree, " i'ae . 'entl urbstoe, to th.e.sars wlnb"you havd Stay at home if yu es a throat
t.4 seeGrife i et n doncet tmor fh curiou..'.', l d a sfr .t, he.6, sr: th ei chi '
tes.t ea s.u t o our leis per, forces man .to be curious. chld .m cause a i. - ot o1 e
",," "., e.s, , ' , , . i.d i, ,'. b u I '. ..- - "The dearold truth! That s all we e "lew. t o i11l
.', �n .. p.n g 4n t -fame apli wanto The toructht i s so ..b eav fu s fore 6Brath .irer d I t yit ai
:E " " .well-knaw t io. ve t d Prior amazingly n1teretlng, i so o. :, rets the
- , J ~thBcharad- dwonue rfful ,than. .fiction. W aTsb e di u mcupo 4 hl
ofn da ndon' ay 7 that, u: u efaart from ; oralid 1: e dforM t lnt o r i. at e
' >--,,- --. l ' , .g n ..,=p , dere t- l l ' s'. - ,h 11 6 ki ed 'u fop t ohA
w .e'ug lg . W t it w Is, po fly tar ,.t.. .ae to Veit l . a 6'cehd t ih t t. Jof

. 'lia li hea'n i, to.. i tieith;., It.Is .poi lcey .lDi"..im ill a' -tbe. ' aMye
hd t-r. %., thir f ala ay -.or 'a paper to c ike,� te, i ,d a y
' bo i eW -te-pr-i' W s .he . :� ge.m
Sou o t bt e the t me ss.fty ou 'te: . o pe l 'eo at 6 N
ast makindi i leis in 'he et illy serious. . to a a e the
-netropolis. t ' ery . .herd and h brd htw .Gdes othld fe. M. * on- m
S 1 often think, he said. e n ot e a riolius .,gen na e
ee thq order that, eT gn. b our .'. ,W, .. .,i , a....
. els what- it ,means to keep. these .rinoWor ttarbro d b anger- ue
I. qu iet.~ Agoodmany . of e the ta .t Sni' ra inc isc Th- e r re, bre th ks .thet.bc d UaL; b. Dcone't
r*,uch .B ,t %t bwe , r ". s, 4 " . 1i' � I "" . clean. ro bs
Is therg,. �'s a ng.over tppe. ahe c jhtS ..e . C1 ' : S i
a t aof poor man's f (end in t ga ti he bstune byd yu gooa .fd fedrh ; your w orstd
that there s i alwa t6o Rme, Wilu l ld s .o i "Eath l very rt eat your
will repress t . . *u. y n.o d .'.cau@6 * .,. laodln &: "Re '.,W . .D d: t e he Irs. ad longer. 'ir
lt, as Hai'let" put. iI Va L-e-t Presbyterin4.m: psionar7.all" i . 9V t ,lt :Oa .
Ing and tranqujilzing iflu' ce.' agog over the p prince a.a-nnunieme it o a w 4i'les Abp
'The so-called Flowr cl ass Is be- prom time ,immemor the Li l l dd
xinniing to feel much the, e ual of ;the. ar'L sys'. it hais .ben tue- iannese cu. r the i
-classes above, chiefly because there, s tom ir. t he. rowi? p in to w.ed iS *
a longer.an' p af mdrio ly. o the sister o if'e he has nofe, 'then ac half. - u doors
S world wagl. Travel, historyr ry, politics ister, t. daughter bOf one .of hip ft. ' t na 6 rtr
=d1 literature--the daily halfh penyn the s'G. w E : crn i- ia
:n a.ilds>a qrt t.of."daily manual o f all V' Th 'Oe brown prince, thoughe a r nrh- ea so t h ati
e hern . 'Sone '.oolish, people have . rted his Independence b t.by lpublicly you wi not to
ale tl dailY ernatlsm hI kilig declaring he tends tor havebut w onoe 'e .el\an 1 4 py even
." :.aB I ts'cne a 9'aIt haorms.. e e "a 'i' oV o his own o a oosm, g. , Tic Ifh'6 . .a o w


4 .af ,.;pe.. ev IeYorkers t o Scou. Bet .._ ,. -., � _se os .,i ;.g D v ft c
. N . te tent.for Sic " A imas � a 4'
lS'Edciate Dris on a f Threm ioid Trees A aint birds came ter-V b n er
~ 4h ' a wcTho6usands o Pugnacious Engt o'lee grew toor aos nunattan-
. <.--The Hor .se Aid Tsoc i iy _ ish Sparrows. Iable P ur'y o0 the par e ma
e to.. obtain bettHe .Seat-' " residents of te v-ic. nt F the 'last.
S'esi'k'a'l _ dispbl" .h.oses .. Galen Ridge, N. J.-3 A three day battle ,ur week, nghtl , yro hnic lad 't
'."ti , rl eri s an d h ose, o p er Engl ish sparrows and. re were afred off si twilI A u ber

Stw" ""al .hlai teen inqorpoatd j ckof tmhe birds. e. -tim.ated a se er al' $t so they .t. ' ot -.--,y:away
4"o' r.. [ hatw hrs, all .thy New. thousand with a great. twittering for- .while the bofabitrc g g off..:
� , wlbEdu te rovp ut Gre.... 'Sqe n te lofty doublde.row ofa 'tr . E ard Ba rt.:.s 'e . in '=Pon&el,
..... N:e " a TYorkp tedr doinkLung' sa avenue; Mandstook g .ar who was a isfr at f t . Mid-.
�"nag"a. v.terinay hrodltls n.T h.me in the woodland et"weeno .atdhrenie hou s tra ad
.1ether means o- taking ,ete of and tRIage and, Mon;tc.lai' '.-- squirrels near u ihr nd brought
'gra"eoting the nofort di the hokse' ?fhe sparrows had become a .i- . -them to Glen e. distributed
drl esa venue, e them over trees, a thecombat

anel vqerinart sehvice- for'seck, sore tie trees arch 'soerhead and g at once began - Tb re qulrrdl robs
. tree Iidmbers on sp ows could be
treamen "-' ', -nded h' o.6te Whenlso they, , qe rrl w ed6t e.
.t. e, ees the birds hadi hto for their,

Tt at in e wa n. .lveg or get awa .Th geyes were-
rim e Tool buld e Inthr6� Fit. "'in lofty dtheoul .row of threat pIcked out of several srela before
S r . o t , drink ng a frightened.l by thetoo up1 d oef .
.r ". "ktend ingn the fire o drawled into .he

Oaainnatt--OatCBlki" Thomiision hose ininh was carried to the engine
mfirs crew 39 were seated Iin t -h bous~ ,where it crawled out when SEVEN EGGS bg DAYt
l s house at Clarion avenue .. . . the '"ose wis hung. in Vtie chute 'to
."omery roa d, n ~.on, wh..f and , :l a ..a Scranton Hen, of Moea-i el Variety,

la fixing up a hose o le horse' h. hf g. -"This at be Margar's dtributed

The firemen rushed downstairs and day citing " said'JJerk Ernest jul Scranton,. Pa.-Seven aunt them
mean''t.figt.g oh t toun wgm~f sg d

siten Gehrinager pointing. to u im-of th Congress hotelthe other niit, -seven eggs from a sol ry hen in a
moe a kd bronakenow that haxi.horsled as l assigned t.ihe street.!.he newt and eatau o
rner and as it hado- eas thame of Margar to a room, ' d This p the unrivaled at of a fowlttle
tree climbTrh on., amppson could be

.- i' ' t s. - "' . " .� .ckley, Grand " atds, MIch.; " s is a cross between R e Island red
ae a was a ' inches over Margaret shields osvile, Ky. Mr. Lewis for 75 it useholder.

...s t.a., the Compp .'w. nt. out .. a La... lns Margaret ,Baldwin, Grnd record was 71 eg tald, care of a

t.b. a' : " g:' � ;... . .. . MobIl:," Ala. " ..Miss. .Margaret Case., foar and five in o i ;tday. Two
n'k laid bme mn Memph Ten.; MisMargaret S was the re tor
da-Ig- gta . d weeds adjo - .I" Louis, oM e.; Miss tMargtret Ma0- .
S ' . i .as ..-plated grave, Little Rack, Ark.

:, ,. ,..< ". .. * . ... .... K',' ..... . .... . . ...

.. ., ,. . .......-.. ....... ... . .... .




Was Apcyiua of Murdering Wife of
Bankerlitary Degradation in
. ra1 an Impressive but
"i Sad.'Spectacle.

'George s Marle. Graby, you are un-
worthy to bear arms." This short,
sharp sentence was heard in the bar-
iacks square on the Boulevard .Mor-
tier on, the eastern extremity of Paris
at 8 a. m. the other morning. Granby,
the murderer of Mme. Gouin,.the wid-
ow of the well-known banker, to whom
these words were-addressed, appeared
in the uniform ..of the' .brdinary',.In-
fantry prlvate, rath'er- smarter than
most of his fellows, but-looking death-
ly w white. .' ' '** ' , . '
- Two minutes later, lhe .was marched.
back to the barracks with hli. ubif orm.,
in rags,'his back ,.bent, his head hang-
ing' low,. a sorry-lookin'piece ofhu-
manity. (A military Adegradation.' in
France, carried.out in accordance with
the. exact -regulations of. the law,. Is
always: an impressl e though essen-
tially sad spectacle.. � ' I . . ...
It was not surprising,- therefore;,
that a large crowd gathered 'near .thd
Porte 'des Lilas that morning ssoon
after. breakfast, having heard, the .an-
mouncement that 'the. degradation. was
for 'eight o'clock in the' morning. ,
Special detachments"of all the serv-.
J.ces' repesenred .i'the garrison', of
Paris, were on parade, and at eight'
o'clock at' trumpet., call', they formed.
-a hollow' square.'. The' colonel in cora
mand gave the order" Shoulder arms!
and then Graby was- seen coming
'from one of the .bull.4ngs, marchl.ng
slowly. but :with .sme.':composurTe, ana
.wiith a guard of fbur infantrymen. '
.: The guard accom'psnled him to the
middle of the ,'square, presented arms:.
'iad then made three steps backward,'
,'lea.nv..' Graby in . shameful solitude.
*the'",ayuosure ot neighboring. -eyes..
.tje:fficers wed' drawn ip .on'borse-
:back in' front oC him.. The colonel
:gave orders to the' bugler,, and once
,iore nthe"high notes rang out
Th'ern.'. a sergeant stepped up I.-
'within .- pace 'of Graby and read t
the judgment of the courtmartlal con-
'demnlng:.,Graby to death and the pres-
Idetial, decree comniuting., his sen-
tence , , , ,
' -Th'" proclamation began: ',. "In , the'
name.Iof the French people., and the
sergeant 'concluded 'byj' making the
usual anhoaniAfmenXt: "Thi's $udg'meit
has .been read aloud before the con-
'demned m an,'an'd.'before' the troops as-
eibl."aundedr arms."'- At -this Col.
Leii'e, ;whoi 'had dismounted, step-
:pe " iand-addr4essed Graby.: . Graby,
iare .unorthy .to .bear arms;
'lnte".zate., o.,:'the .ilaw we degrade

.he..adjutant, then "tore .away. the
'ttons from .the uniform, 'the strap
'froi the' kepi : ad all other decora-
0(Ions, iclhding the epaulettes. The
i.buge ,was heard once more and the,
i-aze four, privates wHp .had'ledpra'by:
outLof *the,' barracks -'led him "back
again. ' . . ' .

i'.'Promhpt Punighment of a 1Liar.'
Years ago. the ,courthouse-'ini'San
Francisco fronted. the old 'Plaza. A
'trial..was iiiaprogress, and counsel for
the defendant was cross-examining the
plaintifff. An earthquake shook the
chafideliers abd' dislodged some of the
ceiling. Judge, jurors, witnesses and
esp'ctators 'rushed .for the door, but,'
finding .that'.the seismic disturbance-
was ' veri, they returned.
."You 'can qiroceed with the cross-
exaniLnatdi.n of the witness," said the
judge. '
"Pardon me, your honor," said coun-
sel for the defendant. "but after the
exhibition of the displeasure -of the
Almighty it'.the lies this witness was
telling I do not care-to further invoke
Divine wrath; I will ask him po more

. Thoughtful to the Last.
Ashley-Isn't IL too bad about poor
Fuser? '
Seymour-Indeed, it is. I shall al-
ways remember him as the most con-
siderate man-' have .ever known. 'It
seemed to be. his ruling passion to
make as little trouble for other people
as he possibly could.
Ashley-Yes, that's a fact; and
that characteristic of his was mani-
fested even when he committed sui-
Seymour-I don't think I quite un-
Ashley-Why, he used so much dy-
namite that there was nothing left of
him for other people to pick up.

Got Stung, All Right.
Bill-This paper says that bees were
unknown to the Indians.
Jill-Yes, I believe it was the tra-
ders who used to sting them.-Human

- He Can't. .
Caller--yon never let . chance go
by to make a joke, do yop?
e .Pr'Humorist-You mean a dol-

Polite Mr. Heard.
Congressman John T. Heard of Mis-
souri was one of the most polite and
Chesterfleldlan gentlemen ever' known
in - the national house of representa-
tives. On the day that the' house
passed 'a bill opening to settlement
the Cherokee strip, Mr. Heard voted
-for the bill, and then was leaving the
capitol when he met with Mrs. Hech-
mann, who had been'diligently lobby-
ing against the bill She asked:
"What was done with the Cherokee
strip bill?"
"It has just. passed the house.
madam," said Mr. Heard, holding aloft
his hat and bowing low. "It passed
by a vote of 142 to 108.
"So there were 142 railroad thieves,
were there?' Mrs. Hechmann. hissed
"And only 108 cattle thieves, by the
official count," replied plillte Mr.
Heard, as he passed on.
Doctor-Take, this medicine after
each meaL
Patient-Bitt my meals come mighty
unreg'lar do.'"
Doctor'-Well, take It before each
.meaL . ,.. -



Exceptional Opportunities. Open to the ' :
Male Sex-Magazine Has Clever
Satire on Subject. ' 'e
There are today a few. occupations a. . .
young man can take up. W'tholt. fea't, ' t;'
of a woman's taking,:.the'kd: eheC.6out .. '.
his mouth. These-'are, prize fightIng,'''
ladies' .ailoring, and-do z.bt: sner, .
young man-domestic. servicee, says' . a ''
Paul West in the Delineator. 'Ev
prize fighting may be. qlosad 'to men ..
tomorrow if some strong-armed - Vas- . V
sar graduate should declde.kt0 capture ' ..'
the championship belt. tades talr- . i .
ing may entice them at any time. But, .'' .
as time goes on. tt becomes more, and " ">,r.,
PmQr vyldent hathon6e.4 ael:.,wl. never ; ..'
agalo:"have ,a. tman occupant.: Go.
into general housework, solve' the
servant problem. and.,Iave the ' A.mr'
ican.hom e. . 4 . . . . .. . . . .. . i . ...
There Is .no reason wh young 'n ' .
lean 'men should mot make ideal ser- .. � ',
ant .girs . andiy'et preserve indendep nd ,
ence.i The .J'ookkeeper' works from . "
,eight till six. HJs meager wages must.
pay- boad and lodging and. c lthe, i. ' i
WJhat ,a life;'. But the generkI',ouser . .':
work girlin':a malll family-whaj.does ,' . .
sbe have. to do but cook .a few ,meals,.. ' ":.
clean a few rooms'after a fashion, and.. "' .
collect ,$0 a month? ' Not a.pennylfor
expenses, .,a nie . room; plenty. , ..,' .
clothes given her, and every, Thirsdayi ; .-' .
and Sunday out.. Young.;men, it . '
easy, . . ' . ;. . .. . . ... � .
.What preparation needed? 'Not- ' '
ing; anybody can learn .to. cook in.& ' '
week.. ,Captal? A'.tunk and a writ.-
ten reference, from your- last place ,
the, ,latter ..readily obtained, from. the. ,
manager of any..employment'. office. .' .. . .
And think of. 'thb .happy 'liWvs .you
'can. make. by your .charming little ' '
culinaryy surprises. Then, whe 'the ' .... .'
familyy ,go. away for 'the' summer they., ' . "
.take you -with, them, or-you have '' :
the whole flat .to yourself, and aeetry- . .:.: '
thing free! *'YotLnL men, its-a' vion .., ..
of happiness! ' ... ' ,.
SWho' kndws, too,'but that your em-' "' .::..".
'ploye-'s daughter may fall in love 'with ,"
you, and marry you! ',thus, when' she; , '. -
Xgoe.s -into -uisiness, for. herself, mak- * '
'ing you-'happy and comfortable for J'
life,? ' . , ,
At all events, young men, domestle .. -, ' i ' '
service Is worth considering. It ls '" .
.an open field, and man..can make his
mark In It. Why' not, be' a pioneer?

'He Also, Was a Dead One.
Governor.Stuart, brown and, soldier- ,
ly, returned recently from his inspec-
tion of the National- Gudrd at Gettys-
burg. i He is , commander . in chief '
'who fpes;.arfrfare. as aster, dJi-dtaut
'prefteiiftog-b 'to "-war In 'a . iPUiUMl,
with.lt h. peacock" staff safely en- e1
scbhsced in- comfortable )seats about
him "'-', " . ,' i :" ," ' *. ' .
ty. is dity.'t, That"is th'eStuart o
btto. -, So he'difd., what the manual
required of the 'commander-slept in
camp' near the Casino, .Inspected the
regiments, reviewed theme, and was ae
'real soldfer'.ln the nimic battles. ' One
oftthe.stores old at the'Union League o,
by. tli.Agovernor. to. lif's 'chums abopt . .:'
the terrible-confiict, is "'folows: , .
�t t 'occurrl'd after the: ...:great ' on- ,
slaught. o .then IRds. Scores. of 'la- . .
b'eled' dead were on. the ground. 'Of-
fleers were down ,under .the rain of :' ' . '
.'invisible bullets shot from.' noseless' ' .
and.-smokeless, guns. " The sun. wept' " ' .;,
upon the scene of carnage. 'The ' . .
wounded were carried to hospitals, ' .
past dying and dead companions.'- It' '
was terrible. . '
"Standing In front of his- tent a '
captain was seized, byk a sobbing fa '
their, .who . in great agony' cried out:'
""Why didn't you tell' me- my son :',
was killed?'... ..
"'How could I? I was killed my- -
self.'" . .

'Bad Luck. .
"Did your husband bring homa any.
"No," replied young Mrs. Torkins.
"I understand Charly had bad luck on
this trip. He got into a game .� cards
and lost the money he took .with him
to buy fish-"

Holmes Co. Advertiser cruel, and makes s wod d i
Holme~s Co. rt iser justice is done at last. In '..
Published Every Saturday philosophy of God and His proph- i
.- *-c - a, ailr ets we find no words more com-
Entered.as recod-clas.s matEter May 4 torting now than those of Robert Saidd substantial citizen to the
u1907, at the, pofoffireo at Honilayrch 3, Ingersoll: "After all, it may be writer'ecently: "And I tell you
:"I- best, just in the happiest, sunniest those fairs pay! Look at Waltonr
E A4Wi. ^yAmS.. Editor and Prop'r. hour of all the" voyage, while county.; since they corpmenced.
Subicriptin, One Dollar per Annum eager winds'are kissing every soil,'holding those annual fairs. Before
- to dash against th." unseen rock, that time they thought that an
Official Paper of -lo county and in an instant hear the billows average.of 15 bushels of corn per
. BONI.AY, ATERDAY, <'ct 8. 1910 roar above a sunken ship. For, acre was a banner crop."
whether in mid sea or 'mong the - And it was tinder the old style
THE OLD FILIBUSTERER breakers of the farther 'shore, a of farming, .but the county fair
IS EAD, .- wreck at last must mark the end first stimulated their greed for ai
IS DEA,.- of each and all."' prize, then pride was kindled and'
- ' I �, _!--- . ,finallythis whole soul becomes en-
In the shadow-of death the foe-' Legislatures do not always ex- grossed with the great possibi)i-.
man and friend' become mute. ard press the vill of.the pPople, there- ties of! farme .s life, and thence-
naminate allk. One is stricken foreSenatorTaliaferro'ssuccessoraforth'.that farmer becomes a real
with awe, the other th sorry. should be chosen through the live progressive citizen, in its
At the grave indistinct and the phases of primary. broadest and&best sense. Yes, the
calmuny are distinct and the county.fair -pays, and there's
words of praise are choked in . 1 t to thd big rlvi-
teards o Thprais the awfulness of Editbr Felkel and the manage- scarcelj'a liinit to thL big dlvi-
death must cause the foe to pause meant of the Pensacola Evening dends 1e farmer draws from the.
death must causete foe to pause ws are to be con att - agriculral friirs
and pay respect to the qualities bf News are to be congratulated up- cu Sral f ir.
the dead which he deiiedin life on the fine Booster edition they The ter-Ste Fair to be held:
There the friend must nuot frail sent- out last Saturday. It was a in Pengs&ola is 'going to prove ,a,
ties of him he loved which he had credit to the Deep Water City. success5eyon.d the wildest dreams
nties of im e ned which e hat of forrii daysiand it will be a'
Por a \veek the pall. of death Hugh Sparkman, former 'editor ucces road and comprehensive
has edwrapped the commonwealth of the Perry Herald, has purchas- in final, suits a success that wil
of Florida and everywhere in the ed the Lake City Index ahd is bless e y parhicipant by opening
land of tidwers'its citizens regret back in harness again.. Sparnk- uPa esfpogresseand n
in the depth of sincerity th de- man is a brilliant,.newspaper man, g tea nt ofhih heretoo
intheph c riy d- Ahe has been.,-, 'tirely ignoraifit
mise of Napoleon B.JBroward.All and Lake City is fortunate in cap- 'How ort hen for eery'
feel as if an older -'brother had turning him. , farmer HolofIms:. county to take
fallen, stricken in the midst of life, " ' an actiw iriteri st in the Inter.
when it seemed as if the laurels Occasionally, some exceedingly State F by- .display of the.pro-
-of i'ictory had .-but touched the wise (?, felUow from up in "Aller- ducts-of. is farm,4stockc pen and
brow and the enconiitms of praise hammer" comes down and tells us poultry y rd. And his good wife
had just been uttered---when suc- about how "proherbitioni" works can als bear aihard by a contri-
cass was in tihe grasp- and fame up "thar," and invariably he says bution o"her skill"from the do%
* the present adfainment... . inre whiskey is ' sold now than. mestic- tablisiffiiit. The prize
His life is'.an open book, andr to when open saloons were in opera- winning butt 'a. mall item in the
,. ur children and 'oUr children's tion. All of which shows that fel- ,~.iet lisf benefits you will de-
'children we shall 6ftimes repeat low is ..woefully ignorant or has: .ev fr6', p'ar ricip.g in the In-
this man's lifes .story' and teach: a propensity for stretching, the ter-Stat air. 'Ltus show' to.th.ei
them that it is worthy of emula- tfuth. 'It stands to ,reason that iff world ere good'didldomes. be-'
tion, that in struggles such as he more whiskey was sold in proha-' iqgs.t tand in ie'.ranksiqf.fg-
experienced in life is acquired the bition territory � than in wet tern cultureur and all -ihdstrial put-'
stamnia that makes the man. Few- tory the whiskey dealers associ uits mt Westvillei f.
men indeed have met the odds tion would be .advocating stfiit a.prei tst me' :dbr a nytifor
which he faced in life and fewdr wide prohibitobw because. 'itN motion elati i enteringaif
still hav e.won his success.. - ates a greater demand fo their '.exhibit '.�
No m au had greater 'cause , to goods. If ,p'prohibition doesin'tpro-" w l w 'ILLAMS. :
live and less.to die. . Death at,its -hibit there is no rieed forfhe-antis .,.
best is cruel, but doing as it did' to lose any sleepover the propoL ' 5 or -6. es66" willi"re 'any
in his life when'the bays of fame sition. But you've never heard- caseof 't ill i Fevei Price'
had but been'. won, it is doubly of one keeping- still, ' 25 cents . , , ,-5-m
, , - ' ' :. . . .,-7 V ' *. --,H:�


, . I


O n


.WE Oi SE I s n th LE �9N -

A', S_ t MW . o . ,

,a o R, �1 w. ,"s 's.i ed, W hi. B ' Ro.- e , ..' .,r: p .atr ,:'A' o . o - , .

stae". onti e o4ar"et....Sb'n- ls�,'.ansh i le and helbon .lle, Tr -"
m uc as" e: - ,' . .. . ..re ,.a , .... . .. . of s c co 'pt'seo1
S.nt swp leso a bgone . -"i

. , ou, ,pr,, :ti....dme a re fu .s... a e...
.Our,. tr ar liberi le se and p,..as"r.ong. tie' t". " ,;-.
%,hilewe wo th'ankayi n'br pastfavors'. it- is oust.oomer p
you will coptinae to gigyeou o-.afou sapre o pati onage fo r dind .the ue. '
,. wagons, Harness,.Surries, W.ips,.' .".d Robes;:,,_Our buyers"-are-.on-.
.stantly in the 'iarket"s.of S. LbusE. ansville and 'S he'lb ie i. , t
b . . .I . . , -
S:where they purchase the ,vey,-best' stocks, .at 'Can e- ' da , as ;
and have learned how tqsbuisBHorses and Maegs'btst , 'a'ed fo' er- *'
least moey . "'' *

, ,. , , Come to se''us, or phone ',us to meet yo' half wa' . ..W ""her 'ou
' want to swap mules or buy a buggy onwagon. All phonelolrder r ..
have bur prompt and careful attention. - , . - . -
S, . paying customers. A
S' . -Again assIuring you ihf our appreciation for kindness shon r usr '
* in the past, and earnestly soliciting.'n . copntinuagce of -the same ,ithe 'h
I, fture, we beg .o remain, ; . '"
j,, C, and W,. C' olma-

*, . . ; - , .�....Dealers in � . � - '
EHorses, Mu k e 'l'iesIau.Biay fgie,nsd, patrons ars, o-
th ons ness, Jachipsa and Robe s '.r .

SHartford, e' a , iear




. . .
It. *.* f


.4 C


16_M- . I -i.l

[1ANhen Y6ur Eye .i- s ,n Tis, .
S. Rem. ber .

. . HUTCHiS. ,

Vl; ' here everything is
keapt good to eat:'

[Fresh Grb series, Fresh Meat.s,Fresh
.- Bread, ;Cakes, Crackers and the
things that .you can't find 5
at other places.

* Closing out all Dry GoodsShoes, Hats, and etc.,
at reduced prices in order .to run a first class gro-
cery store. Here's a chance worth investigating. ,


U "The Satisf,

action Store." Lea.nord old stand.
MM� -*U, . ' " ---. -- *- 'i,.

An Ad. In This Paper Get
� ''" : ..". " ' ,:


,---...",:,'. ,.,,
R., u t.'i.
:. :. , .. . : , 1":',4
h. : .... �"T' .. -.. 4.


ID 4

~ I'
14 ?
'4~L A

1. , . -i

..0 .-. - a: -- _ ..- ,*. ,

D A * epenida ie Line Gf ei al
. . � . ' "! f . "-' ' " ' .
Mferfchandis Always& h:ann-4 'at

O f

y-omein ahd see. 'e when in. 'qwn, inspect my goods,
gets prices, and i.w l leave.-it to'your own judgement,
. arid: if I eai't m ak it to your interest to trade wili t
m. e will-not ex4et'ou to buy.. -
- . . . ". * 4 . .

S Drop in wh en i town and let
me. show 1tu-its a pleasure,
- . ,,- V. .
. " ;


1, R a E. : '

9Times have chahgend from when- yo. pwete a bo .
. Progressive peo�jet deposit their- mony iii m good
].. Lots mofP-reason.& w-yoyou, should have a

quiresmlo change -5th It gives you.i. business
air, Pth. It establishes credit th. It gives you
a financial standing.
SWhen. ext n ton come in and

let us talk it ove with you.

. . . .s- " s . s n i g ., r re- ..
. DF.. ,E . ..e-., P r- . aes '.'. " . P.R":.: C.ash
.qir noc ge5hIt i s ou ; a. bse I

..o . . '.. . . . � . ..

:-."A.' SESSOMS, Preildent ' 1-
* 'E N. E DEEKLE, 'Vice-Pres .'. C-'A. PRM. Cashier:J

_ � l l ' " " '

I . .

__ _I


4J P,'i

. W.F W-W W.F. �l

"l1 '

'-sis;'i - -UN

Ft' ",n"...,..rr �l. =.Eery'e

SD. L. GREE N - sufferers hose lu
. " . ' 'ed with enughs-ar
.other climatB. B.
- � Livery, - Feed and Sale Stables no always sure.

.. .."I am. now located in my NEW STABLES on Wau- LetDht inge
kesha-Street and I am now in position to send teams le," writes W. H.
, . to all parts of the country. ,I ,also have some good . rk., "when all el
" "' ' t" :. : 1 1II 47 pounds'in weit
.. Horses on hand for sale or trade. : ioungain weugi
4 44r houiands owe th
. . . . .. .. .. . ~n t. TQ nmitii,

. "I wish all mightknow of the benefit
. ;T^' c . eived from, your Foley's Kidney
Remedy," says I N. Regan, Farmer.
S Mo. His kidneys and bladder gase him'
so much pain, misery and annoyance.
be could not work nor sleep. He sayi
Foley's Kidney Reinedy completely
cured him. D:. Hughes MAere. Co.

Be sure and qualify for the No-
vember election.

Get the genuine Foley's Honey and
Tar in the yellow package. . It is safe
and effective. Contains no opiate-.
Refuse substitutes.' D. Hughes Mer-
cantile Co.

Keep boosting and Bohifay ,will
continue to grow...

S"IT BEATS A1 ." -,
This iq quoted from a letter .of M.
: Stockwell,.Haninibal, Mo. .."I redeptly
used Foley's Honey and Tar for the
first'time. To say I am pleased does
not half express my feelings. It beats
all the remedies-& ever used. I con-'
. -tracted a bad cold and was threatened4
with pneumonia.. The first doses gave.
great relief and one'bottle completely.
cured me.." Qontairis no pirates . D.
Hughes Mercantile Co.

L Lake City is'building fiye i iles
of tement side-walks.

Good results always follow the. use ot
Foley's Kidney Pills. They contain.
just the ingredients necessary potone,
strengthen and regulate the kidneys

To maintain health, a mature man
or woman ne2ds just enough ,foipd to
rhpair the waste and supply/energy
and body htiarq. The habitual consump-
tion of more food than is necessary fpr
these purposes is the prime cause of
stomach troubles, rheumatism and disr-
oirder's of the kidneys. If troubled with
indigestion, revise your diet, let reason
and noi appetite' control and take a
few doses of Chamberlain's .Stomach
and Liver Tablets and you will Soon be
all right again. For sale by all dealers.

The Advertiser is prepared to
handle your job printing on shot
Your cough annoys you. - Keep on
hacking and teariflg the delicate mem-
branes of youa throat if yop want to be
annoyed. But if you want relief, want
to be cured, take Chanmbrlain's Cough
Remedy., Sold ,by all dealers.

The West Florida Fair will be
held at Chipley'Oct. 26, 27, 28.

It is in time ot tudden mishap or ac-
cident that Chamberlain's I iniment
can,be relied upon to take the'place'of'
the family doctor, Who, can not always
be found at the moinent. Then it is
that Chamberlain's Liniment . is never
found wanting. In cases of- sprains,
cuts, wounds and bruises ,Chamber-
laiins Liniment takes out the soreness
and drives. away the pain. ?old by all
dealers. I'

Loral .option is a good thing,but
state-wide prohibition is better.
Vote for the amendment.

and bladder, and to-cure backache. D.
1Hugbes Mercantile Co. . .L . . Hoarseness in a child subject to croup
a ., '; i 'a sure indication of the approach of
k The city tax levy .of DeFuniak the .disease.. If Chamberlain's a iigh
is 21 mills while in "Bonifay "it: is' Rlfdy is given at once or.even-afteri
only 4 mills. " 'i, =.. . . the croupy: cough has appeared, t wi"ll
preyen the attack..-'. Contains no' oi-
MORE THAN THREE D.CADES ' son.: Sold by- all dealers. .
Foley's Honey and Tar has' been a '...... ' *' .
household favorite foi- coughs. coldis ESTRAYED- havetaken ip a
Sand ailments.oithe throat;-chest. and stray hog at my place, marked'
lungs. Contains no opiates. D. Hughes split over and under-bit' in each'
*Mercantile Co. ear. Owner can get same'by.pay-'
.- ' '. ting-cost of keeping, damage to my'
. The weeds should be cut from field aid. cost of6-.this advertise$'7
every vacant lot in Bonifay. m'ent.-J. S..Keith. , 1-1,

FOR CHAPPED HIANDS. The pleasantpnurgative ect.e ern
'Chapped skin. whether on the hands enced by all who, use Chamber'ai n'
.or face may be cured in one night by, Sfomach and' Liver Tablets,'-and',t&h
applying Chamberlain's Salve. It is healthy condition of'the body and minhd
also upeiqualed for sore nipples, burns. wliieh they create; makes one feel joy.
-and' scalds. Sold by all dealers. . ful. Sold by all dealers.

Eight new names were added. WANTED - Experienced .saw
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viewd, he ays,"I suffered a long subitancead ad always gives prompt re
view, he Sy "Idi. d Sold by' all druggists.
time with kTidney and bladder trouble . . .
and used several well known kidney The Advertiser will accept af'ew
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lief until I started iakiAg Foley Kidney.
Pils. 'Before I used Foley Kidney Pills .."' IT'S THE WORLD'd BES .; :
I had severe backaches and pains in No one has ever made a salve, oiit-'
my kidneys with. suppression and a meant or balm to compare with Buck-
clqudy voiding. On arising in the len's Arnica Salve. It's the one perfect
morning I would get dull headaches, healer of cuts, corns,. burns. bruises,
Now I have taken three bottles of Fo- sores, scalds', boils, ulcers, eczama',sal
ley Kidney Pills and feel 100 per cent rheum . For-sore eyes. cold sores, chiap-
S'better. I am never bothered with my ped'hands, or sprains, it's supreme.
kid.neys or bladder and again feel like .Infallible for piles. Only 25c by' ail
Smy own self." D Hughes Mere Co. druggists.

SA ,

Repairs Guns, Sewing Machines,

Harness, Shoes, Graphaphdnes,

Etc. Bicycle work a specialty.

1I also handle the Chancey Patented \Oyster Opener. It
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.. " ."., ,,': , : �x ':% .




tU IL., L S t pU-lbS l 1l ,
coughs, cold, lagriip
all throat and lung.
$1 00. Trial bottle:
druggist. "

training. 17. acres
in cultivation, 21
clear of stumps, fi
large residence a
north-east of TW
cash. Apply fo;'
Bonifayj Fla.. Rdu

in any calling of li.
ous body and a ke
health- there is ni te'l
Bitters is the' great'
the,world has everi'-
perfect action bf si.
neys, bowels, purirui
blood, tones ahd- i'i
system and enableei.
wear add tear of yj.
ter months of duifft
trouble" . writes 'A
Cushing, Me.. "th6e
trick Bitters made i
mnan." 60p at alli

Its better to .
a clear donsienc.
and a corrupt' he
, '. *KILLS' ti
" A merciless nmu
with many ..ict'mii
Nw-,Life Pills'. kil
They gently ati ul
and bowels. 'v.i1
that invites .appeni
stipation, ,eqdahe.

sre and rack-
d to go to au-
Sis co lly and
6 a bellttes way.
covery cure you
Sof lung troub-
p, or Calamine,
ed andl gained
hts surely the
['lung cures "
.es and health
guaranteed for
Isthma, croup-
.tbles. 50c and
o. Ild by all

d farmn, con-
land, 33 acres
of which are
|y good fence;
barn; 7 miles
fay, $1500.00
pbt. B. Rich,

!mands a vigor-
)rain. Without
'ss. But Electric
health builder
win. " It compels
ich, liver, kid-
md enriches the
rates the whole
I to stand the'
Iaily work."Af-
g frorh kidney
1. Sherman, of
bottles of Elee-
feel like a new

*overalls and
in broad cloth

"DERER.-. .
r is Appeidicitis
But, Dr.,'King's
by: prevention.
3' stomar li.,li.ver
k. thaE.".pgg991g10
his, aurLng eon-
liousnesi, .chi'ls.-

25 at'all drug

Lega, Otices.
S1t Court of'Count.s Jl
State of Florida. Iolies CelJ .,
In re-estaLe f .unilis-t. 'il s. '
S'Notlice.( hreby given. r n it 6m It may con-
cern. Lha'on the 31st day of ' ibther A. D. 1910
I'shall a ply to:thid oHonbrnbl A.' J.- Hthl k-
wviL. ,,udg' ofrsaid Court, as, i. e ef. Probate,
for a finaldiscBhrge'. us Admii actor of the-eg-
tate of Jpnias A:.Willlitmlii, d' wsod; and that
'at thl slime.ltime will presenhA' aid ..Court my,
final LcCoutlts as Administrnar said estate aud
askL ortheir approval. Datedi' 25th A.I). 1910
." .."t" . : .. ,' RPW WLLIAMS.
" "..6.. Addiiistrttor.

S : ".. department of the i lor.
- L. Lan tod.Oue i at Gain e. leFin
Notice is lieeby given that firle' Y"THps, of
Bon lray.Fle., ho, on Decoe :1A O0I5. made
homestead �ntryjNo. 36406. ( l. No' oSi0 ) 'for
s of Sew. 2. Tp. 4 no orange 15 wes
Tsilaehass& Meridian. ins t]i(ild ti*e of,intentioh
to mike final flve-yeiFr prouf,- est9abl claim
to the hind above desorlbed. ofe 'tn Counttv'
Judge. oh Vernon. Fla., dn tli fi day of Octo-
ber. 1910.. . '. .
Claimunt namesas wiitneS j.,lmes Kelle,'-.
JJo rocJosh Brck. Hen anillou. all of
Bonltay, hla. H6ENR .CHIUBB.
, .Registir,

'. . � GUARDIAN'9 N
Notice is hereby given that
of the minor children and he
Sr.. deceased. make application
.Hathoawiy. Coutty Judge it
county, lorlda, for at ordef
and bils of sale nudtlo rec*li
:tLh roth tay of Ontober. A. -).
said estate hslivug agreed to t a
ment ad diylsion of thbtpro
'his Se-t. 12, 1910.
Gtardiei or the estate of I

. Notice is h reey gi'en Itiat -
as administralor'of the -staut
Ilate'of H mlmseosunty, deceas
plicution before Hon. J. A. H
judge of Holmes coitnr,, ,thibi
'Fla., on Monday. OCtoher 1t0th
to sell certain personal" pro-e
peftton'now on file with sai I.]
authority to make suoh sule.
This Se6t. 7, 1910. I
. Administrator of Estate

Notice of Elf
To the sheriff of Holmes Couni
Beit,known. thnt I. 11. Clav.
taryofstiteor theState of "1.
give notice that tL
will be held in Holmes county,'
-'on' Tusday-uext succeeding Lith
November, A D. 1910, the sli
t For Representative from the
District of Fnloridn. inihe
irress or the [Tniled States
For two .lustces of the Supra
State of Florida.
For one Member of the Brusl
* tives of [he Stateof Florit
For two Railroad Commissin
, of.Morida.
For County Assessor of Ta-se!
* For Tax Collector.
For County Treasorer.
For five Counrt Commisitnot
For there Muem rs of the ('outl
lie Instruction.
For Justcaeof Lhe peace in 5
ins J justice Distncs. viz:
No. 1. 2 3 ,6. 7.
For Constable in and for the I
tier Districtla. viz:
SNO .13.5.;- .
In testimony :rI.erefa.LJ
ha nd an. ameli
tw jj^

ill. asguardian
i WV. R. Brett,
S'Hon. J. A.J.
ad' for Holmes
'ecnue deeds
oit . papers oui
b; the heirs of
micuble settle-
nof said estate:
.iBretc. Sr., pe-
'. -

Duael Arrant,
'A; W. Arraitn,
4i11 make ap-
awa'y, County
be tu Ibouifey.
0. for an order
*described In a
ke; pruning for

K . W. Irrrant,.

uot the State or
awrord. becre-
Pa, do hereby

hite of Florida.
rat l Monday in
Tuesday being
I ngressinnal
second Con-
'Court or the

of the State I

heard of Paub--
r the follow-

]owing Jos-


To The Trade

-W hen you want Furniture,:.

Mattings, Rugs, Art Squares,

Office Furniture t

Wagons for farm or turpen-

tine use, Buggies, Harness,

Stoves, mowing machines, ;

Rakes, Stalk Choppers, etc.

Come to see or write me for prices and terms.

C .D.- ik +

Marianna, Fla. ' Phone 21. :
�"4.# ".'99 """1664 9 49~4*U4 ~4"*

N otlie OT.Election '
Noti of oid Articleshrillbecamended3so0�,otread Its
I' I o � - Sec'. 3. No Courts other than herein specified
S" shall be erleblished In this Stlute. except tht the
SWEREAS. The L.ilature of 90. under .e tablinet or suvh ddtion Judicii Circuits
Constitution of 18i5. of the State of Florida. did as may from time to ti; e become neceestrvy and
pais three Joint Resolutions proposing antend- for the appointment by.e t Goveroran irco
nients to the Cunstitution of the State of Florida, I Judeas therethr. whdse terms uo office l d gener-
aqd the same were agreed to by a vote of three HI jurisdiction shall be the some as Is hereln pro-
filths of all the members elected to ea,:b house; vided for the Circuit judgess herein already pro-
vsided for. enidafLy louhe etn m allrud L'ommis.
that the votes .mn said Joint Rea0lutlrns were en- ston with judicial powuri in all sIl.tiers counect-
tered'uppn their respective lournels, with %ens ed with the functions of-their office.
aud uays thereon. and they did determine andi' Thevotes east n ,comrpiance with'said propos-
direct that the said Joint Resolutions be suib-' ed nl endments. ad lee ivi. ded rations-
mitted to the electors of the Slate at the General and returns thereiof, shall be subjt'ctd" to the
Election in November, 1910. same regulations and restrictions as are provided
NOW. THEREFORE, 1,ri0. t Cly Crarocd, .aw for generalelections iitheState of lilbri-
Secretary of Stale of 'the Stlae of Florida, do IN TESTIMONY W'HEREOF, [ .have
hereby give noti-cethata it hereunto set myhand and atfied the
^Nvlii itTKt Great Senl of the SLate of Florida.: Pt
GENERAL ELE(IO iSel[)'"- Tallahassee. the Capital. this. twenty-
will be held in each county in Florida-on Tue- flrth'day of July A. D. 1910. ' '
day next succeeding the dfrst Monday Itu Novem- H, CLAY GRAIl FORD.
ber4 A. D.. 1910. the said T'uesday being the 8-6-3m. , Secretary of State.
forltht ratifluationor rejection of the said Jolnt GUARDIAN'S NOT'ICE.
*Resolutions pronosiing amendments to the ('on- Notice is thereby given that I shall, as guardliin
.ution of the State of Fibrida, viz: o Lort Vhltaker. H lunatic, apple to HUn J. A.
J . Hathaway, Countl Judue iu and for -Holmes
SENATE JOINT RESOLUTION Pro&osing an oouut,), lorida. at his office on the lbth day of
Amcudnientto Article IX of the Couistliu- October. A. . 1910.4or o n order to execute deedsa
lion of the State of Florida. Relating to the and bills ,f sale to til of Ihe' interest. reh and
Manufacture and Sale, or 'Other Diaposal, *if title in and to the estate of \V. H. Hrett. Sr..de-
'lutosicautig Liquors or Beveriges. ceased, to the heirs of said estate that should be
le it Re'solved b3 the Legislature or the State or eseauted by said Lora Wbitaker. the said Lorn
Florida: .Whitker behind a daughter and heir ofrsal bde-
loia t Aril XX O h Constitutio r the ceased. and to receive for her any dbedi dad bills
That Article bIX of the Constitution or he of sale that may he executed to her. said heirs to
Stale of 'loride be. e.d the semie is' hereby, soid estate having agreed u:onn an amlcable set-
amendad so as totead as follows: Llement of said estate and 'division of the prop-
&rticle XIX. Section 1. The manufacture, and erti.
saIl barter or esohangei of all intouitating liq- 'this Sept. 12, 1910
uors and beverages- whether spirituous, viuouO ur ,.. J. L..BRET''.
munlt, are herA.e,frever proli bited In the tfl.ale .;'.Guardiai for LptBs",hiLaler,'a lunAtic.
of F1gridu eScDL.ialOQI for. medical. scieitia ..'- * * ."* - -.
or utieohatloat purpoa'ea. ant siWnes for sueratnen-
tbll p oss the saleof wih ohol and ine i GUARDIAN'S -NOTICE.
,fot th purposes afordsaid. snall be reutlaitd by Notice is hereby even that I shbll mak appili-
aw, . ' ition to the Hotiorable Couity Jud'.e it and for
See. 2. The Legislature shall nuact suitable Holmes. county, Florlda.t't his ouca, Bouifay.
1iws for theenfordenent of the provisionsof tils Fli.. on the 31st dail of October. A. D. 1910, lt II
,rticle. o'clock a. in.. for no order to sell' at private or
isec. 8. This Article sball go into effect on the public sale as his Honor may direct all right.
first day ofRJnly. A. D. 1911. title and interest dr Malrv L. Maihis. Buscom
A JOINT .RESOLUTION Proposing Amend- Mathis. Garah Muthis. Adis Mathis. Vida Math-
nients to Article V of the iCoustitution of is. Pallie Althbis. Guy Mathis and Odis lathis.
the State or Florida, Relative to the Judiciary Chlldiren and minor heirs of Louisa Mathls. de-
Deperlmem.. censed. in and to the following described lands
He t Resolved by the Legislature of the State of lo nd ol s three and five. less thirty
That the following amendments to Article V of wcres off ngrlh end of eOu thnreeitt Sec. , Tp. o
the Coustitution or he tae of Florida. rlutve tr wh of se , Se. 5. Tp. 6 north range wrest,a
*to the Judit;ciary Departmnent. to be auutb.red 'o. o t range116 West,
Sections i39.40 and 41 of said .\riole V. be and contaiing 800 aures. uore ot less,.
the sanme'are hereby agreed ta'and shall be sub- . .OTl N "OH '." eATHIS.
minted to the electors of the State at the -general SeGuardtnn of said estate.
election to be held oh thd first Tuesda aIterlhe ThisSept. 3.' 1910,
first Mondaiy in November. A. D. 19l10, for, rati- NOT
fiction or rejection lo-wIt; ' ' NOTICE,
Sec. 39. From and after the adoption of 'these Notice is hereby ientt that I. the unddralened
amendments the Criminil C'ourt of Record in atnd as u Lardin orf James Nixon Dtniel, Vivian Dan-
rfr Escarbin County shall be known as theCourt iel attd Lucy Datiel. minors, shall mtnke'uppli-
of Record in and for sudd County, and. in addl- cation to the County Judge of'RHolies County.
tion to their present jurisdiction, the slid Court. Floridu.'on the 17th day of October, 1910. at his
and the.ludge thereof. shell hitve. in Escambia office iu said copury and stite fr eauthndrty to
Cotntty. concurrent with the Circuit Court of said sell tile undividd one-fourth interest of each df
ConnLy and the Judge thereof, the .aume original the said minors in and to the pine timber stand-
.Jurisdiction of all other cases and matters and ing upQu the follrk,int described land situatred
tlie sime power and authority ti issue all "rits in Holmes county. Florida. to-nit.; Southeast
as the Circuit Court of said Co ;Iutl and theTudge 'quarter of southeast quarter, less twu acres in
thereof. excepting capital eases, and the power Section 23. southwest quarter of the southwest
to summon and empanel a grand jury. quarter of Section 24. northwest quarter of north-
The siine rules of proreedure and practice and rest quarter uf Section 25. northeast quarter of
rights of trial by judges ed item end referees nnorthetst quarter and norlhw-est quurterof tnorth-
whch obtoinin said Circuit Court shall obtain east bparter of Section 26. all In Tp. 6 north,
tn sid Coonrt of Record. The Governor may, in range 14 west.
his discretion, order nhonetf the Citrc it3udges MRS. 0. L. DANIFL.
of the State to hold one or more terms orparts of 9-17-4w Guardian.
terms of ?tld Couot of Record.
Se. 40. The Suprem Court of theSt.te shall DIVORE NOTIC.
have appelltu jurtIdlic on tna ll causes of which In Circuit Cour oms County.
jurisdiction is granted to suid Coutr of Record. In Cirenit Court of olmes County.
Appeals and writs of error shall be prosecuted First J.,Iciull Cirult urf Florida.
rtm the said Court of Record to the supremee In Chaucery.
Court in accordance with the laws and rules Major'Moses
governing such proce..dAins from the Circuit * . ilBill for Divorce.
See41. All t1he provisions of the Constitutinn It is ordered that the res pondert. Minnie Mos-
nd all laws enacted in causonnauue therenith eg. appearron the 5th day ofDecember. A. D. 1910.
pert.i) Ig to the said Criminal Court or Rucord tO the bill of complaini fileId sagttut her herein.
aTtid the oicers tbereof. including lhe manner of It is further ordered that this oreer be publish-
he appoimentor election aid the erms of ed foreiht coneutive wreks In the olies
office ad compensatlo of said ocer, sh ap- County Adv-ertise.r. a weekly newspaper publish-
ply ith like ffectr so tthe said Couirt df Record ed atnd prly printed in Holmes county. State of
and the officers thereof, ecepli as provided hI Florida.
these tmeldmetuts. The present oer of aside oneand ordered In Bonlfay. Holmes county,
Criminal Court of Record shall be the officers of Florlda. on this the 28th day of Sept. A. D. 1910,
said Court of RecorduMd discharge the duties and W. H. RIiETr. JR.,
receive the emolumelts of their respective offices Clerk Circuit C., Holmes County.
until rhe expiration of their present terms office. (Seal) By W V. Mayfiald. . C.
The salar or the -.Iudge ofasatd Court of Record H. L. Gruce. Sol. for Cumo.
shell be twol thousand and five hundred dollars H
year. payable quarterly bI the County of Escam- NOTI('E OF T'AX DEED.
blag. nd mty ah inUreTsed by the Le'islature. Under Spelion 8 Chapter 4888 laws of Florida..
From And after the espiriation of th- term of Notice is hereby given that., . L. Green pur-
�offie of the presentI .lude. the .ludee if suit chaser of Tax Certifieate NU. 0S dated July 6th
Lourt of Record shall hold his office for four o190 has filed said certificate In my' office and has
years. ' inude appliation for tax deed o0 Issue in accord-
JOINT RESOLUTION Proposing en Amend- ' ece with law. siald certificate embraces the fol-
ment to section Thirty-fivr of article V of the lowing described' property aituilted in Holmes
Lnstitution of Fl'lorida. relating to Establish- counts. Florid,i. lowil: L-F. of S9W\'r nr section 35
melts of Courts. Tp h N R. IRs West. The suid land. bein assessed
Be it Resolved by the Legisliture of the Stat. or at thedatleof the issunnnc- of surh certificate in
Florid: the name of Darling & Co. now unless said cer-
That ie following aftendment to Spction tifirent shall be redeemed according to law, l'as
Thirty-flve of Article V of tha Cnnstitutott of ee*rd will stasue thereon, on the 8th day of Oct.
Flortdu is hereby agreed to and shall be proposed I19U.
and submitted to the electors of the State for -sp- This ithe st day oi Sept. 1910.
orovl or re oan at the e.t general elect on r irci Cour olm . RTTr
eer r. L teat is to sa). sSid Section Thirty-Ste Clerk LCiruit Court. Holmes Couoty Florida


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'United States that it n pret rn isentr, ernor of the'tate ofNeuvo Leonitfor p... .01 t .e.t' f,.mont hei.t P ib estimatede' "'inve,' .... W.. oitn p id .
�' elected by un ersal"suffragethat its .vice-president.. Reyeswas .one of th., EP tv oroerbecoun try. will receie.'.es.$t.0i- ion'allaysp.ing , t uras wndcoUc, g5av horri
ee atwere Is vested 'in a conr - most popular wim ein Mex wasnd' "lae r e of Persona U ofin ro "100000 in ' td ch 00k 0 f t t .
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whatever gin of the K'appearisas. e of wave of reform w . oul d g o' ' ndtera od Gel us. e ig'ith .,eady mo;.ey.o tagind eroa e ,.. * ' " " an" Gi t

hiConcerning the i s s a nd Ihts origi, despo Asm the hopes.,and - dreams, almost Mischa ' hla, the boy,' violinist, sa ofPanama St.can te.l .liond ll, but. for come .'o.i e for coa n forte what rm yo
opinions diay afer. Some . wise men de- 'the (fe. As soon f'as the. Democasses In Naplaes tdoftIslast visit to Ndew Yrka a reasons bonds culd ot amuof oodbe sold ieed i's to. goto ad hofepital fo shntret-cur
are 'that the kissing habit is oea'of center in the nationally lott ery system, tof iyo clearly childhood. * . onf avorable.t erms l ta o .*Uncle' Saoi r" me."a .... o l adt ,
ts beginning wzas nothing more than DiNaples enm tedfo r pl eys the "lott", and sai d"ce pl d ateu arece sDtonat a t-e ' otE 6f i thecash. dtiw.ers until w . s.ei---*e.t"' i . ' "'':

uthe carnivorous impulse to bie. When each week sees the opbulding-of theu .sl an prinaet B, and, .for p anl uprchin of the'cnia l t wes to e ' Treasury $125,000,- i^ ib� '.
. pressed an affection equal, to fs love to culminate at the Saturday drawi Beethoven''KreutzerSonaa finely. l --- '
for his foods. The kiss meant, *I love in vast, widespread disapointment. This sona youknow, has in It s . Sn oot A iLooters. e ' ' .ry'
Swell enough to eat you." It s Bu t with the return of Msecutonday tha eral long . ad Ipressive rests. Well, e Orleans -A fire oe erwhichns
certain that kissing was one of the Neapolitan has taken heart againhis n on of ese rests mot herly old treaene abhe townof New Iberia de-on pe you ma

-iost'ancient of cutoms.i It was ct ur visions of fortune, again takeform, to lady leanedJorward, patted my shou r ed a great section on the guin e 'se o ha nk'
rent among th ancient Jews, and s be realzed- urely t is e-at the der, and sd: . d ct damae h ma

,- Stuy Pots for Women. :ent oo .ing and or i
tr th s . .a .coeis. ts.oet f . s o er o nth p , de 'tbe ' prsmd bu. t .tha whc wlcoeetDcani"stry mte to. tnshooton sight' :ire apparatus was n
The world could not do without. t represented o e' os congress ir women interested b in '- tarIke to th'e seneill take it the hualeornu af

lgm whic that country make tobe- l 'e second Mexicoa ' pol . culture which was recently held at Pa ifc railroad. The wato r supply a quy e p

Supposed Largest Map. *I understand that justicheis mted ot n lcal eperene sokeon reir th p '."bed- rq toBoa a1on.
ing. Therepub is Egland a relief map o very quickly n these parts. "Quick rment n general armig frut Th ese eal Nothin But EE E

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feet, and the claim is made tha i is ould tink it is. Why, mate, only keep g, Ioultry raising, dairy a Wilke arre, Pa.-Brglary who ' FoRedWeak We WatryE a
Dathe largest lter world. the yexepto erday nunds iTrabld out 'o n .il trduc� dahrdeicatning and horticulture tole ut es .broke inuedto '100 .'. RANM l 'a EDn -Attrlbutes. :
of t term iS 18- hasbee'pri" gaeroplarnne, and he was tried "nd sn'- The g ie rpini'n seemed to be h 'u.es at Wetmore, h ear here, and '"fieeI-oe'ha 't'ma t is e an "
et f Mexico s ince ManilS tentced alo six months nam in jail bee fore he that w ould ordinarily ary on eighty doze egts reh vere stolen. In ara. nSel a . '. .VhtE'.li soi nt2er,50 ha .n;' ,
Ssezed any tos wra hit the ground." "You don't say these one of i but' :the ele�io&ibusine s as- anything ao" what a bjeTof contadi
Ther"ea re almost four hundred aus what was the charge?" e il ped. else tak. t hnen.ept eg crs. 'The police 'whatO ap dAy.' udge f ;a I
tmobJeb in ust in Manila hcutive ad no visible means ho'Taef'ian u . ight..anpect the high c' iast of lhiin c g-.tings.a " feebl e .m" 'of: the .
held .;'hin'gs'~,4.. pras.ed;'by the p01icp'or'ssoldiersand� ''A ..'.�, . r e t ie 'rgtory and. t
...'h...a.. ...ind'arou,'s'ta * '....;'p'oo and ,.usope'pc. ad sol d" the,.Uon ted 's ne of n'lt5e se .....' ' ""
� . I ' *... . his ednem.es recognize i u h ario i o tey p n s s hss o h t 't i retf a
.,!l.ty .th'w cd .u '. . ' ..... charged Wlt " ,sedltio.. In- eve ry b e'A nt b d rbu-,,), u si g ," I ness ,says . ' .. .... "a1� � � .' .'. =.

S' strong'g �hand checked revolution and ' wast itl'.and neitherr ',lfe. nor' s n sswell:on b'000 a.ear. �nr tde u e g.t...u..te .nevg.....e. " "''
that � he..'.as.pol...c-."~P ed't llberty was ,secure.. New~spapers"on Wi no .hseveraI 'ead2o'sLwhy,.The ue-".tinmaye.', wud'be asked t why . the wao"'ystemyou'sai.d. you. V e.,-

went wa erp 'trampled' upon. 'F edom who 'indulged. in' either was' either 0nelam ele~trlc company. ofth. s i from 9000ou to -in0d000 aStraypi.- .". Stories.-. .
f.cn r o f e s expelled or jailed: � , ' �' gcountry a t" during". -" at year ' i'o:ithandag reatdra..o
. 'hI'polfcied...were.'empty, sounds.'Di mo Bernardo Reyes htd, .kept claI- of. ant.ttiga. '. .On ofthe be't tab:on-.'hy, treas: -Thae om
- '.fwasitt onlyIts0e- president of ihei-a-' the entire situation and onseveral o--- - ' .....tr i" fiials, lieetherewill be no' .offerL. Myb'dst.grl.has treated .m-

. of'tbe land to.i-award sd..pun~ish, this did not sav'e him from the wrath asuieh prs si t bacb:lkw" wh at toe' $500e0r t.urea ncs , Irronid as thes harp; oosen theycut, me to the
'.Z.'A Promise and Its Breaklng" of Dint. iea wa t fo a re tte atI. -gwn k"'irerecy crrny'lw poideeat a as wtered me llt her

.'It 'vai'.the. inte.n. f to." build the' n es- and 'stao bed"' me:. .." ... . h .,er e
""':act.' H,' 'e " ''' . "'ca nal 't.Ih r d money i .btaine 'f " dge tongue
S . ' ..s and .Its' Lottery.. A i M ta-'' undersood ' Genius. p ' "', ales th ra dya canalyho AubittI frey
.Concemning.'the idss And Its orign',' ' All the hopes"and 'dreams, most, Mts'cha', ia the boy.',"vlol ist, ' a ys. ' sidP- to;.ac ' d,. or come .to..nbe for. comort i what ..f.
opinion's differ. Some wise men de- 'the life it'self1-ot td. iiasses In Naples toidnobd 'hsast-visit to' N York a many', , reasons bonds'could not he sold.
clara' that 'the kissing habit Is one'of center in the'natiohal lottery sysemen, 'to eof 'a elyii, h lhbb... ont'. a.'ror dble terms'and'. Uncle' Sa m' aent . ' �....-
the rema Ins of anibalf4m, a d . that with Its weekly drawing dfrprizes. In � "Whe acpt very Pma-.,indted" he 'has .eed 'pitying bib canal workers . ..... _; ."_',.' _ _'_" ;. "__ "
cits beginning was nothing, more than Naples eeryotye pldys the "lotto and said',b"i pled ata receptin-at aRns- out,.'ofthe'_ca h.drawers ..tea until' now
the carnivorous impuIseto bite. When each week sees the un'b ding- the M.an princ. , and, .for.,an rchi, of the cana owsy 120-
jAritnitiva man gave a kiss, he ax- hopes and dreams of thousands,.only' , " d' vtter mysiel rtt 'led'o.ff"0o0 "
..ressed no affection equal, to hls4Iove to culminate at the Saturday "drawing. Beeth e n" " "-'KrutrSna inely
fo'rhis foods. The kiss meant, '.I love in a vast, widespread disappointment. This'sonat you'know, has in it say- " . . Shoot AyLdoters.
y u wall enough 'to eat you." it is But with the return of Monday the eral long d d Impressive rests. 'Well, ' W Orleans, LA--.A fire which

rent among the' ancient Jaws, and Is be realized--surely this the--at the ier, and sd:. " " ditrict, " dong" damage .which may
.i t .,,iap'x'alted-by2the0. pe al.police..were.
din a it- ordlsppe than onated bsor cav *t'hOulkeJuo elae.IL ' '"",. ', ' . swor'i, int by Mayor Pc-were to pin=e-.
heroysung bya ll 'oethan ponets fromsol A Yor icrm twas next Sturb' Profits for Women, vent looting, and orders' were given
ssandng' n ir. Mars'on Parrls presided � at the to shcoton sight. 'int apparatus was
en onward, ,the kiss Is here to stay, to a representative of the fled' Rose congress of women interested in .;;. taken' to the scene by the Southern
The world cotd not do without . on the second day of the Blackpooi ricuture #hch. was recently held at Paific railroad. The' water supply'-j
Supposed Largest .ap. "I un derstand that Justice is meted'out practical e1sperietice spoke on their ax- - ____. ...... 1 _-,,-__________._;.ItIslw ys%! .,t_ ,f_,:. I

Many uto s.in man ea . t n d o l n h i' car o
�.t aeroplane, and he was tried and s'n . . . The' gee'..'" " to be .hu atWm.e.e-rhre.n Mnrin eDoest'cnSinsatm'..sEyeP.'.
So we ' th e a.ane dt ix monthsain. Jail befre '2(h at Wot jcou.. .d ordi ear.y on ei.hty'. d.ze-egs w....ere.1 stolen. In 3rWa~tose Es beI r-edv.Uu 5 tss 'PJ, .......
Many AutosIn1Mealie. b.t the grou"d.") `YeOdoStND.ND,..- ..- -es banReE'.. ... B " ,"- 'h
hotfthe roldtic "Yur donts ayere.'.4.'ba'hs none oP'the. residences was' anything, M Ey Ssv .ifA p .Tu ls .. :.'.:. . . .
Ther are almost four hundred no- What was the' charge9 ......' " " - '" - f per elsetae'IDepteggs.,'The .pol..i'.cet .
twmobi.es 'n os, in Man-la. ' ho h.d no visible -ea;.s � uspe:the high cost of ling .,.:.,..I.,,

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many Three

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ut germs, vaselinf
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ad a caiusfo.i -alkali, ia
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thick orlell keliqe1M
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Ith this dplved glass i
gs. The reports are -w
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; r . Prof. W..H ,Vaughan ,f th '
oc . P a rp - west side, was .' business stor..
�M monday. I.hi.
Old'ewvspapers for 'fale-at ithis d
S " SeA.the f ie sample.. coat suits -office. Jfst.the thihg for las-
at Miller &Barkers theya are win" tearing youb':bungalow." '
P sthriaster' ir .. I - l I Mrs. S. A. Ceelre returned oie me
S .Postaster. ',I Mtrphy,-.W. R"'. last Saturday' .afterIhaving enmo- '.
. ,, . n and J Z. Mayo wereovarMoi- ed.a movth .with wth elatis d ld
S,, . day on business.. .., ..' trends in Alabama .
S^".:". - ' ".�'.'s fI E Haisfen eeturnea Mr. C. FU..G.rigs,P.popularta-l'.
..'. , � Sundayf..rom a2p'leasaaf visit with ...... .... - :
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S . ... . acting biness the dv t is
Sor: 6 ddses 666iw6llcireab wveek. HdeWiJid no6i. ireceie the
- case of hill- .and Feve... .'rice- Alvertise't eac: week -and .keep
, . - 25;cents.. 6-25-3m: posted on, ; 0 , .l..- .a
S . Wm. Rush retur'ied last ,Sati-. R l'K Ip I I Was upirbom
..a. aq from a delightf'iiiinth's is- his trtienti n ace 'liiursday,
S. it with ieds in'Mississippi. ' trahsactin'gbusiness. He as ac-
. . ... , companies hobmerby Mi'rs.E.'Cark-
.. . Mr. and .M rs. 0. 'W.Murphy ae' huff who ;ijl spend a-e :dpys
i" e . proud ;parents -of"t ason, 'born .wi-h Mi. Ssonis'ard hlsestfn-
S"n.the 28th oft Spterb. ble wfe '. ..
"' / ': 'Mrs. J. M.i Miller . and,. little : Our coluinns-are 'gowdpd. this
r' daughter,' 'iss Lama, etutned week' with 'something more sub. '
Thursday night from.Virginia, : stantniathan. ine items anid we,
' Onlyn a fet oqoinBladck Hawk for ,our ..Qmg..R ea hb
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' 1. -DHughs e.' ant ile. 1 h n,
S" '. ' .avemore i,
:FOR gALE: 'Awell esablied. " O, L . ..'.. :
dui.g businesss and'. soda fount :, " -: N ...
Apply,. to-Johri.D.-Gable 'Bonifay) Strayed from mtor4ne ;.,l.itlsN
Fla. 9 -24-tf.- .from Chipley, .oniemarele
. . :. ,W..e take botherr and or .. .u . - . .ig - . . O
: .e both:- pleasure and ge about 10 vears;, sml i:i.]n
Sprde in announicmg ft or farm- knot on left hind e iEild l
er. friends"that we have just e- notify... . .B m.'Bai.ey- Rii
. -.cured the exclusive agencyfor the Chiplev, FJa . -8-2
. , '- " fan iom is Oliv rO . Chilled P'loi s,-th -
. ' lightest draft 'plows ever .-made, .. "'
, . .:, . . :and we in!i;ff`you to call and ,et :.- . B : JarSI' D.rn .
us xplair nibore' in detail W .' Ph.sician.and Srgedi
. alsoiave a quantity of .Seed, Rye - .-BONIFAY,.LA.
S. on h ai d andf f-you expect to plant Office in Carkhuff's is.' Building.
n . . . isthe time.-*Bonrifav Bar- :Call an:ii ered ipromptly . '
'. : "* . ':"* "" / ^. H0q use..: - .... . " . . . . '. . :.," .-..: 'd iay.or-njght. . .... 10:S '.
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H* " ' *All th ilatekt#eavxs of

-Dress oods can bea!

foundd, abd6 Noltions arid

- Shoes. - .

J 'Hats, Men's and buadies' from. f

S$1.00t 26 50
sh2 S: Y i:. ,:."..:, .:3:.:". td

.:. * '/ . . .
W U : The swellest line of Jewelry
W. . ever shown-in Bonifay.
� " ; . ** . , . ' .. . .

� i : " .- .-.r, .5:-- ..--=^
....~~~~~~~~ ~~~~ -. ,. .. .. f*.; -4.s."..S ..: "... .. .o
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But look out for some hot prices on-D

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ng up new gods this week to write n ad.
)ry Goods, SIhes, Clothin , etc., next week. -",

Fall From :our Eves." J .

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� Ad '. C A I, " " or" ' " " to: A . L lp' ,e e-

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