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Group Title: Farlag Yidish ;
Title: Unṭer a ṿaysen farhang
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 Material Information
Title: Unṭer a ṿaysen farhang
Series Title: Farlag Yidish ;
Physical Description: 270 p. : ; 23 cm.
Language: Yiddish
Creator: Kassel, David, 1881-1935
Publisher: Farlag "Yidish"
Place of Publication: Warsaw
Genre: fiction   ( marcgt )
Statement of Responsibility: Daṿid Ḳasel.
Language: Text partially vocalized.
 Record Information
Bibliographic ID: UF00102876
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 52404514

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Full Text

i~f -3
s\a i~
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111 31 0Y 373B1D 31IDRI- I71DDayo p7 10 8 ;nR '
Sfl10K B 1K *T 7YDHND'S19 ,37iyt2370 7371"37B B Ira ,yr'pt"
,'fPm l D'K -19) V SyW t1wj My JKon1l1m isn lyW1
-Lp g pianr 5 ,nn g w D'I -T 1jpm )s ,lywit) IpiTp'
.qyobf I. -.nyn on al ji yp42
8191M jSm o1$39 TA'u ] y'.w y 1 5 1.1 .'la Pr u !

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110 7pylPl'WBi PIsynYI I p tYaPtWp10i s ,yum B p.
y~1sK1' 1'1 -1s ,'41an-a 1 JP IIVT py'ros 03s -P *:i
iypKnyaaK 7YB ib3Ys 011 ,rlhIp-PyT'i po yanynpi g
-2y3'O-,11ayi B s 12 a 1Tan-pl.'lr pY "118 b Ipp 7j'1
S73raBrfP 1''K 7IK pp D P '1 ] IK T131 r'* sawat 110
*.'',., Yln ali 1Y'1i' 1"'0'I .p n111
5 ,IfD"I'IR ,BlIf0 p l 7yVWISID'AN I" TF'12t I 1

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w~oW on173? B tS oa 1R op rr~ 'n ,p';rona '-
tDEW% c iu IN ybp a DVPp f7i5WY 1pipJlP 'V

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bW 0o11n ,1lth 131p'lDW '-1 ilt ,"aIs"I1 T T I1 -n02 0D11
OC 0o15 1 ,iny Tp -P 110 3'fy1"J'D YD"11 11 ,D'"ng
p1K '11DW D0Y2pr11D R5 UD 13a11f Tm 'J D Df1 1215 tl
Y1 vfl PR 0D3PI. o Rtli ron 17p9 197 Wlil ]
I^ T P ,rirv P wpy--'n1'2 S3y03yypy3s72521D 1
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':.! :.'.:
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:D na. 'rnI 2 y37221' 0'f 3111' p131yP 2'1R'38 i'R
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;D.W'7x inb'rK IpoE J nippa gi r ,rpsw't gT ,Oa pu Uop
,lo-INK 1 10'R IYW"1PY3 ViN 0l33X&-IY- '71 OttiI DX I7I
0I$3?a34n nTIT PR ,3S1"fV Il'r DB lI (1 K111S7S ]"t 1R
pu ,anz naP's' ,n'nn y'ajy -nmyuo a', 3pa pnan 'I
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M 0j03 DSlE af 0' 1M ,0Y103 012 sT ?Y012H HI RA3?DiV
-,.-T -41 ,"I 01"K OnS T? WY03?y3YE lt 710 t 1D
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