Group Title: Southern Christian advocate (Macon, Ga.)
Title: Southern Christian advocate
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Title: Southern Christian advocate
Uniform Title: Southern Christian advocate (Macon, Ga.)
Physical Description: Weekly : ;
Language: English
Publisher: J.W. Burke & Co.
Place of Publication: Macon, Ga
Macon, Ga
Publication Date: December 18, 1868
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Macon (Ga.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bibb County (Ga.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States of America -- Georgia -- Bibb -- Macon
Additional Physical Form: Also on microfilm: Athens, Ga. : University of Georgia Libraries.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 29, no. 1 (Jan. 5, 1866).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00102121
Volume ID: VID00065
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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~~__ I__~__~_~__ ___~_~~ _~~_~~_~~_~_~~ __ ____ __~___~_ ~__~__ _


. Whole Number 1732

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_~_____ ~_~ ~_~___~ _~_~ ____~__


t shamelid indifference w th which too many comeor am I not conse?'s-baggs heaven

resort to the law to collect theamountedue happy, happy art thon! If . r .1
him fresh on ore als fo 18yacion ( o a1a2 reh t nma op 4

bers to act as too many of I 1 1 <. i 1 ... . c e
y hi hel Te inans le mean p r- "love la aseth knowledy ," 4 willlM

petrated at his expense, thou art passing on through the wilderness,
. [Banner of Peace. from the gate of heH, where thou want, to

, Social Meetings. .) ri -a e- us ii. ,- 3 1Le
The number and variety of our soelal aweet gales of His Soirit shall r Both thrie
: 4 at I outside of the pale -the kisses of His love shall cheer thee-
's 11- 1.*: sources have secoe His gracious words, dropping Lke honey-
ly anything of the kind, whde there are comb, shall comfort thy soul; yea, the
r none so largely blessed in his respect as bright beams ofHincountenanoesnallshine
our own. The church meeting, prayer, upon thee, till thon meet Him withfullnese
, meeting, class mee'ing and love-feast form of joy in glory !
a most complete system ror the promotion
E i ** 1 lopment of in. GLOREFY GOD.
, = >.1 : 1. .. : a *. Together they For ye are bought with a price; there-
, = r membershiP, fore glorify God 2n ye body, and in your
- and roost powerful in the anoniding of reli= spirit, which are God' '
r gious character. Those who use them all .. 1 1 *'5 --
l = is r I ...1 Christians, and er sl an . -.ti : r .1 r 1. a*..a..r
- a a ** : a 7 good work. to *., .. ..*, *A 3. .1 warm.,f
The influence of these meetings upon our the dual glorify the Almighty?" Sach
church, its wonderful extension and vitality, were the thoughts that came.
, is not caleniable In one point of view "Ye are my witnesses," whispered the
they are the result of Methodiam, ana revi still emall voice.
- r Where there as "True,'' answered the sad heart, umen
I the church, they are abosen witnesses, for God has placed his
are demanded, and if not alreadv in exis- own grand image in human life, But I
tence, they will be rested. Under the ro* am all unworthiness. In weakness and pain
vival influence of primitive Methodism how ean I adorn the doctrines which I re-
t these social meetings sprang up, because fees ? My life is at bestatear-drop IPam
, they were a necessity, and they have con- but a cloud, how can I glorify the Bun of
A E :rr
. *, ....." a. .. -1. .el i.e. .... L ad slipped from the open
.. A I = " I a page, and the thoughts, Heating away in
t convictions and emotions are bound to find vapory fancy, began to shape themselves
f expression and a field of acting. into form and words.
Then farther, our social meetings are not Feat, the whole earth was bathed in a
only the prodnet of a great vitality, but flood of glorious light. Then came a dark
they are also the preservers of our religious cloud, borne by the wind which kept
life. Where they are all in full operation r ... .1 ..... s, ., ....,,..ti Go,
s .) prosperxty.
I a- spiritual a ,*, .,, i.z. *, a .range,
... It - 2 .o further shrunk back. "How can I beautify the
evidence than is afforded by ag!ance at the sunlight? I am a thing of darkness. -I
weekly prayer meeting, or the number in blacken the loving sky. My very exist-
attendance at the classes. Ten minutes e..
apent in a love feast tells the whole story ... .. .nd sent her onward with the
handyeone conversance go .'s *Le .. ... 1 . ,, .un.
fore, be a serious indiention, showing a de weep pr as drop. Two= the wind was

"a oThearanpor otch fe aw de ared t lowellough wept
oburch, and the means of fostering it, is sun and the sky, and lo. her very grief had
superlative . ,i .- 1. .gr wro ght won radwit he light, p e id

awfid, may not be expedient Its may e sw dd kaea7tay g e better that all should stand upon the same of love.
f r,..] .. ,s .. ;,. 1 mid be The cloud passed away, but the drops
t ...- .. - .. duty lay on grass and shrub, catching the sun-
.1 anter- 1 . ii =, e. I .- 3 .... i .. v

vices on Sunday, while they are practically was still reflecting their brightness, like a
strangers to our rich and unrivened system 1 1- la I pelinfluence.
of social meetings. Possibly we are lostag .4 .. .= .11 Was it not rather
ground in this partio[alar direction, and our t .. I : ...I L A
people are declimag no their love for soozal a 3 a .
a rel a e2 eaking in love feast and of theNm into a led ar bhe sorro ngn heart

praying in pubho is not felt, perhaps, to be heart all darkness, himself all weakness,
.11. I I whde he trusts in Ham whose strength is
,. r >r worse made perfect in weakness ? As the rain-
than the past, there is certainly room for drops weave the sunbeam into the arch of
improvement. AII our people need the promise, so may the humblest Christian
c F. .1 ] I walk gloriously exemplify the truths and

and the improvement of the sp rite life promises of Him who is the true light.
whichthevaford Naindividualmanberean KOW TO BLEEPIN CHURCH,

re a ee in d ouronyoun a e" u6d at Rd6 duty t o

be uniformity in the manner.
Threa Ser ous Questions- 1st.-It is an improper manner of per-
(Abridged from Buayan.) forming this duty to nod, and for the plain
Fellow s)uner, hast thou not heard of eason that the wombqrer a traces too much

. * ..r H h Polar re daem codutror rs
come not, and at consers of the street, that tney xwght be
shall have who seen of men. On tilsee ni 4,cif rehe
8 a upon a disphly of his devo

rl t

come." Is is well if it prove so. But lest a direct infraction of the golden p
thou shoulders deceive thyself, and so fall po e, for metance, that your next do
anawares into hell, let us examine a little bor aslee)pb3 b yourksuor g
1. If thou hast come, what hast then 2

$de7awaH frostab u tat tntlhouh a on t ytoo others as you would they

gs-Try rd dpiesseur d 1s wroughto iajnreal be
thine owr . admit that to sleep with the head thrown

ret shne back and th tmenth Widelop n is Fable to
thou are sides, flies soutextues get into the mouth
3. Tell me, I pray thee, what moved on such occasions, and by their injurious
thee to "cotoe"? Men do natusually come erdlorationds t icklee ilm delicate me abra

e ehe ha et lov ho in wh is very i jteionu I h d
Christ; eetalas! at !d notfe ee up in the ouffs of the cost, islthe nest am

condi na G80unel tth tabb ut no {,rbe aa6yseT offerag as oep wars ip

is not a man's being under wrath, but a and, mainly, I
man's believing it, that will move him to of the Scriptures, which command us bet
come to hr ch veta faumuse 11 our light so sh, that on a p

four ]epers, of whom we read in 2 King of

ead be fam y r reBe n afTdSea x my s ith rm: ap 1 ive i or
already, they said one to another-uWhy the other -Advance.
sit we here until we die ? Now, therefor "He Prayed a Gaeat D. 1
< x i .. ni camp of the Syrr-
a n a death awaited them This was the . rear< of a
where they were. and therefore they fled member of the I of one f the
for their lives. Thus it as with those who most useful and most honored minsters of
in truth come to Jesus Christ. Death is the present age,
before them, they see and feel it, and We stood surveyiec the larse and well-
therefore they come of necessity. They selected library. He had mastered us trea-
.. I ., . . ... I; I sures. But that was ou the see t of his
. I ra wisdom. It was Hans: He p.a}ei a great
I deal,
nan in good health to go to a phy He possessed .
a cure, than it is to perenade a the love and
man, who sees not his soul-disease, to come Was it became of his nobh, aiEwetonate,
to Christ. Why should he go to him? generous character? Not so much as be-
Ti whole have no need of a physician emuse God gave it, fo he kep- n at the
in pitcher that is full can hold no more heart of the Redeemer He and a. be hke
= ., then, should it go to the foun*ain ? Jesus He frayed a arent deal "
3 Once more let me ask thee, what hast He lavished time, and money ad health,
thou seen in .Jesus Christ to allure thee to and strength, with a consumer z:al, to
forsake all the world and come to him? serve the Church; and the Cbmet onored
What comelinees and beauty hast thouseen him as few have becu humored But its
in him? Is he lovelier to thee than ten deepest reverence was the albute to hw un-
thousand? And what hast thou found in feigned piety, for "he prayed a great deal."
him? He that cometh to him finds rest to Great obstacles did not arrest his course.
his soul. Hast thou found this rest in The b audishments of cultivates sciety did
Christ? He that cometh to him finds re. not seduce him from his arduous labors,
conciliation in him; for "God was in Christ He persevered even when his exhausted
reconciling the world to Himself He bodily pwers besought for repose; for by
that comet to him nade him a fountain faith his eyes were opened to .
of grace for the pardon of every sin. He and the terrors of the worM
that cometh to him finds vi+,- in I - sense. II. 2
that if thou do but touch t Igr Lt For 1 I He prayed
-eternal life-is forthwith conveyed into a :-- 4 1 because prayer was simply the
thy soul. It makes one waite as out of the dy son with that One who is so-
sleep of natural death into the newness .. 1, i . gthen, to enlighten, to
spiritual life. What more shall I say ? li c peace. But to him
that comet to Jesus Christ finds in him to die was gain." 11* has gotten all he
rest, peace, delight, heaven, glory, and eter- sought or hoped for no glory; and now he
nal life. Draises a great deal. So shah it be in time


lar y cal preachers 53 infants, and 268 adults came-was bought and read. The corrupt

All of which I onerge
mb r a too W. P. HAnalson, Seo'y. tic in the spread of a sanctliled 11 trature.

ofully Ednestion. Report of Sunday-Schcol Socidy,

po Ity The Committee on Edneation beg leave The valuen-ul importanceof the Sabbath
d to to submit the following Report: school enterpree, as an auxiliary of the
t til WESLEYAN FEMALE COLLEGE. Church, and as an eggressive agent in the

that this pioneer of Female Colleges still sinners, and the enlvatto of the people
tion maintains its position as one of the fore- hav qi co 8 3 he ackbatal
hurch, most Institutions of our land. Whde other Silities for the development of the mind
others, Colleges have gone down, under the desol- and the discipline of the heart to be found
II, and sting results of war, or have been compelled in no other it stitwion Its instructionlike
d and to suspend, under the present monetary ,
I =s i. = .* ',"
without price." It Is made available at an
!ou on li d in the life of the le than
to With a curriculum -. , i l, ,- ., 1, ear er perIo arner
-nzehis and a Faculty, whose ** l... ...-=.u = that of any other system oriestitution. It
fidel," wise discipline and patient devotion to the brings to bear upon the mind and heart the
a bind- interestsof education must ever receive our rzewhidrP m I ata son tions
equal warenest commendation-with a presiding annetus Its al text book is ,
mass- uBicer, Ray. J. 31. Bonnell, D. D, whose Bible, t great pan the science of
pro, high echolarship and varied attainments -- -
But have won for hire an enviable reputation- II r * able t
r is it with the example and influence of than a 0
ervant piety, the genuinecess of which is displays state that its operations and influenjcare
a not ed in every day intercourse with le or are 0
de for we most card:al:y commend it == oran with us in the effort to train
ad we tinued e>nfidence and patronage of the op ag tastrumentality, the children
us .* own
at the a af pn Tz.I for happiness and heaven
and pdin attendance during the present term cre are sections of the State within the
is 142, of whteh live are daughters of mam- a eo cl illoothrencece it (iji/
a t\t bers of this body. struction in schools which have no distinct
Thi 0 by no means so liberal a patron- denominational affiliation
College deserves, andwe urge 'fbe operations of ourown churob, for
sh, we our brethree to greater a la with most
of the ing a large increase. It 1 I Juri the
m and freed amount may be realized from this rr is 8,2n; for
of the Endowment the ear of 1888, we b d in this
num. to enable the =: 2 . . on y so enga
eedas demands against them.
nue to Reem the report of President submitted
iful to to us by order of the Conference, we learn, during the year 186R, i e- A ..
eeeive with profound pleasure that the II = an increase uring the * r.
wing, year just closed, has been one .
prosperity. Perhaps at no period of its his- 7 I a . a
FF tory, I . <.-.1 through actively engaged in this invidag field of
whad . i . .. institution Christian enterprise; and second, that God

i sh elvid use of greater vitality and hash seed witdhamecess h eiErts stow-
,11, a 0our State, success attained hitherto-with
halls of Emory those anches f I so he rfor thee goodealre2 accorejusual
tion, which will qualify them for enligh en this department of Obristian usefulness for
rs of ed oitizenshiS and positions of power, infla th future. "The fields are white unto the

frown ig"ega in d a tas itlwn em anan It is 4 sal truth that wit t
it 1 -' I . 1 I in heaven and
d t' I 2 = 1 1 for the
There sanctified learning, the youth of the land, t few, who
esson, rich and poor, are seeking in this Institu religion.

scho- from the able and accomplish a Faculty of try, for the learned probeions, Dr the me.
the College, study becomes a pleasure, and chanical, commercial and agriculture no
t, was the path of instruction attractive Its cor nations of life. The Christian relig a ed
are 2 neratone, laid amidst the prayers and tears neates its votariestor the skies Itis of the
local of those venerated fathers who lived in the first importance that its traisius should be

deto 1 letJiodis n, i mu mnwne d at the earli)esmprTs oses 1
nes in the hahost memory in the records of the in the Sahath school than any wi .ere lo se.
d for past, and the richest jewel in the diadem of
the future. Emory, erent and without a . es a as a . .
Rev. i t, 1 r ,, 3 , ,, *
3 111 , , , I' * *=*
t, and
131.75 Gra hi Thesearamy3ews at "lamb fo is ners slain.' -

r Rev,

e I ar our
r the crease We shou d pre testimony to the valu We services in this
rk is tude to Godilic \the has been re cause ofo rableand fa thful Sabbath school


dt rme do n8 a detoL e5a TIe o rrite na on se(! stian
laks on the grounds, bu ding .and apparatus Advocate, respectfuly submit the following
f sus- In coachasion, we submit the followingreso 11e art eputation which this paper has so

Rev lu ved, I ustly earned as one >E the very be t rels

h o e w arr t a on p on a att en

o that Resolved, That the 14odowment Associa- nativity, .. = = to rivaL if not
tions organized in July last offer a simple esseed, its former capsity for usefulness.
r Rev. and feasible plan to secure the funds, so "
vared needfid at thu time fu a uller develop

ov. A to t a he first ears after tbo war, when the air

or a use our utmost endea or laar 1 g >31 ? to epay cos
s and number of contrioutors. We also recorn- I 2 ? 0 atingen-
rs Et < e of >ts a ra tr enues of the benevo eat enterpr lie rteze
L SS meeting the ensuing year. church. When we cons der the value of
the Southern Chr a lan Advocate to the
dored Report of Comd ee on Books, Pe. use odoe n, a 0 ,ii" e

Tne annual zohibit t the don e{hn co nued flort

Rw condition. During the passin nan a hady will continue their othrts, and can
& o av be pl 1 aa perre at ne ne < wa < n t to rsal sedoor

9 and of a deb, still above $40 000. The Agent learn the debt can be paid, and the paper
spers. promises with the general co operation of a = 1 I * ** *

pdoiaby eta adr atodp hi en bhte rnreest no result will be made, to one use do tit to
a past treated preachers and people to come to his
11rs uS x dpresebers audi ethersdeo t 0 eat be anno cod that a ve ble and
; paid edicient numbers to pay off the debt in one valued paper is again free from embarrass-
onary year That proposition is still before us, ma ree ne5ul ad to enter upon a new
n the and me worthy of our consideration.
being Let us first of all and above all, place The committee recommend the passage
pros. The Book-the Bible-and after that, the of the following resolution:
Discipline and Hymn Book in every Meth- Resolved, That the members of this Com
d by :. .1 1 I is, 1. 1 To I ference hereby pledge themselves to con-
point- .- 1 5:- ,, .. .r 3 . an. tinued effort to extend thectroulation of the
leted, so .. .- it as. .. I rr.- I 2*1. r, Southern Christian Advocate, and free the
pray. -- .; L e.. I .., gl ... rr paper from its pecuniary embarrassment
Dever Agent, or to J. W. Burke & Co., who, by RESOLUTION ON ORURCH FAIRS, ETO
r pru- arrangement, can supply at Nashville prices .
helps, all of your own publications. Resolved, (1) That it is the sense of this
. who Attention is hkewise called to the forth- Conference that to employ Church Parts,
the General Minutes Suppers, Druners, Concerts, or other moth-
Rev. .1 . This work will be ods of raising funds for Church Enterprises,
thers; valuable to mbership, which ofer a "consideration", whether in
hers; and almost I preacher amusements or money values, is contrary to
lools; who desires to keep himself well informed the Bible doctrine of Christian benevolence,
30 to on all the current proceedings of his own unwisein pokey, and ylurious in tendency;
edults Church. Many subscribers are required and further,
at from $125 to $160 per copy, in order (2) That this Conference enjoin tbo
erved to bring out the work in such number of prenabers to exhort our people to lay aside
anary copies as to meet the expenses of oublica- these questionable methods, and to pay in-
ritory tionand the Committee advise each preach- to the Lord's treasury upon rehgtous pran-
6 to er and lay delegate to subscribe for'such esples, and in the love of our Lord Jesus
deth., number of copies above his own as he may Christ.
id of be able to sel].
a five '7 ,,i . .. 1 1 r ar Church Pe- PalvATE PRAYER.-The root that pro.
a the Southern duces the beautiful and flourishing tree,
Rev. Christian Advocate have spoken for that with all its spreading branebes, verdant
ehing organ of our own Conference. The Nash- leaves, and refreshing fruit-that which
rs; 8 ville Advocate, the Baltimore Episcopal gains for it asp, hfe, vigor and fruitfulness
10 of. Methodist, and the Sunday School Visitor -is all unseen; and the farther and the
5 Yo- claim an interest in our regards and exer- deeper the root spreads beneath, the more
tions. Let us subscribe for all of them, the tree expands above. Christians if you
Rev. and introduce them everywhere. We have wish to prosper, if you long to bring forth
hes; waited long enough for the country to re- all the fruit of the Spirit, strike your roote
; 50 cover from the prostration of the past deep and wide in private prayer. That
great. years. Let us begin at once to flil the faith and support, that strength and grace,
year. libraries of our people with out own publi- which von seek of God in secret. that it

Frommovemphismanneranadvocate union, and at the same time all desired tha

The most remarkable event during the IIoneton being clotl *
sessiolomofethoof I rop i wo a t na ha roposition theunio

.. I .. r. .. 11 ,, became a fixed fact Thereupon the mem

Baurday m rning, Nov. 28, the me i icleri 1 and 13, in sigingdtheh
having been indefinitely prolonged, the -... .. I 3 I , the hand
, I A. A. Houston, Fraternal Messenger r-il a. . i. *I sa 3, person

testant Church, as introduced by the Bish. Bishop, in the chairdeputedProf. Garland
op, and made an address on the objects of of the lai y, to shake hands for him, with
his visit, which was heard with much in. Brother Houston-a well-timed .,
terest. stroke, keenly relished by the I --
The Rev. A. C. Allea, who was the Fra- mindedwelt upon the historical controversy
real Messenger appointed by this body, between the two Churches But Brothe
.* year, to visit the North Mississippi Houston, not satiafted with an act done by
Annual Conference of the Methodist Pro- proxy, made his way through the crowd
testant Church, made a report of his visit, grasping outstretched hands as he went up
which had been most favorable in its oba. .. I t I the waraboutthe
racter and results. I s. 4 I *I : asout the Laity
The following documents, presented by the representative men of the two bodies
a Few 4 A. Houston, were read, vb: now one, signalized the fetowebip of kin
adopted by the North Missis- dred minds. Such a sees e as that hou
a bleshodist witnessed, was worthy of heavenly, as wel
ception of as earthlynottee-mayitborenewedspeed
Brother A. * ily, all over the land! The precedent gives
.11ro*Aer a ., is , If :- tr is = has thou h the majority
..I. at Montgomery, Ala.
a A 0. Allen, Fraternal Mes- did not accept the proposition of the Com
senger, bearing Christian salutation and missioners appointed by the General Con
fraicenal greetings from the Memohis An- ference at New Orleans, the Annual Co:
nual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal ferences of the two oburches will yet unite
Church, South, to our Annual Conference, upon the terms of that provosition,
going introduced, proceeded to address the By reference to the apphintments of the
Conference upon the subject matter of his Memphis Conference, it may be seen tha
mission, at tbo hour of 10 o'clock, A. M., preachers, connected with us by this urnoo
on the third day of our session. have received appointments, andstillothers
Afterabrief response by the President willbe appointed to work, in due time
of the Conference, the fo!!owing resolutions Meanwhile, our presiding chlers in North
were passed: Mississippi will proceed to take action, as i
Revoked, 1. That it is with r ',, 7. r may be necessary, to perfoot the details o
pleasure that we 1. li ,, 3 the union in their several itistriots.
anc of Brother .0 Fraternal To urge our people to ad in this good
Men enger from the Memphis Conference work is not necessary-all will rejoice in
of sh ri ir 7, 1 _-ch, South, the performance of a duty, accordant with
and 1 ' brotherly the sentiments of their he arts, as well a
intercourse may be continued, with the teachings of God's Word.
2. That although the proposed union ef
Qua two churches has not been eff eted, as
we sincerely hoped, yet we still cherish the -
hope that so reasonable a result may yet be fliflRC ERS si *0 fit.H[.
satisfactorily accomplished. "

Ehael achban terAof r cod ,t Frommesouthe Preshyearian,
3 Fraterai .1 . to the A Prayer.

Thurich, S unts a be l eld at Paris, n 0 F her

the interchange of Christian salatations be-
tweent at ICol I g ommittee furnish

a tran cript hereof, to the editor of the ,
31cu>phis and Arkansas Christian Advocate,
for publication,
[A true copy ] r

Resolved, That the Fraternal Messenger
to th Memphis Annual Conference, be Joncensu armen, ea v P.c.
shorized to propose a union of the North
Methodist Pro- Diluted Liberality,
*. Memphis Confer-

Ak if ion uodd eEci ceTae a Je il' a ian ur al gi s an account of
any present their Rabbi with a tua of wine as a
Extract from the minutes token of affection. The plan agreed upo
J. M McDANIEL, Secretary. Was, li.. .1 r
? Thereupon the following resolutions were and . ** I -'t
adopted, ris- prepared for the occasion. When the day
A solced, 1 That we welcome the pres- arrived to present the chrxag, the ve se
once of the Rv A. A. Houston, Fraternal was tapped, and lo! it contained
bottle of -- 2 za so

pil to continu3raternal relat as wit lar ea 1201 had ubstit dw e a tens
ThC a committee of five be a joined We do not vt = I reit of th
to ham shall be referred the sub epcts pre- are ebut igi happily ii natratese human
sen ed by Brother Houston, including the From the days the p ople of Israel
7 2'dilif o" '.bned tb u hw n an dtofferi ;snt
vi dto %erwith aidcommitteecan be some professing (hristian hap ae

agreed upon ithiBro her Houstoo for uni- , . those who unnister

one tl I "fI at the sacred altar. And if God were no
structed to report ap an for such union, in to dea with sucht edd wits ar^>ani
the at re tf rn de d e a

do m
sh a y

minister for his services, wivance stealthily
with bottles of water, and with much ado
pour the contents into the eask, fancying
that the imposition will never be detected,

,, g , , ,
matters so sacreadjde new Idtim

trate such : 1 ]. .. 1 1 the

dusa a Church are -
bankstock, and each .
share in at ..
diluted, a 1. * -

e a ,di a ham wzilla

reelto isnnonteaT p ee vue ra g d
people, for the year will soon clou nian
r 1. e , met, or his char-
actor will sufor. Who of our readers will

,n ...1, r i ..les
1- t =..., I of

/ I ... l ..
through their parsimony, and then they
vote to turn him of and employa new man,
And strange to sayaccording to theirtuode
of reasoning, the debt is canceled as soon as
they vote to ship their mini ter. What a
pity the preacher cannot dispose of the oon
stable or aberif in the same way! Where
the authority comes from to dispose of a
minister in this summary style, we know
not; itis certain 1- -4, ,, ..r, a, .,
teachings of the i s. .... .. .. .s .. _
in this blessed .. I. I .11 -
-i. Ii r.i .. . = =>
-rs- y., 1, I . I e.. . I I
then turned off at the end of the season
without compensation. A worldly corpora-
wr .. , = s = =
,; ... ,;..t .... * II .. r I
is .. is r I =1 .. 2
lar assoexation ?
I 1 *r.
par Is It =
and if members the Church have hereto-
fore been trilling with their duties in this
partienlar, his certainly time fors reforma-
tion to commence. There is a day coming
when our gifts will be subjected to a street
analysis, and if we have been pouring into
the eeelesiastical cask nothing but water,
the costless gift will avaul us nothing. It
ib all a mistake to suppose such a crime will
nothe detected, or to think if we fail to do
our duty in this particular, it will not be
noted when the total is counted up. The
same God that looked into the treasury in
the days ofthe apostles, sees every gift that
is now presented to his cause, and if we
would not ineur his wrath, we must give
"according as he has prospered us." No
class of men on earth can present as long a
lish.of uneanneled accounts as the ministry:

. vere appointed to
opefer with Rev. A. A Houstoni, fr torna

Church of the NCrth bliaisippi Distri t,
be have the repor be last General Confer-

I . 1 1 st ., ..' '

uf time M. P. Church, held at Montgomery>
Ala., May, 1807, for the purpose of form-
ingarnonbotween the two Churches; and,
whereas, said commissioners presented the

ho s adth ne Mlowic
of the M. E Church, South, and theM.P

Clause can e ay reePpar at ig naHd7d"
Tlus princ ple being now conceded, and in
corporated uto the economy of the M. E
I ab 00 to a uhntio t t

to 1 eneroposand @iaTan em
edeh in their several relattons, and endtied
to al Gle r ts and r erseman thoe

Discipline of the M. E Church, South
[Signed] G. F. Pasca,
H. N. McTYxas,
Lenor M. LM "
And, whereas, said plan of union, though
not accepted by a majority of said Conven-
tion, has been acceptedby the Annual Con-
ference of the M.,P. Church of the North
Mississippi District; and, wherene, said
Conference has sent Brother A. A Hons.
ton, to this Conference, with full powers to
offects union between that Conference and
this; and, whereas, said commissioner pro-
poses a union of the said Conference-em-
bracing twenty-two ministers, one thousand
three knodred members, and forty-three
churches-with this Conference upon the
plan of union of the commissioners of our
General Conference. Therefore,
Resolved,1. That the said proposition he
accepted, and the members and ministers of
the M. P. Church within the limits of said
. ,, ,s and
,., ,, 74 '
2. The presiding elders who my be as-
signed to that portion of our territory em-
braced by said Conference be directed to
carry out the details of this union in their
several districts A.C. Amons,
J. H. Bacoxs
Taos. F. WILeow,
A. B. FLY.
The report having been read Brother
Houston, upon invitation of the Biabop, ad-
dressed the Conference; and then, after
candid and careful inquiry, and a thorough
waishine of lead anations-the Rinhan


Macon, Ga., Friday, December 18, 1868.

let onhi brow; bu h rw soften WhnM ureta oat, ask her to pleasure and hionor of hlin acquaintaneo. On in my uage y labors for the present Confere j i. ...r .P.Ea Bpit hu hernd edugo --s-. r-. .:. ....e Th lg
Sont ent $krStan ab a ctdt on f hr s.H takes degrees, not patch a shire and a pair of breeches. You r : ... t r-* in year, having preached in number, twes..*7-i ( nlrat.: .i lat~ qu,,,~ iet eie aiu rehe for=.. re ,.J-. .* ..52.
in titles of renown, but in added respondi- theltl e t o ne bsuie ndes eoe o aer I li = .Ilokbckuo aylbr ihasa i tead eritfrnw oct.W t mnsryfo hi etig a ..4n a ..,. h= m.r rcm
biites ad s ai fr eain oe eae oe thnalittle humi hatio Re of r ide a 3, hart because I ee or littl im e R ad mtebe, o erhip fof r 3000 ruo bess c an yuaan hnorsevcs I*.u .Ity- I .s
MAON GOGI, EEMER1, 86.burdten yhaigante and weightier ew coat an pantswil come Ne r doub, telymnnr itefri. u i mybethtChis' tee ot wllthr nthea )-tuePr iv oute esl i mmer ,u e = .r i a
one laid upon his shoulders. Not so, how- or reason, or relax, look neither to the right Temissionary meetfingwa addressed parable explanisn al t t oi the king- s~onage before 189eloases ? Awake, ye n hu hadcovrddri s- a . Ir. 1 o.
BED RB I~C O R. ssin the end; not such is the reward of or left, work in blind-bridles. press straight appropriately by Hlon. II. P. Enll,Rlev.1)r. dam of God, as if a mlan should east sed1 Mlethodists, and render yu:ecca erya cn W e h n aebentaeigi h ero
BENDERING ACCOUNT. ever, ; ~~~tonards the mark for th prize. Do "ti .P anrrison, and ReV. Dr., llyers, who into the aground, and shudsleep and rs iitr:scufraln a a paesot hrheeywee n h onralIko e hti swl
There is much in th ireamstanes at- him who goes forth approved from the last a ime is short. Bethou made the last elegant c harge Dr. Harri igh and day,, and thesedsoudspig ie adchlre e 8 .e om or ariuaryf hsebetrn h re udesoobyrmre ha en rati
teningou Auuslonerece ssmblgee jugmet. isdayoftoi isdoe; e a , g ., 1 ., :-. ndgro up h knwet nt hw. orthe Chidrn ae o b us od ad ter is acqaitedwit Geen il, S C. Whn eectd. Thedetil e peo saong om

pate a time, wh e shall give accoun t rn ed *- **-lrs-oooo D ':; I.i y reat learning in almlost ev y department, coern in the r Hereon, O, Liord, I will school, and pry od to pend you ruin terc o s rSEHa, l emt a i it hpealnadr
the work of a single year is reviewed, and complete; and, if he has yet further work fa nGd" This is the way, walk ye in is .... _.lde dertaning Provid fora your miniter a Columbi Ct.aE Eastt Floida thel country to imroemnt Theyed~ liveir
isrslssummed up; there, inquisition to do, it is without tempatin, r wakess it hu ble fithulinfexile sclou an 1 9- um ers Noth eorm onfrene. omptecy f ting tepoalandthe M. llitr:- e hvehadsom ro eayhav abndace,(tank toa gne
wlbeheld, a otelabors of his life, or sin, ortoll, o cre o heharassing God will reply* Ghodi-, and a 1 ., P M .E ir:I send i + 1 T-- will, for the mosrt part. POod youwl ii-fehigsaosfo hepeec fte russi n eil k)adja rf
and te"iotoreat") demanded on the "l sense of his insulealenoy yet of a responsi- Wr'ite to us, we love yo1 UiR FA~"un. ],,f awaoul i,~!!oo- lY Uod r ool in oeo 1 I* ->u ~ toit nteGenodcrut e al .. lnrihtetdo vns ihuer
te nts" c ommitted to this epng. Hfapp y bility b thate, weak as he is cannot, in his _n ~ lrw _h dee. oe to bh ~a r oth er J io n nmesaei h sedry o rce fot tdfeetpit nteer h hrh oi netdwt
the an, ho eels at he nd o eah yer, lfebe eade, wihoutforeitue o hisex Tke are f th Chldre Dihop ayneg srmonon unda, frm NMyer, wo go totheAewath isexn paed ith therchuches an in ealt ..i 1 i ,-. piri ofthe eope, ad dos nt wae u
tha b hs otdoe iswork slighting- peated inheritancewo h sit.N lady correspondent wants ust ay a the 9th chaupter of Actsl, .teearly b e icse lt e at b m w ad to a d p ti4'ion alo, n e
ly, but hsbe diligent inhsenlinog; more hard eiroUita;i no more pinchinga pov- word to Christian parent., in behalf of their chrce n deto this jour afer1o'Jlock at ih.D es oig=o ovrin blee lee inse, Ii n
happy be, who at the great nesiae ca ay erty; no more tears over a backshlding peo children. The themreile a od ne,and can- Oa f e 5ralant Druulnltaus cco pr e sentd h'isc erat icate of. locsatUion"adlaeh:I. ... ..= aerm .1s
**here, Lord, ar h ae ts t u giaveng, ple; nomr outherable yearningl for sun- no etocntatydsusd eoete vripion of Suthe hiutgh and voies that upn was Lrcla~dmIitte by a iin ote ut bo re a iemmes feie teSna-col "*I r d a h
with other talents besides them." ne~rs who refuse tobe saved. Happy re- Church, to imlpress it properly on Ihe mind peared to him, h isbndness, groping his talr jot el nitAtilea sprmeaya as s hpfloe Yhv a cl t I 2- ec ..
But there ar om anifest diferece lese happy man!i May we all no stand ae- of parents. And we have not been sparing way in thle streets of Damasons to the houseAriu .IYGO.eatotht dr yha no bene. a.
in h w ordeals, whc smay be well quitted--di be thus permitted to "'enter in in istruction, reproof and exhortation, on of Judrs, where he remanined blind, without Atlanta, D~re. 12, 1808~. celdiEat lodan iftwrent ity lvaeh snad cm lhr.

The preacher who goes to the Conference great conference-of general assembly we, expect to come back to it again and we ad e d as ba ile 10m F~.rom he Seec~reryls report, sn ihso oterahbtot oudpe uiacrnetnt( to-oei~ Tu f
dissatisied with himself, his performance, and churchof thelttborn,which rewritten aain. Bta present, other engagements thsl was dolne in iuch a smnner as to maeteaoent enake upth following .": I"'"" .' ..4""" .." "yjdmet ostyo 1Te avs i r
and the result of his year's work, has, probe inheaven-of the spirits of just men made pesadohrdte require oratn one th~el that he a s behoding the whole !;"j rf wfnumbers, collectiuos, er 1 proae sahaty Lboesaeneed eel on
ably, at least yet another year, in which to perfect tion; so, we must be content, just now, to trasl~aetion witha hin nto r eye tloana were r e o br 8 an xrnve. lcto..7 .Jcsn. ae ( oldcmoeego pwt
make amends for the ppat. ro the- N VE LOA Egive to our readers what aor correspondent .. .. .* wor, that Saul:9 as not od~t onllPrah myII. geertin.Iloe rknss
perience ofth ear he may hv ere herself says ,o well upon this subject, h baptised by immoersion, ,ar by the rPUnlar M: ontgomery Conference A beto hrt. fe epyitrse oteCuo ee
wisdom, that shall stand him an good stead, tu n aos u s T r o rts u.ccession; and that it was ai baplisml to DerA~ uc s l rohr ol oers e n ma t abrfr e wlarbyp
foral tmetocoe.HIs failure may ths A preacher, who has been long enough in c It has been impressed upon my mind to represent th~e H~oly Ghost. Hie was baptis i- un11 ast d cnA ocate-- 1 a no us hsbe aee ro huaimnal snlefr n yinlecn tes
beom tmehabige o asuces rete te tiernc t bcoe nvlvd n he as yu osi upth radrso ,2-. i- edinth hus o Jda b Aanas a n x ro ar cor o m [ t oleser aa i b tiry ers Sinc thei 1stii b h1~ of August alt connes to her help. The oldpe conferencesmonig, i~l pssm
ida He eod ba agui ired ihad h never or es i a mly 4n do fel t of a at s, a d t tI on r fi a s ivsot lc bou l"he -1. Upbuts~prald r ndloyalnd)10 ery ad ot Io ut5 ter
faly d negli entbehas tilrme f ororepe ntace n all the reqirmes n tse up ooton h m, ein r oeitrse eoei h preacher w nere k ick g at lu tewnow mera ho t* a Genile hsear o bet tnd rt edhm es eviet h hrhb ona
opportunityfur amendment; and next year, scant support he was roeeiving on the Church, and interising blinldatagetout. When qu et waa restored, Mon ~ Irubtri fom M ont efhi fernsaenene Te e o ovroth id ofte isisp rer

richer sense of satisfaction for the gathered ployment. The father was startled at the thtthey might never bemvd an a srong, char tpoe of' voice, ul foud *Ibo colored members and preaachrs are casany methrnE or w ~ thB hop Meoyereadadngt-ek n ot) diin oorcmay w e u o
fruits of the year's toil. But if it be found thought, and rteohi o tweonh tell yo"u, how I covet them for Christ. I l i ningi eloquence, not all reported here, but ilbereported marrny brth(remplen ro te fr teCofrce TeAvae sh olrgurviio Coeene Itws rnyd ,adte

a slothful and unfrultful servant, then there to the editor to take, for public use, wht isow W may sno, but Gtod alone can terano a totiel Ho yo lot. ilix place ran January, 1869O. erho eusapo ryvil leigacre Biwie al opd ig hsaeehbi
is no frhreesonof time, in which evBer good he finds in them-as a lesnfrgves ine a min th pant i th ve r m e y lear t o d blve. Gren oo uit Mongo r cordial welcomoe, late as it was a ter nete.naeuae ~ keaqanacadwtsvrlftebeh
fo r-no futher work te ntrus ed ato ne hm o there fure. Thers lh e t er s onvey t lessons, la ~nd ht they ar om ndedt tah laeofTxspeahdat0o'lc, Ti iruti acsn onyFa,1, =1 I -I e hrh.H hsnt een lthn t i tledpesaty vrol ims aou h
which to prove, that the failures of one life tht rewrthy of profound consideration the words of the Lord diligently unto their on Mlonday, to a good congregation, wb lie T"' c'"' in .qL a.. ?II~eMa riaa naa tees weeannounced, adteCneec na oe ei e ihhsrwrpece o as n h e n

genes of mew h n ano ber atitad re fug I hai ue ron plati, eale hl ,.d k h whn nth ruitoe was vey ol ndsletn; re t .ives non eelod at 7 ede k eb t, ws o a raa i wsy sapesn
the talent frmhmand east him out,' i the hardships of these evill days." whe the wy, ris e n up! Ieylelasrd f oerllditnsoflo ec, holin~ /h P d cit aEt which place is the only pilar an gin forued past y ea ofs eahbou81,00 aowing W l o y ptyptadcaiy omryo iks ony b
the setn t at ondemns him eternally In the first letter the writer says: t~his were ~don~e with prayer, and fat nath subject Ih iut: fP p iaet isa that atl Genev Rev Dan r. Kent er was also itroue ascm ohi i o h eif ftefmiy ih acl othws id wp

his powers, repressed the energies of a free pelacsae blessed with revivals, yet nophomeo h hrh h would be a moat gthr ng tf hanum ththei n rdvrymn oeimsto inseri hl dvnedb- c ln oreorsonet sagn frhee il e ade o hmw rs d u june r.Mnern
manly nature, and rendered hslife unpro- usol deeachers inqhe ifpT in y or her which, haluol d be amn tae." hac rvet ur tieo ohru s ar h cnreain eebl I h i getfa i a A n~eaD.L RANlo foern msl wr i ar
dutie.Bete bar"te ea adbrdn hurch So faer a a see, I amt ofully pec aliy our piruminent yougmnwoi plaoc there ar svra lhueofmrh More anoon P ,Oag pig f wihw hdhrd n trigalt
of th e r da wi th fuie tail and at theo pe su e there s Ion eit er Ihe deoionalg Th hita oidy.I 1. ing man dise, and lntdi recently, a veygood a 3 Nv 6h 8gast nd d 5" od e o
cotof ensd uig, Inthe seees aabp, haiano hesuhe rstt o i se T e aeof enetreua iseoftec nt ryib etnton< y r G en le t< M Il o ot' n rtns-upnn eweea
than to cos othe floal judgment bar to day Of darkneaa, that once marked the lives .Ldvoeate is Ijh Decomber, ('hriatmar nas ine are. e .gf~p iot a .t~0ib nTo r rrectionq adanedrv Inke Joutooerae
renderseonoot for a ble, unfruitflul of. good, an har cters ofe txld oos p o n se t nkii Un sa elv enaeeonwr h Rveb s.cvd/eps eo e 0 pringliold Circuicte So. Ga one ker1 tei r n r em r antus prdaw dr ehelgdy
throR~~~~hwtifulman woleenc an ctridsl otk w~ead th Se on boL >lc Wek.. pater feredrtors and printers tatake Chriut. C r erene 1::, 11r. hiar ch'nre, il, and I thiuk, upon the 1, .ao -T e or b h n etl care tw ucnv e prnswr ur toht mkptlc eq oth r
iedolenarce. onob 1 or e lseent Way," determine ruil week, as 3 holbdas --he acculari .url er l r ioo te But ow s al e e ssaaved surewy from ed t> follow it, a to each a rendering 1 Only by so Ilsion every Go 1any, I d> be ava, at lisving durr dr the gar--the weekly rrowsbut ore- ve r om w ,rk, as Lone l over the yeari arsa l~ia g .eme .o bar r o at e o a eedepyttrets s no

nal r ad ring tactr on si a r a tha wethua Iar bei thr ao ro, Jd 6:ol d e t h.\ oc 1ian ccrpoi to anscuoc p lae bnt i nnirbr fn huc o l u uat rg adtehm to
"dio spe int o or "busineal.' "rserv U te i, es a mome at a (i 0 an. w out read r oa ii me\yC I's I 4 Lit ae 1 u hour o wardrn mre r dvai\r bIIut:co [;, 4, vi itov (1 o te aveediheIsrhe thy e
Lord" thus, as well as by beiug ferveor in hanl?) l noiir a tol leui~u idetl witho a pangu bys an ohArkansast
ope r ly The ls; acuth poa biit mad u ceralln f od tonpae l Christ Just Qrcl a inesek e plolkr, hoe to s Prem isco r tn wel~it b~ e~io. lie n t, t~oial o the ohroh duo ab- n y traveler bu he ef tbyte od
eht s Ie v y htre bena hereooe p o kbl iit by o f ro 1- a .a ro, 01n c rce non n iescwhp n 1 E T RFR MDS O PE C tdeso
be at the lot Adatsm day, elech of platanudes that are uttered in the reme pco a"'L~'t af o t, a h g i; package hf book s eerwswitno te"a at t u vr n b okdta
us w 1] barc andi from our brethren for the case ruonnr and tone ofvao from knbing ma no o:l pnrniev!i nia y ep -Jd tumir ndteu I oe, h lun on ht ivr u ttrbe 1 a otse telk

lannu rie: undfons Andi from the uncera in a ct upon smtato oers vhmentiva bfoaeleorun cant orlic coii i rls 1 runng accordtes ooswllb pt
tyo hmn l, hs a b o n neo tennaflefrmhela ides ap nme wra ecnto v~cll-h mot nom on na .e ndae I e.

oral o gethr, wh is now-e re ndrn tob e nrny nIaesefdm< nl y .4ee t emn r up rr r on~r m I en hed e: iro~ blr l on a t epore~-ured ,pi ae lo tu nej o tb rl eewl

uako m r ob u~ s ydm ttee sedre 1-aer Ud utnrgthteand u tion aom ini rn eda ubeC tw r whady He aatJc oprwe adoe

acon hp ,Aod n ror wtho g ocrw if h sak< opo soenu c hee oty th a d h inr us\oe,:dte lI c e aeclb er "e era l d vrt1mr g cm uti l
wg o f uld o be fe thme pre ar ed the s d mone s t repa yo ae burom ellpd f soH p 10 u a w a r n thn r Io um seean l o a h u n r w m 1 m r l f n n cin e d a p oo m n s s ng i a oe

ah a sra i r tel t he a re thor, r.* e i a 0 soeivr n fo bre la s ul n. 1at e rurrn e ea e onyfr r t i er ne mooe 3 m n way ous adt Fr c

chaacer t, thoe who gso a the 34 nee nlt, t These t 10twa ou eas ou ha .!1.11 sie 2 ro,1ca vle N t m l iA ton a usete too dr rh 'sl ~abor lae ,I n rte o e.poie C neec edissmo tD la.T sa
10 th rone co-ith m are eitbb oe me n Co annot ee 1 you weeinteupp eo ( L t i d lot a a n irat Pr via;? i~ians on th mae n idoflub ea~ep rin ad~.r iiiuo y ai a nd ou o w he ( ti k. ,i eth url uad ng ind, strke e a l an l: ak, niw l tot1rPn Hnf Otbr.4 -Oerhn -Hso ag
e c i lou s p her ,ha p is at r e n d ee r ihmn g G d bct o l e k ef e u t o y u r e r 1 U n h y elil so e r o n u o p a d y e r a h a n w n a c n c u b h e a w b m e n a w stne r t ry b o v;s
brthey ayn fo the ir ownt die linun ce h r sh ebi ll heri e you r Luh' 11yr t ru:- a rt<:ud .ia bh i nayw > h 1 m o an sc-ba dfr amn tn uo he 1 gtepered w sgra aisato
bys gerefsn wo rlx pen sal y ao b h o ne of y oth < o asre o n yu m o ,e as o u .ee fai6 Jcll f rt e f thernul seta a b< m ayfvrdb P0r r 8 a ~-r ere emb c speed nbe night Hising via lee csho~r~ b this rl:art of our aratv cy
era or1>lf toner I y nlr pr .. t re Wridanbtylinga i muth foath er s-ysufr ifItiea h thesyv Tho e elprm: fail n l*l r *Anr he isauon, OliJ 3, a carI;utor fUintln compa nyak cousce bil p tn i olu h xo ra uk eoehue u Ecd, wl eln enmee hr db
eycpahyttey ayfat tbla ou p nis 4utyo strted e y eco ng:0 pek I -wll pe 1oudy,.11rt Is Su er wih l y -** p t 1 1 new wsh te arrat suckfat u te m dde o r co le 10luly ustind te ep
the ohr s ho nd, uda r i t h roer douit; g01 pr seea tie in my p ble ear s uch rmourks I 01 A to I p il iu Sdo r, w a nt t dang r~ o Rur herford Cr 3h Cbai Conferouc above~ orblw 10cerih an, odmn wihco~ eoehu ot
mad evr rea eau unua shyl to intie Lat butat priaa u hntob h aoahdbenptahr a1ha onr h eihdru a ett
aeoud ice jor p n s n, the may coniet" and 'purd that~o oaat \eto olno seieo i 100role lxreig or ana a a b .u o w mrbu cnisseo vg atuaiy O o '' I oTr'irae oie tath tm.frtn :b u Cneec, a o uh st lo
conld en sh rel thepred fr n ther felmet or pyouty you wlhu d fl d e It afs ~ notrv ofr the e vom topra oin al Shall baae bnoed, aor!- ht n ee a any, obow of i p eulobr ntur in s dn 1 v.wa- a c h lep--n frohrI ian Cbbw L .o L tIbr t ur a mc swe ou hwhrethyshul ewrd tate nonlcr~e for ust the rit td- rbr o ohes v>e for th:t aban uin love ofC rt oo 4L lli lR ( aus t ak herp tof 1.e r i u s 'tar e bc >0 b r i er to o re mind thpeco na na1rrrrdl u can fe .te ec ru h pal h i b psC am n
But gat he other jude slment a, esh l b sr a ndnd Sol oe a ud nl ae-. r n edi~ii d t o mito brRL uper ig TB; ou n tourh f ~eet rtle n: ia meaur a pr ; r sy ba4'~,t 1,. Th yo n m n ld is mo llte c enr w re ecua n
arr aigne bf or ares to. u wh s iatb e ey u ma h rby m r judamet willbe ex r y se 11stout .. ** I inav Ge rg a C nferen e vali ana~ i i. a u e 1.:.err :0 on lan 1 wh teanti I ochwl trnal n out loriou revial thrughoutour bonds I

In~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~~~~r my inz her, taul mye esteemed done, my~~or fall veJ doub.3 ftous'I etror. 1~eacvl N. C. to sa rhl onthor sind we~ couldu no moesi or rar truot wes weare membersh The past year our massion.".n.".
evey mliv Ie pompedto n Ievr? ort te ful aDo touariuias and Sp a r w oiR Ssion on the w dy o deeue, rote no alao in nl out I ih *oe ui th. *urudn VIo numbers .Lr w.. o r o e a e r slctou mute nyto$ 7
tempum~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~u~I sha le udsoeene rP~dI tran decade at the~e pat Ca o a ar.t g asaa or utmjs to arev : o ad~~ bth e plce, le ir( e- mln fbsmaermuony eottoog
gresio n, parnd ee of ranmboan th~uaa e. "ad bane ... irlol gou ,-1re.W at ftecaef y whirength ened i o Pdt om c o h retfnnile braseto h
forey toy juth thempt dion or paratu ed, rosnmo a oth ur h (oteace el oneo edr adprnuce obDvecmet ort r a\,bt oM aeusi addod es outy otes ars 11thvefild
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s m all. c omf rt so t'm M et,~ to m y wh ose sou 4 give a s ba a ivi w of < o so l a aa a p enl s l oc n n oila h e r -t e t e m a o a h s hs I >r t l t e d la nd t ou l a y T h si n ry ole t n a l r e
of ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ i~"ir meibti shapes hnb ontd o r dty- I w --,i no ouLni I wil * *pin *n *l *ell Futoaadobe waro state arnt whi (bo wokatte wr idovrba ods hegeae 1. i **--
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precited ecaus misndersood nd mi- met, I ill etalate, y wihholdng fom .,Col. have t, i the w ll andthat he qestio Iciblc r ho. whch crt. tan poes aoundnot uch sgn o lif even wasici ton, nd wee kidlJ qarteed, y thesta- ant ationci 0 ... ::- es i
judged tha the itimce :s boring, when ll ston metas" Ti snttesii okofteCuc. Teeasn rt- bssoft a. sner covei ene buu t upo the vicinty too ts cnjncio wth theAp"llseme to,,..,,, b eefrics;nd s edws nx a a h abah hc etid ssCneec .i ...a~.s ml
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midiatued ofrom all bluse, in wth lihoa n takeftee d oforitlhmiaht wy hr ssm erri hs re eceri hag fthtt hewr considerable, amont of er paos tfwy rshve all left with hseavy Nvme,1 ,adnwwsga ose ii h rassCneec n os
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thatndi fuure bto e w hich the subjet of these pray, "Fathere, f omorgve the ? Isiapr ae Easo h ot ou ieadlcu thele taycchers, par torbimldi ts w ls enin~jr "rou lou pthfre weeks agroi lato the Memphis o nfe r for eotows fthSae.I aetry orpupsbeen rd ohoe hoef&
readof successful tail, in ethe one cse is ropses unto wthdraw theo breataduo etaint mn at 3 o' lok Fridhay evening. In the a a a fwt a odadsre t.Teeaetocuce ntepae mie e aslnewe hn e yffhvst n ahoehsbe pn eua iityo hit hr sao
jsie h mn of that spirit, whc lctebe sens i d do es of r b sin tess was d co entied which brought From here, I j eopned B roLestre fr, ih is Q hs, no stat pastora the latter isoc-hdalbe nv for labot th iei otisal heeeto ra Sae atosyytfimy sol tb an
lor bve llmut ibe era nt ofa nt frie sumtosy It huneadtitas d s ome ugl y o aut thereorands peho tePridn M.frH ilo acr~cueld at Prospectj pid by te Rv .BiyMreln u elfameigbgnwihha otn eeaemnrlsras ol ibr a
The.a drderte hnth eis otfaures i, y~ ouo mut tru lstf God, that of E ory Cllee Kev.q 'r.n Sihd which. chrc. a Fr~id and Saudy Pece Dsrc s rsdd vrb Rv .Bam e it nrasnitrstpt hi ie trioy Btporesa lo. Etr

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isfondtaton abrsdiienlyad uc ou shal e p ifa yous fainted not. Yo aret student Itu ir the betCleg nGogi. Fo hi w eure oTlbtoCnfrne ndwiehi itis sams acmaid h odtomn isee' mpoeets h iizn a ete net nta elwihiswieutotehr
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some other lield of labe or-and this is iss fri y ou have t drae f n evsad]fosan ueirtayohr.Te wpl norfnnileooy nasre ha bee ble todo s le : licie nt ork, meetig adIpaGo tmy oonilalth th gisgigfrwnoeploooon do buweop tegodB ho wll
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rbro F M., Professor et Mathes-
HE Y WADDELL, A. Mhofa of M
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tToo hans an en 11-Today has been the SPEGIAL TO TEACHERS* The School for the Timed
a vs- are increasing Davenport female college, C

D. APPLETON & CO., anomw c
No damage done he ever PUBLISHERs OF

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contrarstarry twisco. deau-im Newanzes
nipeared by coun.1, and HE FIRST EDITION OF O University High Wehool.

Auasix, I steady: area 42o; , REPARATORYDFPART TENTOF
receipt 390, sinn, but quiet; floqUEr of FLOWRRS ATHENS, GA

see[pts1102 ORuANIZATION.

Baptist Fellowship in England. IMPORTANT REBOLMION It would oo

Ba8pties mlaister'' thus writes to the seem a eecen od! a tt ind omi of
An yourimpressionef lastBaturdayyou ung & amusements, but no great is the

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and there is no authority, either see 1..
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serpnhin'eth Baptatofm arrhbrmthe '"

hoo't is not to be denied, of course, the ties 10 at d to bring reproaob upon the
many Baptistatill hold the ritualistic thco cause of Christ.
of thodea of Etna is be ITre A Lar PsaAct Henry Farley, of too

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tist churches was decided some years nea How he does his work, it may be worth his

Ana aCPa el, an tee no L PH am
many congregations 1. =:1 H Rptar- ver da the week; preaches toce on .. .. .
geon's does not goso ,, ,, ,
Baptist teachingis maintained, I*- I ,
profession of faith in Christ, qu *
pectiveof baptiemal views, admits notto -
the sacramental table only a FT I Islans -At a meeting
rghtsB ti 'em m ity e | Jr n Massanar Soceardy hdr

andtsimept congregateional . hillission "Jkeomananc think, to the ideal of the holy C. I 40 missionary agents. and have .
church, about 108.000 Now what b.

kn le7gne rowitout Mr. Spurgeou s we show for thisF oneyMe i1st .
tion, as in the coming ecol =1 2 = His name is Ebe, ., case
aions it is r ht that th 3 2 Then there is the I ,
Christian immunity aho I e n at of God translated into the language <
defined and understood, and have the honor Iseint1hCednlanders cW e ,

Jxws,--The Israelite, published at Chain ers to the gospel. All this for a less sum

.Stshhassaha1 1 ned a b n it so to section of a mod- A memonni from the , and let t
changes of the last half century, the writer, A DEARTn or PREACHERS.--Complaints
a gentleman living in New Orleans, de- are made by several denominations of Chris
olaree e Fadere impo bletoo tian hato ICT is han

mertimes, but so were other .. ..
which the Israelites have found is necessary preachers is not one cause of the backward
t8oamoadify T commandment to keep the neas to enter a profeaston which promises indu
t, holy, the water de- no support. The Richmond Christian Ad trainea
cares, does not i: .. rs. . ...- 3 p ,,, .. .2,, ,- ,an of the Vir , , .

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gree of longitude, to indicate by them any some large diatriots, with thousands of
precise time which would be always the church members, there was not
same holy period. The Christian world, candidate."
tnumberin largely t Jewain va epnt Missions IN SA Thefars

a sma en of'Phe writer al o aries sent t the island in 1836 1 -
ginsists for their former implacable :. .. . . n.. ., , ,
nees and persecution. Jesus, he d i I 1 0 Dir Lan
was a reformer of the Jewish r '
whomthetyhcausecodm lbeede out ides to twepr /here. Manyhavogonessmasio.

alienate themselves from the Jewish church .. ,,. . .

n moo uda . .

RELlorous LiasnTY IN BrAIN.-The . .. . I
Gibraltar Chronicle, of late date, says: gospel was introduced they had no et
mg t hort visit paid by Gener merreonow he e art"a rin cocoa .,

an internow to three refugees Senorea Ca

fo a mas at me df m thhoei AGo[ a ade squadv dITUAu .- resolution wasadopted can street a com-
the country on accouos of their religious from R3hn, says that the Prussians xg ra tmJerro, to meet gat< use no t nx

co{wit te t n er 0- pr sed astoni hmenedat the success of the to tier introduced a mu to on rou wi

eta a tm (db o ofonly inectinad v shipTn t Uni e ndustal el entirely . . .
Catholic relig o the general said: 'From is the Government. He ten fu
thisdayforth e all be liberty Ilour suggebstatthat thiseezelusion from ge ny

mandle p ar t hai h bieconsciene ,es (1 ahat There o doubetirdwant o p tu-

'%asy rnt3 to rgentlemen haul E Committees Of amionation-Florida ,, ,

dpeame itah on at at h ryouronenter For Candidates:-R. M. Tydings, E F. neursaro sexesu r .
preach its doctrines.' Yesterday these gen- let Year:-M. A Cloniz, J. G. Wort e pa agrapt . .

mteanowe see for b the A i sastrative 2nd < A. J. Woldridge, J. J. Seedy. sun.qe am unill i n .
were at full liberty to take up their resid- 3rd a
ence in the town; or that theyahould be &th "
provided with paeaports if they wished to The comr .. 3 .. .,ns. -
proceedelsewhere." takerotice 11 = = I . .r .
fence they a .
THE COLUMBIA CONFERENCE. The tion exercise 6 . Ir I I
Spectator says:-was held at Roseburg, before the C = r ..-
Douglass co, Oregon, Sept. 2-7; BishoP undereradua ., i.* ,

ene t STY A nley 1 1 1 ,,

se rtdo a to is tent tied to e., _. . .
d r, O. A. uaAace, becy.
19 t iwa ree edT e Spte tNort rn Jacksonville, Ph, Dec 10th, 1868. dered ,

a leGO b reD in dbloFarlaa]dd ToTthe Ms ers of the Fla. ('onference. op man
NM Elton and LE V Coon, deacons favor by sending .- I ' o ,
The Conference, by resolution, solicits the the names of candidates for aimission to . .
payment of $1 by every member of the the Conference-local preachers who are .
Othu h withi lasm ounds, foro men ieo omm tite rpr ei em tar tainy delegates,

of course the rich will be expected to "cast A Committee of the Church I
in much" more than this. The first Friday attendance at the R. R. depot, a.
In June is set apart as ad I
prayer for more laborers--.. .= ..- .. .. : 3 ,..
ly needed. The statistical report shows: gates to their horses.
local preachera,11; members, 840; infant Should any come by private c .. -
baptasms. 58; adult baptism, 84; Sunday- they will call at the store of T. II. *
sobools, 10; superintendents and teachers, or Alexander Guyer, where the, afl ,
54; scholars, 317; domestic missions, $114 ceive directions. F. A. E.1 .
50; Bishopa fund, 8175; prenober's claim, Jacksonville, Dec. 10th, 1868. . .. 811,000200 currency

ac Corvallis, Sept. 1, 1869. faiAh ppea o the trelat in a a e in

Evassmon ADYERTISIxe-In the honorably and morally in their debt ,
advertising volume of some of the secular, you knew their great necessities you woul1 .
as well as religious papers, a new and pro. strain every nerve to pay them Now I
massag way of reaching the masses with conjure you, don't let the blot of repudic
evangelical truth has appeared. The fol- tion stain your esenteheon. Wipe out all
lowing is an example:-"SwzARING is your Indebtedness by the 1stof July. Send
against the written laws of God, and ,. 4 due to Rev. H. J. Adams,
good society, and of this State; and I a. *- ri II sweat and tears and tails of
therefore, plainly neither a Christian, ., *- 1 I... 11 ministers, you have had- , ,
gentleman, nor a good eitizen, if I swear now for Heaven's sake don't forget them.
The gratuitous publication of over a mil. J. P DuncAN, P. E.
lion of these condensed tracts has already eialanman Notice to Me or MFlorida Annual *
suant to a call a ned by a la mber The members of the Florida Annual Con- ,
includingofficersof the YoungMeen' Chris forence, will be passed to and from Confer. n
tian Ass intions o NewTYork ce itersook ence, overr the & Gwian
New York and Boston, and the New You and be returned free

t la a D 18th I ending ordtary's ecr- < a ne up ,

bA e th tholasses papers IId GeorgiaconferenceofColoredPreach-
into Africa." Calculations show that these This Conference will meet on Wednes. r
sharp arrows can be made and shot for ten day, 6th of January, 1869, in Augusta Th to
dollars a million I-Exami ad G are et arriv

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nominated H. A smyth min-
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P( ATENTED 1668)


Emery and Henry College,

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Hale and Feanale School,
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First RonndAtl an na [ conferences- FRUIT TREEN.

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J. M. ll OLB It OO K,

rrse assuranson orms=""

ES A. T 8 CAPs ,

runs at intenacLA ,ANE s,

Whitehall street, Atlanta, Ga.


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B. A. Falanestock 5

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Inarmf ^ W BURKE& CO.
I Mteelc Hatter,

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JI~ Dl~~~l~~nPII~-M~~


Vol. xxxi. No, t

e.... ..r..s

As me \ Ga. ... s

A'^ "" **




June-, savanwar ,as,

Fourth Street,

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The D n Yoluptuary



at 2 *ne

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..F .... ; afewdaysprvioustud-ahwheasber

r .. 1 .It it a s u. 11 1 1 .1.. >I II 1 *
nu br of implementsof warfare ert -8 the itinerant ranks when he For these she prayed. I doubt not, down to belize death, she reque red her unth r
1 r in the ministry. For several the la t conscious moment of life she and fr:ends to meet her is
11 .,\ *.* .. .ra used in obers spoke of her children to the writer, 'weep not f o: me, I cm b
r . ,r. .ign..= >. I i thatsomanyof thembad pass." Herinfantooa done;,e-rdi d
rear ** 2 a : . the last The day bethre his death, lid I heaven arid thatsomany I mx weeks urevioury. Thus premature 3
arked to the writer It is not revealed of the survivors were utive and useful has death turn from the a once ft Kir
thoupasingsketeheditsriches" as he is at f aninbe of tjIchurcjid if o rn time ndan father th jole iart

FronalmosaumanciscoAltaCalifornia n life" . ya. ... .I.,.1 .1 himumitherejonoran chev .x
onwracts masr6x.Ts enou uvouses so pa ny page in its at of ti e inted mother be answered speedily

Marysville, once tbo best-built nod I see Unrist- , 1 ad arreasure to
agentystintandtownorourStatewithy Christ-theHeadof theChurchworking becher hed. Justitever 1868 1858 J.
* I tu 0 . I -s . CITARLEN A. Firlwoolt .
orchard of tlse State was Brigus'.x *phi li 6" Durtug the same convention, he TO
consisted of amety acres of assorted fruit c )aimed "There is not a cloud between; Man, daughter of Rev. and 901 47
tree on rich, sandy loam, kept monst by I ve no fears And in a few hours his Rmanus Tharmon, and wife of Rev Joho

8 etl ad voje hee lst t'the fault of its fight to the abode of Wa:ts, of the SC Conference, was base as a .. .
na et, ip at I eti til ( j 1 m a ci t, Ithe Cnanu 0

an *brouc even at te heavy cost eb elot w 1 le a C tm 1 it a LRD, el ad : i rs on be updina d 3y I

eavy tunes was the greate t attra tion be ineveritatingre ad the adowing year professed the bless-

me ,o hijhw *y, . . .. . m va rarely ever been my of entire and finition, which profbs
dernessor rank n . e doz to record the death, and comme ston, to the day of her neath, no constata .
to user wealth at et so Irt at I et fma re domeld\a Enidat rinet uPhs, a

autiful oI- cous man. to 1817, he aren't removed to an macrarzt minister's wife, she was faithfu ap -- .
proximity to Antaugs co, Ala, an a can coted ad cheerful. Few were ever
Irandes co, and its for d more devoted to the cause of God,
keEco, Aia, where he resided at his death or more 1 1 .1 i .,
He joyed 1 ,,i : honored a ,* I I

.= E the Feather me -seine, I to conduct family worrhip;
of the Yuba. practiced bit profasion for several years, and even when confined by sickness to her
in time not distant the whole of those but bid it aside to enter the vocation of a bed, she would have some one of the family

r -darl <" plaster for wmehlus t stes and ene gyha 11 "adka portion of e word efasGkdG inan
1at a type of a the blemine, and commit there to his care and El

w attS
gt very ear ni anesutortousthe 3 conaci odeli stheConsti ti spoke of tle end of lifewith frequently SOUTHERNCH ANADVOt'A
married to Miss Rebeca Hurt, who because fidence, and joyful anticipation of the fu .
the mother of two children. After her ture. In her last protracted illness, her JOURNAL AND MESSENGER,
death, he was married to Miss Cornelia La. pairn- were excruciating; but all were en.
vial bottom hands, and bury them us\/ter mar, who survives him. Ho, with his sister dun a without murmur or complaint. With BURKE'S DOYS' & GIRLS' WEEKl
Mrs.IlascomwasconvertedatAsburyearap new faitering pattence, she resigned all
rich ground, 20 the noted Dutch Bend, Autauga into the hands of her Redee ner A short J. W. BURKE & CO., Proprietor..
lands count their acres by thousands upon co, Ah, in 1832. James H. Mellard, P tim before her departure, she was asked,
thousands; that they are smothered un- E and Seymour B Sawyer, were two of who were her prospects for the future? ovems-No ea sinese so, esAcox, ex.
der from five to twenty feet of barren the preachers present. Great wasthecamp She rephed, "I have not served my God so

ITs tTed eltelle litti 0 t I ofoli meeting, and great the company converted, lone for caught) 1 know whom I have bc
Six persona-only one a psofessor-was to lived, and he will keep that I have cons I
T. ] mitted to hic charge." Whilst suffering
exclaimed in view of the
sausepreaching was rare. All foune ethe approaching death . . so I

S .. I. I such
s. . . a . hallowine influnce and reared by a sixther . .
. ,, distingu shed for uniformity, consistency, lint th : 1 ** *
s , and ) 1 . noted far triumph .. .r . . 1
, . . . . . .. = gart, it is on wonder that th I indtnes she exclaimed-
fow clevations, varying from 500 to 200 a 1. gh position as a Christian. The excel
s ,, , , ', ,' , '

G.OTastratL Asi.Likhia&LO


/ 1 1


OTINv FiffoollS, CHUR10H-8T,.

Goodia Winter as in Summer.





sourneaN wson arrier,
Atlanta, Ga.,


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arAcow, on,




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one t eaten enor meanicauct won as
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areated by
su movements to ear constantiallyuse ..

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g q - comeasure 0 a

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corrom FAcran,
n Mont omery a restore n ago..

r General cornmission FleGehant,
of a STEParss

o astomissi swayagonactrapuman urathroughou the ars.

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/HUHKE. Agent or va as and Southweetern



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Tobacco Antidote.

~yr eg

Dr. Joseph Jones, of Nashviite, Tonne
see, has been making exre:Rive rwearche
Is of Tennessee


] I i-, found to be there, the farm a de, was the home of hospit lily The son 161. db ther all lithat ra ershrinig you sor
whichweretakenswaybroacturnocifier, yonedandinallincredibly horttm t theels1 tstj da 1 n sheushtdiccasily. Itwasdone God
to o:r the grace- . e devised liber- lion and she instantly expericaced rellet,
nakablocha- 200 or 300 3,wl.ominister- and complained no moreof pain. A few arzam
ortuate acres, arid left in its due a paid The teachers Inonsents belbte death, she was asked, what

Le an u < ni /it9 st vi le b 10e n who have scr ed Tuskegee circut and st, are your prospects ? She rephed by repeat-
nd barren gravel-a pictureof utterrum. tion all rc auber bi 0 as the teadfast ing the beaut.Yul and expressive stant- a us ru *
ut the devastation could not be n are colu faced of the church. Alas I we misa hini le epmo
of his labore were ruade the subb e an 5 < ft tectil lias
He wan With her head leaning on the bosons of TSOR THE PRICE ANNENED EACH
but a doer of the won 4 Jesus, she pm ed quie ly away. J. onsor no m.losungr n an pe or
ble for the carce jusuce at his busine A. W W. '" ri r .ea are a
TheDoctoggave rnacce" le e edit tra ace to ram i m ea MV Sysis:a, Mas M GALENuCALo- a

11 *L =< 1 r-- He v aeyard and orchard land it abstract the only man he ever though produce fro n war.r, walk of M. J. Cald vell, I
discovered the remains of bu- r w:thone aski-.g the prim-kuuwing that ter of Jahu B, and Jan R 1-
ried with numerous, ul:ee, and around him allen iw came los scrue= the shdeton- of sane
as s, it it to y, and be ar /$2 r ti oe tdichave endurell 1 no : I at 1So /28 r . ,, .. le
of both hum a be ngs and animals, are I have never seen his tempov willed The rest wh> trained her in the w .
found, raixed up in one incourtuous con. ---- ----- conmanity i bereaved The church is be go Irt infaney they dedieste

of the burned otust of the em unds, b ories in the life of the writer, that he knew ing the Methodist church N .
neath he present soil, we a exhibited. - him, and loved him and enjoyed his conti ed her with as 1

R< 1 a !rteon of Samuel and don ee so a bmis a chrome aKect :e at di loutiongle e aba acted les, ader
some thirteen me us in Leight, and do any to Go, Aue. 221, I f sexeral short excurcious up the country fr the influence lope.1

nr emal air it b 8 in 53 vie ye e hae 2 ; .. 0 9ti r. Burtons

I while at elarget specimen, and jo ad .. Church with 6 nessabourhodoparture locompanywith Caldwell, and for one short year was

twi ted is to a or fla 0, ots r ten pare -and remained devotedlyzy be t vt to v sited his b others l at er co, fai b ie at 1, c( 2nost
sty sur forotathers in the revo!ut ount y * lead him away from sy of the chestan I I leave rny husband and little b by." Her 1
tl.- 4 an alien from grace dia ing near, he ** * was a true wom an s heart, and drese earthl -
wo copper cr as sw ex 2 ted or ad L 1836 Tergraduat mu d pani"no add sti Orim lees were strengtheize as o]>2ri5

.rl -r irI . enre: revular ^ in the fudian war during the fal I w uld like to be so nearmy end but 11,e < e dying bed. Her some no a
1 cro so lu d I .com the army liew His body .t 1 eyee own sweet voice 1 singing, "There "
Do for ebimed, of law, nod prac for interment. >ud .. .= was is a beautiful She clasped her
the Christian reti la ; but preached by 160. Blue to a large crowd of L 1- 1 1

n, tated w ce forful v point tuathe e fed r I = t i 1 t ie a ro "itlxdurn sis line to trust her 50 le baby, only twelve
of he inus f ar to slicea of his = he wa of on of the best of husbands, days old, into the hands of that "sweet
On the gre t orand reorrud to Mssa AC Green, of Up bed and thhty feel Ga. woo, wsth four children, survives him, a ial. Athen, my Brother. 87 the such beautual pubs She exhurted 111
in 1 0 000- to n Jarn their irrepuable less Clear in he p of ,d me diall meet agea beyond around her to be for God, and meet her in
ple were his percepu>>. Wrong in his convictor, Who live eshadoof there 4," heaven. Now that the work of life was
plentiful there and decided in his opinions-Bro letw was 13. B. Ho- ended, she ciural her weary eyes, and fell
"Tworemarkab e va> > were 0: unied a positive owtorter in society. Even in asleep in Jesus. 8,toon.
one not unlike achcH's to 0, wh the as wildest disapallous, his 11R:. JANE: M.LTruews, relict of the J. L ITURifE & CO.,
ing at the heel, a ni -Le a or minuate see I honor was extremo-and 6 < whole late Jasiah Matthews, of Talbot co, Ga, TAlurrIA Away, was born May 12, scov.oeor a con a n
witha carved 6: 1 with sh n natnre rose in ema my in=> -on hing igno died 0th November, 1868, at the residence 1789,aud died Oct 10, 1868 BOOKS! BOOKS!l BOOKS!!
remarkable r on10are:e to ble, in friend unnied, of her on in-Mw, Mr. John 11 McCoy. She had lived tr ? I heather Genuine IFion
cavalier, to com he fe;t honor-bound to spend She pawed the anniversaryof her 7-lth year to purpose or not, = She
that the extinct peopi ir and lei are hours in the society the my belbre her deen was a member of the 31 E Church, South, Ty rlTLI INCRE
-itt I whose e request a ily, other than in scenes of dissipation lier maiden narna was Brown. She was for a number of years, and was a consistent 11
alete 1 romance And it is quite probable, that this consore born in Abbevil e Durrict, S C. When member in her outward deporto>cnt; always
of the wildes charactow Her h. four1, ative course of social life bound him to his she was ebout ten years of ago her parents at church when she could get there; but
too, the skolo a a chHd, a face of aressions, and formed the remond to Ga, arni located in lialdwin co. was emnbered about much serving, save
which we cover I w .5 ea cus she 1 .. reformation. lu 1852, '1 1 too much of he 1 *
"" he realved to renow his covenaut with his : I I & R. a things of this 1
M 1,er; and united with the ME Oburch, I I & II . . ligion as she ought, and consequently had
This me ., every respect suitabic and felicitous Two some things to regret on her dying bed
tree, waie 1, when cu I nvn t a are I hies flowed tog:ther in beautiful, happy, When asked by the writer about her pre-
ago, crxid not .sve 0 v labowd assiduously in every branch of duty Christian harmony. In 1827, they settled paration for eterni y, she said "I arn about
turiceald far nare than a year, beibre he felt any in Talbat on Ey indust 1 as well prepared as I will be" Rc
An idoi exhume n as the ranth of more of D.vine approval; but he pursued piety, to lying upon the mercy of God in Christ
Lick B:anch. No hvi 0, v.oalen di p sch the path of duty from princip e, believing years .. I = getWe Jesus, she died in hope of heaven -
E I vi that the blowing woul come, and his thith mutual joys and sorrows; Let us have that "charity that hopeth all ,,
dder w is no in vain And it was his e mvichen honored husb: faith things, and bideth a multitude of thult*,"
The Doctor eve where 100 4 re the that this long suspense, was a trial or his and that we sorrow not as those who have to .
the abolicitus of tu 8 courdry w v us in co I 1 1 ttury hope. 11 rehildren andgrantichildren will
came in on et whi i.izei no on shdio a : * They raised a family of 1: children, 7 of miss her kindness to them. May theyprac
before the < un w dear and abadmy, when it did come; whom sull survive. Sister M po sensed a tice her v rers, and avoid her errors, that
bu colually, a a vigolous, well-balanced intellect, and a it may be well with them in 1 .- 1

expi e Wes:Ti via n b a a. estshlished babitsof ". W. 1 ....
and teeluder to pation together with incessant labors maxims, and ; i. . Ms. An ELazi Vs: Lre, of Clark co,
founded in the X w Unrld. IM to the a in the on a or his Maker, r-t-ti- induc- while both Ga, died Oct. 23. 1864
tears, ruvizatorecooki no be a v.bed tl< ed the di eace of which I I died, a sl of God Her re 1862; pre- 1
knodedge thentoundbalide of Teeneuro for many years lie was a great alleter. 1. anarkable in its ser 5 obaracter;
had of he cross and thesymbow a religion And under the hand of affliction, his spirit viewed as wife, sullered many long months with brouchitis.
It w-u, ratrar to be ref I ma or period, rapidly ripened for the pure atmosphere of mother, mistress, neighbor or fried, the and died in the triumphs of the Christian
when the only Carhol a sco as were a higher region Of ardent temperament, same unvarying, conscientious, IMble-pre finith. I saw her frequently during her
founed upon enoshores of the w World 1 constantly irritated by seribehootitudo was manifested. She was protracted illness; she seemed calm, patient
> in 15GL, inchitis, the final triumph consinscut. Her house was fbr many years and hopeful; conversed freely upon the
knotteeked of grace over nature was great. Hence, he emphatically the citinerant's home,"ababi- subject of rdgion, and felt at times a
web well often remark. ".11y alike ions no of bation where he always received a enrdial stronger assurance than at others A few
one ] much nore value to me than the hea th of welcome and he loved the days beibre her death, I asked her if she
er.< t othe a to that His great theme was church no t 3 a the public was ready to go? She replied, "Once be.
They pt...t. d ri onesolves at St Augustine, Chtm: His conversation was in beaten. worship of GI as . years of her fore this, I had a spell of the fever, and was -
on the shows or Fiorda, nod f >r twenty Few men have attained I hfe, she was so floshy as to be unable to a : nost to death; but now, I
necess- spiritual-mindedness. I .= ... 1- I walk without great effort and caution; and .. not the least. I would be
missions, law ofilee, or even the Court room-he was not having strength to ascend the church glad to know that Icoulsidic before night" .
and partially c I ever ready to turn the burden of his con- steps, her carriage would be driven near When the last hour came, she expressed ,
the savages. versation ,, al .,1, I 1 . the entrance, and a strong thiek plank only one regret, leavinge her children." -
parent society uncquivoc placed, (one end 10 the carriage and the She called her husband to her bedside, em-
convent of St notrated below the surface and entered into other nu the door) and upon it, assisted by braced him tenderly, whispered, "I'll soon
pear to have encouraged rnarrid as between "the deep things of God." An ornament friends, she would gain her accustomed I ,. .. '- I =1 sank calmly to rest in .
the young - ,1 e own race and to society and a pillar of the Church-his place in God's house. She was never ab- tl = She's gone, alas! to
those of the . . havolived with pine will be hard to ill. With a mind sent unless providentially hindered from return no more; but we can exclaim, "O,
them on turns a well trained and highly polished, and deep. attending Her religion was deep and uni- death, where is thy sting, O grave, where *, ,
he mound I ly imbued with the up of his Master, forty her spiritual joy sometimes over- is thy victory.'' HurRY J. ELLis.
Doctor thought, must certainly buve be- his labors and Howed, but it never ceased to flow; and
longed to tl l atchez tribe, who, ed in the cl. Mas.MARYA.E.STOKESWifeofJohn ,
coming from epread themselves preacher, he - I l' A. Stokes, of St. George's Parish, S. C.
throughout O the Mississippi cing-and his sermons wore such as to sub I ' I '. *' '.5 was born Dec.1st, 1841, and died Nov. Geb, . .. .
and its large branctus. When in the soil the heart and prepare it for a future which lends such a peculiar charm to de- 1868 2 co
I =' they probably num- harvest. As a class-leader, and as a leader declining years. Youth and age shke felt at She was the eldest daughterof Col. John /* a as
lecturer thought it in a prayer-meeting he was rarely excelled ease in her presence, and enjoyed her so- Itumph, and was trained b pions mother E. ? . co
extremely curious, the mixture of Christas- -so perfectly at horne, and so well furnish. ciety. For years prior to her death she to acknowledge God in all1ser ways. She

.. ad idolatry found among those people | ed with appropriate exhortation, that the lived as upon "Pisgah's top," viewing the joined the M. E. Church in early life.- re preacher, Ivrerenants ana rarenz .


.0 S~ (o ATC ST`: ?i ii T ',Ol X



P of I5aw BORe


F omw a ruggie, E orne orange,
FACILITIES seas nes $snall Farsals for Sale,

n .ms


""; a A. S. BARN ES & CO
a on eu no
Pil:Rci AND


III & 11. W TAx Branna, Nnw Yoxx,
tu Fir Lowt < tri masEnlEs

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