Group Title: Southern Christian advocate (Macon, Ga.)
Title: Southern Christian advocate
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Title: Southern Christian advocate
Uniform Title: Southern Christian advocate (Macon, Ga.)
Physical Description: Weekly : ;
Language: English
Publisher: J.W. Burke & Co.
Place of Publication: Macon, Ga
Macon, Ga
Publication Date: November 1, 1867
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Macon (Ga.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bibb County (Ga.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States of America -- Georgia -- Bibb -- Macon
Additional Physical Form: Also on microfilm: Athens, Ga. : University of Georgia Libraries.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 29, no. 1 (Jan. 5, 1866).
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dated collection. This, however, is not from practice that was endured by their fathers gene-
any unwillingness on the part of the people to rations ago. "Diffusion of knowledge in regard
give to these important interests, but for the to educations would surely be a priceless boon
t want of ability, growing out of the depressed to these poor children of misfortune and grief.
- condition of the country-the low price of cot.. Moreover, the art of teaching is still progree-
ton, short crops, etc. Yet preachers and people aive, and in the next decade, other and perhaps
t hope to do better by the close of the conference great improvements will be introduced. Let the
year. teachers come together, so that as soon as any
Second, The literature of the church has one has learned a new and valuable thing, all
been supported as fully as cireamstances would may learn it, and thus the slowest will be brought
admit in most of the charges. The Christian up to the speed of the quickest.
- Advocate and Sunday School Visitor have a In the art of discipline, as great advances
tolerable circulation, anda few other religious havebeenmade, as in the art of instruction.
publications. Formerly, the rod mereilesslyused, was the only
Third, Sunday schools have received the at- corrective of impropriety no conduct, and the only
tention of All the preachers in the District, and stimulus to study. A happy reaction has taken
, in most of the charges the co-operation of the place. Perhaps the reaction is extreme. It is
peoplepand in some of the circuits and stations, to the pupil's interest that the exact medium
they have resultedin encouragingsuccess. And between kindness and severity should be ascer.
where there has been a total or partial failure, it trained, that that discipline should be adopted
r has, in most places, grown out of the straitened which will make his childhood happy, and his
f financial condition of the country, by which manhood useful. A teacher is not likely"to err
suitable books could not be procured. on eIther extreme, who enjoys the society of the
Fourth, Class meetings are not so well attend. wisest and the best of the profession.
ed as in former years, and especially among the So, also, with colleges. The detective system
younger members of the church. Some have has given way to the preventive. The appeal
concluded that the action of the late General to the fear of God, to a sense of propriety, to a
Conferences has done away with them3 others sense of honor, to a sense of manliness, and to
seem to think that the monthly meetings have good breeding, has been found to be the proper
taken their place. Your Committee would res- restraint for young gentlemen. Still, perfection
. pectfully suggest that our preachers not only in college diselpline is not yet attained, and per-
. explain this matter, but urge the importance of haps never will be. It is for the student's inter.
those time-honored meetings which have kept est, that those whose business it is to study this
vital religion alive in our church, most important subject, associate together, and
, Fifth. Pastoral visiting has not only been ob. receive the benefit of each other's experience
served by the preachers of the District, but has and counsel.
resulted in good, both to the pastors and people. Under our want of system, a great inconve-
Although many of the ministers have, like St. nience arises from the want of adaptation of the
Paul, worked with their hands in order to help schools and colleges to each other. Many stu.
the church to support themselves and families, dents enter college who are not properly prepar-
. yet in most cases they have, like the apostle al- ed for it. It is seldom that any two are prepare.
luded to, "preached from house to house." ed alike; and the difference consists not only in
Sixth. Church meetings have also been held the amount but in the kind of preparation.
in nearly all the circulth and stations, and with Each school has its own text books, and its own
encouraging success. They appear to have giv- = * -s .. I . .= 17 few of
en fresh seal and proper action to the members li 1 -r 4. I =ya stu-
of the church in laying out the best plans, and dent for any of the colleges. The disadvantage
proseenting the most successful means by which to most students arising from this cause, is one
its financial and spiritual prosperity may be ad. from which they never can recover in all after
danced. life. From irregularity and want of method in
Finally, our hearts were made glad by the their early instruction, their scholarship is for-
cheering news which came up from the different | ever halt and lame. The same lameness alificts
points in the District of the revivalinfinence, by the colleges themselves Between them and the
which many souls were converted to God and i .1 I, a ,,, ,c
added to the church. I .12 I ** . mi L
This is the brightest feature in all our opera- ---" 1.. ** = = : == I, ir a 0-
tions and the fruit of the whole of all of our teachernwerebroughttogethes, some understand-
plans. It affords unmistakable evidence of the ing might be had, by means of which the transi-
Divine approval. Hard as may be our work, tion from school to allege would be natural and
little the necessary support, and however dark easy, and the student would begin in the one
may be the future in this direction, and though where he left of in the other, and his entire ed.
subjected to heavy losses, yet through the ucatzon would be but the carrying out of single
tender mercy of the Great r..i .- 1; homogeneous system.
>8 not taken away from us. Ti : 1 2 The same principle might be carried, in some
glory still rest upon our tabernacle. The pillar places at least, to a still greater extent. Schools
of fire is in our front. The blessed promise of might be so graded that one wouldbeastepping
our Divine Redeemer is realized-oLo! I am stone to the other. First, the primary school,
with you always." The triumphantshoutwhich then the grammar school, then the high school,
fell from the lips of one of the patriarchs of then the college, and in future generations we
Methodismregnatiho ad2rblour 18 dbe Tp InhieghtahreU haet e are not prepared for now-

all is, G2is with us. And the writer further argues that, society& at
large will receive benefit from the Address of the Georgia Teachers'Associa- know5dge in regard to education." It must be

This Associtxon tm eei hi ty of its Pre- rn 0 xer ckh e el
siding ameer, Rev. H. H. Tucker, Pres2dent of of being badly taught, or not taught at all; thag
Mercer University, to send forth an Address to theinfinences broughtto bear upon them are not
the people of Georgia, explaining the object pernicious to mind, manners, and morals, as was
of the association and asking their co-opera once the case, but beneficial to all; that they
ion l' ' -* 1 I are not expending their money, often so hardly
we we I J II .1, I I. . earned, for caught, but that the instruction re-
had the room. As it is, we must be content to ceived as worth ten thousand times what it costs.
el t the points made, and state them generally Let "knowledge in regard to education" be'*dif-
fused," and those who now have inferior and
it '.. * "the difusion half-worthlessteachers will eventually have good
of knowledge in regard to education- teachers, and they may find it easier and lessex.
As to the teacher, the better he is qualified for pensive to support good schools then than it is
l is profession, the greater will be his success, to support the poorest now!
e ne ought to come when the nameof teach- A great pecuniary saving may result from a
er w ea synonym for honor, wiluence, nod mutual understanding by which we may approxi-
mate, at least, to uniformity in text books, and
thus thousands of dollars may be annually saved
to the patrons of schools.
*. 3 Those who are not parents and who havenoth-

mere personal ends that desire p ition and in t 1 1 1 i ii r teachers, will
power it a only that we may accomplish the in regard to education It is better to live
**. Re benevolent ob- among enlightened p ,1 eavages,
r * x doing I so the greater the the com-
d, and in the promotion a munity in general, the grealpr is the benefit to

bco tru m a U oe ch tv a mwe) 11 b dia ob
discharge its duties well; and none can discharge If hild de ch
these duties well, unless he knows what ought to staneuersetheyrewilPno no to c pe circuit
beknowntoeveryineraberof thehonorablebroth- more favored sons of other States and countries,

each other as a ITt ce a ran socci id i vb tshall beid need in the great race of

a eka # arL onise hbrof] ottog Take a er vi 1 the property in the
teacher makes discoveries-discoveries which for soon ands of those who
he mastepa dieAwith ihimself.As 1 is waistt a nowdoyeand gir aA ete

anch otoberh theeraersho Id 1 ThhTessre ton eth 0 ir to in b
m2nds of all the weakest member of the profes- the improved world as it will be when deve oped

b re nmo w h me say er ft eean we peo tae ty II ami a ur de

I rr 7 years hence. An
in poor condition
- I = -* toome a thhe e ponsibHi lee of the age, and to
I * ** II -atruggle with the ne-
conflict ng or d Ferent views exert upon each compdlis] dtahad well trained men with whom the

oit jr I o biiotellneto71fo i re hind other State worlt thL dGeenot na r
ies, different from anyof its constituent elements, children, and where will she be then, when the
and in this case, often superior to them all. It rest of the world bus kept marching on ? As

elannotr be posed that la tiencher ho a de sur2r y, en] adv tk eL toretthe strong
except as the result of his own personal, and, vancement, will our posterity either disappear
therefore, limited observation, is equal to one or be mentals in the service of their superiors.
who la versed in all that is known to the profess. It is in vain to boast of our blood. The noblest
sion, blood is but a poor adagonist to well-developed

sloAs tokthe tc3rCJ. the writer sayeSdthat di d brtl the great future of our children is in to
be of advantage to them." hands of our teaches. They are the mould
This great class constitutes no small part which the character of posterny is cast. Our
of the population, even at present; but looking State will be, decades hence, just what the
beyond our own generation, it includes the schole teachers of 1 ..sake it. Who are

interest of all who will ever live upon the earth dainedh) ho d be attaipnje is beox le ashd
'Co legislate or to net on such an interest as this ere should avail itself of every means, b asso-

la as important a thing as men can do in this ciation and otherwise, to attain to the highest
ifeThere are two ways in which "difusion of development? What could bless the world

knoew eem drreenard dto ed atiln TmeTeqb moere th the "diffuston of knowledge in regard
tion of knowledge and culture may be mado a The difusionof knowledge la regard to ed-
easier and pleasanter, and (2) their education actionn" is the object of the Georgia Teach.
may be made more thorough, more extensive, ers' Association." WiU the people of Georgia
odldm teer ai cotntAuchil theom a stoh e sustain at work like this there can be no ano-
undeveloped. A huge task lies before him To cess without organization. Every grand idea if
attain from nothing to the position of a well- is be progressive, and above all if it be aggree-
educated man, is a stupendous undertaking, asve, must have its organization, otherwise it will
Suppose some plan were devised to relieve this never be aught else than a mere idea so useleae
work of half its toil, would it not be a eat as a castle in the air.
benefaction? It is perfectly eafe to say, trhat While organized efort is needed for all the
an improvement even greater than this has purposes in view it is especial necessary in or-

meenn w oouhght wa thealastethirty eah prNowt Gen i inueepr)et 0 ion as anr
d f e new andthbetteeerl method a ustruct mh a chfm I edeome g liberal

kept pace with the times, and their unfortunate for years, to have brought about a different re-
pupils are subjected needlessly to the same mall sultbut that pokerhasbeeinocattered and there-

anier Ikisia dreals.___

_ ~ __~~ ~

be liberal in their views and co-operate with
us in our Sunday-school interests.
2d. That there be in every Distrietor count
within our conference bounds, one permanent
High school or academy of proper tone and at
tainments; well located and properly furnished
with apparatus and boarding accommodations a
which the youth of both sexes can receive a
wiselysystematised course of instruction, suited
to the times.
Ed. That one member of every churchin each
pastoral charge elected by his own society con
stitute fbr the Primary schools in connection
with a local board, a full board of trustees, two
thirds of whom shall constitute a quorum, and
that the same in connection with the members
of the quarterly conference and a local board
shall constitute a full board of trustees for the
FT I _y, one third of whom
Resolved, That we cordially approve of ou
white fellow citizens engaging in the work o
the education of the colored people, and promise
to all such our encouragement and support.
Resolved, That it is our deliberate opinion
that the whites and blacks should be educated
with equal privileges, but in separate houses.
Resolved, That we recommend the fbrmation
of an Educational 80eiety in our conference
-the purpose of which shall be the education
of such young men as shall feel themselves call
ed to preach, but are too poor to educate them
selves; also to advance the education of such
ministers as inay have their usefulness injured
by meager attainments and have not the means
provided their age and gifts be regarded with
savor by the Educational Committee. That each
young man thus receiving aid from the confer-
ene 1 ,ll I end and security for a return
of is 1 .. 2 ui granted him, provided he
afterward, selectsomeotherprofession or calling
Resolved, That collections be taken up in
each charge for these purposes, from all our con-
With regard to church literature,
Resolved, That we recommend the B. C. Ad-
vocate and S. S. Visitor as among the very best
and cheapest papers in our church, and worth
a place in every family,
Resolved, That there be appointed lit ever
congregation where it is practicable a committee
of ladies and gentlemen to secure subscribers
and endeavor to induce every family to have
these papers among them, and also the Discip.
line and Hymn Book.
Resolved, That we request of the agent of our
Publishing Interests at Nashville, Tenn., the ea-
tablishment of a Depository of our church lit.
erature in Columbia, S. C.
The Committee are deeply impressed with the
fact that our local ministers as a class have not
taken that position of usefulness and influence
which her rly ain
IIcaven appoineveheprra eof thpe etros a to ee ary
convinced that as to its duties and responsibili-
th- ob-= e=-- -1 try is all one-that the
hich det
treular minister to an use rant or aT lesphpearre
make no)es.e edo leeb tlhisnealli and

shoulder to alloulder with the itinerace in t
c eat battle which we all in common ae called
wage against the powers of darkness. We
ePrefore e am a bella ption by this meet.

siding Eld wez ommenp a course aves dy re-
tending over four years for local preachers
2. That we recommend to the quarterly con-
forences to require an approved examInation
with reference to this course of all applicants
for renewal of license to preach, or for recom-
inendation for admission into the Annual Con-
ference, or for elder's or deacon's orders.
3. That no business engagements which can
be avoided without injury to their families should
be allowed
ing upon tb :
istry to preach the gospel as fully as licain eir
The Committee make thefollowin,.
1st That where circuits are so 1.. .

qa w r g edm es ully employ.
i il be taken to
people may
have moreof the presence of the r pastor among
them to preach, etc.

Di c ec 0 e ee a

both whites and blacks-thezr poverty-atrieken
condition rendering them utterly unable to do
much for the 1; -rt r r -ti ,i si
Presidleanet1ese facts before the missionar au.

Gorities oif our A unof b r ieits next

Sd. That where parsonages do not exist, or

a Irlestubeeh enarseesu 00 a 1 Ithat the stewards

2 thasheeviin 2 t atoolong continue e us g
8.ance, he asks however to be as comfortably

1 ref ce tot lap ed hur e -ma
such existing among us-, ..
do no more than to urge s. II.
the absolute importance o =1
rebuilding these places of < 1 ,
They further recommend that where churches

on ,eatT ch ,u ti so bmi ien a
commodious house, where all may worship and
have the means of grace regularly conducted,

theT m rmo t eeiliave dea rtehddo se n
thisDistries. Amongtheseareagoodlyproportion
of local mimsters. These are earnestly entreat.
ed to be diligent and faithfki in their endeavors
to advance every interest of the church-to co.
peratp with the i neran ministr at na mi v
feasts, etc. .
Resolved, That the pastors of our church are
urged to meet the demands of duty with regard
to pastoral VisitlDg as prescribed in our excellent

Resolved, That we recommend our preachers
and people to do all they can to instruct and
serve the colored children in day and Sunday-

htoo ,dTrttiwill consent to accept our labors

le hThat w rdially invite the colored peo-
p o aree it etter serveddto return and let
use -opera em in oing and getting

In view of the ac t8b to .ere is unselonary
ground in the bounds of this District, and that
some of the fields already occurred are but part-
ly sustained; and that our missionary treasury
to in debt; the Committee recommend to the
preachers having charge of work that the7
make sealous efforts in behalf of the missionary
cause; and to our people liberality in their do-

A b saj o7trbee b a here
is, up to this time, a great defrolency, both as
to the claim of the preachere and the consoli-,

5th I am in favor of quitting our bit and so with all the or- black! "To him that knoweth to do good and
lb d idff. plaints against the laity on this subject; The law had been read in docth it not to him it is sin."
they are not alone to blame, nor do they all the temple, but there was no thunder heard as Teachers! he filled with love for your work !
dwell in houses of cedar. on Sinai. The prophets still talked of the mir- be filled with love for the children under your
KEART BLOSBOMs. Above all, I wish every man sent out to have sales of Egypt, of the Red Sea, and of the Wil- care! be filled with love for the Saviour-filled
nr unr was a feld with a good house, to cultivate and live derness. But the people did not see these to overflowing with the spirit of Chrnst! In the
within2no hear a welling, in, and not a mere patch; and I wish him to be things; and so unbelief and idolatry increased, arms of faith, bear your scholars to the Saviour
well fed and work bis lield well and have large and the true God was rejected. The cause of ad ask him to bless them!
Asoertheboomingpastisburled crop. WM. J. PAaxs. God called loudly for some are and marked ,
The iron ear or year. Newton co., Oct 17th, 1867. manifestation, that the God of Israel was the *
our stay thy banarelentles. Times true God. .
My dear heart-blossome sparee The Epochs of the Church, Knowing w Respectfully submitted,
Lovenamycenisheartarsecreatmoomed- synar.:.e..vans, prophets of SAstra. A. NarsoN,
Thehistoryof the Church presentemostaignal The contest is unequal; one man in the midst Asat Supt.
And motone shadow would ining and striking Epochs. These are periods mark- of his enemies, against 800, surrounded by their
Acrosstheresyhours; ed by the special providence of God; periods, friends and sustained by the throne. But "if Marion District Conference, B C. Conf.
For Time tromhis mo-t rapta wing, in which God steps out of the ordinary paths of God be for v. scho men he ownsws ,wa 0'"' Atr. Editor:-By a resolution of the Marion
Has scattered many dowers. His procedure, unvails His face, and reveals Him- grandly subi .1 1 1 1 a District Conference of the S. C. Annual
TheHostingeloudsof rainbowtint, self to the world as the God of the Church-the occasion. T' 1' I I '> Conference, we are required to forward to you
Thearstw athwartyenbeaven, mighty God. as to show his faith in his God; and to be asure for publication a condensed report of its pro-
Aresypesoureameandaoysthaseras, In such times, the lines between vice and vir- test as to who is the true God. It issofair, that ceedings.
Assarry).ghthavegivent tue-between true Christianity and formalism the prophets of Beal dare not refuse. He who This hady held its as . D.-. .. ,
are drawn deep and broad; stsoa .. FI . r ri a IIo .al and C., on 10th October. I .. .. .. ( .
out stparethe sweetheart Itossome stan' authority to rule over man .. 1 -.. J. 14, them Early, Rev. Robt. J. Boyd presided Rev.
The not or Paradise was then, Law in most fearful forms. Thou, an, no men- Wra. W. Mood and Dr. F. Pressley of William-
commupoamysprit ways puts on His strength to save. Truth is radiant flees, brought no fire to consume their offering, burg District were elected Secretaries,
with light, and armed with might. The Church while the twelve barrelsof water upon the wood Every portion of theDistrictwearepresented,
comes forth ofair as the moon, clear as the sun, availed not to prevent the fire of Elijah's God, excepting Georgetown station, Yuhaney and
The Greatness and Goodness of God* and terrible as an army with banners"-uThe from burning up has sacrifice, altar and all. The Black River mission.
ar nams c. own. Lord reigneth, let the people tremble; He sit- people, with one voice, exclaimed, "The Lord, Committees were appointed on Sunday.
The works oc oon are everywhere, teth between the cherubim, let the earth be he is the God; The Lord he is the God.'> The schools; on Ministerial Support; on Education
rhroughout immemity of space: moved." prophets of Baal were slain 3 and the authority and Church Literature; on Local Ministry; on
Amialih a gracousworkedeclare These Epochs seem to be demanded by the of God was vindicated. Church Extension and Pastoral duties; on the
wa n tool em #, 4, necessities of fallen humanity. Man has as blany other instances might be noticed, (and **xe colored people; on
Andea2d "Boholdmy worksaregood." evil heart of subelief -unbelief is the natural among them time of the Reformation and of I =* of the Church.
state of the human soul. Memory, too, has suf Wesley,) 2n t The 11 q.
n w eand manthesess:- fered in the fall, and men areproneto.forget the show, that in is 1 I mext ses I - ... ..
voice of God in the past, though uttered amid ity and my comes 2n that demands some special Dr.Jan TT 1 F . , ,
at /nandwas reast yb sd' thunder and flame. The ordinary means 0: 1. I P .1 r I lo re- E. T. Sta li : ,, .
Anawhen hosman, onl wondrous ions grace fail to counteract this natural infidelity. I I r ga ] ,r *I r =1 = his E. McMillan, Marion station; R. W. Boy ,
comebrougheredemphon from about Neither books nor the living mmistry can paint people. But let those already given, suffice to station; Alternates, Samuel A.
the thunder and fire of Sinai, or the cloven settle the prinexple, and I shall next proceed to 1, 1 L. Wright, Dr. R. B. Player, Rev.
7 eyeof of very are; tongues of thedayof Pentecost. The sacraments show that we may now expect another of those Wm. II. Smith.
and other means of grace prove alike too feeble Epocks in the Church A very noticeable feature was the presence of
v pTethent a whnesto be:- for the task. Unbelief increases, and sinners wax Rev. Mrm. G. Connor,' I ..11 of
sananothawinneavenorearthorsky worse and worse. The gospel seems to lose ita Charleston Sunday-Bohools, M. E. the Orangeburg Distrie s * 11 vas
1s inarromb1sau carchingeye: power over men. Infidelity throws off the mask Church, south* with us to devise measures for the relief of our
and site, unblushing, in high places. The leaven senab-Ao timbice c> enn and cumberland annuay- beloved Wofford College. 110 preached to large
wereannotj re ern oa[sun' is in the meal, and the church and the ministry .
He seemancur thoughts within, are affected by it. Worldliness and formality This school has been opened regularly, 23
And knoweth an we an or say assume to give direction to Zion. Spiritual reli. Sabbaths the past six months. Three Sabbaths I ary camp ground, nine miles from Marion, S. C.
We cannot hidefromhimourface- gion is ridiculed, as a relic of antiquity; and its were so rainy as to prevent the ri | e. aifested
noneth usmovery place' advocates are classed among the fossils of super, the school, still a few teachers and I I in an o .1 = = 1 them-
ra. ioveoread ineverywhere, stition. Consetous of the want of moral power, assemble on those days and held a prayer meet- selves to the church. Religious services were
ms Providencessoveran substitutes for unction are sought, in forms and ing together- continued when the Confozence adjourned,
An unnes are objects of in eare; outward helps. The faithful begin to tremble Average attendance of teaebers 20, and of War. W. Moon,
The inue sparrow. annot fa for the ark. The faint-hearted conclude that all scholars 107, total 127. JAs. F. Passson, See'ties-
iFin anoFu trom mevon- is lost, and are ready to give up the conflict There have becu 54 scholars admitted and 28
The day is dark; quit t shaji come to pass that have withdrawn, an increase of 20 scholars on susDAY-sonoorms.
Those scholars who have left us have done so The Co ITer the
ants 2eang awen, = = .. .1 I. 1 ** In . . removed ti mmittee a following resolu-
And be by an forever he 4, authority. God speaks and the nations tremble I. I of it, 11; OCt. That bat
Te rr wonomus n Such has been the history of the Church, from oined other and dropped led the Swedourschuodoel Id wh is usua2
the days of Abraham till now. for non-attend sty y prop
in sons of sweetestsoundmu praisel gre propose to demonstrate our proposition by No death has occurred in this school the past y organized, be regarded and ttrea d r5s the
news presencetooweverywhere- an examination of some of the striking Epochs six months. Thirteen from this school have juvent Th t an warrant, par at f Suba
as presence fliteth every place of the Church. We shall assume .4 .. .1 a united with the church. 2n e organiz ion o y-
waheathis presence and he care* there were individual believers as ., I Our roll now consists of :
At tiesove" r f$agrace, believers from the days of Abel, yet the Church Officers and Teachers, males 15, females of sound pi
would peremand would coasetober Se 2 as fe G 1 eit3d. Thate%.admit no books into our schools
The Earth use r womannon decay: situation; its conditions of membership; and the -- ulas text or othe wise, without the most
Thosme wome from theirpinees out form for the admission of its members. Whole number of school...... .... 208 car examma lon. - -
ni a ea1 i ut I'assing over events, which might be dignified Ouri record of the weather shows 15 clear, a 0 = -.., ,

Irwa th na v erase one 3e1 ochs e fi he br I call atten n las taken, 100. A School Visitor c otl2SourSpm ano prevent the
for no crime of theirs. Gobseems to have di. Number of 1 .... on run surront or Tus MINIsrav
reacted them a this land, by His special provi. This school i II . I 1 The Committee recommends: Atsomachurch
dence, for t eir good. The wicked oppression Society. One . 1. . 1 "
of the Pharaohs, afterwards, was their sin, and member, and ten dollars at once a hfe member
for no fault of Israel. Yea, it was the blessine We commence our school at 9 o clock, A. M. conference-a Conimitteo be appointed to de
of God upon them, that caused the; .1 * .1x reading the termine :
About Parsonages No. II which onlminated in the order to slay I .= = * ** 1. arely between 1 ,
I, for the present at least, close in this my re. male children who might be born of th I I 1-then sing a -
marks 1 1 ites. The sin of the Egyptians, and the oppres- hymn, repeat the Cread, unite in prayer, and year, and proceed to make up that amount by
The I == al I very economy. sions of Israel, went up to heaven as memorial, then cornmence the recitation of lessons. %'0 subscription f\om friends and a fair assessment.
True, our economy makes Parsonages necessary The Israelites were powerless to meet the de- usually close school with a few remarks by the of the Incrnbers At the next church meeting
and ,, ,i obtt 1 mands of the day. The ordinary means had pastor, superintendentor other person, and sing- if the amount dotormined upon, and the assess
that, I == I, 11 2 well been tried for four hundred years upon thatpeo. ing a hymn. ments are adopted, the same Committee is fur
dispassionately. By weighing all sides of the ple; and still they grew worse and worse. It A roll book is kept in which the attendance ther required ta secure these amounts by aprom-
question, we roay, perhaps, strike out some plan, was thee "for God to work." These heathens of every one is carefully marked each Sabbath is I
that may be an improvement ip our complicated must be made to know that the God of Israel is -a receiving book In which the date, age, resi- T'
machinery, the God. Heatretabes forth his hand; Pharnob dence, etc., of each scholar is entered-and a equal installments, .i r. rn ., .. .
1st. The size and wants of families are so di trembles, and all Egypt feels his power. De- minute book in which all that occurs each Sab. commencement of a 3
versified, monstration follows upon demonstration; plague bath, of interest, is recorded a good interest to be required when an install-
the very ,, upon pl u and anave upon lower to the From our statistics we leatrn tktitoPhe j mueb r pt costs i2s pl i'fhen

of menif blessed with throne of Egypt surrenders to the commar I .1 I been very mercifully hands of the steward or stewards.
means to do so, who build or buy houses for Heaven, and Israel is released, preserved. The attendance, behavior and At each <1 I
themselves, have respect to the wants and tastes In viewof what lies before them, the Hebrews interest of the scholars have been remarkably day on whic, ,
of themselves and families. What suits one need re assurance-the Red Sea and the Wi]. good-but the best of all is, the Lord has been steward or stewards ar&required to report his or

asp.:be d bna yorf ar ha em e t 8t ti n ah tdaposii b 6 imsno
The Egyptians and the Hebrews a ri T the rooney received.
perhaps nine cases out of ten, cannot be com are made to see His grandeur, and to feel His It will be objected perhaps to this plan that
mended to do so I I . r I ** I It provides for the determination of the amount

on ir r att tion in Sinal.. =1 *... 1. that claims ,, .1 1, ,c ching leads to ap d n a uretheb cof heismian er

uitld oi o wa lanran I haofo I drto But four short monthsa dh a sh d take time to yare ev ry72fs n bef eitcaT t skonb an{ion3o ray ofmattiemptin d
mined for ten years some not for two a unto the Lord for He hath the Sabbath comes. If we are interested in to say that in their opinion the almost yearly
n the Ensuit forh which heyPwere bullet c 3 tritun edthg riojnt te a a elsis r on 11 us, we shall never fail to interest our var stio e cedTo@r e}n field nee acn

he heir ita irchuett thr byo ae Ar athTef taasFt nG w edh ea at cae r scholars are absent we shouM great he t od eir tdsinofd sp ople

making it the very least convenient place for the tl 1 1 T. Ti e new circumstances of such lar. In matters of this kind, there is nothing
preacher tthat ould fo ,ot fe w3 il e fo 0 r gdo emo G 6 neeral Pn nd cou r tar asteril lves .

vear or two before, place chosen of God for this communication. For several Sabbaths we have been having the pecuniary ability of the respective churches.
-, a rown aw -one The occasion is one of deepest moment to His afternoon sessions of the school; at which we How much better that his information months
circuit with no Parsonage, and the othe with a people. Moses is commandedto assemble Israel, sing hymns and listen to addresses prepared by point be definite and positive, than as hitherto,
house where no body was suited with it as a at the base of the mount, and to put bounds, the Superintendent, teachers or other friends. indefinite and uncertain.
Parsonage, No wonder, that, under these cir_ beyond which they may not pass to touch the These meetings are increasing in attendance Lastly, is it not far better for the minister
cumstanc sdit6bsetfree irtci hea refuses to leecu mount, stth t ie.m easesa end theamount; and interest a we believe are productive of is it so simple justice to himrjat inrgoing

peo ot trumpet sounds; the thunder roars; the = = * I of
cahinve nings flash and the mountain trembles fror I I msel and f mily th a as now, full o doubts

,u'I is uhSeeleasto wt 1 ann is on{ i o ellow more and better acquainted with each other and nd fears, an aniorbidly anzmus about the first
and how great the sin, that could We are glad to see so much harmony and Nor does it always stop with the anxiety, un-
duci our circuits to so make a calf their God in an hour like that! love among the oHicers, teachers and scholars- pleasantness and mortification of the preacher.
ag But the people demanded itand Aaron yielded, may is long continue and may we see God's fi : si it happen that in the de-
Moses descends to find Israel worshipping the work prospering in our hands! Very pleasant = 1 amount to be given him
Say four or six or even eight or ten churches f, if /ma esotythe mount, wrapped in the aph elabrorsdand very pleasant the friend- wnore rn ret CL pe I rthatdproed

npam Such wickedness required to be rebuked Dear children! we look upon yonas the hope whichlessens theusefulnessof the former during
I = == : I I 1. 1. =oube promptly and with marked severity. Moses of our church, our city, our state, our country! the year.
Par takes his stand in the gate of the camp, and in a few years we shall have passed away and
sonage, and, in many cases, I doubt whether cries, "who is on the Lord's side? let him come places Do you ever think ON EDUCATION AND CHURCH LITERATURE.

had not means to feed himself and family main- put every man his sword by his side, and go in would have become wealthy and honored ere burg District Conference and d
ly, he would have to rely upon the pigs and and out from gate to gate, throughout the camp, this. We come for no other purpose than to nu a Society comb call der flor soreaniza-
chickens of those wearest to him for support, as an ay every man his brother, and every man teach you God's word, make plain to you the Association," the one of which ,

so rmy m yMaemi co dt a I usureNyo Andetoh illodnzena L irydim oc adi ow Indraenndo n htta^Chr sa furnish annual ass s nee to the College, till a
I am wntin al ut sober Itruthe real matetebre da ,da dIoshes- mid therde fellow thep tple that life a melancholy one-such is not the fact. perma at end emS telshal >er I or a

be such an one- od laugh at itI will ran ful vindiention of the divine authority! The ized at the next Annual Conference, and aball
ise him, if he will report to me and wielpes it sin was deep and damning and deserved to be celebrate an anniversary at every College com-
that I will inform the Bishop of a score of pla made an example of to all men. The authority g mencement. Any one may become a member
from any
that the picture is nop overdrawn e' time for Jehovah to speak as a God. and pray God to help : conference year. The following resolution is
In conclusion, I remark Another of these grand Epocha came of in anen and women and greatly useful in the Say- recommended by the Committee for adoption:
1st. I am in favor of havi ood comfortable the days of Elijah. sour's cause That all the members of this Di trict Confer,
parsona es wherever g TI ked Aha Parents, we need your sympathy, your co- ence be requested to secure as many names as
Sd. I favor f th we wie b, influenced by the godless operation and prayers Sabbath-sehools are not possible for this object by the next session of
them, am in o e preachers going into Jezebel, encou aged the worship of Baal and of designed to relieve you of the duty God requires the Annual Conference.
3d. ..- .. I < a . I I hoets of Astarte. ezebel fed four hundred of you, to teach them His Word and the way of The Committee present the following recom.
themtakinggoodcareofhousefurniturefene emanner, e th nt ble; adhAhab saly lon butasathel inthat reentaudiblessed melodatsTaj6 first class Primary schools be es-

...tidpan a OMh sB h 'ru ng/ah a 11 w ami eP lazoofun 0 e on enane tu j0 e jod wH o aHjt e I shddatCo is dioura n he
sonage system' to death. Tradition had lost itg put im gettleg or donig good! That thperson who qualified, be employed to take charge of them.
a power upon the lives without bemg a benefit to o era, lives a If belonging to another persuasion, they must

L----l ~~L_~ ---- J. --- ------ --~--- ----~___-----------1_I ~______C___~_~_~_ _~_



Vol. xxx. No. 44

United States, stand as a divine pledge to bring 84,121 50. The next sesion of the Conference -, II II :- .. . . this point, it is the duty of all-and e pecially Hamilton C2rcuit, south Ga. Conference. Eufaula District Meeting-Montgomery
this issue sooner or later. Nothing but the is to be held in Louisville. the women, to rally to the Doctor w{xile he is Mr. Editor: This charge has been visued Conference,
utter and final ruin of the whole country can __ In nearly or quite, every instance, the preqehers 1 I I ,' r _1 with some large manifestations of the Divine The Eufaula District Meeting was held at
prevent it. If this nation, as a whole, flourish. Another Endowment scheme. n rn 22a boonneocca ed and coin ed, * = .. . I dopondent upon, favor. Ti T. r .7 2 syn s an W. In
es, the South is to be its garden spot, We may The Tuscaloosa District-meeting, Mobile Con- the revivals which ensued Southern Muho kin the spirit <1 a pure Christianity for security and ,, , , ,, , were elected Socretatica. On the first day,
notsee by what process quiet and confidence ferencewas quite a success. Rishop Wight- ispaitherdead nor asleep; br I comfortasureshekdies. Thanubsidledgoslan . . Committees I = consider the
are to be restored, but we can trust. Our child- man presided, and all those pro ent were satis- '* for dress is the stubborn even 1 . promined I Verbal re-
ren and our children's children will see it-and fled that these meetings have introduced a now and all her children and figonal otu pl e ni st I c:1 '- t church powerfully r reic m t va <1 1sht 1 :i ti b D tericpt t9he t I ce
sc may leave all in the hands of God. Let us cra into Methodism, that new life and power will __a. poor-drives thern from our Churchco-ruiu accession of 12 men hera where some thonaht charges. Many of these reports were gratifying
keepto our duties, then, preparing the way for thereby be infused into the Church, and the our devotion-sears the conscience-and causes there were none to joia. At Pro poet them.ui in a high device There had been revivals in
them, as best we may, by industrythtift, ener, work of spreading scriptural holiness throughout New Advertisements- the children to pass through the five to this ;gytions were not so great, but a deep and >ol- nearly every work, some of wonderful power
gy3 and above all by educating and training the land be greatly promoted. One of the most THE Hos. War Gmsos, propo es to opon a modern 310loch. Oh! when will we come from elun influence pervaded the abole community and widespread influence, especially in the city
them to labor, and by teaching them religionby important items of business transacted durillR Law School in Augusta, on 9th December, as. Wher for weeksCid I ^ee are a Idp a at 1 , r en ox d t S. a seed
precept and example. Let us anchor our hopes the meetum, was the hearty indorsement of the isted by several other distinguished membels of counted add, and somewhat At thmalton much good has been done-power and the membenchip had been aroused to greater
upon God and His pron ines, and all will be well Southern University Helief Association, inan the legal profession. Ree Advertionnont the sake of Christ? Netwithetanding all that ful influences have been felt at times-and the ac.i I y, in the advancement of every church
---- - grated at the Summerfield District meeting Executou's SALE.-Zhoo who wirh to pur the men I sy do, or any, a Un upon this Saidath-school is more pro porous than usua winter .

AP Re e to yNet < pEeOo I to to mpeos oo lah m ry f ^ssoci 0 chase lands are died to an adverti ement in an- , / , , buttt[till th et has been a r on t fa b en lonb e ,ietro 1

g e j lu I c Anon i ha e I 1 1 n re art upon th i en e oocun ra 1
in which it has all the force of the term, holi- Subscribers bind then so ves to y annual y on I (J]Ttg(111)(1((C se:irrity of n ini teria as intance. To God be w ro principa ly nade up of hymen, and dis-

noble x 3 f li ratcoti In] oaf 081n it hos1st January, for the toernn of two th vows. ci all a praise or to to ode i nore than usually Iarged tim uttj a u egrgat un-
When it is used to mean a holy life, it pre- Fouthern University, which sum the Trea urer LETTER PEOM MIDDLE GEORGIA 1 to "renounce the de l and al p2>er si )ir to e(@n i f /11 rasimt a 1: 1 la een e I s aen iC
supposes the existence of a holy head. It is, of the Association shall pay over to the Excon- -us covetous des res * the earn. I do have had an allicial reportadded niomenium tu its piewed on the minds and hearts of all, by clear
by eminence of position and power, the living tive Conunittee of the Board of Trustees of the sires of the flesh, a that they will not jolbto firee. The short arid pointed add:oss of our and orcible reasomug, the imperative duty of
and working principle of the Kingdom of Arist. University, to be distributed as may seem ad- al&. Editor: While some capticu persons or he Ad by them And is the pn sent rage 1 orthy Agent, Bro. Smith, made a de ep relig- so-t laing every interest of the Church, accord-
All the moral powered receive their first vitahty, viable to them for the support of the Faculty nury find fault with the managementor the Ad- 7, a rs ow co ist 1 !th ch can ousimlpress onuponthelaudiencei ndM pr 01 x ionneasur cof our ilit and at
and their new direction and executive force, of the Institution. In case the ausual income vocate, it is quite encouraging to somenaber that that in following every whim and fashion In- re oluti I J. M. 31obley, re *
from it. The Christian a motives, feelings, de- from this source should creced the amount ne- so w five 11 Icued, 2u xl time cy vented by sensual Palisians, so sacrike "a comu ending the call of a State Coovoution at
aires and aim<, his thoughts, words and acts, cessary to make up any deficleary in the salary whobas done the Church wch valuable service meek and quiet spin1," depreciate our mosal"> mno suitaule time and place, was ove looked in
his reason, will and affection, are all toned and of the Professors, he surplus shall constitute a rounuked to the writer a kw days since, 'il a corrduptm < ticlH<:xalTrleput--ar zu to sh t rn attrarcox 1 mi tv f cliT qndr a to our me bcrship,
controlled by it, so as to harmonize them with part of the permanent endowment of the Uni. unable to pay for the Adlocate, and I uo n women to ex : ** = I France. in mor- the next session of Cordrences, pathy or 1 biodcrhood, by
all the beautiful and just and holy laws of his I versity. The scheme was cordid:y approved, tool able to do without it. do met now TV als and religion ? and no one la so .1 * -et the Edi and by enforcing enlarged views
Creator, which are the true laws of his new giving rise to an interesting di, eassion, after to do." That wise no h--h 3 eyes ere t Thuortiv Tave irs motion as Bro. J. B. Smith. And it is to be Aligation and duty. They will
spiritual being, and perhaps tbo necessary laws which twenty-five subscribers were obtained. is beerT:gree gnbers of dec t ode oe sons in Rural Lodyings, Ga., Oct 11th,18til. hoped he wal not forget it. Risron. ve troosth and success to all our efforts to
of all spiritual being. 'Tis earnestly hadpond tha thae ricaula of tl el edlar d, wl60 prisp tbc Aboon nexgatoo LETTER PROM DR. BORING, Pleasant Grove Ct., S. C Conference, the cauty of God. h w 11 impress

THE FATAL CHOICE. either to Bishop Wightman, heeident, of to been willing to reduce their morsel of brendand r estorm onoalveston annel sunday choon we if earncely and zealously, acco6ig to
If you live or dies sinner, and sink into utter Prof. N. T. Lupton, Treasurer of the Associa- in order to obtain it for themselves aml [The Rev. H. Anthony seuds un the fe!!olving IGrlytillast pastor of this Circuit' the lasgo measute, which the Bible commands.
won and despair, the choice and the fault will tion, Greensboro, Ala. children, letter, stating that he and others "think it ought C, 1 in life have a great number of gifted laymen
be all your own. You, not your Maker, will Friends of Emory! Eastir yourselves. First Al: tobe published to let Dr Boring's friends karw fored vari (
1, re.\vour an scrath and eat on the field, do not suffer youtselves to be die. be commanded. The times are hard, it is true, of his destitution and suffering.'' We atr a tures-a p. I .* devote then
oil, II., 1.. ed no r Iad put ibrth tanced. id t1ere is a sur oth(.st 1 i with them,:ind we hope that it need hardly be 8 imuld Irecit the 1al[g tchTj rt je s feeling strongly and constantly the commanding
clu an. 0 le aat ri rathern Rev. PROSPECTSw Is ONt i c. Louis in th luxuritisdof 11ke p ,e 10 t: en I su t tso be e tra n
pin ;e at nto to me ib tortures of e Christian Advocate under date of September20, plied. And are there no responsibihties atFth a deuce of God calls thorn to give some aid to one and teachers became more than usually illigent in = 5 ws, W. T Davis,
e d M but at wa ly ..nd persa ally to In Cleveland, on the Sabiath, I heard Dr. It] i ber tu 1 or God due lee pu pit ministrations they have so ofron attended ha John W. Rogers, J. F. Culver, N. P.

il: and b. ta d 1 21ie j ou ladles i omTtd h cites xi\t g t vi th is re bi hly fa su r we idee a ver e: anade a nie to be held on Saturday, 12th October. At religious services of the meeting were
a ( o:::e an 10. Ocnpl hear the e season of the laying of a corner- tone of a new voted cla sea be wil 10g to unl 0 the sacrifice ? statement of facts should be110 means (folicit- Lon
ac 0* 0:..( non: web I .aul nuinna with church; but its purely reliprous tour was very lhe I' lu aid from an narter we shall be most hap. 200 icachers and scholars were formed in I 0-
1 Jer a 1 .. II I / n of who chaga in ,,an,, a
ie ar., ir le vb si no a < pon ithe Nort for services rendered 13i g la f by py tomboodm on loc tbot e on yhig it to our g , 1 8 services, four of the A Essn AT AT Fonsvan he Moniroe
no in cru.v: \\he a way 6. power to On the sume day a talented young minister, by quantly hear the rhisperines ot * In }bay r fr:rud and " 2 * epeeches propered for reli ion I =1 FI & I
\\h is, so, . 1.> al.I!Iry :.n! purpose to the atonement of * I rei revae to Ahia mid ye fed rne,"cle Dr. M. V. Wood was then introdeced to the gr>i:ax, and a amnber of
every hum n [,<.0, wh, was voluntanly and ham Lincoln and = .. =* 110 said them -moto pacious t , , audience or d made a chaste, beautiful end imr the altar. Such another revival, so far no our
II e water and the was yet one great, unsatisfied demand of the unble than costly vir-1 1 -gi breaking heirt, to cannonseats with 300. knowledge extends, is not upon record. It has
I ls loyal masses of the North-that Jeff I avis Christians! do you A strange and rapid series of cverwhelmine I I= I II :-wept through our whole community, seizing
I., tron for the sins of the South." A pede fe- .1 an the momen ruine homeless, ided, and in utter destitution, ruent of passion and unwearieddifigenoc, urging now nearly citizens are within the pale
Anothc< Wurchanon Removod. aticum seems to possess these ava, an Gul Some time in June I brought my family out of correct :-h-1-n- pranexple-based upon the of the Church, and the soelety of our town is a
.1 bilel in e in to th- il* < R It Pt zues, Isly ka s wl\ t loP 0 1 he su( pay inc 4 a sions. S[ich a course n ablurrents of moral al stantht ItoTe ome c Bay, g a re ral e f hte coaly safeguard too If 9rity. Truly we have great cause to
these men asked 2,0 what I 1020 elevating than much impaired as to threaten their lives The Rev. J. R. Little, toen delivated an ad-
I he Rev ] >0 y it W .ish, at the South I in I the prospects of the we f wr all the social and political organization of the I remained in the city, but in July Iwas sent dress to the children, urging parental obedience> Tur CHAntiwros, S. 0, Canones.-
('arah:: a (Leak rene, he I st limnervvsile, of * 1 I leave you, and readers, to unagrat age. Such influences wouki ascate the very best for to my wife, whom I found dargerously ill of religious devotion and the avoidannond evil hub- lirother b. A. Achou writes: Our churches are
.1 u! th ch 1, .ci .5-th Octobe r. 1917 ', my reply. guarantco for the future good of the country fever, and I remained five weeks at her bedside, its, ma style and a nor or**<. my 0 "- i but are much embarrassed
.1 pure, e..-1 .>.al a falleful avant of God Randolph Macon Collego. And the stewards of the Cht.rch would fled that when she slowly recovered In the meantime >ngregatious at Bethel and
I to ri c ed lure I. r vt a cr The Richmond Christian Advocate says: out s lap nourly fr nican woulddi ar h b v, j h or dp 11 o fe r 8 The speeches were approprif tety ihea Inity race .vT and ata tivtwentyAlboutTu ny
We are much gratified to learn by a private ticasury of the CL" quent relapses I abo had a serious attack of inthin fire months. The Sunday Schools at

4 0 le re for r "E letter from COL ohnson, albat the anxp or no ti p n r e r are ex ed to come in newsti deas, 0< re 0:n li 0( hi out no r reco;* thee I so a =become epidern citI alveston, ere they were To Inclidn Mission Conference.
I i.. 12 4 Texas. Col Johnson attendeathe Me ourt and ab- be way be ca t down, but not destroyed, LaGrangeand 1, happened by waiting, Bi.hop Marvin writes to the Nashville Chris-
tree or a Iv I 0: c.e '" St. onis Conferences. The promise a p:aron to motto should I e, Ty on 100 di he through the wh 10 interEar of the 8 uto I wa, = the truly rich arid tian Advocate, that the session of this Confer-
3 1< r tr 1. we 1, sole hatolercometh FLe ni tier can bend, here, shut in hom the world, and cut off from creditable repast be before them. ence La ju 0 closed. He says thattbe brethren
to a 1.21 en ku -1.<.w :1.0 'ow I I < 1 1 & moon in bus 1 n I crop, and Upon redesembling an the Churgh, the sue from the Benthern portion of the Conference
id; up n fl. o 1 as a : A the South and West, vi fil her lay * lin winter eceslul competitors for the various prI;us were were a mount, nor did they send up any re-
To mi Our fewsub .:00 our called out The highest for the circlit was p rts. e have no statistics from either the
cannot the 11 I : 1 solves We had I * Octobe awarded to Sarah U. Winchester who had wm- ( hoemy or Utickasaw District. We only know
.r 1.> i.:: am, : a 1.01.11 he usu-- South, and t and the forer having abated in the city, we be orized 3892 verses of Scripture; the second to th there have been some revivals down there.
anny up to (.Ae anic State, send inen--and why not give to the soon as that is gan to feel somewhat relieved, when suddenly Sainal S. Wolf, who had committed 2,233- There in a great deal of sickness in the country,
-are in <: re we list of stude 1 ' ' I landing to the Lord with the prollaimeof pay ? an unprecedented hurricane and flood, swept both of the Pleasant Grove school. Other and we take it for granted that somethingof this
a up and an one, a of Ed.hty and tr du-isy ,i .. si 1 prizes were awarded. And the audience then on run : have prevented the attendance of our
It is not at all nee :, flat you should re- F this month, listened to an approprinto address from hav J. br:thtenfrom those districts,

1 in n a 0 nidth r I 11 1 1 of other churches, time your e itor or NE wind d Link upon the importance of Sunday-school th c < N tlixo:" ext s elyeernenoJ3 adh
a These 1, rem on or call us to nator L o lannish ibr want broadent over the La <1hka the brud east upon heavil till ,\Inter Leonard Richardson then felivered the mainly by the labors of Brother McHenry, a
8 nec, warel ol d h is: n tou>w poacy the snator ,otlrar shall al i e 0 1 ast, aging unortheast, whichdexceeled in v led tarytthtehh whdoe own ror)ouncedrjud native I to ter, at h Ifme or a poi e
nee the abo\c wu warren, we have r ce real 1 is in proper work of a choir and a use of stensdty an the sea, frrorn /hauBay was all E. of the Creek District last year, was not able
on a or r ... <1 at of a pa lon utrument music asp to a a b firo a ethe 3j r ra has hen greatly promoted this circuit The he a t[w kr an the course of the year,

unan the embiwh 11, 4 in no .1 ani warnel .ly full of hope learn from the Rev. J. Blakel
y Smith, who st- the Ada and Jessi were in bed wi h fever our he ye una of thet mesmi! not Iu nit u nav 1 I C asehoul

fore wested. Let the friends of education or-
ganize their forces, and in due time, they will
accomplish the noble and philanthropic ends

ten t a / , ,.
people will be educated to sustain them in it.
Noorganiz.tin has been proposed norsug-
gested, other than the Georgia Teachers' Asso-

chiefly interested in the ob-
jours proposed. Will the peopleanetain the en-
terprise ?
It is the ush pertinent respectfully to suggest

thle following anquiries toeertain classes specifi-
1. le it not the duty of every teacherin Geor.
gia to unite with the association both for the
aske of what they may contribute to it and for

g u tee wTehi ten th tit and has

d Goen y ofb on 0
encourage teachers in their employ to attend the

pp ,association;t] i p s
,, h man
the delay knota hindrance to their education, it
is wings to it. The expense is really notan ex
pense, it is only an investment
, into
defray the expenses incurred ?
4. As travel and .1
moted by education, = *

so 2a sayrarsetJung of tri Ie con rs'
as cheap as possible?
5. As the press is indebted for all that it has,
and for all that it is or will be, to the intelli-
gence of the people, would it not be as much to
ph in e o(rpublishers, a it{bee ad be in keep
their ad in all pospable ways to 0 a terprisee-

g 3 = = = = = = =1 present time,
would it not be wise for < 1 1 1 -
shoubl over have any, to *

a al the p p.cot Ocnrgus torne

m.1 ft rb . 1 /. >rTI n 4 "le. suppe
Hwe di Under than thp
What .r. : ? -ag. no w hir hears nsor
ress, 0.5 present
an a pr. pecute 11 sur h as le <( vi n dry


1 0 <: !)115 Call (*(0( If

We inve note -un a terne 01 ench depenaun
ra out washe.rn c..i-n:ry as u..w unnersally pre
Is 1 mi need not
as: no a 1 I [ (0 .11 the lions .ks oi th
hu w.,riw< hate <
the coven an to an b Re people were look.
an: fai web n., 0. v reorns as won!d I.srra ba
he or so are prosper ty list the
in < 1 would I dex ly
,<.1 of < ne an at
du p:Re 7 la< >< n unt the pl ce of I
r to In> as add I, a j

A us to a .0, ti., e., ..>,0. onstry for inst
pre-ent ). ar,:mi she fe rha: plantals han
very generally loom.) 1 on redit 1.. bnJ means to
prodnee th> cown. cr >p, ad we cannot won
der th er very man: so. <0; men startn? I rn
m du ...
it or that onedrr of
the plant c.:0< army to.alrandon the at rt
of pr in- e r s.W to contine thena l as
hereafter to .u h many. u wail put smisco to
Leep the:r 1 m i :u .le utumn Ihe c.:

to mi .r I; kn11 r us in lan r

(11. f < 1 le silPr{ cla ete I ,
set up for t on I Or w: or deep 121 weock
evou the n : Loran 1. v rthe fa late r

L. n Alter the w re- bare rumed t um to the effort t > :1< il...In work, they eto do n>
more To or a th a !0.3 woubi be a worrhless
gift, wab as. ImL, .11, mAn-tre, economy and
.16.1 to the the ra (Acchargentris pelev adestinaver thebooth,
owk th in p as or at (1 tel la so n .

mulate deparment,, and we can see so all the e
facts, re /.ns, wl the people are gloomy-why
trade us equant-why no to us 10.1 er .un thatCthus lan efuture

the best de- res for a return or unity and pres
peruy with every
tical at th n ubl ters as,1y rodplevo "

le r or 1 I alth :<) It
der 100 are pu down the emple of their

I o (In. nel
canuar utia, but I end 1 I the pang The

raise <1 wri b e after awhile

we own oral wall t.11 6 t rouse causes, hopin?
that thou who seek to rn .: us now through new-
ly can.ancy ,oa slates wili corne to their senses,
when they too suite from their lesslarson in

TM a the material side of Southern affairs-
the aspe bmnan genues at awk Hot f.'hristians an
look blpher, and th.- (b.:y ought to do What-
ever their hands lind in do, they >hould Ju st with
all their unchr. Fr:mand to the wood providenced
God Th< mN of rb tenses have not ch aged
their dau 1:,< at d one got or tittle of their
chligations to wel o each other ( p to the
measuse 01 their pr at abalary are they bonud
to work for thenshe Ihear race and their .11as
Mr. wnh al the Zea! hope, rhey had an 1- thena--ach tric 11 car Lith in lines, but
110 both not deseud then, or guen up the
world w earan He wil lmila the ].elan, and 110
will yet bring bl- people auto a secure haven
His enedness, IM w ad demand this touch o
ineth in 1110, I too. rhn unha South .shall
Jet prosper be any out see the steps to 11
mtuere econditfbe oisellarb., wreon othatcli
mate, the tuatenal resource and advantage
which make the thirteen Southern States to
these respects the most desirable portion of the

L the hbo eston r rn it a do t otdo van rn Churches. L. Woot
, divii * wild soone of breakers-the wind was driving ----- -- --
- in db Th boats, fences and houses furiously over the ls. Swing Place et., N. Ga. Conference
. Go y proxy: o organists, ignorant land. We had a small one-horse wagon, into Air. Edlor: We have just closed a rain of
p : .. , Ireamine hich the two sick were put, and the bahoco protracted meetings on this circuit The churel

d pn al lipswhilofourdiffereeevoicc ac han na il TO 1 T 1. savabb ft usi blyherevi eda noton21,
s wh unutterable feelings of do pair and in ye. svit1 e ys of a frere salvC< si're sual
e far better the rough 1 1 The sea was raging, and occasionally the w ves than 100 - our fathers, spl1t log e in < i" stern I 11 1- chu b and several oiot'acto chu cli at co

cr t be ekc go tl 1 abu in it was almost superhuman to p -li although Nort iern 3 iss on-
tunes-nith ook in the congregation---and a uld note-walk orn a arts b aded, ad all of us writ to exbeeeentiion jtramic 1%lonvee Terd of

. I 1 last winter (about the time of
, en ble the instru nont to assist, rather than hin- Americus) they have accom .
. do ty able correspondents are adding /der I ture . 1 .

s c to rf nIlore u k3 otp ai se eem fi 1 . I
timely articles upon the Gene al Rules of our others w. ,

near a reau o and a re rr e au fort was dwarfage, 1/tit ha no more itch do but dw

tohan sixty are exper

I nds and fond admrew think the e is a flaw 0 19 e the b eFt e i 1 ex
e " of the storm and flood will be realized, when I *(ie glory is due for
tell you that the Rail oad *I Bay it is his work und is marvelous in our eyes,

r that this admission opens the door t< ITes outenu up anhe 1.1 ad. Sections of trQ Yours, etc., W. D. HEATH
s, track, iron and all, from 25 to 50 yards long Thomaston et, N. Ga. Conference

I * cau50 r51ke tr b Abt lus morn t ded La blJditwldi guI st o a n rPti j
s- the use of gold that is not legitimately claimed more * II ** bars, I ich time the Lord has been
e for the other article mentioned in the law of T iron, full size, lying in my yard, without a T1 ri 1 i
prohibition, It is abo evident that cold is not vestigo of wood attached to them. Leen greatly I
an essential article of dress-while some kind But I must stop. become nervous, and lean nod BS added to the membership. One of the

g 01f apparel i absolutely int ispensuble-so that searcely bear to look back to the scene. God instrumentalities of this good work was the spir-
only could have preserved us, and to Him he all it with which the members who were so fortun-
the praise ate astouttend, returned from our Distriot-meet-
d though it is not "- My property is gone. My whole tractof land t Barnesville. Our local brethren deserve
e stance, a minister is preaching against jewelry was from three to seven feet under the sea-my onhdence and thanks of the Church, for
ll and castly apparel, with a gold buttons m his 1 their zed and it'clity in the good word. Still,
bosom and sleeves," acd a lady asks, "sir, are while so many have been blessed for which we
violating the hw you are urging us to would call upon all that's witlun us to praise the
1 He answers, "I am r gold abitable We are all stowed awry 1/1 one room Lord, the"fieldearestill whiteputothe harvest.
+ky onwari 4.i-r-in- k-t r .. at ^ 12 0 16 feet out on the Island. My land is
n not worth a cent and I cannot sell my house EEYNOLDS.
is } even as lumber. I have been cut off from my -
e. i T know not what to do or DAntinozou STArrow-S C. Cowan.
d I who delivered us born acic-The Rev. A. J. Stafford writes: The
e She answers, "No inose so I the deep will provide Had Ithe means I would District Meeting for Marion District was held at
is If you, as a minister, ea" send my family to Georgia, as soon as the yel- this place October 9th to 14th. Though dis
d which are not really essolidal-surely I can in- low fever cease, .. Li .1 1 F.1 appointed in not 7" 1- v--i-- 1 :
b. dulge some expensiveness in such articles of house, which, as == and other beloved I
i ,i as are really indispensable to dress.'> What am I to do? I am overwhehned. I we felt that we had the presence of the Goo
so mouth is closed. But let him assume am almost fkantic May God pity us! Can you Shepherd and Bishop of Souls. It was a pre-
hibition extends give me any comfort, any advice, any help ? clous, refreshing season. The word was preached

e ev will not only he a jewel, banti consisted" I .i . 1 I rI t!s henunction of the 161 Ghost, and is

I .. n fully, and tell me whatto do? Cod bless you. Church is much revived, a nu aberof promising
d shear his looke despite his logic. Yours an bitter distressJ. Donna. yo1u ofersonds have manhfest t up 1
d Dub while some may entertain misgivings at Galveston, Exas, Oct. 13. living.

with the neCerstanding that he is at liberty to
take in schoo! if he finds it practicable. 'l'ho
0 2!y
of a
f ad

a pices. Bother Ruble is theeich eoof
Br to it . althful year's
work 110 feels the care of all these Churches.

loo:2s a h elb > s n wbne ea or
single unded nor a more faithful servant. 110

it tl ro t sf rewo u thx t rd
gy 110 never cormults flesh and blood

doll" lordumanag, sw nt one Car r
, aindtheis year---" i

1at re mr o eso (hi y-
They want more men. The work su ers on

a v I ape
men, who will be employed,



for the ndian Missions? he oddh a
Three hund ed and seventy-six dollars was com
tributed at the anniversary at the Missouri Com

0 011 s rrS ut n
ve undertaken a heavy task.-
Untit is a ecessity. It must be done. These
anialon:ake must be Ad. They do hard work
and are willing to work on bare subsistence.-
l\ly reintion to them made it imperative that, in
the prescot strattacss of means, I should assume
some extra work in their behalf. I do it gladly,
and rely on the blessing of God and the piety
of the Church to help me through it. All rests
with <1 11 t the Church.
If tains these Missions, the
day is not distant when its reward will be great.

Dearm or rus REv. A. H. KENNEDAY.
The Rev. A 11 1 r the Memphis
Conference, . 11 I ., in this city,
October 15, after an illnessof four days. Friday
.1 - - 1 death, he preached at the
in his sermon expressed
the conviction that ere long he would take his
Fiom the pulpit he wed to
he rose no more. His mind
was clear to the end, and he gave bright and
blessed evidence of readiness for departure.
Life closed as calmly as if an angel had come
I born I ,, ..L ilt bet

and entered upon the ministry in his eighteenth

.. i. ji 1 ... 1. .... :rl gr c
I 0 * i.. I e. e- saint

and cooli int on reemine the unud ng crown.
111 ulk uses wa inr<: a ,:: ] unk ershah!",
but he and wu via tud upon Chrut, and so
line he faily true.1 lies babbaths well never

Weston. Vugansa conference.

11 I ... < ee .at am... rani e.
laur I en admitted -
clocued and one imbJrts T ere are si
Sunday shou 1.9 r 10 al, 17 Hambo 1..< e usu
y up exp w I e of I ve
trhe 815 Gase-a n ill he
Conf r r 01 no I a

a re te, an .u 1 el
at <.'.uk bur I

l l..> I.ou svail I reankI n, I
at : -s JUh a 1 The No
1 0 1 st n

livery, an urueph man I 0 no was heard to
say "It they II u r.d us al. t po. wher, 1 1 une
ten donary lor los oppon 0 it the DishoP
sh add 10 n ihe I peopare there usa be a

n. c cl i as ac re t ratelus
rer a I w as a day or two in Nashy e, and
then scot n ha 1 ty to a orgia-b. ng to
dullease a church in J>.alton, Oct 1::
on Savard iv ni ht n (1
behi in the Mesh let I o ry n ech lwore
prist ( ses-
exwth or advene.s being dilurred to the br-
ruer by 10s breau awl Schen, and in the latter
by th-by Pierce au I IR 1ki crren The col
is tel I ? =0 0 wh:chcouns au, un a e..r o sum,
9gyn was given by the Rev A 11 th.dford,
Book Agent, an 1,uAs at wholesale prices, to be
approproared to the opport of amissionary with-
to the bound of the Louvrille Conference-
Th:* as a capiral no lan. We hope many will
in one exampt IIv a Jonation
of f lus sort, a ny 1, .<.Ls naybr be arculated,
and no-sonan supported The rdes elsats
praenal development
our preathou were a< matted on trial, four
re adrasitted and iour were ret e:ved by transfer,
oz JS 310.ce from W Tex: s, J Darler
am ) anator it of e swk a .117 b

necessary for supersonaated preachers widows
and orphans, and 8.',000 To appropriated to
them. The missionary collections amounted to

tended this meeting at the Taylors Cecek (
Ground, in Liberty co., that it was a very inter
eating meeting, although, from untowari ciloum
stances, the District generally was not well rop
resented. The religious services of the cam

e ad ee oh Tel thablolic yna u
is in a sad condition-the crops for thso year
having failed. The various interests of th
church were brought before the District meet
ing, and among others the Endowment of Erno

"*- 1 ' ' -
representatives to the Annual Conference arc J
B. Jones, G. Paul Harrison, Abraham Eason
desR s. 11. mit ,arrue rAlternates, i.d

fo AE BEHAV GAN--Dr. bummer

a ac ( rny

ought to do, leading the congregat on (n any

6 t tr o ad joi co Ir
would rather have no music than some we ar
doomed to hear, with and without organs.

Essour Col.LEGE.-Bre are gratified to hea
he aredoingeremarkaWybwell, givijc w
and study. Quite a number of them are di
abled soldiers, educated at the expense of th

E HAVE MANY MORE obituaries in En
than we can find room for, even with at
deal of condensation, to which we are compelle
notwithstanding our friends request that w
should not condense. We beg that writers wi
be patient-and hereafter b>ief, to relieve
from a great pressure.

BISHOP PAINE, says the Nashville Christia
.4 me..e. havins his taur 0+ Onutilrences th
- 1.-1 1. I 1. Il Tennesse
W I I 1 ; bealth an
strength for the arduous duties which lie befor
'. T. 1 1 1 1 1 li beyond h
have ha
serious apprehensions in regard to the resu
y , ] 1 I .. .
a 1 -- a 1.* 1

ar ea- mi on el!,wing the on-pans.. W

I . I
regular Conferences, are greatly needed an
f ly apreelated. During the past spring an




N~overnber 1867

from Virginia to Mississippi, and in 1855 to know, as early as possible, the number of copies tion. Cialdini renounces the formation of al DIED.
Arkansas, in which Conference, and afterwards that it may be necessary to attike off We there-, Cabinet and advises the retention of Rattazzi .
in the Little Rock Conference, he labored as a fore earnestly request our preachers, Sunday- 0 '1, a *- ; force and is ready
travehog preacher, until one year alace, when school supertutendents, and parents whose chil *
he was tranorrod to the Mershis Conference 1 Ir aa -=1 I I < -Civita Vecehis is in a state of mege. ,
From causes which he behered were beyond his Paris, Oct. SO, woon.-Garibaldi i,
control, he did not fall the last appointment as may be convenient, on Route in two columns He is 6 : e q on \
give him, but retained in this city, whereand A. H. REDrou, Agent, t ft The P I
preached with scal and use. Oct 25--3w .1. 11 . state at stege.

earnest preacher, wh d tdh tirue mantand an To the Ministers and Lay Delegates of .. I ,/ n I I een doe to a
the church, as well as to his thmily, to whom, in the So. Ga. Conference- eail,
this dark time, may God give strength and com- The Ministers of the South Georgia Confer. 2bulon, Oct. 26.-The fleet of iron clade left ACKNOWLEDGME1 TS
fort -Almaphis Adescate. ence who will not attend its approaching session, .ie transports with troops Fromoes as to on so
Dec. 11th, will please notifdi us at the earliest the shipment of war ,, ,,- .

EMORY ENDOWMENT ASSOCIATION- he ade t he Press FFEld re to ad material is vigorously goin on. -
500 NAMES WANTED. Charleston, 01Ve2T3 (eme at Can a .
Friendsofmucation! Read the following
and respond with name and post-office. odf ce tro o aTahed, ee o at. sue an jsqT m ea bc :
By war and its disease I 11 1 inform us forthwith continue five days. Also an
lost one hundred thousand A. M. Wraw, post commanders to release or I .
ment. Comparatively little is left, and that H. J. Conter, not subject to the articles of war hcle
little as yet pays a very small dividend. Some Nov. 1, 1867 C. J. OLivER. bylo usa o 8. 24.--Thefull of *** ,

returnseare li the et as p ] .. , ., , ,

:.7 :6, ":re, for ;p t ,1 2 re it viot vf sh 8 0 el puz a t r
brary-repairs are needed- 1%ntingent fund ,,, 21n5 ufor Hayes, and the Democrats Law School in Augusta.

czizecessary to ge()/ thk e athe ese--ace nude The California Elections. sional districts carried b) I ' -:o:
"Nil desperaudum San Francisco, October 23 -- The election re- fall, seven now go Democrat. The heaviest Re-
I propose a new plan: I will not ask for hun- E E = n if I district is 7,000 x vi na .vr sense xo" a aan any,

d jtr )it to 30aperhaps nev . It = i* . didates are elected in Bt em r
I could not invest it satisihetorily if I had it. Ti. s '
Keep it yourself-trade on it-do the best you Rev OP Fitzgerald, Editor of the San Francis- . . I i qtl at 1 Dr E CONT D ITAR PONRENTED TO
can-but I want some interest, just a little, and co Spectator, who is elected Superintendent of -
for the sake of system and certatnty, letus fortu Pubito Insiruction
an Exoowarru too ,Nane naullre PacifloRailroad. tryd Day can1onceaftern *): -li / g,_

boo an a livia specobb a grand celeb@ 8 of I i*ct be FT Thedfive hun re mile Su ilCourOc 2 ru a - ,
Npto, then, I propose to be one of foe hundrect yes- elected United States Senator t I I .
kousand) to payannually ter yt, sheeventeen miles mo e on rrl oe ity of twenty-four on joint b II .. ." n .
Ernory Gottege. Let all tains. man elect Stokes was his pan ,

on 0 is probo i eiran aecso The Election in Georgia Mr I ,, .1 ) .1 secontdeballot.the Executer's Sale.

eart so ar r pr eCitt th i ju e e er PG r sent w apt I r AUTHOR Ti OF AN O

for the Th m. Torim of the State, which discriminates in nected with the Districts take the same course .. * .. the
plan v ill developed itself -the I be blacks, was referred, by the Presi- -neither the President nor General Grant tak_
settled when we organize the Association dent, to the Secretary of War ad interim, and ing any I : 0 ,, 1seTUESDAY JNDECEMBERNEXT
co I nhin stuhbestanice, that it terja inUton, Or t. 25 4. 8. H.1
si : I .: 11 -. 1.. Is.. Cotumissiontelegraphs, THEPIERSONPLACE.
little up gracle just now, but motion will over- has been made with the semalesacresmoleor leseof lotuumber61.
come reastanoc. Give us a start. The machine a 3 I. -as. Prospects are good THE HOME PLACE,
will run, if you will push. One shove, any so near at hand, he did not see w tl e atter for peace with the Oheyennes, Arapahoes and commung or int. mambers so anatoeontain ag com
frienddust now. 'lbere, that will do--thanIt coulk nowt ib I ApH e ing, Oct 25.-Meagre returns from aeresmoxeoriese.AIC.LEONARDPLACE,

Advocate crs w report progress gh make the correction, and desiring his opinion on the Legislative elections in West Virginia indt- g"getinigof lots numbers23and 88,eontaineg 6 seres
Friends and brethren, if you do not rush to the proposed change. General Pope answers, cate a diminishing vote. The Democrats have THECHILDSPLACE,

ijye a at .111 compeHedato vot y with linto too han et is ricts--.1,. dDm ratio ma ity. reo no 2 a ITil 4 at

Sunshine 22d July, 1867 The Late storm in the Gulf-Destruction. -Governor Austin, of Honduras, has 1 r .
of Life and PropertY- removed by the British Government for

We join Bishop Pierce in the pledge above New Orleans, October28-ThePicoyunehas ly giving the crown lands to Souther.

li /gl t jounre existence and work of Entory Collego. li -\ I ,, / ,
I I so .mu won-c.

. . 36.-Official returns of the
I RI ., the election of 30 Conser- 1868. 1868
killed and twenty one wounded. At Browns vatives and sixty Radicals; eighteen of the lat- T EEE
ville and at Brazos, so far as known, twelve per ter are colored men. Sixty-five counties give
sons perished. TheschooneraEttanndKadosh 70,7771 SOUTHERN CHRISTIAN ADYOCATE1
El -rPE I --- na, e-- houses were number I
3 1 The loss of The polls closed in Richmond at one o'clock, so. n. arranns, 0. 0.. anxwon.
.. Ninety of Thursday morning, with a majority of 400 for
the inhabitants escaped by going onboard a ves; the flunnicutt ticket. THIRTY-FIRST VOLUME.

is ott ostor ---the area .... I -- I 11 . OLD AND HWLL ESTABLISH-
House wall is dowa y the Presbyterian church is the votes
1 fl I tr I ry _'. ra (T He hold an . . . ..

also ruined; The Episcopal church was destroy. I .
ed;botweenTouthandFirstatreetasevenbrick I = *I I ... * I *
1 .1 .. 1 .. al to the time deqignated in his 1 ..

In Matamoras,1500 1
down. The greatest distress and want prevail employ of Ct I q 2 . ; . . .
at all points, and appeals are made for relief. election

RAF i o ADunalsma
FOREIGN NEws. tobacco manumeturer, has been ordered by a

11rris, Oct. 2 -1 o r of this morn- nice mu eu o ni no ea et

1 lbedf8a inah I pal Ki a a0c 28.-Thetreat3waththe re --
previties of Italy; she could not, 0- r th sand squareamileRe 1 .
I .. ,t 1 -, suier the monthwest corner the prese a

so she prepared to send an arn ya as h tor nwith a frac n I e'Pexas I ..

and la Ame to Rom hu as no gen to come on theireservation, as if successful the

quently all hostile preparations have been as Domestic Markets. J. R. ANDERMON & SON'

eluded 011 a23e-Garibbal to has not on 16NE all ORK,0FetTobe 8 Lt80je Sof GR 0 CER x I' R 0 D IT OE
making his escape from Caprera, but has suc- 10 75; Southern 10 35 tol4 80. Wheat quiet
coededin reachingItalyand isnowwithhis amberStateS75to277 Cornactivebut2tt' C0MMISSI0N MERCHANTS,
son, 11 otjnisterial crials is not ended. General orlower, We rn mix rd to c.atea1 as street, next so nareeman ana spara**

but steady Gold 1421 to 142}

at anne "e elyhbi ve enft sohnod asy "nE Oct.28c 1urifir" to out * -

re pr pha gr olrceproac e at d enjr otnhe etn of OlliitSrcorn/70 to 7 Ryell (10 to 1P

Candidates for Admission. tion have occurred in Florence. The populace visions dull and heavy. Cotton steady at 196
fr. Editor:--Please announce that Candi / simoron, October 28.-Spirit Turpen- , .

e ie itsl8 e tl id in eM t omer Italy* I 1. = as 1. .* ... and has since the and Resin, no sale. Cotton firm at 171 to .
n ra at Opelika, Ala., on Monday, Sd Dec el lin / Oct 23 -The Emperor of Russia has ti H LEe ON, Octobe 28.- ext 2 leas

Studies--The Bible; ons on arrived at Nauts on avisit to the Emperor. He 11 1

c rte ses r 1/orence, Oct. 23,1 f rs tis ; full I, Octr er --- tton ened a .

monet 25-2< B. B Ross, eight is glorious for the cause of Italy. The a q a .
o airman. Government deems it best to suppress the details AUGUSTA, October 28 Cotton easier; sales syrno,

To the Minist ates of the N, R s j. 24.-Dispatches from Florence do 7bales; receipts 518 bales; middling 171 measses

TheMinisterlHL nNance(7eorginConfer tJaiTalkdhjuse de ing7ol per m8m5j 1 .- Jrau-
ene i is . ..1 , in the provion of Umbria. His arrival there Pork dull at 821 Lard 12( to 13. Bacon --

atan earlyday. # .114ders 1 t tailiacovet ,e"dohepw ce g fbfthhe shou 3, b 818 lourdull. Corn ASELECTSCHOOLFOR

Dlease flernish usia lth I oft he Lay Since then nothing has been made public with dull at 1 00 to 1 02. Mess Park, sales at 820, DEAF AND DUMB MALES
or 01 ic, t hto x et to attendb 1 pulson cour e of Faratce stigm iseedtheer to fo tolm28u m edema HE SITESCRIBER RESPECTFULLY

2nforus us at once We cordially 2nvite our to Italy, and declares that its efect will be quiet; sales 500 bi 3 uplands 17)
brethren from abroad, and earnestly desire the t , ,i . .1,.l b to l8; receipts for
:dtendance of every member of our own Confer- a 3 I New Our EANs, October 28 --Sales of cotton

W. P. HAnalsoN, the European powers a to with France in a mid i0n0gsb1 8; rtw of a i4e and stiff
W. M. CRUMLEY, genered conference for the settlement of the demand; ten hogshead new crop Louisiana, first .
J. B. PAYNE. Roman question, and to prevent a recurrence of the season, arrived .)
OctoZrr 10th, 1867. Oct 18-3w of the recent events in Italy. Cuba brown 12} to
London, Oct. 25.-Additional advices from a .,
Statistics. RomencknowledgethattheGaribaldianshadnot ci -3 .
To Prestates Elders s c. conferones, all retired from the territory of the Church, but 60. ' -
I 3... 3 u s. I representthat thePontiftealtroopshaverecently . ,, ,.
, had encounters with the remnantsof the insur" Foreign Markets. achoo
Diaolpline it is made their duty to obtain at the gent bands, in which they have been uniformly or ann assuracents .
Fourth Quarterly Meeting full statistics from successful. Livenroor, October 25---Cotton closed very . 2
every charge, to be reported at the Annual Coo -Intelligence has been received from China active; sales 20,000; middling upland Bi; mid. arranamass:
ference, in case the preacher in charge shall fail that a great battle had been fought between the dling Orleans BA wa way m maton, as
to make his report.>, rebel army and the Tartar forces of the Emperor
P. A. Moon, of China. The Imperialists were defeated. The
Oct 18-8w Secretary S. C. Conf battle was fought thirty miles from Pekin, which MARRum.
was in great danger.
Paris, Oct. 25.-The reception of the Em- x ..
SUNDAY-SCHOOL VISITOR. peror of Austria has been most cordial. His From Augute, sa.
The extraordinary success that has attended visit is popular with the Parisians, and wherever *
the Visitor, as well as the favorable reception he ap
pears he meets with enthusiastic manifes- .

co-nt -1 as v.crycrine ecomendeafor he won exa natus man Teehr
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At Ivew York PrIces.


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tations of welcome and sympathy, for being a
brother of the unfortunate Maximillan heightens
the esteem with which the Emperor is regarded
by all classes.
-The semi-oficial press says Italian afairs are
worse than when Napoleon planned his expedi-

Nexeta panonalianity.
samea. Manufae arers.vew York onces actu-4w
userspoon or me. .. anumi. .err ... or BYIN G' PO N 8 HOTE L,
540 Cherry Btreet, Macon, Ga.

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A Southern Lady

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L. I, 11 1.{ -- 2 rbre we
** put the first number of the second volume
to press. To save expense, as well as to prevent
embarrassment, it is highly important that we

, * "

as P. H. Mar
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E. D. NMYTHE & 00.>

Importers and wholesale Dealersun

China, Glass and Qucensware,
exuxac certicar, tooxime classes ,

109 Broughton street

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ESPECTFULLY call the attention of Mar


To AH Who Use the Plow.


Vol. xxx. No. 44-





Nos.40s'andson, BroadwayNewYork




Grammars and school Olassics

Bullion's English, Latin and Greek Grammars


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Wilk a Sketch of American Literature,


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farther it runs, and this is occasio 1 I 1 a Leith five months of his severe afthetion, he was never
smaller r . . 11 i . I I eithel heartoo edd TCtkeer a hhi
se small streams, as well as the one /2,, I F 1 P 1 i 1 he feltdo baj atwas rgoine I h 1 sh @ od,'

o Edward. So it would. I abould have for- Job xix: 25, 26 and 27. Then, as one ready be at rest's I r, 1 ell
gotten that. But now tell me what it was t1 .= 1 asleep an Jesu ""
set you talking about a brook and a bear? Y .
al sys have a meaning in what you say, an< i ,: li I 1 = the hour of tny tops t Co 11%10 At 4, dl ponf u o -

I valley of the shadow of ry disease, near Central Institute, Ala, Aug. 7'
ii 4, = . ud I death in the full possession of her a ascious- 1867, aged GA years
tanotr ungeaw 1 the ac p .1 ir. 1. . eased to artica l to sche 1. I in d 1 I ru I ot a i4n
brook. There isas it were, but a step between friends and triumph over I ,= I = an or '45, in which he lived a useful member and
me and death; and therefbre, while I can, let infant slumbers, she fell asleep on tho l:0som of died a triumphant death. He leaves a large
I n your mind. Jesue and rests 1rown he II 1 family and many friendsto mourn his loss. But

brook ? And all that I said about t lephm et oisntdaed, and the dear children wp feel our loss is his ga M. A. EDWARDS.
bear ? a devoted mother. But heaven now holds the -
Edward. Yes: I remember every word, treasure that was too precious for earth Tribute of Respect.
Oh! Humphrey. The waters of the brook W. 31. Cavanar. By the quarterly cows one or elect mesvillectremes.
a-- t- -e 1 0 - go of tT . .i bear is
but I = .1 passions WImaxx O. Divis was born in Virginia> BROTHER JONEs W. Roanx joined the M. E.
e headstrong than the Aug.25th, 1776. At about l0 years of age the Church in early life, and gave his youth and
waters of the brook, and more 1. =1 fandly came to Elbert co, Ga. In that pince manhood to the cause of his Master,

enr oobot wildesto bee guer them, while His b ethryn, confiding in hi lety and abili-
they . 1 and not to permit ,,r. 1 , 1 I 1 1 1 rr
them lis was a child of
Eleverd. I .' Master called him bouce, on 27th July, 1807. ,,, I 7, ,i :- -: 1.+ --4-,
Old Bumphe & About 42 years of the latter port[ .: he was a citizen of Newton co, Ga ... ,d- , so >f whom are now
3 In several respects a Uncle Billy,'' as we fa- acceptable members of the M. E. Church. By
* II i milarly called him was a rentarkatic man. He his integrity as a citizen, his piety and seal as
his commandments, have been a credit and a had a sound mind. and more than ordinary en a minister, and by his tenderness and devotion

M ini so th fac ol i c ra dlIt wedr omHe hea e n Indue]tr oan toigiNumi ,dh had the entir oon adee emofn
of .1 plow-handlesuntilafewnienthabeforehisdeath a brotherwhose memory wedelightto honor,
Yes, that is very likely This was of choice with him not of neccasity, as and in the happy triumph of whose death we
Old Humphrey Every child should be God had so prospered him in worldly matters as love to rejoice Therefore,
trained up in the knowledge of to place him in what the world calk casy car Resolved, 1. That in his death the Gainesville
to hate sin; to reverence the we constances." Yes, the man at 90 years of age Circuit has lost a useful local minister and a be-
believe t t Jesus hd to died Ior sib e 1 1 .1 I sch)isdploil loved brother. ourselves to this di etBa-

would then bo kept under, instead of gaining useful know-< F- 1 -1- reading and ., Providence which ha taken
rve I .2hin unegap strength like the waters of the brook, and the thinking 1 a In the minis from our midst in the 53d year of his age and

savage fury of the bear. 1 ,, who knew the Scriptures better than he, or, in the midstof his usefulness a brother so much
abor in the days of your 3 ="'. II 1, a fact, were better theologians. At this the beloved,
should you grow up to be a bc ] ._ .1 1 1 I ,,I 1 1 when infbrmed that [Resolutions of condolence and respecting
passionetrongwithmyouit- alit -.. .. .. .rshehnd read his publication.]

rt p to2 1 cr to y abst use as ell as manyot at r 1 T. v C
sinful inclinations- whom the writer has ever conversed had a bet w A. uncox, wa cutvEN, 0 A. sixonn
Edward I see now what you mean. I ter knowledge of Methodist ceanomy, and per-
a . ;i about the brook haps no man was more in love with pure unadul- JAUDON, ORAVEN & CO,
Near e5e aberm pt, treated Methodiam. Often was he called on to
I I and trust, then, pray in public because, as was often observed, manufacturer or and nearers at
1 will reach your bewas"soableiny- Yestrulyinthat
young heart, so that you may know, and see, gift he excelled. = no who knew him- MEN'8, YOUTHS' ANIh BOTS' OLOTHING,
odd'ec tahdG .utof istina mentedervgr the so far as the wr ther knows--o teeculed hifli bl Emmshmg soon, Trunks, verses, namenna nage, Um-
control in you all that is evil;- lead you into all and by many said In brellas, ete
that la good : guide you by his counsel, and : . 1 1 . *
after that receive you into glory, 117 moragwon street,
thetic heart and a good, humble Christian life
which gave his words ** :h* He was septso-2m savanwars, ox.
*.93113til the seal a friendof I and gave ITE walTHER. E.u.eAssEEN

hI tilegan to]ai/ratherthan grow ill or *STATES HOTEL!
Mas. MAny C. PooLE, daughter of 1 -o-
idwifoof3' I
I 11.1 il was born in Gads- that his end was .1 1 instinctively shrank I WHITAKER & SASSEEN, Pnoraranous.
den co., Fla., Sept. 15th, 1816; gas married at the approach a sl Yisiting and con-
Jan. 16, 1887, an I J 1 ,i 1 im several times, 1 found him at
residence of her I 1.1 as to the future. It was the wannoneanuareasurasoftwornivassengercepot,

The 'Phe Brook and the Bea Id Hum- 100 4 01867. =1 d soc ety tot nvaHey ttte Ishrank from, not. what lay Corner Alabamannd Pryor Bts., Atlanta, Ga.
phrey and young Edward will gave the reader and most val I 1 some amusement, and perhaps afford him a lit- in her life. Hers was an amiable, a lovely char- But his wiferings are over He now doubtless
tle instruction acter. With the softness of the woman were resps a large reward where the wicked cease to 7 TilfillNITEDSTATES IIOTT L, *

herO, 0 t a here Edward I come a ie Idce fe il oi in heMclut 0 trouble and where the weary are at sl .miss
to look at the wateraof the brook. How strong lyze the source of their power. "None know -
they are! They rush over the stance as though her but to love her, none named her but to Mas. May 10. McArt x, wife of Rev W. A wo. 1 ravacav swanarc wiensureo,
praise." She was a worthy model for the imi- H. McAfoo, was born March SA, 1813, in Dah

ey woulditurn a will w u pfa s at sist ,tle ted 1 . 1 . lone a, G where she di lOccin lth 1867 1 uja r
Old llumphrey But suppose that instead sept20-on
of nuckingdthe I I 1 li -i n memo5 __ __ _ _
wh el wa5 sluTh t woul 1 n u Juve of . *
about it as I would. T he ame ble ng To a friend affliction with Christian fortitude. A we k he

1 dab1e jIrTl wit{r ades d whee brw Ofeeltevery day free 12 death, God poured out upon Li spirit AC TON 1 0 1 1G & C O.

a hle 2r w adm acnodup t .r to eth 0 r ie se d faitrt enc ^uso-cm) Late ors.. .ne, wenan.

Ed accows W y by filling the wheelbarr, with I an eca yor b e i k chel 1 J. A. ROBSON,

t chidi ta t. .. ra 1..= /. I rse ro/ ;, he hedrmdeai Ithought there not kc recei nor to Co na an is sion Merchan t,
bro 1 7 u amyouchoul t antth I c e n i NO.62EASTBAYCHARLESfoNS.C.,

vent t eitw er from carrying it away as fast as faith in God, pervaded her mind. Dying in earnestly toward one corner of the room when | * *
you pu 1, the full posession of consciousness, calmly and she said to her husband, "stand a little aside, till
th man ould n" dthot . .1. I T reaches i da h In Irany Saviour again. Here he is! look,,, nevensues
of trees were felled for the purpose, to layacross as ecstatic as that which had characterized her thus cont I

at a osoeocaht on ul do stiH betet r han twersion. One by one, shebadeherfa ilyar e nr). r . Is ... : wagakird and mass-um
into the stream, that plan would be sure to turn heaven, !* I I ter, a kind and obliging it
aside the water, was asked. "O yes" she replied, He is wi t, .. . I do not know I Church and DR. T. TV. HASON,

wood IIan wo e orsa elt tr e ih ee}at k spreeit)hus to moo;in i 3 m e, can us m10acronmt I s 0 n ESPECTFULLY TENDERS IIIS SER-
dr ging stones otC teto effectap ohn o hoedade are a *1 . 1 ul me Jesusst" those who have no hope. G. IfconEs.

plaJtward. Then I should like to know it I th -,- + es but ha en < Alas. JAn 0 Avis, of Atlanta,
Plea to tell me how you u s about et e41 ot) t at tl er

you, * I I < men, were stra ,,, ,, , 5 of Major W.D Martin, inLauderdaleco Tens, = _

ytourehnekaS ugetbigt therrt fdt rnoolI I inher53d1yes.1rel onand oinedtheM.E
would take two or three stout fellows with me n wher uite youngand fiom that MACON, COLUMBUS, ALBANY, EUFAULA,
sp to its source, or where it is very narrow; of I a .. \ 1, . 0 1 death, she never lost the wavess o
and there, perhaps, we might do more towards her heavenly Father, and mentioned by name, of r -, = 1 r with hers that
turning the brook in one hour, than you arrd all her departed dead whom she would soon meet she I truly adorned NE W YORK I
your men would do in aday. again. To those converted at the same time her profession by li, I T pious conver-
Elward. Ay! that you would. That is a with herselfand to all of her friends, she sent nation. She was I superior mind,

klan tthat never niei rrTehoef b oahqH thist greetido Toummust meet m u lmavem, which was highly ultivated ldydnuch solid real DOUBLE DAILY TRAINS FROH AUGUSTA!
future heaven's gate, and there, amid the darkness of I .,1 .1= 10 was particularly dis -
I hZ Ilumpha It is we ideo e b w rrow's tathcoulighan bcoapuetifandltheaven t ghhet f le{ t ly w1 == . r illE GREAT ATLANTIC SEABOARD

a J., I read of a say closed, and a lovely character has perished from others was involved. She had been for a not

agedgirizz abe doing at ala amischief.h tee thwhilP h rr at rr j cl av ris a f years an invalid, most of the tiona E1utfor
all bears, and I was thinking which would be well, I .. - 1. ... I lips. U. mys,
the best way of getting a tame grizzly bear, if a though he slay me, yet will I trust in 1.irn A NEW AND PAST SCHEDULE

sjo dayocre 0 ouTi JOrdeallynwanted. How Emov Ou I Ax wFb2n in Harris co., Her de sh washtrig tar eke au ply regret
Award. I must first catch a bear, before I January 5th, 1835, but was reared in Columbust in-law and
could make hire turne; and to do that would Ga. She was converted and joined the M. E. mended the = Ia " I -
puzzle me. Church, South, in her 11th year, and was mar the noblest of Christ an women.
Old Humphrey. Ent suppose you had ried to the Rev. i' W. M. C.

aa < s y hr I 0 k tl th ference 20th ] I 1 1 I itw WI my R L id in Jackson co, xpress swineman we em a n pna columans

tle food; and if he growled fiercely, and made mother.
a noise, he should be beaten with a thick stick Her intellect, her energy $"'( .. ... .,
I should tame huu soon that way, l am thinking. no ordinary phar ter I er

er Oki Huna o m ejrifronio go a @es r dilesacrvedehe lan

do Whi i hTe7;elbain updtightuhth n it er in the Cl ur l anel 8abbath-scho l to l oth of d fs fi 3nthish bu tal a it
would be, if you were to unchain him, and let which she was devotedly attached. Her ill ich
him have his own way ? health and extreme debihty caused her kind n fo t< 1 enth, he oolso soon es route"

90 as bl e true. I am afr6d hat he hustbrmda intimate, iso r .1 1 I 1 i was really when as ouidabc

ageO mHimaphrey. Why I should have noth- o bed dlur we k f the Lord while she no1g ast letqu a ro act
ing at dlatoddfTerwitl>nilum, for should I .11 1 crf 11, i i li Her 1 in shonM gioet moo ,hi vt, r e, < .

wanted a tame grizzly .- .. I 1 .. 1. I r . 1. I I was protracted and painful .1 . the Lord ha Ns Yort
an old one, and then ta I I .1 & e.nea > hope of the glory of God
a young one, and bring himuptame. Byreing and joinedin praising him in hymns and psalms. and true friend to t passed away a good nian
ham with judgment and kindness, his savage Ilerdevotion to her affectionate husband and in PAsson.
fierceness would be kept under; and thus I teresting children, caused her to cleave to life --- , .
should havea tame bear, when you, according for theit sake. But gradually yielding to the JAMEs SHANKE died in Jackson co., Ga,
to your plan, would only have a wild one. influences of grace, as faith and hope brighten- Sey. is 1 I . .
Award. That you would. Your ways of ed the future, she fully and completely surren- 11 I 1 == I = 1 1865, ,
turning a brook, and getting a tatue bear, are a 11 1 . . 1 1, took measles, from which he never recovered. * = .L
words a hundred of mine: but I should never I -1 II, Iin I > I. II While in the hospitalhe began to look to Jesus, I
liave thought of these, if you had not told me giving them the parting kiss, as if only retiring and soon found him precious to his soul, in the I .
of them. for the night to meet them again in the morning. forgiveness of his sics, fle returned home in .
Old Bumphrey. With regard to turning the She sent a special message to the Church and June '65, and joined the M. E. Church, South,
brook, there is one thing which Thave not men- Sabbath-school at Asbury Chapel in Augusta, but was seldom able to attend divine worship at ,
toned. A brook gets broader andbroader the with which she had been recently associated, the houseof God. During the two years and

a w. casestow. w. rixur sons,
Second street, MACON, GA

ser.,ograv a ssassors:






J. w. anxistocialia.

/on sure, onse.nvu. wx. am

And Dealers m
Bagging, Rope Octton, &0,
we soaNoaracommanctustant,
aug20-.ry sw. Louxs. axo.

E ve tdo


. . ,


. .
_ .
and ROPE, or IRON TIES will be supphed

conunuses. Ange-em) -



coLUMnus, ozonelA,


runy vo someensathecontin8 to,





ga ofo 1 q
dy ser can
,, .,, '"oenpon
.age.. Price
rn unus or r ELL TUAll HHPlSOP Y By

T-ong a ]r.p can

BLANKS TU DO (2 numbers) each Soc.

ur o neg a m.somer.


@,4 e .
Thisworok nltan ac e an meet di al use of the


alcoxxuxwo nown won exsrarcn.


^"cousancawaclesf so





* *

8.e. z sLear,

sons snon,


, . .


8:M, MI oors,
Wholesale Furniture Manufactory.

.runer-em REPA RING o w e re a
-- - - )wnle ans


St o Ve it ou e

monannson .ss un..m

HOLESAL10 Al !* 1:1 1 I
"s. m
sTovEousos E .

ankinn trimnersona ag

ofeveryd CAr 1

Wholesale Agents for the E PKrBO OIL
Keystoroundings, whitenan streetAtlantsas
',"efifinson. L.v.exwrons.



, d'5

, ,

stomans invr

, ,


Send foretroular, e. J. EURKE & CO.,
6 * No M.Second St. Huan, Ga.
Aug.z-tt .. . soper 12m

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