of reli etnhodis Church. 80 suse the colle e house and furniture are damaged, and the latter da its publications in aleed'at hcto n e51e tan w senses neit r orthodoxy rMmCutoedhiation the pr est ell Idon I quite understand ydou.

e3r i as 1 1 P ur p 1 che hat utter tlro- ourho Gbrumitece ti tons report that, its or to roard nlthi p rre d made peifectly whole Arulif there wasvirt e ap Nc ill a ss n un ackad in the t la n a no
amous a the consequence of the late war, missionary opera- barrier to official unity. While such acts re. "I do" act master me, and yet you have overcome me

vte eemeet" in atpherosame vi n noothin su l portion of the tidons th 4Di5rict have b n enti ly a poen main of force and such principles obtain, be- The sinner's Pride. "Well, I must thank you for your candor and with :09 many words. You must be a true
not be, if the college was not of the Church town or city, or, if in a circuit, not located in suits of the la 0 war, been withdrawn from our tween us and thorn d .. . I is ofi .1 1 1 = 1 1 eph Patterson, .1 =1 1 ., is not only waspeak- P "The priest hastoned to turn this favorable
0-1 ni, wavi-- rnavaily and spiritually, by and such a part of it, as suited them. Hence they care and guidance. Thi of course leaves us J. W. McRov, for to talk with a tilr -, who aso ex ---- *, to profit, by pleading the cause of

sil figure would Methodism ref do mo es times refuse to canopw a / .g nd no tst N. F. KlaxLAND for the safety of his soul He was in great IIOW TO DELIVER A SERMON. and rejoined:-But >ny friend, you
out in -. without, at least, two church Parsonage that is located in a town or .. . I hbershty. There arcother Th:N AviN SToxEs, F. A. Moon despair. Lone could comfort hitu. He said Garrick having been requested by Dr Stone- onung--
11 in i P tt they cannot in ac rcuit, where the support isso meagre that holds O>r our laborers-fbr the conquests of the goes I 17 President i 1 I 1 day of grace, was be- hou v elins opinion as to how a senson I n2arry a woman to beat her. I have no doubt
both aced and porbaps hardly more mone; ll Church militant Let the banner of Christ be etc. oug she has her failings, and you also have yours.
belong to will would he raised than would *I a I planted upon the distant shores of the heathen Mr. Patterson listened to his doleful stories, A y dear pup.*, I You should bear with one another. Come,
close in around them, and feed them with : 1 1 1 = the "bread and land. Anditis- ,'ti III 811 4 11II]ItI and then replied: "You conceal one of your I lio promisemethatyou-.il
their children, and sustainai em with their : x 2 say they cannot Resolved, ft worst us.is it ?" onergetic pathos of diction and countenance you At these words his

go seeToourmp sebsoe dpolf I I *: tilj r @rs will not ceoupy the Parsonage, 2;mtel 0 it fully Ilects the wants and necessi ---- "Your abominable pride," he harshly answer- would enforce the observance of what you really th hteer stullenne and dropping the pnest's
distant boarding schools, and frequently to becaure it it looted in the country in certain ties of his nature, and that itabenefitsand bless- Prevailing Praver. ed. be for late preservation. You cannot do as you wish. I will not promise, be-
schools where they know, that if the principals sponk on this wise, "I have . way his wonders Pride exclaimed Mr. -, Oh! Mr. 3 o plady ng the orator, of e:pso I should not keep my word.' The priest
at I .. .= I lunal ito aduca Here w I are no I II ar I as tender compass Patt ride. You have such a high estimate is *,jday ami gesture returned to the charge, and among other re-

is asre a 0 to t la w d tconfidril at itFoos, for the pu 1 to dt sui 0 of 1 ayour ifl 4 e 1 .' ofr or subje impri t stural tone of voice rk whi ina it goes, antagonize the ideas of their family .. or, as I have known it to realized in the salvation of the knian race. Ti ;i. 1 I .1 when in ray opinion -- -- ..m.... and the most proper language, the most ougag- This is simply because you don't Aftect. Sure-
education and curly denominational affinities. We have no family but Ud. .. 1. -- I > rec, sinner. You think . I 8 . .1 . 11 1 I ly, you who have just done an act of kindness
This is often disastrous here alone, increase I ** = *r and his promises. 2. Closeness to Jesus, in yoitr case Not at I I . woman*cannot with any decency
of those exiled caught I I day after i.= Or as I sionary 3 1 I I, ** Trust in Jesus is surroudoring to hini our all dreds better and woxso than you are. But, if lor, be in t beat your own wife. After much
from the saving effects of a pure spiritual Meth- have hearc : is a fooble -1 1 0 .1 apel which woon- e. 1 '1 1 1 1 1 1 in every way in you will not come unto hun, why, do better if please, to af = hesitation he pledged I 1
odism. And I am sorry to have to say, that in 1 and rather timid woman, and cannot consent to , 1 1 = 1 1 < those who sit in r * eried, carrying the you can." He then prayed that God won!d Attend, then," says John Angell James' a tremendous oath,
most of the cases, from what went befe .1 1 n, 4 rs-- wri -m--cof **r-c ers .In the shadow of trouble right to the feet of Jesus, and recount- subdue this proud, rebellious sinner, at d bring . Leen intoxicated, neither has he once struck his
what followed after, I am satisfied, that -' death, ing to him the causes of and condition of our this maniac to his fect, clothed lind 7in his right ** * * II I < ** wife."
these Methodists who send their children off for ich The Committee report the condition of SAn- hearts under the trial; and if we leave it in his usind. .ed," he ad- ,; ** I, II =
edheation- ...i- .1 1 _1. and it is i isers unit-scuoors in the Distric, 11 1 2 bands with all the simple trust of a child in its ded, "I I I I = one word: realls =1 = of a wtutry sky, while the ARDENT Srmiss As A REmmov-Dr. Col-
i. .i. .. .. = ri = s these, to a abused and the and point out the temporary = mother's promises, only asking that grace which ow letheillaecepte lo time*'study (he word worll there oil, not because ercises during the severe seasons as an < 1 . . 1 - 7 "For twenty-one years I have banished all In-
they expect get a bater education, or that the stowaI I I a I I .r adding thatit would be best when convenient, the meaningof uttermost. I = e < and quickens the earth at the time I toxicants from my practice, and
.av En amount of continue them I = year. resting, meanwhile, accurely on his precious for me again, when you .1 = honor glorifies the heavens. Endeavor riod I have not made fewer than *
needed. True, some preachers help to build up Resolved, he : I use every effort promises. "We are troubled on every side, yet Christ so far as to believe that he means what yourself of 11 that la invaluable in genuine re cal visited, and I besitate not to say that the re-
is too far out of the world, and too nearly within Parsonages or repair them, wherever: .1 in our power ir> promoting the necess of this not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in he says, when he invites sinners 1 feel I ore and you will speak better coveries have been more numerous and more
the Church. There is not enough of pastime, when it is needed. Nobowith all; I la great cause, and that we earnestly request the despair." Cast thy burden on the Lord, and when any doubts my Master's veracity, the heart has an unction and I . .. r 1..:. .1 . Tri

nor thhpopantdashsso There are none whbondt8upu none, repair none, and wear or injure wherever oTrantionr b aeth a 2bae urne bershiC he will sustain thee!' the heart "I Just LaM D Promises? I iTon re hele elsMm r ci le
ignorant-I mean of the college as a seat of Secondly. There are dillieulties anavoidable as practicable with the publications of our I s ad to this Such was the artless bu st is- -~ -en -asthenes, or thevivau = writes: "I have never known an
I ... -..1 .i , ,. -1 .1 .1 = from the very nature of the case. It often hap- Church. world, living but to the glory and honor of God pression of a coal-stoker ri 2 the genius of Cice- 1 -ecovery from habitual drunkeness
I pens, that when Conference comes, or perhaps 23. That we recommend to our people the In- in all our lives daily, ever striving to hve out He had hke many others, been "very religious,, ro. except by total abstinence at once from all in-
whose love of learning was so shallow, as to a few days or even weeks before, the house is situations of learning of our Church, feeling 11 .1 r .1 1 ., ,i inst before a battle while in the army, or when Fous men who loved Christ with a love e-- .0 : -rI i. F --1 prac-
make our enrriculum distasteful to thern-and vacated by its former occupant. When the other the importance of the mental as well as the mor- :. = > =1 .. I 1 =1 ti- f---- FT -- 1 ? I ,-- 1 ..! t than death wrote his life, but left no = - 1 II .. =- 1 never
failing to qualify themselves to rise in the order preacherwlio may be his successor, will step in, al ,, a F .. . . Ii ( . I 3 .. . I i. 1 r or any I I = = *low, as
of our classes, they drop out Once in a while, if indeed at all, is a question no one can determ. .. .. .. .. . .... Fl. blood. In short, in daily denying ourselves, it : li it =1 personal the result of such treatment. And I have
I cross the path of one of these pic-nic belles, ine, as no one knows who he will be and how IsraY urge the importance of securing to ev 1. ., 1 1 1 1 .1 .1 past, in frequent conversations, he had profess- : I never known an instance of ultimate prosperity
who have been advising against gazng to W. F. long it may take him to get there, as distance, ed to believe in Jesus, but without also belies in business in any young man who commenced
College, and declaring that it is the poorest weather, mode of conveyance, family circum- .... 4 , 1 = r = = > = 1 un. go i ... [i. . ,, ,, 11, ing that his ains were forgiven; nor could any ., la in .-1 II t 2, I ..I -aa with hadnigence in micoholic convivialities.

_I~ __ I I~ _ __ ~_ __


Vol. xxx. No. 4-


"special law," they can get every thing else they
want-our farms, our homes, our watches and
purses. The people can vote for a "legislative
body that will let them into the courts of the
country," on any property question, and judges
may be made, corrupt to any extent, and any
kind of property, whether it be Northern banks,
or bonds, or manufactories or ships, or whetbor
Southern Churches or cotton and sugar fields,
can be taken from one set of possessors (not
owners, under the principles advocated by these

mh a tatutd given to another erectly''Glorcious d
hastemng on. Day of universal liberty for
theft and agrarian levolhug Doubtless, these
men do not now themselves propose to go so far
as this bButt w lor800a et r eed, a kno

legislative coactruents are invoked to unsettle
and annul former decrees of the Supreme Court,
and it is avowed, in effect, that other judges will
be set up, who will decide as the party wishes,
then it only remains for party cupidity to lay its
hand on any species of property, and new leg-
islation and new decrees will soon make new
possessors. And Christian ministers are to be
found who are desirons of opening this flood-
gate of robbery-that they may be avenged on
theM.E.Church, South Surely, they have not
studied the tendoucy of their principles-the
destruction they invoke upon every possessory
ri if onl ruthe legislaci body.w ne aq

set of legalized thieves "into the courts of the
United States."
Are th le of th at d to
a peop is cou ry prepare
uphold a church or a party which avows such
atrocious pranciples and purposes ? Heaven for-
Seeing that earthly riches are held by an in.
secure tenure, the wise man makes provision for
the entire future by laying up treasures in
Heaven. While those of the world are hia, he
converts them, also, into riches of greecand good
works. Thus he prepares for an easy parting
r ..i .i, due of his earthly goods unadmin.
hour of his death, and joyfully

.t. I be cornplet possea glof hisnaug.
kingdom of his Father. Treasures in heaven
are out of reach of the calamities of time.
Constantly increasing in value, they do not
barely supply the wants of the soul, but satisfy
its widest desires and enable it to plau and exes,
cute the broadest schemes of philanthropy. As
chance and change cannot afect them, the
possessor daily enjoys na much of them as it is
possible to do, without fear of their exhaustion,
and counts with certainty on thefr continued
and more satidadory enjoyment in his future
Where the Responsibility Lies.
Life and death are setbeforeeverymanand he
makes free choice of either. All occupying the
same natural relation to their Crestor, all have
the hke interest in the means of salvation
None being denied thopnrsuit of happiness and
the attainment of heaven, the individual who
turns his back on them must be self-condemned
. '
","'.::P"::::"O''s"i'."tkto accept ecda t
charge his Maker with his destruction, for his
Maker has provided and pointed out the means
by whichz everbi in viouxrTh rso lityl

his etes'nal undoing, for his Saviour has moved
earth and heaven to his rescue; but, alas! how
vain have been the solicitude and the labor of
all. Millions of inunortals reliase to be blessed
and saved, and the fearful responsibility of de-
struction rests upon themselves alone.

Endowment of the Colleges,
We desired to say something on this subject
this week, but we find we have not room.
We can only call attention to Jhe letter from
Rev. W. G. Connor, setting forth the plan for
the endowment of Woford College, and wish
ur br hren over tim river eminent succe a.inIt

on the right plan, that is, to lay the burden o'
the colleges on the Church, and to make their
work its work,
A challenge is thrown out, in the letter, that
should keep the friends of Emory and East Ala-
bama Colleges awake. When they report pro-
pers shall the first in the field be behind,

I week before lastfavor-
I edition of the country,

ve r to thisati 0 re a npupi
was, except in the department of Music. Pro.
fessor and Madame DeCastro, eminent and ex-
perienced Music teachers have taken charge of
that department. The preliminary work of or.
ganising the classes has been done, and the pu-
pils generally are moving offeach in her respeo-
tive line of duty, with a spirit that deserves

CuranERT, GA ---The meeting here contin-
ued with od its al du a after Br
Dunean's t re osru eveliev. J E. Godfrey
joined him, and gave very elliolent ministerial
aid to him and the other brethren present.

HOMILErics AND PAstoaxx, Tool.oor. By
Wm. G. T. Shedd, D. D., Professor an Union
Theological Seminary, New York City. 2nd
Ed. Charles Scribner & Co. For sale J. W.
Burke & Co. Price, 33 50

logical Seminaries, and, therefore, is adapted
to those who are to be settled pastors, and ser-
mon-readers, (as least in part) and although it
keeps in view Calvinistic Literature mainly-
yet we heartily recommend it to our young
preachers, for the good in it that is entholic, and
adapted to the ministry of all the Churches
They can learn from it, a great deal that is prof-
itable-which cannot be found elsewhere, so far
as we know, in the same compass. In the let
part, Homileties-defined to be Sacred Rheto-
rie, or the principles of Rhetoric applied to
preaching-the author treats of the relation of
sacred eloquence to Biblical exegesis; the dia.
tinctive nature of IIomiletics, and the reasons
for its cultivation; the fundamental properties
for style; gives general and special maxims for

i nt ed t e anth differentaT t an
the plan of sermon; gives an interesting chap-
ter on extemporaneous preaching, which he
thinks should be more cultivated than itis; and
devotes a chapter to each of the subjecting, the
matter, manner and spirit of preaching; the
reciprocal relations of preacher and hearer; and

the attention to be given by the preacher to the ScoTT's Monnis -This popular Magazine next Sabbath rolled round-- President Harrison down in the moon of his illustrious and spotles PuruAM ca.,N G. CONFERENCE.-The Rev.
subject of prayer, Scripture-reading, b3mns, etc. will be printed for tholiditor and Proprietors, 1.ing that deep that knows no earthly li he sh eps t 16> is atthew Rylander, his t is cirlinight wers as ad Leo raT rs
In Part 2nd, on Pastoral Theology, we have a hereafter in Maeon, by J W Eurke & Co.- hot fatuity is this! The most momentous old classicader-a most retuarhuble nian-par- about one hundred accessions-many bacheli-
discussion on the religious and intellectual, so- There has been some Telay, in consequence of int rest adjourned to an uncertain, feveilsh, dy-, don an old friend, Bro. R. I hear his elation Micrs reclaimed-the church generally revived,
cial and professional character of the preacher, changeof place of publeation. The September n r what, voke now-nearly (1 and we hope for further success. We behere
and on pastoralvisitingand catechibine. It will number has just been vesy handsomely gotten .. iione history has brother that we could have done more, if we could have
be seen from a glance at the contents, that this up in Macon. Other numbers will soon follow, r lia --and Er f us the us tk Envil c tel no s" I :tt fr(I tl crican cl ri ya veral metnAers have re-
book conveys instruction, which every preacher till the assue is up to time. Mr Scot lum whi God." in indolence. 10 hves is adorn 7 en-t0 ex- i w in public who had not taken up the cross
needs; and his given in a pleasant style, rather a half interest in his Engazine to Dailel Pit. The tweniy thousand people kft-T wirness he t and lead the ornate perhaps at times, and with a deep sense man, Esq, of Atlanta though he himself con- thedispension, it 1 1 1 bath-school I th sk when my ,wool b other R --
of the responsibility of the preacher for souls, tinues to edit it. ush of t swh:tt has Decorne of that ninhoude v p"ance, hekwillalciFvo : wony <:acts 1)oni CirAvnr, Ci wrown capGA. 0.
nd of the solemn hara tepoinld miss on.ha Tus Ilko in Mon tra,1) Oc un- r iRev B which I eazed on, more than a quarter of a cen- thl/Idist ,od fa t t 12 at or n !.at nt harle2elmo5t hadTa P t1erooosta fet

not first been called by the Holy Ghost to the The interesting scrish before noticed are com to utters response. A voice the tomb of his gallant and lamented son, the last six cars has been in a cold state, oneof the
work. We wish all our preachers would learn tinued. A ood famil monthly. We could, comes florn the quiet city of the dead-" They late Major RWander. Heaven bless his bcrear- causes being we have been almost destitute of
its valuable lessons-rnost particularly, that one however, wk a little h her Male of hterature, re Icore --the ed sopTo sorybmr it ural attraeliveness, < ral n a tir teP eee laM Peninia T

11 ienddi8 t iant t a r p e 1 ti'JoeathebJe yt21 too l rnis terGt oad allonfkt ut of 1 yeDon't you bear so e ecs adhg ancl winter v an..gnfic re tu d a here ma added to thnedchunkb.lidet
cy. neither instructs nor entertains. The editor N.eli's cominve, means annaing-clushing- whoe father, the venerable T I 01 imed and the church abundantly revived.
1 * ane of the most remarkable --
PRINoirus or ELOCUTION AND YOCAL CUL* niakes a liberal offer tosubser1bers. He so 3: A id I was p osent when the first Senior 11 was the intimate friend of Soutsonerm cT., S. GA. Cour.-The Rev.
Trus: In which the Eules of Correct Read. "To any subscriber for one year, who a name, of the W. F. Colly.o op- 1 9 the I 1 1 * Hudson, Dr Henry Bran- D. 10. McWilliams writes: We are havsngsome
,, , accompanied by the money, shall have been sent What an anxious 1 beatir * = II Arnold of goaly memory, good meetings on this Co. The Church partial-
on or before the 15th oT November next, we will heart-what hopes-what tears. I remember and of Rev. William Adams who yet survives, ly revived and some 20 additions during the last
send three numbers of the third volume in addi- Alas! and who, cultivating the graces of nicekness, month. We are hoping for better timeslyet be-
' -' ' tion to the fourth and fifth volumes of 18GS I lustrous : and charity, is I 7 life's dc. tween this and Conference. The col etiona

News Co. This liberal offer will enable our agents to com The Rzov. 1)r. Curry, of the New York Advo- *, serenely, as to = 1 hopeful will be small we fearhowingoin part to thedjar
A Jarge portico to a very small house. The nience at once a successful canvass for subscrib- cate, was Professor at the time of which I write, = best we can in this department, under
ul d-what th f th But ers for 1868. They must work without delay, I most distinctly recollect his great sermon in 1 r *, I *, a .1 instancess.
r as are goo ere is o em. h ti n for the t illed, the old Methodest Church, on Acts 1, 5: For the Concord annals, only excelled by tbo lustre
the book is meagre, in thisdeparunent; and the as to proposi on is o ly ime spec John truly baptized with water; but ye shall be with which it shines on the columns of iminor. EvisANIA ca., S. GA. CONF.-The Rev. J.
selections are of no very great excellence. A Subscribers procured on this offer may also be i>aptized with the Holy Ghost not many days tality. Putnam 0 3 M. Stokes writes: God has blessed us with good
few rational principles, as a ground work for the counted by those agent who dezite premiums." hence." May a very humble and about 60 accessions to the
rae a won bn e a 100 epla Igood TmamSourRN RI: -OctoberiP v Ilal Methodist preacher of 1 IAletho- cipating our wants, and pre ce jtt< t-an a Lte conf obe e
g voc or $6.00 if not paid within six months. **, may be baptized with sweet courtesies which his simple, apostolic piety ored
ture is needed. It ought to be brief-but this ma nanimity-charity, by the power of the so spontaneously afforded, much 1 1* is ., .,- 3 es I .1 r si <.
one is too brief. It may do, however, for a be A higher style of Review Literature has II y Ghost, towards the M. E. Church, South I.m-- no th- -.~1 form of this venotable ser have rendered me much assistance. All praise
ginning, in lion of a better. never been presented to American waders than -and may all preach Christ and him crucified. amongst the pro-trate pen. to the great Head of the Church.
is found 2n the pages of this quarterly. Its ed. Howdiatinctly do Iromemberin that old pul- intent that thronged the akar, whispering words -
MISTAKEs or EDucATE MEN. By John S. itors are Dr. A. T. Bledece and W. II. Browne, pit, Rev. Mr. Cassels-his text: Be sure your of eneonragement and consolation. And while BARNEsvJLra; cs., N. G. CONFERENCE.-
Hart, LL. D. 4th Edition. Phil.: J. O. and we commend it to every His sermon was pointed, I ** . I P the Covenant descends, The Rev W. F. Smith writes: We have been
Garrigues, No. 148 South Fourth St.: 1807 wants good reading, and such I The an ence vastatj indicate the divine, tranq In no itcountenances 2c f rtMs work recently. Prot e-
We noticed former edition of this little book here and there, pour contemptuponhimand his lightful scenes have I enjoyed with that pious Christ-the Church-heaven, were first in ment but one. Members of the church revived.
as a work that contains some valuable warnings section. and able Presbyterian diviue-now in heaven, importance with him. Always in his seat, Many haveratedthe family altar. Sinners con-
and directions, tothosewho, by habit and choice, IIcre I first mattay revered and accomplished unless Providence interposed-too d are apt to lose much of their care for themselves THE SOUTHERN PRESTWTERIAN REVIEw-Oc- friend, Rev. 31r Speer-the painted father of a sentence of the sermon, he was there for ex-
and for their intercourse with the world, in study ober, 1867. Columbia, 3. C. 83.00 a year, R.e 61 Spe r.ys Alenary recedis dnost ivlidly anspleo ake.earl haeco el I C ti tchk Th e es to : rm t a f
or professional engagements. The heads are: We have been surprised and pained to hear when we could sing, and pray, and preach, and where he knelt to pray before sermon. After I . .. ,, I I 1 his
1. Take care of your bodily health 2. Be before- witness converstons, mght after mght tal mid- his interment, his friends in three counties had *: I on
hand with whatever you undertake; 3. Holdon at nd es tt r au rael 1 Ine vi tt.po rea ap thno ebpyela ho'clock. With tee so li g co@t a the church. .. 2 9 .. Is ] to
the caUio cofr st I oc 1 ae I sicitu I u ely su to ed out of thei ulka orof the Icyes would lopor at tetenednes e its, crying bre e tto hisve t ildrene Jo uM ral 1 WOFFORD COLLEGE.

ways on hand; 5. Do not limit your studies to er. serves a wi cc for moroy-and then how joyously would he join i the golden zuilhons of so rns assaus.
your own specialty or your intercouroc to your To MErnomsr QUARTERLY REVIzw Octo. in the victorious shout! The District meeting of Orangeburg resolved
own particular seet or caste; G Cultivate the ber, 1867. Carton k Porter, New York. I have a most affecting memory of y last are mi fo{ otcoho nan i rio t rd 11 cA oacti to "beTealled 'tTh Woof
art of conversation; 7. Cultivate good manners This number does not. come up to its usual q life But my letter is too long. Adion for the the Sociviv is to fizrnish material aid to this val-
standard, as to the interest of the articles; but I looked upon Intn for the last time. He has present unble Its itution of the Church. As it is im-
THE Won or CHisr; Or the Atonoment gone to his blissful reward. But, I onnot close this memorial of affection- practicabic at present, to repinee the endow-
consndered in itaPInflueo2e jrathe 11 el t Rev. Ehjah Sincinir hves in my most affee- are biographis 1 lia ment, and as the Conference collection plan

1 1 1 1 I of the M. 8 hurch Tun S B. Yrseron has had an extraordinary exaonnta no mbrance 110 bears a scry in Tr- one of the mi gives but little help, the friends of Wofford
South. St Louis: P. Al. Pinckard. Price Gr) "run for the times--and it deserves it fully = n accomplished air mainted in djn flPa to g b so k\ ih
cents, to , I I .1 1 m--ho sat just befhro me in pumposed that ten dollars, paid annually, shall
This is a brief essay, written, as the author [terprisingAgent-and Led it. I arch, in Baker county, hear- constitute membergaip, and after the Society is
tells us, because the speculations here recorded I ower closed professional doors-merchants' at the altar the last tisn 1, to have ^olAnniversary in Spartan-
gave him great pleasure in the conuniplationy How Advertisements- doors-artisans' doors-and all swept on to the he was cotlined fbr burial-the hearse I 1 interests of education con-
and he began to write, for the more pleasure of blix & KiaTr ANo, AIncon, Ga., will not be Church, day and night, and hundreds embraced the door-the last fond, farewell look from heart- nected with :he Association, but the aid for the
employing his mind upon them. Its style is undersold. See Advertisemont, the Saviour, stricken wife and orphan chiltdrce was 0 kco- College will be the 1 1.

vi o t.Its argumenter "ampactb ts 11 ran's forCl e a dNc id} ork, offers a ple:isant soap Contemy oraneou yhT Idgical rev lbin a suit bi od, 3 i 1 lenina of j cumenic on immediate yacnodn a
le th >tel = Oro. Sinclair preached a most dark, embowered I II *. Orink, with the College recommended the measure.-
am as a shon to e universe of is hgent bc- SITuArroN WArrED as teacher, by a South- powerful sermon from the text-"llini that we depo-ited him on his cold couch-and there Whether it succeeds or not, it is a spontaneous
ings. The period of Redemption wal be the an lady 800 Advertisonsoue cometh unto nie I will in no wise cast out we stood around his tomb-in reverential silence expression of this Districtin favorof austaining
central point of universal History, and all events ----------------- The Governor and preacher have both gone to -and pious, sad weepers were there-prayer this nursery of the ministry.
will be seen in its light. It will abide forever to last account. May they sleep well. was otYered amid the solema stillness. With Two roolutions of importance were passed in

sthe cordsHofmagles as Gold s brightest ani- 01 tit'This is as an occasion tithril ednarest at ai enTticea a dltu 'G dn ot is r t." car 1 2 jhis subjee e Ofaeri is red
overnian le sai II = he pulpit. The text: the end of earth Meeting and the other wasconstitutingall the

ratilerom Pi d. It {oi< gl wil a re Reminiscences of Macon, Ga. sun cle. The song wa The pace on left the comotery-but lef y ra n tb so{' ference agents to secure

oernts. at n il 3 Icoits at en)there he "no tt u] ernum a Ro, E e?"Maiil 0 of. left. I could hear the melancholy usurn ing arion Meetd
by perpetual recurrence to its facts. andpChristian effort, appu. 1 When 100 persons rushed to the altrar-amonet on to the oceam -fit m- as characterized the Orangeburg Meeting, and
authorities, them, myvcncrable friel 3 J. P. D. the two united in the organization proposed.
CLAssic BAPTrs I. An Inquiryintothe Mean. I a was plea cut-Itiustnotunprofit- Hansel. He and his Anwrious, Ga. The second resolution is now to be carried
ing of the Word lhaption, as detern ined by I were converted ad added to the woro converted-some of whom have crossed An Incident Worthy of Imitation out-the Five Hundred Members to be secured
of Classical Greek Writers. By Church, and Zion was stimulated, the flood into the land of promise. He sull IJudor date of October 5th the "Pastor until next year. Emo-
Dale, Pastor of the Media Amongst the suppliants at the altar were two fi: gers-awaidog the summons, that opens the writes: ry is ahead of us, and has strong men at the

Iri n 01 u a AjorPs le by J. W. little Is---orphaus hath in to hou .gazed co ial oes of his death reaches us, before this On tThu d y l ttin accord nee wha ve alrswe toiPf rt em een e tt v a n
Burke & Co. Price, SS 50 children maybe yource i. is Oubeliof firrom ] to d friends 8, Atlanta, Ga., the members, congregation local, to aske this in hand. It is the work of
This is the book which promises to settle a ni them ? The humble ministers, the chil- in this cit v rBro. Ion la an. He ad children, made their annual visit to the the people, no Bishop's or President's proposal.
vered question. Its plan is now, logical, co- dren of God, will weep over and counsel our was leader, steward, chorister and trustee He l'astor ad histi family at the -- tion-now, brethren, quietly, steadily, but
gent. It has met those believing n dipping" motherless ones, when we are laid in the grave was never absent from his post, except provi- ours a recep eing roleI a = t to shore frst,
to be baptism on their own ground, classic usage, Wan't you, dearest friends ? dentially. I gaze upon him now, I hear his not only with warm poetings, ge W. G. CowNon.
and shows up theilr6 fati re ad agree i ul] racti s3 tch rb c BI s c w or g a ti
words Baptoand Bapt;&o, and their equivalects feet, an unworthy, unqualified conservation 1 1 with him ea ce i a ver pleasant to all and ^Godmadethecountryandmanmadethetown"
in the Latin and Engli b, nod after an exhaust Alas! dear parents, shall we dedicate our 1 1 1 oreavedrolict, and his dear honored well calculated to enliver and strengthen the 1 crowded towns
tive analysis of ancient and modern writers, the children to feeluou, show, 1-- the insane on his beaming face and bid him mutual th t I i 1 sch == 1 1 I and in fields or
author reaches these conclusions beyond ques- pleasures and admirattop of Good morning," at the Lainb's marriage feast tween the I groxes fi d "contiguityof shade,"ehoicefriends,
world ? Will you? As the mid an the glorious celestial world. "This and was pread hospitality.
tion: follies, .1.1 , they turn pale, totter, Bro George Jowett took me by the hand, and 31a it let t 8 ()0 the morning of the 10th, after an early
"(1) Bapto, Tingo, and Dip are words which, stagger, I grave, and are driven welcomed me to his house and heart. His con- com ng yur a e na )e breakthat and a ticating drive, we arrived in
in their respective 1, away-asooy to the lurid lake of fire and brim- secreted and laborious son faithfully and hou- dows of heaven ever rest on the ecod pe ,L or sight of Jericho,- I = a. ., a
most part, the same I stone. 11ark! dear parents; what sounds are nomi on him. He was a -^ re this chat e of shed structure I ... = = s
d Mc ds those I your fashion- = 1 = Many a stirria hundred persons. It is a Methodist church in
wh inBeahpefi es ei ena rse are wor able, 1 hour 1 bave spent with him. He losed his life charge of Rev. Wm. JIutto-a liberal Christian
for the most part, t ze same 1 T as stationed in this peacefhlly. His flesh rests in hope. Greenville et, N. G. Conference and a realous pastor, whose interest in Sabbath-
eit * = an! The fortunes One of my carhest friends was IIon. H. G. AIr. Ed tor:-Since my last cou.murmation schools fund a happy emulation In the eforts

3. ea 1 na ilikr ano I 1 thetransptramp 1 1 ste sh y liebz -Trr s adu le x force th acphpotil or t sexcelkjis a tey ae .ep The denomi-
nge g y volumes, he very graciously presented to me resubing rn 97 whites and 30 colored added to The exercises were 1 1 a suitable
less identionl of the tomb; other and strango sounds fall on blay Heaven bless his bereaved wife and sur- the M. E. Churob, South; .1 Rev 1 [* s., I theLuth-
"(1-) Bapto and Buptico exhibit a perfect my ear. The faces I once gazed upon here in viving children, and may all be united in the this Confect.ce year an ad< Thou followed an appropriatead-
parallehem in their development- college halls, and Church, and parlor, he now Land beyond. bars. Many others wore converted who will dress by 110v. J. S. Conner, whose usual judg-
1. 13apto; To dip. beneath the sad. The anxious, restless, world- Col. Everard Hamilton was a member of the 30m other branches of the church. Among ruent and c . .) = .. ri 1 1 ., I
1. Baptizo; To merse loving multitude that rushed along these band of pious worthiaswhocomposedthe Motto- the converts all ages are represented, from ten- dutions of I ** = = = e I s .. 5
2. Bapto; To dip into any colorialliquid for thronged thoroughfares. have been arrested dist Church at this periml = for der youth to boary age, embracing a large pro made the a
the sake of I 1 1 , I his elegant : = = =1 1 the portion of v. men and ladies, and many honesty, gentleness, truth, benevolence and per-
2. B tizo, I .. liquid/or the -- Lord Jesus always enjoyed from bim a most cor, heads of The church is truly in a severance, and his life-proofs Henry Clay,
so of etar, and bade them stop, and pierced their dial reception. Bro. H. for many years, has prosperous condition. Brotherly love prevans,
3. Bapto; vitalsand aboveled thein intotheholes-six P 1 the rest that remains for the people of and we are returning to the simplicity of our is = was followed by one
of coloring matter (without the act of d by two-and covered them up, and soon a We base, on this work, a self ocri- from Rev Wm. Slider, of the Baptist Church.
ping); e.g., to sprznkle blood; to equeeve a fadedfrom human remembrance. The mean- on -, aeal ministry, an officient OHicial board li *i c , ,, .
3. 3ra t z< b ut e byeblows. --- -- +i.. 4 licyr vorld wl irled rentnj leara Traitalt edRoen 1 pa mptive aled a corG stent membership.th I .. . a .. .1
fluence (without the They were soon unmissed The quiet stars features of Bro Robt. Fort- II the united co operation of * * * ....r
e. g, to sprinkle poppy juice; to pour water have been I 0 1 very soon theicafter called : to a : ** ., I especially by the indethti- nel; the only 1. 1 was, we might be
on hot aron; to drink intoucating hpor- the sun hi I everlasting repose. gable labors of our worthy colleague, Bro. Jack. cheated by the = promise of a neigh.
"Theperfeetparallelismofdovelopnientthus Aplain, modest, ven, 1' 11 1 son Rush and Bros. John W. 31eachee and boring puncewho with fair promises, ruined
exhibited, in these two words, goes thr to show with his hair cut very Stophen Clement. May God continue to pour many an - 1 -1 1 ,ii ] g .-., ,,
that the true interpretation of each has been his Spirit upon the churebes. Eachelaul
secured. . .. . . . . . n P. A. KinnELL, P. C. ly drawn, and well appreciated.
*(5.) Baptism is a myriad-sided word, ad. where love and friendslup have deposited tbo 1 1 1 I IT leeps in an hon- Oct. 9, 1807. Next in order was an address to the patrons
justing itself to the most diverse casqs. sacred relics. Here surviving posterity comes : I Robinson, and and pupils, from the talented superintendent,
was baptized; Bacchus was and decorates, and plants sweet flowers; the Col. W Robinson, = < Rev. A CARRordson er., N. G. CowmancE.-The Hugo 0 Sheridan, Esq He took a compre-

:ie vil...f ed Bad ? Z E im iE i:"ii92:2 btEdi 9 ^ "? 5 "9 6::.:.: e x:- his 1 t 1 v W 0 nal I 1 rites WoShave can hen i v) 1 of o u5 enp led o n r y as
was baptized; and a host of others were hap- No tears of tenderest, law ever bedow their hol- liolve in Glory tized, each difering from the otherin the nature low cheeks. In my most affectionate remembrance lives blessed, and quite a number 2, , , Jones so beautifully, as almost any one present
or mode of their baptism, or both. What a spectacle is thia Between fifteen Bro, IVan Roos-a consistent, uniform Chris- members. There are about 75 crippled Con- must have felt that energy and hope blest by

d "A Mindol r ., To 1 n .th . 1, I .1 if In\ imllis house and a da t isdoodyrto the f dr cosPc etheeiard two thirds, inclu- Ombwh we d hearePdrayer an sourdaytofacedh
fu n Jil thread the Crotan lab 17. F. College was solicited to open with prayer. Distinguished for integrity and pros pious members of some I individual proof the value of education, and
than emuTde as ven wise men of GreeCipt The courtly Berrien made tbo introductory porous enterprise, he followed, to the peaceful Church. Next to li .. . ,_ touchingly portrayed the effect of study and
clare the nature or mode of any given baptism speech. Alas! his voice is hushed in death, tomb, his respected and pions parents, whose mend Bowden to I 1 2. prayer on the characters of the rising genera-
by the naked help of Bapti:o. that imposing person crumbles to original ele acquaintance I had the honor of enjoying. An . education, under the into tion. We were fully convinced, that he was
*(6.) The master-key to the interpretation of inenb who is this that rises to speak ? Col. Id remaintly twi emi oli o h am I terly nicati : [I th the man for our time and its, a the pastor,
Baptizo1scondstion,-condition characterized by Win. C, Preston. The vast thousands make and cherish the fondestrecollection of his many was present in demonstrating power. The work ".110 I closed the exer-
co leteness, with or without physical caveloP the earth tremble as this wizznd orator says, Ch . I I cotunienced. Sinners convicted-niourers can esses notice the singing
The Lawks; the banks," with suchaface as was sai I Up to last night, which was intersper ed, giving variety and har-
thi' 1 1* / oerreste n i 1 1ee splairl led ch I s.. -aor was compelled to is si the people of God. niony to a o^1int est ag oucalsion The chil
tis a sa The grave answers, He is here." Hamilton, ,, . ,/ e nients; but II
our author places his demonstrated proposition, IInyne, McDuffie, Calhonu, are all with him. I r Oglethorpe University---a h
that "wnArson rs carers or TIronouanLY punctual attendant at the cla '*' -
"ANalwa ans canActus, grATE, OR CONDI- that Ileaven and the Church . HousToN Mission, N. G. CONFERENCE.-

TT3 0 coPCaCong on 111T ( popular tide sept Fene a Idited w le ft is c a sea s 1 a .1y31 e abou a this sl dd t
rAct, BAPTIZE IT was President, one month! What havoc does mind and heart at 1 God knows he sions. We had a revival at Mount Zion-11 to measure future hopes, and situultaneously to
The author promises two more works on the death make of human hopes and aspirations! is greatly missed. My last me' 1 i. I one at Salem, 26 added to the church. pronounce obe day a great success.
subject; viz, "JudaicBaptism" and "Johancle Just one month in theExecutiremansion-and view with him was in his sick (1 la graelous outpouring of the Spirit at
Haptism," and if they shall prove to beas orig- thamDworms and la hless trkne garrison, "I Navale bosp lo, Portemouth, ra. 56 1 edIn these evivals were
anal, clear, and scholarly as this book, the sub- wish to join thoChurch next Sabbath." "Yery spoke of Jesus and immortalit He rose from The church is wonderfully revived. To God be DAISY ALE
ject will have been exhausted. well," answered the pious pastor-and when the that couch of pain. The seqqol is known. Cug all the glory. ( Fair I iew, Orangeburg, H. C.

.11.10 00 *


Leavie ed Robbery Threatened.
A few weeks since we noticed, that The
Methodist, arguing ibr the powers of the Gen.
eral Confescue, quoted from the decision of the
Supreme Court of the United States, in the suit

o dis 01 re se- he ec an iran
the General Conference was supreme in the
Church, and ad not surpassed its power, in di.
viding the original Methodist Church into two
equa datiodo-ordinate pbodi -----lofkwhich tou

therefore, tbo clamor about the M. E. Church,
North, being "Mother Church," the "parent
bad is all "hosh by the decision of the h 6-
est court in the land. The inference was inevi
table, and, therefore, the premise is repudiated
by those who have been sent South, to "disen.
tograte and absoth the rival body-the bastard
Church," as Dr. Curry elegantly states their
mission to be,
The argument was addressed by Dr. Crooks
of The Methodist to I)r. Porter, who had writ,
run a pamphlet against lay-representation.-
Some one of the "disint ators" in the South
me withDDr.P toeork a fe ea.nd liast ed

self, and the latter has published a portion of
the writer's letter. This we re produce here,
--having marked a few passages in Itahes, to
which we call special attention-putting the
writer's own aniphasised paneages into small capi.
tals, for distinction's sake.
I have seen two letters in The Methodist,
signed by Dr. Crooks, in answer to your work-
I have been an advocate of lay-representation,

dl I . I ,
I far in his claims for the w.
Conference, and the be or

at a i ut tof th South will notlin-

interests of human bondage by a southernized

Dred Scott decision .1 /
decision in our case a .1 3 ==. .. I &
most mischevious I *

part of a panical plot and conspiracy to over-
turn this government,
That deci ion was a decree that legalized the

xiciusgoucrdia 1 ob e j ha 0 4"

a di be us swo the courts of the I nited States
To speak a word Now for such a decision is
to speak :1 word lbr the Church, South, and all
be just to your minis-
ters in tbo South, who are now under the bitten
lire of this disloyal Church. It will nothe just

2:".1,"i:" "Gol : *, '. ":
method of crudly and terror
it is not jpt to the men in the North who

under that decision in the ME Church, then we
have no business here, and our Church is spend.
ny neoucy en wh. Nor is such a word of
f tership pse to tha mooro when approudon

That Chank 7.5 the great misfortune of
thrs land, and honest men in this section are be
rcumacribed, and its

It Dr. Crooks refuses to recognize the fact
that the war of 1841 is still going on, he will
learn that there are men fu the land who refuse
to recognize that act of the Supreme Courts as

a jo gfinalvia its c to sand tonocredto be

3 voluti u1,vribree a r Ive t eon ou3
sors, and to the can a of humanity, rf see did
not strike it down // God gives us the power
In the above I think I have given the feel-
I convictions of at least three fourths,
tenths, of our men in the South.-
One of my reasons is, I HAVE BEEN MOVED,
who all my hfe have been a conservative, and
am yet, but I recognize the necessity of the
hour. WE An IN THE most or A MoRAL
wAa, and that man is not our friend who does
not recognize the fact.
Tile writer has the endorsementof it

of hcN rt : rv as subseTu y
that his attention has been called toDr. Crooks,
endorsement of the "decision of the Supreme
Court, in the Church ad nte
property an i r-
pretation aUainst which every true Methodid
ind/Unantly protests'>
And these are they, who call the Southern
Methodists "rebels." They who repudiate law,
who submit touo Coastitutional courts, who only
wait to get the supreme power every where, to
defy decisions, to which all legislators and ex
contive officers are sworn to yield obedience-
decrees which the whole military and naval
power of the goverment is pledged by the Con-
stitution, and paid by the people, to see enforced
-these people (call us Southern Methodiats
"rebels," merely because we do not do their
bidding, and conform to their wishes in Church
and State. O, shame, where is thy blush.
They will overthrow the Supreme Court, as
now organized-they will fill the seat of justice,
with partisans-they will have decrees issued,

:::: .:::::." t:.::::::
honorable and rapacious mendemand-substi-
tuting for kw, order, and Constitutional right,
the decisions of a nich at the polls. And yet
they call us udidayal," became we will not be-
forchand charfully acquiesce in the dethrone-
ment of law, order and Constitution,-they
being overthrown that these people may be able
to seize our property, under the forms of an
es post from law, framed for purposes of rob-
And these people can go about asking the
use of our pulpits, and cry "an-Christion," if
they are reinsid, as they ought to expect to be,
avowing such purposes as above-
IIow pregnant that sentence-"if the legis-
lative body will let us into the courts of the
country." What does it mean ? We must con-

as """:: th my onmBee nd nInn
she, having made a Supreme Court which will
serve our purposes, we will "rip up," this decis-
ion, and take this Southern Church property-
The earth belongs to the saints-and we are the
Of course-and by quite as good a righte--by

_ ~ II_ ~_--QI

to the following c= T . 1 : I = 1869. 1868.
he apprehended I I I : I I .Ill won a
come more desperate than ever, and hesitate at
acco lis their re obtt naq ur. SOUTHERN CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE1

letion, which the Constitution f a a rt E. u, nvacus, e.>.. answon.

own protection. TIllRTYPIRST YOLUME.

de az{)ctobert t 1 v ceo 1-, I OLD AND WELL ESTAl LISH-
of Louisiana, at the election Septed ..
and 28th, 1867, on the question of a *

dte ipt . ..
the Union to be 79,175, of which 75,(
for a Con I eighty *
bhank a rn *

... J.w.BURK
, , ,,, ,

sHn jaitf C nvention 160 s is sn no RATEs or AbvenRTIsms
Saturday, Noven her 23d, 1867, for the purposes sPAcE
1( I One S nar
un of a
Domestic markets. __ _

NEw You, Oct. 21.-Cotton active; it ' I .
ter sales 3000 bales; uplands at 200. I '
steady; State 8 70 to 10 60. Southern 1
o t 50 Wh il m r Mized Hestern


October 95, 1867

My Last Appeal and Effort 0 1 r ( arte M ng full statistics from
Apalachicola Parsonage I I II .1 1 *
Dear Brethren, and Sisters in Christ Jesus I I I
---This is my last appeal fqr our I'arsona The F. A. Moon,

Oct IS-3w Secretary S. C, Cont

age, that body resolved to sell it Iteannot BUNDAY-SCHOOL VISITOR.
no on i < ceder >ied ni is p senit dbtly The extraordinary success that has attended

paired, or else the resolution passed will go into the Visitor, as well as the filverable reception
effect with which it has met every where, has been

DoDear bred n .nd sisteerls, let 81 ks le 1. 0 / nt
one dollar or less. Come to our help at once. will put the first number of the second volume
The sum total I have raised is only one hundred to press. To save expense, as well as to prevent

1 .set ended ten ouD lot t can. "Iuasmuch as ye have done ituntothe fore earnestly request our preachers, Sutnhd
unto e school superintendents, and parents whose chil

an in the world t
0. H. BERNHEIM. as may be coven ent-
-- Oct 25-3< A H. REDFORD, Agent.

Friends of5 lu to aTd he following *
and respond with name and post oflice.
By war and its a. . I
lost one hundred the I ** I FOREIGN NEWS,
ment. Comparatively little is left, and that armantimsocian..
little as yet pays a very small dividend. Sque Florence, Oct.15---The latest dispatches from

I th the Papal provinces in the south, der- I
to lay (Monday) evening, say that a 1 1
RhoutMie F neity orhaseparf ern 8 a3 yd r3 r p for th 2n

a 0 tu acand o e "ee arr a b suj ge
Kildesperandum,, cralissimo of the troops of the "Partyof Ae
I propose a new plan: I will not ask for hun- tion," by virtue of a commission delegated to
dreds or thousands-not now, perhaps never. laim from his father, the General. A sharp en-
I do t wanit youri i et lycian k I genae ensue after alathaocokbwhich erndoed

Keep it ourself-trade on it-do the best on training the first advantage, the Garibaldians ad-
can--bu I want some interest ustSallhile, nd Trano the town, nd the tirinbsol tere

at r TnA roeca osmehe e anall, la d aster. Oct. 16.--There is a wild rumor of
Oxford, have a speech, a grand celebration Fen us pl nin anCxseamb Ito seizedthe Q as
become a liv ag member of a live College. doubled
Vow, then, 1 propose a n e of fee hundred Paris, October 16.-It is reported that Spain

Emory has tendered Napoleon assistance in sustaintag

is a CC rptro to chly ra ATootn n on reasPu ri tel al abn tpas
No money will be asked for before January to arms. Mazz us has issued amamfesto urging

next, ilThe subser er cahis w ac rv is p wiots of Romelto rise and Tw laim the
I = for the College. The la avaerP.
will develop itselfTth details wi1 he i igh no very important

-= the I Menotti Garibaldi
hu died Garib t Monte Minog3ioretT
o Monte Liberato were driven away.
come resistance. Give us a start The machine London, Oct. 16.-The Fenian alarm is

lendu s nTwn erpusthl\t 11 15- in al e eni tl as an

y .AdDr. Myers will report progress through h irj, dkt 0 et tunboa chave been a
Friends and brethren, if you do not rush to islan I - 1 r~ th extraordinary vigilance.
my side, I shall be compelled to worry you with . received from Italy this
line upon line. Be warned, and make haste. are very important. The entire press
G.F.PIEliCE. almost without exception, favor the
seiz oof Ron byt! Go


comisines wash oururine recommenaea for me
..............o.........man..... x.v......w,
cox.com a to, w. v.

scannyounemiers. oates-em



ItTo. 8......... Cotton Avenue,-.........Mo. 8.
MAcos, GA.



0 fr( aveever oKered in thiseaty. All of whieh we are
wuox.msson no nscrixx,

t ow athe same quality of gods can b bought :*
T BE UNDERSOLD by any House wh .


No Excuse for Bad Writing

sanarrolvran sysans or rawmassuxp.


.. . ,I ,"

one nonar. Threaseveror wwo ease..
... */*

s.a.woonross- J.=.22.asnow.

Woolfolk & Anderson



,, ,,

. ,

ltA Souther Leadye

s oo T E r e Ys v a a nDU T ,d a.E

TV umver.Ityof North roala A6zed earprs
ferred. Address W H MLL
prrncs helby, N. o.
.. . .,anspesl Bil.No.P nel eiR
't .r .*. ipp, D D, Prsoen ron

Situation Wanted as Teacher,


..~- "...
Sprabr Feal Colee
'er innn tes l 1 s esr

o r e
14 .O 8 P
at 21 62. Lard heavy 13) to 13) Rice dull
lo, 11) to 14). Coffee heavy
r g I. 55}. Rosin 3 50 to8 00.-
Money 7 per cetud .tim n 1

191lALT tonsdOctobe a of nosnq ete -at
Wheat declined 10; primeto choice Southern
red 2 80 to 2 84. Core lower, white 1 37 to
1 40; yellow 1 37 to 1 42 Oats 70 to 72.--
7 is I OctobPro sio3 ry dt pen-

the quiet at 51 to 511; Rosin quiet; sales of
straineddinamoontoat 2 9t(Hoa 403 No.126 3 121

conC nAR 8 000 odd ;npar

lbove advanced; sales of 350 bates receipts, 818

ad as n da too stif for buyerfirmSalne
850 New York middlings l8 tol8t. Receipts

21 ousTA, October 21--Market more active
and firmer; sales 862 bales; middling Cotton
16 read ts)46 bales.-Cottoo closed native;

middlings 17 to 17); sales 1100; receipts for
twodaysda Ns, October 21.-Cotton sales

2500 bales demand good; supply moderate;

LowmM I /ry1nil;tSulp rfin Set 5;
ble Extra, $12 37) to 12 50. Corn, good de
mand with upward tendency; White $1 40 to

ma4. 1 low Mix Iry al, no 1 ly 4dt

10 1 era, el r qibd as ee e 5 afo
28}. Larddully tierees 144.

Foreign Markets
Loanow, Oct. 31, Noon--Consols 934.--
Bonds 681.

erleywwPooleOct 21, m. n8 m.

so s andBreradstuflh qu t and unchanged.

from on is soocess '

s -" I-* -

nea so province of VeterMei llMo ophoitnh
insurgents have been successful. The Pope has
0 the Cardinals to

Florence, October 17.-The news from the
South continues thorable to the "Party of Ae-
tion." The Garibaldians have taken possession
of the town of Norola, in the Papal States,

""Y"at!!,4:1. coWeen ,,ci
to enable then to make a

Paris, October 17.-A council of ministers
was held = it. Cloud, the Emperor
preading. = Fitsdeliberatic---q~-
resolutior 2
venefor . .. I ..

ittliv 1020 . I r i'Th or "
reproaches the Italians for violating th 1. *
nations, 1 if .... of evam,
trea am. spirit of re.

London, October 17.-The Times says that
Italy must order the National troops to Rom
and anticipate the arrival thera of both the vi

re I air
best, and advises her to seize Home and then
treat wi tr point that the Emperor Alexander

of Russa and King William of Prussia have
sent a jolut note to the Sultan, asking him to
cedo the island of Candia to the kingdom of
Twnna, October 17.-The Emperor of Aus
tria has referred to the comeil of ministers an
addre s from the bishops of the Austrian Em-
pire, protesting against the new coneordat with
the Pope. The Emperor reproves the Austrian

Itenor ad tingrr a pa or so li to are
for the restoration of the country, and he takes
occasion to remind them that the Emperor of
Austriaisa constitutional princess well ass
true on of th 7< <1 S.-Italian trd apn r

1 Ga bald

reported tlyt the Garibaldian pla.
1 1.. ..

not yet been announced.

the I re a be nere

1 JGil a ree lay at 1 .1

e a Friday, state thatalierce
fight had commenced at Nerola, during which
the Papal troops recaptured the town. The
Garibaldians su# 1 1
Nw 19rk, ** -- t I Cable dis-
patches from Florence describe the Roman situa-
tion as more serious. Eight Italianiron-cluds
have Leon ordered to the coast. It is reported
a revolution broke out in Rome on Friday, and
the excitement at Florence is very great





ourner congress ana wastaker streets,

Savannah, Ga


smoon sooxs, and
misaELLAuous sooses
Ann erationny.
Allorderawallreceivepromptakention. sepW4m



usuransatonstonesween annana rylataker,
savanearn, on.

,,, ,, ,, ,, .
.. ,. a
, ;
,, -


GR 0 OER 8, PR 0 D50 E

to street, next to Itardeman and Sparks.

scor"?::::::"tar;=:: :o::1:22:

COMMISSION MBER CHANT 8. rem.~Inded fassawreosecrai .


. !. / .

, ,



Drugs and Druggists' Sandrles,
sAvawman, ex.






137 congress street




.-s . .. . .. . . on


ron ran sus or
orage, meaneanes, chemical., Pernamery,
soaps, Patute, on, rusty, mass,


4- it -r -r -s ~TT is eweHo so 8

on TheMRETAI rDO PEARTMENT will be carried
A. x. sex.oxows a vo.
a annisseve.ss.a,2nr.
sept ta-sm.



Atlanta, Ga*








.. .* - * passauthorises

Ton wnr conn Auxxx,

VeryRespectfully' r e
com-aw _

,o , ,

ch ar. r ri .:c on

F HIS NE .r I.I. ji..T

-- - - ----
5te:sul 191111 Banit*d


, , *,


Savannah Medical College,



," "RES oH dnrst a nw loo a
r r ., , ,
** .

... . .. . .

. , .

, ,, ,,


. .
stos so
2 <
Diploma, .................. ........... .... so ea
sep27-1m WR. WDARINLFacTIy

wsonsums massan mana as

Leather and Shoe Findings,


snimon, nossaw an Ananxcan
Sole Leather and Findings,

Commission and Porwarding Merchant,
sun anessexas are anna manan sn
mankinervanannuman suppu..,wasnuous,
vanishes, coeson and woolen waste, Mossasg-

so Jo Pressee


ma d u I'ierce in thenjiec ul ioone

tue ntheork of Emo in reested in the


Candidates for Admissxon.

da fold eq:--Please a no ee tThat Candi

t unm polika, Ala., on Monday, Sd Dec

dies--The Bilde; tons on
Justification by Faith, anc 1 = of the
Spirit; Rules for a Method at Preacher as laid
down in the Discipline3 Written Essay, or Ser-
mon. B. B. Ross,
Oct 25-2to Chairman.
To the Ministers and LT*ne gates of the N.
Ga. Con
The Ministers of the North Georgia Confer

. .

- --


se nox


M comoa.


Manu acturers of and Dealers in


Farnishing Goods, Trunks, Valises, Traveling BagaUm-
beenas, ete.

117 uroughton street,


sav*Auxu, ex.

At Nw Yrk Pice. .


,to easie croceert osued fr. erratrze^ef incorieston, so
. .

. ,,

-- -

k Notes.

, ,
* * *

/ a 4-.... Iran and commons
GoING NonTayrr we

n an r
**** .


of News Items i.e. . ..

o Medicine Lodge Greek, Oct.14.-The Com-
Deleg teslimmed teel .>ut mine ona asibed.arry d, d fivetati 1

or any other, who expect 1 =1 1 insi t upon arms and ammunitton. The Council
inform us at once. We cordially invite our a nues eight days. So far peace prospects .
brethren from abroad, and earnestly desire the Oct.17.-Gen. Canby has issued -
attendance of every member of our own Confer- *. I Rovember .

W. M. Camurry tion under the Reconstruction Acts.
J. B. PAYNE. Daltimore, Oct 18 -From twelve 0 1.
October 10th, 1867. Oct 18-3w shore ere fircelw t 0 ok Head innesntl,

To the Members of the So. Carolina Conference, coroner a verdrot was death occasioned b3 *
Dear Brethrea.-Those of you who intend ket ball fired from the rear rank of a 1.
coming to Conference in private conveyance, will "tny, supposed to be the Butler Gual &
please inform me by letter, at your earliest con- Rich,
vemence. PEYTON G. BOWMAN. Gen.Schofield defendantinacaseof mas

Morganton, N. 0, Oct. 4-4w and to exhause the remedies under the i

Statistics. structi To Presidtag Elders B. C. Conference. ,, I I I I S OheoCotmema n I '
The Presiding Elders are respectfully remind- istration is sustained.
ed, that by See. 6, Paragraph 9, page 87, of the WashinIton, Oct. 18.-In a well auth .ta.
Discipline it is made their duty to obtain at the ted conversation the President expressed himself


f .5, a tre,

* --

savallman, ea.



e e

. .w vort


T 7- U LO s "

ses congre.. ana vt st. Julian streets,
Gibbon's Range, SavannahGa. 7 south C ro inNO Un

Manufactorythe largest and best selected Stock of



: : ( ::: :: :

" -- -ratantly returning from



1: , ,




? ".'q e



To time Planters and merchants or Georgan.

TF'. III 9 . 4[ II Ll 4 '* II fi if. I 1 1
,, , ,
* a ,

Oc6114m r

- S. T. OOL EH A N,



mear Assonwso swome


vo arrownsw

Mace n, Geor gi n,




hailm.L 151 5 00lb Fuanti th.I= ft!
. .. .
1,4, .. s:_ o.'7 [. [ s [.. I


_ __ I_ __ :111____ 1_~ ___~____~~

Vol. xxx. No. 4- 8

11 N 1 VE
a w. aunusu E. w. HAztanonst

seconastreet, amelyas





tribu , .1 T . Suddenly, while engaged in some downstairs such loss The mail which brought thosadnews E. R LTIYTHE & do.,
Her .* .. . it work, the sound of hurried feet reached her, of our 1&a, br pl t we 090 her last letter So
pluck bi and this was quickly followed by a loud rap at importentand wholesaleDealerson,
overflowing the channels of true benevolence. the door In another minute, her poor h
who had met with terrible misfbrtune, tu/ China, Glass and queensware,
A Queer Notice. ried into the house with a broken leg. I ** . : I I, = 1 ald a movae-riATsexxonnITANNIAwAREs
was no time to prepare the bed, for nothing but house of -s I a the
Sabjnliaister ci an e tent billage found, on confusion prevailed, so her husband was borne different churches of the neighborhood might varate corelear, x.commu arass ,
d 's new and placed in his desk up stairs, and the doctor was scot for raise Aoonstonicd
tSo mo readT can ation; but, by a Af11ieted as the poor woman was ly her has 1 ** 1 to the services of COAL OIL I.AlilPS AND GAS CHANDELIERS,
greg I 1 rint- band's sad misfortune, the dhty heets and pil- God's house, she felt kcouly the want of those

I er low cases, and the untidy state of the room, to delightful privileges, so reircolung to the Chris los Broughton street,
the advertisement of a certain shoe-deal pa e of heer tidy h itsd7re an 81 tiional mu{ en cej it ind'the true tabornacle which -and- st stauntax 8
prominent member of his church, and withe husband, after his fractured limb was set, could her pious beart shall be fo. . . . savanwAn as
turning the paper to reed the other side, as t not on any account be moved. His presence is fulness of joy, and at His right ze.measuzzy /mr mar/ m.man..
v ti mentexm c < ] = s The broken leg did not knit so boon as was hand there are pleasures forevermore.

ciordingly, to the surpr f all, announced, at p e a heken quen twes, that dn WmTEFoonn Smen L. J. GUILMARTIN & CO.,
stantly on hand d nh grid of = h er her nations 1- 1 v --or-n TOBEPH 8E RE died in shmme- COTTON FACTORS
>rtment of boots was a =. .Il l I I .Ins s Ho was the only son ot his mother, and she is

/ir e 2et a cash, at No. 15 band, and the doctor too, would think badly .ca widow. He was attacked with scrofitla when
And he added her; and certain it was that she thought badly be was six months old, which pursued him General OonInsission Merchants
"Brother Bro/n isa worth member of the enough of herself. Ev ? , 1,, through every step of life. 110 had a good
trouble and vexation to as I sa : mind, was very manly an his deportment, and SAVANNAH, GEORGIA.
church and society, deserving the patronage of repent of her natidiness universally beloved by all who knew him. Last

r brother Brown may be on isthoughbuntidine t usa2proaclb to and Car h ttendemn a n Ir(r ep calnit user a set in anatexo"r .ot. n n fees rdere
better nmagined than described. up to fear God; for -- 0 to set a good For weeks before his death, he was confined to a-nancing, aopeanarranusconstannyonhana -sa

example to others. I . moment of one his room and bed. I visited him frequently aug23-em

(g, a tl t e nlre syG n can he isand to ould rpred the Hol c f reTi 1 in DRUGM AND MEDICIlYEss
in there by him who h I to the biossed Say our,
--- ---- thetruthandthelife," i . I, si neks before he died du- SOAPS AND PERFUBIERY
A MIGHTY CURE-ALL. th Lonly8Son oftGo ,epr c setd for sinners-- ring which time he wai in perfe ecstney. *

,* t.InsklxTu nd knows the way to heaven to be dirty, disorderly, WIndo w Glass and Putt 7,
upon it, a oft answer is n inighty enro-all." d ti y; wl ite namly 1 on ow not thedway Mas. Ornsu Jilion wife of C. W. Boyd'
0 all their plans, and tidy in all their ways! KEROSENE OIL, ETc., ETo-
a professor nd the 15@c
in 1845 1851, and died Formatelow by
I turning round to see where the , , a 01 nonwr H. TATEMDruggist,

think lad ? , ,, , Aprils-17 savannah, on.
fmdi tinu etlf ato addressed, but ans cred: "I fr de < d roudr ae le .with Chris- 1Harbic and Stone Manuthetory,

<'Well, I will e plainthen," said Iwheeling THE CROS8 OF CALVARY. tian fortitude, and as she sank to the tomb, the
round in ny chip "for it is a principle that YORK STREET,

0 re or o\qe as mygirmnathe, , wearTranisymetheastonorensavannanan.

woorl ou SusAN Tunna, youngest daughter of Mr. B. R D. WALKER & CO,
that w t well explain,"said I I li, am r p8i ,j ,no larshal villoiid'i: A"SEARP TO EC EA

von shout the first hime it conquered She was a child of remarkable sweetness of as stone,
= .** II I : notion was to settle --I 1 1 1 ] I ; all who knew her, Domest e
I affectionate disposi-
tion. Her parents, whom she loved with a ten- A stonisTra. uouser a wALKER
derness, inexpressible, had taught her to give Auxac-ty
By and by I was sent to a fatuous school, lier heart to God; and but a few weeks betbre Tailoring Olothing! Yarns!
and it so happened that my Feat was next to a her death, she was happily converted and for-
lad named Thomas Tucker. When I found he nially united to the Chatch A FRIEND. ERRING & LEYDEN RECEIVE ALL
had in a small house behind the academy
I the intest styles or stars and sors


. .
e up sum sA the



oxiora, on..


nas or sun untane Is



ULLY call the attention of Mer-
. .. t ,

-- --


... .,

Wiscel ang*


,Tn r. Alexander Lou en sited this vaila clast

the Royal Geological Boeletyl a : I.r him to
it is known by the name of Guern TTpan.or
Poisoned Yalley; 2. J II n .= 1 st .= e I
been made for the .
reached it, with a I = 1 . II .-, ,
the purpose of ni ,
ruling at the mountain, the party dismounted
and scrambled up the side of a hill at the dis-
tanceofa mile, with theassistaneoofthebranches
of trees and projecting roots. When but a few

^a.4osand soo, uroadwayNew I




Grammars and school Classics



para ta turnislatheeradoweththeir
. r

1 .

J. W. BURKEla o a.


And Dealers in

Bagging, Rope, Cotton, &0.
sarriantason omersnued caretony.
No seasounconnamasrasse,
nugn-iy tr. Louxs. wo.



IIE UNDERSIGNED beg leave to not fy
m reen neaquhen R e


%\?!!its so more, or morrlES, win be appl

colunsusca. Ange.cm) .. ...
Chronic Dis eases
InsAlso or



DiseAsas or LONo sTANDINa,

Combination of Skill and Practicallixperience


navanxwo nows won exsrarcu.

as are of p stronage. blASSEY & JOHNBON.




Mon . 4


Aux.2-tt count' .. .. .

BuHion's English, Latin and Greek Granamara

conv uo< gusqn, sms introunction to

m. .. . . . . '


, _
evouous r or34TIN LEssons, for been.

*^otes, vocabulary and
clamursoqis ano ass riUraiman.
at so.
JA Nmousume osAnywithaynqusioninges.

sn a sons IN onux; meroanetary to are gram-

re am

an . r rrr v -rrry vuxu; a
0 xer3

LONGScL4SSICALATLASbvGeorge Long M.A.,Trinity
couegecamenage;ssmaps stoo.
"^ ,, mt frint a cogasp

zzgg oroureompeteents owearschoolanaconse






.. ..

With a BRetch of American Literature,


one volu3oo, largo x2mo. recose oo.
The New York Tribea >.@ sof t:
. .. . of care-

no rus arr soox IN PursioLoor, for -

nor .. ..o wres




yards from the valley, a strong, nauseous, suifo- hegan to strut a little and talk about what my 9781 ER[ Mas. MARY A.Scorr, wifeof Nathanael Scott,
eating steel was eixperience buton appiroach- father wa u nt, as Let we a pl sace c (1 in Scriven co., Ga., August 26, 1867, aged READY

I ag excellent at but and ball, we were soon on Mns. Espense REnse, wife of Rev. Jere. booln a Methodipt about forty-three ,
cumference, of an oval shape, and about thirty pretty 1 1 it went on for some Iteese, died near Eufaula, Ala., on IGth downed the doc . .. .
feet in depth. The bottom of it appeared to be time 1, 1 1 1 1 1 in her 47th year. = all and mii usnuxGr to mak

e not racy vegMatio e id k or Ib-hers; and somehow or other we got the 1 tionate 2 .. I I .1. I BEST A
i and all sorts of notion that Thomas Tucker was at the bottom of uniform, consistent Christian. Her ploty ,
li ,, I st in profusion. it. not an ephemeral excitemcot, but a calm, sett I
I i .1 . .. r ,, u'Thomasw 11 tTim i osis 1110 a n;crieldd can tion of heart id ml e ir 1 1 r 1

a I = s a a = = 1 until we fitirly talked ourselves in- called to act. As wife, friend and mistress,
coveredwithvegetation, tothetemperof wolves. Theboysthensetme -1,---,--- r --- -+ -I unoster
It was proposed to enter it, and each of the on to go to Tucker, and let him know what he , , , but if her Memoir of Rev. Jamos Str2pling,
party having ht a cigar, managed to get within had to expect. Swelling with : 1 into faith and hope had been Ti 1 1 , 1 .i a.i BADE
twenty feet of the bottom, where a sickening, the playground where he was, i I teach cantation demanded, she < * I ** I - '
nauseous amell was experienced, without any you to talk about tue 2n this wry,' I called outs the stake with the fortitua, ut a smu,,s. 0,
dift. == marching up to him. 11e never seemed the least tracter, and and death of Rev. James Stripling
ed ** I = I 1 < = = = el = afraid, bu = 1 . 1 ,. mute as ,dace la her 13rother S. was tu in m Jones co, Ga., 18083
tom of the valley, while some of the party, with a lamb. I I = II I will' devotediv. and died in CarrolL 0, U.x, Augus 7, 1867, in
watches in hand, observed the effect. At the -kill you, I -- -1 v and eateemed its ministers the ambassade I 's I eyes converted and jolued
expiration of fourteen seconds he fell off his in my heart Christ. For years she has been the chill 1 = I his 11th year. He was EngsNT a. To
firmly, yet mildly: 'Utaries you may strike me affliction, but her most intimate filends I I roomber who formed the So- onco., a

dog now left tl e company and went t his coun- as n2nch 9 you pl til gt 11 .3 r warri no ever heard a murmur ei1>n 0 res 1 so carroHt ndt ; had booern3a TOM

t ultUntr to I sharm h was observed are Charles Everett, ITw ] I r ywhen you ning 1 priaol} lie dylies of ein leader, ex- arear
seconds fell down, and never moved his limbs Oh, what an answer was that! how it calm- -- -- I .= claiming = from H
after. Ile lived only seven minutes. A fowl ed me down 1 so firm, and yet so mild. I felt ELLEN VicronIA, wife of Donald McLanch- infirmitics, common to our race, we may truly
was the next thrown in, and died in a minute there was no 1. I ,i .ht all on I 3 *1 = 1. .1= fJohn H.aud R S. A. say of him, in nil these relations, he was dilt Atthesignof the
and a quarter, and another which was thrown in one side. I .. 7 temper, I. was born 5 .* .1 . . always abounding in the work
after it, died in a minute and a half. and everything about me. Ti e 1 'o get out 1838, and died Oct. Oth, 1867. * His whole soul seemed to be ab-
A heavy shower of rain : *I I. ri = .= st 1 .1= I saw whata; I way my The sickness which terminated in her death sorbed in the great work of savine men from RESPECTF
that these experiments we . . 1 = 1 things was. L felt that Thomas was of very short duration, but she had not put their stus.
which, from the intatesting .. r .. .. I I 1 .1 r .1 .1 off the workof preparation foranotherned better In his Christian ard * .. I
periments, was quite diarcgarded. On the op- I , I ,.1 1 1 1 ..1 . . 1 .. IIi ine' '

1pt a dae of the valk tthhuth which8was via- je] er had an influence over me which nobod b her membership in th M. E 1 1, 1. = rie dies <8 l l '
the right arm. The weather had bleached the ever had before or shoo; it has been for good, the duties and responsibilities of ,,
bones as white as ivory. too. That, you see, is the power, the mighty The faith of her girlbood neve ,
power of asoft answer. was found adiolent to sustain 1 i most of his time able to .
Neek-Twisting in Church. cI have been about the world a great deal trials and temptations of life, a I = .. .. he was suddenly taken wome, ana usea to a
A good story is toldof an eccentric old parson, since then, and I believe," said I, that nearly the dark valley and shadow of death, that she hours. He never spoke; but those who knew
who was sorely annoyed by a habit his people all-if not all-the quarrel -i 1 _; feared no evil. Her only concern was for the him, entertain no doubt of his preparation. In To AII I
a- 1, 1 1 i prevail by the way, men, women, or children, 1 I I. .. r loved om. -1 a leaving, = el = the same his death, this circuit has lost one of her most
now and hereabouts, hopds, or even nations, can be cured by the blessed 1 1 II was hers. longed for valuable ministers, the Church, a faithful meni- HE GRAN
to some extent,) of twisting their necks around mighty power of a soft answer; for the Scrip- them to be "made partakers of like precious ber, the itinerant, a warm hoarted friend, and an
every time anybody entered the door and passed ture says, J faith." But for all the comfca 1 1 I ii at, we
up the able of the meetingshouse, to see what Boys, stu. I , I I .. II us by her Christian life and .1 . 1 1 .. = s = l_ He "? .
manner of person it might be. fighting principle has been tried these many s = .. I L I heaven
Wearied with the annoyance, the old man thousand years in the world, and everybody ad- 7. C. DUNLAr, .
exclaimed one Sunday: arits that the remedy is worse than the disease; ] .1 I [.1 if 1 1 I they JAMES BAsxms
"Brethren, If you will only cease tearing so fact, that it increases the disorder. Anger .- :Ir I . I II I eaved W. R S.POWELT4.
your heads round whenever the door opens, and ..r ri . nakesfighting, and so on I 1 eparto
you will keep your attention on rue, I will =-*.s healed nor cured by it. ure. M. AI TE wninxER. E. R. sissEEN
promIso to tell you as I preach, who it is that Let us try the cure-all principle; and that we
comeaso< clC.Ivhe went on with the services, y p itlew >1 ep edoiqo ewax es it N TurnAELG.Hd uwashor1n a T]NITED STATES HOTEL!
and a ( = the deacons neas, arid getlen as. If 1 s 4.1race more our Mtwieon s o. an 2ile driving -o- sample

--- who keeps the grocery a loaded wagon, the tea -- -- 4--- WHITAKER & SASSEEN, PROPRIETORS.
oppostle" --- andheeitherjumpedor .
Anna I 1 .. .1 al .. ? BETIDY. be aththefrontwl elwhic passin overhis -o-- Address
each 11ard y can better advice be given to a little ,, wainn onoundred yards or noner.o assenger Depot,

tt I ot) rse e idl !"1] uAnnu y ,, '= 1 ot, ata tthe Corner Alabama and Pryor Sts., Atlanta, Ga
he one t id man in greerqspectneles and a 3 "ul t I for, if you are not so, you war ing he vas rriedbawayn I in

drab overcoat-don t know him-you can all ill be sure to suffer for it in more ways than ,ml in th- v rew HE UNITED STATES HOTEL, UNDER

looks r yourselves. add that the good I rs vknowre a ti a a I ka w Church;h I *

mank 0 1 there wabbut hide iking: k d upright deporunent evinced a renewed
4ting seen in is congregation after that while heart. He was a worthy young gentleman, and a wo. x ravany swant=,
highlyesteemed by those who know him. ricasureor
Pulpit Ingenuity. broke ig t is i 2 h sn tt teabrintd husbandban obekdient soon, L Joe

ars In im nash an a of To a{kdal itir neo a tatio nlu as, a n evil to come. 10. S. T 8 pe20-ens werms, sa.oo per any.
strongly recommending neither are unfbided clothes and untidy drawer MRs.SEBRIAIT MORRIRONwasborn in Scrw.
I E. Very a torious Institu- a whit more likely to afford satisfaction and ad- en co., Ga., 1800, and died in great peace, in DR. T. J. CROWE,

chapeldas ciro ded to eroessout to be lia ed >ther day, I saw the box of an untidy "a j ne tilia, O 2dtrl8(17South, in her D E1Y TAL 5 WR GE O N.

when the preach- F ' '* 18th year, and ever lived a consistent member.

o to i e a n at al aconf d r the p a periced sensible tb j P Ec us a 9, so a Sash,

honored I 3 emouned in while underneath, old gloves r ] .1 I of I 0 AT N

i i r , 1 n shoul b la 8, as t worn outw t a s ying admo/tion of tha An lary e e ACTONY 0 UN G & C 0. wholesal
I r . : therefore it I A hymn book a them such a bright example of piety Ange-em) Late or wasnvine, ann.

pews, I w b to it be thorough un5r riend uba kta s cr ck ac heb It pleased ovar y Father on the 4th of J. 11. RORSON,

no teeshn si thi oh a i A use, 1867, to remove from the scene 0 es Co In mis sion Itle r ch ant LAR GE
t eaddl than hisadvzeeproducedanover 1 ..1.1, gtonDavia 81ehadj couple dhclVash. No.ulusTBAYaHARLEaroxs.c, St

Kalf of the Widow's Mite. box.remember the case of avery tidy woman be- -second C ,dw na tolent attack of I .
A gentleman called upon a rich friend for ing punished 1 1., a ] weeka for a Her sweet and amiable disposition, her kind sweassons:
some charity- single act of .. I al her custom, and loving heart, added to the relations of an
"Yes, I must give you my mite," said the the first thing after breakfast, to make her bed I 1 .I. .. 1 made her an , mon
rich man* and set her 1 I . ..1. "he was a com- I, .vbole family.
"Do you mean the widow's mite ?'' asked the plete patter = .q I I tidy habits 3 Her husband found in her faithful love and con- IIOLllSA
solicitor but one day, I know not how the thing happen- I i ( 4 ,T 10mplete fallihnent maya-um Ens m
"Certainly," was the answer- ed, she ornittedto setherup-stairs room in order. II .. - I trly life she united STOVE OL
"I shall be satisfied with half as much as This neglige on her ,part w;ts so contrary I Ir -.. .I I [,. . Church, to which DR. T. TV. HASONy
she gave, said his friend. "How much are to her usual ha 5, that she felt uncomfortable, her parents were attached, and remained a con.
you worth?" and very likely she would have set to work up- sistent member of it, till her departure he ESPECTFTJLLY TENDERS HIS SER- allum rPgmne
stairs in another half-hour, if the opportunity IT F 1 r 1 1 uno UN
ckforthirty-five hadbeenallowedher:butthatwasnotthecase; .. .,la.= .4 .. I:mine ..
thousand; that will be half as much as the she was to smart, and that very severely, for her catholic. She resided in the vicinity of 1 ,
widow gave; for she, you know, gave her all." untidiness. It was the day to put clean sheets ton's Bridge, Prince William's Parish, I I .. . .,
The rich man was cornered. Covetous peo. I on her bed, and clean covers to her pillows and was desolated by fire and sword, and bore L
ple often try to shelter themselves behind the bolster; and this made the matter turn out, fortitude the loss othomeand earthly good ,
widow's mite(and under the cover of her con- worse than is otherwise would have done. ( the severe trials and privations consequent upon I * *


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sethany, userson county, Ga.


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J. W. BURKE & *'*.*

septia--22m. No.cosecond st. Macon, on.

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Scott rev T G nor 6 /


Vol. XXX.-No. 43. Macon, Ga., Friday, Octo.ber 25, 1867. Whole Number,1630

school in the world-saying, I have been there stances may, one or all, have to do with it. If yearly income of each morriber for this purpose. ( fruits of nearness Jesus, such perfect peace, explanationsof how God had indissolubly joined by t 4.
fbilB pull it my elf, and I learned nothing." Poor things! the Parsonage be located in the country what The Committee on the400tone Mitumea-- people rest --with all the I .. ..== the remission of aim and eternal Chr =...1 .*

DEPARTING MISTS. e d better ledpa uta r tf ult 5 1 tt t t o mat t) ts a 0 on he w ,)Jo< Hak 10 d yithde awathalWillehhde .. -r ow nea ompt to makeFan image of b st.
amers.nouro. to take it o mysne ineowdteo sa that th e is if in a town or city, the chance 0 102 1 yetto m tally for the wak. 'Reiconinx tteelurge he re is toy 0 cr now ofeJesus, a or rta that Go.Tr * na given to us eternal life, "an as it appeared in him.
7 met authesistantinue that proposes to give as systematre a -1 . Es. tion .- tthem wkh the tbughtthat they are aones and and this life is in his Son." (See carefully 1 The Angel and the Demon.

a tweldeavouceartairpeaks, den-ationeasa fF I i }= of it. your readers mu t wait < ekwe k a by t respect to them; ani that when advisable he earl 3p sis ast ere an on nee in John v 10, U.ago, however, as he stood in his I II . ri ,b ek
on There are some of them that cover more ground W J. Pass, the Annual Conference cevise a plan to allow urgency in prayer that they, aianers, may, by the pit, he realized vividly his spiritual danger, lations to the People" we find the following il-
adhuseheyrrene| es in text-books and studies, than we do. And I Newton co, Oct. 4th, 1867. them ministers of their own color, the agencyofthe 110]> Spirstbe convincedof the and with tears of 1 .1 T -1. He lustrations of the power of the true Chr1stian
Andover hill, dell, plainandstream, a i_ .1 .) is not one in -- After the reading and adoption of the fore, truth by some pasage of Scripture applied to had often before = s .*. came spirit to subdue the hardened and sinful. Here
stimesclear themorningaght . = Macon, and Charleston Districte-meeting, S. C. Con- going resolutions, the nomination of delegates their souls, these pouous ains at the sinner's to hire that his prayers would not save him. Is another example of the power of the religion
The gloom anadampnessoruxemem outer our Junior Class, on the ground of what to the next Annual Conference was made, and eternal welflue; but the sinner, while feeling Then returned to him 1, . 1: , of Jesue. Let us learn from such examples to
ran unsateamway, we call scholarship. I speak as unto wise read- Mr. Dutor:-Tne Districtmeeting for the fohowing ,; ,8 .ie laity 1 1 his need of Jews as a Saviour, yet, from either parently wasted, that by = .1 ar .* I trust our religion more, and make it our guide,
AndnaturejoinsthebirdsofoonR ers. If you I Charleston Districh was held at Cross Swamp comprise the a n, nothes I 1, a fear that they will not hold out, or from un- c ,ti 1 I ] : a I espeelaily in dealing with the sinful. Behold
inPraiseorperreceday her to us at El Methodia Church on Tbt .. I ult. Charleston; F. J. Pelzer, alternate; G. W. clear views of the nature of I *1 .1 not c = 1 il l -, I as . this great lever of reform. We give the inci-
ThustmaIsandatressmgrears learu, we will make her a scholar. And if she The itineroney as ofilesal = the Williams, Trinity Church; W. W. Pemberton, corne, and here the Christian I ** of died for me!" and immediately he was so filled dent
is so inclined, we will send her home, converted, several circuits and stations of the Distriot, and alternate; Rev. L. B. Varn, Cross Swamp, St. the Holy Spirit, the third person in the Trinity; with a sense of all that Christ haddove for him, "It was in one of the most wretched quarters
We do not use the school-time, in protracted earne of the local ministry were present. The Eartholomew's et.; Dr. Jas.Stephens, alternate; and here is where prevailing prayer is brought thathe sat down on his wheel-barrow handle and of Paris that a priest went to visit a rag-woman
Upon the wings of prayer meetings xtensive nrovalence of Capt. B. Stokes, Walterboro et.; Dr. A. E. Wil. into active- wept freely like a child; tears no longer now of who was dangerously ill. She was lying on straw
Andustheynse, upborneby faith learning, t 1 I I I was smaller than had Ilunts, alternate. 170 are told that I ] 1, but of sorrow .* I I < I ** .= =.* . = .r the dunghill.-
Topuretrealmsabove, cost of edneation, we endeavor to place both of was a goodly assem- We would n a 0 .1 words abide in you, I : =, nine years in : I =. . r I re I. ** landing-place, and
Andmeettheblessed beamawhich now our colleges, as nearly as possible, under the blage, and preliminary matters pertaining to or- proccodings of and it shall be done unto you;" and on the Christ, who through it all had I - 1. .' i.astminister to the
From heavensweeprounteriove 1 ganizition were disposed of with spirit and dis- to the impressiv him from death, at home or it .- I *1 -' heard the cry of
Thedoubtagrowcleartheburdene hglit, I I I I paten, which indeed characterized the transac- the several appointments and we feel assured waiting that he unght be gracio. Pa dark corridor,
Prayerchangesmto praise, I . .. tion of Lusince .1 the session. In that those who hstoned t the eloquent and ap- In reply to -the question as to what his real exclaiming, 5Ie/pl murder!' He ran towards
thesonourghteousnessmarnes I turning away from our colleges, and thereby consequence of a the attendance of propriate discourse of br, Itaysor on Sunday at =' condition had been when he professed to believe the spot, and pushing open a door saw two
Thesoulwithpmeefultays. damaging unr interests, at home and abroad. . = >previonsarrangen noon, will bear us testimony that the Spirit of .n = in Jesus, yet without the forgiveness of sins, he young children crying. Extended on the floor
Cheered by thegenialsun, the earth '7 1 i 1 just as true with us, as it was 1 I I I 1 I OVer the Confer- 1 r 1 us prescat in our midst, and said: lay the unfortunate woman, while a tall man
Inessmanxan thenar = you do not gather with us, ence, was prevented, and the organization was I deliberations, lost to all around them) and when I thought that I believed in Jesus; but I with a azatster countenance, and clad only in a
Anablesebygrace divme, the soni you scatter abroad. for the 1 ,1 1 ;ith Rev. F. A. Mood, B. STowns, Secretary. him with all the unction and power I s, I it was what pair of 7- ri .-, ] I ,, I .
countrengthenesonitsway But the social benefits of the Endowment As- P. 10., in 1 the eketion of Benj and say with Jacob: Lord, I will not let thee a to heaven, -- I I.,, I 4, , ,, g n
Thoughnnaismaysomeomesseilthesty, sociation are the blessings now to be spoken of. jaunin Stokes, delegate from Walterboro, for Charleston Distriot Meeting- =1 1 = 1 en they feel though of course I could not tell that such a '* -- I is violence. The priest sprang
The sun win through exem break, 's 1 ,i I I Secretary. Spee al Report from Cornmitteeon the State of the Church* I I I = = bere is a re- person as Jesus Christ had fired. But O, when towards the man and said : 'Wretch what are
And in the hears, the son on hints II Reports were then read from the several ania- With the close of a sectional 1 ** = I 1 *' * ** 1 I trusted him, then I knew that all my sins were you about? Will you not desist ?' He did de-
Caneversunhghtmake Every thing that requires a combination ofeiti- inters in charge of circuits and stations, repre ment of sectional armies, the re a : =' == ** surely taken away, and I had to go and tell the sist, but it was to attack theapeaker. He seized

zens as this Association does, needs the inspir- setting the spiritual condition of the several -:ps.... at on -was sense of .. .- I .1 1 1 I = men around the factory how Jesus had done it him suddenly by the breast, thrust two fingers
JESUS ONLY, AND FOREVER. 8 .1 1 traction, in order to churches, and showing especially the increase . ... I . all. Thecamea Christian when I just laid down 1 J 1 1 1 .1 without uttering a
sms xm e. I I 1 q It does not matter of 1 1 , year, the pro- believed that sectional church on the promises carrie Ibeenan infant, and
01 when lam sad and loneir what motive moves a man to enter into a com- I xyer meetings, at an end, and looked with cager hope to the to east all on hun, and has received salvation d him to an open window. There he ang-
ovemsg.vems, Jerusanin pany, if there is nothing in itto create and por. .. of Sabbath- early reunion of the two great divisions of from Jesus. This is prevailing prayer. From the christianovenny magazine. rily told him that he would not have priests
it c r r safa petuate the dehghtful social charm, it will dio schools wherever the Methodist ministry is at- American Methodism. The expectation in hire The Value (P) of Apostolie Buccession intermeddling with his ailairs and disturbing
out. The Church itself would run down, if it I .. . . I .1 nee South was general, in this District the hope was Richard Weavor's Preaching. But what if the claim of the Bishop of Ox. the peace of his household, and that he intend-
o whenw as becommouon was not lbr the social obarm of her regular sor. . . . I * ild- sinvest unanimous. But this bright vision- A contributor to 8 ackwood writino an the fbrd were true ? What if every I ed to pitch him out of the window forthwith.
vice. Every member that loses this becomes of the "Hy f the ,, I .I. from the Archbishop : 1 : I the threat into
I e at at as alienated. Hence, the desire to get up this As- I , I .1 lies au autonating notic fotbis . the last ordained deacon, could show " = gloat over his
sociation, upon the bners of an actual company the governmental poixty of our Church Those disrupti.m nor the ground-of continued separ4- who has been r the obatn of succession without a flaw ? What .* him with the

m r r sea, -- -* th --a- T-- +- v cot : tian feet and sensat =1 . .1 if the mystic grace flowing from apostolic hands *- 11 the while as
As a representative portion of the church, Black'> i country. In the course was so persistent and indefensible that it would -
vtery ra men and unmg* 1 the double capacity of stockhold. like "oil upon troubled this nutries nonen-onso aninveni- anti in the of it, he report of Weaver's ser- run elear and untainted through simony, drunk. "The pri st was alarTmed, but God enabled
I patrons-to come up to hear the waters," and the conquests of the Divine word mons, the following enmple of a power of real- enness, murder, and every sin in those -r .
xcepmercommyspiritan via, Cornmencement Sermon on Sunday-the Soph- in darkness izing the narrative of Scripture unborrowed 1 : demonstrably descended, if i. I *.
was my neares toosi.whenerms, ornore prize declaimers, Monday-the Junior Committees were then appoint- \Yith the entrance of the Federal armies to this from Stanley or Renan, and guiltless of local I I all-what, I say, in that case, is I ly my friend; you aremuchtoo hasty. Do you
Whentortsuch proofs Thoustgiving, and Senior orators, Tuesday and Wednesday- ed, and presented, at appropriate times, reports section came the missionaries of the M. E. coloring. it worth? Grant the fact, what is its value ? really mean to throw me out of the window ?
orthy aggatthyseming, the Baccalaureate-the literary addresses-and and resolutions upon the respective matters that Church, (North,) who were most affectionately or 1 co a little boy tripping up the There comes one on whose head the hands of la the + < : 1 1 I
when, unto its urgent erving, ots-to come had been subuitted for their consideration and and warray welcomed by our people. They = town .- FT Manna to the Dishop of Oxford have just rested, cement. You I
shouarestaurancessing, a associationfbr action. Ashe prcaniblesin setting forth the wereinvitedto ourhomesand in theabsence the Sonof David!' A I woman ingas theyrested therethe conversionof the charity; do you know what was takingplace
An its heavyourden b arms, Not an on- grounds for the various resolution are too elab- of our own pastors, as brethren beloved, cheer- stands on her dooratop and hears the child. neophyte with the wondrous chain. Let us while you were beating your wife? Another
Aniteweightono.zowsharing; downient in Railroad or Datak stock; but an orate and comprehensive for the purposes of a fully given possesalon of our pulpits. 'WL .i = she asks, as he is pass- venture to question the young man, who not un. woman was dying 12. .1 your house.
Jesust an myhearessesuing, endowment of Five Hundred united hearts qud linated newspaper report, we will, m accordance To our horror and disappointment when our ing I **. says he, haven't you naturally thrills with the excitement of his new I a.m sure you -' s i. J at such a
Jane numy monesrequiring. -olding fus own pastors returned, these missionaries, who heard about Jesus of Nazareth?' He cured orders; thing. Now let us both see what we can do on
Jesusoulyand forever: = I = 1 I I, in the cause I s .. n ,, 3 blind Bartimous thus used to sit at a wayside, "You have just been ordained to-day?" her behalf ; for you are by no means ench a bad
out my Jesus, isave me, never. si.>i- of sanctified education, under the auspiecs of the 0 4. . .. .. *1** 1 begging; and he has raised a young man to hic "I have.'s fellow as you wish to appear. I will pay for
North and Sout* * inference, of the upon us with military orders, under which they that was being carried to his grave; and healed "You have by been constitu- some clean straw if you will go and fetch it.'-
Af. E Church, * in quickly, my & Editor feels deeply grateful> claimed forcible and continued possession of our ten lepers all at once; and the people that have ted a successor of a Terror, combined with the desire of winning
# 11.111 Ill6till,- friends, or you away lail to seeme the honor of as it relieves hint from no little labor and a Ureat church property, and still so hold some of it, sick relations ,i 1 i them at His 1have." over his assailant, made the priest eloquent, and
and undc.urable sevensibility-1 despite our remonstrances and entreaties feet, and He et ** I I those who a .1 , _,, ; I you have he had hardly ended his appeal before the lion
> THE REPORT ON THE STATE OF TITE CHURCH Street Church, Charleston, cost us them, if they can only was tamed.
ory Eudowment Association ,, by the calor mnt 0 winscon ibuted 1 cried 0110 poor wo , ,\ .. V 0 handsof the bishop were on your and erema d h uhno t cer t eo
f als to find his name among the original Five . _0 in Bowine, that the march of the in the none of the M. r -- -- 11 1-- I u that Pve be tToT head, were you conscious of any special illumi, his shabby cap, and placing it under his arm,
The world is not morally fit to educate for the Hundred, will icel that he has let shp an honor a : a been steadily onward; that all her this trat action is pernetted by a nation ?" he assumed a respectful attitude, like that of a
Churob. But the Church is morally fit to edu- he can never again purchase at so cheap a rate interests have boon mater li 1 1 1 boring its millions of dollars, collected in cele- c. I "None.'> soldier in presence of a superior officer, and re-
cate, both for itself and for the world. There- This is my last call on you, my brethren be- the thithful labor of the : , , bration of its Ocntenary! this way they been subdued by phed:-'If you talk in that style, sir, the case
fore, the work of educating the youth of the loved Fill up this honorable panel of Educa- alous resenes of God's 81 to the Centenary of / the multi- is different. I have always been humane, and
country is properly the work of the Church, tional Patrons and Emory anniles. senibi gs Thice thrves me characterized na IIanyou and earth to witness, that as a chunt e. Hosanua l Ho. "I fear not." will readily help you to assist the poor woman.
And if so, then it is the duty of every master L Planet revalent evils in tbo Church: neglect of the we 410 fxec from the guilf of dishonor entailed And away goes "You are not sensible of any increaseof holi- I will, in fact, do a. ,.1 for it

tandhmep r an 000 rFe sist the Cn Abo son No. I and < di Ice of fl ytlijo Id oo and by suc 01 1 ly < is ur duman Mot ier We the ittle boy to1fell his motl erthh t the Patophet me ?am not I att.P elreetupaon ; .= J. a that
Church work, ur which al ,i reports published in the quences of these derelictions of Chrwtian duty against us, that we are in 1 1 "In fact, so far as the testimony of your con- and he went out to a 1
in three ways. First, by drocate of District meet- gro man ental upon in a perspienous and con- for the revulsion of publicaeutiment in this see, so ousness goes, you cannot depose to any intel- clean straw. In the meantime the women of
re see tribute r ? 0 save notic tu 8 c estive mi air. The report adds: "The Dis tint rdoordl ttle hal :t 11 on ndyt ,touche unl5mor tawmentawh h the bishop the neith rb od, attract d by the a teration,

can live and win fa su a armalliarize 11n minds of our peoplenith the abl.olrence with which its agents here are GI imagine I see the poor, weak creature "I am not aware that I can." are you about? Do you know where you are ?
the things about it I I = I Jge, think now as the most' our Church, now regarded. They and they alone, are the who has spent all her living on physicians tha' "Did you ever hear of any one who had re. You are 2n the clutches of the worst man an the
ance; and finally, 1 . . perhaps all of us, have thought fbr years past, ,, , 1 e-- -- 1 sole authors of this infarny and we can only only made he- '- - I t se ;-1 -1 --1 ceived as valid an ordination as you have, and quarter. He is so outrageous that even cut
blessing upon the educational agencies, in the that it is very desirabic and, and as mine of us excit a salunt influence , I weep over the indelible dishonor thus inherited around her yet who orred fatally from the truth ?'' throats are afraid of him, and he has often said
employment of the Church, just as confidently, think, ahnost essential, that all our stations al Christian chor ." by our countuor, Methodism. This Conference, crowd: They pu h her aside, but she says: "I have."

or 1 1 " 's ral isa s I to f a goodo canal t on The Couin I 7 rature repro- In 1 1 n believe t tart el ish 'Mdrfe nea or 0 n tI et ru Ar a in your own church S. Clarke was an we a priest.'

Fauct 6 hArntdf r noljerne call attention to a a sent the instruincetality of Posiodicals and re- Pro misled by the misrepresentation of their ther offthun ever. But still she perseveres, at was 'TVhitby also." cou 3remonstrancesdvoere 1"hmeans en
There was a time-within my day-when I own. ligious pubi cations as a powerful auxiliary of Secretary be hereby in- gt on otl rdone vlSt e 01 e fle was." know the power of charity. 11 sturdy fellow
educa 1 1 , i =- most difHoult the so ntistr h lierninqntly worthy the patron- abuoted to furnish an official copy of this doola- round the loan she want Well done, po And many others" soon returned with the bundles on his shoulder,
ter, I a I g ; ration to liishoes Morris, Janes and Simpson, in won an Tr gaiu It a all for your litb, you y ,=> He was calm, and his countenance had become
ligions; and in those colleges with which I was the full expectation thatchey will interest them- I know. T li - 0 i And in recent days Bishop Colenso is as almost honest. On entering the room where
I fr. 1 = po 1 r ence or tl t sub co of a r >uil two 01 the rest in e csts of Methodern, and el sc v ea otunient a nitir it ceof j
: . I up in ed, we c i Ti 1 11 100 001. rgernal of Christ's Kingdom and it is and that copies be furnished to the "Christia "I one r "I am afraid I must grant it touching part of the scene followed. 11e hfted
**tepub- the atten resolve<- <1 the Ad conte" and "Methodise' in N. Y.,witha creatus you, . And he can ordain in Natal others like theauffererin hisarmswith thetendernessof
lic mind then, as it is now as coming up in the some at he That we a opt as request to publish 1 minded with his sat? a mother, placed her on the clean straw, then
way of a theatre or circus life But my very Er /. Part of the d f culty lies with the Southern Chrtien Adve Ma l resolve, That we extend to the poster and go vohno business here made her bed, and finally laid her upon it, just

s a c 1 a at r ift on re ivedian priests in

Church for r at vacant out her 6 ad, but she isn't near enou b "Once I believe there ware not a few ? c Id tte d tion choked h .

i iranswer e
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