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Title: Southern Christian advocate
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Title: Southern Christian advocate
Uniform Title: Southern Christian advocate (Macon, Ga.)
Physical Description: Weekly : ;
Language: English
Publisher: J.W. Burke & Co.
Place of Publication: Macon, Ga
Macon, Ga
Publication Date: July 19, 1867
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Macon (Ga.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bibb County (Ga.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States of America -- Georgia -- Bibb -- Macon
Additional Physical Form: Also on microfilm: Athens, Ga. : University of Georgia Libraries.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 29, no. 1 (Jan. 5, 1866).
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another thistian dearate.


Vol. XXX.--No. 29. Macon, Ga., Friday, July 19, 1867. Whole Number, 1616

in the same school, as we grow matured in
and in years, we increasingly appreciate Da lad
psalms, and flud them to be "green pastures."-
My soul, let David's experience cheer and cous-
sel thee this day.

Yet There is Ecom.
Room in the heartof God. All sonisare his.
He hath no pleasure in the death ofone"of
them. He loves them all. He overlooks none,
He hates nothing that he has made. How large
is his heart! It can hold all the inhabitants of
the world, and of all worlds. It careafor cattle,
ravens, and lilies.
Room at the cross of Christ. There was a
crowd round the cross when he died. Very few
were his friends. But if all who, since has crn-
eifixionhave treated in Him for redemption,
could assemble in one place, neither Jerusalem
nor Palestine could contain them. Blessed be
God, the cross of Christ, in its efficacy and say-
ing power, is everywhere. The shadow of it
extends across the globe. Whoaoever will, may
find shelter under it. The water and the blood,
from the wounded side of Christ, have Bowed
forth in manifold streams, to cleanse and refresh
every soul, in every land. The word isnigh thee,
. in thy much and in thy heart.
Room in the Church. The Church is for all,

ista sGent les, ch a poordboondandfree.
The Christian Church is eatholio. It was de-
signed for the good of every people, kindred,
tongue, and tribe. It makes no account of the
divisions and separations of this world. "One
If .-- ven Christ: and all ye are
** icatmanybmembe .r o

If one member be honored, all the members re
joice with it. Such is the Church, in the di-
vine idea and purpose. Alas! that the pride
and selfishness of men should hinder it from
being practically fulfilled,
Room in heaven. God desires the salvation
of all, Christ died for all. Therefore heaven
was made large enough to hold all. Certainly
none will be shut out for want of room; if they
are qualified to enter. In the Father's house
are many mansions. The saifts in glorywhom
John saw in vision, were a great multitude
which no man could number.-Church Union,

thave stretcheaousM b a nomanregardeater-
There is one great sin, which, nevertheless,
may not be amongst the number of those of
which we are sensible, and of which our own
consciences sense us; and that sin is, the neg.
leet of warnings. . A serious man hardly
ever passes a day, never a week; without jpey
ag some warnangtolhis co ie ghout
somethi..: ,11 4 .. I .. wish,
regard a1... I al... W1.r .j. Agr ,r .xe.
as perh., n Jo 1..3.* e-r
the farave as ... I 1-' I
int&the e- so 1... 2 '
and kid. mi .. *.- I rtre
not 8 Ir . &- 1 & war rr (..gar
4, r ..r ..- a ... r.=*I a
ps a .t r -**
hourly a I e .
w 1 _-. .. I a
a la .. la r a no =
liance t I I is : --it = .= >. c
tuition, or early age; that if they count upon
life as a thing to be reckoned secure for a con-
siderable number of years, they calculate most
false. Man is, in every sense, a flower of the
field. The flower is liable to be cut down in its
bloom and perfection, as well as in itswitherings
and decays. So is man; and one probable cause
of this ordination of providence is, that no one
of any age may be so confidentof life asto allow
himself to transgress God's law; and that all of
every age may live in constant sweof their Ma-
ker.-Archdeacon PaleF.


Scott rev T G nov 07

is 1 mi .1 ...( .r-
II I = I I r qI
loved; to die is to be blessed; the waters of
death have their fountain-head in heaven; they
are not bitter, they are sweet as nectar, for they
flow fgom the throne of God." As the depart-
2ng saint wades through the stream, and the bil
lows gather around him, and heart andilesh fail
him, the same voice sounds in his ears, Fear
not; lam with thee: be not dismayed; lam
thy God." As he nears the borders of the in-
finite unknown, and is almost affrighted to enter
the reaks of shades, Jesus says, Fear not; it is
your Father's good pleasure to give you the
king I 1 .. I and consoled,
the I I 1 1 1. nay, he is even
willing to depart, for since he has seen Jesus as
I Ti .. .
= I 5 li Is *
I .. -

"sowing to the Flesh."

uo t llin ar) 6rgairat.

hat cometh unto me will I inzio wisecastout;'
he at one end and I at the other. O what work
we made. It was for this that we did so tug
and strive; he pulled and pulled; but, God be
praised, I overcame him, and goteweetness from

The Polinders of Southwestern Metho-
In l802, a very striking appointment appears
on the roll of the Western Conference, that of
" Natchez," with the solitary name of Tobias
Gibson attached as preacher. Natchez, howev.
er, was obscurely recorded, with Gibson's name,
two years earlier, as on the Georgia District,
which fact only made the record appear the more
extIaordinary, for the immense territories which
are now the two large Statesof Alabamaand
Mississippi lay between Georgia and thispointon
the Mississippi River. The remote appoint-
ment appeared as new sign in the far off South-
ern heavens; to the pioneer preachers of Ken-
tucky and Tennessee it was as the constellation
of the cross to mariners in the Southern Seas.
It opened a boundless prospect of progress; and
the word Natchez sounded like a new order of
march to the itinerants and their cause-that
march which they have since made over Missis-
1 T 4 L ....

I ***
sion, and was soon -. .* \, = i.el . .1,< =
his heroism, but not without opening the way,
never to be closedfor thesouthwcatern triumphs
of the Church. He wasa saintly man, of vigo.
rous intellect, J. ... . 1.

1)']nudipia ** =
county, on the Great Pcdec, in 1771, where he
owned a valuable patrimony, which he forsook
lor the Gospel. Joining the itinerancy in his
twenty-second year, he travelled for eight years
= 1 In the far South, but one
I 1795, among the Holston
illountains. We have heretofore seen him en-
countering with Asbury formidable hardships.
In 1799, he volunteered to go to the distant
Southern banks of the Mississippi, though he
already broken in health by excessive la.
L., a and privations. With the approval of Ae-
bury he started alone, and made his way on
horseback to the Cumberland River, in Ken-
hundreds of miles through else
3 = I., alorig Indian trails. At the
Cumberland, he sold his horse, bought a canoe
and, putting his saddlebags and a few other eg
fects upon it, paddled down the river into the
Ohio, and thence, six or eight hundred miles,
down the Mississippi to his destination, where
lie immediately began his labors, eighteen years
before the Mississippi Territory became aState of
the Union,
Four times he went through the wilderness,
six hundred miles, among "Indian nations and
guides," to the Cumberland, for the purpose of
obtaining additional laborers from the Western
Conference. In 1803, he presented himself
before that body a broken-down hero, and,
though needing recruits themselves, they spared
him Moses Floyd, for the solitary
gathered more than fouracore membe aveputeh.
ez, and the whole country was ready for the
Gospel. By the next Conference, there were
mor ei 1.. 1 1 't .1 r . IP .
it, as == 1. I !" 3 .* --t .-
were sent to aid the two evangelists; but the
apostle of the little band was about to fall at his
post; he had overworked. Harriman made his
= Richer through "thirteen days and twelve
tail in the wilderness," and soon wit-
nessed a "revival" and formed the Washing-
ton Circuit; but he wrote back that Gibson was
sinking; a his legs were swelled up to his
knees," he kid a violone man 6," and had not
been able t a, * s "Tellmy dear
brethr *1 . 1 aids Harriman,
" not I I 2 : *I gi = God is here,
and souls have been converted this winter in
public and private, and others are inquiring the

, *

inq use rr
nTtius bowed and guttyhed


"so to Walk Even as He Walked?
groan u.e.
Why should Christians imitate Christ ? They
should do it for their own sake. If they dealve
to be in a healthy state of soul-if they would
escape the sickness of ain, and enjoy the vigor
growing of grace, let Jesus be their model.-
F their own I ppile s' s ere n if

would enjoy holy and pr mmunion with
Jesus; it they would up above the
carcs and troubles of this world, lot them walk
even as 110 walked. There is nothi which

caudio assist you walh ra a us
ur is al in = motions It is when
th < r = is *, a on are enabled
f Ifootsteps, that
you are most happy, and most finown to be the
sons of God. I = 1=; El I = 1 afe and
unea Next, I = to be
like Ah! I II Last b
morelyebs 6 at by I la .. thou lan
not been wounded one half so dangerously by
thy foes as by thy friends Who made those
o unds in the = *

Int b l'
flock one than the lion outside. There is
no we on half so deadl as a Judas-kiss. In-
ap y
consistent proc 1 ri uies Igospel moree

lye me fat's own sake, imitate His ee inple,
Christ lovers thou thy Saviour? Is His
Inen, the? Wouldst th the h
u of ar to world become his on eit thy
that he shoi in .* r I Artthou lon
arre that souls .1 I to Him ? If f

s tate Jesus be an "epistle of Christ, kno 0,
an d read of all men.,,

If we mistake not the temper of the times,
there is a growing tendency among prosperous
Christian men and women to lower the standard
of Christian duty. Christ's doctrine of self-de-
nial isso explained as to tolerate practices which
the Church formerly believed it condemned.
Latitudinarianism, not to say antinomianism, is
on the Increase. A morning attendance at
Church, followed by-staumptuous dinner, q nap,
and an evening of worldly conversation, is
thought to be a satishotory observance of the
Christian Sabbath. Ti P . ,
strong liquors, at the 1 . -
quant in so called Christian homes
1 .
ters of Christian households are to be trained in
, .. i. ,, I ii

and Chastianity is to be made so tolerant that
such time-honored phrases as self crucifixion,
self denial, keeping the body under, spiritually-
minded, and the hke, are to be cast out of the
Christian vocabulary. Fiety is no longer to be
armor-clad, armed, and bivouacked in the battle.
Seld; but it is to be clothed in gay dressing-
, ,' , , I ,, n
cars, with ample accommodation for the world,
the flesh, and the devil, in suitable portions of
the train,
Wedonotaffirm that this stateof thingsisuni.
versal, nor even general Godforbidtheyshould
be so. If they were, the Church would be al-
ready fallen, which we do not believe. But that
they are not uncommon in populouscitiesevery
man largely conversant with Christian society
must admic That this spirit of self indulgence
is obelished and defended in and by numerous
Christian families is undeniable. That it is in-
creasing is equally true. That it will become
I r not sternly checked, we greatly fear,
i 1 1 t .,rary to
the spirit a o ' ' ', must,
we think, be admitted. The purpose of Chris-
tianity is to bring the animal, the intellectual,
and affectional nature of man into subordination
to the moral and spiritual. Its grand aim is to
make Jesus Lord of the soul and body. Hence
everything which hinders the cultivation of the
moral and spiritual esture is hostile to the pur.
poses of Christianity. But the amusements and
indubtences referred to are hindrances to 0

tl = i. I = > ** I or
ball-room favorable to piety? Do the fumes of
wine excite love to God and mas ? Does a man
grov holier by e ===rtnone dinners, or by
aleeping and n on Sunday
afternoons? s 11 things tend
rather to strengthen that stubborn self which
the gospel called upon its followers to crucify, to
make the body master of the soul, and to grieve
the Holy Spirit of God,
Either, then, slip-shod piety is wrong, or the
Church bas hitherto misrepresented the gospel.
We believe the Church to be right, and that her
life depends on her opposition to the latitudinas
rianism which is insinnating itself into her
bosona. She must subdue it, or it will destroy
Does the reader agree with me ? Let him
join his protest againsethese things to mine. Let
him stand up for .1, : _. . 1 1
for the gospel of 11 I I = =
the world, and of heavenly mindedness. If he
cannot stay the tide of growing evil, let him at
least keep out of it, and do what he may by
word and deed to keep those out who are under
his personal influence -Good News.

Blessed is the fact that Christians can rejoice,
even in the deepest distress; although trouble
may surround them, they still sing; and, like
many birds, they sing best in their cages. The
waves may roll over them, but their souls soon
rise to the surface, and see the light of God's
countenace; they have a buoyancy about them
which keeps their head always above the water,
and helps them to sing amid the tempest, God
is with me still." To whom shall the gsory be
given ? Oh! to Jesus-it is all by Jesus. Trou.
ble does not necessarily bring consolation with it
to the believer, but the presence of the Son of
God in the fiery furnace with him, fills his heart
with joy. He is sick and suffering, but Jesus
visits him and makes his bed for him. He is
dying, and the cold, chilly waters of Jordan are

yet. I always told you if you did not have my bath-school, the public service of the sanctuary,
lblRK 08 C funeral sermon preached before I was i ,
not to have it done at all, but I have c. . I
my mind. The District Meeting comes li .. n .1 11 = = 1 : .1 I
For the southern christian Advocaw next week. It won't be long. I wish Bishop 1, .1 i. 1 1 ] 1 F God
PRESENT BLESSINGB, Pierce to preach my funeral sermon-not be- 4 11 I Mr. Wesley's
cause he is Bishop and is a great man; i _. I 1 ; I . .1 = = Isas been dis-
ar nuarwins. cause I think he is also an excellent g 3 .-, a : 1 i' I e in which the
when taughing winds amia she nevers, and then he always seemed safeelfor and sympa- fathers of the chur ch laid it in 1784.
screwroceebytheway, thizewith me in my suffering. Tell him to concurINANCEs
Don't wautogetherbrign raowers, please preach it from the words, 'The Lord lov.
when themwhuayoumay eih whom he chasteneth and scourgeth, etc.' Resolved, 1st. As soon as the assessments and
when aminna skisabovearespress You know what Imean, don't you?" Only a: a * " I -a
And balmy breesee play, moments before she died, she said, "Thanks i. ** I I il * I
Then be thysoul 0 beauty wed, to God who giveth us the victory through .. 3
Twinnonesiway. Mar Lord Jesus Christ." And a little later said, line provides, th steward or stewards of each
whileangelshngerroundthyheart "Turn too on my bach," and folded her hands church composing such pastoral charge should
on her breast, closed her eyes, and wins 1
struggle ceased to suffer. At fifteen L
And learn whde yet'tis day. after five, A. M., of the .1 '.1, i. L a by assessing each member according to pecuniary
spirit met those loved on -1. I 1. 1 I ability; and at the first church meeting there-
when noble thoughtstwa in by soul, horne." after, should read out the names of the mem-

Up from themnek and m re o\sm, We are sad. There is a vacancy in our little bers thus assessed, and the amounts to be paid
Toeakhtheblessedisght, family circle that can never be filled;-but glory by each for their ratification-
be to God, we look forward to the blessed time 2nd. Ti
10 not choke them bd agam, when it shall be complete in Heaven. last Gene : *
themumeof thatsweetrefrain, J. D. ANTHony. ing the '
May never greetthee, more, it to the Quarterly Conferences, that each church on a ca .. I
YE KAVE DONE IT ITNTO ME, 3d. . I = is is = .= veryds 8-
m any. a. x wme a- .= us r 11 a I 11 man'
On one occasion a minister spe:, .1 1 "^^^" was appropriated, and
in fulfillment of a promise made the minutes
with an aged seember of another denomination; 4th. That this body recommend the circula-
MY SAINTED WIFE. but who recognized his Master's servant in the tion of the S. C. Advocate, as promotive of en.
minister of Christian spirit, wherever found. 1. .
Ai ir fath ceharactervasthanavatorysaveath ce]t hrecy asthr g oTtdhethld rian burch.t I 1 is = "

My dear departed wife, was born in Franklin but to was still strong enough to cultivate his 5th. That a copy of those resolutions be fur-
co., Ga., July 25th, 1827. Her parents, Wil- little farm, unassisted; and he and his compan- nished each dologation here convened, with the
liam and Elizabeth Bangh, removed, when she ion, (she seventy-two,) lived in comfort and request that they be read to the different con-
was an infant, to Gwinnett co.,and located fbur quiet, the I 1 ri c.1 ] .. .. 1] t ft I : -omposing their re-
miles south of Lawreneeville, where many
wayworn itinerant has fbund a hospitable home a yunwavering trustin theatone- suNDAY sonoores-
She was united in marriage with the writer = The evening passed away
Nov. 23d, 1847. She was a member of the proitably and delightfully, in the mutual inter- Resolved 1st. Sunday-school instguetion is
church at the time of our marriage, but had change of thought and feeling. Conversation ,church.
never been satisfied that she was accepted of was now secular-now religious-grave or light, .. youth,
God. At a camp meeting in Sept. 1848 at old as the associations of thought carried the parties 1 .ganized
Flinthill, she was made happy and enabled to to solemn scenes, or amusing occurrences of in every community; and that the best moral
praise God from a feeling sense of pardoning other days. The old people were "young in and religious results may be achieved
favor. From this time, to the hour of her death heart," and such never grow old. Earnest sup. Superintendents should be pron ne twood rap ,
her faith never failed her, plicationsandgratefulthanksgiving to the Father and decided piety, an9d the 1 1
As a Christian aho was quiet, unassuming and of spirits, ended the labors and plensures of the
dilldent, almost to a fault-yet she was never as- poet was sweet after such an eveni 1 I
known to shrink from any duty. She ever a the covenant, who all their in a 2nd. Provides for a uniform method of open-
garded the Itinerant's wife as his helpmeets; be- had led that happy couple, covered them still ing, conducting and closing the exercises and
lived it to be her imperative duty to hold up with hiswingand faith rendered themeonscious suggests that while the recitation of lessons
his hands and encourage him in the discharge of his presence, abould be thorough, eare should be taken to
of every obligation in his holy calling. This The next morning, the host mounted his horse make the exetaises a delight rather than a task.
being her conviction of duty, she ever insisted and piloted the miolater through the forest to 3d. Recommends the use of our own pub.
that every appointment be killed, the sick visit- the highway leading to his appointment. It was lications, both of library and question books as
ed, the dead buried and every duty great and a rugged path; here and there the rougher por- far as they can be had under existing circum-
small be met. Often when prostrated by sick- tions had been lately mended, po as to make it stances. Every school should be supplied with
nese and under treatment of physicians, and re- passable forwheelsas wellas horsemen. Riding the Sunday School Visitor.
guarded by them in a dangerous condition, has along the minister remarked, 4th. Provides for the formation of a Sunday-
sheurgedmetofill my appointments and "preach Some one has worked your road for you.,, school Aid Society In connection with each
Jesus to dying sinners." As you had promised to visit me, I came school, for the purpose of raising and perpetua-
No personal or domestic affliction, of anyordi- out with my hoe and tried to improve it, that ting a Sunday-school fund with which to pur-
nary character, were allowed to interfere, with you might get on the better," replied the old chase books, papers, etc., and relieve the wants
either public, domestic or private religious man.
duties. Indeed," said the minister, "you make quite "
She was emphatically the child of affliction, an ado about my visit; you could not do more Society. (Details too long to be inserted.)
suffered from infancy with that most distressing if a prince were to visit you.'' oiluna LITERATURE.
disease, asthma, and for the last seven years of "I believe," said the old patriarch, and his
her life with that most painful of all diseases to I i ] 1 r 1 Resolved 1st It is the opinion of this District
which flesh is heir-chronic inflammatory rhen- Conference Mectrug, * I = I the
matism-which made her for the last five years future, "I believe that heaven and earth shall success and prosperity, = ** I 1\be
of her lifeas helpless as infancy. She believed I greatly promoted by a more extended circulation
God gave us our beds for the noble purpose of 4. 3.3 ,, and reading oi
ministering to our own necessiticanad the wants of.the least of these, ye did it unto me;' and and that we I
of others-hers were never idle. She again, 11e that receivethyoureceiveth me;' and have heretofo
labored night and day to supply the wants of he says, A cup of cold waterouly, given in my cure this desirable result
her family. As longas she was able, no fhtnilY narne, shall not lose its reward.' You are Sud That the R. C. Adyneate ought to pay
1 ..1 I when she was unable minister; and receiving you, I received hi 1.1 = = and poor'
L 2, so performed almost doing what I did for you he says it is done tor I we hereby
miracles in executing in the most finished man- and to him. Shall I not have my reward ?,, pledge ourselves to use our endeavors to effect a
ner the fluest specimens of hair work; during "Yerily youshall,"and a new revelation of the consummation so devoutly to be wished.
the last twelve months of her life she made six simplicity, beauty, and power of that old man's unucarrow,
hundred dollars clear of all expense by her own faith, broke upon the mind of the minister ashe
industry. I mention this simply to thus emphatically answered his question. His The Committeeon Education refer in their re-
other poor Itinerants' wives, to use was the hall persuasion, that what God had I '
energies in this day of crippled finance and neg- promised he was able to perform. And then, t = == = ll .= = = *
led of ministerial necessities, the ruling principle of his life, the motive that and missions of the District, concerning the el
My dear wife had felt for months before .i in deeds of kindness, hospitality forts that are beir .
final hour < us., and works of mercy, was love to ' " '
asid to me -' I '- Christ. 11 1 .11.1' to his Redeemer, I They set forth in appropri
it as wrong for me to pray for death. I have no Here was ., I =1 Master's mean- ate resolutions the great importance of this in-
hope of ever being any better off in this life ing that he who ran could read. He determined terest of the church and country, and urge the
I suffer every moment. I have always wished to probe the old Christian's veins still further, necessity of yet more diligent endeavor to meet
to live to help you and to assist in train- and asked the full demand of the times m this respect.
ing our children for heaven, but I can't do But suppose I were a wolf in sheep's eloth- Emory College being within the bounds of
any thing now that will benefit you or ing, would not your labor be in vain ?,, the Disltrict, receI ed special attention, and was
them, except to advise and pray for you all, "If I knese you to be such Ishould beware, to the patronage andsup-
and then, dear, best of all, I know that all is of you, sir; but if you were such, I am reward-
well. When I shut my eyes, both sleeping and ed not according to what you may bebutaccord- The Conunittee did not feel called upon to
waking, I can see heaven. I see pa and mand ing to the motive that prompted my works. I report on the condition and claims of any other
both our sweet little babes in glory, and they are do it notto, or for, youasaman, but to Christ,,, of our public schools and colleges, but they were
beckoning me to come over-Jordan is not so said he. not forgotten.
widea stream as people think. Oh! I want to I -, 1 .1 ,, .. that fol. canon music.
go over and be at rest. It won't be long be- p, .r article.
fore I go. I want to prepare your mind fbr the .. I aeparation-don't weep. No, no, but praise old man, and of edification to the minister, sacred music,
God that you have another tie to bind you to that Now, when the poor, the widow, the orphan, , ] ll*
better world." present their claims, remember itis Christ in his '
Por two weeks before she died, it was evident members asking aid: give them food and rai- the music, as in any other portion of service.
to every one who saw her, that the hour of her ment: Ye do it to me," says Christ. Every Sd. That each congregation assemble weekly
parture was at hand. She knew it, and re* work of charity, every labor of love, every word if practicable, to practice, Improve and secure
joined in hope of aspeedydeliverance from pain. of kindness, every act of cheer and comfort to unity in church music; and if possible secure
She would often say, "Sing, there is rest for the God's poor has its reward as though done to him hymn sooks for the use of the congregation'
weary." This sweet song was never sung in in person. How often does the picture of that 4th. That the leaders of church muste be not
rh riagSh a are ttendquad I < | 1 grey hired v ,7201itnhh sthd onlly members a tehne Iturcht tthba i

for the "sweet rest in heaven." She exborted the person of his minister, present God are rendered truly with the spirit and the
every member of our family, told each where the itself to that minister's mind! Go ye and do understanding
enemy would be most likely to get the advan- likewise-people and ministers REPORT OF COMMITTEE ON PARBONAGEs.
tage, gave her dying counsel in every thing that
appertained to our interest for time and eternity; '" plan that the Presiding El-
exhorted every friend, and they were very nu. requested to appoint two
merous, who visited her, and sent messages to energetic lay members from each charge where
those she could not see; asked to have the there is no parsonage, whose duty it shall be to
Lord's supper administered to her, only a few make immediate and earnest efforts to ascertain
houre before her death; asked our two eldest if it be practicable to raise means to secure a
sons who were not members of the church, to parsonage the present year, and report to the
join the church and promise to meet her in THE ATLANTA DISTRIOT MEETING. 4th quarterly conference, which may take such
heaven. They did so. We then all commnaed action as the prospects of success may justify
for the last timeon earth. Her soul was happy, A letter giving account of thisexcellentmeet- I ** * I .- ' "
she praised God aloud. She was then silent a ing, and referring to the following documents i I I< n = = * -** f
while, her eyes were closed, a heavenly smile which came with it, may be found on the inside ; I e
lighted up every feature of her face. Several of th k, ground and build upon it whenever the necessa-
persons in the room saw and spoke of it. Said is wee s paper' ry means may be obtained. To raise the means
I, "Wife, you seem to be dreaming." Said she, CHURCH EXTENSION. let the quarterly conference of each circuit and
"No, oh no, I see heaven, I am almost there, station appoint a suitable person to canvas his
nearer, nearer the shore. Ob l ees so many Resolved, 1st. That the church demands a circuit or station in behalf of the cause, and re-
of our dear friends there, and then there is pa deeply pious, prnetically educated, and wholly port progress to the Executive Building Com-
and ma, and little Robert and little Julius, our unsecularministry-adivision of large unwieldy mittee
own little children-sweet little angels. I am circuits into smaller, more compact fields of Let these reports be made before the session
drawing so much nearer to them-almost over, pastoral labor, and the occupation of every por- of the next Annual Conference, which meets
Why can't I hear their voices I see their fea tion of our moral vineyard, so that there may be second Wednesday in November.
tures, I recognise-I know them, and, dear, our no reasonable hindrance in the way of our min-
Julius is just like you-you know how he loved istry, to prevent them from carrying the word of assolarlows As To cOLORED PEOPLE.
you, well he to your guardian angel now, and I life to every soul, and into every corner of the Resolved 1st. That our preachers be, and they
will be when I get home. When you die I'll land. are hereby earnestly requested to look after the
meet you half way-almost there! glory, glory 2nd. That we bow to every dispeasation of spiritual interests of the colored people, by
be to Jesus!" God's providence, whereby we have been, and preaching to, and exhorting them whenever and
She was then quiet and still for some mio- are now afflicted, and earnestly pray that our wherever the same can be practicablydone.
utes. She then said, "Husband one more re- light althetions which are but for moment may 2nd. That our ministers and people be urged
quest. I want to be buried in the rear of our work cat for our eburch a far more exceeding to give special attention to the organization of
church." I told her I would see the trustees and eternal weight of glory. Cheerfully sub. Sabbath schools for the colored people, wherever
and try to have her request granted. Said she, mitting to present ills, we have faith in God, a suf5cient number can be collected together for
"Oh they ought not to object. The farmer, and hope in his mercy, believing that he has yet that purpose.
merchant and mechanic have lands whereon they in store for us some greater blessing than our Ud. That we will favor and encourage the
can bury their dead; but poor Itinerants have troubled . e. I us, :. .. 0 day schools under proper regular.
no foot of land oreottage they can call their own. 1 I a . an a :.1. sea . . = . = stworthy teachers for the colored
I think each circuit and station ought to pro- = upon the Lord until He renews our children.
vide a place for the Itinerant and his family to strengp suc ->en gird on the armor, and take 4th. That we recommend all our preachers to
be buried in-let it be the Innerant's family the my take steps to inform the colored people as far as
buryint,,5ground. Will you comply?" I saik = the action of the General Con-
"I wil She then said, "One mor I r this meeting relative to them.

x v.xcan [

Dr. Fletcher and the Dying Infklet
One morningDr Fletcher of Stepney, receiv-
ed a request to visit a man who was a professed
sceptic, and apparently near his end. On enter-
ane the chamber where he lay, h IT ij i
= sated form of one who had ", "
is : man I . .. .1 f adis-
at =1 I = .1 I durable
ine Dr. addressed himby sundry kind inquiries,
and expressions of I < = of
the sufferings of a a 1 . 11 a
ransom for sinners, that through His atoning
sacriftee they might obtain the forgiveness of
sin, and be restored to the favor of God.
Hearing this, the dying anan sand, Sir, I
don't believe that; I wish I could, as my dear
wife there does; she believes all you say."-
" Well," said Dr. F., but you say you wash you
could, and that is a great point towards attain
ing it, if you are sincere. Now, what do you
a Why,"he
I 3 nee lived, and
that he was a very good, sincere man; but that
is all."
It was a principle with Dr. F. when reasoning
with unbelievers, if they acknowledged the
smallest portion of truth, to make it a position
from which to argue with them. This mode he
now adopted, and said, a you believe that Jesus
Christ was a good man-a sincere man., Now
do you think that a good a man would wish to
deceive others ? or a sincere man 1-
that must mislead." Gertainly '
plied. Then how do you reconcile your ad-
mission that he was a good man .1
to the Jews, 'I and my Father ar
they took up stones to kill him, he did not un-
1 .1 still maintained the fact of
1 1 .- 11 3, adding, My sheep hear my
voice, and they follow me, and Iknow themand
I give unto them eternal life;' now could any
mere man say I give unto them eternal life?
i* =
voice, Stop sir I never saw this before; a
new light breaks in upon me-stop, sir!" Hold-
ing up his emaciated hand, as if fearing that a
breath might obscure the new light breakrug in
upon his .' = 1 .1 -*** = -
lighted u] '. -1
sion quite indescribable, but with eyes Intently
I on Dr F., he exclaimedafterashortpause,
-c. I :- - 11 1 4 -- his pallid cheeks,
= mercy sent by God
himself to save any poor soul! Yes, Christ, is
God, and He died to save sinnera l Yes, even
me!" His feelingsahoost overpowered his fee-
ble frame.
Lest he should be too much excited, his viet-
tors left him, first commending his case to God
1 omie *
a : 11 Ti
him propped up in bed, literally "a new man,"
displaying al fa hungry man,
seeking to Bread of Life,"
combined with the simplicity of a child, trusting
in the promises of God, which are "yes and
amen in Christ Jesus He candidly confessed
that though he had rejected the Gospel as un-
worthy of credit, he had never before read it-
.. . as presented to his mind,
I a with an eagerness 2n-
describable, whilst his formeralmostinsupporta-
ble pains seemed now to be forgotten in the
overwhelming enjoyment arising from his ex-
perience of the love of Christand 20 proportion
as his bodily frame decayed, his faith triumphed

andHhis yonne7tat irl, his eldest child, capa-
ble of reading. He gave her a copy of the
New Testament, with all the passages marked
by his own hand, which had been made specially
useful to him in the way of instruction or con-
solation, and he desired her as the last request
of her dying father to read it daily; never to
part with it, but to make it her guide through
life, that it might be her comfort in death. Af-
ter this he directed that all his infidel books
should be committed to the flames, that the poi-
son might be destroyed, and the i ..- ]
He lived just one fortnight after I '
interview, and then died under the full soiluence
of Gospel hope-
How many, like this poor man despise and
endeavor to discredit the Bible, when they have
never read it for themselves, or only looked into
it, to find objections with which to strengthen
their infidelity. Is this rational ? Is it honest ?

ACCEPTANCE or ONE S LOT.--Persevere in
earnestly striving to conquer in yourself the
annoyance little daily vexations cause you; turn
all your attention to this point for the present;
feel that at this moment God only requires this
of you; do not now the seeds of good desires in
the gardens of others, but cultivate well your
own. Do not desire to be what you are not, but
rather desire tobewell what you are; turn your
thoughts to perfecting yourself thus, and to
bearing the crosses, betheygreatorsanall, which
you may therein encounter,
DARK HOURa.-To every man there are many,
many dark hours, when he feels inclined to aban-
don his best enterprise-hours when his heart's
dearest hopes appear delusive-hours when he
feels unequal to the burden, when all his aspira-
tions seem worthless. Let no one think that he
alone has dark hours. They are the touchstone
to try whether we are enrrent coln or not-
Cowerica or FAirs.-"If Satan and I
ever did strive for any word of God in all my
life, it was for this good word of Christ: 'Him

way to heaven. Herearealsoagreat many souls
that must die like heathens, except they are A Stirring Speech.
i My Rev. Charles Garnett, an English elergyman,
-- .* .. > 11, I I us made a powerful appeal in a late missionary
more abundantly, and that our brethren will meeting at Exeter Hall, London, in behalf of
come and help us." Twenty days later, Harri- missions. Foran hour or more he kept the vast
man wrote: Brother Gibson has gone to his assembly spell-bound by his thrilling words-
long home." His most moving appeals were to the church to
He preaebed his last sermon on New-Year's give the needful supphes to carry on this great
Day,1804, "and it was profitable tomanysonia." work. We beg our readers to give heed to the
After suffering fbr three years with consump- i . = e of this earnest leader for God
tion, he was "soized with fever and vomited ,
blood." He died in Claiborne county, on the "I believe that our luxuries must give place
5th of April, 1804. He had continued to la- to others necessities, and that our necessities
bor in the vineyard of the Lord as long as he must give place to others'extremities. It must
was able to preach or pray," and declared to his come to that; and when it does, there will be
fellow laborer that "he was not afraid to meet no more needof r .... : .1 will bub-
death," and "wished for the hour." His breth- ble up itself. I . r at ., it makes
ren, in the "Old Minu* < arm acho 1. I II me take the
him with admiration, aa aa tI = F1 by storm. But we must make sacrifices,
inr t I 8 here is the one among us who is prepared to
ti '. II 1 -' make a sacrifice this year? Who is there among
still Gibson opened the way. Lake a Brainard, the ladies who will do without a new bonnet ?
he labored and fainted not, nor dared to leave Indeed, if they wereto do without them altogeth-
his station till 1 .. 1, 1 vb dis- er they would scarcely be missed. Where is there
charge. Tobia I 1 1 1 g years any one who will be prepared to snake a sacri-
preach, profess, possess, and practice Christian flee-that is my point-a sacrifice for Christ ?
perfection; and those who were acquainted with O if, instead of spasmodie giving, we had syste-
him must be impressed with his depth of piety: matic giving, the whole case would be met-
in r t I '. Let us say, Here is a pound a year for Jesus
I 1 1 * 1 ar I Christ. If all our members and friends were to
martyr of the Southwest had done a great work, do that, and some of our friends give more than

dthis blime exam will never btehforg ten ot"n unbers, we should soon have a million of
his death, Learner Blackman, one of the noblest Gentlemen, shall we do this ? In the sight
itinerants of the West went to take his place, of a perishing world shall we resolve to do it ?
andasuccession of evangelistsfollowedtill Meth- It seems to me that what we want in every car-
odism spread out over all the country.-Metho- enit is an enthusiastic love of missions. There
dish is no doing anything without enthusiasm. Let
us then have men who think, pray, and never
"The Sweet Psalmist of Israel" ceasetormentingeverybodyaboutmissions; who,
in short, are always at it. The next year we
a samuelxxui^ shall have an income that our secretaries never
1 ] contemplated in their fondest dreams. Having
In 1, a I st achieved that, we must then look up. At the
varied, and instructive char- battle of Alma, we are told, when one of our
acter. In his history, we meet with trials and regiments was being beaten back by the hordes
temptations not to be discovered, as a whole, in of Russia, the ensign in front stood his ground
other saints of ancient times, and hence he is as the troops retreated. The captain shouted to
all the more suggestive a type of our Lord.- him to bring back the colors; but the reply of
David knew the trials of all ranks and conditions the ensign was, "Bring up the men to the col.
of men. Kings have their troubles, and David ors." Wellthere is George Piercy yonder bear.
wore a crown: the peasant has his cares, and ing our colors.
David handled shepherd's crook : the wanderer I feel to-day as if I were touching Methodism
has many hardships, and David abode in the everywhere. What I am now saying will,
caves of Engedi: the captain has his dilled- through the agencyof my friends, the reporters,
ties, and David found the sons of Zeruiah too be ready assionaries in the mostdistantlanda,
hard for him The psalmist was also tried in by wives and mothers whose thees are growing
his friends; his counsellor Ahithophel forsook pale and whose hearts are sinking. I shake
him. "He that eateth bread with me, hath handswiththemin God's name and in your name.
lifted up his heel against me." His worst foes I say through the pens of my friends here-I
were they of his own household: his children say to them in your name that they are not for-
were his greatest affliction. The . and shall not be forsaken. Is it so?
poverty and wealth, of honor and ..I li = go to the ends of the world, so that
health and weakness, all tried their power upon every missionary who reads it shall say, "I was
him. He had temptations from without to dis- not forgotten in Exeter Hall] they will not
turb his peace, and from within to mar his joy. leave me here to die?" Thank you for that
David no sooner escaped from one trial than he cheer. I take it that it is not for me, but the
fell into another; no sooner emerged from one missionaries yonder. We send our love to them.
season of despondency and alarm, than he was Let us bring the men up to the colors. Don't
again brought into the lowest depths, and all say, "George Piercy come back!" but ery,
God's waves and billows rolled over him. It is "Methodistoof England, come on !" And when
probably from this cause that David's psalms are the Church shall awake, shake herself from the
so universally the delight of experienced christ- dust, and put on her beautiful garments, then
ians. Whatever our frame of mind, whether aball we go forth to do her glorious Master's
eastacy or depression, David has exactly des- work; and then shall the seventh angel sound,
bribed our emotions. He was an able master of and there shall be great voices in heaven sayang,
the human heart, because he had been tutored "The kingdoms of this world are become the
in the best of all schools-the school of heart- kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ, and he
felt, personal experience. As we are instructed aball reign for ever and ever."

___ I~___ _L_ _


$11qttil fl$dRIE *


Commencement Exercises W. P. College

We gave account last weekof the examinatio
and opening Commencement exercises i
popular Institution. The full report mad
through this week's paper by the Visiting Com
mitteerenders itunnecessarythat we should sa
much no to the closing exercises. They wer
exceedingly interestingdownto 0 set moment
Pleasant weather-though warm-a very larg
attendance-larger we think on the final dal
than has been present for some yeara-and an
easy and graceful progress in all the movement
of an exciting occasion, conspiredto render thi
a most pleasant interlude in the rather tragi
drama that is now being acted in this once hap
py land.
The audience were delighteduo less than sur
prised at one new feature in the programme
The accomplished President, known only to few
as a writer of verse, though by those few highly
appreciated-addressed the graduating eless i
the following chaste and appropriate linee to

The Young Respers of 1867.

YeT se earl htaureaol ed k'eshruthorn,
Andwheredulyeandyoung respers fair,
Tohanveso dtheyourselvestbeharvestyoubear'


Havel edinthe Heldtople.
sawaraven-buir apria sn Niinebrim,

somemanbutwith Godsownspinetraught,
Te e rto t g ene thought,

Andthearst good sowing wasadeintheneld,

a 23 Andhesow6dtheisecondof Creation'esizdays,

Te3ras n ants.eargrace,
r alonbut mmeandeavia,
Annecomers asments have area

vi 1 v ey\s9$Tr2!$ xThand
Thehreadthat thenationshavewan d.
Butthoglortone work couldnoth concesP4
rise so ad eQeld,

FirstHomerrBlaung thewyderfu[tsme

rhe a weak//re Leo i t6 lessettres.
Anasonatentirewtone neum
** *

Ands booll'dthewhotparmatkewledge,

wheruarrathers asspensedeheartoil.
Thereweressaknpeavenameonananation anatock.
That plantrawhen ireedomwasborn;
'roungaus unlai onm noren.anobleshak'

washoesw asybro yonhavemown.

OklV f ni oktsmier;
Thedoetriueof forces and power.
Saw2 dMoteto 8 sitoo deavywithgMn
Busatissethemysteronomagnetse are
E o mit mshore,

shoneseasw aretate"wortatesmears,
Tecallba or e iceIransio handArs,

ThTebnePm at t h mbu itude'aken,
Themonopokedloreof thenerabe..
DI tr ocee fpm e htaIdebyside;

AnHehee athe rn edthemagain,
Anatinein theSeldwhereinyebaregleaned,
we a 2 awliecenan=d
Whatthe8pxrit from Godhusuggeshd.
0.1.1 ournarrass mos preci ashagraing

rt mates rioned, andoounseast gain,
suAnt ouam$?a 1 si ,wealthiastroo,
AndnowIf you'veeaughtnotthetreasurealone,


Whenthereapingend sowingothfeandone,
Findjoyinthepresenceof God

We learn that the session of this Institution
which is located at GreensboroAla.,elesed with
abrilliantCommencementonthe3dinet. The
Commencement Sermon was preached on the
Sunday before, by Dr. Hamilton of Mobile, and
was highly appropriate to the occasion. Dr.
Summers made the address before the Literary
Societies, on Tuesday-a production gotten up
on short notice, racy, nilluent in thought, and
to la to th
wise in i course e young men. By the
way, the Doctor's son, and only childwasamong
the number of the graduates the next day, and
was read out by the Chancelloras distinguished
in nearly every thing
The exhibition of the Clarsosophic Soolety,
on Tuesday night afforded a specimen of aspe.
riororatorical excellence.
On Wednesday y, wo grad stem received the
diploma of A. B.,and five thatof A. M. Their
orations gave the highest eatisfaction to the
Trustees and to the audience at large, and the
highest promiseof future eminence to the youth-,

Vol. xxx. No.f99

- make with great pleasure. We also call atten- ers, class-leaders and atewards pronounce them tion as it stands this test. This rule applies to to a superate church. Mr. Ralpsay, thernission. Northern Methodists, are represented to me,
- tion to the advertisement of his school, in this the very best meetings they have had the privi- their dress as well as to other matters. There nry, reports sixty-six members already gathered with a few honorable exceptions, as their most
- week's paper. His many warm friends in the lege to enjoy. The Great Head of the Church are very few "butterflies of fashion" to be seen in, with nearly as many more who were prevent- bitter and unscrupulous agents.
has put has seal of approbation upon them. here, who make dress the "one thing needfuP' ed by distance and severe weather from attend. I have traveled to and from Chailtanoogs to
- South will rejoice in his prosperity They are seasons of 1 r 1, I in life-who neglect all mental and moral im- ing his meeting. Describing the transition, he Bristol, the hall length of East Tennessee, and
t the presence of the I < 1 provernent and devote all their energies, their says: "It was to our mind a strong evidence held three District Meetings in it, and preached
' BISHOP PIERCE is a recognized fact i si I I si a 1 .1 -who often bank- of the reality and power of our blessed religion and held interviews with ourpastora in the other
- call into action much latent talent-levive the = I 1. = 1 as = I, 1 I 1 1 e men who were once pierce savages, whom two districts, and I hear, upon diligent inquiry,
Was at the recent Commencement in Macon, long auspendedenergiesorour ,1 ,i i dress-who binet all n , . I I strong arm of government could not drive of but four chapels owned by the Northern
. fresh and vigorous, although he has held two to light the weak places--expos = la ly suin their souls for 1, II = = their favorite haunts in the swamps of Methodist Church: one, an old house of ours at
soon to our membershap-rudicate the points generally dress neatly, but not extravagantly Florida, now subdued by the victorious Cross, Rogersville. I
. District Meetings since his return from North demandine special labor, and thus the preach- "epu in places, even at the Opera House,; .. weeping at the feet of the Prince of one at Green II -ni
Carolina. directed and the whole called to a lady by I a The greater part of the noted Billy and I I
e We had a long conversation with him res * = 1 I I tade eifective. In many s. . I i -. 1 ., E Bowlogs' band are now members of our church. in sh I 1 = '- g .. = .= 7 2 -
pecting the impressions he has received in his respects for a long time, we have been beating I I . I = =1 **3 ** Sermon being over, we proceeded to baptize the these, if they have any houses of worship in
secopal visitation as to the pwent condition the a r ibupl;ne b they do not core n you. when they return < a 1.1ace for church twen>bership, twenty but their liotston ConfLrence," I could not sect-
ci been a low.],6- boneby useshan <0ofibe dreams as number, arni five infants it wasan infer rain or And a 0 they claim, to a pubbearson
of our church fle a very hopenal as to its fu our finance at loo e ends vul em very re ly .I ..aces, ),anw s I I done, wh.>u:onds, a re e ..o us< ht, which will not be soon forgotten at recently n...h ex dottlet*, wicoty lise charge*,
ture prosperity lie believes that there is a neutrahred to a large ev is 10 nh th vb so n I des of wes!th, owen the minole 1-onew 11o rhen proceeded in exiy four rrtoline preadiers, one hundr e pretty general revival 01 she spiran 1 t hrests turn which put evuy man an 6: liec.o d ocu wres the a 14 which nearly lifry heal pro..cliere, and twenty live than and
, auty, and a generst wakic;* up of the necesher .Labout has due hubu at it cell inet oI ru main no do travagantly n persons partook As many Alesh onenabers
n absp to the clarno of day to God, to the church andelive , and to the world He behaves that the District unruted The picacher led or pube Queen 1 cror a n her = = m at urablush 0 mode ty they snake their ..p
. Meetsugs are giving a wo nderful suspurse to all I heir hopes of the fulare have revr ut the we uo e the activates of the church, and Le looks for:. nd on imbe r of lbrorw> s fressful year ru c .urt :atle.ems had an appariumsy orabserving I inc ibilowing is an extrut fran a Iceter of abour, with us, but where they have perverted
t lhahop Pierce will wate fee the Southern < eClara jas n e 1 [ ared . ..nI di don h eje liallop McTycire in the Nashville Christ an Ad a ma ce tr o Christian Advocate, during the sunone averse up quarely boldly-< me a the a0 lesh ( n 1.lerate fortune Use sul f re expen at . tter from an old and
? of articles giving the results of he observation =<1 the Jcy I ly th: a they w re on I aday morning . i j = = * *eunessee, now before
on the condition of du. church, as defects, At Leak tl<, Ihe irulo at r f red 1 Gw da s I as kr. y heard ti e be the Rev t. W 'I = s 01> I I Circuit last month,
- wants, tokens of good, so, ete They wal at Jaco In c ar i I was li tjh sh ** Tr tr/ li is leshoir Mr ,enCs ap anr Je to thers orthe nh it 2n . doubdess, profit all who read ther" wheat harvest ared gre at c ie was necemly 0 too much Any i 1 too ble ady at II c have now returned to East levance That our balboth chool, and orzarozed one of his
d WIII not the preachers make another eITort to *ave the crop Irom more out run I ade. a sI I I II b.dy,"hwha b proposes t disin gr a own to the house At nuo:ber church, the
t get the paper into every Methods< funnly ? the disadvantages af the C bouth,= li her Dickey pa tar had com inded heservicewith notice that
f nons were large, .r tiewoudpreelashercagainrhardayfoursects,
r da gates were revu. u Cor. W II Cucinths of (.'viumbus, Ga, ci of Ps and locked i sy nee, m soon use,
, debered at the Inte commencement of the 11 1 ) Geor I wab their missionary operations, ana called attention .nJ announced I well pa each
y b College, one of the1,0 t perelus for an occa ules of war mov 0 <1 no Before holding unr by a service pl o clock, when I
f sion of this character, a wa ever our good for I I write to ha rle ad lb no in e t:r e une hair The ul,] arch niluenced to31clienjsi 1 }al3f orb ad un;ua consulturanot va rome $urchurchad>ncboreheahu ry his

e th humane us er nee o e so kill at to bud ermanple of a e s. a ir own wrre p ad fr.y ter xt.ev u sic war o ne no tron ac conji or ep /tr the be en th r nce- ite o

e ful It was a philsoph ad and Christon dia dents who tell on on nor ce, ni ly morne at 1 very tr at, conger a with Ibc not e <1 couraged, they can as Cow a hand on a in 0>, and a duracked to let
I course, full of varied icarning ind in b timaghts, al jealousers I wI dr Is n arr..m .:,4 q,--I th o:y :0..] prierwe :n Arnetwa no the ub u;un 0 muses, wagon<, odit was thund, 01 the nature of
, and highly creditable to di/speak ul runs ac few. but 1 y < r.r: r\c ) cooki be play Inch c ar tiledstrategy
n largely to the mterest of an other was intencertag do they c v.. so one.cone n.1 under.Jl coun a 1.:alf a mile iman the depot Here the triends oral th debt pa 1 Then our Norrhorn
ocession ol and < oripel a so I a ental aborary is in <. ten a ,ua II orb vears

St sums TH:Ant -The lies 1 H Rhert, of errine peob!c from one cominu, on to another are lanebt 0 enter in the hi best re pect r Un that spot an old man sard to me IV our topry -.:bout 81,704 lialked is the first
the at E Church, South, used II. o Albany, -by doinding mperior or 0.0 It is bes stiful to Monday, very suddenly .\ pa ( nu rtem ex 4 rtl e notal, w . ausination was held by our phyme, me, and at was Ihey are al a invar ably pate la 0 ] a spacuous chape named Jor him There Pres:Jany lolder not about
nScertained thathandeath wason:aloned by

"is5rn on ynever 11therunaberhapat I l> a II > b Jenth-Ntates flight Don Churchaustainthea l.:aden 0.4 : unarviourd Evavin\ 1
'fue linctual Orant v or I or an or Us one up the are antly a red al our questter fb )be d on at cow reg( s race on deed 11 i>ecame a thm 1 prolon to r press The was bu itance 18 to
11Norwasconferredenchelter N Encl youralbahas tothe rdcornal \painiL L prennied the mu ority of the
ce, of to I us de (" Ince 111. 1 If a)J tecens to fax 11L noon ada on was ur<1a ned There ice < / 1 rows la chanare lisa us oha6 em

car P Fargerald, of the I alk I rena, walm- to came the and Ed.(or 01 the spectarol,:at ban e Jo.u it \ e it. I cars They can do 0 bear a 6 number lup J.uthful y renia as w (6 us
Cal, by thte b her> 1 never say, a the (.orn to at ckil < le Ir Ir /it 1< eat ene the "ra 1.--ra on when gue a to in t med a nu le ; J ones, e ntribio d t mchst

'An As am von new Unity SI an all1 1.0< us all pray for the pace <4 Jr"/ sa ri 1 ar.>n es. to or ** of note an 4 boldour{io breemem a cro ,"and, anti Ias / that a tr r lisd a du arroney
, The Eduar is busily ens::ged in son leng out to were rated at he toble walls a conven at arol a uch water *Our are td }rsons our house
thesubscribers shelulynamberolshesexed AtlantaDistractMects:1g . lent magazine le is adorned wlrb in engrain two in a stan[ pwing ] ses. a neive at the Norrhorn ifethodest, the Rev Mr --_ unpor ed enro I Tenue no for runaptug this
of t'eneral I homas J Jar kson, whose inal.rary .11, Flown This n ee, whwl. has 30 t nesdair\d/e or ad, pa sea around the table and who a on the erreint 11ss memberely here, ea ir arbo caploita excited the adoration and wanderof closed as session in the ory, 11unat <.>om cerlornoccasion Icaled on awealthy Iundersran< esaboxonethirdof ours 000 of thngs Ti e thousandsand whose character as a i'brast:ar us, to (in judgment vi 11p n, family md w.< received by the luly al rlu be pay rent Nay IIcdoes not non say to Cesar to the work of a albertson The open.
-unpretendsug, anostentatious-usade so dweP 0 el las .Li rs so JL cher arol house who told no that her two dayless were 0, ity your leave, gentlemen This ana way son oi ( hul .Tu in laney. 31 an on all who enjoyed III, privilex i in the k when cookina lhey war both to I'" our pamful inal of the Suprenset ourtol the I need States.nes
of has aceptaintance Th<. pi< s no nua..her a n 0 a .s earl.role s\x on b cl )>. of bindrance and mobs I say ri car in ourts c
follof interest In los ive know al noney Ib 1 than h ou n in. oral coohn no 1,010: prep..r
anne, published eithei Norris on omb, th at ca ce as 1 eviet l 0.: < a actl than la ly in Admille, who a in* *,.non, I man admire ad conownd to the Church 4
tains so much worthy to be miscel, ml a brth utes one of the e you.* Ind e< em e into th' were so cle I
that snents censure, a the lime 30msh y 1 ed, and mover ed was called :.nd the account g ven, w al. corset> voico our prman s no members coure to s
Edited by Professor bi trk o weli qua de l for (1 led by a ast ,j A theini b equtin'thee wt ill uration al tc hiltonV .10 tile close 01 the war stil thatrol ri yp bittal otli us e <

o co 1 r ni ghop, y r r a 0 d. lin 1 per ^l r I ,]wii a as a prescenal 11 e.

Isleasture throughout the South T sI 0 people the Go pal of Go w lions rs;ht of rederaryson J hey eg
of the South it 0 audispe n <]de, El n a ph" 11, led ya 4 I s due a / Win n 3 throan had an.] a ine r. he. al ta.n J 1 for the debt, SJ 4, and procural '
and accomplishing a work achieval 03 no oil er la cl rea of th coma nor 1.0 ml 1 a at the do ais day of tail and nxtely, , 1 1 Your curnalitec ban avended carefully to the
monthly, issued from our own Put;., h'"I debucated on papea on n 11 we w stated to I w fe rece:ves b .. Oth a smile Arran e" Masted, ..* day ne:;ued them, and are gratified at being
flouse, and harmy as possible by the Hook Comre:ttee, its 1.Jutor a r Ir" la I tene jI0 until xrd I topticken donations clou to a prosper v. conds:lon During the
member of our Church, and evely way worthy the confidence of our people, we cheerfully ree n ac strict. wee full <,ina ( an<} oit 1, on.mend at to their pusonage arul support- menu were male 1out ties procure of Fach volume contains six numbers The third touching all points of is bro or who holdwappeantment under the North
reluxue begins with this month assi th of the clear b n ami ni c. or I r who ref used to gave at up They depor:mentof
subscriptions at once upon a larce rep I < to have bought that, can under a the pup; s, both n ilw r A II Remous grought out which tended to sui te:: a tiere or re as no I ed Althou b they do n 1. n \
THE Canterst.v Nannuan -Iteverend Sub lwa min re u nt ena-usaged our pr f lee b : < a v 11 j acher of the lorth dances of qtol.s me th or a the rd <
II Drowne, a preacher of obe South Carolina 1be wr sten topore chem ud bi rho em as the I 1 . e a . 11 Thnnell;and he able
(Methodest) Conference, has seat us a prospot cornamore were recon d ad c..n I cred wish ble 5 4 a * = reake the re pony bill.
No of a on paper he designs pubbiting, to be prolbund interest and -u.'i J cus as of thest pm :on, as shese who have been
called"The ChraturaSaghbor Theeeneral out of theruwere conduced so a ru ( corn I adectedtpremewomantorbearnportantand
object of the pubhcation, he says, well be the n endabic sp rst, many worthy by we takmg an p., at in the Conference, having abandova he interestmg un-sion a benevoicuce and useful

anal)nte a or hm alb so repuertes as I dl 1 J 1ebc 1 tr 1 to, a y of tl ra 1 i t in elegiac dhfuire ad sorthy as lic anadual n wlj de morality, whether these questions apperuin to ad see ay b re can to be won educated Tec non a of Fali Branch oncent was called care on on part of Professors, and
man individually or colleavely, and whether va not with a on th. ur ed a 1, aof r .ul ever is Je" Ti to r I by us was doing has work cio aph run on the paul students it was
arissog from has relation to God as he naghbor fored e, stinaug remaik insul ] speart in dic 1 ouhi not be a
"Joinsug consesentious obedience to nil the or quiry as to the extent to minth fun:!y reh an ally ana the families which loJged him on his
danances of caval governaient not in conflict wall was kept up among Chicks ad by the brah subjeen And those warnings were out empty such being the can, to may not be just to de-
the law of God, The < Arawn AnyAb be an unequivocal advocate of chratormy as .11any re raried, usib setoucine, to having been evo to y I a tr stock und poultry yard paid for at the judgment of the coinanites the Bentortnd
opposed to was, either offensive or defer we t u so be re e that gli h, g ye as arel hol e I us r val a nauy :nc very dp utlar n ht, ra{larather place, and at I am ly J r el a
Persons interested in the matter well please ad c >son of penitence, exilk slan a al purp, ety ftreat from those of America biraugerscent Another, and the snob followed, andmoreboldly, try, NatortI Nance and Astronomy, showing,
dress Mr.15,at Marson Court flouse.South amend Thus closed the busine make risefinicall" Younnyhwonthesalue strippingthebedsof theirclothingandpering not only 1:aniharrty with these subjects, but
Caroboa -Charleston er, Patanday afternoon, but Act.: we no busy to h mac w.rb a (bruely for years and not lural their indignersee upon the laun 7. Once more, and what is unusual, a prger apprecialton of their
get away I augua neanex unles you node the but your the pse.cher appronched a home known, so an practical rrupacance a woman a sphat
AT THE RF:CV..NT Commencement Exercises at ed over an a a 1 lain Socit very Istic cold formality rn Ger erant annals, asa preaches s home 11e was met, he entained the speamens of painting pre.
Tricity College, N.0, the honotary degree of services a t' tuan welety When you vast a faully, rou are belate shghting, by the good man, who with sented and found thou well executed, theirskill
DD and respective fields of labor, on Monday morn received ash genisi warnath which a truty :< emotion decked to recove him--' Brother, you in this department alleenny grcut credit on
was conferred upon the Rev N 11 Lee, mg, not only saidad wab the workings of the fresinne A young gentleman never vi us a know how my heart is, and that my house has their in trueror in ties phasing art
of Kentucky, and the Rev AR Waulicid of Astract Meeting, but in a measure enthu- I t, * ass.un from the always be na prenebers home, but you know On Sursday Til:, the casurancenient sermon
Arkansas every mind and heart freighted anew with he cannot rp their threats and what has happeard I mu too was preached to a large and attentive congrega.
and love and hope pear so publu: unal they use engaged When old to be broken up now, or to move away--I lion, at Mulberry A, 31 E Chureb, by obe
The following were eleered THE SOUTHERN REVIF.W Yo[ 11 No I enFlung Annual Conference Flof ( tour, nounced in the church and in the newspaper the preacht rode on, crossed to tbc athes side sermon as c
July,1867 Enitanore illedsoc and ILowne olOxford.10,T N Mornwether, he el New of the river, and at night fall reached ludgm;< the speaker exhibint
to county, Col N .) flininomi, of \tl:Inla. Is it any wonder, or any reiection on the moral diame, willell was, Purity of heart 26Homan a
the number of ties usagniheent quartesly for and Col Geo N Learer, 01 11asu tr r- < xcept underpecubar arcumstances, withmi d:s herowni of our preaches or people, that one par best, roost appropriate ornsineur *
July, has the followtog table of contenre Art nates Iter J F Nixon V if Hthodson, J grace Fiatatunthereiore, Isabinost unknown en>u of that cerent is abandoned forth pres Time reads at aletted peres by the sophom

Call)rebod usal he .11 em .'d 11"LAtlan c "rthalter and Presulat Orr, 0 ( of ( id terre ny How would our young people 0) onal:pg ElbJer o'e acrg T Liberty 4 The Mad 5 The North usul(1, .Iuly Ist, 1867. I ha e touch more to write, but I must close th at name As some of his churches in a cer young ladies read therr different electrous
South 6 Plearesco Romance 7 X anrb (1 mbto ** * I I a a 1 'unconifortable," wrth an case and reli pose son eldom seco.aud
and Socrates 8 Causes of Scorsonal bl jin LETTER FROM PRUSSIA o finds it next week if I can can entral I.csar.t--for pene sake at II Tu <>1 liwere gre tod fruittenrip sub th applause
tent 9 Davis and Lee 10 linek Nmlet, .Th I loor -It hu born my unrenton 1:4 an n my are I will wrse son sons. Isle the right, but the occupation cisewhere A The Juniorexhist:0n on Turv44y morning
The subscription as 83 per annum, tra chance a lung while to wrote in wn, but J Inne been echne had been given out--the preacher, ac was a brs!hant news retratene honor on the
Letters should be addressed to Use 11arol on 4.10<
1sonex n is j.j tirer!,{ ye g ladws are improving in many re pect act if a et il Browne, oi5ce of the Southern Revrew, No 6 to lever writing, I have been fore d to negicet are usic, well the advantages by which they are of sh Northern Methodist Churth-stood a several of
St Paul's Street, limitamore, Md many of my personal fairnds to whom I had entrounded, and are preparmy thewelves for the door with clubs and long hickones a to naus manifest abil e- I 7- I abids such dis-
promised letters I can now only lure b you 0 clainces in 1.0, and da refine for happine sI ter the rebel pre acher out of service," as their crannuation, r
--- only a few general acu. which I hope usay not la phrase 18, should he attempt to preach He re. The Annual Leerary Address by 1100 W
prove altogether uninteresting to you I ha tnonstrated mildly, and the ladies more spirited 11 Chambersof Columbus, was coe of themed
60ftSp011ittitt. I have been so Gerunny lone enough to limn ML chumb, North, as a trator, and all lo> I ly. *No-af he would join tholoydChurch he enteresting to which it has been our fortune
onic adenor the characterol the peopk I have people exhated to devountenance me and frown na.*ht preach The ladice described the scene ever to b>t n IIts subiect was "the mRuence
~ famed the acquaturance of a number 01 Germ m me down Th i" I will be able to be and to me, am they only esn of culture on's loo hness," and at was
A Vasat to North Carolana-No III lamshes occupying a hih po man an sou tyand pro per without favors from the wrear of the Brother Males was preceded in one of he ap. ably presented, the viator holthog he:. Lange au-
leave visited them face county at their houses, and aruck to which I refer, and front those wh en panousenta l.y a preacher of the M 8 Church, dience in rapt attention fr an hour
Mr EJaor We arrared mane time at Leaks have always improved due opporton ties in (citain his wentinwnts North-who, in windms: 0 his post scrusan The music on the nobt of the Concent, as
ville-the county town o' Itockinghain I studying their done tic hob:M. corou 3, etc | Yours an Christ, it 11 Riosis:It< notices, said-" [ understandPthat >fr Miles so al a during all the on onencementexcre., s, was
found a pleasset home with brother holds, a in many respects these customs are whirly slic Berica, Irmua, June 14th, NOT 10 preach here this day two weeks, of the
local preacher and a great Sunday school man forent from ours at the South Tin ar tyle of in blue well let blus 11e had better make a * b
The Distrlet was very genemily represented no Inving sw exceedingly plans.m.1 the Meeting and the brethren seemed to enter nature of their houses as provoled and arran,:e into the spirit of the occasion. with reference more to My experience at these Da.street 15cetings cons unce The idea of neday as connected with ev and &nunoles to the Indian terrtrory was broken combrence, went into liashop Clarke , a, so . Then
firms my ortgunal convicerons as to their use and ery thing about them Th cenu to be do up by the war, but the anameonaries have re az.aison, I wh as a tr ( == *,' t .* very su>-

I no a iT opia n 81 a an a n b st o in I rg e teh senade ad od . e ci .. -1 . I. s. 2e

ful orators. They were complimented very high
ly, for their gentlemanly and upright deport
.ment and secoeas in study, by the presiding of
facer in ble Baccalaureate address. Nearly nine
ty students have been in attendance the las
aession, of whom lifty-six were undergraduates
the others, connected with the Preparatony De
. apartment
ra aneh as the for from the literal
epo going
s ry centres of the Church, are full of encourage
e ment,-a cheering augury for the future.
- The degree-of D. D. was conferred on th
y Rev. O. P. Fitzgerald, of San Francisco


s Chrsatian professor, areyon deadtostu? Hav
you orneified the old man of depravity by faith
s and put on the new man, which is created i
s spiritualwisdomrighteousnessandtrueholiness
c by the Holy Ghost? Have you fully consecra
- ted yourself to the obedience of faith, and th
devotion of a self-sacriticing love to God, Hi
- cause and His laws? No man can have comfort
. of mind and quiet of heart who is not dead t
sin. Have you this comfort and this quiet
No one can constantly realize the peace of recon
n eiliation with God, feel the love of Jesus swell
ing the heart, rejoice in his felt presence, recog
nize the graces of the Spirit in the soul, an
yield their fruits in the daily life, who is no
dead tosin. Doyou gloryinthesetokenso
your acceptance ss a child of God and an hei
of heaven? Abe! it is to be feared that yo
have reluctantly nailed the old man to the cross
and greatly sympathize with him. How fondl
and often you look back on the pleasures o
sensedortheattracelons timor dn\sorth

oym byou rteni l ne cedheropm u ut
by self interest, seducedby temptations from th
pat f d inessMorF ro d sketrialyo 1

at once slay the old man of sin-take ham dow
from the cross-bury him out of your sight in
the adamantine rock, and fix on the door the
seal of everlasting forgetfulness.
Man's Nature not in Harmony with Re

anToaangeloicalmingtustdoet ian
cu undof their tri forcepahn
nature would quadrate with them. But it is
quite the reverse with the wicked nature o
man. Thereisnomotivoorimpulseofhisbe-
ing that spontaneously harnoonizes with the
heavenly principles and holy duties of the gos
pel. This Very Don affinity querulously urges

tumi s bl w me ne ce uthu n

and hhne8 er 1 utn1g tar >es ie
of all the mysterious riddles of human nature
blinded prejudice of his own mind and heart
The life-time work of every man ought to be to
of Christ; because revealing, as they do, the
stupendous issues of life, death and futurity,
disclosed by no other medina of truth-taught
by no other sign or symbolic earth or heaven
toblot them outisto sweep from thesky the
beaming star of hope, and to throw the shadow
of an eclipse athwart the thith of the soul, more
desolate than the unpeopled night an which
aba0a reigned.

The Augusta District Meeting.
We have received a very well printed pam-
phlet of the "Proceedings" of this Conference.
It gives the minutes, reports and resolutions in
full, and must serve a valuable purpose if circu
lated generally within the District We see
with pleasure that this meeting did not forget
thedefieleneyoflastyear2n the Bishops' Fund
It raised 828.50 to meet it. With, perhaps this
exception, wefind nothingof general interest
that may add to the information given to our
readers, respecting this meeting. The work of
the meeting seems to have been done well and
carefully-every interest of the Church having

a yn be ad on We presume tha the pay
Esq., Warrenton, or Rev. A. Wright, Augusta
where it was printed.

Southern Methodism in Maryland;,a;sby ee a anaedeoar iten 8Dre
set county, and received the societyof Ebenezer
Churchintothefellowshipof theM.E.Church,
80uth. There was entire harmony in this so-
tion on the part of the people, and a good relig-
Lous influence pervaded the congregation. The
Church is large and commodious and in fine
condition. We find the followingin the Prin.
eess Anne Free JItarylander: "The Methodist
congregation in the Trappe district has severed
and joined the M. E. Church, South. This act
has been meditated for many years, and was for-
malif OODBummated on Sunday last, the Rev.
Dr. 8 enroll pangl dating. The political action of
the Philadelphia Conferenceis the remote cause
of this severance.,>
The new Southern Methodist Church at Wel.
lington, Haltimorecounty, wandedicatedonSun-
day, 23d June, by the Rev. A. W. Wilson--
207. F. Mail 18 the pastor. The 000asion,
We are tOld, WM One of much intereat.
The new Church erected by the members and

aernd r coS 0 ,ewas e tieTou heA
Dr. L. D. Huston preached morning and even-
ing, and the entire debt was paid. Rev.George
H. Zimmerman is the preacher in charge of

Lay-Members of Georgia conferences.
The following are the lay-members of theBo.
Ga. Conference from the Columbus Distriet __
James M. Chambers, George Dode W.S. Wal-
lace, Rev. B. W. Clark: Altern tes H.
Chambers, J. R. Kimbrough, Rev. F. M. T.
The following were elected from the Newnan
District to the North Georgle Conference: II.
R Harrier, E. H. Bigham, J. E. Dent, Rev. J.
31. Grillin.

-We are sure that our readers will enjoy the
letter from Prussia. We could wish that our
young ladies would copy more generally the ex-
ample of their foreign sisters. Bro. Saunde
promises more letters, which announcement w


------~-----~=-~21~_-I- --- =~l~___l__qu5u~f~-Cll~-~_~____-3___~=_ I


seconas ***s, macowax

q q . ... me.-

EastRive Nation onsk s.............Nsew York

* ** =- *

wT sultasoN, J. 8 Launsus,
Lassor washingtoneny. orvarames.,


Wo. SS HzehangePhoescer.South St.,upstatra

BAL TI Mons, Ms.

un shne an ethis day tomed a prtneAlp,
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rand Rove-

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c ejToroa conumme.


son carouns Bank Notes.



proving this class to be equal to any that has Lampkin District Meeting, were suspended by a vote of 99 to 33, and the the cath prescribed in said supplementary act is, cars and rescued from the Sheriff of Nansemond
ever graduated in this venerable Institution. resolution modeled so as to embrace unly 311ssia- among other things, that no person who has county a negro convicted of felony, who was be. RE RLIN
The Baccalaureate of President Bonnell, de- Will be held at Cuthbert, commeneIng .. been a member of the Legislature of any State, ing taken to the Richmond Penitenti Th
slivered in verse, was appropriate, chaste and Thursday night, September 17th, at 7 o'clock. ' ,, I - or who has held any executive or judicial office made the Sheriff produce the keys t the hamef American Female Institute,
beautiful. 3yo-4w L J. Davies, P. E I lution th the Distrier commanders be author- in any State, whether he has taken an cath to cuffs, and then made off with the prisoner. The
Having witnessed these interesting exercises, ized to use 4,000,000 coupon bonds, 73 10 per suppute the Constitution of the United States negro was again arrested by the policeof Peters. BERLIN, PRUSSIA.

rbole 1 sever impro sed, with the value The Ex11edgeville District Meeting Inite tl re ir elee alever h a unidtion of bu Gen. Sickles has written to Senator Tra- HIS INSTITUTION IS NOW IN si .
It demorves and 1. II . Will be held August I ouisiana's adnession, He noved a suspension Ir 1 1 r 1 1 1 11 : general amnesty, except as . *
a more extensive t 1 pDonor, a b li al n iti d e . . i o urtub en rathe rounds/ ./ /. . ', ,,

ON, Bishop Pieree is exp C I > P. E sy alth di 1 0 Illismis, said I I to al reovenu colleo of li g ri
W. D WILLIAMs, g Jeffewon Davis. 1. I . and a half milli
J R. DANFonfu, P power, hang Jo tration ofrany gene al law of a State for the -In the House of Lords, July 9, Earl i. r I
H. D. Moons. ) District Meetinga C esbury, S.C.-Change his Cabinet oilicers. The only man in America administration of justice strongly denounced the action of the M . * -- --
me, who had verve enough to hang traitors was Jua. Section 7. That the time for completing the government in putting Maxhnilian to deals. r .. . .. .
The time of holding this meeting has been res. 31r Stevens moved the previous quest /. I * is * he made no disclosures as to what measures ut.<.
Davenport Female College-Lenoir, N. C' I 1 , 1, ] .1 .1of the and the bill as amended was parsed and a = Government intended to adopt in regard to
This Institution, beautifially located amon. I nes II. back to the Senate.--The House took a recess trict, be extended to the first day of October, Mexico.
the mountainsof Western North Carolina, unde. -*IL, II.D., of till 8 o'clock.--One of the House amend. 1887, and the Boards of Registration shall have -A ...
a are South Carolitus Confer- Wofford College, willTe with us. Dr. Smith nients to the Senate bill is to the eitect that the power, and it shall be their duty, counnencing was fort a a i .. o
will preach the opening sermon on Wednesday opinion of no civil oflicer of the Government, fourteen days prior to any election undca said pose of rurchasing landa in Virginia for the
Bession .* = . ,, evening, September 11th. shall blnd the District Commander or his subor- act, and upon reasonable public notxec of the ereetion of manufactories and developing the TO THE MERCHANTS
enter up .. I ** 1 1 july6-3w W. H. Fourise, P. E. diattes, and anotheris that all Stats officers must time and place thereof, to revise for a period of minernI resources of the State E S. Hamlin,
* ties and inducements, and, as we hope, with take the iron clad oath. The bill, in its present five days the registration lists, and, upon being of Obio, is President, and Thos. II. Wynne, of or

ao r ondingrPr entedp otnho wlTh e GriMis Meeting. state, contains fou eerusetations -- Mr. Jul a 1 * per on not, on titled there as -- I I dexico are On GEOMIA, ALABAMALANDEWOINING STATM.
This meeting will be held in Barnesville, oral taxes or under the bankrupt law shall be ring the same period add to such registry the
commencine s I hefore the first sold in lots of not less than twenty nor more names of all person who at that time possess E IIAVE AL READ Y 8 POK EN

rare accomplishment or youins ny a rve-run the qualification required by said act, who have Domostic Markets.
which can please ' 1 important in the Senate, not bcon already regiJered; and no person shall
to end. except the passago of the Reconstruction bill, at any inue be entitled to be registered or to
In the literary department, Rev. Messrs J. gregations and quarterly Conferences, and visit w 1 1 i vote by reason of any Executive pardon or am- 1.-Cold3Dk. Ster -
R. Griffith, Presidenc, and S. A. Weber, Pro ing brethren will be prov ded for nesty for any act or thing which without such
fessor, and Mrs. C. at. Wilbur, are all well Bishop Pierce is exGpeated to prestia. 00 pardon or amnosty would dinqualtry him from issue, 51. Temance 0 >, <. . Wholesale Crockery and Glass House
known in their respeave spheres; and promise jul)6-3 issue 67). Flour unchan: 3

tounse every effort in uture, not only to retain, -- __ trigreater barkquin tl an the commander at New ed act shall be construed to auto1fo 2 0 anat 11 ork breer mess a d aniLu ATLANTA
Funds Exhausted. Orleans, and had read by the Clerk anew 1 - -1 < - 1 --med therein, whenever he lands 26 to 269 on.,
to cl The "small amount" of money for supply- 0^^ n r ade by I al <1 1, to remove any member of July 15, P I 1 . 1\Ion ON A SCALE FAR BEYOND ANY
terms of commendation the house keeping de- ing Sunday-school Books to destitute schools >ach and four a Board of and to appint another 5 per cent. ... 11 BEFORE KNOWN IN THE
apartment, conducted by Mrs, T. After has been exhausted for some time. Hold on, (as fitting a man in his stead I r. I any vacancy in such North Carolina O's, new issue, 591. Flo STATE.
a considerab e experience in hools, I brethren, until I can get more money! This is I 1 his government Board State $7 to 11 23; Southern SD 75 to 15 25

Ikave noaresitation in aying tha I have neve my answer to all sSamu, Agent, of tl Legislature of Arkansas An in of Section 9 That all members of said VTs n ixwhite V
than that of D. a .1 S.S. Society, South Ga. Conference, ation to nup 1 I or q, a 1 I Districts I rn 81 10. Mess Pork .
As to expen I = = votes 56 to closed at 823 to 24. Lard firmer at

u30 3ees e dne ne ie9 a MecklenburgNTr ha aC' lege, Charlotte, 0 coduo propriatiedn i. tl oa it o e prciscrib by law for offices of dit uplar I 2 ni S es OL
cheapness of the region n which it is situated, ANNUAL COMMENCEMENT. S tion 10tat'L at no District Commander or 3 16ak pace; wheat 5 cents
an Sunday, July 28th-Sermen by the Rev. B. I li 1 1,000,000 and passed. n ember of the Board of Registration, or any of E 1 15.-Coffee quiet and firm.

act of justice, and without the consent or i ../ ( bill for the reliefof the ofliecra or appointees acting under them, II Wheat, good demand.
knowledge of Bro. Griflith, the President, to certain deserters was referred to the Military shall be bound in his action by any opinion of Corn steady; white 81 18 to I 20; yellow ASSORTED PACKAGES OF CRL* =.. *
whom for farther information the public are re- Committoo. The Presidata message, any civil officer of the United States 81 15;Al 3 rel 12 Provisions active and orbeat andmtzedgrades,
erred. for Visiti g Ianjintee. The next Session will commence Oct.1. t ga or d at
June 22, 1887 nunciation as inopportune and calculated to un- shall be construed = .1 I ., na .
settle the finances. The inc age was ordered to the interests thereof may be fully and perfectly 15.--Rosin firm, at 2 60

A Voice from Apalachicola, Fla 0 6 8 d I e 0 n ti carried out. r a a to urpentine at attr00 "PETRIf OIL FOR MALE.

^juncemews..t...uremisex.,na me:o ._ __._. I ra or ro 1 .1,,it-<,a.s oh n and I alord train t . / ..mboaqltly poor grades; "THE CHEAPEST ILLUMINATOR
CONGRESS and r lur J 1 e clut on was ir rehce.) on1 4.0 t to 1.. I akin c.mary to ex AuousTA, July 15--00tton demand light, ,,_
p in a n 1,. .unattr< on Publ e an n ni rep--n co pierent but prices a shade firmer; sales 7-1 bales; Inid-
v It one tone her no ad rs)ur. r use he in b orjf<1 a dling 221 to 23. BEsT sunSTITUTE FOR TURPENTINE"
her I "pw.rd of ll now rhere a rhy..Int wherlwr the unbrary com. , , NE\v OurEANY T-i- F --Cotton salesto-
rn a r I oubi be allow a En d are -- L it at on an :Int itw: the day 1130 bales; al 224 to qu -- ,
I haa months past, a r .1 Receipta 150 bales. Louisiana a
1 as a re at la wa r I. late.11:< = = s = >ma on< of to i;are A Tairs a nal un also 1310; strictly prime 15e; stock very light; no soureviends
10 f lu Church The Chur. hur b u / The reconstrousan bult was teensed ed by the I pro c and slu.ahat or molasses. Cuba sugar firm; fully fair lic; mo- McBRIDE, 1)ORSETT & CO.,
lairl :un ent-en sing in thou ext" f l.. estaun was modelled by striking out 9 4 1er s a e. II ] 0 amis se IT to 17 nI st a a as or lasses nominal. Aprilessm
11 ny of rhni at the a unless 110 vball consent to be re a nd ju nee a due in b as, and the pa

by chat. h { le ad in unu wread "cr so ca e of at appro -1 toll gaveal ment oI inde nents or 1 Ila nd a her proper Foreign Markets. Chronic Diseases

itial 1 r non/and about to I a < *hj rain J itirst <,, t> wa I J troy li he b al foun the LonoNJuly to -Consols94g; Bonds . Ob RU F F,

ry r / e 1jer t or 1100 c adjourned fbc 4 i per or 3LIVEnvoor, July 15, noon.-Cotton farmer; conumaus, GEORGIA'
an end not aring Pan a 10,000 ba es: prices unchanged- -:o:-
bo t hur b h 611 racancies by appearetime "I'bo Suppluloutary Reconstruction Bill can ounsuunfirm;
id d ers was slopeed by a vote I110 11 I ow, 1, the I II v tt d balls IsoNix>N, July I -- I 914 3 R. WOODRUFF WOULD RESPECT-
d to Ihe have Bonds 7:>. any gave notice that he conumes to treat

not , oilm ..t Izli is oil. h he n l on Liveavoor .. ., I DISEApES OF LONG STANDING
the a pe ]. : monunced usul culo. ws
t 1 A lawn aba know 0..10 vbich he enate adjourned < halt
// as m:merce of tive we ar. of the LL o -

sub the 1.1 .edo I in 1 em or in to the rrca rnent of 1 nion ty MARRIED.
w th we; ro send for pe, weand n trea n

1. on. 4 IIr. n I will nor \ hill n 0 intr duced extendin the annt r 1 or it.e 1 ba l r are unl or the 1
.:munt fl.. nd--m .. .. dowli, ,

:ilor!40thhtonswadincredle Cart-,mater..1,.I= IP / r if H 1 11 cl tl S .I*Strinek .
non rawn b.:s Leon p 1.."
lo-hour Emunittedladrequeredb;rn on e on r on he -- -- ---- --
at fly were not ready to r part on r que in 1situt-, and 01 the omanount a-

II e 3ro r at .2 -Mr liantwel clare a on th.ilty ACKNOWLEDGMENTS,
11.0 re wrk fl e Lord i" a w n el cl it to 0 rt et rd, tric anuarwd in <<..1 :nr shal have powe th et a 1 r w ach From Jayth to key rest
e at of 1)r 1)entir or. death to r .ei 1 1 the I ener I ..I the A v 1 -1b P ur se.. ( n Fe.

C 1111.115, djolarned GI the =* 1 :o 1. : e.ect till ti :ttc lb oi It si 0. < r ..
-- I floward witialrew proved whenonr so the ups, I such
- 1. Lhmeetlinicertaine+mexas wanderthel. Immintonor>all at 0 1
To the Memb rs of the Moo le Cometence p le of holden: the nor so ;. 01 re a . would the we p ,
Mob e ( 11 to 1 we thou to determine son hu n 1 MULBERRY STREET, MACON, GA OPPOSITE
to Lee IItle on which ds) the ( Jam:1t ection we.intendrd orate I nly he .1:[<.] by in .
11 co.une 4! 11sitor., AM >na patratal b r 0,.1 1 STUBBLEFIELD HOUbE
W 11 Winia removed 1.y laat r le < t.< 1

cancu tc. .1 or alter itud ble Distr et Meetrugs *he ( is r tw v 1 r a 4 billn < r Spartanburg District Third Round.

a all a tune 11 ** = = to 1 prom I I.eli b. e Situation BVanted.
I 1 ad he, .unendant rank nz the pu o ro no,,ne no for tu
th St el I whal r 1.0 S TFACHER, BY A GRADUATE OF
n he 11 b p pe. .ul. 1, t
Jayl-w "I 1
ore 0 !ct out of older 0.1 It no union .a:s v.elate _ _ _

America 1) strict Meeting, So Ga Conference 'connon 4 to we son till aa cle k, vi 1 r not :ro rol on of a thaeoley in bn 1 Wadesboro Dist., S. 0. Cont, 3rd Quarter. 191artha TVashington College.
Wol 00 no bu-:ne the slu JS I !1 he me al w th 1. th n II me a 1.n: ;n gational for so,- Aamonow, VA.

.slim at { Ivion of the concur. pow n ,o reus.<,L appen na : oul r NDER THE PATRONAGE OF THE I
Ivi 1. la cohn; aetan to it' H stoucanterenewhodistEchurebsouth,
/the 4 \nib :1 : a ther ended, That 'rise Executions in Mextco. ,
rho Judruary I outiesittee be ord rI:e I the fi r of the may I oly done, l ian the content it xm.:h.ei ex ,
att al.1 Wine in the I House at thu e a non
I ('li.<\ 11 Jr.< 1: u and SIr this odi alu il., r I .t I ( 000/ ax) a [ <1 ind lli
I ..rder 1 t > rfort at the nor a Pr.. Jul, th .ta rwhat 1,. cal Fu i ro. Boarders

The Athens District Meeting. FI ni ierteel a d rust ter li rut at y th it s to ee .. . . 0 el
will blull at v.s sunamel, and rhe rounovel r neone
Lugust bl, on p ed Mr Stevens said he avan m.and 0: As 18 or .y the 0 no Iof tlu ... .. .... w;rb uye-aw
:lo Jun ot wh to:nutan
pr ule ] v Job WT Iley mi) pleach the or and 11 per that you can ly with the ard inualuct or union or k th evenin on sl... are d 11axim ban ve .Thratw.n me sure .9 she
\\ 8 thu40&>(.P E I -5 -)lc (handler calelup m I8tues post vi honor M=ina unic rn donaucal DR, M.S. THOMSON
July I w n n Qi( b e. dd preven ough lio streers pl bef

The Lincoln Camp Meet:ng / part e .1 1 lia and the .0 to wh:ek ns appleve" tjhsCer 11, . rERMS: ('amp Alecting will conuseace .J the decreed thi would have 6 oil 1 TIN (Le heard of IN:mtrauou caneb. Thursdayclenty Anan: he b I on 1 man sakiters blaximli n roy .1twin the at entalul on ut supple- Prine use
W li Jiaterials, I E nod In own death warrant in signing that inent ry to an act July 12-Jw lie ought not to Isave died by (be hu] a . rebel States, who took a
e power, and was ordele **
It shall 1.0 their dur., 6 :,re all. wing the rqu- rendan
MarsonDistrset, So Ca. Conference proud the 11,xwans a chivalrous people Use tranon 01 .any p..uan, to ametrain, upri ruch ,
all the Quarr Government toward Mexico was I fears or inf..runtson as they can obtain, whether -***
wil be 1.ol .11t John on spoke favorubly of ush per on a entitled re in un' roREIGN NEws A.H.ItNgto ent
lbarling on cornmencing Hedrse .ly ci said act, and the ouh reporld .
the oth of member nexi, to take auto cons:&s t 11r .13c denounced 1:00 a an agent of Na. not be e melus ve on such quest on, and no per li" 7, I 1-The I ranch Governwnt, MASON & HAMLIN ORGANS
tina the were ts of the Church in the bounds p,.e.n to met the ri I' ri 1 son b 11 he re:urered unles- and Board shall nee won
of the IN : : ? il
op Euly w expeued to presuic -11: Unison othred a ball authorume the oath, t be adoom It .1 11010,0 E em:. of Warro raise for regunent.xand I rd anyne churrhequalifacanonet:any 1 **at Ga 77 thenborousefulandbeautifulinstrument.asNew
July 1:-tw millson and a half fbr frontier .

0-10:. and took ace t t com Executive in to state that the Ru Ian t cap ortual 11 I
Shelby D strict Meeting, SC Conference in the 110,0. 11r .1Mean asked leave to In. li a here: "'" "r on., r <1 ,
The he 1.7 thattler 11st ng, 9 0 Come . ., . mac n no a ormeanonsulum, wb:ch >halibe re I

,, to councet on with a cau, .. .. "r .1 1; dG al = / =** *g/s day with appropriate ceremo iej sl I
county, 1 grounds of such refusal or such tions.
8th of A .. *1 I .1 ? .. ._ a : a r the list: Provided, that to person I I
for a sus e of refreshing from the presence of at age qualified as a member of any Board of Regia- NEWS ITEMB. - ",
the Lord ? Juo. W. Nouru, P. E ation by reason of race or color. -In Petersburg, on the night of the 9th, one a st 8 Two .. .. **.. 2 .a. .. **
July 12-2w on. G. That the intent and meaning of about two hundred negroes assembled at the june nam mann, sea here m:Newrork

I _

Vol. xxx. No. 29



petry. O Ts@ (s o Insing l tle n eg thape u6tthe
opened, ful h and nimble feet. The dinner hour at

PEACE 4 re ions yMorhg is who 0 h ad p e ntTdh n 2 e t tilalomh
ar ms.4.aronum: annournerana Let us imagine ourselves to be in the study of little ones were absent The mother's heart be
Pastor Rorich, on the evening of October 30, came anxious, until told by a friend, that they
1866. We ask for tidings of his friend Maria. had been seen looking weary, as they had
He has often anade inquiries respecting her, he =* *1. all : I 1 & bread*
anys; but he has always received the same an. r.. . Sttil
swer: "Maria! It is not known where she is.- I ran in
She is wa eri ra e %Ao re to nearly $1 ou

Present ya knock is heard. The door is opened. I thought, what a reproof is this little act of
Two women enter the room, clothed in the North- e-11 1 *
*** ern costume already described. Onein the cousin = i. -
of Maria Mathsdotter; the other is Maria her. Surely they shall reap a rich harvest here and a
self. She approaches the dear friend who has glorious reward hereafter.
emas, invert me- .. felt such an interest in her people, and offer Yours truly, -

Roar. eweep re y dee ea hhaopipttCeetin dthwould not
so no Trent- tor or his protege. But why has she come to
Stockhohn again ? One such visit might well FOR A CKILD
sufBoe for the longest life. Her story is some" .veam.swas r.
what remarkable.
1914082(. Some parts of Lapland are occupied by Swe-

h i ,is a leagelode oT @like that
MARIA MATHBDOTTER. casions seriousantagonums. The latter are jeal-
ous of the encroachments which are made upon
In one of the northern districts of Sweden their broad pasture grounds; the former do not
there lives a woman who began, a few years hesitate to shoot down any straggling reindeer to rom tu. ina qator
aince, to feel an intense longing for the good of that trespasses upon their premises. The dis-

athT r. ehre aTa pl b abtta na tqr Imdna wea5e on yt a
also in her manner of life; but though dwelling some one should personally represent the facts
under a most inhospitable sky, and having but to the 1 . I olicit his interposition. But
few means of improvement, she succeeded an who ass Not a man could be found
I education to know its who was willing to perform the service! All

" i iTjrjet Aaej 1 pe ebten dtton1lariaMa on
ks her joy to thinkthatherlinal home would set out upon the long journey.
be there. But the poor Lapps around her! It was not possible for her to restrict herself ,
Their ignorance and degradation lay upon her to the business which occasioned her visit. On
heart as its heaviest burden. "Burely," she the 31st of October she attended "a working
thought, "I can do something for them;" a ] a 3 , .1 1 pose of making cloth
she prayed that it might be shown her what s of Laplhd. "Her s. .
could do. countenance breathed tranquil satisfaction,'' says ;
She had the care of one hundred reindeer the Pastor Rorich, "and her look shone with ineffa-
entire wealth of her parents. It was a nomadic ble joy." She "did not remain with her arms FIVE MINUTES TOO LATE.
life, therefore, is .. k up a parrof seassors and began
could not help and giving advice; and all our The wife of an English ofliecr was forced
her face toward the hills and anountates, tor the ladies were eager to receive such good direc- leave her residence in the mountains. Her hu
better feeding of her charge W Autumn tions." The meeting was closed with reading p. i J recently been ordered to
Gulf of of the Scriptures and prayer. "She wept much = s was unsafb for her to re-
I al It 1 .. ..Is a : 11. elevation that evening," continues her excellent trend, main unprotected, except by native servants, in
of the Lapps? oandpressed myhandoordially, saying, 'Thanks, her Indian bungalow. A party of frtonds were

miA rnagee .1 .1, .) ..... up ino d z',myTten I eT shall n et somehdayd in to learg f e island presidency below, and she
tell her simple story; and perhaps, from love to every one else, repeating her usual salutation, The hour for departure arrived, and the lady a
a people, he would aid her toestablishaachool the peace of God be with you'" She attend syah announced that the travelers were waittag
Wilhelmina, her native district. This would ed other meetings of the same character, and in in their palacquins at the door. The servant
be a great boon; and God might be pleased to various ways she gave a new impulse to the ef- endeavors to hasten the lady's preparations, but
bestow a greater, even his sanctifying grace- forts which had been commenced in behalf of the Ma'am Sahab," is a confirmed ploornstina-
By day and by night, month a ter month, she her people. On the 11th of November she set tor, and so much has been left till this last nao
dwelt upon this plan. Often di ahe carry it to out on her return, going by steamer to Herno- ment unprepared and undone, that she cannot

am if 0 ,etamth rayer; andb ser peitits a adl wlumeoshe weedo travel one hundred and o the sunamoubesi ,etelin2at.e is n it fatforse
aimplest, truest faith* God could grant her re- If we may credit the testimony of Pastor caught at the next under, and it, proverbially,
quest; of this she felt sure. At length she be- Rorich, Maria Mathsdotter is an extraordinary will wait for no one; therefore, with some few
came satisfied that he woodd grant it woman. Notwithatandingherlack of education apologies, the party ruoved on, exprolog their

ns tI 111teboobstaclesappen to eapohwessensawel eve odedi trn hen ne umancethatMrs.T-,wouldsoonovertake
pecially for a solitary female; and most of it her <1 I 1 1 I ,s 1 She was of the same opinion, and hore their
hTId mboee 19 20 c he pas ste n her a I' desertion ry plailoso hicallyr insisUng, e co,
oher oin ?
tf w undertakto was ver

u sl d ye 1
needed at home. I as I Stockholm
n safety, she would finst herself a stranger to

e irrelbo2 andthe languageB t ne 1 he

en li voed blergodA r hee long ourntehe
I that was enough
could learn xt-
arents, she would
plead for it with them, and she would plead for it
with 11im who has all hearts an his hand; and

me.the Pa jense he no ea8tay gt
"Go to the capital of the Southand ask for the

uccoe whichhe of utely and persistently to
earn the language. To this end she procured

ng her parents to sanction her purpose. They,
e rba d ewithetears to coonceiven

Rh t 0 abbee et nin eey

a Idm is fmo IdrToo eilar gad enhd
rt w m
n ryr hdan e

in a oau n r er no in lis SOUTHERN CHR N AOVOCATEl

- and hospitals, says bc has never seen any one

Di 1 SR. DuBOStEn5sLo li rn us a dr I at leT ear en te tri ad t tl tap Tills THIRTIE 07 UM
ton, Ga, and died in Abberillo District, S. C., would recover; was heard to expree in
in May, 1867, in his sixtieth your. la afternoon before the occurrence
Brother 1* I
ed one of t . I 3 .. 1- 1 1 ..
lent anorahty, which occasionally bless and beau struggle, and his willinguies/to di<
t C, -r I , I i .il most endearing usoner solicited

bim, a chasic brothers and sistersto meet him n . a , , ,
cance, it could be fitly said, Intryer vitae, 1 y a 4, r in .. 1 . .
actions of right al
3 a .. . I them be endeav. valoped germs of ma non. I .
ored to conform his conduct. Just, goncrous,
courteous, he lacked but the heavenly element,
which is requisite to give completeness to the Er.viN E. Funces was born a . . . .
most exalteducharac 11 coogn ed tlu w DistriotnS. C., Feb. Sd8u^3 an 5 ,,

the consummating grace in the great Homedial ip 1867
Agency. But, i 1 I li H 1 91 'T F /'1 urch
ing efort or subs ,. s . trial at the sure "' J. W. BURKEACO,
years, claim the assurance of faith, nor the com- I an for 25 , Maeon.o
forts of hope and charity. Several months, ..ate, nor I I RATES OP ADVERTISING.

howeoverun r rde an li eils e aestio{ Iris e he edatizeD a in neoye is >f Foranquare tw ve on orleag
caution of the great interest and ultunately re- the latter. I called to see him several times sPAcE.
joined in victory through bil 1 1 , C li .1 ul
surances of preparedness to I w e in *
he composedly li .r la li 1 T spoke he 1 I 3-
prospects I .
Tid ife rnanone r intiwi 1 j st \ .
REV. MAHLON BEDELL, was born in Burke died, and when spoken to by a kind a ( I *
co., N. C., Oct 8th, 1806, joined the Church in ,
1823, embraced religion Oct. Oth, 1824, was : d away to me burne
licensed to exhort July, 1820, and the7th Aug. abor 1 fe and eight child da "

d oTe tubs artinpareachband recor:- nu ro leaof clativesandfried t urn NOWREADYl
was admitted the next winter and sent to the
, a I itetraveled in 1827, Mon- -- -- The New Sabbath School 51nplus
I r I it Mission in 1829. In Tribute of Re ect Book,
... . . was divided; he ap "THE GOLDEN PROMIBE,"
a .. where he traveled By EbenezerChurchCummingetN.G.Conferonee.
,, I ( -* he was forced to Whereas, it has pleased an Allwise Prod. BY T. E. PERKINB.
dence to call to rest our much respected and be- Authoror = The sun m so anner e owA8hin-
t loved sister, ELIZABETH GRAHAM, formerly ingstar,""ThaP
i December 10,1811, roar E WILL SEND A SPECI eEPNorCOPap
000 5, 1830, embraced r a. an waress, on
.* I I I . = * rally 0 in the fall of 1831 and joined the M.
I year, in which she lived a de-
what aftelwards became the Florida Conference, voted Christian natil her death, February 8, Sabbath School Nude ee every month.
and in 1846, was readmitted with that Conference 1867.
where he traveled until the commencement of Resolved, That in the death of sister Eliza- se r at tesong every
1854. His 1 sa il be was placed beth Graham, the M. E. Church has lost a zeal- anes-em

out exi d / Bro. Bedell was 120 remal d oias and wortiby inember and devoted Chriath*' na. a. satab Annanw now, are
faithful man, workman in his Master's vineyard I :
that doubtless will not have cause to be ashamed not be easily filled; and whose memory will be GEOR GI A L OO M
, . a : i t I i reverenced for years to come.
==* 2nd. That this church do tender to brother -s.
on his part, by a stroke of paralysis, which Martin Graham their kindest condolence and
silected his speech very much. Yet I I = his devoted companion, MANU FA CTURING C OM PA N Y.
ten seen him in the pulpit, when by di .. . ... I trust he will be recons

0 n cohees u d3tort a sluipsi< r to hballiktmn cil1ed to her death, knowing his lose is her L 11 ithi its dNPD P AN ER.
congregation. A few months before he died, he ( Resolution respecting publication.]
sent 1 1 .1 .. : J. H. MAsunvas,
the =1 Gro. KELLoca, Church MENDENatus nurnovED nor-AcTING
FloridaConferencern ell.hel foretlbelrene J.B.Bove, Committee. HAND AND POWER LOOH!!

dear brother- Let me dio the death of the
righteous and let my last end bc like his c' The Church of the strangers, ~~

Enexerunsorstood.Easiertoopwat'end moreReliable
overo r Hand Looms, is

ny weavmg at their Goods for name wear on use

Fiom l5 to30 Yardsonn kwoven onshis Loom in one day

From vive to Ten oonars a day can be made on it


** *

, si . . F.

III Of /LL NEAf AN [* th. if

i. R. mi as ? .. -.-.*an* &.=.-2 4 e-

Of GoodMauridand Kudamely Vankhed

.r .. ... ...age .* EL L.-lLY UNDENTOODI

T :.ig as P.ricrmed up Turning a Grank.

. . .. .
, *,

. . .,- F-

si.. I

6 E 01561: H H 11.1.1 SMS & CO.

HAYNE4TREET,...........................CHARLESTON, B. C


Church-street, Charlestoap 5. Os

wo. 1st saiden-Lane, x. Y.
Georgia worgia. Viesinia.


so xnw sTREET, OFFICE 11, NEw YORK.


. n _. ..... ..-
Messre.Betts, Nichols& Co.,New York.



J. 11. ROBSON,
ag any g 4 4 a ga pg gaa 4
Having ample mass for Adancesabusinessexperience of



Cherry Street, Haeon, Ga.,



A. A. EaEL L ARS & OO rama

FirePr fEW hous ,U TA NMoE6, OmN ll9t.

rooof2 RehandPr e .f COTFON, GRAIN, BACON

SOpdemyarmbagging, Rope and Felly Supple
The UsUAL casa ADunce mee on proann a
a re. pakomRe of their frseude ad he public



6 .



Windo w Glass and Putty ,








bade farewell to her parents, who wept bitterly

m refer dt te tthe sh h I g ri

ag .t was in the dead of a Northern winter when
sh her Lapl
fae)]mtt South, a1nha shlatesanud turnedT

fo:'s.'""."'Cho na Iduce 3w ed yeefy
on evydsi heosaw the same wearisome pus

snow and ice, with few signs of life, stretching
far away into the unknown. A herole spirit
was needed for such an endeavor; and such a

spirit h obue3 stowed on thisreemarkaNeOwo-
mipresent One, she did not hesitate to face the
dangers that lay in her path. More than this

h b nee o ein theprospect of secom-

olvThe Lord had hea dhher quest; and he ree-
ahe found generous and sympathisinge maney
Nothing that she needed was withheld, till at

Idength, havaneeaversed those we plains for hu
-she came to Gefle, where she took a ublie
conveyance that carried her to the Swedishpea
tal. ps.
It was on theSd of March, 1864, that she first

mardeherda ear cein oeskholm. One who saw
unfashionable; for she was cloth jam Iraor

wh ewas 'r d," alibe" highonn
She was of medium height, and her co legion
was "brown." Who would have seleamepd such
a one to bear an important petition to a king

I he othTEhearn t ra at h rf1H ofotntde
noted a superior woman.'
He who giveth food "to the young ravens
which cry," had gone before her, and insured
her auecess. She was met bya Christian womad
in the streets of Stockholm, and questioned as
to her purpose. Immediately
answer, ee w u on gs 3g

it v pps!--
th a weary pilgrim. Before she could p ent

he eeq st, Ay whiecehn Sgh nt in Stockholm
were full of activity and delight. She was gra.
clously received by the king, who assured her
of his Ctrona% nod support Bheplea dd 8

Missionary Society, and not in vain. She visit.

ed senumber of excellent families, who made a
col tion for her. Having accomplished her
objeos, she returned to her home, rejoicing in the
kind sympathy which had been expressed, and
the prommes which had been made, and, still .
more, an the belief that the Lord had thoughts
of mercy toward her people.
Nor was she the only recipient of goods-
Many who saw her were stimulated toastro r
ah a r sf e o Her ample n

y-ML so atilter visitSazC 4 on oeid
by Pastor Rorich, of the French Congregation,
becameso popular that is obtained in six months

a 4, ,, ..i a are 120 ob d -- NEW YORK,
to be intimidated by her audience. le never to trsheheateredo herse o accom a d SARAn C. Sraces, wife of Capt. John II REV. DR. DEEMs, Pastor.
loses herself in details, asuntutoredpeople com- her-that she had been, "afterallonly five mb- .. 3 == "* *

em3 16= b ad a o h oc ne laboloade um leervant sitowd le ivory 31r. Thos.E Hardeeborn in Camdor co, TRANGrERS VISITING NEW YORK
bac ol r moral emincoco is n uch more con- take possessionof loor i Ga March 17, 1831, joineMhe ME Church .

spicuous. "I can not tell you, says the same mistress, deeming the 7. ,
sudividual, "how much good to the soul the moment as the lady did I has lost one of its *
converse does of this woman, whom I would The palanquin bearers then began their la. brightest ornaments, the community one of its
willingly call the Apostle of the North! how bors, and the first portion of the do cent was dearest members; her fronily a most devoted
one feels at once humiliated and excited to labor achieved pleasantly and safely. Seated in her with and mother. By her love for secret prayer,

a inpo on hu il 0 souncTIo on a lithsa coffin-like on age, M T--- looked Artita ) r er abunidanto I t ext Idmiqutrust n ,
real for the advancement of God's kingdom of the mountain 1 tami. Juner-u

e stons n eldifEcuk n d sedand s .3 ' 31 before lier deati onabled her to pive each do, sa h, Blinds and Doors,
Christinusof Stock T from her companions and the fact that there one of the honschold, and each warm friend AT NEW YORK PRIOES,

d anne r in
side of the Atlantic. The story of her faith avah's palanquin was perfoot." C . o, w. MassEY v s. Janusess,
and zesaloand lroope haeobtehen told in the iel lahne who preceded Aem far before, the road was soli, number, he g COTTON GINS.

@isd em t tl inc th andasndwilnows bedladybkunpown to leI. I ing ons lordknalde thoutt shudder, :0:-

et ady e it corr R ich enep e th Eenlug washeelmi in; day fades rapidly in herd. K .c.c., .ri c. -usu >..2 F. .r .vr ......
m those yhoo udeshan su ortehe faith and o ersoft and short fell Rev. G. Nonsu, a na eof Vilkes co

awoke in .1 I 1 as Ga, in May, 1867 . .... . are is 1 = * I

%8. dee ni ro. rman was one of those upright, usefu
urpe . to wohnoe mlmo dh seblree, ie eC\
looks. . . Lians who win the confidence and affection of
"LITTLE RAIN.DROPS. phrase, desired her to give hint her jewel-case hisnasseociates, and one of those faithful, earnest

str pp e odtbwe I reb a i g, an pu p as u d tedThe delilghtst ch r 1< dgao sl
bytheFederalarmyduring the war. Thepeople her false guides that they could neither rob nor pel-for he ever had secular cogagements-yet
around were very poor, but they went to work to injure a woman with unpuntty. In answer, one he was spiritually so. Connog vi contact with
repair their Church. They did what they could, fellow polored to the deep jungle, and made an the world at many poses, he never seemed to be amounxxo nows won exsrawn.
but it was still unfinished. A good Lutheran expresexve algn at the back of has own throat
brother undertook to get aid from friends in del er t sitawo d heavaindtoM fu er / -= in it 1 .. 1 I . .
South Carolina, by asking ten cents from all who her money. They received is silently; and sit. fulness and to the repression of Christi'
could give. Through a relative his application ting down an her sight, coolly examined and di. ment, he, by the holy consistency of hi

reaaroohienda. No ,yo w, a dr ful hSt he armse diearful pause. They looked to- est iced tan lei lie shn ee / 3 **-
suffered in the war; yet there were willing hearts su g etpa a tu they werde vidently con- urces of r1ejoia e of Als al ela ,nh B an CowerGA.,March25th,180 ASSEY & JOHNSON.
there; and the result of the appeal may be Never could she afterward forge. .=. r I : - -1; so, because of the unusual vindi- Aenw v so -r
learned from the following letter, from the lady with which her gaze encountered I I ... I I = afforded of his claim to a citizen,
alluded to She writes to the friend who had nk acoulThea o 4, s owasdmore ship m h ves.d Fo t m I ho 6 . ..

saneously, she buried her face in her hands, and and successfully proclaimed the unsearchable
Dear Friend: Enelosed you will And $30, in a abort, almost wordless prayer, commended riches of Christ. Honored by the world, loved
being the amount collected by my little school her soul to her Creator, by the Church and approvedof Godhe has gone
Ar the noble purpose of which you wrote solio. At that instant, a frightful roar, echoed by a to his reward. M. C.

i ngamydaid to assisdtancefeltl sy athi sh re thhrillio reamac at rdyell, Imrstsouttlmedear.
could to assist sodestitutea portion of theLord's all aides, pursued by a tiger, to whose rem0 ILLIAM ROWLAND was born Nov. 26th, To AII 5Vho Use the Plow*

inleyd pn 6 t /inTe1p a at sit evidently fallen ampre 179Heand died in Grreen ctobeMayu2 tf rf rty HE GRAND ESCENTIAL TO AGRI-
more needy, I believe God will bless us more ny! The live minutes they had loitered over years. He was a man of great energy; and
abundantly. their spoil, had through the mercy of a good through his industry and economy had amassed
Rut then, I thought, the very little that I Providence, made crime too late to be consum, a large estate And, as is too frequently the , 7

muldadouintt wayo a Id bedahnso a use ma d.sat there alone, wonderfully preserved, <:sm, has rel grous enjoymentwa enous in r
time to go about-number of acquaintances but still in an awful situation for a female, since = 1
rather limited, etc. All these obstacles arose in night was gathering around her, and the lair of xon with his Maker under these cironmstances, ten
my mindwhen a happy expedient instantlysug- the wild beasteonear! Her heart boat audibly, was not such as to cheer and comfort himi' "
tested itself which I determined to try; and it when suddenly the stillness was broken by a midst of his losses. But the Lord that had 1.
proved a perfect success. familiar and blessed sound; Auld Lang Syne," good to him in the days of his prosperity a 1 . , ,
I 6 of rn 11 played on her native bagpipes, stole on the si- not forget him in the hour of adversity. I I

t ye tae y tttlde holam n subsc p- loeneerefrtheevenindandrrelievedfromsal7- 6 se okdam coin nstaHe s cred rr. .
would say, well, we afeeed all we hn, as man6 shed large, heavy tears as the clear musie up ed him often and always found him ready and . . . r on
$10 i e, preached her. A Highland is on more than willing to ... fevo-
yn@ele scholta r edal right wellbe r ut its night march back to the . and tion. God in mercy . 1 1 ; 3 the Assess, a co
iso dee garsta te ie edyou za e solely eitbhber itwhao raodMehea d tbhee 1 received by phe igh that h benen a ruggling throu hh BethanyJe n IR 8,54
that they did all the begging, relieved meng roen vented their return to their victim, or their su- Thank God, through faith he conquered OERTIFICATES:
ly. I felt really proud of the dear little onesat peretitions terror of the jungle tyrant had kept T F. P

e emanifested n lt 0 in them from t some of the Highland oill-
spoke to them of the destitute ple with cers were beside the palanquin, listening indig. WILLIE M. LANHAM, of Spartanburg Din* a r,
Church, Sunday-sehool, or any apdeoantages nonud nantly to the lady's story, and offering every as- trick 8. C., died in March last, in the13th year
the sweet privileges which they so dearly love, distance In their power. She was good horse- of has age.
Then I read to them your letter and the woman, and the adjutant resigned his stead to His death was occasioned by a most terrible Jobs enoar,
to all of which they attentively listened. praher, her. Her jewels and money, found scattered burn. One nightin the mouth previous, he bad
I said, "who now wants to help build the on the road, were collected and given in charge arisen from his bed and come to his mother .
Church ?" when, as with one voice, all res and- to a Highlander, and site was escorted in safety room after the family had retired, and seatr
ed, I, I." It seemed to me I could in h by the gallant Seventh to the blunder, from himself in front of the fire. In attempting .
little one behold the future ofe e whence she could embark for Bombay. rise, he was taken with a supposed apopleet
Church. I hope and I prosperathe d If anything could cure procrastination, the spasm and fainted; when his mother awoke 1

e e"ow did the 6 pr a tir wil isa effects o t2ch aBrve nutes too late" might as i tr iith the greatebpoSr ion f hies perst .

AI would like to have sent their several lists as ceive then fedulestature of th ph oical = .
me#ons I dTn adjektbthey were too nu- Hamility is learned in a very patient school, alty, its description need not be attempel ) * *
not send any. I must, the 1pa tial, so I twi zas enotbthrou pleasing lessons, yet the fruit Dur ng theLmo t rt s andh otract agott ] .


Foreale low by

Ap s-xy wransh, a

muco K ass C&IE Ba=


N ATLANTA, GA., nr Ma. AnnMas. J. C.
In as n Peqh e man, onPublie neezeast
. o a owner oA nrowan

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r IAgMayal-tt


F ljewo exu a f t OmBaeAnddE Price
ab iUhRKeEM On M.




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10 i 8 ht e3,Va.

lar 2du 1.rPre 2 a B d me, DeaeripHYe Cirew



LaiAerneN c LatWmingtonN.c. atwewrorg


wo. xes yearx street, . New rark.


,, ,, e

Messrs. Jewett &SniderMaeonGL

Enlory and Henry College,


month yo e resenan ranp\fe eason 8nt l e?"

, \,*,,
. . - -1 .

? *

. - .. r-* .

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