Group Title: Southern Christian advocate (Macon, Ga.)
Title: Southern Christian advocate
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Title: Southern Christian advocate
Uniform Title: Southern Christian advocate (Macon, Ga.)
Physical Description: Weekly : ;
Language: English
Publisher: J.W. Burke & Co.
Place of Publication: Macon, Ga
Macon, Ga
Publication Date: July 5, 1867
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Macon (Ga.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bibb County (Ga.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States of America -- Georgia -- Bibb -- Macon
Additional Physical Form: Also on microfilm: Athens, Ga. : University of Georgia Libraries.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 29, no. 1 (Jan. 5, 1866).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00102121
Volume ID: VID00044
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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...~.; 5-,--r ,.i .


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5, ad us

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ber th has
REMEWI3CENCEcl. 3 mwelmme gen sIr

cle e than that, the delicate, and re-
lined sensibility and teet with which she entered
k.... a tral .. -1 al... inrn all any discouragements and sorrows, as a
esp. a -si I 1, .." 1 Davelli reneher. She wanted
sw. k a .. .x 1 v.-,r . I ad in to reo when I retired
her, 1 --rr .-1 .ry I ge =. leat I sh uld ke up and iind
** T *Fi r Ainkin frst of Christ and
tery inner ... I I -. I 7 >ld water," and then of "Hugh,"
stead we have, Eairness -t way itiour.t, I I ,.1. ( 4
- 6.r I, i* re I . .ter circuith." Thie !! who can
r. ..or., - -- song well, in a finait fathom the depth and tenderness of a mother's
p.. ..* .. Ir who war, and we have heart, and ally, when that mother is an
.. ,.s .. resp ets Ifther I i -eC 1 Tr-shwoman

.......1 . .r I b I hasafer' ad

o tal & e tite ee ts la hp ito Frcase
te era ly ,

agement, a much larger pe heroeased erne jbead n f ethTz.
r ri .r. work as performed in the time; who, "falling into a trance but having his
oaptry nd here, il ,eorrespond ng improve- es open," exel me itset is.'lmt

rd : .. a a 1 ... .. darkest hours

at los eon a ru on our Ch a wj passed the deep.
there are from two to three active pastors
hther churches permanently on the spot, and "Ngrer ( toThee
these churches are opened regularly evegy Sub-
bath: It is useless toesy, "letourpoople attend
elses and prayer meetings at thest ores church
a ri .=lt .it == - .. =I it s*
.. t .1...- I > tr .1 st II II .. After death, these words would no doubt
amonut of devotion to the cause, -1. F. n r . rl, apply to her case:
two right to expect, and which ,n
shorts does not exist.
This system of occasional service in our
tyne, has reduced our churches to places of
cotivenience, where people may resort to hear *
ermon when their own places of worship are But what of our P. Elde and colle e, 2n

na n ice sinbecenheer on 181 .r 3hy i ly tMs; 8 .tEn inh undis

U. II. 11xs oe ki hoode leer
::1"? .. d whh a eMoh r the j

p edo ofh j dun r Um de unde .P id e shou a d
bion -against the introdnetion of a better style was conveyed to the village in great pain, and

0 m3 dlti at t ad etabe for months and nt lea 6 e
weather-beaten windowless house of God. "Bless .
the dens old church," they say, "it was good A fo o. Joel W oh sher senior, he
enough for our ththers and w good enough for performed the work of this large circuit, in an

:h t,:", ".1 1:"bh h ir d i adrnamblrms at oh3mino
and beside 1 .. of my recollection, there were many additions

h ab s f 3ri

1 1 t y m I err po i

for the summons, "Come up higher

hem that ineasu of scenes and permanoney,
which I am sure Methodism deserves. I been on ri o Pendleton t
Three of the earcuits formed out of the origi- and spent the Sabbath, with our frietas, in
ont"Winnaboro et.," have o 1, I r, holdings meeting at that place. On Babbath
the buirning of the Fairfield afternoon, I bade farewell to my good friends,
tableb ara nage whereo7t e little attage in holr mpson as hist n

Monoticellothe or twonse neebt 10 3 n bt le ft w tchkenm g orant at et ce@
built ordropove and ablew t re pers us re,. mosth h It le a 1 h h 0 w

3 . ., ..... .. Cokeshur and was sitting in cheerful converse

Bro. Thos. McKinstry has been for many n ,n ol sp usda, nealtelseg m w"
years a leading and influential member of our handed him IIe opened it, and looked at it
church, at a place called "Bethel," which has for some time, then handed it to me, saying,
taken the place of the old "Mason Church," in "Please make this out for me, I cannot under-
Fairfield Distriot. Brother Mae, as he is famil- stand it." My eye glanced over the abbreviated
farly called, abounds in good homor and in good note, and the blood flowed back painfully on my
sense, and is always ready to help the preacher heart, as I deciphered the announcement of the
and eburch, as their necessities may require- death of Major Townsend, his brave, patriotic
It was a happy day for the pastor of "Fairfield son, shot dead on the field of Chickamanga-
etronics who located the parsonage near Bro How should I make the grievous truth known

i tley able en a om tp roa as d
warm hearted, active and energetic la his busi for a while-could not realize it; but when the
mess, ofervenL in spirit, serving the Lord full truth came home to him, and he knew that
Long may he live to bless the church and for the fret time in his life he had lost a son,
country with his pious life, and pure and spot, and such a son, then arose the deep heart felt
less a mis above Bethel and in the direction or "Oh my son anyes ilyndt stinade e

of Winusbore lives Bro. Hawthorn, who has sad intelhgence; and the bhad son especially>
also for many years been a devoted member of gave vent to the most moving cries of soupw
the church. A man of large hearted liberality and distress
en ] ..... --= It ic ] ,,,, 1 . 1.1 i The day following, I landed from the ears, at
r ..,ar a ., 1,. r in a 3. L r <.. I .* the depot in Columbia, and thefirstpersonImet
or to spoil his temper. He and bia friend and on the platform, waemygoodfriendBro. Robert
brother, Thos. McKinstry, have for years to- Bryoe. I asked if he were going to Charleston
gather rendered good service to the church by by the evening train. He handed me a paper
le., singing in the congregation, on which he held in his hand, and directing my at-
It., as e..rr .nd at protracted and eatup meet- tension to a short paragraph, turned aside, andl
ings. So may it be for many years to come. with a sad beart read the announcement of the
Amongst the older members of our church in death of Robert Bryce, jun., also on the bloody
Fairfield District was the venerable and excel- field of Chickamauga. "Triple waves" of the
lent sister Means, the mother of the wife of Rev. ocean shadow forth the order, or succession of
Hilliard Judge, late Mrs. Bratton of Winne- events in this world of sin and sorrow. May
boro. God defend us from their fury, and land us safe-
Bister Means was a ladyof large property and ly in the Heaven of Eternal Rest, for Christ's
highly respectable connections In hfe; and yet eake.
she was remarkable for the simplicity of her oBut how did you get through the year your.
charsecer, and the earnestness of her prety- self?" I hear some one ask who has felt endi.
She was even in those days called an "old fash- cient interest to follow me through these dead.
ioned Methodist." When I had the pleasure of tory amnbers. I answer, first, I am hardly old
: she was by distance deprived of enough to be egotistical. Secondly, I heard
L * of many of the means of grace, Bishop Andrew once give this advice to the
but this only seemed to heighten her appronia- young preachers, and it commended itself to my
tion of them, when placed within her reach.- judgment then, and does so still. "Tell your
She belonged to the old school both socially and secrets to very few; and your faults to God
religiously; a type of character which was high- alone." If my record has been worth presery-
ly esteemed in her generation, and which may ing in the Book of Godthen Ihope that large
not have been improved by the changes which part of it will be blotted out by the "blood of
have substituted it in the present day sprinkling," long before you aee it-or I shall
One other fknaily I must mention, no living I see it myself
temporarily an the bounds of this esrcuit in This much I may eny, however,-that I had
1835. I mean the father and mother, and some a magnificent study, supplied with many valua.
of the sisters of Bro. H. A. C. Walker, who as ble books and rich and rare material for mental
now In Kentucky. Alas! for the S. 0. Confer and moral improvement. It was ample, for is
ence, tha. .r ,l . r ... .' '* I ut stry miles in length, and nearly
tious of ts r al st .. 3 * I breadth. It was adorned with stately
the presence and counsels of one who for so woods granite pillars-beautiful cascades
many years took a prominent position amongst magnificently arched with ceralean blue-and
11.5 studded at night with the lamps of Heaven. I
It L I* r 1 = = g .- might, if 1 choose, And "books in brooke, ser,
few miles above Chesterville, near one ,,- 2 c 1 --a or ag" 1
"Free Churches," named "Liberty ( which
which belonged to every body then, 3 1 is 3 .,g .1 ,, ar. In
longs to no one in particular now, and no one the winter it had any thing else than a brick
besion.-on it ., a 4- 7.- 7 pavement, or a marble floor, I can assure you-

e.. li .,od war owtichTi t(a e"dd Ind edh it seemed sometinaheesoan if shoulddT
J part. A few years be not, however. St .* my booke in my saddle-
If A. C. W., had been re bags and a box of matches in my pocket, I had
r .... r. . 1 w-- e--, H I ri .. ,, : I could in study, and do
M ir 1 -- .. .11 .. 40 discouraging circum-
(. .1, .el is size f li .. .1 .. ,,, .. L is now, although at the

At i of\ 1 r. 1. hich was 1 if ,I weqt to p an Inmoy-
ushing up as ir to .rs I ***- mother parties seswer
arly >
4//=>...achr I *Elad* r.IYil-1n..'
1..g....t lbaL FT J mnits.r, Ehefb 9 5


Whole Nur'nlwr,7181 F

Tilr E.E.AL.50L\*lE b r.LP#tliEN/E. ..-1 1 .. 1. 1 ... h . Bud r

re la I r = E-=* I "I * 1. .ir 1.. .-- ...II. ran
not only because it was I ri ... r ... it let him rest under the mou "* . I.II a a .; = ...1. .in al .-1*r r lin=s; .e the
called a thousand buries la .. .. Far to Jesus calls him from his dusty bed lands, to raise coffee, cotton, cent. :.rr .. rs..r, <1 rt., a ar..s i are m:rry n .
life. There is much I .. g 1. : .1 Am I r si. s, ., ... ive hus. or corn, either of which articles, at a gr., ... 1. ... Usual-** own. r r.* amic>.-4 our re-
my own experience, bn. .. a in -1 -r dred in = *I in 1-* ni so five hun- rate of production and sale, in Brsuals thodu- ae annual donnatu I r e...4.r J ti rre..w f ar-
agree-nimost to the .* dred join fervently in the prayer: Come, Lord ras, will produce more than one hundred dollars , gr g-r ri"
youngest brother, F. A. st ,-. -t <. I .. .i. Jesus, come quickly Come and h<.1 or .r sr .* - . 1 .1 .- r 4 .< = e- 1 1- in f **),6 de-Land
close of the late war, wounded hearts; come and bind up our ---1 .. 1 .. In .1 1 .. .4 I ... a. rI .. 2 . at -, I 2,: c.e. I .vr mr .5 rr.eirar. I of
Northern prison and mangled spirits. This has been a dark may need, if they shall get there, ready for set -.. ... .s-.r -a.- r en, .:.1.1 .s....-c.*rt.kd ard
Frank was, from a child, outwardly moral, night to yon and to me. Oh, Christ! come and tling, before next February. 2 .....s M -a t. .>. Le a as. in.- n.
he was careless and indifferent about the con. disperse it with the brightness of Thy rising. I think that some carpeaters, stone-masons, crianged on .. to >=>4. our usual do.meni eerns of his soul till an accident occurred, that I C, tauners, shoemakersand some trading men, who Wesley reappear? We think so. But never
will relate. He was a clerk in the firm of Messrs would buy up things in Guatemela and sell them until time General Rules are reinstated as the
Wileox & Young, Marion, S.C. One day there in Belise, would do well, and all such will have terms of membership, and enf6cially the ground
eame in a countryman to purchase caps. The Attractions of British Honduras all the help I can give them. of fellowehips Heads of famihee living with-
firm had introdneed a new kind-these my A sawmill will be neededand maybe very ontangltarofdivine worship in their bonee

ots.her recommended a ,the bu reonif looked .&Ir. Editor: Plea pablish in y their value, and fo wit seizin a ']our p ti dl tthd w r5 mo sa eg t t f

a Id counts w e reiter a re n us AI. a 0
nea losindghexother.roud youth, and he "felt Baving just rettar from a trip up the answered B.R.1)uvAL.

this stroke to be directly from God." All his Belize over, during which we carefully explored --- _
" toweringdhopeall tdurannibitioom o3 o ei r I -: ,1 . .) Church ]Kenznbership --Its Obligations

resource "-sought him rather carelessly .r * ** .. e N ,,
first--then, gradually, his interest increases re ./ ., .! I / [Thi article and those t follow w je i within me, while weall up these memo-

. . .. .. .. ted States for the honeth of our countrymen of ,- .. I s.. ., Meeting, occa The General .. .. %,.1, I v.
Like him, he took the South, stoned by some general remarks of mine, just have now beds 1 > '! .L -
We ascended the Delize river in a small, flat Sofore adjournious, on the subjects they dis- dist churches .. . Ir .. n, r,
.ne to .. the feelings, passions, hopes, bottomed dug out, called a pitpan, propelled by cussed. It is hoped, therefore, by me, as was church policy--not 6 line in **. r rs.r-r.,
ambitions, failures he had in his own experience paddles, and in shoal places by poles, and found most evidently dearigired by the meeting, that 1 -, i. nI .4. ... 0.>. .n u. .
so painfully realized. I have heard him read the river to be of good size for steamboat navi- the articles be received and read, as a part of .. . ,la . .... ...s on.. .
over and over a Pope's Essay on Man'> with the gation for about half the ;, the address of the Convention to in .. is pl cl web
interest and pathos of one who fully entered provement, and capabloof .... . I i. and members within the Columbus v arms. .. ... a .. of a funds.
into the truth of what he road. II a 1- == II 0 II = 1 . L. PIERGE.] I am r 1. h I 5.1 11 .nodisits. This
the sheer motive "to see what they I fr . n, .. ri, a a as . . Allow me to inquire, with heartfelt intervat, I r..1, a -- a,,.. e. of the gdeas
procured and read infidel Works, a ( a a 3 .. a rI .. ,It as an ecclassillatical organism what is Method- Wesleyan family has cleared to the articles of
number "Paine's Age of Reason." m in Amersear 1 * .... -= . F .ri t tH O=.vsi &:le* "f our great
For over seven years he lived in a confused I ..' be looked upon .. .*1- .1 -- 4 4. .. Ir .il car life-
and wretched state of mind, ever seeking yet li 1 . I -t 1, .. 1 seed with .1 .. It c.: .- as *** a 9-
failing a come eg a rde bundersta ngaof at a boat na g ion to he forks of 1 TeTuere rehgiousid\ racy, i le be *ros not a move haer ever been m.I to

e tinq tft (18 k h dee e oubounder would take tirGu te nela as o .sdibya ni orityd tea made o audeer .--

the ro on lonT eo on bya r ,t dj o up .

e ed j ro an a to : e el at r in ry
the-way places were alone cognizant of his bit I foundation of donrace to be believed and ene al Rules of Wesleyan Methodis an

respt n id.xrlae Ita ons Hedlo alley ban s, liable to erflow in an sal fresher} a a nwh ehn 5 ofotoh a in es hi tur le th at -

. occur in every seven or eight years, and, about are fundamental in the < .r a RI I 1 e..r.s
his benighted mind, and with its coming, came ninety miles above Belize, to Mount Pleasant who disregards any preact a 1 .1- IaI 1 :. I. .. r. a 6- e..... as
also the earnest, the intense dedre that his creek, where we found a high and exceedingly life or character contained = >- .. r.1 r .. . ,33,.,so. .,r
ne bonj e omma n n in n he inn r ea ped h v p m&e I nd a Mb y la usAnd nobHe an n edoPies face in Ins of light, 0 ti is

exhort, and urgently .- Methodist Church? 11 the annual and gen the fullf ment of divine purposes in raising uP

r a ob o ,da le d3 an ier na 1 N e a

i or, de ros ed I me o da a 1 1 o 1 ce a Its 2 k as te choose instruments o the
trees; and end work is re- and substitute it with an impure, unmathodistia it we amoral power iv. she earthwhichbecam
thr the first up of corn or rice, excep 1,, i. of its once glorious spiritual sym- a kaven of his in every other church in 1.

I jtlethjionwiti antick, ad deposit 01e = break over constitulilemal bounti n [asulb 1 Loown theweo 1 f unthi rit as. 1.
,,, ,\ , i tity r . ,i a 1..
heart glowed with burning patriotism for his 4' l' '* ** s stitutional law. lu this way, tT com... /, I / .. on or / . g I us..."I
beloved South. He firmly believed it to be his boundary line, being all a rich dark-colored become an anarchy, and, in the same v . .. == .. 2 .. I = 1 1, I *** .r
duty to stand up in her defense. 110 volun- limestone soil, on mountains, hills anid valleys, Church will become an anarchy, with only this little, to let the scrip.. II .r. 1
ered "for the war," and was sept f >uluI et; ., as .. 0 . dii nee: hemeountry men t override he Con- the rules f mem rshi anti 1 o

... L le j to e e been an oh e oilers her constitutional protection to j e a co cto 1 ly tefinactko d elrne
c in we y attit ri 0 oire ad it had note rained fr four mon fine, and upNo tri3als-or ine few, at I anal ulebs h e spr eeted meetingss scTutarap

le, ., living nuthority oilered sacrifices as holy incense, revival power
3 In .. is as true as sad was a thlug of course.

time, ankle deep" in the blood and brainso 1 j Is as na I = . ... el lenin sPpalop GI t, expected the rmof the Holy
Isis falling comrades; a ball cut off his hat 1 I ** *. I hibitionsas to lead of God was seen and felt from the f ty paltar,
i 1 .. .1 .. 1 1 L while he escaped table lands, produces excellent cane, coffee, races many to believe that there was no likelihood of through every ascending. I E *'1.1... ,..
I . 1 :1 = 9 he passed un, eatton, earn and tobacco, besides all tropical members being put out of our Church for such communion. We never ** -- 1.- -5-.
seathed in the close in which he was often en. fruits and vegetables in great abundance and sinful indulgences, as these Rules alone eculd pendence on a protracted meeting, or a special
gaged, caused us to view him as involnerable perfection. We saw samples of very fine cotton, 5,,., I ,, in 1 ni . I, ; It is effort, or the presence of a revivahs a term
and not destined to be killed in battle. and were assured by the people that no wormor I. J == .1 they which would have grated upon the ears of an
When there was nothing to be done in native insect dieturbs it; and the eaeno, of which do not charge wickedness upon the acts pro- unsophisticated Methodist in my early times.-
.1 1 .1 -1 colate is made, grows wild in all the woods, hibited, but irreligionness. This point of dis- Because we believed the during out of the
,s I can be made one of the most profitable tinction is of much importance. We only re- Holy Ghost upon the enurelpwas God's own pe.

large, he wrote to see to procure for hin a no ea co eentt ,plantedan IPo7tier e ez 2 a n ti n dt a n to y
license to preach. I presented his case to Rev. ,and the people tell us that the whole countrY point of Christian character where they are in church was in position. For whenever the
W. A. Garnewell, who, after bringing it before produces excellent coffee- life blameless and harmless in sueb a degree, as church is out of just position, conversions will
the Church, sent him one. Two crops of rice and three crops of corn can to commend themselves to every man's con- be sporadic and revivals spasmbdie. God's mor.
A short time before the surrender of General be raised, each year, from the same land. science, in the sight of God. And this level at idea of religious power and loSueuee in the
Lee a my he was take pri ce s add nifs t rntmy hhos 1 a- of Chrisltitahn character i truck20 an view of hurch was vidently an coom nyi3 spi8tund

bear testimony-he was untiring in his good The grass is green and the cattle are fat, and so adheient for her fellowship, but in view of the do, Stephen's 3rd volume of Methodist history,
.. .) 1 1 orting continually, moist is the earth that the pasture lands there average moral sense of society. Church mem- will see that much of the marvelous extension
are not cracked, though lower down the river here are required so to live, that the influence of Methodism in England and in Wales, has
II I .. **2 the 10th of May, the cracks are so great that it is dangerous to they shed upon others should always be saving. been by active laymen, in prayer meetings and
1865, he was passing among his comrades, in. rade over them. They abould always convey to others the aeoret religious talks, with exhortations gushing from
structing them in the ways of life; on the next The water in the springs and streams is ver? but certain conviction, that there is, in their hearts full of the Holy Ghost. Nothing ever
day "he was not, for God took him." The good, though not cool, and though we saw no spirit, the evidence of supernatural control. did demonstrate the divinity in religious revivals
asoldier-boy lay calmly in death's last cold wells, we were told that an abundant supply of Else, as Christ said, What do ye more than but the presence of the Holy Spirit. He always
embrace-no mother's kiss to eatch the parting good water can be had by digging for it. Every- others ? meaning that it is only upon the basis does his own sealing by anch unmistakeable
breath-no father's sigh to express the unutter, thing we saw and heard led us to believe that of this supernatural evidence of Divine endow- signs as to silence gainsayers.
able feeling-no sister's gentle hand to wipe the country most be a healthy one, as the eleva- ment in Christian life, that the Church can ever
from his pure and pion 1. .1 ..i tion of the land above the men is from 500 to sustain the truth of Christ, that she is the light --- -----
dows. He sleeps quietly I 1 3,000 feet, and the trade wind is blowing almost of the world and thesaltof the earth-the only
side of many faithful I .,, every day from 9 o'clock, A. M. to ti P. M.7 conservator of pure morals in the world. And DC EMt $11 ft IClifts
Cemetery, on Long Island, N. Y. with a most refreshing and purifying effect. I now say, that just in so thr as the Church tol .
From 1 i -: and painful convictions for During the hottest day of our trip, which wa" crates a morality below the average guage of the '
sin-his I understanding of Divine in the very hottest paft of the year, the ther- common moral sense of society, just in that pro- i 17ever.
i -1 mometer stood at 3 A M., 72 deg.; at midday, portion will she produce social infidelity. "I will never leave theenor forsakethee?
a 97 deg.; and at 9 P. M., 76 deg The questions whether the American Metho- Let every believer grasp these words, and
store for him. His marrow escapes during the Very few insects or reptiles disturb this re- dist Church was built upon constitutional laws store them up in his heart. Keep them ready,
war fixed in my mind this belief 3 so the news );ion, and we never had need to use our mos- and principles without the recognition of which and have them fresh in your memory you will
of his death came to me as an "idle tale." I quito ba" it could not have been a Wealeyan Methodist want them one day. The Philistines will be
said to the bearer of it: "Unless one of his We made diligent inquiry about the prospect Church, and whether, if built upon such consti- upon you, the hand of sickness will lay you low,
prison companions tell me he saw bira laid out of employing laborers for sugar and college plan" tutional law and principles, there has ever been the king of terrors will draw near, the valley of
dead, I will not believe it." On the following tations, and more than forty different persons, any change in i .. .. 1.<. .-e the ques- the shadow of death will open up before your
a : undoubted Creole Africans, natives of Guatemela and tions now. Be<... .= ** *.1 .1. was built eyes. Then comes the hour when you will lied
lin laid out Mexico, merebants and laborers, unanimously upon such fundamental law and principles, and nothing so comforting as a text like this, noth,
dead! For years on years I had lived submia. assured us that plenty of good farm bands can these have never been Jormally changed, but ang so cheering as a realizing sense of God's
sive to God a wall, I had 1 : "Not be had to settle on these lands and work for the on the contrary, constantly altarmedandredirm- companionship.
my will but Thine be d I as most year, at about $8 a month and rations, which ed for more than a hundred years, it mentatrike Stick to that word "wever." It is worth its
painful and trying dispen .. 1 .= =1 ...-* .vorth there about $2 a month, and a pars every mind with the clearness of light that these weight in gold. Cling to it as a drowning man
was too much; it crushot i I II, I = ine money can dle retained till the contract fundamental laws and principles always have clings to a rope. Grasp is firmly, as a soldier
way to cries of anguish; e. == ' I I 11 be fulfilled, as !. ..... ,,li, is, owing been, are now, and must alwave continue to be . > God has
and expectations went down into the tomb with to the stringency of ut 1.- I sh British the conditions of Methodist CGurch membership a 1, 1 1 li .ever leave
my brother. My mother smothered her grief, Honduras and Guatemala. We were also as- until they are altered by constitutional action, thee."
and came to comfort me. Even the servants sured that we could get boys and girls appren- And to show the high and social dignity at- "Never!" Though .vi .* 1 F. rr
from the hitchen, in alarm, Icft their work and ticed to us till of age, and several were offered reached to these fundamental laws and doctrines and you are siek of sell I ,
i would not us, on condition of educating them some, and of Wesleyan Methodists, the change in doctrine and infirmities-even 1 us ,. .. a
ai m all: "I giving them some $50 or 3100 when the appren- by any power now recogmsed among us is made fail.
us, I ut this is amorrow ticeship shall be faithfully completed- impossible; and change in the law of member- "Never!" Though the devil whispers, 1
I .. I alone ena remove AcitytobecalledRichmondisdeterminedon ship as nearly so as it can be, to be within the shall have yount Inst; yet a little time and yes.;
11 5 a it after a while, at a place near the forks of the river, about one reach of change or revocation. The belief in faith will fail, and you will be mine." Even
but fy the present I must, I must suffer it." hundred and fifty miles from Belize, where there these doctrines, and the conformity of life to then the word of God will stand.
Here is a paradox: I felt my very I .. ? :11. .. Ir -,z ar!" When the cold chill of death is
breaking, my spirit crushed, yet I a< 1 = = e.** L 1 'L .* over you, and friends can do no mor
the will I 1 ** : "Though He slay around it, which has been obtained for a colony, ,, ,, .\ / / ,/ | I i ./, a 1, I are starting on that journey from whi L.
me, yev I will be called Confederate county. ,, , , ,, , no return-even then Chries will s....

son oot rd[notice ofdi de% nds t me7 obeAP as qteamb sh ready nian I a Meth et connection, wl AerCl r ere & Ro When the day of judgment comes,
have had the courage to lift the veil from the secommodote smamgrants till they can select in our case, and the books are opened, and the dead are
one great sorrow of my life. We were so their homes. B. R. DevAr, 1,] .1 .. : 1, .,.. si N .. rising from their graves, and etert..- .n,
united; similar in taste and disposition, in Wx. W. SCHEMERHORus be at g,,.. R. 0 a .. .. ...I .. :-.- .1 .I. ( omise will nav
views and feelings; united by the ties of blood Tuous Dvan- of the duties prescribe in our General ![.1, :* = n, ..- 11 leave his hold on your
doubly so in the sweeter and closer ties of the Belize, British Honduras, June 5, 1807- or in any indu gence in worldly amusements, or soul.
purest anad wanted C)hdriation fell a i hb A FURTHER STATEMENT. y etz avagance in dre which clearly fidle 01 believing r - t-r in the, Lord fomy rt,

tween us, that I have never felt in the soelety More than 120,000 acres of the land above good and on ent reason that no one <, E r;eg on 1, ,, .1 s, .ltri .,r .il
of a Now I seldom speak of or refer described have been obtained by my for settle- entered on the roll of legitimate members in Glory i. t..- y >.. 11-, .r, ur., ....r..-st.
..I nwiththedeadConfederacyand mentandancheldbyanebydocumentefrom WesleyanMethodiatChurcheewithousatleast ofyour. 1... .. 1..a....,t-Alle *II.
104 banner under which he fought so the colonial authorities, and Col. W.T. Meck- animpliedobligation te comply with these con- Lord is e., say..r, l uran ais us -rI,.

as Un r Fool asse. Son ci Clo

r.nd Allicabase I rt:.r ..urprier, 3.
army but **raware..c i refuel* .1 et -a wrew -
The tieracral a.e ] w al. I -- Alassa. i's
psumniar1nqg and I, .qc .4 :.1 II. r

89 .11 shr.L could everve r. in hann a
as men it.mar ... .el jonise ra. r
Fug a M. In 4 at
rurelaumn Mann I tr rrassed, tracy adam,1
"J "'red L.a.. but in appab ..=.:.11 as. .
er wer= red ra t., ar-:sed aw. ar t.= 1 n ..
m. .1 by :-ar... sh-r iness r. 4.<. I to rerr*C.= .11
a is gr.r.elure sh.=w war.1.** -- a r.mi ange.n s .. .
and had gr..r. entered r. g. re wh= re it... rass-1
twin-an sw.. c.uspe..J c he ... .ce .1.& red
the foaming river on r. ,al r, ass at a 1-
path-broad enough r II -r-s 1 \ -ar=

mb r yi g f ye 111. re a ove

Tr 6 na. r .

r. .1 i., c..z .. a. r . an
-* Ji-r M.S .Inc

otic leader. T ir hearts sp oiledfrom qunk an
outrage. T .\ J m* 1 ** s i. rt... re

''' in I I. burier to go back to
the worldfor such as have renounced sisten re-, . .... g 1, ,,;<.,;...*1. a ;= -.1.: .nr*.*,
.5 as.u ...,as a 4 -;* .. .It .. .. rs oa le-
..m., r., .= a -re, in 5. I s. If J .5 a .... ) hib ,
"'.PI -.. -, I..L. I 1 J sure s=
at = J., -n.< ...sp 1 .... ... c.i -- s..s> .= irony
r.r.; to ..ut*- t. r... fs. .. 1...,< r ry
words, allop aspectacle from whichevery4over
of Christ should recoil with horror: "If lye,"
says the apostle, "who deepIsed Moses* law died
without mercy, of has s... F. a = ( .z -e st,
suppose ye, shall be th ,'cs == =.1.7 at a a
'.r four the 8qn of God.'-Dr.

A Load on the Iteart

.. I i r lack

..* /
rr he u

,,rr r rt .

.rr J ar -
a v s rr,. . . r.:c

/ee n of a hp ten n Ind re
you hav but forallthatthe thorns were there,

en k o g ah o

notiboed not on y hbat had thorn t also h 0

they have their I
. ,,,, z ,

... ..r,

.en.- ). I .
i t., ,o /
.. .. I nr. re to . .:., "Thereis no peace

r no akh leint lon may as it dawn sa
the end to be sorrowful rnpanions,

All Chri time Isr- <--0 at OF --sit t "pr v
als.y ," to a *I. .= -. : I ., a
on.-- words or : ** -sy.
understood literally, and half cosiclude they are
hyperbolicat The distance between what the
devotions of the heart are and.what they ought
to be is amazingly grey. When we measure
ourselves by the Divme standard, ye-fall almost
infinitely short Souse of the obstacles in our

dab deri naldne ene oft orhe re
The wise man said, Keep thy hears <:.1, .il
diligence, for out of it are the issues *
The heart is permitted to wander, to leave the
God we love, to fax its thoughts, aifootions on
so ethingr no ,anholthede tiloffs in so

posed to devotion, love, praise, supplication,
2. We do not see that our prayers prevail.
We desire some tangible, sensible evidence that
we are heard and that we will be answered. In
the absence of this, the tempter asks, What
good is there in prayer? What proiit la there
in calling upon the name of the Lord? The
hears becomes discouraged. r a : -1 ---- we --
weakened and somewhat 7. .4.. 5 Fr.r-. .
restrained and religious me ,r,.. I ath... -s
are abandoned, the means of growth in grace
-.-,1.<*.. I ,ti ...,; . .. li .1,. g ..i. g
I '. *** "*** I "- J .. rs..
Church fails to receive our pious influesse, and
we withhold from men the light of our religious
11.... r... In mi. .s. ..1 we h.. .2=
a.n L. .ud in 1.:(* 11 a i. Ir .ertal
1 ** *'* -1 ** 6@ **
'<*"= ... I =1 gr.,, 2- e. I it r,
alas! here and there scattered over the house
may be seen the familiar face of onethe canny
who, in times past, were glad when it . .t.
Lotus go up to the house of the Lord. hI .r
is the use for me," said the discoisraged Chris-
tian, "to continue my fidelity, when so many
who are equally bound with myself by theanered
ties of gratitude and holy vows, have gone back ?
Can it do any good for me to bear this great
burden alonet Is it my duty to do sor They
have yielded to the tempting sure of trorldli-
nees, and are laying up in store for many days to
come. Can I counteract the evi1influence they
are exerting, can I cheek this mighty tendoney
to worldliness ?"
1..; to-s...1- ar -.e. r . ..r- it .. let
11-- ..,rh -
What is to be done ? Must one hearts grow
.. is ..... .. a-r = .,1.,, . I ,..s 1,
== 1 t' " *** *
=.1, = r 5 .-
La r ---ps .. I
"I of
Ch-.-a-. a 1= 1 *D I ". "f
11 : -01-1.... .. aim .. s..r .
".-*, L; 5 ..f is [* 1 .*,
ster, e. .1 . -1 .il I ** 1 ** I

othessite make me les at stive a duties
If they become worldly, it is a raison why I
.1, .,ll 1 e..r- passenal ;r ,i ., .,,i-at our
-0'** ** * .. .. . raII ,i ]
be always 11 .- 1. s. ar, a ..; F r, s
will serve the Lord.

di neK wing mydwen so that wi lyt
my duty at all t es, under all circometances,
a-senw anna ca r e--r...ra r. .5 If on I ve of
the.-s.K*-dissill swkill'.-- E., ,<.with
lion, i., at..,ar, an g...warrs..I wa. rus..-g. I

----- - -- -- - - - - - 1 ... I .

______I III;IIl~_li~

. 'yrol.x.xx.170s??



..... All I 1 .. r.. ..... .. r 'i V . : r.. L . I. I sub r rs. :- LMFFR 1[BOM BALTIMORS,
.. r ' tr si or ....r as
F.u sure 44).,=,.],.,),,*al..Incry ... *11.-11 Jo li. salk saddels,
a ** IL pa, 1, -- e lani ty in a lit coditina
etional con- L I & I *- about anything.'. Yet the Advooste
.1 1 Th e Reader as ject to the revision and ratification of the next silently ris 1- a.* **ive a 2- r 1
.....I I ,I edgirlwho ensuing General Conference of the.Methodist ni.1 ......... .,r. Ime ---.vrL
who has the Speller will find in the Reader, a piecopal .TI ..ig .. rr da r .r a.. I mail I.

tbook well adapted for the next stage in ednes tl e me th of Ma in the ye r of our lo c endlin it. 'in ad a

Tyz8goSONDAY SERdVICE THE 1.nE.neOur Done at Clinton, Illinois, J e 8,Do8 I r
. Nashrille : A. H. Redford. For sale by J 'I '1 so r a .. I .. . .. On v. I for -
TV. Burke & Co. ar.s.. r,. 1. I s.,- a I tr
Thiris the Service" abridged by Mr. We> ... in., .. ... .s .s 5 I e.. r rees
ley from the prayer-book of the Church of a . .. r r ** ...r 7 . , run, or Ib
England, and sent out to his American MSocie. i ... 1 .1 .. ad .r re a . .r so a L.*a on ars. .h.y
ties." It was used a while. Bishop Asbury, invited them to Es benetiful country
after his ordination, used it, and wore, too, the St. La ze n(e 1867. D. 8. DOGGETY ee cekbrate their 2 a bec
"gown," until he abandoned both, because they alanorst as la.. ., 1, rs .mi IL .x =>..web le-
were not approved by the informal Americans. -- -------------- loved pastc. Is. Mr n ot..- S t.=--. sun
This book has been republished by order of the some special 5, ...4 ... J r -c phens..-.t
General Conference, and any congregation that company. J. ... ..-- .== 3 s a braorts as
so elects may use it. But we think, in this so at AC o pa 1 h
case, the choice abould be unanimous. For A Visit to North Carolina. t i e. -0 or e n, 1 to
one, we will let them use it who will. We pre- .. ,, .. we ,, ,, a o*h
kr the method of worabip to which we have you br conn o N rd2prain ui tg ve 1, ,, , .,
been secustorned. The book as a thin 12mo., Within eighteen days I have traveled over a .* L I rt
and this Service and the Ritual are bound up thousand miles-preached twelve sermons, at- ars of the street railway for Draid Hail Park
in some of the 12rno. pulpit hymn books, tended the Commencement of Trinity College, A ride of about three miles, which most he

ACOMMENTARYONTHEGOSPELSOFMAFTHEll rtSldemu hatoD lo rs e y ha de red arn 1 cJ.= .. t rt h

Tuf ed I, I.fbr1Popular sl em < 3 set at vtunatelyan ni tT IT j Park. It is conupo d of grounds of hire g
Former, N. Y. For sale by J. W. Burke & road. This to me was the only material draw T e r -gere qj$is .
(70. back upon the pleasure of my visit. In .. .5 Broken r . 3 1 1 1. .* ..s
The11< 6 volume of this work has been onwale active campaign, = . g.. forests untonehed by art, with lakesiand goew
for the past year and a large amber of volumes 8 L. .s wholesome. ills is physte -- . .r..*.d ... as
have been sold. It is a 12mo of 423 closely g / .vt .1.......4
printed pages, embracings fine mapof Palestine, it was exceedingly pleasant to find myself in
and other valuable illustrations. The New Tes- a land of plenty. The people there have not r.. ar 1
tament willbe completed in four similar volumes. known want, and their prospects for the future .5 pl v
A Commentary on the Old Testainent, in uni- 5re cheorin verWheat crops luge and Arns--oata iv n . J ** -
krra style, is in preparation. This is an excel- 1 i 1 .: impracticable, and the corn e
lent Commentary-terse, vigorous, clear though . I there is time to repair that dar]c .) ,, ..,;,,,1.<: ?
often profound-ownbracing all the results of <1 is a rses and mules are fat and litde < ..-- o I r r .su
modern criticism and travel. It is small and strong--a few days of labor will bury the I had told them f some poor ittleyelpildren,
cheap With the "Question Book" on the Gos- ass and prepare the ground for a harvest of near me, wh g c... and
pels and Commentary, it is the very Book for Ir 1.1 1 . 1, . T- i,. any 1. r asse
Bible classes. These two books are a great ad- to fl = a .' came 1 L ,: J . .1 ,r.... J
vanceon Longking's Notes and Questiops. We general revival, and fully expecting to brong up after L = J.e. ar-,
1 the book to the preachers, and to Sab- nil the finaneral interests according to assess ted the rations, and we had a merry, he py
tual.-eshool and Bible class teachers. fin as d t our la swo fla -- rlous time, indeed. It wmrld have donkyour base
felt that God was with me and he a for fruit. good to hear tt imi- .r. . ., *#.(dest
gy, e to RT nE NEDe Termarinww.i ,7 M settices were confined to the alishmy and lovju s ty pulpite, yesterday, were ocee-
Rtral n, Publisher, London aml G ensboro Distriets. d I i 3 by their own pastors; generwily, we ex-
For saleby J. W. Burke & Co. Price $2 00 region of the State, an I ago. Our congregations see growing, and
Dean Alford Uns done a good sesvice in this centrate my orn, rn terromotefrom each oth. j.r allembersh p increasing We have had at
book, for the nowelnssical student of the gospel I' ** r a .r so 1 .,
and the Acts of the Apostles It will give it is shoply impossible; I a.- from the M. P. Church. I have received
him great aid-properly used in his investing war t w 1 evious countacration, whether, after eighte . I, so .,, .. .1 ..I most mf them had depighted

of ne truttit-- up pres i t a rn I e encl"ur y es' had seessi!me r is hear ee
who are students in our ministry. name curiosity than devotion-freFuen ly a ,,
I I already. The Naith Ealtimore charge, Brother

preache n the 1)c di la TVrety's, is a good one, which la grown.greatly
CHURCH UNION. olves the illusive charms which hovers about in Acilant yeve reason to be we thankful for
The following la taken from the St I li n, .. ,, 1 .- -and success, we have mneh to conto ES with. Our
Christian Advocate: r, .--r., . *:. e -s are membership in generally poor. The rich and
Da. M'ANArray- p.-, p..a... A ,,. , I cannot reac/ at al, unless I ha influential, -ri .. .. . -,.r, ,
tion of the Christian 1 1 pe of achiepring reenits. Ir . P, regard tq .. .. I 5.
was held in the city of I .1 ' vassitutual enough to find special a -
the 7th and Rth met, at which I was present the merc operations of my mind, .... ,,z [ ,r. L = 1 -. r
That convention adop 4 the following resolu neeimpression-effects--fruit-sinnersawakened in halls, became we are unable to Un 18.
tions id presenter .Ian TT r, -saule converted-the church happy. Regu- I see Rishop Andrew calls the attention of

of t.ho State of 11. / ppja ,alarleen Toan ewTe ad ildrcr your readers to OrotheidErnithson and Laurens.
in the city of I .ounter weariness, anxiety and a thousawl I trust he will be he dedi Brotherh nithson
of June, It (. ,.nforts? The largest currency of these i = > this businesis
tl et d but poor pay at beat. And then-the tax on and he should, and I F. .;!1 )

fool ed, That this convention, under the the come. 1 liver me dWere it not to please There are so nanny go a ?1 re .-J.... r 2.. --a
said style and title, do hereby receive and adopt myshoeaveno ste at "Bunshion ,Ta among inet business, that you can hardly go amies. ,Bm.
the doctrines and discipline of the Methodist field to those who are content with such wages S. G. Miles, a of the most generous of our
Episcopal Church, South, as the doctrines and as earth can pay" a r h coal reo missiTo dise line of sa 1 sp opalCMethodist Chuijd The country through which I passed is high Braff in dry goods; Daker in glass, paints and

Church beyled the Illinois Con recence of the t-broken--well watend-(eanbracing the coun- oils, and others in every branch of trade.
Episcopal Methodist Chureh, and shall embrace IP s. _i .omusinterspe odDTh lo a llean Let our userchants come to Baltimore, and
within its boundary the State of Illinois. 3 ,,, ,, minerala l treasures. The forests are th amawarranted g I ar.... .. I 1. 4 .. ..t
- "Resolved, That the bishops of the Method- magniSeent. It is a beautiful county. The with New [moe adoea not ask for Sout\ern
vEpascopalzChnurchh loud and are her y, people are intelligent-hospitable-the church trade, but she can.
Conference son over is ea rhong in numbers, audalltheelementshof Ihave thought goods in bothplaceaand I

reaCen na e eca le a s v fa is n buna o e ode a 1 1

rm lyAx sC tno t si(hne cat capt o gril^ n treasures mine for coal or h lian ta eat f em go rds onmamnaemetts
odist Episcopal Church, South, and shall give lab d t d distance7 A well-located gant way, but is it not too latitudinartan 1 We
satisfactory assurance that they heartily believe rail o in L6ere onwouldrealize Aladdin'swon- think so this way; nor does the Doetor, I sup-
our Articles of Religion, and are ] al- I 1 r=..I .. ,> in its eifect on mind and matter- pm1tI T. 3 C o b d North of th
lin 0 be governed b{h od tr to territo a : enterprise. Who will engineer the much exercised on the too lanwhich will eag

. I hich shall be recognized I anad bratiro a lwrse and wake "old Rip'' to the next General Conference. In the mean-
one of the Annual Conferences of the Method- Statesville is a nice town of venerable age time their Zion languishea somewhat..
ist Episcopal Church, South, which shall be with a Female College doing well-an old The Southe thPreabyterians here, still la

2biitled to all .1 = privileges and immu- classmate of mine is President-the Rev. Mr hone 1 R manists sweepl>1Caste verdreatless,
connectionnwith said Chu hConference holding Caldwell, a Presbyterian minister. The town Business is as a stand still. Corn, wever,
Having taken previous counsel and advice of oa espec ily interan rtohme a thAlstels-polan is down; ilour dechning; bacon about the same,
Bishop Andrew, in view of the possibility of As w 11she may be, 8- is prond of her son. Yours truly, GEO. G. 8)tlTH.
auch a measure on the part of the Christian Who can tell the influence of these bills, for-
Union 'hurcBisTodp @aar what re aran trivershi a iteen u shas poetic tem' 8. B. Delebration at Chunnonuggee, Ala.

la e h e ac on sl5o acreeeeb a
To the resolutions which you have just to a useful manhood. I fear it will haveto wait ted to encourage, as well as ipterest your readers
adopted, a copy of which you have presented to for that railroad. who vs. oners.,ad 5.: the r > work of brin-lag

I I Methodi On Monday at 12, I had an appointment at as 1.. I, .r ,

ing in city of Nashville, Tornece lies li int non t a)rl cle' be II o int, Pres rlan nd I aptist

ch ti e losuC hee irhubal Swelfue n e ( ( un euandn Icondir a le dal u2 hoolseof on S no ounjt o enmd
requested me, f practicable, to visit you during i Lance when Peter (the horse) broke his single. to the terminus of the Mobile and Gerard R.
anynegase pale ann the West, and to spr ss t I ug dl, ico r neebtgato I 1>< Owe Aols tlwidSpari at c bleo9heon ideb
Christian communion I = s .. the Meth i that we were not far from a shopwhere the mis. the direction of Troy. Early on Thursday
Inst Episcopal Churds, South, in spirit, in doc chief night be repaired. Bro. Thomas went morning, 30th June, the above named schools

charnrdb illisei lir T 1 1,* I a ul itltlit1xe .1 a < n3hile Bro.H hi ad I caine down to .. . (1 rn les an

Apepr ed of is a unt, youtl la p , ,, = tl b ines---I wcint 1 o Iranuel ed Tto he Methodi t
since my arrival an unportant even. I n ,., ,, . .vill be yonder to-day, lent young gentleman .. L. U. .
pired in your history, by your own v .. . . ( us 7.> ,,1. i ..Is dise S. School at the -
and deed. You have assumed as die style and I .. I I I \ teachers and children of the Sunday-school at
title of your organization, the name Episcopal did arrive, one hour behind hand, but found the Chunnenuggee to the Intivities of the day.
Methodist Church, czpread adopting the doc large congregation paticutly waiting. It was a The speech was rlete with fine christian senti-

ner8clan80 il e of particho da o op tx at chfernotutoppne c inIn d ma y n Dune n, in ie c icoP

h t n neGoen exo sened rs & alar lear flesh--t rahjn rf70mn n tourlieart the Ridge esponded to the in itation very habpe
better accomplishment of your nt'$ssion as a the eramp of conventionalities is gone. Some proper for me to say more in regard to him or
Church of Christ, you have requested me, as of the people had come with their wagons- his speech. As these two seterds owne Cou-
one of the bishops of said Church, to admit you spread their estables in the old carop meeting federated soldiers stood face to .. I such
to connection ith, and under the jurisdse style, and having dined in the primitive way I peaceful, I ... - 1 1 I youth

Havio, aidd unt, frowdim upresento earn 1per a sh rhi n no of the North Cuoditus upon rivatio s, afferings n He el y
andprayerfulconsiderationtri IR Ttra* Ti, ,1.1 .. I .1 pl li lour I. .. i 11...101 due

P exre n th Doggett, one of Now, good nigh G p an. r t m ad

". .1 Ma r. * v... ; ., .., .. n . L ..
. r e..r, ,w s .s...... v.. d CI -

mil i .v e.. rs al. a.r-I I.1)u r- s..:49. Laewingr ri margy kg param. Isr.eri I .El sin. -i. Is* .. re sn li ** I
arms air rn... us. s.**=.-.x* ' [rype.gA= owns .r.. In, a deer, -s e...s b., is... 0.. per ... r a la Is ,
ll.cryour alan.* 0....*-7 to.3 tlem.r,,T .4=.miu in.-, s..._ it ...:2- ast- 7*I-all.4 .
alli gu bmou r nit* L inl e* ...5 mi-J sr.nle ased say 5.. a .ss..a.4,**Be it.pply.mannerred-**au ..5 .r. ..... .r...i, a; news. .( ... r L.1 .. .> ..
ye Ament..i .m. 100, .ti r .. rt. we cow 8. a- ur. n, Pr o It .. .. . , ,, -. ( .. 3 ,, a
evena(use-* Iare a....rk 7r. or ... .... r is.r- r. war ... 1..a o ,I
has never done, is hedged by restrictions he has exercise -progress. There is one degree of per

11 I1511.ill %1100 ma be me to t nit i gry a leis at e ew nlone has eased to don i .

ye theA enileal nleune ie way--- Im hekhdSols as unuo tim run sin dutya "
MAGON, GEORGIA, fwl 5,1867. the one and accepting the other. He has not yet when his will is brought inte aubmission to provi-
emerged from the mists of a life of ain, or dences making higher demands than 1 1 _
PROGREsp IN RELIGION. learned the wiles of the adversary. This been called to meet; another, when I
lipowledge is to be acquired in his experience. tions are found to be in perfect sympathy well
i re.*=.r*.1 1.s. In r uring three re. He can be a victor, a crowned conqueror, only everything holy and divine; another, when his
use ... = I an sale. r ..aa for the llfe to by wrestling with and overeaming sin. To take faith can embrace without hesitancy every
come--fires, abstinence frorn tranagression- it, and temptation to it, all out of his way, in to promise; another, when his whole soul is filled,
eense to do evil;"--second, obedienow to leave him a 't babe in Christ," until, as such, and ever ftiled with "the fullness of God." But
positive injunctishe-"learn to do well;* and he as antrodnee4) into heaven. Now the strife to all this perfootion, he is "to go on," by use
third, oneb ac s rr... ... .1 7 r.r .-,q. Es..... H,. ,,,., ,, ..ii .. ,,.1 and exercise. To induct one into it by a and"
that a man's del...s a ... .. r... ILr I.. ..0ii*r.1, 1- .1- .. -= = s .:1 den transition, is to violate the law of spiritual
but little tempt 2 = ........-.- .. r...J..r-1. 1- c r. .1 -w...I li [ growth-toturn an infantin age into aman in
ence easy, and a .* .*,9 - *1 *,0. r- = t... -t -=il . I 11 1 - I' ** physical development, with only na infant's in.
God wills, and is thus prepared for the purity whole law, and his conseknee is wounded. maturity of thought and experience and control
pad blies of heave. This is sin; but has he ceased to be a son of over his mirneulously developed strength
Now, all this religious life-ealled in Scrip- God ? Are all his past sins at once.xe-imputed Such we believe to be the only Scriptural
ture a-walk, or course, or race-involves the to him? Is his pardon for the past cancelled ? theory of the religious life. This view regnires
ades of progress It in preceded by the convict. Not unless he rematu fallen, or rise discouraged holy living, from the hour of the new birth
tion that e out, ()h' wr teehedi an th LI nodidespairingimely totgo backeto his former Itshhoowshowtheremaybooceans melatunablind

death?" and it is fully entered upon at the that though "all rinrighteousness is sin," yet mands that the soul shall not remain prone I
moment when Christ is embraced as the deliv- "there is a sin not unto death; forwhosoever is the dust, and that the cause of the fall shall
erer, and when, being justiAed by faith, con- born of God doneth not (in a fatal sense); for thereafter be avoided. It looks to perfection
demnation passes into peace, and the Spirit no his need remaineth in hire." Here John gives all along the line-first in one degree and then
longer works in us bundage to fear, but testifies us the enigma and its interpretation. Here was in another, up to the measure of God a moral or
of pardon and adoption into sopship. Then are an **unrighteous" not-a sin-but not a "uin providential demands upon us. It supposes us
we "born again"-"new creatures in Christ unto death." The "seed" of God remains in completely under the Spirit's influenco-lod by
Jesue." Then, no "sons of God," we are "led his child, and the habit ofsin need not return- him. It requires us to be without conde-
by the Spirit of God"-having ''received the will not, till he lets the seed die-will not, if tion and in peace, beenuse "justiBed by fix..
adoption of sons," God "hath sent furth the he will remember that if any man sin, he hath and having the witness of adoption n
spirit of his Son u(our) hearts, crying, Abba, an Advoente with the Father, Jesus Chrise, the fers sucha growth in all graces and consequnmi
Fathert-and it under the.guidance and by righteous," and will go to Him, that that sin in faith, that frequent and full baptinus of the
the aid of this adopting Spirit, that we are ever may be pardoned, and he set again upon his Spiris may be expected, attended with n joy un-
after to make plagress through those three de- feet. He may remand himself back to his speakable and full of glory This va perpet-
grees of the religious lifewe liarq above desig- former state, by wilful persistence in wrong nal annotifleation-andwomust goon experione-
mated. This seats the theory,4gf the Christian doing or by neglect of duty; or he may arise, ing itor we will soon become \blind, so that we
life set forth in the 80ripturse-a-particularly in and, though wounded and bruised, be agalu Icd cannot see afar off and will have forgottenn
the 7th and 8th of Romans, and in many other forward by the Spirit, taught ever after to avoid that we were ever purged from our old ans"-
pnesages in St. Paul's writing the dangers by which he fell. Nor will the and then if we keep up the Arms of Christian
Though we have spoken here of "degrees," Father foranke or punish him, but will treat him service, it will be only win the Spirit of bondago
we are not to suppose that one line of develop- lovingly, and give hint aid, and codec him to fear."
ment precedes another. Rather they run to- again to try his strength, more tenderly than Does this theory lower the standard of relig-
getheras it were in parallel lines. Our ceasing the mother did when she first guided his infant ious experience ? even though we add, that we
to do evil, learning to do well, and being steps. find not in Heripture the warrant ibr behev
changedd into the tune image, from glory to We are not antiking provislan for such fidlB- that there is a grade of Christianity where a
glory,'' all begin at the new-birth; though our We do not argue their necessity. But we son carnal and the spiritual mind can remain in some
approach to perfectuess niny be made in the one them frequently-experience and observation sort of partnership in the same person-ruba
phase of Chr stran hit before it a in another. have convinced us that they do occur, and we alternately-and that the canal mind is finally
A man may long have ceased to do evil-to only explain them as St. John has taught us expelled by a sudden and noveteign actof grace

I':':::"'se ""is;"""" -t"'i:2.';t hwwataTr he fidiures of I 7 1 ,. 0 none tl a 6
of Christ. Therefore, his ideas of perfection without ever a fall, even in the ery son of God is rnalimentally perfbotus all
will be low or exalted, recording to what he un- Some learn more easily than otb< . elements of the Christian life-none are
derstands to be the end or true object of the circumstances conspiring to give tosomeaids and perfect, in all the attainments of holiness, exil
religsons lifb. securities that others have not. Some get ahead they are called from this sphere of conflict
Our relations to God alc nottobodatermaned of others, starting with them. But all are None aced sin "anto death"-nous ought to
by seekelid acts out of conformity wzth our learning the same art-all are traveling the sin at all-all ought to be holy, and all may be
general character; but, first, by our prevailing name road. And all will learn, or else they will happy-and those who are not trying to be lioly
motives and purposes; and secondly, by the forfeit the guidance and witness of the Spirit, and making progress, and attaining to a falter
resistance we make to counteracting tendencies, and fall into condemnation and bondage to fear development of all the Christian graces--to
and the haste we make to escape from their When they have learned to walk without grace answering to overy need-ure laying again
control. As one good dued does not maho assmblingin dangerous places, in alippery and' the foundation of repentance from dead worlN-
man a son of God, so one improper act does not rugged ways, they have reached one stage of are not led by the Spirit of God-are not sons
necessari(q banish a son of God from the family perfection-but there are others beyond. Now, of God-because they cannot in this indiffiront
of saints. The law which declares "thou they can walk-or run-without painflil notici- Mate, have dwelling in them the Spirit of
shalt" or "thou shalt not," is kept by thousands tude-need not balance themselves nicely every adoption, whereby we cry, Abbs Father."
under no higher than human sanctions; yet this moment and consider carefully where the next
does not prove them Christians. But when the step is to be, or fear that their limbs will fail
law lays its authority upon us as being the will before the goal is reached; but, strong 574 TE 1'- 4 L*E MY FOR THE BLIND
of God, and we observe it because it is each, we fident and joyful, they will walk in an 0,4. 0 4 I I .ted in Macon and under
are moving towards Him; and when we have commandments blameless. And yet, this in the wise management of Principal Willinms, is
learned to refrain from all it prohibitsand todo only the properandnaturaldevelopment wrought acquiring great importance, as one of the best
all it requires, in spirit as well as in letter, we out by a growth in that grace into which they eleemosynary institutions or the South. It was
may be perfect in external obedience-and yet were introduced at the new birth, when they a privilege, to be able to attend the recent ex-
"not perfect as our Fatherin heaven is perfect." were made "oew creatures in Christ Jesus.,, examination of the school. Here were about k>
We have made good progress in theDivinelifei Now, their religions activities are not studied sightlesechildrenandyouth-someoftliemyoung
butit is only Christian progress and not Christian and painful efforts, but are the spontaneous soldiers whose sight was lost in battle, and their
perfection. And we will say just here, that movementsofasoulthathesgainedthemastery degreeof education is not tobe surpassed by

u t in i de Divi lues pa e pubro a are

diamoe to p erecept ra awn or a se hteoeby Isbedient for the sake of ha ine art a t to oworki 0 y e

than with those of the uncontrolled. Hence, remain in e conve ed arithmetic and algebra, which none of the vb
eneh training is wise. Where it in wanting, the are not the old "works of the flesh"(Gal. v: 10> itors could have solved in the same way-car-
learning of even the elementary practices of 213) but are the results of the absence or fee- rying on in the mind calculations that involved
religion is greatly more diffacult. But even this bleness of those graces, that are to be edivated 8gures to the millionth place. It exhibited
mneh of obedience may be learned, before we there. (See II Peter i: 4-11.) They must be wonderful concentration of mind and accuracy
have acquired that inward conformity to God's planted and enltivated and made fruitful, and of memory.
law in motive, in spirit, and in life, that makes part of their fruit la the spirit and praelice of In the workshop, industrial arts are taught,
obedience and praise and holiness spontaneous outward obedience, which, should it be perfect, by which the pupils may hereafter make a liv-
emanation from the inmost soul. Is not yet all their fruit. One should be as pa- ing. The broom factory turns out excellent
And yet the teacher in both degrees-one tient me a martyr-but who knows whether he brooms for salein large quantities; and it should
teaching, too, in both at the same time-le the is really thus patient, until brought to the test be generally patronized throughout the State
one Spirit-the Spirit of adoption, who, having of martyrdom. Patient he may be, and every In made all the pupils are more or less pro-
brought thcooned m iothe a ste wl re thest ms Itowardha i chiml reeri atan a iCoueertattracted avery large and

"""'3:5,:'0.":1',:.":'::::'",tt ll able taes bappised to ah of dreC inR IM hnson deliveredls v o
ous change in his condition, the same Spirit love. They are graees called into exercise by sufferings and afflictions are benefielently com.
"shall quicken his mortal body.,, occasion; and who is bold enough to claim per- pensated by the good that may be derived from
There are two minds in man at different ketion for himself in either, till the occasion for them-and he found illustrations of his theme in
times-the cartshl miml, which is enmi n ra as isn1ed h swhomay feel noe ed I ht, be Ito whom Pro idence ad <1

""" ,'".'.he pi km adudd p o Hk nd masponumeome owanon isin t ined wayroe duleJd wl ich od^ 0 eing, 0 en tve tae re
The are not mixed-the mind when called to theenduranecof disappointments lectual audience,
and spiritual at the same time, or Ites rn and afflietions that exceeded his:m icipa o The Academy for the Blind is an invaluable
to-day one, to morrow the other. 1\fen mistake other fruits-thefull f art adb Institution. It deserves all the aid the State
here. The virtues of the spiritual man may be new o gl cease has given it, and more. Jtis under the nuanage-
copied while the mind is still carnal, by the man Tr entTo oof ota n tic at edhour ment of a scalous and ellicient Christian gentie-

rh chh reh eebrto attain re c teceived of the graces lof the Spirit up to the me o\iwhatand hisfami) reenthusi le
silence binds to service of bondage and fear- ure our pa press necess les an Principal Williams desires to hear of the
but he who has the true spirit of obedience, have thne far "attained;" but the present costa blind, in all parts of the 8tatethat he may know
whose is the witness of adoption, is spiritually ey does not assure us, that our measure of these where and how to extend the benefits of the in
graces will suffree in every possible trial-and
minded, and so abides "If any man have not should they be found wanting, the joy will ebb stitution. -- ----
the Spiric of Chist, h inanoneeo h Joy, therefore, is no sure test of the perfeetness oTHE REv. W. A. HEMINGWAY, of the 3 0

m odthni is hristians o a uonubre to ocondition.ata in s tohatoof e Rev. runiceHi deield on 9ahnualts m I 1-
agion most mature Christian; and yet none would monary consumption, at the parsonage at Man.
than oanotifloation of soul, body and spirit ? argue from it his perfection. ning, S. C., leaving a wife and three little girls
flow, then, about the irregular and uneatia to mourn their irreparable loss." He was a
faetarylife of young Christians? ff they tolerate So, then, there is always room, no matter minister of good talents, and, had God
its isregularity, and are not striving t)ohma e whereunto a hav "attai ,' withh aul, still red him to the Church, he might have taken
young d, a leading position among her most useful

tena n wan ch f as h see v mar is r e on preachere IUnr eteh a reonh he

Ar.] i. mi is ar. They ate yet children, now "therefore leaving the Ithat] principles of mathematical school of high grade in Marion,, as I4, a gto be 1 are- 1- a si.. doctrine of Christ-not laying again the North Carolina. His patronage has been fair,
gradetabeattained byconaict with hindrang toundation of repentance from dead works," we and we trust it will increase

& BioROP EN .. 1197

TI I liedfordwho is charged with

as.. o i8t el r i tzow rit on
on thatiae unt---la/id e so on .Bishop

Nor have we any. We have called in vain
se constituency to help make up this salary
to use Bishops who are not yet paid, that those
who have been, may not find it ocessary (as the
law is) to use a good part-20 percent-of their

salAd it e rot hta ttI 1
to see the Bishops unpport themselves and each
other too, although the Church is now working
them harder than any of her servants. Ought
this to be? Wh ds?
o respond

Bishop Pierce in North Carolina.
The Bishop's letter in this week's paper will
be read with intered. He, doubtless, has done
a good work there. His sermon at Trinity Col-
lege was highly appreebted, as we learn from a
correspondent of theRtgh Episcopul bletho-

i l\an eracT's I tasho : the character of
It was one of the best sermons I ever heard.
IIis theme was adapted to the occasion: The
duty devolved 1, I to teach its
successor the a : I e God, and
transmit the inheritance received from its prede.

r shon y unp ire1eb eattu j 1 of
IT 11 ,
. I .. I . * < .1 = = 1

oc/ not lo or to get up some hold, startli g
aposition-something new and sensational.
to old thodamental truths abat underlio our
faith nud hope make up the woof and web of
his discourses, sulliciently adorned with the
nut r adie "tdhi earnin n au 8

oratorical powers. It is all a mistake. He ney-
or was a greaterproacher than he is to day. He
1 a .1 , i .. ,, .. I _i *
. J '
3 hinto at create for
instead of y uman e aquence,
place ibr the 1
= ** .1

a .4 t it he cho 0, hs et aid lead
anyof those popular, fa hsonable preaches, who
labor ship y to tickle the ear, and please the
fancy ants draw a full house. He preaches "
one who respect ult nuately to thee his editors
at God's flaunng har

1)u. A. M. SmPP.-The Literary Club," of
Grconvilk, S. C., recently invited 1)r. Shipp,
President of Woflord College to deliver a lecture
in that town. He complied, and the Southern
Enterprian characterizes the Lecture as very

aNe. The subject was the Philosophy of His
tory--which, he maintained, centered in Chri
tianity. He enforced this truth with learning,
eloquence and power. Nothing could be finer
than the Doctor's con st between the perma-
nont influence and repT. sion ( a .7 Isi
cr, potentate and conqueror, 1 = .
and the philosopher and literary genius. He
took, for example Achillea and Homer, Alexan-
der and Aristotle, the Magnates of Home in the
time of Dante, and the poet himself; Elizabells
and Shakspeare, Cromwell and Milton. In con-
clusion, the Doctor exalted the Bible, the
sword of the Spirit," na the mightlest agent in
history, the light of its labyrinths and contra-
Da. JAwns R. Tuous.-The San Francisco
Spectator announces the election of the above
named divine, the able and popular Presidentof
Ecuory College, to the presidency of the Pacific
Alethodist Collego at Yacaville, California.

h H or ami I

rhear at oeo meal in t
laborious present of a life consecrated to the
noblest purposes-

PLE.-We invite attention to articles from the
Nashville and Memphis Advocatesshowing that
a Conference of this character is organizing in
the West. Our own Presiding Elders in Geor-
gia, South CarolinaandFlorida should be study
ing this subject with a view to future and per
hapsearly action in this direction.

no a nt fl c mn no ment or iscan

d gtit ec It warleunth ce 110 I
Sunday, July. 14th. We are not able to tell
the public how long they continue or what's the
order of exercises,


lene ev Ba tein Ah o
to such of our may be looking around
Mr a good Institution. See advertisement.

AfactoraNauna (N.C.) FEMALE COLLEGE.-
'0 Fall sessiou20f ticis rosp mes Instituti

1 <341 gre reispr at t atnd p li a ash
ad vertisement elsewhere in our column"

A Stronion is wanted by a teacher; and
teachers are wanted at Meeklenburg Female
College, Charlotte, N C. See advertisements

Size and Price are the same as the Speller.
For sale by J. W. Burke & Co.
The publishers, D. Appleton & Go., of New
York, havelo response to thousands ofrequests,
hadpreparedwithmostjudiciouscarea neat
ttle voturnoS et kadapted to follow Webster a

hundred pages, the Spelling Lessons are omit-
led, and the balance of the book is devoted cr
clusively to instructive and interesting reading

'hear o nont or Astonuust,

.*, 3 as p.... ...J

Wirminorow, July 1-Cotton-no sales

Stea atoldrurpenedn)c 1 at rp25. Rosin
CHARLESTON, July 1 --Cotton dull; Mid-

d5ng 24) to 25; sales 90 bales; receipts 410
I- 7 -Cotton quiet; sales187
be i. Ela II : at 22}; receipts 285

bal orSTA, July 1,,-Cotion dull; sales of 58
bales. middlings at BSc
CINorswerl, July 1-Flour dull, and a
shade lower; Family @912 00 to $13 00. W ..

ad nunalu ul to won olol t5 3 EnhOwn
demand; 8 to 100. Bacon is held at, shoulaets
Di; elear sides 121.
Molina, July 1.-There is but little cotton
offering The market closed quiet. Ii ll -;
23 to 231 Sales 300, receipts 261.
NEw ORLEANs, July1,-Cottond to so .I
for middling uplands. Sales to day Si =* .1
receipts 877; exports 3,000. No I . .

11 rod1 so suse atl who sl 350 fr /

tlouichoi per Tdo 13 o 144c50. Corn
tirm, stock small; white 81 20. Oats scaree.


uly~5 0,183

@.,.1. .mar., ,,-1 .2 head rung with strange noises, and WolfordCollegeBC.-Annualcommencement.

/1.. ri 1 rs saf .trembled Yet I got Sermon by Rev. Whiteroord SniithD.D, in
. r ni -- .11-, an Harris had appointed the Distript

e. El it be he d here, but onlyeasy r icould : .. . I . . II e
. ., i st -m td way of Jackson and Co- 8th and Oth.
1*11 The Trustees will hold their annual sueeting

.1 . ays T L.-i .. ... IT 11 1. to 10 il In I Wednesday, a
.. .1, The Almuni of the College are requested to
0 I f ren ag th incipal meetatthesamehour
. 2. one. Graduating exeroices, 1 7

',the 0 n th a by Reo 4#. Fwar, on
and.all seemed deligh ed with the events of the that the preacher are doing the beat they can
4..- 1 -rr Tr. :--,- lir-- tryi-2 to do their
111 .t-rar 1 Ir . r wr.1 ... La r I . r., aa ., ..,,- .. relations, Wesleyan Female r -0 matur re r I.T. r. 3 air -gi r e In tel .. ... II.e pecunia-
ad.nre- r. r: '= *=. ri . & Sunday, July 7th-to nmencement Sermon,
r 1-. se- 1. thegreat by I II *f* ..ants, Ga
.. I l / I /. y, and the it -Sopho
op pr ed for th ..1 1, 1 rn ;, ( 1:.; ,,1,.,, '- 1 1 1

" o"hhi s 1 -1 j . M I ....
r rf is I ,i rev al. a} od sp edily .1

plTalled }Its. Ratherford. That .. L P.r whole Church!
you weald have had it. R PAINE. -
.. ..,, I r . Aberdeen, Alies., June3,1867.
I i. n .IM .< .. n
, -. ... I Ir (. if 0 Colored Annual Conference. juncl4- w Scoretaryof Faculty.
few who can approximate to the functions of Bishop Paine, in a communication found in
pastor, in spite of the system whick violently another column, refers to the labors of the Rev ---
disru j U. r I . r a . .. I I as

09ra n or twe .. I I 2 ** - 11 a or, whois superintending the spir
be a church J.- 0 e. * .1 = 1: 0f the colored people ip this sea
a Pastorate! When you egme to.the Ridge, 3 .., ... c. .It meeting for Maximilian's Death Certain.
Doctor, you writ know where to stophy five tall, I 1 ,, a .el .== I 1 It was an in-
graceful, Immberdy piers along the front pal- teresting arid profitable occasion." In the same C T 1 i rr I .. .
intof a yard whic shall be as beautiful as paper there is a letter from Brother Taylor on
flowers can make it. You will always be wel= this subject, which we take great pleasure in Department, datid VeraCrus 23rh in si ed
comed heartily, as will every other Methodist transferring to our columns, and to which we P. A. Roe, Commander: Maximilian was shot
preacher at FIVE FOPLAas. call the special attention of our readers. Let on the 19th. I have begged for his corpse for
Okunsenuggee, Bullock co., Ala. us be prompt, energetic, and persevering, in our the Austrian Captain but was ref used. The

ANDREW FEMALE COLLEGE. 4 co I dame Ilueste y J.'Cay- City of Mexico fellow the 20th. Vera rus

Its Editor: The Commencement exercises Paine to publish some plan for carrying out the render."
of this Institution having closed on yesterday General Conference action with regard to a seps TY ' 1 ---The following is the
the27th inst, I desire to makea brief state- arateorganisation of the ec 1 ,1 1. 4 , ,,, .CaptaintotheAnatrian
I s r our care. In reference to tr. I, = tL Minister:
in n r s. r =-. I. ice . 1 mi. 11 "SournwasTPAssLA.,June29,1867.
newly.gby 1 1 ; I a 1063, the organ ' "' s ...cts, To the Austrian Ambassador, Washingtoo
tieti of tfi r n up, Ti re u_ give the result to you: & 5 e 1 cond as ust come . i I 31foj: li se

reviv- It was clearly determined, 1. That the time President Juares refuses to deliver up his body.
ing it, cogaged the service of I 1 L ,, P the Discipline, (Signed) Al. Triture,
ilson, D.D., former Presiden, 1. nferenceshould Capt Austrian Navy."
female College, Tennessee, into whose hands be2cj th inal Conference in anticips.

tion, should be composed of the colored preach- GEN. Loves HarrA Awas and his stafftray-
ers in the territory occupied by the Meauphisand eYed incognito to Vera Cruz in the Virginia, ar.
Tenessee Conferences. riving at that place on Sd June, and were warm-
3. That with this view, districts, circuits, and 1, 1 1 1- act by the 1siber:ds in-
station, should be formed within these bounds .. .. as rienn and British Con-
, , -thoustuoes, character, and abilitiesof snah as suls dined with him on the steamer, and all
the furnit uttered and lost as well as would compose this body, ascertained-Quarter- seemed to go harmoniously until the 7th inst.,
as a part on le silosophical apparatus, and ly Conferences organized, and preachers licensed, when Commander Roe, of the (1 S. steamer
the extent. On tak- properatory to netive service. Tacony, and Colunmenter Aynsley,0f the lhitish
lace a Ion, Dr. Hamilton 4. Thatatpresentasfaraspossiblethework man-ofwar Jason, appeared on board and re
fo2nd it in this mutilated condition, and irnine- .1 in , r ] .1 .,ti . I "jw e lb ,as er tp fiel s, I el'I'.tany

T I placed upon the Virginia, to
,, , . ,i LI on, Tenn., Nov. 20, 18017, 1 .< which t'oinumeder Roe gave
doing, at considerable individual expense-and I = II =1 Annual Conference, tobepre- orders to land him at a foreign port. On the
having procured a competent corps of female sided over by Rishop Paine. Let this point be return trip, the vessel arrived at Sisal on the
teachers, the work of instruction was recorn impressed upon all concerned. 11th inst, when the commander of the Liberal
My extersence among the people of color is, forces came aboard and offered to arrest him.
inoTi success of the Institution has for cz thatcheyaremuchattachedtous-toourChurch, TheGeneraldoclaredthat he wasaprisoneriu
ceeded the expectation of those who were fa and to ourpreachers. Every variety of induce- the hands of the United States, and the com-
neiliar with the dilliculties under which it wa ment has bcon presented to draw them from us, inand reorganized. The catalogue for the in --- .000-0=> B c es haP- surrender hIm. = = * <
shows the names of one hundred and *ees, .

pitTI trthe arre maiority of whom me I , I n n .e r , , I ,, I .
tcrest felt in to lation of th tna a = ore. Gen. Tavouda, commandi
present at the examin o pupils, T era Crus, had 1 1 1

whawitoo editancakof itinthe tyhighest whenth-wilicomposeaveryimportantelement al ni satComunadorl10
great the a a digious-among us; and interest muds of Boryan and Canates, at r
the pupils, and reflecting unich credit on do. =1 duty in urging us to give them the citizens of that place, have
teaches. all the aid in our power. Already the seeds of bounced for Santa Anna, and pronuariumento
The Commencement exercises passed of *" to that effect has been issued,
pleasantly. There were but three graduates (

redea ,1 twotlef nwho lonwereIn s and ir welfare with other evil sentimeu rep ac> The President in Boston.

0 t us zes li di e unlCom. Bston, Jun ur glaitt clf

ucch tirbert, delivered an eloquent r all sh t j le t ee onu oenfnr

r b the b calausneatie of thnedPrest nt as in anticipation. THoxAse I efodest I ring Air Sewar t e e N h

libretedliafter whdxchbool. FLFiel r{ itertlai June 1, 1807. up Carolina were proposed Mr. Seward said y
forcible speech.

sel cTo o the enesdeci d oc so IflieblETH Ageville District Meeti .gust declarati it r pendence the r ehation
exots, there was enough of the sesentiile to show 15th, embre a The in- cheers for North Carolina; she was the State of
the proficiency of the pupils in this department' troductory sermon to be preached on Wednes- the eleven who seceded who went last and most
d enough of the I en rand fam liarw llple day) he ee ex et di o eside. reluentutly cojsofdheNU on ar2nus;m e w

undpr much more suspicious circumstance than July G-1w J. C. SIMMons, P. E. .. I the eleven rho seceded to come be
the last; and I trust that u"' again to the family frreside of the Union, a
ment of its necomplished and to-day authing is wanting for her to resume 1

dt an As a which .. District Meetin a CTkesbury, S.C.---Change ai* a ilhonorable d mC tatri ice positi enable it to rank with the foremost Institutions the people of Massachusetts. Now, I know
of .7 the land The time of holding this meeting has been that all that is corning about, is coming shou
LI College is unquestionably a .1 of the very soon. I havo been 160 earth and the skies
Methodist or denominational Institution, it as ,, I g i nes II full of the elements a
in its character, several O.D., of of vigor, and I saw i
nation being members of Wolford College, will be with us. Dr. Smith
other churches; and while due attention will be will preach the opening serinon on Wednesday I
paid to OL ,1. .. .. li i < F 0 I _1 lith.
spiritef . I ,,1 W. II. Fr.mirwo, P. E. ,, ,, I , ,, ,, .
who may I designs that this whole continent, not merel
I < ferences these thirty six States, but this whole continent
ri with. Lumph District Meeting, shoulder, sooneror later, snaking the magic cir

ing, reelected r ITamiToota llesid alt,"a Will be held at Cuthbert, commencing cleof theAmericanUnion.
elected A. H. Flewellin and Edward McDonald, Thursday night, September 17th, at 7 o'clock. -
Esq., to fill vacancies in their body. jy5 1w L J. DAVIEs, P. E. Grand Religious Demonstration at Rome
AndrewFea I IF 1 'I1 -1
(wrg,- a 1, ?us L
I 1,,. II, Grilln District Meeting.
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Washington College.
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ucilve and Entertaining!
neasurany na.astrate.,

es, Poems, a rical Sketches,
rrativesof Travel and Adven-

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Games, ete., etc.
a gress want or 0.0
. to commence the

ly Paper for Boys and Girls'

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thor of the YOUNG MAROONERB.,,


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Corrected by Jewett & Snider.
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Pork $23. Bacon brisk, ,
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to 1013 rib 14; clear ski 1 1 1
no sales; quoted at 12} to 125; 6 1- 13 to DIBB
13ke. Turpentino45. No.1. 50 to
SA 25; No 3 do, SU. COM
Foreign Markets. wo. us r

LonDos, July It noon.-Consols 941; Bonds ARTIC

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eneler, but prices are 1. .. I I < I'** Up
lands 113; Orleans 1:

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For the Relief of Wolford College Instr

The Brunswick Church. Nie

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Received for Brunswiek Church,


GreenvilleDistrictS C Co rence.
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Your Friends




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--- --- --

Chronic Diseases

D R. H. TV OODR (1 F 7,

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diTh obs v *:rre NC
From ihe Nashville Christian Advocate

Brother Thomas Taylor, superintendent of our ,, n 3
gl in the Memphis . . to preside, the Vatican to St Peter s. The Pope was
.r Tennessee Com Ono. C. Cranxx, P. E. ried to his throne in St. Peter 3, which was n .. ., ,
ference He goes by invitation and at any re- julyG-3w nificently decomind with cloth of gold, si .
quest. I hope our Presiding Elders, preachers, **** yards of es
and people, will advise and assist him in his no I .hted with many
ble eforts to benefit the colored people. If a is The District meeting for Elberton District I
1 . .1rearly organized ten North Georgia Conference

pastors. No usan i nore hi t el net Will be held at New Salem, in Unnks county, rOREIGN NEWS.
man and Chri . est commencing on the 204 of .to .
Tennemies I s if to A. G 4- P. E. n me ans can

ri kv 1 ut e(orrby out his li lor care June 21st. 4w Florence, Jwne SG < 1 r tufehd r

nonecenn1 alloonifL rdh ml Int I e AtlantaDistriot-Changes. heJiuse thopriest lebut of tbJohifs d y
please. He has full authority to form eirmaits 1 T.,il., ,teuit, from Mt. on the national festival two weeks ano.
andstationsand supply them with preaching Ta = 1 1. . 11 I Saturdayand RomeJune20.-TwentythousandPriestanad SUNDAY SCHOOL VISITOR.1

lere her veAn 1 Conference of Sundtayn a 1 cuit, at Sand pring Camp ar hundred Betshopse re her rom all pQd e klE FIRST NUMBER OF THE NEW
I had apretty severe attack of catarrhal fever Gr .1 1 I -.= IS adSy in August. za convents. The celebration occurs on Satur- ,, .. ,. o* . .. . re .

6 ecuo n w 0 a r ra e . 41 ... st New Hope, first day. St. Peters is to be illuminated -The I
Saturday and Sunday in September, cholera has broken outhereand as reported pre- . ., .
H. J. ADAMs, P. E. vailing in Sicily.
.. 1 ./ i June28. 3w
Domestic Markets ,, *
e e yan 9 allroown ille,2c i gb cra To the PreachCrs f the South Georgia LArmer at warman. TEqM 8:
of several days--renewed old acquaintances and men
formed many new ones. T have a small amount of money on hand with Nxw You, .Tuly 1.-Cotton dull at 26) for "jeo q ne gfor 2 & or y

1.-,. ,, al ., 1-, also if SL5 50. Wheat dull. Corn dull; mixed West-
an I got 0 Tren a on Fri sy, t sh May, a p!? I is ,, si s school for ern, new, $1 05; old, pl 12. Lard dull.
., or 11 0 So. In I ar r l r .. .. 11, BALTIMonu, July 1.-Flour unchanged; new

/ NT...\ r 4 .. L -Ir r. r ... whi I;Tnhjbr30T; y lorn, wl e, $1 ( SO an unwo m, Agent,
.4,1.,..t..ri 10. .ats84. Coifecunchanged. Bugarfirm. marineTennessee

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Spartan@rg Distriet-Third Round,

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t I
Wadesboro Dist., S. 0. Conf., 3rd Quarter.


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Unparalleled Inducemental
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sor/ThratN OHRIsTIAN ADvocA'r;E. Volida d

I t.,-J ul. L T * 50HP, a la wal haew she would have thosearto lie near the figure in a very important sense. She says: SOUTHERN CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE
,' *]hude sensual r -e..1 r. .. ,i.e L.--l ia ...i (buried her to the right or 1 45 6 7 P1R T IN F D110 0 FI n,
r.ryouthusin. II.s verst. t =I.-r.,sicial..--.ustruckaboutfarefeet gggggy gggJgE THIRHLill I.*LL )
P ITEM TIA s r.rdT@h ** Is* abat I'mon servant of on b heater mark, and that I put aP God gives the unourner rest, so our sister nod is no a
r Liaiah you would give us ye experience which and enclosed the grave with an iron railing her immily can feel the deep consolations of the --o--- -
. .. sessic. -a sa.. ..., ... a -a That's the inet I can ever do for her, and I can Christian's hope. Some weeks after his un(lme- N ELKG ANT AND . i ri ter ,* .. F. .. ,
*PI. to. L a.** .... A at I. 1 .n, a take assure you it is on amall stalbrt to me now that ly death by drowning his body was recovered
or your china now and run with the children to I neither 1 12 age, nor touc anny miles down the river and buried at home
the not sheds. But first run into neighbor her away f. m gr t inI 1 and awaita theresurreetion of the just." . . .. ...-qae a.... ..
Lant's and ask the old lady if she will come in 11 r- 1.1.1- tit .,,, -.11 J. W. KELLY. 2,,, e-mar
and sit beside you to-night, no I' 1 .- is r..= r- .
some company round to the hotci .. .do; the old farmer came after her; I sup. AGEN $ BT titTER
Cove's pose he did not think a'mackerel boy'good gas. Many Jun Cases, wife of William CARTES DE luTis
When the door closed behind little Phcho enough to train her; but he was too late, I li Greer, I '. .i. r Richard and Sorena F *II Ott NEW ILLUMMAN WORK,
and her box of broken china, the m nister was mine, and will be till death severs us, sucker, do a a I Ga., M ty Sth, 1807. Mo or 1 8 AN [* TH ( F 1.* if li Iflat. I'ITRI- T
is I is.,= vt r r E- my frien =1. --: 1 sver had m any life except I 1 pious Oaptist parents, and

sal at ag to God a will in tha z aml it .. .. 1 1 we live alone without he In sheF% to sh oo f ee June AND Tli L 1E***STIAD, FATHERS -
the victory which has lifted me to where is ., r, a cr . .. 3.1 . 1 E to listen to the cover a ... . AND MARTYllS,
to-day--above high water made, where neither trying I ar. 1*"' tion of aged Christians, or to seek some secret
we gales nor waves can harm me," replied the fish- rowed the party3back to their hotel, and er 1 1 . spirit might TilE CHRISTIAN 11 an aggat 5, .. *.51 i5i v .1 vt NT OF 'rEl I
erman. Before I was eighteen y sis I' li "> .. I herl5th year, A NE.w Music soox a n .. .. .
promise had passed little Phebe's a v ... I sa as ... .- : .* .r. 3 ni or she hally embrneed Christ and joined the M. E.
me, to be married as soon as we were < 3 at r aor 1, r s. ,. . Church, of which she remained a worthy mem- ^tJhor of the Southern Harmony. J. W. BORR oto .
T ah 11 my future da s Her father was a pretty rich old farr ., -1 1. J ber till her death. For a year or more previous -:o:- RATES OF ADVERTISING . r m.
it I >.!.11 e..3, ... no., a 1 delay "llalfMoon toherdeathshe professedtoliveinchedaily verasquamortwelvenuesorless . .
i* * ** * ' I ve"- enjoymentof "perfect holiness"-feelingevery 7 HIS HOOK IS PRINTED WITil NEW .. .,,' ..

nature le m sters slip along. When my - y thatbe nelsPicoeb b aT oe raneo
5tt RR( father died here, the farmer told me I had bet- ten being able to attend the "house of Go Aprun-sm r
ter sell all the boats, ete, and try a new life. El During the last few months, her sufferings w .. . EORS
-- He hinted they wanted a bar keeperst the hotel, most intense; yet no murmur ever emeaped

THE PISHERMAlt'8 BTORY. andthat ashenpplied b thpourt en Praying and Doing, IdiCh. err 2 an andma lie 1 denu I WROLEBALE
ason meawma vans. c. gr en I' ." Bless the poor little children who haven't aged mother were with her Not long bef * GROCERS, AND RANEERS,

A party of amateur voyagers-swo gentlemen I woul, even for a wife!T'an unity eo 110 any beds to-night," prayed a little boy, just be lieer eath sh edled : ou{< l.,, HAYNE-STREET,...........................UHARL TON, 8
and t .r I,.. -- **-1 the cottage in Li T li I 1 1 .,i foredhe lay tdown no his nice warm cot, on a cold spoke of the sweet = religion, t all La

h inexperienced oaremen drew in the e uva Irae out th sea But I al an 0 tear her wmAs h ese from his knees, his mother said to themmtahdeo lay to her was my d kc that Cler 1102 and 1104, Bansom St., Philadelphia. VINCENT R TOMMEY, JOSEPR 8. BTEWHT GEORGE W. WILLIAMS E Sq.,

surduPa ve 151des td ath eahe d aAn nn awa raini her home '. 1 .1 ,i Tot hief You have just asked God to blems the poor was, to her, bu. . alet-but one steP ron sALE BY Newton ,0.. oxford, sa COTTON FACTORS,
rise of rock covered with scrub pines and red kee ., I...I. = = : II .. ... lea children: what will you do to bless them7" and the soul would be acryse ..1 T 1 .MMEY & STEWART, churchatreet, charlessons. er
runners-opened before them, and seemed to husband-she was niacteen then and1wastwen- The boy thought a moment. ( 1 or la 1. unh r . swans or ass annane in
beckon them lutottes s Itu.toTued, add e Sa ree dwo led o etme okb be ee ourse v dg vaedta hundred eakes, enough for oe doe edang6rdea d HARDWARE. WILLIAMS, TAYLOR A OO.,

r : .> ar s n, E finding a dwelling er up at the new brick hotel, mother 7, M But you have no eakes.' plied, No, No, N but if 1, CO 31 MI 8 SION If ERCH KN T 8,

*35 e T ey wer brickM. 0 b uri djet ni n t a t It ga tanoneh eno I = 1 j r ag such g lou a use Lt" ..eunt wanseame cockwliwhen a mys--a". set union-same, w. T.
shore, with no means of reaching it but by o' Well,' says 1, I .- .* you like to live a But you haven'* 1 .ir ,:1. ri 1 nor hl1t afg na- e an 1 .1 FULLY CALL THE ATTEN IL A xtransws, was.Assown, 7 . r.r
wading-a must undesirable mode for gentlemen on a farm ? I think of making some little all you want, and I I ,' And thus without a at Morgan. Worgia ...
in patent leathery, andi ladie a holid at re change in li y ed she, what has put that want to know what you will dosto bless the poor NE I ....... a is . ..r .1 is i.i. ., R. ,L, MA'$"I'llE $ & C

e burs / childishla hter at 01 rrily, I inton sh tdh r INWe you remember that rolled u aev nomb mde be read is mine." up the happy soul F Ps . ,. LL COMMISSION MERCilAltTS,
their earsand told them they were within call I was taken away from the sound of the 1 pl could earn money, and buy a loaf a n sanarrydracm artwwwronsc.

re a s he r tu e liht na d be p th t h ih unow areWI rlosow Mash3 RTH Ab wVENABLE W 0' SUNDAY SEBtilCE AND DISCIPLINE .. ... ... apsesar carter wry,
cove, stood a rough looking man in his shirt- contented with you.> willing to give to help the poor ?" I d the M. E. TE WISH TO CALL THE ATTENTION
sleeves, with his pants rolled up and his feet "I never told her what the old farmer had The boy thought again. humble unas- .. . NOW READY I
bare, spreading out nets to dry; while a child, said, and there it dropped. "I'll give them half my money. I have ly attached to her Church .. . .. a-a
four or five years old, in a pink sun-bonnet, "I told Ruth to take her choice-to come to eight conta, and I'll give them four. Wouldn't TS ag{I a who knew her best loved The Wew Sabbath School Singing a FEnaces
prattled sweetly to him, as with mimic care she 2 = r her, or to that be right ? Itor most. Her picty shone brightest in the Book,
awept the top of the rock with a tiny broom. r ur cents would not go very far in making y q . .. T II EGOLD EN P ROM I 8 E "
Do you thank my floor saelean now, uncle?" wherever she wanted me to. She I!. so poor that it had no bed, as comforta-
she asked, and then added, "It must be very come here then; that she didn't enre I I well provided for as you are. Four four years with droney, which had prevented her nY T. E. anxTas.
clean before I not my tables and spread out ag pet or a sofa; and said she'd be very tender of cents toward food and clothes, and books and a 0 ** ? constantly the house of God. . -, - .
chana, and- my mother, and should be ashamed to wait for, bed, for such a one, and four cents just for pen 1.- as a neglect the private means of

be can autd or ion afrdownh the boat stopped her to die; and so we set Thankssiving day for I cils or candy for yourself, don't seem fair." a I ng her Bible and private prayer -- -- ------ E WILL SEND A SPECIMEN COPY, .

In alland tone thTe serinan a fo a r thi Itnet the old man pp al the l9wi 2 a et gi" 1 1 .1 Master call wrest soar 1her The Church of the strangers,>> pose para. to;my nearess, on reemps or twenty sprn em
in hal ny . 5, who came in from the NEW YORK
...' fan tnute." And being gray 1.1 vife; -M .. I was made softer Iarm, when she told him she felt confident she DR T J. GR WE

f leow ... 1 n90 nigl n y t okforets pC i < ulld diche A sI th time fore ad ea ed REV. DR. DEEMS, Pastor. Sabbath School Afusicfree every month. DENTAL 5 UR GE O N.
have rn over the velvet pass. The oars that there wasa ladies school ly, and that numstering spirits watched hs Ior dying bed and gave them her farewell TRANGERS is III .. Ili song every ----q--4 - n -- -

'. ?.."")d h e en to go el w net @adt on th onin nbunrahe had necohm I 8sbecau ru .1 3 n em sr@ive, durai er Ed arht nodie Afe e MFritsb J. 11. ROBSON,
th a rernan ot. =u ri ritf he^He hene 30 tasindrathilmightha himsefetnxt? i. i c na tt td he mh djumd i nI toslbe cautusvifusms.ny. ,,,, J. BVASHBURN & CO., Conamission Merchant,

a board This reached to within a few feet of forgive me for not marrying, but not for desert and wish God would be kind to them and take No.62EASTB.1YCHARLEsfoN,8.0,
the dry sand; and wading far into the water he ing or grieving my mother. He was polite care of them. Perhars they even pray to him COTTON FACTOR 8 AND
led the .1 . ,i 1 of it, and then, enough to call use a fool, and so I bid him good I I n, as on I ..1 1 in my story. But I done, he was with the angels
taking :. I them to spring might, and woot home in a worse tempest than a. of them would have ,, I prounse GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS,
on shore drove you la here, God do all the work. They don't want to help
"Now," he said, "I11 get the ladies off and oI had one or two letters from Ruth, very much; they don a want to give away much that I'Awroat, two my sr., sAvawwAu, on- umanness-
shelter them till she sl ower blows over;" and kind but very timid The next news was, she is their own; they don't want to trouble alone- -0-
taking the hand of the matron of the party, he found somebody to fill my place that pleased her solves much about it. They do not really love -- Mash, Illinds and Doors,

ce ruitoons li dd a d rde ye i telm 8 an Tlernft wan orun--prow their poor neighbors as they do thenisches WILLIAM M. VAsson was born in Amherst AT NEW YORK PRICES, I'cf u s a Ti ot e adeen es. "
her to a dry rock. Returnior to the boat, he my foot on dry land Then I knew wh 6 David co, Ida., archdi thalrHil. tl arly in life hoorce wholesale Parniture Manufactory, mov in gnews in and mays-um
I v..rt 1 : I I in si I ] .. nI meant when he said, "All thy waves and thy Wishing for Grandfather's Eyes filicon years ago he joined the '1 1 Church,
I i. is J. 1 1 -1 billows have gone over me.' I had professed for N little M ra better leased than South, at Dahlonega, and afterwards married immunim oi Let 3 is woon, on. n. swor.s, Amonew now, a parawn. B. A. WISE,
e. In L. t ** -1 11. I' three years submissionto Christ; but I now who s, in a walk wthher grandfather; for MissSusan L. SaronannoniabIch'cthodistia. June7-em WharistreetMaconGa. President, Seeretary, Treasurer. Cherry Mtreet, Maconges.,

t handling. But I ness I can get then a ove Pn othe work wasn bC4unran a ade Tnifor he was so kind and gentle, and talked to her aof2 I Ge ., and died in the same county 0. w. MassEY v. s. Janusess., GEOR GIA L OO M smans,

at e irk withoutdb aking them." Thi witnhdm will, but really, I wanted to rule my out a rthj w I assan ant (01. Varnum was extensively and favorably COTTON GINR. -*=- HOUSE FITRNISHIWG IRARDWARE.

oa d abose on t hhotr d Tn'doenica th y nI bi odmmn e rsd he .f they saw any ants at work, Oh oh I j ser ughouI the St a 1 us u3en -:o:- MANU FACTURING COMPANY BILVER PLATED GOODS,
wares were soon landed without breaking. I must and I should have my own way When he would say, a what makes you so busy, when always his ten inm mpanion, and wears u Combination of skill and PracticalBxperience ANUFACTURERS AND PLANTERS, GLAWCHINA*ANDEARTHENWARE;
Follow me now, friends," said this rough my will was at the highest, one night, I felt none of you have any rent or tax to pay ? Ent its leaves many evidence of thoughtful perusal. looks yourmteressaanadows ran weanal sea. cGALOILANDKEROSENELAMR
o or f getnht] seartdf a delil entehrtain of pl ies coo tde altsmuch oojerTahnad e"ow it s:pyoureatwork forboeue ano hr flis last ilhneess a rot fd umooth b -:o:- je neandingnexedoor to sherosome.,anne* ** TABLEANDPOCKET CITWaERT,

hav ey tkzu5coulddd ome ree or four saksdhefirtstdme rouCxall the storowtha b whendwe ha not lenfpro for ourselves, we re retired to to room where he had been E UNDERSIGNED HAVING COSI- =rr ri unsTr 1 1 PROVED SELF-AWING ER E D WARABROOMA BRUSH@, FEATH

a f en iTre i a "et their redyes> he camedto Hee brot e Pnm r t kas d er te sa a e Ir n I secret eev o -- . , II 4 1 D & 4 D PO WER LOOMII E thy LLOW WARE, tWOKING UTEN Od OP
look at the rare sight of strangers to you, but o d, 1* v .) .. ] :.. Well, Mr. Bussabout, will you tell us what
Raising the lateh, the fisherman threw open that, I trod tr r ,, , you are doing? But we understand it very well, preparation gave dm" Er AA BEALL. J. H. SPEAM W. H.POWER
the door of his dwelling, and stood back while ten silver under my feet. He led me up and and will learn a lesson from you. Mind, Myra, e nal "en, ahnen I -. ope ure s . . BE ALL, SPEARS & OO.,
Ass vientore entered a common room, which was placed me on a rook above high-water mark, and that as the bee gets honey from every flower, you r dy, and when aw J nd
the perfection of neatness. The lioor was well from that day to this-ten years-I've never and I get good from everything t utterance of speech, he held up his nd oO er eand moreRe ble WAREBOUSEAND COMMIMIONMERCHAm.
eeoured and sanded, and overapread here and been once in the deep. Then I told my blessed In thIs way Myra used to h eartained hv d
there with gay mats of rage braided or orns old mother all the struggle, and testified to God's her grandfather, who lio. In e upon) . BreProofWarehouse, No, 6, Aphl18t.
mented in applique. The stove shone glorious mercy in breaking my will. Evehad no ly in its sable polish, and the crockery and tin and 'will' since then, to a faded leaf which was almost ready to fiell anexxaxxo nown worn exsavou.
were glittering on the open "dresser." The "Theold manseemedbent on bar-keepers, fromthetree. TITILLGIVE STRICT ATTENTIONTO
whole length of the mantlepiece---save a apace and poor, easy Ruth married one. Her only One day, after Myra had had a pleasant walk VT as and sale or corrow, eats, BAcow
at eack end for a tall brass candlestick-was failing was, that she always yielded to the one with her grandfather, she satdown to do a little TV. S. B. nous therrrounce
that had her in hand for the time, be it who it sewing with her mother, and then they talked -
u e d fa r 0 to 0 ae h br B o TY ,Ma t MEYkJOHNSON '!ibl"L1till.Lill afty"[.II,1Nints.uplJ c M M

design; but the result was a deformed rooster; Well, years passedand every now and then Oh, if I had his eyes, I should see all that -
an from nails at thebwindowside am shears, poorRutnhoansheh n andealthe hlidtlewassai hee eswhenhwearewalekingtogether; but now afflote2andalways 61 equentlhwhileinmi d fromisemrardeensewevelonwatum moneasy. DR. T. W. MASON

h 6 eedd an da a sigBouoma 3 k aeo7 mnaemble k adtbr d ewe di d 1 Lt yo No!-t tisiso ry Htranqjj ru h h la few d a fore her death shentold m he Jewearn as tastas any Fastory Looms ESPECTFULLY TENDERS HIS BER-
humaelf with coat and shoes for the occasion, no baby in the grave together. These hands helped sight is not what it used to be; and then, you we be in heaven. nor THE cost oW THE OLOTHING OF A FAMILY * .- a n I. *Le
wife aphpeaered to ntertaindhe(tle girl?" asked ICre theboofin, asdthe had ddon before tb j d u sthet I se is in large print, he is Reideville, June 12, 1867. ASTOR. CAN EE SAVED BY ITS USE! . ... . .. . ,M

reSn r nladiemoofth seen nesdat e t upooechild.grTh ecserosetao thanYes anothepebutfor allthathecausee more enr o To A 5 h s / From Five toTen Dohars a day can be made on it. , \.. . .. .ss
strah e3from undeer qr amn-bonnet abouhi talke little Ptbemetach a agi ch Ithl at alTelldm whda on mean, love, for I cannot WASHINGTON CO, VA. HE GRAND T ? ENTItT PO f tT- ITS PARTS ARE SELF-CHANGING. ." ,, ,,g*. r .. ,

"Is th a your father ? was worth to have her, and work for her myself; a Why, when we walk out in the fields and

vm a father?" e letsu adPolks1 u dlan hGatdyouw b so onkes n ry irri5 he says he TR FALL 8ERRTON RE WR ON TFFE DRUGS AND MEDICIMES,
Yes, ma'am-" the child, and promised him to be a father to a

dhoe a show Nobody knows. I guess he herd n el at the hotel with a boat gran f hMr aja h Inotyograndfhthers ense SOAPS AND PERFUMERY,
don't know himself. He often don't know load of fish, and who should be there but this to open the eyes of your a. I --
where he is;" and after this burst of words Gorman, making a fool of himself, and there wu you a heart to love and tr' ' wind ow Glass and Putt 7,

""'.. "a'"t' ?.9bhen scan la eb ulnepa d gh i in th bann! thenda enjunallno coaly n I.r
ing of my hair with grandma's big shears! He child about the world, another vagrant. . -- KEROSENE OIL, Mo., Ero.
put the earls in her big Bible I want to see "Insked him why he did not put her where. H WAS COL G ONROp
them ? She's gone to see God now, and we're she would have care; and he said no one would 11 10 eMALL, NEA1 Abil Liulil, ver salerow by
go g by-and-by." take her. Then I said, 'I'll take her and make , , , , .
re the little prattler was stopped by the her like my own ebild." And he said he'd give Not larger than a common Breakfast Table. MBERT H. TATEM, Da 4 a
entrance of the fisherman, outwardly a new man, her to me for a pair of new boots. oo savannah, ea.
Going to meeting, uncle ?" cried the child> "I went out with. him and bought boots and My friend, Thos Eison and his wife, Mary J. IT IS MADE IN THE MOST WORKMANLIKE MAN- April 6-17
in amesement at the unusual sight of the Sun- a hat, and knowing he was not in a condition to Eison, with severe r .1 .. r members of was,
day garments on a week day. make the transfer lawful, Ibrought him and the their family left 1.. L*. Ir I, C., last 1611 MASON & HAMLIN ORGANS WILocar de Cibrans=
"No, child," he answered, takingachair and | child home in my boat. The next day we went for East Tennessee. > earl laArms oraoodmaterialanananaeomelyvarnished. SEWING MACHINES
jumping Phebe on to his knee. "I dressed up I before lawyer, and I adopted little Phebe, and BEATTY HUGHES, a 800 of Mrs. Eison hv a roR

hapu my eeudanpany p r sTels 'shTett a dat folhkes tTh taTrnm himalsobord formhusband was the Idb n ofathedhi en Churches and Fasnilies. rr 18 VERY SIMPLE, AND EMILY UNDEMTOODI FOR SALE IN TRE FOLLOWING PLACES:
than none in such a gale. I think it will pass and a supper whenever he comes round; for, and embraced religion and joined the Church in E ARE PREPARED TO FURNISH Zivery thing is Pagmed by Turning a Crank. N ATLANTA, GA, BY MR. AND MRB. C.
over, and I hope the waves won't be very high. bad as he so, I can't forget that he was her hus- Dec., 1866, after reaching his Tennessee home, the above useful and beanual monuments at New n ., M. nancer.,
Perhaps you will be able to get off awhile after band." and was drowned in the French Broad, M-- price. r anon a.P.coran r. . a .
sundown." And about your mother?" asked one of the 17, 1867, during the prevalence of the -
After suridown ?" cried one of the gentle- guests. occurring at that period. Beatty was a tr .
men. "I wfical beatthehotel before the mail, "Everythinghereis justasshe leftitwhen generous youthfull of hope and cheerft ,,,,.If *COUNTYRIGHT8FORSALE . *
goes out." The Asherman leaned forward, and she fell asleep a few months ago. She was an and much admired by those who know
looking into the speaker's face with a smile, humble, holy woman, sir, nod God saved her the His immediate family were all ver- 7 ..- cirew ., ..
said, "You are a minister, sir, I see b the cut pain of dyin ;" and throwing open the door of The subject of religion had oec r .. -
ryournst hu for all the lashou doentmbe whbed-rood herad that might profit you more than your own do. sleep. It is a holy place to sne now; it's where He convened much and closely n e
The man in the pulpit learns more from books I hold communion with heaven it a my closet. on the subject. He was converted .. *, -, .. . .. , ^"" . .. .....JonN n we MANArms,

dran3 read o' al ernhe 3a n edoes a It 3Ta) re a ne THE DINCIPLENE, ,,, , 1,10 1 1. TURJ[ G G Y Alf Y, OPGEOnezAnaronws.
Ye given them up altogether They don't < Hefore yon go I will show you where Ilaid he felt safe." He was anxious to be useful .r *. Bars. Enn
move God, and we may as well submit to his her," said the faithful son. The town-people his mother and young aisters-had gained *
sus first as last. It's no use saying *I will said it was barbarous not to bury her in the hearty love and conSdence of his venerable a

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