Group Title: Southern Christian advocate (Macon, Ga.)
Title: Southern Christian advocate
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Title: Southern Christian advocate
Uniform Title: Southern Christian advocate (Macon, Ga.)
Physical Description: Weekly : ;
Language: English
Publisher: J.W. Burke & Co.
Place of Publication: Macon, Ga
Macon, Ga
Publication Date: June 28, 1867
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Macon (Ga.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bibb County (Ga.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States of America -- Georgia -- Bibb -- Macon
Additional Physical Form: Also on microfilm: Athens, Ga. : University of Georgia Libraries.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 29, no. 1 (Jan. 5, 1866).
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Volume ID: VID00043
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Vol. XXX.----No SG.

Charleston Method

eivered ef a ha

Seeretaryof Met
Charleston, June 11

3 0
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b just had cele

Your Society is thor
gin, spirit and design
n of An n

that Church after the
erishing influences of
a... .
p..r .
port a more extended
number of ministers st
vious period in its hist
Your Society is re
and only form in wh
Church mingled in its
its administration. Y

bp smal neously
-the introduction of l
In answer therefore
dress you, I have supp
sugghested b these sta
The religious syste
brothers d theirann


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the part of some, wh
widely circulated, to
not surprising. Cote
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gins to 5 recognized
once marked all allusio
are fast disappearin
graphs are much few
191acanley in his brilli
tory has inscribed hi

,, .. I .. I..t

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---- r * *p. *** * -

ian de


0 lislay, wis 28. 1967. Nmnber 1613

ist Charitable & .. ... .. .. a ..I a . I rk.- . .. . . .1 ur. i. 1,r ..r.4.. Mr.- looming e..,:L5 r.o treal-t = L 7. Ph. I lie
.. st. .2-, .... r .. .. . ... ....a, ... r ... I .3.- 4,i.e. reer.r greach.r .Dul wh.. e as I a I
>.. s. .,, . r a 1, r .. .a. ...... :- we . 5 ..s.. am .f earve .].d mw ace.g..arly n, my r { I .
RI u. ... ...... .. t. at.r . r re **El shaa rrmog.r own r plure. wher--tail I be at
t society a t . I Ti ...g I., -1 I -r... I.- ni ,- r,..,=>.1 draw raeraton 14 my .11sL ra .2 ar, an..r

Sinni. O times the he listened and join the Church, was by no meet e as no Word of God wHeb is read, ad th B

h is C rt e ty ii r / ai, I 5 armmon proe armedTibistphreoem nin r .rr /mpier.r .es; v ..1. Ir r
th, 1867. .. I = e . .. 2. the nature of their oiBoe, were called much a .. r....r r. us..s, us.... Its t...rr. a fa n
for the t o wi% w ich his brow was clothe tAo t en a lof ju et nothatdo sele@ a 1..*, ..3..1 s.*,r w- 1 lin. .1. 1
sy-88 0 . L I ...- To such a great length was this ministry of ven- lowed, resulting in controversy, heart-burnings after eloquence, or popular preaching, or origi-
. .. .r rd them as level- geance at one time carried, that the leading and spiritual dealension. Will is he denied that sality, or swees made, my bears will not be in a
demands. Be- mindsof the Church inst = 3 I i* si in the existing views of the Church we have state to desiresupremely, companion with God,
is n .. I issole, universal in paragraph urging the n **,, a a or made great progress upton these crude ideas of spiritualrefreshmour, growth in grace, and the
, 4. 5 their application it rejects necessarily any doctrine of manetification or perfect love more Church government? le not our present ad- man blessings they receive who wait upon the
,, , ** ** I I* ** == .. termsof threatening. This ministration much more in harmony with the Lor rather than area. Perhaps the evil of

.1, -1 r I ..ig et 0- 11 eaeut.' ar ,ased within the revollection of mission of Christ who came aave zoen's ives lvagraney ioolitilton an a bt to be our 4,

ration in the Northern = :=>..o ** ... eem gic aTe opp 0 ews of doctr f*C IL* -mkdW a ^Uew areM MA real i I' f. Is. as
found There is no longer in -i ,- .: 1 , < v 1 1 inestion asked at every I br.-r ... .te.r .mar **-
oughly identifard in art- and ever spot *fear consee ated ground." fusion of Bind and a . and Quarterly and Annual Conference. The ques. Csr..rar.. uteraway ar n. c.u.- a. el 1=,ru
with the great Southern As to the Chuseh, it holds that an body of sounds from each are s. . 6 much tion involved a conspicuous feature of the prev. ber that the prisoary object of attending a
Ma di rge sus lo5 Us in men ny o is b 1 h tT n t I annisin h dq e la n&A no i ne unh onante th I as Go a nu v3rdip RM do is a Spids

disorganising and impo a : .-. r I ... 1 = > Christian expe love of Christ constraineth" much more than pected to be frequent, and the predommant ides
a fierce civil war and adi r. a = ill I c i "> interposition or the fear of hell impels. Now, more than ever of discipline in the Church was well illustrated TION
1 which, your manipulation can import grace, but that the before in Christ living, anifering, bleeding, dy. r -rated Father Dunwody, WAY TO SEEE BALYA
..i. issued, re Spirit of Goda oie can eleansefrom ein. As to ing, rising, intercedingfor pardon and sanctifica- as. 1. I l... ri condition of the work No slauer can seek eternal IEfe aright, none
territory and a .. i 1 .. r 1 ... .6 holds that tion, realized in the Church. over which he was preacher 2n charge, he can seek it in earnest, whose seal is not per-
ationed than at 3 la spread of 7. : ] .1 declared that he "had received three and vaded with the conviction of his pped of a
ory. scripts I oli s!' I thodism in short, as I-- a I J s expelled nine members, and so the good work change which must be wrought by the power of
presentative of the early expounded, predised and ..m s: 1 Iv John that was traceable in connection withathe early goes on.'' Eat that question nowfande no plaw the Holy Ghost. The soak must again sitand
ich the laymen of our Wesley, is a soletan protest = =1.- folly of ministry. Southey and Taylor have made a in any partof theDiscipline-ithandisappeared face to face with Gad, as in tr.. 1..... as I ...
councils and influenced Ig 1 1 1. I 1 r . the one vast ado over the superstition of Mr. Wesley with the introduction of the noble ideas now creation. This convention cane s 1 ...r,.x..-q
our anniversary is cele- I 1 4 .1.- af radi. and his followers and find in it great = f Church administration. Those lead to helpless ipaetivity. As cannot teropt to

{fito h ajacuh ronomoena clims therefore, or retoad that tb no reasm if not merriment.1 Bu(n Sir. Wesley resort. Te r e son eer ya uni n da da 5h unse of moral
aymen into its legislative and I .1, I . 1 a ; u . 6 ., r. ...J .au r. rnw-r i.- 5 e.gur ;-it no I >
:1 r one of the inmates of the house, = = 1 1 1. . meeetion, I may state is ar t.l I ..1 m re pr I soily rbs r..- [ my,
to your invitation to ad- its power, be ov thrown or absorbed, but the that a ghost was in the house than in Luther principle, that the maintenance and a rose I on .. .e=.-e =<.?..11 0...11 up I 0- mianner L*
osed the line of thought ideas of which it is representative are desired 1..,ri; I, . ( .. .i. L ] an imaginary despotic power is eminently a feature at pian.I. Him who only esn redeem.
events to be appropriate toeaPt jraiversal triumCh.elt adhudi et great g and to entirize Mr. We a i e8s a on titutidonal o ern abs, wrb 1 .. .. ..- .- J 1 / el

m founded by the Wesley decide whether id irecteifortabareaccomplish. him the whole of Methodism, because of this is eminently a feature of intellectual, r-r ri r nigh I rt.M 6- -- -- <
pee s, was eylicentlyice ee ed more tl an its indirect influ cer Nodimpa aranless elief in a 1 1 ] ] vtuous nations, a ad was a de peut I "pastr the

., ,, .,, ., a adue o e qu n goo pen a se rboa re d, the rde Cl inkann I a

,, a 11. 11 1- I IE-. I ... I . .i .rs is 1.
ordinary stamp oreeds are indeest retained, but th r. 1 .te- ta o Aa..:.
blybeenadispositionon ...1 illise- = ri amid r -- La e-arr Nove.. e..s... It 4.11
ose muttering have been to 11 .. 6.- ., a : fi- 5 * ., . r .hr it. Fa.s, fa .. cr radams, He .. these
underrate him. Tbia is thought and tges of character v.1. = r .* l a la : .-.4 sepsed, as .2 => 2 ** rr la.- an users. a
mporaries and rivals are modes produce am essentially transformed. The ing still born it was unbapt sed and therefore . 15- c.i. Ir..... sep e. I c.; t.. .=;. wilful
. ,, I .. . .4 ....,, .,,,,, ,, ,r = -re, the unlitfor consecrated ground To each intolera- I nees in sin; by nothing else:

. The asperities which them are all changed. this slight tendoney to superstition among our n. I .r lone with God. It in the joy of Christian
ns to him and his system, Methodism has exploded in the popular mind fathers-a relio of former ages, for in thecentu- T n..nar.. ...r .. I am. u in re
, and disparaging para- the sacramentaria7ideasthat remained of the Re. ry in which Mr. Wesley lived is must be remem- u r-- r [ an..-, r.=. I wr. .hs of grace
er than form . I .re r I witches were burned both in this country ir. .,r ,i c. Ir. .. -.r. it, t Jr ICl
ant volume o .. . r .1 g. .. 3 IEurope-this faint tendelicy to superatition a utterly repad ated I 1 .. a. -. no ., a r crew a '. = II
alame 1 .1 .1 i I ,i .1,.; si .> 1 1 I 1 L utterly swept away by his own teach a d d 6 r fr .. pr ...r . c. 7t. I / tl arms. mWe

2 r ** .... ity, in theory, is an unchangeable vir , : t ... M We can gather eromal you with our solicitudeal
- : .. 1 1 I .. a. ,oe ey t lea morne cox8nprerce t this advanced idea of the Reformati .

r let me addthatal t !has ismuchbore of an this age on his point Cruel amusements that form and conserve inexpressionared Ae ea and there phead. for on; but there our work
J; ra ** ideal and priveda than an organization-sts were then regaraca as legitime indadgen*** es.=nnam. Wemust, ire reowethatwemay,
1 I only danger as an organisation in the dis for Christians and ministers, have e the ., am 7;. thiirb-e one, in to his own
/ integration, possible by the adoption of its prin ,, Iased upon its intellectual was neither at I hilea ical" sanuse with God.

.. :, !::,2
;.h @ 8 v e t
we a heir 1 hp of itstl lin ern stian

. ... r . .. ?in.
DE 1118 .. .... f .1 r.... .1 ne= be
repented, aba doned, or we lose our erown.
r a persecutions, without
nd Enfluence ofTempter r title to the Divine

lipur. ,r. . A. J. D.

f slans a he cr. as J *mps ... s r er = 1...... mnected with the life
ref n, an one .r ar- F. Or, t.nea hearial r .tr r ar,.. ., ..r servant of God and of
farry = r.I. In to a ,-a- I r,- F l.=;.- ra sun F. .s .ca .. perhaps, proAtably be
vemr.ricable tshe.rr.I uses 4.r.r .an .sign.-. r r 1. I i. . ,_ r. = > be desired that an
arsaliariq me.g d.-r.II. upa **sa in or a r a. I r,..,,, a ., .... who had been ae"
Tr. ye 11 hel rn they m..cors .r 1 ,,.,1 .r..r. r. rs, ab .2 .s the ilre of young
see ,ar.. Int . *. 5-* rail .1.. rk... work. However, a
4 e. rt., .5 .. Ia. ar * ==4 . ... h younger than E-

no manag am |u 4.1. A re r no. .. Ipw pl ; Wri .,**F... 1 1 I
Lbe WhqPh is d I rt, r.. .4,. ,p .... ,.. . .; ..

p r..r fli, s...1 .1, 1.,,. ar. .4 ** = I -r* ** a
ably I.*r. .c sh. .are c so, s: on et..... a s I a..s.. ? e. .r rs 4 sh = e' '
mer.nially...srr.Ira rue II., gr....w. .. .1 1 man --a great devotion sad a great mistake. His

"4:"?:.:,'? .:: .............. ... ... d do we v n j at annin salewith
slaves ,r 1 ... .sr ..-, sis.I. u..-y .ir... .' to a gelist; a seal unusual, even in those days of
ignise of deppedence upon God, and develop ite Methodist martyrs. If is mistake consisted in
p orel [ e.,-, , .,, .i , as,,,,; el., ...rit ,. his energies in the ilrst few years of
^" 5 it.... or.. ..-1 ..,- 1.- 1 **y, so as to erapple them for all the re-
dire ... I e* I "
deal.rr- N, .-r -- A met. I r iv many of the mighty men, who led our
for ar.s 7 P.srez.1 L.asp; .. 2- = -rli =- rar. .=..1 host a half century ago, a favorite
arrorwar.s .r ..11,..5 ar. -...*at 1. .1 was, "better to seen out, than to
. rease.,r.-c.m. note them that are exercised rust cut" Hence, wnth amazing industry they
,,,ty traveled, nod with amazing vehemence theY
-loun pre h re vertehtol je3 as 3
preached three or four times daily: therefore,
The antials of the (Thurch are foll of remark they must not mind preaching twelve or fifteen
all-s al.ari ar.-,<. La r we r- = ..I al.,, s week. Besides this, came exhortation,
e.nary arner ... .5 v 5 s -r =>... .:- classes, an almost daily duty, praymE

.. 1 / h it/ue ions ode ref el non and angin t I a
L - 1 :.. nd Job, were Vaseterritoriefstretalyed out before the gaze of

and goodness h e ear imme e hm st h housan

?3 4.'C'"it "i" "-" '" "I'"'/ ch thp o
asB.< pl .- al.r. Even sa "go Thewordanid"go? The Church
our San r ur, glorywas inade perfect a. and myriads of perishmg souls used
tbranch ,.rri-noc. [n the infant Church, '
**Jearnin, thed.. E. 1 .mrreligionwas carrying In such a case, it is not surprising that a
the populace of all Palestine with him, shd rap young man of naturally ardent temperament,
),ill inds-rmr r. force Milch threatened the and fared with a new-born love to God, should a a rt= national establishment, when throw himself into the strife for souls with a -

one.hi r... -., y 1 a: I :.Is . t those who knew him in his younger days any
,pp.] sr. rs r Ir.., . .[... rn. L, -, that he labored. He preached day and night
oi .ng r..n., wl....r .. I apr= an E = *' *( *II is < 1 "not only r = L p. .-= i.r ... A I 1. I ' L " re.- Then, he
the only foundation for the perpetuity and pro- - -- me I. > n, no doubt,

s. I e m from hi mTo others of lis d y3e limb ad frequentt y t "any
.c. .:. .se to his friends; "but within meeting altars all night with the weepinger re-

tio f rho ip rhe ex uted th etran join chundredeprudent connell 1. .] i. li .
could hard made litt e further progressi in the ad upon him and restraine .r .? I(. I ...i., gi., *
b.s a La rr-,rs I no ..,r, ..., I r
it,..:,=, . .. as < e. 1 .. *

1:12;. -,; .
tr.orerx v. P. from 8

r sins t ards

[Isr .mi r CI life, did he obtan a fol, satisfactory 2nflation of
la s..r ,*r.r .. . : ..I them; and many times he would have to lie for
rr rry ; ., 6 i. =' .1 . 1 .i .. I I 3

",g n, r so. ,,, after, he tried the itinerant ministry, until he r., e. <1 1 1 5 ,, yielded in despair; and being granted a super-
t tati 1 sno new things theiveridsa a .rs ..s, .

et a Nuote a eat unke whearihl Some may be found, who would blame the
ater than those of others; for the same or rashness of his = 3
at afllietions have been met and overooms by mean between to
good in all ages. But we should rather can tTlybi he y el
Ifna as teh e b rylloine every night, hilelth .

who have spoked in the narixe of the Lord, for 3
an exa le of suffering aftliction, and of pa- the judgment
tience.m ehold, we count them happy which Therearesomeostheoppositeextreme. There
endure. Ye have heard of the patience of Job, a 1 c T

temptations." The power of satan is limited, incubus upon the Conference food for superannu.
and with the temptation, there will always be a sted ministers.
way or escape provided; and withal, a glorious Indolence was no part of the composition of
reward conferred. the subject of this sketch. From his known
2 In their present depressed condition, the character, it may be inferred that heated I., .
CI.....r, a : the South need consolation and en- the principle, "a quick stroke and a fellow so
,s .srs:- ..- .. In thelrdinations they aredonied it." When a community had been melted un.

ake Idoudi Ch sonnesy spathyo by those dwho rt tha ce the reached word, he toi
taking us ethe hand, when we have fallen not leave them thus to be gathered into other
see 0 'sandm tr t nkoThe shundj f rdlP amin wthe e he

to 4 in us the essence of all evil as the cause There is a tide in the affairs of men, which
of our calamities, tarn to be our enemies, and must be taken attheflood. HanniballoatRome
take up a reproach against us. Miserable com- because he hesitated to enter a city prostrate at
forters are they all! But there is one sensola- his feet. Napoleoneometimes deemed it needfill
tion in the midst of all our tribulations. We to lose thousa ade of men in a single charge;
are in good company. Our Saviour and his but that charge won him a decisive victory.
causewerepersecutad; Luther and the Reforma- Eternity alone will reveal how muchwasgain-
tion were maligned; and Wesley's Methodistle ed by the noble selfeaerifices with which many
movemerit was rejected as a fanatical heresy; of our fathers threw themselves into the moral

e aus rpo a 1 tsh sm, whi h woubl ot erwise man
tion and destruction h ve been inscribed been gained,
a tr. 1 r of pereeont on from the days Neverthelease, whatever we may think of his

r heCuhn a thapoor affldcte prudperse there seems to no o th about he

rr ad t A friend elates: If rat became acquainted

r f j g e' service, he says: a He kept up his regularap-
d of ointments and preached with great zeal, accep-
.. r and ability and enecess-becoming one of the most

trol as @7T Ter he inhtalte I in, a fero who

arm., I -- rb=, i. re urof tohoude and whereverhemetwith anopports a II r ur; .4 r laId, I nity to do good
have set before thee an open door, and no man IIe then states that he had been the means of
can shut it "-"for thou hast a little strength his own conversion by one of those earnest re-
mai l...I Cso li a -1. I 1,,-, 3.,, .1 Am marks in private, for which he was remarkable.
non.. ft-s..] ] 1 no a .,..,mi.<, I rd that Rev. JosepleTravispenhialively autobigraphy
a a .1,,,5, rr... L. <, rn r.... <.1 > r., * FI it in 19" J wree B. Turner, an
6wn." Allwe have kept His word, and hair I.... n a., as I r. good and useful

.1ru n La 1. as t I Graph r, rotabas a superannuated relation to the
we 1.,11 is.L. ., we II cm a 11 -.. .5 s...i le is,. r. I -.

a g at I, ea. Iron a pl -1 1 * =is.. . n ," r as 5

seetarian peculiarity of Methodism, to expressit

r u (1 in we me to

there eneased, bring it forth, hold up its naked
beauty and present it usincumbered for the in- *
and admiration of succeeding centu- ,, , .. r . . .

R teet e adr o tm the character tri etin to ministry and its chureb go ernm
of which was eminently immutable and regres- revolt a 1 I *

ir silmis ne a ceyeeanticeip fengpi v le doettine and church government. They
spectators and shares, allot a2 In o mi lw tl e 11 semtherefore tha li 1
his age was denounced as an innovation, but fications of doctrine and discipline are only steps
1 1 .1 r 1 ] backward or onlyindicatione of decline. Here
I take issue and contend not merely for the pos-
. .. = sibeill imMhbeoabh s el tp pr s idD

fast time in the history of the Church since the never he attalued by finite understandings
,, I 1 ... I I If religion includes not merely the broad dif
." == : ference between acts which are regarded posi-

-"Now the end of intellect I . I (
upon the progress of the world. There is noth-
Living in an age when a thousand peerilities ing more certain than that there are certain var-
were gravely urged as necessary addends to a tues that are higher than others, and which be-
-" long entirely to an advanced period of intellec-
" 1 tual and moral culture. That "the love of truth
successfully established a system of faith and isa virtue," is, for instance, a proposition which

si lia 2n 2ts vastdy me when askedlyi stated won tbie approne an
ing neathemas of contemporary divines positively > ** = = = 3 = 1 realization we find it
in 1 toh ism as projected by Wesley is a brave
recognition of the intellectual development, of 1piritof the partisan which leads him uncompIo-
which the Reformation was the first grand result, misingly to maintain the views and principles of
and to which it gave such tremendous impulse his party without reference to their truth or fal-
The Reformation was the formal protest of the sity is much more admired than that man, who
a ' r ( '
" I ( .. . *4 lia . .
perstition of preceding ages. The arrogant , ,, g '
' r 1 . = s i 1 = -

lead enidund u ilo encoumulalt as rue

all metaphysicalapeculationcrushed allacientific 31 hodist ininistry is now past, because he r
research and pre en drbya abso dderes oaH tisan spirit of imperfect culture has passed away
reig unso on any subje/that was not in ex e heat so st a ya Iter ein nee n

oth of independe a bh rbo pur e Again the pursuit of virtue and piety for its

seend to unc 1 oed minds, it is necessary to en-
c.. ... force and elaborate fully and forcibly the system
a ade the issue between the Church and the of rewards and punishments.

r t ea utrheaht me y t to MeAh a n ee troe ne sna
leashes. Many superstitious notions still held vance. Undoubtedly, too, the devil, hell and
powerful sway. Ideas of sanetity connected with heaven were much more prominent features
material objecte-as the masonry of the Church Methodist teaching its its earlier history than
= ., ., 1 .1 sy were the present day. The multitudes addressed 6
ag s., = s with a earliest Methodism were, in many instances, rude
particular class of men, the priesthood, and their and uncultured. The possession of the grace of
power by priestly manipulation to impart grace; God from its inherent attractiveness, the love of
confused and undefined notions of specialsano- God as a desirable possession from its na-

dtd n etedds h the elements of wate wine, turena esP nedv e complarqtivee ram
rally and gravely maintained. The advent of a rors of the law, and in the material attractione
.:j' *. 1 was t m nded a ple th of e e n ztent hw I h erves u3 r

r on d nee. r on r
stricted from these amusements, then the minis- exat certainly de swe know, predict awful

t a t ose a pi fee 4

in which lewd women exhibit their tricks and advance
clowns vent profane wit, is now narrowed down mini tr *
2 its I even th *

t i vb int er *
I. penejusted these secret mysteries and regard

. then et o aTsan sm ns olia young hke reterat e or rp le en a
I womu one of theo Church, whatitt in
this fact in the histo y of humanity that Miche- posiod of conunon sense. Instil ende d
let has embodied itin the following striking de- I heave thus, m rethreaof Met odi avore
declaration: "If, says he, the archteologht t extre pte 11 f thopyr ent, I am th a
can dpennienaepiPI v : a 0 m r hou efutujille ni ip ad re-dny

3 settles on its summit, and in that glorious era
,,,, .,., ,. no Church orgqmarton all act a more can
virtue and can pronounce it to b e b en impos- spicuous and than Southera
sible in the days that preceded or followed it Alethode m In a ag the p

- Ex
ensplar. And there is nothing in the history f H
of the race more pleasant to trace than the way breakwater against the extremes cal eo e
in whichthisdivine ideal has traversed the lapse Churchism on the or e hand, and sold far
of s. 1 slastician on the other. Let us 1 Eli st cur
wit if :' '
of .&-il i s ' *
fluence tpon Trytepl zle lofdho wht ad a excluded him from their pulpilts--now the

darkness and confusion, 4 stoutly contend th he ne r 11e huem, an
8 Ids gre [ i. 11 he repeateTan
the opposite direction. Radical ecclesiasticism
orn eriod as it ree g ation so distinct and expects to absorb abd crush ourl conedervatis2n
its influence so powerful as now. by enperior wealth and powertan alwappen
T am led to the statement of these general the extremist ideas of soci asm o
.... exion with the progress of hu- espierre _
., a .. they impress me forcibly when and the day i d ea
I I4, or .. to the historyof Methodism. 10s acclulesee in our views an approve our coun I
,,.,, , ,, ;.. ly days a min- manno a rehttlmee jIrJeeo e siTona
istry of rebuk- .. them giants. which our Obutch now calls you. Oh! join
h the n ree tre eo ibr tabo) heartti e (the noble temulli eno push

iebQ eoedinar m teak LT adoubtedly such It is worth your time, your influence, your
giants were dema ded by the exigencies of the mio r y uorne stan gelof great heb at rit repree tedD2n lyp sanpy mm,,

d te

spiritual terrorism, accorded with the frontier

The Eymn-Book in the Course of Study.

t a y rs go5toh n) k as

j a have been rateed, by examining com-
mittees and by ministerial esudentsof this eart:
"How are we to 4 a **, a Where

ieh to na e we to ne oris 6 mas

wi ha ow at to herebbeeen mad 8 less

nao eo nof t at ,Nleet a 1 i ne
Bible, and study it,
. ,e . -

/ .
ok ofican n edtas the 1 youn b
not be acquired simply by handling U. It must
be studied. Many a man, ay minster too, car-
ries his flynan-book till the binding ,wears <,ff -
without being acquainted with one twentieth

: ..4- It be has selected his text, no fore-
pr. ., 1 .. been laid out op
this important a. I 1-1,.= ...r portion of phbile
No better he who takes a hymn at random;
sometimes a day-time one at a arght meeting, or
she versa; one addressed to mimaters at a

or ee 3eof n:etm erra e T he blun
no fitness, no adaptation. The incongruity
som imes is so evidems an to revoks idi he

might be given,
Whoever taken up the Bymn-book should
know what he has in hand, what he wants, and
where to fand it. rir-
Not long ago I was present, by a happy p
flege, at a church where all the parts of pu .e
worship were in unison. The lessons read frorn
the Old and the New Testamence pointed in a
certain direction. The premed hated and eNn-

tdedbened rayer posted asse ab
exposition .rs us ,,4... .. great gpape
truth-and th as hymakfo lowed w lich deep

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as grratif elevated, inneti6ed. The

sea epa e agewall oettbeque
In addi on to all this there is a unity per-
allingdhe ule performance which rhetoric

Its 2.5 tr

',- .tr. .r,
ar ri r thesentimetria, in athobeher
... o r -.

.. 1 rr ..1 sad did
. .. c. .r. .. .... r 4. . sa w .,

a h gi n at le

a a

life and teachings of our Blessed Master The
humanity more than the terrors of the New
? == - Tr 1. J t <1 ..

di. **vt.. as
." ** .. .
=' -

. .. . .. r r ... .
tant than any*partica at form or dogma conn
nected with them, and in everything that tends
to their more complete development, we have
the soundest reason for exultatius, because in it

wet o ep o iter doeune of the triumph
Akin to all this is the modifeation of Discip.

arpya dh t do ofm he a n c

day last

of the
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1 .
or, 4 .
.. r a ri ,.
. . . . at... r 1.

he e there is a great chance for vas a ny
Sunday, if a r ac. .

as w rk a 8 b

611thbann- ~ ~ tb Jeultaltylvr hn. h ill turns to the pleasuresof t me wo 1-o WOUld fail, erel tey a t pulse-n apleti oson, wthe b g ord414ower, rn thes wa;no ltoghsmev bitter animes- than ever before, that
It semeQ Pan earth tryL. g., i ou t InL useain... rari. II lh- 1s I r.l, rr in ,~ to begin the work is to begin rwork without an ,,il goe on wit ,rag ., I I. .. te hdbenegndrdb the war, yet bothug som rhr sertrgw Hae

seleetion~~ ~~~ e an dmnt n oit fa o he e plied from the g.~ reeeatdad easy he fd that his smorro pn his wayrl lp al1t prosperiy of the South depend largely upon the to"s orget he ps ad u~yloabo forth cmmnr TefIth r' ofteCuorh tla growing str rdb

are turned towards God and heaven, and con--- --- should undertake their improvement, and the secretly I -r *!*nege
yatwed hesujetisth one to employ themselves with watchful care, Bnn PAPER.--Our paper is mlean.~ Subscri: T he Columnbus District Meeting Columbus meeting resolved to de its duty. the local I I me.1 I ..1II: ; ,,r. r.1.,.i . .1. I i purified,
Brass Bara asq -I F a p.reoring indsstry, and steadfast courage, in bermy~~~s ml~~Eay tbe semedtohati snt h interest RuM.EioJms rnvti ure .Chrh n aewie n re;btdewee
rln. assoa n..mJ.d Theti .uie gon Christi- of the publishers that it should be so, 1 .I article to a close. I was compelled to leave be- lm frst worl -' "'' shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked
~a. .w.a I yl, thpesonald an d rella le der fall or be misfortune. To get better paper than , - ., foe he adjou nmen t, and can notgiviono af all oftho e enerl 1 ,ur Di sal understandj but the wise shall under-
sh a.,. s l s- 'w~it sta plemenrable sense of the comforts, re- they have ordered from different -I ,, .I I i- gonod--inforrn-ia.I ~l I I~s now i1-I ,..i.. I. I appointed
.au ~ ~ ~ ~ . .t t. .rI tk..Lt =ws and hopes of religion, mills, and yet have not succeeded in ol tionl was imp~arted to the *I bakt a ._. .I prs n

.re shed (1 oze as great ause f religaiou excitement d revbiva and intend to have it goo if it is to be hlad. ** whire ereslttsaeod c Ill h~t/ar~~u lot ubtc ie pepaeb meru 11 wse nyport eare
hoatA8 ocrng, unig houhall the are8 ocessional, the extraordinary excitation pro- Trying to encourage home man oitures. . i. ngdom. " 1, ...
garrs -. ra o.'* ***2 'i deced by them cannot be perpetual. H~ere is have been disappointed as to results. I al osnedt eW .Bas hbn h t metin New Orleans lalst April;) 5bartanburU, June I 1 lb
where a great many misinformed persons fall our readers will not be more impatient than present, but to the regret of his numerousi Macon, Julne %4th, 1867I. r and puch other vulgalriams as are familiar ex-
)~~~it .,sn .*a .-*e *stoot th.e t The editor, printer and publishers have been because friends, failed to arrive. The opening sermon prsson with hisv~ia miiteildinty h
whc alrlaknwthe author desire to see I oppose that as soon as the outward exhibition of hi assppoinmet >as ..iv by tqcrh. ~Ii Pic reato ad etrfo ahigo.G.rBr e- it a wit hi iitan digncrease o
pulih.) :I wul or acmpniafo teof their first love closes, their religion has been -.- ...1 -1 1 I al. I uof oun- reavernents. ~ III 1I~d the defection Af.Eio:W n d
Hynnbokgiin ahitrial ad itrgcaglosed out with it. As if the mother's love of ~AnT A sADRECORD is that we publish this , ~,, ,ar .1 of the .. .whose political at our Church in \1 I jr. r.r .l. **
ad, ogmtial iewofitsconens. iy tsher child were less intense when the ebild is week, in the letter from Washington, Georgia. discourse; it is enough For me to say that Dr. Mrl. Edlitor; Allow me a tiue ner a ot.1br ee nw
helpnt wea eeld got deeper into the stud ande Brothers Norman and Ledbetter and brother P tirce deflivered it. sad news from WYashington *~ : aire rrp-l ..vnsar -ra-
joymentof theHymn-bok tha at prsent: bsentthan wen sheis fonling i in he ,- **- =! 1 a t last w lve onth his comunityhas feh the hoin wre immdiatelrplace on wht the .. .. ... ... r o.5.7- ,1
.... ... -s.. *,delan ptrstcment; ad occaionally. it bursts forth into a a m'onh-thref.;...I. I I--*- i , ,l, qent isior, an.dl 1 hmDent desola e may hertmotiv power, .ieut ;:.s .3 _n, ;rebak ..i t
s.. 1 -sri i~e c..=. O hat wehad geat viible fame onthe aditionof piitualleft wthout astcd o. n m m r , e I andhomesdNearlya dozn membrs of he I ave mae freqent inuirie in th bound .. ..=s ..... st rintf fel.Like fire, it is k pt ablaze by feeding it; left orphans. He; r .II I- 11 1 ~. Methodist Church have passed awaay-anmong of their operations, whether any have been coom t s. : .i.,r< .s
Ata present Ih would suirgestes t anyl whoma e have our own hou~seold unbroken around .. .. ir i I I fo s~ Lth itsspirit. -- lh- I-. hi-l p i., .0 .ma useful. A verted under their ministry; and sofr as m3 I I 3 I Is se- ir:=l ..=1 n
.b i outastopeprtinorexmnain nbut whema n d he flam diminihesthe coal ad Godh preaher :h -or an mumu ove ou :el I r 1 olcn -.r.i .. I.wr .

question aftr thisnort:supply of material. Love is the supreme can- trials. Let Christian hearts symupathise wrt th what the Church Ink nake her a power / I 4.I ,a G G. will you be surprised at thle, when you are in- chorus songs were used, and this becapse the
Wht reth mindiison o te ym. rolig Christian graa~ershd aboa i the be- the mourners, _~pland uplct in I --, o old Y. I' .. I soRiver ormed how they attempt to effect "exenl~sion." participants in the services seem to benifamiliar
mosw t yms? of conversion; but it is irrational to suppose r... I< II ented 'i I 1 1 .I a nal to the The seial effect of our meeting onthe com-

he ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 1 moo o to j noI gscnti o atipr eo 1T eoTn t d il erhrup t aoed ho erst whou sermon of arespectable tlnmha o .b
lin hmo t n aseile dvcae. and it as lust as irrational to think, that, after dist Church is still progressing, with gl .iii 1 i i, n of leaving afoe behind. before the surrender, was killed by a lawless man ,, ,.ly places in
these demonstrations have settled into quietude, Iresults Many young people have exper I the After an interval of a few days,. I returned to mob On the day appointed, he and a large mhi i Jesus.
-- --love, the great principle of Christian life and a change of heart, and the Church har dnins a bnln to setay ri1dy ng lister who wa m~oonjeanssembled at the place of preehaib n@, A very sensible uneconverted mn h a

011[F 6 i~allStt.experience, must have expired also. Just as if blessed with an outpouring of the H~oly Dpar t, .I.i\ Rev. Mlorgan Calinwayg, North Georgoia II I w ornm by thie unfortunate vie- been a ctien o thati s plae i.. ,g
the bosom of the wife were less joyous and lov- lupon its membership. A 'great and notable , n men and ene atpeetsaine nWsigo 1. revenge on the day he was re~ ilnarked, thtitws then -* a 1.
---- ~~ing, af ter the glad and warm demonstration of work' is stillgoing on, whereof the people of God L~ lands, who i31. Hinton (M\rs. C,) wass to me a per .' 1 !I ervieos and discourse were mkesapa bept
c. RA0K, EOGIA JUE 8, 867 .her affection at her husband a return from are glad, and rejoice with exceeding joy." .. ar ensdeared, sitrher1 affecio olrmebing thelj- polieal andIl readca l n theexre ; and eve remre hn.... lsd ti
absence had give plcac to the routine of do -r . I .i *,. p ost devoted When w~as preachin t Oiin Grif men binrr hisrejdcach ws I "I to rt th t resume r

MieocetinsofBeiios xprinc afction may be put out by a perverse or says:--"A gracious revival in progress at **. I. r. . .*s.-.. a I, ** Chur iniIaino hi lro'athe present profound srosesh
an, spelll aon yun cnvrt, is-wiked course of conduct, or even by neglect. ford-and good meetings at both Chrurches in bor!i Is it any woule r hant under the inflencse 1, I he flag ad stood pratest sma ni itlclo ie, .ukt 'ere tbmsItazi
tae hewol qetin freigos xprene.S will the spiritual element finally expire, if Atlanta." I~ ~~ iI " g ."I' I to preach Jesus the midst of thie warm weather made some of
Thy av cud ad isakn des f tsnot replenished by a constant performance of 1 11 11 death Sh was mrid M _I 183, aer rutlii~i at oyno l oesofapr us feel that we were compelled to have reqt.
principle, is man estatins, an its equire reli ous duy, a creful tudy nd wiling ob Thes brethen d trmine to apoint abecamethe moher o sevenchildrn of hom oCpolitcal gspel, take leasur in saincio.. Therev 0 -. sI ***F .**
meit. On iedeaedtoelev~tatelgindience to the mind of the Spirit, and thle as. SUBsTANCE OF A DISCOUsea on fu survive their mother. D~uringo her hus that not one of our preachers on my I .. li I shrI-I Ii;
eoaltsinsuh jstiteletud erepio iduous nurture of all thle graces of the new- tative Character of Joshua I .I band's long absence as an oflcer in the army, .i 1 rcs a, as.. Our ~ounds and as~ong-

moral snse wil be stisfte. Anoter is idoe- I : .rn is lof soe she as su tirl d y Chritian f th Paymg rkand ca o co a dow to suh busiess whow beedptrand t steathly godspoo
trintd nt te eleftht elgiusexerene CONF&ERECE "BORN I A DAY.,, Published request of herecrsMeters, exhorters, class lealdersi, laymen, all should I ' I ". I I"1'l ; ,,, ...1.I lv=-.. e. stricken people all needful comforts.
sons ,b a onetnt trem o exuerat jysing and District Conference of St. Louis he levied upon for thleir full quotn of lnabr in *. 'I An it .s W have many among us who eat the LL broad
whngasostaitinispemttd o med, oA "Council'' of preachers and lay-represen. District. St. Louis: P. Mi.P'inck~ard, Printer, the spreadef eapngelicaliruth. Mr. Editor, this one occasion, she was impressed with a conneo their ct -II I II of carefulness," yea, not a few who may be said
moutas f ifadlt toda a, ndnorei.tatives of the Christian Union Church," in Nos. 5r08 and 510 Pmne street. 1867i iii -j Ihurchof tion that hie was wounded, but felt no fears for invoke I I a' to be without bread. But Iam ga osy
iceoftolatontobrek tt rilsanpo Iliois mt t Cinon8th-9h une Bshps For sale at 25 cents per copy. I member his safety ; and so it was: her faith was thle country: humbly beseeching Himr to deliver us t ' t '~ ** 1 the kin~dnessof Dr.'
mpget a n .avnbigpesn yrqe Dr Smith has her Io veylrol I '.1 Svoiety evidence of tlaings not seen No married pair out of the hands of unreasonable and wicked 1 IStLoitaor
Now,~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ bot Ibs elase ar far from- a prope Dogget andinael Marvin beinghe prsn byn reqe erem goevr rey.- emm ol emr ietoaeywde oehrmn n ma religious fanaticism that would them some relief, as a pretty good supply of
undrstndig f wat onsittesa jst ndand after doe and prayerful deliberation, the Oocsion of the division of the Churches6, wInd'r bership into a corps of workers there will be no heart and hand. 'Tis a gloomy house where stir up the base passions of the human heart in corn has been shipped to me for distribution.
enlrge, ad mifor an hppy ChistanCouncil, representing some twenty-fve or thirty resulted in Bishop Soule's adhering to the more complaint of religious 1destuti~on. Ithety suc iht has one ou. Who hte as pra moren 1 1111 i I I 1 itniclobjet ~u Lour trly C.D.OLIE

Pit sntalitleta oeiniunsand from three to live thousand members, took radwould eoCnstitutional \1-.1 I I *I *I I ,Ihrth awanynse ti ap nretc ehidnext1 rs ea nti rsey of ouracom on eaue, anad
no lleoioa csay.T prom uythe style and title of the Methbodist E~piscopal ,s bym0 wu sr go O lnwy paiful, but was edu rredwth er andcrecusoe --- --- -:F--- darkater and thick BenCnnu CpasosS C-
owl t htifyth sns ofduyyild nneofChurch," and adopted our, Discipline, H~ymn who are troubled by the fi" Irll- h- fortitude sad resignation. There weefew la- clouded of the skies," the ".habitation of whose Rev. JobuT.Wightman writes:--"This~burch
thehihet stifatios f eliio; nd o erBook, Literature and Bishops-they consenting. dishonest cant, which some are using about neboeroeand said choking emotions, dies of better cultivated mind, none superior in throne is righteousness and Judgment,"~I :. i a -"- 1... refreshing season of
formit n on th f Iexcte-Particulars next week. "Mother Church." Bishop Soule's cou .eat himself. Hec had all the endowments that constitute woman s ou,.rvesel through the present storm tor i I .= I many years in the
ly e par occaionsamply vindicated, and it is also a weighty I of religion erected a charms. Dfyiing as she did in her native county, of peace. Jns. T. Cuear, I : led, aboutsixtyhave
men, wateer haybe he xciingcaue, ive -- -mony to the propriety of the course of Southern C l ,11 T ;11I ..and her husband a also, she was surrounded with been converted, and the work goes on with the
thehigerexpriece ofChistaniy ithso DB. A. T. MANN--We congratulate our Methodists. Dr. Smith sa 3 ver correctly: i '' 'i a"''". I. indred and friends, as well as the affectionate popc fgteigmn oesueit h
little~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ unfriy tha th soulroo is kpt acilatng estrn ried n hvin suceeed n daw y r F I siserhod f tis xcelen comunty.Adiu Disric Metins i th Soth aroinakindomof he on f Gd. he hurh i
beteenjoyanddesondnceindtooofen iDr. Mann out, and getting him into sphere 'fNor did the Southern Church, during a., my dear sister. Perhaps our separation will not Conference. revived, every department waked up to new en-
bewenfit ndlfaeit.Nowhl teof labor for which he la eminently fitted, but in tthir ar me o eiion, s itadrits~h twe Ma be' lorther sad tale and I have done. Rev. L. Mr~. Edlitor: The dearold Southern Christinn svral tthh r 6ed ious I hich br eaeugh
Christian ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ lif isuat emtonlbeas relgio isogo whi nopesasos f i Gogi find ckowegigth 't asasoer .I pr L Ldeter orhGeriaCofrec, n doct hs en rngngu gaifin 1 dofmrc oe teci
essntaly aih.hoe.lov ad oy--etitcoldenaeao him. fII, b.. remes~ as m independent nation, and reqluiring obeas,.... i'" ndled Hroad R~iver Ciroit, di i.- il iI i. Counts of the District Mleetings inhother ( ,~ ,; with prayer-meeting on the
doe nt isene it an ohe mra cn-mencement sermon!i The Memphis Advocate all countries to the supreme civil autorityI,' re "' -' fue e ofeJ I gave u s p arude sokhenj 8tL" h MaJiy, nd were continued 2- i--4 -I0+ -rr
stiment ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~I of the huma naue Th ofic an tell us of1 suc aernprahdt hSte I ii. r I rel gfetater stoer ong de ire o winess iats practicalwoking th ee weks, naor area ohey -; rp er f

as ~ ~ ~ ~ eml tolee make aephs unit ofm th inera we iritu ern Southern Mehdsa sidiiul,,,.wieadfute cide navr denen lon was oner of eep eingso g nt ere st. nTh
P simle, et al-imprtan leson tht th grae of eral n st e, grt masofl tha e S o u th or vi A" sitato Whatr aa trialntc of faith ish c here Godd Churc has almost'tc double itsan nu be u
peiecean te xtrnl hyicl if o gdl- icy s a tessetiaul en ratcl efement to beuerded to did, prefer aho sea e ii ovenent I II I' an 1n ble th burdene widow andit her Otterell numerou lat thne pat elv mu months, haveeing no 343 mm- arthyatain ments. Hel oweverich may be e whe rte wiulln to assert this prefernet J ii' i Iro"i tleothnetst h w ioiui l bers, probably the largJuest4 communon the,
his known, that extraordinaryexcitingcauses~~~~~I~ ~ I I th min ine all thei storess ofd usefu learnng maitai it-manyb oter wer not willing t taryg eductin or a etsnaouto Bbehi- My o riglgh u o heedrkhus leChrhan in o eeieth iyi -11 -, t. ,. 1

impesio uon ad al ou dffret aner empish l ter, e crb sii od bmres g on Itu anuthe d aer the eilF ralathert. itsubl it All! r diotatIwee ehv faded. a ive lnnevrawtlay: mr.eb lelirs ba 20 boar wih o i

each ~ ~ mnd othe a hcottuinldfenesopear the cunno saties fy the thirst o the unaitfu ino cocamnt nede fo I h n niprdbye-tro hnkgvgta md h e eo
th ted Methoder, lehdsa iagon Whyduls si -- laion of thne tideshep Chrch isot finanerally
en ~m aayt soull, gt Gl~mo~n RREsN ilLLS.-SO mranyo rlla h getm of the luthr 11 su tion isatrialot MOaigomm on eeet t acd ou i die Chrrh es alm te abey rts ofbe uro
t~ on mer 'mra ex r i I



ated, that the Church has
Fine on the Distri I presume a briefaccountofthe g p
l ening of each day
to attempt to control, the <. restin present coa on
lana ab to oto pe 1 st j faithful pastor should sealizo that the tab h bee a epta t the readers of theiAdivocate. Church, which was kindly offered for the occa- < co a b h t aet It
boldly in defence of one's 1 I .. I 1 ,i last field from which to gather Since the chilly breath of Northern Method, alon. only over the city, but over the whole country,
ing foe is tbo dictate of nabase. ious a ism has spent its force, and the agent of Ex- On Saturday morning the several committees . . rd 1 ? the Son
which Christ all tension,' another word for proselytinghas ceased reported, and each report elicited appropriate . I 1 .s . , or Amen.
communities of in I.,,, by his prcsonce to influence our membership, we have peace remarks ftom various members. I cannot say
to his Church!>, aud instrucolous, anu the unurch will soon reap within all our borders; with a prospect of bet. that these subjects were discussed, for that
a harvest of intelligent, consecrated members, ter times. And as certainly as the floating nught seem = ,1; .1 .1 liversity of CHATTANOOGA ISTRICT MEETING-HOL8-
--- - who will be an ornament and blessing in the motes indicate the course of the wind, so surely sentiment, I I = s I never Ton Consusses -This body convened at
Boaxa's BOYS AND GIRLS' WEExov.-The lanism els,1 easy that in the absence of the dtoo7,e t owhte opre ly un re wi "dsed :- hCrno at anyo}necting.rim Charjeston, Tenn, Iny .1, 1867.; 11ish2 H.
first number of tbia new candidate for i 1 = - 1 7 body seemed toregrotit-the history of the past we read the developments of tive Church on the day of Pentecost-" they its a la so i. Ia .. i. .
of the young people has been laid on our table Advocate had its adcorates, and many good the future; and with equal clearness may the were all with one accord in one place." And, C. Long, was also present to assist in guiding
Itmakesagood I d resolvol about it. The lover of Zion, without a sect a eye, have an really, it was a Pentecostal season. The Holy the body to wholesome counsels. All the
execution; alshn..a. I .1 with the increasing mail equally correct view of the future prosperity or Spirit, in his mildest and gweetest influences, charges were represented except two. The
provement may be expected, as facilities r see res rd.and zeal in, the esteduponthemembersandupo theaudience, Cwsfromevoeurdsjdeis hee v kv3'here he
issuing a work of this pictorial character sh cause of God by the membersof the Church, is wet with tears. We nil felt it was good to be is breaking everywh re, e. I 1
increase. The articles are good-the leader I I . .1, the first indication ofa revival of religion; nod there, and hke the disciples on the Mountcould assured of success in a
ing a continuation in some sort, of that most gia, and I hope, witih th omisse of an abun- wherever these are manifest the glorious result have desired to linger long in such an atmos- places of our Zion. The usual items of bad-
popular book, "The Young Marooners." It is as certain as that effect will follow its cause, phere of prayer and love. Oh! those talks ness were attended to, and it is hoped with
called "Marooners Island." There is also a unle satan uc edue rt I the palcone about the Sunday-sch ol, and the observance of p ofit to all 1 The following brethren were
promise from the Editor of several pieces now I rtains was the case with us last year; of whi oI will as ** ** J /,ere8n6ee,
in hand, whose titles would argue that the 4 , .ity, is, say more before closing this article. 1 A. A Campbell, Mine City Station; Pleasant
interesting. The next number will be i 2 with. As an evidence that our prospects are bright. Mitchell, Sequatchie Circuit; T. L. Bates,
18th July, and thenceforward it will appear reg. out a church paper. In the grand current of ening, at every appointment I have visited, (and Charleston and Cleveland Circuit; Rev. Good-
ularly. Let all who want to begin with the be- Church peo saand improved al hose rpe I ..1 As bk sings GM, not ganning subscribe at once. SS 00 a year in ad the responsibilities of their position. I hope the and seal by the preachers and official members. ta
vance, though quarterly subscriptions will be re time is not far distant when the Advocate shall All feel the importance of more spirituality in sweet class-meetings and precious lovedeasts,
ceived. be a welcome visitor in every Methodist home. the Church; and for its attainment the various : 1 = this District EAINBRIDGE, GA.-The Rev. W. A. Parks
The publishing house of J. W. Duke & Co means of grace are attended with more pusetual- I ... I. . _, the sweetest writes: We have had a gracious revival in
THE SUNDAY-SCHOOL VISITOR.-The num. was commended to the favorable consideration ity. Class meetingsprayermeetings, love feasts a: .. 1: i could learo, this place. The meeting continued near four
her for July is in hand. Have all 1 1 ri 1 ,: 1 handsome things were and Sunday schools are better attended, and are was the general sentiment An old friend re. weeks. The Ci i 1 I -, ,,1, .,,ar .1
supplied themselves with this excellent paper/ , ,, a more Interesting thart forseverai years f ast. .1 to Inc afte tl 3 a dl ad 1 ..the most Influential and use-
It is cheap. For five to twenty-five copies to the Church. No establishment in the latid do him I thought it better than twenty, ful members, and will largely aid the Church in
one address 40 cents a year; over 25 copies, serves better of Southern Methodists, and I am : -' I Ti i mees increased in interest lier future operations. Our Sabbath-school
ditto, 30 cents a year. Single copies 50 cents. glad that preachers and people are disposed to day school had been growing rapidly-both I during the ensuing week' numbers 140 pupils, an increase this year of 100.
Address A. II. Redford, Agent, Nashville, Ten- ene n i athfart atro5nageteh a we y thm. teachers and pupilabeaugdeeplyinterested; elass and I learn have resulted in the addition to the Metho m has a strong hold in this growing
nessee. 1 1 ,1 1 1, a .. Church of about twenty members,
The Bishop came up to Spartanburg at the
Estour Ann HENRY COLLEGE, YA.-An ad. II . 1 I = brought 'their tithes into the storehouse, and lose Ill de tone day among THE CAROLINA FEMALE COLLEGE.
vertisement of this Institution, of which we had ..1 .. I I I .: a a .. the Lord opened the windows of heaven and to th fort of f 011 ight, greatly
occasion to speak favorably not long since, ap- Talbotton, was also ree nized as 1 ** I .1 li =, the stewards I h he pleas ecoof acco azy h to m r.CEditor: The friends d the Carolina
pears in our columns this week. Simatol '" 1.1 1 t immediately no official members and brethren express a deteral Surator where the District Meeting for the Co- will be doubtless gratafied by the announcement
grain and provision country, board i. a.... I 2 a .. -,. * I nation, with the ii of God, to support luxubia District was held, beginning on the 22d that this old Institution is still shedding its
there at lower rates, than in lower latitudes. I attended t . . present the in- ther preachers. n, May. In consequence of the shortness of the light upon this section of our Conference dis-
terests of the I * College, and I and the increase of seal a r notice, this meeting was not so generally at- tract It is one of the few institutions of our

I sTen s(LLER 7 I & 8 as is 1 I 3 a ve* nee 1 e rtimeaof r res in tendd as ther former one. The weather, ty- Southern lan to at has wit t od to shock of
ano y n II 3 = the blessed anticipation. emigns, but tl e : I long struggle for liberty and independence. 3
living, which offers its advantages to the 7. I As the "Church Extension Society" of the it stands as a monument of a watchful and pro-
through our columns. and many are the accomplished women, who M. E. Church has made some inroads upon my ' 1 * ; testing Providence over our educational interests
adorn Columbus society, whosetraininginwhole District, through the labors of a few 1 7 --1 prescot here, and efore in this portion of our bound.

Yo kn are ROdVEnsa th rsell in New or in part was received in our halls. These b inkiCnhdusmapa dta e h tr tol3rad cal for prayer fter a shto il{ \il ina n lab e8 loss sof capitals creedsorothwar, M
a a : 11 I le . 1 the bounds of your work 7 N. C., I heard on my way home that preaching two years, have, of course, had their influence
special attention to selling that article. See ad- higher common us I to give a brief history of was continued alghtly, and the good work was in damaging materially, in common with sister
vertisement I 1 I 1 their operations here. sti pe n it, sir, that the terrible fight of iTst di tTisa 1 ei o a taBaut

wr REAUL eALA.-Th Re n H.h tahpoPdai met em. I 0 -- affljetians ,t .1 -', I we are pinesing, i t mbSltenan e iest ./ we / sw
Church a most pacious revival-71 added by I must say something about what was resolved began to labor with a ; ale we learningin any in the land. Ti to ar sh Coll< .r

power controls, all the rest-as the will, hope,
imagination, fear, conscience, gratitude, affec-
tion. Therefore, though all mankind have the
same general elementsof nature, these elements
are not developed in like proportions, and ean-
not exhibit themselves in precisely the same
way. However extraordinary the exciting
onuses arecting bodies of men, their character-
istio differences will modify the effects of those
cannes, and diversify the manifestations of feel.
ing. In cases of threatened shipwreck, for in-
stanoe, some of the company will be active in
providlog means for their escape alone-others
equally anxious for the preservation of their
with fear-others hopeful and courageous to the
last--some weeping and praying, and others
drinking and nursing to excess. Each exhibits
some prominent natural or acquired trait, and
each trait has its individual manner of expres-
sion. But, nevertheless, all feel, and none are
entirely unconscious of excitement.
Thus it is in the seasons of the outpouring of
grace and the revival of religion. The ocea-
sional moral opheavala produced by the Holy
spirit, are properly and of necessity extraordi-
narily exciting. They awake auch an over
powering apprehension of danger in some, that
they become entirely absorbed in seeking means
of safety. They arouse the activity of others
to help their friends to eneape the raging bil-
lows of eternal death, In some they prodnee
paralyzing alarm, and in others courage and
hope. Many fall to weeping over their sineand
praying for forgiveness, while others are driven
to increased drunkenness, profanity and de-
banchery; and in such seasons of refreshing,
all the saved rejoice-some quietly in the spirit
and4therswith the high-sounding praisesof the
lips. But, however diverse the manifestation
of feeling, all are afected by the same great
present and exciting emuse.-
It follows, that religion does not consius in
any one particular fashion of manifestation, but
in th6 existence and proper influence of the
exditing cause-the presence of convietlKg, or
converting, or anotifying grace in the heart.
This grace is a real agent, a potential power,
always ready to be dispensed to any one-who
asks it in th
solves, and neots so y oft arn ht irease tu
byeonsuming it in the fires of worldly pleasure
and Aeekly passion. It la the permanent resi
dance of this divine influence and power in the

u inf m da1app her I x rito usum
till the and turns to objects of sense-not till

of this class of notes are sent to us, and our
losses on this account are so heavy, we feel
obliged to tell our friends that our dealings are
with the bank, and we cannot use mutilated
bills, except at a heavy disconut. We would
desire them to send namutilated money, green-
backs, and no "shinplasters" whatever, except
those of City Council of Maeon, and the rail-
roads terminating here

A Goon WORK.-The San Francisco Spects.
tor, whose editor, Rev. O. P. Fitzgerald, has
been industriously engaged in seeking relief for
the South, and who has been the channel
throughwhom thousandsof dollars have come
to our poor, in a late number, says: a The
movement in aid of the suffering poor of the
South progresses favosablyin San Francisco and
all over California. San Francisco has raised
840,000 for the Southern Relief Fund, and
neither her ability nor her benevolence is ex,
handed. The columns of the Spectator from
week to week show what our people are doing
elsewhere. We have devoted considerableepace
to this subject, but our patrons do not complain.
They feel as we do, that they had rather sur-
render to their necessities the whole paper than
have one poor child starve that we may feed.n

ATHEns, ALA.-The EV. Austin W. Smith,
writing to the Nashrille Christian Advocate of
the revival in that town, says: "The Lord has
visited the people here. He has blessed the
Church and revived his work greatly. Many
that were afar 017 have been brought nigh;
eighty-six ainners have been converted; nearly
every mourner was comforted. Everybody
worked in the vineyard. The meeting was
protracted four weeke, day and night."
--- -
UtTERANCES OF GRIEr.-We feel with that
father who has buried a dear infant. No won-
der, that his hears is so full, that he seeks to
relieve its o lon, By taking h en and re-
oording all erTgony of sorrow-tpe sickness
-the fear-the suspense-the despair-the
death and the burial. It was a relief to his
heart-a tale he may tell to a mother or sister '

do6 r mo hen esy pathyGrilluit Al
enoreda thing to be thus told to the toorld. In
this experience ten thousand are partakersevery
year-and if sh must thus pour out their sor. ,

rowds dw ot altoove she public breb 5
these efamions into the car of strangers. Spae,

_i~_l.- -

steady at 26 cents. CoEee dnil and prices an-
changed Corabetter; prime white, 81to111;
yellow, $1 12 tol.14; mixed, 99*. Sugarlirm.
. Provisions steady and inactive. Western bacon

5 ..ta..<,<, June 24.-Cotton opened. whis
a fair demand, but closed dull and heavy. Mid-
dlings 241. Sales 250. Receipts 545.
0HARLESTo June 24.-Cotton 1-..*--<
la 25 bales.n Quotations nominal. I my:-

AUGUSTA, June 24.-00thn dail) thie4 I
84 bales ddling atJ ne 24 -Cotton e.1,. I -

1 e Markeef dul be soPe p a 4 .

oo transactions in Sngar and Molassee reported.
rm; supertine $10 25 to 10 50; double
extra 812. Corn improved; yellow and mazed

o orrhite 9 toh ide()alts firm 68ntb
des 111, clear 13c. Pork dull $23 to 23 25.

Foreign Markets.
LoNoosr, June 24.-Consols closed at 94.

&10 TR ooL, June 24.-Cotton tending down-
ward Sales8000bales. Uplands11}tolly
Orleans 11}d.

quPe faPdoe li e oe 2 P. .-M Inod
lands 11id; Orleans 11#d. Sales 10,000 bales

. .. .. ,

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. * . -

a oneo as ru, Dr. H. a note M.

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For the Relief of Wofford College


Collection for Bishopa
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Greenville District, S 0. Conference.


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Macon Distriot-Third Round.


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ATLAxTA, oA., in a on city v n,


as tar a n Ha dea an a w ofdger I 1 GENERAL COMMISSION MERCATS,

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* THE CHEAPE 8 T ILLUMINATOR was pursion or sisear yearnalimitasow mine.

we have;omoss or these goodstrom times same nt very HE EXEROISES OF TRIS INSTITU-
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ASHEVILLE, N. C. o one

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Chronic Diseases

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6* n n*. LL it*.L I I 1" E .aA.- .1 EAA. as

}ears kagbeen good, ann4 antherears entertained East Alabama college at Auburn-com- ment, is that which is declared by law passed and make returns of these to the commanding
ateensequenced the supposed unhealthfulnees mencementExercises, 1867. by competent authority, or which has been fixed I r ihe district
of a liention, have been dispelled by the per upon the criminal by the sentence of the court I in unanimously.
Jobs sedom from sicknese of aby kind for the July 7th.-Commencement Sermon, by Alex. which tried him for the clints. Kineteenth. The board appointed for regis
gr..... wa ver.r, 1.. ,, .r for a T. Ironic M Lt Dr seeolamation and meeting of on tlaw oditshen e m t rh arde lared tl e .. = 1 5 mi I 11 c...

41, ...a L.'.vil ..est .!fi pl I.....u; the Trustees- ebellion alone Nor is it known that any such approved July 2, 1862, titled, An act to
gr -ran r. IL 5 ... 2 .;.. I1- =ut..t.= .ms.. ? An. July 9th.-Junior Exhibition, Prizee a 4 I I these ten States, except prescribe an oath of oHice "
sonville; its able President, all conspire to place ed, and an address by Rev. Jan. M. L -,; '. =o which State special in- Concurred in unanimously
arolina e le College among the foremost of A.J ly 10th.-Comm neement. Addr is at the Secretary of War, saniN (Th n BJune 30,0186 T --Present--t

Thi\ Osmmencediment exercises of the College fo e he L erary Soc eties byeRs IGeo. W. F. who dissents as to the second and third para. . exce

a p r t a sea 0 cr a To rd- fl d ranchisemenpa I t am i" after full deliberation he co calarred with the
off It was sdeo d success. A s ug the be s is the most important part of the oath, and sent, and that he concur en nia u on

re edicated to the worship of God may be The DistrietMeeting for Elberton Distriet requires strict attention to arrive at its meaning upon those sections approved by a unanimous
doubtfult yet, inasmuch as in this instance the North Georgia Conference The applicant must swear or allirm as follows: vote. That as it appeared the military com-
Church edifice was ereeted with a view to such "That I have never been a member of any manders entertained doubts tl nts

hh ,fr e e piloses partially, enor m of Mon INe2 d f uin Banks county, tt loe 181 tmen n sheld an xec e or ad a n re p si
two instanceswere unexceptionable. The chair June 21st. 4w A. G. WORLEY, P. E in an insurrection or rebellion agalosttheUnited , I 5
if -tr. 7- this ('.ll, is 4-.1 E- a 1->- States, or given aid or comfort to the enemies
Mr.. I..r.....-.e-s at .1 .r, .1 li thereof; that I have never taken an oath as a set forth 0 the sun mary.

early h or $1e flowing morning, the Atlanta Distriot-Changes. m co an e assoe is as ed 8rta ,an c --

a5Thtel on ,e thnease em I ter order Springs a Dallate rire i r In bd ut voe or n icial o e a ydrate, tosup ort Order of the or da de the Military
partoftheexercises-theconferringtbehooors SundaytoJuly wards engaged ln insurrection or rebellion
of the Institution upon the graduate d The" Atlanta Circuit, at Sandy Spring Camp ',r given and and com- suedfa A ton, June 22.-The follow ng was 2s-

a is %uihT come v more safeaf tortly toon e IISatNdcaykandt w Hoo u Two elements must coccus in order to disqual. WAR /. r .. . ... . I

adiofamo taban shels red eir an ea ed Saturday and Sunday in m Ms, P. E. 2oe an cijtuletr hese stu :oon t1tet Whereas, several commander f litary dis-
Thqid rees of Miss P-,one of the Juniors, June 28* Sw of the United States: Second, engaging after- triets created by the pots of Congress, knOWD M
to her sisters of the graduating class, was a wards in rebellion. Both must exist to work the Reconstrnetion Acts, have expressed doubts
beautiful and refreshing episodeastar suddenly disqualification, and must happen in the -1- -- a 1 , thereof, and in re-

a drkTi g or ind y pteh a is due an jun@ To the Preachoors f the South Georgia of tArmeement o as held an police and .1 .. It / I = dEdzue d
President Blankenship's remarks (or shall I the oath to support the Federal Constitution and Information in relathin thereto; and whereas,
say his baccalaureate?) were brief, but appropri. T have a small amount of moneyon hand with 1, . r 1 . I in rebellion, is not the said acts of Congress have been referred to
ste, and classically chaste. The speech of the which to supply the destitute Sabbath schools ,,, .. eson who bas engaged the Attorney General for his opinion thereon,
Grator of the day, Rev. W. C. Power, was an able with books. In forwarding your orders, please in rebelhon, but has not therefore held an and the said acts and the opinion of the At.
exppaltion of woman's mental and social position state the number of teachers and pupils; also if office and taken that oath, is not disqualified. torney General have been fully and carefully
and appropriate sphere of action. The exercises a pledge can be given to keep up the school for All voted ye except the Secretary of War, considered by the Freesdent, in conference with
were then brought to a close with the presents. a length of time. Send your orders to me at Ms who votes any. the heads of the respective Departments, the
tish of Bibles to the graduating class, accomps. con, Ga. J. BLAxury 8mirn, Age, 8th. Omeers of the United States. President accepts th I prBC-
aleaf with a few remarks by one of the ministers S. 8. Society, As to these, the language is without limita- tical interpretation of r' Con.

eThe bonediction pronounced, the large June 21-8w. South Georgia Conference tion. The person who has at any time prior to gress on the points therein presented and di'
i dispersed, seemingly gratified with the the rebellion held an office, civil or military, un- reets the same to be transmits 3 *
tish intellectual and musical feast with which der the United States, and has taken ofBelal the military commanders for e.
they had been regaled. J. A. Moon. WolfordCollegeS.C.-AnnualCommencement, ...r . ,, .. si .. r the United in order that there may be uniformity in the
Sermon by Rev. Whitefoord Smith, D.D, in . execution of said acts-[here follow the nine.
College Chapel, on Sunday, July 7th. one ilejr o eae n3 State rior to the en po si G{dsetreal r "mary
T li BABBATH-BOROOL UNION. r g connTa d ends J 1 ,disqualifi atioon.War, the 200 derTohet isiegimd.]

o sSout a d a in eel rr f e odlethelon7Ctnemdeae a wh ci sos usas a syo a Assista jTjf0 .,1

c of und coty ag eN rrt of uA;a ft are requested to ashurayietr onlderme2town coundlan 3 s REGISTRATION Onces nox GEN.Pt so -

mi o ,i nt on it so t re e tna me ra at n mzer a n, and Literar Address qu in unanimously. General Pope sued to-day sp al instra 1.
hatred of the times, with a true warm feeling of by Rev. A. A. Porter, on Wednesday July 10. 14th. Persons who have, prior to the rebel to .
brotherhood and sympathy, are ready to put forth junel4-3w A. M. SafrP, Prea't. ,
theirutmoaspowertoelevateandbleastheSouth. ,, dinariesand clerks of the Court of Ordxuary,
Many of them are of Northern birth, yet as -a I county treasurers, county surveyors, receivers of
showlag an admixture of the questions anddpas- Wesleyan Female College---Commencement a tax returns, tax collectors, tax receivers, sheriffe,
aious which have drenched the land in bloo in Ezerouses. justices of the peace; corouera, mayor 1
r). :.1 .; of a loving Christianity, they Sunday, July 7th-Commencement Sermon lion, are not subject to disqualification, em, aldermen, councilmen of any in, ,
.gl .-'s .. we do anything to aid your by Rev. W. T. Brantley, D.D., of Atlanta, Ga Concurred in unanimously, city or town who arp e:c oficio just
The Sabbath-school Union located at Phila- Monday, July 8th, 91 o'clock, A. M.-Sopho Twelve. All the executive or judicial others previous to the war, occupied these ri.
delphis, in its present efforts and plans for the more exhibition in Belect Reading. 12 o'clock, of any State who tc P. . ,] . . 1 .. .1 1 li; ,,,, 3,,.
South, finely illustrates this noblest and highest M.-Meeting of Board Trustees. Constitution of the -1. ="*' 1 2 I *II :* it="

h I arac ad oh ked ezTi a an iJulO9it ,91} o dock, .oM.-Juni .ir ,, 1 r .: = oHiiceds. Th
(who has been for thirty years in this great Address by Hon. Wm. H. Chambers, of Co. as a part of their oAcial oath the oath to support Mexican News.
work), ap its General Agent for the South, to lumbus, Ga. Annual Concert at night* the Constitution of the United States,
operate apon the following plan : Wednesday, July 10th.--Commencement Concurred in unanimously. New Orleans, June 2 L-We have a .
1st. He is to employ missionaries from among Day. Original Compositions by Senior Class. Thirteen. Persons who exercised mere em< from Queretaro of the 8th, San Luis 11th, Moo-
Southerners themselves-menzef our own who Conferringof Degrees. W.O.BAsas ploymentsunderStateauthorityarenotdisqual- terey17thviaGalveston. It is reported that
already have the confidence of Southern people junel4-Sw Secretary of Faculty* ified; such as commissioners to lay out roads, as soon as Marquess learned of the sale and de.
-who age to go abroad as far as practicable commissioners of public works, visitors of State Every of Queretaro by Lopez, he opened docu-

ioplal t ut establishinrg non-deno ins it tin di ors 0 e shutlion ex- ):mI r u s. .. 2
2nd. In the present impoverished condition Concurred in unanimously, but the Seeretary claimed Iturbide Emperor under the regency of
of the South they do not ask us for money to of State, the Secretary of the Treasury and the the Empress Carlotta He also arrested thirty

a n doyupportin thissed mis ion les-onr own TRE RECONSTRUCTION ACTS." Sevetary of We expressed the op nion that e as a notable ibi cashofTId jw i
3d. They make liberal donations of books A Acton of the President and Abinet on Mr. Shabery's , his companions.
destitute neighborhoods, who can pay either opinion. I 1 All foreign prisoners were en route for M
nothing at all, or only a part of the value of the IVaskington, June 20.-The conclusions of the .. = I it I = *I rs a.. tercy, numbering four or five thousand
books. President and Cabinetin reference to the inter- have been held prior to the rebellion; and par- tr ans, Belgians and French.

aen4A. 4 So trld eret n h om e books raetad in t et Insilitary e onstra tiow cle fe w the rebellion musi have occurred belt is statedatInst Ala t t dea tm

:dn&nna khe b ch N bluno r syuA pu A y ads 8n f8t6h n nause ofeFn jto7nts j/ e Hu n je e lthe 0 andntobr 0 aha ek n an ee ca
anythi3be more truly wise than this plan- President, the Secretary of State, the Secretary must be an overt and voluntary act, done with though noting authootic to this effect

e I tt m t n ISece he intent of aiSdeing or ul rn pd b 1 1

open hand and open heart and open purse that The President announced that he had under bey, and who would not have entered such ser Santa Anna has turned up again in Mexico.

e ountq ear hk to oo hlo n n en Irasionthetw opin ifromtlieiAttorney vice lefttotle ed < a rhi w will, or dia hathistl garrishon at Tampico
East, no West, is proffers to work for us amid tbo acts of Congress commonly known as the All voted aye, except the Secretary of War, Vera Cruz on the 4th and was compelled to re-
ous vast spiritual destxtution in a way most Reconstruction Acts, and that, in view of the who voted nay, as the propose tion is stated, embark. He proceeded to Sisal, where he was
a reeable to us, and most likelyunder the smile great magnitude of thesubjectand of the various Fifteenth. gere acts of charity, where the captured by the Liberals, court martialed and
o God, to be widely prodnetive of good; that interests involved, he deemed it proper to have intent is to relieve the wants of the object of sentenced to be hanged on the 8th.
is offers to plant through the agency of godl7 it considered fully in the Cabinet, and to avail such charity, and not done in aid of the cause
Southern men, the thousands of Sabbath-schools himself of all the light which could be afforded in which he may have be 1 1 .
so much needed in all the land. When de- by the opinions and advice of the members of disqualify. But organized . . . ronEIGN NEws.
spondingly asking whether Christian love and the Cabinet, to enable him to see that these laws and clothing for the gencial relief of persons
Christian brotherhood have not taken their flight be faithfully executed, and to decide what orders engaged in the rebellion, and not of a merely 's ine mwoo esno
from American altars, facts like these come to and instructions are necessary and expedient to sanitary character, but contributed to enable
hindle hope anew. Let the whole South know be given to the military commanders. The them to perform their unlawful object, may be fro a e Isa 1 sicall t vItan,
of and reJosee to the generous brotherly spirit President said further that the branch of the classed with acts wbroh do disqualify.
manifested by the Sabbath-school Union. Let subject that seemed to him first in order for con- Forced contributions to the rebel cause, in g nents was present d to the Porte Satur"
all denominations look up for the many needJ sideration was as to the instructions to be sent the form of 1 . *N

o rsad 6 mm it rre d on a id e onf e so ot rn r dop 0 di ( alify. But voluntarycontributions b ducted b

s boureconshmended to t d drressAgent for istratieorinstructions proposed by the Attorney othe re IScauseae on ucht Indilrun 2n bu by Great Pwra b81[onneaPpointed

o hn aronut n elj alasu se Ar iln r nm ynoe n ne he on xn t rdTe ban oaf card rfl un la of tehehoict an

schools for white people and Sabbath-schools for The summary was then read at length. The Concurred in unanimously. BirmFngham. June 1.-The harangues of a
colored people, forwnich there is such an urgent reading of the summary having been concluded Sixteenth All those who, in legislative or man named Murphy caused the riot. The
need in so many thousand neighborhoods. The each section was then considered, discussed and othen official capacity, were engaged in the fur. troops used curiasses Several rioters were
Sabbath-school Union has but just begun the voted upon, as follows: th rance of the common unlawful purpose, wounded-none were killed. Murphy continues
vast and glorious work it seeks to do among us, 1st. The oath prescribed in the Supplemental where the duties of the office necessarily had re preaching against the Catholics. The city is

,':1""R:"t:"?""? "",'::\\?.\ho en Act d nonal ha nahSee i tusanq r n bui ne 0 du Plof hnr anon ur h as cu e but n oin a 9 oc us st any ume,
8. Union. This is true reconstrnetion-cot to have hiename entered upon the list of voters, and legislatures, diplomatic agents of the rebel Constantinople, Jure 21.-The Emperor of
seeking to pin alienated sections together by All voted aye except the Secretary of War who confederacy, and other oilicials whose oilices 7 I 1 s Paris to day
bayonete, but to bind them into one by the voted nay, were created for the purpose of more effectually a une 21.--1)ispatches report that

endr e 5e. heyees to unpyan 2r IT Bairdora gi tion ave nor er go hostilities theho el c ea llic The te I

all our personal ills can be conquered. Again oath, nor to administer any oath to any other But officers vi 1.. : 11 abellion, dia of the revolutionists an in prison.
we say, let the whole South thank God for such person tonobing the qualifications of the appli- charged oflicial < =. . 2 .. to war, but 1,ontion, Junc23.-A Constantinople I
an loatitution animated by such a spirit. L cant, or the falsity of the each so taken bybim; only such duties as belong even to a state of announces that the Sullinie Forte has 5
[The writer of the above desires that we gave no provision is made for oballenging the qualifi- peace, and were necessary to the preservation of to the proposition for joint commissio I ..
him thersames of two or three Methodist breth. cations of the applicant, or entering upon any order and the administration of law, are not to vestigate Cretan grievances

'::A"I'"";..' "w'".::::::bin th so tn or re on ekha e co to a ii ap on H 130 De M -In he L erl IIo"de or tth
but it may be, that the Agents charged by the Sd. As to citizenship or residence, the ap, t; I 1, I 1 writing incited oth-
two Georgia Confereones with the work of es- can for registration must be a citizen of ** I must come under ties,
tablishing and promoting Sunday-schools may State and of the United States, and must I
make some arrangement withthsabrother, which leonu intaicoun or par sehren Indedd in tl{ wh wil e Olythelp thedUnionnin she work of sup' has su such a teenfor a periodleastehg Ltwelve exception of the words, "Where a person has, of horses there.

Imthhe annothroteatan elect on esethise cation ' t..1,r. DomestioMarkets
GrifRn Female College-18th Annual one year. As to such a person, the exact Seventeenth. The duties of the board ap. urner or numann
Commencement length of his citizenship should be noted oppo- pointed to superintend the elections

Seerrnon--by Rev. E. A. Steed, on Sunday, isen t oonn jekthatith% 1 the regTishjr e"ayingh I i edyfo w ice t te lE1 YORK Jun5ee24--Fk .

dalExam nat"2 dMonddayd.TuesdayandWednes- er A full term has t n on completed. come ien teeels n eunansue is stsn u ea 2 rd T e
Annual Address-byRev. John Jones, Grif. 4th. An unnaturalized person cannot take tion listand if such proves to be the fact, it la 591. Rosan unchanged. Fre .r
fin, Ga Wednesday, July Sd, 106, A. M. this oath, but an alien who has been naturalized the duty of the board to receive his vote. They NEW . i t I ... .
Exhibition-by Polymnean and Nightingale can take it, and no other proof of naturalization cannot receive the vote of any person whose 138}. -= 1 1 ..:. 11 .
Societies, Wednesday night, July Sd. can be required of him. name as not r., a 1 1 Coupons, *
Junior Exhibition-Annual Leetnre by Rev. All vote eye except the Secretary of War, ready to take .. s. .. .= s a la1 --. NEw Yonic, June 24 --Col. 1 li .
P. Harrison, of Atlanta, Ga. who votes nay. he way satisfy them that he was unable to have 800 bales at 261. Flow acti-
Commencement Day-Thursday July 4th. 5th. No one who is not twenty-one years of his name registered at the proper time, in con- to 10 85; Southern, 9 59 to 5 -
Annual Concert--Thareday night, July 4th, age at the time of registration can take the oath, sequence of absence, darkness or other cause. Western mixed, new, 10 to 4 i. I = so
W. A. ROGERs, Pro. for he must swear that he has then attained that The board cannot enter into any inquiry asto ern, 813. Mess Pork, $21 a== I 2 .
June 21-Sw. age the qualifications of any person whose name is Groceries are quiet and stern, a r **
Concurred in unanimously. not on the list, or as to the qualifications of any 59} to 60. Rosin, $3 50. Ti n ..1
8th. No one who has been disfranchised for person whose name is on the list. abows that loans have Acres I F.
Spartanburg Female College, 8. C. participation in any rebellion in the United Concurred in unanimously, specie decreased 83,254,000
A Concert will be given, and Literary Address States, or for felony committed against the lawe Eighteenth. -The mode of voting is provided creased $78,000; deposits dear I
made by Rev. Prof. Lester, on Tuesday, 8 of the United States, ean safely take this oad. : i. r 1 > 1 ilot. The board will keep legal tenders increased 54, **1 ******
o'clook, P. M., July 9th. ? . ..i ,, . n, .. ., ..t..n..... .or sk . I 1 II I as of the election, showing strong. Money unchanged; *. I 2, I I
A. W. Omixxwas, President. es. mi c. a n ." I la a mars, and the persons elected Coupons,101 to 101.
juneldw to disfranchisement 'er e..,,totes cast at the election BHTIMORE, JUDe 24e >II & .gu* *

' 9~~- Z8, 1867,


TC ,, .,. ,,,.. ,,.... .__ . ---- -- ----- ---- -- --



L f . II. .... 4.15 n is .. -as i..r..a BarT ...r-ter ., I 0 ., : .1 a I | LIFE SIZE LITHOGRAPdlC LI EMESS
I re.4m. 47 racEr -rothe 1 ....meant noth he. ex.In- has a . 1 .r .r. = q I,
I..a rag as Iar war is ah ..r winger I.x milled along mundr s:a r. al so I :i n ake even a support or
-- -- ered are rhear, .....-ele, sqnrlak Jas n-a.qi.For t...wra rh.shni,. I r. 11*had r in .. 2 1, [hav I

a wrul kg me tisas.gil eleam of pair a his pony and 1 is
. Jave oil uset ... ... 9 pe. .. opened walk tg chure

he dr .3 *r l as to a r, a r I .. N, r 5 .. I II is very ill, panion of his re DE 7
11 p ..... ; Ir . r. rd.... ...,] all day, and with a sac

r, "os serve unrlieveriallould have agdowhort celeje at n oalat e

li n..r-<1it -in.-s. r -ar.1. y" beenwith1 1 1 1. JUSTPUBLI-ilt.
overcame his voice; when he resumedthe fears "Thank you, meter Harry, thank you. God itual and dri '1 IIE ORRISTIAlt H 5 RMO 55.
.11a or .r,:..:i. ii.r 1 wr 1, .r. a bleenyou.
** [ tr. r. .2. I ==1.; e. 1 .1 r 3. .. I ( There was a faint cry in the ( n 1 .1 .1 1 (
,ar,,, t., n..r., ,, ... ,* .11 re er. s e; a woman hastened in. Harry rav .. say "the will of the Lord be done." II A NEW MUSIC DOOK E
r...g .1 = i. J.1 e. r II gr little time, and was ... = .1.. ri '. I ame, when not only a good n an, but was one of the able Authoror thenonsta .
eagersatthatef these witnesses, I awear, as I he rsetone of his a :1-il x. rr whom he exhorters to whom I have ever listened, and
h*, re_ I.. heaven, never to taste m stayed talking full half an hour At last he et upon the con -to:-

rolo A3ddea n g3ha Ian Ilowed these remembered the 1. 1.11 s ., I r. the eo le a Dolesa urch, 3ret enlda HIS BOOK IS PRI .f Ti i
words, and I noticed many amoist.eye. tered. Shalph, where he labored much for many years
A collection was immediately taken, and more No, master Harry," replied the house . 3. in. fo and power
than ty dollars we pu bsto sk I ede shb as b gone out minute carriagellarry, ten se n him spit b d , ,

surrounded him, and said : hastily, an exhortation; but he
"It is but justice that you should know my Illiatress said she would not be away more he intended tostandese witness for his Saviour, ,,, ,,
name. I am Lieutenant Lanes, a nephew of than hour. But what is the matter, master I 1 ] 1 r 1. suffered a -r
.1 11 a hal Lannes May God bless you Rowinede ? Are you not well?" I a I shall
.== -1. li 0 01 yesi thank you, I'm all right; only I affliedta E iT 1

ace .. ig . . . r I .rr I ... If >.3 1. at .I his good resolutions lips. When the messenger came, he was ready 1102 and 110s, Sansom St., Philadelphia
temperanes and virtue should ever mark their were as soon forgotten, to depart and be with Christ. He spoke much rou sALE IIY
character, and that the soldier a vow should be And poor Mary Lane, what would she say to a l.... : : , .1 .. i
theirs, his cruel negleet? Perhaps, after all, little is 1 is -- *
RE VO bP TH SOLD Oharlie was not so very ill, and an hour would fore he died if all was well and he quickly re-
A SINovan CASE OF DISEASE.-The Rev. make but little difference. Supposing, how- plied, Yes, all is ight with me," and thus
us rse II ...... ... 41 .- 7 r.. . .1, r .. ever, he should die. No, no, he would not the good man I 1 .. g

. c...I- 1 1 I If I *.- 2 .. think of that. How pleased he was when he the fair fields
. when three years old; topped a short time, at length saw the carriage in sight, .. .2, :, "bo a good . .
they returned frequently, till she was twelve, Mrs. Rowlands had searcely alighted I I la. AVANT.
r sr FI *Login .. dosesof mor. HarrywasathersidegivingherMaryLane's __
I'. ul at sale ( 01' Fether, with message.
. 3 I ag......t . .. musket ball, "Iwillgoatonce,"she said. "Johndrive Mas Avaarr KENAN relictof IIon. Thos

my am sh fell corn leitreatmehot, the on toOMrs. Lane's colt gee, a wil .. I leutor1 0 ade i,... i Ef 3 i P i
fearfill nature During these spasms, her r .. .. i Har5. .. I I aged about 95 . ,
a if or .re n 1.seesandnow, a== is.

oandtimback of her i. go an'/hou / Mary . ncrable woman AY SIP.VICE AN LIR.
. . r r sl E. I ale space of an hour; "Thank you, meam, thank you," abs said, 3 LLLT r
r : rr . of these fearful par. as she bowed her v2sitor so. It is very good

. 5 L ... size convulsions, she you, noru ,ld it is little can be done I .
=, r . r. 1 men of blood. She gradv "I wish I had known of this before, Mary, s ately pr sen e, s aded and
.... ... ..4, c. .r,., state to her present condf but I had gone out when Harry arrived horne, devout spirit, oftenbbarmed a
Ir re it. .: -r... to throtr up lar e amounts and had on just returned when I Marted to shippers icto closer communi
.,: o in ..=, *, .5 .r -r day. At ten on ook, every come to you. her was revealed how adequate .. , ..
I -- \* to .r.: .1 1r a coldislate, which la a "Ah, maam, I knew you we 11 = ,,
I .1 * *- Ir- R. .< ** L .- you could. He has been -
1. ..san.. **......=e-r 1-,, a JJ audnowIfearthereissobope
-. ,f 2. Gr-r a r L. 1... k. in .. .r i lear I can do very little for him now," I -: 1 .n I .
a e. ....rr....r....u al-=r . = s, *un ,al... c.;>.1 5 .. L.c. . "I should have been sent for sooner. . r 1.... I *

/-r/ . st, r. Ohi .folla uthis colddtate.-- I .< .. *> L. 'loit. pressive of ler in nee desire tt they NEW YORK,
i.. at : .1 ting about one half minute; C J ) I ...- I >. I I I doct>r 'stilve" to meet her in heaven. She has gone RBY. DR. DIiEMS, Pastor
,, a .r. , .- . .. . II, 1 .. r Ad have been sent for more than an hour bo. on before-garnered in the skies God grant

.. .,/ .sr ./}." r -- 2 0 I, .... .H rriftand on alloroverspreadhisface. Dr. * i .I I .= 1 /-1 Ti .. ii 1q[1 >.4 bi l*
ast ., a thaI the falls into a state of relaxation. In regard to her "I think our little friend here would be best meet her in heaven. R.1Y Blanx.
fumes of liquor had subsided. hia .... ., p. .r.1 -tr pr.,:, -r.,- F.. r .. leep about eighteen at home,'> he said in a low tone to Mrs. Row-
symmetrical and mouly, and his I.= ;=..- 2,: ,s .- :P .-.L. ., tu .. daybreak, and re. lands. - -- -- ,,, , \r
with the sectithents of the patriotic song, and mains in a state of consciousness about ten or My boy, do you hear .what Dr. Harris BURK E W TV EE If LY
n. v..s .1 ,-: .... ... ...1, .c :, Ir ip Ef -. o, falls asleep agern, waking up says ?" voanorsan
. a length of time every hour until Harry put his arms around his mother's neck, arms
./,/r 6 1. Il\ s, is 9-1 It r tt- morning, she and kissed her; then, quickly i leastructive and Entertaining! .
fine features. w .. = e butter. Sh falls asle at twelve o a rthe doctor, left the room -.= > ... ; e. neautunny zunstrated: , , ,,

El . .u .4,.. wakesagainatthreethenfalisasleepandwakes Once more Hargy saw little Charlie Lane commasse
11-. r.. 2 .. a .;,.1 . ... ..- a .ir. 1...1= no more until about night. Then, again at He was lying then in his tiny cellin; and as the Stories, Poems, Historical Sketches, Bash, Blinds and Doors,
leas eleven in the night, and at three in the morning repentant boy gazed upon him, he knew that the Narratives of Travel and Adven AT NEW YORK PRICE
Yr- -&.11.e ] pt ..,* 1. =,5 as..] T -then at daybreak, etc. Each time of waking once sparkling blue eyes were closed forever, I, T : I 1 8,
..... ,-.- .. ...... c. . ina.1 she remains awake about twenty minutes.- and that his pretty infant prattle and sweet Wholesale Purniture Manufactory.
.... s, ar re ... . I, a t. r, 1.. .. si 1 Whenever she wakes, she complains of severe childish laughter would never again fall I ke IIistoryAmusements, BEPAIRING OF ALL KINW,
al--u levelyr 11--<. ... --s....-sh.= headacheandoftenof asicketomach-haneu- musicon hisparents's. 11,,,.1 Oamesctc.,etc. ByGRENVILLEWWD,
-, r.s .sp ., r... 2, e. re, or . .. to ,-, ralgia or toothache about once a month. When heart must have broken. .T ' I I > -so: Junowda wherestreetMaeonas
much seemed to need, t. .. I r.:sh e..1, in a she is in conversation with visiting friends, and was the cause of it all; the delay, of which he T THE URGhNT T SOLTCITATION OP
sad tone, and slowly .* .. c. his is about to fall asleep, she will ask them to stay .1 1 .. 1 It -1 -. I . & great want of to O W. MADEY. F. 8. JOHNSONs.
1-,,9 si s .,,4 :>.. 3 -.. [ am a until she comes back, or to come again-then I = = - - -saL Fi .. 1 = 1 r - to commence one COTTON GINS.
sq .r, ...s. ... 1, ata =I, J ..r kind she throws a veil over her face, and in few min- less form; then dropping his face in his humis,
sympathy. Leave me to my rage and wretched- utes becomes insensible-to all appearances he wept bitterly. Weekly Paper for Boys and Girls. -:o:-
nees, and I will go on my way!' asleep. When awake she is rational, and will I didn't think that you cared for my little
But ourmuriosity was too much excited to al- answer questions, in a tone of voice, indicating Charlie so much," said Mrs. Lane, who was a at 6 e21g el abou6thelstolJune, and Combhadon of SMadPraoded dthee
low this, and staid loud cheers we escorted him deep radiation. She cannot walk, stand or sol standing by.
P r. r- ra, 6 -= 1. a F. r- bi with r up, unless propped up on the bed. Oh, Mary, it's not that Oh, can you ever A NEW sTonY -:o:-

1 1 THE PARBON'S REAL BAG. Ifor ivhe imieft Je migMrh e ban alisea now, By exanor of the "YOUNG MAROONERS. 11E UNDERSIGNED HAVING CO

g I. .. -- Mar in astonishment. = .. an I have to ,
.. In ", Amidst many interruptions, caused by his
ute rent mq as no and oinrea 6 grief, Harry told her how he had lingered on . . . ., ,

scene oth wi ar edas e.1sastening to his The Beet Publication of Its Class , ,
obtained, again that clear rich voice uttered , "Ah, Mary," he said in conclusion, "mamma
those anspirlog words: always told me I > 11 . II, I amos win to a
*PeLu leFraneshe pe ledebraves, and now, I think I -1..11
exte rou"**** more." splendialy Illustrated,

theBee ( i., 1 In her own way the good woman endeavored , , , . nneAxame now n wswa examarcu.
thousand people spell-bound by one of the most steomfo tihe d tr eddboy, her tears Alling . .. *
interestingautobiographiesthatitwas ever our row to think 3at her b .
Idt to hear. Born in Paris, of wealthy parents, ag
he had in early life been thoroughly educated might have beed spare84bto her hd h a belen TERMS:
at the University of Witteraberg, and received had her full rgivenessea r g that, thougle ,
themaste sNdepQn aHde nh tab a si it was hard to part with her child, yet she knew I as are of patrona e. 310SEY & JOHNSON

tenant, was him during all the campaigns that God had ordered all for the best. nasscovrrr a marchestsnot .
inEgyptin Ital in AustriainRussiaandat ca e blaogh teo d lyiBarrbu ent 1 Unparalleled Inducements! AGENTAs

6 a a 0 n e omghPfo sh i wateh over h self, and on ce afrn senarencepson three months or rive

"I "' '" dwo ,toagMe on a a waWho re eroeaf epgraj /
to corr pit ea e I inidEle let he would repeat sa wardningeto

life Napoleon, which had come under his ob- a
servation, and Inally closed with a touching so- bad hab of delaying a And, To AH Who Use the PIow.

i le o3o ea rn on.. n onorestriend, rh b n 1 HE GRAND EBSENT L TO AGRI

n y of Prussian hussars, and becoming seat
n ... It o:-
... .. @biturg . .

. D ed in Columbus, Ga., on the 5th inst., Lao- , .
Hong daughter of Frank A. and Arabella C,

ad wR hoo, Ala., aged seventeen ,n .

herH a as nea anfew d adurati80u 2 ed .7 w.BURICEacO samp\ea a
sun-set c igagentlba tiitj nd a PublishersandBoolci a

h 1 me a birst nea i wo dm ved shed e cha atnonshd se 5 L ORdAN As anna n on

r. ve o enlookia re my hrd h utohtehhadpy FOR OERTIFICAT

y youth at in rom i as tered "hee who eshe was not onCthle li h and o Churches and Fnnailies. ,

h "" DElAY 18 DANGHROTTS, hatadaymaybringforth. Manyajoy uabbpe E ARE PREPARED TO FURNISH ar e w ,-
<,1at Harre it..Mr.mi 4.- r. i.ight-eyed, may I andtheen ifITe osh ye ea oriptceaboveusefatandbeautifntimerumoutsatNew
B -lo r harL :L.riu.5 2.-rans-i ini <-low, everypte liesaleepingto-day. These hopesshal , ,
arsd a sp .r...a--s s..r. toairs red t .,,=0. -- II* was, more agam. Almost from a child ahe had .
fr.* ar c, e.= ... ..- 2.1, or 3 2...,,., e. .e.1 is member of the M. E. Church, and her
' I ate ac..a ..: on.= r-== =.* 1..- Ib II..=.- Is. that of a Christian.

ibxi is. L.....e- .,,.g ..arsails...q,,s p.,i..- L- ---c rger.
scra any an. ..<..s I, a v.,, s, j ar. ..,,r j u ..; he had one very
way..-! I tr .. I.- or -wr a- fault which often caused him much Lawlis SMITH AVANT was born in 1 .. .,. . ,
a.y br L. ,, t., . This was delaying 1 a .... .. =h sh i i. .
ked around 14.1 rhab of oonst **d t . . . ,. . .

,", ',.,., .

loved volce soothed me, and her 0 a is rad a use at ism about relate, t b at o n3, th yi 1 s and n 6. 11* /. .
ministered tomy wants. length left off proerastinating religiously in adversity as well as in prosperity. w we joil. BURKa's WEAKI


., .


. .-.e.

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-- -
vacar a Tommai, Joamen e/stswAHe
Neweenvoea, overs, ea.


r From

am am.r

q > ee. ...
.,.ne. .ee. .

...1 rqw surestriT.A.;& .. a

M SEB .1<* TITP 140% HRI


MPRIrifNG All .LittTr1RI<)9' il IC
e..r.. Prata..ra. si .marmaneaved .
as =61
. ..r ..... Mar v. et rms
p or r a
. = her r. ... r he

,, ,.,,,, ,q..
so.. n-a.

neo tIal La

o . . A=Iu.L*it. e


WILLatal&, TAWLOR & Op..

0.> MMI 8 MON 81 li ROB ER "f 8,
ne. saw uses. I.m.,e. r.
,q _a...

rea anal"IdinaPs. Dises.64a-Mra, pl 45a'llBM
......-, A ML

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=3 Fh I F. LL emingreall)K 15 ,

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( o an an sense go III rre la me 1,
..s.i.s r = v.- a use see me.
e.- ....... 3 .> .
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.. .. 9


o us..ry ss. e. mee emino.

BolE Aliplil5 Kate RARD ARE.
1 .unor as
.ac .14 sea .ru* s.mir.,
* 1sense,

I sa manisersi. meru

in e use us n e. rr .1

pr. ,, ,, E 151 <*:* 4 MrB* RME

reProorwarehense. as e, s....g.... .

AvousTAeA., .

--1 rc rs..I. wants. Hawa

es order. for Busias, Rope and Pagedy means
prompuy uses,
He USUAL Cs 6 af sh died- a so
80 phame of Adr Men paMe




wt M Al e y .elass ap 4 Putty ,

KEROSENJitollMae 3Cro.

t.L H [ 3 RE




N.;H READ1 1

The iew faabbath drarbool li n lag
ni *2 **.:* F:* F [****1i. E


forL .. ...
"L1.5Lnit* 1sill.iNEN I T,
.. .., .., .-,, .. .,....

Sabbath &hool Music free every month.
sonsevery a sk.

& WASHRURN & paq



s*..s sur ar., savaxwAu, on.

Referto old Merchants of the city generany.

DR.H.8ELM, Abili *0 4. nf usihN
Preside.. ., I ...r


-=- -


tookto youriaterateanaden*e rate too us sea
Johnson BuilAngnextdoor to thePoe Seendan in
over." re- U. 1. *... c -nur-Acame '


"Hm reLRe ble

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" '"

MI NE*C.1si.k LL IMIM st EUii.11 EL so.M

oml5MMYardambewovenostMeLam honedy.

HALITE o oi asso rr 7 rAMur


From Five to Ten Dollars a day on be made on IL


.. ., ... r ,

. .. -,, ,; ..; ,

li16$MLL IEA AD 911> Foaaelwh

RoBERTE A:.ZEr~huist

Not~largetthn e omsolonBreakat utatu.


EverrahghPeMMbyn aGr .



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9 n rn as r. Agent,

Ap GA.

A 5. arMaal-Ma .

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us En -

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sensit .

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a ac.




-- ----------,,: Pi

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