Group Title: Southern Christian advocate (Macon, Ga.)
Title: Southern Christian advocate
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Title: Southern Christian advocate
Uniform Title: Southern Christian advocate (Macon, Ga.)
Physical Description: Weekly : ;
Language: English
Publisher: J.W. Burke & Co.
Place of Publication: Macon, Ga
Macon, Ga
Publication Date: June 21, 1867
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Macon (Ga.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bibb County (Ga.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States of America -- Georgia -- Bibb -- Macon
Additional Physical Form: Also on microfilm: Athens, Ga. : University of Georgia Libraries.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 29, no. 1 (Jan. 5, 1866).
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Scott rev 4 0 nor GT

___~__~ ~~~___ _ ~1__

tale, and compare the statuf his mind whense
goes to sleep or gets up next morning, with it
statessome other day, when he has spent a for
hours in going through the proofs, by facts so
rezoning, of some of the grea doctrinow in

the grounds on which known truthe rest, so:e.
to be not only acquainted with the doctrines or
themselves, but able to show why he behaves
them, and to prove before others that they are
1 I
a ni 1 -==
time spent in self improvement; he will fief
himself, in one case, liatless and dissatistled--an
the other, r 11 I ri one
case, if he el a
Icasthewillnothave earned any claim tohbown
respect; in the other casehe will enjoy a proud
consciousn ft -- E-
become as
ture.-Lord Brougham.

The Last of Earth.
There is rest for the weary. The day of toil
and trial will cud, as we bid adicu to earth;
shall we not rejoice, like as the tetupest-tossed
mariner, who once again beholds his native
shore? The Christian .11 .. he casts
a this i
st disciples of the ('met
110& have not 1 their rest, their abidine
y>lsee here the last of earth is but an
introduction to their eternal home
putto those who have laid up their treenre
on earth, who have minded earthly things, the
last of earth: I .r 1 1 f I and
I the
fbarfulnight. I \, is lthey
togs ler I ouse/w uld abide f ever. But
agh it they cl =
s . * 1 tarry h in
.1 cm not by, while
E victory to tens
of thousands round the throuc above, is but the
requican, which in sad and doleful numbers tell
the worldling that all is lost.

Weh I aliwo halfacen

traffic to contend it to the tolerance of the
anmmunite We have asked its friends to point

thing it has ever done, an sosseessers--any go
t If a business is car ed on which is na re-

m 8

no de
1 1 1 1 e list ofev 1s

We ask again in all sincerity of the frien
1 pr t(i an i to u 21 t
so, to give any validreson why it should he for
ther tolerated,

Tn Ntinv a Sun ED-- Theo ri illhni

ing story, whicl I to be true It
is told by the 1 lieview. Only
think of it-an of the genuine
Cantlebelly" brand, sunhbed by a semi paern,
Coptie puttiarch Slilman, the new f lish
Church Bishopof Calcutta, passed thrush Cah
a short time since. Desiting to pay all respect
to a Church that possessed the true spelt

pl a s p : liands. I ,
the hauc

1 did the situe, re scaled

desired to expre s the pleasure he had in toin
permitted to wait on the head ofMs au{ Tho

Jerusalem, the Archbishop of Rome, and the
,, a , , ,1 t lover heard of
, , , ,, , re you inar
,, , , ,, I was not, but
I 1 .1. 1 This was sufficient for the
a Bishop and got married:
You are no Bishop; you are Amelikan!" His

1 rpvi sw Pt ch jo ed
he had not enjoyed it at all, and that the pat11-
arch was a very stupid fellow. The Amelikan"
mission is an object of the dislike and contempt
of the Coptic priesthood, as it seems to have had
some succe-s among their people. How the
Anglican liked to be identified with American
Presbyterians may be conceived.

hlR. WALTER RYE, inalittle pamphlet on the
= of the Church
' I in Crosses alse-
where than on tbo altar are decidedly, and on
the altar possibly, legal. Two candlesticks on
the altar are prescribed 3 more than two Tforbid.
den. Stone altars are declared illegal,
as fkr as we have the means of a
were in use in the second Edware I
Tables, and colored and embroidered altar-oloths
have been decided to 1 & I I
while the very reverse ;
ered linen clothe for the altar; and, Instly,
i as never been raised in a

Commissio\or, have af3rol shop rannior, as
must admit the legality of the saelificial vast.
ments." As to the advisability, he asks the
question, and leaves it to his readers,

LAnyEVANGEusT -Miss Geraldine Hooper,
a young lady of about five and twenty, and be-
I . I T li 1 =1 epast
6 I at
the Enth St.
Torquay. ' I ' I
ston, and her servion are densely crowded, hun-
I II 11 = = in Iact
a . si r II I I r belbre
she commences. Miss Hooperposec+os marvals
ons powers, and uses them wisely.- Weste
Times, (England )

ANorum LoanoN PREAmea-A waitor
from London, in the Examine and Chronicle,
relates that after 1
ventist, in the me .
to Exeter IIndi, t JCxeter Hall is crowded

n chil

s aflhe rn

healthful spirit of his grac and caus he lint ed neice, he spoke to the children of the pres sophical psincaple it is strange that his was occasionally absent from his place on the together, our hearts shall who us for our
OR R $RS perfume of .1 ents he had for them Sister Jordan then told dreams should be of heaven. Sabbath. Meeting him one day in the street, weakly questioning, beenuse the Sun htd his
to wreath a the children to get a light that they reight see W. D. War.unts. he said to him face from us for a little moment, whether adark-
for whom he prayed would have been more edi.. the n, .i . 2 I 1 had brought thein Brother laansh, I *ec your seat at meeting ness was the universes
fled had he said, aO God, bless the children, May. = J < == were cousins, in Dr. Doshiridge was on trims of very intimate vacant sometimes." ?.. the captivity in Babylon, Ezekiel,
FAMILY WORBRIP. cause them to love thee, and make them, while separable companions, and nearly of the same frendship with Dr. Samuel Olarke, and in re "Yes," was the reply. "The truth is, Mr. .** I ** '*.1. r inspiration, exelaimed, *
arensast.a.. vsm. young, thy children." Simplicity, pure, plain age, Mary being twelvend ICilen thirteen years ligious conversation they spent very many happy Swaim, I have to go down to the Methodist 1 ye shall shoot thrth
Many of the heathen recognized the duty of a t becomes the family altar. old. These two ran for a light, found the Innip houts together. Among other matters, a very meeting once in a while to get fed; I don't branches and yield your fruit to any people of
family worship, and adorned their residences ,, I they, thvorite tople was the interinedinto state of the always get fed up here*' Israel; for they are at broul to come." A
with the altam of their Lares." Indeed the to a * -u si . . . . .. . . I sent and the probability that at the instant at a Well," replied the doctor, "perhaps the restive unbelief might have repelled this exult-
conscientious believer la any religion, true or he = *** = la 1 ', ** J s * ' I " .* ** I false, cannot avoid the conviction that is 1 * = 1 == = = ence of all the heavenly he is, and the splendors reach it.'' when only twelve 1 exile
dog to impart to his family, especially= 1 I * I - One evening after A tender rebuke; ibr the doctor knew well had elapsed, and .. yet to
children, his own religious views and as a of ihis nature, Dr. 1). retired to that that was not 11.0 ease. "drag their slow length alone." At hand to
them all the benefits, real or fancied, that '*., the clothes of the three girls. Ellen rest with his mind full of the whyet discus ed, a Not Rd is .1 re are that are conse when the generation that heard these
to him from his faith. This cannot be done room We have always 1 ran inlo the house where she was met by the and in "the visions of the night," his ideas not fed! A in manner of the words must make the unblessed land of the
properly without the stated observance in the we of prayers wasintende I company from the piazza, who land rushed to- were slatl> family;of at last the simpler and more general ane .11 : .ie congress ward the secoc of the explosion Mr. Jordan 110 dreamed that he want the house of a friend, presented, a littic restlesent s under his demands "stand in their lot to inherit the joyons predie.
formsof that faith. gat succeeded after awhile in covering her with bed- when he was suddenly tal, I I *I for their service, a little irritation because they tion. Yes! To a true trust, yes! Beloved,
No one who reads hisBibleean fail to observe, I I .. a rs ... I Some pa- clothes, and thus extinguished the fines, butin By degrees he seemed to I cannot be the lords of his creation, a little be not ignorant of this one thing-that one day
that its religion mingles with all the affairs of rents make spasmodie efforts at the discharge of doing so gotbis hands very much burned. Ma and worse, and at lastto exoire. In an instant assumpt is with the Lord as a thousar 1 1 -
life, sanctifies all its relationships, and becomes this duty. To day they are zealous, to-morrow ry ran into the back yard and stood under = to feed thousand years as one day." I
a very part of the being of its professors. This lukewarm; to-day punctilious, to-morrow care- outil every thread was burned off her. * any one of these lates of mind induces good is uplifted, one day shall do the work of a
at least is its purpose, and as it .,, e. less; now attending to this duty, now neglect. standing there her mother wont to look fo I men to trend the food under foot, and go away thousand years; and who shall say, take thew
perfection in the creature, the more = .n ing it. This indicates a want of order, purpose, and saw her as she fell = harren work i done, that the thousand years are lost,
influence his life and affect every relation he principle, which must exert a baneful influence her fall Sister Jordan 1 pure light. Beneath him lay the earth, but = 1 1 All may be fed who will feed, because llis hand whis
sustains to his fellows. It is a mighty social upon c I., i. wor. ran to her, throw her burned arms around bes Never a sermon with truth in it which did not not "plucked out of "
principle, inedenting duties and laying down ship : a ) .F. II-.& un- and told her she was not dead. coniain food sweeter than honey ar.d the honey. I e .1 Thith ">eizes it with her
general laws, whose application will cover every alterable institution in the family. Thenedear children had been reared in on at I .. I = F comb to hint who was ready to ibed upon it, rulerval and
act of life from the one which affects the inds. So much for these minor points in the dia. mosphere of pietyhad been taught at home and is ? - I i Us e-- a
vidual only, to those which move the heart and I A subject like this is well in the Sabbath school to remember their Crea- 1 if .ill 1 he was surprised at their a : thfulness of God abides
influence the destinies of the race. It was in- .= e but this article is becotoing tor in the days of their youth, and had learned 1 I I .= I to inform them of his hap- (1 1 IIis promise
tended by its Author to make every not of life a too long already. Let every minister, every pa. to love the ways of religion. Now appeared the py change, Lut by some n ysterious power, ut I I I 1 The pros-
moral one and leave nothing mean or little, be., rent study how best to make family worship a rich and precious fruit of holy unmples, pious terrace was alonied him; and as he anxiously va n never parity of Zion is "at hand to come." Let us
cause every thing should be religious. Its sent. pleasure to the young. They must be led, not training, and rehgrous conversations. They circle, gazing fbndly "YE WILL NOT COWIE TO ME THAT not put it off hy unbelief, prayedowness naul
iment is, driven, and the beautytheattractiveness ofsim- walked unharmed in the fires. Their clothes to speak, he rose si- YE MIGIIT HAVE LIFE." sloth, but look th: it with centslence, ask for it
plc Christianity, when presented properly in her were burned off, their flesh was baked, and their plenty upon the air, and their lbrms beanic more
virtnes, graces, and practical duties is such as bodies presented a horrid sight; but then souls and more Edistince, and gransib. v-iva ^ "
to win the heart and engage the affections of the wrown uservined nmi pe... winner) in prothnnel from his e 1. I sullire fbr chastisoment and diseIpline-how the
young a 2 I I1. he found 11 . reward of our toils, tire answerof our supplica-
While this religion controls every act and re- God speed the time when every Christian so a venerable . I I I . tions, and the fruition of our trith require but
lationship of life, there are some of those rela- shall be the priest of his household, and every .** is II I I s .. i serious movements and in whose countenance he , "one day." O, for the steadrast trust that
tionships which it directs with peculiar force child brought up "in the nurture and admoni- shall live forever;" and Ellen said, "Tell the remarked the beamed, of youth and age worries not in work ~ I "'0
and whose duties it more clearly marks out than tion of the Lord," and may we, his ministers Sunday-school, and every body to meet us in blended together with an intimate harmony and , , * * '
others. Thisit does beeanse their miluence up and the parents of the Church, be wiseas ser- heaven." They spoke of their grand-pa as majestic sweene a 1 I * "-hedc.c awl Bapdat
on others for weal or woe is most powerful pents, and harmless as doves." waiting for them, and said they wanted to go They traveled together through a vast region
Such is the relation of parent and child. The (bnwagoro', S C, June 4, 1867. to Jesse. A little over twelve houis they lin- of empty sp::oe, untal at length the battlements
family, God has made the primary school of gered, and then, nearl .1 they went of a glorious addleo shone, and as its tbrm arose ,""f so ross em y ni anise: A Case of Conscience.
Christianity. .iwas ever isucT sa ewalral THE BAPTISH OF FIRE. Id. toTth eb ried in the saghea nly .. . . It / oniffi< 1 Ziffi ( no of our subscribers in Quebee, says as

d shall bei thy h r audTbmn h to Q while the Sabbath school children stood around, ed hhn thnt the palace he behold for the pros-

e at ay, I C f a tr as 6 1 lb ar2 r)t 3---?' Arawaringhiu ...
downand when thou risestop." The New Tes- priceless jewels, the dwelling of the sprntual aus. of man to conceive the things which God had the old man said: I owe .
lament reiterates the same duty: Bring them Inhabitant. Without the soul we should be Truly this wasn b-aptism of fire! It tried the prepared for those who love him; but notwith- owed it to your father." As ny inthor accessed
(the children) up in the nurture and admoni. mere animals, not men. And yes this view may souls of the survivors, which lay id the burning 1 .1 building to which they were then twenty five or thir- r pl:-! oYou
tio of thb r e duty of family worship as ned < ut be se Courljuay t to enh" furnace while the flames of sor < Tee icts wl\ich hel li]one ie al b ri hteoldanythang mus a j d and nothing must prev tehi

gro ag outrof the natu lo httion ofp rent a i(u e e mtabnee i ithoAt emial vt uso< nod sc t ur re 01 of nf eexce letma e cone pltion the aying tol de e a m in ad c -
t monty upon hepexam le of ther aof ever body .. ng alt o en dd tl Spirit of baptism de war ali 1 lu citl < do t< ad ti sd. at r firmatise of w e ania Whef er iitnhac been

20-3 b ugh h 11 n line 1 o n
-1 afrom heaven. So Then did the chariot of fire and the winged and [e ve bin, but that h must re stilled the

* i- .. a na a o ca a j a me of ete at I Ior so ote o< av fo r id, in a a fo r too p j
e right ways; the In n uin a 8 1 The connection of the soul with the body in- e.. ... - 11 L < ii, n at a 1 1td ed ine 1, me th y 1|< a < no tw< 1 at j

the pinee of home infinences borne religion dicates the modes of its education and program the burned parts was destroyed, nod pain was began to examine the decorations of the room nothm of ha nd, in flus a in
Where this is not, there must ever be a blank in sive Empiovement. Thorneans chosen are there- over, while the pure spirits waited a while for and observed that the wais were adorned with a *

1 leedl tl I hajul pt re I iTod a ti la such a addess thel'I ceal or uem ,r so rdo Illicavenward. Let us a crol hte r2h e( 1 non "tl< sinn guest hornear ht cone slitheway h} vingesin

I pray 9 of childhood. nWere it I *, printed page, and the vo eo he 8gmg ft wi ng kegree
the parent free from his obligations to God and allections are kindled and directed and the fao. may so sustain the suffering relatives that on, j/jbley ou s< limes preserved hina ?110 Invang Epistle
his family. Here is his work and he camiot he ulties cultivated and developed. The soul is from itantinent ord. 110 hohold himself lirst "" Dr. Cuti the Sunda
wiltless ifhe leaves it to others reached through the body; P Irie says, in y Magazine:
It is not our plan to present in this paper an itual education of man pro< e- (' ** with that brightness which pours its blessed rm- "presenial as an1ilish who his lic who so orders his he and cotnerention as
extended argument, demonstrating than1 "" raken truth, the symbolical rites of the drance around those who walk elmer to God, and Al at 01 the nearrences he taking no dwhenor or repro:wh on ion, who
ship to be a duty. We began with the the solemn forms of worship, the im- nearer to heaven delineated w fainihar (0 his recul- h b il< n luin t as fuyslj s""
in regard to the pre vo soonesof nature, and the march of prov- Mary and Ellen are now with the spirits of election, and II < things which he had scanduN to be told in Cath and bli hed in the

a == . Here we do not ident al evonts are the means which teach and the just made perfect n before understood, and which had
e me to a k)rc ce h r2 we on utter iln- st eullessons thaf constit to the ourse ed idinAwi di nny doulbts onel 1 jxul a 1 ] t I
the 'mint and enmmin" of the law, while the be f ozu the =1 = .* F .1,* .'" struck with a picture in which he was repre- pl my i< tt ip non He lee
Yet much h:trtuony whic I 1* I I ., ..... ... A sented as ihiling from his home, when death in who a life reb ton pr so ris if olf less in

bl ea( I u3nisuidischar ar le tin so successof any means a loyed in r 1 tr fail5t >05 m in ex it "tt I wh
and exerts little inituence for good upon the education depeads largely upon e impreaston God, killed hhn with joy and grate ude, and his A Puritan Sunday. <1ood n do h he in ut iti l exemp is

e et hedmannou oth beeren e t > s on sil 1 clth a ennostenecessey nd heart olverflowc( with love as he urveyed in In the Drytons and the Darenants-the v vtuou, ad holy and headeent, onell\ublinue
sermon or extersation, if due regard had been press on. And just here, we mpy remark, that hem at nin it j t lilenh f codej d and niorey latest publication of Mrs Charles, the authoress a doctr nes of Und ad his Saviour
paid to manner. So also family worship may experience makes the most thorough scholars, I his attention nas arrested by a rap re or r el cel

they were sleeping long before that time, and But when we are gliding along on the peace ,, . presse n ents of I which make you know the thee, and the paps that gave thee suck! -so to
when the time came were wakedup as best could fal current of a smooth stream, charmed by the people volumes of narrative; its live, in fact, as to resoruble those books, which
be done, to fall asleep agnia before the lesson flowers which grow on its banks, delighted with andincidentally, upon the subject of a Divine him saying, "Thisis the now wine in ni Father a characters, that are never mere incarnations of in addition to their proper contents, are bound
was read. Worship did them no good. They the music of the birds which aing in adja on p. ., I r 1 kingdom No sooner had he artake than all principles, but men and women; its letters, that in gold, are illuminated, and iliustrated with
should be present and take their part (attention) groves, and fanned by the soft breezes = 1. uneas sensations vanished, perl et love had now are never mere sermons concentrated on one paintings, or those pillars which, while with
in the service; but they had much better be blow so gently upon us, we yield ourselves up to of Dr Dodd idb, wher veral thorn express- cast of fear, and he now conversed with the Sa- individual; its sermons, that are never mere dis. their plamer neighbors supportrap the su er-
permitted to retire before prayers than thus to pleasure and no deep impression is made upon ed a wish to see it again in print It occurred viour as an intimate friend. Like the silver sertations, peculiarly apphcable to no one time structure are also
Cnaish them in thbeepe a mancerofnwkste sould our minds It is different however, when fierce to me that o en 1 ; n stoni liigs 2 t2 pr ticho heard fatfrom his e coe d lies ia> ut c u dan eo it r ta ritiorwers-this is best of all!"
family worship than with good Bro. S., of Lex- I I 1 I -- 1...1 *, t ., .. al. =hese days of darkness may find over, thy work Tr 1, rich and glorious is one place, and therefore containing guiding wis
ington District, S O. The time seemed to be omfort or profit in the I .i. ,* the reward = ith an uns eakable an for all; its ra ers, that are never sermons The Workof LIfe
precisely the right one. The evening meal was i therefore hand you the a bliss, that glided over his soul, he sudden] sa, om a pulpit, b lef cries of entreaty from -
over, the family gathered about the ,--hich I clipped some years ago from glories .i i upon his vi w the ldust, or flaming torrents of adoration, piers Most truly did Theodore Bedgwick say that
hearth-stone, a cheerful, joyou oirele. ,- aa The do<* of capture from his e stars, .. 1 I little itis the man of robust and enduring constitu
were in the mood for praise and prayer. tear and tremble, as the da eur of the dread- Perhaps your renders need not be reminded =own his cheeks a daily bt * = that tion, of elastic nerve, of compreheave diges.
ship was entered into with a zest that proved it ful scene writes upon the pages of our ='-is .ier .1.. I. T* 11 1. the eminent English - are as great drope of blood wrung slowly from tion, who does the great work of life It is
a delight-theneach retired at will. There was 1 living tauths. lame. He was the dream remain upon his mind, ar I the agony of the heart, its hymns, that dart Scott with his manly ibran. It is Brougham

n Toe othle I Ino feeling a I t most impressive, arjedmto ftemnTh dneed1sd. grateful sMpathy beheld th le} and w th speak of it without emottons of joy and tender %,-mi 1 e.neme and soaring in a wild passion witi hisbsuperbum tr powests of -1 1 endur-
day love the memory of the household aJtar buffering goes down, down, down into the soul, tions that spread abroad throughout England by I can recall little of what my father said to
Let the time of worship be that which finds all, explores every chamber of the mind, and leaves means of their labors. He welcomed these per- us in those evening hours, but I remember that imp out in
old and young, best fitted to enter into it-the not until = = el sul ..... ., .. Ire sonally whenever they visited Southampton they left on our minds th 1 in 1 -r 1-- I I ** I It is Na-
time which most harmonizes with every other characters p., where he was settled, and was in much correspond. (II I ill RR L qli I II11([, sense of having fbund pollen, sleeping four hours, and on horseback
duty and care of life. tion that remaine forever. Fire ] ves a sear dence with them in regard to the glorious work which came from our twenty. It is Washington, with his splendid
I have witnessed family devotions conducted that no time removes, and no growth carries in which they were engaged. He hnnself was made us feel that in cot frame and physical strength
in such manner as to make them insqiferably te, away. The most effectual preparation for use the author of sever I 1, works--distin- Not Fed nature, we come not to a systern, or a stream, or ph .. .. o 0 ul, win body
dions. Some years ago I knew in Washington fulness, the most lasting seating of the soul for gushed alike for 1. II and research a pounded store, though it elel fE bundant ,y y presence
county, Tennesseean old memberof the Church God, the most powerful and vivid experience of and for persuasive earnestness upon the subject ti ~ ago, a pious old lady, as she was enough for a nation, but to = which, It is Huxter li eth I is "of n in an
wheaetediousnessat times was insui(prable. On .aches, as that accomplished in the of practical piety. Among these may be named, house of God, said to the preacher I *-' I * I = =1 bub- well anan. It is the blind Milton. It is John-
a quarterly son, some young per, I z* 1 1 JamesandJohn passed through "A .F IGrsion awl 1. 1 al haven't been fed . shirsty bravely thronoh hfe ill
sons spent a <:. In at his house. The it, to fit the one for a martyr's crown, and the a and also, ad he kindly, come this lips which pre 1 .. .= I son, y carry n;r 1 1' 7 e
presiding elder was his guest-evening prayers other for a lan- lies he.,ntioni in its purity ;-1^ The Rise and 190gress of Rdigion in ^r -- -- I you shall be fed.,, inexhaustible, It is th le
were econ1, . . .. rmus so it Thrist baptizes with the Holy Ghost Sozd,"--iboth well known and popular at a 1 or neeI .tli the fulnes of Gode for the Sabbath in our horne T 1 i re pla

Morning . . a and with fire. He prepares the furnace, kindles His name also .. I . .. craved milk. Yet many who heard the preacher was the I I I because of our Lord s resur-
feast at 7. . .. e -1, ar. I .1 na = .. ;! ; e. i'* of the sacred pots- = 1 I . In I ** wrrished an the table-the old man determines to give the L ...*a. no 'I Quite a number o' I 1 . ., stre .1 II I . n a thou then and made us read and love other books-books 's ' '
manisteralesson on duty-takenhis Bible, reads, eacrament, and oileiates in this solemn service- ed in our Hymn book and they are unquestiona. than in the afternoon. W th her, however, the of history and science as well as religion-but that shall b di
explains, slugs, prays-half an hour is gone_ He asts upon his people as a puriller and refiner bly worthy of their place. His famil on this day of God he never read but from these ea power among men in stant
breakfast cold-time for lovefeast here. This at silver. The fire is no hotter than He, with "Du "--a litera 1 11 1 II me to this t f two divine books-Nature and the Holy Scri lands and in other generations-
was out of place and insufferable indeed, but it His infinite love and boundless sympathies, re- $on of rice ha yn styled a Christian reflection. Not fed ? Who is to blame ?rails t tures, and the night came always, it seemed A sound body is a good thing-a blessing to
was his - i .1 .ards as necessary; and His presence in freelJ sentimed, ya upon it he composed the follow- always the preacher ? It belongs to him, cer- us, sooner than on any other day. It was a day be thankful for and to be preserved: but history
young flea a la ,.nven to sustain and strengthen the soul. The ,- , a 1 1 Dr. Sam- thinly, to "feed the flock of God;" all of it- of Paradise.'> Is full of the triumphs of the soul over all phys-
re -4 li ----- v -----r at ,--1-- _=, bantism of lird Yes, we must be baptized with as ... , I = =1 I = 11 English the weak as well as the trone Fut is he re. 1 I I 1 .1 : weak and shat-
-. is a that baptism, must follow our Saviour there, and lan sponsible for more than the food 7 1 1 = n I * 1 has its advan-
s. I, g sm, Ial s. . I . enter the company of the white-robed in the guage. Must he feed and do th I too? Was The Coming Prosperity of Zion tages, so line the want of it; if there is disability
heavenly horne out of gr at t bula a ot tl k to a certsun extent and in a certnin form with
a so wea a stry; I .1 1 ' It is not the delayor God, it is our impatience, the latter, the former is beset with its peculiar
I i .. ,e rat. I I g, a z. or .t- *,.al elegarli she was a veteran who had that darkens the prospects of Zion. Even in temptations, andstrongmen rush to destration .
temporal and spiritual wants of the family and fifty years' serv seen the season of reverse, which chanises our ason with no sense of their respon ibilities. Of what I
aviduals p **ne .. few enna l o--- ---p- An able, diligent and scalous minister of the strong enougl2 and discip ji 0, tlfai ,einv e a (9 that he a

weary. The .. 5 1 gospel- faithful pastor over the flock of Christ "Not fed." Ts not the disposition of the bored, and the joy of I . ed, filled with the love of Christ, ever failed to
her spoiled bral... r or : 2 -g committed to has care, heartily engaging in hearer toward the preacher one prime reason to come. The word of a shine like n star, and to be a blesting -c
"this mornaug I wanted to be early at my plou th, The baptism of fire was administered to awho every co-operative work for t e id neement of why so few are fed ? Had that good sister if possible, than the simple word of prophe- men, whatever might be Ihe condition .1
bathball be belatedby this servFee"---the chil- family near Quincy, Florida, on the 13th <1 - a : towards ther eac at e sand yis jile come ey"-for if His bc 1 who does not
dren are not sleeping over their chair-arms oron May: Mr J. P. Jordan had visited his sisterin of Christians-deeply versed himself in themys- stretch her mizul I *** * h ng , a better and

ble thba loolons r rayers to no rgins da way seeded bei2 series ofbChrist bexperi cea th mind a to be high in the rack ? Or was she f ihelple to tdesp detet 1 qw, then, can N oleo6s, or Franklin 8 y r rougham's, or

" g t rheMn pldan kth on od e loan en> see at b 8 .t obra h members of the church, 1)y t eni lurir < his m ci. w la 3rr ki 3 v / 11



dr a le.B$

his t ian


Macon, Ga., Friday, June 21.1867.

I C--31~-.. .~ -Ce~RI**IICI---L-II+I-III~IWYIII-

Vol. xxx. No. f5

more apt membership there anch as Editors, A*gents, pauses, and longs in vain for language in which humiliated, dying mortals, a moment at a time. be the better exercised, as well as other consid-
evival that Professors, etc., in Colleges, Superannuated to clothe even its inadequate conceptions of the REES BRhthlf. When IIe gives one moment He withdraws the erations, conspire to call him among na. Who
rict. Preachers, ete, etc. Of course, if members of splendors of the condition and station, the im- receding--"appearing for a little time;" I's will come ? Whosoever of the Bishope does
o the can other "societies" in the circuit are present, mensity of the knowledge, and the infinitude of AID FOR MINISTERS. st mi tl us ino liabbf rntuo7r et a to ebwill not o)nly provte ab using todhis seen
dthe night couricay would require that they be invited to the bhes, with which the manifold grace of our ir 0 both as regards temporal and religious interests
experience participate in the meeting. Lord Jesus Christ invests and endows . New . . .,, liere he will linda just reason why to many
alling sin. The Church Meeting was designed to bring whom it saves from sin, changes into the savant r eedy na nisters of our Church. 110 rlIn r And then the sermon on Sunday night,- are leaving their desolate laces in Georgia and
out the working power of the Church in every image of the Creator, and translates .i : 1- ), I sa ady preach- Son, remember." How terrific, how horrible .1 lorida a land where,
ture of the neighborhood where there is a house of worship ter world. . FI ** 1* The last the memory of the lost in hell! Oh, said th< ad r orship unmole/t Itree, 0 y may h3
uties, etc, and a congregation of church membas. That relauttarnoeille leaves at w th too to dispose of, preacher, ive-hve thatdyou may have pleasant
ch all the body should feel its responsibility as an indidd. Durage Mminarson -Dr. 10ang, of Nash. memories in eternity, an a place in the Divine er- 2 3 .mi-.. .
vited-and unt church, made up by the aggrazale of its ville, says in a letter to the Memphis Adoocate: ** -' ** -- memoryoung friend had to leave on Mooda promises yetto be the fulfulment of the prophet:
by distin membership, and dissociated, for the line and a Bishop McTyeire is Ant at Mt Pleasant, hold- that are more so From $1e T. r 1, = s the regret of every one. The pool- AIllittle one shall be ome a thousand and a
l bearings, the work, from its circuit relations, it should as ing a district meeting. If these meetings con ceive, the country embraced in the bounds of 0 1 remember his effielent and pathetic ne een ae td gin the D slj tr a
stry an op, a unit rally its energies to evaugelzing its tinue to grow in popularity and usefulness, they the Rome, LaGrange, Atlanta and Gralin Dis- ministrations points, and in many instances large accession
ts. There neighborhood. Hence the specific work set be will certainly ereste $120 necessity for a bishop : .. li ., u . ,s perhaps the 1Ye had the pleasureof a visit from Rev. Mr. to the Church,
ces for all fore the Church Meeting. "Is the chuseh hese in each conference, or at least in each State. of the country we he sent thou d ot pd inal exi se NewtoA ada for n had With this state of feehng we are expecting
d lo secure (mark the word) doing its duty," etc., eto See The preachers hereabouts are thoroughly con- lars worth of corn, bacon, etc. We are still no particular acquaintance with hina-I had 0 open, carry on, e. r
from them. the duty-missions and other church enter- verted to this plan. We see, in the example sending more or less every week. But these never heard him preseh. Rumor had informed and let the end a .. ..- is for I
ee or four prises-ehurchliterature-extendingthework-- before us, that a bishop may spend all his time suppbes have been sent for the benefit of the me that he wielded a Scotch claymore against & 1 'The d t
e people on prayer-meetings-Sunday schools-strougthen. profitably, and become a great power in the suffering people, generedly-for the most needy, 11uresemie{Sof eva ical religion and the shall have a condensed mulum in parvo report
se them to ang and building up the church in this mmenu. church. Let us have one in each State, or what without regard re ior detansinational cal gla iator, w) loodd untf t frame e of the Convbention and its proceedings. Do
e the spirit nity all attended to religiously, in a devout and would be betterin each annual conference. An ]lus hitherto we have done nothing for the ter his blade I had heard that he was an au. slee e ye a t1ssi His penses shall all be
adherents, prayedial spirit. And if the church cannot be industrious bishop can be supported an easily as preachers if = I to J. lY. thor But I was not prepared for such a volume yed by unrch. on annSPARxs.
for by the brought ocetheratany obho in let a pain,, any other industrious prenaber th kuji g ouse of New York for ide 0810 in 2 ne'l I I *\ Gainesville, Her., June 3, 1867.
f the Holy ( SHE Macos Duruler I. 7 ** .. i. I the four districts named pleasuse of examining. Procure Use book-it
will then sembling them. Coursence, aesordrug to " I I w on Mr. Burke for $75 will do ye i =1 Ten thousand a CEDAR KEva Cincurr, FLA. CONFERENGE
rable good Now, we will venture another word. The Secretary, in the New Orleans Christian Advo- cach, and distribute the amounts drawn among Year." a .1 I .. <" or Last of the The Rev. E. J. Knight writes: Perhaps tim
preacher who does not take hold of this means eate, tbo Rev. Thomas J. Abernethy, Jr, i their districts so- lobicans > readers of the Advocate will be pleased to see an
of church process and use it to the nianost one of great interest. It was convened in M e extreme cases, Ill. sea nonse 0 ofb < of ithought- account of the great revival of religion going on
ED. of its capability for good, is greatly to be dian, Miss., May 3d. The Secretary sayst- Truethearnount I . nanneruntural and unartistic reetianrte .t tools trek on appointments,
pitied, for more reasons than one; and the Bishop Wightman was with us, looking well, ' "' I I I 3 I 1 I 1.* would ment. There have been two hundred and two
Advocate church inember, who, except it be frean press preaching with a power ever known to bc ^.r.rst I as .I. .1 us flag- added to the Church, and one hundred and nine
s he says, and criminal ignorance or misconception of it equaled by those of as who have heard him be- (horgia a .re well aduksand twenty five children haptized. I hope
mitted for functions and its availabihty for good purposes fore. His manner of presiding over the meeting en e n ere LI at at is a less, worsqi r re- arcMex as va 1,, hot for the Advocate
t a
hat hke a out good excuse, from the Church thoring, he respect We never 1.. I the South, without agents being surprised-gratified,
to reform, but httle use for the church, and the church ha or proposition than was aunvered by laun on la them. They may be needed in was renanded of an incident, related to me of
olesiustical less for him-uutil he amend his ways. No Sundaymorningin theMethodistChurch-text, other places, but not here. I speak that I do 7ttiny I is d and honored fri nd, the father to .
befoi tl e live Christian, whose heart and soul are in Psalm lxxx. A-and through the whole of it, ku --and a war stroitheewise,"eet write to He vialted nu re country meeting house
an the work of God and religion, but volli desire to from beginning to end, there was an undertone me, and all that can be done will be done, and in douth Carolina, to hear Stephen Olin preach Housron, FocalDA -The Rev. I. Maden
be there, to contribute his mite to that work. If of the most winning and moving pathos. Ero I 1, swible. D. N. lilcA. on of his first sorn one. The seats were pun- writes: We have been having glorious times on
admit e 100 gl h aslux placet iv 32e leSil fear that #1 sidioo a teer I an 1 [The selection of a 1 for distributing this ri, 4 1 r, 1 * j atNjeleb n, w iche rhe it ion

i5 THE GLORY IN CHRIST. up un e t rsu rite autuis wise mad and in belmlef of out brethren Icrlooked at /is watch, he had been preach

a e Tceo" htridwell with pleasure ddelgianas its interests. The general reports from churches VISIT TO ALBANY, GEORGIA' Sd s and b is av .1 1 e. re fifty-one c v jtt ehn xn8ineedeo
lay repre- pro grace, were encouraging. Brother Thomas began a alIr Editor:---Pardon me; my style is some- ateness and power. I r ,-... will join the Presbyterians. We trust this i
e nututor granting repentance unto lills to the world, and meeting in his church (Moridian) that's still in what pecuhar, in the pulpit and on paper-it is a these shall go away ior .1,, .; i only thcheginning of Detter theep,
ent ques- in giving a new moral constitution to the be' progre 8, with goodresultsso far The spirit of my own I = 1. 1 .. . . mout; but use righteous .
emporarily clever, so that his feelines, motives 804 affection > revival seems to be spreading The plan of only sk proper; it won's aloud me. [By ice> .the memories of that deeply attentive an
hese other thoughts, words and sets, hannonize with 150 hpldipg District meetings, by the 110lston Con- no means will we so dispose of it. Glad tohoar Ti n ,1 ] q..**a ll The Rev. John R.Lambuth,
r was car is r ag leaosur def el e rees sed it gives sub t stial y adopted 'alm us ting frownerTa sI y 3 .. , n, ,, a ,a .. The Jackson Methodist bringsa very interest-

31 in to new found and elevating hopes, tits reriarcings the Mobile Annual Confer.stace 4 II. W. Foote, thekcann r and Church some service." Hear- earth with its palaces, ad splen and wealth, C . thL6achristian usin heQa i sro
hich they ie peace as P Maeon station; A. K. Samsey, Gabsevilla sP itinerant minister. 1. I as from the pen of the Rev. 11. 11. Montgomery.
uld not be of its fresh and vigorous faith, through grace- 9 Nash, Livingston; W. G. Grace, Marion.- this promontory, Heaven bless the humble itinerant and his IIe died, November 5th, 1864, having been
bishops in or we might linger on the holy ministries of Dr. Spillman was requested to print in book. mosttocondemo- family, preacher since 1821, when he entered the Ken-
Church at grace amid the caros, misfortunes, trials and sor- form his report on the relation of children to et him that Iwl. I ardon me: noneof our editorialscissoring. Lucky Conference and was transferred to Milade-
hty. For man o sh r own a eo in I tu e the Church. -' I Is fr. in whi at C called up AD M for St Charles 1- .. 1-. ,. .. 3 : o. ti r 's i* **
nd it yet the king of terrors. Epanica surlso r 1 1 by a rich country, activity 1. a as charming revival He did not attend the session of the Confer-
ss for the But we pass beyond these treasures and to- #)pt, Missourt Conference, was recently hek == I 4 ..nguish the citizens-hospi- 1= , I .1 Is, e. I .1 11 r a. ence at which he was received on trial in 1831,
lost maphs of the fathful Christian, to dwell on the High Util, agep the presidency of Bishop tality boundless. Capt. Henry Johnson's ngle. .. F. a .-1 I s -, ... but with Rev B. W. Drake, who had ties the
not by nucom uted and enduring stores of riches re- Marvin, of which the Secreigry, Rev. J. II. philanthrople school for the edneation of the collected around the altar, and their parents juniorpreadier on the cironictor 1821, kept up
P Pricebett, says: The business of the ...* poor ..,n une.....dur operation-God blems him knelt with them, the appointments of the circuit, while the older
encogave, served to his use in his better home, into eir being full possession of which the kindness and grace 1 .. I i' = 1 ,p late Rev. Dr. Iloyt, .. as v. 0 ,, a 1 *.ir n I r Drake, transferred to
ces might of our Lord Jesus christ gives hire an abundant felt that our Distract Conference was mo =1 3 ,, _4 s*, to vacate his pulpit L a .. ..1 re 3. ( J no e.... I ri I The firstintirnation
Discipline entrance after death. Did we live in this wald, a success. Bishop Marvin's presence and ,w, were hathed to -1 I r 1 ,, he had of his reception and transfer, was from
April and ever young, holy and happy, we would consider abuseumag us or a bs it. 1 I / es, atten fl ni 1 .ro wel dr)its ather rehouse
ation car- it little short of a paradisineal state, or, at all tor. I met . camp children, the mothers of many of them looking week in October, and inquired, "Is this where
sentatives events, desirable enough to be coveted, enjop.4 A deeper orniore General impression forlood, I ground, n at us , a great down upon them from their bright homes above Rev. Wm. Lambuth (his rather) lives?" Being
e District and perpetuated. But even then, there would be have seldom seen made. Up to Sunday I T Cedar Town nowopened -looking down on their sweet orphans, pinched answered in the ailirusative, he replied: la
e Annual no comparison between that desirable earthly this had been #ve necessions to the Chure I the entertainment of 200 with poverty and destitution. Then, the man on your son John at horne?" He is." Well,
condit d the exalted and b state which deep religious feeling pervading the whole con. persons. Rev. G. F. Fierce, P. E, present; his knees was one who led his gallant brigade I am Bhbop George, and have come to let him
preciously ion an appy ation and cornuinuity. Wrother J;ovin Uncle Allen and James Turner, now in heaven, through battle's howling tempest of shell and know that I have transferred him 10 the Missis-
templated tbo grace of our Lord Jesus Christ ilts the soul K ER & ,, , , . I at 1, ,- long, nippiConference, and wish him to be ready to
his clause to dwell in and enjoy throughout the great here, with what assistance hAuld procure, remained spar- leave with me after dinner !"
by those after, to protract the meeting. I 1 1 $ab- This was sad news to yonug John and the
nferences When it is reflected that God assumed not the Da. McFanuss (:.ap Nashville .f I I . It 61410 eddT/ dramid weeping land subdue parents and fan y, andoesl3ctall so ou his And and lov ag
e District nature of engels, but that of man, and that the has been quite indisposed for some t I II ** .. I I a la ., a fearl boy a
y purpose. great Greator now reveals himself in the spirit- unable, indeed, to keep up his correspoudence What a singularailecting spectacle < nces have audized form of man, to Go assembled hosts of \Ye have insisted on his remining quiet, anel the altar at this meeting-was coniverted and -whata picture fora sinner young frail be in this Conference ?" "No, he
up joined the church. O, will the good, grand, These will be unthrgotten events amid life's is needed in abasissippi, and .. = " put
in every angels and the throngs of the saved in the king adopting measures for the recovery of his old days of canip meetings ever return ? darkest, dreariest, saddeft, sorrowfulent nights. Bishop, he issodelicate he can 11. tand go
n on this dour of His excellent glory, the mind open at health-this he is doing, and we hope the Doc- At this long tobe remembered meeting I met But the blessed, joyous, successful long jourr ..- ] si .3 . 1 I .- 11
once to the joyous conception that man a :,at tor will soon be in his usual health, and in the Rev. Charles Irwin and pious wife. We wept came to a close What a consummation 11., kill my 10 -1 -s
t his cor- only more honored than all the creatures of the facid presenting his important enterprise Mean- and any together then. O, may we sheet in joined the Church, happily converted-inscript "Ah, sists, a 1-.ta

e ord pr se ,I ea dexbut tub eeft dt ie tr> eLo will let not the missipupy pause be allowed to as andl o a cadl i spir to 5 0 in 1 veo aren baan e or y a vedfo b to di in dit wi1 6
s Almighty God, than all others The Scriptures This Sunda -school demonstration was distin- minding each other of the joyous days in the better than to take an old man with a family, to
give us warrant to believe that the faithful shal[ Many.-Willsubscribers and agents 1 ,, II a * J y gracious revival, when they were born of God that cour try at this time. But I have no such
eetings. be raised to a station of distinction and honor, respond to our appeal for the money dueas .. .= 1 . .* 2 .. ad conunenced the journey to the pro nised fears in reference to him as you have. Gode,

qn ree ibu t h etin S b son rem Ir hw rearbt e won ,ansabo pub ishers, in cannon ,tl ster a What brilgl{it mull be pey Ie !CI laninewell, Albany! Go bless you. I ever I **- . li li
0 mean, the belief, too, that all the blessings of the tunes, and they are very considerably in ad of the Raptist Church, was very feliestous and .. ( .. .. .- = .si -- 3 1 .. ready for the long
bers of an saved, in sum and kind, are in keeping with vance to the Advocate Every dollar will help r .1... .,1. I listened to him with think of the tears of penitence and r pt e-the trip. Poor boy, who will take care of his clotting
r every this high position-are unparalleled cyce in They need 1,000 more subseribers. le F I Moore spoke wisely, prayers and abouts and anthems. It will be a then ?"
= such heaven. There is an intimatenessof relation- /. .1 1 /e conclude with a stimulating and hallowed memory along the To this the Hiahop finally agreed. And it
ch minia dusty, rocky, thorny path of sublunary struggle. -in rt -. =* = and solemn conunun-
ay reside ship, in both spiritual being and nifection, he- Craine Waxexas, expqpted between 1867and as . .s .. .r a = I am in the midst of a great revival at New- ** ly F noneof them expected
o provide tween the Creator and those who have becu 1875. 11y the Rev. M. Raxter, Author of Methodist Church in this city. Under his elli- ton, Baker co., Ga. J. P. D. to spend another mght with John. In his owli
every ap- saved by appropriating His grace, born which OTheCorning flattle," and "Louis Napoleon.', cient and pions adzoinistration his church has June 10th, 1887. heart and mind there were deep and powerful
the rules all other creatures are excluded, God having re. For sale by J. W. Burke & Co. Price,51 25. greatly prospered. 11e is a young man of fine feelings and workings. The scenes of the past

tica sep> signed, as it wora, the riches and splendors and A very important book, ef true. Not being a eunitin e ined, j1 "nible de I .. ..
ty, or happiness of His throne and dominion, by allili- prophet, we cannot say that it is true. But ly invited use to pre h for him on Saturday progress in Florida Conference" Jr is ni ,,.1, ,
., ating with man in his earthly estate; and then there is a test It tells us, that Louis Napoleon, allr Editor, I have this moment finished I * .. c . I 5
having won and assumed them again, through as the representative, or head of a European .i' ' I "" reading your editorial in regard to your blaeon all made an impresalonon hi n that remathed to
ers of an His personal triumphs over tribulation, and by Congreasof nations, is to make a seven years influence descended-multitudes thronged the Districe meeting; and from time to time my the close of his life. "And I ubt not,"says
s-leaders? complete victory over His own and man's fbes. covenant with the Jews to restore them to Pales- altar-profoundampressionewere made--univer- eyes have been greeted and my heart cheered the writer, s i... I
,, a sal sensation-weeping. The exercises were with encouraging necounts of District meetings were vivid 1,.r .
He makes His sanctified ones first partakers of tine, and that this in to bethenbeginning of the continued, day and night, for three weeks-all a . -- I 3 = the church, not only at a missionary meeting at Pearl river camp
., His own nature, and then of His infinite pos- end." As this is a matter thateannot be hidden, the churches were represented-a kind catholic a various of her sister ground, he stood up with hisserenecountequnce,
sessions. He came in the likeness of earth when done, we shall know it; and thou we will spirit pervaded the community- States, and with emotion said: *I give my oldest son
born man, that He might change those who be- study the book carefully to see what else is to The Scy. J. S. Key, of Mulberry Street While I have read I .. re to the China mission, and one bale of cotton
lar some. Church, Macco, very opportunely came to our has engaged my mim] is.- a . ....r,: t -. I n,
en being lieve on Him into the spiritual likeness of Him follow. On the whole, it is a curioan Interpreta- help. The first sermon I ever heard at an An- Methodists, in seeking new homes, a thous- I I'- ** As stationed in Mobile,
election of self, and convey to them an inheritance incor- tion of the propheeles. nual Confercoce, was from the lips of his honor- and times looked in this direction, and wished to Ala, as a missionary. Up to the time Brother
such for ruptible, undefiled, and that fadeth not away, ed and laborious father, in your city, thirty-oue know what of my church in East and South L reached Mobile, there was no Protestant or-
Occupying the fame place at the right hand of OLn SUNAPas. By Mary Durnell Chelles.-- years ago The text was, "By faith Noah being Florida? To answer this, in so far as lies in ganization in the city, and not a half dozen pers
the Majesty on High, by the grace of our Lord Hoyt. For sale by J. W. warned of God," etc. The venerated Few, my power, is the object I have in writing. I sons who made any pretension to piety or exper-
Advocate. Price, $1 50. Lodges, and many, many others were present- feel bold to declare, from what I have seen and imental godliness. O. Van Ilouton, a Presby-
an we to Jesus Christ, the sanctified and saved engage in A capital work for the'young. Itshowswhat the sublime, a denin, eloquent Dr. Boring was heard of this section, that from the Potomao to terianfrom New Jersey, two other gentlemen,
mi the the chief honors of the post, have the most inti- the faithful Christian life can do, even amidst there. It was at that Conference I heard the the Rio Grands there is no fluer field for and one lady, who was a Methodist, used to
ag mate communion of soul with the King Eternal* much a asition, towards re eneratin gh annual funeral sermon, on the death of the nain- Methodism to develop her inherent greatness or hold a weekly prayer meeting at a private house.
and we Immortal, and now Visible, in the glortied form borhoodpp g ga nei liters, by the learned and pious Dr. Few. Rev. to work the fruits of her righteousness, than That was about the extent of religious service in
stood it of humanity, and are en loyed in the first, the lift. Pope was one of the subjects, and the Rev just here. But "one thing is needful" to Mobile, when 1)rother L. reached there. Every-
did, who most honorable, and thePmost beneficent duties Tue GOLDEN HEART. By J. MCNair TYright. Andrew Hamel another. I found myself stand insure to our Church an unprecedented success .1 3 -. . had to be done--buy
be some Boston: Hea IIoyt. For sale by J. W ang to the dark street that night, after that un so her every enterprise and effort to spread ' < ' indians to elear it off,
ut there of the vast government of God. Burke & Co. ry pressive discourse by the great mar 1 L .., a 1 1 .1, .1 .. all these parta rasse money, uy material, employ workmen,
what was Indeedthe Scriptures often repeatthesublime Another very good book for the Sunday al1uthodn prht t awtlreen encounter it. merely good men in wh there isn r / 1 v t ne; preach, ian d
ity of its promise, that the sparatual ebildren of the Father school and for the young-as we are told by our Now, in 1867, more than a quarter of a cen- nor blemish of character, but men of mind, and and bury the dead. Yet he had the pleasure of
ese ques- of our race shall be employed in conducting the "juveniles,'' who have read it. tury past, I enjoy the pleasure of hearing the that mind trained to reason of temperance and preaching in his own new house before the first
affairs of the universal and eternal kingdom of accomplished son-educated, piousearneat, elo- righteousness and a judgment to come, and at year closed, organizing a Church of 18 white
urch their Lord. And since every law of universal Cural Roost. The Story of a Year, what it quent: The people of Albany will never forget all times prepared to contend earnestly for the and 78 colored members. At the close of his
or brought and what it taught. By Glance Gay the startling, pathetic appeals. Amid the cor- faith once preached by a Gerry, who pioneered second year, he report d 38 white and 82 colored
class," a nature, (except the law of do), forms an integral lord. Boston: Henry Hoyt. For sale by rosions and saddest misfortunes of time, memo- the cross through Florida's thickest brakes and members. But these figures do not cover .the
-in sta- part of his inimitable empire, the saved will be J W. Burke & Co. Price, St 75. ry will yet linger about the pulpit, and the car deepest woods. Let the Conference gave this a 1 .. r
possible come familiar with all the laws of matter, mind The moral of the story is a good one; but we will yet drink in the beautiful and 1 and well may we then ask, of tr ... ,, ..

es. This 4 spirilte eWhatat t and inexh untibl fun do not think the pictures are drawn from life. '"Hd{eof the 8-" Hw loocon a God." upon this in\, tl atafraidb e atMeezeceiten pr i wTill ek i b ,s annd dep
ngrega "This is the condemnation, that light is come siding elder, Brother Clouts, has a scheme in hundreds of its victim#. That was the begin-
rs in that look into the profound depths of the wisdom of DR. M. 8. Tu etit f lon into the world." As the preacher described the mind, which, when perfected, will redound to ning of Protestantism ip Mobile. T
, &0. In their Maker, eminently centered su the stupen- oarsoN, a pra loner o g horrid, infataous atrocity of this master sin, the God>s glory, and result in abundant good to the benignant face and sweet spirit ci I .1 L
ected an, dous work of the sinner's redemption, salvation standing, again offers his professional service a parentof all criminality, the rejection of Jesus, Church. So look out my worthy brethren, you insured him access to the people wherever he
Annual and glorification; but the finally saved shall the public, through this week a paper, the contumacious, persistent sofusal to trust in who have worked yourself into eminence and went, and success always attended big ypingary.
o, a snem- perhaps spontaneomly understand and appropri us, mfkbi obtingled m HC nq iv red, "d in liorida, lest h ag n oa 1youto Thmusands will rsee up in the last day to bless
that this ate the knowledge of the only wise God, as a Alas. Caoss-accompanied by her youngest down the aisles and crying at the top of say and Tallahassees. urneys, He was not what was technically called a
as many necessary part of their education in the high daughter, Miss Mary A. J. Cross-passed voice, Hold, sinners I Stop, fellow mortal! Doubtless many of the readers of the Adoo. great preacher; yet he was great, OREAT in
there are and various duties of their heaveuly vocation- through Nashville last week on her way to Consider, pauscl Don't, O don't spurn the of- cate, who have thought some time of coming goodness, one in labor, onux in usefillness.
' in the But more than this: the very feelings, affee- Ilouston, Texas, where Isr. Crose is settled as fered merey of the bleeding, dying Lamb of South, have seen an appointment for an Oeala He was a good pastor He was successful. He
tions of mind and heart, thoughts, motives of pastor of a church. We were glad to see her God. District meeting 1 > -1.5 .. *.* ass -1 e..' had seals to hs. manistry-rpiedes known and
r Church action, works, and infinite happiness of the God- dk 1, and ice t a a for I 0 t se Arul th m youngfkiend a Sabbath morning .*1 .. 3. IinI k so thmen vbere hehla redjue t el e e
h, wheth- Man, will pour themselves, like the irresistible and Visitor, so that our readers may expect to morrow," &c. Will we ever ag .. s ...,- a ..= i. as no wr ... God gave him!
ty"-and current of the river of life, through the souls of bear from her from her new home. She takes body wept. The vanity and emptiness of the I e. .r .. .. .. .. . r al I His last illness was painful and protrneted.-
ershold- his glorified ones. He is the peerless Head, a lively interest in everything connected with world, the obligation of consulting the Divine though we live so far down the country that But he had the victory; and died quietly,
e circuit; and they his honored members; and this unity tS e fees all our ubli 1 thaterest WHI in eT eTai e << What edyour liife-Tra- some of you perhaps think us almost beyond weetlheand pen fillly, gIvang u fami bld e
inference, of relation gives entire unity of sensatiopmind, which we hope she will soon give to the public. from the golden chariot wheels of the 1 I I J. :-, s. a .r_ .. ., ar; and Lord," and recounting all the goodness which he
ilies hold will and action, between them. Here thought Nashoitle Adoocate. Almighty God dealing out to us poor, scoured, its interests, so that the appointing power may had received from the Lord.

1 urio-ity, but at all events the vast exce ent way-and one that will be
I and the poor have the gospel to make the meeting the estater of a r
preached unto them. On last Sunday evening shall perhaps extend through the Dist
Mr..Varley was a can f thunder, all pr aclied Devote as many hours as possible t

a ference-reserving a roorning houran
good work, and feels, as hp expremes himself : service for preaching on Christian
Wee is ne fl preach not the gospel of Christ.' and practice to the Church and for c
Mr. Valley sa nau of medium size, of com new to repentance.

wi2di 1 o h in ,e ee emu ceeryb Bring the topics ofthereligious cul
belowd as well as admired, and his aim is to young, religions literature, pastoral d
save souls," ete., before the conference-to whi
members of the church should be in
discuss them there, not in set essays
$:.ltilli FI [{5 ITH $CR $. gushed divines, but in their practice
giving the laity as well as the mini
portunity to be heard on these subject
MAcoN, GiloftgfA UNE 21 1807 ought to be time in these conferen
- aneh diseuesions. Theyworeappointe
themand the practical resultsto arise
CARE FOR THE CHILDREN If two days are not enough take thr
We wrote last week a few seetences on the days; but leave time to preach to th
necessity of preaching to and for the profit of those general topies, which will arou
the children and youth of the congregations all duty, convert thesincerand reviv
We find ,mnethere quite pertinent to this sub- of early Methodism in the bearts of its
ject in the report of a Sunday School Convention Let every District Meeting be looked
recently hal in Ohio. The purs.zue we quote people as a time for the outpouring o

has more value than our unsustained opinion. Ghost upon the community, and, they
because it embodies t'.0 practical views of a be hailed with pleasure, and immeasu
large body of expe inced men, who have fully will result from them,
discussed the >nh) et in all its bearings. The _
Should there he a 0:.0 regicas services thr .
children I wa an any real hv Dr W W. A writer in the Texas Christian
Wythe, 01 ( In 110 emassed who sub- opposes District Meetings, because,
to 2n stji t 1 As 1 1 to .. a When the question was finally su
ren are sumbers at the hirdant of God, antl lahcwl a itGenerala onher cea
are entitled to bone U. re to a mornetion, and this much I do recollect distinctly, t
the especial plivia ., of the (%urch Con- orcan many other questions looking
cluding b e ey, oD mee said: 1 Enroll dr at least a remodeline of our co

r onot economy, it evaporated intohtidqair
r secoodn judgment o wise

revi I lic e 6 di nee tone e tthhis certain tahat

r mmi once b ro es f on
would yn e it ni h a would 1 r duced thath nestion firstdi e

plan, he ide, the p:nuan a J Le interested in days. But it embraced the ideas of
what intours their s.Liddren md would be sentation and of a large inesease in th
attracted to the home of God, and we would see of bishope. As these were independ

oightti 1 i t anoning one of the most de- tions, that of District Meetings we t
A spioud dueusion onsued, and the views laid on the table till the issue of t
Ilthe Conhrune Age led, appeared to be as questions should be The func

by a 11 a 0 londnn eSd all, tl sacrease dulof tehee ) tri
were deemed new vary, having an important felt that one of the great objeers for w
influence upon all claw e conimunity. wished to introduce this meeting co
2. These, however, sh uld, under no earcum- attained, vis: the bringing of the
stances, supercede the n ular se-sions of Sun contact with all the oticiary of the

dlay-s ,drdt. co a ed as substitutes for all points, through their instrutuouta
3.pWhile it would be inexpedient to hold one this reason, the chairman never again
separate service fl.r chthhen in our Church on the subject of the District Meeting,
the Sabbath day, and it e other service or ser- lies on the table as unlinished busine
vices for adults, it should be the aim of n minister b General Code So it
to preach the Owed 0" "Ane nex rence, was
it thereby witum a vote of the General Conference.
and in such an allrued e unnel as to draw Again; at anotherpointthe Confer
them to the Chu:ch rvice wi h or without by taoit understanding, its assent to th
parental influence in th t held, wherever the Annual Conferen
sun ing that ulkious P" so determine. In the edition of the

iftj INoinbrin anoi :0 .. on I I Itheir published slace the bishops met in
4. It shoubi be the on of all to discounte- declared the measure of lay represent
nance the opt, n valing to some ex- ric'd, at p 45 we read that these repre
tent, that the chairon le unw roo touch fatigued are a to be chosen annually by th
by attending open b i Abbath-school and Steward hoth h
Church, as el at wary for both would 8, or issue er manner as t
rarely execed thuo here, while use time in Congrence may direct." The plan
secular daily stu sendemies would s over almut one third or two their election by this meeting; and t
thirds or even more time; the question, shore was inserted with the understanding

rjelrc 01 lu; irw.f into tl pitc ir quir proposing it, and others, that the Co
could, and perhaps would, order that th
Meeting be held, partly for this ver
So it has turnedent. Several Confbra

day school scholacinho wr
influence at how-, shou 4 is
on this point by latthful Sundaybehool teachers,
and both weia cxpected to set the children a
practical example in thk duction, in attending
"P" 2 e we before the Conven-

tion-one to which we nvite the attention of
all who are engaged in the work of Sunday.
school instruction. The report says:

Af 10 is l ease read on may on the Be
so to Secun '
His points were as follows-
1. If a Sundaymehool would accomplish its
high mission, it must be under the innnediate
control of those who are specially interested as
the conversion of the scholars,
2. The conversion of the children should be
carefully kept in view in the organization of the

de bT relip
person ibr superintendent. The pastor abould
never fill the once.
4. If we would secure the conversion of our
Sabbath-school scholars, we must supply them
with converted teaches.
5. The rehgious element should predominate
in all the exercises. The children should be
1,!1 <.. I. 1 1 1 1

season of religious war hip. Officers, teachers>
and all, should conduct thouselves as becometh
the house of God They should manifest the
same spiritual, devotional feelings as when in
1. .il . or the social means of
a = II . Rould be spiritual, the
prayers sins le, devotionnL short
Brief ad reases, in criticism and comment,
followed, and.the prevailing sentiment seemed
to be, that if the superintendent and teachers i
were men baptized of God, and daily doing and i
pleading for the conversion of souls, the armos
phere of the school room would be such that
the children could not but be aficated by it, and
that thus they would be influenced to seek
Jesus. Example is eloquent evermore beyond

scuhpe idtellarangu nd tr he la ofaid newh .
the speakers, into your elanets for a quarter of
no hour before you 1 .. .
for school, and ther I I
the worth of souls, and to assist you in bringing
them to him. In this way you will find one
true method at least of securing the conversion
of your scholars."

With due deference to more experienced
brethren, we beg to suggest, that one of the
principal ends to be subserved by the District
Meeting is the punnotion of a rested of experi.
mental religion, throughout the Church. To
secure this result there should, we think, be as
perfect a freedom as to the arrangements for
public worship and the choice of subjects and
texts, as there is or ought to be at a revival, or
camp meeting. We would, therefore, deprecate
what we have seen, in at least one notice of a
DistriotMeeting, that nearly all the hours ofpub.
lic service are to be dovated to addresses and
eennous on special suh}eets-the preache all
beang appointed in advance. The subjects are
good; but we think we can suggest a more

require a meeting to be held
District, and have based their actio
clause in the Discipline-
We hope our Texas con/rere will se

me dl si ee I p
thus far, it has been an eminent success

Questions Concerning Church-M

on a eds eio orcutemplate or re
station or a circuit? Te.. si .11
bers of the Churchand resident mem
Annual Conference shall come .1
month. Does, or does not, this *
members as compose a station, and su
ters of an Annual Conference as m
within its bounds The rule goeson t
for the holding of such a meeting at
pointment within each circuit. Doca
.t apple t eircuitsh n naplatthtil

but oneFF *.
give to e ra r . I r
least one* . .- .Is I
be the law, are all the resident memb
Annual Cionferencelocalministers, clas
. ., .. ,
1 a .. s. . .
-s ,i <,, ,, a. . .1

others as above-named, of that particu
ty in which the Church-meeting is th
held? The rule requires the annual e
a permanent Secretary. Many say one
each soelety."

We find the above in the Nashville
Perhaps no one is better prepared th
say what the Committee intended in fra
1 aw respecting the Church-meeting;
presume the General Conference unde
in the way the originators of the plan
offered is to that body. There may
want of elearness in the language, b
seemed none to those who understood
meantto be said-nor did the probably
being misunderstood ocenr to us till th
lions appeared,
1. At every ointment," or ch
society," where a preacher has a "
Church meeting is to be held regularly
tions once a month-in circuits, if not
often, atel an onese threeatuoutl
ry sep
tion or "society." The roll of membe
"society" is to be called when it is met
each "society'' a secretary is to be el
nually, at the first meeting after the
Conference eits. He becomes, ea ofici
ber of the Quarterly Conference-so
rule adds to the Quarterly Conference
members, elected by the church, as
separate appointments or "societies>
2. The members of any particula
Meeting are the membereof the churc
or ofline-bearers or not, in that "socie
noneothera-not even the of5cialmemb
ing membershipatother churchesin th
and, also, members of the Annual Co
resident near that "society,"whose fam


_eL----------_ ----- --------------- __ .~_._ i- --- -___ ____ .1. ___ _

June 91, 1867.

A VETERAN ** & -TL= M 0' 0 ..

n eraT aR eh f e em la 0 n-
forencekdiedAat resident ref b sonron it

hjw 3 h ceon edo roa hThajetuow the

THE NEW Vansion.-The Missouri Baptist
Journal, speaking of the new version of the Bi-
ble gotten out under the auspices of the Amert-
can Baptist Bible Union, says: Ifavote were

kmeeri a to I 0 j naj ion

meabrity would be overwhelming against the new

Our exchequer runs low. The wheat erop is
about to come in. We need more subseribers
and more money. We are sending out a ...
many papers on credit. May we beg that those
subscribers, who have not yet paid the agent

a the c vt7ia eth r natubs, wilepay up, at else
money in hand collected for the Advocate, will
remit without delayby mail-or, when possible,
usiderablesumabyexpress. Promptattention

N. B.-IVanted, 1000 more paying subscrib
as when the wheat crop comes la.
June 5 Sw J. W. Bynics & Co. .

GrifIfn Fomale Collegp-18th Annual

Bermon-by lier. E. A. Stead, on Sunday,
June 30th.
day, July Int, 2nd and St.

SnA --1 1 n Jone Gril

So t r dn dPol g nand Nightingale

W E hibition--- unus Lecture by Rev
Commencement Day-Thursday July 4th.
Annualconcert-Th aday mgh, Jul th


gg the greachere of the Bo}}th Georgia

Thaves small amount of moneyon hand with
ybiph to supply the destitute Sabbath school
with books In forwarding your orders, please

a length of time. Send your orders to meat Ma
con, Ga. J. BLAKELY 8man, Ags,

June 21-3w. South Gr aSCo2ence

glennville Female College-Commencement



ss -. . From the7th to the 15th noth- 6 to 7 per cent 18tl2 Coupons 10); do 1884, DIED. BURKE'S WEEKLY

mining of 0 o 5thadhea epil O retl re are 1 1 ne -( rum quiet at 28) -ron-

haven anade a ne al track, nd ifonotp a Rio co cedu lur flour duH, all dese Ctonshde BO T 8 .ALINT D GI ELLB.

l>eitand suee was prob e; banst e eese o f salatoe ynanxfni joradst i t(r l 0 ACKNOWI.EDGMENT8* THE FIRST NUMBER WILLBE READY
traitor in the camp who, for several days pre-
vious to the 15th, had been in consultation with AvousTA, June 17 doing a "
the Liberal General Vetes, formerly a Reaction in outton to day, only li : to unrest 1 ix
ario, and on the 15th inst., he delivered his ea SAvANNAH, June 17 -Cotton unchanged; <-4 ye no .ma 2 tour do to a useby lose WA ,
cred charge of human flesh up to his enemy Low Middlings 25c; no sales; Receiph, 500

bulEscobe< rTon e e inths h a plot, bales. ,, ware the money see Prospeein.
evidedne tinbt se do h e I en to ask ( 8 dli 0 ; e I /pt 0 The Churt@h Of (the Strallgel"My

sion of the invulnerable fortifications of La Crus; bales
but he was sounapprisedof theocunpation of CiscinarsJunelf -Plour dull; Andy NICW YORK,
that main fort without firing a shot. Thereupon $11 40 to 12; Fancy $12 50 to 1:1 50 Unrn REV. DR DEEMS, Pastor
he ordered a force to enter the city under com- irreguIsr; Sales at 800. Mows Posk Jull de.
mand of Col. Pelacio, who took the place by mand, city oilbred at $21; on buyers, Hulk a 1 nFFING NEW YORK
surprise. 110 surrpunded thie ten' pe ml liunchanged. Cotton dull but unchanged; or a.neein

navantuIswurd us hand, an a dignified and un- ngs e
daunted manner. He told Col. Pelselo that he MMd could not surrender to an oiBeer of inferior grade, ng Up pts say no e or so ee you wross aboa *
and demanded the presence of the Commander- 96
hi-( hid Gen sco do, wh warT ear i LoN 2Nis, n -b Inter 1 Gree ille trict, SC Conferene -

the sword of Maximilian. Stil. Exports lull bates Choice Louisianu
On the 18th 15,000 men had left Queretaro sugar 14); fully thir Cuba 12. No sales in enlanqusa a
for the Capital under Eneobedo. Molasses reported. Flour dull and the dernaml . .. . . can unev-t

man Tustaidthattron Lopez was the rinci al on forlocaljbt is Snyll"ir n unallyalo Ionica IIInhibach's 111 torical
was high in is a : .= Enaperor, and 50 to lu. Corn dull with a further decline of
tinally sold him for $18,000, Ge; Yellow and mixed uti; White 81 0.3 to 1 10. NO YEL 8 .
A special from San Louis Potosi, 24th ult, Onts dull at so to sh Bacon: Shoukh rs IS};
says that Juarez rejects the terms proposed by Clear sedes 13 to 13). Polk dull and held at II JRK E & (' O.,
Marimillan at the interview with Encoheds $23 50 to 2.1 Th.

( dtrhe 3 I 11 .. r thourrejpectioni ForciMarkets. Macon D t Round MAcos, . . . . . uA.,
1 11 1 r r navasesiven
Lowoos, June 17.-Console, Di}. Bonds, RE:0ERICK THE GIIEAT AND HIS

__ 73} vast Er a sweach. t you so. ximstead
Lrysuroot, June 17.-Cotton firmer; Mid
Further Particularsof the AtttemptedAssas* dlings,115d; Oricaullid.
sination of the Czar. .

-Ti 11 -offs NEWS ITEhlS OrangeburgD strict Meeting-Sd Qu r

n. w. corsonas. w in 3:Mr

seconstreet, stacomes

awfusers russes
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wi e once
orric re or

wear.Excans.age as.,rquates

nAT TI Mo alc, a n.

.. .winy formed a co renersh ?,

sweruses a struess,

Nash, Blinds and Door ,
Wholesale Pur twenManufactory.

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falconer, U.


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Wholesale Crookery and Glass House

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trains anot or

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goodwl em umeto umeatvery

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e. w. MAssisY Ps ownsoNsas
ggyygg aggy


Combination of SkillandPracticalExperience.






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 evervany and


my 7
14 1 tb

sucow wnon.acus.x mauxur.
corree ed by Jewett a snider

ar go I it I ad/b si twa a red 4. h
./ar It rather as that the ball struck the
I end vi the how of the .. who
wing see etit two arrested the The

Ihepalm wasobliged to save ban from the
rage of the popular e The prisonwr says his
nas 1. of Volleyoursand
a . . will pammi barreen
3 abe Grand Duke

it or self Ipo it" ly OT, I thhe
there w re houts of al o, I Emperor car I
< rurn the crowd on being a neanoned.

had no ace.phew le la said that after the
attempt Napoleon, turmug to the Czar and arnal

he. 018 are we lu e been mulerlearte

Royal Pageant in Hungary.
l'v.sni, 110000, SaturdayJuncK-The
E napers ad hapless of Austata were to day
crowned and Gueen of ilungary, with
n edi eval poinp and plender
The <,ty we crowded watt. vestors from all
parts .* = ,= in a .. I
160 = s n * 1 =
man selmans with Austria, except the 4 utted
States, were present on shc occasion,
I he wreation I *. ** **
re or R.nube, and .. .. . .. ..
cs y
Lebt bmulml IIungarian and Amerson no
blem seat Powers, a bundred Japlosuste
arol flu mask vi travers, warnesnd due cano
no was use;unOcent itshop
of the it.nnan Catholic need Latin as

art in tr ajro
rows n nole and shoes of St Stephen the first

ir 1 oi lt .. 1 under the right
.111.r i coronaron., the Kane kneleted sev. lion 081 th n rode so perum to
11sth, wh re la took (0 ourb, so whah be
preams.lusuanquethe went built of Hun

1.v o! /
It ha b *
pub I ythey waineverberepenal
s al e . . a .
s Jeparanons or 110
'" "''word at else Guar pause of
"1 '* *

IIure w an motive cheerin;* From the
q ....M
.x .. to a

;,..,,an../an, I.--flus Government well
semi out a no ningal tr
On solve 1 -It ears (list sh n an

= ** * noloury and pohn came
tel.,e quarwr- wh the riders, and the lormer
uwd she hqonet froly A number of routers
are kgorn rs J ind two Labs has] taken pine
the from, 11u second being repeated to day
.Mr 10,4, June lo-The liberals London
speed says. Let tunicy s soon in the leasi

da a at ifj /sl a I as le ^ueent/Ing
inent, theopportion aswrong that to consenting
to the guarantee U.uise, he pledged England to
armed intervention to the event of war between
France and I russia hard Stanley defended ble
course on the around of the existence of an or
gent newsory for the prevention of war -Otunt
Fashu othes..11y clasms a very important victory
over she clersations in Prote, entashng heavy
Insees on tbo insurgents -A debate in the

j 11 unone st. 6 rn a *,

yxe Nue wt h be llish revolut onista te some

Che nob has sacked two street it *
are in true force The 10man Cathabo Chapel
Lu been attacked and threurened with dernah
two latense exertement prevants -3 PM
--At thm 0 .ur racters are in full passesuou of
a ** efforts to pro
I a ... ** Large bodies of
troops have be en sent to thescenal disturbance
wath orders to put it down, and restore quiet at
a!] hazards
" re IN.-Cable advices fkom
( up e" chat Ibc TurttP vt d

on ,aredesbu edalise uc soul eand

nous powers have notified the r Governments of
these atrocattes
Domestic Markets.


Atlanta Distriot-Third Quarter

--- -------
Athons District, North Ga Conference

<-2 1\, . .

w.1 answsun e
Rome District, N Ga. Conference

. .

.. n moot


I *



-,, ,,
w. D. winuse.
anueo.sanwo-2w voneyi.

DI(. '95. M. TROMNOT.

-Th Pr rulden vers LI To cal mas

a Gov nor Brownlow b pro runni I n

* too it real.ed the hand Ollee
from gentlemen ne use a western C>urthat
the country twina n th owps:nul use
stated that Sheridan s own n regardan Gov
Wells a not approved

be it y lijutt r or the ( ah at were present
sug the powers of
Jiacussed Time a

. .. mad r soul,
as adverse to arbou ey son oval el are and nau.

m2nir n, Jun, I I it-le a droo t
certain that th acts of the lbstra ( o:nmarch e,
whman tl It j tu
Provisional Go ernal use aarmed, and the the
functionates of the Pro tional Gourninents
will hereafter only be remand by court
or act of this t., the dension of the
Cabinet, only dow:ntsn; by all n**
The probable resigrearson of the 16 tact
< under these sevenils and usly .
. 3 used. Such acto.n was :ap probe
and deplored The war.t was made how ..
that these bestrus Colum ma as
1. y, and that, however
c. cannot abandon chin 0 <
itesiastesp<.netar, 15 --11 as ad r remi in
glicial arele s shut the U. < re tal, as 10<
opisoon just peop.arnt I ** ** rl.< I've..u-
urnerson .lefs proud. l... tw . .u rm:.. I.ts,
mslerary and enal, that lesh are pro sonal and
to be obt ard, but to <'

id *,turekesphe II, N
or the prowr I < r
ri ar tl.< km (or removal by (1.< imbrary
conantunderof tin proper usinis ol on,
neither exesuine n--c in.1a...1, or the append
meant their susesson it analorJes a pie
servedand regular crananal cour tile unbrar wer
timugh pre-sat sun rr non pwn, it p >I"r

Q.ot, sl |/...gur / or
When .
subly0 * ,
becomes aga n pa e buton enard and much
-The t'r l& nr k rs ei n..l a usemorial imna
catens or less i 1,< ress..rnison of
Judges lucon use who s ee on.

I Ir 11 1 I II (let Law af
1--. = s .. .. tobe 4.. on

mothers appoina.1 1) ( .s 11ainllion, an.l th a l.o
appointel insastrate sub miharas ts r ind.r
pedgestenu and was motme.ew,
my debtors rhe en pmuded ty hw liuy
aboernre(10.t.Inde 1:aeoufj br .ib la
. ., prop

beencodiscoredand all ru I 0
war, under process n .1 by la. I ni. 1
treet (ourt of N.w Als we
protra too em
on authority that at
arti allierre removed convey to Law at
South An excesarose order to that off a < "
be wned to marrow.
. .. .

Brathan Emancipation
The Osurse, pnhhd.ed at 100.Ianella. plus
the followane as the Lans at the ena mespanon
wheine said to have been unanonously agreal to
to the Council of State
totally in the year
I "*** ** ** .. ** \cure bens.e
e-*e. -- = = indown(v elu>
crittens who inny stall own does at that per"'

thsPI 2 $ r !la of

f rehourth-Thosechihiron who may ho r.Incated
in the houses of their parent an isters, shall

Fifth-There wil = * s *
emancipation an all t * ** *
and see to tra proper execute,"
Stath-A tired amount will be set aside for
the emancipation of thesiave of (be nation, and
the mine ters, will be agreed up *
hberatmoof the Waves ownes1 by =
as aiay be made to purchase the la
held by the Government
deventh-There will be appro,
for the nonual purchase of a cert.* at

to rbo}t a w now a

heldboopantonortheltratthant r
Jact ni slavery n well known 1 *
metatution ni sta prtuesple

edth at a ne p roerg n summary. It

ofl lied upon eam Ilfab anld p tri 0 lu on
the mind of the country

, , . , -


. ...s cour. An a
y Mrs on p


,, ,


. :

. . .

----- - -

., i., J.,, ...iii Rev
L 1 f4 = 1. 111, li, ,,.. r,= 1 renpe
BI 1 5 ." I ) 1.1-. .. ni 1y the
Tuesd night, July2nd-Junior Exhibition
}}'edn day,.July34-Commencementday.-
Graduating ceremomes 10 o'clook, A. M, Lit
e address by Gen. Al heue Baker, of Eufauls
m wednesday night- operate Entertainment
for the benefit of the College.
The next collegiate year will open on 1st Mon
day in September. In view of the pressure ci
the times, the ofEcers have determined to reduce
the rates of tuition 25 per cent.
D. S. T.DountAsPres.
Gleneville, Alfr., June 10th, 1887.
June 21-It
Wolf rdCologS nualCom ence ent

r gl nd/ d Tuesday, uly
b @
The Tru tees will hold their annual meeting
I I .i II . Wednesdayat
as 1,,,
la a la II,- are requested to
me6tat the sure hour

by l. 3 t n "ded 4 0
junel4-3w A. M Sister, re/t.

W.11svaa T. a .h t .11,.-- -c. .J. neement
I ..,4,.
taunday, luly 7th-Conunencement Sermon,
by liev. W. T mantley, 0.1), of Asianta, Ga
161.1, i 1 at "I-*,I
si 1= * Isi .1 1. II

z, ,

1 I r .

h e .ia, i n, e... -'

b ** -
.. 1-.. c. = . II .2 .

Spartanburg Temale College, B. C.
A .. n . .. iTo -,, i ll es*,
.]. L I' I -1.. 8
.s 4, '. M., July 0th.
4. 17. CustmNas, Prceident,

The LaGrange Distriot Meeting
Will convene at Newnan, Thursday, July4th
Introdnetory Sermon, at 8 P. M., by BishoP
Pierce. Pastors will please forward a list of
delegates to Rev. P. A. Heard. A large attend
ance is expected. Homes provided for all. The
brethren will please remember the severity oi
the times, and come if possible by railroad or
other secommodating vehicles. Ministers wish
ingordinationwillbringtheir certificates. Dele
gates met at the depot and Methodist Church.
Co brethren, one and allJ. B. McGann.

Union Springs District Heeting.

1 ... t Conference, on their ar-
. a I will call at the Methodist
si i r on J.B.'s . r.I 1 -tr .. I => .
a- 11 r directed 0 I .. a
commodation for all. J. W. Snoans.
New Orleans Christian Advocate please copy
.hne 1st. 1867.

he District Meeting, Amerious Distriot,
South Georgia Conference, will convene in Fort
Yalley, Wednesday evening, July 24th, Bishop

CeD t 11 V )o pthtet .y harge

N. B.-Preachere and delegates who expect to at
at b notify Rev. E. II. McGehee, Fort


e -11 ** * *

, ,


^ "

sin si : ..

. .

n secure nowma worn ours ren.
40. u s., al t. awun.tor avans winis taken to or

JUST PlublSilED!


Acts insitionuninivuw iain, ina



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acoverA Purest coRunre.
moon q



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--verse suser rwens, were

1.r n no

vaun a v ism

Chronic Diseases

D R. M. 15 OODRU F F,

corousaus, usanalA


lan a nonce one seconunues o'"'
or rov., men verve


NAME I olt ovER TurnTY

E W. .111LLKIL
1103 and 1104, Sansom St Philadelphia

von s.usic ur






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or 7 as mouse x a.
anness an


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. Iii *,1 00
so.wsecome m. vae2, on


, 0. en in r....meanw.eesmneseo -- ------- -- --- I

.. 150
i 1 As won suic IN *

__ sq N ATLANTA, G A, 1st Ms ANU Mits. J. 0 seats c axowAmon sk notes.

on, voq tonequq .T"dd2 ence *

sq n ac ,as. Assess J. w. nea an e Da. I


YA GRADUATE OF WOFFORD COL, THE DIMCIPLIN E, and ior camear, as grana inal or sewms uneanes
tests.mannuanon.. Teacher. .. . J.w.aun a dia. ( / .munn an a se avaus,

at2To Gr Middling Uplands. Sales to-day 1200
bales Flour dull and heavy; State $7 65 to
The Pall of Maximilian. O' n shne ml .ed rnd li in
A letter from Saltilla, dated May 26th, says 1 12 Pork closed $20 75. Lard 12 to la -

a e t heer3 li 8 now rt I rnd aT n ues a y

Nxw~~ YOK ue17.Cto quiet nd ar

J 9 BURK E & CO .,
, . .. . . cone


. l ill Mi t( pull gDa
I II I *** * a I I

___~____ I __ __



Vol. xxx. No. S25

themselves to pieces in their rage. The lesson in a manner so childish. Wo might sit and read ed in the kinadam of heaven; and in this pard
11 ii of the leaves was s:Jutory or study, or do what we pUased, Wu kitani and tic ilar Christ's idea of tne clare 1, v bleh usue
Few men are moie ready at re] in or than was I, but it was at a separate table [:0 a the mi tr the true idea. is totally ditlerent flum
- our Doctor, how-wo could not to busted near t ty ement eceiviestical notions. It is now tonal
BABY rAN "Plea<, sirs'said little Dub Miller one day, all by I hequn to find the punishment so n orn- that elularen have to be converted; but Chist
"Wickham is making bees at me." ying and irksome. that if say be ri en tmiubt that neen were to become tunvestel, arri
"Don't look at him, Robert Miller," said I --,11 f l. '; to have exercised them to be ble little ch.ldren. Jean. Christ sala,
Doctor Warr. in preference to Wwk- **Of h is the kingdom of
a Please, 000 or Warr," cried Wickham pres. Lam. But the worst was at ined-mas The not mis of the nature of that kin.dora must p>
ently, Miller called men beast." Doctor himself 1 d ntur into the to Christ As the founder of a poinninent nion.
"I hope it isrit true, Georgo Wickham," schoolroom cawo, he nichy, Christ kne 11
was the reply explained, shee it was not safe to tra t us with Win the blood is
,, "Doctor Warr," I implied one day, "do you the use of our own hands, it woma he sheer eva what is unwh if he he not supper :J by
think it is wrong to go to thettres and to read naubess and culp400 folly a put to all w the pass mate love of the natimal list P.,

"'M hatsoever la not of faith is sin,' Michael s being unloo cel thr the 9, .

la orencearni tot f sin,' o act THEBATTI.ESO GOFTilECHUROLE
,' a repeated th -- ,r- your smouldering pas on 300 ove"
to inforni rno I had I now to pu arnel. [Ind it not been f or the can -
a questeron which id re y be nd:In we d la -1 ^-- 011212 he at last as

Stt itRI tens woma do as well-not < 0 idicaew, or to .. ny anneer food him,
save him elf troubio, but be use he held that I believe cycn the ludicrous v

Doctor Warr kept school neither for prollt nor Arthur Lloyd, do you what you are too. At tea-time there were more
fame. Arealthymanand awmean auLL 1) "ing the Doctor would say to a fat Jud who with this dailorenco-1 was stoker my hands
of Dublin University, he thought beecould best 'vas often to be found ther int work nor play. being unloowd this tinic fr the pu pa of
m y is laiure thrbith booneditofeathe sin as IA 1 1 tan h 'templing talenymWic h n. Supper-tlitus p use

ever conducted a school in the same manner the dev 1 to ten it you undone neah, and seen up s aim to be hy
I am sure no one ever knew the ways of boys In the play ound We or Warr wa one of us Doctor, who was wont to con-at xte 1 owr
better. Our number was igid'y re tireted to wa . I kind of goinhan policoman over aby "iI
twelve boarders and six day schohirs, that home w ul! in trouble.',
r or he a it rs 4 -ny Htuli wit t sto til I a Idnkhe Imyo vi t a ha ,,,,7, sw -

ad a relatno trat in I une and to t km or he w uld immediately obey ictual stirpMr a sMottli 0 t a Lt
tune to got into bb school at Y borouub. In oor 0 W khani was very elever with the faul k. d"-eg chly _
dithin a 1 ixi i tru t << a in a n 1 r 11 I I t .it et r < r such plja when tar ove c It 1 GroaGE TironAs was born in Richmond co,

twice a wook on 11.nbury ( le 0, he id< htfr n the fu 0 over very tupian drawing and nu ai 00 Law Land el weir placed (audit us in a pr. the 10 un we b 70 yeau.

schT il al ad no no fi 2 I 11< 1 i the a eti e b al a le rn;ir le t th v re' if an = 11 To 1
There was so much work for each boy to do "hull practme" w prohibited by strict was our, when the Doctor inqu ul / we doubtedh s * altar wa
every week, and masters were always ready at ornor of the T)oeter. icki i. annoyed at thought we had learned toge:ively the u e our

n innes a lantr L guettt b ing forbidden in fa ri sthuewisce}21 no b5ds were wt fbr, and whether we senaltal lie found pleasure in the love fbast, clus meet
were done. Ocrtain classes and loutures had to were :ill in : I ing, etc. He was constant and came t. 11e
be attendedbut without any of the oidinar keepbi.hone * ar- other, we were unanimous in the wasmuchresoootedasacitizen, adservedMr
restraints of school hours. keh boy was tlin ever, without he r ne his urine called from Wewareaccordinelyunloosedand conum alated 3 or4 years in the Legi-lature of N C ]fe
-1 } 5 muepofno a ujoltim 19 Iketori an as INol read envie his of was chosen to this portion on aceannia.ann

0 0, beatthwith to cotor prowHngabo and iccommendal our mutnquy ving d covered I I a 10 h< 1 ni onora

r a < unce9 ga 4 aurant of to ch ilik Fuin Ca\ptell and I rete found on 1 s luxhit wereinters 1 1 0

for everyth we lia n may n't I have at three him' at that I I I bell or ed. T he injudicious use of medical procuption
day we made out a bill fbr work done, thu 0 1 lirnisey in pi kee17 "tir h hum iabout th su Ila a :"a at to tI of n
DocTOR WAua and if I ' I I I -1'll never knew. Our grave Doctor cone up into my bca 1845, he was out of the Cl arch. For twenty
Dr. to MIalinidREEN thnTE you think it will do you any good, George I I a ay Ile spoke in an y< ax ho was wayward and r Alas. Pe rhows

o e I son, e100 Wuj 1 dths el ti ts, and the ball canic with lone Yruwmwnn 0 1 (5;, lit .11hfe and to ha 6 . the p not
2 propositions 10uelid, at 01 - 1 0 a There now, Doctor Warr, E told you so." clothes, I him fil at of the world to a >me, I ad to I attending lecture, 1 r- - - 'evated the a suceassive been niestner red My teeth we In 1803, he was awakened from his
English history, - 0 0 cyes. and my knees knocked together as I Heavy judgments befell him Elight canw

will be lifteen, in shillings, <1 trej nic toenmy b the Deator e i no notaloonjt notnhion hI oil

des d es e p 0 a woe di a slid Geor dlYickh 2dx."vaght t 1 >Hs n Un: 1 6 j v to ec ve few i u a dalebacks knmsot I could tr

I ags and sixpenees and ha 0 crown from out I sa d if you * any I allpo rttrewar"jh own t he e pc {sited me 01 us a co no
he p disabedience ches were gone 1 Ilung viewed his career he bewni ed hispo venues

sh la gs ofb j rd 0 r ti in } oft el en e-e otout e ri n n L ofto

i night. Whatever surp}ns remained after 1so Wickhain11nade of laistl le
anho ang n. A private holiday cost you ten at his Lat from the other.1 in to Ware at <1 ine 01 wk w 11 hu re kilsoj .t 11 1 I 1 hen the still, saying, "If you think is ivill do me any I was never more deeply in love or 2now only, .. . .. . Inted to ay." the when I was your a ge ce ptance through the lieloma II, at
3 .* out our threw the ball Ano-t as cleverly as He saw me to my room; and as I st.Lhed cenwal to regret that such a bree peril
large tilted wagon and a pair of horms, and 'l'cil shot his arrow, and knocked the 1)oeror 5 myself to sleep 1 felt that my first f love ble was a barren waste. lie was uneasy, 1
drove away - 1--' T 1: 1.ein IIat all. hot in doing so the bul struck his head was over. his example should be hurtful to tbo em c. li
settled by th smartly, having enaubt the hat only junt above Wril you laugh at me if T add th t 1 :148 was 11.< refore diflident on public serm-1n
L the barn, and hurt Ibiotor Ware nuewhat so vowed her eternal fidelity, and sent he a hidnot11imselffromthepreenecorthe 1 0 <1. 11?
I' I I work varied in record vc ly. The five fingers wour up postage stamps to wide nic during ( ve Inst hours of consciousness w ance with each boy s abities and proficioney ted * tue leave, Dr. War," remonstra "mrange utt ejbrjutbill-"world a dat ie.nclii

ta in elYirgil 1 "1 told you if you thought it would do me were del herate and his end was pourful.
neewhile, as you I Georgo Yickham. You sco it has risrill E. p. ps,:nny.
proceeded, tNOTai3t)l k f tic unnt I am not certain, but I think there was the

you o d' least tinge of malice in this instance of the A BAD FOUNDATION. 111RNAnn O. WAurn, only remaining son of
per 1.. Doctor's = 2 fine whilst smarting from I I '
to n. :1 the blow. I I i .7 i 1 Passing along the street the other day. I saw
duction in the prices paid you for Virgil and minute, for it norowd collected around an unfluished bui am 27g) ye1ar

Holmer, a y l iot indu n ide I 011 i cro, Li a to deve of such rare occur- th ou < 2 0 1 (Tiod tt i I n he *
equalitizee as lots oof reo nefect ah deit nclea n b li of ,l that 10 opuni > e ITIP3 lothen.M Th
for the current hulf-year oilence was of a sort caloub:ted eitectually to to blame?" The can a is plain be was the only son of a fond mother, who had
We paid our fines in the cardboard current prevent its repetition. I had reason, however, enough said a man, * Wilder, point given him to God in his infancy, and tried to
Three pence for asking unucco sary nesti before I left, to indorse the popular belief from b of the 'it had a t,,,/ bring him up in the nurture and admonition of
when Doctor Warr had once replied a us, and personni experience. I am afiaul it must have weak by half for such a wal." the Lord. For him she lived and prayc 1
five shillings for disobedience. In aggravated been dreadlullyhypooritical of me to to on pro. I pa sed round to the from; it was tall :nd h ped. To his mother, he was devoted
eases, when a boy's will was obstinately "on tending it was my aunt CainpbcH 1 was so stately, of beautiful red brieli, with whuemalh'e feetionate Early in hfe he professed religion
strike" against his masters, time latter fine was anxious to sco whenever could get icave from cappings 1 1 and joined the Church, of which he was a con-
1m osed >er minute until obed school, for it was no such thing noble hom usicnt member for some years. But evil asso-
stoped. In one instance I mn a r t la 1 went i'- 1 ----- not to ree her, but at to look upon. ciations weaned him from duty and from God
Vox was fined twenty-two pounds 16r holding Iny cousin 1 With a sad heart I went on my way. Two On his death bedhe most deeply repented-de
out for an hour and twentyeight minutes in his in a secular boy and girl souls gone to their la t necount, and wounded plored 1 : prayed and
persistent refusal to do a problem over a used to write to each other at least twice a week, sufferers left to drag out weary = 1 tried ** I I * Abiost his
which he had been all the morn gain contriving to hand our notes clandestinely under all because somebody laid a last words were these, as his mother placed her
When a boy got behind in his n nl kjrt i the tea table, when absorbed, to all outward up- What folly, nay, what guilt, thus to e danger h nd on his cohl 1 1 1 closed, he
he was kept indoors inc santly w t t pearan in the I sum titm a 1 ike a h n an tide 'ied kn v t'Eli o less and keep my datallieroe

straintsw e 61 chouran a lool di la r can iv It ni ate j 2toon & ioj ICqs I wh liottheather

'- e 1 For him there would be no crecy and the dread [est we should he found out. when the teacher s eye
1.. I by..-- I aut jaunts in 1 Ah me! they were i' when we lived get the answers of "hey," Mus M\ur A. DAvirs, wifeof 0 H.Davies
play time, save an interval of in the sunshine of == II pre ent-walks ( ,i working and daughter i . ,, born in
twiceadaywhenDoctorWarrwoulderothis thatcomonpininymindaspleasantutemories .. .. I whenov landolpheo.,. i.,, .. andoied
round the play ground lbr a little air. En Rich. now, though my wife, whose name i wet Fanny, or he can do so or who in liawkinsville, Ga., May 30th, 1867.
ard Vok's case, the surn was one which it would has the book-marker she gave me on my birth- will spend the d ** * = truant She joined the Methodist Church in car!y
are be leutterly ful toocrhaive mallel@ 1 note it it (it tTc ly : is otr Cd ordi rjits think he but school, is laymp at it 1-trol 1 1 In tivife and

himself very is o his work o arce I was startled to hear George Wicklaun come The girl who is careless and noticly as to her faith in which she lived; leaving behind a hus-
weeks after * Inflioted. Then the behind me 1 i and sinking dress, who is in too much haste to set her loss band, four small children, and many friends to
Doctor came to him and said gamo" of t boys in an in order neatly and thoroughly, is lying a bad mourn the her on earth while she is happy in
"Richard Vox 1 fr instant I flaw at hi = tore the note foundation, heaven J J. MonoAN.

month e yl ard you will never pay ae73xa h b direct y, and intl e facuate orlVorse stillathek -- ---
not, sir were fighting desperately, the boys charing a pail of water or a stick of wood, to amuse the Mus. CAnals M. STEwART, wilb W. TI
"Then, Richard Yox, had n't you better do as each of us in turn as some well-dehvered stroke younger children or rock the cradle; the boy | Stewart and daughter of Charles and Agnes
other people do when they can't pay their gave one or the other a utomentary advantage, or seiz.1 who ways, I don't want to," when such Morris, was born in Pendleton, S. (3
debts? We were both closing for severe battic, I hot are needed, or goes grumbling to pent 8 years of her childhood in Atlanta, a
"What is that, sir?' and wild with passion, when the Doctor walked I 1 1 foundation, and at the age of 12 years moved to Spa
the pound." as a finger on either of us, said, in his calm Sunday to spend his missionary money and For the last seven = = war
votee: who is temp ] acceptable member of the Methodist ChurcL.
acoqbelie m oo dV.3r tur ch so ease Michael Grecu and Coorge Wickham, I I a ride, or She was a lady of a -tr---on-a- mind, for
.a. I .u = > 1 1. .. , wish to speak with you in the school-room." Sunday school, and spnghtituess and vigor. FI I * heart
dation, andmagnanimityofspiritdrewaroundheralarge
quietdequanimity was oftentunes very provoke bu ank a 1 soukj11 ban otios.seeD tore ror aftTheh loo( qver for anotbalilitt j alie i b el or loss and deeply
and would occasionally aggravate a boy to call a man whom to hear was to obey. We in-
him abusive names. "Haid names break no stinctively followed him, dumb, blooding, and isitawillt ion pleasant to be donewhenothere A. Anati."
bones,' he would I . panting.
bre :- L 1 I "I am very sorry to find, Nichael Green and dt morrow never comes, is laying a ba. 31as. AvAsm B. War, wilb of Tohn Webb
* s . I d pick me up two George Wickham," the Doctor began, opening All these boys and girls are builders, and

in oao lot are corite pums s lan eyes very wide a le t o e ed u t I lkuti a at a netr e Cou t
r... Doctor Warr and the learn in infancy-the use of your hands. You in senall I drinking, ened at the letting down, the umbrella, and ran

neverea one come back tlPh so 1 vel h1chb la bdo obvious ly mistaken pulspo em a sehood, 1 1 the fouu. oin the buggy

inath d temper.injunction, when you are angry r I in insta firstli #onI EE err s they often prove r e ) Thi dispensation of Pr ider e not only bo-
count a hundred before you speak. Very an yours that you wou't act like men. Until you with a sud. rouves a fond husband and + Fi e*, a 1
noying, no doubt, but an angry man is not know what your hands are for, I cannot certainly ash that luries him forever from tbo re. ters, but is felt to be a
hhnself,' as we s nod i you can Sm ry 01 oo{ jclTcitise them may nure, h tt uI ette i ood men, and leaves his soul a wreck vigorous frame, weli balanced nind un ji dXd

""".it'tilitial'"it .1"'."I"T:don o nowb h hands, sul ttlabuld rs, byoothe found e 0 2 is viecofG3,she)wl trraja onnot }{atio
a lad m nd comes to itsel in a mechameal oc. Thereupon theDoctor left the room, and pres- places; make them scene. Ask daily help T bough her husband kept the hotelin this place'

f lahe a t vPd b it rked a ba tino o'eturni bvilth da ece rol0, gradee from God, and he wili caid you to build a goal ,looked so well to t ways of her house- ,
set eeavengering leaves, and that it should be After what has occurred, I an tro u act ,thmplea uree -1 !ptwo
neeleseary kleishli n nech r oTee li to toontdro12cCuarat lareswivox will therefor inuao 11 r 3pe as a lethelaces where atto
mind ontof mischief, after the manner of those remain in the school room under my obarge." Little Children cheered by her counselsustairedby her prayere,
monkeys who work themselves up into such At first I was disposed to think the Doctor s seated by her sympathies. Her own trouble
awful passionathat they are obliged to have a treatment slight and inadequate, though I cer Christ's tc 1 1 shebove with resignation rarclgoqualed .Long
bit of wood given them to bite, lost they tear thinly chafed arid Ialiannoyed at being punished was part of n 4 ... ., will her pastor remember her words of comfort


and hope at the parsonage only a few days be; THE
fore her death. It is a mystery, only solved by
>, how she could 1 8 6 7
3 yet keep such a -
runkl home as called forth testimonials of praise TillRTIETH YOLTIME
froni ah rishois Long, will she be re- r il> WELL KNOWN RELIG OffS
niedund not mourned. I vast concour 0.0 attested her worth and the loss
we sustained. JonN Mr. RovNorms,
Grtilin papers, please notice. * *

Man E Etonix CREws, wife of TB n
t >. fLil ul 3 i br 3d ronsump new on. -


gave and the Lord hath taken awa 1 d

a til or one l...ui non w ve e i_
0, through toobleness she I w. neuxp on

w her p,0ience that she was never hand to since
ter a complaint. When visited by friends in
lur makest hours, she manifested to them the d es1,a 2

\no .{ idlql r < }tact n a
f> that something utoic that human sustained
Thile her 1 the pro.
gross ofdisea mine Spuit w

2neocj (8 ed to be wantu.g It is t tes-
tunony of herpastorathat uninsta. VacENT n ToMMEY, Josicru s sTEwART

the writer, she expro sed herse fr ly and in- Newtonao.,Ga. oxfore, Ga.
ptrif@ough p can jf TOM31EY & STEWART,

s tica l ex awrlil a ad "cloude our expanzans or sun manzas rr

tat lail 1 (1 1 ulhr trool ; ot IIARDWARE.

11 ouM adopt the ra adof Scripturbee statesignor thean sawanasame cockwheani st
we on part an Aunwe. us

i e 1 1 0 his t a we knowe la ESPECTFULLY CALL THE ATTEN-
5 ave a g -
10ud hand* eternalin theb
1 felt no p

a coven n keeping God, tp rt

mul es tie ldj no fa i not I . .

at oh co n red br to a 3 mism
a oininations. Her daily walk and converan NOW READY !
are an expon it f opr The New Sabbath School Slanging

f connected herself with the Book,

d hhu ri so 1 r i THEGOLDENP RO MIS E,"

in acon at t21 rd at ustainl n BY T. E PERKINS.
?V ppt p.ud, to any address, on receive of twen
Tribute of Respect.

on sT e 60 19s e sci c htl e le eConfer 25,00

u in rralj iit has plr"ued7God t emove from Arbbath School Nasic free every month.
beloved brother, J.1xt i. who ng every my.
f l l d d b




no nav sr., savanan, us.

non e on v schal2 its ifajee?2nacon can

nov2 n enter hanu.

na n. sants, ANuatw own, a rown
president so, tary,



no dens't su to 0 1 i-

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ny weavena an their coods for ame were on the



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Ar on-sm TThina tA ,2< it in

w tr o TaE SALE

nairsE-sTREET................. ........mantazarox, s. 0


ensuren-mea n, chanzenson, s. re


wo. xw zunmen-tane, w. v.
sa y
v. A st irrnews, Taos s.nnowy, v L.nnocurr
Georga. Orgama.



as usw sanEET, overs ax, unw runs.


q pit ar <




J. 11. ROBSON,
Co nn m is sion Her chau t,
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Trthato of Respect.

At the scored session of the Quarterly Com
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forence for the year 181 ** I : pream-
blo om re utions wrounanimouslyndopted by

Whereas JouN McDonLUM, a citizen of
Marlburo Ustrictandamemberofthis Confer-

fact 1 2 9,11 1 -1 1 Ich 1 nlifer
- i it -- an exemplary member of the
. orine most of this time in

reputation. At d, I
Ithereas, Brother MoOollum, throughout his
extansive acquaintance, was universally esteemed
for his energy, promptness, and accuracy in bu-
:eo for his public spirit and
i- as a Christians
for ble blameless = piety, unform
zeal and 1 conscientiousnesswhich com.
prehende. things" as well as great.-
Therefore resolved,
1 That while web 1
the will of the Great a
manoval of 11rother McCollum front our midst
and the scenes of his usefulness, we deeply la-
nient his loss, and will endeavor to honor his

a rnjsM atlL st a ch has been

3. That we tender our most cordial Christian
sympathy to the stricken family of our deceased
brother, prayerfully commending them to the
cateandblossingsof thatGod, whose grace
shouo so conspicuously in the life othinx whose
10 s they mouru
kh resultibt n resp its u e um.]

J. L. 13axozN, Sedy. F. bL KENNeur, P.E.

To AH BVho Use the Plow.


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