Group Title: Southern Christian advocate (Macon, Ga.)
Title: Southern Christian advocate
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Title: Southern Christian advocate
Uniform Title: Southern Christian advocate (Macon, Ga.)
Physical Description: Weekly : ;
Language: English
Publisher: J.W. Burke & Co.
Place of Publication: Macon, Ga
Macon, Ga
Publication Date: March 23, 1866
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Macon (Ga.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bibb County (Ga.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States of America -- Georgia -- Bibb -- Macon
Additional Physical Form: Also on microfilm: Athens, Ga. : University of Georgia Libraries.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 29, no. 1 (Jan. 5, 1866).
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Volume ID: VID00034
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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gg( ggy the church, ea the prerogative of their birst..
In ember case, it is inconsistent, it to ab.
surd, it is profans, loneglect these lad.s of
WE PLEAD FOR MM. the fold, to pass them by as .1 the mark of
Stostianocentperhapsandwliasitgually, the Good Shepherd, the Great Pr..prieror
Mi=.. ea... as...a rmeal" c.sers.1, of the fleek, had not been authoritornely
placed upm them. Why regiarer thesheep
Inyon grim prison, drearylonely, and not the land.s? Wry tend she ILruar,
Wilh us.,ane so ourrators trail God only, rand not the lauer? Do the lambs rh.:n re-
Ther.-'s <.ne, Ibastalliamsh bar many. glaire no alteration, no feeling, no disciphne,
In faultat tense, not more than any; no pror.ietion ? Amounding fully Why,
One, whenotmorethan.othere sinning, if there is one part of the fold more secure
Amertyr'sorowdeeurelywinning. than another, thatsurely oughtto be re-
Hiehair idlimachingwhlier, whiter- aerved for the lambs. If there# a pitaturag6
(The prison isa spebr}y blighter).. gfeengg,.fresher, more tender that any oth*
His brow isfurrowingdeeper, deeper 98th urely rdsoul.3 be for the lambs of
,I u...r f e I
de*,. ar,"Ine1.0 1, weep.,r* It is a very suggedlive, a painially sup
at. ,,anuar.,n .;sa, unt.ner.nerd, 4,.,,4,e ;I*s innatancethal ireso usanf rfour
er..wn hearts.r I.euric batt.ner.ter'd. chure-b. whera **(he nuns.hering the pe**
01 for hersake, whose hearts breaking ,Plc Is 1.; n*= mars: es:.n.,Jrr.:J uses-wh.:re
Nowletoonspassionbeanking, th.:r.:areagoal rranny rearr..:4.:.r a il,-res
Of foritis children's sake, we're praying, istered-mere capitamortua--.-see ev. In:
Let merey vengeanke'hand be staying, 1----thahought never to have been inserted,
And sare him, in that prison tying, or that ought long since to have been can-
Who not for his own sinis dying. eelled-there is no reenrd whatever of the
children of the church,! Pastors know but
01 let not the fanatie crying little of their Infantile and jtivenile charge;
For blood, compassion be denying. parents are not held to accountability for
The nation, in her truth and honor, the .performance of their ecclesiastical du-
Avert (Le stain they'd put upon her, ties to their childrea-duties of a high and
An old man's crimeless blood, that never solemn character, as the fa:her of a family
Could be wiped out, forever, ever I is prophet, priest and king, in the domestic

Columbia, 8. c. moejb Irthe ki MoInes it los wl
the children arrive at that age when Jewish
children become what they called "sons of
I 01'It$pg) 01(( the law," by publicly assuming the obliga-
ttons involved in their ciremonsion---which
was when they were thirteen years old-
FROM GREENSBORO ALA. among us it is considered it... ....epl...n I..*'

our IIEdit ,- meo e{ee excit ith Hul ithan that cer I.J. 2.1
and, a Presbyterian minister, of Gaines it for granted that they will generally do

occasion. On fast night he delivered a dis- but rather, we take it for granted, that they
course on infant baptism. By holding my will not doit, and pursue theopreassecourse

as m se rae b ed ema tohe etjrn b ealds u 5etotations. at upon anch
His sermon was not polemical, but didantro Just as soon its "the Joyful mother" ofte
and hortatory----such as I like, on thatillass take her infant to churchlether do so, said
of subjeers. His great object was to show seal her vows-the father, of course, edn-
the advantages of infant b..pri-m, and to joining-to bring up her child in the nur.
urge upon parenta, parrors, and churches sure and adapnition of the Lord-then let
the important duties wl.ich iL eonnotes. As those vows never $6 forgotten or broken,
Idight be expected there were a few points Let the church take personal cognizance of
in the discourse which did not exactly tally the new member thus admitted-enter the
with my views-ain occasional phrase of a name in thq register-and then use all pos.
Geneva complexion, whiiph, of course, I sible means that the neophyte may be iri.
would not have used-brit, as a whole, it structed and confirmed in the faith, and

bt in r i d dw t ch hdi d loh by j riew n ure
terances, The, ., truly remark- ti,, H.. .nt, sl a nal...l.>.1 to
ed, that were II II.< .Jo involved in the li re. :en r .n, arol wi ,,,,
a hedp j deroenaces e .1 me in I r-..ol,.x
of the ordinance would be so ..t.....u-, rlud encesso kind and plastip-a Christian nur.
there would soon beno room for controversy ture, so well endorsed by reason and required
about e long been of the opinion that there %lu e db tm et itt Leould write

can be no deep, wide-spread, permanent re- Taos. O. SUMMERS,..
rival of religion among us until parents Greensboro', Ala., March 5, 1866. .
shall solemnly consecrate their children to P. S.-The late examinations in the
God, and initiate theni into the visible Southern University, in greensboro, were
church, by baptism, and then follow up cl.. ((4,.3 and satisfactoryin a remarkable de.
act by such a course of discipline and in- a-r.:-e. The Institution is in the full tide of
stration, as the baptism postulates, t..:.r.4 p.,,..sperity, needing nothing but more stu-
nided in the discharge of their parental ob- dents, (aud some new ones are entering its
ilgations by the pastors and other function- halls) and more revenue. Many who are
aries of the church. Let not baptism be, indebted toit neglect payment. I wish the
as Isano Taylor says the Methodist adminis- Advocate entered into all their houses. I
tractor makes it, a mere five minutes' opera- would make an earnest appeal to them, in
tion; but let it be an not of permanent in- regard to this matter, which is of so vital
tere t, of lile-long importance; and so let concernment to the University. e. o. s.
thesubject be taught concerning it, so soon
as he shall be able to receive the teaching. Dedication of Prospect M.E. Church,
How absurd it would be to matriculateyour
children in a seminary of learning, and then 4 Hamilton Circuit, Ga.
give themno lessons to learn, appoint them Alfr. Editor:-As the Bible informs us
no times for recitation, and give theminoin- that the rebuilding of the Temple under
struction, and subject them to no discipline! Zerubbabel, was very difficult, because it
But is not this the course followed by many was done in a troubioth times;" we do not
members of our so-o:illed pedobaptistehurch. regard is its a presumption to say the same
es-if, indeed, they have their children in reference to the re buildin baptisedat all? Is it any wonder thatun.- referred to in our caption, $'or many years
der such circumstances, be little good re- the co..:.....ill...c. at Prospect worshipped in
sul a from the baptism of children ? an 01.1 1..11 a Is..*Is was as discreditable as it
Then, too, in what a perfunctory, hasty, was disagreeable. Before the war they
slovenly manner is the ordinance frequently thought themselves too poor to build; and
administered! In many cases, where no during the war they were very much like
necessity can be pleaded, the little ones are Mardia, numbered about much serving,"
smuggled into the church, as it were, in a and therefore could .. .- I..1,uill The prop-
kind of claneular way, as if all the parties position to dissolve and unite with adjacent
were ashamed of the transactions But is churches was debated frequently during the
it anything to be ashamed of ? I do not hes. war, but fortunately for them, it was not
itate to say that there is nothing more im. acted on.
pressiv4 more suggestive of profound reli. After the final surrender ofthe Confed-
gious.thought, and doctrinal feeling, than eracy, when poverty looked them in the face
the public baptism of a child It was Cole- from every quarter, they resolved to build a
ridge who said, "None of the services of new church. The. community lay if the
the church nifect me'somuch as this. I track of Gen. Wilson's raid last spring,
never could attend a christening without which burned cotton and gin houses, and
tears bursting forth at the eight of the help. destroyed provisions generally-yec they
less innocent in a pious clergyman's arms." determined to build, and build they did.
We must suppose the "pious clergyman" in Some thought them fanatical,< and others
a devout spirit, earnestly engaged in what prophesied a failure; butthe work went on
be considers a solemn symbolical service- bravely, and now they have an elegant
notasham or h farce-ofering fervent pray.. framed house, coiled lin...u.I. .at, ready for
ers, and enforcing sacramental stipulationa- painting next fall. 11, -, al .. satend car-
then no wonder if an entire congregation 04 the aisles, altar abd pulpitwhich
abould bonfected, even to tears. a A*, it*as comfortable as it is decent,
AllChristians who recognize theobliga. inasmuch as they desire to worship God
tion of baptism, consider it, as we do, an without distraction, from cold, etc.
initiation into the visible churchar, as so me The first Sabbath in March the dedica
Presbyterians view it, the recognition of the tion sermon was preached by Rev. R. B.
membership of children, who are already in Lester, P. E.of the Columbus District, from

Immi.ah Iv; 6, 7, inwhich he maintained air..ngly natured wh enibushm and super- n.:.t inclined to murmur er complain. We
that the church is size a hou-s of prayer oth...n, tAing in a very lar;e adDilElUris of He faire.189 indf-si 10 (Of infid s"JDDOW "'BB-
to all pe**ple-all gro*-. Plame, and e..I.ars both theservilelemense-ek.menre in the-a- dare brances so good aiddlers." Many of
being f r.ruled to us.rnia ges they sches dangerous to the peace of s..eis-ry no have ** saken the speal.rag of our I cods
take h..1d oI the Cen**nt of 1.1 d. 110 Withou proper warmerson they ed.r.need joyfully,"nrad are now ready to **go to pris.
poke at lar;e oi th. -are v.t-or the mse- the Christian rdrgion, remining the super an and to A-arb,'" rarher than eumpmmies
ntsold w.nks mad..ith Admn and slabo- orni.,r.s inheriral Irom II.e.r ancestors, and the conscience or al.eGe. pel of the grace of
rued under 51.:.wsad Use of the full of the enthus...em of the r Afr.can na. Oud. 1.; nan..wle.izing any other Head of
r.nar ,:.f gree II.rmh I.anh. was sure Thus 4 H.rseeiniry bees.r.e crgratred the Crea.el, than itsu L..r.) Jesus. While
opened with .11.r.1.0 and] in upon Rear enthusiasus and 60ptiarlin..u, "tred the ministry .:*1 .:.ur Chan*:h suff.r more,
Christ; but he lkney nothing of a --.:nt al.e.r rela gion .ma e..n.p .uad, E. Her pirtup., than that .:.(:my< 4.*hurch, yet
savanant made betwes the furber on.) the rt, n none, but lar, sery C.r fr...r. bem; pure it is a matter ..f I.j...nean; shu, see the meek
S..o long anterior tdhe creation of us.n. in the are.y.r.ay c.I them. 11hst they nes:*1 p*Irr, she-yare'*go.:.d n.enandarue" Alany
Ife thought that wewer4 required be do.1 la that ** e.ath...y = us.:h I.'t-r:-r en...:..nEd, pl [hern have in on arresic4, e.:,me more aban
With rebeidedthingenasmicia as Ihe Scrip abor educak.r. which will Amir.cate 11.< ele-p once, -,r..1 insurraibly at the instiga-
tures inforris tas thfu" reveak.1 th"ngs L-a- n.asts adult.:rare she..- rol an n Loan of N..rrharn blert..:..s.ess game
long to us and our children but thn **se. They nee-2 -shools estatanu sch.m..I*, and ed- bond 1...r ther app.urance at court, red go
elec things1.el...n; I.God." Atid we trust nersal...irs.eters, and the last nor she I.:nst .:.n preachers; f'rarms; refuse to gave
that the m.rl pressed to the large on.3 For s th...ul educated pastoral wili be al- bar.d-d=mand tr...1, .srld go r., jail. In
attentive audience tere present, wil' pro- imp... .bl.= r.. rs. e ra.a *, of she St..s.: .:.ur preacher.* go
duce **abundantfrit." ,;==0, ..ud superms....o T he will Es: on- to ryou r.g.p..,ntments, to find the churches
The house, fromits foundation to its ...urse:.1 irnecor...iand sp. d fr..< 11a occupied by Northern, Methodists, who,
roof, was then solely ofered to G...i ..s p. Ip.... 'f 1..,, ..11 in..r.:n.: 1.1. .. c.,n go, hearing of their appointment, make theirs
an neceptable sacride. A large and be au . ath, in.:r U.:. 11.< I... r.: r .phil, from the just one.hour earlier, and then hold on till
tiful Bible bearing his inscription, Pre s un. la n..d ...II. e*.e.. .:.1 .= e..I a .1 preneW- twoor threeo'oloek iti theafternood.
sented to Piospect M E. Church, hy Rev e.-- 7*,..< m....t 1. ../... M .tc.; r..,' pr. v. 4. S.,n..-r.m<- sudian crowds assemble at our
G. H. Pattiltd, 1866,'was also ded'cated 1-- ., =. They are us..aumic.J L., 11.0 present appoultrner.u, yet like fiends, throw stopes
God for the use of he chnreh. A s.nee state ..f s...cicr y .nes.v.; the k.]....ks, .,r,.1:1.0 ,at ..e l...use,.enter the church, kick over
chandelier and pulpidamps are abo.pre- can:do a work which no othens c an *10 the, break of the plastering, and
seated to the church tr A.111. Brannon, of They can, have no influence or= rr base of so...r. ..r the "Jewd fellows of the ? baser
Columbus, which have lot ph arrived. At their own color, a power far greater IIunn sors".still walk uo .to the pulpit and lay
the close of the nermax the congreamon white prenobagrs can exert. great pieces of plastering on the Bible while.
sung: F.,r ri,. re is. r.s we think that on insti- l... ,a. is preachinU, and many suck
And wifItthe 0 et at God, on in arr II; n edn el t n it is ets 4 rT co ato tt
And wii1 be from his radas/threna, ed unles p. aper, ,,as.J all-..] uI .nesiestprison. ButDOtwithatanding these,
Avow our temple for bi.own? Oc..l .:1 .I..- G.--pel. 5.xh..s. Insilluis..n and many other stish things, the Word of
a We brin the attributed aise- n..ed...1,,r.nrly ne--.hd ar the p..:....t then:. God i.snon bound, but "grows mightily art&
And sing .st c r..s ..: ..*, uropr ... .0.1 <*.0 app-21 so the purrial..: ....1 b..... v** prevails" among the people,*and thousands
Whic to .,. r, I .4 ....s. ,,.3 m ear, aat ... ir, Lee...If .4 po-scried "lu the ? -t- so pf preelous soulanre being converted to God,
And ca lu staful mortis near. otic .t pre a rais rn..tis es of a 11inicr...1, social awl unising with the Church. Preelous re-

e d..1 I 0 1 3 ill e va n sg r 1 1 re ended
wnh choicest tokensoaby grace. the benevolent is presents considerations of 31.

May it before the worldap ear physiral condition of millious-a plan of :The prese it persecution will but prepare
Thaterowdswere born to glory here." missionary labor for heathen at our doors, us, through the firesof edering, for thei
After prayer the Lord's Supper was cel e to re amine its man2ee tasbd v he eFabsa8nhdaldsew Ill or 1
bruted. Verily abis was a suitable tune to found patriotic and benevolent men and wo- neith the bending archesof immortalityant
show forth the Lord's death-the first ser- men willing toestablisha BiblfealInsticate tremble the very thrones of light. Telishe
vice ever held in the house. It is to be for the Colored People ? brethren who sympathize with uis, that the
hoped that the burden of every sermon, ex- The suggestion is made, and left to the Church of Obries has never.predaned a
hortation, prayhor and sonpl. -h b judgersent and experience of the people, sublimer moral heroism, since the Apostles,
offi:red in this ouse, my L.: "* I. IIRibi, "" Who will respond ? Who will contribute than the pulpit of Missouri furnishes to-day.
him crucified. May its sacred desk never, the necessary funds? **And if we be offered upon the sacrifice
become a political forum, or the source of Surely some of our wise and holy men can and service of your faith, we joy and re-
a hybi-id theology, tainted with the corrupt be induced so accept the presidency of suck vice with on all." Some of our noble,
isms of the North. Let no sons of Auron an institution. If none better qualified can sol men, ae often requiredto passthrtugle
bring unholy incense before the Lord, even be found, I feel willing to devote the best see es of derision and. persecution, not un.
in oble brethren, impoverished by "krs of my heart nodernind one5uch a like 0 at t attind Ithkee heroi Wesley

the war, and seriously areoted by one of Thomasville, Ga- great mail, we can say, "the best of all is,
11.0 L.:. r.;J. .iarirs: th. iv. as.r have God is with us.'' .Our churches were news

*I 'r a na ..j' en e Letter from Missouri. er more crowded with.aolemi, attentive
conscience speak. A. J. D. Afr.Editor:--Would a few items from worshippers, our ministrations were never
A BIBLICAL INSTITUTE r a7ebris f la eezebee o any interest to an sprnsauchdde 4moreour pren ens new
For the colored People. Here, in thi broad, free . ae, with its high." <-Their speech, and their preach--
.Southern society presents a most difficult rich, rolling prairies, its fertile valleys, its tag, 18 not with epticing vor f th ma
problem. We have two varieties.of the hu- long, winding rivers, aind railroads, its wisdom,.but in demonstration o e Spirit
man race, dissimilar in almost every respect, mountains of iron and acres of lead, its and of power. h
and yet living together in the enjoyment of counties of coal arid mines or Wis er m..1 9sil.1, Many of them seemd Cave caught up
freedom and legal rights They are unlike yielding to the husbandnun. rhe s....u.r, rise ahem t1e ortion his spur ye y ha
in eolornational distinctions, soelalpeculiar- trader, the manufacturer, the c ap.r .Int, sc..I seized thepsilent trumpet of the battle-worn
ities, grade of exvilization, religious charac- all classes of industrious, honest, energetic Robinson, and buckled on the: burnished
teristics, and mental traming-unlike in men, the richest barvestsof wealth, we have armor which lie so suddenly exchanged for
their previous history and their present sta- the hu.. El mi..) laun.In; sl...use ...fa Gos- a "crown and a robe," and are gone forth to
two How these twolclasses are to pal wr..r.urry latier..J t-y 1.= w and pr.....ibed battle galliantly for the King of kings.'*
gather so asto secure the peace of society, by f. p..blic al rev, bl.n-siers.:.1 the Tell those who have the care of all the
the safety of individixals, and the prosperity Gospetareousted from their p.sly.I -, i.,r..,h..' Churches, that we are troubled on every
of the country is the quesuon, and a diBi- the State, silenced by :1..! will.....If, dis d lexed,
cult one, examine it as we may. There is bound over to the civil courts, fined and un- side, yeit ndot tresses ; wedare perpgfo
but one way toanswerit. The blacksmust prisoned for the great crime (?) of be elevated by education and religion. In ing Jesus and the resurrection" E.,;..: saken; castdow but no estro e
their present condition ,they constitute a sinners. And yet they toill pus..I., and ,, P -
dangerous and troublesome element of socie- though bonds and imprisonment await way.
ty, and there can be but little hope of har- them," the a word of God is not bound,'' I expected just to itemb;e a fear facts for
mony, peace and safety while they remain but is still the "power of God and the wis. your readers, when I begun; but "ont of
as they are. Education must ealarge and dom of God. Because the foolishoess of the abundance of the heart the mouth speak.
inform their mindis, and religion must sano- G...] .e re.,.-r she. men, and the weaknessof eth," and the pen writeth. I expeob, be-*
tily their passions. The two must go to 0 .3 .x .r.-......r r Inc. men." The ministry fore this reaches the eye.of the reader, to be
gether. Without religion, education will of Missouri are self sacrificing, heroic, God- looking through grated-windows, or, per-
be a curse. It will increase their power of fearing men, who count not their lives haps, to be a thrust into the inner prison,
doing mischief a thousand fold, enkindle dear unto themselvesso that they might fin- for the testimony of Jesus and the Word
the fires ofan unbridled ambition, rouse to ish their course with joy, and the nairilstry of God,'> whence I may emit the next light
energy unsanctified aspirations, produce dis- which they have receivedwof the Lord Jesys for your renders. May peace and prose
satisfaction, and give rise to frequent at- t... annif, tl..: 0....p..l of the grace of God." permit attesid you. May the Adoocaty anit
tempts to gain the ascendency in society. r..v...r tr...o, now,..... rl.o neryeto meet its nameless Editor live a thousand yea
Religion must accompany education, that the issue, but bless me! thereis amoral he-- and the Editor and reader; outlive the A
its conservative influence, restraining pow- r,;,,,, ., sis, use.. a1... -- ce...... .,," ri.;...s but vocate a million of ages, where sunkenever
er, and sanctifyinggracemay render it areal, 100 I .r = bc ..:- I':0. y .; th I...o.:1. age of set and glories never pale.
permanent and glorious blessing. Take a Ohrist Jesus the Lord, thas would sublime Yours in the bonds of the Gospel,
man, not under the restraints of religion, an age, and raise vast armies for Christ from Feb. 24, Sh ilZe Gkristian AdvocaL6
and educate him above the power of super- the a seed of the Church. E
station, and he thereby becomes.unscrupu- Many, of the preachers who have taken
lous, the most dangerous of all men; 106 let the test-oath prescribed by the new Consti. The Fretting Believer.,
religion lay her guiding hand upon his ex- tuition, now regret it, and repent it; and A fretting believers adally disbosortoGod
pandingmindasitcastsof thograveclothea those who have not, will neither take ic, and his service. He proclaims to the world
of superstition and rises in knowledge and leave thp State, nor quit preaching They hatchri rdd I s on Lot
power, and that resurrection will be to life, will obey God rather than men, and sufer ar-d set it d>wa to the dueredit of religion,
and light, and gooriness-be will become a and dare, and, if need be, die a for thi: tes- uSee how unhappy it makes a person," will
man, true and loyal to the divinely imposed timony of Jesus and the Word of Go1." to ebeir conclu lon.
conditions of his nature. Hithertoresigion None of diese things move us.. We expect, We cannot have the exense for it, that it
has gone alone, gone without her twin sister in all good faith, to "render unto Caesar lightens a single burden of care. It rather
education, gone in direct opposition to the thq things mihich are Onesar's, and unto. bi ds a heavier one, and lays it on car should-
will of Christ. When Jesus sent out His God the things which are God's," but nev_ ersdd b da em ste-s b haePrpiesthile,
ministers110 gave thera a commission, which et subordinate the latter to the former, '- God others find only crptal honey,
may be reduced to four worda: Go-dis- .'...', .1 .." > Go, Christian, takeforyour r ail.-rr. yrur be-
oiple-baptize-teach.V The three, "go- 1..11 tin. bratbren of the Church who are lovel Master, who endured as to. rentisi 5.0,
,3,..,p.1.._t.,,,a.:.. -were carried out ton inclinedto rejoicethat Providencehasnot bringwithoutonorepiningword/Lineagens
considerable extent; the fourth hardly at called labor and suffer in Missouri, t.1slamb brought to the slaughter, us a bo open-
all. The consequence resulting from this that it is a small thing to ader reproach ed ot his mouth."e I the Abeorapsuch adheav
neglect have been sad and disastrous. The for the cause of Christ, for ''if we safer> little or es he his appointed for us? Nat the
religion of the colored people has become we shall also reign with him." We are smallest of them all but is ordered by him,

os~sfla~~t~ ~i~ ~b~




Yol. XXIIX. -No. 1'2.

Macon, Gta., Priay, MParch 23/ 1866.

WV~hole Number,' 1476.e


~r~i~F -~ma~a~a~a~a~a~a~a~a~a~a~a~a~a~a~a~a~a~


th ra .nane . 4.1 st ti, b.p .3;, or,..L. an I as per th as a .,-,0.; wal sh.n
- ur mir. rs. e, r. rt.).aintly r.:-1 0: ..0 0 resher i te..i. ri of rejoicing. TI.. l..
'snd pr b F i. ha.g.. at 11.- a .. .s r... Conservatism and attributable to an e
D ter the b or ar, t .e 0-, preach- radicalism are mshalling their forces. limitation of the pa
Od 011 Ibear *[*1*10 si s*:rnh as Be00tid Uilder which bannishall we match to the loss of faulty fruit,-
fr.ur beje(,-[ud ,, ,-3,;-,;.1 werida*..,rq..4. ball wem:..relude 11war Unistlittals 11. (be re
y grear, r am 7,,g,.ratal- It g),,pf *(,,,by 9,3r, ,,,rt r :-: sui.=- if so urgers, so...if Overseer. So far is
- 7.:tar ...7: ,n (1,, ,,,,,, e.,- , a he Mar v.: a ca. ..I-i n,7zzp ,nm- ing the cause of th
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an.1.rtat- she: int...r =..q.3.=7re f..r a li 2 pier, pr..p. 3.,[ -,.pt..1, will culminate in need her. .\t.r::ht
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larger the t..:treerts they .Earapr b time usent. Beginion-lch.2p-w.thsh. Ep>.
t same s.:rm..n c.v.r En.g again [...3.17 n or ...giacy-comin:< abr.>ugh she (I.r- Insure new 1.1.- into
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. who a as app..,rt..s in .:.fa abor week 2,,.3,. in ..ur p..hly a Beeb-.*p l..r 11 ful, unsellish, self as
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natury, ent er..un.i who airs.:-- .1[.,?,,,',-, 7'..,,.,, -* If so, th:n r- the practs.-.; and a
, in...rl-or TI,. ...Id man la .1 pr.,.:1.e.J ars rd- 310...J..r,:n,7., .J..,n ,<, so.:.rbr plifle, ani La is.'s,
: evrry instar.ce, fr..rn rhe p arage re **c -as.=>: .co.'r:T" One advocate of the City. Pagers, 000 cent it r..r a a m...xber t..:.0;; sea p.,>licy speaks of their me.vemease. -- much .:.r a hal
. *:.1 .sha r," oural rhe 7..ung exh..rl r had 2,:.. panicor marr-:rl r. fr.s.:. a's..t..... Is... ,d tra=:rs or
land..ut oth t. -t rars.] pi..wl..r Appr..a.:Ia. T-.,,:k c..-ared up., er.uall p...ple rake larger
ir'd EL*: nilege wiv.r...: rt..:y [:3.1 4... re-rth, ..r...:l., ..o the credity of the people called Christianity, put an
they 1. .1 tic solernr, rols.n;of it, ch.nel. 11.p...,1ses- ,Mastely refrain! Very; ries, and dedicate i
t.II th! asi.1 cs.. .,1.1 man.' e..meone simply to demolish oncilay, alargeand substancetoGod-
"' 5 0*'> w.. I w.,a.J.:r <-6.. ir ,, ...:so; ur... for..-ab-: ed.ediment of the of a still more glori
esn ?.. -- [ car..... s..II,"s-ni is..: ;..un.- as...i.m sal m:i.e.rie..I can ve. Hear him "violence willnolon
q| man, unlesslit's Peter's = of a no rher, .:,.0 **Tt.,- p....'.. hire ripened into a ing or destruction
vain l...:r :1. ..l..r.g" it .rh.:r ri. ,,ll, rs. ac..f r..r the changes."- Zion; hersun shal
so-r;, a 11.3. .. r....r, its. ...!.1 pr. .-1,.:. as e., a s, II,. base but recently shall the moon with
. r. p .are v ..ta lay.: .:la, .:.r ,:.r..3,r ag.,, .,,, ,,p ,),,.,,,_,7, fr eely never .sought. Lord shall be our e
pr.5.I 9 I ry-i .rn-or.<000..1ind them. Theprbachesareradical-thepeople daysofmourningsh
Pres le d 1.7 r..r or I or t..:..anan -1al- no.] >... conservative. Spare the people. So far Brethren, if Met .).. Enr..s..Itas.r,1.1..19r., (,.,,0 "ripening into a willingness'' you nobfailedtothe ei
>.:....aur 11= It com.3, he a = E.0L .:.1.< m.11.-r. Larn't given them time to ripes into any- sowing of the advoc
ard r.. Al 4 TP at.Lurb 5.|r, C [, .) [ad, ridE Z YOur hasty measures substitute th.. dia,-m. In is at faul
arm a penverful prer* *II* -trad 3 t ns- I,, ..f growth-inaugurate the inconsid..r. .];.:9, tt...u:t. well
'A'"'*D '*e, ood ay.r..rc it.. .rl..:r ] ar, 3,,1 "cphing buds with needles,". A gentle astringent
B.u ac b .:Mr.-aslyerms.drhxt II...I 11'7 and "bringingforwardfruitsbyovens." tory than their po
work which a preacher has to do, under the Another advocate, a thorough tactician, of.this communicate
circuit system inospatitates him for effee- knows that the talk allout men not being cursive, I propose,
tive pastoral service. He has charge of so driven is the nearest moonshine, and seeks analysis. Should t
runny chardhes, scattered over such a scope to throw us from the track by showing how meantime, I will a
...1...source, ma the members still moreseat badly we are setred at "measures for the and strike through
lar.:.1 rar..01.esent that to carry our the .r.., a. .:,, .4,,,, 3,,, expansion of the church.= Yery respectfull
jure less or 11.. Disciplineof ".visiting from Convenient phmseolory. Quite opposite. .5/2,..& 7,*,.
house to house," would; consume evety day | But who are thealarmists? Answer-those
in the year without having accomplished whooan see nagafety or successin the pres" CHANGES I
much. The very magnitude of the work ent system-th(se who disturb the repose of
*Lp rite la .rs, Ir.m .J...r.; whether might do, passengers by constantly crying, "the ship TIT REV. JOSE
ur--A 6.. .5 sets a 1..o.ulf with staying all is sinking:" Brethren,91et york modera- There are two
alghtsoccasionally *<.11, -rn,. ..t th.: 1....J.r, tion be known unto" Ifwe.afe highest development
in. at es., J.. ar .- or .. .2 J. e; alarmist at all, it is for your sake. The ves- ples, and freedom
" sportant interests of Sitb- sel has been long andsuccessfullytriedraod, Without settled pr
blith Schools, class .. instructing although --4 .r.corationsand vul- possible, t.... vise it
the opildren, visiting it.. ..1, and those nerable i, .3. 4. no aras immortalianid pose, 2io 7:rgrin.
who neglect ibeirduties, are dispensed with the assaults of sea and storm. ance.2 These arise
Unless there happens to be a sealous lay- Somueb by way of explanation and com'* The foundation m
manearbatakes the matter in hand. But pliment. With your permission Ivfillnow strong, or the aripe
we have found it universally the case, that go...:.....] the errorsof these good Aman deathate of
no interest of:the church works well, on brar.:n. edandscenery wit
less the pastor takes.the leadinit. 'Hene Error No. 1.-Their reasoning Twould in favor of virtue
the class meeting has become obsolete more land us, and all the world, at the conclusion prosperous. On th
from thianthan may other cause. The that Methodismis failure. Judging from Zhe diversities of s
preachers do not foster it; how ean the lead- the severityof their strictures and the char- such the variety of
Qrs sustain it, without their predeilee dnd noter of their comparisons, .3 strarag. r w...uld in; men, so.] such
countenance 1.....1 le 1.:. say rha w-. L .J *,uy minstr7. arri plue..e, ther fr
A ,3 a. ala whth 1...1. purely on 11-- as..cuber I.1p, .1....remes, discipline, or sacra~ is necessary. Thu
i.ul .t r..r -,>c..hil* 1=-*1 M..rt...J.=m has been caricatured bedevisedas sum
P" 's;i sold hr ..wr. faimiliar friends hre almost derv age, al..] tc. i
.. nu,.. ,o .0 *EN r. .1, r**hit ur, rhkheetagainsthee. Pres- n.:s? lier.o nal.:-
Iuses. 4. .In .= >.1. q ..ranies., e.'aholicism, Episcopahamam, ture and h 0:
P .user. I rise church n, pca ]<.1 2...1 pure a so.ner P-** d..:=r.. a demn.3 1.:.
r ...- \\,il au sir., es.. 4, ,, ,1.1. I II.J..s..I..p. i.:....comes; And, =! The Chrblian r
J..: t 3 ="u-rsto:.0 AI childred-havenotlearnedan estrange- prk..:
141., L .bt urs-J.r c.....r ..1 L ,,,, ,s,,itis because-we are the par..ars or a ,awars.,uth. .4.51.
1 re ..0 .ppl.. 4 r.. no Iali ad inapt progeny, for they. have had a trans..E.I., ar..J rn.:
ar ,r b .u ,,,.: upon line, precept upon precept." inisit.-rst.I.: I54
** 4 The policy of other denominations is quite zurmE. Her 4.:. rur
Rev p .1. r different. fli y cling together, conceal de- Ineth....i ...r I.'laurst
I 0.. l...e pt.o a.,.1 21 c..:,a pio.E. 1, 1. praise preachers, things are:eoneerne
".es 8.1,,.; -,wt.1, I,,tre..21.s,. ....rsta ro*r.ridust...rt.: 1,;,freedomhasbe
of a--re< rb-:a.* me a rm. al- ,,,.-1, ar..1,;f denied -.r-prural.:.>..wersion ,es:ri t.can..b of t b nor pl 3, ad a...i >n .:rs.:.r Christian experience afford so.,t, 6,..-,::- a we
:r al -, uW.I n .e.r -mar aas ,,., on any.r....r.t. 11..-, all rally to II.,, use.].,m .in
I J.r a 1 as .1-. rk,.. ill. ..Lapre. ...r el... ,,.,...I ,p......i...a r....-.:. ....r.,l..s down ...ned, and ran .r.l
".os .p .any it.. .**.Ia .0.1..*.III. ..r .:,, , in,,,, .ts L.rur,:7 or r..Iterin ism hqs been con
.. t .0 ** F .. lu: .J..i I..r.. re. ,,r. surplice. 11, in. .rt a !;. k .*1 1T'.--1.-y noJ<-n my
L 1.- ..:. J.1 p.,..3.,- .0are, i...r I. 2. *I., as,. .,,4,.,, So far from being .ss .1. ar,.1 rh.:, I ar.. 1 .sr,
'-'" I "I-loc do harm. The lady ureMethodism--as regards the true trad I tim h, ..rv [...ic
us immediately and joined another a Gospel Churob, and that alone should be 're .. .3.:....<, sti
as u, 1. .>.. a she afterwards told sought .by good men-stands like Saul (13,,, ... '1ts.,r w
m. ., .:1. ....3, is [.3 was offended (and among the prophets, "higher than all of le... ...2 god IL-ril.
-'" tr.. r spreseptative of our them from its shoulders aqd upwards."- depends upon -0...a
.1 e.1, -- ,,,an sapienti.:. Hermembershipisnumbered bythousands process of disinte
Sparta, Ga. E. M. P. in city and country. Mr., ..r rt...a. are our v. ri t rely p..a;...f ...f
:TOTHEDELEGA\%STOTHI GEN. most intelligent ar..] ,r.rt.3..,rui ...Lizens- .....r.nis..i,.zr..J;s:-
ERAL CONEEHENCE OF THE 14. ready and.renewned.:ocush t.=>w.i 1. for.: ..r ...r. ....1 me
E.CHLiticH SOLit*H. SenatesandKings. May..Irtense th.:. 3,, ,;r.,;.e.g.,,,,ano
BelovedBrethrek:----Aalyou are our rep bone and sinewof the country; .,0.1 many ,7., or,- ,,il s..,-,.1,
resentatives, elected without an avowal of are "the poor" to whom the Gospel .> eye., ;me I bels.:rs
principles, and sent fbrth without any in- preached by our economy. P. whin we may ente
structions,.it drill be your pleasure to hear railways, looked up in mountain tastnesses, to usetuke .3, at w
any suggestions intended to promote the secluded an quiet glens, it is the glory of g..l.J.-n c.g.g....rranily
peace and prosperity of our Zion. As wise Methodism to outstnp commerce and oivili- of the bc.ur,
And good men you will discriminate between nation, plunge into the pathlesss wilderness, What do we need
the wholesome and worthless--receive the and break to God's poor the bread of life system of lay repr
one and reject the other. Such being the -to pluck them as brands from the burning, the ministry and la
case we avail ourself of the courtesy of these hile other communions rechne on sofas enlist the energies
columns, and proceed to address you. and wait for calls and steam. the work of Chnst.
You have been addressed before-ad Hei doctrines, like great battering rams, by Chrish that ever
dressed week after week by pros and cons. are borrowed in every successful assault on hands of the minist
That. is right. Bro. Myers never monopo- the Gibraltar of sm. Her ministry, sensi- starts with the min
lizes, disputes the right of discussion, or ble and studious, compare favorably with whole machinery. ,
obstructs the channels to a clear conscience. Other pulpits, and from obscunty often rise Ty upon him. It i
Fortunately, the brethrentre good and true to the highest stations, are wise to win souls, the age that we ha
and are seeking to solve the same problem_' represent us in the General Conference> Nothing accounts f
a problem susceptible of the same solution criticise the mother of their manbood, con- earnestness of our
if their data---wseeing and hearing-wer tend against licensing un-Latined and un- indefatigable efort
less dissimilar. But different premises do Greeked applicants, and clamor for Theolog- would have come lo
not usually yield common conclusions. Ical Schools. that they call for l
Hear them. Some will say "nine-tenths of Her converts, the advocates themselves tion. We must ha
the people are elarborous for the proposed being judges, are far more numerous than whole church to wo
changes;" "other some'> say, a nqt so those of any other denoMination. The loss church to preach t
Some say, "the storm is upon us-make of some, by the world and flesh, argues no be left to the preac
for the dry dock, let the old ship be reno. failure-the Saviour lost, some in the same in the machinery-

t..i work, and sub ac ap...r the, r Now
the pr. t..-r ners e ...n sho wholo 'Iheterm
of the p r..rar,: ,an matter at e e-mdary
importance compared with this. Underthe
Pr*.-en' <.5 'se,, exr..r., the pastoqte, and
What h65tt y**Ggaintila TimeE Rd{plaint,-
ance with the people and for acquinag m-
Iluence, and that is all. The same evils m-
bbre in the system., lid preacher moves
6vitrything, and the praitical working will
be the same. It ssnotlength of time which
our pastors need. A wide awakePaul-like
minister nvill learn .more of 8: community,
and be better kilown by the people, and se-
GilTOID0teinfillen^a by one year, thin the
maj i o odr r..idbe s ul-Join twenty
or as
la Use ph.,r..cate-e.. much asfora Sirnest
m.ral:rr ,,,.s a, rea ..f lay representation
and monthly conferencesi
The pr,:s..rst sup ..0 the minferry wifi n...t
sllow or an ,o.1.6rns.- even-ion .:.1 th pas-
toralterm: alt willnado idliendthem, as
two yeare ><.me mazbt be stationed in the
same charge f..r many yearaggand it occurs
to me Bar all c.ur Large extiesshonly be
made no pin.:.ngre the rule of limitation.-
This is about as far as we can safely go at
present: Inthenicafatimewiththelaitym
our connailstheitandkrd of ministerial at-
i.thmenist alli peedily ft 6, BD&WOCRDCOB-
t.nue to pztend the term as we are prepared
C.r so. Then put an enterprising bishop at
:li, b.-ad at sh Annual Conference, to
May the fr.:.m Geperal Conferencoun-
ol r wb.n .11 the bishops.ahall re-
cexve n.- pp...nrm.:0rs-1. avert--.4u.=stis:.n
of the pre nor..- el.J. r by, or .:.( chairns.0
of distr...t to.1.- -hr rry..o -1 by exeb
ference furitself-abolish the probstionary
mto full connection-change the name we
beartothatof EpiscopalMethodistChurch-
revise the plan of missionary operations-
and set fourth system of religious labor for
would be taken at its flood and lead to afu-
ture of glorious success.
The.responsibility of the next General
Conference will be very great, andthewhole
church should cease not to pray for the
guidance and enlightenment of the Holy
Spirit May the great Head of the Church
dareer as Amen.
The Pastorate. -
] rom atew stray e-.pies of the Adhocate
sy), }I 1226- retently Isiles under mypera-
21, I p.r.:- le.= that the changes to be made
In rtue t..:.r.iratura..n ...t .:.ur Church re being
,,,...,,,,...1, ca.. v.:.1 \\bar 1 1 she t....r <.E.
Tbe :ut] /I as r a-: 1.:'ult ...t |; N.Jr of
p.=ric ar...n, .r..J c..r fr..a.
it tu > 11,0 ...r ..rh..o, i.rad at there call
to f..a. dot ar. to.,r.t .0 st.. vu.s <=0@
p tent...i, I Lill est..-us rr 5 lt Lariv
r..erusar Ec. Mr. been L.-r sta.}r ad
by n... .r .... 1.4..21 03 c .ntr...i, fr.;sa
the *.r.:r --1 .Js :.i-.e....o
)ir 11 e-1. 5, an retr..-p Un.' the great
work the he lud so.:Mr.pint..:.1 to.r.:-agh long
years of, toxi and suffering, cusphatially .J..
clare3 Elast ** ass but the child
...f' In ab.= an.:rson or' thus
-emits--at he exh t..sed at the- Undlity
->t sk.. 0.1 the or the Ph. By a art.ct 20.1uniturrra adb,:reore
1. In,- pr,,; pl casteriad lu that,
Blesh.;J. na, .and..r rhe pt...t;. Land al ir<. f...noder, bu, by Tradualadvancesbe- wher.rli-se..p en.,distinchandin-
dependent canal: rn n-1 eter..h Had
that trulyhun to, Clar -rian ,my;os.] r..,r a
momedtthat le- na, i. be c. .:...1 a3 st.,,
fMider of a i... r, be, d...utrl sc..ul.1 laser
shrikak appa1...1 t., rt. c..,p., inia; ?th.
p-- 01 ca Eur airb the .4< le purp.:.. of
spr..ndan; "e..pturJhche. br.:.1,;h..ur the
land, b.: pute.2...l his rs, he e. al that
kn.... n... th.,.:0;. l.....kly; n lit., r 1.> th.:
I -bl rn r to liv: 1-.11. but following with an
faire.;.. erq. rt.= path that Pr.u 7,rs:s
', a / -a .: ne.; and now behold the
his -:su ph-, or shall we, selfsatisfied, fold
our am, E..J console ourselves will, the de-
lusiveideathat, asachurchwohadalready
attained to the prize of our high calling.--
The same Providence that guided his steps
will still continue to enlighten our path, if
we are but as single in our purposes ag he
was. My 0...) is. Ip .n 8.. to be.
Wher Marts..elous fire-r crossed the great
viaterit r..uuJ b.r--1 v.Jd..rnesstobeaub-
Ened. I ca. .. .ss ... ..awl mission, it sent
out its e..-lf ,hi;,: 'itinerants,'f whose
footsteps k* I ..n psee with those of the
pioneerpettler. TI.L-cas thenitsm:s.....n,
this is now its u..a..:.n, and ab.e. I amer,
willeverbeits:2..s...-ua 1...0, artser.Thall
remaision th human to be
hunted ing ad 1.r.:.m-br into aby 1.1.1.of
Christi. Mr a shis;rs ... m;,,7,:., ? Mus)
Methodism be content to clear the forest,
fallow the soil, now the seed, harvest ty
crop, and then leave the great garner house
to .the conservation of other hands? Is
seems to me, that if we will only jay aside
our pi-ejudices in favor of "old customs"
and remembering that "Methodism is the
child of Piovidepee," open our eyes to the
teachings of that Providence, we will very
soon come to the retaliation of thefactp)xat
a new mission has been imposed upon us as
a church-that of preserving the precious
fruit which has been produced by so much
self sacrifleing labor. How shall this be ef-
fected ? Not by destroying, or even impair,
ing the effleiency of the itineracy. God
forbid! Baby so.alteiing the Constitution
of-the Church that the pastorate may be es-
tablished wherever it may be found to is
needed. To assume that these two elements
may not be made to work in perfect harzpon
my is to pay a very poor compliniest to the
intelligence and legislative capacity of our
General Gonference.

e at .0 r..un
s ..f --t :rs ..,rc
economy faulty as to a
storal term, than the
or blasted whear a ni-
brakeDr Of 8 ziah|][
a limited term from be.
ese losses, e.:.rt..r.; less
wer would sullice toas.
se and effect. 'The se-
ult ia largely(notwhol.
: few words: we hatre
o its.1. ror 110[ a
u the la ... as should
t** 8 :*.o.rd war.:.
3 <=0* Tor.; f r.. r;,. i. .
0. 4{. ris ..Sweral is E. .1
ndised r;. h....J...rt, ,
I.] ,- a s..r..,tic.1 at r!..-
.a rs..r 2./. Her us...
.i li, .v-.r. ass arch
futurestica b.:r L. a
r..o.:e the- <1+.
abe II,.ne, rar..i...Jj..urn
ptized w.rb blood and
chers.mbat..s the power.
tr.neng spirst of 4.'leria
51ethod.erra, return to
der.,, rat. .. of 0.5.:,.
Prof,, i.;r..uir and
3DA al@ ,}*refer, t..r
t," for it;i..;.:.ns, ala.
circuits; and he lb
views of ab. ..(
y their earnn..o th. >
t...nan-ly used
then will the brightness
ous day break upon us,
ger be heardtior wast-
seen in the borders of
fnomorego down, nor
draw her light, but the
verlasting light and our
allbe ended."
hodism has failed, it has
tentassumed intherea
ates foi change. Their
t-therefore their reme-
meant, are badly timed.
might be more sabits.
werfullaxabives. Much
on being necessarily dis.
in my next, a n, ., r;. .1
hevesselgo 0.. 0, as II,
bandon.a at rp :2
the troods.
, yours in the Gospel,

thin 5 essential to the
t of min---fixed priki-
as to outward forks.-
inciples, progress is im-
..-rs- is no Stars. ...f ptxr-
r ,,.:4 r,.:ever
from settled annelples.
ust be deeply laid, aind
restructure cannot starid.
pria..ipl.-.:2ars.:.r t.. tra [-
hout a public ordiruar.r
>esianot be happy and
e other hiand, such are
entimentin minorafairs,
dr.:autstarse. ,
abe daff. r.:u.0 in lim:s
eedom in outtrard forms
s no one co rr.ment no
bl fear .ory p..:.ple..r
urempt it v.>.31.1 be as .1
nal .*oun..Is arel le:. In
in bc ** rh.: Gas... .x,
r them
s:II,4...0 r----cil:- a lb.: .
q.I=>. 'llo-..<.].ll.:...*e.
:<.... <.1 she I'tur..b, rt,
. rntraisrry are lis...J and
ar and 1., spp....rr.
- th. .:.ur ward turns, ibe
g..wron...nt, and ,?<.:6
dywe are lefcofree; and
he Church, in nature:
re d..*n.ed us.:... >r r.-
art.. le ...f .:.ur r. h.e.
th-pr 11lds...
sister therewith. Mr
charge 1.. f ...:h;.,.Jott.,
na..3. fr.:.m rus .ie v.
.....c., [.. 1. ..,J ..
s..:, .J. .... Es...l runo r
e .1... ., tt.. o rd ir .
.c. .ur future.:..r-r.e.
k=.- the The
ration <,.....) at a
<.ur history, and it has
nil g.,an un Tiis in.
new =ol .ss....:.ila .:..a.
ral,- a greatly _LE to.
abs I..-riod has arrived
upon a career glorious
e will seize upon the
azid rise to the demands

? First of all, duel a
esentation as -ball bring
ity nearer together, and
of the whole church in
It never was intended
thing should be in the
ry. With us e.. rjrh.og
ister, and he ra...sys the
Success depends entire-
s the greatest marvel of
ve gotten along so well.
or it but the piety and
ministers. But for their
s the period of decline
ng ago: It is no wonder
ay agency grid co operst-
ve system that puts the
rk, for it takes the whole
he gospel. .It must not
her to move every wheel
some of them must go

No. II'.
']'hEre Artlive. a tu,.;g r..ani..>[.:.i & Trcil
with the Itinerant System, remote in them
Telfres but radical, which have much to d
alth -:1.0 ..did..n.:..s of car fl.m':h in
4..v4.rd .v e.m. and by *R *I ra., wis
sh.: d..I...t.. rI. ..f...m II... 6 ir ls its .:1.,r..... ..( per.,r:, 11. c.e..ra.3
th. Lear, work. .vy-red.j up..r.. nr p e..r ,
Eu.:., ultiJ.1 El*. *Insul usterYr. 1 Iry)yi
y,,.n ...,,n.:,r.r..r r.L.i.-. r..:.r.:s h-2 in: sor
ran 1..[ th.. .1 :ra.... (...8.. Iwerun ,!;,laa .
n irries ..I ha Irra, isnd-:r the pair.o 1.
** Astra rars.I ee, .0 wins.h illo morn
cround as r un. To true, I her. el....r
fr corn.:(.gi.,n both as to caush nod v.=.r...
dh., r.x th. e xtorse; c its, t.ut .:..-.1 ar risi
late der it a very ddBoult tu toII b.ce w
skill intre.Ja.:e r pri...t panoral s;srem
vblet will not mar the t..aury and Is re.: c.
the itinerancy, as a aggressic.
erretom hit IV.*-1.:i.:rally as he d.:-ti
diency of he plan Ir. rb.4 resp. Jr and ;.ra
posed up.<. Isis praeliers the jury or **visis
iragin.m house re is..use,"'and estat.lished
the elan ma rine my:t.-m, as a.sub.pusr.:.rste
f:.r the pr..te* the meanst...cs in II.
absence of the preachers! Bolb ..f the!..
schemes r.r. .11eer failures under ...ur (.re.
ent system .tP..-o-i.t.. ran. I .:spe.:r wa shear
in the c..ur ..I arclarrant
As pre rs.palives e.:. a ge.c.1 v.J ..thetive
pastor,.1 adi.m run he use r first have II..
coolidesser- ..1 tis p....ple, and a,.:..edl y th...r
'rd....nese rouch e-r orber or II,,
vential qualitiescanbe obtainedin it... at..r
arenoir.0.-.....r.-ol.......sis,:r.-daTo:uir I.:,
sw, bus ..o II,... ...err., r., .0 r.J.-c 11.<
*tt. ,ad 11,.-< Is.. 9 381.[.. ? 0 past..r
. rti ., rica.: so rn...,: r -3 1..r.; 'It..
p -i..r re a t... .m. 1 .0 1.: ung ,.ad
symparby main Ib ..r Un. choice
11sk.: tl., r....tonal arri I.:.c; rr....i iser .iy pt.v.
Elelan, bl: 01*1-? L*t SB **[36 **R th: ?= =26=.02==1.1,
e-min-tr.] arts it.ent .e:rs.r ar:.] car,
'Ibeer b.:r...-, th.,r ,:r..:1- 0.3 J.., and by Can
this be iefected .cs ..r... ..r In.:. -6...L p.,,, .
Why, theivery fact that our people know
that the preacher is arbird of passhige soon
to-be renioved, prevent:- them (...0, pl ..20;
that conRdence in him, so.1 bu :.-
this .11,araries: ....31.1 H I.:H.e.nil v .x,
refer rue r.:. bc ..Lara:. :.mi le all II.. but
preparing fr.r L. .:lear. n..f d..ilr r ...* [.:0 insarmy to 5 re; b.- he...l: 0 -0 c.....r. 1.}
the ** nalid tr.:.r.1, t'
hrd'A member of the Georgin Conferen e>>
adiditasthat our children do notr love the
$hurghlettheir father like those of other
etimaribiotis, brit fails:to tell us the true
vtilisbn. .It La., .rs it.und.,r.. o .0 our non-
padtoral system, '1Is.- ..1......6 .0.1 the pas-
foritra interchangeable if not identical. If
they lovelthe one, they will love the othei'.
But how can they have much affection fora
man al.,; ..: r..ely .rei all. c.,
;.er@p .<.el, .0 to. pulput N.:., the
our wears; p*o-ple. 1,,.0,, v.;arable per.:.r
slan.:.iber el.ur-:b gh..rr. ab.y
and respectediso long to litarry thern rather.
than theinew circuit preacher No wonBer
that they frequently send for him wheia
sick, and even have fixnerals preached by
him. And so wonder that he winsethe
Learre .:.1..o -:ls.. r.:o, he rt. I.:n:
tic.nar.100.215 ct...--,.fedio ut
leave rn.= sical .: L...r 1..rh.. i..r und.r
the esteals...r cm rug...nily I....l....t-ur.I
aiid ocer .. 0 at.:...0 L.- her p....-.1.
disly .:.. .... I arse res.. m ..rms a cup
ps...i L. ... .1..,r pair q lians .. p..r
t..-, larn (se .0.: .L.r -r...ri I.ul, in.1..o su so.:.:c.unr and pr..v b an
another -;:r.:rurbu.:.r. Mar sr ..2 th.. al..
sur the isr..nis sad us..ath .r the lau.J.Ir...u
th., el.ress.....t on ..vre a sc.... us.J .. .an. :
me u.a n,,.r, -.,......1; nowa .-nc .0 .a. p
car I r..1st...o s.. rt... people it so. -r r.
achurch,.r, so1.-.t
w.-b at,.rn1..r..o a1..11. 0- 10....1.r
do this wesmusthave pastoral sya.--2, 11
HLenqble 11s to coidend anecession art
PIPhereare very serious evils 1120 cours .:1
ed with the Itinerankeystem to th.. u.e. c.n
themselves, which tissy all know to, -a l. x-
peilerted. Among these may be in. r.g.,u. A
the frequent breaking rip of houst 1. .r.In:
the loss of furniture, expenses of -c. Fool,
inability to keep a library, ching.* ..I.
teachers, Sabbath schools, and associations
for children: And then no permanent
home for them to love, that wherever they
ted around the "sacred-words to memory
deadiof .home and mother! But-tothe
fbhd; parent, who loves his children And
feelsrfor their well being in time and eter-
aftyno eross:is sa heavy as that which sep-
arates him from them, when he knows that
his pr4sence is essential to aid the mother in
rearing them in the nurture and adinonition
of the Lord. It is well known tha&partic-
ularlysia deference to Boys, a Tather's exam-
ple and counsels are esseritial to their being
brought up.esthey should be. Few mothers
equkeep them in proper bounda after a
certain age, and it is painfill to a fond fa-
ther's, heart to have to leave them to the
cruel temptations of the world, to fulfill
another, but certainly not a higher obliga-.
tion:' No wonder that we frequently find
the children of Itinerants, irreligious, dis-
solute and profligate. No wonder that many
good preachers have been driven to locate.
because they felt their presence essentialat
home, not on1je to provide for the temporal
but, spiritual interests of' their children.
This evil does not apply in as maily cases as
it formerly did, (thanks to the modifications
which have been made,)but yet upon many
the same heavy and unnecessary burdena
still rest. .


But some ,will say, wiat the necessity "He is laid near wherefle was in agony, aThis is the best j for this great change. I know not what and prayed three times that the bitter cuP ed, as shortas the bapi tears which choked which trusts God's love amidst every tiial, At evening, when Mr. ar.,} Mr n
may be the views of the sizinisterial breth- might pass, and it did not pass." her voice wouldies hepeak, ''Oh, Irene, and the love -which acquieseesin His will, were going out to a lecture, .. 1.. ,
ren, but I think that I. express rh.. Jers- 1is. I...L of passu.o..r.. -J..t. reners al..n I amartyrl, I had courage or faith to and confesses Hiubby rejoicing in Him at puzzle what to do with R..,r... **N ..
timents of the great body of the irurall.,4.-or was changed to one of ano.:. use ar,- Ask if this could be all.. This is the alls me ar< L.=r TU... 0 th.: dgil Emmie," said Mrs Morgan,''don'tyou war 6
laity when I say that we feel the necessity guish, ad she sank J..,rn ...a at.. ..:.....In best joy of all."' path .r. th* L.1 ..1, use Ic.:. 11 to go home?
to be most pressing. Al su. trJ.ers .:.f rh-. and hid her face in her 1. r..Ji-ter n* ***J And incahhs on th.broadblue Mediter, has .. r 1..rr .:.111.- t h..r.:L.=.11 Thh 1- home, said Emmia
church, weweedind des..r.E a its..r.: 1st.anate even whoisherdaughter'sardiswere thrown ,raneanor or so..I....r s.... at. -sun..., .[ Out some alabaster box of very costly pe 1 .ar to, 1......11 your mammamust
communion with thoAe that are a *-:- around lier; and Lucia left .them alone to- of the Grk. L if r.1 1...: 1,. I..r ..r II,, fume, precise s.. 11. ,17121, b....:e..r poor t n it. at her I.rrI..:;.I"
ministersto our spiriti1a: warm and rhar ar* gether inonths of separatioins gradually unfolded ibours, to 1-.. L arri 1...,. ...0 lio I -r Ev- --I ,rt, --.:.,3. 1.1.1, j,, I *' said Emmie.
be attained only by longer association thfin aggril was r 41.r," al.. h-us;1.1, as she to Lucia. ery h..u, I i. rs.- rela..,1,wr it .s the world, 11.,, y...a roll v...r want to stay here aloke
we have heretofore enjoyed. As parents, went t we need the influence of the pastor to assist an hour afterwards she returned and found cla," said Cyril. "Ithought the hands or, before all, Him to whom we owe all. "Yes?
as in saving our obildren from the spirit of the na..rt...r t., ease: .. r .12..r and lavish- which so diligently spied them for die "Love rs ...u M.: abso th ,- st,.. icyo, Ears.:-," as .1 Mrs. Morgan deci-
the world, and leading them to the fold of ing ,o him in his ,.,tr..--< cle tender-love might be cold arid peerless; I knew the ques is .-1.- 1 us li *=;11 -:- r ass ,4, ,;,ty, ,,,,,,*, ,, Put on your hood
Christ. Hero-here is the tender point. with which she had soothed his infancy, hopes they opened mst have been ye...r 1..;e.a .... c..r, ...;, so-1 e..ra *1 th and cloak and I brill take you home."
Ilere-here lies the great necessity p and she felt that God 1,,. pr......I...1 a L.xis ., .,<.1 or.-c.,:rl., and as I rearthem, the ice of my one i. 4...cas.. vbt- h al. Emmie obeyed without a word.
just here, I hasard nothing in charging that that this second v..... u ..21.1 b I al.. 6.![ proud criticism melted and my heart lay as w-II as ing I .vi; nor ..I .:.L -1.*0 Mr. and Mrs, Morgin went on, and Em-
the Methodist Church is most defective in The inext mornitig Grey left Jerusalem, open to the truth. Wht more was needed ?>> "Lord, Thou knowest all thk an a n ie was 1. ft to ll..- Inlbat home.
her working spachinery. The early light fell on nothing brit desolw- ."You found Him!' and the love against which thave anued, ''Why Esse.-," sa..J Mrs. 8,11, **hour 19
Her chief reliance for saving the children tion and death :-the hills around laid "I found myself resaled to Hiin. to the church seems to be in her system of coast.-: the ..ity itself ir. mid fires smoul. the dim wants and. named burdens utider THE END. 11' 0 Off.
Sabbathschools. Thesemayworkverywell ,,.,;0;sothesheets, < thedbid ar.,, ;,,_.w.g. **\\.-II,"'answerellErnmie,*rhey were's
as far as they go, but my.0bservation leads thr ill...i th..Er c....s arid corn trampled called t., use..,arni 1lirt..s th. .... ramm. Emm we New Mamms. .'In.- s... me. Mr. Mornon au.1 ,Mrs. M.,r-
me to the conclusion that there is a large ,,..ur d...u. For, Naruce --1 rued v Ifound all rh. ph.I....itnal .name. I had ', II tale a r.y so 4. 0 has a non have gone away, and risey wouldn't le(
class, the older boys, or youngg men." who share a rh.. ans.r; .:.1 ..n the .1.: a been giving to things vialiiri me, east al.:, .usan N..ily had *In ; -se;
are brought but very slightly under it....r ,, ,,,.,0 .1. ..s nod -5-2.1-.1 .au 0 inee were mere mistiof words to the 4.., 1.:.. . et I mar on ll 1: ..1 11r. Usil, e...lly, --I suppose

n is o it mhae a r inal at 4 , ap i am..r rhe trust- J depths Icould riot .athom. I had been th, [ tr rc )jiT. l' .ery a car n I are 1.:..n"Ar. to marrow
tributable to a defect in the family g..=.rr,- ] /, j ,j II. r II.....u ad jeTe t ,s, M de r,"savi m on....i, as hs: sm...,thed .. m ..0 w hats/ the brown
ment. Admit it, and then we appeal .. n.:.r we t....I n,..ed r users .1U.J.. to ours.:< war.: human am,-, ....1 m.;srar:me 't., r. 41.1 enrb, "Hattie is a ye-aw lad ,i b so n, er..s abr...w;i.; hermit .-ease (, 1.:. the church to bblp us as Lever a oin become a1. ..e i.r th...T..ur inv i....mbol.3 Br.- b.3 : I aw..L. "'1*'7rey .1.- 1...Inth ...r .Mrs B arms sheer .1,--Mrs M.:.rn..o
parents, by cosiny us the assisEnhee of the Ig,. ,,, ar Aur......t, I....:k .1 Ir.5mthe"abysses' amdst wk.eb 1 bad b..n .toss f..r; Ms., and my a 2 i. Y..u my
pm re rare- 11.2[ aa riotarequisition of the oiler the ea ad t..J.. In f l.. L.u ...r, ly sh.v. rang, and I [.ir., sees' vb.:h 101me **0, mamma. let me ge.' I law Hu .. n ;..17- 1. ;.rl; .0.1 I tr..rst think usagn-

I "dline that the eae i in charge s I the eess I am .:, 1 1.11 arch e 6f /lt s a) 2a & He e.m any 2, a n' k ..>.:.,3 0 . ..s nor ar. i.; long as I
children ? True-very true; but your in- I .. er .i:. noL : a within me, part o my being and na-- bulliftle room Please mamma 'It 1 rpr. w p...] yr =7, th, m.ub. r'a
tempt epnstant change prevents.him 1....0 ,, ,al, ....lan: out "Nc.; Eain,;e," :-,.3 Mr= Bell, thall ..r. rt... erease,; lips,
One ellicientdischarge of the required d.,gy, .5 b II fir.->.o und **That wasTi . **my :May rlie. is eraul=:*(pla**: at***ng d. E she was tygLr ..: on s:- sh-.
Jor it must be remembered that "confidence a c. r tl.*, 1.11 r J.- 1. Is..r ..0 II.. Ar.; =by- v as len as .el to gue int,., sil aY..: li .*p. artie v..,ald r ch. t.s.H.. rn r .. 3 at bed-timewhis-
is a plant of gir..cula, ar..i r...quirea r.> ...J-, 7, in I. .,si ..rI un 1.. Itsma shose holy omnisdent eyes." '" '. 7.:. wher less.:. ..air ,* T r my mantmis, my besk
to..: c..Iqil., auton....a; suriated,.o...r.1.:r ::ra.> .0 I r. .:tr .1...<.:..5 **liusthen---" **N.i, ..," s of Ements --flars; alw>; .3,arousa, a .r-rt....t me..aua
to brmgit to a full development. ,, ,,3 ,,, 4 ..,.,,,3, ,,,.,,, 1911, Lucin, yu know! I read of EL( bt.: [.. -se m. size savi e.. Alara=ua, I m. t..r.1 [..1.1 10.1 liard Gr v all
In conclusion, I will only remark, that our .g ,ar., -,3. .3.,,r. r.r r..a ...): I, .3rapeakable Gift. I saw H us st.. w-m., la me ... I II t..ur r y ,......J H ar r... ve.." ad ria.. o.;r .J.; .I..: b..r-
children constitute "the seed of the church," own child. ., Ir .:.1.. II.. .. .oJ 1.... 1. to- bodinning with God, I.. ., *I..d. II .. if .1 1 .1..., a g. La..n't y..u Im..@ .... self for lier little p:1 En ro., >..I her a rs,
and unless we make better arrangements for ing toward ris .ia: 1. r. ...0 f a..- M..i. ( Hint bleeding and forankenon the cross, trent to Mr. s party because you'se to "have a little party all by themalvest,"
the careful preservation of that seed than terranean, sate Lucia .1 Iretie in close made a curse for us. I looked up, and in 'fraid she'd be fended if you didn't ? I You she said. And a merry time they had of its
we now have, we may son flud ourselves in conversation. Irene'd u s....... had in it a the heavens I saw Hini agiin. The curse see, mainma, I.must go? TilL rain s so.1singing, books And pininvas,
the condition of the thrifilessa husbandman. mixture of reverence abd tenderness while was gone, and -the sin; and as the heavens "Come, darling," answered Mrs. Bell' .12.1 11 no <.1 us.. side a at its. n 1, la...a.
Therdis no influence so potent to this end 12ad perplexed Luota. . were clear of it, so was ny 3 i.mailivig, you and I will have a nice time at E.nonse sad ci (6..
as:that of the faithful and pious pastor. To oYou are not toivKrds me as you used to heart, for His blood cleansath, all e.n, and we'll have Hattie here oie of tors sh a 1. II to her share for su> ono mam-
accomplish the proposed object, I see no 4,'3he said, half reproachfully-"there I looked up, Lucia, through Be and a (1...=+ .Jays to make up Tor it. So be agootl ma?
Ifggessity tointerfere with the limitation of seenis a distance between us3 I know I ney- Him-t...r.. 10 at....r..- 1l....t...inp r homes.. girl and 1...r:ct 11 it." Samanima knew best after all; aiid. isit

t hears, no npres < thee In er can be like u;liene, but you surely do ou he un...:r:.:, -su.1 us.- t*u. g .:.1.. 1 *< ru su.. on III .11T ( "f Fll to '" always knows best?-
to the pointing power to continue the g ...:.. faltered as she r ,.1...1- And Martis in a:moment of .confidence, and not. my ., ? N.>t .1 1 1 t..,r.. J...r . o
pmacherTso lon as he may be coepta 6 < s c...r distance between us? have with lanthe playine near them. said-' n ady..1q(fit of ad 8rml MASON & HAMLIN'S
1 you not been among the professors ? were on.--1 I .r :..u Lu. .. to all rl..::...i- an In: a 0 > 7
:.0 ur.. rt...; test 1.1 b -.. . ... 'I "" yor -' all-rs, in a martyr?" I II..r- d Ha.:... ac is...!, I e..(.r nd 'fyou cannot go. Now see. what a brave
.0.:/.. d tr. L LAYMAN. L .:- I.....t ..-1 -J.. r.- the most precious things I had; but. the little girl you can be." I
Fr .. 4tarch 3d, 1866. "I could riot help it, you know, Irene," heavens were as iron, and I felt as if my "Mamma, youdon't lovemeong bit"cried HE CAtil1.1.T IK.AN 1 ARI IN
she said,91 was never very; r.> die, clainours .only exasperated them. How Emmie, with ar, r- als.nes in her brown q,,,- ... r
I wished so much: to like, to see ycidall could a Whide of grief alli th. t.r..w ..f n eyes. "I wish I was Mrs. Mornon s little .
.1111 11 thibilli. again; ar..J 1 .4.<.1 unt.I\night, and itowl immortal? Seemed to I r I,.,aq-rich.n dir- 1 rw e- manana, v.dle,."if
am so happy and thankful the .<..1.1.-0 ,a.r-, sl.. sound <.1 E-men; or a 7
"But you preferred death to donyiDg haun*., .did 1 1..[[ riv4 0.. (rf (.1 tatinSri Deli- 400 rent Mt TR30 late a IDantia, }011 .
THE FALSE CHRIST. Him?" ery could be suff red to enter. So, in the car mi w t t of edr without a
a *ran or rizz sato a ram, or navaine Lucia coloured deeply. Fullenness qf my [ I 4 sal r ed s of word, and up the stairs to the pleasant

y ,o', oN "":2"7,11:::8"" wT':::" it-p dt isdt ad f re p h a r in 1rs. Bel

do amteer a i inicI not been, tried,'' was the reply. a loudtvoicemanedhraiseduall 1. esshee esden as lo an a
Lr:. 1., a .4 .1 in ng Azor was uu on d osTajcansk bler tintu I words haunte me day ad niaht--a God ah un illertoh dsMr 1 FIVE-0CTAVE S NGLE REED CABINET
am va II pn bit El .ib b... "lhavenot what you haveio 1..- 1-ar, ..b.:.....uld siree Ared. -- 1. I -- -..r ny night-gown:

a tn r v. : \:.1 to was the quiet Answer, "though I ha e in- r fe r I mu I k ni one less I, you may wear it .r

an w i lo h t s nein deed Imuch. Bid doo I r me f a wh tsaid I li o 1 ell said Mr Bell, calmly.

shepu Sh omi h and Aobsah. and la .. sea 1 an tro es 6 I fe ,1.... ..el, sT .s wep El HT S

:ho j h b u L. .
Ing to unm xed joy, as she placed her hand ting a will of God No" she ston on ut er Bridget opened the a 3 Emmie came

fthsh, yet so marked by anxiety and sorrow. it half enough. How terrible it must have was sun egressi "Mrs. Bell isn t my mamma any more,'

news ieh t re heor ] o at n without me! Were they la 1 t 1. j m id Ernmbedult n n the night wn
they moved slighgy, and when her disrk eyes "Your husband protected and .:1.... 1.-.1 Ll.: an! r .. And e go'r. .....d r... ... It ..0.0< mya 4 .
ened on him aga4n they were full of ine as his sister; he aid he felt asif I were nota's es fl d with te .r..1 1... ...ia; .:. t Imb I I re

Shehad been praying, dnd prayerhad ..ur..' Then remembering the bitter . .- ,,, ...cificethe cross 1..rbaby, it prtryasE d Mm fabl9 zr j j
recalled her to the care of those argarA words and furious threats with which she t .. ....,, II 1 ...ur sacrifice, moth I rs, any [ ..urr y 16. r.4t c ;. 0
; 1.. 1....3 rouqd on the keeping for... --I 1. been greeted, she continued ---"It was er Ir or.:. -...a. worship is all into my room? A CAPITAL BOOK I

le hdusbA no thaend rising softly, dfl eTo eth r 1 1 joy' ago d y qiPhmhm sekien by I an dr
The child is buried," he replied, though .r t., r .. .4 hard not to be allowed "Itold you it would never answer,? said ag ther, but deciding to let her take her
Where?" she asked. to touch her, when my heart so yearned to- Nicias, as he rescued Martia from the rough | own course, ar..1 2.:.< whist would come of it. 3. Tale of the Olden Time.
In the place where you met and prayed wards ... She said nothingof the curses caresses of little lanthie. "I told you per-1 Emmie amused herself .ga (ly all ti..
on that morning" he said, acrosss the. and indignities which had beau heaped c ,,,;;r, ..11 never answer,' L 7'-- ..... ..0. .lb t......., and al. i.3.0...ul -BT
br ok.>, her-the slaves :... .alls.. rt 1.. red ,t. . .. I un air of contested 7
:3:';ud a ,sh ar dhnC ga leisj t ful f in ess e 'hey have meade Lucia a mart sp ang 0 to mee Morgan as he came R B

ri stio a being overthrown by asking any fran E. r t, I - us.. I Pa an ,ti aefkir p .1 hei texam- d'e ans r /is ife, 11
Could you not have waited until ate minute I in ., r..I i.. o n, L. rio help for it. We shall have to attend Bell isn) good to her. She wants me for a
woke?" scarcely seemed to see the slave who stood catechetical lectures with .2, .. x,.1.La.1,. mother.
"Why ?" he asked, gloomily, "you could drishing in her every look arid word; that ter, Martia l"----Butas he r .-;...1 r L.. 1.,1 3.. "Come, papa, Bridget says dinner is e,
not have ventured near the place 3 it was had been repressed at once as selfish and soft cheek to his, there was a greatender- ready," called Emmie in the hall, where
better over, the valley was covered with sinful, and forgotten in the cordial recogni- ness in his eyes which contradicted the she washangine up Mr. Morgan's hit. "I'm
mangled corpses." tion which followed- lightness of his:words. " "'searna? I
She shuddered. "Let us escape from With Luci one happy thought absorbed Thus the little household of faith else a be. L...rr- r. c ata., my other
t1iisdoomedplace, Cyril." the rest. "Cyril!" she said, it was like forth on the 'igreat sea," a 1.. Lr ***.1.
"All is ready,'' he replied; "to-day we him; I knew you were safe with hini-for and type of the one redeemed 1- .wl y, wa s, oner over, she I a Mr Morgan's
must be on our way to Antioch, and then I did, think .f y.... I ne, though .often all its varieties of 1.i'... God v. r..r ***1 *, and a has to the
away from this doomed land foe ever." my heart n Isli : selfish hopes and They left the bores a b-r- I'...I;-..srp *J**.J. .1 r.
"Is my child there, and any mother, and fears;" and bef tre the Morning they were so. 1.r.....a c.Ira-. lur us.. I to..r b Be good, e...11'111.aTr: .1...< < candy, a Maeon Ga
father, and Irene ?> on board the little merchant vessel, and >.... ... rn... L "All launched on the calm sea. the.Greek c. I 0 ur t. (.1 1 al,, Mr.

he heo i L rab 1 then int f c oti Ilso Palesto f a11..: f a us t r Geod-bydpa .orwasshutand Emmie EE E'PISdhis
looked wistfully amund as, if she had-lost alt .. heir view, as they made u es of faith which otherwise m 1. L mt demurely back to the sitting-room and
something; then arousingherself complete- 2 ; and when ther- ... been unknown to us until the .3 b* < [is a By and 1. .1 ..0-.1 1. ... (... o m annon- ... .. .... ..
ly, 81.0 came to Lucia, arid asked softly_ ... i.u .... 1... to watch, Lucia .1...3 manifestitfoh of the sons of God. For .. 16.. houseand v -..r rur ...b = m: r.... -, amian's rage, forGreceduse.
"Where is Benoni? Where is my around in a calmof thankful joy, and felt seventeen hundred yearq these faithful wit. 1....ra.... as .. e. .1, \ly...II..r no vennison's rea avail $ee.
chil2 ?'s that all her tres ure were with ner, and the nes es HEve been . .it, their Lord; -- u as this. Do you have annisons rrage, for Jeweie:s- nee.
"He is laid in the grave," said Lucia, thofight ledto hei saying some tender hope- and the approving love with which- fle a.... thee. q or pantry, mammal MayI 4 -97 -g 7 g,-g--E tGO full of the Sorrow to disguise the truth, ful words to Shelomith and the orphans, welcomed them has not lost its first fresh- go and see E Mercharit'ssitesprinted to order.
She feared a burst of passionate grief. which a lled up smiles, in their sorrowful ness. Yet, through the inconceivable re- "E J. 1 Mrs. Morgan, "I do not
El Shelomith only said reproachfully litees, as they turned from the coast they pose of the "butter" place, beams the deep- thinly:3.r 1 G E.0 R GIA
'That has scarcely kind, Lucia. You had been watching so painfully, to answer er light of a hope which is "far better" 5 .11 1 .11 r-uida replied Emile, submis- IID.HilgTatiOR 00R1pRR
mighthaveknownI could havebortieit.n her. -the blessed hope of :War J '' -* *
And then she added more vehemently- "There is but one thing,; I should when He shall enter into rn.. run. I 1F... 2 .moon was quickly over, mar SHARES 810 E. CH! p
< Ilewas mine-no one had a rightto touch have liked to save that book ofour holy wrl. joy and all His redeemed with flim-ifen Emmie seeming quite contented andbappy.
hiax. Where have they laid him?>' tings.u thd creation shall be delivered from its She had a kiss for papa" at tea-time. Capital StOck, : : $100,000
Lucia's eyes sank before that piereing "Have it here;" he said, laying her hand long bondage, and earth and heavebLbo no "But Ideclare, puss, I forgot your candies. Sub:ctip ions received by
gazi, and she said, with reverent tender- on. his heart. And meeting his eyes, she more estranged. For thfs we op the battle- That's too bad JOHN W. BURKE
ness- read thdre a conf motionn of her best hopes.e field also wait, ind to this we haste. The "My other liapayever forgets," said Em- ana Juneanae

~~~-------~-----U---------~p---------- ---------------------------~


ted one departure from this liberty and wise
adaptation of expedients to the demands of

2 2e n fern enoltTo stehn
a minister to thedame society for a longer pe-
riodtbanthreeyears. 1\lethodisminAmerica
has not shackled her free movement by imy
suchfetters. No provision ismadeforany
change in our Articles of Faith. Exit the
General Conference may, by a bare majois-
ty, extend to any length the pastoral term:
and even theitineraney may beabolished by
the concurrenceof three-fourths of the mem-
b.-., f 11 ll... Ano...l Conferences and of
tu. II... ..I st... I--n-cal Conferguce
A.writerigtheN.O.Christian Advocate>
.;:..7... Inc ..11 -7.1 sh-sp ; h*
itywe ...11 \- a l*.*.r ..I al... -0 . .
ers in ...... Is..ich 1 0* EI* 0
N...1. rs:. run a 1. ra.1,. I :I


sessionithas ever held. Many crave,7ital
questions will be before, it. Those who are
.ul, th ri, m;11.3..:rl r her.) onators....1,
r..J.. 01 .:.p.e....u,, pr.J.2.1,.: 00..1
ps:4.inn r lin..d our .:.1 L.;r l..:irma fl..:4 I
@HE FIRST PRIt)AY IN APRIL 7,,,.,] the spirit of path e.*.5, ham.lity, for-
Thisisthedayset apartbythe Georgia 1-uriane* and br<.thesi 1..- They need
C..nlerance as why .:.f meiing, oil, Inmail... thei "singl and such a ineasure of
mt L.. I' e eys,
tion and prayer, ...r the me .ers..f I a wisdom its God always youchsafes to His
Church, who are ornit-r ;are ar.- The ap- sorrano nt.:cs :in......:ly, holiestly seeking
ointment was made under tricarvarar-c.. H :Ire \\.il al.. ..1:urch, with united
peculiarly Solemn. The Coplerence had voice, ask it in their behalf? Will itentreat
just been glancing sit the past:11ut more it I th..r 1.ial.r .... .resh .0 adopt.
particularly h studied :6.. ..p...r GI pr. ;r.. ..>.5 / and wholesome measures as
ent afairs, and [1... p...:.g....:.,s ..f sh.: ful.lrc. shill make our chureli long I..1r as a p..r. r
5 I. c o-, mr.y .:<.4 (..<.1, retur.7 now and .:5 in the earth, for advancing the kingdom of
or ar.g.: ...:.cul.....r.= ir, cl.<.r m:.rk, to rg hin. Gody Will they thus in- r. .J., r,<.r
drians...iipngb:1..r.: st..:isa Th.y,-,vth.u ,:.crus.I.iglar tr. El.... pIv..t...j v.s:. .
If clary sc...ubi red...m IL..: ..).utch Irocu il' oral at (be lain I; altar, and in the -sr. in
wreek that had stranded th-- c..urtry, store 13, t...n. this >.In. ural.1 the workto be done
was need fori such devotion .'.a ab. y has he.1. ince.:.uspl...12...] ?
Isacrbeforectine-J I.>nuchI-.l....;<.tas:-
e.s had near bour.: trapelk.s th..m 1.. war of Th,-.:1,.nch us a t.ely .5 In a k-
Bolenanly impress,-.] walls c.c.:ose of their slerb lo-I'.r.: the throne. Her arm d.:cp
;tal, 1yet.,f th.:.rinall..*...r.c
resp...r.s ry, an. (' went:- man be those of the inds-
they bar.. turned v. th.: .laurest, f...r help.- visual members merely, but those of th,
Theycann<.1b.:.rabrirL.ur.J.n-alc.r,-: They as rear.: e..rr.v..urney Her mp..l.:n.2.e :is
isave .. right 10, sp et that the rame-medof aggre-e;... 1.....4, her ? rble was as il.+
the Lord ire :ut only gmp:.11.y B
}.ut activeni.- sure.. in the uts.:mp to .cave "de ...I r"tar -t 1.:. he.rmarria.c, her
one. is..rldhe r unicarp.iindis-
society froni ruin. And th.y <01 1.p. ha< are all gr..a.1 tr .kep here bari.:.n.
th..r col.J..:.rer, t with f lar.mnwl la) r he e.odrmra.: r rrase e 0:.:.
the 1 .ursd..t .:r. ...I (13 r m:.rk --li :nt .ge. ( 8,,.}* ch a hni

c;u-e. It Tr.uld Last.: rh.. .( 1,,. .1 i..r dilu nr .:oliac
church 1..el, her II..y cars. 1-1 at b pa..6 -i so; .14 ..A n11 re li.el. .
not the humi.L:r smo..e th...n la 1 r:. n God's blessing on her, she nebd not fear the
N...n. on ... ge...:.] fr. na al.. ...... .rc ad ..... t men. Let us not forget Jertisa-
,as, without its adeiry .111-.:, r en: lem-1.r Iv r pr .ip. r ur l......ur ..ta...(...(
is rol t6 Come **ul r. 111 il.: rt=..i 1.. .L...] rsin(.:zra sl..* assio-l., 8-:-:..... .1,.h
day,,andereizew his some ...r II.J..1,ry we ...1 xaral..I IL.:y have that aid fr. m i1... 11...1
and duty, and to enter upon a higher Chrse
tiabdife.La .9pantwhichuses sill end.......r.9 .
for the salvation ...F ro. r. ....1 r:rb..ur set:.:1. r
And tht this opportunity May be afprded even the hight ir .nI. II rad ; ..c 3.I
to atitia desired that all 1.. .r...,i ',, p.,,,. nothing? The arson.r.. f rla.: LI.-[, CI....t
er of she ..f its ever. mixstbesought for tes.: ..0. rry. Tom.J.
m.....L..:r of . Is <1,5. ..1 ..... rs so .. .. ,,,,,. Agent. must sanctify learning, ele- d
]-id ;n ..<.a.A.p may .:n;s .u asdr:-resta quence, character, personal attra.:*,n:u. is, f
ting II, My an ..ur sl..ns.u c..o.u ac...:.<, cl.>[ th. p,,g [,gs. ,, af te ;.Is...1, ..r 1.0 is power- l
means.:-l erm.: may reath...ayrment....r 14ss-In. .:.rand ....caverr ,,.,ls. Let the- .
Le..d. The I.'s.I.Itc.:Le.. d rel abat ...rd.e eketh pray f ar u sersarti..i menaiarry---l.n c.
to 12. (J at .:ca; fl P" I ** "'- e whatever on try <.11 v E.. clives <** 1 rs.n-t el t
time p..ople or, L.. r:,.T...1, I; class, used n ,n n, ,,,,,.,1 L. Inri g ,,
priver leaders; ..1.. re., -se,.1 1. 1 0 1 tray- t 6 . .. L ..1, '" rent
elizig preachery ir .siz.. My is..t this r .0 Its.. L or, ir al.,-,.3 t i
Soc...rnid i re t...;r.: its a -mi.. ..1, ,,,,,, ,,.1 5. O
service would ts.: met 0.5 .s ur.. I 2--eas- 'll.e. La p r **- El .
},1;<.; ...1 al .: sue.,b.,11.ip i.:. u . .i. r. ,, ,, ., [,,, ,, .,1 -- .,
of s..I me .Jr ..... 0, u...:.. upana. p 1.7 is .ng .,, e.:,- ., to p I pr c. I
TL, I', top ,,,,. .... I hat ,arne ar ...1 .0
icatobe particularlybornein mind ..a.3,;,a;o-. rhe it.. Ihey r
L; Confession of sirr enmen St : 11'. "il '016 I *' **0
shall never get rid of our any.It st.: s..e ns. g..ctation. i t..) : ul t L.. rt.. rail
confess them. We should stridy than oS of all the prayers offered. The mind should
one l.y one, etc.uld not be conteht w e be turned to their contemplation and the ,
p n..ol '.0 should pr...t... ..ur lat-arr.s toth.. Letream and untsI the end.: and .re.,>..ry ..1 pr ..s..r., r
pray 11.5: v1or-v..r wicked way may be ..,mal.:..ra..p abdi L.,1... ..r..rq es.) rs.,
folind an us, but, god.would reqve it far, lips grow fervid L.1st burnir g words rising
away. And some have many 0.1 ag.....o ,,to a heart yearningr tod1ave or si .4....5
r c.- re, c..r.C..s. If th.:r. w. c. no.. :rt.r, ,r these blessings speedily ar..ll..J.
xt--- I car bc -ty.Ja.u, tim ru I ...r lulb, Onewordta :t.. 1.1 .02.2. 1... Jr.
su.1 IL< c.n=ral deeny at c. Im use ,,ainsiances may nor *I.h 12..
(Lords at..] ab. ar..ritor. 0 r .j. ..r. are of niceting ;with ti is Ir ...m.usal... r. g
enough m ural., cla. .12, ..0. bitter lamen- that day. They so., su. t rl...r L....rt... rn r
station, s
tiri at tlie throne of
ecar if not in the t

the M. E. Church, ife would save his hon-
or. He must adopithe "]oyal and anti-
sincery platform" 6,he radicals, and re-
runs. ** abdued, penint, wher," confessing
rehar.-r.r sharehe15 is themostmon-
a r..u= r .L...II..:.n 1.:-; "

TBiM. ?
The Richmond A ocate writing on this
subject, says: .
What changes wil Southern Methodism,
make in its economy
We think itprob)1e that several very
important modification will be adopted.
The nameof the circh will probaby; be
relicoed of t7fe unnessary afix "South,
which it received oul as a convenient term
of (distinction, and at at all as sectional or
necessarilylocal. TYettachnodmportarteefo
.. r .r..1 ..very little conceingd
n1. 1... nor ...r .or not. Birtif it is

gr d, bt a t e ra rie
usea to it is, Mirnor>ist EPISCOPAL
<"r of ri, in contraditinction from Metho-
..r Ipiscopal ChurelWathe UnitedSidtes.
11t- ahndonutyourelaims
5 ,! .,u,,,.,,, MethoditEpiscopal Churek)
1. -u,.I. =.II.a: to partwith the affix South,
1.... rn.z.,y talends inthoNorth specially
.,a. ,r
'., l'. re .11 Term ville probably ex-
..1.4 IIuns far, ofourse is is imprain
L.11. to ant?.*.ps..
T.... 1.*-.. D. a11 1.-- lare-19
Mr....tis...ed .ut. OuL I los ro as
r..t p.-L<4.1 1.... I 14il.c-p l.:.r

.hurcil a l.; no merns settled in
: .n b. \ ..,,1. a moderate lay ele-

ythat b y very desirable and per-
One thin. on which we may congratulate
l.. J....u.Js.. blu b...J.e..., and that
.. rhar it r ,all al;., i.:. sils impoF
aler 1.. m ,r..s s, as ...rsal r lookmg
""" ""' "'.3 1..0.11. >... breadth
:,r ,, p....:.el ...rcrestand
.. ..ile.i;..,4 its energies, re-adjusting;its
un ... Is re-consecratingits whole strength
b. ., n...a., enters upon this centennial

I 1 less a ilargewegithdor1 ddwpreds
ence on God, resolved to do its duty faith-
ully and with all its might.
The EpiscopaT allethodist gives the fol-
owing, as the Ir 211 .:.1 much L4.eklernian
....ul...ilu. at-3...t. g
\f t..r v.. u....a to tl..: rs.niedy for all
h II '.*1 tau-., .ta sp.:..ra..A liamber of
. -, -- .l.e .r rl... .3. y the bishops
I ' II is ** II7 '** **< *
..L..: charge... r....r., ..... ''

neyear.. It should not beconsidered'as
... [,,.:,;...ip r ,r, ily niallet fli
Mr.:. ra me aus ...rn: r .1r the expf

.1 *L *.0. r b..el.1 L ..1 utally
., .1, c..i .1 to.-, ca rIs.: part of the
relas:r and 1. Isarg... in should be
if**** **' ""**-' J* 's.I.I to be done,
vided i shall pear from all b e s

p nodrf vTsoryeocooum n that the high-
, ,,, to na. ,,( el., t.ur. Is .:1.kelf
., t ut <.1 L 1..: ...:.unr..s n .:.fthe
in e ; bc ... Ir...a .:ar years
.m..l 1.j 1,. ..,, This

,0, can or r}}. ."5ee
ad ., "I p. r ..rnI .. r .. in
.I. **-1 b lun ra uns.. ....self
ut red a u.1 ..0. the
...0 n..--a sm us as y- ri

.. ,,, ,\, p.,,, up the church; tospas
...I .sitation and, to the adoption of all
plans, for the improvement of his

borne would be content with a very small
chureb, if hepriffersthatallthosewho-areinfa

ro ce es av e laft E sic
pal Church. He feininds us of the man who
coollylit hilicigar iri theledies' carand re-
,,,2,1,,3 11,.[ re L.i...-,.J sraere was a car on the
tre.,r L. st.u. ers..king wasoffepsive.
U., a c..i..3 tc. smal. -all :such might with-
e most prominent changes now proposed
are- 1. Giving each Conference abidlOp. 2.
Extending t(le pastoral.,term. 8. Giving some
place tolaymenimour councils. 4. Making the
classmeeting apprivileged meeting-sttend-
snee not a condition of members. 5. Abol-
-es. .; abe probationary system. These par-
...ul..r aris all embraced in Dr. Green's Me-
- c...I We remember this wasbefore three
...,1. r nees and its suggestions were not con-
ina i.r..i..r..I us. .
,,<,, ... .. .s.

,,, .,, c;- r .
I syn n
l ln a r may nor .2...0 me

4, f,,, g un.
7 J n, ,1Lt>* ibs 1-Wil liall o or e I
,, roon.n: c. rhe o vers. d*r :1..:.0 a ab
oher,,,; m.nt break. Ei.. nu.. em .I.-u mehem.
.,,,,rc th.edue tolance know.:..r. 2:s-m and 5. This premised, I sug- it-m tpk ag our aggruned broth-
get us.I as a1.; .:4grief [ us.ur, b.
1. Let the Episcopal General SI.[. so- :yr -r..:r
a..rad..n. v recan.n u..r.,s.el. .J. We needgo., rm ra Our-:u au 1. men as Lee, Doggett,
,ar,,, 3,,..0 th. ra. 31...<.. than any ..cher -:.oc I 0..[.*.-, Durasses, M.g.p. Whitefoord Smith,
,g,,aF. II n be e..ntroning inc of ...ur sy la.. Pier.:-:. Parks, Evans, Mann,
,,,3,, C, ,,.,,,,,4 as ,g as MoTyeire, 80amers, Hamilton, Keener, Mars
0 ft, more it..: both..fthe rm. v.r. i.:t-armon, Aqderson, McFerrin9,;Green,
l arn ..It r that [toreousic [.3 be rs. nt Mr hall and Derms, together with Bilholis
L,., go, ,ppg ,,gy a,.T heely. .0 AndrewPaille, ad Pierce.

workof a Ar i 1 ni only those whom we think 1sro. Lapghorne
to remain ur rr 4 ales.) and oot8hi em,.lvre were to 2fme all

tle selves s rk 1) r 0,,- j long. And we know last all t tr,. a nam
savor, as .:..J. II plane.. to God. favor at least one, and some more, and some
4. 1 7 Inc rt>.= preachers be com all of thesegradical"changesunleasthediscus-
pelled ...*ar.. .:ul ri:3ris.r. I kno El sionrespectingthembasatereatheiropinions.
is a ,,;st, ., ,, ,,,, :ul.,.:..(, 20.] p..r- No; there are too many ofgs to desert the old
haps us...<.. moral force is all that ac ship She will be overhauled and set f ar ...r is
be k.r..a.1,r ro bear in.the case. E...r, r. c.1moreprosperotusvoyage. Toolisage
preacher ought to be made to feel br .... to- no +, if Bro. L: toillhave aseparation he
to the extent in which he becomes a man of mist take th% othei car."
business he violates his ordinationvows, and w
dama e hath e thatreneed 1.- u..J..II.: AN OMISSION RECTIFIPD.

with the Presiding Eldership. II -c. rs :.:. oversight in republishing the.list
.be a very good institinion-only that some .of Delegates .to the General Confer-
oftheincumbentsseemtobemenrd...L...: an selecud
been solettinly ordained td the oiL.:.: so.1 ,
w...rk pisitoreand whohave tairequp ..v.<:Fi'..-:.rran..E-'-'maneineg-

Part td ad 1 t .little ..< Is for ister, Norval Wilson, S. S. Rozzell, Jno. S.
The ee I ad and third of the fore Ing 31artin, E. R. Veitch, sund Wz Eggle-
suggestions imply a differepee in the flice ston.eserves--J. S. Gardner J oisall,,and
of pastor and that of evilvigellit The differ- 8. Ro
enseisreal. And the distinction will come gers.

,, ,... ,,,,,,,. ..,,,,,_,.0..,1.1tr* e...3 Iat *0* 5 G-A letterfrom
m, ,,,,.r. 1101; g.....s.. I'r Eb:pp en cle R .;1, says, "Woford
where the presence of the pastor is needed Gollegel, gradually improving in.patronage.

.rail e men willt We have about sixty in attendance itudmore
g go beworkmayr quire will probably yet come; but*Lif Anal.eris
thetwoolasseemay besomewhiliisterpersed wholly inadequate to support our F.aulty.
among each otherin the same territory co If, however, we can get through this year
operating witW each other and aiding 2. 5 sqr...q.v..t P.r the future may be good. I

oth is swTI ace heavy responsibili- have had the hardest time I ever experi-
ty upon the Bishops, and will depend, for 0....110 any life, 1.ur. still I am .0.:1 n..i isot
success, largely upon their firmness and sa. to ..ace p al>< interest if we can keep soul
gacity. ]$ut; although some other plans ,,,,,1 L*.17 l**y.F.11=.r Llad year."; FF0m the
have been suggested in"my thoughtsthis Caroli2ia:8partawrelearn that the Rev

seems .xu o be he sI can devise. tH Lester, of the Solith Carolitia Con-
var. Perhaps bute 1. r as : pt.<.... .[. I. rr .:.., luis '....0, 4 r... fill rh. Cb.x:rof
Yet I doubt not something will: be done ill I c. l...,r .11 H..brace and other Oriental
it 1.....< m arysoon. Andlamsatisfied That paper adds: "We are
[...,1, et..> pastoral and evangelistic pt...:.:Jr.-bearetthe el...:rk.n, and think

2 / d arg concur 2 the ministry, in elibre is none better u lid..I .ca etery par i..r thegificient discharge of thedu
THE CHITECH. res.:.1 thishottorableposition. Mr. Lester
The Refr. George TY. /Langhorise. as 0... ba. b. na sk., indeat all 12.5 life, andtte
Sichmond Advocateis ..ut up..u (la to t...[* I 0-w T.:us 5.: less decored to11.0 study
indDr.A.L P.Green, amin....... wu. untak -:.I'tl. ..3, .:1 all..h lieis blade
with him. Hear hini: Professor, rider the tuition of ope of the
"Th Seems to me, Mr Editor, tbst thos2 ablestorientakteachers in thiscountr His
wbo entertain ..3 ..r I :., is .., -,. radi-
cal views abo a -loJ as E-- Lr., urch mentalcultureatidiatellectualacquiremisatiir
and seek communion in other assomations re being of (12.. I -1 ( 001. r when 118. c. m.
Inent menaced tha..=eoud 6, he

.; ** 1 ,g gress ip mastering them. Mr. Lester is:a
of our economy a in th st Christian man and scholar of the highest,
e exaPeoute a ceasn t adne 8, intellectual endowments. With stich addi-

.. tions to the y r. 9.-.< 211e f ..ulr y ..f
.r n College (in which are some of the nobless so....:-,. we lose good reason
p an o oa b iDr oGreen, ul to hope it may soon again witness that pros-

system; u ur, i. would be the death perity and p tr...nage wk b is enj6yed pre-
me at on eeelesiast cal economy hhao em viqps to the war."
the most men, but I could not consent to in-
'rest .t mth st s a risay g teubus "LLYnEdw."---Although we have received

lesson of terrib e import. Sople of them have several letters from laymen briefly stating
laid violent hands on the very vitals of our their opinions respecting the questions now
stem and str tboe f ur h inootedin the chuyo)1,yet none of them

Jaw staring them 11) the face, ris: He shall have written at lengilountil this week. We
not allow any preacher to remain in the ERme the 1 Of tiole8 F
circuit or statioq more than two years sucseq present nort rst two at rom a

ejee 0 wileom d bde t b gentleman whose name would add weight to
bas written its efficidency on every page of our his opinions. For hear or quite forty years
history, it thqy dared to violate it, what might, a Methodist-an official member iri the
we not expect if their opinion were to becot" oburch-a friend of the preachers, keeping

r t esuopter of igri o inco- open doors for them, and made familiar with

anoose sea was it inn r he them, by his large hospitalities-singular-
"'Aye, thou art shunned ly backward in expressiisg his views where
Romethouhastloathybreedofnoblebloods."' itianotaduty-apatientandelosethinker,
Leaving the bishops to defend themselves, pre holding high oilicial position which gives
wish to esy a word or two respecting the sug- him opportunity for wideobservation of men
gestion m eito r. a6ten an a a y and things, his opinions are entitled to grave

graphs. consideration by the General Conference..
It Etrikescus, that our good Brother Lang. We hope they will be read and pondered.

house of God, aridit may be counted a .,,,_ .It ,....1.1 ......r us..1, ,.....3 on
b .1 1..r |12.. <1mra l., .f ali ... so m. " us...r-=, .0.1.4..-.. *,bl..
r., sh p....p.,,ay, ...1 at.. ..Isun b
beran.rl .ur r-pect t..s...ur..r....... r.:..l.2 is, ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,_..o au, -Let-u. He
tions {.1 puble.: e. rs.... 8 II e <*=1 01* 17 fixes detry.0, *=r. all-..caut.l.: a ..8. I .. *** ..
keep tl.. .iny, 1.;- I .t.r laum.1, r ...s 2.2.1 years. 'll,.. i.e..r r...o., i.-;......1 0...11 2 F-
01 the .11 & ry..mireswar is not allowable, by a sort of
prayerss. .r::..ip.- u.. iree- .. ( .......rr u.1implication, makes that
tion on th. ...ude du the General Gon- period, whether two, three or four years,
ference. po Ltu alz uch ds s itoe hte

THE BALTIMORE CONFERENCE. buc not beyond that period; in his plans,
The Afethodist thus takes comfort to it- purposes and expectations; Such a restric-
lelf respecting the withdrawal of t]ie hun- tion lacks the stimulus that is found in a
dred ministersand 12,000.members of the t e u ee. rtehm vee t
Bahimore Conference, who have recently torate ist our chu...Is us. -1 t a-.- ..11 at.. to
alled th, _. s. ... Botithere Methodism. centives to labor and 1- p.... 0........ .. ul
'there 1 ,an.. att......t ..0 1...[, b......r.,; or a to the chur. h, th at .are I--und to L
and clear n ( .2 EL.: 81. I 6..1, r Ez., .... .41 l".aoral relatior .r, al. r Mr..h..

el .,ab a 111..: al... Mr. r as 3 acronger i cu so j abi a
& r .,-up ri.... r vich trea- tend a rigidly limited term, beyond which a

r dr iar ,,to th n, sson on n re-appeantment is disallowed; and at the
ken out of our Church machinery, niaki same time give to our church all the advan"
it work more harmoniously; it is anoth tages, without any of the evils, real or im-
growler.gone. The rebel Conference at agreary, of a settled munstry. Sucht)nt
Alexandria is therefore mistaken when they east nore our prepenob cloonsa reflee-
suppose us to wish it to remaxu Independent. ligh p e, ,
It it could not heartily adopt our loyal and tion before us.
anti-slavery platform, and return to its alle. A correspondent, "G,'s in the same paper'
glance, subdued, penitent, wiser, and better, says:
it was our opinion it should go whete it has We may.either slavishly copy the work of
gone. We agree with them that, in coming Wesley and our fathers, or we may catch

od lland hp o-slhdo[w rt their spirit. He dared to innovate on long
might have saved, and that, in going to the eo b ahd do s "ore mt seat
Church, South, they have saved such hon- on conforming to precedents. Efficiency>
oras copies from consistent devotion and successthemeasuresthatinhisdaypromised
adherence to the most monstrous rebellion the largest usefulness-thosewerethe things
known to history. We therefore cordially he sought. The flexibility of Methodism
agr to t nsferlobbt ey seceders t ast oTadtha h wasr not or sped

We learn here what is necessary, in the studied the openings and indi nations of
estimation of I. 11,.. .. r,;r....c..: who joina Providepee. Mr. Watson saw and regret-

2. Pardon should be implored. To be
pardoned, reinstated to 4 vinefavor to feel
enceynorethe .uar:Mof a new 120 see. P
ing ilhrough .: ..g:rarci L..s.r .51 01.1 L.<
the great of this solemn convoca'
tion of ab*. *:1.ur..I In teirs, with contri-
tion, confession and agonizing prayer, each

ee ers 18 cha siumis 1 con"
pardon is healed to the prostrate soul. -A
churelr filled with members whose hearts are
rebaptized by the Spirit, to whom, adoption
intO Eonship is not a memory 01 the past or a
dim hope of the future, but a blessed, pres-
ent reality, is more needed than any other
agency for the preservation of what of good
remains to us, and for the conversion of th.,
sinners around us. 'Let us seek pardon, wish
its divine witness-the assuring Spirit.
3. And we shoidd intercede that prow-
perity may be restored to our distracted
country. We can carry our cause to no bet.
ter tribuital than tothatef.the Almighty
Ruler. He has not left us without witness
that He cares for us. In Bis hand are the
hearts of men. He only can bring order
out of chaos, light out of darkness. Letus
trust Him, rather than parties or policies or
He is renter than all of them and
me .e come to Him, as a people, in.the3spirit
of true worshipers, we cannot come in vain.
What now taxes our faith will be demonstra-
ted by the unfolding of His mysterious
plans, to be a source of future and unparal
leled ble
4. Thesid was of design selected as
being about the time that our General Con
ference is entering upon the most important


Canacu SEIZING IN VIRGINIA.-A COr- ( IIAN.,F rg is li 11.*. .IA I -
respondent or the Baltinioro Gazette writes: vocate ssys
On the 4th, a squad of soldiers took posses- )Ye her.= a, r, re v. r ar. K. no
sion of the Methodist church at Hamilton; tucky, who argues well against, any change
during the following r ..k II..: w...' to Ar- in the name of our Church. But wereckon
mold's Grove, where tl.*: 1..ruel or sh.. Rev. a little alteriation in our title will be made.
Mr. Waugh occupy the parsonage attached
to the church, and in his absence, at Con. Since the Baltimore C..r.f..erne 1. unia...
forence, his family was notified by this same with us we extend f l..: Pa. ti.; as ab

expedition was sent out to 11 n .1 :.0, the have hosts of friends, as well as two ni{ws-
scene of their first exploits, where theyar- Pilversnorth of the Ohio r ver, The woirl
rested a Mr. Pugh, Mr. Hatcher, and two 3," appended to our and is not s6
Messrs Iloshus, and stowed them askay isk .r...(.r. !.. >-, it orice wits. We desire to be

ir 10 so f hae rrn n .D.I..J .nthefuturelittlongthosewho
fear1might not get the fuets in the I .8... all it... r-..rld and preach the Gos-
sought and obtained an chportunity of see- er r; The Advocatefam.
Ingthemmysel. 1L.;; w.r......1 us. Iml r..]. Es...inr.r,..?';6...3..1......,Iank a
after they weretg..el a it ,r., rbar above litated, they ivent and removed some ,
of the personal property belonging 1.. El,,. L, **ib.; a num..n \\'< -upp.>.. .r II .,,-
church, donated by different persons r..r the nade. 4; ,
a < af ll... ....r..r c ar...r., .....n-.iair.,.; ...fa fli-
),1., pr...r.s .1 t; .. Mrs. Elever.ra.:r, shrcan Tall- E l=== (EE (*T Fi-=F.11*.1, IRit8TeCent
1.....k, pr. i.:rs..i t:, Wr. 31 M.ire.r,:s 9..1,. C..ur..:11, Bishop Rutledge presiding, wish.
1.ur.:..t.....I I.t.rary, purchiced ,;r....- alw or ,drewdrcm its ...Las.cti..r, w:r.h the a'.r..:r.J, orniarable; Counciland return.:.1 to obe l' E I.'hurch
to. Mr I .ud C.are 'Die..,1rs:rcrats...r. e...c.. of the tianipi grates
Marsof :.5 rd; m.:mbers...r.. R.Esir.W ras; .
erit.Ie fa.:: .ra cl.u .:- .ic....: all sl.., anni 1JOTICE T HE CROSS M ARK.
thes.. II.r- s ]u.]_Inc ( s..1,. rs*irs.I... J A co- or may ...Jac. i: thal the
appearance-,Ladeal-.at4--meLre-1..** .. .n le.rspr.d-.u 7..Ist-
I' RIntraisnd 19621<*H..h1 .L...ut v.ana.-b .
as the missionary sent here for the express II n I
purpose qf d..i 9 gli ri, a m...;t.,,.r. t.)l... .1..pri-ed of -----
earned ap.1..u:.I...i by than, t....ause MilitEE
of their ......r.:su...r..J;.ar... I Whoever
heard of u.I. -1 c.. I 017... Then torn -- -
away from their quiet and happy homes on com .
theL....J 1.;, itssacrednessand Dr.:::rc A$HTFGTON, L. @:day
Violated by a hand of soldiers, then e ...
and thrown if to prison-for what? Ig refused to pass spion of

ish them. But it was .rr .. b. 11

other I ...1, or .u 1 he n, *La .. m
than thati r. !.1 to bur b "
to e ,,,,. ,; , ,, ,,
0. fectthelawso ..: ..,;.:.co0 q,

']'HE M. E at I I I tr.. rir 7.. ., of suffrage-
S. G.-A c..r* '* r.t b. N 1 '. . *I &.--In an enate, t
trari Advocate thu I in pr :p...:" I committee on .: c . ....i r p.: r
oftheNortliern(lar bir, I.a.I.-21..n: thelestimony of --: ur..t...r .;
"The Methodist 1 p. . Chur 1. -- a r .. .. ..n .. .7 L. ... -,...s ..
living,.acting, and .ir u... .co. 8 r c. .re ,:......=,.1 --,..,wr.
[Ihdis enlarging her '.ac J. r rd ... *4. ... q. .. 3 ,,.3 ... ,,,,3.
her . !? c 7. ar..l nr..... .0 tion goes ever. The bilFloincrease and fi: ri .
are sI I 0. . L. r Ir military feltoo establislifhent of the United
mar .. r p c. a States, was then dismissed mid passed. 1

186a 1. *1. tai-:s a propositiork for negro regiments.
all if The IIodse was erigiged with the jbine eye.
ti 1. ...I lotion making an kppropriation fof th c.*
mm a Al b Exhibition for 1837.

these on J < .r r., to ill e .rs- wastowarosSlarch L TE 5 r r ur
eral rule. .The native white p.-puble n I am 11. House men t........ 1 r 2 bc
stand aloof, and usually do all in thou pace- I e bill. 10 1 as a b. m or
er to hinder the work of the missionary in of the President.
administering to thespiritaid aid and com- The House was .0 .
fort of the freedmen. But in spite of all ration of the los

_~_~ ~~

We are asked-
1. Are preachers agents for the Advo-
'They he here 16 ed I In 160
eg q ., a rt, c .1 I .- 11-...1 =:-rgan
-South Carolina, r ..2 st ri II -rea.s-
r 4 r is sent to themnfree of charge,
on the condition they procitre shbs6ribers.

11^ sm riev to be t, afrd ativhose
.1 t. I r me .rls.r. rewh
r or r.:i-an k I ...rE.w
r..i< .. _. .0,
at ...,s" p

.. r on ..ur s.,r ,wa cri,
**1 :. -. Its:u;;o m rn.-as r of the
roral.-rfreedo.-, ra.-.t gt it..pspen' So
ye a curree-p.vra.J. nt. .Lnswer-1.*We d..s
r ,r ar..... to P.v. it a.: .Id haverbeeze
7 I.:r l..rn to have sent in a '.a ra.rues,
rui .nrA trol re scard..s the pay-r. '. It
..34.1 b ut be 0 Fdy le? km 10 bravenald
angen n n end.n name. Surely

TVli r .1<+r..l.ces
I Le : rs .: .. c rr, cr subser berts,
a..t 0.. P Ofi hang.=. ere. 4te,
,. .. .. 0 ,; .. rr.:> p ,kpons m
It..y 1)& we a e.hrul-n-la.,,.ut.-
,,-at a ut.-r- m- N.toug
fee .to athewas,
E. 8
.' I as i to JiW Bridae
,s e. .thereslip of pay

4 I d t-,tne L .r.:-f
.. M. / .xt,
too, < r .

P 6 re-
. u . .ms.

u I, .:.r by

T r. 3f.zrrF.

I rar.1.ram



. I w

.. i r AD
1 me
VT it

Re Pn


n no


Man. I de I..I .r.v.a (
La le u . Mr t. Al b., 19 .*,. ty itew.
0 it. Enz a ur H El .ies..a to M.e..? 0.
ikerto .co.11.i nt.,4 r,.,a_...
p. e..m.- .0 Ir...3g. Co, Ga, March it.,
Her., W q B.ui to Ms M P Wash, all
? '1.. up Co, 0 I

LutopkinDates.[,-SecondRound a-..1site.n EistiatGv.=o flill,
.11st. ..toat1..<= Cutratart an. He rgar-
r C .. r a

r on Apr. mi T n

is rt .. I
1 AP 21' a -
) 1 Mr 0 I.aJ 1 5th ad
.t., Ip-, Biny !.ttnot!)Its

La /, ar., c/ hts 1,f it
.1 &
L J. Davirs, P. E,


1 8

L Ili.tL 11 LL, N I, if sc. c.nah ,
a qa .- use.y ps,.,r c..s re
-*Let s., no t*,. e

F Of LEl L t..uod lic
a..t. a.n : 519 per

ha OL TI b. I ad
? . in I a l. $10.250

So c er o r o er M
.7. W. BURKE & CO.

(Neit door above thoExpress ofilee,)
181 Broad Street, - Augusta, Ga.

a SO A TE D T 0 I

Ill the Purdisse and Sale Of CottON,

E8 i>edsussi d o em o use

I ll a ...1. .. si al, LL. uud

,. 0 ,..3-.. a r. rl ... .... re ...g s.
1, ... .... 1-= .. r ... r.. .1 u.. fr

fidence in .....3 1. ...1 rsemen
of the pc ... 1..11 o la dminis
1, pr. ,.- .. m

. .


07400% f ortn$or

= I -
( 11-- .
t mm
, ...r
,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,"
. 0 ., . n e

,,, ,
..... .1
... us,

1... SI .LElif5 OF L.18 1K.
. .. 1. 11 u
... c.v- L. .. -:ur Jp t -l
. ., .. 1. 1.rago .,r..>r .ac to la

. (e.. mar C -r. { / / 1 ., r
rn I. n ..u ib 8 11 aneven the Pr. .ns v. 11.
.. . I p [ r.. U.ns.d Th. 0- rand
... re ut. so c.iny .r ts. M 1 --r

ri r ./ 0 ..ta sl. y I to ...2
no .... .- r..n .. ..,or-th as
-.. ..nd lur th. e pl v tur.J.u= rrust 1.3 e 3 in
0 I.I ..r. tr L . Ir 1 a.,.1e it.m ..0
-4 pnII. pass .1-*ves sus.. .0..['
..-r.r g .-u a crol I N '-MF, F.g..iso4 a 0 on
apr.... -J=tasit.ure gr..auctra.rd-r J..l...edrao , ,, , its hu. run E st-. 0ar. U.1 Tru s. -ou ..t to
.il. .. ..erithe passthebillbytherequisitetwothirdsvote
SeveralSenaorswho had voted fourth bill'
Tec re .or. r -is., t.. c. I. re ,, ,,,i ..1<,
3.,-,., ,,,...,,, 3,. ..,,, a,, I rate n of its eek
..11.r.* ,r..t m...-u. c. r, -us.p rt.:1
-1 5 curitige ..... ic -is v p .. M N.,pynar ,rs.,
.. .s..... 3., ,. .0 ir air n -1.

,_ j 1ene
... r. .11. rp . .3 r 2 a diverance,
and r... 1. .r . . ty II.6 ? .r.... Ibs r pres [.,r enthusi-
Prepident or L eat ...4 rh- g , .,,, M to r. v.ere held,
, .. .r r i. Lly pro- spee hes made, cannon fked and the air rent
be e

s satisfied to ,a t

to Alabnma immedi 3ru o a c.g or I .1 t..s bar b
.3 y..r. moreas one family; separated in
deed for as me, but now one and to be one
The Latest News. f r car-;rt wa th cr at [ic..
The iteamship Africa has arrived at Halife r, to up t. Tour y E. got Ir wt.

withcEuropean advi t rr. le ..l an a nu u be
1 Jr Liverpool cotton market was report :it n
.gu..a r.utsteadywithsalest-ort 1-[ I r r ..r sons.
Lul.- Unit..r WI..... .re ] 4 -1 ag Tabl I) L *> Pro
,,,3..:,.. .3. .. r won pu.s.1, . auctto
::, ,....3 tic..r. 3 -to frive-Twenties 8170)._ r ew
70(. r on Lia Lo*
NEW YORK. March l9.---By an arrival to-dp y, I
,,. 1...... L. .= p...I datqs to the 9thiustant, TI,. o *1 E pr no
sales of cotton for theweekamounted to 74,41.=. p - 1 Pr 10 -as I 0 of which were taken for specu p . G. .ar .<
gr. p. M 0 -

uncho ged;r ..) d. in i he al 3
[, .3 ng.^ 0 Consols represeated and he du n
... ashars b ed as ru
M .- .12. 0 : mm: r ...r 4'. ve
.. .0. . I J. !,3 ra y to
1 .:ce mela
M .n 0 he the
..3, n' to

j n saion e no

c a .. r-
departme ts will, as r 4 3 n.:4.1 Is .. .
all rewel Enviding +ns van 4, I T r abo Pr.--nkat
i.. r. Ir l..rh-: a: i-.cas...u.0 -run. ... 1 w th cue it an
'- a real: 1 1.'s n.n 1 I at a U.-c 1
F r ra.. Lia.g..3 .-= ii al u.4 But a a u;,rra mic u.Thap.
ances of barracks, quarters, and officers.will be ,,. r. has on-: DI. the P....J..r....
strictly limited to the schedule made in para- .-1 Its .ranc q.1 1,? wrases he as car-
roar8 1,068 of the.Arniy regulations; :md 2I' '0 Is."
wheneverQuors user-, me 1. upouthecounry
they will p..tto rise '' susb ektoth m el.
the de art nt their or er 0 r, , -- ,

r n .ur
,, ,
to use absolute necessity for . .<.0a. U N, he
en U. .r .-- it. .. ." Lu].1 -r .1
Liveheadquarters, to ne:ut C er...
IIon 8. R. lifallo ex Sect as not 6
federate Navy, has been re n 1.... tu:- a e.0.1 a .to u.
L an He has been in r est c. .. -t .11. s ea .
someyimeanditisunderstoosthewasreleased Stephensbelonrt. L. ur...: tr .-
in consequence of representations by his pl .. Ti weir 11 .
exans that prolonged confinement would p a a r to 1
fatal, He will join his family, which has .:,.3
residing for some time in Connecticut. rv c.... .1 us 3 .J.1:
The Legislature of North = 4.. to .ur b at all us ar e
rea..r....] the Governor to .. at kn.m.r he
amour. I. every soldier who = at us a re. <., 1, .. 1 .
no .r. *ru -r s....: . c.. 2 ... r is a m .h
.3,..r c. .. at ex, et,.. to ur I r ar

General James Longstreel 1, b.-r. I ..In
President of the Great Soun t .. ar, > it, .. ., .,
,LifeandAccidentInsuranc. .q,_4..ta
tablished at New Orleans t r lli T is r wagon use dur ag

s ::= ::::: 1.::";: d n it y
the morning of the 15th. Five liundied bales Sherman in his grand march to the sed, and
of cotton were destroyed with the vessel. rom theno to TVashiM j w 11& a

he Democratic State Convention of I -1. n .. ...,, ,, ,. so as the OldWorld.-Exchange
have adopted a resolution strongly endorsing doubtless, and will be thoroughly hinghed at,
the Administration's policy, and pledging a with those who sent it. What, possible interest
support of the democracy of Indians tO Lp the Frenbb, or 887 Other people in Eizzope, can
President. feel in an old worn out army go21, we are

vo vie Supremoens iot t olutsi bef et oin unstile to see m
test oath. Two hundx It a having
Gen. R. B. Forrest is now side wh the small pG Yi rpr 4 e l iamtie
pox. tory,

bitu de tb n n a nb s

returned from qu to an extensive missiona-

gresset it on evels.: freedmenat
Florence 3. ., a.,ar =, Camden and

"""e ino ite ei',odgic dnind
der the .pastoral care and supervision of
native prischers. We hope non to 12 iv -,
conferencoheye -1.1 ..k:-J 1, lb. pl a of
the one lately .>.n:...i ers .ll. .. .(.:.. by
Bishop Feolt. Tr ,-, I i..*n rest conveni.
ence to htive all d... 0.5. looms; at hand and
in motion necessary to carrying on the great
work oferangelizing thy freedmen. The
fieldisextensiveai,.] --is:r r.rri,.1,, .
andnotatuament r..ublO *
pation. Ethiopia -rr ..ut

edadpdd p ii m
ty for establish ng at the earliest possible
us. .. 1.1 rk. .: 1:..rals, r for the train-
of : lu-.a 1. c the work of
:Is.. v.... .I. 11)u...,r...r, a now pouryng
its1ivingstreamsof lightandknowledgeup-
on the late benighted minds of the freed.
(2nen, did we must have ministry that is lip
to the demands of the times. It will not do
for the Church to fall behind in the great
marchof Christiancivilization.
South Carolina Conference, has been ap.
pointed, says the liecord, a general travel.
ingagent toobtain subscriptions towards
re-building the Washingtoc-street Metho-
dist Oburch in Columbia. This appoint.
ment is an admirable one, and we hope Mr.
MURCIIIsox will meet with a warm and lib-
eral reception.

BISHOP SOULE.-We are pleased to say,

t s? If :::' i t::
He is able to be about his room, and will
we trust, be spared till after the General
Conference. He will hardly be able to at.
tend the Conference, but he feels much so-
licitude as to the result of its deliberations.

to 1 e .o .ES y, sGa at at te ele ts
to the General Conference will be passed
free over the Atlanta and West Point Rail
Road on their return from New Orleans-

f or n

reas on u
Gov e

of thel .. .. ..
the, Trgasury new power a . C
II.e...a., ., a to
it .u. .:3.... lin-1 u nto I ..m as t-
case. **,- o .. .1, t, r, .4 r.4
yeas to 70 says, This is a ( sJ me.... <, .. .0,
fznancial-policy of the Secretary of the Treasu-
ry. The bill gaye, him very In, ,. . .,, ,,ad it
issupposeditwillberevivedsc.I [s .I a
defeathusoccasionqdgreatexcitement. ><:
day Mr. Fenenden reviewed the!etter of Gov-
ernor Graham ofKorth C., 1-... | .... .6 .3 ,
thf National Intelligencer, wpionse saul, we
written to show that the investigation of -1...
Reconstruction Committee were nothripartial.
Wh2 '. .r.m.1 r,- :adthelate.
ly rebellious States in the lightof criminal on
trial, tor was he actii3g in the capacity of a
prosecutor. If AIr. Graham desired to intro
duce further testimony -ih. the case of
Carolinaheshoulddoso. .
The House considered the vote by which
the Loan bill was rejected, and recominitted
the bill to the Committee on Ways and Heans.
WASHINGTox, March 20.-The. House, tom
. day, passed the bill toguotect from legal prose-
cutionUnion officers.foracts ..<.o.u.3.!,2.
ring the war by order of their u, r e.. ab<.:...

Prestaent Johnson to the Kentucky Dele-
A delegation frow the state of Kentucky pre-
sentePdoteneeire entJohnsonmn 9thhlidns

Frankfort, Ky indorsing his veto message.

Ti IE "? i
due demoralization among the negroes: annoy-

an 84 on ce tgo e s. citizens,
The peopleof Kentucky, and the laws of the
Stat if ft o selves ill needure t q ne-

There are more cases of wrongs by negroes upon
white persons in the State which go unpunished
by the civil authorities than of whites

II od< asginisco eei cPae hi
satisfaelion felt by the people at what they re-

a as t p pnta athiser inina us
which they sustained throughout the lite tent-

.eden . -,, .... an


when they get to L to r..i rt. L sr n clouded to give .4 il- gl. ? T over, she is compelled to kiss the rod and thank of the day Eebool or promptly in the never
fence ,11 . a r, ], .], ,. ?..3.1.1 r b.. Cl ub or, a 0 [, a e r her tormentors. Young ladies ,of the aristo- vacant seat of the Sunday school, the same
and .r..I. r ar=.1 r Mr 11,. Ir r.:p...r .ir. r... . tt. p.mi r 1. 6 cratic classes, sixteen and seventeen years old, quiet, cheerful nod respectful demeanor com-

For the Southern Ch i 1*-*1. I mi asp ht=*.ur her.11.:.1 (shed r.J.* They immediately reco e ed, and le- have recently gone through this degradation, mended him tohisteachersandfollows. Each
Is r., to.ti-J a ..W.Le b.: .srd 100 1,1... La ...s .1... they iroirld not so more and the facts are vouched foi by the names of day of labor apd study was closed by reading
THE PARSONAGE .ur ucs=1- r 1. dw. ll y D.J bere ttle work practical jokes upon argedlar, their relatives. L.. 1. ea gersy r L F. deed in healing

Alleys are turne( to I --hru oral p IL .1 der I -r TK v I 1 L 3 Lb ru. G. und, I P. 5, LI Of thO hillicted

er. Pbr one, two fdui, ri ap IT P --ir 4.- : I .< a r.. fulesi j ur,. iinpression that they are drinking the .m. sy .3..1, rs, the subject of many praye1-e
years of 1.*7, 11 5 013 b..gric ?.!..,3 Gr r, .31 .. t 1 r. ..s th r. Very besimported liknors, Hilt were inlisita- and precepts, the docile child in the ediool of
allL.:r Emith.n. a... .mpl ni. ly, na L..p., suppree rh. uk brr I th. | 3...... red to one pf these gentlemen that he might chanple, who loved so much the Bibbath
the r., at ,:sr, r.:. God ..cs ran one e.r..u.1 a sp..r it a ,.1 {sr .J r a E.r 1 ce ved, and that, he really could not all 9 v r iss t eMe so salrdt1 s
home-a good, nice, e..m ... .1.1.- b...x, | P , .. between a genuine imported ar-
Conference P.*m.:3-th-: app...intm..rds are 11' -1 El Est that P 4 re..r cr . 1. I ..0 .mitation, it would be L A.,, I the Kingdom of Keaven.
made, and all hands are ..ti for the:.r r sw Lts Ir 1.. sure pr.acher k.. r an . .... . 0 said yet such seems to it Star H. Buowww.

hom arlairs.: is there a inteenag.: ..n ^4 .. El IT n. r if *C. ces o ed n 10 abu e s.the tr loi liqu cou t a the 8Bh n 1 dd
ou'F 7,.:r.-T am inform.=3 by Bio. S--- Ramar Ala I .. 1 ca e reuerently t jiczila ni 1 small pox in Butler county, Ala., on the 26th
that ti re is a Pars.:.nag- ar -,bui what elicited. It seems that a number of casks of oflianitary, 1866
better are we I..r that, An.: we here Three Titords of Strength. asy, r .-.rg II st.. tr p. car,: Thus @n the meMalan of life has the affee-
ng s.:. put in it ? 1 rest- bu 6 rd me.) parent, the kind and con-
W -1.Jac.w doct1,3 a v..r y emp:.riani c...r.. -r a... ar v. --as., ? 3-...<,-, .r /ar 1. r .0,ti r at .jorage rr...,>r, ar.] .the effic ent citizen and
ItiderAting but, if twr: brate he or .11 r. .3 . a -h-ri Lt agic.s .01 be .:.ur.iry. 10. en reicot -- t--:-n o'.IT, 6 -1-: = 01 11. o ab>
le are v. ry easy to pureles.: *E rs* I up- rar.= Car..: 1, no i oul-1 wra.._ .. r 1. I .,qi. er .. we men wri .r.11.cast. ly .el 11 5: 1.0 Irre-
pose the rs Will lee on effort old to so rs 13 Three .... J.= ral la a touruarag [- n- r .rr. 1 .0 rurse. < .3 nar a e...r gra 177 Tres r. gral.-la. H v iso .<..3. pr.der1 abukar, and
we arrive, to.E.-cure and abiry.9 in rese-r r cl--r. a rn ..3 .rs st. U .3 g., r ? ev.r r-edy .1-..lare re-a-n .m-r-c.,,r, any
P.-**We"wrs well...raphs.eirddearfor 10**Falhela-armess..c.. ree tosiso ,,.ra..t was 1.: gr. th ti..ra.r wb..:t: y-:che ..
if"we" go by lias decision of th. March, a tiateh p. TI,... grn-1. e.]sco.waran s..w, rr rn N site -is ; as... .,as w. us to r. r .1 =rt..: 1 5..* right...I ators. an1 t...r., r. c...if repe.L-
marsile:4cd 1.7 its me1, .ns towards as mini .10.] gles ic.e :- :,,.3< tarc is.v. .0, am so a d.ange I r. anti we com- enui Iv sc,. v. re vi 0 gi 7...1 al sto .017:r..] .tr. bsm Be
br.saw.:.5 ..a,': 1, cs.:.1.j L.r.-k.:mals3.r 1 11. 0 el.e..r...s..w for., Irr r.,,.- n avery neran u bc. e r a rhere J. r.. ..,0. b. .1 .E. van .sit--m ty LL.:...s :.t.
apinebedpr.3.1,rw.:.He.[ --.a-graltutroast..1,m.-rc.. 1 ra6 : 7tal are ..I wait, b.m. Hetakeinda a
rest..wrandalewaldqulit 11 v..I...== *,rr...r-c. n .I. rp. p r r rat tir e 3 wilorett .;tt r..ta..r., stol win
W.-But I b.:.git Ibr (.. rer rains. Then I E.p; Janet. 0 a r.-s. to,,,., to. tr. ..2 p re

will Tealiz.: a tr..t sum, and I know they can we .r. ra. ce, y ar 1. n .m : vrms in I cr....os e.-
"Be[ in tel their abundar,.2.? i... r r ecall, I .... to .1 .rurf a -. dance against whom we< would indulge no
P.-Al idi ce-isis, my, my <<;11 n...t r..I us. real ..n Then to thoright o 1--inc.g.4 .irep*n.r.r Is. I.ving
goto our new circuit discouraged, nor will may gr .4 u:. may us t...s true
we db.Pas s il. Pr ..ns question too far, rn .-, no 3 .. i.,.s ers.. f c. r- r Tro.e l- -- -. mclev en-i
1..r fear 4. m L..- ... l....1i-LL, ..ur 1.wth. 1 L e... -r .. .uk. al..A by -1 wt. r-, star r.: =,auto i.e.iursor
ran before m. .5.:.: Elar m 4.'...rsa., my 1- .+, . r ,,, ,- forfeiture-. -. u., e..
In'As up our D. a cloth-IN- .atre ..E ....Jr ..r,. JNo. J I'Lowne.
dear tor.-thren ab we la ed .red Secret of MA ic. (*.rw
for these rl>rce yeartp it-so.1 let 0 ar. are at THE WATCHMAN.

"rt.'t;1 e-n.. .,, er a b He r .\.ie is nifwr b g on dL H
wagone arrace-trueli and to.xei at 11 .:.n .r .r..J. 11,: Angers.. rp ur.j 4 pt, .. r in .In men..r it.e or ic t
.0mrd-T..m ..rm:. he why, sh.} 7 He H od.:n p .Jn-led d.:.m. I..t to uselfsa{or p...I for .2 war ,,r.* the typidoth..*) .4 0 r. I- at
roll lor Else 7..ars...t....2-J ...a 12.11,9,, bad at, and he .com thar bus (q.pen Mr I is 4.0- ,, ...=? Le ri .) rd ..1 .e Wa.E 1 IG & Gulu r Tr, I Ir.... ., we
sf* FI if 44 9, E sf*JQ.42 in.hL fi ft. [:.:? Was 18 FOi=-4 by th balla- 1116 sal fic J tra 1 F 6 big gi p. Ir ] I,. .] r r
mild, le:H 3rs.j .. II..j [*5 its.- 1,,: !, [ 0-1 [I* I**D WHis Us3D: 1:r?,SD* phi$ [ as: F wi rs in : .upp .rI | epalstensthere is no
A fi9,a at Fi.' b.I.Jr. 3 6.(([ [ d fa I 7 ell id. Ar., . 716 Yr ea m lepartment ther is no

*L.ulla Iat Irl1nealdy el..u:h. I r we 110.:. EL... -, e. .o. .1, m evaporated
d.em..uter, base, r:.,ass, p..z :.1 pa r.ll. I.:. a ,4....0 r at... I use red r. d iras. resible as on a demana. manufacture of th a.I. 2
2nally. We au) ed its carran lia.. I ca, as (c. red be..r r..ra fl.: rasht..d bans:-..It wel, spirits, flavored we ur. us 1. k c. -
T...m lays, "10 pull rug.-lbo nod car m: deep, God I und that 1--0 the in..r did nor Oh, daintypplantitth vyl(heen, trade its "oil of 1 .-ra.. ...1 ---1 o .
go. All- r "a real.," We manh ear., rist.:.upt t E. Ei. rus..t. .1alaE aluti Irar*.* }11800Dgl10, OfrghtehoicefoodarehitmealsIween, burnt sugar; the imported "ob ..l..r.
aerries..l alt-ups real1..:.;&,abd..150rion arri b.pp<.1 the fl. to; hersalil.." 6urfa.fe T r:..wlis 1,,,e...i.1.5 costingonehundreddollarsand 4s...-1, p
pells 1.8 to 1,6, skara cv. r y dr--p-mil grunt- r.[boul [.,ar,. H.,ad..ra liament( risen tried 'n's rr.. n tr e .r a- 2 ar...r an es.. pounds; that; a manufactory of it -- ..I < .r L .. .
ingthubsidren erving, L..r..-,stalkin ,1.11 patinglazabasisall.Lily disap.-csed, thro r. sy-.r h.w; inalinennesh, L1,,ar [,,,.1,.[ [,.1 i.r,..-ar., a ca
about 2 o'ek..k P. BI, st:n we Grad our. a stream of milled ar..o,.nrad I.:.undas..there ..; m-..r. 0... of up.... si r.ruly. as is. !,..3 nost.-r .. ,s
selves confront=:.1 by al see aired, fresh have ds:.rae, abat .5 Indr on hisa An Creepingwherenolifeisseen, nor eoldagalloninton years; who tra.u-
from the isoc.w-..Tered n.:.ur.Lains of.4tae English congorer used to thrust a sword ArareolaplantiathelvyGreen, offallons of this spurious arious were Fr ..
North. Blow, bl.:.w, fr.e.z.=, fr:eze! !s all b.s t...dy, a blin up either Fastheatealaththoughhewearanorrings, yearly by his house, and Dist me 07 or r r .
that weehn th D (*F. bail-) Lillin-there isual u.sELTII [r; [Ia.; tyrandle, Orad thus spitted sing Andastauncholdhearthashe; establishmentawere inNew YotL- ba' it
for the neary." H..ude.n b..racter rb- eteretof the newelowlyheswinethhowooselyheelinge expertswere so deceived that fi 1 J invulumerablean.1ra...w.J.vul;.:,.1. Theper. TohiefriendthehugeOakTree. declaredt}.espurioussuperiort rt. 9- .
will bring us 1... -. Leak just to de former was very than Ve nth a waid-belthe Andalyl he rall halQugth grand, article; that gin was also, ur Ir ar.
rightof the plantation, and you trillsee the errq.ped 121, inall pouch r .bul..wa up...c. 4.,,, .4 ,,,. ....2 ..0.. = lege siera as w-li ... si. r 1..4.. r Ins. .
steepleof our church, near which is the rb rect.:1.r.I, aut.E.rur..A a end. i. .. .0 sl,,,,, ,,,, ,,,. g ...... ..... ,,, .....3 rk.
PAT50DRge. ** )1*$ br...gnatly I .r jH... evalar.redes:d [31[, (.... .e.g. wk,. ..: as I. I.,-a-rr.* In.. air, (stra. rr est, w r, .11,.! wh. Cont-
.-YGSmydearJameartheParsonage or st..tmancise Arserpold..r....r-s increen. .. 3 1, a us..I ....a wasa
is there; 1..[..ur few t..del..the ar. here a tru ad I..I..: ..t.d. to.r. b I. I.-r...3 5 us. c.:.....v, e., s. 2 . -.ra s..nes. a ,as., , u ......... ....... t real av tyat-
these 1....<*:<.*, .:1*18.1 li**: n, and it:.5 to.< L...rd c.:.Tec...ithe up..-n ar-r on IL.6 E..14-ad. 11 's.....:.rm. ..s--tr L-.uir n incon-
dark ar.d no riuse re dry all absee go.-is lor rt.e. c..s, plue..1 2 q...r...- ruled n al. re.1 li- Buttheatoutoldley lodl verfade TM, L..sue the co lest .-- confessed .
Ouruse to a.,*br D.and..-, th.-tr- I perh p.5, 0.4 .0 rh.: st.L>.-J, 0...] (b-.r, Ibra.r ("' Te tr..- . . bu\r..g r, a. 1 13-- IT ) si V. .Tr
nota buller ..t re...J..n rt.. br uing.. l..r. an... J. irb..;ta .:..u ..ur ....core.J -,rb L.O..1- er.,,.,, .. Ins. ..J a. nes:-a .za= . .... r ...
P.-1. 9, ei= ar, Br.. r.:.ld me he t.J..c.4, I *:om: 10.. p=> n*:6td as- oral.:. F so a .
would s.:e at r fuel as pr..-stand; dr L. outs. .3 .s ph i.e..i -....u -stmassa las.:L, ins, assi c = .0 a wg t..E ta. I
forus. .p mill 4 th---=1..I ar. 1<>.] rghtful p rior. I.rr .; e. ... I,.7 ,,er ,
W.--Well, think the L....i, we ar. 10 anan..e. .ca
bore at s:.r,.- g.....d might....r I aball .
r.never force Bro lor theme MI GI' \* .4ct...r 0.>.& -fl. ex 2 ar .10 I-rse.nre r- 7 . 2
br..rherlyuminess Ismsursib.-Lc.r-iwall pename:.aug..o ..t, .... so .. 1.....,,0 .....n.-c... s.... .. .. Ilff.
companies hum at-undanr(V. see by ata., .ccep..raw.1 1 , at I r .,r restoration of the Jews to Palestine, which
A lew ra.IIts m.:.r.?, and Ibe princher and -sery .:4-p its..., el.=.. ;-1-1 0. ar wepthy of note. Ilesays: -- :-- -- --
family enr.:r Ib.? I, ra ..f .un1, won n use f .. The regatherihg of the ,i. .. r,..w begin- D.el, in Bc. Ire, 2 b i..r. 1 -L
W --Who IN.0a theh ce boose s:.o the " us nitug totakep'ace Notonlym nysinglefami- ,,, or ..-. I art ., ts-. :r,
right" le ($81 th. Person el to. gt -a 1.; foex8r/ .ra== 1 r- :-ro. I / .:r. at Gr.T. 2.. I of sh R.
P.-T cannot pay who lisa army where but .. .. .a,, . . land -a 1.-= e-. o a as.....,,,,,,,, I escal ... r..r. 0.--. A the lastt.,,.. rs. .
ibss [ d.:. La..m, I' st el., I a at on t. .:.. -- c. ri .11 0 .rs.o vere siliction with a hdpe ther a b to I
Ball Turn! There it at Mr us..-: _Id:r meansmoney, 11 mu I .1sof every ashamed, :-un....r cav ar, E. rear

dTLin thebottomthere..n-lit. v.: Lall nd, com e no .. the Thisyme.; :-.3 lear a., not JUST PUBLISHED
it.. men satisfied withher evidence as to acceptance c. ,:c i.; a

to Ir ine afi ar e .r ough at le s t e ai gGod, 2. tL 5* 10 air . 1 JOTIN W. BURKE & CO.:

n a oa j its sm i alter to her grave,, not as those;who have ad FreValeRE 80cial Sins;
be rrade i rst, ared rh.- w i-: .and Widr.:n 1. rn .. . member . e.r... 0,, hope, but coeered with a believer's laith; for THEIR ,CARSES AND -- -1.gial i. 4
prepared to warm, and th, a use n on us.<, . .r which a J; .. bur. 1 returning home she was sm then with ..< ., A Sermon for the Times,
d heads o -,.1., young took her bed and died, witnessing to altaround or s. a. anna, e. .
T acher gathers up a taxc of wood r n .,, p pleswho would n doirnmt an rr a what a dear Saviour she hka f Jund." She tth sh n forrp I hmghthis Sernum are won in
aild goes to the door, unlooks, and, on open- circle of dishes hers the soil of their rightful heritage." He also died as she had commenced to live a follower
8 8 IB ri all adds: "The Gentiles here bout-thatd is, the of Christ, and entered at once upon the j >ys of . .. s. Ia 2
Clime in, dear; I will soon have a fire for Then < . .,, ., ., ,,n .. ,,,, ,..0 .11. .. anP that "rest tr,.* c so cs. b unto the people of ,
you and our sweet little babes here; and you ported ac. r .-gg: sc, I than the Jews. God." 1 7 r
shall warm and be at home. in its turn is surrounded by a double circle of we to a
W.--Hereja a very convenient little to- 1 L berriese, melons, and oi l and Middering the Emperois French. ADA 11EMBERT, flat 1110? Of 10V/ A. I L Eth .
bleanet wash-stand, in this room* covered with fres p.:..Y...c, ..t r..rd fruits, Hatinees," so-called, from the Latin Afatin ,and M. J. Smith, of the S. C Conference, a r
-(Dowxion thekneent thalire410 is a ,me, a.3 a-r...r ,,n <...3._.<.. whore (morriing),areheldinAmericaintheafteinoon. :born Tiiesday, June 160b, 186 was tas-

nk & B n Oferam my ag vt..tobh len na m i. .al l it not be well to stick to the King s sick Tuesday, October 31, 1885, and died ,
.,: .. 1 .!.1 31....1 with gold, mar_ English, and call things by their right nairies? brain fevers in Greenwood, S C., Tuesday, *.*.- I a I
pine, it ac.dhi are j a nie, agate, ana tapis lazuh, were found amphorae Editors are supposed to know everything, at ] e.: tr 10th, 1865. A yogng, tender and r cox, GA., Feb.12th,1866.
Wor 9p of > still containing wifle, aild some gobletal of onyx. they should use all languages as correctly n I c. ly platt now blooming in Paradite where
for to he est the co L lafords. -Shilling .Magazine. 4,, they are teachers of the people. is the Tree of Life. . r i r ,

H he cruiet-stan but theeru- st # 2022g ase { or a un- wmPPING YOUNG LADIES.-1 Y0Ty CHYi RS On Tuesday, Decembe 5th, 18 5 jo
v ro Western House, St. . .- a Ur arl -up, discussion is going on in the columns of gle months after Ada's .death, that "de -r v
4tB are all broken; and here are the 1. I a night or two since. Four mischievous young Queen, aLoitdon ladies' newspaper, on the stib- HoLLAxa Pantic, the eldest child o t u
and pitcher, but both are broken; and there men, boarding at the house, took it into el.. ,. whipping young ladies in English schools. and sister Smith, died :of typhoid .

gu bt ed a nu ftherespondentiof thatepaper wro t linqui Gr enwood, 8 Cl ag d 1 & 1 t mr Winship eterSoci on,
ble in the next h dealt in. In the thus abirche P.-0 dearr om'tt so. All these r ntainings es -e of letters, in which it eppears that subject of most :a rt -- a ... If st ay Jackb 1.
things will be remedied after our first quar- c. took a pinch of the it in 2.. .-- does prevail irr many of the most awhre of the unis I .. .: . .. a he wiss ---
terly meeting. re ..r .. pronounced it sale I..l...u.1.*- uoarding-schoolsfor girls, and that held, it was n shown in apywisp inconistent or < co arre e per whqre5
The quarterly meeting comes eff--giresid- ratus Another wallowed a small quantity the girls are "birched" ic. 1 ru.]. .: ( Jr. with that obedience, . .1 as becom-
ing elder promptly on h ad, and he a regu- ad wsa In. The thi t . ..... ... ....... rooms I.e. I .... ing propr ety which were pre TilliCUTOR'S SALE.
In Pairsonage renovator.. Aftera discussion ..1.. -.. march. e...,c i.,3. . I e. ., ..,,,, ,,..0 the other excellencids of this w f ILL BE SOLD ON THE PIEST
of about two hograz the trustees are ordered .. .. n I s -.1 E I v .r e- 1 -*** 0 a = L 1-20 < = He was tru'y a boy of books; h r .3 , a n n @] >e t. i the 1 of towin
to repair the Parsonage, specifying what I ..<.1 re ar u .4 ... .. II.- a t, r 0 5.-in I.ed in this way is also I c.,.3.<.; and y run g-- -.' I r II. , Oxford in so d counts = > the es are of Arts
amount of repairs are necessary. A stable. i. t h all now felt a to pay for it in money. She has to pay for size ed to think o I 1 -1 I ..: L roar are rtline remi es a
attib, a smoke-house and kitchen are to be .1 smoTe/ he store won "rod;" she has to pay the servant who robes and of spending 6 s leigurehf ursia no other way I 1 lier out-hon=es. naul ran excea nt gar
built, and new blocks put rinder the dwell" closed, and in an agony of despair, the four her for philishmezit; she has to pay the gov- than in reading them Whether la the e as convenient to .. c. .. 7.
ingn Trustees appoint a time to meet, and young men rolled over the pavement, and con- erness who whips her, and then, wheri it is all Juare- two -


p~aEI~aa~ol~lSOUTHERN CHRISTIAN~sl ADVOCATE~.-m-i----xre-

,' ,,... .",1,
antilave The volatile oil of the om6n evap
rst. fr. r l..a cle pay Las n
5" '.5 ..r .u
L r 5 ..., ain U.(iUTEF 0 1 *
citytub on put* -ink h...w to
prepare burnthop sea m; n .id
........2[.s.....v.:.ca1. vo:..Mr .aprw
post ;.. ar. <11 1...ile na.1 ca open he
imid;r is tra brown Cold water s=.e. p.
n so-i MI*-rd r 1, up, and rbon Lb
whple was or wd
, , 5.1 a wish to
n .ur re :s Here

I I. I

n TI,. a a a.
: 1 Fe r. h.: (!..

e used "u dr.=;

Tnt t ra Rev. It a said that b

I v .:.j t upon 160 wour hour, it si.
(,,: healed, as has been demonstrated on say
eratocessi.As Tl. reversed is <-Leap an
r.Imple, and earning de-i.rves a trial

'Foj1Wake a Superior treastp
I k. One d... a rr.ed.uneI.a. 3 i...:1. potatoes,
t ..1 .,,.1 me.., Er., add .,ne ..up.I suite sugar,
,,,4, ,,,, ,,,er.In adestandfare
., a ..... . .3.1 .].art of cold
water and one half pint yeast, ac..i t ..n.

jon pr of y lyeastrors.Isr

rn ....* v r in a
nrsu re
in arir>.. c.
2..r .ur

.. 2 .

112 1 110RIAL iNTRi SO
El it 18 111 0 IE.

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aless. M. .




1 E ([ 0., hi AND

en Ir cibi.ese ,

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3. see .

1 ... .r.....,,r e.... -e. ..o e-, .
its r.rr .i.. ir-c., .:.E.. air .m... s o. .
toadarr.-lers : Ir, ,an..r

Devoted,3iartlyas r .- re 0
Oburdi; andpartly L .L . ca. Art, r :
s...,,, n, .
ic, no ..\ r / any
v,. ..-c .u mas a
, .;, r- ;.. c. doand
... ... re ,, -, Wh&e
revertret won. nomeewisonereaasthe :
The priee being only
r ag pggy gg,
, ,, ,
Ithopesthategenerouspublic .
patrona e.dais ly sucha 3

tr -
', actor


For a square of twelve lines or less


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e no

q -
u, ',

N&tiOnal Bank of Au usta,
Capital, $500,000
W. B. DINSSIORE. Pres't; U 0, is t it hE J
Vice Pies't; GEO. EI. THEW. Cashier.
* (fred To madeand promptly remitted "

-3 ,, a yt
.. ss., ,, e., ,
.= -.. a- us ....s .. a or
J: W. BUPKE & fo
Ms:.>r GA

DE V ANE ; u n
A StoryofPlebelans & Patricians,
Ifgn. R. W. HINJKS 0 a
Just received and for sale by
janl6 J. W. BURKE & 00.

Qc fouse, grin no :Mun.
-- -
Worth Noting.
The advice to those in fehr ..r ris..1, ,
keep your.bowelslin good order; keep your
spirits up,1mi neverpouragratedolirn.
Eat ....el,,, , ...,er a v..l., .t.,.suely;
tieverev.[...t1.1.r.. l...5pirs;.nocar.arlur
before sitting sitting down to hard study.
.Keep your feet wher.: ta., pairs of lb n
socks worn at onec .,re 1...11,[ Oman .an-: p., r
of thick ones.
Never wear a hat in the hanse. Why are
ladies' heads soldoin b:ild ? 8 .:au fi

a el el t he as
esps, lift them frequent y from 1, .3, if
order to secur r r bed

use h tr k, o
hot wavr, .

ex ,\v3 ..el .0
speg na kn: .iI.Iul end.I.-0 .4 its or or
salapread of the Obristian Chureh: Ir
early history is involved in obscurity. Iti
as old as the humat race. Its Olivers..a
wasprobably:.usag cl,. e lica ll rn..f ha-
manindustry. Itis tir0 lairedt, ed to our
slotice as the 6tude of Noah's shameful
drunkenness, and as one of the articles h6s
It is believed to be originally a native, of
& e i y g y on e so an r.
ofGh-l... TL J=n.1sears. .nrb
itwasfristplanted by ....1'...wo ban
the fertile slopes of H..l....o P., .,1
climateof thehillcountry< Jo

ni on ler'em., to II
dean valley of Esehol th at ab q.

I w hna v teeTt s te@
to the luxurianoe of its vines, and U. r.,
size and luscious taste ofthe grapes. 1.r...

yardThound there 1ndore than in any other
heraldic symbol of Judah, both in the .pro
x;o. .1 ..o 0.11 1..1 F..rn th.s,

tr 1.* r br rrI & .

i n es do o fr no e r/.\
ng 9 9
the earth to another, asse ar I .. r
remarkable degree with b.. bler... .1 II
buman race.

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trees...:.1 .. plantal. In
ordertode que 1:
fresh ches .. a rL. .
sim. 0.< to a
in mni .,
awa m . I

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owsa 0 or" I

fine .1 tr d v -
Keial to .ua
During th re

be ep h d r
r fi hre :-
to the browsing ofeattle, it m ibp
ed Ey a guard box until out II .. r ..
This, like any other tree, will flourish better
when cultivated and manured, but grows
lunar .ni, ...II. u ..II., est a plarged

Hi \v SAir 1 .ns.r. E,- PRESllEN-
ze -il,.., g... who arein ti..: t..t..t ...f
freshening mackerel othersaltfishnever
dream that :i,... .. a r..tar ..i a. wrong way
to doit., Any person who has seen the pro-
Apowy that the salt falls to tlp bottom
Just so it is in the pan where your mackerel
orwhitefishlies soaking, andasitlies sial,
the skin side down, the salt will fall -:.rt*
skin, and thereremain;when, if placed wich
thefleshide down, thestildalls to the bot
enedusitshould be. Ta the other crise, it
is nearly ad salt as wheq plit in. If you do
not believe this, test the timtter for your-

PORK.8TEAK.-r-Cut slitesfrom thelfill
or neck. To flypork steaks requires twen-
ty five onthirty minutes Turn therit often,

ta ItennMth daere 1 )dur off alldthat
serve it for some other use. Then dip the
steaksin crumbs of bread with a little pow-
der...1 =d... and lay them back into the fry-
ingpan. Whendonethroughtakethemup,
dredge a little browned flour mto the gravy,
put in sale,.pour in a gill of boiling water,
and turn it instantly as it boils up upon the
dish..f at..A

PoTATo YEAst---Boil one handful of
bopsin two quarts of water halfan hour.
Strain it, and return the tea to the kettle.
Have ready grated eight lance potatoes, or
hine small ones,, which stir into the top.
Let it boil a mmute or two, aqd it will thick-
en to a batter. When nearly cold, add half
It pint of good yeast. Let it ferment well,
then put it into a jac:and cover close. Al-
ways shake or stir before using it. Use a
porcelain kettle for making this yeast or an
Iron one tinned inside. A common iron one
will turn it dark.

Bar GRAvY.--Put twin tablespoonfuls
of fai a pound of meat, an onion and a car-
rot sliced, and a little broth on the fire.
When the meat is well fried water is to be
added. It is impossible to make good gra

,,,zN .y 1y, ,lv. N ..k


: Ha r n Cut ery, Gunel &0.,

BiII~llllfu01FY 11o 10 LIC I p,.I

Palent. CO '"TONV .nool~~cg LClela Ei58 IE

I O1T.L PN 2, R

en no 171I moe (no rd
.. 1 .-e.. ,me,,.i~ ;.

H. P. $TR.IB AUB . r I


cincinnati. L - Oho.
n~r.-r i i. 1SSI N MERCHANTS.

all / LOOK EOX 738. 1 [ Ni W


lolrrr blrlil ,nn Holbil O~a
,' '" mr nsonw.
Ei Lye constantlpyouhinid~i Ea la.rgew..rhneran
EW LIST OF QUESTION .BOOKS I b- bove'T,, r,:,e. I Il., almost REASONA



for thc Pockel: ,

Roblingel,11, laior20Petirres.



-Vmall Quado YV


]Itedium Size:

i :

g,,1.3a;40aild50P lure.i.


Oblong Style:

Holdig 80 and 1 Pietures.



Holdi 200Pieture.


Royal Quarto Edition:

Holding 200Pietares.


[toyal ISme. Edition:



Of Confederate Generals, ,

StiDgtShed European P.rionag a

Fancy Hinds-and Sk tches,

de &c &4.

or or Plain Photographs so ess ench,

orf2 per dozen., 4** els asch, or

84 per dozen.

Gallanilexaminea theBookStoreof

d Street, next to tapri.r Church.


Ever broinglit to PInton.



.1, no r to Baptist 'tear. 5

\ ,JO e.Ell ED LARE E
at their and, to which tht y in re
no .r another.

cap Day Boo half otma,
J**ure -hall [n u...]
I up. L.* 1 It to..and
CapDayB3 Jo ab1 n 11bound,,
Deny Day Booirs. ..
Demy.i.,rr E ME .
**L 1. IP I .-, L ll t abral
Delity T is. .ar,
p ,,, C 111 .
01p Quarto Day ol

DemyQuartoDay Books .r L ,
Demyouarts journal,

Journal Ledggrs and Record
Arge StOO O

F.. U. .1 P .gr D .
;,, ,., ....
ii0 tso0.1 -toy ...a *8.
Half bound Split Cap Day Books
Half bound Split Cap Jourrialls,
Half boundkS liteCap Ledgers.
La is;....
I 1...... 8 1,,r

a Largestand Finest Stock of GOLD PENS in th

"-= "3
an g
me..emeasum a a
Ives. 7 and 8, Large a a
ThTe ara 6ca) as a ra a me one yea
Call .see them at J. W. BUEKE & CO s.





, .

J. W. BUEKE & CO., Macon, Ga.

grbir. James Presten,oane fin rn

Th~etotton Crop. : 1 c.n e
.r gc~. Nwi~ Y.r' leC:.k no r : 9h said iF Il c hj .rop .n ~is l~

bar,: ~ r~F.ill .1 no I -rth wriod Tet~ a l nyir

Emptemb d l *r~.l~ ri Urr o thei lrl. bof~~c r.I la te n irnem..n

In d I I r i n ente :0 .' 'b f .J .ar worid )ll ll L ru IIr

F, I;b w~l II .r lul brm r; r I. Laral
Th.= Car111..nj:rIs..1 of Cuba, i

II,, r 0111 tto i, b ment made by ~- -c.. r Suns~r. r II..
-1.: the tl rdl Ei m lrt01 I:, wI~ hrr d a.4 .n the Soulk Int-~l lean. l
thf~ LL14 0i n ..llr a t or) wni c.11-r nild r ui sl iclrivry~ I
JSD. 1. (hint talkt M r. Ho t. rd i l

thel s hupplyIr. m 100 maII L Lb r, t'l v.3 ran)I T.l:! 1.1- LE: res. ..l II.. :r
tle ar. v Cu( ~ rt hw l 1.r, a h da1, at II.0 .. t,~ liarn ag

r- a rl~ll iLIII l m p aL -Jd. rU ..s r 1 ng r o

thegtus 31 ikue hr, 'lor~j MED Irhl .n abigtasomdit

cumpsw ~sr~ a p~arror .urs. "
C~tCo Cl

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it".or.r ''"' ..I rlglt~ daqi: .In-si -*.s
atl f or .n,...:,Li.. oe. I, r l ve r..a.i.a 11~ PIAO' t W H L 1. p
P ar,.1 0 ale:I 11.; u ld s .- I.. rrn e ,

]gs a. l, n g,,i? ..r~ b n hl~: .J. .rt. i I rh 1.1. I el ow dsc. I
(~~..w o .. I. I, 4,..1; .~i. i l;.; To 1. st ;'; alg t d a c

inch ~ ~ ~ ~ oun- rIn. I .Jan' '-a co t nemlpnoroe
trola I~In 'i r : i...*1 slis ,an bi.le~. o ne-... ,,, ~rw

co-as-i l. ., . . ;: .r I >.
its.0 ... .e.... r n ~ --1 .| n .. ? ".

m .r ail *. r. a .r .= .n <. 3 II c I i .~ . .t nc on. or ly .
11e **Io i . Ic . I r .. r in~-.. I I. ,e ... .I. t ,, ,,, 2 2
-L6 .yrs .ry Is ..- r .: i.." .' ....I J a e o n ..

trae w ih L .iTp~i I .g:.r Im...mi ra s.a1. ;IY 1u Und.1- l- I. l

in .? .1.1 Th . ur,3 .., ,. .I

9,, .. is it r .. .. .il~ ll i ,, ~ O c-i ... -mi Exj l r "

Tise5P5~ ragreg 1.*. -I I 1. .r ..Crn

I. r.nalk r job. lots I1 5

ifle crsenn~ out=*i~. would coinrnian $ ?~. ~
ir~~~~lof~~wllum ~ orr nrelled Msedj a 1.- 2 : a 't
ti fan.Jn iasle: I.. ~ll. ke r I .rl lt.. e p*I .

dema 2an .It
prirtedby n e perers; J [,,rk noiu to u erk 3.T -- r-


ashewholoboxeest 0 ,,


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rr. -ir y. e. ."
Pinanelal. There is a fair supply df Exchange
r. r 3 0 ..<.. .= .ckmgaspar. We
. ..,,,.,-. withshadvane i.ellning with little

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eekly;Coffein Statement,
1 I r je.. cle ? F(h

6 C the we k, a n sf ri lan ong

it .. .* .
2& re
Godqos Esthisdayl28) 129.
30sTT -1* 0 ddr
. nine... so 3.
1* r


Networteme,3farch ,Tses 12918bag
L T. Lorreasse, Offee Broker

Corrected for the w at Eil reh 16, from the Daily

Baeon-Sr so. plb .2 1
, **r 1 .,a g
Lord pl ., .


Cand es rs n.. .... 9 In ....... 5 .. .. -
use . Ib ..... 8 .. .. See
-P ?It
p it
* *
? * 9 .

7 R .

p r 4*
R 0 --
,, ,,
r. &**
or ,a 3..I.
s.. su .>.. a . o

P I and Corrested for the week noding 31areh17
H.P.rror C.rause u M..I0.1 *ti Brval

t r-i'*I p
Goshen..............$ Ib..... ......55.....(2i).....60c
C e El
c. 1 .

Oheese- r R.
La as rt . *

Coffee Ro........... ......3... e

Cr .- r ..

toning ,.1 o

.IL r ..2
1 r o .-
a r i r
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r -. / a coomn/ he n a

neardprmr ANDTUITION $2500
rintionsoIrepar toryD parmentEmo the 2000
.. ....
I 3 ,
rr ,
At. r as r

Episcopal Question Books

que....... on anne son.... r... I vrom so.
vinbSundaytolikitSunday PartIIFromTrinity
.Sunday to Advent 8nnday By Rev R. It. G!nztott,
D D. ,Price 30 cents sing'y; $300 per d son.
Questions for the Use of Bible Classes an@
ear-..r 2 .. n,. rre ID Chure ,arrangedforthe
.. v.<.r ,r.rrising69lessons. ByRev.
Al-fy3-r Burg- a Pr- s20e-nts.ors225perdos.
4aestionsfor the First Half of theChrls..
trawYan.xAsimpequestionb okf>rosildrenwho
bitrejusetanishedthefirstatechim. ByR V.Wm.
rati gdon.,Price25ce to or$2.50perdusea.,
ti-rryJ.Camman. Oneofthesianpleasteapositions
se.: reandchIdreneverpublised. Rice260,
Thecatechiqinor thechurchinpapercovers
P. scents.oracentsperdern
OfRee of Devotion, and Llturgy..for the
r 2 1. ane of SundayEchools widi Co!!eetag

rd t perd nmmonPrayer. Trail5cents
Sunday School Chant antI Tune Book
x a . ... ..antices, nymns and cares, for
us 2.-,witanotes. Peteeeocents;or
], ,
Li J. W. IlTJRKB & CO.,
Next door to Bapt a 0aaro's.


TIONS Beautifully illustrated
r= r. g rr., r a J -.- rsedahistoryof thpso-
e.3 ad -.r. .. ..r 5.neoretmardigeqDr.

, AND THE SUMTER, from Captain Semmps's pd-
vate journal s.
ORPatus c. KERR PAPERs, one of
rr a c....i lau ror is books on military cristoian ever

P. T. liar<.um, the Prince of Humbugs.
comic sket he ,wi 6 soillust.a ions.
THE SQUIBOB PAPERS, a new and in-
gensely com c book, by the late John Pharlix,
the mo-t celebrated operasgiving the plot inthe
form of no interesting and attraelive story.
EATRY FIxNcGrfiRS. A new Novel, by Mrs.

direitionaforselfoulture.SODIBTY. Ahitnd-

book for ladies and gentlemen.
c minining fits- adventures among the Mormons.

IsPOKIc eR ND. Anexcellentnew
democryviabbel Ev A 9 Poe whn=>.tierworkWare
,, .. r as so .- 3,, i.f rs .1.208 of
hispreviousnovole--a L :: it..11.e. Is. Love
and to be Loved-Titu- a 3 is -- I L c. Think-

elp re- lokue le
wear own arranwxans ins,
ind very oter sting domestic novel by T 8, Arthur
I .< 14:e and popeltr
.. -caheoa asadowes

8 O A e

are r d an r iread so no ur ,

..... or a- M .. VB :4-
I:,t r .r ***u 1 10 L r

ST. PHILIP 8. A very powerful isay)Jay
by the ever popular author qf Rutledge." .A'st
new editions, of the author's new twel Hub.
ledge;" "Sutherlands," "Warrington,.; 6ala,
12sho, cloth.
All tie latest and best books gonlinaptly oil 24
and for sale by J. W. BURKEi2&JCO,
mh21 Next to the B.5pts) Ohillot.)



EN'S His 0 AND LOW C[to N . of t...

Straw Hat Departm est. <, e.. .mer..
L dB.r.4Her a. nL CHEAP H Y MN S.
P .. I r.s .en

q Let every Panilly--Every Church-Every

B i r Sundisjr School be supplied now.
I' .. t /

- r, 3 Rishop.anckbeforeNashrille wasdeliveredfrom
od weds so n brid ed ce not[onra

PAPER. PAPER. PAPER. P'"" "!'"0 a n our ashes--aws p ge

S M. STONE I propose
a ForPla Sheep ................ .................6ocente
\NL I AC I(iliER .1ND \Y BOLE ,
mie v ..Wr la go
TitiDg PAger-Eded ARA PIRED. r . gi

News, Desk an] like.7p. n tr a ato .4
Pr.nur Curt. Ink, Bro m etc. \.. .1 raise;
Blank .he, in pe ul tistyle Stal .n- March 28. 13 an st ra.



ir,,f t, ...:gr,; (17,a.,

o 7 a or r r as.* r3.*r P p=r

( il'll liN

Leg and Arm Company,
rpilE Al IIF I* L0:3 5 thild uU. t Pu
1 .,.1 qr .. y . .
, r, -. f ni
a. 1 E. r r
Pa.. q 0 i 3 -in

^ r r. L J /

preconstincts ofTFilrom eoieredwithRatchide
. ass. 1r as
]111EItfit.=Eisle ad Ef..ANDUNAP
PE..IFD tT 111.11
A MLDrilli 612E' tred El *UI1 210U1 T3
a sain-acA. go .r . dry 3
a lu.r. Is.* I .r, "
rra r.hs.. r...r


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isLetis r.d-r run, .. andohalle e theadmi-
..... r r.e = ra A vr. .. r
f ce r. y r .
re ma di ,a to r .
r rhr fa .J. / A s
Plus..r. r. c..Is. r>na Wr a-i .. sr ..
...8 a 1...14, I rk. ...2 R. rr ,a-,.
t.-mai.. nt ar,,. ? j sisr parr wr.."
w.rnrespainal,-cica e-- w.,rn er, r-m a ir ac.I.
play <,c.arser. Isra.b Asse re.... 5:,wse
7 I' LE(#
p.e.. fmrce-a-*musir. .rrn r. a....g. a ...
orsarosedangerer is.. ..*
"e fr.It .. rr wr..e.rat .. 1- r.n .*1-*
or.... si s p n.r
r .0. y as ** ar .
sp-r crar-s .
run up and dance-w h to Art f old 1 .r- w.
menor xp aosu shaoa s a
T re f FL**n : I .:- ? Ir r F-..Isre

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='. F Ac.1; il., r-I arr.o, irg at it his
er. c.mar, .ir solurs
at, a F. Il... r. f m 5 at. Is wJ

T. I su s es f..r yea.r el*- = Meo sa
.fIr. 1.- a 4 arr ,j1 5


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Prittle Wh a

.. 12.- 5- Y.
cr.J. (to1

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art. Sl F
. L.
r a


50; No.

d ep a


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.85 25.
upplied, at un
man Tre

s, at 25 1 ?si

seed $225 per
0 22 perewt


l I
r E .. On
dle $45@$85e

@sle: Aususta

a cur y e-,
5@l a pound.

ers $18 00.

egs $4 50.

n 8650.

r -

7 3 NE MUSIC .

F IE UN1 DA Y..... .... L rr r
au. r ;

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it . .. ..

Powd'dc&OrushdguIb... ....924....@ .. Safe Wh re areno man ord
YelloW 0....... Ib

ce ei ( m idull. Closing-the week at1 rul L

In case of Ship Fprer or -:..:t s; a ( ... .ra
kind on board of vepaels, no t...I=..r .Jas...t. -1.. n
TEC FLUID-batter than any fumigation, and M -5 se *
no danger within. To use the PILOPHYLAC-
TICfreelyaboutships, p led -1 ... c.=race- NEW BOOKS.
-- Pn eal and ipo itory Notes ou the

SCOtt s Monthly IVIngazine "'" ----
a .. .. : ar an.- u ball

rrr 2Vols,12mo. blot .
8 T R 5 ON O 80 T The Double Witness of the Church. 37

it d
DecisiveVE T 6ATOIntion, 1111 ., 3 .. ra t? its devont

the March nu tr I r a fa serie by S Or 0 GChe Prayer BOOk. By
JAmesWoodl..5.... ..7 ..,5.
Or, The Science of Human Ivatures R oC 7 0
Tr ... ... . . ,i .r.-, . .0 r. aj rR roll'
r -r.. I cu li a c. t is s. ..tao delphia/
at Storywill be commented n r.I .ShortandPla iIBSW110tiollOR111010T&'S
pp nb r. r a 21.1?? I 4, so r. ra r. .. rI ] i. it Elorning and
r / I st a r ..rr I .. ,: Ps. r P, c.- .I.I E.-- thos. Wilson.
p ..ers.. ,< .san v I e. :- i. For ago by J. W. SURKE & CO,
March 23-1m. As unt., 0.. Next to the Baptist Church.

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