Group Title: Southern Christian advocate (Macon, Ga.)
Title: Southern Christian advocate
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Title: Southern Christian advocate
Uniform Title: Southern Christian advocate (Macon, Ga.)
Physical Description: Weekly : ;
Language: English
Publisher: J.W. Burke & Co.
Place of Publication: Macon, Ga
Macon, Ga
Publication Date: December 21, 1865
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Macon (Ga.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bibb County (Ga.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States of America -- Georgia -- Bibb -- Macon
Additional Physical Form: Also on microfilm: Athens, Ga. : University of Georgia Libraries.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 29, no. 1 (Jan. 5, 1866).
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Volume ID: VID00033
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Now Series.-No. 183

The Rev.Dr Seben was introdneed, and made
a very winter I ma speed. Elespoke of she we
barrasement or nism..onarvapershone by abe IsLe
war.especially in regard ro rereI miwions.
BI.essona among 10+ colored propC. eminined
Mr so many y.=,tre t.y an expen.I.aure of money
and talenr. had been very seri..mly interferred
wilb. He nad been compelled to be Preerdens.,
Board of Isrectors and heres..ry of the Ris-
smalary Society himself. Tne closeof she war
found the Somely wnbout a dollar m in one
ary, and there were very msay obUprious
which mu a be mel. Themvisionariesin Obina
had not receird for yearr.. and they
were auGerang bar it. He esme to Old Virginia
down-trodden. but th,.uk G..dV;rginis still, to
ask and ppenally for these men of God. He
wassure they would give what aby could. The
spiritof 11rgan.a mould DE*verdie. She would
rise from her desolari..n. and in the furure be
more glorrous aban in the past. He felt no
fear of the rusure of usehourbern Church. He
looked forward to soareer of great
should be reaped by this branch f Christ's
Oburch. The Churdh during the war, cut off
from other fields; hea turned its attention to
our armies, and a noble band of misexonary
chaplains had done a vast amount of good,-
The legless, armlessmen, who havepomehome
.from the fields of earn will telL to your
children, in words of 6 eloquebee, of the
moble deeds of piety and dotite by these
ear-ants of Christ. He urged the preachers to
eune-r ederta in th-a mu el.:rsarv esuse: an.i re--
10 -1 can unrerestrr.4 tre. Mr.' n. user I is the
ps Front of vi et...( St..=unsor t:*.rasual.Junby
E M El .019 GI me Churen Souab,.n
N Yu ft *0 1. A Northefu MSD--B
NrthernMethod. pr..wher-badkindryand
c. nere.ea ry p,.Li gh whe-b raru..unt. Thames,-d. Hesyoneoran in.
terr>.r 015 atae Pceansent in relation to same
Churob property.. He was greatly pleased with H.=]t..=i;e-.-ithatweoughttosustainthe
Tre-el nr <..r.I.sliy. He wisslionest and true.
He is certainly, said this liootor, the best Pres-
ident wehateigot. mi <
The B.mos. risen entraince.l the Rev. Samuel
Rep-ters.f the B launces conference, sent by
that t..:.dir ex frxt. rnal mee-engerto able Con-
forence. 11.,14 p.ntleman delivered with much
feelingan share .neab-tuncendollows:
Essaidhe hadnotcommandeflanguageto
"P" the grew plevant whichindele in com
.og *o th:s respecie.J t-odgi chreasara mmasters,
bearing words of Cost stan emiumbon and giver-
Ing rrorst 6.8 own t'onference. He replemenied
is. nk.1 m.ynters and -st* ananisters who were
I.J. nral .:.1 mats so. man.-rn Chureb in symps-
any, atracts.:.n .r..1 .ratevels. He rejo.eed that
the day. of on the t..:,rder were over, and
he looked torarms man very great pleseure to
.0 or as a onference in me spring,
ab. 0 be it..nd the mannisters of unar body
r sp.e"b /=.1 r 1. m liv the .90unne n
bands of use venerable P ano ILarly. The
Con range hieb he re reg. me clanned to be

13 em r I w b

a e] eat h 7 b
la war d..ter a lo cas ir. thesr loL e
The R M. a re R.w .enni Cow es oHered
a se of resolutions, [whichive published last

The La- / r g or rees

110. >>y at the not of Mr. Hagurer, and to the
words of love and greeting he bore, he fell
heh grm year heh)s le
re c..c..1 last 1.+.1,.7 of peace had not only
,isurned. na rn .0 Fullapiendor.
The H v. f r.. matt, addressed the Conference

'rr us: F welcomed cordially
ts, F. rIr Le44.1 made a very eloquenL
speech. He said he me r prer.xpression to the
outburst ofeniotion 171 ch welled he heart.
The Church hadlostinsomesectionis ut he
a la e oc s 03n ,

of th future of Church in the Sout a
The Rev. Mr. Head alluded to his former

ri bl um 3e8n data
between b n I and r.;. former breorers. II.=
neart wr 6 -shar estude and icy.

uT Po nEdasal riani sh he di y
. 1 .r use, C.:.r fr r.-n.:e loome 1 the Rev. Mr.
ag t.:r as a fraternal me singer from the
ook o %

haddotkeen lully rp embrated by Mr.Register; * not only tras 1 of, and the
vio us P.
thab filO elathl ff the altimore Conference 10

leh r I n Ce -
,.;ether own a r.unterof theproachersbelong-
.0 to [te East Balt.more Conference, had fully
sellied the a to unite mus the Southern
Method 9 Lat>r r and E.kto us a trewom athe

same t. Isrm 100call .11 ig.ate.all doubt on
Trsere...1unone were unan;manalysdopted by
a .:.v .

--Withdraw from every brother chilt walks
.Lsorderly, and have no relk.aship wardrthenn-
'r atel rk or darkne 8. but ranber reprove

-1 r b dom of God stid Ris
n, rt) in)Life,

doit befye ---Ha an
They th a pr..eb illegospelshould liveof
he g.,apel. -Pa .
I think rnal they should preach for roothing,
or ar least she..xhi terliew someorber business for

istj am glad it nas L.e. ome fashionable to at
( driDg pFA ar. It ii 000 8 Bid
bco..idou.-ta.uw, CArs.cian.
sea Ma rrsz IIai n emy..: -* Converse hol. with
re liar, a nwear r, rnor am mara d obtarm or WhDion
languages for abor 7.11 crupt you, or at least I
set barnard your ruputat.oc. 1.< boof aba like man-
arag, and un 3,.En assuas=r, yet it wal 1111yetal me
<*ry WILb such genuessushL n will t.ji oremem
to y..a ar, alter tune; and the retrar" I turace
I rarace or LDo }*M Ag*-c W CD J
th i.iT$re$oc employed. "

have authoriff when quested by an annual
conference to ag.point preachers to agenoses,
abaplaincles, and seminaries of learning
We recommend the General CAsference to
inquire into the practicabilityand expedienoyof
incorporning lay-aNegatson the economy
of the church.
We doubt the propriety of transf4rring the
examinalian of candidate for license to preseb
rrona inequarterlyConference to the Annual
Conferenor-; but we rare of o inion that greater
oration is needed in grantin licenses.
We do n.:.t recommend th General Confer-
ence tooonfirm lbe boundarier.of the Annual
4.inferBDCEsto SEBle I he4.
In reference toebanges proposed in Docu-
ment marked B, the Committee report as 101-
lowse -- -
We recommend the General Conference to
must the but question and answer of see, V
me.p. iii. having reference to the. setting of
We as not think that any furiner
c.rear-car-stry.nregardso Church ma-< abe
L*,.:,prael.e.rg .autllelently ear.I.r.t or, thr.L
ad....el. We heartily wish its ruise server, r,
where observed, wherner instrum. nu are, or
are not, introduced into thin delightful rand sm-
5 G.rtant part of abe worabip of God.
In regard to lbe abanges proposal an he
Documour niarked C, being the memorial from
the Tennessee Conference, the Comm.nee base
nothing to report besides the foregning errupt
tht it favors the essainding of me .aulEs
**.8 .nis" in the tide of she ersurch.
-...1 1> th-- 1*.:..ument market D. pro.
i.e. .r.r wnerver..ration of 164 D.,trier Confer.
an..a restonam.noe report as follows
We recommend the General Goiderbace to
modily-ng our acon.:.n y m regard to Distriots
annualmeetingof allthe preacherIs itnerant,
nd ined. exhorters, and such other orEcoal
in. ....inemay bedeemed advanble, withan
rev F.:.undeof each metries, to be held by the
Presolang Lider,'in wheel. I.censes hall be grant-
ed, and ranswed, and candidate for order or
fqr admission into the Annual Conference, be
recoruniorded, local preachers to be used, and
rr...:h other businea be Iransacred as my be of
g nar..I aler.:=1 to abe district.
1... ..ed, Ph.u our Delegates to the next 8.9-
sion of theGexieral conference obbe M.-tho--
distEpiscopal ChurchSouth, be and are hera-t.,
Instructed to present this report to that body.
In connection with the foregoing, which was
unanimously adopted, aResolutiohwas adopted
requestingtheGeneral Conference to inquire
into the expediepcyof givmgPresiding Elders
partiarcharges, except in sparsely settled re-

ionarySociety of the Hobile.Oonfer
ence heirre seeond andversary in St. Frand

e 8, eAl bams. D H 0 q,
cha r, ants[or b abke r

surer and Secretary and adopted by theSo
clelf. A dresses were delivered by Mosers
Baker and James, and a collection followed.

a lio",11$".'"t."'bhe Jr selra t
Rev. E. Baldwin, and another collection was
At a subsequent meeting, Dedember 6th, the
armal subsenpilons of thememberawerepaid*
The Society elected the following officers for
she ensuing year: W.H.WijjhtmanPresident,
R. E. Esrgrove, Flee President; Thomas O
Summers, Secretary, .J. Benerorr, Treasurer, H.
Urquhart, Elisha Phillips, W. C. Hearn, T*7*
Ramsey and W. H. Armstrong, Managgra.
Atameetingof e)Board, held November

t to ad b b us hu
of one to Ave, in present currency, and prome.z
according to the amount of service and of mo--
ney in the'treneury.
The report of)he Secretaryis as follows:
&< ..Lisanal Report of di. Missiona .50 thy .4
sir,,0s C,1tircru*e qfetedif. E. Ci3,-k, 6..ati..
At the last session of the Mobile Conference,
84missiods were recognizediwithis its bounds.

del'romheh cop rts the missinaries we con'
1. StateStreet0 lored miesson (Mobile) was
served by T. W. Dorman; No re ort

by .2 on or oinission (Mobi e) was served
3. Mission toHos tpahrandSoldiers, (Mobile.)

Teard, who reports 5 ago.ntments, Col mem
ters. CC. protationers, .iC eateebumans, sl5
adult., and it children bapt.ned, $21 received.
^t a "h moral & 0 train Served by J. E

Eqring, who repons Inst it was prosperoueuntil
itwasentirely orokenupatheapprosahor the
Poleral irmy. The mustonary nas received

.6 on colore3' mission was served 13) E
Callows. who reports .5 appointments, 6 proba-
a ours, Omemberewal brece.ved. liabould
be conunwd.

b lu.1srdale Hosp altnbi.cri w

n b@ ,o ar

. churches. wuich were placed under bia care.
He bac.a-ided Gi* ro the membership. and re-
ceived dur g the year 10.1) Confederate and
$6 9 presi currency.

None have t on adtd during Inabs, ad HIt

had. lea7, however, ane white mppointmenr, which
still remains.
10 Memphis colored rulestonwassupplied b
R..J. P,= rry, who reports 6 congregations, 1,
members, ltitwarehumena. Ele nas also preach.,
ed to two gesture congregations.
II. PJievillemseluon rats supplied by W. E.
Camerou, who report MS whne members. 16,}
1 Blountaile misdozi. No report.
18. lyhon Iron Works. No report.
La ton lor do m1.p n wandia

15. Fayelle colored m alon. No report.
ld. Columbus colored Inies on was served by
H. Urqubart who repons shat it was well
untsI colored preachers of another chureb cree-
ted disas-na.nne among the people, a majorityof
whom desare a separate orgenuestion. Owners
wish to continue the.r conneebon with our
church.and to be suppl.ed with a midstar from
the Conference. He rece.ved about $9th.1 Oc.n-
fedears, and G.Shader, who has served the
mission for the Inst four months, has received
$3'el 35 present currency. .
17. Columbus H.,sp.tal mission was served by
G.5bastTer. No report.
18. Plum CFO0k CGIOred 2 88100. No report.
19. Jim Creek colored mission was supplied
by A. R. Bonell.=bo reports 271 members, 17
prot.nt.nners, 11101.*entecraumans, 12adulu and
5 children hapt.:-.i.
20. Ero.;ke-wille mise.on was suppi.ed
by J. E El arn:on, ==-br. .necess La discontanu-
4000, as the CGIGrs:*3 [* 0ple W 11 not hear a
Southern preacher.
21.Arreelacalorgdialesson. Noreport.
22 Pryrur.urb eqTored mif6=00. NO rPPOthe
2 Nasherile colored mies;on. No report.
24. 00+.100.720 colored misecon usa served by
W. Vau -bn, we a reparie 3 appointmenvi and
95 mem ers.
'".. A bene <..1....1 No report
24 L t.r-rt:, m.eson we supphed by lose
Tayle.r. who rac...rse 15 member-. -2 c.rotation-
eral recr.v.mi fl ... r*,,age brate an.] tbl=> present
currenes. 2 Sunday whools, I'i pupils.
27. i nt sw oolored war. rerved by .T.
M.Patton, who reports membersr. Joburebes.
2plantations. On the plusw.wns wery intele
has been done ,a.c.ce the emancipsuon of the
negroes; :-*;II he thaE*k@ the BibunOD Odght DOE
28 Wilicer Proble e.:,lored alasion waneri-
edbyJ W.McCano.whoreportall.10members. .ners lber.= were Itappointments
before in surreader. Fame 441 persons have

rmeyently, man.=-2 1120 oburch. He thinks the
ght to to c..ntsnued or formed into a
Prdrie Grees coinred uselon was served
by .J. C. Hwknt-ee. who reports 416 members *
"' adair bapt.zed. He DEnd IS Appo 0100014 till
the abini Sund y in August: once Iben two of
the plantedon app.>.ntmenr.share been deacon"
sinued, the havag been drawn
of t-ycolored preveness whogo throngb the
country run.-ral sermons for person**
e.:-use of u ls.:.m base t.:eu dend forneverel yeare.
He has bad a alure me.grettation at one of the
30. German Greek colored mission. No re"
31. rag. n* manalon was supplied
by J. C Wills. who reports 2 appe alments, 410
bearr-re 140 med.ers, la proLAL.oners, I child
Empts:-.d, we a unday actor-1. (GI received
22. Cabat.1 c.:.Icred use on was served by C.
. rs. er, ab< rp .q6e th .[ was c. J.Leb (Itall

Ed people bare [.. come so demoralized that
Ibere a nor much prosped u.-efulnesals.-*mrag

th T. as a an c lored 8 report.
The .iermis rare to str.k ng and la_
utabl o I re e nspc euitrp -
be unsure luI struggle so which the Sou b

et no < e rr r Ind at bra n

of b t he tha e on a
fondly to ught abar speak ng of or the m near
of man, Prondence was agrand esp. ri-

1 ar an racheeordt a 3, r
Air can cent.nent. That exper.m. at seemed,
moreover, to tw in a staneofoucessful ine=op-
fbent, ani abat to> very largely throupb the in

ernme existy f com uruontwes bouum
thousatid colored communicants-aboixt as
many as the eirtive membership in all the Pro--
testant mission fields in the world. Our operas
bone were constantly
a r w

no em and swiden oheel: baa been gi won to ahis
great undertaking, and it la 1moo able to dir ne

urb et uden ly is of ibe ful...i*e wrillht. M
ast.oc.e of Psrsdence. We use been em_
yed in Gol's wors, and we hold ourselves
subject tol hts eMnak a adr <.ul
we marve f some stran thin had b
tran ptring a qJ not the Apostles suffer fr

hei.delectiondfd1. L rechoverus a sh eGal i
due; .true and false teachersand per-
not so ng a and air ble In he
se t uga on ,rstanity And Lo come n r-

'.1 1 F st Ind

eem 0 pt f lihteo
Indies, and a prepare em? leg om:1hem

b5tow un al Imj unceas-orfr mission
on those Island, were the glory and boast of I
Braush Mel admm. Thirty Debychrabd . Impsed e. en ex..=(bj-r ., InJen exFee nation, the
j sent, exas.* Geen decreasing to magatuie
and interset-ind.:lenes, duritanon r=od dis-
as 2.1 m g &1 st
are elaye-ing into obean fedcus:m, the meet
debasin and cruel super.,tra.ans to say nothans
of the narratile attempt to extermanere the

tif ap li daMer le nob tb"on,
P 0 ,o b

mufobuc lefrom thbe lad also
to repress an sue rep stage, rus a r
somethoppecubarly nard so ourecadmon.
It as espeeldly incumbent upon us not to.u-
creRHe the almositon of Lh8 001.Trad FAce from
use by d splaying any b L.bly, or even andall r-

epir}n. roanada usa nelined to tperanbrio
some of their former ma.ters and negleered by
other<. though upon use whole they may have
been far more happy .n their lorruar, than they
arem or are likely to be, in their present atate.
They bare been, moreover, operated rapon *by
wicked and doesgnag men, wno have done all
that they could to widen the breaab between
them and ne. The wond.Er is, that they have
aged with so little ampropriety. It speake
nell for Lbem and their locmer masters.
We must do
th Go6d dog b

MLae~on, Ga., Th~ursdag, December 21, 1865.


Vol. XXVIII. No. 80

Over the River they backob to me,
Loved ones who*ve@asseikto the other aide
The rism nor siseIranowy robea 1 see,
B.t their voices are ketin the dashing this
Thers.'s. re> trian ringhteof sunny r hi, e 116 r-Al.action of B.-a-sn's own [.1
B. ..r.m.v. ,r, the twilignt gray and cold.
And 1. pale tran t bid salan flam n,:roxi v
Wessa rt thancelf wl.onet turn,
a The cr.' of TM City we es.uld v.-st see,
Or..-the R.ner,..ver the It'rer.
My broth-r stan.1a reely 1.. work me ni
Over the P.iv.:.r the t...aurnara *.1*-
Carr.ed anothor-Line floke**C.-li pl
Bar brint.t oria waved .n the oratio up
Debug Mar..*, I E..e her you
81.0 0--5>. I on her b om her day.1.e.) ,
Ar..i rearlowly central to. pream.:.r., i.e.
WA was..o.,J .r free us tilt.r etc. Is
And all or sure >.r-o s-r-sw:4ning it .nr
We Irn.*if Eh 2 si #61 i.*D [be *..[her 5.0
liereall the ransomed and angels be;
My olandhood's idethere abany I.r r
F, 1,-r
-rn 1.4 r. turn fr. rn tr. qu.* to I
We a:Mrh e am et the on..rry cal,
And y ba ephas i atray fr..m our boartic
Tow er th stream ar.d are e..r.. i.:r sya l
Wa can .,<.1:0 --r the wed .ar,
That hides from our Vision the gates of day;
We onlyknow that thei blithirto more
Shall sail with ..r al.Ira el. r..v ....
Yetsomewhere nc..s on II...... r. ... ,
Theywatchandbeckerishawait forme.
r.1 I 1 E.-1 ar.. lt.E. sy 0 1 .. L's eis

Ishv.II.r.1c a (Far. bytherer *.il
Ar..i but train s..ur.ici tha t.. strran'.Lar
Orasilwatchfortharlesme.f th-11sppers 1.
I, theb...mi anstr4.r-to. Arra I
Isinall pe=u in..m e.ght art tri..1.:-*,truar ki
T. thedaus*rehe-re..f ab..q..r-tunnit
Itants kn. re th-r low-.i wt... c. tr
And monally so a will the wr..-st of 1.
Wt..n over the me..r, xt.,i R...r
The Angel of Death shall carryme)


TheComm7ttee to whom was rearrre8 .1 an
documents prop.:.e:n; changes -n the L*, empl.r...
to be r.*eon mendel to the General 4.onf..rence
report en repard to Document mad e-J A. ,,,
folloom Ine Committee recommend the .ar,.
ference to propose to th General Car I-rer,,,,
the following changes:
Instead of Chapter lit See. I c.nd <;*0. >.. 1.

use rs 12,of seedii, chip.;r, substau the
question. How shall the classes be constitu.
no rrleg { ememberabspoleveruburs 6,

pro 1, on ree catle.M De ir 1.31

c Let the Qusrurly Conference nominate,
and the pastor a post one person in acts 018

3 to shoreake personal corrdance of

"r 0'. ""'i::G:'::'i:?,it
them in.i.ridually how shear souls prosper & \*
ing them an op ortunity lo speak,*
a o[mma rcelomire are he r use E. :ir rui
end .nth a aging and rayer, and let th. us not
usually occupy more a so one hour. .

stewsL s e r6shm tereshee 1 .Iann
report thgnames of any who as vie seek or
needy, or of any who neglect their dur7. or
who walk disorderly, and will nor 0.4 r. proved;
and to pay the stewards what they may have
received in their classes since the pre etling

"I'"r"i::.Mt-d #sh he da no j
those of male leaders, except that they shall
not berequired (ppoupyseats an the Quarterly
Confe j more elsess may meer at the yime

time and placeat theirowna ston, and their
leaders may alternate in ce ueling use e-er-

mT Let the pastorrisiteveryassain his charge
once a quarter, if practicable, and report its
condition to the Quarterly Conference; and let

lhtdd n diass-nmetings as often as lie
8. Wheneverinthejudgment of the pastor
and Quarterly Conferetice, the foregom rules
tbehee e i jey can 4 7
to meet the end proposed-for the maints

o"'.'t." ." a;ig.", M
a stendof Chap.IIISec.lofthe Disicipline,
we recommend the General Conference eg sub-
stitute the followmg: I
Question. Honshall pe -beyeceived into
Answer 1. Let the ministers convent the

ni b eb g4 Pttey bb y n
enbaptised; andif.theybarebeen.propound
to them thequeptions and receive from them
the answery;containedin the bsptismal vow-

ex ee n t lbem y rode: .31

11it'"it?."t:'J.","I :.

"".:"""""22.6 b b. Q
ter six month, un lear, in cases afinecessa
4. may be received by arts stes
from omerchurobes without these formaJames.
We recommend the General Conference to
sugu re no use practicability and exped sucy

ean li goe at andat na n thd
so erintendency,
e recommend theGeneral Anference to
consider the expediency of substituting foin
Ans. 2, Quest. 3, 8ee. V, ohap. II the- follourid .
S. To make the a pointments of tlie read
oritialhe Annual, anterence, provided eshkl\
not SHow any preacherto remain in the game
a pointment, store man three years mulout
e ange, exce t the preading elders, super-
numerary an superannuated preacher., ap-
1sointees of the General Conference, and anch
h a or

~ ~


our labor all]. We must watch over them and
are for their spiritud intereers as heretofore,
We must not resent therr marstitude in case
eny of them should leave abe (.:.1.1 .0 whkh they
have been so long protecteni and cared for, by
withdrawing from them our sympathlee, and
counsels, and prayers:,t-ur we must dorbes all
use goo.1 Iney will permit us to do them, and
hold ourselves re.x.iy to reerstre kindly those
who hall return so us after their Iemporary
wanderings from ne.
Stringent as are the thes, we must make a
powerful otTort to supply our d.-stiture colored
population with mas-ronary lat-acs. and thus
demODStrate to Ie world t b.= sincersty of our
past profedeions of regard allem. In all
practicable read ober meabode we mu L labor
for Eneir moral and intellectual culture, espe-
01811) among the youn;: and ac. modify our
economy its to bind ther. ecolesiastical Connection, believing, as we do,
that this will terrd, more than anything else, to
promote tra-=.r sparetual .mp r .sement and hap,
In legard to Why mibionary operations of
Our church. we have ordy r... via at way de.
serve, as heretofore, our a mi u art. We
must not forget that the poor Indi p looks to
us still for help. Our China mission is slowly
progressinc. and our use femar.e,
in the Celestal Empire must new r..= allowed to
Itr we in that deer has land nor must they be
recall J. ..,,
Our delatitutd white popular e.3. 1. see a pace,
Jiar clainitit our sympathies. Inc.v are many
communities that.ate made11>. Isrge-ly of murs.
latedsoldiers, 3ridows and orphans that were
constitutel su b by he terrible war which has
juff flo4**d, Brad fief sa da rk y Wi*Fe D. E F epok-
sible. Thermusthe upthd Islththemerr
pfgraisewhoevei ell&mayb lefirdestitute. In
Howof theseprea..ingineere .an.ief shaman
conirabutionaof itsecle.May at werecorumen.i
theS.aciety to adopt she 1. lic .ng ft
R:...m'rd Thairbi-,.B.viety rdiput(...rehp-:.w.
erful etforts to measure .sp to the : al and la..
reality of the palms.:-c ds;. 01 the past.
Tues. O. unles.:4 F. -- av .
TheeommitteeowP-.oks an.) Per:.>.iical re-
port that they have w.e- ria.n- d, oth
gar.sfaction, that the feder.aigovemenons his
restor=d abe Pubushing FI.:.use toits. Chureb.
and it;e hoped unt th. Housewal non resume
Ibe publiention of t.mokened perse.i:e..Is as her,:.
sofore. Therals great dem.itall I..1r IIvan B..ok,,
and famisy School interature, a, wher,
we trust abs House mu so..n t. able to supply
They are also cru ri-J so 1- Manc mai the
pp,.,,and thrur.:70f sh-. New s.rh ant
Advoeste and Dep asters of war, and that the Frecurse Cnnuit-
see of anal paper untend >.1 v. .--ms at as soon a
lenny got.acr.t-ers ar.= seemed The Ps..' r esta
ref re La [F=>Wal 01 **For am Elea .

a co dered 23 much, son .r p. p
i-=-..a 1 war rrasear.

th r 1 j

.x m---mus o fr.1 !. ar. n.

he been .seued di ac the r, hu ng beel
removed from r'hark re to A ners ar.el.inual-

'do m / e 1.
th Rev.bDr.6Myers ascertairied that the

b 3rsd. dw n. raceed b lem
rd clous weekly as p p. r it. Y.1ms, a 4 per
am. Th a papera to centum um nar.ea o
us an ad 11. r e... .2 6 .
nto efrl any as(( a to a ri
its columns ni promote a .:acul nor..
The mt-mar the 1:.Ilow.n re clu-
tion to rt,+ Confer, ne. 1.:.r adopt-on .
it......d. I. That he M..ble C..nberchee 1
F Eurel- rene= .r exert....m 1.. errculate th.

Tbar b. M..L.Is *..,0I.-.erace aJI adopr sh'
New e.;rleane Okar ition, a ;re <,rg an.2.s
1,ef rrec he mes. and urat e- rt .ne.-il lo promote

;s. Tr ar, as heremiere. Ita M.:.t..lwouler, af'"
will promote tric anteral I

T 6 the religious papdr projected
in Selms shall he publishedraecor mg to pros-
pectus, the Mobile Conference all st men
o as may beToomp iSle oth n .e Ger.r

We closed the repfiri fibe Virginia {'on-
erence while Dr. Homer'B due radm DL ( $110

ki ta :.0 2 u<.. po
The amendment pr. gle that ab .r services
should 1.5 retracted to the manag*-mert of the
teraporat interests or me coureb Arter can
aiderable discuse..,n it irras lost.
The Committee on thestateof the churchre-
(greed use follow.rag ree:.luuous respeobing
color, a people, wheeb w.-c. adop--1:

be t gl we e.: . Our .me. r .bo me
Eng to men, whenever st 1- praelicable, .0 aba
coluse of our regains on, tr on-.
Re ',- J neat rubs.cast b. uppointed to
so a hem n us to 1 1 als exclusively

nin I
no cl. 4. rt (La rbbo I ad 1
them, and [* th
can We d new r so eraI conference be
d .ra de abat ..aurablecolored er--
TP*]d led to abort and pe ach, an to
.0" I der -r.3per r arxcitone., to

a ye hersb un icr he superinten-
dence of our o at we re< mmE DI lfsoilf }4 utbc waship by
to emotire ea tel* no of@a furnish them rail
our colored pop dd end
proper an nues mU encourage and and.
B.calved, not we a st,,, ssubbahment
his far as at as anarnetsonot aba
of daymellildr my
colored en. MOonfer*
We gave Lbedelegates toth.eGen
ence that week. We copy the follopring id@*
e r o of one Safe pronet.maings from the


iddle Department'-Middle and West Team er
be a-comm fresh fro ha drk to
rge requirements; the mmittee granted
2,000 for thatdeparianent. The 'Hissassi C
epartment,' including the States ofMissinkip ii to
keisian a e asewas rep edf th se
various interests of that dr. nd wr a sllowed m
he princely sum of li .017t). The *Northern de
eparl nN' inhludes the eastern rparts of Vir-
{ ITwere grantar li .11southfe so on -ap
he colored people in the Western artsof thes ati
tates was assigned to the care ofphe Washing- t
on (colored) conference, whose missionaries t
re ad from the domestic missionary funds:
ilrl spemro inq< IP} :.1 1 es orms retaip a
The permanent success of our work among
he colored people, it was r.greed on all band a

in.elry. Accordingly abe sum or #3isinia was | w
laced to be hands ol the B.ahope, 10 be used lju
t their d.soretion during the year for
t ea naltil a we aPnT iIb ntiwo id d
pen pgs, it was deemed expedient to empower .
shops to enter any anch asmayoccur, and c
..r thaf purpose a contingent of over $.1.ania o
'86 5 IT inci n h770@ IT-o sw tr
nory except Mary ad and Delaware, amounts s
o more than $1411.1,4 We earnessly asked, b
ame weeks ago, for half that sum, but tr ecom-
m.sitele hare sided tur largets e-n.e raltio
matedofthechurch." e
FEv..Towdissonss of ibeGeorgiac'onference,
died addenly of disease of the heart. on the
12hh inst., at his residehoe in Upson county, in
he 75th year of his age, nad 51st year of his
Kewas buried from the Methodist Church m
GrifRn to-day, (Dec. 15th,) after an appropriate
funeialaermon by Rey. J. B. Payne.
The pure life and spotless character of stish
christian men and ministers, are's treaenre and

sessingon he church; and practical demon
It is hoped, that someone of our older breth-
ien, whois acquainted with the early history of
suitable memoir of his long, consistentanduse-
ill life. Pile siem.:-r yof she good should never
sh C .L.
per, Has GL woor*
Aiglia, Dec. 15th, 1865
To GrozoxA Laolstians took recess for a
month on thel5thitistant. Before the adjourn
ment a telegram was received frons-President
Tobason stating that the Governor elect might
be issugurated. Accordingly, on the 14th the
Hon. Charles J. Jenkins was inducted into
IE b b H 81

things done by the Legislature is the election of
J. W. Burke & Co., State Printers

DEGISIqN Dr THE Cass or Firman Cuxxxas.-
The SupremeCourt of Missouri, has rendered
dgmentin the case of Father Cummins, a
* abol.c tr u of Pike county, who has been in-
dicted for preaching the Gospel without Brst
having subscribed to, Lazid filed, the oath of
1..9 rity, as preccribed by the New Conatitution.
.Le e..urt a.5-=rsei the decieron el the Circuit
e. .ms=. c.z.-1 rises.rey decreted me natiu so binding
,.x .ul preachers and teeters, etc.-St. Louis
r,..a a sidescene .
Curerxis WEEK brings a holiday to printers.
Therewill lie no Advocate issued during that
weeki The interval willboused in preparing
forourenlargedpaperthaba IItraissuedibe
firstweekinfanuarytaless the paperurnizers
disappomt us. We hear of no accident at the
mill, which gives us apprehensions of di-sy-
a mark.(thus 1) upon their paper are notified
is nearly expireR. We hope they will renew
Main, in we are unwilling to lose a single sub'
ger; t..-r. now,0-4w
...,- "
seen no list of the Delegates from Manas.ppi
Conferenife.*We des;ra some brorber from that
C.anterence-tolorwardia. Weal.cow0b whear
reqm the Terse .= nd Ro Grange and Western
Viroinia Conferences.

GairesN, Ga.,-The Rev.C. A Fulwood writes
u.-, that the al Board of our eburob is Grif--
An have resolved to rent every Alternate pew in
their house at worship, and to introduce an in-

A Be w-ra P&Pza -It w li be seen 1,; a Pros/

fr In .1 re out r- ar Law
I of .io= to. rn Mars.... Hu.*

The it. nod season of the Hobile Conference
wais held in Franarian Sweet Church, Mobile*
Nov. 29th to Dec. ----, 1865, Bishop Paine pre-
siding, Ib. Dorman, assisted by Mesars.Aber-
nuby and Beam. was Secretary. as usual.
Three pra.ebers were admitted on trial, vb:

vwr n n tr O e
hounH trochelibJ M John nbW. P.ewi

W. B. Owilign, W. H. Leith. H. H. Karannugh,
C. C. Elils, J. M. Brown, the last three Long
ordained deacons Three were ordained elders
-W. B. Lath, S. M. Thames, .J. E. Foust.
Seman were superannuated, rk: G. Garrett, R.
Y. Raw, E. McMeane, W. C. Harris, J. G.Rush,
.J. W. Laney, A. J. Crawfr..rd. Seven located---~
Jul. Butchenson, B. A. MFHendersonf.'IL P'
Green, S. H. Cooper, N. B. Cooper, E. Brut*,
W. B. Owings. Decrease, 017 white probation-
era, and 7:*C members; 750 colored probation.
,ag 2 manners;z ea yo s upe r n

ated preachers, to., $-1,515, was paid, he of thia
sum,61,2 0 00 wascontr.buted by Messrs C W and TTA Lyon, of this city; contributed
for missions, 91,9r.5. The session of the Con-
forence next year ia to be held in Eliterprise,
Mass. The first Priday in March is to be ob-.
serired as a day of fasting and prayer, w:Lh spe-
exal rslerence to the approaching General Con
rerence. Collections are to be adren up in all
our congregations, in February and March, to
defray the expenses of the delegates to the Gen-

for 333 patienta-there are now about 300 pa-
tients in the institution. There is connected
with the building 12150 nores of land. *
Dr.Green devotes h"meelf exclusively to the
Care of this establishment, and has perfect con-
trol of the patients, without having to put them
under the astial unpleasgent restrainta confmon
to patients of the worst chile. He ia- as gentl4
and kind as a parent, and of the large dumber
of patients sent io this inalitution, a forge pro-
portion are cured and returned to thou' bomes
** olothed and in their right mind.**
There la another pleasant feature connected
with it, which we take pleasure in sol clog.-
They has a most chap.el, large enough to con-
tain 200 permans, where the gospel .s prese'.ie-l
to the palments almost simry Sabbsen.

kind in the Union. *

The tr a g uit wh n rat a r ch
giventy 9
Moses; "He endured as welug 1.In Yvb is in
Rc.w this illustrious servan ,8 simi va.s per-
feated *u faith is here plainly abown. Heared
.u heathen court, exposed in no unusual d --
gree to the saiduction of worldliness. Roses
poised through his severe trials unburt because
hehs-1faithin the invisible. No doubt, the
senaca gave aim a bid f.ght, Unt be triumpbed
onetheirealse.tations. Andaubsequently.when
sorely trued in other sys, a nhole nal.on mur-
unning and ready for revolt Moses stood for-
wardby his firmness, and saved abe people from
ruin. The secret of bia strc agth as a man as a
lawgiver, asaruler, lay in h;s pr.-.0..und conne
tion that God, the invisible, was ordering his
life and shaping the events that forstled the hisi.
tory of Israel. .
Faith in the invisible is still the secret of spir'
itual strength. Intellectual'and moral power
has its owndeeonditions its own grounds, its own

from God through faith, drawing its constant
v.:.ur.shment from his truth and receiving
itdaybydoyinanswertoprayer. Ifthesenses
and ibe sensual intellect are weighty, we can
only :ut..ide 1bem by means of IS a dame prin.
eiple, which, bornof God, brings his omnipo-
tence to rule over the heart. This supernatilral
sense of the invisible is therefore fully dompe-
tent to give us a complete victory over the worlds
the.flesh and the devil. It establishes within,
the authority of eternal realities. Life, death,
judgment, eternal rewards and punishments'
are made the knost real of all realities. These
things cease to be abstractions and dreams.: No
uncertain perhaps attaches to them They are

liib; and while thus familiar, they retain their
native awe and grandeur as thefacts ofan ever-
lasting existence fraught with infinite insizefi.
If we were as open to the ampre longes of star
nal things as we are in things eartbly and ri an-
sientweshould have no ser.ous d.aculti in
practising that heroic endurance which is so
urgently recommended and enforced in the
word of God. When men realize the worldlY
worth of money and yield their passions to its
c ol, they can endure almost any evil arid
sacrifice to accomNeh their ends. They a '
pmlillifniffolG ey arliTFatikellbjeno oppo
sition. They anocumb to alo obstacles. Now,
the religion of Christ usidertakes to give us
such a spiritual principle as shall raise us above
this worldand placeusin constant contact frith
objectsdivineandeternaL Under usintia.nce
we can endure the burdens of probatson.-
Amongtheseburdens.webaseabsevik or the
flesh, the mysteries of Providence, the strange
workings of experience. Our history is often
illockel; our circumstances sepm ill fitted to
form the character which appears desirable
our path is circuitous and dark. Divine denl-
ingslook as if they contradicted themselves
enigmascrowd upon our bewildered minds
and we are tempted in the bitterness of discon
tent toehargeProvxdence with departing from
his prescribed methods and acting capri
clously to our dearest interests. But faith in
the invisible triumphs over all these doubts an
perplexities. It rests upon promises. Facts ar
given-God's facts-and:hey are fuity atteste
are the true foundation of faith. Just here, w
blunder. We forget that faith rests upon th
promise of God in Christ Jesus ad hence, w
strive to braceup ourselves in some other wa
than by simply, heartily, los.ngly, accepting
God in his declarations. To endure, we muil
believe the promise, and every promise thu


Church, organized since the commenceme an
the war, in the South, meton the 14th inst., i
Macon. After an interesting sermon by Dr
Wilson, ofAtlanta, late Moderator, on "Ther
remaineth yet very much land tqbepossessed,
the Rev. Dr. Howe, of Columbia, 8. O., wa
elected Moderator and Rev. H.Kill, Secretar
and the regular business was entered upon.
The matter of mode general interest to th
churches acted upon up to clie time sof thi
writing, is e du ed name As

outandthename, "ThePresbyterianGenera
Assembly in the United States," was adopted.
f The pulpits of the city were fdled last Sab
bath by members of the Assembly. The da
was cloudy and raw, and the attendatice no
such as could have.been desired. We hear
Dr. Kirkpatrick, ofN. C., preach a most exce
lent sermon on Babbath morning, in Mulberr
Street church, which we would have been a
to have he to usual congregation heaf.
t BoAxolNGain.-At a meeting he ca i
the Rev. Mr. Rice, Mrho had been pastor of th
f Gircularichurch, Charleston, and "had bee
o intimately acquainted with the peopleandthe
o ideas, wished to ask a question. He wished t
s know if the old doctrine of John C.CaJh
waeentirely knodked out of the heads ofo
s Southern people; if theapErit al slavery was no
r still rife itt the Hearts of Lbone old aristocrarJ
- bloods; if he could
l speak his sentime ago back to that city an
nt ? If he could haiow tha

they were indeed humbled-if they would give
him free speech-then he would, to the sis at
effigathana, gladly and qukhly give Lbem free h
bread. If they trere not in thatoonditionthen $7
he would have them hunger a little while
longer), , L
We very well remember this $fr. T2ice v
Chadeaton at the breakinfI out of lbe war. He t
was then full of Southern Gre- -a stauneb friend D
of the Confederacy. Time pEople led awfololb.
ed him, and gave him a delightful residence' t
<.nd showed b.m great attention, ip return for S
some rather ordinary sermons.and his Southern t
sympathies. Lol the return. a
The Ge 1 A inb1 SI
nern see s now an a or. rs a-

. m
nisttee on Balls and *.**ertures presented Ibe fr.I
low ag paper, which wines adopted. a

b no c a I Icom m t .Enqurj.ce
church season has abe r. at to make it a rule
that dancing and at her r us. rents are disci
p Answer : No church isticuor, h es <. right r
make any new rulie *:-1abt.rch men .antag. -1.
("te t horn Ib or an. r, n nI sub. j t
ston, and or every other aud.c lory, to russe a
,selaser ance, otTer ng its sen:-eof we as* so a
knee" nthematIDgof LL0 113rok or Lne.:
linef* clT.ner ts rul- c .mmonly e::,ar r
Answer: Trobably none of our judicatoric
are as faithful as they ought to be; but it is by
levadd hatuthe church 8 in rally.ndo as a

byterian churches through iti supreme judica t
tory has repeatedly borne its testimony against
donexMand other worldly amxisements.
.zld but su hdjleh wehzoCdd ,ad wh
its action?
Answer-It is the duty of every judicatory to

e3 me
in gs" declared to be forbidden in the 7th com
mandmentby the answer to the 18th question
qftheLarg CA s8a bi etuCs
or of the tenoth ings of the Scriptures and of our in direct opposition to this social W
usage. Christ's Kingdom is not of this world
and the a ostle bzhortal Christians not to be
coqftTa 8811 h w r y amh en a n
ir own nature sinful,"it is clear that they may
feings those who engage in themandothers to
sun; and moreover the Scriptures condemit
en mi 5 an mb1 st n c rmgMte
the world, it is difRonit to name any offence
against the injunction of the apostle. ,No?
need the church of Christ have any hesitancy

tian profession for members of the church to-
enga itige dance'
on uio t on;rt riAt nm utlday
the excesses into which they are in datiger of
being drawn by the demands of fashion. The
Scriptiares{orbid"reveling,"andall inters.per
ate selfL dulgence with h teac sk a
Flies with or without music and dancmg to the
hours of the morning, but especially when ac-
companied with drinking and hard playing, is
m nxfestly ine siste Mr or it.. A.m.se5m.
.uy almost exclue... Is or ur marry a
- young people, wouldgive "a e.. as earner adnee
that the best form of EOmal be made
to partake as inuch as possible of the style and
ne ofd etfamily rble, in wluch youth
older azid married members.
, The A --mbly expre: .u.itself with the more
earnestneason ab..swhole subject, because of
sh.-. p e:Thion wh.ehn dairnnatpay a

gence of worldliness or trau arms in forgetfril
up, of the m.ghty 1--n.ngs or God, which
are even yet.,upon us and became eate mem-
; ro of ou at rt es fo1unr bj oth t 4
abish la upon ahim, cursed away oth the
t world's, to the subrarason ol clue di-
; vinetratiuences or abe air..cruary, and*to the
- egl t oA thedi terts f their souls. eXVhere-
take thewordof exhortation; toabstaiperom us
- forms of evil, and to study and pursue thus so-
briety which becometh the gappel, so abst the
d c rch odChru ana 1 in t ar85
e ..burch seasone to a disabt.rg. of the r Optics.
d Let them proceed by streetionate and Ic.;thful
y so.truelic.n fromIbe pulpar, as wellaman pre-
e rate by admonition and anch other mar tso-a so
e alian F r6s.1c c ,- d tp ; bu 3 a
e stach methods of as shaFI prepare,
y from the church, those who love the wbrid at,.3
g .ra..tace cont:.rru ly she-r-:to rusher thri the law
t f Chrus E.
The General Missionary Committee t

ro rict hdr{ a mT e armaket rr p

g on ym8 dia, B garia Chi L .
n America, and the French We a in Code
. 7 rene
e is, els 8 d ran C
" $15,550; f .r Indian M season I ,so for Amer
s inan Domest la Alialone in I 11 12 EAnnual
, Conferences, me!uing fe-ur Ger and two

e Oplore icon forence si 1,l5.0 lor third islas?
p ro net cod. 0 I aprpr a <, so

k spensle bring the sum tohol up to one
Ashre behighted heathew of the South come
- In for a coitaiderable share of the appfopriation
y br the "third class missions," we will give a
t paragraph or two, detailing more minutely its
d distribution, from the C s J.5,-,n.. & J....r...a'.
l- ** The *third class' missions, however, a waken-
y ad the levelled interest, and received ties most
d liberal provisions. The work in the new terr a.
torise, in 166 Rocky Mountain, 1.intio, and
Montuna, bang inc Iwded in no annual for for.
ence, talia so the e ass. All the ouser stesson
n re his 01 o ab me a rTona I. In e-
e m m @,0 a car M do .j
n for the Holston Conference. West Virgirus
ir and Baltimore Conferences both include much
o terratory lately devastated by the warand over
which the Churob South extends its
m tb rTo .ithe Saf rnanoFas 1 th1e
t *Southern Department' or the work, beiniang
e South Carolina, Georgux, and Florade, B she
Baker pru.ented an earnest but modest rapped
d to whaeb the Committee responded by a rest, I
t of $40,000, Bashop Clark, having charge o the -

al Conference, and if there be an excess it is
be paid over to the joint Board of Finance.
in the ,alesson of delegAtes to the General
nference, ties were electedonthe first ballot,
t: Thos O Bummers, WM Wightman. J-

co 4,o PKoNgro /; n he WnDhre
an; W Murrah and fi 0.0alloway are reserve
A committee (8.1, Hargrove chairman,)was
pointed to inke into consideration the condi-
on of the colored people and ourdutytowards
em, which made an able report, closing with
e following resolutions:
li'dsoWed, 1. That our church edifices be open .
t hm to viine orshipnMAh tofore, and
C. That missions be continued among them,
nd, whenever opportunity offers, that circuits

hite or colored as the residing elders sitay
dgessitable ibrthe war
3. Thatthe ministerssoappointedbeinstruct-
eto pro asf to lie y deem advisa-
4. That whenever Hady decide to leave our
hurch orgailization for one exclusively oEtheir
wn race 18 e as we regard it, yet sour
ad il & an7 ppmdw b s"hri-
hall go forth with nor tterness on our part,
ut rather with blessings.
5. That the Conference request the presiding
j oPh% nTo o rab s stoolored
he Mission Committee appropriateanadequate
ndliberal sumfothissupport..
It is needless to say that the Conference was
entertained withprincelyhospitality--ittoaskeld
n 11fo3ile.
I append the appointments and enclose some
reports. Tnos. O. SUMMERS.

8. sh TtLecottoni Iton
Mobile, State streat-ek ointment.
Mobile, St Francis streeMPP Neely.
Mobile City Mission-7 Hamilton, Superinten-

Nu & H Urquhart.
Citronelle-A M Jones.
Whistler-To be supplied,
a rTMtBD e &
Clarke colored circuit-$ A Heard.
Pascagoula-John M Johnson,
Ocean 8 rings-B G Fleming.
Aladon prings-A Hood.
EG ern Shore and Fish River Mission-J J
Washington Mipsion-To be supplied.
Escatawba circuit-To be supplied.
D J) o isrC WR P E.
MeKinley & Bethlehem-K 0 Stone;
Biking Hili-T 8 Abernathy, Sr.
Lower Peach Tree-G 0 Elhs.

Oven Bluff Mission---N B Phillips.
Chootaw Gorner circutt-to be supplied.
R ber Hil Geor P Ellis,
Butler circuit-Samuel Thames.
MacowDssT.-SH GoxPE.
Mason andcolored charge-JBancrott, E Calla-
EixterpriseLW J Powers.
Meridish Station-0 P Thomas.
Her dan c.rcull-T.) be supplied,
,."u\r -- .. Gs IA Goleman, au .
Summerville circuis--N F Mitchell, 8 M Ap-
ams, sup,
Gaine.ville and S .s-oEs--T C Kuchake.
B, Imonusr.:ad-E Phillips.
""ff j I PM arabell.
C.:-ok v II. colored charge-Tu be suppised.
(sing.t. .uircuse- J L Newman.

.. t 1- ur ,FWmSp;Iman,
and ML Bath cup.
Columbus Mission and colored charge-George
: Shaeffer.
C s loo e c am V andall.
Pickensville add Carrollton-J E Treadwell.
Bridgeville circuit-J A Peebles.
is v i tB BA sein afe
Brooksville colored charge-To1.4 supplied. T
P Orymes, sup.
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MACO2 GA. ])li EMER 21 1865.

Dear old Chrmas-the most aged and ven-
erable of easid institutione-friend of the
young and the old-algpner of stockings and
pockets and purnea-bnefactor of hearts and
householde,---blessed Chtistmna, blessed and
and blessing, int our doors.
We have livedto see his near approach, to
listen to his coming footsteps, to enjoy a fore-
taste of hip pareand simple gladness, and to
refiU the almost itdptied goblet of life with the

welcome and cordial to overflowingness for all
that he has been, sineechildhood first exulted
at his name and for all that he will be until
time and he shall expire together n life kiid
m death not divided,
Through the late years of andness nd grid,
amidachingsof heart and singuish of home
we have keptuomewhat sile ily and williep:Iits
Enhdued to humbler measures "of gratulat..:.n,
the sweet festival that renews the housebe.1.1
hithe imageof itifgladchildren andAransfoims
all intoyouthfulnessagain. But therteep and
or ateent forever; and Ibe cir.:Is of the hearth
gatheringeloselytefore shoolassical Chr.stmas
log, may be itself again is the precious enddwa
ments which weave a new silver cord to bind
our affections as often as this most genial of
days returns. Home is never so much a home
ps now, sad Father and Mother and children
and servants, how perfect is their oneness, how
interchangeable their joys, and how fully shared
the common stock of life and blessedness!
Every body goes.onit of himself at this season
and hastens to take a his abode in others.-

dial eq at dou dessSur1e she
inertistations--to make us forget ourselves am
to gives hearty, uncoinscious, abouriding life
inothers'tastesandlives. Andthengliding
away from ourselves, the new and warmer blood
of the young, the innocent, the gay, thrills its
blies along bur veins and we are happy to the
full, because we have escaped from misery by
escaping from self. A glorious lesson this and
learned once a year, in despite of chilling creeds
and petrifying philosophies. Yes; a divine
lesson that respects the sublime parables and
the words of touchiixg tenderness that fell long
ago from the one Blessed Man. How lovingly
and how lovingly, Christmas brings hizh back,
and how audible then that voice-once strange

Make ready for Christmas I The arts that
manufacture happiness, finess of fine arts, most
useful of useful at is, most noble of noble arts,
these unrecognized arts must be put into time.
ly requaition4tad their skillearried to the pitch
of perfection. All of them pay. The heart
works in them and the heart makes all its in-
struments remunerative. The ready and tErifty
housewife is now a queenly person and she can
well afford to wear the royal robes of the kitch.
en and pantry. A change has come over the
sable mammy and daddy of yore and the jo3
ouschristmas finds them-a math7 A rr eshe
ry? Alas I And ye is kind word for 11..502 out
of the treasured good of the past, and a kind
hand reached forth with its olden benedictions,
slice the days goneby can never go from the
Iove thetistheir debtor.
Makereadyforchristmast Such a festival
shouldhevethehonorofbeingheralded ereit
arrive. And theberalds themselves are glori-
ous, only less glorious than the day itself, like
the selectstarathat wait upon the rising of the
morn-ministare copies of the more affluent
splendor. Such heralds are the thoughts and
feelings that re-issue from the chambersof the
lifewithinonlystthis season and that com-
memorate like a sacrament, the hallowed mean,
ings of this symboliojoy. Once e.year, thanks
to Providence, the pasthas;nobitterness-agra-
cioul amnesty .whispers all wrongs forgiven
and all breaches healed; and once a ypr, men
are true to their hopes and And theis' ideals as
realas the firm globe. .
MakereadyforGhristmas! The world was
long preparing for the first ChristAs and more
workers toiled to this end; more signs prepared
its coming; and noross the gulfs of intervening
of salutation-than the world has known in
connection with any other qvent. We must
make ready not merely through Abrahame

andlJohn and Peter, in a words on.nde
ognesirthgoo -willtome riTtaen edarneed
homes. The songofGhristmasis needed, peace
and good-will. All need it, the world and the
Church, thatyphenbonds may be reunited
and sundered Alowships restored.
Keep this Christman in the spirit of Christ.
A mighty humanness as precious as mighty, ign
in the day, and Heaven gives it glory for all
hearts. Draw closer to your brother andlet the
cheer of the table and the innocent feativitiesof
the friends, remind you of your neighbor who
rea in tears of a goted 8 aritan and wonders

MakereadyfozChristmast Yes;makeread
to do some special good on that good day--for
good done on that good day finds the hearts o
menmorereceptive of kindness and love than
at any other time.
Last but First; a blessed Christmas to all the
readers of the Advocate.

We had the pleasure, during a recent visit to
Milledgeville, to be shown through this well
arranged establishnentunder the management

The building consists of a centre build
brick to stori ur ea igh above basement, tw
front wings, two intermediate wings, and tw
extreme rear wings, allthreestorieshigh. Thi
tilted by steam. It is also lighted with ga
manufactured ontheplace. It hasamplewate
arrangements for bathingwdahingand for put
zing It has capacity for earliig wel


~___ _

Lumpkin: Perry a remit: Forsyn c.rcu.t: {'ui- ,
Jonen calcust; Oreenesile circuit. and Forevita e
-oireun, agma. At the close of Ph. be locate.I t
and moved to Columba.. 0 ., rn. re be ince.1
and latit.r.?d as n inal pr -..8 fo r tarize v = c., 1
continuing all the anne J. u .:.:.0 ten1, a
a n a 3u; ,

be;ng so the une and or,, en.10 the i
4,0,,40 ori the church he loved et mu b - a 1twere star.. b,- ra cost oth
va. > red b=tting 8.* =-: tc agiv 0.<.,-
at y on (b Ecca.. r -Ju l< ra.:"'
Ana htart al eleg .0 lia under MU cork o'
bus Meeter. and be allen said 10r runs ws. We
dircer catase of harnians so and relse...u.- Aceano
as his soul. inus, he v. 1114 r.:- t..s
conencuous and return. I to me t.calersr.:.s .r
13ul, where no reme.ned su abo regular wric
until ivath sale d Irvin arms: Ir 1.1,
L.mi s sin. prot on asrt.. ard nc. runs ada tr.a
to the companionshpars.J ...9.3. I ghe reder mei
.0 neaven. He uln a v a, .-non, tak J. ain
sud-1 0 and unexpe.:re1. her calm and p ac tal
as that or the;.:.+.1 man 'rsti eter be. us .%rs-
bath, tbe.' 1of 010bes IInt, he n1-. us..n wah
a c..r gestive endi, into wral.:n be raorer reacI.
elour ifer art.I f ee.isy, bt
I y E. In e us.
amon:e=utlet a trona enore-t.on of at.e lung
prevenisti I alkan .e::cer s will extreme di
riculty, but 1. .0; to by a fr.r 0.1 rn I becould
0 .t author 1. ug, an.] being neliel it he had any
bus.nes**, earthly or up.ntu al, to a b.c h 120 de"
,s.reci 10 gue art.:uten, he me.nered read;iv*
N.> II ber.P romoted Gas tar tn(cly se.irs, and
can trua (.:. lba end." Agatabeingusked
--,: no 1,.11 true arms at tua gre.:sous assis or
arouni tsm, arad euppocrang tom in nee seve'
main he rammered emphat.mily, -- to
T = line our 091. ve.] brotus I.v.e lan1 lit.:r.J
imi thus hedied, Bill of itLTfs ints* Eurst 1 r

ai, the-J.ML awser sparded.= bristian milem n
Fared DHEUM-T, lulf Of chailry, hers.warened 50*|
1NO. Af*(14DI Ifiendebsp 9p F.Edid ar)1 c.nt..ar6DL
.n la r* ty arad istaran-r el l...o mi r..amore
aas rd.nary hr ni ropher so mer rush a b.-ne-r, .r one

I n ete zemoo b un p clu .0
r ato where he lier.1 c.r. I preach. 1 1. r so
ray --mrs. U had an even well.[. lant-4
and, a e.:.und adgment, i. g...:-dsteels..inhic
are call common sense. Let more than ordmary
W.11.ty ang power u spresciser, and at some
places and perseds daung bes ministerial life
t.e was emanenily raseful. The image of his
BBI 8(. gEDIA nOO EA Mill t*E Of6110, RDd 8
memory of r is a mple, resent prely, and Chra
inan bralberly kinineed, we alli ingrism and
pleasurable to our hearis. ind stimul arate a
graoxous purposes, to a 1.fe of 4.1 duty.
his 10 and to bespest one :ympilliy and
prayers. A good man has poses:.1away.andwe.
-e? r..s .nt-stb trocun.I to blessed

.* el La. was born in 15 re st-
c. .t.s...ur ,, r 21st, 1826, senix 1 I
T. :.1 .1; r y, in Augusta, Ga., J 1st,

v e.-s. c 01 t .st a . ..1 ru. It -1..*
1,...,.) n. C+.4 ther Fr .r I 1.! t4 -
ed0.::.el, r.,thisitedv.'hu re .-...;re.
n.cats. 3,so. try..r 2t--r ab are 1*'*'
primitive Methotiatnfortisefuhess. She wAs an
a r 1 e- 1: ..t -1-0... 3 c..rn at.. p rar I
1 I' sea.11.... a .r nor
Ju ar >.2 is.<- I as 1 Her y wr- at
e. o my : t..ob .r pr- a- s ...; r a.-c I
it ..11t-pr--.JIr r..-r.r Jury a.rl int-c.
ar i s.n- o.1. i a. m ry ob.= r stat r.ul l -r or;LD r.s
r 3,. a.v.,r. v71.- ar.3 remar., 0..: go 1,7<<,- at, to 1.
if it.- ...:h war= r-:r steer
she stars t .1 and ests.rry,,:.3 sil war. wb at. Lty rar 1 u se r, .vy a..t t,
eruce I tr soure a rk 1 so1 c.ur .ar to 0.

p..ninen of life
Her youth was passed in the vicittityof O ffoi d
Ga.; but for several years she has been associated
with me in tesehing In the duties of the school-
room as ususTisfithlier, she was eminently success-
mi T-,to pret..-ru. prayer later. era. taught her
s:L..In a e.E. r ry ..0 a remiu. ..r. eve du-

r\a t rit ai rs;** we
.,,.3 m ., i. 4,,0, 12n no
-c E.Tr b02 & i ,,n tel -ary..tra.r pa er.
I a tsely .. r 1.: rJo e-air J.J. rn.,

made her indeed the light of the household and the
cu .Ur .9 11
r saintedmother is a
subj I t. tul .] so I am.r at by every daugh.
6.r.0 u lent Tracent...x, I Erm.Iit t lys.a.1
fe-t ie 0 alth, y er.::: me.u at eun i t- r poort
t: sa LE : Islets- ush u nt...I.,aqi

rr at Ir{
tt 1 .&62to 1 to-to to
to a .0 an :
Fr a year is died f

a d estal j
and .rn< ly.r .1. ar, use r clog
not ts r .L re unr n ,,
Inatr be us.) 0. at. c...r. Fr a 0. .L.
st...;. er us., to., a It.., 1. r., .;( my in Her
ot?..La-da hErd D* E d..T tel [.il: L.* [L Wr. .
my happiness; andsher counsels and earnest
judgment were permanent safeguards m every
danceof In. ur I pu;conce ( the C..Iss-
ten C '7. b ads .. 4, .sa .1 .1 not wasp ted
rue .:0-0 r. 0 3-or Mr. .11.0; me E,. .:mit
no agle .u July, .0.1 r 7:ird..r g r any
0, .ix. Inc.:en ua forth with
tent r or to

r m ar naule n .d

.0 it. E na

LL wrm k br :km *8. 0 *ugD
i us.1x to ri team. t me cr, r. team
t t r.3 ...ty ten et..,, J c see us .3(
e L.r.3 Nr c. memuc-tut r. ,c .0 and
ne, ,,,,,ra=, tent.; t., prep rt 1 l...r
r -uses.u, Wr,-i,..p-nating 1. Dr the ma fear
trar ner..... b. a .2. it tuq.i e be .-cad at..I .
and, I am-, r v,,r, :. r or tb trast
ease sai to e rer y.-ar: iI .it .1,00 10..
.viar, so1. it r. 1.t or us
t..-ar .rderse.el ter.. it..i I 0.- sy
Typt Fles":et, prome .. trees "
me..,t; larassyninpunisant larr..:'*
0 sn a U. Mr.... sr-i at man cra.:.. ?
ED 2 02*. L.* Al tr [ .Nint WIDC L
so Lat ic .o ar..t M reingen ,
"a ttrbtianiry 1 :od : at v. r r Jeart..

f or / .
at adr 1 are k, L a -any. ..r
ur ,it 3
.. ally I r au n I e," as
rp 1. my rr ? F 171 & to mat
,w, r .3 rr....r tor r. 16F L r1, na.) I e...w II
trust IL .:age g ...J or and Mu c.r. er
n.-act tr act. lous in .11 to :J ri w, J..r
say ur. Ti.... Mr many a J.J.t., unli st r.-
say 03 utts-fbe erve. Ir,= r--arrect..o and
near n.. tharremovper -agesFr.m treescriprure.
that t.. st a c ca hear I re, ory re-warse ..1 re-r triumph
so was a sur r.cured was trear-oly resour,
hodthp now bdalonge-v]..ededinOc..Isills.
e..a iner at .r rt.- reday of soon

oi C y U a 1 L p
i bear, as resa ungar.urson,

a r dr ge -im,
a <3 as. My r user, t rr.vad- If el,
a ha this, re 3 LL.t Ott L.azaty J. cm treampt,
over 4.xisth ars3 to4. aring in open me, a class ,as.
n,4.rtably "
Thursdid she sweaty Edit and rrioice while wait-

or .r the. barge.making her room a Bethel on
arn ,ai1 ,njun r coun a favored apoluiLe on
he rge of r,.save.g.
:--to raisieb -.i raor cen e.:.ndition-folt n.*r com
.,1.. -ad she6 it inded, addenly shp whispered.
s she smiled, almost home-it grows hghter ad

j100 I oa nuno at "

chmepared unp, up, tip;" anpd flea through thegates
fTheshtoinn tern@uof bliss.
nd espeelally toPthe chure h a mby now b
bundant entrance thales walysKnistered to the
Ohristians For such bTessed scenesi will win (15 to
Ohristianity sucLmakenswishtodle.
Inu termer.ated me actraly late of my darline
, r Frail ir b dy. path in spirit, timid st.$
wilaterary in herthers, yet relider, risd her such a
2 ent-s ir, the g breathers of Isle, that we know of
-,,> :ae whalaw left a setter ricarder fatheragoxt
. eq,
7 of wtitr and the Holy GhoBt. Ph0 WBA
: .1. [,.95.] by it..- ble.:.3 c.f enrnal to entairsta the
t Ir t rad e hod emepa ira grand tnumph though
1 a ha use--w.>rinsturg city ol our God. .
7 J.T. Ex.

hI 514s M. Taraz.writ., Jaghter of Wm.
1 sran a st. .bil E 16sal As.,pon the ,

Am the in we er, she was the contre of the
qI amis: kin.1mmad arrects.nsta in disposition,
g. in rly meess..J the name cr r. fond wife and
.1 .<<.3 moth r, I E..>t-le and genere.ns unpalees,
she won the abiding confidence of those who knew
her best, and by her self-sArifleing derbtioa to the *
;elief of distresshermamb Was enshrined in the
hearts of thesuffering end post. Never was she
known to turn adeafear tuthecall of.the needy.
won ..i..v- to role wind unspire, n..t only to those *
utht h ..3,t.ut le trates neceselties
m., Er,. ..rr ster..agh :.v.ers. Neitherdid-
r. .4 here. In a 1500 did shegoont
tre? 7 re EdArse ill.a as ygilas the

3, w t rw th Tr 1.1.1 bicasug of
0 Its 3 ng ny.4

gr .r Di ftI gh j h@rdmin@Dip.
r a m re patriotle we

a n u am Ino endre E[rue0 0 a I

/ a war v 1, af, b b
n.i..l. s..:Ir. and dying soldierv.
,il- .E. v.w r..rr. by sh., help
., n a, e. ,, .... ,, .,g... ..
. I r., words ..* en..r ami.n
..,, . .is. ...1 b..r r.eble hourt,
per r. n n 1.1essany n dying astern,
in.p, ,i c..p ...[...:..jun,- rand Us e.,r timony
matedUni .. .1 r ar.*r a |sr. U.:6.[,g land war (.3
b sun and n I tasa n.:spitals
Metai*icrter it.rgun-P .rs la, trut esp*-
y agEU vi mtralm her rn.mory
1 1 A Inns D sA.Itally 01 he F
.ie her essitanhanore-
r. w her tass... iner

I th M LA Chureb
.rorseb.I.ib.:.4 Few
r. ra n..i tr 3.1 spar alla tions, and none
n com t...m th :..gEJ Trg years man greater
u, r, (.rtaled Her. was the path of tret.cals
t..E. D.atentime JU.1Con-tuatenine to gather
if .. o ar..> v.t..T. B.- shall einvey thatjeounuals
E.umb. r r,. re rn., m.s :ot or *ywesL trd.nists.:-n
..0.1 c., v. r r J rc .. r.;r.neand male ttuam while
at t.I to Last., ber disathlar.s spirit
-tail I.- tr a (ba .5.:- Orty great unicitmle
t rala0 r .or..6her
il.r r. u inthur.rr, to wb-.ies..mi...rt and
bar.p.o are, led by LL.1*:...iLilsd1 khifIOces,
.... 0 it I b.r as the Isrruly orsele, Lile
are a .1 tr. Ir...r.1 Their c...mfort as
,wa ys r v. .( *.v s*, I a. and is hape of
to.g- 1 -1.. on..rps...ielan.:0minstair.:r
Are .[.1 au r.[=r, t e...el- FE*Fan=i b brodier, minum
E. r v. soa Ir. ,.r,.1 test dear companimasing wh.eb
.son, t t...-upps.+1

Mr Trume=nst. dan:hrer ef Rev. Ben*, lierzood decen-ed, AI the residence of
0 Tr 1451 0 a fonce cu ,
(ser 8tib
insbe ove4year. lary Christian life and
flied the dest ghteous. She had been
a memb r of I post chureb for sixty years.
it a truly .Envi of her byall who knew her that
obe spur ing mother so use Israel of God.
She .1.<.] as ch. La.] lived, in fall fellowship
assib erari an-i tua membere of Ramsh Prrmitive
Eur.t. t Church.or when she had been a mem-
heel IOr 'll phira file bravPB Children. (FBDG-
'b J. n,4reirgrandebridrenandgreat-great-
gr ni enildren, a well as a largearole of rela-

Chr,-,. May th.a Lord prepare. by regeneranng
crice. tr on viron, reludes and fraudsto live
watu t..r in s blessed .mmortality beyond Use
4,,,,... us.- petryst ...f her Pures.

JAlfES S. Sto- Ei-sta rtme born .rdounty Down,
IrelandJu r 1 ta l?77: s-marated to the U.+
States in l7 r.: mined in-* M. E.churan in 1819;
entrace1.elaon tra I 111 entered the minis-

rd a 191: 1..*44-1 thy South carolina Confer-
on li 's hbored a ran ininerant preacher
Isr e .. arms roller- P.eedy River. 152-1, St.n-
E.-,, or, i. nallatioo--Lee ct, 1 JS: Laurens
cr. le 7: al.mbai Inesion. lital:Saludset,
lit) ansi li.=* Unre.n et. 1951- located in Ches-
rr De tria, S. C., in 11at as a farmer; moved
to Antami .nl Tr: joined the AlabamaCon-
I fe-Eas: B fat 2 P i.'ta.Jfeb .0 }ir); and labored in
th., 01.00 IIll the day of his dearts, abich
...aur.ed at b., brme "n Tailadega co., Ala., on
Ino .'-stra N..verni, r, Ir ..
He rat a uiet and peaceful death. He ex-
press..J bims. If so willing, ready and natisfied
to JE-. He low beh:ud a wife, seven sons and
,,,3,..4 ,2ghter.:00 m..urn by loss.
DesirL Dmlican,

CENu Buox Was born Dec, 4th, 1821, and
r.,.3 ar .0 Ga .Sept.5th letS.
--no **:ss the daugnter .:.f Amelby and Rhods
F EI<.. .ra 7** Cong.=rls-d in early lifer had be-
emna,- a Enember oI 160 M. E. Craireb. Much
rn clot b5, J of this e.:.od wedian, but wefor-
ten E el, at are.:.3 .s home, she what-re-
par..I ..r al., pr od of 111+ to consecrate .
nor all t.. ab.- service of God. Thushe did, and
for orrd years. Iabor.=.1 twinnially, getting
read\ for use har py transler from a world of sin
e.. ,,,,, ,,i ,an.e. crupwa say and peace. Her
,,, g. ,-,. c.r.:.aracted. Let in at all there was
... E*:.napla.nanc on dellerent occaalous abe
r.= .>-si, 2.0.1 re.:0mniended rhe.religion of
.Tease.:.ailur-.ursrl. lierd,-,athwarriumphant
It.ant- Ocd G:.r rb vier.:.ry She left a hadand
arad -= E s.Ia=Idi.:Es tor moura ller lo88. 90rl bless
tro m. A. Gast

Bra Abbia TI st was bone in 11orth
'',.2 J;..s in DesKilb co., Ga 29th of
Aucu-r ars.:r .1 prorraclea cliness so two years.
fl. rm red to thrs State. n early life, and

*1 e4btFr. bourch, .Fhwhinah livHd
5= 1 Leon n arcust at ward on the Decatur air-
to.t 10.< several years prior to has death, which
ctr. Is. til .1 men nur-n cyd.t to himself and
an- cocur. H., Lore bi, severe am;etaEn (spin
010 ?:1:&! f:critorie, untzJ his mind gave
.... Un:t. 1,4.7.. ne.] several weeks before his
driah 0,. I.:. abs, 1:me b;s laith was very
.=trone. Justt...rorah..3Jearbhewascomposed,
ag,,i d ed in them full trunnph of a g faith.
ye,,, e.reau .nd LL 1.mily amours oss of a
).:*I Chr=6LisD ** ORGAN.

SdT. use 1 -1 *C
her 17m lia rn P ke-comity, Ga.
He,.:.snea she. M. P.Otsurch whendquite young,
it, which as Usexi a devoted an consatent
master unr:1 bus death Be di.=.d of consump-
Lion.contracts.3 r y exposure an Lbearmy. e
Langered long, but bore 6.. storersngs patiendy
sad with resignatiotr.

Natl; and then wed'sbanded, andesiree.nic, the
house. And I cracked some time, and Em. be1
a tear-party; but she wouldn't envile me to it.
so [ had scarous out .n abe born, and I gue BI
didn't ask her to come to it."
"'That was not right," I era.s: "Em. aborari

I u t:::"= go o'I'b o 7 no 9 udh it
attend your c rcus.**
**Paps," Em. I would bove athed L.m
but he said that he dids r not to gg c.-.n 9,:1..
party. And I abi qitre I 1.4 not orare sus:.m her, f ar he always wants to drink th. t..=
out of the tea-pot, and pocket all use sugar
the sugar-bowl, and or the butter at of ib.,
"You have such a little bit ont etable, so, y
the naughly boy. **that when I am htocr 11
of itdon't seem but a mouthful. i'nt I' n &,,.
Ing to have another c.rete mm Sitor.isy. pale,
and then, if Em wants to come to .t. abs car,
$[]4 epig gil la the private box ah day. 21 alu.
I.kes. and see me ntand on my head..,
. *\'ou don't wasn to say that you aralend to
stand on your her..(nil day <'_1 ashes
" only minute or most a terse. you
know." he answedd "but 6.5 on or ,rs the
box all day, if ene wants to, and arei. me,
when 1 do at.
**Now, papa," e..i.1 Em, "will goti tell nie
what Evacustson D.y so for 2,-bir I am silvd I
don't Icoow...
. "Evacuation Day. my Intile ones." I a..l. .
so called beMuse ou r bi day, e.gnis-r wa y.-.u,
ago, the Britab troope eneurst.=d or meet I
Our ol the e.ty or Nw York. of whlet ines ts I
posse:-:-son, and the Amer c in troops march I
.0. Sarace then, every year, with few excep,
bone Eneday nas k.e- r appropr.atelv e ]ce.g.. ..I
II yousill rows your B.arerr or it. R-r a.
U..nory War," 00 all find thearcou t full -
COBJE3. rindnOT. My0blifren. Es> a II p

I harl told him Ohrlitmas morning
As he eat upon m knee,
Roldi dfeathis{ fulej 5,

And attentive listening to me,
ith at e demure and id,

Dei n.4 I.r at ch ..6.13411
"Butwe'llbegoodwon'tweanother n
And fi*..m otlay imp he .l..J.
D.egang .lc to.=,
in in-, crime. Es El IIsr.L1 tid,
While I lurnal me intle,
Wher.aratempt rege-rdersh...J.
Bruraming b re rr *Junty q; nog
St.rst me r yat .gt-t.. r g.:..J

Bu risk in le hrienmooth
Sat, by way of entertainment,
,,,.e. tb e--ntlest humor,
,q ,, 4 ,.ts a treat
I v(wa I ratter ru.1..ip
Thru.att..rr armi- to. Mr...L
to n. n .w 8, rn,.= r Jun eye U.0-1 ,,.
Gathering a th* p e- was at r
a tr.. ousily ---n p.

w, gta batshamour,
8 rs.-u..m he...r..1or br
Sho "gbyhismeinindignantrg ,
All baby'ssense of right,
"O..erse to.L. ITrarn..r t" called he, Icad*y
As uc habi ts, 4.r..n white-
'Y..uehallbare rosexed.g.ed;,* *
Bus ine s.. r ms.. 5m-t-n .i t.gra.
8..60 st..:..] F.14.ah. I an.] sil. qi,
In th. .J. feaul 1. -Ic allernate
B ot. a n.. ar..3.:.o ten der

7 r a n 1- _
An.2 emi- ag rly new eyes
Watchea the thima go higher and higher,
In brave, clear key, he shouted,
like some lorldly little Elf,
SanthKaus.comeanwra de chrmrmy,
Have my mour 'rare- ner... tr,
--I @.11 to ac- 1 cu1, B-or.i.,,,
Sa..1 1. t --.lang th rec.r.:. fI
Ar..) ouragm=ay as:..1.0 p.:..r He ey,
Hewir..g on tb? (dlMrs 7,.. (
Be'ntheanger we I.rgett-n,
Laughtererxas..i an my the it.vsr-

In dim, flre-lighteachamber
gmrney purred beneath chi
Andmyplay-Trornboybesid me, r,
Kne1ttosayhis evening prayer,
God bless Sistair"-then a psuse,
Murmured, "God bless SantaKaus!"

Heissleoping-brownand silken
Liellie lashes long and meek,
Like carposing, clingmgshadows

AnodnIhise umpandMpeachyeheek;
ThankfuLtears--ohmfa d\
For a woman'serownof glory,
For the blessingof a child.

Rw. Wrweson GRAxxx ru. born an R.eumond
county, N. C., but was terr many years a c.rian
of Jackson counry, 0 1. La early year a wr-:
nothlessed warb reby.ous or educinsonal advan.,
fages. About the year 1421 he was carmandic

edlTetrt oGo., when II3ce usedr red hi soul
earnest exhorter .0 our chureb. He became a
member of this coulerenes in January, 15 4
sad lor more rhan al-enry years, was an orbe-
teve. zealous greener f or some e.ght or ter..
year-. be bias been superannuated Duran!
these iss: years be bus reade-1 in K.:nry e> *
Ga., wheye he died in great peace, on the .1
Brother Graham,3ri some respects, was no or
dinaryman. Whilehiseducallocal ed, anting- c
were limited, consequently ism.ring has press. 6
ing abilities, yet such was me bouness of the
man, such his t.uinanc zeal, such La <-.rn. r
ems.-erated life, web I.aernelong moderne or
hismu21stry Recarriedrbeholy Gres-ithe
him, and kindled allied enurches into a blaz.-
where hepreached. Ifany arount he-i dabned
io religion, hewais ch.ven, as one of ab.. Un it
men of the Confererce, to revive and .:are
there. *Ilis heart weammisupof tendernese,'
hence be, wept over 6.& people with an earnest
selleasude f.:-r their wrelfare. and sought to an
them to Christ by love, and usaty are the arista

hhat abine n the crown b. qgWr 4,
blessed are the dead J.e an the L. rd.
fronihinicefortli. Yea. salth the 2p.nt abaE
they may rest from them labora; and their
works do follow them;'

Rw. W. W. Raerson w.. born to Wa-da aston
co.,Nov.20th,1000. 3@Icat histuatherwhera
fareyearsold, butinafter are bodieved 11at n
was the iniousnee of her ety and prayers that
led to be conversion in b If:b year, when he
madesprecessonof teligion and quoted WILil
rbeebureb. -Rewas for several years a class

seder and ex r and ibetited C
forence and was appointed so uis Crawf.xdvale
arent. From that use unt J 1944 he aerry,
auecessavely, wnh credzt to tumself and useful-
mean to th.. Churob-somer.niu s wsth great aue-
causabe followingenargesvu: savannah br-
or mission; Hamiton cLreuit; Cork ton car-
cuit; Macon; Thomancon elreuit; Ta1borton:

TBF MISSOURI TEST OATH -as nearly 12000 no possible. The count,
who, as I think I once sand before, is abe exact
The following is the enth, prescribed try the counterpart of a "aween ch;id," well known in
Courlitution of Missouri to preacher s, before Ibe anti-Crimean ers at L---'s, the B----'s,
they can hereafter preach the gopel or pedurm and indeed generally in the Parash of St.James,
the marri ceremony. It is onlled the "oath plays with a stoical calmness b gniv nterestanE
.no van,"" sa.cers in...con e. Artie* g fit?'"rin "'<".!,"!:di- i"it /""
II, of the New Constitution, in the following ishment very k"ndly. Afwr all. be slaver, it is
words: not the ITusalian pr.nces, [ne Path plunters, or
"I, A-2----, do solemnly swear that I am rbo I nglimb, who come here for a n4 < an-] play
well acquainted with the terms of the th. ,:Ieee as bagh ea they can, that theilt the .ropisetor
tion of the second Article of the obushrur an and emble hau to supply a large 11 -anceala-
of thestakeof Missouri, adopted iti tl e car br.. public gratia, or nearli.grists, ab I'rainch
1866, and hare carefully considered the < that I have never, directly or indirectly, done concerts. No] they ply but selliam, very insph,
any of the act.s in said ecolian a seeded, I often win, and go sway w;th th. b.1,ry; t sa
have always been truly and Josally on to Mrs. Wiggins, of the Le<-most my take ,
of the Unded States ars.nst all enem.e therr- Indly-who pgp.r down a Nap.:.I.T.n bc ,aisly, *
of,.foreign and domen.e; TI as I wal 0 r or while Wiggina la reading me Dail 'fe-legraph
faith ana a legiance to the Urates Srares, and an the IIbrary. It is the Rev. --- raclk.:-. who
wall suppo abe Coradianon and lati & therest tr.k 8 EIDSII FIInts wa ] the a y .:.1 .st roleS Illfa*
as tho supreme law of thes ir.nd, any her or or. thgan offering st ashrine. I saw you yester*
danance of any base to abe contrarv riots th. duly, O Tev. Ratiles, and you know Ir. It a Ihe
alanding; that I w.el, to therwest of m. at mty, m.norcorwaributorewhomakethebsi.ilwoon the
pre.rect and defend the Un on of Ibts Un.ted rient e.deof thebanker's book:,and.when you
Males. c.ud not adow the arne to be Err:.kwa up consider that four eau e are constantly occupied
and d..a.:.lved, orthe Goverutner.t there. t to by these petty punters lor Rurteenhoumour of
hedesiroyed or r.vershoern, under dr um. tiventy.I.:.ur you @.11 -?ease to wonder at the
stances. it in rny power to press ni ir; alaws: I creal eviended Int.eral.ry of The direction, and
supper the Gra elilunt.n of Ibe Seart at Ma: erseap enjoyments of this, the best booth in'
souri: and II...* I make this <<.It .ut any You.ty fair. I do nor hander at so many peo-
mental reservet...n on ..vasion, arni us. J .1 to ple coming here; Ionly wonder that arer;. body
Le banding en me .]...:e not come.
It is notice-able that th.: 086 relea I.:- II,,. A strikIng scene occurred yeare:.1 y. I' we
pressor, to lbe future ena tu she pa-t in I.-- lear, P. M., the tablo were unumully w ro=r4sd.
gard to the pastak.e stbin' 1. .3 [.my unusually high. Davide th.- r....nns rraore
well acquainted with tras arms ..I use sins.] wn, a pnelanz oi the ladies Iki.:ra;64 to true
1 ention, and nes ter-fully @,[.,.1 ..8 to-- marne, band. Suddenly the weather and that he less never..irrecq., -:.r ones ...ica, bright-bow bright rand cis'.r only the a -lo
any of the act-, ir. the s..d .s... to r. -<.11..1 know Bwler can agine-sky near.g. 4 ;na
TurningED(faldE elit*DWe $Dr#[Fi51it (DLI.he 9 rewmanaggsg ariffitantPubstalingyr .91.. air.BRd

affs.=r.r aware he I;.. no r r..Lr..-riven I k!ng up. 1..u pere.=;r..d tr. av ful Ev-r.:-tic
ly, done: truit VI c.mi ash no.r-in*1 1 IL.rk .nestrue.
"1. Heleas never been in armed hdstility to c .v. rol the garden. me .nr. i..r ...r ti.
theUnited States: or-- 1.1:-? a collar II.*n er. :. 1 ..r.r -0
"2. To the Govertyment>of th a Stat of- I soul is E**im. I I.urpr. ely usik..3 arr.. 112,.
"3. Given aid, comfort, coubtputine ..r .up. r..ore N..t a man or n.:.m..n 3.11. A II,. rr s...
o persong 1enge.gel .0 e=. >. as ,, f dna at. r...II ball I der"ri r tr)r a -
"1 Has, in any manu.:r, adhered 1 INTand. There was mass compliant F.r.out the diari.n. .
ming foreigner domest.e.e. the- Unded .States, as li L11aL Were th0 (hull of $1 Berl'sn- [, Eur
either by contribourag in it m,...r lip unimal- else. I went out.=2do age.e. and lbers:
ly sendir.g wut..n itsear m.:.I.r y 00.1, Isr. r-sual me scandal and knsiting <1.11 .0 lull tide{
teraorkformation. re- ad so, trah aboartillere of la.:.ven mourning
"6. Has fluloyally i.el-J.e -oarneanic sis.:.n inth ford valleys trebly terr.ble abe Mauralon
such enemies; or--- of the place. the hand went on playing? th#
"7. Has ever Eviser or w..rd rr'In 1.sird his Pr-ralle,:a Polka," the n.ia..] ,:.3 1,as
adherence to theesu e oi such her.i.e. c.r his per.on' who La : night appear..1 an th.: pearls.
desirefortheir artery-h..var II serra, .:1 the mad th.-:rupwarmeroupierE of any aw..i for
United Stalen or ne impatiar it, at.0 -- en- Fron-i, na-rs ts want.4 tail ab-- arts and the
agreed in carrying on T. 1-. II. n ,per I the echo of the last abunJor assi ware.] bel, rn rises
United caree,,.r- ..nnounce.3, Trents.arts.r, rs.r ur .4,-,.,.
'8. Has ever, except under ov.:rpe ster.g it'ro stanli an there se no moral to ab.. l.ner;
compulsion. Eulmillsrf so the sushousy at ..c I c.raqnot so point it out, not v.e.n era-
beenantheserviceof thorocallels..au1 ral., gar.edinitsatlinebully.cajoutlielset and
Stater.of .Lined or-- you may drawany deduenoc.,= you lik...-0
9. Has ever efr chie 11.11. E.ud g..uo artnn .1 ,ar.>.
the Enes of the armise or En.> e.:.-calls.d Con-
federateStatead Amerses run ra press or rinIrisuFaris--That whbby ini the key
adherms to said States or artuir 9: ...r- by which inany gain an entrance into our prise
**It). Had ever been rs ruember of, e.r withany orders.:.e-sty or organs.Yassors in.rnied That brandy brands150 orse 0 all those who
to meGovernraent of the- Unst..i St-uct or the earned gervern ther applete
Governmentof thi State- or- That winecauses many tofr.E.e:a w.t-ding
11. Haseverheenonesc.:.1;nguerriInsoar- wayhom@*
fareagaint-r loyal inbtst.It.nto or the ITra.r...i That itabhisth b so of ruin) urJr n-11)
StateE, of in the deserspri..n or ru vrualog c. m. punches.
mohly known 8: 7- That ale causes man rul.= go. while beer
"12 Has car-c know.gly and ,II...41,, a r. L.raga many to the b;er.
bored, aided or counteninced gny person e Unal Charaspagra in she eran-.. c.f m any dest
engaged;or- 7.,n
"13. Has come into ordef: ih.: .1.ude for ine pH er fin iing- hare "slewed" glore thazithe
purpose of avoiding enrollment or dr.alT, .nro eunge 01 old.
the milarary serviceof abe Unded -states ..r
"l-1. 8 as es.r, wars a to enroll A BOY'S .MORi- -

mbent in ibe Multies of th a Sr rate, or I escape The anniversary of ibe evacuation ofpha city
Un... d %rt find a rr a hear -muses,>m+i
no r. arded himself Is- be ourolled ty or L-=fore is sometimes kept. The abilway .e a bo?"
any aiBeer as 4isloyal or a fou thern esu per on g story of how he nnd his siliter celebrated it, as
ar; or- told in the Horne Journal,
"lS. In army orber termr,6.1 carra b.e des 1- ' fectiontoibe Government of me Unde.15tive 4,ing I did inia morning. =nen I got up, was to,
in itsconters warb the rebellion : or- ra.,96 th.- itag on thestalf down at the foot of
"16. Having ever sored at may el cr son by the garden, and the next no 10 enr. nsy
the people m this State, orin anv oluer or Lue After breakner, I pt fu. an-f 8ia
Unued Statesor BE.JOI lbelr lorritor..-i or beid to a.sesemble routid the thg-sitarf where[ drilled
office us this Staleor tra any other or ine. Un:- them arbmaskets and awards-only we didn't
tedStatraoranyof thearnervic.nes. .:1 un-is:r havemusketsandewordsyou knoT, lut just
the UnitedStatesabell therester bars.- soughs ance and sueb kind of arms. Em. nad your

any anual or olber other abe reof, .n order to headed one. made from "Old lroceed. e.' I was
secure ex.m nor.. Irom mons:.ry dar7 .0 the the general, aud so I had r.amord-not a real,

Edlidistof th Stateormther.rmy oI the Un.- one, but just me enrving-knite, nor the best
one, but the orber one: and, then, wbit do ys:.u
A SEA-BEAF. -Why, 1 Ibink f rephel. "the y..u got a
M.Lecompte, the celebrated traveler and wapping from inecoms '
naEuralist, captured something aboilt a year No, I .11.30':, though," he main.ered, ain.1
agonearCape Horn, a full grown seaubear, 1.1in a Isketoseehertry togave me e. way
which he Anas placed in the Zoological gar- p.,ng-that'm aU. No; I ac ibe goat and ma,3,,
dens. a war-horse of her: and, tell you, she was any.
"This curious marine animal, shkL -e neerit at a., Inst as mueb as I coul.14mo keep c.r, her
six feet an length, wil stand on bar, tund lini, -libe-Janced had jumpedatsour so. We march
sitonschairchmt-up a Inddermakeaudible "d 'nprocessontapta M.r. Jack's. aradrb.-re
sounds to as owner. k1:== lasm in the rural ade.3- .ce got a new recru.r, Florry. he earned ad., manner. we abe fore-Ene- recons.3 tus our of a mak apron, adab forgot to r= tce
neckkidswallow any quantity of fish, (he some eneanute out of the pocken so, when phe
does not chew), of which he devours forty unsurk.2 it, an91me wind waved t at.crus aby
pounds a day, all fell out upon the ground, and then no broke
Theforin of hisbodyandtheskinwithiwhich rious, and scrudaled for anam
it is covered, resembles seed, while his upper ""* '"" rrupr.d Em .0.3 you an.) Ine
Jaw in very similar to that of a bull-dog. the rose c*..t time moss."
ealor from ibe eyea to the a sse bein a dark 1 tant's so," saul the boy. *80.1 n.:rds
brown f he color of 10< an is a lig t brown c.ual abrays to have the meau. They get more3 sometimes into a dr ob. 4Tehas fou pay than private, you know."

In totiAe a ask*.BdutEthegoat wasn't a general, seas lieft
we perstron at the fore lege are they but the ."No, notanzactly"he answered; "but never
posterior ficabove ach five ph..'.mges, resem. mmdtalking about that now. P.=pa don't care
tube. so a crude manner, 0.0 human hand, but anything about what abe gest dus; he wants to
whoed Iske she lost at a duck. He has also, know what we dfJ Dan r you, paps !
trueg.-rm of abe [&.1, about an men and a half 'Yes,"I replied,"* I am much anterated sin
in lor=rth. }*:.ut nee.:.ant or the day's"
R. Lecompte thus speaks of the habits and "Well..if:-r we get Florry." he c..t-taued,
temper of this interesting captive: "I stopped we man ned down agan ra the house, where
at Buehos Ayres eight months with him sad decomourated, answer and got some rations-
there, whale making him change climate; I lural tack, you know and cheese. Then I
made him change he hants for at first he re- dratr.-J a c..uple of balls boys who came along,
fuse-d fresh-w.ater liab. but a 1.ttle later. I got andmade'em drummers."
him;toeatit. AstohiseducationIneverem. "Yes,"asidEm., "and you'd better tell p
played but kludness; allbpugh he attenbit me what they did."
ndetennia.medmir.chitiandInever.strucu 'iOhhushidonow. Ifyout I Islkirges
agilom. Ineverkepinimireminatoodtmthen muchIshallnevergetthreagh,
I have maded him atrue Irland. He use so "Bid what did your drummers do?" I
mueb low fa me thnt aben I nant sa lesse a dn
ham, boopposa blm.wif ro it. He I.her to es, b. noting much, theyjust drummed,
rests me, and Jikes to be car.=.ssed he for...enry thit e all." he replied.
he bad in bla mid state kar assappeared, and li=1,"said Em."and they holes
girpapisqe to kiadneds. Relikeasociety and in the t.OLLOmdOf tWO [an preds Threes what
}ff itsaye him alone he cries.= th..y d.d."
II, they were 01.1pale.pap.4." (1.-= boy sa..1,
ROUGE ET NOIR AT 111DYN-1'.LDEN. en'regood a mueMs a Ti ces debe
And what about the great end and aim, of a car.-----.."
Visit to this-picturesqua spot-the play?";you Oh1" Helsitued Em., what a story?
will ask. Withinthepast few days ithasbeen "Much,"added shelittlerascal,
fastand furious; butperhapsI had bestor quot-s **IL so very improper," I astri, to drum but 3
thewordsof oneof theeroupiers. ** there-are into the boom of On patin-wory .ruproper
a charming Englishman, a Russian, a Belgian, Iradeed. Tin paiIs costanoner, arsd I car.'s ar.
andtwoPrenchmen, whoplaylikegreatgen- fordtorsons them Jestrop-d enrixat way,"I
slemen!" Atpresentthelteroofthedayisthe said-
Russian Count Narasome, commonly known as *lYell. you .see, paps, they didn't mean to do
le petit prince,"who has eat down before the it-but the pade had poor bottom. Th. y ougnt
Benzanetfortreasanduptothistimekaswpis- *obtave lseensIrongenough ts aland a thde
ted his enemy. Like the great 1%poleon, he beati on Evacuation Day."

oi encom a Od a wh.b 'fe sla over com 1 .ell," Icrised, **[ auppose I wall have to
oddess has as yes declared on the side of the its boy winked at his sister enatuphantly,
mian; but I would remin I thefearancine of "After we'd eaten our ration.. We marched up
schedin v %8 whien he must b heard at the thall, and then we marched down again.-
facertas bon tell us how 7 Fortune And then ve.burrahedever isomany times. And
e d area," and adrine hun to raud the aban the goal ran away warb me, and Ogmbo
sied an go a with nia arms and implements, ran alter the goat, and I fell oil and the d ,
up to nowmustbe something enormous and the goat had a Eght, and oumbo whippe1



Demopolis-J D Flaher.
Shelby Coal Mine mission-To be supplied.
Mahans-3 W Starr. :
Gentenary Institute- RKItargrovePresident&
Thos O Weir, Professor
Stonewall Institute-D OB Connerley*
DallREi Academy-F M Grace, Principal.
RH Rivers transferred to the Memphis Con-
Ar Toland transferred to the Texas Con-
R.Milaunders transferred to the Georgia Con'

th Mo toody d annd E Brown transferred to

on o Dz82 t on dandR see PE

u nn

1 Ot 3 Manch stNr, WE Ed
e York, RN Grooks; Matthews, J EMar-
ad mon Mde
ing WilHam, W Tucker; Caroline, J G
Rove; J Manning, agent Sunday Schools in
hm R ch ond ad Nmrisol J Boo a
chaplain to Seamen's Bethel. J A Dunch,
editor of Richmond Christian Advocate.
OnAntownsvat.n Distitca-L S Reed, E'
Chhrlottesville, TA Ware; AlbemKrle, RW
Watts, GBAllen, JJ Lafferty, sup; colored
peopleSouthAlbemarleAOBledsoe; Scotts-
villeG CVanderalice, RH Garyaups F)uran-
na, J M Anderson; Gooebland, EDSpiller;
Hanover, TH Kaynes, R B Tettles, sup; Bea-
vr Dam, WI Kuntqr; Louish, P Whitehead
O ange, W It Camper, J F trannin, sup; col.,
ored people of Orange, E MLinney; Madison,
ER Pritchett; Greene, J B Fitzpattick, Z E
Harrison, sup; Piedmont, & F Finnell; Elk
Run, TM Beckha ; Harrisonburg, P F Au-

"'J.."i'$"I'da." .'""'!"Jo "f long o" oi
Reason, J A Crow ; J pLmdesy, Chpaplainto

agaDzs? A onPo rt
RN 81edd; ATherat, JP Garland, TX EarlyL
sup;kBu&T RdA Colmpt jca 1 D e;
Bedford, AG Bxown; Porter's Hountam Mis-
sion. O Doggett; North Bedford, Jos Spriggs;
Staunton Riter, RA Gregory; Campbell, W G
Lumphm; Appomattoz, Jno G Bally; colored
people ofOampbelland Appomattoz, TA Pierce,
sup; Slate River, AC Bowles; Buckingham, J
R Waggoner : Cumberland, O Littleton. -
Davion Dist-W H Chrar Lian. P E. Dan-
ville, W W Dunean; Charlotte, J 1 Y.>.ilt.:.r,. 3
DSouthal:, i.up South of Dan, L II her.
a E 1 ( En6e4 olATM a ,,.-,
Lamkin; Painican M Wallace; South
i'""feYupW Be n UneK rE PM ,s

ni%, J mi o C le b Sah ughPsu
dent of the Danville Female College-
FAREVII.I.E DIAT.-N Head, P E. Farmville,
JE Prootor; Prince Edward, William 0 Oross;
AmeliaJOWatson; coloredpeopleofAmelia,
T Digges; Randolph MaconCircuit, WA8mith,
W W Spain, sup, Boydton and Clarkesville, B
WDougherty; Union, ROBurton; Mecklen.
burgJWBlincoeWOarteraup; coloredpeo-
ple of M. akIrnburg, S 1 Hoyle; Brunswick, 3
M.chaels, .iB Mernts: Lunenburg, A Wiles, G
H Ray, a= up Nor many, W W 2 nett, J L
Spencer, sup; Powhattan, S 8 La th; WA
Smith, Prdaident of Randolph Ma Gollege,

w?,HR B8 8 8 E8SW E s

"if;," " my go WHw d
Dinwiddie, L H 4 renabew, N 1bc.m.v. sup;
South Dinwiddie, W Compton; Sussex, J N
Saunders, J A ; BR Duvall, color-
Rpeople ofSuse 110, J WPWhite,
C Garr dk, so ;Bertie, J Mp I 11sn; MayrTees
boro', W arr; Southampton, B F Wood
r ol8o eo copl Mdrno2 sPu ; Smdths

sups; Surry, J W Connelly, JP Woodward,
sup; Prmee George, G MRobertson. AStewart,
sup; colored people of Roanoke, RI Qarson,
so / e, MOorudling President Wesleyan Pemale

CuNobE LKd I .*--E PHW 18 ,ePhE.m Norfolk
%ople of Norfolk, A J Coffman; Granby Street,
M Lee; Portsmouth, W C Blount; Suffolk, J
A Crowded, A Bernard; Gates, J W Wonyoutt;
Edenton, C OBingley, W T>Torfleet, sup; Hert-
ford, J OMoss, TLWilliamssup; fasquotank,
a JD Lumsden; Elizabeth City, JH Amies; In
Gia Rid e, JO Kummer, sup; Prmeess Anne,
,(LLEIANDRIA DIST.- E ROwzie, P E. Alex-
andria, GW Lanthorne; Fairfax, Wesley Ham.
wond; Olarke, WH Wheelright; Warrenton,
JD Blackwell; Fauquier, J K Grown; Prince
William, J 8 Porter; RappahannockL K Gray-
bill; Culpepper, W F Robbms, J Oarson, sup;
Spottsylvams, JE McSparrin; Fredericksburg,
J 8 R 01arke; Stafford, RE Johnson; King
GeorgeTJIlayton: WestmorelandJEDavis;
Lancaster, W F Bain*
la t TP 8 T-Dm s; Ts vi eE. A
Dalby; Pongotague, L Moore; Taylor's leland,
3 OMartin; Cambridge, G N GuF

Fo eEson en chris an AN I
anarlovian on.
In our Dipcipline, page 45, one restriction

T sohn1the Genwal Confere e reads thus.

1 pacy oro or ye f ur itinaway ep a
al amperintendency." On page 48, there is a
proviso allowing the General Conference to in-
augurate a change in the clause above stated'
which change may be perfected and become law,
the act of thee seven dannual Gonferencesin

There are troo abanges proposed by some of
our peopleorrathersomeof our preacherawhich
most certainly will, if effected, ultimately 1st,
weaken, and then, Sd, "destroy the plan of our
itinerant general superintendency.n
Thefrat one I notice, is the proposal to ex-
tend the term of the pastorate." I argue that
just in so for as this is done, you silk
1st. Make it more difHcult for the Bishops to
remove a psator, when the real interests of the
church require it, provided his longest possible<
term has not expired; provided, also, the pastol
Mul his charge are both accommodated.
To illustrate this: at A-----, the pastor la pop,
ular arid inia charge wish him to remain. He
too, is phased, and as the laro allows this, they
from LAeir standepaint.can see no good reason
why be should nothe retained. So, as all par
ties e it, not toeardemand it, of course the
B very probably most dogmatically in
of LAeir pleasure. The i31shop, however
from quite a different stand-point, as a "gener

ding Elder of the District in which A is 10
ented. e
5 Sw**** the congregation denand, nicatres

Greenville et, Jan 6, 7; Cowets, 18, 14; New-
nan, 20, 21; Carrol ot, 27, 28; Troup et, Feb 8, 4 9
LalGr 24,e25 0, k e ch oM"-
miss,1(1, 1; Osmpbellton,17, 18. n
Gra mtereste demandspromptandfull attend-
a '. ....- .7 - .
E .-tr :t 51. a.1.. Incstine a th.:.Newnan Pars
n to ranunrv 'ism. .1 II *
M.Es1-r:rr th- 0-:4<1. t-y as0In; put*Ik"ty to
In-, ..bires in.:1r Ir...nd
ar.1. .,at.:.r- J...ns B. McGican
Dee21 aw

Augusta, St. James, Dec. 80, 31; St. John's Jan
8, 7 3 Springfleld, at Turkey Branch, Jan.18, 14
Sylvania, at Sylvania, Jan 20, 21; Bethel, at Brick
Church, Jan. 27, 28; Waynesboro and Burke'mis-
sion' at Waynesboro', I'eb. 3, 4; Louisville and
o se SP; Co Odi Richmond, a
Feb. 24, 25; Asbury and Trinity, March p4
vannsh3 March 1 G N.>MAaDONELL, P. E.

boGriffin, Tan.b JPoray2th, an.M3,D no
McDoriough, Jan. 27, 28; Jackson et, Jackson,
Feb. 8, 4; Payetterille et, Feb. 10, 11,; (place not
remembered); Zebulon and Barnesville, at Zebulon
Feb. 17, 18; Upson, et, Salem Peb. 24, 25; Thom-
aston, at Thomaston, Mar. 3, 4; Oulloden et, Onllo,
dea, Mar. 10, 11; Forsyth et, Mar.17, 18, (place not
remembered); Monticello et, Monticello, Mar 24, 25.
District Stewards will please meet at Griffin on
Saturday, the 6th of January,
Nov 80- -3

El .. .: r r..- I .,: .. .r I. r : .:, ..... c. Ir ona
it. as rano n. 1 .,"'
,', .\, .. ,",. n, .. uz
-over. r -NE, ?,.,
".man aI -s.-. asur.:r,-r

PRASPEr*Pris FOil illE
CindBBati ChriStitB &(1700810.
lisedlegig ed 'selnedhi ]ia Tin nincinto tiM 6 inks
E iscopalchurchBouth,, his design tosupplyamedium
o communication and defence, to our Church on the bor-
dd wheree we are most danger of being injured by un"
Iti lnetelne oetale rt ion North and South; and thus
a e h e j & rd a
e et br th o itse on and else-

er f b m

Deel4--20 P. G. Methodist Chu h, Cynthia Ky.
xAmson, GEORGIA.
Commissioned b the Ge I in his "Oir
3 Surgeon nera cu-
lar Onter," May 13th, 1865.
The Artificial Legs mind Arins, (Vren's Patent) manufae
tured by this CoCpayD recommend themselves for their
eg ms can bes 11 idmUs a tnb /oo 0
companyinTowananBliilding. Werefluestezamination
ana & o t p si no mooreaindh a n1en h
withthisarmraiseth Artfteidlliandtohismodi ,fore
h o ch m

on ..and to hearn o e is
Our Workmen are a most Mailled from the Conipany at
1 en no 1 "mine tifoliddress
NovMr Madison.As.
theMantifactureof Cotton Gine. ThosePlanterawho
whodesiretogetmy make of Ginswould domethefavor
AT.du e 'sused tccum k v h er is
fees abe mam mo3,f rt u snea 6de .n bu ill deliver
montgomery an 'Mobile, ALL; Columbus, blisa.: Ne Tri
leans,1.8.; Galveston, Texas; and MemphisTenn. Ishall
oreash ee ao nto tsmdere i wanrao pt 4-

a to


24 i n ano ,C v3 e 0 3 0
ri3et JA at TA 1 to Weslel4Ch2a0p;el, an
Newton, Conyers, Jam 27. 28 ; Powdersprings
at Powderaprings, Feb. 3, 4; Atlanta Ob., Gil-
herts Sebool House. Feb. 10,.11; Alpharetta
ShilohFeb.17,18; Monroe, Monroe, Feb.24,
25; Lawrenceville, Pleasant Kill, March 3, 4;
Decatur, Corinth, March 10, 11.
Dec. 14,3W.

Oglethorpe, Dec. 23, 24; Amerious, Dec. 30,
31; Buitthrille at Benevolence, Jan. 6, 7; 1866;
Starkville, at Starkrille, Jan. 13, 14; Ander-

e. p sep7Tr a n. 2 28 L

'h, t
ra Ki reh, 10, 11; Et. V Iley, March,
17 I
8. Arrnoxy, P. E.

T. W. B R E. E dir. 0 0.,
Second Street, next to Baptist Church,
MACO10, GA,,

unch an assortmen of a la ea no
t bl a ase 1m
on 418 Ad 8 et i ooks amily Bibles, y
raph ums, Card Photo rape j@n at oe Port
ohos ork Boxesdocke Bdoks, Portmanaies Pa r
n a

abeth tan A r
Leader McGuffey's, Goodrich s,:8argent'sTower's, Wil.
son sParker & Watson's, Tower s, Sanders's.
go a a--e #ebser'sMcGuffey'stEclectic, Wilson's, Sar.
u. -1ark.', i. inis r In's, Emerson's
*-.-----us a .r .... u.3,. *
1-.a. i ..-c. E... Butlers, mar.
BoA those and Jhdlion a Series of Latin and Greek Text-
. 1 r -
F 1..= so-
c ..2 in
. as's

6 :an
... r --

emptorily, a change in the pastorate. The
Bishop ana his cabinet all agree fot once that
this must be done for the good of the -church.
Here, too, the pastor and his peopFe all agree.
All parties are of one mind, In the practical
operations of the "glorIous itinerancy," how-
ever, it so happens thit, if the pastor leaves B_
for another field, so must the.paster at A- be
removed, foly as every one must know, the
change of one pastor from his Held of Intor
often involves the change of several.
24. Thelongerthetermthenioredifiloulkfor
e a e e as a

be placed those for a certain time especially.-
Let each one know certainly when he is sta-
oned t Rel thatdhe ettled the ecfo sa

chT sy odle are h sk t
in a state of suspense. More of this next week.

AmeTtHEoe e o'REl mission
was held in New York on the 9th of November,
BishopS mpson, Presidentof the Cominisefen, in the
1 and fredntweets of the dfkeedmenao gr ay
interest were presented. Brig. Gen Fisk, Assistset
Commissioner nessee, made a very interesting and suggestive state.
mentof theconditionof thefreedmen inthatstate.
Rev. Chaulain French, who has recently, under
ordersofGen.Saxton, madeallextensive tour in
hebadvisitedaeveralplacesin South Carolinanna
-of from one to three thousand planters and freed-
men on their mutual relations under theemancipa-
tionproclamationaddthecT1iof the government*
The case ofthousan of people was user"
able in the extreme, and their prospects for the
coming winter were mournful beyond expression.
According to the option of the military oAcers of
i"it"t?"i:"I "J. co'v'4:"" <"'..$11.6
rious benevotent societies, without doubt thir
o n o

the executive, and by whichit was to be hoped these
liv imigdt be easyend to a n doto su of
the Bureau for Alabams, also made a statement
of the- condition of the freedmen in that state, in
some respects more encouraging than that of Mr.
French, yet fearful in others, The number of ins
capable persons, aged, infirm, orphans, or women en-
cumbered with large families of fatherless children,
was very great, and, in his opinion, in spite of all
that could be done, forty thousand must perssh be-
fore the winter is overt look forwardtol-
To8a h me ap a8 e, unloesa3window nhang
thewholeformerlyslaveterritoryper psonehen

auhot c na on
by wh h ey are su ompded! Adv. a ounces

Waousta Minnyme.-The Alabama Con-
vention passed the following ordinance, which
united together many temporary associates,
doubtless to the chagrin of some and astonish-
ment ofothers. Never before were so many
.Beif ordainedbythepeopleof the8tateof Alabama
in Convention assembled, That all marriages be-
tween freedmen and freedwomen, whether in a
state of slavery, or since the #mancipation,
heretofore solemmsed by any one claiming to
exercise the right to solemnize the writes of
j ie f wh nd a e2 tT h

o $ h
are hereby declared marrand wife, and bound
by the legal obligations of said relationship.

On the Mth inst., by Rev. P. M. Ryburn, Mr. B.
J. InnI. and Miss Manza O. ALEXANDEE, LOth
of n D ediber, by Rev. E. W. Bigham,

in Eatonton, Ga., Capt. Anal. H. REID and Miss
MAnY A. Roaur, formerly of Knoxville, Tenn.

.Pa 11Tdtit G .TN Ms ad is .
Do a lbotton, Ga., Nov. 14th, Rev. G. H.

Patilloj Mr. Amran A. Tupwan anbdyMiss CAnnis
E. Jons.
On 6th Dec., by Rev. A. R. Thtgpen, Dr. Insl
H. Hannison and MISS SALLIE AB1tB, daughter
of Rev. J. W. Parks, of the Georgia Conference.
On Oct.1013, by Rev 8 E J Sistrunk, Mr. Ifin-
imr SoTfs of Tn co., and"Miss KITTIE Bu-
In Fort Valley, Nov. 31st, by Rev. T. B. Rus.
sell, Mr. Hawar O.*HAals and Miss STELLA
In Marshallville, Dec. 12th, by Rev B Russell,
Dr J M Sinnows and Miss MARY E SLArrar.
In Greene co., owOct 24th, .:.y R.=v Albert Gray,
TRWL jh f no placand MissMski'

EnmN jn o an N dh ibs MR Ae
both of Newton co.
On Nov 22&, by Rev W W Oslin, Dr Fraw.
woom WAx.nn and Miss Lyor A Evalwar, all of
Monticello, Ga.
On Nov 228, Rev E RHenry, O GTALMAGRs
Athens, and so GzonoIA MoDowar.L, of Jas'

t R JO DO o it a

Orangeburg Dist.

9 Oman ndd, Do a 1 f a gT
burg Diet, 8 C.
On Oct 26th, by Rev J Blakely Smith, Jonw B
WEAvan, of Barnesville, and Miss RA'ran 0
CAaran, of Merriwether county.

In Clarendon Distriot, 8. G., of uleerated son
throat and croGp, Mar ErazAnan, daughter oi
Dr. John L. and Maria J. Dinkins.

Sheet, for saleb J. BURKE s C*:* .
on, ea., sept.19, 885.
& ARE ER 8 AL MANACTOR 18 0 6 .

ar..= m nea we auser.ct.arge.
seens a year ard.r, as .co. J. W. BUEKE & Ofe.
uses.n, es..

The Board of Finance recommend that the
amount necessary to meet the claims of super-
annuated preachers, widows and orphans of
preachers. caud deficient preachers, be appor-
tional as fa lows: and that the Presiding Eld-
ers be requested to distribute these sums in
thi e e in Distr tdv ah a he n estal nd
A ugua(a District, $1780
Dalonega 850

1lb a 16
Amerious 880
LaGrange 1200
h a 1

mr 11e 1 0
. Lumpkm


g ygyg OOrg'iS. -

A. A. LITSCOM B. D. D 4.Liancelk.r
P. 8. 11ELL, D. D. l'.ee can all
Professor of Criticism inind Political Ecoixomy
Professor of MoralandhientalPhilosophy.
Professorwilthemanceciviangineeringand Astronomy
Professo or hot dDDgn abs erature.
W. L. JONES, M. D,
Professor or Natural Philosophy, chemistry and ecology
Hon. JOSEP olL LU)PKIN, L. L. B.,

4 ne. L. ,
fran arr i L .r
L* IL-

BY J. W. BURE & 00,, MACON, GA.
The Mountalit Getil Series.
sy the new John Todd. > P K Whartnin set of four
vehimestna ar.* FI w- sh.nising or, the near
' tel -.pon plus to Mul," "The
The Child aB bl..Stales.
T i r its as.Innetrations.
Avolumeorreligioneexperience. Innetratedbystatehes
from hi ry addfrom life.gra.T.eali
T e8tor of a Pock/ e.
7 din dp y of the book its if, with ten splandid Bl.
BythOauthorofabTh.BussePs Watchword, Ellen
us a not the as proanettonsor superstar
T es rat ork oran on

0 e Interein Illustrated.
he an y M .m AR MM Tid

O posite the Jail.

E seao\ at 2u3
By Mrs.LeslieauthorTim theSeissorsGrinderfSequelto
Tam, Tim a sister, etc. Inustrated.
'"A" t*,I'2"':'ik"o.*,"qt e ed Kedrtetc. E
exi!!!'Rolli'".t!!." riff".11 won.
goics.SonystarrflithfulandTrueuete. ated.
Capl. RusseVs Watchword.
Oombiningrare elementsof mierestandpower. Abook
forbove. 12mp FullyIllnetrated
Ellen DacreorLifeatAuntHester's
sytheauthorotcapt.Russehwatchword. FullyIll.
En a warde'yorxWalki gdn e gh
etc. Imistrated.
Working and Winning,
or the near says Triumph. By nev.w.x.neer. m.
BequM to T tDeT oBssorks- rind
Of mbmg the Mountain
Or How l Rose in the World, By the author of Old Bed
House, Capt. RussePs Watchword, Ellen Daoreeto. Ill.
Tales from the Bible.

8a P co BM. a a uteh rddPnE
The Lost Will.
18 thets

Piety and Pride. An historic Tale. Illust.
Willu gerAuthorof .EdithbHmistryBan-
Nes"& ories.
A.L.O.E. Splendidly Illustrated.
Tr.- 0 .:.0>1 ( ri., ..>;il tac...i By the author at Oppo- -
,,, ,r .. in., or, a
Am> Mr 1 n.
Mg El ED zeC L use 18 atchword,
B theanthor VillageMlpsionaries. Asplendidjuventle.
au hor fu t sePs Watehword, and the Old
he9 r or sn

r,. E.-, e..e 2. . Gran for Illnetrated.
Or What can I do? By Miss E. B. McKeever.
Bessie Brown, theSoldier's Daughter.
By the author of Lieut.Messenger. Blastrated.
TAnmTive osrk b seldomequatedinintereat. Ill.
Eva, or the SwedishSunday School. Illuat.
Where is the Harm?
s.......... s..-y so.=-... mustrates.
TL** IIts:.a.nos Forter
A H. r i.r. 1.O. 1J.1.arrate1.
Tom Re, Illustrated.
O h Prayer'Answered.,
By the author of Grace Hills. Illustrated.
The Flounced Robe and What it Cost.
BYM a g eKee or at o f Colli s, .AbooE

Mr n 16mo, IRatrated.
rHe tb Heppy 18mo Tilustrated
ap ,w r
I rr 6 ri .. r, on Illustrated.
id tl Mons of the over of divine
ain a ix or lym fat ye on too churen;
Harrie Lee.
h oTsPhe Wm narrated.
or r at a Mr.2 wr... r., all aDentInthe
A a. re-c; e.t line rs.ues..a.
ine 1*] a Mustard.)m
8 b author or the watercreasseners. Innstrated.

Lr a Hence. 111.
Mamma's Talk Whh CharHe.
E gh an inal l lb nation,
Containifa PoSular Expostion of the Lord's Prs r,
ostles' ree and TenCdmmandments. With80rly
Less a on the Gospelof John.
Yet e uthor of Leasons on the Acts and the Epistle to
Lessons on the Gospelof John.
For Younger Scholars, on the Scriptiarew as the oldes
eef-son ted wh each 0 canstud5t samelesson.
Or Little Child'sPathway to Jean*.
Longking's Questions, No. 1-?-3.
Longking's Notes, Noa. 1-2-3.
Teachers Class Booms.
Librarian's Book
The Superintendant's Record Book.
8 rMe # be1xi o add2 school
Sunday Behook&uppliedon the meal Liberaf ferms.
ha eTh above boundinmaslinandina a at

Sh berg CtO i RO o 30
Vo t fa dr to TAne ra r -
le ; a o dby thema eAuthor.
rq nd1 ide
r2c .-.
I har..r be...r, M Gilbert's
Ca e b fBil a ook of Sports, Games, ke*
no a n&ble Life

??.ng "
oso a or ein a a cat9eo an al-
o and I r@ a ntbjau dL ten bA
am no a rs as .
:.2 aunt, u:st a Fi -c cr.u.t., his: .

Eclectic IVIagazine.
the assuzo Macizzan is, asitanameindica ea selection
from8ther Reg nesMan r odds .e 'I'h as eM asF re
(adical In this ze et is is esurelyda to other
ggg gan le tons ar an wing are some om.
London quarterly, Reyne deDenx Motides,
British a on son Psefilany,
scienee lievi w, cornhit magazine,
eisur 2 8 same,
is mi ei ex gazine, Moburgh &
Art Journal, London satio eview
swe ar he man ea t sategq. -i.e a fr
translatede'specianyfor the Eco.ericand I is opeed this
new reature win addareasty to the versaty and v of the

as 3rn worwarfs es a ex o
portant 2uT fical eve"i' as a ofeaes year
su 0 e n menomencin nym !th.
remars: as per Year; 8 agle sembers, so cents. .Fies
cea se.
4,},"M'fir a 22 rm . 0 cicerim ar 7511 do

,,Ca"si 2 co, e... car,'.. r..LWa, &,warman
J. C.sula., Mac a 1 0 inant,
ous .>--

dence 0 r ehr P aid ri R unde tTeh a rinton.
in association with a capetent corps of Professors.D.

tormftionaddress the PLe d 6


4^ ^," ",",0 NIAN P ENR N SHIP
niseasd magatA tr no me sea
no be surpassed. Largest discount to Agents. We have
Ezelusive Agency for me state. .T. W. BoaKE, sco
2nd Street, next door to Baptist Church, Macon, ad


al e a .
re so. ellow c BAand Grashed. am

.Ta 8aea 2 mirp ,s Mr Tea.
w -a
r a de I ratt
.,,= 4.r c ..dicer.s
r rt,
Far ne r ar.

E us 3.
< 8 A=-un

ar ..:nc c. f:c., par. Intrag- J. H. ANT;ZEBoble BON.
De l-u .%

B the advertisement under this hbad, and
see at the readers of the Advocate may expeob
as t er ye sedto make it the la at
the ice2Three Dollars a year-th pi ub-
11she in the South, that it may be einphatical-
ly the poor man's p er
Now the more we owe a debt to the
poor-and every rights. inking, good man will
at once feel'that it is his dutyto help sustain an

onj om hi of ePpu p be
attributes of the best secular papers, into every
family in the land. But such an enterprise can
be austand oitly by a large subscription list and by a
liberaladvertisag patronage
May w 1 cot, 3 confidently pe that

bea blessing to those upon whom fortune's fa-
vors have not been bestowed so kindly as upon
themselves? J. W. Evasca & Co.

E. K, MYYas, D. D., Editors

Dee. l--- t



This old and well established religious fami-
ly wellkly, in entering upon its TWENTy-NINTH
YoLTixE, will also take a new form and adapt it.
self more fully to the wants and .tastes of tb6

In combination with

(Lately J. W.Burke & Co's Mercantile Mirror.)
Thus by an arrangement made by the Georgia
Annual Conference with J. y, Burke & Co.,
doublepaper-onehalf devoted as heretoforti
toReligionand the Churob; and one half to
.. ateratus.,:-cen..e. Art, the News, the Markets
Adve-avements, ere., ere., ete. .
In the f orm, a .s,-a.-.2 t... make it equal
to any Family Newspaper in the country---be-
ing <.11the stamily that tasted bixt one News-
paper CAD R6pd; and ,,6180 Worthy Of a plROS
with other Newpapers, where several arti taken.
Besides, it is offered as the

Thaprice being only
((In Advance.)
It may jHstly clisim tobe

And as such
. . .
It hopes that a generous pubbe yell give -it a
liberal patronage. It is only by such a patron"
age, that it can be sustained at this price.
Any person sending in sublioriptions to the
amonitt of $30 00, will be entitled ,to a copy,
free for oye year.
For three months, - a One Dollar
Por seven months, - Two Dollars,
Pof one year, - Three Dollars.

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