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Title: Southern Christian advocate
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Title: Southern Christian advocate
Uniform Title: Southern Christian advocate (Macon, Ga.)
Physical Description: Weekly : ;
Language: English
Publisher: J.W. Burke & Co.
Place of Publication: Macon, Ga
Macon, Ga
Publication Date: August 28, 1862
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Macon (Ga.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bibb County (Ga.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States of America -- Georgia -- Bibb -- Macon
Additional Physical Form: Also on microfilm: Athens, Ga. : University of Georgia Libraries.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 29, no. 1 (Jan. 5, 1866).
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Vol. XXV.-Whole No. 1914. Augusta, Ga., August 28, 1862. New Series-Yol.1.-No.43

For the Southern Christian Advocate- pot be damned; for all those that be baptized, indulge in the thought that be. will not long .began. And whether it be the fie, d where Isaac nd girityed for with the deepest and most ten---
THE LITTLE GRAVE* and be called Christians, shall be saved. This is permit his people to suffer bythd hands of the went to meditate, or the rocky knoll where Ja- der affection. But the souls of the people have
"^Trim a fitso and wicked opinion: and I aspirre you.oppressor. Will He not hear the cries of his cob lay down to sleep, or the brook whewelsrael been chastened by sorrows. They have become

Sno a h n701 rliere, that such which bear the name of Christians, elect which are made to him day and night, and nestled; or the den where Daniel gased va the more patient under suffering, and more inclined
Where Island in the pur ling tv light and be baptized, but follow not God'se'ommand avenge them. "I tell youha will avenge them hungry lions and the lione gazed on him, or the to commit their dear ones to that Parturer.
As the dow comes sprin ling down; ments-that such fellows I say, be worse than speedily." B; C. F. billsides where the man of sorrows prayed aU FArazz who doeth all things well. This is the
can it be, that this little mound, here, Turks or Heathen: for the Turks and Heathen Dartaville, Ga., Aug., 1882. night, we should still discern the prints of -the true position. Morally elevated by the grace of
Is all, that is left to say have made no promise unto Christ to serve him, latlder's feet let down from heaven-the land- (fed, coincidentally operating with-the fire of
T no deniantdcto ? which they do not. ing place of mercies because the starting point trial, we think that all the signs offirmness,
12. There be some which, when they be in THE PRAYER-MEETING. ofprayer, cottage, fortitude and self denial we witness
We t ,aJuunnedser nobhn^ trouble, they call upon God; but.he comet not THE VISITANT. indicate thabour people are reaching that point
That all that's left to my lone heart, by and by, minding to prove their patience- "The doors were shut." Barred-some think. Iin which they ameepLthedispensationsof Djvine
Is this little heap of sod? They perceiving he cometh not at the first call, This wr* know, they were shut through fear of ORITICAL- HEARERS. providence with submisexon. The absent are
Can it be, that under the dampness, give over, by and by they will no more call upon the Jews. The same malignity which three dayB Take heed; thereforehow ye hear.-Luke viit l8. ,* Yery recioils. They are the stayandsupportof
O ies the Whle waxon form him. Do they believe now, think ye! Do they ago had murdered their Master, might wreak Many hear the gospel as they ought not. the house. None dearer are in the land than
T s t8ins b 1 warm, sanctify God's holy name ? God promisethin his itself upon them. Besides the perjured and Such are your critital hearers. These heat not they who face the fo$ in deadly conflict. Itis a
Ah! satilly the old holy word, "Every one that calleth or thatdesir~ perjuring Sanbedrim accuse thezu now to the to be profited, but to criticise. They have a painful, burdensome thought, to carry through
In their weary, nes murmur* eth -help-of me shall have it." Now when we populace, of having stolen the body. If then very refined tasto: and they canAs they think, the day, and to lie down under at mght, that
"You buried your little treasufe, give over-prayer being in troiable, do we sanctify the doors were shut for security, peradventure very readily detect the smallest deviation from risenes--our familyjewels-may.beanstchedaway
Par from your home and hearth, to-day the name of God ? No, no; we slander and they were barred. correctness, either in matter or manner. Though by murderous hands, leavingus poorer than if
His wattle is still at the table, blaspheme his holy name; we make him a liar, But other emotions than fear agitate that they would not like to be thought destitute of all our material wealth were consumed. If we
AnA711 t slaisilittle charrdarli as much as lieth in us- little band. Hope struggles with unbelief. From sense, and it might not be right thus to charac- attempt to.forget their peril, we become selfish
Is this mound, and a rTu'ot hni x 13. We may call upon God, and desire his the dead. Can it be l Risen? Yet the sepulchre terize them, yet it may nevertheless be truly and hard,- If we love theni, we are said andanz-
Not all-forhid awa tecious help; but we may not appoint unto him, arise is empty. The shroud and napkin are left, said that they are better pleased with sound ious. What, then, shall we do? The Divine
Are the tiny dressed ,Pold; and away, howho shall help, and by what means; Those abining ones said--"IIe is risen." Mary than with sense, inasmuch as they are more oracle answers ITs, Cast all your care on Him; for
And one little ragged apron, neither may we appoint him any time, but only saw him. The two from Emmaus are confident, tolerant of a discourse that sounds trell, though Hecareth for you! We will notforgetthebs. No,
Dearer than Ophir's gold; sanctify his holy name, that is to call upon him But-resurrection I That mangled corpse ani. not overburdened with sense, than they are of we will love them more than ever; cherish their
And one little bat with a feather- for deliverance, not doubting but when it is to mate! Is it credible? Possible? Alas! *We one full of good sense, but not dressed in words noble images in our hearts; pray for them day
And on ittl ented
Bring my absent baby uures will help. But if he help not, but let us suffer ed Israel. cause the preacher was wise, he still taught the a cheerful confidence that the will of God is
But hush! my)>eart, it is better death, happy are we; for then we be delivered "The doors were shut." But lo t Unexpected people knowledge; and this should be every wise, holy and good.
That thy treasur'd one should go- from all trouble. guest! Jesus himself stands in the midst! Com. preacher's aim. Though sound may please "Te human rae "ee ons a sorro bornminds
While young, and pure, and lovely, 14. It is better a little well perceived and paring the narratives of Luke and John, it is better than sense, it is not likely to be quite BO Refuse, or croueh benest their load; brave
From a world of sin and woo. borne away, than a great deal heard and left almost impossible to resist the belief that the profitable, and may notso well teach the people Bear theirs withoutrepmmg'RichmondAdvocate
Better-tho' under the pines here behind
S S dd

15. It is tobe pitied, that the devil beareth so
much rule, and ap much prevaileth both in
alag tutesa ad surb eee abmtsomuc thy e bear-

so; awful ruler of the world-
unto him we owe obedience. But the devil is
an usurper-he comet to his dominions by craft
and subtlety, and so market himself.the great
ruler over the world. Now, he being the great
ruler, would have all the other rulers to go after
him, ant) follow his example, which commonly
happeneth so. For you know there is a com-,
mon saying, similis, simili gaudet, like to like-
16. When the devilthinketh himself cock sure*
then God cometh and subverteth his wickedin-
tents, as it appeared in our Saviout- himself ; for
when the devil had brought the Jewq to such a
madness that theywentandcrucifiedhim-when
this was done, the devil triumphed and made
merry; he thought himself sure enough of him.
But what was the end of it? his triumphing was
turned to his own destruction. For Christ hang-
ing upon the cross, did by his death destroy the
power of the devil. So we see how God suffer"
eth the devil for awhile, and then when he seeth
his time, he cometh with his gracious helping
hand. But the devil hath many inventions~
many inipediments and lets-wherewith he
trappeth us. For we see there be a great many
gospellers which begun very well and godly, but
now the most part of them become ambitious
and 'covetous persons-all the world is full of
such fellows.

For the soutlieSn chri innRdvocate

"Some trust in horses and some in chariots;

ih linsrthebimplements of awar bu rGso a
Kim. How soul inspiring the language of one of
our Generals: "God blessed our arms volth another
victory." How much more of humble trust and
reliance upon our only help is read in such
soul-breathing language as the above, thes in'
such expressions as we often hear; '' We have
gained another victory," "we have whipped the
Yankees," etc., etc. Do we forget that God
rules in the armies of earth; and has he not
said in his word that "they that trust in me
shall never be moved ?" Oh, desponding soul,
lift up thine eyesof faith; see God's gracious
promises and believe. Then you need not fear,
though an host should encamp against you for
"He that is for us is mightier than he that is
against us." How weak are the arms of our
enemies ifthey trust in their increased num-
beni to crush us as a nation ? One who trusts in
the God of ITeaven "can chase a thousand, and
two can put ten thousand to flight." Then who
would not trust Thee, thou Mighty One ? If
but the whispering of thy voice is heard in our
midst what shall we fear? Buthavewe ziot more
than this-bas not the "thunder of Hig power"
demonstrated too clearly to leave the shadow of
a doubt resting upon us, that He fulfills the pro-
mise-"Lo I am with you" ?
Was there ever a nation or people under ,
heavein whom God has more signally blessed
* than He hastheSouthern Confederacy ? Never,
With all.their superior forces by land and by
sea, with the advantages of arms, ammunition,
and a navy, whathavaourenemiesaccomplished
in the way of a successful warfare! With God for
our trust, we have been enabled with limited
means-like Sunpson-to smite them "hip and
thigh,'! and ere long, with humble trust and
confidence in Him who is able to deliver, the
mighty shall fall lifeless victims at our feet,
Who can doubt that God is on our side when
his hand is so plainly seen in leadJng our armies
to so many victories, in blessing our land with
fruitful showers and causing a bountiful harvest
in many places, to gladden the hearts of an in-
vaded and innocent people, innocent, qp far as
this unholy strife and bloody war is concerned,
hinocent, so far asthecries and groans of mourn-
ful widowhood and bereaved orphanage are
concerned, innocent; becaixse we have been wit-
ling to stay at our homes and serve God and
accord to our enemies the same privilege.
Another evidence that God is with us is this :
even in the midst of tormenting care and sor-
row, the work of the Lordisprogressingin many
portionsof the Southerzi vineyard, and many
are being saved from their sins, as well as the
Church membership being revived. Would God
bless a nation or a people with the outpouring
of his Spirit if Ris divine approbation did not
reatupon it ? Surely not. Then may we not

Is s iett 18,wildd ers nod-
And my baby boy with God
Wooden Cottage, ugust 6, 1862.

For the Southern Christian Advocate. *
1. Let us strive and fight against the tempta-
tions of the devil which would not have us to call
on God, because we be sinners. Catch thouhold
of our Saviour-believe in him-be assured in
thy heart that he with his suffetings took away
all thy sius,
2. Suppose I owe unto a man an hundred
pounds: the day is expired, he will have his
money; I have it not, and for lack of it. I am
laid in prison. In such distress comet a good
friend, and saith-Sir, he of good cheer,1willpay
thy debts; and forthwith payeth the wholesum,
and setteth me at liberty. Such a friend is our
Saviour; he hath paid our debts, and set us at
liberty-else we should have been damned world
without end, in everlasting prison and darkness.
3. It is better one" word spoken with good
affection, than a hundred without it.
4. We have one Advocate-not many; neither'
saints, nor anybody else, but only him, and none
other-neither by way of mediation, nor by way
of redemption. He only is sufficient, forhe only
is all the doer-let him have all the praise. Let
us not withdraw from him his majesty and give
it to creatures: for he only satisfieth for the sins
of t whoicee ar1romSolthat all that believe lin

5 T rebb som emporaltfathhers which w d

be not able to help them. Again, there be some

rn ththa be u ndtmr lhtthhte2ey
not help them. But our Heavenly Father, in
that we call him Father, we learn that he will
help, that he beareth a fatherly love towards us.
G. As far as the earth is from heaven, yet God
looketh dowp-he seethall things-he is in every
,corner. Theking and prophet David saith, the
Lord hath looked down, not the saints. No, he
saith notso: for the saints have notso sharp eyes
to see down from heaven: they be purblind and
sand-blind, they cannot see so far, nor have not
so long ears to hear. And therefore our petition
and prayer should be unto him which will hear
and can hear.
7. Let every man think lowly of himself
humble himself and call upon God, which
is ready to give us, not only bread and drink,
,or other necessaries, but the Holy Ghost.
To whom will he give the Holy Ghost ? To lords
and ladies, to gentlemen and gentlewomen ?
No, not so; he is not ruled by affectiops; he
hath not respect unto personages. Saith he,
"unto those which call upon him," being rich
or poor, lords or knights, beggars or rich; he is
ready to give unto them when they cometo him.
And this is a great comfort unto those which be
poor and miserable in this world; for they may
be assured of the help of God; yea, and as boldly
go unto him, and desire his help, as the greatest
king in earth.
8. The word "our," [in the Lord's prayer,]
teaches us to consider that the Father of heaven
is a common Father-as well my neighbor's
Father as mine-as well the poor man's' Father
as the rich: so that he is not a peculiar Father,
buta Father to the whole church and congrega
tion-to all the faithful, be they never so poor
and despised; yes he is their Father as well as
mine. And therefore I should not despise them,
but consider that God is their Father as well as
mine. *
9. WeoughttobeatGod'spleasurewhensoever
and whatsoever he will do with ue; we ought to
be content withal. If we were earnest and zeal
ous as we should be, O how hot we would be in
promoting God's honor and sauctifying his name!
10. All those persons that willnothecorrected
for obeir faults, that cannot bear godly admoni-
tions, they talk never with God to his pleasure :
they be not ruled by God's spirit, and ab not
meet for him: all rebellious persons, all blpod-
thirsty persons, all covetous persons, all lecher-
cus persons, all liara, drunkards, and such like.
be not in the case to talk with God. God will
not hear them, he cannotabidethem, they stink
in his face, as long as they come before him with
such abommable sins, not tending. to leave
11. There be some wicked persons, despisers
of God and his benefits, which any, it is no mat-
ter whatsoever we do-we be baptized, we can-

manner of his ingress was supernal
tural. Neology
-frigid as the graye-says no. Very well. The
great point is, Jesus was there. Happy meeting!

Elee dis es? T acene that began with
"Jn the midst 1" Every eye sees him. It is
He. Death has left no trace upon that counte-
nance. It beams with the love of heaven, Rush
they to his arms ? Ah I They are terrified. It
is a spirit Astonishing unbelief. They for-
get his own previous assurance. They reject
the presumptive proofs of his resurrection.
They discredit the testimony of Mary--of the
angels-of Simeon, of Cleopas, and his fellow.
traveller. And now they believe not their own
senses. No. Itis not He, It is a spirit I
Strange this, but well. Well for the Christian
cause. These men were not weak-credulous-
designing. They resist conviction to a fault,
They believe only when doubt is no longer pos.
sible. Let the Infidel ponder this. Believing,
the timid become fearless, the feeble strong.
In Jerusalem itself, they vindiente the character
and claims of the crucified Orie, and proclaim
salvation through his death. The world felt,
sye feels the power
"Behold my hands and my feet, that it is
myself." Condescending Saviour Can they
stillresist? Therearethescarsofnails1 "Handle
me and see-a spirit hath not flesh and bones as
ye see me have." No wonder they yield. It is
no illusion. Jesus is there. Let the scene be
imagined. It cannot be described.

sa so lep!rea n r m ngow

a nt3t th t
to a party, or pressed by business, still wouldst

i tovoe-aGd w obienthpeenitence-in

I crossed the river a few mornings ago, when
a thick fog obscured the atmosphere. The boat
plied her swift way over the waters; but the
other side was shrouded in the misty veil, and
city spires were seen dimly, as through a glass.
Beneath, the blue waves.shonein serene beauty.
Far up, the whitecToudspiled themselves against
the deep azure of the sky, and the sunbeams
scattered their glory. But all around, thick,
gray and impenetrable, brooded the morning
mist, ethereal as the veit which floats around the
bride on her sacred day; hopeless as that which
the sad nun binds upon her head when she seeks
to find happiness in her cloisters, aiid weds her.
self to a life of weary disappointment. Through
the gloom there came constantly the ringing of
bells and the shrill whistle of the steam, as the
boats with their precious freight hurried to and
Christian! is not this like thy life ? Out in
thy little boat upon Time's changeful stream,
how often the gray mists fold their arms around
thee, and hide from thy view the Father's house
to which thou art hastening over the blue water l
The sun of thy Redeemer's love is shining, in
its constant brightness, above thy head but
faith droolis under the pressure of earth-born
cares and trials, and the dimness gathers. Yet
through it all, there are angel-calls that cheer
thee on; precious promises that ring like silver
bells through the darkness; and heavenly hopes
that thrill through thy soul, leaving it stronger
and braver. And by and by thou wilt reach the
end, and there shall be no veil of mist to dim
the light of the river of lith.-Christian OFserver.

Tax Loan's PICESENCE.--ROWever early in the
morning you seek the gate of access, youfindit
already opei1; and however deep the midnight
nioment, wheri you find yourself in the sudden
arine of death, the winged prayer can bring an
instant Saviour near; and this wherever you are.
It needs not that you ascend a special Pisgah or
Morish. It needs not that you should enter
some awful shrine, or put off your shoesonsonie
holy ground. Could memeixto be reared on
every apot hom which an acceptable prayer has
passed upward, and on which a prompt answer
has conie down, we shotild find Jehovah-sham-
mah "the Lord hath been here," inscribed on
many a cottage hearth and niany a dungeon
floor. We should find it not onlyin Jerusalem's
proud temple, David's cedar galleries, but, in the
fisherman's cottage by the brink of Genesareth,
and in the upper chamber where Pentecost

knowledge. till, olomon i wisely when, as
a preacher, he sought to find out acceptable
words; and every preacher should do the same;
but what writtsu or spo n should ub -

veyed in agreeable words; it is not necessarily
connected with a harsh diction or disagreeable
elocution. But it is not genuine good taste,
nor sound criticism, to reject what is true mere-
ly because it is not elegantly expressed. Were
fire consuming the garments of your child, and
burning its flesh to a cinder, you would not
thank your servant to kneel before you and say,
"May it please you--direct your beautiful eyes
to yonder pitiful sight See how thedevouripg
element feeds upon the rich and handsome
dress of your lovely daughter I It rises in
waving folds around her fair form, and encircles
her beautiful cheeks She is wrapped in a sil-
Very sheet of flame !" You could not stay to
hear so fme a speech. You would more admire
the significag pointing of the finger, and the
expressive monosyllable, Fire 1 And this, in
the circumstances, would be true taste, because
true to nature; and it would be true eloquence
too. Sense is better than sound. The evil of
this critical hearing of the gospel is seen in this
-the more it is indulged, the more difficult, is
it for the ear that indulges it, to be pleased at


alIn the war-chario 5dt e ancients rheredwere
course, and a soldier who stood at his feet and.
fought with spear and bow. Like that driver is
hewho helps of hurtful principles toposi-
tionsod influ7ceh He3slays none himself; bfat
wit is as ow w might be slain by hinq
whosework-of destructionhefacilitates! Facils
itates, often, without desigmug it: through re-
luctance to engage in the controversies into
which the exposureof unworthy men may plunge
him; or through. the good-natured weakness
with which he gives recommendation to those
who do not deserve it. Let the lover of right
vigilantly guard this point.me7teunmerited
approval, or by silence from d censure,
you may be driving one of the devil's war-chari-
ots into the bosom of a family, a community, a
Church, to work a slaughter ,of souls which
neither could nor would be wrought by your-
self-which it will wring your heart to the core
only to look on, when, in the presence of an
irremediable mischief,. regret will be but the
keener and more lasting because it is fruitless.
-Relyous Berald.

la l, and the more difficult is it too for the habit
to be overcome. Those theological professors
whose business it is often to criticize sermons, How To Dzz HAPPY.- 10riOUS WOrds these,
do not allow themselves to hear as critics on the to which I have heard a dying woman respond,

be theA e coaT ireatd a lusvet r- ag3 t r

h In3des en.caution, Take heed how ye e n e 1 oi( Tha w of

; createahappineasindependentof circumstances,
"THE WORD IS NIGH THEE." a were in -' o m hh
It may sometimes happen that persons inay be and love Him ?' Yes, I do know Him, and
seeking at a great distance for an object which love Him; His preaience makes a heaven of this
was really near them. In such a case there is rgom." "If you heaped up my bed with gold
great danger they may not obtain it, not because and silver," she added ; "If you could give me
they do not seek it all, but because they do not the Queen's carriage and horses, and her palace
seek it in the right place. This is especially the and her garden, and all her beautiful flowers,
case in regard to the salvation of the soul. Many and health to enjoy it all, I would not take them,
there are whoimagibe that by an extended round if they would hinder nie from going home tomy
of duties, by an obedience covering a long period Saviour. They talk of the pained dying, what
of time and a great variety of duties, they will will they be to me? They will but hurry me to
obtain this great blessing. They look far away, Heaven and to Jesus."-Author of"EnglidHearts
and forget the word is nigh them, and that all and.English Hands."
which is essential both for the justification and "THROUGH THE MEDIATOR."-A Mr. DAVieB
the sanctification of the soul is to come at once being under religious impressions, felt much
and direct to the Lord Jesus Christ. He who inclined to open nis mind to Dr. 1)wen. In the
"is not far from any one of us," is the only, as course of conversation, Dr. Owen said, 'Young
well as the all-suflicient and all-compassionate man, pray in what manner do you think to go
Redeemer. to God?' Mr. Davies answered, 'Through the
The word is nigh in regard to God's providences. Mediator, sir;' to which the Doctor replied
Many think that at another time and in different 'That is easily.esid; but assure youitis another
circumstances, it will be more practical to secure thing to go to God through the Mediator, than
salvation than it now is. Whaton mistake ? How many who make use of the expression are aware
fatal the error in multitudes f cases. Now is of. I myself preached some years, while I had.
the accepted time, nowr is the day of salvation. little, if an instance with access to
if the heart be hardened, if the conscience be ord through Ch s til the Lord was pleased
stified, if the Spirit of grace be resisted now to visit me with sore afflictiois, by which I was
when the word is nigh us, how can we expect to. brought to the brink of the grave, and under
be saved at all. Which my mind was filed with horror; but God
The word is nigh us in God's ordinances. These as graciously pleased to relieve my bout by a
are accessible to us, and it is by means of them powerful application of Psalm exxx: 4, 'But
that the Spirit converts and sanctifies the soul. there is forgiveness with thee, thatthon maysthe
It is not necessary to wait for another gospel, feared.' From this text I received special light
for better preaching, for more deep impressions peace and comfort, in drawing near to God
on the sout. While we have the word at hand' tltrough the Mediator; and on this text I pread -
is.the time, is the place, te avail ourselves of its ed immediately after my recovery.' Perhaps
influence. "To-day ifye will hear his voice. to this exercise of mirid, we owe his excellent
Banner of the Govenant. Exposition of that Psalm.

ANXIETY ABOUT THE ABSENT. of the Authern Presbyterian says: "I arix happy
Atthecommencementof this war, the anxiety to report to you the manifest fokens of the
which troubled families while they thought on presence of the Spirit among us, even in these
the absent onesi oit the war path, was so novel times of strife and battle. I do believe that
and painful, that it constituted one of the most these solemnvisitations ofProvidence have been
trying citennistances in their experience. Grad- His chosen way of touching many a heard. Thera
ually the people arehowever, becoming m patient, trustful and resigned. The war.hasnot which I trust will lead them to the cross. L
hardened them. No bitterness of spirit seems believe there are many of our brave men lying
to have been developed, that is so absorbed in on their hard pallet in the hospitals, who are
its own severe purposes of revenge as to make now secretly indulging a hope in Jesus; and I
them oblivious of sacrifices.. Such would have codisole myself with the sweet thought, that
been the case, if great efforts had not been made others, who have never told it, have died orithe
by Christians all over the land, to maintain that battle-field, looking to their Saviour. I know
clear senseof the righteousness of the cause, and there are dreadful exhibitions of deliberate
to preserve those loftier inspirations which pro- wickedness, but Satan ever delights in placing
perly belong to those Who struggle for virtuous his abominations in the porch of God's temple,
ends. The absent are not forgotten. In the There is great occasion for earnest prayer in our
closet, itt the family altar, in the sanctuary, and behalf. Brethren, pray for us, that God may
oftentimes even amid the rush and hurry of the annotify His dealings with us to the conversion
business of the day, the absent are remembered of soula?

smali folde which islake themselves so vi ldlyfforth into such An ethot tation-so thoroughly in- These are not 4tdinary times, and we dep 1 to 11 side a her 3s#b less
hedd at such a moment. Every trial tacon formed with evadgelical truth, and so sweetly from usage from necessity. and not from choke, ul Rut a wise foresight rdequiren that, if a treee ity
solously asks himself, 'whose turn itill come inspired with the spirit of Christ-as no.heart and as not. more than half the Annual Confer- dbe iddernleddeve op d urm the reeeas ofConhgr
next,'and when at theterminationof thetotallic could resist; and inaisy a fountain of tears was ences can be held at all, during the present war, a or calli such Grees, irntourhe fielnee, means e
@au ri, GA., AUGUST 28, 1802. he b If ni dl\ v ry ide Id 11 unsealed around her, and I thought her sable and -many appointments cannot be filled in ve trn ng of the legislat ve
-- aroundhimhis gratitudetohisCreatorisalloyed, face the most angelic I had ever looked upon, those that can be held, I think*it decidedly best .r
though it may be but dimly, with a holley I woydd have given my interest in the Confeder- for the Church and the ministry to .let every
RELIGTON IN THE ARMY. emotion, which for the time rendershimawhier ate Government, which is second only -to my preacher and elder remain as they are, until the
Two years since, the religious condition of our and a better man. In this aspect the recent interest in the Gospel, to have had Lincoln and dfose of the war. Then, let the several Confer-
country was gratifying. .All the institutions of battleshavedonemoretohiakereligiousconverts Seward, and Butler, and Pope present, to hear ences meetat the places now appointed for their
Christianity were flourishing; the Church was @itall A anhomalile eve nu wnct f a her flowerfulperoration on the war, and her 1sext sessions.
industriously presenting its stork with much old of .eternity while in the din and carnage of fervent benedictions upon our soldiety. But, I have thrown out these suggestions to call
auecess and with large hopes for the future. a fight, has listened to eloquence more fiery and "they have Moses and the prophets, let them the attention of 1...*1. II.@ '.hurs.1. and sh.. minis- 34 n or a court-n artill
The le 1. all, :,s e, 1,...--1 1.. One g... [.el. impressive than ever came from mortal lips.. th.7r" try to this matter sha all f lan..g*- ne ws 1.,- 1 thin a recent perion we ree e the object so
pbop ge I., r?,..qi. r...t profr nor ..I 16 is not strainge therefore as you go through I am now actingas Chaplain to Gen. Donald' for the best. .1 L... I. Pur s.:nris
and tens of th<...* various camps, even on a week day, that your lion's brigade, consisting of five regiments, all agreed upon, .rs I .4. r I .
religion, were 2.-: -I II..-le -- outl..r ns:e-f in *Pe er' ears are here and there saluted with the melody Tennesseans but one. We crossed the river the r2Go .
or less degree 1., as. .. truth. TI.-* .mars.... or of a choir of voices, rich, round and full, sung yesterday, and are encamped on ground lately B.UNBRIDGE, FLA/*CONF.-r fle ROV. F. A' n e will omm@1 ated to you in a speeml
tho Church win. .. il rate-n.1..I st..I F.1rn.- e sehr uben se 1 ses ne 1 occupied by the 81keedadlers. Several of their Branch writes: "God is powerfully revividg regard when further progress has been made in their
every commun.I. II. g....s.0, [,..-....1 .si evenin manly tones are heard in thanksgiving graves are found here, and a cannon which they his work on this station. There were about ..,,, , ,,,, ,,,.. n e... -. .i.e war*
revivals in which neafty all mapitested deep for the blessings of the day; or that the Bible 'buriedhas been disenterred. It would do you ten happy <.mn er+.n- 1*..( me..).r .u 111,- all s. an.I / /. ... .. in has
interest. :> and PrayerBook arecommon booksupon the somogoodtosootheenthilsiasmof our troops. number cry.,es; furice- hate 1. .... *.-, Oraces the
For the present all is greatly changed. Hun- mess table; or that when Sunday arrives the Scarcely was the joy of Israel greater, as they joined the Church, and all of whombut one are / tii 2
dreds of thousands of those, who theiz gave little stand from which the Chaplain is wont to ascended the banks of the Jordau, with the rejoicing in the love of God, and that one is the man-
hope to the Church :-:- ne--* they were, patient discourse, a the centre of a cluster of interested arkof God in their van; searcely greater, when resolvedto be before the meeting closes." . . ree r

members, the young from the Sabbath-school* more than wanted fervor, beseech spiritual LAst night an officer handed motheLouinville revived .his work on this circuit. We held a tor a on treh ae eners a so ones t new
theoffice-boaters of the Church, the hopeful blessings upon our bravesoldiers. Let usentreat Journalofthe fifth, pointing to the following meetiirg some 8 or 9 days at Beth-. 1.. The '
youth, upon whom the gospel was doing its day and niglit for them, that the Spirit of God paragraph:-"Three ladies, Mrs. Cross and two Church was bsplized largely with it.. Heir .. .
work and drawing them to itself, the very may have them in holy keeping and bless and Misses Hardin, were brought here from Har- Spirit. Many were converted-23 was., .r-th. I
strength of our land, arenow to be folidad in our sustain them and .return them to their homes rodsburg to-day, in charge of a federal officer, to the Church. We are looking for 1..-tra I use- .
armies.- Whatis their religious courlition and faithful disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. It and placed under guard at the office of the all round the eiicult."
how will they return to us ? These are questions were a poor success they would achieve, and at Provost Martial. They are charged with having n. .
of deep interest to Chrieti.ans at home. terrible cost, if in winning our liberties, they aided the rebellion." Broken up at Nashville eted under the author y delegated to the United
Let us hope, from the many accounts we contract a moral leprosy, and returning bring by Andy Johnson's gentlemen, my wife, with PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE.
receive of the brave dead who have maintained an evil worse than death or bondage into house- her two older daughters, and our little one, To the Senate and House of Representedined r
in the camp their Christian character, that war holds where heretofore naught has been experi- had goms to her father for protection. They confederate States:

r a i s stritheMhealthfulness of a pure and
conscience most confidently can Heaven's THE FAST WEEit.-Great preparations have Mountain and the Ohio. Justice cannot sleep clSn althantm#turde o dheonshxes of Cire tro \ .
blessing be invoked upon all who engage in it. heen going fbrward-not much active fighting. forever. "Lorditis nothing with thee to help, illustrktdonhard-fo ht fields, m (ced by a .r. . .
He who fights for his country, its rights and Gen. McClellan has evacuated Berkeley with his whether with many or with him ths,6 hath no at ithism ow chen Hud but few I .r.. . 1 a
liberties, endures none of that self-reproach, entire force. It is believed that all his efficient might: help us, O Lord, we beseech thee; for wls na slas a turals n chf of 6 ab rio 9 1- c. I r.
which bars the way to the throne of grace-but men joined Pope near Culpeper O. H.; who we rest on thee, and in thy name we go against ple has continued to manifesto seal8 d unanimin 1- I
rather he may feel thathe is offering a sacrifice, then began his retreat towards Washington this multitude."-Forward-March! no can to againfi ne pot.i8) be at gdv@Im 7 **
which every sentiment of nature and religion City. He is closely followed by our army, Gen. Jos. Cnoss. in endingstyft setddtel etici ano7$ eo@onfeder- ch ghe ad, Va., August l8th,1862. Jerenaos DAvis.
*approves. Why, therefore, should he not be as Lee in command; but it is doubtful whether we Camp, opposite ChattanoogaAug.18th* ac hadside usatedand i en edue ine
pious in the camp, as at home ? True, there I can'overtake him before he reaches Arlington capture, is now seek ag to raise new armies on a Beale such
may be more frequent and severe temptations, 1 Heights. Gen. E. Kirby Smith has gone into DRIED PEACHES-MAKING BRANDY. tm Bo thistooryndo aolt mood oefe ethat subjugntion
bitterer trials and fewer opportunities of private Kentucky with his army, and is now in the rear Mr. Editor :-I noticed an editorial in the P"g neat. which d rded rdghts secured by
devotion and of attendingon the public means of of Oumberland Gap, while Gen. Stevenson is Chronicle and &ntinel a few days ago, urging the a bey e dn osns d aTp@no nhaov e n nose
grace; but the Bible teaches, that God in his before it. If the Yankee General, Morgan, has good people of the Confederacy to turn their fzed b the m gnitMgendered b d feat. These passions
goodness makes provision against all such con- not crept out by the by-paths, as some believe, attention to drying, fruit, peaches particularly. havemiejan are becoter of t itler lb j1" THE CONFEDERATE CONGRESS.
tiitgencies. Our strength shall be as our need he is surrounded and must surrender or fight I endorse what was said, but I have but little usage of civilizedwarand #edictatesof humanity. Rapin Richmond, August, 18.-The onfederate Con-
equi s---dwithaever taemptat rnm hase asG8ejce 11nabtighttplwa n hoet heeipeoplegenerallywillb wa tn 0 in assux1 u 0

fulfilled is evident from the many who have met ville. Gen. Bragg is after him and a fight in 8. peach) or maoy behusned u ,ew lesatrouble mi ees n e i96 non t on th es a n cer mitted to Congress by the Presid ttis a highly in-
the trial and proved victors. Why may not all ? E. Tenn. is imminent. On the Mississippi we some work of drying-at least a great many are a r ager oe # re, codn e I leescpl 1 h a se eta 1
Besides, are there not also many aids to a hear of skirmishes only. Baty Rouge is evac- inclined to think so just now. I allude to the thes & ym niof me num p >pulatio o tbes x seare tion for Federal wrongs. Halleck says he has no
religious life? May not some be found faithful unted by the Yankees, and it is believyd our distillation of them into peach brandy. It seems The mone ed 3bugationsofTap Confederate Goverament official knowledge of the execution of Mumford and
in every company who can help the weak and troops have possession. In Missouri the Patriots to me that evehybody has come to the conclusion, ai 2.1 ro sale iildir e tionite deafotani slubj@ .Oh@n n Nyn irlee us,> he Gt ann abit
halting; and where it is wished, do not the close have risen in force and are doing great damage that the making of a little brandy is perfectly uDi n to daeiknolvil ddrt Q wir 5oev ome ea cate the result. He expresses the hope that the war
associations of camp life give frequent opportu- to the Union forces. On every hand our skies allowable now; because it is scarce, and the thatthepsoldiersoftheinvadin armies are foun7supplied will be conducted according to civilized usage.
cities for social meetings of inestimable value to are bright. Let us pray God to give success at poor soldiers must have a little Subterfuge withol ge q entities 1 theeSS by r (18oo 5, asShmen of Halleck declines to receive Lee's letter regarding
Christian professors? We hear of weekly or daily all points, and bring our enemies speedily to hypocrisy !-the poor soldiers may have it at the ei ro eerg aser ne le mday fail toreae rw Pobeos atromous armty orderanand the e isitna of
prayermeetingsinsomeregimentsofconversions such condition, that they will be willing to end ra of---just wr i e 42ed tec7au un oeckaendd a rgovedr e2ifIMes o we to his government; he, therefore, returns it with-
in some-of protracted meetings in others. Why this cruel and insane war. ugh their masters, citizens of the Cont deracy. Anotheth been out further answer.
f th There will be enough peach brandy made thl8 found.of instinct so brutal, as to invite the violence of his In the House, Mr. _Gartrell, of Georgia, intro-
may we not hear o em in tell by may not EEREAVE3fENT.5-The ROV. J. E. Peziny, in. year to make us lose many important battles '*(.eqalia) e we an a twoodk om e shuff'" duced a bill to make treasury notes a legal tender.
our dear ers return to omes, tter forms us that Rev. W. H. Fleming, of the S. C. and to kill up many of our soldiers. This has rities of theUnitedStates one mark of disapproballon of his -Mr. Miles, of S. C., a bill to extend the Mili-

8 e t by t Ammorha del 3 Conference, has been seriously afflicted, in the em rt a iffornent b e8t ay rno a na as o a no nh r a re pe
the severe trial of their Christian graces insepa- deatchkof his wife, on 15th inst., from a violent seen carting load after load of nice peaches to at oistoor agme dbUni eed Bu m et ngsi nd me andst rnho Setrat la1ah aken wilth arms in
rable from the temptations of the camp and the atta erysipelas. The friends of Bro. Flem- some convenient "still-house," to have just a made of the Commander-mdhief of the armies fu the the Whites who command or incite 'hem, or to tur
vicissitudes of life in the army? Ing will deeply sympathise in this addition to little made up for family use. Beautiful example. Ubuite teswhetherdthe akote usa to f h m3o them over also.-Mr. Footo, of Tenn., a bill pro-
Christian soldier, are you doing your duty, as the troubles that have fallen upon liim during If Governor Brown does nothing towards dam- a t an se itn en enjads7thoo3 o thhatthe diMeretalia o1ry me ureson0 enrindciple o 'life
a servant of God ? the year. His oldest son was seriously wounded ming up this stream of "blue ruin," which he gressiono h e eone esbjes hrt tal n n into our h ds that have bepu guilty of murdering
You left home with the vows of the Church in the battle at Secessionville, in which his has started through theState and theOonfedera- for man of them, as impracticable, for Ihave hild occasion peaceable citizens now imprisoned by the enemy.
upon you. The sanctuary, the family altar, the brother-in-h.w, Capt. Head, was killed, and he cy by modifying his "liquor" proclamation, we [ooi ne lad # e a nder no bxce ro Also, a bill to punish with instant death alL
has besides lost another brother-in-law by death may expect to see etciting times among us. wreak vengeameonunarmedmen, on women, orea chil- white persons who have anything to do with Afri-
closet, the sabbath School witnessed your zeal in within a few months. I do earnestly hope, and would respectfully one e a nt dneu r ra87a n atvi ,7ind must Can regiments.------Also, a resoluti--c. ... 1(u.. La. *

t"""":'i'"''.:",_Aenag b s numr gC i Usmn 1 on a a e a a r ng the nanc 3n uee ONdo e c
wife, or children, were the last prayer offered BULLETIN. for the poor soldiers, that the Government shout t n eew e e tb eesdas nmustent Td la @cal- by Federal depredations.-Mr. pyons, of Ala., a
with, or perhaps by you, when the parting hour .Dear Advocate,-I have just finished the most its appreciation of such praiseworthy conduct by be avoided. The exasperation of fail rd has aroused the resolution concerning the administration of oat is
drew near, and the vow that was almost your delightfuljourney of my life. It began at Tu- appointing agents on every county in the State fa mns relierateumans as ye portiona t t do ta)1szeo 0 afyde o at a coat < c tdl f
last utterance that you would be faithful to your pelo, Miss., on -the twenty-third of July, and to take possession of the article and put it under remains o 10 ti$ e la rr a ade ,ntua lur ex exchange.-Mr. Chainbliss, of Va., a resolution
Saviour. Do you recall that moment ? Have ended at Chattanooga, Tenn., on the sixteenth such restrictions as that it may damage no one, tence byeemployi g ainstour fee every energy and every of.inquiry concerning the impressment of slaves by x
youkeptthe vow? Have you done your duty of August. We came by. way of Aberdeen, *** I endfo urinfdrmationse ofthepapersexhibit- the military authoritiesoftheConfederateStates.
by your comrades ? You and they stand daily Columbus, Tuscaloosa, Talladega, Jacksouville, thepr a hoe Tn e bttte .resent ti 0, All 11 see meanere were to lated]t ereferr 4.01>
in the pi*esence of death-not death stealing on nod Rome, making a circuit of nearly. five hun- Other measures now in progress will be mL....=r I a..i.-. tion to abolish secret, sessions of Congrous, except
you slowly with the lapse of yearsand finding dredmiles. Your correspondent travelled the THE FoqrNue south ON E 1882 j ^inviting your attention to the legislation which the when ordered by two-thirds of either House. Re-
you amid all the helps of the Church, but death whole distanceon horseback, with.tlie wagon .dition require, 1 one connected with ferred,
train of the army ; Maj. Winchester, Quarter Should there be any effort to hold the Annual I I -- war command almost undivided at- August 10.-In the Senate, the various portions

v noy r Alastei of Gen. Donelson's brigade, having Conferences of the.M. E. Church, South, the tspdan edent ot lastlsensi mint nded to se to of thriaPresident' Meessage were referred to the ap-
31 D offered me the hospitalities of his tent, and appioaching fall ? unif rm the ruloseg vernaug troops in the service, have led p thoHouse, a resolution was adopted, changing
teep. o you think of it and are you ready for another friend, Capt. Senford, furdshing me a I assume the position there should not,-for tl he fien o}pTthe seen tl a e hhaet ittect the rules so as to provide that it shall not be in order
Do you remind your heedless comrade of canvass hammock, in which I hung myself up the following reason. It is next to impossible thou itis nobbelieved thatin any of theBcatesthe pop for the House to resolve itsellinto secret session ex-
the perils.around him, and pray him to prepare nightly between two trees, and dreamed like to hold Conferences in the States of Virginia, ania r ithheldit amiction to ed / Iyh n coons c t majority of the members present. Yeas
for them? Jacob at Bethel. There were no glittering Alps, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, and the north- on int Tnal a r rd it w ,ms & August 210 -In the Senate, Mr. Brown intro-
do not soldlar-brother-do not make ship. nor romantic Apennines, in our route-no Mes. ern part of Arkansas, in consequence of the provided with the material necessary for ductsug b sj duced a resolution directing the Committee on
wreck of your faith. Do not come back to the sinian promontoriesnor Salernianorange-groves revolution now pending. The same reason up on vast a 'ecauf dolor home, you so long for, bringing a heart -no disinterred Pompeiis, pot venerable Poes- would prevent many of the preachers in North usent, ad thoroughly imbued with 1 feelings and senti- necessary to prevent any abuses in the matter of
corrupted by the temptations you have encount- tums; but there was's day in the sweet domicil Carolina, and in most of the other States from as a to op in Hianc be lacedorne htthis receiving substitutes in the army. He specified
ered. Let not those precious ones who pray for of Bishop Paine, and a Sabbath in the eloquent attendihg their respective Confefences, if held a . .. .: 0.- e.,- a out ea me of these abu ,dandLad rteT 1 e uTinn
you almost every waking hour receive you a pulpit of Doctor Neely, and some refreshing and it would be impossible for many of therit to ., .n, ... .. . .. . .r. .u- as eir ver7 then withdrawn.
prayerless, godless man into that blessed sanctu- hours with the exiled Dr. and Mrs. Summers, go to they; appointments after Conference, al- e so i.ts ....Ca.> 1 $"ff In the House, a resolution of thanks to Colonel
and frequent scenesof worship by the way. with many of them have-been compelled to abandon sure as we /to co-operate so any measure that may hlorgan and his Command, for thefr distinguished
ary of home, where once you were a priest in the many a Pisgah, from which Hope looked for- their work or take the cath of allegiance to the he devised for reconciting just care for the public defeace Bervices, was adopted. Resolutions to abolish the
family---where the light of your example once ward to Tennessee, and sang prophetically of corrupt and sinking old Government. To say t ejaoftWee most scrupulous susceptible ofRee of Secretary of the Navy and declaring the
shone brightly and the warmth of your devout friendssnd ficedom. Thekindnessof the Alaba. nothing of the number of preachers who are in in stafMtore $ act El rt een t sh to e derd to ro en (3 mi/eneT
heart made it constant spring-time with all your mian ladies was wonderful; meeting us at their the service of their country, some as Chaplains, v a # ith derditt is e $in en\ 0 ARFust 21.-In the Senate, to day, Mr. Sparrow,
household. Let not mother or wife or little ones gates as we passed with baskets of fruit and others, as officers and soldiers, it will also be the com ara vely anall amount of aceumulatle debt, not- from the Committee on Military Affairs, resented
rejoice that you are appred to themonly to sorrow buckets of water, and occasionally spreasing very difficult if not impossible for any of our si poddn he a nR9usile f t 1)01 toheerat on a bill providing for the enrollment of al persons
that you have lost what is more precious than us a bountiful table by the roadside. My beau- Bishops to get to the Conferences west of the supphea with the bonds of thepGovernment; but the prefer liable to military duty not already enrolled, and
life---the image of God in the soul-that you have tiful barb frequently gioaned beneath the bur- Mississippi. n tel2 It t#o so nee d uh@r # joise .rb r ne 11oco erni b ilsan
returned unscathed in limb, yet a moral wreck. den of boiled ham, dried beef biscuits and What then is to be done ? I propose, that thpdes f Nre urynoteswhichthe publ eese vsoeb San series of resolutions, allirming that the war now
We rejbice that we are permitted to believe cake, which she was obliged to carry. 3rs, the- Bishops have a meeting and give public from the increased issue, as the provision of la b which bein waged by the U. 8. is a war aswell upon the
that Christian principles actuate thousands o Gen. Lawyer, near Talladega, fed thousands of notice, that slye Conferences stand adjourned he no no conymrtible int magnhtper cannot n s irms peop e assupn the Government of the Confederate -
our soldieve, and that multitudes of them have huntgryartilleribts, goners and on an n e eG Op ene wa ad ey d tdo e son pr p secu encyS ne ye a nfa i t G v rhannttha heMpermei esmuepnotnMw ch his
a ntained their Christian intlegrity. We read her name in the Chaplain'sbook SfPlife. Truly, preacher remain on his present work, making tr p 8tt n t @ to letisa dr ne her indie
a recent etter from "Per- Doctor t ere are no other men. like Methodist the best arrangement he can with his pastoral th are allim ortedfrom the Northern states. nal netioit, or by organized bands; that when any
sonne," the able correspondentofthe Charleston preachers, and no other women like their wives. charge. report o the Secretaynof War which is subdmittedd or our citizens,, exercasing this sacred right, shall
Courier, in which he thus bears testimony to the God bless them all forever I know some will object to my suggestions, I a lengnm tite 6 eme a fa s rv e. fall into the hands of the enemy, and are treated
prevalence of the religious sentiment in the One day halting at va well for water, an old saying it will not do--it will be a departure e e n to seron to 3nt thto those other tGTve m so tr8e 11 tTror t ab i
army: colored woman, who sat there knitting, while from the usages of the Church. By the adoption execution of the conser 6 Law a theneona odn 2 to them; that the Senate will give to the
"Probably at no period of the war has the reliq/ half a dozen younger ones.emptied their buckets of the above proposition preachers will remain t to es t rt n o ity of of nine ion wh ch President its unfaltering support in the prompt ex-
ious element in the army been more predomi- and pitchers down our parched throats, hailed three, or perhaps, four'years in one place. To a onecessarym thear ye h a yur sobur en n ceution of measures for the complete protection of

""1!" #,' "8,!."%,&:,"-; 7,;"", -':' O Fell""'"'s,::So g to bj do sI re e e a ridep t ede" to d ,r r n a fen th exe cisoeo th nal dn able ig
ch a mtp a ngread en bubb swered, "to Heaven afterward." "O master !" of instances. at of failing to hold a General t audeentsoen os ( eg 7 rumme Arandjr a i n uppodt of ab solut110 .sse r 1,o
upon and subdued the reckless spirit of the she exclaimed, "it ought to be heaven first and Conference is one; a number of our preachers put station on the subjectofgeneral ofileers involves presented. The further consideration of the reso- ,
soldiery, are those which are born in the heart last, and all the time." "And so it is, aunty," have left their work in the ministry and haVO the serv co in some afRe t on which a pointed oud Intions were postponed until Monday next.
itself, upon the field ofbattle. There is some- I said?"but I am anxious to get home to Ten- gone to the tented field, and have been engaged if seer ry, an ice. In conne n 11/2 estabject In the House, resolutioDS Wore adopte(Iten OPing
thingirmistibbeint esppealwhichtheAlmighty nessee now; and when there, I don't care much in deadly combat with our enemies. All these has no n th a ud unh ictat somem prow ion enthCks 500D ess to Ge rals Jeuesteph JohM
m es w en e str es from your side, m the how soonigo to heaven." And so the colloquy isa departure from the ordinary course of things no ant e ated. There its e increase or sense" their respective commands, for gallant and merito-

twilnkling of an eye, Cuutkiend and codmrade, proceeded, till the old vioman found out that I in times of peace, and from the usages of the ta one too j 11ecessaryfres or of ethee nige rious services, in the late campaign. An amend* -
entirely disregard the whiope in po be ti w tph to enhewhartn coulykto huich and the reg lar work of the ministry, '(r / an at 4 on & su on da e to 11 trG

declaring Kansas to be withizi the limits of the of by dur ifoo e. Having secuted thh booty, Maj. with a loss of twenty killed sild large number Oliftiblure.-The seculaf ancidolit of the religiotia pajierd ANTED--BY A YOUNG LADY OF
Southern Confederacy. Witcitor tork his lion of march for Chapmans. wounded. TherewasmuchereitementinLexington chittgeforinsertingobituarynotides. Wedonot. We think expersea situation as Teacher of the neust
August 22.-In the Senate, a bill was +eported wille, where th Yankeca have amilita depot, but in consequence.-Despatches. fiom Frankfort to it right to give a column or two wee dy to Hortimembratins sh Branehee 'da Piano Music, in a small School, or
from the CommiltooonMilitaryAffairsshaking learningon'boroadthata largeforce, consisting theNashvilloUnionofthe17thinst.,saythdGove t aarkneedseefule wereadhapyd Edid em nintte. praJuly t AddrpasBoxMAugustaPostOfflee.
some important.modifications in the law for the re- of several < apanies of the 11th (Yankee), Vir. Magolfin and Lieut. Gov. Fisk of Kentucky, have religious paper. Irrelevant factn-mi e otailestaid-
caption of substitutes in the army. One provision ginia regim t, had been sent out to cut him off resigned.-Maryland **secesh" sympathiners are ments of no general interest--facts known to all their ad- E GEORGIA ACADEMY FOR THE
is that when a substitute deserts, the person, who he changed ; route, and ascertaining the locality going into Fort McHenry at the rate quaintancessadnotimportantto be knownto others should BLIN -The next Term of this Institutlob com-
of.*rs is hold to service.-Mr. Yanoey's prope- of the bogs .rirginians, on the 0th instant made a per day. Among the mostprominentof thosearreet- be omitted-as also all apo.-= he . I ,, r ,,, a 3,,..; and e can r wantr. ym eBespt4mber. Blind eyersons sad
sition to arnond the rules so as to provide that mo- sudden ana taxpected attack upon their rear. The ed last weekitae Hon..Tohn Thompsoh Mason, Judge the sokrow of.reintives. Justa..r LI==<* we ranve main for thee inary schools, of good lietth annd obn n ,d
tions to go into secreIulegislative sessions be voted Yankees 2naud a stout resistance until the fall of of the Court of Appeals, and Collector of the ol't -important foots, briefly stated. From ten to thirty lines tween the ages of 8 and 29,s- rekproper a bjects to become
foriuTensessionanddeterminedbya majority, their commander, Major Hall ..1..... 11... fl...];r. ofBraltim 7- underBuchanan..a---8,000 guerling, willbeidlowedeachobituary notice--necordingtotheage, o rThan td j hoocursarokenste reeofolarge
was d sed for two hours, and rejected-ydeas 4, confirsion. Our men purs.r....1 rr..l 4,..r ri. ar.**cr.,r on3 9.1,.; ac. I attacked a large body of Missourf position, standing and usefulness of the subjeos, in the all thebganches of a common ngl h Edu mbt

na 0 11 ISj jn 3 < d ing slumber of thern.-Rich. La r.... 3 r...I .. I, nxingbto Mo on 9tt inst killing an t nm tes n neabridge e ,these to a me la he affacilities of ine xuee i @

1:' 1 coqr 0 0 N. 8 Awd "" I 0 1 Pn n t Th shd QMut n a r a o a n a he
e an n su ase a Aven r mil tary ervic dan rderi thqtethi Mas aM rr a r rag ar. BY J. A AN8LEA 08 TA G .d Bug 18th,1862. Aug.21-4 n Add up Principal,3InconGa.
o assion was occupied in discuss one uddon Mr but as outlaws, and in the event of their espture or within ten n ran f it L: Pc ,,,,.,,r .0 yr is it.u I A"RE TEMALECOLLEGE CUTH-

troop di oot te in a ojr{i The at a y f looer drilli rener.J.r.c h-wro. ten sol ey 4 no Li ... wan opeB t /he rall erin et thie lkstitution

n:E'k dr b u o n -
Rou teir 11ant condo 1 ata thYar Jt) n 4 caotmz a8 uch numbers of otheers as shall be op... I .r, rn rr I .. II I .7 . . Mi t..> are the r- c.g r e are wI ing e irdk as tprovisiocusan reasoziable
mand, and the citizens of Vicksbur for their de- to the persons put to death as afore n..i. ra..I ps.... n ar. to be Kansas M ten ts, at meeting of the Trusteed, the following Resolu-
fence of that cit them in elose conflpoment, for exes.uLaun, its evu<.Is. " t oarasonanimous ted:,
Is rr.. na rsay r... ....J. r...3 1.v the President; and the LATE FRoM E Uaoric IsY Ta x GLA80 :* -- "Resolvedd That th of Board in the Collede be ralaed
tithfORGAN AT GALTATIN.-A correspondent of 0..11 th-r. F.E.I., it'captured, as afoldn, and Advices to 7th Ainuat: ... a a l i\ r inds n% h ir a 4
reached in a 1, or tl 0 oo organ place him in confinement untilTik burior .8 ree- ene e aream injrp .dt a has mad r.. r 51 p u 3 'ni gd rs a .erm, dre required
man our companies, at da ight on the tored, and he is about to report for ilut carora left Liverpool on the 7th, in sears. .f in r --- - - Our friends may peobus to adhere strictlUto thiis rule;

D illa ws a tood Pw tee h RETREAT OF YOFIC 8 ARMY.-It 9 Oms Gartain bdo to t1i8 e ml a r.. -a P : in tr n ped y t r To do determina-

ditiAs soon as he was ade eq i surlfth a thacPope's army is re eatin tl I Idoeit twi st u sh a L f e enome a whicl 1 ... . r /it th t rte ly to0 JA M D. A'"st'o h rs at

-n and un n red rniTh ha do n1 s s irmi 1 burn Rh ridg behim of ill o .Clark 2 to dr 2786 JH CI ton 2 2798 FC Cark th a lakd ddin b ionuse ptamMthblankets,

ti 8 th Ra he e iv at un oRu aH o dr oco a 0 a 9

1 oi il rr e 11 in doi g. e here lase i h{wa ni 1 Lio'Che pri oinus arri1 noti[eiognized and onlld the cosmmaticationse b Pa 2800 JE Penny 1 u ag F1eO, Ligh d hing,

e re efxoo tane nomya irab somete g amt." ,, .. re enoesr rise er e I rp edA mekolt e o 2 Ba ul th a itchjan adedees Psi adane. alfur-
present in the shape of 80 fine horses, 1,500 sacks of Aderate state that no communication had been received T-279 J F 17 To and Mnd 2 to dr, 2703 A Todd 2 not 7.-tf. Seerettiry ofFa 7.
Thah chan ecw ro} 1 te5 bbuor leisn t t call le E'fREAT P MOOLEL A -The ''You Nap On RR 8 O 0 the is & OCOgdH ion 31 B' 2 7 t in 5 ir RIhlTY COLLEGE, N.0 --FALL TERM
were unable to use. The locomotive, a very fine uated his cam on nhe James Rive-gone, we Government should communicate with other pow- we shall have the regular Wasses and a rail Faculty.

oneaand a ut 38 ours, 1 eereenal destroyed e vi kno no a inb--proba 1 to)rne afore Pop and epspwith vbn offeri{oden diction if a fav 8 BY GEO. If. TE NOEM E BB O IETY OF THE 2 le E dh1 eiTe o al on he 6Rlr{$a
road without ears or engine. Thus we spent the portion of his army by transports, on Friday e was desiratble, if mediation is offeredqbat all the courEDERATE STATEs, Augusts, Ga., Aug. 1882.- I Board,$15 er month. S. CRAVEN, President.
day as Morgan's men most delighted to do-sur- 15th, he moved the remainder down the James powers should join in it.-The motion was finally sons e M ses[nedunn ac, or t nts, Sa OD Aug.11 13P
praising an enemy before breakfast to give them an seroes the Chickeliomihy, by Williamsburg to withdrawn.-It is reported that Napoleon as MrsS LA Bibb, Montgomery, Ah, Life Member..... So 00 AGRANGE FEMALE COLLEGE-THE
appetite, and then receiving the hospitalities of the Fortress Monroe. He slip ed away, and our forces trying to devise means to render France indepen- I ss L 8 6, " Annual Member, :: L Fau term onhis InsatuHon wal begin me Hrst WM-
place, which I can assure you were tendered witka did not get wmd of it, till le was across the Chick- dent of America for cotton.------Garibaldibas issued FroQ undry persons at Mobile, through Rev Thos nesday in September. Board of Instruction and rates of
heartiness of welcoma"truly refreshing. The pris- hominy. He destroyed a very great amount*of a proclamation calling the young men of Italy to W Dorman, DD, ... 30 50 Tuitionas heretofore. It is very desirable.that every pupil
onersinalkabout 200-mon,.were paroled, and storesbeforehedeparted. BothesiegeofRichmond freeRome. VictorEmanuelhasissued a counter FromsundrypersonsatBavannahGathroughHen. beinattendancernarinarmy.G.J.PEARGEPresidelit
their arms, which were of the most improved kind, is raised. The larger part of our army has Jeft proclamation, threatening-the r r of the law on Coll to mbus, to constitute Rev SB fli Aug.14-2m.
distributed to the newly organized compames of the there, and gone Northwardly. all who should obey it. The E sh papers depre- gins, DD, Columbus, Ga, Life Direetor, 150 00
Tmnut si tee 11 1 comGua fell back to Tax KILLING OF GEN. McDoor.-McCook and date Garibaldi's course.-T Queen, in her re8 gn.1, Life Member, g O RD OL G OUeT#en #
e, om. in. The peo- his guard were some distance ahead of his brigade, speech prdrogtxing parliament, said . The civil Mrs D F Willeox, " .;....... 30 00 Dunean, A.M., Prof. of Anoient ap guages; Rev. Whitefoord
ple are all true to the South, and never will submit about 4,000 stratig, moving from Huntsville via war which for some time has been raging in Ameri- Miss CathD Willeox, ......... 30 00 SmithD.D.,Prof.ofEnglishLiterature; WanonDuProA.M,
to the Lincoln Government. New Market, Ala., and Salem, Tenn., to Winches- ca has unfortunately, continued with unabated it. Mrs charles Ellis, ......... 30 00 Professor of Natural Beience; James H. Carlisle, A.M., Pro-
MORGAN IN KENTUCKY AGAIN. Enownille, ters Tenn. When MeOook was about miles North density, and the evils with which it has been attend- fo ant n .. f s one S gins on the 1st day of Octpber, 1882.
Aug. 21.-Intelligence is received from si reliable of New Market, detachments from three partisan ed have not been conflued to the American conti- Bundry donations, .... 450 35 Applicants for admission to the severalClassesarerequested
source that Col, Morgan has penetrated to Hopkins. companies, 80 men in all,, raised in Madison and nent; but Her Majesty having from the onset M Dad ,di D soudhGdaAnen lbMe8to er, ... 6 00 .tob punctualintheirattendance.
nile, Ky., and taken that place, which is sixteen Jackson cotmties, Ala., moving down a road at determined to take no part in the contest, has seen as ak offering to the God of battles, for he late
miles northwest of Clarksville, Tenn., to which right angles to the one trAvelled by McOook, at- no reason to depart front the neutrality which she ga victories near Richmond, to constitute Rev s PARTANBURG FEMALE COLLEGE.
Gens. Floyd and Pillow retreated after the battle tacked the centre of the column of his guard, and has steadily adhered to. Rev J n oDDViOn h CoUfri itS CLife Mem 3 COMMENCEMENT.

a i le and tthis Hft or sixt dxile north es eyefled in both directions. runningfi fthtdr7k Rv 1 1 an MH aejHTen evVocal and Instrumd tal CoAcedrt ab ep pilamoTrds
road passes through it. Thus the Yankees' ro, ant thinks about 40 ofPthe enemy. foll, but none of TO THE PLANTERS AlsfD PEOPLE OF T 's Bi I ni$e gry 1 8 A, dona 100 0 knPgp, annmenm %trahore a
mammg line of railroad communication, and ourmen. Two partisaus pursued McCook, who GEORGIA-' PresGhurchtireensheAla," 300 daymorningAu@ad.
route of escape or reinforcement, is cut off, as was ridmy in a carriage stolen from some citizen of The undersigned has been requested by the Ex- 4 Eutawl " 10 00 FALLBE 8 8 10 N.
Morgan has doubtless destroyed the track. No Huntsville, abd was separated from his command. ecutive Committee of the Georela Relief and Hos- Cp em.85at Maeon, by Rev EAB lesGeneral Agent, The Fall Session will begin on the let Mond in October
particulars, nor further intelligence, save that Overtaking him, they twice ordered a halt; and, pital Association, to address you a few sentences, Geosite PayneMaeon, Ga, Life Member, ... 30 00 Rev. A. J. Stokes and Rev. J. H. Bturteran h ve beenad-
"Morgan is making for the Ohio river.** not being heard, they fired on and mortally wound- on the importance of providing, during what re- Ns 31 rece, a .. ebde me F enlt as tH ePo luspeosn hdirdade mS
FronT AT HUNT8VILLE, TENN.-On Friday ed him. They recognized the uniform of a General, mains of the present summer, abundance of dried J L Jones, 2 aD Go July 17. WM. K. BLAKE, Presi upt
13th inst., Nick's command of Ga. Partisan Ran but did not know his name, until it was disclosed fruit arid vegetables for gr troopsin the field. MrsH Plant, .. Go oo Spartanburg,3. C, July,1852.

g seaStackedanencamJimenn rFeeodle n oHuOo Bo hNn norp erM sa 8s A to epn haMa ydfd% pe pleewitimutiany uchremincBer, a ,to natitutestinstaryare ASISON FEMALE COLLEGE.-THE
Clif, behind heavy forthications, on the top of a Our partisans, on the approachpof aid to the enemy there are many still, who are blessed with quanti- Maeon, Ga, Life Member, 80 00 FALL TERM of this Institution wall be n on blow
high mountain. The action lasted one hour and a from the rest of their brigade, scattered in the ties of fruits and vegetables, and 3res from inadver- Henr L de it, tonnatittut bles soGs J n ( th ihodAu5ust, uneranm tPhe Boa vejW .
half. The Ga. regiment charged up the hill, re- woods. The enemy afterwards burnt the dwellings tance, or engrossing occupations have given no 31rseJ W Jones too constitute h 'son, Reason and Washing. W. R. FOOTE, Secretary.
pulsing the enemy and driving him from his fort. of a Baptist mimeter, Mr. Catcher, Dr. Petty, attention to this subject. To such I more partien- Jones, Macon, GaLifoMember, .. 30 00 August7.--45t.
Adjutant E. Y. Clark, with a portion of the Ga. Elias Spragins, and another whose name is not larly appe al-in the name of our brave boys whose Mrs Fannie f kke, Macon GaAnnualcsMember,.. 2 2 AVENPORT FEMALE COLLEGE.*
regiment, rallantly chau god on the right, simulta- recollected, all citizens of Madison co The senior breasts are so freely presented as bulwarks for the r Ross, e, ** Life Member,........ Go 00 This Institution is under the patronage of the South
neously with Capt. Kemp, Sims, McEtrath and Captain of our partisans sent Capt. Brooks to tell protection of our homes, and their comforts; i.n Sundr donations, ... 68386 linaConferenceandissituatediathe beautiful Vill a

".3'stlysyne annan O 8b prIT th ja d ,win o aho w uMor 1 n sun the n jn i ho a huarane attention1so ut D /ea urmrb @it county litble Bo 3 00 0 as ceC o db en
They captured one hundred head of horses, ammu- paroled Brooks, and told him if he did not return, entreat that they will, even at cost of a little per- Dr samuel Kerr/$90: Taitionranges from $13 to $4 per annum. Board $3 per
nition, commissary stores, arms, &c., mostof which he would hang the prisoners. The burning then sonalineonvenience, give us theirkid in endeavoring To constitute Rev B Scott Krlder, Bowan county, N week. Washin t per dozen. Lights extra Music
they adtroqtreThe loss too trho s1pa isa m ceased and CaptthBroo 17eturneddrell ill tra to sehceure this supstlCs is now abundant. Summer Ira e ilN C,9L feMember,...... .ash tt e. Ralf I Fx
wounded also. Register, apples are to bpe obtained in many places. Fall Fron DA Davis: rece ved from Dr T J Bummerel, June / 13t, B. N. PRICE.
A special dispatch to the A. usta Constituional- BUELL, it is believed, is endeavoring to get away and winter apples will soon be matured in considq fro to #ti u r b ITINo 1, ie so oo
int, Knoxville, 19th, says Mr H. D. Capers' 12tli from Bragg's army snow beyond Chattanooga, on erable quantities throughout all the upper regions J ca ill r,8eoretary YorkDistraetBibleSooiety, 8 0, THE EVANGELICAL TRACT SOCIETY
Ga. Battalion, with a portion of the 43d Ala the Tennessee River. There will be a flght or a of our Stard. Tomatoes, okra, peppers, kershaws, donation, - ......... 44 75 IB TEE OlilLY TRACT 80CIETT IN VIRGINIA,
Lieut. Col. Moody, and the Ga. Cavalry, After foot race in Tennesses within a few days. pumpkins, and some similar vegetables are now or Re 112A Rose, contribution from hischurchatSlake SS 00 And, With one Exception the only one in the
forced march of 24 miles, attacked Fort Cliff, near EvAcuArrow or BAToN Roosa.-Mobtle, Aug soon will be in great abundance all over the State. 8 wil18D Bose, Treas Darlington, Bible Soelety.8 C, 75 00 Confederacy.
Huntsville, Tenn., on the 15th instant, and carried 24.-A special dispatch to the Advertiser and Reg.. All these can be expeditiously, economically and RevDV R e p8h 1, contributed by the congregation 101 75 WHICHIB N 0 T DE N QMINAT 10 NA L.
It at the pomt of the bayonet. The colonel of the infer, dated Jackson, 23d, says: "Official informal. safely dried or preserved. They can be put a WO JessupAugusts, GaAnnual Member, .1... 10 00
7th Tenn. regiment Federal) was captured, and a tron has been received here that the Federals have bags or boxes (the latter preferable) and th 31 EC, RomeGa, as athanicalleiing for the safety of ITS READQUARTERS ARE PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA.
Isrge quantity of or unce, commissary and quar- evacuated Baton Rouge and are going down the our assooxalton or otherwise, they can be for < 0 Ae I n, a rn ears a ni^# my j, on witkDepositories in other cities and a numerous corpe
termaster's stores were destroyed. None killed in .river." to our soldiers as fast as pmpared. They will offhe Bible Socie y of Gainsville Ala, ... 150 00 of Colporton chiefly on ind in distributing Tracts to our

Ca oB .KY.-KrsoveilleAug.21.--Bar. ackN RwITEMs.-Ge5n 3's flicial r bo ab threadateodthe 1 Previouslyreported .........12 eha btehr t sofAits sh*

nt FHr L diensuemyrotrea doto Chrmimr. nd tofsi C21a 's n x-ocontirem e la 1 oo fit oor aidebilsi tedbT ison a, saysOCIETY. f ichm ha flitesin ere ee eq8u o
gather with the enemy's stores and ammuni. but its destination is not named.-The Louisville prbserve many such in their places of du hey c. in ..,..... ......... $10 on entmuhith 4 by ameoemdm hP the solee
fron.--Cumix:rland Gap is invested by Gen. ( haloro*najo Athol4thinst.,sas tthatGen. wiltre rea or ina ro prostrationA p,-asso 5.2.-....1 .r.n ..,...... 1000 outsoet la sov 1 bri adhe

FROM THE MIsslangry. Jackson, Miss. Aug. Ky., on the 12th inst., ws)h his brigade, and t t death. Let the fathers and mothers who have Tek B EC NT dCAO uN .as at tti e updn at me io
1 -- ene h[have taken Haynes' Bluff on bee@mlH h n th ai ewajidr ordn d as cofs ies if n g ni ni to seconess ag he oi ed orbeh we as r .o oo ch e d sti

Mickler with a detachment of infantry, repaired to ldiers in the a throp and Ch tianpatrio m to afford a liberal sup re to
Bear slan ,eW dnolad knight, with a view of occasion. He pro modea n ee a sp econn CAMP MEIET1NGS ON TAMPA DISTRI T-nFLd O t tn bleInsttution who xaltededms as by 8DI

o "o

add a Lieutenont. Several ot le ex dm geHunj 0 oth ald a to gavedts meinbelf On loth instantin LafareDIe n, in the10th month of her u Sw. W L. MURPHY. od at hure .ptiblished of which any member of the Com-

lu o o edd b n. 1Ed6 a hi d to bt Wa d. r n so 1, sp P Le re sTreasurer, Jas.
Saw. Republira receive wou a the leg.- Herald was also arrested for disetfuraging enlist r ; Hance ov.3,9; Sparta, v 15, lo; Fort Valley J. N. ROB 8 O N,
ments.-A collision ocetirred on the totomae Notr.22,d23" b (urtsumer anoasex,)
let erO 0 r n 012 EO N A. Eva 0 ydaydd1 st 6Tnt intl h hamCs 1 TwicNTY DOLLARft Bent to thiB Offiesin paym0BI e us Em n afo ab to an i GO MMISS >'00 t r as n, 8
eLessful foray of our cavalry into W oming and loaded with troops, was sunk, and seventy-sty of subscriptions to the Advocate will entitle the per: Aug 28-9w. ETIOULAR ATTENTION GIVEN
counties. On the 2 instant, aJor V. A. persons drowned, including three ladies, wives of son sending it to a copy of the paper for one year. FouRTH RouND-oRIFFIN Dist the sale of WH FLOUR, CORN, &0. And
rifles, lor, wit his attal on of eVie inia mount e officbr of Bu n de's comma tWarTmeetings Here is an opportunity for active and industrious Au to J ks n- Sp r 2,at Do 1 fromm on e eriepce I b business, I feel confidenter

ch r to fnxofhno Cot"a rn prtaid let eon conRiv s- ,sm e, n 6 km Ie e 121 1 .sU onp nE

t 1 o ren a n [, e R. o A. SYDNEY BMITH

of the 37th Oh o regiment who formed the garri- of thadisturbance. The Yankee account of the a therioneeast nursle and of an an

u weThe ees madde dain 6 wr yr ce 11tel o azerren, a kno 1 es the loss of three A VIR INIA LADY, A RADUATE Oy a n teago ite neiddre a he r nL FOR c RD Gow AA NT 8 .

LOIS THE WITCH. the strietq idounds of posily nt lie;r r.nci I . .,, ra ran a j dE A L t if
.ans. oAsson.x, dread pl ing mysell to rought t at is h..i.1 nI . ... aft b for of r she won 19 -r
blAP 11---Tail WITCHES AT Woax -As ou will, manadb oil. full of tourer.. e. arg p .j .
"The sh of witchcraft." We read abbut it, which, if you had I.nened to me. m.,n.r 14.0 . nr er .. .

ako e e ev 1 hn I ad
ilotm@elybythosearound the suKererbutby Therumot ofwit hereft was Inke .. <., q n a e to

::\ "'"ot" '"'" ."),Ya'" o**a'ab rat supp a Jolo .e 1 everchai, brit
was the au osed a ject) felt n .1 are unt came in accounts of .:-.all scra by witoberaft.
unusual ki 4 of food---some .ar..asual motion .ar There was hardly a family without one of these .. .r, .
reat-her hand twitched, her foot was asleep, or supposed victims. Then arose a growl swl in *r ... .
her leg had the crap2p; and the dreadful ques, naces of vengeance from many a househ*:-I*I- . n .. .. ii .
tion immediately suggesteditself, "Isanyone menaces deepened, not dauntedbytheters.r . ., c.
ossessing an evil power over me by the help of and mystery of the suffering that, gave rk.e to ir, .r and when told we were, h
stan?" and perhaps they wentonto think, "It them. .. .,, .4: . ..... .. . .-. c .r.
is bad enough to feel that my body can be made At length a day was appointed when, afte th a ab ee fskdMany r., r.
to suffer .through the power of some innknown solemn asting and p aver, Mr. T an invite the unementationaconsisteaevother on .au . n,
evil-wisher to me, but TWhat if Satan ives them the neighboring ministers and all hPeople ears.- About ten months before her death, i. . ..r.\ ,
still further power, and they can touc my soul, to assemble at his house, and unite tm in its eardn da mpt o she era d el .I. c..\ r .r
**14 inspire me with loathful.thoughts leading devoting a day to solemn religious services, and mind and heart forphat event, so that it eson rs s.. ll* i.,
me into crimes which at resent Iabhor?" and to suppi cation for the deliveratice of his child- tissawares. During the earner months of her illness.she -- -
so on, till the very dreadpf whatmiglit happen, ren, and those similarly afflicted, from the power as rue 6 o edu b n thoe t 11elf a of ere 1 e an Ints* Revir. TV of b ver. r. r. . .3
and the constant dwelling of the thoughts, even of the Evil One. All Salent poured out toward den tent, but faith in od at last triumphed. .. I .J. ." J 2 ., ..... r ,
with horror, upon certain possibilities, or what the house of the minister. There was a look of heal xp as dhde e e etyrateg odit Hews ..r, .. -- , a ,,. ,,. ,,, . ., ra

he co el of ca inar I at dxia mwe e p 0 rm y; w I tnePr ra 5ar re, 3rse n ea ourees/d 1 t bm coarn a no d / n inf al e erit ha n/ doubtsoin .of th
first they had shuddered at. Moreover, there lution, amounting to determmed cruelty, if the Iso li athians her in ghtle to to *. He ,,,, , 9,.,, . I p. w r himnow inamud nobler sweeter adng.
was a sort of uncertainty as to who.might be occasion arose, was seen on others. As she was too fedle o seple k to each of the servants, une ,, , , ,,. si .' vewasbornDee.8th
infected -not initike the overpowering dread of In the midst of the prayer, Heater Tappan, artged her da8n e cid a MI toeqeet I in enveen w n Im th. = TT r .,, . 3 .. i r t7th, 1862.
the plague, which made some brink from their the younger girl, fellirito convulsions; fit after here," she a 4, "I would be a far holier 0 ristian than a ways ch upr / .ru .. r.-c -r. 2 .
best beloved with irrepressible fear. The brother fat came on, and her screams mingled with the have bees" Ma 1 e profit by her experience M s Regime: r c . r, .. rs.. .;r rr. r .. . c .. a r P.H. Enswersa.
or sister, P ho was the dearest friend of their shrieks and cries of the assembled congregation, ri ida men n 'Ther is o at o all the other \ ri / Inas
childhood and youth, might now be bound in In the first pause, when the. ohild was parrxally my onlyho e. while longing a enter -. nt. ,, ,,, , .. ... ., war.. a .

::"um nizi'""JM"i':a' fo du nd e sP o le ounad ar on a n nualon n r t yro a et m) .. .. tell r-
in such a case it became a duty-asacredduty- Tappan, lifted his right hand, and adjured her, w en she peered to have entered iritcrher finalstru gle
to give up the earthly body which had been once in the name of the Trinity, to say who tormented alle(I be inhiee n I osist ome of oh count Bwrixxx Anxote Lan, of the Har er Gizard. e ...
so loved, but which was now the habitation of a her. There was a dead silence; not a creature In Jeans there is fulness. OhIpra setheLo Blest Jesus I Re t., was born in Newton co., Ga., August 26 b. 1 si 1
soul corrupt and horrible in its evil inclinations. stirred of all those hundreds. Hester turned Oh! 'tis the sweetest name ever heard." The r phe for diedinthehos italatMorristownTenn.,July11th,
Possibly terror of death might bring on codes- wearily and uneasily, and moaned out the name rnff her guardian angel gatheredber to the I arDesAKIome eleHm/ t soad rn ai In hiis nqture we e blonde . .
ston, and repentance, and purification; or, if it of IIota, her father's Indian servant. HOLA WEB leftan orphan its early .r .. ar. ar 3 the Methodistchurch since his early youth.
didnotwhyaivay with the evil creature, the present, apparently as muchinterestedasan Linut JAxasA.Joanksofoo.A,14thjGa.Reg'kdiedinRich- und r oeodr1religs a n e. ii /r r.= r
witeh, out of the world, down to the kingdom or one; indeed, she hadbeen busying herself mu0 m d 5tylt..uinlhi 20th21%a gne lantly leading by an orderly walk to I.. r. a. CAn E. our, wife fl ,11 L Holt and
the master, whose bidding was done on earth in in bringing remedies to the suffering child. But tale com an in a charge at onines Mills, as lingerea near 12 i 0 Wh colon h was a a * - re >
all manner of corrupt and torture of God's now she stood aghast, transfixed, while her name five wee hearing with Christian resi neationothe suffering soldier, and a slin very way to do his r. on ., . .. .. *. 3 3 ; r -
creatures t There were others who, to these more was caught up and shouted out in tones of re- 'ni gnet me t at alwou datA orgas zedh to e un favoHte inmeamp "hs every wher else H ] L
simple, if more ignorant feelings of horror at robstrop and hatred by all the crowd around co. Thou h reared in Anynee, he scorned the ease and great

"i'"" "^ o'"t":s ot,"':2.'oh a a n AnoM e mom ndn ande the wedu drxh" a e a en ur e Ju n a 2.
andud deMende na w Apha r nb if Un bingp jus reh aw In erH a h nae hi Hon r ch i hl r -- n L. D/

character, there is no disproving it. his argu. But Pastor Tappan, the gaunt, gray man, lifting frequ at promotion andd9o oth ilantan h hr an.1ioln 18 he remoohredHto Re the ment comes up: "You have only the natural himself to his ubiost height, signed to them to flifeor meam deepin v gi soversome sickordb much success. 4 was a kind husband, a devoted fath r' ber of the Putnam Vols., 44th Ga Re t., died in Rev mond,
powers; I have supernatural. You admit the go back, to keep still while he addressed them; it r or.unidfNutytnhe noble bkdr ba to,1h exhiu nd in si ew ta f mits aineO a serion to a 1 titi rohn on d ceived in te battle of Mechanice-
existence of the supernatural by the condemna- and then he told them that instant vengeance thatgo to make up the< pde of true ma ood. I ntle d his eternal ga n. No one who knew hirn co ad fail to He was one of the most ammble and love of Christian
tion of this very crime of witcheraft. You hardly was not just, deliberate punishment; that there alt sildis fi s.orge us finahi al e Of d by natu no see 8 8 eices u o p le ae ti n.kbrother jin nt)1temen, anodn ne moar thanborddflar I ab natdand
knowthelimits of the natural powers; how, would beneedof conviction, erchanceof cor- withseplear .,5 .. ..,- .ll-ethewasafavoredobject himwasthe gateto endlessjoy, Hislast war weresing- Syunhesitatingl ,that hewasin all respects. oneofthe
then, can you define the supernatural ? I say fession-he hoped for some re ress for his suffer. up : non ; And ty saud theeP 1 sit}gof an ye non igt heaven. Dr if 31ATHalme a -t soldiers in he army. He was a qniet but consistent
that in the dead of night, wbon my tiodyseemed mg children from her revelations if she were Isis anoraland religious course was unsullied by the vices of Methodist never lived or died. He d ed a soldier and a Christian, and lived a prous and most exempla life in
to all present to be lying in quiet sleep, I wise, in brought to confession. They must leave thd camp life. To a devoted brother who minrstered to hi Christian. He was the same man in campsasathome." a 9 tile e in 4 atd ene Saying he was rs
the most complete and wakeful consciousness, culprit in his hands and in those of his brother "" 8 to sweare ata ha-esu an@ rdud neeha e"fou li h MaarnAAssBurran,.wifeof famon7 I as
present in my body at an assembly of witches masters, that they might wrestle with Satan finally faithful?' J. R. R. 80sonor A. Warras, son of Mr. E. D. and Mrs. Ann reesdence ofJeteen Perry, in Macon c.
and wizards with Satan at their head; that I was before delivering her up to the civil power. He *W er of nbrid marbwas wou d ofnt so battl{iof 1 co ed e a ist Church in 1984,in Baldw n co.,and
by t em ttordured inmy b dy b mu my soud to w 1, to he Idoke fromos ch reta us ri nd dioeodfwasa k one Ca o a at a 2.10th, hh razo Hospital, Richmond, Va, Saturday, July 19th, deasc e snidmber a stih\ter d h. During b

that I witnessed such and such deeds. Wh'at and mysterious suffering, an7firmly believing m t# a n sk w G At ed f agH o ing a s e h meolot tier Eved nars therbecame very happy and raised the 1 J
the nature of the appearance was that took the at he now held the clue in his hand which an n qrelatoengr e, e fka edeu e an e rsion.reHe vo tende e aste I and th agh a a .-LY Lanu.. F L.? C. 8 : a was born Dec.
semblance of myself, sleeping quietly m my bed uld ultimately release them and their fellow- and distrustful of himselfhe love I the lowest seat p the the reputation of a good and true soldi #, Above all, he 7tt !sa. a s. 2 5 :.. 1-**
I know not; but once admitting, as you do, the sufferers. And the congregation moaned thems sy; aedogue, bid was eminentliy faithful to ever leaves to his dis onsolate parents a well grounded ha li- a s, .ne I .Is I 1..* i..I to his parents.
possibility of witchcraft, you can not disprove selves into unsatisfied submission, and listened nish of@,h jda TP3ulitean1b shedd, 09a a thatkheTdeed aP'di r of e dr s Christhours 1A it /teiaTda flie oinedjthehMethho C obttal d
my evidence. This evidence might be given to his long, passionate prayer, which he uplifted many. His comforts m religion, if not often rapturous, elore and after ir.. .0. ., ., r. .... L .. L. that he fought near Richmond, and being in fefe health, neeame
truly or falsely, as the person witnessing believed even while the hapless Hotastoodthere guarded weredet stead andevenand never more so than durishK never expeded to --- ** . .:,. ,,ar. r .t that he home with life nearl exhausted. Justliefore he diedhe
liornot; lauressly I'vil..urall., 1.<> on-n who glared herlike '@ldayBabh{is if .earjnwl hwanM]ilt li n2 mopead hathethernl@hi ven, 1. .il t hiswou dn to an Meedetopithearbutdidnothavestrengt"nowdoso,
and lerrable power wist- abroa.d for revenge. Then, bloodhound-- a r-ady lo visp, w.en while the prayer friends observed the calm serenity apd quiet cheerfulness remarked, "I have male my penet II. .. 5 and expect
again, the racessi thorusebes mrn.nlared to the ended in me words of rbamerenal Saviour. whichaeemedtopervadahaspiraldinan unusual degree. soon to meet E... I. Right World above." A fraud -WuuAxL.Sotonow, my brother, of 37th Regiment Ala.
horrible panic abroad. Some, in dread of death, Lois sickenal and :-huddere.I at the whole a n(a 5 d d in p y rsanaceutheo n I of od fromhisident died happy L. dud d 4 he d n m at9nt 1 i J 12 T
confessedfromeswardice tatheimaginary...vinson Reena: and this .weano intellacinal, shuddering. 9 OR e cene ft up a ny nr JiiiiiFTL Mitudia, was borif Nik, 11HI, 1625, anR died at
of which they were accused, and of which they at the folly and su erstition of the people, but the a ht be summons cameandhewentto in theassem- Shuqualak, Nexubeeco.,Miss., Juite. 23d,1862. He fined the M. E. Church August 2d,181i5, as a teeker
were promised a pardon on confession. Some, teni rsm b lisbu during at the sight of guilt bly 0 .hLon ihit t shhna Lea a one rmoev so 1 je t nig E I oeg ddf wconverte .innetim ratfcerwar .h Alk
weak and terrified, came honestly to believe in w b eved m, and at the evidence of forty years and by the dear children who survive him, asa Ala, at which place he seri edhthechurch I .1-r 2 .- 1 it I friePds an camp who di all they eculdfor
their own guilt, through the diseases of imagi. men's hatred ai2d abhorrence, which, when type of the eternal rest into which he has entered and several years. Subsequently, he moved to use r psonsisu 4 r 'comoamons n arms" nform-me, that he
nation which were sure tobe engenderedatsuch shown even to the guilty, troubled and Gistressed whee they hope to join him, to be separated no me a for eeks e ru sh a hand me or fl Seterwa n ed@ndur nuredr dia INed great pa kneednSaulfering,
a time as this. her merciful heart. She followed her aunt and Februa He belonged to the 'Carter Guards 45th Ala.

po'it"''""'"I'"ith'"":'td"!: ("a''s:1:""""&""i"o'? wkh dgwncM M ve a d ON ,h 8 lo An or I r 6 u
Loisspokefirst. feelingoftriumphantreliefatt Tetection Richmond, Vafrom wounds received in the baPtleof MajorGreer RevG. ii amr .>.. in C3taini ShewasconvertedandjoinedtheM.E.Church in 1803
"Oh, Faith, this country is worse than ever of the guilty one. Faith alone seemed uneasy and Ti unday I ab la of that day, none were braver in waon h nt fch sr pdg b sed She ana i oh C r fl miHer s ata s sed
England was, even in the days of Master Mat. disturbed beyond her wont, for Manasseh re- deeds an he, or truer in purpose. He entered the service sMd, "I am ready-alf is right-all we I Dr 1 .. anactson prevented her, she loved to ta'k of religion, and of
thew Hopkinson, the witch finder. I grow ceived the whole transaction as the fulfillment against the adv ceof his friends, the claims of a young and m friend; as such, I mourn for hini; I 5 .. ., (r me goodap ss of God to her. Her conversation was in he&-
frightened of every one, I think. I even get of a prophecy, and Prudence was excited by de abdenht fam li fd oTer et I thhh eaps t orris v e.such, I honor him. God be hs stricken, ea j me ntalso she Ido a hf% e j es eG 4
* afeard sometimes of Nattee !" the novel scene mto a state of discordant high tute. but his answer to eve plea that would keeppat im the last. She ended her days in prayer and praise to God,

In Theknesheasked putba)r at a si SHtte bTIT in8ea 0 A JoasmB nwas adul 1 o G Au st

rmytr t e sTek nowt, sh Ihat has that to do with it?" said Faith, I present rnent I.. really preparing for h si yhb r ieous ad rtusswearb r parehdeto sedea eH- H enlisted 8 kC2t.f teftofaAb evil Dist 8.eO let
she is not a christened woman ; and they tell "Nothing; only she seemed such a little thing . . . . .ra one without hope. mw dia hile Inemors durrgbook a le 3wz r
stories of Indian wizards; and I know not what for all those grave ministers to be praying for, -*. re ... Bim xx F. annia dl0 1 dsMea i To I .. ri /I
the mixtures are which sheis sometimes stirring and so many folk come from a distance-some ,i a cah countyAla, June10,1862,of inHammationof the lung- 1.- . 0 .. .. .r
over the fire, nor the meaning of the strange from Boston, they said-all for her sake, as it . . .r .,, He joined the Confederate arm April20th; was carried to where partmg us no moro N.

""O'"k8, oh 0 An nu[n e the ic t e hA ne du Megodr I e- c n H R n p rn h
in company with Hota, his servant-it was just so, and old Madam Holbrook had herihelf helped . patently sometimes ex resin a desire to dTartand be on 22de une,1862, in his let year
before we heard of the sore disturbance in his upon a chair to see the better. I won Jr. t..:..s ,, .',. ... C,\ ,, , ,'.,, 42teePno I thHe e is aeo countyandi wasy enth inn
house-and I have wondered if she had aught to long I might wriggle before great and e..Als l.:.1Is a 1 0 a. .. . .r I ( n Mississippi. There lies not a form helow its sod, once ani-
do with it." would take so much notice of me ? But I al* . . . .. i. .. 1 .. ... 1 ... was born-lgarch jedby a nobler heart or gifted w th apur %ri n was
-Faithsatverystillasifthinking. Atlastshe pose that comes of beingapastor'samybtes r ... . ..... :... .-3 ...-:3 .. 2, ..->elsehuge
said, She'll be ao set up there'll be no s peaking c hi t.. r osthe reigns of Jacon B= Bourmour. 1st laeut. of r 1 ,
"If Nattee has powers beyond what you and I now. Faith, thinkest thou that Hotaredb led .',':,, ,';" ,/. s' a nson o 1 ni
have, ehe will not use them forevil-at least not bewitched her ? She gave me corn-c..u- e l.. u r .. .. 1.. . "come a -
evil to those whom she loves." last tune I wasat Pastor Tappan's, just by are , [ us, . heBesisale .. u n=battle new
"Thatcomfortsmebirtlittle,"saidLois. "If other woman, only, perchance, a ttile .. r.. us . .. whichtime
she has powers beyond what she ought to have, good-natured; and to think of her being...s....l. ,
I dread her, though I have done h6r no evil after all!"
nay, though I could almost say she bore me a But Faith seemed in a hurry to reach tearne-. .,n,
kindly feeling. ButEsuch powers are only given and paid no attention to Prudence's I her.c .. . .., . .. outhern bert J. R Psexers.
by the Evil One; and the proof thereof is, that, Lois hastened on with Faith, for Mana li v i-- a ... .
as you imply, Kittee would use them on those walking alongside of his mother, and the kept .. ..n, .,3 3,.3,,
who offend her." steady to her plan of avoidinghim, eyes though na eor In hismoom ti isa a rh was xe Jaz 7
"And why should she not?" asked Faith, lift- she pressed her company upon Faith, who had Tnos n na, eldest son of T. and V evia F thee-o n and then afterwards ennamed in merchant
mg herqetye I and flashmg heavy fire out of them seemed of late desirous of avoidir cl cr. ..3 3 hristian cliarhaPC srhow e I r \ r hu

"Because,"said Lois, not seeing Faith'ai glance, radedteo her r one a th rpop r a t r
"we are told to pray for them that despitefully =sn.
use us, and to do good to themtbatpersecute us. . . n, la. R son of
Eut poor Nattee is not a christened wbman. I J tians W. Borrrran. eldest a a = mi I Masse 27th June

w be akNeolarxr dofktph eph rr . . .,,,.,,.3, a .. ,n,1MtE.Churd
Satan'stemptations." .. o Iran.-, e . .,,. .., r , ,,. ,, .e tha
"Are you never tenitited ?" asked Faith, half " ... .f.- a for his piety.
scornfully; "and yet, I doubt not, you were well seemed to h $oa r a r..* .-0 A. J. Wxtuas,
baptized." our noblest and some of his comrade ' *- Lawar Envo ps of Co. G., 45th Ala. Regt., son of Newnan
"True," said Lois, sadly; i'I oftain do ver:- ... nicenij a otahddirected r,,, $ tr on.r "r. d R edof heu ,dMian.,5thJuly, inhis
wrong, but perhaps I might have done worse ii erential respect J. M. Austar. He was born m Aason co., No. Ca. He was in feeble
the holy form had not been observed." . ... health before he lef home,10. i,. ... .,,, .. felt it his

h svrerba5a n I t irl amin an any of- r be a y 1 nothn i ev s in ea noit ci ei3
fense. But do you never feel as if you would . He hd been un ell for several days prenous to the fight,

cto-u rr y---this hour-this minute ? Oh, I ; is w tr * on e dte to his He a fo t 11 the t es as Id erC Imut a murmur
of happiness fw whbb T would ., ,,, and manner. M hf. HAvou on, of Harris comIty Ga, died 28th July, now bereaved v fe, while he was in theeamd breathed the ears. The count has losta brave and faithful soldier,
willing ly give up all those m. I, ch ar.. -- ..I b,-,i .. f one te90 ageab e 2 ithful member of the M. E. Church about arost iferve e ye 1 eG ad ade e etSab8b hSchool loved by all who new hhn.

"Faith! Faith!" cried Loi in terra. I.o *Ln.- ., r dlialos $ ran earsmoHe audisred frhoe mtr 1 nomrofs oez d nkToudr ea lyndhhncommunihen Ilut he is TRIBUTEOF RESPEC'I.

re askin !@e her us 's .inal a j rn tI t e n ier od T. F. Cantenal. tal na 0 ee a tlA
may listemng; you are pu ting -.. r a U. e e ,eta JuJoinr3 Tnox Sams, I ion o. G diceed I mdn pa vanades, I ate of Ihis comp y one of .
But Faith ushed b the country a valuable at men 27th June, in his Sith ear iod Hospital 20th Jo y, in his 26 year.

do nd yu e r/ a ne 8 r t tozzD taxilrJ DUBo f 21st B Regt., died m Darling.

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