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YOUR CLOSEST NEIGHBOR.Nearly 400,000 readers!The Boca Raton Tribunefor news 24/7 go to Your Closest Neighbor Business see page 11Municipal Communitysee page 4Young, Gied, College Gradsee page 10Boca Raton Police Launch Home Burglary Prevention CampaignLife & Artssee page B1Award-Winning Childrens Book Stylish Stellas Magic Crown Authored By Deborah Bernstein see page 24 Send us a picture of you reading The Boca Raton Tribune to JOHN DALGLEISH READING The Boca Raton Tribune Virtual Tech Oces Now Oered At Technology Business IncubatorMay 16, through May 22, 2014 FAU Gets New SG President and Vice PresidentBy Kathryn WohlpartMichael Cepeda and Thomas DeMaio, Florida Atlantic Universitys newly Cepeda and DeMaio promise to bring more student representation to FAUs is really no reason why if we have a program students are working on, why we cant have more data to back it up more student leaders to come to meet Cepeda and DeMaio are giving up their parking spaces in front of the Student Union so that other students may park closer to their classes, stating that if Continues on Page 3Community Unites to Stamp Out Hunger By Quezia SalgadoThe National Association of Letter Carriers is the union of city delivery letter food drive on the Saturday before Mothers Day to combat hunger, where, with the use of postal networks, letter carriers will collect non-perishable food Taking part in what is considered the nations largest single-day food drive, the so that families were able to work together to attack hunger in our commuContinues on Page 3


2 -Edition 186 May 16, through May 22, 2014 The Boca Raton Tribune COMMUNITY NEWS PAGE TWOThe Boca Raton Tribune Community News Quote of the Week:Those who follow the right path fear the lord ; those who take the wrong path despise him. A fools proud talk becomes a rod that beats him, but the words of the wise keep them safe. -Proverbs 14: 2-3 INDEX Barry Epstein, APR, is a noted public relations, marketing and political consultant based in Boca Raton, president of the Luxury Chamber, the West Boca Leaders networking group and the founder and former president of the West Boca Chamber of Commerce; with a weekly internet television show on the Boca Tribune website. His motto is Public Relations is the enemy of anonymity. Fax column items to 561.451.0000. His column/blog is in the Boca Raton Tribune and on the Boca Tribune website (and click on columnists), on Facebook, as well as on the front page of the Sun-Sentinel/Jewish Journal website. Community News Page 3 Municipal News Page 11 Section B Page 13 ColumnistsPage 25 Business Page 27 Sports Page 32 Games Page 35 Marketing Chris Catoggio Daniel Riley SalesAndre Heizer Margaux Vicker Phydias Barbosa Data EntryJohn Lahey* Mail Subscriptionsubscription@bocaratontribune.comGraphic DesignMaheli Jardim Joseph FelicianoPhotographersGabriela Heizer,Gabriela Barbieri* Barbara McCormick Interns Mailing AddressP.O. Box 970593 399 NW Boca Raton Blvd., Suite 212 For General Information: Copyright 2014 by The Boca Raton Tribune. All rights reserved by The Boca Raton Tribune. All submissions and published materials are the property of The Boca Raton Tribune. This publication may not be reproduced in whole or in part without express written consent from The Boca Raton Tribune. The publishers reserve the right to edit all submissions and to reject any advertising or copy they regard as harmful to the publications good or deemed to be libelous. The publisher is not responsible for the articles written by its columnists. The publishers are not responsible for typographical errors, omissions or copy or photos misrepresented by the advertiser. Liability shall not exceed the cost of the portion of space occupied by such error or advertising items or information. All the publisher and not of any individual editorial the opinions of the author and not necessarily those of the publisher. The advertiser and/or the advertising agency is responsible for all content and will assume responsibility resulting from publication of said advertisement in The Boca Raton Tribune.The Boca Raton TribuneYour Closest The friendly community where friends do business with neighbors. AUDIT PENDING Community Papers of Florida West Boca Chamber of Commerce Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce Independent Free Papers of America Paper Chain Council Barrys Buzz


Edition 186 3for news 24/7 go to May 16, through May 22, 2014 Community News Community NewsThe Boca Raton Tribune Contue from page 1Cepeda and DeMaio sat down with FAU Police Department to learn about new safety initiatives that FAU PD are working campus, but its actually in your phone, dent should be concerned about according nounced as student government president months of contestations against the elec After the election board met privately, candidates were given two weeks to gather and of violating student governments Constitu elections board violated Floridas Sunshine Law due to the lack of notice provided, of the states First Amendment Foundawhich public business is to be transacted or discussed, board business in this case, must be open and noticed to the public, The Associate Dean of Students, Terry Mena, stated that the meetings did not violate the Sunshine Law because they were The lack of voting does not prevent the held a meeting and they didnt provide notice, thats a violation of the law, Petersen The Cepeda/DeMaio ticket receiving two minor violations and one major violation and the opposing ticket, the Callahan/Mor board determined that the violations had not affected the outcome of the elections FAU Gets New SG President and Vice President Perfect ForFATHERS DAY Try a Little TENDERNESSSave 67% on Omaha Steaks 4 OCG | 20180 | Omaha Steaks, Inc. Limit 2 of each selection at these special prices. Your 4 (4 oz.) burgers will ship free per address and must ship with The Favorite Gift (49377). Not valid with other o ers. Standard S&H will be applied per address. Expires 6/30/14. PLUS, 4 More Burgers FREE! Call 1-800-912-5018 and ask for Favorite GiftReg $1 54.00 | No w Only ... $4 99 92 (5 oz.) Filet Mignons 2 (5 oz.) Top Sirloins 4 (4 oz.) Boneless Pork Chops 4 (4 oz.) Omaha Steaks Burgers 4 Stu ed Baked Potatoes 4 Caramel Apple Tartlets49377NHK Community Unites to Stamp Out HungerContinued from page 1 towards everyone who supported the event, ing) served food all afternoon and evening, they complete their training and look for gainful employment in the local hospitality For some local businesses and individu the drive, which is the case of the team at manager Paula Pianta, they look forward support their efforts and mission of feeding end hunger in the community, but they also hold their own food drives every year, where employees, patients, volunteers, and visitors to the hospital collect hun dreds of pounds of canned goods and non-perishables, which are then donated in support of those suffering and in need himself, once again demonstrating what from the generosity of our community in terms of both volunteerism and philanof dependence by providing our neighbors in need with basic nutritional support and lifelong skills to take control of their lives is critically important to maintaining a healthy More photos on page 5


4 -Edition 186 May 16, through May 22, 2014 The Boca Raton Tribune COMMUNITY NEWS Community News rfrntrbrrtrf nntbfbnnbbff ffbffn fbfnbf bfbbfbbt ffbbb bfnfb tnffft fbfftfbnf bffnb rfn tb rfntrbr brrrfnrtbntfn Young, Gifted, College GradBy Taki S. Raton Orchestra and the South Florida Youth ceived her college degree in criminal justice at Florida Atlantic University graduating uated as a high school senior from Florida System but is a public school under the ausschool classroom setting but are pursuing Foundation is thereby anchored for grades level taken at FAU for both high school and So typically, when students graduate form She has taken a full load of classes every to skip her freshman year and start as a lege studies because that is where her sisters A year later, she transferred to FAU further combining her high school and college graduate from FAU in more than a century, youve got the abilities you should be allowed to accomplish your full potential, months old and her husband works as a human resource analyst for the city of PomShe studied architecture and law and credits and from that point on, she did everything Disciplined to follow a demanding schedule, high school and college classes to include a ball games, parties or any other popular high to earn college credit while in high school because they could not afford to send them Floridas dual enrollment program would allow high performing students to take courses at local colleges for free before they graduate from high school thereby saving after their mother, also graduated from the dual program at FAU and is working on a graduated FAU and is now studying at the youngest graduate this year and one of Stern received her masters degree from and would continue on to become a distinguished engineer and master inventor at degree at FAU this fall and then on to law She will devote this summer to studying for


Edition 186 5for news 24/7 go to May 16, through May 22, 2014 CASUAL DRESS | PRACTICAL TEACHING | ROCKIN MUSIC | JOURNEY KIDZ | CHURCH THATS ACTUALLY FUN!YOURE INVITED TO THE KICKOFF OF ANEW MESSAGE SERIES: CASUAL DRESS, ROCKIN MUSIC AND PRACTICAL TEACHING DISCOVER THE MEANING BEHIND THE BIGGEST MOVIES OF THE SUMMERSUNDAY, JUNE 1 @ 10:30am The Journey meets at: Boca Raton High School1501 NW 15th Ct., Boca Raton (at Glades Rd. and I-95 exit 45, beside Whole Foods) www.BOCAJOURNEY.comA CASUAL, CONTEMPORARY, CHRISTIAN CHURCHNEW for every first-time guest on SUNDAY, June 1 FREE CINEMARK MOVIE TICKET PLUS, BOUNCE HOUSES FOR YOUR KIDS ON SUNDAY, JUNE 1! ON SUNDAY, JUNE 1: Journey Kidz:Bible lessons, activities and games to build a spiritual foundation for your kids! For 5th grade and under during the service.


6 -Edition 186 May 16, through May 22, 2014 The Boca Raton Tribune EDITORIALS/LETTERS EDITORIAL By C. Ron AllenThe Boca Raton TribuneFounded January 15, 2010 Publisher Business C.E.OC.O.O. Editorial Interim Editor Managing Editor Online Edition Editor Social Media Mental Health First Aid Makes Its Way To Palm Beach CountyMy protge and schoolhouse just this week when an educator pulled me he was one of those students who would tion, select and implement appropriate interventions, and help a person in crisis or who may be developing the signs and through over the years, this was one of it was by far one of the more valuable Untreated mental illness costs the country lost earnings, according to the American Thats why local health-care providers have embraced a movement, which originated in Australia, to teach mental Family & Childrens Service offered an to be among those hand-picked to receive this training, which was proved to charter having a heart attack, even if you have no mental health related crisis until appropriate professional, peer or family support help someone in a mental health crisis or someone showing symptoms of mencourse participants learned the acronym, inaugural Voice Awards Tuesday night at was even more thrilled to learn that Palm to situations involving someone with more creative and their solutions may be First responders must be properly trained so they wont be forced to lock up the suffering from mental illness was yelling State has moved away from that and does not have the capacity in its mental health Friends, the time is long gone to recog other illnesses, it can be diagnosed and treated, although some incidents can be before it can be treated, it must be diag nosed, and before it can be diagnosed, it That will require changing attitudes to make it acceptable to have a mental ill listening non-judgmentally and encour aging appropriate professional help and Contact C. Ron Allen at or 561-665-0151. The Boca Raton Tribune, publication. The Boca Raton Tribune reserves the right to edit the tor.Letter Guidelines Letters to the Editor Sincerely, Co-President


Edition 186 7for news 24/7 go to May 16, through May 22, 2014 The Boca Raton Tribune EDITORIALS & LETTERS By Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr.POSITIVE LIVING world, having received his education in four of them. When he resided in southern California, he wrote a weekly column for the daily Anaheim Bulletin, which was carried for about six years, until he moved to south Florida. By Rick BoxxINTEGRETY MOMENTS Copyright 2014, Integrity Resource Center, Inc. Adapted with permission from Integrity Moments with Rick Boxx, a commentary on issues of integrity in the workplace from a Christian perspective. a biblical approach for doing business with integrity. Adrift In Business With Rudderless EthicsAn article in the respected business periodi discussed attempts by leading business schools to stem the rising tide of fraud in different approaches to ethics training had teach ethics, debating issues such as wheth integrating some degree of ethics training the article very interesting, but what struck me as most noteworthy was what had not ethical standards and practices should be Years ago the late Charles Colson, who overcame ethical breaches in politics to be proponent of applying biblical principles in every area of life, cited the dilemma of try determined since they did not believe in moral absolutes, how could they possibly ness school declined the generous grant and unable to reach consensus on right and wrong, even in schools of business, is it surprising business and professional leaders and consultant to business, entrepreneurs and leaders, has shown this need not be a and guidance for conducting business in a work, and when they are heeded, everyone This has been the case for thousands of These laws and decrees were not given to become restrictive, but rather to ensure and encourage fair, others-oriented prac tices that promote the best interests of all seeking to advance their own interests not diminish the need or importance of providing sound ethics training for people entering and currently working in todays Finding AlternativesThere is hardly any situation or challenge you face in life which does not offer you an alternative or more, to accomplish what attentive, and prepared to employ discernThats why its always wise for people to have different plans for the accomplishment falling part, it is a good sign that everything following procedures by doing them in just one way that they cannot think of taking any unknown path, or tackling anything differently from what theyve been accus Yet, even in occasions when you can still achieve your purposes with what you have words, whatever legitimate way you can ments are invented everyday and whatever may have functioned so well in times past of achieving the same in record time, and There is an old, true story about a couple of generations of housewives in the same for the family, they would remove a chunk asked her mother why did they do it that then posed the same inquiry to her grand that was because the frying pan was not large enough to accommodate the entire other alternatives, either by buying a larger Theres hardly any situation in life which one way of doing things, when several others are equally available, and some are far a sole manner of doing things, especially


8 -Edition 186 May 16, through May 22, 2014 The Boca Raton Tribune COMMUNITY NEWS . Di plomat e, Amer i can Boar d of Or al & Maxillof acial sur g er y (561) 368-8880 @. 801 109 33486 "With these hands, I have been able to help countless tens of thousands of local residents get rid of pain and suffering." Oral F ac ial mplant Ce nt e r Of oc a at on, P A Law Enforcement Ocers Memorial Hosted By The Boca Raton Police Department fact that everyone under his command got to return home to their friends & family at the Astrophysicist Dr. Randall Smith To Speak at Palm Beach State College Foundation STEAM event researcher and scientist, Smith is working with X-ray emitting light forms to discover clues to the basic building blocks of the we presented Apple co-founder, Steve and state conversation regarding the need for a new wave of talent for high-tech, Youth Orchestra Celebrates 20th Anniversary at Mizner Park presented this past Saturday, a Spring Musi Park Amphitheatre and was sponsored by included a nice selection of classical with contemporary pieces like Pink Panther by City council member Scott Singer read accompanied by Deputy Mayor Constance


Edition 186 9for news 24/7 go to May 16, through May 22, 2014 The Boca Raton Tribune COMMUNITY NEWS Coli Marble INC. 1825 NW 21st ST P ompano Beach, FL Mention this AD for a special price P ortugues: (954) 830 5531 www English: (954) 979 8572 FRANCISCO RODRIGUES Coli Marble INC. 1825 NW 21st ST P ompano Beach, FL Mention this AD for a special price P ortugues: (954) 830 5531 www English: (954) 979 8572 FRANCISCO RODRIGUES FRANCISCO RODRIGUES WE DO THE JOB RIGHT FOR YOUR COMPLETE SATISFACTION! GRANITE COUNTER TOPS | MARBLE COUNTER TOPS | CEASARSTONESILESTONE | CUSTO M BATHS | CUSTO M KITCHEN SOLUTIONSCUSTO M ENTRIES | CUSTO M MADE COFFEE TABLES | CUSTO M CUTTING BOARDSFIRE PLACES | SADDLES AND WINDOWSILLS | STEPS | FLOORS | AND MORE...COLI MARBLE INC. (954) 830-5531COLI MARBLE INC. 1825 NW 21ST ST. POMPANO BEACH, FL (954)979-8572 WWW.COLIMARBLE.NET


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Edition 186 11for news 24/7 go to May 16, through May 22, 2014 By Jason Schwartz who work at the retirement community Scholarship winners and their colleges of Abbey Delray students outstanding characteristics and are an investment in the and team members at Abbey Delray and ship fund is a great way to give back, show how our retirement community values education and helping people achieve goals To select the winners, the committee reviewed each students application and awarded points based on a variety of merits By Jason Schwartz tended a two-hour question and answer ses plans to open in August, with students in The seventh and eighth grades will open in The charter has been approved for nearly Parents on Saturday had lots of questions and doing what it takes to get the school public school open to any student in Palm different from other public schools is its approach to teaching and learning, focus ing on performing and production arts and offering a cognitive skill development literature will be infused in all content areas, tunity for intellectual, emotional, aesthetic and social growth while cultivating essential skills and enhancing a childs creativity and curriculum will provide students with mulents and students will visit classrooms and for news 24/7 go to Hundreds Attend Charter Schools Question, Answer Session Fireghter, Nurse Practitioner Wife Arrested on Drug ChargesBy CRA News ServiceA Deland his wife were charged after authorities said the couple forged prescriptions for painkillers registered nurse practitioner at a neurology sion of the doctors prescription pads and fraudulently forged the doctors signature tions using forged information from the AtThe doctor alerted the Atlantis Police Department, which worked with Sheriffs made after he goes through the legal but are not offering comment at this time tion of what you hear, half of what you Multicultural Festival to Oer Drowning Prevention TipsBy Fred Hamilton Afro-Caribbean festival, are partnering with who are motivated by the recent drownings will be promoting swimming classes and The day-long event will be Saturday, May had had this education, the outcome may Among the attractions will be a mermaid for making a Caribbean-inspired ceremonial to serve as a catalyst for highlighting artistic strengths and differences for all of Palm represented by our many vendors, and of course, the great performers along with many other supporting groups of talented individuals participating in this years festi provided free, computer-based tutoring for Festival goers will be encouraged, through out the day, to participate in activities led by entertainers who understand the role the The day of music, singing and dancing will known local master drummers will lead festival goers in celebrating both differences and commonalities through rhythmic beat people who enjoy drumming from all cultures and backgrounds to join in this audi enjoy and join in the fun using the mini-ma racas that will be handed out to assure the festival will end on a note of total engage For more information or to enter, visit Abbey Delray Residents Award Scholarships to 10 High School Seniorsleft to right are Markeyes Baker, Max Compere, Gerardo Quinones & Brady Yip


12 -Edition 186 May 16, through May 22, 2014 TM TM

PAGE 13 Edition 186B1Section B May 16, through May 22, 2014 The Boca Raton Tribune B Section B May 16, through May 22, 2014 Go Go Godzilla!ENTERTAINMENT See page B3Award-Winning Childrens Book Stylish Stellas Magic Crown Authored By Deborah Bernstein booksellers, leading retailer of content, digital media and educational products, and operator for mothers and grandmothers as they spend quality, intimate time with their daughters and granddaughters reading at their private tea par ties or while spending the day at the beach on Stella has lots of friends at school, but her best books, Stella encounters problems she has to encounters trouble, she becomes frustrated and from Chloe, Stella discovers that with practice ever, it is her big sister and brother -Abigail by believing in herself, she can do anything, and Stella learns to keep working hard despite her


May 16, through May 22, 2014 B2 Edition 186 Section B Thirteen was the lucky number of students who were awarded scholarships to the college of their choice at a from Dillard School of the Arts, Dreyfoos School of represented all disciplines of the visual arts, including The National Society of Arts and Letters Florida East Coast Chapter Hosts Student Scholarship Awards Brian Edwards, Judi Asselta (Event Chair), Yasmeen Ampuero, Artist, & Patricia Burdette Maxwell Stein, HonoreeBoca High Student Reaches Finals in Shakespeare CompetitionBy CRA Media Group speare Competition recently in New York audiences at the Lincoln Center Theater with a per formance of a sonnet and monologue from Shake students who competed matic Arts Young Actors Summer School arship to attend the American Shakespeare Shakespeare Competition is a school-based program designed to help students develop their speaking and critical thinking skills and plore the beauty of the language and timeless themes three progressive competi tion levels, students memo monologues and sonnets in munity competitions and at the National Shakespeare has engaged more than rf n t b bb

PAGE 15 Edition 186B3Section B May 16, through May 22, 2014 Entertainment Skip Sheffield Fitness Life Randy Fine Is Credit Card Debt driving you batty? Take the first easy step:Call:( 800) 279-4097 Is Credit Card Debt driving you batty? driving you batty? 800) 279-4097 Lower your monthly payments Reduce or eliminate interest rates FREE Let Consolidated Credit Help You: Go Go Godzilla!The beast is back bigger but not neces wrote the screenplay, which harkens back has always centered on mans arrogance where thousands died from the direct im Nagasaki, and thousands more died of slumber, and it is radiation that feeds two horrible new creatures that look a bit like atomic bomb testing in the American live action shifts to a huge open pit mine the pit has collapsed and given way to become dangerously high near a nuclear reactor, and a chain reaction starts to melt From there we shift to San Francisco, up to be a military bomb-defusing spe imprisoned after the nuclear disaster, has pistols, machine guns or rockets, yet thats what the military does to almost comical meaning the monsters amongst them in the end you get the distinct impression Liquid Diets for breakfast and another for lunch and then a sensible dinner and people were you have that sensible dinner of a few on advertising, it is calories in and out, you, however it has a lot of calories, from of being obese if you drink your fruit as and that takes time so your blood sugar you drink juice your body will allow the juice to enter the blood quickly and spike cause your blood sugar to drop quickly and that tends to make your body crave sugar in order to bring your blood sugar the insulin to dump and start the entire Your kidneys, liver and lungs are the main cleansing systems with the gut and these have anything to do with calorie not working properly you probably have Now on the other hand consuming just liquids over time will cause you to shrink ber of calories you can consume and that Some people have great success long understand that when they come off the cleanse they do not have a pass to eat whatever they want and as much of it as with one meal a day then move to two


May 16, through May 22, 2014 B4 Edition 186 Section B S P O T L I G H T Photos by VMA StudiosMay 8th VIP Party at Baldwin House May 9th Event Teri Catlin (Singer/Songwriter) President (of FAU) John Kelly Mayor Susan Haynie Mayor Haynie & Barry Epstein Deputy Mayor Constance Scott, Becky Woodbridge, President John Kelly & Mayor Haynie Sam Zietz & Farshad Tafazzoli Jim McDonough (FAU) & Varsha Chandra

PAGE 17 Edition 186B5Section B May 16, through May 22, 2014 S P O T L I G H T Photos by Charlotte Beasley Flossy with Skip Sheffield of the Boca Tribune and Adrina Sommers the nightclub singer of the Wick Caberet. Flossy and Charlotte Beasley enjoying a glass of champagne in the lobby of the Wick Theater. When Countess De Hoernle heard Flossy was going to the Wick Theater, she decided to join her as well. Flossy enjoying a glass of champagne before the start of the show.The Celebration Continues Gallery 22I n t e r n a t i o n a l 320 Esplanade, Stor e 53 Royal Palm Place Boca Raton, FL 33432 T el: 561 347 1677www .yaacovheller .com Exterior/ Interior Commisions Corporate/ Private Installations SculptureBronzeLuciteGlassSilver PaintingJewelryGifts & much more Community Unites to Stamp Out Hunger


B6 -Edition 186 May 16, through May 22, 2014 ColumnistsThe Boca Raton Tribune Michael H. Gora has been certified by the Board of Education and Specialization of The Florida Bar as a specialist in family and matrimonial law and is a partner with Shapiro Blasi Wasserman & Gora P.A. in Boca Raton. Mr. Gora can be reached at DIVORCE FLORIDA STYLEBy Mike Gora FAITH ImagineAs a young lawyer attempting to carve spent a few years as a part time Public my own small civil practice of divorces, all of Public Defenders capital cases in was and remain committed to a dislike of My dislike was not because many did not deserve to be put to death, but because of the process which led to the electric prosecutors were in the game to make geria cascaded over us through all media of a daughter and a grandfather of four armed force of police and/or military kill each and every one of the heretic bastards who claim the devils right to enslave and abuse Nigerias most beautiful As young women are bartered for pennies and used for rape by sellers and buyers who claim religious rights to do so our band together and physically put a stop to this horrendous genocide in the heart of Africa whether by boots on the ground, our deadly force of airborne devices or Discover the AFFORDABLE solution for your stairs. Over 300,000 already have! Our Acorn Stairlift has made such an amazing difference in our lives. I wish we had called sooner!Cheryl W. LIMITED TIME OFFER! $250 OFF*PURCHASE OF A NEW STAIRLIFT!EXPIRES May 31, 2014*Not valid on previous purchases. Not valid with any other offers or discounts. Not valid on refurbished models. Only valid towards purchase of a NEW Acorn Stairlift directly from the manufacturer. $250 discount will be applied to new orders placed before May 31, 2014. Please mention this ad when calling. We are local and in your neighborhood! Call today! CALL THE STAIRLIFT EXPERTS TOLL-FREE NOW FOR YOUR FREE INFORMATION KIT AND DVD! 1-800-691-3065 Helping people stay safe in their homes for over 20 yearsThe WORLD LEADER in stairlifts The MOST TRUSTED name in the industry BUY DIRECT from the manufacturer Works on ALL TYPES of staircases Robert J. Tamasy is vice president of communications for Leaders Legacy, Inc., a nonprofit organization based in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. A veteran journalist, he has written Tufting Legacies (iUniverse); Business At Its Best: Timeless Wisdom from Proverbs for Todays Workplace (River City Press); and has coauthored with David A. Stoddard, The Heart of Mentoring (NavPress). For more information, see or his blogs, and By Robert J. Tamasy The Most Dangerous Workplace WeaponSadly, recent years have been marred by horrendous acts of violence in the workviolent behavior that receives virtually no attention, but every day causes great injuries caused by the misuse and abuse Most of us have observed situations where a supervisor berated a subordinate leagues having a discussion that spiraled into a disagreement and then a series of harsh, disparaging comments toward one a retail store clerk for some perceived wrong, oblivious to the fact the worker was doing everything possible to remedy Thanks to technology, the danger of ourselves inclined to share a piece of our minds we can ill afford to lose, via vari Long before anyone ever envisioned by communicating before time could personal rule that any letter written in an not changed, would he proceed to mail a man had accumulated enough un-mailed sponding to a problem that had already addresses this in numerous passages, the tongue is a small part of the body but praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in my frustration, but it caused great harm portant lessons for handling this danger but he who holds his tongue is wise ger we can use words to attack others, but it is much more productive to use words to build them up and offer encourage come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up accord


Edition 186 19for news 24/7 go to May 16, through May 22, 2014 WHATSCOOKING?The best places to eat in Boca Raton E ADVERTISE WITHYOUR RESTAURANT HERE!c o n t a c t u s a t( 5 6 1 ) 8 0 7 6 3 0 0 A D P L U S L O C A T I O N P O I N T O N O U R W E B S I T E M A P AMERIC AN B ARBEQUE ASIAN L A TIN GREEKJ. Alexanders Six Tables Brewzzis Maxs Grille Hurricane Grill & Wings Shawtys Bar B Que Oba Oba Brazilian Restaurant Picanha Brazil Caribbean Grill Cuban Estia Greek Taverna & Bar IT ALIANOlive Garden Piattini Table 42 Brio Tuscan Grille Trattoria Romana Piccolino Kapow Noodle Bar Saba Fine Asian Dining Sushi Ray Chiyami Buffet & Sushi SEAFOODBabas Shrimp Shack STEAKHOUSEHoustons Grill Time Ruths Chris Steak House Abe & Louies D r frntbt r rf rfntbnfntffnrr f fntrnbtrf b bb b FRENCHCasimir French Bistro F


May 16, through May 22, 2014 20 Edition 186 Section B The Boca Raton Tribune C O N T A C T U S A T ( 5 6 1 ) 8 0 7 6 3 0 0 A D V E R T I S E Y O U R M E D I C A L O F F I C E H E R E 1 7 5 X 4 8 7 5 A D P L U S L O C A T I O N P O I N T O N O U R W E B S I T E M A P


Edition 186 21for news 24/7 go to May 16, through May 22, 2014 Real EstateThe Boca Raton Tribune By Joshua CarlsonJoshua Carlson has been a Real Estate Professional/Broker-Agent in the state of Florida for 14 years. He has a passion for educating his clients and walking them through the home buying/selling process. If you have any real estate related questions or topics you would like to hear about, he can be contacted at 561-929-8874 or HOMES INSIDE AND OUT FAMILY OWNED & OPERATED FIRST TIME IN 40 YEARS 10% OFFWith this coupon. Not valid with other offers or prior services. Limit one coupon per service call.MM11Save Until You Need Us561-368-5111 plumbingexperts.comE-Schedule 24/7 EMERGENCY SERVICE "The Name Says It All" 561-368-5111Boca's Biggest & Best $3800 OFFWith this coupon. Not valid with other offers or prior services. Limit one coupon per service call.MM11Save Until You Need Us561-368-5111 $4800 OFFWith this coupon. Not valid with other offers or prior services. Limit one coupon per service call.MM11Save Until You Need Us561-368-5111 $5800 OFFWith this coupon. Not valid with other offers or prior services. Limit one coupon per service call.Save Until You Need Us561-368-5111 $6800 OFFWith this coupon. Not valid with other offers or prior services. Limit one coupon per service call.MM11 Save Until You Need Us561-368-5111MM11 TO ADVER TISE WITH YOUR LOCAL MONEY MAILER, CALL (561) 447-6566 380-11-0935 A+ Rated BRT11 BRT11 BRT11 BRT11 BRT11Title Insurance When Buying a Home: Whats the Point means to get a better understanding of ance protects the holder from any loss anything wrong with the previous pos Most mortgage lenders you are buying a home with cash or mortgage, it protects you from fraudulent claims and mistakes made in earli is a one-time cost and is usually paid for by sume this to be true as it may vary depending on how it is negotiated Closing Company or Attorney which will coordinate the closing of your home normally runs a Title search for the status of title for the title insurance title policies, which protect the lender, and owner title policies, which protect Discounts on premiums may sometimes against claims of ownership, such as title defects, liens and encumbrances as Stay tuned for more tips and important


22 -Edition 186 May 16, through May 22, 2014 r f rf n tb n n btn b t bn nn n rf rf n r tb f r t r n n n r t n n n t r rn f r r rf r r f n r n r


Edition 186 23for news 24/7 go to May 16, through May 22, 2014 BOCA RATON TRIBUNE WORSHIP DIRECTORYFirst Congregational Church of Boca Raton 251 SW 4th Avenue Boca Raton, FL 33432 Phone: 561-395-9255 Website: St. Pauls Lutheran Church and School 701 West Palmetto Park Road Boca Raton, FL 33486 561-395-0433 Website: Center for Spiritual Living Boca Raton 2 SW 12 Avenue Boca Raton, FL 33486 561-368-8248 Website: Frontline Christian Center 901 W. Palmetto Park Rd Boca Raton FL 33486 561-706-5801 Website: First Baptist Church of Boca Raton 2350 Yamato Rd. Boca Raton, FL 33431 561-994-4673 Website: Congregation Shirat Shalom PO Box 971142 Boca Raton, FL 33497 Services at Olympic Heights High School 561-488-8079 Website: Boca Glades Baptist Church 10101 Judge Winikoff Rd. Boca Raton, FL 33428 561-483-4228 Website: Advent Lutheran Church and School 300 E. Yamato Road Boca Raton, FL 33431 561-395-3632 Website: www.adventboca.orgRevival Life Church 4301 Oak Circle Suite 11Boca Raton, FL 33431 Services at Don Estridge Middle School 561-450-8555 Website: Grace Community Church 600 W. Camino Real Boca Raton, FL 33486 561-395-2811 Website: Homes Sold In Boca Raton Sold Between 5/05/2014 to 5/11/2014 Subdivision Address Sold Date Price Dorset At Century Vlg Condo 329 Dorset H 3290 5/9/2014 CENTURY VILLAGE 34 Preston A 5/9/2014 Bridgewood 1201 BRIDGEWOOD Place 5/9/2014 Boca Woods Country Club 11123 Highland Circle 5/6/2014 CENTURY VILLAGE 8 Dorset A 5/9/2014 Bridgewood Mid Rise/Boca West 1553 Bridgewood Drive 1553 5/9/2014 West Lakes Of Boca Raton 8071 South Street 5/6/2014 Watergate As 22862 Tradewind Road 5/9/2014 Century Village 1033 Hythe B 5/5/2014 Boca Club Condo 22615 SW 66th Avenue 100 5/8/2014 boca lakes condo 8914 Belle Aire Drive 368 5/5/2014 Sandalfoot Cove Sec 1 1500 SW 66th Avenue 5/9/2014 CENTURY VILLAGE 4001 Exeter A 5/5/2014 Patrician Condo 2851 S Ocean Boulevard 0185 5/7/2014 River Oaks 9108 SW 21st Street Apt C 5/6/2014 Park At Windwood Conds 3130 Millwood Terrace M 213 5/8/2014 COURTYARDS AT BOCA RATON 7539 Courtyard Run E 5/9/2014 Windsong At Boca Del Mar Condo 6314 W Longboat Lane 103 5/7/2014 SANDALFOOT 22659 SW 65th Avenue 5/7/2014 Boca Ridge Condo 9292 Sable Ridge Circle B 5/6/2014 Glens 6320 Boca Del Mar Drive 303 5/8/2014 Club Royale Condo 6530 Boca Del Mar Apt 236 Drive 5/6/2014 Boca Bayou 26 Royal Palm Way 403 5/9/2014 Tiburon I 6626 Tiburon Circle 5/5/2014 Boca Pines Of Verde Trail 6751 Boca Pines Trail C 5/5/2014 Boca Gardens 9607 Boca Gardens Circle N A 5/5/2014 Boca Trails 10150 Windtree Lane 5/9/2014 ST. TROPEZ 17323 Boca Club Boulevard Apt 8 5/6/2014 Tiburon II 6945 Barbarossa Street 5/6/2014 Chatham Hills 276 NE 29th Street 5/8/2014 SOMERSET 17288 Boca Club Boulevard T 2002 5/7/2014 Brentwood of Boca 19972 Mona Circle 19972 5/6/2014 Cimarron 21376 Woodchuck Lane 5/8/2014 MIZNER POINTE 8386 Via Serena 5/7/2014 PALMETTO PINES 10700 Eland Street 5/9/2014 Sandalfoot Estates 22630 SW 54th Avenue 5/9/2014 POLO CLUB/COQUINA ISLE 6341 Graycliff Drive D 5/6/2014 Palms 7735 Travelers Tree Drive 5/7/2014 Country Landings 2 11655 Countryview Lane 5/9/2014 CEDAR RIDGE 385 NW 35 Place 5/9/2014 Fairways Of Boca Lago 8551 Casa Del Lago 39a 5/7/2014 Lexington Estates 22272 Holcomb Place 5/9/2014 Banyans 2384 NW 67th Street 5/6/2014 Boca Preserve 7060 NW Turtle Walk 5/7/2014 Yacht And Racquet Club Of Boca Raton 2707 N Ocean Boulevard 3010 5/8/2014 Palmetto Place 99 SE Mizner Boulevard 409 5/9/2014 Brookfield 5968 Glenbrook Way 5/7/2014 Boca Greens 19755 Sedgefield Terrace 5/9/2014 MEADOW LAKES 10157 N Serene Meadow 5/5/2014 Yacht And Racquet Club Of Boca Raton 2707 N Ocean Boulevard D702 5/7/2014 PHEASANT WALK 4852 Sugar Pine Drive 5/5/2014 BOCA TOWERS 2121 N Ocean Boulevard 1402w 5/7/2014 Paradise Palms 2166 Park Place 5/8/2014 BOCA WINDS 22111 Altona Drive 5/5/2014 Boca Raton Square 1332 SW 12th Terrace 5/7/2014 Mizner Court 140 SE 5th Avenue 245 5/5/2014 CENTRA Blue Lake Townhomes 1505 NW 48th Lane 5/7/2014 Seasons 3105 NW 63rd Street 5/7/2014 La Corniche 22841 La Corniche Way 5/9/2014 Yacht And Racquet Club Of Boca Raton 2701 N Ocean Boulevard 510 5/6/2014 Boca Falls MYSTIC BAY 21405 Shannon Ridge Way 5/9/2014 ROYAL OAK HIILS 746 W Palmetto 5/8/2014 Saturnia 11897 Preservation Lane 5/6/2014 Whitehall South 2800 S Ocean Boulevard 14K 5/9/2014 Admirals Walk Tower A Condo 4545 N Ocean Boulevard 18 C 5/5/2014 Santa Barbara 20694 NW 26th Court 5/9/2014 New Floresta 2800 NW 26th Court 5/6/2014 Vintage Place 6185 NW 24th Way 5/5/2014 Sabal Shores Apts Cond 600 S Ocean Boulevard # 9040 5/8/2014 Whitehall Condo 2000 S Ocean Boulevard 7 J 5/5/2014 PARKSIDE 1720 Parkside Circle S 5/7/2014 Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club 356 S Silver Palm Road 5/5/2014 Spanish River Land 1401 Cocoanut Road 5/9/2014 200 East Palmetto Park Condo 200 E Palmetto Park Road 515 5/5/2014 Devon Place 3950 NW 53rd Street 5/8/2014 Florenada 323 NW 9th Ter Street 5/5/2014 The Sanctuary 700 Tern Point Circle 5/9/2014 2014 MLS and FBS. Prepared by Joshua A Carlson, Pro Sports Realty, Inc. 561 929 8874


24 -Edition 186 May 16, through May 22, 2014 BusinessThe Boca Raton Tribune Disney Hiring The company is hosting its annual The jobs include positions at all four vation Center representatives, life For more information about the open positions and role descriptions, visit Local Oncology Specialty Spa Provides Services to Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy ing comforting and pampering services to both cancer patients and survivors still undergowere simultaneously diagnosed with which both of her parents defeated, was a void in feel good spa servic es and products available to those husband, Pierres father practiced was her parents battle, along with them a purpose, a driven mission to cure goes beyond the medicine and into feel good therapies like massages, pedicures, and The Spa Cares services can truly transform a persons appearance respective to undergoing chemotherapy, due to the all-natural and unique services offered such or repair with permanent make-up tattoo, oncology kkin treatments, organic spray tan, massages, and Hospital Physician Honoredcited for his pioneering efforts in robotic procedure and leads what is the countys clinical trials, including a multi-center, in the United States to use a type of tangible and intangible, that are found in only the highest caliber of physicians, most deserving of this recognition and tributions to the betterment of patients Virtual Tech Oces Now Oered At Technology Business Incubator Space offers: used on business cards and letterhead meetings mission of large amounts of data seminars on business planning, human resources, accounting, legal and intellectual property protection trepreneurs who have workspace and have a more modest budget ment, stated Andrew Duffell, President little cost for a company to create and maintain a local presence and ben Another offering the center for businesses that want to locate their server off-site in a secure, dedicated For information, contact Christine Burres at 61-416-6092 ext. 1401,


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Edition 186 27for news 24/7 go to May 16, through May 22, 2014 SportsThe Boca Raton Tribune Strikers Continue to Streak, Easily Defeats AtlantaBy Pedro Heizer Atlanta Silverbacks at Lockhart Stadium on Saturday Forward Faf Picault, who started in place of Marius with his movement, and went close to scoring twice in The agile forward had a close range effort denied by a brilliant point-blank save from a great chance in the 45th minute after a great ited for the assist, Anderson was fundamental Anderson went down the left side, and after a Silverbacks defenders didnt clear his low and it started early courtesy of Anderson who Andersons path who struck the ball on the bounce from put Strikers fan on the edge of their seats as Anderson hard foul, ad Anderson was taken out of the game to gelling as a team The Strikers now travel to Minnesota to take on Min historic Lockhart Stadium for the last time in the Spring Season for a clash against the New York Cosmos before Lynns Baseball Earns Highest NCAA Tournament Seed in Program HistoryBy Chad Beattiepionship Selection Show revealed the Sunshine State Conference were picked with Tampa garnering the top seed and hosting while Florida Southern earned a this year, including winning a programSouth Conference Tournament winner This marks the fourth NCAA tournalast participated in the NCAA Tournaopener before eliminating North Alabama Nova Southeastern would eliminate Lynn while defeating the top-three ranked ment victory in school history before which have been won by Florida Southalso has a total of seven national runnerPhoto by Rosa Cavalcanti


28 -Edition 186 May 16, through May 22, 2014 2O14 REGISTER NOWBESTBUDDIESFLORIDA.ORG/PBWALK WE WALK TO BE SATURDAY MAY 17 | 9:00 AMFor more information call: 561.972.5312CITYPLACE700 SOUTH ROSEMARY AVE WEST PALM BEACH, FL 33401 The Best Buddies Friendship Walk is a life-changing movement created by Best Buddies International. and leadership opportunities for people with or without intellectual and developmental disabilities.JOIN US THIS WEEKEND FOR A GREAT CAUSE! Mens Golf Qualies for NCAA Division II National ChampionshipBy Chad BeattieSitting two shots out of the top-seven with golf team came together to shoot threeand qualify for one of seven spots in the marks the second consecutive NCAA national tournament appearance for the Nova Southeastern held a lead heading into on to its third place tie, falling behind USCAll seven teams will compete for a national top-eight teams advancing to head-to-head was one under par on the front nine but ran into trouble with a double-bogey on the par even golf the rest of the way for a one-over consistent golf over the 54-holes, posting help Lynn to the four-over par score of Freshman Martin Cancino was the last of Ellen Chambers Wins Elite 89 AwardBy Olivia Coiro Universitys top-ranked womens golf team, garner the prestigious award and the fourth student-athlete overall while this marks the student-athlete is very important to me and Petrie, Australia, native was given the award on the eve of the opening round at the womens golf banquet on Tuesday evening recently named Lynns Scholar-Athlete of ship squad was the most recent recipient of cates so much time and energy to both her academics and golf and she is the epitome student-athlete by honoring the individual who has reached the pinnacle of competi tion at the national championship level in his or her sport, while also achieving the highest academic standard among his or student-athlete with the highest cumulative grade-point average participating at the above who have participated in their sport They must be an active member of the team, traveling and a designated member of broken by the number of credits com


Edition 186 29for news 24/7 go to May 16, through May 22, 2014 SportsThe Boca Raton Tribune SPORTS GOLF LIFE IN BOCA By Stan Moore Golf TermsHeeled shoone in which the ball is struck on that portion of the clubface which is between High siderefers to the portion of the cup which is the Hittera player using a style of striking the ball which employs considerable thrust or Hook Hoselthat part of the club which joins the This past week we hit the area of the pedro did not start off as well and was rolling the ball well past the hole and in other words he did not get it to the his feel for putting got much better and he was able to roll long putts very close to the hole and he even made a few Overall it was a job well done by pedro and he made great improvement pedro project, because anythiing could The pedro project PERSONALIZED PRIVATE DUTY CARE The Premier Source For Caregiver Support Service TOUCHING LIVES No matter how challenging the situation, Aurora Nurses are available 24 hours a day to provide a helping hand when you need it! SKILLED PROFESSIONALS Certified Nursing Assistant Home Health Aides Homemakers Companions Registered Nurses Licensed Practica l Nurses Live Ins Palm Beach: (561) 626-7001 Broward: (954) 783 -4699 www.AURORA NURSES .COM


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Edition 186 31for news 24/7 go to May 16, through May 22, 2014 GamesThe Boca Raton Tribune Games Boca Raton Tribune 10/19/12 Word Search PuzzleJunction.comBefore and After ShowAir And Tell Boat Business Cased Dog Down Floor Game Horse Light Magic Me State Minstrel News Off Peep Picture Place Puppet Road Room Side Stopper Strip Talk Tickets Time Variety Wild WestCopyright PuzzleJunction.comSolution LL RR EPP OT SN MF RE BH BD JO PL AC EL ER TS NI M HI KS OH CF HS ZD EYF JG LH WF XM DF TI CK ETSN X FEFRZD HW JV LE MA GW M NP IC TU RE IA EW YT HO B TZ QV EZ YI TL DL IG OD U GO PE XC ASE DD MN DG TS LY AN DT EL LY EW YQ UE I VY HP MW GNQS YO EW UP N BTEF OK IO TT BX HS FP E RE QLO PBA HNHCN MT US PI GO AB TI HR BG EP DP S LR EO SE OR ZO JM IB KZS JA Z RHU EA FA RL GL BP I SV DS TR IP TD XS YK XH D CI GA MO TJ RL TH ED UT E LL RR EPP OT SN MF RE BH BD JO PL AC EL ER TS NI M HI KS OH CF HS ZD EYF JG LH WF XM DF TI CK ETSN X FEFRZD HW JV LE MA GW M NP IC TU RE IA EW YT HO B TZ QV EZ YI TL DL IG OD U GO PE XC ASE DD MN DG TS LY AN DT EL LY EW YQ UE I VY HP MW GNQS YO EW UP N BTEF OK IO TT BX HS FP E RE QLO PBA HNHCN MT US PI GO AB TI HR BG EP DP S LR EO SE OR ZO JM IB KZS JA Z RHU EA FA RL GL BP I SV DS TR IP TD XS YK XH D CI GA MO TJ RL TH ED UT E Copyright 2012 PuzzleJunction.comBoca Raton Tribune 10/12/12 Sudoku Solution To solve the Sudoku puzzle, each row, column and box must contain the numbers 1 to 9. Boca Raton Tribune 10/12/12 Word Search PuzzleJunction.comGroupsBevy Bloc Braintrust Bunch Cadre Choir Clan Class Clique Cluster Collection Colony Coven Covey Crew Faction Family Fleet Flock Gaggle Genus Herd Pack Pride Swarm Team Tribe Troupe UnitCopyright PuzzleJunction.comSolution OE DU BPV FL MG PB GL HE P DCUC AW UA EC OLON YK MI OE IC PE NC T APK QW K LR VZ LK TU RS TB JE ZM O SPE JX GS P UCC IQ LX RQ LQ ND TK GR EO LL OW LA J KN ZC EP TA WV UF AN NW E JE UJ ON PV GE SI CL ASS BFVN IL WF VYT GB VL MI UQUA PC LE FG EPK XC EU NNR VG XU ERVR Y VEB YY CBNB EQ PD CJ JW SK FU C HJ LB IU OD RT GR TH FG A CO IL ON UZ SE IQI LCLD CRCRH IQ XB AH OE OC PR TD TP UT KC OL FE NY HO E FA MI LY TU PQ TY WY AC I OE DU BPV FL MG PB GL HE P DCUC AW UA EC OLON YK MI OE IC PE NC T APK QW K LR VZ LK TU RS TB JE ZM O SPE JX GS P UCC IQ LX RQ LQ ND TK GR EO LL OW LA J KN ZC EP TA WV UF AN NW E JE UJ ON PV GE SI CL ASS BFVN IL WF VYT GB VL MI UQUA PC LE FG EPK XC EU NNR VG XU ERVR Y VEB YY CBNB EQ PD CJ JW SK FU C HJ LB IU OD RT GR TH FG A CO IL ON UZ SE IQI LCLD CRCRH IQ XB AH OE OC PR TD TP UT KC OL FE NY HO E FA MI LY TU PQ TY WY AC I Copyright 2012 PuzzleJunction.comBoca Raton Tribune 10/12/12 Crossword 46 Federal watchdogs (Abbr.) 48 Exhausts 49 Nobelist Pavlov 51 Monroes successor 53 Domesticates 54 Media attraction 55 Pub game 56 staple 57 Destroy 58 Kukla, ___ and Ollie 59 Handout 61 Hair goop 63 64 Japanese sash Across 1 Twinge 5 Soda fountain treats 10 Curly cabbage 14 Brainchild 15 Alaskan native 16 Pelvic bones 17 Medical isolation 19 At hand 20 Final (Abbr.) 21 Sign before Virgo 22 Thin ice, e.g. 24 Spirit of a people 26 Ticked off 27 City near LA 30 Russian favorite 34 Emcee 37 Dot follower 38 Pavement or patio material 39 Tokyo, once 40 Samurai, e.g. 42 Jeans brand 43 Deodorant type 45 Commotion 46 Secluded valley 47 Clean-up tool 48 Paradise 50 Discontinue 52 Polled 56 Rio ___ 58 Prescription checker (Abbr.) 60 61 Joint problem 62 Stargazer 65 Ashtabulas lake 66 Piece of cave art 67 Out of shape 68 Give temporarily 69 Gumption 70 Adherents Down 1 Provoke 2 Grownup 3 Poets below 4 5 Lions pride 6 Singing voice 7 Luau garland 8 Siberian feature 9 Hearty entree 10 Realm 11 Downwind 12 Make-up artist? 13 Corn serving 18 Likewise 23 At no time 25 Select 26 Thankless wretch 28 Gripe 29 Hockey great Bobby 31 Wooded hollow 32 Patellas place 33 Egyptian solar deity 34 Basil, e.g. 35 Bouquet 36 Alone 38 Henhouse 40 Restroom sign 41 Chapel vow 44 Found


32 -Edition 186 May 16, through May 22, 2014 Tribune Sports of May 16, through May 22, 2014 See Pg. 27 Strikers Continue to Streak, Easily Defeats Atlanta Ellen Chambers Wins Elite 89 Award Lynns Baseball Earns Highest NCAA Tournament Seed in Program History see page 28 see page 27Photo by Rosa Cavalcanti