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TIje 0ota 3aton Tribune

Your Closest Neighbor

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( J.lI.'l" I %

.n ll ll''ll'n .corn I111/I


East \est Boca Raton. Highland Beach. Delra\ Beach FL October 28 thiou-h No\ ember 4. 2010 *Year I *Numbei Ir010

St. John Catholic Church formally

blessed and dedicated

Seepage 3

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.... ..

Vir oca ,Rolla tribult Delray Beach TRIBUNE Cural Spring TRIBUNE
Your (losesl Neighbor uo o ,-o-1

Madame President

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2 October 28 through November 4, 2010


hfe Jgora 3aton tribune

of the Week
I walk in the way of
righteousness, along the
paths ofjustice, bestow-
ing wealth on those who
love me and making their
treasuries full.
Proverbs 8: 20 21

Paul Triviabits
By PaulPaquet

The Russians paid pole
vaulter Sergei Bubka
a bonus every time he
broke a world record.
He was so dominant, he
was usually able to break
the record just a little bit
each time, so he could
collect that bonus as of-
ten as possible. Even so,
he was hugely unlucky
at the Olympics, winning
just one gold medal.
What unusual media out-
let was nominated for a
Pulitzer for its coverage
of John Edwards' extra-
marital affair?
A) Drudge Report
B) National Enquirer
C) TMZ.com
D) The Onion

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Q: Is it

Safety tip from

Boca Raton Police

Boca police safety tip

important to have address numbers on my

A: The most important thing you can do is to ensure
your home is identifiable to first responders (i.e., po-
lice, fire rescue, etc.). Address numbers on your home
should be at least 6 inches in height, located conspicu-
ously on the home, and in a contrasting color to the

Crime and safety questions are answered by officers
from the Boca Raton Police Crime Prevention Unit.
For more information, visit www.BocaPolice.com.

Boca Raton Police blotter

After responding to Racer' s Edge, 2170 N. Dixie High-
way, for an alarm, a screwdriver was found wedged in
the door. No entry was made.

Some unknown persons) broke the lock to Lifeguard
Tower 6 at 2 North Ocean Boulevard, entered and used
up all the oxygen in a container. The first aid kit along
with other items were thrown around inside the life-
guard tower. This occurred 10-24.

Victim advised sometime between 4:30 p.m. 10/18/2010
and 530 a.m. 10/19/2010 unknown suspects) entered
her silver 2004 Chevy pick-up truck while parked on
North Federal Highway. Approximately $80 cash and
a ring valued at $1,400 were taken from a purse left
inside the truck. No signs of forced entry.

Hernan Puerta advised that on 10-22-10 between 1045
a.m. and noon, someone reached into the bed of his
1993, red, Toyota pickup truck and stole the follow-
ing pieces of landscaping equipment: orange "Echo"
blower ($500), gray "Echo" weedeater ($400), or-
ange "Echo" trimmer ($400), and a gray "Echo" edger
($400). The total estimated loss is $1,700.

Online Edition

T)e Joca taton tribune
Online Editor
Pedro Heizer
Online Edition
DONOVAN ORTEGA: Associate Editor
ANDERSON MANCEBO: Software Manager

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- Steel Magnolias' at Stage Door Theatre a powerful trib-
ute to strong women

- Caitlin Foundation donates carbon monoxide detectors
to new parents at Boca Raton Regional Hospital

-Pondhawk wetlands restoration project in Boca approved

- Worship and Work Mission Impossible?

Voters to cast ballots Tuesday for

candidates, referendum questions.

South County voters go to the
polls Tuesday to cast ballots for
a variety of state, county and
federal offices and nine refer-
endum questions.
Races include: U.S. sena-
tor, Republican Marco Rubio,
Democrat Kendrick Meek and
Independent Charlie Crist.
- Governor: Republicans Rick
Scott and Jennifer Carroll ver-
sus Democrats Alex Sink and
Rod Smith.
- Congress, District 19: Demo-
cratic incumbent Ted Deutch
Republican Joe Budd.
- Congress, District 22: Demo-
cratic incumbent Ron Klein
and retired Lt. Col. Allen West,
a Republican.
- State Senate District 25, Re-
publican Ellyn Bogdanoff and
Democrat Kelly Skidmore.
House District 87, Republican
Bill Hager and Democrat Hava
House District 90, Democrat
Irv Slosberg and Republican
Alison Rampersad.

Voters will also be asked to de-
cide the following referendum

* Question 1 Proposes the
repeal of the provision that
requires public financing of
campaigns of candidates for
elective office who agree to

campaign spending limits.
* Question 2 Proposes to give
military personnel an addi-
tional homestead property tax
* Question 4 Proposes that
changes to all comprehensive
land use plans and comprehen-
sive plans will, in the end, be
decided by voter referendum.
* Question 5 Would prohibit
legislative district lines from
being redrawn to favor an in-
cumbent or political party, ra-
cial or language minorities.
* Question 6 Would prohibit
legislative districts from being
redrawn to deny racial or lan-
guage minorities the equal op-
portunity to participate in the
political process.
* Question 8 If approved, this
issue will relax the class size
standards approved by voters
in a referendum several years
* Nonbinding referendum re-
quiring the U.S. Constitution
to be amended to require a bal-
anced federal budget without
raising taxes.
* Requirement that Palm Beach
County have a code of ethics,
independent ethics commis-
sion and independent inspector
*Vote to continue dedicating
.25 mils of ad valorem millage
to support schools and teach-

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Municipal News
flhe Jtoca Raton Tribune

Budd slams Medicare

cuts, calls for job creation

program, strong

national defense

By Dale M. King

ed States "is staring down
some of the greatest threats,
both domestic and foreign,
that have ever faced this
nation," says Joe Budd, Re-
publican candidate for Con-
gress in District 19.
"We are in the midst of a
troubled economy plagued
by high unemployment, a
continuing housing crisis
and unsustainable national
debt levels. We face threats
from a foreign enemy of
radicals hell bent on de-
stroying our way of life and
that of our ally Israel. These
issues threaten the opportu-
nity for future generations
to enjoy the same prosperi-
ty, safety and freedoms past
generations have fought so
hard to preserve."
Budd is challenging incum-
bent Democrat Ted Deutch
in hopes of heading for
Washington to solve these

troubles. "Florida is bur-
dened with an unemploy-
ment rate and a foreclosure
rate higher than the national
average. The creation of
jobs must be issue number
one. Our current leaders in
Washington have failed to
save, let alone create, any
jobs! Worse yet, their prior-
ity is everything but jobs."
The GOP candidate said
small business is the solu-
tion to job creation. "To-
day, small businesses are
stymied in their growth by
excessive regulations and
taxes. Correcting these two
problems will unleash the
power of the free enterprise
Close on the heels of a lack
of jobs and failed posi-
tive economic movement
is the national debt, Budd
said. "Our national debt
is now over $13.3 trillion
and growing rapidly! They
have now decided not to
create an operating budget

for the coming fiscal year.
How many more years can
we take of all the politicians
spending money like there's
no tomorrow?"
"Washington needs to be
run just like we run our
homes and businesses, on a
budget, spending less than
what we earn. I will bring
my financial and accounting
experience to help tighten
the BELTway. Fiscal disci-
pline is more important than
A financial advisor by trade,
Budd is also looking at what
he calls troubling numbers
in the area of Medicare due
to cuts by the Obama ad-
"Within seven years, more
than 50 percent of those who
have the Advantage plan
won't have it any more,"
Budd said. "And the cost of
Medicare supplement insur-
ance will rise substantially."
He also slams the Obama
health care bill, a measure
he would like to repeal.
(Deutch supports Obam-
"It is a costly mistake to
think the government can
solve the healthcare prob-
lem with a 2,700 page bill
which rips away at the core
of the freedoms this nation
was founded on. A bill that
disrespects life, liberty and
the pursuit of happiness.
This was simply a power
grab of grand proportions
by the political elite. I vow
to either defund it or repeal
it. We need to fix the real
problems with real common

sense solutions which won't
include robbing our seniors
of $500 billion of their ben-
Budd stands four-square be-
hind support of Israel. "It is
reckless to continue to dem-
onstrate to the world that the
United States has weakened
its commitment to Israel. Its
enemies are being embold-
ened. Israel has been a con-
sistent friend in the Middle
East. They are a sovereign
nation with a right to de-
fend themselves against the
constant barrage they suffer
at the hands of their neigh-
bors. As a Christian, stand-
ing with and for Israel is a
core value which will not be
In that same realm, Budd
endorses strong national
defense. "It is a disgrace
that this administration is
failing to fully support the
brave men and women who
are putting their lives on the
line. The requests of our
military leaders who have
been charged with execut-
ing the strategies of war in
both Iraq and Afghanistan
have fallen on deaf ears. A
well-funded, trained and
equipped military is only
part of the solution to a
strong national defense. Se-
curing our borders, energy
independence and a strong
economy are also essential
to our continued leader-
ship throughout the world
and the preservation of the
American way of life."

West calls for tax cuts,

small business incentives

in bid for
By Dale M. King

BOCA RATON As he did
in 2008, retired Lt. Col.
Allen West is challenging
incumbent U.S. Rep. Ron
Klein for the congressio-
nal seat in District 22.
The electoral dynamic
has changed in two years,
with a lingering economic
downturn, staggering un-
employment and a presi-
dent whose performance
many question.
Among those who ques-
tion Barack Obama's re-
cord is West. He said he's
particularly upset at what
he calls "Obama's apol-
ogy tour" which he said

shames "the men and
women who go and fight
in foreign lands."
West, a Republican, said
he wants to assure "fiscal
and physical security" in
Washington, D.C. "We
have to set conditions for
prosperity with long-term,
sustainable growth."
Under the Congressional
Democrats' watch, he said,
"Florida's unemployment
rate has skyrocketed to a
staggering 12 percent, our
foreclosure rate is the third
highest in the country,
and the national debt has
grown to unprecedented
levels." If elected, he said
Continued on page 4

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October 28 through November 4, 2010 3

4 October 28 through November 4, 2010

The Boca Raton Tribune MUNICIPAL NEWS East/West Boca Raton, FL

West calls for tax cuts... Continuedfrom page 3

he will "curb out-of-con-
trol government spending
and work toward across
the board tax cuts, I will
fight tirelessly to bring jobs
back to South Florida. We
must realize that American
exceptionalism depends on
a strong and robust econo-
my, which means that the
fight begins here at home."
Among methods of pro-
moting jobs, he said, are
redefining the tax code,
adopting a flat tax system
and offering small busi-
nesses tax cuts and incen-
West said he wants to put
money back into citizens'
pockets. "In January 2011,
America will witness the
largest tax increase we
have ever seen. For pro-
duction class Americans,

taxes will be raised on mar-
ried couples, the child tax
credit will be cut 50 per-
cent, dividends and capital
gains taxes will increase,
the death tax returns, the
number of families paying
the alternative minimum
tax will increase, and there
will be an increase on all
wage earner tax brackets,
not just the upper 35 per-
cent bracket."
"It is a proven fact," he
emphasized, "that where
taxation is lightest and
spending is reduced, rev-
enues increase. The 2010
mid-term elections come
down to two diametrically
opposing philosophies:
public sector raising taxes,
printing and borrowing
more money or private
sector investment, ingenu-

ity, and innovation."
Looking at the elder sec-
tor of the population, West
said he wants to recre-
ate an independent trust
fund account" for Social
Security. "Once the poli-
ticians moved it to the
general operating account
they used it for their pork
barrel spending spree.
The fact that we are cre-
ating a jobless morass in
America means there are
fewer workers paying into
the system. This is another
reason why we need pri-
vate sector growth, which
in turn creates jobs, which
will replenish the Social
Security fund."
A 22-year Army veteran
who served in Operations
Desert Storm and Iraqi
Freedom, and as a civil-

ian advisor to the Afghan
Army in Operation Endur-
ing Freedom, West said the
US "is at war against a to-
talitarian theocratic politi-
cal ideology that glorifies
death rather than celebrat-
ing life."
While concentrating on the
Middle East, West warned
that America "must not
forget other looming
threats," among them, Chi-
na, North Korea and Iran.
"Like President Reagan, I
believe that peace is best
kept through a strong na-
tional defense."
Regarding relations with
Israel, West said that "since
2009, the Obama Adminis-
tration has shown an un-
precedented disregard for
the sovereignty of the state
of Israel -America's stron-

gest ally. President Obama has clearly demonstrated he is
no friend of the Jewish State."
"The Jewish State needs stronger representation in Con-
gress," said West, "and a solid voice that will not be afraid
to stand up to the Obama Administration's appeasement
of Islamic terrorism. As a combat veteran who has faced
our common enemy, my commitment to Israel will rise
above mere statements of support."


Reach the right


Tribune .
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DPoi i.ann pad lw and WeWc by BL H F Rpla. n Stat Raflw DIln n II
Ili iU9II TISm WUI1 oil iV^ 1

Florida Nurses Association
Florida Federation for Children
Florida Sheriffs CCE
Palm Beach County Police Benevolent Association
Florida Chamber of Commerce
BLUPAC (Boca Raton) DELPAC (Delray Beach)
Palm Beach County Nonpartisan Voters Coalition
BIZPAC, Business PAC of Palm Beach County
National Federation of Independent Business
Realtors Association of the Palm Beaches
Palm Beach County Medical Society
Professional Firefighters and Paramedics of Florida
Boca Raton Palm Beach County Deerfield Beach
Progressive Residents of Delray Beach

r, *Endorsed by *
S- CSun-Sentinel Palr

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e Representative
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The Boca Raton Tribune MUNICIPAL NEWS East/West Boca Raton, FL

Pondhawk wetlands Man who

restoration project

in Boca approved

4 County Commissioner
Steven L. Abrams has an-
nounced that the Board of
County Commissioners ap-
proved an agreement to
restore the Pondhawk Wet-
lands, a 79-acre natural a-
rea located in Boca Raton
between Yamato Road and
Spanish River Boulevard,
just east of Military Trail.
Site restoration activities

are currently under-
way and are expected
to be completed in
December 2010. The
project creates appro-
ximately 11 acres of
wetland habitat for
use by wildlife that
will include the great egret,
osprey, and alligators. The
area will also provide pub-
lic access areas including
a 12-foot wide multi-use
trail along the shoreline of
Blue Lake.
"This is a good example
of a successful partner-
ship between the city and
county in obtaining federal
grant dollars benefiting the
local environment," said

Abrams. "The public ac-
cess component is also
terrific because it is such
a unique environmentally
rich area," he added.
Also, the sand that has
been removed from the
area is being used at the
county's Osprey Point Golf
Course and the city's li-
brary promenade.
Federal funds in the a-
mount of $50,000 will be
used to pay for this project
and no local match is re-
quired. The money will be
used for the planning por-
tion of the project, which
will enhance the water
quality and improve the
habitat functions.

Man who survived cardiac arrest meets

his rescuers

on Saturday, October 23,
Marty Ball, a chef in Boca
Raton, walked into Fire
Station #5 at 2333 West
Glades Road and, for the
first time, he and his wife,
Jacki, shook hands with
the crew that saved his life.
At about 5 p.m. on Aug.
24, Marty Ball experi-
enced a heart attack while
at work at Florida Atlantic
When FAU Police Officer
Lee Hagenbuch arrived, he
found Ball without a pulse
and not breathing. He
quickly began to give him
Boca Raton firefighter/
paramedics arrived within
minutes, continued CPR
and initiated advanced life

Lieutenant myan inowiaK wIn iviarty traii

support treatment and defi-
This treatment contin-
ued while Ball was being
transported to Boca Raton
Regional Hospital where
he arrived, breathing, with
a strong pulse. He was
awake and talking.

Ball and his wife both
thanked, shook hands with
and hugged each member
of the crew, along with
FAU Police Officer Lee
Hagenbuch and emergen-
cy room nurse Carn Pre-
Ball spoke about the in-

survived car-

diac arrest...
cident, took a tour of the
station and revisited the
medical unit that transpor-
ted him to the emergency
After the tour, everyone
sat down for a special
lunch prepared by the fire-
Credit: Photos by Frank

onown Trom len are -ire captain aaron -ix, Lieutenant ryan
Cihowiak, Marty Ball, Jacki Ball, Deputy Mayor Susan Haynie,
Councilwoman Constance Scott, Firefighter/ Paramedics
Ryan Kelly, Todd Withrow, Manny Nuno, Paramedic Captain
Lloyd Putnam, FAU Officer Lee Hagenbuch and emergency
room nurse Cari Presley



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October 28 through November 4, 2010 5

6 October 28 through November 4, 2010
The Boca Raton Tribune EDITORIALS/LETTERS East/West Boca Raton, FL

Zhe 'ota Raton Eribune
Founded January 15, 2010
Our Writers/Reporters and Columnists

By Dale King

Memories of Wilma are blowin' in the wind

The subject of Hurricane
Wilma has arisen in seve-
ral ways this week.
For one thing, Oct. 24 was
the fifth anniversary of the
terrible storm that brought
havoc and damage to Palm
Beach County.
It led to recollections of
how my wife and I han-
dled the third fierce Florida
storm to hit in a period of
two years. We managed
to weather Frances and
Jeanne without serious da-
mage. Just a loss of elec-
tricity and the troubles of
living without cold beve-
rages and air conditioning
for days and days.
But Wilma was a storm
unto itself. Meteorologists
who've talked about it this
week said Wilma killed 23
people. That's a statistic I
never knew.
I still recall my wife and
me hunkering down in our
"safe room," the laundry
room, the only first-floor
area without windows. Up
above we heard the ter-

rible rumble of roof tiles
sliding off. We feared the
entire roof would go next.
We wouldn't know until
the storm abated that 63
tiles crashed to the ground
- several of them on my
wife's car.
Hurricanes aren't the worst
disasters that can happen.
And actually, Florida par-
ticularly Key West has
earned no small measure
of publicity from these
troublesome cyclones.
We've been to several res-
taurants with the name
"Hurricane" or "Cane" in
the name. There's at least
one drink that bears the
Hurricane moniker. The A-
lan Jackson Jimmy Buf-
fett song, "It's 5 o'clock
somewhere" includes the
line, "Give me a Hurricane
before I go insane."
One TV station this week
marked the fifth anniver-
sary of Wilma with a com-
pilation of clips showing
the storm crossing Cozu-
mel, then taking that sharp

eastern turn that brought it
across the Gulf of Mexi-
co and then a quick sharp,
powerful pass across South
We recalled how we made
it through the front side of
the storm. Then, the calm
eye passed over us. The
temperature dropped con-
siderably. And then the se-
cond part of the storm hit
with horrific fury.
Well, we've been lucky that
five years have passed and
we haven't been slammed
by anything nearly as
strong as Wilma. I re-
member how Boca Raton
honored the workers who
helped the city get through
the storm. Boca sponsored
a picnic for city employ-
ees and gave out shirts that
said, "I survived Hurricane
Wilma." On the shirt was
a picture of Wilma Flint-
Living through this trio
of storms gave my wife
and me a new respect for
Mother Nature's wrath.

We grew up in New En-
gland, where most hurri-
canes had lost their punch
by the time they reached
Some didn't. I remember
hurricanes with names li-
ke Carol and Donna that
raised serious concerns.
Before I was born, there
was the Hurricane of '38
that flooded Providence
and created a mess all a-
round Rhode Island.
I remember reading about
Florida's famed Hurrica-
ne of 1926, the one that
washed away Henry Fla-
gler's Key West Railroad
link and damaged a lot of
Even in the modern era,
Hurricane Andrew still
brings chills to all South
As Yogi Berra said, "It
ain't over till it's over." We
still have another month of
hurricane season to endure.
Let's hope it stays quiet.


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The Boca Raton Tribune EDITORIALS & LETTERS East/West Boca Raton, FL



By Douglas Heizer

It's almost time to deck the

halls and serve the holiday cheer

We talked last week about
the Boca Raton Tribune's
plan to sponsor a holiday
decorating contest this sea-
son, one for East Boca and
one for West Boca.
We're putting together a
list of rules and will have
the finished regulations to
you in a short time. So far,
we've decided to present
awards to homes with the
most creative use of lights
and best yard display, and
there'll be an overall grand
prize winner.
Themes are also encour-
aged. We'll be present-
ing an award for the best
theme, be it the Grinch,
Ebenezer Scrooge, a Char-
lie Brown Christmas or
Miracle on 34th Street.
Better still, come up with
one of your own.
A panel of neighborhood
volunteers will help us se-
lect the winning entries.
Anyone interested in get-
ting in touch with us at
the Boca Raton Tribune to
have their home viewed by
our judges can email deco-
rations t@bocaratontribune.
We may collect a small
donation from each of the
participating homeowners
to donate to charity at this
giving time of year.
Local businesses will be
asked to take part by sup-
plying items for the win-
ning homes. The Tribune
will proudly honor you
in an upcoming paper for

your assistance.
We encourage people to
decorate their houses with
as much pizzazz and color
as possible. Incorporate
music, if your electrical
lines will allow it, and
as many twinkling lights
as your house can hold.
The adage "go big or stay
home" clearly applies
So, as the song says,
"There's no place like
home for the holidays."
Particularly a beautifully
decorated home. Make
your residence stand out -
and you may win a dandy

Speaking of holidays...
Just a reminder to business
owners that it's not too
early to begin arranging
your holiday advertising
It looks like the economy
is getting better, and that
means shoppers will have
more "disposable income"
this season.
The stores are already
decorating for the holi-
days, so it's time to get in
touch with us at the Boca
Tribune and set up your ar-
tistic ad designs.
Better get the job done be-
fore the holidays arrive.
It's going to be very busy
and space will be at a pre-

Big crowd at miniEXPO
The Boca Raton Tribune

joined dozens of other
businesses from around
the area Tuesday night
at the South Palm Beach
County Chamber Partner-
ship miniEXPO, held at
the Country Club at Boca
Raton on Boca Del Mar
Drive. The event brought
together members from
several Chambers.
I hope I spoke with you at
the event. I was trying to
make the rounds, but I tend
to talk a lot and maybe I
missed you.
If you want, visit us dur-
ing regular business hours
at our offices at 7300 West
Camino Real.
During the campaign sea-
son, we were visited by
several candidates who'll
be running for office in
Tuesday's election. Joe
Budd, who is challeng-
ing Ted Deutch in District
19, came by for a talk and
photo session. So did Al-
len West, who is running
against Ron Klein in the
District 22 contest.
Another recent visitor with
some name recognition
was Ryan Lieber, former
TV sportscaster who is
now doing public relations
for the Tenet Hospital sys-

Come on over. Our doors
are open to all.

Follow uIs~

Don't count your miseries;
there will always be plenty
of them in your life. In-
stead, concentrate on your
blessings and name them
one by one. You shall also
encounter plenty of them
along your pathlm ai if
you are truly attentive.
People tend to believe that
they are entitled to far
more than what their por-
tion turns out to be. Some
believe the world owes
them a living, or that the
government is responsible
for all their needs. The
truth is that even God does
not owe us anything!
Nevertheless, just think
of the air we breathe, the
water we drink, the food
we eat. Even the very
fact that we are alive and
can contemplate sunri-
ses and sunsets, besides
countless more privileges
which earthly life affords.
We may not have all our
whims and wishes satis-
fied but, surely, our needs
can be, and frequently are
It is much easier to notice
what we lack than to rec-

By Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr.

Think Triumph, not Tragedy!

ognize what we actually
possess. It is common to
pay attention to what we
lose than to acknowledge
what we still have. A fa-
mous public figure I know
reported how, during his
college days, he was at
his parents' farm home
at the time when a major
tornado devastated their
property. After the fury
of the wind, which killed
many farm animals and
destroyed their crops and
barn, the farmer proceeded
to envision all the steps to
be taken for the necessary
reconstruction. Seeking
to comfort his wife in the
face of total loss and de-
vastation, he calmly dried
her tears while offering the
recommendation: "Think
not of what we have lost;
think instead of what we
have left!"
Such was and remains the
best, most positive posture
in the midst of distress and
struggles which earthly li-
fe often inflicts on anyone.
Gratefulness in the midst
of trials, hope in the face
of danger, decisiveness

in the place of doubt, are
the best choices one can
make to ensure a safe ar-
rival at the new place or
situation one needs to jour-
ney into. As my long-time
friend, Dr. James R. Kok,
so wisely observed: "The
road to joy always seems
to go through sadness and
suffering. It's hard to get
there any other way." But
it still leads one to the right
It's imperative for one to
understand that the jour-
ney into contentment and
tranquillity is never devoid
of bumps and potholes; it
often faces detours, low
valleys, besides high peaks
one needs to hike. It's sel-
dom reached any other
And yet, "when other help-
ers fail and comforts flee"
God Who is the Help of the
helpless does abide with
those who seek His pres-
ence and continued guid-
Ultimately it is only by rely-
ing in Him alone that any-
one gets anywhere in life.

Dr Synesio Lyra, Jr is a Florida resident who, for many years, was a professor at the post-graduate level.
He is a writer, a sought-after conference speaker a man who lived in five continents Id,,' world having
received his education in four of them. When he resided in southern California, he wrote a weekly column for
the daily "Anaheim Bulletin, which was carriedfor about six years, until he moved to south Florida.

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October 28 through November 4, 2010 7

8 October 28 through November 4, 2010

Community News
Tle Jtoca aton tribune

St. John Catholic Church il
Story, photos by *t
Donovan Ortega ," I T '',

Attending the dedication
ceremony was the Most
Reverend Gerald M. Bar-
barito, the Bishop of the
Diocese of Palm Beach.
"The ceremony was beau-
tiful," said Barbarito while
posing for pictures with St.
John's faithful. "It's a cere-
mony filled with gorgeous
symbolism and holiness
of the church and commu-
After the service a recep-
tion was held in an adjoi-
ning hall. Cake and punch
was served to hungry wor-
shipers. Children played on
the stairs as their parents'
fellowshipped with one an-
other. The atmosphere re-
flected the joyous occasion
and all seemed very pleased
with the Bishop's presence
at the church.
The reverend Micheal O'
Flaherty wrote the follo-
wing note in the back of the
Dedication program:
This is a glorious day in

St. John Catholic ( formally blessed and dedicated; Bishop at-
tends ceremony

the life of St. John's par-
ish, as we dedicate our new
church. We are blessed to
be a parish filled with life,
a place where people find
a spiritual home and where
all are welcome. Our parish
is a place where people can
come to know more deeply
the love of God; a place
where we can be nourished
on our faith journey; a place

where we can share our
time and talents in ministry.
Let us rededicate ourselves
more fully to the Lord and
truly make this a wonderful
day in our lives.

St. John Catholic Church
10300 Yamato Road
Boca Raton, Florida
(561) 488-1373

4:30 PM 4:30 PM 4:30 PM 1:30 PI
7:30 PM 7:30 PM 7:30 PM 4:30 PI
7:30 PI

SAVE Tr ^;
$S m asvancus
Prices a the Gate: Admission $17 Adulff 12 Child (Ages 2-12)
Faecnarmnd at if FPira VIP SaE tj Friea

R c I

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Boca Pawn GrenMarket
The Saturday morning meeting pla e
Saturday, October 9 May 7 8am4pm
I Get your fresh fruits & veggies, flowers & plats, baked goods, soaps
nuts, prepared foods, doggie treats. and more!
S Federal Hwy & S Mizner Blvd at Royal Palm Place

Previoustl-Owned Treasure gale (POTp
Saturday, November 6 7 11am
Be a buyer of a seller Call Patch Reef Park (561) 367-7035 to rent table
James A Rutherford Community Center at Patch Reef Park, 2000 Yamato Road

Wiland lvnU Green Fair
Saturday Sunday, November 6 & 7 10am -6pm
Products, displays, demonstraons, samplings, test drives, plus food, faslons will show it's easy
being' green Its an interactive commnty experience Anna Margaret in concert Nov 6 (tickets
$12) at Miner Park Amphtheater.
Miner Park and Mizner Park Amphitheater, Federal Hwy just south of Glades Rd

Veterans Day Ceremony 4 Concert
Thursday, November 11
9am Ceremony at the Boca Raton Cemetery
7pm Concert at Mizner Park Amphitheater featuring New Gardens BKa

Holiday Tree Lightng Celebraton tage Show
Friday, November26 58pm
Family fun, Snow Village, Santa, Holiday Stage Show
Mizner Park Amphitheater, Federal Hwy just south of Glades Rd

J 9&, Annual Holiday f ret Parade
k*E Wednesday, December 8 7:30pm
Parade route: SE 8t Street north to Mizner Park

3et Annual Holiday Boat Parade
Thursday, December 18 6:30pm
Intracoastal Waterway beginning at C-15 Canal, south to Hillsboro Bridge

For complete event information
Call (561) 393-7827 or (561) 367-7073
Visit our website www.myboca us/rec/specialevents

October 28 through November 4, 2010 9


-. "Quality jo.-i iH bf jfae garnm.m a oL ur
Your number one

4 dry cleaning
as resource!

Call Today!

Alli, tio ns
Dry Ccrie.ii,

PerlonjllZd AnO W91ri gr-rn la oacti garment
Housaeld he lrrs Coeforlogf Bodsprlads etc
Weidd.iry go. ns Clesnarn Pm rvod
land Finrhrdl hl-hirta -5nale Lealmer
Rugis Shl-ns Eipolr AIecaioiart
Sllks. Linroris phlllsis HmnanMag

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7W Vt combo ball
aft #183 Sm ftim FL 33433
44U woo ffieftb %W
Nw& Lamilvirdlelle, FL 33OU
Z4;= "4-hip-Ex


10 -October 28 through November 4, 2010
The Boca Raton Tribune COMMUNITY NEWS East/West Boca Raton, FL

Boca Beach Club gives their change to make change *

you can't make a differ-
ence? Listen to this "loose
change" story and see if it
changes your mind.
Part of the Waldorf Asto-
ria family of hotels, the
Boca Beach Club is a 365-
acre resort in Boca Raton,
known both for impec-
cable service and their gra-
cious approach, amidst a
luxurious yet welcoming
In the lobby is an infin-
ity pool that stretches out
to the Oceanfront patio.
Last year, guests began to
drop their loose change into
the pool perhaps making
a wish for something or
someone special.
Over time, the change ac-
cumulated, and the staff
elected to donate it to

charity. The Flor-
ida Sheriffs Youth
Ranches was the
lucky beneficiary.
A year ago, the
first donation was
$55. As time pro-
gressed, it grew.
The general man-
ager, John Cams,
suggested putting
up a plaque let-
ting people know ..
where their money
was going. Accu-
mulated giving in
the last year? More than
$1,300, simply from loose
pocket change.
Helping the needy chil-
dren of Florida is a worthy
cause, said club officials.
"The Florida Sheriffs
Youth Ranches does it
well. And in a wonderful

Deputy Bill LaFlamme of PBSO, second from left, and
Erik Fahnoe of the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches Board
of Directors, right, award Boca Beach Club 's Executive
Office Manager Karrol-Jo Foster andDirector ofSecurity
MikeMcCutcheon with the "Builder Coin awardfor the
Boca Beach Club accumulated donations in the lastyear

demonstration of the spirit of hospitality and of giving
back to the community, the Boca Beach Club sets a won-
derful example for all of us."

want! DC sumaxo~

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The Boca Raton Tribune COMMUNITY NEWS East/West Boca Raton, FL

Rotary of Boca Raton sponsors'meet and greet'

for OPAL award honorees, committee, sponsors

than 50 OPAL Awards
committee members, Ro-
tary Club of Boca Raton
board members, sponsors,
past OPAL honorees and
2011 OPAL honorees re-
cently attended a "Meet
and Greet" reception at
Spanish River Library. The
event was hosted by 2011
OPAL co-chairs Ingrid Ful-
mer and Neil Saffer and the
OPAL Committee.
The OPAL honorees for
2011 are Dr. David Robbe
(Education), Jerry Fedele
(Healthcare), Emily Lilly
(Civil Service), Arlene &
Jim Sclafani (Private Sec-
tor), Marta Batmasian (Com-
munity Service), and a new
category Lifetime Achieve-
ment Award; Flossy Kees-
ely as Outstanding People
And Leaders in the com-
"This pre-gala event has
become a tradition for our
OPAL committee where we
have the opportunity to in-
troduce the honorees to the
committee, sponsors and
board and take photos to
promote the event", noted
Neil Saffer.
The Rotary Club of Boca
Raton's 14th Annual OPAL
(Outstanding People and
Leaders) Awards Gala will
be held January 22 at Boca
Pointe Country Club. A red

carpet "Hollywood Style
Awards Show" will be the
theme for the annual fun-
draiser with proceeds allo-
cated for scholarships that
will be awarded to local
college bound students in
The "meet and greet" in-
cluded an overview presen-
tation by Rotary President,
Alan Kaye, introductions
of the honorees by Neil
Saffer and examples by In-
grid Fulmer of how Rotary
provides mentorship and
scholarships for specific stu-
dents in the community. All
the food for the evening
was donated by Jamie Gul-
den and her restaurant Set
The Table. The wine was
donated by Neil and Trisha
"We are repeating the very
successful "chance to win"
prize drawing as part of our
fundraising efforts", noted
2010 OPAL co-chair and
this year's president, Alan
Kaye. Tickets are current-
ly on sale and are selling
briskly, he said, offering
chances to win $10,000
cash, a piece of jewelry do-
nated by Tiffany & Com-
pany or a two-night stay
at the Boca Beach Club,
donated by the Boca Resort
& Club.
"Last year we were sold
out with a waiting list and

Prom lejr are urAL nonorees, ur avia oooe (caucanon), Jerry
Fedele (Healthcare), EmilyLilly (CivilService), Jim &Arlene Scla-
fani (Private Sector) and Marta Batmasian (Community Service).

we are very enthusiastic
about the response we are
receiving from our club
and the community for this
year's honorees," noted
2010 OPAL recipient and
2011 Co-Chair Ingrid Ful-
mer. She added that the
"highlights of the evening
will include a lavish three-
course dinner, dancing to
the live performances of
Carl Padilla, a live auction
by Neil Saffer, professional
auctioneer and the OPAL
Awards Presentation."
Current Community partners
for the 2011 OPAL Awards
include; All Star Engrav-
ing, The Duffey Law Firm,
BB&T, Celebrity Cruises,
Coca Cola, Ingrid & Fred
Fulmer, HSBC Bank, Kaye
Communications, Inc., Kaye
Group/Commercial Real Es-
tate, Flossy Keesely, Rose-
mary & Ben Krieger, Boca
Color Graphics, Boca Ra-
ton Resort & Club, Boca
Raton Magazine, Matrix
Home Care, LLC., Miami
Systems, General Contrac-
tors, Inc., Morton's The
Steakhouse, Multi-Image
Group, Mummaw Associ-
ates, Inc., Richman Advi-
sors, Tiffany & Company,
Yaakov Heller, Uncle Tai's,
Zimmer Construction, Inc.
Providing college scholar-
ships to worthy candidates
has been the primary fo-
cus of the Rotary Club of
Boca Raton who have been
changing lives and building
futures for more than twen-
ty years. In 2010, the club
awarded four-year college
scholarships (including a
laptop computer stipend)
to eight deserving local
high school students. These
scholarships assist worthy
young men and women in
our community in the pur-
suit of their dreams. Pro-
ceeds from the OPAL Gala
will again provide scholar-
ships and laptops for de-
serving Boca Raton area

Tbe iboca *aton Etribune

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tle Boca -Tribune

redt yto yourdoori

This is a great opportunity
to enjoy-the bes t-ef Booa-

SMailing Address:
PO. Box 970593 Boca Raton, FL 33497










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f II


i I



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o .o

< Q < 0
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% P m
?* a
*s > -s ^,

CO r1 o
oo *- -

a CI




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October 28 through November 4, 2010 11

12 -October 28 through November 4, 2010
The Boca Raton Tribune COMMUNITY NEWS East/West Boca Raton, FL

Shadow escapes the shadow of

death, is returned to Boca Raton

dow," a 4-year-old Wei-
meraner adopted in 2006
from the Tri County Hu-
mane Society shelter in
Boca Raton, is back in that
shelter today after a disap-
pointing experience with
its adoptive parents.
In fact, said Tri County
Humane Society founder
and CEO Jeannette Chris-
tos, "Shadow" can thank
the microchip implanted
inside her for saving her
As Christos explained it,
"Tri County received a call
recently from Sumpter Hu-
mane Society in Americus,
Ga. The couple that adopt-

ed Shadow in 2006 moved
to Georgia and decided
they did not want Shadow
any more, so they took the
dog to a shelter in Ameri-
cus where most dogs are
quickly put to sleep.
But Christos said, "The
shelter manager called Tri
County after checking the
microchip linking the dog
back to us. We told them
we would really like our
dog back."
"The woman told us they
could only keep the dog
three days before it would
be euthanized as they were
overcrowded. She said she
would see what she could
do to get the dog back to

Boca Raton."
After networking with
rescues, Christos said, the
woman arranged transpor-
tation as far as St. Augus-
tine, Ga., but could not get
transport any further.
"A pilot with his own pri-
vate plane offered to fly
the dog back to us," said
Elliott Mintzer, the pilot,
and the plane's owner,
Ray Hallthe, transported
"Shadow" from St. Augus-
tine back to the Boca Ra-
ton airport.
"This is why we always
keep the microchip regis-
tered in our name," said

'Shadow would have been euthanized. It took seven different transport volunteers to
get as far as St. Augustine."
Cristos offered profuse thanks "to the Sumpter Humane Society and all the rescue trans-
"We are so thankful we can all work together to save so many animals."

George S. Bolge to retire from Boca Museum of Art after 16

years at local cultural venue

Carman, president of the
Board of Trustees of the
Boca Raton Museum of
Art, has announced the re-
tirement of Executive Di-
rector George S. Bolge, ef-
fective June 30, 2011.
Carman stated that, in the
near future, he will form
a committee to begin the
search process for Bolge's
"I take great pride in my
achievements as executive
director at the Boca Ra-

ton Museum of Art," said
Bolge. "I know that my ef-
forts, along with those of
my exceptional staff, have
played a major role in en-
riching this community. It
has been one of the most
rewarding experiences in
my life."
Bolge will remain active
in the South Florida arts
community both here and
"George Bolge is one of the
most highly regarded direc-
tors in the industry," said
"The fact that we were able
to grow significantly in ev-
ery aspect of our operation
is largely due to his vision
and unmatched expertise.
We are sorry to see him
go, but are humbled by the
wisdom he has imparted on
us for more than 16 years."
A decorated Vietnam vet-

eran, Bolge began his mu-
seum career in South Flor-
ida in 1970, when he was
hired as executive director
and, during his tenure, was
instrumental in the crea-
tion of the new Museum
of Art, Fort Lauderdale
(now known as Museum
of Art, Fort Lauderdale/
Nova Southeastern Univer-
sity). He served as its chief
executive until 1988, and
remains Director Emeritus
for the Broward-based arts
organization, which is re-
garded as one of the most
celebrated museums in
South Florida.
In 1995, Bolge was hired,
once again, to build a ma-
jor arts institution, this time
in Boca Raton. The Boca
Raton Museum of Art was
housed, at that time, on
Palmetto Park Road where
the Museum's Art School is

currently located.
Over the next four years,
with the support of the
Board of Trustees and
community leaders, Bolge
stabilized the budget, re-
established organizational
participation in the state,
county and city granting
resources, developed new
educational outreach pro-
gramming, upgraded the
exhibition schedule and en-
hanced the permanent col-
lection. This professional
profile qualified the mu-
seum to be awarded its first
American Association of
Museums National Accre-
ditation. Of the nation's
17,500 museums, just 778
are currently accredited.
This national recognition
served as the impetus to
launch a Capital Campaign
in 1999, and just over year
later, the Museum opened a

new 44,000 square foot fa-
cility as the cultural anchor
in Mizer Park, downtown
Boca Raton.
Under Bolge's direction,
the new Museum opened
its doors in January 2001
virtually debt-free. Today,
celebrating 10 years in this
new facility, the Museum
has achieved an interna-
tional stature as one of the
most successful, non-profit
cultural and educational
institutions in the state of
In addition, in 2005 the
Boca Raton Museum of
Art was named "The Of-
ficial Fine Arts Museum
for Boca Raton," another
recognition achieved under
Bolge's purview.
Over the past decade since
its move to Mizer Park,
the Museum has welcomed
nearly two million visitors

and has organized more
than 200 exhibitions, a sig-
nificant achievement for a
community organization the
size of the Boca Raton Mu-
seum of Art.
Some of the Museum's
pro-grams include art
films, artist lectures, family
programs, the Annual Art
Festival and more than 100
classes a week at its studio
Art School. Museum auxil-
iaries include The Artists'
Guild, Friends Auxiliary
and Collector's Forum.

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0 Boca Life & Arts

Siipje 6oc(a Raton Tribune

SOctober 28 through November 4, 2010 *Year I *Number 019

Madame President
Florida Atlantic University will host the installation
ceremony of Dr. Mary Jane Saunders, FAU's sixth
president, on Friday, October 29 at 10 a.m. in the
Carole and Barry Kaye Auditorium, FAU's Student
Union, 777 Glades Road, Boca Raton campus.
Themed "Making Waves: Celebrating and Cultivat- FOOD
ing Discovery, Diversity and Distinction," the inau- REVIEW
guration is designed to introduce the president to theicle on page 20
university's constituents and provide a platform for
the expression of the president's vision for the future
of FAU.
It also is an opportunity for the entire university
community to welcome her.
An inaugural open house at the Eleanor R. Baldwin
House on FAU's Boca Raton campus will follow the
installation ceremony at 2:30 p.m. .

1 Soroptimist Women of LINDA ON
Distinction Awards page 17

By Skip Sheffield
Continued on page 15 See on page 18
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October 28 through November 4, 2010 13

14 -October 28 through November 4, 2010

The Boca Raton Tribune B BOCA LIFE & ARTS East/West Boca Raton, FL


Neighborhood Sports Bar's football fans raise

$800-plus for Forgotten Soldiers Outreach
Neighborhood Sports Bar's
football fans got a chance
to play quarterback in the
parking lot on a recent 0
Sunday afternoon as they
attempted to toss footballs
through the goal post in or-
der to raise funds for For-
gotten Soldiers Outreach.
The toss, along with the
buffet, raised more than
$800 for the "We Care" Sgt Tom Whelan and Lynelle Zelnar
packages that FSO ships
monthly to United States
servicemen and women
serving overseas.
"We are so appreciative of
Alex Goodrich and eve-
ryone at Neighborhood
Sports Bar for hosting this
event for us," said Lynelle
Chauncy Zelnar, founder
of Forgotten Soldiers Out-
reach. "This was such a
fun day for everyone, and Zachary Thompson
it provided us with the op-
portunity not only to raise
funds, but to raise aware-
ness about the many basic
items our soldiers need ev-
For more information about
Forgotten Soldiers Outreach,
visit www.forgottensoldiers.


Reach the right
people with

rie a ad ith us!
Place an ad with us!


By Diane Feen

'The House of M. Lucretious' -

I\ N
Boca Raton psychologist Liz
Alexander has many talents.
She is an excellent therapist;
she does past life regression
therapy and has the common
sense of three wise men.
But when she said she was
writing a book, I yawned
and thought to myself, "So
what else is new?"
But after she handed me a
copy I realized I owed it to
her (and myself) to read it.
And what a story she told
(with writing partner and
clinical psychologist peer
Jean Bratcher).
It turns out that both women
are adept at past life regres-
sion therapy and both un-
derstand the ramifications
of delving into the past to
explain (and express) the
present. If you are familiar
with the work of Dr. Brian
Weiss (author of'Many
Lives Many Masters"), you
will remember that he healed
many patients by regressing
them to former incarnations.
Whether you believe in this
form of actualization (or
therapy) does not matter
when reading "The House
of M. Lucretius." But what
does matter is that the book
is beautifully written and
toll n tonrAor mnrnina tfnl nr"

1 ne nouse oJMJ. LucretIus
by Boca author Liz Alexander

a book of wonders

love and life in ancient Pom-
peii as it relates to the char-
acter's lives in the present.
The book starts out follo-
wing the life of 27-year-old
Maggie Knaveen, an attrac-
tive, intelligent scientist.
Maggie is what you would
call a workaholic, and when
she meets a dashing lawyer
named Mark Hampton, she
brushes him off like lint.
Eventually they do fall in
love but Maggie is unable to
So she does what most of
us fantasize about, she runs
away. But not to Cleve-
land or Palm Beach, but to
Rome, Italy. It is in Rome
that the book becomes mes-
merizing. We travel with
Maggie to Pompeii as she
discovers the past life of
Claudia Quinta, a gracious
and beautiful woman mar-
ried to a powerful loving
man named Marcus Lucre-
tius. It is their courtship and
day to day existence that is
absolutely riveting.
The story is told so vividly
that you almost feel their
pain and pleasure as they
navigate the household dra-
mas (and traumas) of life in
ancient Pompeii.
We watch their courtship,

her book.

and their daily lives in a
house filled with cooks, as-
sistants, valets, relatives and
staff. We also get to eaves-
drop on the slow yet subtle
love that develops between
the two main characters,
Claudia and Marcus.
When Claudia goes to the
Villa of Mysteries and the
ancient bath house, we get
to go with her. The bath
house is where royalty (and
the well heeled) used to go
to soak and schmooze in an-
cient Pompeii.
Not only do the temples and
forums come to life on the
pages of this book, but we
get to witness (and delve
deep) into the personal lives
of Claudia and Marcus as
it unravels in front of our
lives. There are the gladiato-
rial battles in the forum and
the ceremonies that enter-
tained people nearly 2000
years ago in ancient Rome.
As we near the end of this
amazing journey we realize
that Maggie is having flash-
backs of her former life in
Pompeii. And that reality is
what helps her navigate her
present life.
Although the book is fic-
tional, there is a bit of truth
to its premise. "In my prac-
tice as a psychotherapist I
see this type of thing hap-
pening. A childhood experi-
ence starts the difficulty that
the person is trying to over-
come, but the problem was
really started years or cen-
turies ago," said Alexander.
Whether you believe in re-
incarnation or not this book
is stunning in its descrip-
tions and character devel-
opment. We live and learn
about ancient Rome in its
most primitive and primor-
dial form.

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Suttay, October 31st, 2010


ONE SHOW ONLY! The Jazz Ambassadors,
Piazza, Boca Raton. Federal Highway, South of
Palmetto Park Rd. East side of street.
For more information please call 561.392.8920 or visit


Soroptimist Women of Distinction Awards

Breakfast a Sold-out Success
Story, photos by Barbara Mc- deliver raffle prizes to the winning bidders.
Cormick For membership information and activities, please visit the
Club's website: www. soroptimist4women.org
BOCA RATON Thirty one
outstanding nominees were
recently honored at the 37th
Annual Women of Distinction
Breakfast, hosted by Soropti-
mist International of Boca Ra-
ton/Deerfield Beach.
Nearly 300 attended the event
at the Boca West Country
Club. Soroptimist members
joined guests in applauding
the accomplishments of the
nominees, who value the mis- Kim Champion, Event Co-Chair Kathy Adkins, Honorary Chair Mari-
sion of Soroptimist Interna- ela Montgomery Event Co-Chair Helen Babione, I .. Director
tional: to impro-ve the lives
of women and girls, in local
communities and worldwide.
Breakfast co-chairs were
Kim Champion and Mariela
Montgomery. Community ac-
tivist Kathy Adkins served
as Honorary ( ,iirv .:!!,,il
Connie Desko, past governor,
gave an interes-ting overview
of Soroptimist International.
The six winning finalists
included the following no-
minees and their categories:
Health- Deyse Norwitz; Non- Rosemary & Ben Krieger, Sponsors
Profits Diana Sowers; Edu-
cation Mary Dent-Maher &
Blanch Girtman; Profes-
sional-Dana Lee Csutoros
and Volunteers Lisa Mur-
phy. Rosemary Krieger was
awarded the Soroptimist Life-
time Honorary Membership
Kathy Adkins expressed the
honor of serving as Honorary
Chair for the 2010 Breakfast,
and congratulated Soroptimist Jan McArt, Mary Perper
Club members on their recent
50th Anniversary.
Kudos were given to Club
members from City Hall by
Mayor Susan Whelchel, pro-
claiming October 13, 2010
as Soroptimist Day in Boca
In addition, recognition was
given to 12 students from St.
Jude Catholic School, under
the direction of Mrs. Marie
Leible, who arrived at dawn
to help with preparations and Karen Krumholtz, Nominee; Barbara Schmidt, Sponsor; Linda
Gunn, Nominee

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October 28 through November 4, 2010 15

16 -October 28 through November 4, 2010

The Boca Raton Tribune B BOCA LIFE & ARTS East/West Boca Raton, FL

Green Market

- %._- "


JA "Boo-la-thon" raises cash to help kids become

Story, photos by
Barbara McCormick

Annual Junior Achieve-
ment of the Palm Beaches
Bowl-A-Thons, held in
several Palm Beach loca-
tions, were a great success.
Champion Home Health
Care was thrilled to spon-
sor and coordinate the
Boca Raton event, making
it a unique "Boo-la-thon"
with a Halloween theme.
The Boca event raised
$3,000, which will be
used to buy materials for
students in Palm Beach
County, who are being
educated and inspired to
value free enterprise and
entrepreneurship, under-

stand business and economics, and be workforce ready!
Several area businesses participated, including S & P
Printing, BankAtlantic and Fifth Third Bank. Champi-
on Home Health Care wants to thank all who helped us
"Strike a Bright Future for Kids."

Champion Home Health Care Sponsors are, from left, Bobbi
Padgett "Kitty Bobbi"; Nikki Buttery "Nikki Mouse"; Dan
Risnear "Dan the Con Man"; Renee Risnear "Raggedy Re-
nee "; Alexandra Stewart "Alex & Skellie "; Rick Stewart
"Rick-a-Mortis and Kim Champion "Mother Nature Kim "

Renee Risnear coordinator
for the Boca event, received
an award for being top fun-
draiser for the C mpion Jason Sanchez, son of Rose Anne Sanchez, Director of Re-
draiser Hor the Champion urce Development, Junior Achievement of the Palm Beaches
dHome Health Care team. source Development, Junior Achievement of the Palm Beaches

Su r y . ...... A
Support yzrs them keBocTriun
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The Boca Raton Tribune B BOCA LIFE & ARTS East/West Boca Raton, FL


By Linda Gove

Jarc Kicks Off Breast Cancer


Medical Oncologist, Boca
Raton Regional Hospi-
tal's Institute for Women's
Health & Wellness/Center
for Breast Care
JARC (Jewish Associa-
tion for Residential Care)
hosted "Pinking of U", a
pink themed afternoon tea
featuring keynote speaker
Dr. Louise Morrell of Boca
Raton Regional Hospi-
tal's Institute for Women's
Health & Wellness/Center
for Breast Care. The high
tea and presentation took
place at JARC's Living and
Learning Center in West
Boca Raton on Monday,
October 4, 2010 at 2:00pm.
The guests, community
friends of JARC along with
JARC clients were clad
in pink attire to promote
breast cancer awareness.
Guests enjoyed tea sand-
wiches, pastries, pink lem-
onade, mini pink cupcakes
and other sweet treats made
by the clients of the JARC
Gourmet Cafe. OPI, a pro-
fessional nail care company
generously donated a bottle
of pink polish in support
of breast cancer awareness
to each guest. BRRH also
donated wellness calendars
along with tabletop purse
hangers for each guest.

Dr. Morrell gave a brief
discussion on breast cancer
followed by a brief Q & A
The Kathryn Krickstein
Pressel MammoVan was

'.qtj m I t01 I 0% 1 lRF14 WI t' ALCA

Bonnie Palardy, Manager, Quality & Research, ( E. Lynn
Women s Health & Wellness Institute/Center for Breast Care, Lou-
ise Morrell, M.D., Medical Director, Eugene M. & ( .' E.
Lynn Cancer Institute, Dr. Debra tL JARC Executive Direc-
tor, Sandi Weber, Clinical Manager, ( E. Lynn Women '
Health & Wellness Institute/Center for Breast Care, Jan Dymtrow,
Community Services Coordinator, Boca Raton Regional Hospital

Trudy Feldman, Nicole Flier Karen Grande
also on site to offer mobile mammography and tours.
"As a community partner as well and agency committed
to the well being of men and women with disabilities, we
were delighted to host this event and look forward to part-
nering with Boca Raton Regional Hospital on more events
such as this", states JARC Executive Director, Dr. Debra
C. Hallow.
About JARC
The Jewish Association for Residential Care (JARC) is a
nonsectarian organization which provides group homes,
apartments and vocational training for adults with devel-
opment disabilities. The mission in partnership with the
families of the clients is to promote independence dignity
and self-respect in order to create more fulfilling lives. For
more information, to become a much needed donor or vol-
unteer, please visit www.jarcfl.org. Media Contact: Nicole
Flier 561-239-1424 la2flaWrcomcast.net

There's lots to cover to-
day... "Desperately" daz-
zling jewels, a hip to be
"Square" new fragrance,
and luscious lips in a nut-
Celebrity Jewelry Design-
er: Sheila Fajl
If you love the sexy styles
of the "Desperate House-
wives," then you will not
want to miss an upcoming
event at the Donna Pascoe
Salon at The Shoppes at
Village Pointe. Some may
not realize that the chic
salon is also the home of
a wonderful jewelry bou-
tique that showcases ce-
lebrity favorite designs, in-
cluding those worn by Eva
Longoria and Teri Hatcher.
On November 13th, the
salon will be hosting jew-
elry designer Sheila Fajl,
whose creative and ver-
satile designs have been
seen on the hit show, and
on many other stars. Sheila
will be there from 11-5 and
they will be serving wine
and tasty treats though
out the day. But you must
RSVP to Stacey at 954-
The Brazilian designer is
known for her fun, fash-
ionable line that offers
an array of easy- to-wear
brushed gold and colorful
stones. The former model,
turned lawyer, turned de-

Washington Square fragrance

signer/entrepreneur de-
signs for a woman's multi-
faceted life and she will
be there to help you select
the perfect new addition to
your jewelry wardrobe.
Washington Square, the
Looking for a new fra-
grance this fall? Then you
must try the latest from
Bond No. 9, called Wash-
ington Square. Learn more
about this intriguing new
scent from its creator,
Laurice Rahme when she
visits Saks on Thursday,
November 11th. Please
call, 393-9100, and ask the
fragrance counter for ap-
pearance times.
The scent, launched in
unison with the famed
New York park's grand re-
is de-
as a rose
eau de
with an
dissident Eva Longoria
scent that never forgets
to be beautiful; it has a
female-male crossover ap-
peal, whose balance is on
the female side. And the
bottle...it is work of art!!
Beauty Secrets from the
Columbian Amazon:
The lush rainforest holds
many secrets to a more
youthful look, and now we
are becoming privy to a
unique product, the Ama-
zon Peach Palm, a tree
that produces super fruits
packed with essential fatty
acids, and antioxidant vi-

tamins A, C, and E. The
oil extracted from this fruit
has exceptional penetrat-
ing power, enabling the
anti-aging and regenera-
tive nutrients to reach the
deepest levels of the skin.
Two pharmacists, Martha
Neira and Myriam Moya,
have developed a close re-
lationship with the rainfor-
est's indigenous commu-
nities offering then unique
access to this beautifying
resource. Their find is now
available in the United
States through their line,
called Piudali, an organic,
eco-friendly skin care line.
The line includes a facial
moisturizer, night renewal
cream, hand and body lo-
tion, body oil and the most
adorable lip balm that is

wearing Sheila Fajl earrings|
packaged within a special
Andean Nogel nut! Love
it! To order visit either
www. Amazon.com or

Kay Renz has covered the
beauty and fashion scene
in both local and national
publications for over a
decade. She is the owner
of Kay Renz Public Re-
lations, a boutique firm
focusing on restaurants,
clubs, spas, shops, events
and other lifestyle indus-

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By Kay Renz

A Terrific Trifecta

for news 2417 qo to bocara ton tribune. com

October 28 through November 4, 2010 17

18 -October 28 through November 4, 2010
The Boca Raton Tribune B BOCA LIFE & ARTS East/West Boca Raton, FL


By Skip Sheffield

Old pros having violent fun

in 'Red' ***

First, you should know
"Red" stands for Retired
Extremely Dangerous.
"Red" is a CIA conspiracy
plot spoof adapted from a
DC Comics graphic novel.
It stars Bruce Willis as re-
tired but extremely lethal
black ops agent Frank Mo-
ses. Frank is bored and out
of sorts in his quiet Cleve-
land suburb. His only di-

version is lengthy phone
calls to Sarah (Mary-Louise
Parker at her dewy-eyed
best), a government pen-
sion employee who works
in Kansas City.
The second thing you need
to know is that this has an
incredible cast of old pros
having the time of their li-
ves acting out ridiculous re-
venge fantasies.

You know this is a comic
book right away when
a squad of black-suited,
masked gunman descend
on Frank's little house and
riddle it with so many bul-
lets the front porch falls off.
Frank Moses is of course
unscratched, and he pro-
ceeds to dispatch his attack-
ers one by one, as well as a
second backup squad.

Then it's off to Kansas City
where Frank suddenly ap-
pears inside Sarah's locked
apartment. When she gets
alarmed, he gags her, binds
her, throws her in the car and
takes off for New Orleans.
You know this is comic
book love at first sight.
First up is Joe Matheson
(Morgan Freeman), age 80
with stage 4 liver cancer,
living in a nursing home.
When Frank tells Joe the
CIA has tried to kill him and
he may be next, Joe is in.
Robert Schwentke directs at
blistering speed, interspers-
ing witty one-liners with
amazing collisions, near-
misses and huge fireball ex-
Next up in Pensacola is Mar-

vin Boggs (John Malkovich
in his funniest, most over-
the-top role ever) a wacky,
paranoid survivalist who
mistrusts cell phones, com-
puters, the Internet and the
modem world in general.
Marvin has achieved his
unique vision having been
fed LSD experimentally for
11 years. He is perfect for
this mission.
In Virginia the team picks
up Victoria (Helen Mir-
ren), a polished Brit with a
lethal knack with a machine
gun. Later Victoria's former
lover, Russian agent Ivan
(Brain Cox) joins the band.
With a little help from
Henry (venerable Ernest
Borgnine), keeper of re-
cords deep in the bowels of
the CIA, Frank will get the

lowdown as to why CIA
agent Cooper (Karl Urban)
has been ordered to assassi-
nate him. The trail will lead
to arms dealer Alexander
Downey (Richard Dreyfus,
as a snarling, sniveling vil-
lain), and up to the office
of the vice president of the
The plot is patently absurd
nonsense, with our heroes
dodging bullets, missiles
and flying vehicles and bat-
ting them away as if they
were flies.
This is great stuff for the
over-50 set, and I think kids
can enjoy it too for all the
action and mayhem. No one
will ever mistake this for
great art, but as slam-bang
entertainment, at this mo-
ment in time it can't be beat.



OCTOBER 28th* NOVEMBER 1st, 2010
A Golden Opportunity Only Comes Around Once. See the newest top INTERNATIONALa -
brand vessels and a great mix of pre-owned vessels all in one place. j
Shop tents full of electronics, nothing, art jewelry, and much morel
Shuttles to all show sites. Its all at the Greatest Boat Show In the world.
Get your tickets online today! r
ForWMon Info: wwwshowmanagemmnLcom (954) 467-9956 JIGF SchoA l tu
Teut "Boat Showr To 23539 and Receve a Discount Tcket Offer -iow S n .n -

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The Boca Raton Tribune B BOCA LIFE & ARTS East/West Boca Raton, FL

Candidates visit Boca Tribune

Several office seekers in Tuesday's general election have visited the Boca Raton Tri-
bune office during their campaigns. In the top photo, District 22 congressional candi-
date Allen West visits with Managing Editor Dale King, left, and Online Editor Pedro
Heizer. In the lower photo, Joe Budd, who is running for the seat in congressional
district 19, meets with Publisher Douglas Heizer, left, and Managing Editor Dale King.

The Friends of the Boca Raton Library





Norman "Skip" Sheffield is a member of two film critics asso-
ciations which gives him a unique perspective on the
upcoming Oscar selection process and insight into the
campaigns that are mounted for each film that is consid-
ered for the honor. He has been a theater and movie critic
for over 35 years, writing for the Miami Phoenix and Boca
Raton News, Skip currently writes for the Boca Raton
Tribune, Coastal Star, and Atlantic Ave Magazine.

Sunday, Novembkr 21", 2010
3 pm at the Spanish River Library
1501 NW Spanish River Boulevard

This talk is free and open to the public.

Chamber after hours miniExpo

SI cott KusnaK of tme IMCLA

Mike Wolfson and Rick Mancinelli ofC3 Cloud Com-
pitting Concepts
E11l I IEUJML i' 17' I JMI

ChefNancy Hall, Eric
Gietz, Paula Tordjman and
Corey Kula

jube "I

( 1Wii



Subscrib-e to


OCTOBER 29m 1820E. Sunrise Blv. a uS 1 N.
Fort Lauderdale(95) 763-7994
9889W Glades Road, 3701 NE 163 Street.
Boca Raton North Miami Beach
(800) FANOANGO 175 (305)943-0064

01 W Plza Real.
Boca Raton (561),177144
4321 NW88'"Avenue.
1954) 140333

7421 W Atlantic Avenue.
Delray Beach
(561 638-0020
160 S. Federal Hwy.
Delray Beach
(800) FANDANGO 181#

Visit w.uII...nn .lI1Motrilogy.cmm to enter the Wiff StIg Lamwe~s~wdu SweepptakUs!

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TIM 11140 Rolm lb... Is
W YrAelh& Ow cIlsnda,
y.ou TdbIs

October 28 through November 4, 2010 19

20 -October 28 through November 4, 2010
The Boca Raton Tribune B BOCA LIFE & ARTS East/West Boca Raton, FL

Join the l(i oC RiMai Raton in ai

Iwa il


Thursday, Novewbr 1U 9:00 am
City of Boca Raton Cemetery 449 SWO 4' Ave. Boca Raton
Xrn Ioming I'ntrioti Patriotic Drills
M nslte by Steve % iernOrclihesln
munl ('iutnimn.. 'honlis fl' Palm BrInacl
.r-%olrr% rnl-prc.%entiS NkiK Ilalon weranin oirgeaniatioinm
PrewieintioTn of (omenwnnoratir e lWreanlh a labor Slsan 11'l 1chel
Ilit Rrirenh.lncwllt


Thursday, November II 7:00 pm
liznemr I'Park tiUilhillmt.Ier F nlrral liidls.m.jnut nouthl aC (Gluder Red
NMi YouIIig P1al riots under the dim rtinm of lnr'llm M1 illniiLlerr
N1IOT' Honor Gurnnl
Newi Gardenls Banlld mun the direction oroicen seard

Coordinated by
City of Boca Raton
Boca Raton Veteran Organizations
Boca Raton Community High School NJROTC.

All ECents are FREE *
(Food & Chair Reasts are ia ajible for purchase a Concerl)
For additional information 393-7806 selection #2
Visit the City website at ww%%d mvboca.us/rec/specialekents

By Marc Kent

Superior Italian Dishes -

Bravo Caruso!

Gina and Lillo's Caruso
Restaurant is alive with su-
perb Italian offerings from
appetizers thru soups, sal-
ads, pastas and a spectrum
of entrees to sweet, sweet
The creative appetizers
include scampi with sea
scallops sauteed with mu-
shrooms in a chardonnay
and lemon sauce, delicious
prosciutto di Parma with
flordilatte cheese and roast-
ed peppers, an excellent
pepper crusted yellow fin
tuna seared carpaccio with
olive oil lemon and orange
zests topped with fennel and
arugula, drizzed with citrus
vinaigrette. In addition we
had large Mediterranean
mussels with julienne veg-
etables in a fantastic wine/
curry sauce. The sauteed
calamari with it's garlic,
white wine and grape to-
matoes was delicious as the
grilled calamari over arugu-
la with lemon and olive oil.
Two soups are featured a
very light tortellini in broth
and as well as a smooth
pasta e fagioli with crated
cheese, both very tasty in-

r .

Five salads are listed cover-
ing a wide variety of ingre-
dient combinations.
Variations of pasta dishes
include a spinach fettuc-
cine in tomato/cream sauce
with ground sausage, peas
and pecorino cheese- deli-
cious and filling. Likewise,
the ravioli pillows in their
tomato/cream sauce had
peas and a bit of fresh mint
- Both are winners. There
are nine additional pasta
combinations on the menu
as well.
The fresh fish selection
stars a boneless branzino
alla francese served on a
bed of spinach with mashed
potatoes. This really is a
specialty fish done here to
perfection. The Hawaiian
blue snapper a filet sau-
teed with tomatoes plus gar-
lic, olives and dainty white
asparagus was a joy to try.
Additional entrees include
three veal dishes, filet
mignon, Hawaiian king
prawns and three chicken
variations. Delicious side
dishes include spinach or
broccoli in garlic and oil or

broccoli rabe.
The desserts include a very
light and tasty tiramisu, a
lime cake-very creamy, sor-
bet and gelato and tartufo
semifredro Caruso's pear
tart and apple tart need 20
minutes to prepare-order
early when you dine.
Portions are generous and
pricing are reasonable for
these fine quality dishes.
The standard menu features
6 appetizers, 2 soups, 5 sal-
ads, 12 pastas, 9 entrees and
4 desserts. While the daily
specials were featuring 3
appetizers, another soup, 8
entrees and 2 more desserts
- a vast array of fine fare.
This is a classic restau-
rant, intimate and charm-
ing with attentive owners
and staff. Caruso's seat 50
in the dining room, 18 in a
private cozy room and 100
on the expanded patios.
Since opened in January of
2010, all meals are cooked
to order for you at 187 SE
Mizer Boulevard in Boca
Raton (561-367-7488). Go
and enjoy!

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T)le J oa Paton Tribune

By Dr. Daniel Man

It's no longer a taboo for men

to have cosmetic treatments

Dear Dr Man, I'm 54
years old and I consider
myself a handsome guy.
I have a great job and a
beautiful wife. I am inter-
ested in keeping my looks
young, especially since my
wife is 15 years my junior.
What are some plastic sur-
geries that men can get?
I don't want I,,,, ithiMg as
drastic as a facelift, but I
would like to erase a few
wrinkles or shrink my love

Answer: An increasing
number of men today are
having cosmetic surgery
to help them look younger
and more attractive. Like
women, men have discov-
ered the benefits of cos-
metic surgery, both person-
ally and professionally.
Men are recognizing that
wrinkles, frown lines,
crow's feet, droopy eye-
lids, baldness and double
chins may make them look
old and tired, and appear
less competitive on the job
and in their personal lives.
Like women, men want
trimmer waists and fewer
wrinkles. Many men also
desire more hair. Men are
rejuvenating their faces

with face, neck and eye
lifts, forehead and brow
lifts; having lasers and
peels to remove the wrin-
kles and make their skin
look younger; resculpting
their noses and undergo-
ing liposuction and tummy
What used to be taboo is
no longer. Many men to-
day go to designer hair sa-
lons, get facials and other
skin treatments, and even
shop at cosmetic counters.
The number of people hav-
ing cosmetic surgery is up;
and men are a large part
of that increase. Many of
my patients say they don't
want to keep putting off
their dreams and goals.
Another reason for the in-
crease is that Baby Boom-
ers have reached the "un-
fashionable" age of 50. In
a society that values youth,
50-year-old executives are
competing with younger,
fitter and more competi-
tive 30-year-olds, who are
often willing to work very
hard for less money. I hear
from many patients that
their baggy eyelids and
tired appearance often af-
fect their peers' perception
of their ability to perform

their job.
Men also find that they
want to keep pace with
younger-looking wives.
For single men, there may
be even more pressure to
look younger and more
attractive on the dating
As you can see, plastic sur-
gery in men is very popu-
lar; and there are many
options available for men
who want to look younger
and more attractive. The
decision to have plastic
surgery is up to each indi-
vidual. If you're consider-
ing surgery, visit a board
certified plastic surgeon to
discuss your options and
which procedures would
be best for you.

You flm

The Boca Raton Tribune
is proud to announce
that we are now on
YouTube! Our channel
on YouTube is

October 28 through November 4, 2010 21


Join us for an afternoon
of festivities; enjoy
carnival games, laser tag,
bounce houses,

Dr Daniel Man is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has dedicated his life 's work i *
to helping people look younger and improve their appearance ;i,. .ih cosmetic surgery.
He is a noted author artist, inventor and educator Dr Man has been featured on major
television networks, as well as national and local magazines and newspapers for his
work as both a plastic surgeon and an artist.
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22 -October 28 through November 4, 2010
The Boca Raton Tribune COLUMNISTS East/West Boca Raton, FL

It seems all ot us are prone
to excusing ourselves. Ra-
ther than persevering to the
end, we began to use our
creative resources to con-
coct reasons why we can't
complete the task. I ran
across this poem in a chil-
dren's book...

All My Great Excuses
I started on my homework
but my pen ran out ofink.
My hamster ate my home-
My computer on the blink.

I accidentally dropped it
in the soup my mom was
My brother flushed it down
the toilet
when I wasn 't looking.

My mother ran my home-
;h,, ',gh the washer and the
An airplane crashed into
our house.
My homework caught on

Tornadoes blew my notes
Volcanoes struck our town.
My notes were taken hos-
tage by an evil killer clown.

Some aliens abducted me.
I had a shark attack.
A pirate swiped my home-
work and refused to give it
I worked on these excuses
so darned long my teacher
"I think you 'llfind it easi-

er to do the work instead. "
-Kenn Nesbitt Revenge of
the Lunch Ladies

Where did we ever get the
idea that "things" were
easy or that problems and
difficulties are unique to us.
Anyone who ever did any-
thing of substance had to
learn to persevere. Thomas
Edison, the inventor of the
light bulb, conducted some
18,000 experiments before
he achieved that goal.
Dr. Jonas Salk of polio vac-
cine fame worked tirelessly
for three years before he
succeeded in blessing the
world with an effective
weapon against that crip-
pling disease. Abraham
Lincoln failed to win the
political office he ran for
six times before he became
President. Albert Einstein
said, "I think and think for
months, for years; 99 times
the conclusion is false.
The hundredth time, I am
The Bible says in 2 Peter
1.6 "add to your faith... per-
severance." The problem is
that perseverance, or "pa-
tience" as the KJV trans-
lates it, has come to mean
virtually the opposite of ir-
ritability. It is what we need
to do to control ourselves
when the kids are acting up
in the back seat of the car
Patience, in the biblical
sense, means much more
than hard-to-come-by cal-
mness in irritating situa-
tions. Two words are com-

only translated which
convey somewhat different

Endurance is first passive
The word is used in an-
other book of the Bible,
James 1.12, where we are
encouraged to "endure
temptation." Here some-
thing comes upon a person;
something happens to him.
Endurance is the ability to
w ilihsitand This is the abil-
ity to "take a licking and
keep on ticking" as the old
Timex commercial use to
tell us.

Perseverance is also active
Here the idea is that one is do-
ing something and encoun-
ters difficulty in continuing it
or seeing it through to con-
clusion, but we press on de-
spite the temptation to quit.
This is the encouragement
from Galatians 6.9: "Let us
not grow weary in doing
good, for at the proper time
we will reap a harvest if we
do not give up."
The encouragement is this,
we must advance on against
opposition. Is there a term
then that embraces both
dimensions... is it "stead-
fast continuance" or "pa-
tient endurance?" What ever
definition you settle on and
whether you are pursu-
ing spiritual or vocational
goals, if you want to suc-
ceed, you have to have the
ability to keep on keeping
on... It will be worth it in
the end...

Pastor Sandy Huntsman -Administrative Pastor
Boca Glades Baptist Church www.bocaglades.org

By Barry Epstein

- You heard it here first:
Fresh Market opening in
Mission Bay Plaza in West
Boca, Chipotle opening in
Westwind center in West
Boca and Best Buy opening
in Target center in Delray.
- Office Depot Chairman
and CEO Steve Odland will
resign effective Nov. 1 to
be replaced by lead director
and former NFL President
Neil Austrian who will step
in as interim chairman and
- State Senator Elect Ma-
ria Sachs is currently on a
trade mission to Israel. She
traveled to Israel with the
purpose of expanding trade
relations between the State
of Florida and the Nation
of Israel. Israel is a world
leader in biotechnology and
alternative energy research,
boasting the most techni-
cally trained workforce in
the world, with 135 engi-
neers per 10,000 citizens.
- Congratulations to Boca
Raton High School coach
and teacher David Robbe,
Boca Raton Regional Hos-
pital CEO and president
Jerry Fedele, real estate
magnet and philanthropist
Marta Batmasian, commu-
nity benefactors and busi-
ness owners Arlene and
Jim Sclafani and the city's
events coordinator Em-
ily Lilly, this years Rotary
OPAL recipients.
- The inauguration of FAU
president Mary Jane Saun-

ders will be Friday, Oct.
29. Weeklong festivities in-
cluded a concert on Oct. 24
and a luncheon on Oct. 26.
- Frannie Sheridan brings
her one woman show,
"Confessions of a Jewish
Shicksa Dancing on Hit-
ler's Grave", for one final
performance at 2 p.m. this
Sunday, Oct. 31 to Zin-
man Hall in West Boca.
$20 Ticket information at
- Memories Milestones
and Memoirs, A Writing
Workshop, Emily Rosen,
Instructor, will begin a new
session Three Mondays
Nov 1, 8, 15 from 12:30
to 3 PM at the Boca Raton
Community Center call for
more info: 561.393.7995,
- Noted Lynn University
political professor Dr. Rob-
ert Watson will headline the
Nov. 9 7:30 a.m. West Boca
Chamber of Commerce
breakfast sponsored by
eBarbershop.com at Boca
Lago Country Club. RSVP
to info@westbocachamber.
com or call 482.9333.
- Vices, A Love Story
opens at Caldwell Theatre
on Nov. 12. Get tickets at
- County Commissioner
Steven L. Abrams voted
in favor of the list of chari-
ties to receive the foun-
tain money collected at
the county Palm Beach
International Airport and
urged to public to toss in

more loose change. Since
1988, the county has col-
lected the money tossed
in the fountain at the air-
port and donated to a list
of approved local charities
such as United Way, Salva-
tion Army and Alzheimers
Community Care. In ad-
dition, the local retail con-
cessionaire, Paradies-Palm
Beach, LLC, adds an addi-
tional contribution of $250.
"In this economy, every
penny counts! So next time
you are at the airport, throw
some coins in the fountain
and make a wish. You will
be helping others too", said
Abrams. The change is
collected monthly and the
average amount donated is
approximately $350.
- The Palm Beach County
office of the American
Jewish Committee will
hold its 20th Anniversary
Celebration at the Trump
International Golf Club,
3505 Summit Boulevard,
West Palm Beach, Thurs-
day, December 2nd, 6:00
8:00 p.m. Tickets are $125.
Call 561-994-7286 or visit
palmbeach@ajc.org. The
evening includes cocktails
and a lavish buffet.
- Movies opening this week
include A Film Unfinished,
Fair Game, The Girl Who
Kicked the Hornets Nest,
The Concert and Saw 3D.

Barry Epstein, APR, is a noted public relations, marketing and political consultant based in Boca
Raton, and is . .' West Boca Chamber of Commerce (www.westbocachamber.com).
His website is www.publicrelations.nu

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By Pastor Sandy

I Perseverance

flhe Jtoca JRaton Tribune

By Gerald Sherman

Prospecting 'There's Gold

in Them Thar Hills'

We can make the analogy
that prospecting for gold in
the gold rush days is simi-
lar to finding prospective
clients today. You've got to
work at it!
If the prospecting element
is not in the company's
plans, within a few years
the roster of active ac-
counts will dwindle into
an unhealthy situation. The
action of constantly look-
ing for potential clients is
necessary if a business is to
Statistically, a business can
expect 10 to 15 percent
of their active clients to
be lost each year due to a
variety of factors, includ-
ing competition, financial
problems and retirement.
Taking this rate of attri-
tion into consideration, it
is reasonable to assume
that your account base will
shrink dramatically if new
clients are not added.
What appeared to be a
healthy account list can
change rapidly. An orga-
nized plan for prospect-
ing saves time and earns
money for the company,
while ensuring continuity
in sales volume from year
to year.
Before developing a list of
prospects, you should first

seek to identify your tar-
get market and develop a
client profile to determine
who would be most likely
to purchase your product
or service.
To further identify your
target market it is impera-
tive that you learn how to
research your market and
where to obtain such in-
formation. The research
should also enable you to
gain an understanding of
the prospect's culture and
mindset prior to meeting
with the client.
Once you have defined
the market and potential
customers' base, you will
need to figure out the best
way to make contact with
the right prospects. The
best method of locating
prospective clients is by
use of established market-
ing methods. Advertising,
public relations, network-
ing and organizing events
play an important role in
this marketing mix. Each
of these elements should
be timed and coordinated
to deliver the same mes-
sage to your target audi-
ence. Consistency is the
key to getting your mes-
sage across in developing
your brand.
Organizing a plan to obtain

a significant number of
prospects through referrals
from current clients, busi-
ness associates, centers
of influence, family and
friends can also yield posi-
tive results. After gather-
ing the information, it is
imperative to determine
the differences between a
"prospect" and, what can
be referred to as, a "sus-
History tells us that there
was "Gold in Them Thar
Hills". However, only
the prospectors who had
perseverance and worked
hard were the ones who
found the gold. Make pros-
pecting a part of your daily
routine and you will find
it will give you a golden
opportunity to grow your
Excerpts from the book,
The Real World Guide to
Fashion Selling & Man-


Tle jocw
laMt a hidu

Glades Medical Group committed

to excellence

By: Donovan Ortega

Glades Medical Group
was founded by David B.
Hevert MD. He has prac-
ticed internal medicine
in Boca Raton for thirty
years. The practice is com-
prised of highly trained
physicians, nurse practitio-
ners and other health care
professionals focused on
acute and chronic care in
a life-long management of
health and well-being.
Dr. Hevert trained in Bos-
ton Massachusetts at Tufts
Medical School and New
York City at Montefiore

Medical Center & Albert
Einstein School of Medi-
cine. Hevert is active in
many local volunteer orga-
nizations and gives gener-
ously of his time.
"My favorite volunteering
position is at the Louis &
Anne Green Memory and
Wellness Center at FAU,"
said Hevert. "I've been
volunteering there for
years and the people are
just fantastic ."
With over thirty years of
practicing medicine under
his belt, Hevert is still just
as dedicated to the profes-
sion as he was when he be-

gan his career.
"If there's one thing I'm
committed too, its person-
al care with patients and
the personal connection
that blossoms through that
relationship," said Hevert.
"I love what I do."
Everyone working within
the Glades Medical Group
is highly experienced and
qualified. Dr. Fernanda
D'Oliveira is Board Certi-
fied in Family Practice and
she has been practicing
Family Medicine for about
twenty years. She trained
at University of Miami in
Continued on page 24

Services Include:
Full On-site Lab
Advanced Lipid Testing
Bone Density
Nutricional Vitamin Assessment &
Counseling Boca Raton Community
Hospital Privileges
Nurse Practitioner Kristine Norden ARNP

Medicare and most insurances!
Convenient Hours

Boca Raton: 561.394.3088
3848 FAU Blvd. Suite 210
Boca Raton, FL 33431
Easily accessible in FAU Corporate Park from
Glades Rd. or Spanish River Blvd.

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GeraldJ. .1, i u, on i i .i ,, 1 ir & Perlman LLC is a marketing andpublic relations
person and has written several books and articles on these subjects.

for news 2417 qo to bocara ton tribune. com

October 28 through November 4, 2010 23

24 -October 28 through November 4, 2010
The Boca Raton Tribune BUSINESS East/West Boca Raton, FL

Glades Medical Group... Continuedfrom page 23

Miami Florida. Dr. Jorge
Montalvan has recently
relocated from a medical
practice in Rochelle Park,
New Jersey and was af-
filiated with Hackensack
Medical Center, one of the
top hospitals in the coun-
try. Kristen Norden ARNP-
BC is the nurse practitioner
providing exceptional care
for the practice. She was a
clinical critical care Reg-
istered Nurse with over
nine year's experience and
received her Master's and
ARNP (Nurse Practitioner)
from FAU.
"In my opinion, our staff
is comparable or far ex-
ceeds the talent and experi-
ence of any medical group
in the country," said Dr.
D'Oliviera, who was born
in Brazil and relocated
to S. Florida at the age of
eight with her family.
The Glades Medical Group
office is spacious, com-
fortable and features an
exceptionally friendly and
welcoming team of top
notch employees. Not only
is the ambiance warm and
welcoming, wait time for

patients is minimal due to
the advanced equipment
available on site. There
is a full, state of the art
laboratory available for
patient lab work which
allows results to be com-
pleted very quickly. This
is a convenience that saves
the patient from traveling
to multiple locations for
diagnostic testing. MRI
and radiology is handled
personally as well, so that
most appointments are
set up before the patient
leaves the office.
"What we did with Glades
Medical Group is stream-
line the entire process to
take the hassle and travel
out of the equation. We not
only want our patients to
receive top notch care. We
want their complete expe-
rience to be easy and com-
fortable," said Hevert.
The role of the primary
physician is to know their
patient's bodies, as well,
if not better than they do.
Should there be a medical
emergency or new medi-
cal diagnosis or a need for
surgery, Glades Medical

Group will facilitate the
care, coordinate with any
specialists and ensure that
the patient is receiving the
best treatment in the short-
est time possible.
"We have privilege with
Boca Raton Regional Hos-
pital and a physician on
call 24 hours a day," said
Hevert. "So, if there is an
emergency we can work
directly with hospital phy-
sicians. We cover all the
Glades Medical Group is
the premier doctors office
in South Florida. Their cli-
ent base is growing and
includes young adults,
adults, and grandparents.
"I love working with
people of all ages," said
Hevert. "At Glades Medi-
cal Group we strive for
a comfortable, supportive
atmosphere in which all
of our patients well being
is paramount. That is our

Glades Medical Group
3848 FAU Blvd. Suite 210
Boca Raton, Fl. 33431
(561) 394-3088

New business at Royal Palm Place!

Lucx Boutique
Surround yourself with luxury; indulge yourself in Lucx. This is the motto of boutique
owner Sophia Young.
Lucx Boutique features women's apparel & accessories. Open for just two months, the
Boutique is already buzzing with excitement. From a visit from a famous Housewife,
to a Casting Call for a major television network show to being named "Boutique of the
Week" by The Palm Beach Post, this gal and her boutique are on fire! Go check out the
classic styles and fabulous trends.
From Ark & Co, Olive and Olivia, Blaque Label, RYU, Esley, Collective Concepts and
Fumblin Foe.

Located in Royal Palm Place 307 SE Mizner Blvd. #63

Columbus Day golf tournament nets

$10,000 for charities

people recently celebrated
the anniversary of Chris-
topher Columbus's arrival
in the Americas by taking
Columbus Day off.
K. Hovnanian Homes and
Distinctive Kitchens and
Baths celebrated by host-
ing a golf tournament to
benefit Habitat for Human-
ity of South Palm Beach
County and the Gold Coast
Builders Association. In
all, 128 golfers enjoyed a
lavish lunch before teeing-
off at the exclusive course
at Addison Reserve Coun-
try Club.
Gold Sponsors included
Lawson Industries and PGT
WinGuard. Brothers Fire
Protection, Carrier Corpo-
ration, Florida Public Utili-
ties, and GE were bronze
sponsors. Mercedes-Benz
of Delray sponsored a
hole-in-one contest. Heri-
tage Carpet & Tile and HW
Automation sponsored the
Beverage Carts. Paradise
Bank sponsored the ban-
quet. Richard & Rice Con-
struction Co. sponsored
two stations. Other spon-
sors included: Doormark;
Gordon Biersch; Hooters
of Boca Raton; Jambco
Millwork; Katie Smith

Photography; Martin Ar-
chitectural Group; Master-
brands; Paradise Bank; and
Shaw Home Foundations
Tee sign sponsors includ-
ed: A & N Management;
Brad's Roofing Company;
Brian Lynn C.P.A.; Buck-
eye Plumbing; Caulfield &
Wheeler; Dixie Plywood
Company; Doormark;
Edged in Stone; Paint-
ing Concepts; Princeton
Kitchen and Bath; Riche-
lieu; Simpson Strong-Tie;
Square D by Schneider
Electric; and Tim Graboski
A & N Management;
Brothers Fire Protection;
Brown's Distributing; Car-
rier Corporation; Con-
tintental Group; Distinc-
tive Kitchens & Baths;
Dixie Landscaping; Dry-
wall Experts; Fastsigns;
GE; Independence Title;
K. Hovnanian Homes;
Lawson Industries; Lind-
strom Air Conditioning;
Margate Plumbing; Os-
prey Landscape; Paradise
Bank; Princeton Kitchen
and Bath; Richard & Rice
Construction Co.; Ruden
McClosky, PA.; Schnars
Engineering Corp.; Triple
D Marble & Granite; and

Whirlpool all sponsored
The committee was made
up of Mark and Susan
Hodges, K. Hovnanian
Homes; Artie and Judy
Canter, Distinctive Kitch-
ens and Baths; Katie Boet-
ger, Gold Coast Builders
Association; Mike Camp-
bell, Habitat for Humanity
of South Palm Beach Coun-
ty; Mike Eidelberg, Shell
Systems; Derek Fenech,
K. Hovnanian Homes;
Gina Graves, Habitat for
Humanity of South Palm
Beach County; Jeff John-
son, K. Hovnanian Homes;
Steve Liller, K. Hovnanian
Homes; Chris Roog, Gold
Coast Builders Associa-
tion; and Joan Schumer, K.
Hovnanian Homes.
Mark Hodges, president
of K. Hovnanian Homes,
said "We are proud to host
this tournament alongside
Distinctive Kitchens and
Baths. Both of our compa-
nies are long-time support-
ers of these organizations
and what they do every day
to better our communities.
We are very proud to have
raised $10,000 through this
Habitat for Humanity of
South Palm Beach County
was incorporated as a non-
profit organization in 1991
and supports the com-
munities of Boca Raton,
Boynton Beach and Delray
Gold Coast Builders As-
sociation is a professional
trade association chartered
by the National Association
of Home Builders (NAHB)
and affiliated with Florida
Home Builders Association


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Your Life
TOe Loca Jaton Cribune

October 28 through November 4, 2010 25


'rflrL ~ U

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'CAL VWH rv aFrafIjanl "Zs ,3.

Bor-a Raton, L 33432

, .<

Troop 337, Boca Raton

Saturday, At
November 13, 2010 First United
4-8 p.m. Methodist Church
Over 800 Guests Will Be Served
S" Adverlrsemenls for Busmess/Professionals
Ad Cost $25 00 for a Standard Business Card Size
Gold ad (Full Page $100.)and Platinum ,Half Page S50.)
Please Make Checks payable to Troop 337
Deadline October 17. 2009
First United Methodist Church
$5 .0 North side of Mizner Park
S5.00 Donatuion 625 NE Mizner Blvd.
J 561-368-3572 Boca Raton, Florida
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26 -October 28 through November 4, 2010

Tie Joca Raton Eribune
U --

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% 00 -iwn
-n m -

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S * W O, O p *

"._.- n* *** "
-u S 0- - New- 0- --
s* a V D 4 G__ ol

-a " fI 0 "

n o *
4W4RW-WD, 40 0 0

1W P %


Solution; 16 Letters


Eastern Grey
Hind Legs


Macropod s



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0 U Dexmm


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4 5 2

158 2

4 9 3

9 4 1 8

8 5 3

2 4 6

3 8




The Boca Raton Tribune GAMES East/West Boca Raton, FL

V -




, a1.


Available from
Available from




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indicated Content

Commercial News P


- -' b.' ^' ^





It's more about
Boost your curriculum by begin an intern with us
at The Boca Raton Tribune.
Call us at 561-290-1202 for more information.

64893 5 27
758 1 5 6 9 2 3 4

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October 28 through November 4, 2010 27


i m


28 -October 28 through November 4, 2010

Pet Society
STOe boca ~aton Tribune

* o -

- a *

-OP -


- a

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- Q
a -




a -


Sasha will bring sunny days into your life

Story, photo by
Pam D'Addio

I'm Sasha, a springy little
dog who's so much fun to

have around.
I'm a mix of miniature Pinscher and
Chihuahua, 18 months old, a spayed
female weighing 15 pounds.
I'll brighten up your life with my
sunny personality. I'm a good girl,
too, housebroken (crate-trained),
and I get along nicely with cats and
other dogs.
I can live with older children. I'd
love a home where I get lots of atten-
tion, because I DESERVE IT. Ask to
meet me and you'll see that I have so
many smiles to add to your day!
I'm available for adoption at Tri-
County Humane Society, a no-kill
animal shelter located at 21287 Boca
Rio Road in Boca Raton. The shel-
ter is open for adoptions Tuesday
through Sunday, 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Adoption fees for companion ani-
mals are $110 and up. Animals are
heartworm-tested and up-to-date on
vaccinations. Included in the adop-
tion fee is one year of free office vis-
its to Regency Veterinary Clinic.
Please visit us to find a lost pet or to
consider adding a shelter dog or cat to your family. We
have puppies and kittens, too! Call (561) 482-8110 or
view many of our available animals and volunteer op-
portunities at: www.tricountyhumane.org. Follow us on
Facebook and Twitter at 'TriCounty Humane'.

"Meet Nina! A three year old
long haired Chiuahua. Nina
has black fur and some white
on her paws and belly. She
has been part of the Oliveira family since she was 6 weeks old. Nina loves playing
with the kids and chasing a tennis ball. She is a very friendly dog who loves to be the
center of attention!"

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- -

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* *

- *



- -

* *

r .


o -

- **

* ft


- *i

TIbe boca Raton Cribune


Heartbreak at Homecoming

Article and Pictures by:
Orlando Greenwald

The homecoming game
was a beautiful scene; Co-
rey Lewis Stadium was
taken over by a beautiful
sea of black and gold. The
stadium was packed for the
highly anticipated matchup
against cross-town rival
West Boca High School.
But, at the end of the game,
the beautiful sea of black
and gold ended up sur-
prised and stunned as the
West Boca Bulls, thanks to
senior KeAndre Biggins,
won the game 20-14.
With less than 13 seconds
left in the game, Bulls'
quarterback Alexander
Prakas connected with
receiver A.J Walters for
a 15 yard gain. Upon the
completion, Walters was
met by Lions defense who
tackled him and forced a
But, thanks to an alert play
by West Boca senior Ke-
Andre Biggins, the Bulls
escaped overtime by win-
ning 20-14 as Biggings
picked up the fumble and
rushed for a touchdown
with no seconds left on the
An expression of sadness
and complete awe fell on
the sea of black and gold.
The Lions played a hard
game that at one point in-
cluded a 14 to 7 lead.
Losing your homecoming hard in a game that was ultimately decided by a bounce
game and being seconds of the ball. Being there at the right place and right time
from overtime doesn't be- Biggins gave West Boca bragging rights until next year.
stow the credit deserved A game that was fought with passion and will is always
by this team. They fought hardest to lose. This will be no exception.

The Bobcats Run out of Time as they

fall to Broncos

Pictures and article by:
Jon Ricco

The Boca High Bobcats had
another great night weather
wise for football. With
the full moon and a slight
breeze from the north, the
night was perfect, but could
the Bobcats turn it into a
victory against the Palm
Beach Central Broncos.
The Bobcats started with
great field position due to a
kick out of bounds. On the
first drive of the game, the
Bobcats capitalized on an
unsportsmanlike conduct
penalty on 4th down to find
themselves trying for a field
goal. With a penalty of their
own they lost yards push-
ing the field goal attempt
by David Picknel further
back, which he would miss.
The defense stood tall in
the first quarter with Boca
keeping Central at bay to
keep the game scoreless.
In the second quarter pen-
alties for both teams kept
the game at a dull rate until
Boca muffed a punt deep in
their own territory giving
the ball to the Broncos on
the two yard line. Running
back Ray Wilson punched

it in for the touchdown
bringing the game to 7-0.
With the first half com-
ing to an end Boca's quar-
terback Kevin Anderson
found some passing room
to receiver Harrison Den-
ton for 45 yards, but they
would soon turn the ball
over on downs as coach
Keith Byars was ranting on
the sideline into the locker
room for a score of 7-0 at
the half. In the third quar-
ter the game was beginning
to get even more physical
as the hits were becoming
harder and more punish-
ing. Both teams were held
scoreless in the third. With
the full moon rising steadi-
ly to start the fourth, the
Bobcats had to dig out of
the hole they put themsel-
ves in and
seemed to
do all sea-
son. This
could be
the sea-
son that
would al-
low them
to keep
their slim
of the

playoffs alive. Cameron
Lewis and Keith Byars
came out big in the fourth
on a powerful drive by,
Boca deep into Centrals
territory but a controver-
sial lateral from Anderson
to Lewis resulted in a 65
yard touchdown return for
the broncos bringing the
score to 14-0.The clock
now became the opponent
for Boca as they were able
to get Lewis on a deep pat-
tern getting the score to 14-
7. On the next position for
Central Ray Wilson had a
55 yard rushing touchdown
putting Central up by two
touchdowns again. Kevin
Anderson marched down
the field fast with a cros-
sing pattern to Lewis and a
short 2 yard touchdown by
Byars for a 21-14 score. On
the on-side kick it seemed
Boca had recovered the
ball but must have lost it
inside the pile resulting in
a fight that led to rejections
for Central. The defense
would get the ball back for
Boca but with an intercep-
tion, Boca fell to 2-5 on the
season with a game on the
road against Atlantic High
in Delray Beach.

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October 28 through November 4, 2010 29

30 -October 28 through November 4, 2010

The Boca Raton Tribune SPORTS East/West Boca Raton, FL


By: Bill McRea

I started playing golf
as a way to enter-
tain clients and
socialize with
my business ven-
dors. If you have
decided to take up
golf as a hobby you
will be rewarded with
the benefits of fresh
air, exercise, and the
addition of many
new friends and
You will also
be humbled
by the pro-
cess of learm-
ing HOW to
golf. Like any
project you
approach in
life your attitude
and expectations
will determine your en-
joyment of the game.
You will learn that
the road to a low
handicap is earned
through countless
bad shots, bunkers, water
hazards and triple digit
scores. You will invest
a lot of time in practice.
Welcome every hook, slice
and 3 putt as a learning op-
portunity. Even the most
horrendous mistake is a
learning opportunity.
Golfing provides a rich
opportunity to meet new
people and provides you
with opportunities for so-
cial interaction. You will
get to meet new people
in a setting in which you
both have an avid interest,
which makes for easy con-
versations. Golfing is also
an excellent opportunity
to meet like minded single
people if you are looking
for new people to meet.

How much golf equipment
do you actually need?
Golf is a very expensive
game but there are af-
fordable options. A

you back several thousand
dollars but there are qual-
ity and affordable alterna-
tives. Before buying clubs
you should visit several
golf stores and club pro
shops. Test different types
of clubs, determine which
club length is best for you,
get to know the different
types of grips available
and learn the difference
between graphite and steel
shafts. Take time to learn
about the different types
of golf balls, gloves, shoes
and tees.
When you are choosing a
golf bag you will first need
to decide if you are going
to walk the coarse or ride
a cart. Golf bags are avail-
able in a range of materi-

als make sure to choose
one that is suited to your
climate. Golf shoes are
important; make sure they
are comfortable and water-
Should you take lessons
from a golf professional?
The answer to this ques-

the many training
programs available
by dvd. You can
also use the
internet as
your open
resource to
learning more about the
game without spending a
lot of money,
Before you lift a club, you
need the right attitude,
and remember to remain
positive, quiet your mind
and remember it's only a
game. And game are sup-
posed to be fun, so make
golf fun and you can play
for the rest of your life.

Article Source: http://
Bill McRea is the pub-
lisher of Golf and Golf-
ing Vacations and How to
improve your golf game.
Both sites offer advice
and products for the new
and learning golfers.

The three greatest lies of all

time in golf!

By: Bobby Lopez, PGA

Here are the greatest lies
in golf. Keep your head
down, keep a stiff left arm,
I'm from the government
and I'm here to help you!
Starting with the first one,
keep your head down.
I'd like to meet the idiot
that started that phrase,
"keep your head down". I
can show you pictures of
Butch Harmon giving a
lesson to Tiger Woods with
a golf club grip up under
Tiger's chin which Butch
was using to get Tiger to
stand tall and keep his chin
up. Tiger Woods moves
his head back on the back
swing and forward on the
downswing. Most tour-
ing pros have their heads
move downward through
impact while they are
stretching out and low be-
fore rising to the finish of
their golf swing. Yes Jack
Nicklaus preaches keeping
your head perfectly still,
BUT Jack positions his
head well behind the golf
ball at address and before
he starts the golf club back
he turns his head to the
right to make room for a
healthy shoulder turn.
Trying to keep your head
perfectly still will most
likely put you in what
is called a reverse pivot
at the top of your back-
swing. The by product of
that is you will need to
pivot backward or away
from the target in order to
square up the golf club at

Follow Us

-04 /bocatribune

impact costing you club
head speed and yardage.
The second great lie is a
stiff left arm, (right arm
for lefties). I played a lot
of golf with Calvin Peete
and I can tell you that he
had is arm bent all the
time, yes I mean all the
time. He ad a accident that
caused his arm to be bent
as did Ed Furgol who won
the US. Open many years
ago. Look at Hank Khuene
on tour and how much he
bends his left arm and he is
one of the longest on tour.

A little bend or softness in
the left arm is preferable.
Bottom line is you should
not pay attention to gener-
alities and rules of thumb
when it comes to golf.
Heck, Lee Trevino used to
move his feet at address be-
fore drawing the golf club
back which would be con-
sidered a very nasty habit.
He certainly did very well
and was one of the best and
most consistent ball strik-
ers on tour.
Article Source: http:/
www. golfarticles. net

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day with cart
0 W 2nd -Aee (Valid after 4:30pm only)
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; *.. Boca Raton. With coupon nly- Expires 11/15/10
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(561)994-0400 X241 www.oceanbreezegolf.com

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The joy of golf


The Boca Raton Tribune SPORTS East/West Boca Raton, FL
S(Q., 7rB ,, Ilbe jgoca Raton Tribune

By Pedro Heizer

Miami HEAT opening night extrava-

ganza at Wowies Sports Grill

We at Crank Up The HEAT If you are unsure that Wowies Sports Grill is the place for
were very happy by the you to watch the most hyped up team in the history of the
amazing turnout of HEAT NBA and professional sports, check out www.crankup-
fans for the season opener theheat.com to find out more about the events or e-mail
on October 26 versus Bos- us at info@acrankuptheheat.net
ton. The final score wasn't
what we all planned, but
that didn't put a damper
in the fans faces. In the
third quarter when Miami
was on a run, the sports
bar came to life! what an
a Subscribe to The Boca Raton Tribune website at www.bocaratontribune.com
amazing sight. for your chance to win a complimentary admit-two pass for the
Fans kept pilling in DN 3D advance screening on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 3RD.
throughout the game and 11AE
they were very happy with
all the giveaways. We were NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. FILM IS RATED PG. TheateN in overbooked to ensur a lull hwou. Pas are early- first coe,
giving out free tickets to first erved. One admit-wo pas per p on. Eniploye of all promotional partners and their agencies are not ligle.
movies premiers and cir-
cus shows in Boca Raton
thanks to The Boca Raton
We had another raffle in
which we were giving out
"Dont Hate" t-shirts thanks I I
to the good people at Don't
Hate Miami, they have the 4 COURSE DINNER
best t-shirts that is a MUST
HAVE for any True Blood 1. Choice of 1 of 3 Soups
Miami Heat fan. Check 2. Choice of 1 of 4 Appetizers
them out at www.donthate- 3. Any Entree on Menu
miami.com. 4. Choice of 1 of 4 Ice Creams
Also, the grand prize last
night was the Authentic Starting at $ $13995 u
LeBron James jersey we No sharing. Each pern must order o emreed.
were were giving away. Gary Woo Express Cash Only. With thisad. Expires 10/31/10
the lucky fan that won that
jersey was Boca Raton na- Receive a
tive, Chris Cancel who is Discount O n
a student at Palm Beach 10% Discount Open 6 Days a Week
State College. after the ON ANY DINNER ORDER n Mond osd Tuesdays
game he told Crank Up The OVERMon, Wed, Thur. & Frl. 11:30 2:30
HEAT "This is an amaz- Dinner 4:00-Tll
ing event. I really enjoyed & 4 4 Sat & Sun. Dinne Only 3:00-111
coming here and watching 3400 N. Federal Hwy.
the game with friends. The Boca Raton, FL 33431
atmosphere was GREAT, & Gl561.368.8803
expect me here for all the Vi woe s- comwww.garywoonslanbistro.com
Heat games this season!"
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October 28 through November 4, 2010 31

East /West Boca Raton, Highland Beach, Delray Beach FL October 28 through November 4, 2010 *Year I *Number 019
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Seepage 29 g
Golf Seeng

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