Title: Publishers' auxiliary
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Title: Publishers' auxiliary
Physical Description: Serial
Language: English
Creator: Watson, Elmo Scott, 1892-1951
Publisher: National Newspaper Association etc.
Place of Publication: Washington, etc
Publication Date: February 11, 1922
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i ltlrlohs:, i ies woM n tmtot M EETg OFLI p U.i le A 0 b. mo Wi d ws t With thei buind eat of the wa. the Waohnington S1tate Press leaders" was dlswamed by Prof. J. L.
,1. 1..n,.-> thies r mAgrin aeog. t lm. ag o o -bly s tt th members *ntoe ftteen tllufte Asvmekitles and thirty-three deleate" Alhiock if Wa.itisinton, btate College.
I+' lr,.mhlent, Egbert 1. Mack, Sea, 1111 executive ,eatmet sad me- T allma.es Iy JUdge O. A- wee pneent for the opening meetnp". "fThe country reader." he said, "d. es
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II n. > .. n C H Mo . = Th- O.,nf f. u i lJrBt" I n ihFnI el l Of o h e T O )- io lns o p e fe h. n in e o ru r a d'i l a n d red. the. i g ed w i
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In ailre' entitled: "How To In. SU M irn lart Hf Virii a and mused takAdverll andr t m e i Iun l MlltO r and trNode t aeslifons The new'i cr rm n 1s x ybourt news.
.ri. ... t ... r Ad it..n l .. .." O.ll o, trin. ,,is ...I,| ,am ..g ..hn. gm, o Ir T ollIoA LI S y ""l ...... "o ""f th mri c Sh,,..,i f- n fl. f oltr real thoMuht. plaed sonIe plr |I Hie aItledance at dl"Ik.. il e ter Cou rr h l1 "The Tnrlae JoiuniIIl Eldilor and Hll l |he # ,all "]lkae." llke Felnt depte-
+1,r ,,,,. -.lIdI: "Larll what the the adldwil., ,,,,.il,,ing the Virilnl 1ia l ;1a1kt l l t he Iadnertisin 'hrlner" w1 the sulbJ.ct <,f a tlk lhy cl. tio, lasternet, st iage and wagesot
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r,,,l,h'- ,.....n mid glvo' It to them, sad IA.I II lr*|u iollhh herer Jiliu>ly B lrlofly, It '' ', by"* e"rl~lnl free'rini ULI II.lIlM lrnltt itg tile r~.i|mi. I.%l.lor Iliit. ,|, th l.,ss hh "ia t D tlp qe~ ol l
S t sitt I crowded h ll lru teld wer It. He hs fih the value of Sur lie2y oa the Unlverr Ity o a W hngto "vr r At et e te
E~, i ,, -,rtlInc." "Advertisina"he on hullld, m~ille hlalllg co~ie in ad- DIller to advertiserg he advertise ad-, s(lchan lf journalllsoll, w~ho) Slke fromn pindts IIn aI talk,)i sumt rgon
o, ;i l m, a rt n n d ne om e Vlt2 w irf tW te a e lll g a s ist lll of l il p er o Ua cll of a n d td e ve lo li Gho L cri.nte r's N e w s s p okeinhl t, "Jltls in e ss fte ll re a rd s th e re ito nh -
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,.r. l ph htel IP ar lly pr'are much of th, copy Fifty-Sixth Annual Convention Ianoing Mrom Tit. T y -ls fop ey atr nin own w,.l Eri| Asen os ue Ule.yo -
, ; , ; ,"t o Th^ .U l :.ly. lt: .,::" r lln n I is t h Expected to Be Large--Rall- $kl.'k"l ti.": r.(r',Pn Uu nrged h nly of Olr"" dl um'l i om joutranll .,
voti ng' i w som thing about or rmn ma e ae c e o w tReduce Rate. ll om o i. h se i i .I .orYhs sw t an si Dr. M tthowsl Rv ws cand" Yl.

I;,,, it. l. d rt h l e r r plll l nt m e r he i 1r T V.l .irl A. -l e uml, ., h4u bt l lllty J dlre a" cw o.Ie ai l ,,t |,qWlt hI t l. I r h et eeM tnrea ap dai A d ' "* " c"* r oum n s l r
t,.* ,- 'l umbu i.erl tl h. f- I.h l, . l Woods 111I.lIn0 A, i d tn t( C. W,,.rai 1 : . ... .

I I 11. It for m Tny y Ini r. su. un ad.Usrnnwra t w' s If kn f.,r ". w nE """r "*,f o i* n and* t';," *nI n rt. ,,r a fan. mn a tria fr Exto Trt imark.elin 1. so tvlring llan 1. In. .l Id. .
*llll .' ll .r h |rP 'lar hm mt tllr f np t n l" lle pAdl ve rtisheiu ot rrt n" 1tht 1e b 1 r,,.nl trip In I, lt,.,i i ,the In et, r. nl the hish o md The r s,, t[ w anlti mr lt a.utP-
T.. m e t.ove r d In gi f < lu l n r f t h e t I n nl dl rd pnar I I li ten At Kn n th e v t n n r t n : v i t rr n rr y t h t tti f o rI 1 o f n e rn t ar et o all ed t a nd re s of
Y rbi ,nl iino o,1nf 1 lir l O Th mli tll n, n AleJ" nt l rteiotlln nf ti e nne Gettl th N w x ected. The w ltlatie nns an dlerc m .r alvant, ou to wa III ty ..,u l lea s o ti e |i i rt r r t. trir

Chlil.a .i'. i clumbu hm i s~itoV at 1|M worklnigr tim . r,1 II frinn w sll l at tht tl e Vlr dw Ire s anIt th V ir gin a o l tI l ir t country e r s aell i l i_ St. r itl, ui al th c viP m i sl lih. t t .h llll l lH i rllrld f. r ti ve l i rs e d tPr' m l, t e, i t u pI. le' a it,

*lddr >. IIe e lll.. T he *| akt r I he ll ire Al c. ri ltlll fo r hh e LJttlaton r i erl wri t er In Iti r b yin e verlansn t lp roI nli e wrrll lll In Illil y In .dt ilr n lr dl ,t ,w t i d w h en eudn i t of th e
Ilni.k r.]a..l.ly the n itil of hiomilEty M ony Topics Tu ot y or Aldas t Ilfeen are pfalt for I pat e rcw mt il ls. *inr n ly ife ermn i Wa let Univi ty t..... i foregoing
w I" "l- E ""'ilia i T " In h.lli. n *i.iiyli n nu if i ali 'oH' "" n" umll" l I en A Praoch il oy "" '" 1 li D n il ...l I. 111 i11..I A l irvr lat li pinr ..f
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I I:,gr..... ,lv.l.l,, f ni.... r of ( y ,,,,r |.Pr... Th ll.....t Adverwl r k n g f hm .... lo ht |nd oo n rl voti t ror ..|,,i| ,,||,)cl. 1.111 1h, a mTI "A... alerg com|.. lI l,,r 1 t not A,,, ka, KB ,II r t, ..xl.e add.
iIa unti it pprl crowe lie -a id preare to atten werel Icr t adveries he n vet h n l, 11boo if Aj Im Jurlual n a no spokema from ,etl, 1s. It th Fal k li 'Iricosts

l'" 1 ... I 1, M k l. To' |n rnlllt n ,h t unlr u*f I i ni n A blerlalf r "I the .. . '" l an rw.] 'e hre ,I| u anentd, e b I n *eun- r.1.,el W" t e fuir ngh l l no A] l us tI n a .N .. nt e ft.t in tl
.,,- .'.- -". .. "A.l..r..l _... .rt^,,S ... ...... . ,,'^ ^ / ^ ; ^ ^^ "',"",1";?'""'"""
'....l ,l ,I r.i t I Mlrllllrlg, J(tu ml o n the in r~inil 1.r1 ilin lrony. I N rn fhr' "" t I" "'"" -"r l N 1], v ,,n ,,,_ |,nn |,Is ,l^ ^ iii .]MJ 111i1 r nrl ,r e + m1 r.1 li t tl~ui l fo~srm i oft( lIi xxs t' iii ,,,nir l mv n fi i' u "r "K. re.l
IIri" dt i f al. l In t lrad 0 e V hlenia ri w A e i on lln und T hl advlial, il y of prhnt in nu l e, e,. il Te | mb e lintlin lf I',vky. la ws r v e alill (r ure ltd r nt o rla l k e.to 1.r 1 itid,

"f 1 l>nli l." rlaldl l.fl w II lkng I ; "Hl y xI >t n Subcrl i l rt- ne rs, lknd news oI at lbl S. l eit,,| .y ,.f is s lB i|,,n .i|e f,,r Wekllel Ilsed on anni such halppeningi whih those :f- w. 1-:. Voitrll. W dnnl.. l an e Joi r lli i" Italeti n """id that f te n "f II..' **<.lchiin (II. C.) IA dIdr. 11r ,
Id f .. .. n Muupy mhrnin n M, te. | ir MAnslre f w h ]pprim d wm c o nf il, ; trhercrl, II. C. llntll]ic. froitl tht"( Sidey I I" Ercl Wii Allen Ofr t he ,ni g,,
i h I l rl'"l *w ir : l .. t h tnrh f. r TItn C ity m o nIl A u ti ze ivry filhI .e wr k hushin Ir i.:, N r r a ry N ohw s. M ie a r r 1 s In +leni T h, i t,, uI f ful li fn n u t ll J. rn a ll sts.
Ro, ndTl able o n Tl e lt my. n m t e al nlity M o.it l isll l nie l ;inlt l ftme h ar e d rliin m ket he r E e d tto Bpeo L.e rllalr II Mr.i. I ]11r. a rdl lt tllnl wiver ise Allh-..hi e d.ol kinto iIn lli
i s o r1of thp lm ion T today 1 vr nin t le Tlll ruih t lla il lhed." A T h" e os ther nre l ur A P atlllrk r lb ke llo: L. s. r" i "y |ih difr t nel t l re I i| t ui. l | ,n in 1dyll Ihe ri.

S. ".. th rould-tflhle firuin ruln klel dile el isel..n .f nill llhir ulb. laurt somrhodly maaidrmn It lwplp lihn. Whit rnh, A~l br. IIIKT I ar Trthtenlir ui.d r""n s a d lften ar" r..|tr.un o..in i. I:t he pres no la a iny a rlbly
tl,: a b u in j orwe Alrtc st i l respons I n full m me 11- n r oadlods Grant Re ducdi Ra te. I t h f Dr .t t hew t- l, s S a lal. r

.n. ,f Ih vartio de prt t l r l r u. i ni fr pr Fin. Program. ruf eydld ,lrul t Col.t (e curr a ny v fI wn "" 1) A .f th *1J"I i h it' jcer -
"".ll ,,. .t, e.l.l~elly...pp, lll .nll ,. rl. IiimK l mll." n C|m~ -4*" "l. l Iiin+n, l.;K l .,,,| ,|t| wlr1 ol.l ; I i+- l iS i' 1: m, ,, ,' UI t'" ''" "r 'l'l"l""I. lrlf
[ho the publication her Plunc S lnlt News.nly tubjectan eme aMatainwtlgvoW e r fl r lI "A euer'tIonl, r Ior!.hh veMn in t t -l 1 rt l l fla s' m be til

II+ ]:;,.'... mll,. rll., i,,l.,. W TlnO le H. K I, ll ,1,.. -Tll . 10 ,1A,, nr T I limit Ide mr'.. .. h '.,! 'D.,r t ll,f, *i,,l.l.,', i , ,Jtt ]+K ,,;;';, |m P".' ' ;l,, '" l""""dl"e-X lln

I "le Pi.rtmoiut Tnime; 0. dliscums t were: "Te cow stinem "l llnlnaprinin for t Ahp. equipprl an I lyy .i|, u. rv 17,h. VO-r i ttllnt .laibl e n Frnii co 111 l.. Y.rk Cofi ntry Editor Influential.
II. r. w nl, wr ),,iis.]Hm. ( lo r..r tp r,.siil ll.>. N,... %r rn r shle to do puod w ork. thinks tremrv V rI i nn r1 own fr Hth a, .orinti. u l ut hreeW in ( 'I ..nlh I 'ilfi IIT t thl ry edllktlr, in si,;;mit
Tw he I : ,i,..r l M D. SI m 1l llh: Pr1,, Tlwh In In Ar. I. greammnr of aPtlrl e. ll I.. | t I | wi ll .lv 1 i n, r is inno Fn e t il n17h .-- i.. i ll i i ll T i. A. Ch w, et i T h I d o llloitlt. Tv I3fIIi "re tlly w ol l ryj .i. ].t j d rm i] S wrtary r n ey n s %r r n. llih l W R.li lln tlo. toicil.e v o 1t ille F irst Pine s y t ia l'
u i ta:,ndin. l W, l V. Thld iornd. o. pin it tn thllr vlt w Ve aI il dl ii -nlnl "i|ki prie nl e bsilin on l p r. I n nti. n i T mi tee will II | rl l A re I itinls 4 a n" it al 'It Seai l ltr. IIIs ah r rii lson l
"r'lh, i ni.;nn er of ti r a uln t Dll hthId Pl e o l r in in l A'r. d t a :: l ith i rn d wlich vi ry in diffM erl hapfs anll l i- nla md' l. It. s, iii lcox lf il e Bl tl er I |I( I< ( I|I" m" I Isingit o] t If tCa nn il Tiiked I l.
Ir a-tl... n'II., Clhtl. Ioe s w lo 1joy lihe ] nI plfW lly Nof Ii e lrh. fhll t lshnow n ld hould not le 11ie1 Tribune nll ldim thl e fi rs t ses ls i F. Wlt .. m n of hav e i nn lll r lil i.rti < un tol il- u frih tM l t
:1r"* irin tie forum. mndu Th >l| tl ned lle Itil b a pric iI" | ith a p r on "urhnlry <^.irr |nd. Athlly. t* tl Inb d h+tuiil h Ir fre'I Tim nn l r .n ) ei, I l lr e n l.-

us..ri trinity of public respn(Ml- mndf Emailni D~ispath lit tfinw m liihe All the manhere tiedl rewlvpil HIP e nre." Proramsin (or tlie callir sessoiis i-velo~ fortelan advers.nl talii) : ^i'l "Tlime epr <' l"ynl in em-p raih itio unk us 1,1-
t Ill' ,ft l e I c spI.e of the Irlhnnd Adilinhfrdll Ih I pOp lllll ie s do d thih monhl hollow: Ifor dvrt r mit inhll.^nit In rl Iil" lr i a r l A. It. ;nA
AI in ,I, ,,t l M n l m o f l r h o l b t a l P n A o n T h r A . i y l li tl y o u In n h] ..i> riwiat I 'Th at m a rkei n thI n w

'*riirni" uaid Marien B. Pow. Ne -- .. - prirws adopted h, the printers In Mlnn "The l-airm Ilureau a|nd thie Nws-| .voter territory. If you thilni *: rrrtniin "Thi lonn;-whilk r.- l Inrinirr hun ilih
ork .lir ind 1,nr hal ma1ier or hle t1 r *nd Con"ord. ltsht? lowe r I'm- *1; "? iw '""on. iinrn p ret iould In. rvnr I.or Inl v our "rr *,eu,'- w' "r fllt I'v. l1". u y
1 ,f ,i, dJul .b" A 4 jd t warht l B ll, ..^ Til" rr .t f t la he in lh llr iii IIf t -Aa
s ialand I ry 1 p t pt J t" 1 l II "i i 11 or
Mrs th"' prod ule a O th e dat?" "Po'lstw ere IM rfOr Th wN solllm il l Il ,rDY o A.mn *imrtii h vse a ';I11+ fell .- unlle d e. A.but re.

t II., i f an d po & tha qug .!"l la mis a dtoo"tru t ,m Of h tmlr. the No lT lie trd. The rno, t l aOn In teevor, o :: ll: e to cn ul l s ,1 t 1 1,. 1 ri l l 1 1,1, y l k.| ..... .. .riling I..
Vl l,,.rl,. i l vision, at tire .-king.^ """ ofs "'paeexhne a r bar 8. Mori nipike aqn N w. He *Jl w 3 l'l.%en n Milaie ;ntd,, alternating.' a.v,.w idsraint "'od. 0 dc l,r~n, i,...,l rd11-"..SetleTs
..nd" of**-**" 0"kt fill Facto^^ attended ha is fyr pol o ntr arotineaIM. %%ilth Stw., Plt. ~ ;, jrt f ieclsvs m al se tls 111 th a nk filef,.ld of I I. uge th so* ll as.B rr.-~l ,t ,fk1

d< e..p ly;:. 11 4-ina %its l l tr to tillrs .'* ., rm fa L Cour t .. ..krs. to S en tertaisnmn t o a I wonl. s ol rntmiestr fn ine ooml tint n li. -.i.... ay
w epaoys t M r The .1 k. fil C hal.wrt ng e Da i e u e t- r eiin -a W E R S A E I O S T

r it en.v.Tll. oI1t is s th. lS d 'o a llltt im t ldp.hlus lll pertn Slen latio oed to h t d aes us A r. Irnh" r 'lt r ;i : Rhlr ld I i Th r r"rni., at ii, ,1.|. S' E A i,, 1 N POSI t ON
Tiw. fruIl. r ap. hm llr a itI I I. g tilhi lOnl|r Many* Tlpic Iusd y Ablou fift m IIihe xaS eihl l in clri l b.,,+. I r,,ml inl ile N .. ll...r .l l l.,I .l.
its ""e a ,ll heIm.llM I eTiverMlt ,in g.th tlv t' Alr mthe1 m relhn ula t II mAt P.M.P.. 1an Aor t is tr ds lahim Stephe f 4,l"I'' I "f 44is- 1 ln tp n t Azy IIt r.c bito

,is oIntI'I||H. nm UI ahs, r iMtll l ilrM At l le ls ig lati ll l,,D r.B n Bl I ri a.h EM April il Tann n .B- ,oh the La w Ilh t ltered >rnwa r r i

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Commencing in Jan. 19 Issue

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T f ml The Rifl Tg.. 6

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fied County Holing
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A Romance of the

Great Lakes Fresh Water

@ONTAINS an unusual mystery in which an Indian
legend is interwoven with a modern tale-an atmos-
phere of forests and broad waters, glimpses of
social and business life in a great city, adventures
and love-interest. Messrs. MacHarg and Balmer, brothers-
in-law who get along together exceedingly well, have been
collaborating in fiction writing for a number of years. They
received preliminary training as writers and Sunday editors
on one of the largest metropolitan newspapers and then
branched out very successfully into the field of literature.
Thousands of people have been entertained by The
Achievements of Luther Trant," Surukarta," The Blind
Man's Eyes and other productions of their pens.

In The Indian Drum," the authors not only have main-
tained their pace but have turned out a story which shows
the results of joint efforts well practiced, to produce some-
thing different from the average run of popular fiction. The
characters, scenes and incidents are of sufficient variety and
fascination to hold a high-keyed degree of interest through.
out. The sort of story which, if one were to settle down with
the book, he would soon disregard the passing of the hours
and any physical discomfort from long sitting in a reading
chair. The unexpected happenings and sustained mystery
make it especially well adapted to serial purposes. Has
neither problems nor sex stuff-a story for the entire family.
Now ready for serial release.

Complete with chapter synopsis and displays for
advance announcement, i 72 columns, the illum-
tration used in this ad belag part of the display
materiaL Price for the ue of plates, $21.00.

Wholesome fiction alive with the thrill of mystery and


lillilip~iOSE~mI sr-- -

Tim r,akmUanS' AiinILIAUT. .-

Im f..*l war I1 .E WPAFER S f ho'sllho Imi

w.. W: r u iO E ATU R i ttle t the Ne newspaper fartit rg
Q)uw1ty Nlewsspseap service .t of I ad tehrqr oW rld 1* 'If yI n
s_ __.,, .... l. I l, |o,,,,,i.al|. ......, .... .. 11,r, d L.. A l. M

ski ii iii l n r n r le a ct t it i 1 ad-I tt TE5. p lh iwdi0ttnAr i
i.__>..__rA lS till I. Iii I l

N FI riAun nad esshbe h.n I"epoi Vitit rif i e" d reae it h1t t I I t i i i. I., hand ae tt i5 |R
AWestern NeIwapellmr Uni.,on ir i H"ir ,,.. u.ai h iilr l l.. ek r .of. a*I rl thw lih ehrep alpe o sil e m n
al-!t s ev ', h ar i I .. hir ial t le he - Io l. i I- i. t1. fill
i o. repel .afm .S .S T,,. .... ... .. ,1 .1 1 ,,, .. ...... ,,,m, i ... 11 ; iik E i w i.ri "n .... i...... ,t. ,,r d e.. drit |t an ii e r lrl tin.. o. .. o t h
i.euo l Germ* P5 i and Ltterarforld rsait fla in. -f sItDiy.
s s-.-Ma. inW Mi t oWla e -b a i 11 t II, ....l. Ir. All i.. I ..i. i .S I .... t -I oIrI, t si iA p ntes whi k t

sI ...... *a N.N I bt es e1" *ll .1 bet.. Th1 11 e i, 0i. 1 r MT O T i
Siea.,M '*.. ia IIl mnSi .,,t r ,,.ll-r fi.e Tlhi In h er l aI du l d.". o f p l arf lill rI 11,ii -ru l. 1]l \ il' slh ill'I 1nr t o f
T IENNio AtM.. 21built47I i Ih IN., dul daerio d n in h t Am erti u Beu M N in tn cii.. us trday ,l I sh
Dess... M .. 1 UI fr ttets

i I. N" =i gh. fl Ies. I -I' ite ci IN .l i li tl towth i fest i rfelfttl i n thus ar ly, .n j i :.,-,tir 1f,ir IIh 1 11aa rAtdtintl .O S 3ll o
- VS1.W 4B. W m tM etti e a e l l u r le til si a-ru a "it I, Jn ie r ull ene d uele ry.l pa ,t wIl IiU T $OaAila, MiA fR tr .i ns hrl a ei fr nt a i lu
H a1.. 1312 e sul i i .. N I rait nt g siit it I ImIeitl m l s Iyt to h ilp p at it. e b All, :. i a twr i sthail
,- Sit. I ......i asb-iS s , 'i 'r i"in 'll .ii . M sI 1 ml1 1 i fs t t a..-it. %1,,if, ti. Al kl ill,% ht I it Iin II priud dI

Li o ADiL e_ --i L i mSt ., .oh .l.... utlitr l iii c p' Ill, *,. il 1 illif Thii p vide cllll spirit henof lth 11i ] r, l.,. 1 ,illdh Sith tr | eble llB s ym l i t
M L-u .. M1, "'14 l t ,f hI N II lllult iit1..11 u t li l 1 tr li r i I il 1 ii u indua.trif l cli he e arly, dew .1 ih i--f t- th litl-tI wili tieit l0i sio ugt tr o or
..I.k. l.ll- D IM W alas t)A. Us.) llllwll. l i iIii ir i i ii n onur s 0. pufc reny. w hn ii -I. L ii i->ili-y "IMr n aii t lult held ist. 5 S ia >
NJ fIe.,32W IIblilu llA ri!n h i i l I .lh atc'l le p-ti ocll) m',hia g tht li e. mieci ll" s nnien s hi igll i t ril rll i t oTc.i Tina in
-I nd le t l i U O se. m in i It ht . iiiic oi ..... i.. all h is l itir l l eiII IN Mia h f ln will faotr thih io.utry w ith llr l IIt u111 a l t r ea-- Je i T

Per ." r o n 2. I F t Pats 1t ilit -- tn a ,,, -a Tih iir el i l e a pnyt n ele in e i.unit 1 i. l ht ai n, n It. ui. TenS sekig IsW S T
-- .. A rt. Fast) mL -i n .... in..n. .. ,. 1i. PIl,- amuif i e *f ,p io pi 1 ON I a ,I '.] ,u.o t, . he t i p l. i cI a t o ts io a ll

A Cal g I h -ill 1l ,, tl llrl hml .. t hI .II lcommity A1>ri h .,... I V 1 l ,, UT' RY,, PAPhi riv ln.I lr,| IIi page A A NOr 11emac s tllitie
c a W e. i r u hiahieta i 1 i 'k ti t lir iiit ii.i Illr in Iled ieri N ir hnii I .* TI wlee that tarf lt th ni nd theyll of l

M- M n ,1 1 so ,,i sd tottidtii i hii ie I'Ntit hi hitill i iiii i I s un d i, t^enden cy ,11 in di i1tnt t"t i n t hlor dsi otpo e ta iwni
N s-.w 5 Min).i n,- IU O 510, l kreI t Me t
I ouii t.. ta oll .li ,ln iN il i h,,,. lt ,,. le,,,| .,| t rlain hhl il w ll id H u r wi t h ee p h, | I,, \h ,u ,n a ,| il -ir i ii l l i t. I, lh o. I tl m i

,,,,,. ,,.. . W y B Wh,,n., ......... ..... .. ..........!. . .. l .',]-,, i, .l l. l..'-- a l..ll| ..... .. I, m t
sin. .. ll ul l iet o rII e i iil lt iiii i I tuset' itt" ,gnetid gn l ln e him h.duct .. an n M tera, I t 44r\h ild ty
Ie s.. l. I I aI l Pp e as >ilI I, ll llll I l.l- il. I1 UtI ht rl lhI 4 Sl'Walrt ,, i l l lor le SN- Si"
I .lli Sha lau i n l i. ll- lile uer d trh A wi a i l lit l ln tnit.g l l iri-,I l tlnlintlhi i s th ( J-e .a ati of
.M r. M ol lIobl i & be rl. -td I. i better de --and fIaI a ItaH O k.. --"." + l
mi.. -l .. Mnufac re. Ill, dlid t.hg Ilh, rl-: -l'r IN_- lh1, 1
Fi bruilry 11. 1 ln122. bejih t s lut lt l lifet t-r lr l i latiil t!oT tdolil to felt that in l a d il..l I i.i' i l ai t er. ln t l 1 ItrlI d' H om e
cII. fe.a rs.. S i buIk ilut. t|. trl ni ', '', I [ ,,, l t I, iw ll r li ','i I ",' N -'i `, 1 ', 111 Ih .'r iltt

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I. An il l, l. i s ll, i .. ti i li i, | i..ilor-c. II l, i i i -,iiti p reisin i ilaii h i, hli. w i l l lo o k t o Ne t h l p ti n f hg J O LhAEiA R I ii .i l .i liu lhie e oI F h In K
i I l- i i il f I t1 r.u jil ll r l il ll iw I l TrA nL
Ni Nl iu i ti i la .. tint h tli mu I i rIIi i il li ill tilt*iii i tit li i n deanu, d. fIIA r lola IN ..llil.... t.i] i i -i llt... l tN i C lO N I P r lAl ih itir I til l i .1i t.ll c I t l I N. il l A. I lN h t I ll e t li o lios is

I l I I N *h 1 11 1 .*t i e t l I* W T il T .l.l p.rl l *l 4 I. 1W t I t,
tl l l rll ,i i. .. if r plWrll ii l 1', ,i t f A d . l l I r 1 i e i I nt w e i a l hi
ate.nI1t1 I .l ",. hin. l ls e n, u d h.n pwer wI wilp lii 1r t .,lplir I r-,,|ui llif it- l. It ,i hitl V llk 0tut Ii lhll li yp y I I
III," MI-t tJ.N et e 1"b rnLe 'Ii ,n a J i; !,,,ii ; I.,; lit i himaI rit-ts I -, ic rtil p ulh t
aci a l i iih i l et. r -il list ti t... Iat cete ti p. te -5 ith... It I.i :it tii- to Print hW I'tuir us t-;l It .... lit
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tl,,ini ai"a "h ,h 'n e d' lih i 1 .'Iii l .. Ir M IN. Ie itt re p duisth' or hun
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l,;lil ul ,' .i ,i Tlo.r;: I' i+ IhIiI *: h ,ln th. l .+.,,hhluh,.n ill tl ir1 l I I hal e, ,l I. ll s.. l.n io, tl IU I l h i- k l .. ,,r t,,l, l e l il i, i Ih ,, I h hi l."l' lk e d r i l'
Ni- .. I .. lit -Ilt- I .IiI.

q1,, ,,N 11' T h l hlli[ h h l ; M i, 'l 1: S h i "llh i ll I0 llllth hlpl P ; h,, Ab,,in g byr l h its, o w n '. l l ui S

aii i Iti lh lals.nicitl i- a i-i ts e0 bur.h t paperu.ipyi iu. ratch BE LIEhe IuNli SURle- PAPE t l N l it- le m at 1 N Itsi tn lcre tf the huk (nIahs s
a lu i a Sai ,ai l if tTheh in ., a.ri e lesai lit ii l1n \. I I Itl il i i r I itr ti IN lit, It t trg s l ra b epti

whisicn.inl. h ithnkit ei falti I.re.Ii f1 i tli s' I.- i i' Ir A it i h I 'III, I' a arena' t it n, t na i i f tr hnlirhaeti pite h e t

in>]. i l altlian d ti im Bo C lerks A ir Iar-lh eI, lh*I lep t.i s. ,, Ifl u'- e hu, yer itIif ull Iii inun h i h.rlkir.] l h ,r IIlln n 1-ui-i r iT l m litu r et c pitt n Iund twlabna I ti
S. 1 iiiii i iii 1 i it uti ,i utl ai i lul lIe Hi N, I H ill ltle ne o alw n l t
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licI, T i-i i-irep ii- mu--in h l-l + lit larhutunvilr l iehnineity. yen : t.crnt ee te c l Yiio ur iiil+iii rih, fl ith l Ihl t -Iic le wlttolenl11 I attho

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nett the whele ctanei.t.y nu n S,.,L,,,.,rS I C R P Er nOUNTRYl ak oPER Grinann, iihil) ititus hIt'ttsara-i ia i,,Irttira d llit' t thelalthMELM. c
I ...u ..t il . .. . .I .......... fr tiii R Ihi i i i0

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ri.,' .; T i lll,rp1 tm I, 1, ,r~ l,.,l, i ,i lhl ,i}'h~li" ll Brac W h,, n l ll, "hllt l"' I-,ll;L N 1,?++- .. .. it, 1 filhll' l- I lhh [I, -rr ontlulo b

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liii-,n i iii iiii -i i iiitaa .....n.(ale-t ir.-i We r wp n nr, I' iti as 1 r f- Nai a n It- sn.,-.ifu ii-at all t ot s hIn t tit he Be en.I. i illnd h ii
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h ... .... -r i ,,r -iill.t. tt ,-i, ,ii wtl ,| i i i I ing c n n e i e i i t ,,I,,t l la t of th iit I ntsA N. ri i run l hut it-u iblt ilh d i tiini at f atie tu t

t lhllo. l h lt o ol ton i p (Kants.) Trib ti n litlp tlir l.rti oldiig the lri ti t Ia. 't i t, tn uit"kli" irn it iii ,|, rnutnin ht i -uat -Iul. Vir d. t
E n ,iii :i iiii i iid h I I I',, IIMII i i
,,Ilhr u m-tItitti', ,,,i, i iI tril. having 11 A1s-krintm liol tStmuI
....... i ais It. .. N ..... N-, -.ti.iit.i. Ai. t.il'. l
I --- ------------------- -CI k.li il learned ta is n du

i l i i i ,i 'It -51.1,1111- (i iUII A-iOki- a
AI I N-I h ,t- r- - - - r i i o r di

I- ...- --... , N ,, - --'I o h-I IItlJ i adMl ie l I tl t ow ells
-/is iit- ---- nini itt I, it 1, tieh gi I i lt nie t alte. Aini

i-ni- - -4i ItI t l ip for aibout III
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Bo- -i- - -k Are II Ca-elhs,- i ti si-li. I... aIt .an i. sestel aIr lIm .n ni-i-i SI. b lin or t
'I k ia-.- -. h- h- ing ilr l i-,-. i h i- --r- - - --,-rm"',I iim-it ---l, b ty iwetii-lly hetll a
,- -i a ,,s1 t1 I -mu mI h is. Catrh SO n,.il-. Publioslel d ti c i n r i -ned I n anil 21 1
.l ,lri,1,1 11- 1 .. . 1 + + +-,+I . _in- -- In'r buil yp! i t r -
'What th. I-" r W r. bell hi 3i16 tought 0 A 0MiAi
'r a1I, illn- IIIrrhh-Mll w ai, h M, .t n,- r Nl nI llmS iell lll llla 191re. 1, thin
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N.n.... ,, .. ai r ta- a r in ,' I 1 iinti i h, '+ t,,, I t, i'r ii, "i i -a" '1,,unnn,- i! tii. ir i 1 t lh .ui- J F r. C L n it. n t ta i tt-ti e daiu l ted wil t
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10.-PIIOIIRIATION: "0' lHERIVA. J1im0r0 con. down.
TIIM; PROPOITION. *' I 1Th rofu t n oomlioey o1 not alsn
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ly dotlire of Ilpittrlfii ,,rr,.o I lielld 1i .11 irndoiry, If0o i ... -.
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1,mind of rn1,ll ,nlnl il "1hi0 lirit I'll. Il.hni. TTh ee. aodimtIrn. 0r 0he pind
I110 ll. .' l orn rh r .il i rKne l price k -4'00 'oe-il .Il1e Ito, fwho one.
!;, ro T lriuh hti lt ...I 1 r,' 1-0f In' for. e : and"o If thi0 1 In ie I.. d
,lok i" lh.it ; LII. I '; ..,d ."'I- then tho, wh.. o pin ththir s faith Io cy t
s .i...... I Orth' hy ltc e of Ith` revulicl prices iet i iiip n le -I Ontpa.s
folIIiliti I. n.,,. that prelent di. anne In lkls rlliption
AIll c oul no -I hih h,! I PnI- 11el of M1-0'1' prOe dlt hl, u in rs
0 0.lil i 0ii ,hil 110.n til i e r ,O it'i 1 ir so y not. 101
i i.e lt.l I ni r i ..r.l ,,r ,1lr00t l .1,1 prli',o aro 11111 i,; Ii.i"ll ; iit Inweld
il1110,rolI'to ,11111 1:.0 1 0 en*raloo Ootllhr 000 not' 90r 11 " A
IA',' t nl l 001 otorIloF or ,tl. o tl r 0o onldemn or ld,-v th pro -
.l>.l f rt.i ..oi.c. f ...... .. ... .'... I-....... .., There are merchants or other potential advertisers
Nor In Ihe dioi'la4 oi' i 0f 100 onl1-
,',],0 011 1.... i ..'... l,. .i.; .1...... 101.. 'r,,.'].. o Ic.e....,.|||......, in every community who haven't the time or the ability
'10 I, 11 O 1~ .10 ,tl l~nI..rli Ih11. "1 if l r odo toh ,I l rsi
1II... i.. to.. ...I......'...I ,', ....... o ......:. h.o..,. to sit down and compose advertisements which will pre-
........... '.;........ .... I...o. .. .. senIt their selling talks convincingly to the public. As a
........... -, ..... ., ,...t.in.. ....... .......1. ...1 result, frequently they let this important matter pass-
1111i0 il.tno-

Ii.. . ... 0-0 111100. totI 1.1 .... 1...........................Our service is prepared to furnish displays which
........ ......... ....will e h t r d ''to 't'e'' ''"''1.. "... .. .. I... .... 2 ll ae e ch t r ery Ad*
Ii',,, ;I 0 w' iI II Ih *,*l"'11 ,, hI .; .1 .I.t i ...i .. will, te*ll ac merchant's d story t t community
...................... ....... ,, ... .. ,t .... in the most at tractive and colnvincing manner. The list
in ,,lh. i*;o;"',: -' 41.,.. 0., lI'n,. Illustrated, double-column Ban. ecAdt.

ilI *raiI,,Ol'll O\ 11Is 'l;l;. cit 12:4 illustrated, double-column Baker' Me Ada.
i 0_!I ,-i,; Ii 'llnlilll hl, ltill, 4l i,, llutrated. double-column Bull din Matei
1 ,let. I' r .. l .. .l.. l iI.ltl I If SIf, oii a .,,,lr1 33 illustrated, double-column Drug Store Ada.
I...... 0 l riIll lh l ... i ii. ........ i .tiho 8.. .,ii.. ... illustrated, double-column Dra d y G oo e Ads.
"...l, or o,t .. !.... ...., ; .;..,,sl..n. .,1100. ... ',,'", 1-I27 illustrated, double-column Furniture Ad*.
W.., i,. ,,, ......I.: .... ..... .. ... t"of inF nuol u.I ii', ..... 36 illustrated, double-column Grocery Ada.
.r;.t f,:"rli 22i illustrated, single-column Grocery Ads.
S.... ... .' ..... ...... ... .. .. ,....27 .... illustrated, double-column General Store Ada.
0ppoloo pa1"'. 1 ilI 1v- M .. ''i'oI .1,Fi i.<- 10.1 27 illustrated, double-column Garage Ada.
""oi o. oIlln,;.' i' ,,, Il, -,,0- ,l 0rli- o Tl 368 illustrated, d uble-column Hardware Ads.
..... '....... ..'..... ......... .. ,. I, .. ... t 1.0 .. .. ... 21 illustrated double-column Plu r aerl Ads.
1, I lll..... lilt... I O;,rih 0 r11 n hllhl r. 11 27 illutra ted d ouble-column PSho Store Ads.
uoilor. 1 .ol1.1oo locl. I10'.li01ll8 l isrtd dou ble-column Trade at H-ome Ada.
VI,, r, IV, ,, 1. N I, ; S, ... loo.. .. 1 illustra ted dou ble lum n an d t or H ome
MA CY 1,,, I1 9llIII... .. I. ...111 o ..... lslll iO+ .. I ... 9 illustrated, double-column Edictrical Ad.
I t o . . . 1 ... ... I.,il' ... ... .. 1 1 ,I i rn . . .. 0, 0 r l 0 0
w, ,,.... . ... 1 h, 6.r . illustrated, singble-column iJewelers' Ads.
l...l ... ll ... ........ ........ r. .. .I, 62 illustrated, aingle-column Tailors' Ada.
I.ie',l ;I;eo. ri ,,Ol fl r t h.Itl tal I ,alfro6ilusn deat sigec m Hab t -ormle, A a
Ii 1 .........'" I ..ll. N .... ; 'I"h; 0 '0i0t0 000 oi ..... "' 1 |... 0 8 illustrated, singole-column Caner d sh e Ad.
bint, i.., on ,[,,,.......... I horrnw....I.! ,,;? : 0....... 118 illustrated, single-column laund ery Ads.d p
mV ": l' Itl we." I"SAcidh'l' .Nf"I\ h,.Iwi n, tl.h nieltr.v, ad S r fv t n
If,+I. '+ c ,. ,,,,. +.,,i ,,h.-taAslV'T I Ol lh,".o m 0 n, 1 I, t I I 8 ;l. illustrated, single-.column Phetoraphers' Ad.
als r a ni l "in 11~ ito 11,0 1 .1 ,iil ao pilts t dol' m i ii itrhn 2110 poalllron
....... ,,l n,,0 a ,,,l',,r... lr r 6 plainand iollustrated column Print S p Ada.
o it. A. he. often Witn mid. cs0p0 and illustrated, sing
Si ithr n to m o 1. l r on hing a ellIn it I A page of illustrations and headings for Dollar Day;*
,.',,m .1101 I btll 00 1 ,,. ,r .f....on nnie Cel M l le n ,i.lll. fttoh 1huh
of Ihlclt mA.r -t darlc wi l re th0 l 0 and= ;lI nof illustrations, headings and articles for
or eh~tI hh'o 1'~ :tr n ', I 0 mclpl i tonw houtrinie n elbt Opa e wp
W.0o e i o .01.0 lt yoid wll0et Iloa- tauuad; a pageof illustrations and text for Home
r o SlSn t S S S wlni f r of o tl I i al.. al It r F y p n n o i io n
II for 10 Itlnih I r ttlOO l t imtroln o t ,l h.R.,u Coming Week o
rn he r Ior the -1 m1 ff- t innnfs wlith ou ot b" i i.n. r l",
W c o sll era th0at 0 0 Wh e r ln nn0th er. pnbli ctho 10k00 loo
00 00`inI.hbm, pubic den.hlmrlln 1. I In iet .susciptil. dpon 0, t The service also contains 9 illustrated, double-col-
bI O f ll e or '! it 0 0 0 on 1. Pol Icirculalaio meat be iwa hin rltiAor
.. f eor Iofror.01. 0o 1 re., ne ...y 0nd.d: umn Newspaper Business Builders; a series of 24 Ad
r e of t li-tO WInt Aor"' Ib 0y onkal
fit,,% for P b r ....0i0...... cou antbeo anthe "Alt half-column depth, by J. R. Hamilton, formerly advei-
telI -V In ..' n ...... In01 00saIrtu1e04u00r;asreronemI4
mIa ,. '0 .... ,,.cr.or f'b. re o f 0,o--' ce,,,nol rising manager of Wanamaker's, Philadelphia; 18 arti-
W1l arth e clunt. e t.. -1't' ,,IncO 0, lbo noe ino', I I cles sneingle-columnn width and quarter-column depth,

r ele of misrion. = ,the 1o o10 l rle t Yi we'il. nIv .
Vtispolicy that NellD, C e.kodd fh0 4, not 00 11114.. I unique, single-column Want Ad Pullers and a page of
LATIOI. cohien.- 000 ,,01 .-hc 10.4 special Sales Headings.
knOi w that It w o uld Cify Ine o h
WO cpodhitO 000t m p". Of ,1et1108 wouhl w.riallly conoll otlio I the
he buyer ....." Weln. .... ...o..oeil r.oar. IRAl.of nb...n Show These Ads to Your Merchants and Let Them
so.me.,it o a- e ,c effect i Sell Themselves Space in Your Publication
e Wnteol t mae s __. = hri0 l a growth.
of t0.th 004 J1101o1 000111d apply In "'A rectidl numb., of poop!. "l1h.,
nd.reOdtW I. el u hlltt1 we iae 0t0 100l p.90. no 0l110! 0001 th=y
941.18 tOt .O and edle1 00 r- i come 11 rorl rto o0l11 Iat y nt=
We.-I.e.-- With s . W-..1 .. to1 .-,-- western Newspaper Union

rawe d "h eat. am h .li ponumlt4 enmm moo n the at
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22 I .221 2,2.1211.12'.2. .1 .2...ll. 11,2211 21 2.. CHICAGO, FEB. 21ST, 22D

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PUBLISHERS OPPOSE RATE ..,22l222' .21..11 22I.I11II, 2 22 212
BOOST FOR SECOND-CLASS I. l Illl l,,2222'2 l 122l''11.122'.111.l22,

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2. 2.21 2,.'2 221l...l22122122 2,~l2.\ %' 1 21; ......ll'~l 22l. 22',. MEETING MONT. WEEKLIES
Ip,.121l21'22222222. ,2,."I 2 't2'2 1. 5.22 11122 '221 1122, L..121 112 12,

222.Affik1 llllllll2,,. .. N. E. NEBRASKA EDITORS 2. 12'22.22222...2.222
.1221 ,222I12,,2, I~ 22 41.1 EAT AND TALK AT NORFOLK 1,21. ...1 ......,22 21.. 2.2
2112'2211 ..1 22121211 1 N N ,21! V-1.12 111112t d11,1 .

'.112 2221,,,21 222222 ,2...,..l~.1 I' '~'.,222PRESIDENT HARDING HELPS
I \2.,.,l,, 222l2'222112 SPEED PRESS RADIO BILL
S. D. PAPER ESTABLISHES Il.,.l:l~,l,.~lJ 22222-2
4 PRIZES IN JOURNALISM I' All:, :1 2 ,2,.2' ''2 112212221 .,,1...l 2.22 11.2
212 SI2~N 2.2.1.,212,,. ,r 1:~,, 1-.2' \,I 22.21222 fl2.. 2212.2~21''. hil

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I__ ~_


4I L

etal, and will give you more
I of the many exasperating
at important part of your

he most critical.

"Joining the Progressive Band"

J. Boulton Settle, publisher of the New Franklin
(Mo.) News, writes the St. Louis branch of the
Western Newspaper Union:
"While I have seemingly neglected your many
suggestions for the improvement of my printed service
and your often expressed willingness to assist me in
making the News a better paper by incorporating in its
printed service features which you think particularly
adaptable to my field, I am nevertheless grateful hnd
am beginning to realise the great service you are
offering those publisher who are willing to co-
operate with the Western Newspaper Union.
"I want to join the more progressive band, and to
make a start have decided to commence a good serial
story in ay service. Send me proofs of a few releases
from which to make a selection. Also send me proofs
of several other features lor use in revising the
makeup of my service to best fit my field. Any sug-
gestions you can offer to help launch the new service
with a buss will be appreciated."

There is a Service Editor at each office of the Western News-
paper Union to whom the task of helping to fit a newspaper
service in printed form to a community is a pleasure.

Conditions of locality, climate, topography, population, oc-
cupation, culture, tastes, ambitions, desires, all receive consid-
eration in making these adjustments.

If your paper seems to be a misfit, call on the Service Editor
for suggestions. If you can call in person, all the better; if not,
write him of every phase of life in your community and let him
study it out and take it up with you.

If you now are using printed service and believe it might be
improved, write the Service Editor.

w __ _




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meet 1. sad at a Mfiai,~sm

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It's BEceemlal tee-

Read why it Is so popular
epwe dm. he
JanL i1922.
Western Newspaper Union,
Ft. Wayee. I"d.
Please sph er
next reSulr Sh*uMt des
for Black Diamod News nlk.
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'h a- tnla ee o ta..sahntu.o L .g +, oat ecI tcia M tn t ,im Ir I.... ttoti Cotr., ti.. r .o' man' a Jt i mat. ahst h.d t t ha A
AS O IATIO C at L tN n e tis o oh m st 1raama 111 r -Ina cw 4 nda a riia .. A b.. hln Uoib anarar- ble t A l iA -' l crar, rin t at "me "'t b t ta i ,S t. n. AnI .. _I

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A-i-I Iln.Oma.. ,k -t With w e hohrbIt mAt s tlii atn CIN. .ro a hia ,iar- oan n1i.. h .a..r. aa A sh i.rw i s i a n
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riio ntrt bil Lit e. `a o r Na Mao AddIai. trratca t. ill A a n a t w iDn diira maan tt tar rt AN I tn
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.1 ........ ,I I..-- ... ... .t hi 311- I Aded am, .: =.=:,"" A I .-: .... Ji. --r H.%% I~ -1.1, M Y"h i Ii t I .... .,I-, .'.' In.i~g -1 --i .... .. .

tir I MAii 1 :I n 1 Ilb 'I itt -lt I ,- r dr rnta. iirts ce aw. itraAty0allcnt, 1 n il ai ansi eIa 1. t a I t I ris at I i lI cihUtIO iln, rsar m e 5Al,.h f n ,
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hraadSut e t iw d. a t an m n a -.. or wil -A CII pl. bt'i t Ia t... .F. t . .,-
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0' INTEK$ i r . I -'it. r de I i A..t .i.Nt M"l. VA--15t ao tn irti, A- t 0l sr n N t ni . A7ie-rtcii
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I.,,-,",- L:: ..... -I', I,., +, n' .' ". + ... ""+,' ""...-Ch '"'11" 'l111,1"." .i.TT": AL,,-" WA.IN,,' 11," ..L .h- .... ",, +, ,U6'-0,,14"
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o~~ l.,. i t i l o l o I I 0 t o 1 1 1 0 0 .r Ig l ;10 1 0 0 0 01 1 1 0 0 1 1 o l l o s O t b i 1 0 1
. . p"l l N O.N i a :

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l~],,;, h ... 1. .. .h -,n 4 "' ,t~ ..... .11 ,nnuI-y.+rUli S naA Ii~ c' &. . P -oiiN A4,J 1. 'I No, 'j llll,,

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17 .. h . . I II .... .. .. ..I.. l. l- i. ... '. rl...0 .0 N'llol'I'laimo
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li- b--IA 011' I 1: ,II ''t Ill' i ~ ,lti0'. l +,i '10+ _____ 11 ii0111 l111i tOO It I erks its
. 1. ... .. .. J ,,, ....... i, it ,.: I ",l" oot, n I l ...it .... r.I`to *-, I hr AI I- 'Noloi l,,0- or Ne Lo, t.
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...1 .. 0 n o = 110011; ll I ,111.1.0 i'otloitio Poot -- - n II t. l a llho.laO Mo i toooat5 to aIj lot lTh,0a1-WE
+r i, i .., I ,,, i "T' -L' ,H' n '1- ., ..... 115 1,I.1:,, U ..I. .,. ." ."IL. MOnD I &Zi' i,+,ANT ial,%Iii-HA,,llI~i~l I!,ITo,1: n.h q,,,i,, I l,, i h, i h.~ .. hi"% .i.,, ~i,

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.I'" ... ...... .......' l>:. IL ;: Il,"" ii.',i I! L, +,! '" ', r ... '' +1 .. i. I ,,;... ... .... .. 'I i'll 1-. ; s% -.d ...V ... l L. ,b I., i " A ,+L rp ,.rIi, ,UI n --" [. . .. "11 n M T

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rol ='1 ...10 ..llaao A 50t8-I;. :

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S". 1, - i -., r I...,...,- :- .li o oo,,o.:.1 I Sall eil, Leo.as Uorh 1 Trade. 'ik 0 yr i t ,1 te t o 'oot".
'..''..~.0 f'o- t0.1 ,,. ..'.L,: .". .rIooo-- -.--1.` __ ,1- It-oo -0 .1 0-... .; allo _-, Ito-aao"l:oor ot lo". ll 11111 0lANNAtll-I1:,fl.Y
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tn -I, _, , .l.. -, I. 1:1111 11, 0". ., 0'1t- ol,t I..:t 1. I i ,I ,l'- ,I : 01 I !.% TAlll. lolt, b.tm .0. I. attl. t .0101 .0 .....AT. I ,, slot !".kCl l
n ,Jlhl; Ii'''l h.l .I ''.., n [: ,% I h ,l%; ,*. 11;%i. ...-,.lt ll' ... '.r. . .......... I. I" I,, l, lo.. 1;.1-1 ...-L.-+l~ -l, .-. I.-........ I. w, lk.I, %*, -,I .-'ItPk
~l,ij %, > + +++, I--l,, t i,, ,I . .... ,,,, i, i, 5+ "1I iTll;.l i ,- L, 1 is "l """: i,, .. j,' .+ 1, -, r .,- 1 ,1,"r-. ,: "..'',., .. 1 I 1 II1i,*: 1. ,,I- --" I, .. I I .+,r .. I.-~mll~ .+1111, .ll1 .h.,..A l I MIA/."."".4

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t.-. n rl.l , !" 1 l rlli, 00-A. 0'I, -1 1 1 11L.' "" %' d Id dr toirbolto..h.. :1t oo 07! oi l ,ot, Al:.l.. I.tO..P jb
,r ~ii rJl.lll .l .... % ... I . I, .,11 . ll 4 ,, h ;: ,'l,:, ".".l""' inL."" n.,lll .I. MIN !'1 ,I.111".11t..FI.'

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,, i,,, l ,, i ,lil i~i ,+ I.. .. i i .. . . ... ... .I .. !, I+ -o`, I-f + ., .. t",,n pL ..ml, ,,nmll Iml of i e' 'n~ l r I '( II 11- 1 -ll MI .I'P ir "< i~ l r leil II -

I1 r I0 : .. I 0I, 0 0 _' ;, ,-.o ` 1 i- I .... di la1.00 -017,, loot 0114., 11 I 1 1 cip Om t l 'l- I "Io tltr en .lit b oo.t-laaa.sl 0tl .= t,
....., ;:, 1 i T -.-- -- -, 1- I .~i .+41h ,,. -. -,, I, l,'h.l l'l, t n, w.. m,_-..1. .!"k" It ,m~ll rl,r ,,l fv..-. ,lk "o W ""ml '.". .I -t .. N
+'4'II~~~~ ml I: 1. .l Fk ,,l' + ,I ,, I 11---- 11i,k .1'`11 L, -. .' "I I I"'hp I-"rll .n .lrllr ,, .hll .11111" "~.4t .'.1.:, k~ .: I r.M. .II. Ig L' W, I

I.,'l il .. i l ", n It' II Io I I olato. I. -n I .ko ll 01051,.-a l stII wl., lsio tol. 1- olr-;l l. o-I I I`, hl--.m goI -b ."
11, .111 1 .1.1111,i1, t0,i .lOi. .00,1- -'.-i 0 1 1 0 IL0 ll Iy 0 -o l W...,M a
I ,sod I 0110... I Si0- l 'y It o ;0111 P:R 0I`0 lIt-,!: Iolal ,1 a.o td. 01004.70 1 1 ll tit 1-01100 t-p 4101.111 01000 cm Wioa-om
.. 0 0 , I". ........ hI 1 I o .l l -- -.1 0-t-ol I:. .l It r-tt Ula.ltt Ii a Omtlo Owla 0. 5 01. aol ,I.70011110 .i nt s.1. h I; Lk.lo bt , O a, i Ly .
I ... ''1 Nil I Nl,_ I o . ..... ...tl'toitio ,1"0, I 1;.1. -i1. 0"11- ... .. ... ... 1 I. ; _, JobtI.. 0 0' I 0 .. O ,asoro News-0 1- I Sb 0. 04177. ......t .' ... ,
'---'1 0 1 0' 1.,tIya,,1,-T,.'t....... ,i .. .. l.. oI .o .I tI o tr : l m oorm l .M as- A- o .-
,, 41.1 . I'lIt CI ....... o o I - o ..: f 0 "___-,n,. ...1.. -______________H
0- ,I l ,I h',, Iy ,0. o P. Il-in I t ,,, h, Iti a yl 1a a ll lle I ,II 10.- l ...' l o.... 00 assi ml. '= ,
... ... ... i.i .. . . ... .aI L" l o aIJ .a1 0, ool- a 0 4, ,Ik. Im1t14'. ---cff It. lalss ,. -. "Itt I o. N- -
I,,i ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ "4 1"i, ..'i, Ihl il h k ,r + ,r+ '+ + + % + l lll ll iI II -~ -I ,, .."" ,l Ll o ,41. I,, 114." 1

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4', l :" 11111 I h 1 t100'i 11 l l I_ I. I 00. 1 a Po p' o o Do r Is E Pro-m .toItl Wi-lea HI o UsC
I",,; 1 1011. 0.lo',0d.1 10.t0100om 0-lcl" ,.' AOM A :!.'!'W lttNt~ttly. Nt 1t01..I lI At,. .1 oltoobo ..

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Si P,'",,. .. ot -o l,'a I 0''l' oat lmoi 31 ,, I.l.In0 10011' P -1Q1'iP O CroN n ""t 1" '1 w Il t l to. .11.00 MartlUI AL0 &1.
7 i .... . d A,.i ... r . . . . i ; 1 - 1. I I I 1 L , : ,' ` 4 ` o L ." I- -y, I . I I IA.
I':.1 .... ,l lt ihl', I, i\IN. '.ll I i,,#.i1 n ,, l m ij. ,;, __ -%rl .t~ .. I Vk I....l'llll Io, 11.1 Inll I ,'"" ;.,:",` Iv 1 IllA....-t-71s wHP~l
_ .. I 'I, I . I ~ ~ ~._ ` 'L oil 1. 10- I bo A- I I3 N' "h 5 55".Io l

Lt.,_,_y__*,- t i'.. I- a pi a M H. Pr a f o I to "Hld .. .- lllO, 0i1e Stoo lpltlwr 01 I,. I h, -1 I"...,,I .
00-- : I l [i Il t Itill 0n0I i1. "' I', o I "r11 I Nr t I 0 -I 7 llpm .,. M -I-I -tle Eds. .I"''.l -----d Ns lootk
S. -.l ......... . .. ..... . 111 .. -... A SO.. .. I ,,,0 IR N....... .UI.
00' :, ,0 ,,I. 1...:-.,': "0 ~-. ., 111 -10. -o oolaa Lat.-.o Ttp ,I,11 "-. O- M RMII I o TISM .. HAR A- HI i' 0 N.00 .. R Ie roast I..-rA
Ito, 'lo-o Il ... ..11 ti. II... I' ..I. I Jab__ Oese1 ,,- ,-Sets. -lbs. doorl`silao;`ltbI.- '0p.Iplsa1- 0.11., ibmo1 --- I 0, ..Ia -1Amat -1.,o-

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, 0 I 011 ,1 .. 0 .. .. .t .....I It.. ...a.. .... to M M..,.. lt .
-o, ,4 I-I ..I-l Vlo.ta .0' 1.1 Ioeo~t 004 psIo t..s~ Poa toll t I" -O t.r- sI- -1 ~lo iSXXY

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Voth. Ala ~ ~ ~ f.PIINoY bA-P RM ooAOMil ll r11t.OToollGull
.... h,,p I I .. to ........r I,__ ,0 bo, -. 'slh-a. Al-Il.- -- 'RN Lo PL ANT AN UIIS.WEO Iwo.' Iffo'l spours.t... pl- I.. .ltooqolpstI -2
N Il l A I, 01 I ". I VI Of 0 1 ,... I lt iioti M III .... .. .,' I araIatI lS Ilwrth ..1Wor.- k-, s W
l i T h 1,0,10 iaA.ll atarfaot allI-lltl"o V~lt baooo o Ml b~ar atltops a otpaaoll. Is r too A Io !a m..l....
,,+ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ .i+ .l ,+ I .... 1, I ,.. In I.., 1m = 9n It--%1Hii+'l"II+ K l. l",lUlintnlrf~r4.1eHlhpl~ll fwlkmkle411

1 0 01.... 00.. 1100 oar Ion11' I... r loam -.-_ I. +' ," ,.... I...-1 .. I I

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bI',I ,0 .1-it t -1f I 1-111 I '! 0. 00., loll ti ithlotA! n I aff I a-too t oo t s I Ii
:0100 1.7000 "::::ow. foot,:.,! ,1 I00 "otta 010.Ma .. F11 I S 1- 5351

"'`', .. 1! ,-,% ,',!, -' ,'.% 11"I'I I'7 "+ -n + f i. v nl ,l.l I 4 ',i % I+,: l',' -: .. ..... ...t ATIl-I'A-?- 7,I111.1"l NO- lVee.iiM .,Ill. .111),.A.w.

, "II o .. I ,." "0001 0000 -'0 .. ...L%....I -I ot b lo t for ymttts1's 7-boo. I o rI o, Wera-..h PiW I P Iiii- IS1t
rWO.,:eIL S EN -; -~ai -1l.10. 1ff .1- Le s WaIe !Oa-t omlo .-1 61-0 .Wm.tp... oluh s! S -H&"

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000 o .l y It' :I ooto o..' t, .. . o F _%L_ I h, -"ll a-to-c 1,1ss a aI o 00 No
_-'','',:" :. , P ,. ,, I,,,T ,r4. .-u+ ..n "." L' j:-,-

........ .. ........ ~ $I In to .hll l l 00 'ii .... i" I' I 1.... o ly. .l .. .. 1 0. 0 0 0 0 4. lo' t0" V '. o ''.. I P 1 ...'A..... A I .D TWO l I A. 4A.
-.I 0.0 110 .00 a 0. 1 tool a, a.". 1I.... r, I,0 lo, 0.- 11!"01-- 0'V Ier C alt rsoe Io~ who to .p-to WHEN. .0...3 TRM RIPPLE ... NE..
1010 1 01.'. 0011 .0.' 11.. 10100 10 ga, 1- f-tooI'll- 1" 1-.0-I ,,.;II'l

ti-,t s i bo 4. 1.' I l I. 0 I0 I"o 1I. Pd -o I A A O a W a 5 I L ,
1-1tott'l:1t:t. l Ohltltit -' ''.Of o'liot00 a.'ts -6 --' .0-1-1t 1101..it flit t frI, 11 ..' 411.1.11W PtIc n. ".., .. lit :.' .
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lou-. 0.0 ... `00-... lofoaoao O-aoo Mt I'o~qtoe -o'n 00513'`-:';'f~ loos.,:',:!o -.5f I-. - AI hI

o__,: "0I 'l ---. I .1L ,. I 000 ,I~ ,, 5o. '0.0 IssI P s b r ohlo-It 4to I ll' .1" I fI _-L rl ita Pt t m A. __ I t ILI i Ito L.p. ..... -e 5
..., 1.0 ..1I :_11. II- I ol A-o .1 .6 ,I . ...L I l$ AtAs ..co~o Iu~ r-';- -a 0011-Oo. I

000. 0001 11 i 0 ..0." ', .1 .."7 I ath1. .. .11 5550A 0005 ,0 ,-'.1.
;11 Li -1-1lI t . l i iftll 0011 1I 10 0 D.a aAI'p P 'h.--, t e 1 -wb- o. Its-
:-.1' L-h I' ".lqlml ,h.r r," -1 tI ... W,, Nlml .lTI "` 11ll A1.II niI ",'." .l ... I- "I

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'' 00000 .1 7 I 1- 1.0,1 ,111 .00''. -,- ___1.Il" I "I- i f _,1 hilr 0011 foo cofpe L.!, .t ,_"M-11s 10. aN so .
0111..'t.Iiiltl.tl.. .11fso !010 I.01001 00011 11. .PIT l -f E.P1 PARTNE WA ED A. atohp a o .41 S~
fL'tlt.tt'IT 001 0.. ...lo ,11 0141 i,, Ii,,I1 .1.41 l, l to "~aro sls "~io1 11. A moo mL;a mot LET "I".. REPAI ;,:111 10 N. _t",,. I..a. l
+"'II I', t] L NQ :",;,.I IPI + pr,;:, I ;QR' ,, ,'IR I 1 ."'.P .IIOI|M j.+ ..I :Pnl ml~e ...ll l.:e ,N Nlv I

,lola. ot rot* hI~ l I.t -- .:I -. I fionoloom ...... ..ogtl o.r-"'t ssy .. 1*0 .S..t.l .jfo
I -a .1"'..r"'___ __ -b. c-r I o ga:, ll'. W olfp -0 nko. ~ eon s
ft--n~ ~~~~ ~~~ It tIo .. -__ __ ra r1.oit o f ~ t l w P l t.I:.I l'0 1 0. D T0 0 o.or, ot 1041f 00 H- se.Ilo "'yl ooo bma ..ta ~ k A l. l N, Lo t.

'low Wrila llAlasI'llt--t.erhot-ta.WooA-I-IIN`,1.610 porch..." .otalsoal l AowoIso7'II'LLW1'
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-.1 -IO pl- I5. tt,. 00 It 003: poh. pres Il .1~tl t.lo Iaof -a. ololattl ..t.d.... ...t.p2,I
a _o7O N.M 3 1 or It p too 'bl'L0 Il. I'll as ..... I. -. S;a Ada 5901. s et aoIo.a-I....
II dobrd `114 A-- Sot UI~ I .0 _I&-&o11I .t5...C-, 2- 'f II3 11

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