Title: Publishers' auxiliary
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Title: Publishers' auxiliary
Physical Description: Serial
Language: English
Creator: Watson, Elmo Scott, 1892-1951
Publisher: National Newspaper Association etc.
Place of Publication: Washington, etc
Publication Date: January 28, 1922
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Mtr am So* A flt Tm% Ar aMels
AI"- A-*r alw a A of
Ilt'lllmITKRI. NT. -The Ngalar SIdaotg thi bljert of "lRoceI
quar,,trly meotlg of Uthe Wetemn AdvonrtU la the Htaol Pros-
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.i, was held a t Pew' hatl Ia iatallyr ad was the center of A
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I enr. lseunmUldl e aeet Pr ho t ea bjet of aoe, which usatir
lent Etdwalrd M. Perk Llr, the ted l present.
,dii. of prlidllg ata te m lleg d Ptl. Siie Pl AdIees
ia,,i uon V MPI i T. 4." Atl. .laaoia l ,the ar d t h
irniI. iro we o wwo oS-- te7u e= mr toU the Vulla Poape,"
ilal o lthe occeaM ma the tHle of a palpr delivertm In
T'Ile ir.os n olitte defer to miat IM 1 tyle by Prul. I. C BuIntl.
three .Iprwoloo of a comoidele ls m v-dilreter of etalle oa the state
IM.r nMoIn em tt r ta ll* mut el o agulturelun Caorme Uns-
plrtiuliorly thwe wo bI e kin a vetlty.
tlune tohe pw l ad NIJ e tit Mr. Blnltt hboin by moetlolog the
fe ihr the ral dIMWe 1t the gmay laitee btwee thM country aew-
prohio.n thet r- pWmlg. They pper ies and farmul.
ii t.'he aIed ale lsrg g oe i oke of the lack of kronmge o
bIhouer. ce which be I a rha teller both
puMt (fr ut r t seomIr editor and the fmer,
IalI A. C9m. Waaw. -as *n ad of the uinkld labor whict h
O. ...IIt. liaww ast Wp m g I 1 la te the product t bot farmer
etii ti, codm lthe pp e c la~ publhr.
lal oe tohladety foh pl ilio a The qeer mid he felt that not
.edllt tpllmmter a.ni a d, meInr catry pubileher devote aon
marklse.tllog the good that t w e e to thiople a thp Iry
snrle p .ilhodt bhy al tting aloct People e the s
m8 ruieak | benI a lt eal boIrd of pepect t o rmer emog mead
trade. immbetrs ao emnr, atcr. ec t -J PRO Jtullcos. Jttn from
ticihJeet o the teaul t pepermeia b Ldeout point of view. he tboulht
tLit hat ol ted Impuel ewL pa ere f lrmer aI well worth cultivatlrg.
Shis vilu a Jipe to the lu f the rm
i~lliiiity: the Idea i llg that pub. Th avelrae vauation of tWl fao In
lishter tlemlelvee Set aily the almost any western New York oton
prcldt. nf their amelatoa In in at ty Ln f rtm1 tllim*ln tuo I0 molllon dol-
tonr' if no mluch meete, It thin tllar e hl h h
Sllan-pi tlie duty of aid pesident (It ilirtl help ti the puirbIlhe
ti 9trl 1i tilh n wit h t in wr ws tim lo atlliltles wlhcl the
>of "l" a rthertar and it pnilble peaker lei it hfotry pt ple
rrmiil for a peIer to Itteci cd wd ont lot to ei treartI I t Ihe

l tii tole i om t a bl e tide dwelt at si. t innui ctl in l Itiu leti.
De. Clara MoTlgeo In nattale Il them tie y atter I. I

it-it thle seulpot ablcot d lnteresti-n reality a f.uemllaltl, ioi t

tlat of thle Iev. Clan UMoran of the per munt he mliptiirel by thle mton-
Fite I tiperaillist church, Perry, N. uiunity. This doioi onoat un- throutho
Y.. tll il "ll[tlative," Thie ev. wtlaxtion r t lllr puli c llh aritiml
Itvarai tidi al rit 0athe eu t t ha-t.a tman in the orinalry senet-Ime. It iim nne
Tii7 inrsler yarsn bera pumhllueshr In that a rlre-c u it Ife l t uit aitl the
I 1.r- iitr iew itaer. he knew aime- country w.ekly thi will eimbhe It
l Illt llf lle triall tht blct." She to d pa I t ctope-no l. a fair Interl t p.a
phtali-1 ili the fact that tInitiative woo Ito Investment., anil, e ay, not leims than
c 4 ut l iseilepi quality of every hootl. ittel a Iwir ian milnri to Ip ii 11.i'Tr.
iit Carticularly of the new -itf It" tte iir iitrly inelWptitmr th Intt
IMaIsr ititoit. Th be n of Int tiative emmn lt. uity lllntulin, unal f the cltn-
ilksi t..nititiloni a they ar. Ilhe aild. munity put l havei I v It will not ter
Iutl aiii tiker gt u of them. Lark of pay in for paper lnid Ink-no t eetn
itallitf- sHartse with youth. eapeciatlly for new-liut titter for a nervlae
It a ri.ir-iit-day youth, a tnilency which It mertl mail hentt liev ."
Pai I'l f rii el st rb Mierywher e rd ui ay ill. Thi looo lif lite et ti
1i It kif ulupeo- it bouatdit tif Itmite. thie prnles t tie-plp l t Ier lailtixpe pf
r'ii. .-ll f il tr 'n. The i pee ker lo Th a highly lnte*retliin tiluhllt trltlile selt-
t .illl p .t'. fact that all b l, him I- th l. ll
'ial.1riait linfamous we alike. wm The April msetlo it l hi the en-
Itit if Iplttlatr olat h hglr t aln aiit whicim ooterl lll tile
t. 'lltlr ilil l talkr MhL Ma r trectell d.
llIl.i 1ii "trialrr tr, a erta. toell The follow inm. mittefr llet p-
ataill iailit. ont bhi d ll upea 0. prl I inltllit t'd i ml iU h mt l
We-un -tory to-tnar much cppruo-lctel. mci nroullto; Nult lipa pfitiiullt;
Slllr *lili,. i dilulltlyed wonderful lfil. i art i t. (' l rk. lr)era; It. A. Prch.
..t iti.hl >il.iniult rl oh wa n n ae-a lle e niat i F llot tO. Mh*r. Filirtort
tl-r I.i if er- Tii t ierit. 'riioam Initiittce nmll l. ll I lle t.
SI.t f-ltini. inf tLydnlan A HnLfoi end Sivani IIh: MitkIllet I'rIteli. tHit
A-i tIl-li-tr, dlteroeed tie eye lil l; M. It. In.I WaIyladt.



I 1ZII'T N. J.-Tie oimmlttl
hllnl iitI laiji Ihe airlngrmnlt for
""' "t ain;.I llhwinter metnlo of the
Naaa ..,i.y TPr.ssl Assurtallol, eoin.
I"" ..t .l1. W. N~yllor, W. R. Ma-
iii tahI .lilihn W. lift, have luled
i, t. lm .]information thbou a the
'e -l.i.,.y 'Ie.nn Aorthaion News:
T li iainall midwinter Mfetnll and
Il, i., of the N w Jery Pr'l
Au-.. ln will he held at the Stacy
Thni hio. i, tate street, Tremat, N.
. a a11 3lititay, February *th, RB.
TI.. iui illrcu meeting will conrve
priill It the "Lwrnwaeill"
'"illt I e Stlary-Trut, at 11 o'clock.
ip llr I-llainlma will be avn d at 1
A nlnllllh of autner of Impor nem
." lc It'Wlpp.r I MH ff UIM f
ll ths Iapilol nper IM t st ate
otllI I.. inn led and I ell t the
'aEalitt, II pro Clobe p It he
be tip for roen.tM lhm A
h t'Il that will he oI i an:t
tAdcrlIdnr neta fr elam "id
Weekilo" with aom nt ta h
Fey aid SPApraonda by C 16
iNow Ie. Oete s o a ,
gliz," nimum IL CBom aim
entr, Cmty Cumeun
pill. my lawn ha snoeto

nake on the .n1lijrt, "Ilhoulld Adire.
Using llatl lie Further lincreroalt'
There wtre a number of very Interr
acting ini~llje prolosaed Ih inmoer tio
a qetlomtlalll re eunlltif lnlttlr, to
be taken lup and If ltie per iits llsl
cuiMnan will be Invited upon them.
The lunchem to follow the meetlnll
will be noteworthy, not only on ac
mount of the honored guests of the
oceinon hut iInview of the fct that
this will he our hrst meetlnlg inl
Ilicheo In the new anil palatial hotel
klown an the 8tary-Trent, rtrenly
eamplbd, llthin one hloc of the
State Hoawm. The prlm of Ille tickets
will be ll
A hal bhe our cuatrnn In the east
th Ovfoenror and memlmhen of th
LIWueate will be InvIted an o0n
ges thia oealalial.
If lnu wlsh to hav e or e ore of
the bioored Ilmbeca a am pr
aal mnt tM, ya te do an by asedt
s par taerd a a dM* for AM
te each prene youn wma to latW
and te l tatiea wml he mailed b|
the ia ilt M ot lian at ape
d egrMay that In AlWAS w

AWM YOW W. 3. -4
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NEW TORK.-NWppe which phubllshed the "drat dodger" Hosts
lnued by th War Deprtment m not immune eom libel oults by
p ee*e Lrrooull Ly u Me Me n ,d ers. tt appeal d ea ofC A ,e a.th
Itw Yark opreme Con held ha a A lt brought bl Charle J. Hymn A P oew P Tr Co er
of tl lr cIty u iU Uthe P imubi Compuany. publilerw of the sL Im lmre- J lh Redeewow e rd OtAw l sik
New YTok Waed. ZBaseiehln Mam bre wea Sardsim nd uLi .le Ad-
drsee-Eoiut Neas Mcebswe-Bi &&"wee
NEW HIIAVEN, CDNN.-All who at- noied by there. Tne invitation w..
tltned the u meetiM iI lil Cuonecticlul Utalimouly amepteld.
THR DISitorial A elutltioi mling tl te The speakenor t the evening we .:
M T I Cei r let athlt Iti. t r. J-- at of alvary
ralared It to be itlne oi "Ila bet ever." Baptist church, PRianuiter iPhilip
IElll n melubers wre admitted Tratp, Co. NorrLe Uolon alid
whild of curet made tie old uard John iodemteer o hie threenlcwik
feel gled Completenlt omri were News and GaOphlc.
lAi f l ~la A--a-- A.J b-.. j elc_ l In Whotm the memubramhp Doctor MUle. after btlng Intlro-
oaAA kdllidel Asa"gi i OW A-r an paitn hope* for a ctmlued pso da ed by the chanim, I mmditely
7 DJl"i-Ai J Ili A- asslah Iip ive propgrm for the Ioi tatio. The found a bold of eyapathy wil the
--IS lld l Cabpe aken dulm ited variedrl l len o the company from Um fact that he bad
O M Bnewpapelr ltfe amd the banqtuelt once been a newspaper mau, l a
tIh bqlllt I humble iapedlty, he Ladmlttd. th o
SThe afteeem eio of the a- printed devil; bhu m otm .with-
ly JONN L. HERINaG otatim devoted mount of tiu time I the charmed crcle. He allded
TUITON. GA.-Tiftoa wau boh ea plain eXpernt station, the Chineem to the electIlo of Oi n er but among both humorously and metoy to the
the lUth to mewpaper men ad women stock efarn the plan ot the ImIperial other subject which taule up for dl power which the oewsaper waids,
t the E leveth, Ieond ad Third Toebcco Company. and other polltsa auaio was ooe coaerralnt the at- axpreslin the oplooi that hould
coonrmalooc distrlet, ouhe a t it lterest. tltlude of sOme daily iewpape In el nch a Ituatlon conalvably arl a
bel thI rLe n r meeting of the lev The afternoon sula was devoted constlio with Item mnt in by their a dilclon on a Subjct of fact Ibe
anth DItrltt Pre Asoctlatio. The to Informal businesl dilarsuloom and iunt-of-town coretpotnden which ae twoe preo and pllplt. 51 per eit
local Board of Trade, tie local WoE- Lelectionfor a planfo te next meet- frequetly, a a matter of feet, d- of the public would helleve teu wirs
*a's Club, the dometic tlea clubL In., whieh wil be belt It Douglalt vertlnaemnt, ancd should he paid for aper rnt.
and the local newspaper were n the third Hooday in May. u esuch. The dlcession referred to Postmelter Troup wa Inclaned to
the bes. The geptmaber meetlng will he held much Iteies a the aollOunete of dploe the tendency of the preIat
The lubwomeu provideddecomtitow at Felkltoa where PreIldent oabln. dancs eatertatlnments und sodlalifor day toward peclallsation. threaten.
for the courthouse auditorium ad mel has promlled the member all the wlah nadmission Is charged, In the lg the danger of a community of
care for the um of itltero ad the bear they can catch amd all the Alb nsn column. A reoluttlo was spentlalcte. And right there, he
BoHrd of Trade and doomatle Slence they ean at. unanmously adopted to addesm a let. pInltd out. In where the newsaper
dam served a chlkeI lunIchme at The matter of a joint meeting o the ter to all the daily pamler of the prtelon nvrie from ly other, In
the A. & M. ehool. Tiftl enjoyed a prn s aemiatliIth o sf the Elevenlth, tate. aLklng them to cenlor theb that It does not spe ealie In any ea
full day of festivities and the visitors Twelfth unld Ilcond ditrlctl was ills- free reading nollcn, wlilh act against branch of knowledge. The tor about
appeared to have a good time. cussed. hut no action was taken. Ap- the t dvertslng lnterIr iof the week- everything, whether It ti new booLks
The newspaper men were welcomed iproprlit.e rrsolutlon of thanked were ly Ppaer. new plays llternationll politics or
by Dr. C. W. Durdln. a nd Jack D. ntel d before aidjolrnmenlt. Ofloern Ilected. baseball, that a newspaper mau know
Melrrtiey of 8iranisah responded. The election o ooltfers resulted as the better Is he equipped for hs
Addresses were mide by John A. ISCOND DITTRICT TO ORGANIZE. follows: Preident, 1. S. Freeman, dutlese
Davis of Albany. Jack Patteroa of Watertown News; ee-retary-tremlurer. Colonel Oborn's remarks. later.
Atlanta and Rowlnnd Tuner at the Menting to Be Held In Alhny *n April L D. t.owland. Sentluinel, Anonial; "pered with many reminluecen,
Industrial department of the loothebn 2d to Form Permanent Bmdy. vice rlcrthlintal. Ilrtfortl county. Iob- a tre Iarely on the subject of the
rallway, who talkedn cmMry nd TIFTON, AA tentative ognl- rem Ruell. ew B n Herald; Nw cnanN e of the weekly eowpep to
t ltlm I or. o epro TO.pime a m i a ounty, W. J. rIu. Walt herbuiy the people. and he mid lie reared
the IVklol r It offer I. the prroblenmsti an. it ub.vS rhu ~.En DislrtL lot late- lr ath oalee t er
>ttiw mealng the f fulr m-lll ilrl at athe I ell-n; New Lonl o-nty. it the heart of AmericLn )ouanl.
-Atr Ing the fndore Is... Lolk TrOndount coty,
Mrs. W. II. Itllslnm, prhldliot af a ril. i the ier,.it jrhlet e It. ouit. tNet Lileo Dr.y; He.i. h*e "roed many praloi be-
Ihe. seventhh nlltlrit A.ri etlti. pr- lti Ailu.Aeitlllull on; h the tidlre ty. tt m .Le tt.r tl o n v tidllet o unco emd
,C .e. etrn oua i tr. el. e'tlit- hat of lisp- churm-i and the pt iroeaudien
idtl. with a number of Idlen hi at- fr t J leur or .nierut V.11-, Afl er. Mit *lA of lhe church a I te
Editondurce. J. Culpee o t1 i duril; Itali i.l I.i tII), ltie ehlrtey it talchlnil, ayline thla in ll of
deliiicel ll.l.a notpe rla a eat .olel hritlrnItc Putnat., l reellI I-r.; Wlndiluu lthate ~e Ill It life there e nom0 direct
UnMd iowkn at Luiam e N i plllr Iii t oll o lliIcI. Itln iilalll. rtliur W. Edul,. Duilel mo"e I whlcrt to vini the Mervll
At the luncheor shr t ta lks were J I. i lrrin ef ti n ltifto ulas J. A. ouinly. A f hllll ie un, manale t the t hI
At ther eoh, abort tkel c-?rm a L are if Tftii in J. I. Tralnsc.urlit; Tollnipd county. Walter rendered. The chief nrity In thn
im dr by W'. E. Algte. erM Iy t of Ih le v l iat .e i Aliiii) 1111 inim llnlll l > lir tl. e- t inUllli A ricluon l oII lluti ulill- iIikhP- l of a IIt ni rfull man, he he
IoLrd lit Trade; lrr. Itl.lnin. II. irutl. mli ; I.liltrll tiiit, A. Wo- ""a oIni rey t ly or on a hls
II. Taft. S. LL wi.l Jiltk W illiam.. A ni tlingiir i uwBasm sliv Til. trlio lmt c es Walltillr iuRlly, w. JamMri.
H. I Store ind W. I. lutllvre. lipul Albany tilt tlI .'. iiinRli .illil. l April. jn conew n M tflol with tIo ole if Jo"hl Iilio i h rln r kl t hlin udIllen
dlmit of the teoruel If'orm Auorlalltl. bor tif e tiurlm --lf IIil rll.lullat orgitllll. ueretnl-triuunrt from t liel l Ar- In II"hilhte Irhrollgliul his reamrkl.
T ifton Board o10t Trade prided. FO. CAC.R C.U E o dlat eirict e er. t ramim i lles n Ai it twel l irern iri iotouhinr w ml y or
Vlir-.lPnllm b'rik 'oery or tlii tUltime. thee S. Itieira wllret ifl.pe itrlp "tith rrtmienlllnr-ec ohurhn moIItly of
Tifit Winlt ouTrade n traelddt. Nethrim.rrs II ien Si-on, dl, trir tf rea. ei if rr a.ni-e h ro. tho"s prruct and otherni w ti known
The vicltl on were te m t o in i In. it Ilivltdil t, tI llirll-tllli ii11 il- i,.nl l,,n eof lil Mirvlrem iliis l- to the pary.
dinllrt tour the Mlilami re inn cl itn in Itorm r .l iit inull itrtihmen iis unly midPntl d mioil It wnii firttir i The AttI ldIn
Itl herd of Jte l ei. ali to the coaltl I to thle program ciemlllnhttc. mlldvl that ii (silly ,if lo ri ,iiiiii, Timoe tleli|lluxi l dinner werle:
Sn z --he iil iland preuenlltIl toit r. oI Y imoon. limosanl of tclle eo mar-
plo. Non. eleitwerton; Rii. Jarmei Mi.-
ERS TO N iT H YAMO NEWSPAPER OWNER OFFERS Bn" o ...... ......... 0A.. Jos '" ..
NEWSPPER WNERNFFERow tmMomber. Ilavec: ot. wflri i. pii. teJoturnil-
I'"lule New Ittae; to. n ; h e ens r
$ 100,000 FOR CANCER CURE Eioht r mother. were ,,lnimlted .t .'.... ,'" 'it .c ..H h.r. hm
BL I.e th ~ akn t and *N. a. Nrahe to mnlleulerlli In the he-luoi.thill. ItC.- Trolisp. xt'nliti.r, Nw Itreavn Mal.a
to Farm DItrelst Body. MIONTIEA. UE.-An offer of hlelnc.: tmtori II. lGroul, lIo. NIet ield. Arthur 8. RllnaI.tes. itrBitol;
-- $l,w~IW I "ti ihe irnllutul or student I ,ni'lon; Arllnr r. HlatFI. leI lew, Mri. o H FR,.. aid A tun, lal l .r. Mr..l
YASKTO, l.-Noew in|.r ntl. .f any r r-.e hel ulivIrtllty who. laiden; A. C. I'nlmer. (izt..i .. "it I l" I t llari ate," ;" lm.-tr n:a n.. lootA
Itrl (nIrol tell ountlni In ulluthe trl i within fivhe ar ufte d e. teve. Iirit. It l:ut i e. 'i st.tt lt h e.t t le h: EJo Jhn E. H.r-
u enth ekott ld ianl rthi.ten N.-- I na.itIlt r pI a -ln alung trea t- .inveo .. I'. Stelnhe 'r,-o. iireeim- P"r"i. N- rtlIeri.e Neo ,am. iv ri; t
st Ill ow Mrs+ d.
branik will ineeti n Yanktoi FhIIrllt- i 11 t for tlIe .t fitli' cPure of can(er" will; Dr. nelge i (.Coh.li. (i.nillt'l- I tlull ind il.m htir. Mli tlthsr I
rIy Md aid 4th to oripnlo a dilrllt nl manle otl thie 14d ty I.s.il Alhol- cut Ilebrew rh,, rd Harltfordi: Ill,h. U1J 1n Mrl a olh.r 4. Iwo.ailsehn;
editorial alocitlon. The meetilig I. lll. lproprlillr if Illm Momrelil Sltr. V. 'lutlney. ('IlIen. nll.fiI: ,Inol 1 i'.pUnp v Tnin ariPt. itnieln;. nor ine
lmt ;EiETl l o FE AY '""'"h, Jmeurer, to lv.e sn la o lnMrT A K. W. Ka wlrbr mIilr %,
the editor thrullNmu t Ihll terlhlrri, i lIxty OL at nqeat. m*-epl. Nrw Itvwen Parm litr-sou: 0. (i
nd It wUI be held In Yankton it t., I HEADS OHIO PARDON BOARD Ti.e fin. evet. oNw I onlcne: jlo te er ll.h
The Wlail vellr oo thie n m nlln or- tottnlni |',l O l .th < i It
irVlltlon of the t enkit Chuhareor if It a hi nquet at tiltl- ini Cohe. Connotlcut I lfrw tRol.
Commerce, whieh In rriangit to fur lxty gIc uisrt mit down. ort-all lIt to itta.trlr esw ianullsn atllnr -immnl
lieIi adequotr ente rtalenteut and fi l, iinill t Inmluet hill of lt'h I tl-- I *i ii' ey-vl t Afl loiiun l ('Illrn e puhiirt-
liMllinR fur thiMe 11io attemil. ind thi i h turn wlarui m putlol tI H Pi a o r in. e r in.l erla othei.
TlHmre re about silty cdltour I Pit' thptoica, n i ll nil .l hour. a Pty. N w ii n W ra r M i i
Nutw Irmd )n. Wt lltr M h Pt-ada.
dheltlnle. ni lt of wl. n rle u *-ta I' or-ldut i. a a. le usen ilii ,ii-l sro h N tend. PI or l t, Ie' t ot ..
l. atod. A I unueet at time taI.in tiai tttont-ar. mn l w hefo Iathr.lt-ita e ..f.the NoWtar'- II I
Ih lllda. the visitors to lh the tgt e tih tLetole i treen the I tiaa.it i i 1 ,1 Ih. ii a ta 1 tiv ..a N-
it Dr. li 14. Adain. will be til, > f the company to nn Invltiili-l i.- l lflt ettly II, 0 'uilor. taia.,+,,t.-, 11w
Ih i fe iture f I imealdlem. A r-in l ity Cl. Nirri f. (Ilemit I trll I Iltrs.i 1.1 m I- 1
Inent niwo>litlmr editor of the Nourth of tIlte rlltont-tlu-,ut Stat ir i ... flr ru1 t ..
tcat I.is, tip or am t iithe ollm rer. tim e iice o-Iaiton to vit tic. r-tw,, prison Pt iJrl e 1
orgitizettion ot a illetrict ptl-eo 00s-, et Wetliterfiled on a delm ,- Ia, I r- sLe.t tt .....,,nat
olutilo.i, for the iataurpl Of pl-illitI
Itpg rhier unity timonsum thur l e ,1 f -
ie- c-lien. t wII het the uihjoc-t -ifr liin
I umte... u.ill .he re"ir-alt 'ila: t.ar-- IEW YORK STATE DAILIES FAVOR
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A L A A M A . .. ,. i . ., ... G .. G E T S M A R S H A L L R E P U B L IC A N 0., ::,."..;. :. !'... ...... w wIL O,. I S A... . u2.1 aI.ke.- 1ia, .O
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DON' OVERLOOK A~^^a ^ ^'^ woK trbrdI 1t:'' 1!V):j"m
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It Iea"ed du.r l a I ll I n:Ili l Io .t to tial D I OF ,li n in A hI. i :-;. 1 akd ito ;,o .,t Ii On .io tilt, A, -..-,, glt I .... I |i.l .oKid, o., ,.1 ri bul S, h<
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AllRKerlr might hae Mutini aIo-
b KSwaas City-Notaable Care t"a ONn
ostr hte.f God Workl lt yidasl-hol said hbis Ire depedsM
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Sffent at 1easot partial retIrmet
at htrT. m al-e of, KT tI hin private And pub lIc fftse ba t
e wooda. Watrto n. 'sueal s el r hd a vs
Pohesry 4L.--Assl Uetlog of i h lmO n n en
I e N.0 t. p l h h e sit S i t adi s s
Srtl o MetSbu. at the ths5er and the i ok i di t h th Il and lepS io ha
r bJnlr a-p"--AA .l mieeith of Im January 1onh. lyhl thpr e o n tD lg
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1ie hotel tiao thUd l I .Illlhrain fa, a ia lltin aed lo IW y. He Bu ea
MAY. ha tI Omd tOrL Iben I+isqloJ of Mr. Irb cichfln

M>U l week whe ffz y. .dmJttond failure but In the fcei 1o
nt lt ta= d wsit i" wdhllt `re "rA home trom sl, ra.t d olis. tle ought a rhe ftor ee-n
x l o do Doulu. 0.. ,, I t^e o tlb F orty years Tamln Blxb wn
-- llt. Msllt,. for liill.r Isoeson 1,l, 1sith S l i 1n new pnn bsmlulo.
B bB "ixby burlul gr-nii tlhrem strtrlng In 194- a- editor of noolhut

Baby ttt ti srh Re pub ole tians at R ede Wats
t,: do d51 Sehsome he.n 5, 1, 5 dth.hu e i tlhlhta as it tot h ll. h .l y
e ith thXeO CTeo. -RI ro Ili- orn Itathla hat ln a. V n- m pr 2 a B1a. l Jt wh e ImbllnheD at the
aIN sON dolat. hn (o i ere W I iasn wCoii,, ad. rnix Ix tO 10 d Mlr
los wda t hh m s, sh a 1= s th ct:ttWt -t" Iloda . Sod .... tI,ea as o th p it .
fop, dieIo oa htal a "ole l bie on h is tr So 11 s 'rel ., r lllo. os itm s Bbel the
t ise od et t lt l ti. IlllrHl wI r I t lll.lt In I llr n d In t i O l r o bl

foly e eeead sieer of adlie asbmd hamsaI tyor two Ii l
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rtw li et throughout aoumt A oarl t i t t e iilroad hnllllll etn hI m eishirn el ot oled a Duihe Nr oM ad M

rrlUUY> n rahag ldM.fd 1lor two years hI that apacity. T Ima Rulby. Jr.. tIwr waslt*t
i". l.'tly, PARL.-clmhn Channa Tatr C I- el et Ind li e th N setn lollt s d en, lol I .

ad Saa., ..i tO l oao eobathto t eerelse daro loter xltyt h ru dt TolE E
. oawa t vern n manage o am uIO the le IrTC Mr.i tlle and thet ll T nl o t e e s ih It sCt l
aea e hie i o fithenn of T trhea io itiuntmet I ae aIn tI nt aecethre so d chairman i cup a A ulldllL osf I A w a the

"h I m mTh wit Ur a Ithi The t.eon
Iu naa t aa 'sRe"t 1a a la Aialds O h I t epa chlll n Ppit tr t o i Pee h bd grow i d IfoLrme
n lla s il S c oly teo t rdlr. to li u e loeat D id TEXAS DAILY NEWSPAPERSn styY
p'r f nr:3 t r. nt mOieera Cram.in bot in t ot Ull
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Iwa i aebs r seri ctar ro yeraSrs his tShat capad oty. SiTams o Bl e l b tw.-D a seO n e
ldofl ando) n ed PRIt.lnh. t ou t d T rdlln In 11 t41t India W .a ll
t wu l da rr m the a tI of steowi mde to W ldan It Mer. am was brother, ll sl Bifl y Od O tlhu
threOni t t the =tlmda sawn- private eals try and he Oe also ted
ho b i the welum I r In
Ld .Blea. nd a a.o to .," in T -athe a ca pacity for ttw oI OLIeoIn,
.. Tt a itody anllt Nealslo an i TEXAS DAuLY NEWSPAERtui
Sthe Crlom 11 PARIIt-Merd. wore on, .Cmlon u.nt tr, lye nthe Ir ADOPTIy N PIK n thWI lMpE
1a.e ihSaatt ttd latl r Ofahm n dre J..r- o ellohe i a member iof the bow com- TAhiIAS. dnTEa--DtlIl IMegaln t.
[r adI Th e I ll hh tht to Ame94 1 a Mln yr tca Nlll t wlrenIpn- aa r n l oe u the of will he

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f himlwidow and t I tthel,'eI. oa Ia'f t a a at
on. iht sod.r Wl .h. .u t~ln. held Mri.Lt. so u mialon.
,dwtc h c a l. OP M no ha dAnTAdN rbor e l-e ioe, la Ic a n UI sa clratn an omso thrapper for dallij et if a dteoids alt
K. lZ the h tlnal o hwt wnI(og Ie r ll thre o i iml nlg1 1Mt a I h It ale L arl .ian sesu s l hen oo m Tetia
ar ho me albi MANKATO. SINN.-The S'd plilti i t l till r to Saes hly wlr Leaute rtalted a ata ista-.
asag ta hhl. h IstOtd, A rIrtr trom ti. RYan woin p.a- abolished In IN b when h.e became Thit s a de t the tesugeslhe of It.
dy It d. Aferma tn. d to aluo w er tmeells ere a te l. to Ihnneot. Iea I -otII e gereIal oolt ItotWr h = i db.
T. Oodne w ls, T eI ra is. The pwrot-m o ils meca aoater t the lhmer re Co perntede of railway_
I epord. I fr btI i liht eo Ile pIre sent ulrlntendent of mall orvl-e at Fu rt Worth, ho
n Xr Kendall, I, tahe fave olvllltla triles but with llln ted out thatEW AT lln, or I dA-N ln-

rIot *n oi s sat seek lta eatlllit t uia faotr ilirtnhla d ,ris It a yers lrtfar e write11i of Uwrapr e ionty onet Jon-
.at.,-, h SECOND DISTRICT EDITORS 1 lie ha lnvery oftJdn dal puble uation
s wis me OF MINNESOTA AT MAIKATOIm are Pe lil ain-l. n In IL. Conty I rd Clu. Tn folu lisalm

ee sea w f se Tehetasdllmr steel it, tatalla In a l te la ael.a alar be li t ioa l-nt eo- It. Frte; vTt-peeti ldeat Josph
t o e The fo. Der. Tllowing year. w lih e aemed eor e;p for dioury at th. MnCami
4 belot lam MANKA Is TO, I I'et l -The telond y plar t hlaa l s i lve al nlmmlulon s to nrmehr weenm cLtrane:d t mmllte-
tt 1.t 89 be. 5Orf1win0hold
tpo nthood fo. he il et Alltorial A. thlon will col dl Ite -est til-rel ther he returned lo lat no n at the Teu hotK. el bly ta
tn. and a sr '- ithe al wa ter a leet Ilema i. r- it lunniat ared two tole In, ale- e ea Myron wbach .ons CRt l.
art fml yoketL day, Feb1raIOr Sad. The progrllm ilei manager of the Pioneer 1-l = !
*ase" in the for a oa4 mesltig wlh at |nrn moI ofl St. Paul, FORM COUNTY PRESS CLUB
Ir.II lP at 9 o'eloak. afternoon man Mullko l.4 Phoenix.
her 'thM 1: o ealo at 2 o' toek aed a banquet! Inr I.H rr hI rseeal b tu IN THE KEYSTONE STATE
daway at olen- and smoker ht 0::3. Th. executive' Havinogs and tI h nver the arrive
Im, d.-oh comlmittee of the .llln lllti t aPrt, n Ifuel llere n nagentf m the of ht, jld, ClAlnT IL Em rAsr6 PA.--Nomlnpa
we a In ovratlon last week mlrd oulllned the tluns f,r thlllrou0gh ~e-ral Irln years before he writers of w nim e count met Jan-
ntunrl. r did thp winter pthering. The secondI rlhle a sound business lllllutlon of uary 1th sad ouninled the Larence
eat wu w oda i t t. llrlst t Iboys ame a live Ihnnh, adl It. County Prss Club. The followln
wahu ha,. 'e Ime bp am 0 lmi.n llt their, 'Thr-ll int l he yeas ,f file real. officers w frt elelted: Prldh tIIL
POern d, l In weinwn, h llll. In the win- dellnce In IlMnkollov h b il bel I wn Ie t ]. Fritz; vl -pr deat, Joseph
me o N i a te. r and limmer. Tile anllnu l ar-lon'- lllllllly a twwn lnl m r, lle rocimed OGOerg; secr I r ary.. IL M eCmle;
brief aI= '-.Mr. Iso, Ib. held at Lakfl&e d tlhl frer. II to a-II t Ilde him love for pirlitlei when treaurr, Wllam M alum; ctrommlttee
to n nhooe And when Editor H. J. Huydoen will slo.w. lie went therm, wllerheile ]llnll,-a o on orgnLiatloi, II K. Bell. Clnr
t _m, % t n- the gne a Mael tlne. were outllumlired two to one, and de. (Jeorge, Myron (Olbach and J. Counntr.

itomty., mrrklnK
r newpaper lire.
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11th. .) Hndl,,h.
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e.ItS. ,tdll)-

S. Of.t ltnodliol.
IS =naiWmng..at


Lincoln's Birthday

Washington's Birthday

St. Valentine's Day

Samples should have reached you of important releases of feature
material for the special observances of February. Be on the
lookout and notify our nearest office if they have not arrived
within two or three days.
The celebration of national holidays never decreases. Events of
the times are directing attention more and more to the lives
and principles of Washington and Lincoln. There is a tend-
ency to enlarge their commemoration everywhere. February
12, and February 22, will be kept .as holidays during 1922,
to a greater extent than in former year.
Patriotism feeds upon the examples and precepts of national
heroes. One of the most encouraging tendencies of the day
is the disposition to give greater honor to the memories of the
two most distinguished figures in American history. Pub-
lishers are fortunate in being able to give the movement its
best assistance. It increases the newspaper's position as a
national bulwark and advances the cause of Americanism.
EuaMe the material submitted and acquaint the service branch
with which you do business, with your selections, at the ear-
liest possible moment; time is on the wing. We take more
justifiable pride than ever in this year's service.

The Fe tur Ar Equally Appro-
priate for Daly or Weekly Paper



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of the litoihmI
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Western Newsp lper Union '. i h .,.' I,..i...l _I ,,1 ll. f-d.i blr v'dr tvelope l Ind
Qu alty.o, Iflo .27 if 22 Sc.... I. ...... ., ..l. I .AX P8lis 711117.20 e a.Ifull to aai la blet
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fiera ib(. I N.loYnah dlVos v l tt.llhII I I l Ut h l II .IIII iI ,r meet e dveet l Moen el High h I to' the I U lm riber'l name
FLI. a l h. .olsdI W dul ,lrent

.tfao.e o. 7am... h.2 Tlmpl. "Cow. A a.ots~ac 1' 11 21, 11h Ili, )hlry i.a ., .o. The .t ee esI r ttre cit TtIee I. i t art alt a Iper L' tirl a k oc L 2
OolI m rsoa ;. sne u Ilr.nll .\l *.l.l.. Ilo' N. "11. r1 i al e r1 e sr t tere1rI nrdU h p il lll*' m Ot el'I d m"a1If il l"1t.
gu I.hUr h W.4l 4C a rSri a Ill-,l I.. lltlUrllu hlly uc w ther1 ltll o e I It I h i nl %P. .\Allenl mstel lriut lIt YI waysth
h i' j 2" Ma""o,. <'"'i : '"t .**" *. "t 11I I m M nured u tha u p ...th

v >M 41,xwr L u..w lu~l inlUTtrmo iM nIIII I) i...ili Ur u Uurr1l.'. .,1111. U %a t b b le <> 1" l l ll i pap>r, at
N a. C oatN. C. ~Was.'nhand l ea0 tll' ls*in o trlt wom u t sales uul.t.st theI appee. .t thie'. as 22 li tlon i a dnaestAh o f this

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IUIma.s II TION I Nl), 6 O .a ? B i l lhlc I t ha. h llalh- p yle r afI r r tf t lll he lilt end renewalg and tli
3MY e ll .00 l..B 10,.c l ,'\., lde is ,t ,ml. Ms. Hw l mcL. ll I Ih ,l.w s fubsmribers ldded in the meil-
.t. P. 2iwL i.O 1 t : ; 1' 5r.;; ,ob ,llll.v ",",'l t ,''. eem et l: .:e: e re lL ar, ..ll a'' k frop the cirdul .tio lr t only .t
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Jnury 20 i. l2 r ., fr ll would ba "'.r. Jurn mall pri ed, oe wold at hbe hll 11 t by hpvir cnt of tIle pa r moplr
so a I. P l, .. .. .ost.... yor m een. t YW o Mri l i n 't. l entI b eyond thne tiwlme ph d fr.

T Mrui'Nh: t. l, lr, l J, Il. u t II i, ., t,. the H h f .l'. either e E. tagan oea

we wll ai nr.,rm you I un ll I .v "ar. Jl l ul nli (0 r cities 1 s, l' Arnlour (th Ir.) u lert d Mly:
E Btotlre"Sli"nr unt ,pri2ru1lr- Jl. I* I)" ': " U"" I "'* JiUL'"*" I) *- i. *I_ i L - "y'" double?*"" ""*" "" t" d o"'
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T l'rut, t T t r o. o ir ro th l t., 0, ty b, t"mm l tl #is_ the I -l I- if 'U. Gte' org E. llkgtn of
NOTtr I CE~ l TO ie i Dii tE lli (tioe rla Ihe l .e ll d u.t il -dslee IIIp a lt. .hritt (2 2 l Idlo dieral -ii.t
ltWoet undu ur air ll you tlit de.l.T I oa lar.y inr .h Iu I t rnll a r Iait l I I it"f a lh i Aroi h b )l lll llm a. s
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tattt a ,,.ar y iar 2 ir t I2 I tb iale ,11i . .ak s pr s tr sl 5 a W These Endore Serials.
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Si1 11. ii ii l. . I hl, .i1i tih,,Ire I .....: Take H .d I.t. pro iinc e r l bi ilt l p s thi i m. ll
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1 I,,, I l 'ah Id I,, t hr do eot tale ad, o latag tw o ('Lh ,,, It Ir t IO hot in t1. 'Ie
It.,' ,..pwer of edosread rs g. They Msay i A It'lIi t it, o ttat a

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I ....I . Il,..'' l. ,li 1i I,, 7 I, l .11 1l i,,- irl' l Frecs lhe 1ta erli ee of h o al w ho .'inl 11. I ' ., -I. II +in11'. it-. -
toat. ttanow. or thoe wi thte natioer l a h I tfo ,.I
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l'rIti .l ,, ll .ki. of I... altb l ..- 1.1 1h- lalr. .,, lh.l a r r lhti nl I Is n lltnM of t w tx t',Beleves in Telling I liL n.
ar,. Il, I,, i, .i. I II D t ,I l,,l Ih .p. 1 1.1 I" ", h l I. 1I l I -Ip t op deal th a, lr t it w d o e.
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l I 1 -. | I, 1,. a .. ,. I Th l t.m..c wo. does henow. Is ko. t ol I l' 'k. i \t 1 V jt. I r iin

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.111 I1 ,.|.... Fo th1 l.... I tt tiet' .1 t1 t lb eo,,l aa l sr..l honott of it h. c do JlTa, .. 1,1 ..'
Th.... o1 'i.A' I i';t.t C.. '.. .tt' i e;ail at ekow how tomwrite go o r. -1, ..llIr

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1 -11- i l- I a l.iT. ;.. 1,,1I1. 111' Practilol ot 1 ir ,22 Io .. off host.... It':- ,.I:t t i
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' l 'l I t, + .' h, r II it o ItI tp., nhlc will brlngl proof .of chal lll 'r, ,i \,hi- It\+ I,; .,.t 721. .
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II I.., KH......I \a Iti. ...... l I... I. t]tII a a i,. i l 1 c,|ic d there Syr thousands 1" t .|a. I|,a h'1 ,
1'' 'tJ111 1II l...h .- ...Bi I" .. I.I:. i. II.. .. I |t, ,rll IIII more who should he ele it. 'I lr al.
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Thi Uel of Wordr. q ,l, 'a. r w", Mickie Boosts Somem ore.
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100 ,ht. .r i ,' l, i ,t ,a.l lit rI t ,Ot ,, ., l|,l I. ,t,, a lUl l h1 (' fl11l l,,r al t , '0 0 ''lt o h rst I
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Tl 'l at,1 1 2 t, 2l 2, 1 ll ll.21 1 1.0j r I l +r i lt l i,'11 h t W a r e1 't ru s* O n la ely l l. d. 1 h ls0 ) n~t a r r l h. tre 'h t heh 2 l0 r ,i r ot t t a In -L o o t ev I
21, llh' t 1110'p 01i .7.1 5111 2,lia'll ''llll.h0ll to 2ll I 1 a.Is elaathl 'e i r tiar 111( t tIt. fr*'Y1 knllo ti le hdll 2 IhO ttt 2 l2 1.l,1, 3loo cFtor o n tr e.ale Coo.
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I", 0, I..l I nI o l u ll t, he dl.t1 r t n ult II ItI Ii Wrlm. But h e truth i hte lf-indulrent
l I r le. It rd lllmnt e "I rked wlth w ul npl..on. evnidre. that whin h0 be u lod to be. Hie bllld

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Ir. -I t,, l lI. I, l .l ..k1.1 r III I. rniter.o ..s Houglh'. rel' e lt l .t tin file
Ih tlS. h, t I,rlnlt lllltr llnttl ll"y I- S a ittrdly Ev'rl 'ing P1'. In 1 wlieh le p ll I.I.INl. I$TATE lEGISTl f
,,' 1 ,01 l ,r n. llr fiiI .-. I Ideld se lbr oh llntllrlelel mn prr- (ilrclntlthl) tsukeI i rke s is to
I'"',r hi. h l.lllinlg, '. nln l Ior for elblo t .l'ildeonlo. iret" oon 0ll0l0l Ih II. ritl ',sf ,I vetm eltn ton
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"It, I n + + llln l 's i'i i i '' Inler. "llI not I ,Is-;r 11,0 h1. eo* t '"*~t~lrIu. IUn the pbpro loorlotm
i-t I'I pI,,IIt 11 II t ..lld h;ll l .- tht o l. 1. order to1 r b ln l
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aI *r. r 1>I < I.ll] a1 hall -. . m or BnoJ",l ) Ikl A i i li owe, It
ei I .. i,,,ipt.i .. ,1.'nlr Ir l'll ,1 ,, o-I .llt nt l it' nu l tllh, n kth a lr Is I. n lel r 1I1ed I ll* h a ntu rl
1.'*o' L I-i .1 .1.. .. 5 tl* l il.,1 h t, t l Its Ihrleiris 1 aibih. t l al t ll'lis I ll t m. n lern rlly Blr lla
inS ( .. , l>., ii Iir,0r .li(.rInIh i .srli.' 5 iS i rIn,, 11. hn ',, | leite 0 i If l e
-II I ,, lh rii.rn1 i sl Siiwlll) .. B l 'Ir 'i~rol Int'n o 5,0. fl,1ru UrId ,'' | b i nh kn -t-.I lllr in ro l l, I.

rl'l iiii,.,.l o I i' i ir I. 'n t '.ll11.. .ll S iln 111 siii I "r'. t 1.ill t.c n w .h th "
I- I. ,r*Ii i I in'r 'll .I lrlo"ii.- I "y lm s i siri r. rHil r, '. ii lShm,,5 ,llpl ir Int l' h lh ]
0r, -,. T wo iIo ln r In .Il1 I- iSIr n l.cl 5 l, lhl. he'l .11i.1' 1 .1- M t Is tn1 t ral

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t r h in n it, rf ,,iliiii 1. m,,, 1 lM+ i n. o)rb 0 1 NI II

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r ISrS". ir -4ii1001 i,1 IIy,,'r O iislli ,r ,,l lJlll
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err .,, I , li 1 l ,I ,1 .i5 5,.- iriIs Ift t t.t+, eh:,'l it I i 's.... ,tmr t.....

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Or l h I ? hi. the peyeh Iem ndt he d a ul h on t Lhnte e saMrdlth n lme. i *ls- e -e ltplng hl o daeorn tlmllt
goer nm lmen, 11hr 1M r p outice A nd the ,v h~fNr ll pUblc The bsnkir lnhJW.

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o hom~,,., Fl t o( lefmtotl-n am~lhelditorM oa left I A. c llalnr wd or eld c ua l hIto fres h

"K, tl tltsl 1or dnant or y luet ow ie polllrI5 m m he e r
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ens pelt Theee pro. s s. e net A
klalv nn, -4 thrlltn hl. IW sim s m th on the i bs w Ie ilIin O lelpl tee gmIsl edlt
k h .tlontn L"II of *(uma Inoton ly with At imiIt bu wt him
are St.l e b mseee em.nf a And MtoIS Jus eapealsr*
epe m- (he prism U fR iwe anaameo the of .
An Valn e tetI so to h b o I

Like to dig in the soil So do we. For
the pleasure and benefit of yourself and
readers, examine the series entitled

The Cottage


Something which never before has been made the subject
of a special series, but which on account of growing inter-
eat, amply deserves such treatment.
How many people who are now planting vegetable and flower seeds
in window boxes in order to have the young plants advanced and
ready for the early garden, know that the soil should be thoroughly
treated with hot water to kill germs and fungus?
How many people know that plants which have been started in win-
dow boxes or hotbeds, should not be transplanted to the garden at
once, but should gradually be exposed to outdoors temperatures for
a period of days, before placing in the earth? How many people
have had the advantages of a capably prepared vegetable planting
chart, which shows the distance between rows, the distance apart in
rows and other instructions worked out by experienced gardeners, in
relation to the different vegetableplants?
How many people have the latest scientific information from the I. S.
Department of Agriculture in regard to making window boxes, hot-
beds and coldframes; preparation of the soil, the when and how of
planting and the hundreds of other things which the government
pays experts large sums to find out, for the benefit of both ama-
teur nd market gardener? A vast amount of this information is
contained within the 24 columns of illustrated articles which make
up this series.
The price of the series, supplied either in plates or mats, is only $7.00.
The brt part of th material should be printed NOW-during the
window-box and general indoor-gardening period. The remainder
of it is arranged to follow as the season advances.

It Cannot WO to Jbe himarr and
EAeSWRN so MnYE UlhIors



I ~VUY--~

I s. DL. SENATORIAL RACE P`1.1 Ms-.ne r(" I hEs.F.U M P
--- "What Soterk thb Coao l Iound" by
Jam- II. i.*liClM1 a.11 r kilk0 .uhinlll, ilesd Iss MbyNl MIM When PM
Joachir. ICs io. hWe. &SI LIn'aoSM,. TOn
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wplaoS N.;pr. alou rrc. IL.IVIINlTIN, TIX.-Trarlst. 0a
"The P w l r., bT Emry C. Pr.1. w""' proItv during the World War,
) atonUa Malchlirne nln. r Journal, 11, 11 NIe 1 III vllrIitlln wayWIP. T hey
2` 1 her. by %,- l hr ,fultas i b
tovnsber. tins,.rtuosbesI Iluete hill Is heel.

E. Fline Ian Y'rno lln unrly, Jan- hal a1 I, .l .lo.l. lo r thNll h ead of
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Sl i t l di s, dill l I Pr il.' r I. Ho It .lllhll flr W' 1. West of
"I hr n Td n I Rom 2i I lIl rlly. *illor llrl 0 it l llhli, r Irl Ibt
oinreloe n..'r.' lm F "J Rl re h:IIkleb I ('01..5y Eltiom rl.. Il .bhar eM
NoW lfallsd P1rmln.'. Jonury. I ell-,rlely n.w Ipurloonl I lll hih Irim
-- lr tallS 10' 1.st oa...iblssir
SIX MEN TAKE ONE TEXAS I "" 'It o. .'.'.nt i .i f
PAPER FIFTY YEARS EACH I,,l,,,':'' ''"'' ""'"""I"' '" e"
MA KllSllIN hlyh. Tllllllllr ;dh, 1
( ILAtit %'U-I-J,. TF .--The Tinl"n s.f lt' Ir.s I,-lla 1.11 s tl eer
of this plon makM llk lleI( II 0 ts ( of w Iich It sa In jUo IlothIy prom'a I11nc f llt-lc tml. ' 1,5Alian lit
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hundred s of ie'ltarr tilr rm. -' u;I Te Plsk nt' iu'llcr rrltse in put.
dliurlnsr the In it t e :hlb n II i l e tll W-
(i'n o lle Thln t.e pNoh,, r ..I. n I, Ilr'I tH"- ,110 I A lt'e hI .e Pr. .

dof h. 6 u t a l e othe nl t W. "1. kl.] deli, | I I| i nI n o Jl to I il a ppI i n I h i
W.eIT tr le.ori to he fort-, tl y ,Iz th
F.er ml4 ut It l f elHtI `w I1
Meonlrake. so t . lir . l cr i. i. n e e .,ew re he ae-
u Nl AW r a. SrIUR w l oo .isn n l, In.m' tuis sw. r s rn. f li tl
|l r l l I 'l n wl id dt le a ln d I rii r a h utr 1 m3rh l' I I hll nl a r e d
II. A s t ie. lr 1 th imlll eeUt te iud. el.r1 l r w, 't elt id.o
clotl M. I.t f' p p r ie. 1. hiu'.o b1'. ,. s o .w 1. uls. I min*. n Ii i l, I lle x n ltee bM
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pUbtr lie the dae.. Mr, oUrt'e' trNl.t 1,111 f st lede withe I ir
naN will bhe W tohed with Inlerelt y 'tllr the h iles sl ml me ll l Ullat n i
b Nllft oe 'i-rl* h. t by i mi eles oys b olho l ...... Its, ,, .bet pe glen
b tc1io.,'lelrr I Cll ky.n. .1i i llran-no-lt l tIIICI llogi 1 i ll ,allig et ut 1i SnIM

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Ad. eg 5 .- Tleb Tll 'n l -LnsIe 1o I I.m 1 III ft y e.ar. drlsl"bIls t'i Ithe building
enlg:g Mer N~sioaper O onr" by h to r R,,ly peBy fe Ro t Ils li 1 x1 15 MI,,&
A "rmr IA. W Paf PNrln und u th st pllltlr r A ll'rrln m allkfll tohnutlh tI-- yealr
r. SAdm i-'U ~ '""b by Paul tlw I .t 11 ,r lh Ixrl A rl mcyl Of tfle bellsht, n belt o wa rum l Iee
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O tr. Ja nry A . nh; J. and fo- r delivery.
"i. A. m. Mr n Offored 'Too Mch- MICHI GA DAILIES ELECT "TryI oat 0 t I rec ma Eine E.
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CPrv 3db. sd P tIsI ,r, ... wt..y t EDITOR FRENCH OF MONROE W.in .I.O.ploll .I of ThurndmI Mr.
"Otl WI nd 't pl.Jan uarl n I. Woteo.l1 Wll i ,Ullt by the tUIhe, o
111 0n.4 Publlhl.tr, JensUry. IIAN O tIAIDi. 1 l-il,_-The flt N I ethe tP lbrOP W Wave a dellat Is
Featurles n e Ene of 11.00 .i.lll e. Ihllnhlinf. ,It If rw hbd bu
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W.. : New llelad .rbntr, J0u0ur tel Ihe 1bh nt II"nme tol unnual nlret. t 't
t, Ie. Pn Needs labur ew. lpeelol. IIgy elfletIl ofllt" o i tfolloner :
II3."+ by H. BUl hlv ltlt 00P, lau- ridenlif. Chrls m A. Frilml. AMat *-Mao'mIctl' HAD I eI ,Uei U"
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I N' :rt o i. llodoI n n b, ll Montlyt Mr. ar eo lowcselb Frank It. u'
"'0,lt II Mlntione.ld Mlteon,- In Ihe Mlolel of Alurhatl. ihos lin we'll
. .s r .t ,' 0 re, 1.. 5.,r1,k: lie l.e' .e p.a to fr lml crl, the tle eime m are. ddm. d to n ,l-t ead
Ansrisen ap elnt. Folruore 0m.,kn how INlt a e saI
r"lce. 0 Frlnthlg Ar. 'rn Tow." by if Ito no anllatlon, plr.' tlial isrrii.--lldtIe aor n,1

SOMI INMIITIT l fl cn IT d after se esasi n, win Pe HEUD o KVIM Nmum rWoWm 11P U. MAL AT l I^ aheise ls Wkit "!It
UU11 oI IIN M 'T~"aly Ia...' ha* ro.aere i IT t. Ith uder. II. ST. LUIS FRUARY 10TH tNtes' m a sd t at t etmik., to -, at
lut 1ll 1in ajua.Is lt HInit antdidi onwl : I-e .e"atsaelted -and ise les has hem frfMe le HIr hsas ag Or
I tS o r..r Adrn.... 1urt, Joll, On o i I. I I.'I, MO1.-A winter meetl. g' swggetd s5 t ph 'pce. T I N s' I tive haond at te
CIT. Joa1'i T c if r "Ana'ho J o.'at IIllw ,Ia.unori Pretese Aun.lati.on l e lowton chantI.sr oft C aUrt" aid hstI wil set t dth e satd
III l ll I ll l''r' 'i .ill' 5 l iledll to be. held at act. Iulm loeal papers jnl e la I a iluitalllon, Ing.
FA I LLUS a. f Pa-trll. to te Friday.. February 0lla. llotel lltull-r
T I .. .. rLi.. n L-I-ar 1 ill be id artere for hte nSi*r
NI s.U. r *I ", I, 1 i.i r s n. III e Iat al oill to 1.It hIlc d
B E II LY l r a'. IIat l 'n r Ih I 11 **i Ire l th Iluo'e, ot.' llig at
Flats[ A041n 1,iIon nthe vilcploymna of
Secretary Halladay Gives Out I '"'" i, ...., . a ... n .r ry a a..i.' t n a
-,l r l nln j I llort. ~ +'s'lllm laalaalltiaHll n 0111 moIa'la l UIII'r 1 +
Program of Convention of ......' '. r.. I II' sr,'ln l s. tl rr" f will .l at tll.
Association Feb. 16-17.l .. ,.,- Jl" 1.
iiIJ'.., 'l'ia .. i. a..: ..0 INVITED TO HARLOWTON D im
lae,.li i l ll 1.' hl r .11 oill .1 r r. iI. I ,. s.0 IIAItII)WT4O.N MOXT.--Hlorwtoo
*ri itruiylZ i 'n'ir.l f ii I- a ,. '.0, 'l\l't ,.i a Iats i too al. the a'weark- -
altl ratsH. of '2 ,,'oI n'll hll'b. I, it o l lI 'I ,,' Olou t,.laa Aro + JII'ol* I.ly publishers of th e state to meeta.t KI I How W ReI
.,'...,la,, Ia ." .' ... '... w. L. T, YO Nme Ink Can Bo
l l. NAlI Ull lll a llll l Ir illlr lu'l N oLw ,in n iof ralt PB
hhI s, th L'a n 'a il l i,,, :'.,' ... .o......r ,, l.,, .d J.n ..,,- Mr. Guntod. publisher of
11i, t, ,,,lrl ..,,,iu.ly n.,lI il. lnS Anri co .,,, or. n1t1or c a the St. HiLbre (Mann.) SM .
Ylll lh l+r Imllllt. OIt~ ll(llllyX P II )tllllont s. ,, ,II, A I 'aat lltl ,,+ ,u 1 i 'l ,rk IPo
F'lia. 0i0 laatil, -l,'Ita.l ie' n' I.1,.h i ll i ..i,,,, IotI tn I,. ai t,,,, ,, i gion lt Ul l . t prlaidentn tor,orderedatrialcanl of Black
.i. ...... III i' ril .r . .....- i . .. ....... ... ..,... t.a . Ii l arI Diamond News Ink. Theorder
ir',,.hirilg .. n.r.ii h. i....- l,.,l.rl ,ii- I.,,,,t Kh.mI r ,,f .1I,,, ta. l. "i = was placed w ith the under
hII, f '...r. i ,1,' .i r, ,,"l . ......t' .......... PA. DAILIES ELECT TAYLOR 1 ndind thatifBlack Dimond
h'bll dhto'i tllll. t i illlla.r' ir. pr 1all iIl t t l i l t rt astl', I n.t E tl horial. 0 did not meet with approval it
li il '1h1 ldio a lll. ii, ll ll vill aI, l o h r .... .il ll lI .all Schools for Print.er Am nl Subject. Was to be return d td to us.
SIil '. lh l li. a I l Ia h 11 ih ltlle lre ,t' 'lila a riiia I" tI rI Il' ,r uuhn ee asl V o d eren ak ws A
.,,,i, Dakota Life' h. hio.. ,,'.'. ,,r3 lt,,,, a., ,.' i ,i, 1 ., H' ,'at I,,, h giving Black Diamond a trial he wrote tas h m. s:
Iiirti11 in hanmltnily tor", a'io.d .. il r, t. I+ t til ,,,. i,,.. : ir .. in. e :o g Blch Diamond. a e Aw el u Iof
ar lhiir ,1' a hii ,allar laHll Ii llelr life Iha 11ri I tsit Iwa ii iIIIII A a l nl I lll ,, 11, ,,,i I -i I, '.iii iil ,, K ', a k u inl l.-r o. d'1+. uA II t syla i

''..rrl.a ".'i '.. r' i "rii..tia PRESS ASSN. IN TEXAS lan.,d "" '" ,,'' .;' n t asat he onl dl
Jla 01ll t' faoatai I'' I~ 1 ~ InIr -i -'] I: I,,, ~a~,1 ) I ....., r I.. 5)'. liar1'
... ... ill .. .... l.. l 1o 1..... 1m. ln.r.l -- Io, ICII;. r I,,,, l ... .........or ... .... 1 w o, Mm.Id I

lsia. ani intaotrucla'titr Hatwi ll s orth thl*l liar CIs AC'IhII TIt :\.-John r., J la n ala \ S5.r : A. l t. S.hlrisilta. It'lio Otyn 1 PaekavS Can c g9e SW WWUoi li efa 9
I Sr llllutasd exl.Hnt a arqu edlr. Tlhroilgh ].|isl i itat. r a ndil t III hIt r ,f titrhe ot iini i .11. i t \ iAenidrw. Li"lt' ll. Ai dult t. M o aunom s that a ents a P lJ m iL A
iht sonrl'tey n if tllt Blu in llo l 'oi n l. |,..,]1ll' Mila liltor at lh.lo iIuil.. unliiI IIfr -a I+ ll lhe a ,tialioihmrntlt of
lwr'lil C lub the laa MKnoliltilo will have l.,,lalr of WIiilllam Itaisi. 11 lita l r f i ier ao aa .I l a prin.'ri i' re|ol *rn|te9 ib h *9 3 sOi.
the phllaure of iUtplnina t o l n i. lra iltr i \V'\.h.iniehle Dlily Li.hl fairce.n .i .inii, ilviii' ii D'n ua, ll li W 1 l l a i ThI wrote Fromu ll fIR e
lay ,r :a. 1 11 "al he 3, I w Agull W ham moor W ai

0 tIIIIa 10 einiel al tsiiaa relutarti n la tl h, Ii ll, n a Cont.tal r Pr50. Aque'ia- In tlhi' 11',dini i"t'll'lutlal l ilna1)1tihtlf W0- W S E WE W S A rL N I
ian a hNooter Iita l a, anlllllllln ltf H Ilildr: lih l -,t i 11 tIrt 1 ..J Hwteti1 h l 111 ,f Ihi -I.iIi. .1 II. 1Zrlaly of Pollti- int IM t til jrit. aad
IaIII if Mr. Jonlmmn.a' tulk w;ia ItI only ill,.- M.Sm. SMllll l e '\'. r fti.r tlfto i,,.,l r i,'.'r tir ~ilrr iiin.' In t111. W otrI n Paper Co. Midwel tevm i C
ainrnllon hilled I II iy p lr d pai y f r iy 1fe. 'I. lasi er llilt wna elet il i 1, h 1,, :ii, It11'ill. Iw O U T O ia ams I O
ltabitniidetlt Si' ,...,.-.,.l. TRY IT OUT Wst-Cullum Paper Co.
Prran llm. 1 It r want D PI o
'hle filPllio'ln aaraqmraal, To p,,' ..,lio, ai. 1 I Ir.',.l fb tit 1,, 0 ,, I,, Can ,l t ft
'I'IsIWolly otffla louls Fel l'ritina f Ilar.'. M o ,'r,,' its? ias a oloa Ina 3p-,1 -- 1. o'*,*.a.a or Tha wl t't AeTmo(ayoet at a w PS "nS
I Ch lubhl.V fle l %% l v IVll-,l 1 1 l lr I',i ,. 1,,, \It 1)t 1 I athl .... .. Tl B.l.Orood b is Test, fol

Keeping Them Paid Up

At a Minimum Cost of Collection

Annapolhi, III.
l How Publisher Cox Brought in the Cash

S.. ,. =. on 250 Expired Subscriptions-
IS t. Loutis, cpho. s il ctf rentedd with ill original subscriptitoSll expirinl '1 at one time. ]hEw wS ere these
n charter .l)asribers" to be induced to renlw lt ince with cash in advance?
Mr.n eien: Mcr. Coix maintains that a thing', to be well sld, mu- t s e sold C n its merits. So he

We have completed our "Pay-Up month cam- 'i.t'led out the merits of the News and sold them Ito ill' greater part Iof those read-
paign andl it has been tremendously nucessrful. ,*'I" w"hlhoe subscriplions were about to expire. Hlie .,Id them with a five weeks'
To date have received 250 renewls. ;.t only badertsisi a';mrlpt in hi, own paper, supported lb1 a canvass of the expiring sub-
five and gained twelve new subserlberp. I am rb hn r h
confident the remainmnft ".-harter 8mber>," ., The response--250 cash-in-advance renewals--bee.ries a staoggerini' total when
confdent the rn, ''hare .er ,it is remembered that the population of Anniapolis is on v 206. and that therefore
ill all be in wthln sxty day. te number .f iptio entered when the News was established a yar previ-
i i a c where country correpon- ou did nt moIt to four figures.
er tory, n oheir me th- in the WNU Printed Serice which the News ha ued ti ontinuosly ce it
,ut the ald of" pre;um or other "f'rpe" in- lirlt issue. The entire campaignn was based solely on these features; they dominated
du,.c:".:ite. I :" satisfied prportf-nite tly thf appeal of o ach advertisement uaed.
equal r ults n secured, in any ,-.rn:. tHoy And now 'r. (sx says. "I am satisfied proporli.nately equal reslllsa an be se-
if the proper ,t fort ra put forth. iured in any community if the proper effort is 11put forth." Which cen be done.
"hre advert:smep t you prepared w vry You ha not be facing the first anniversary of o'li.r Ipaplier, but you lo have sub
effect '.e in ar 'sr. cur readers, Lh- ouae n s4 riptions expiring each waleek, and to neglect them will soon plunge your list Into a
on the jump ren dy to put up the cash :or their chaotic, revenueless condition. Or perhaps your circulation is not what it should be.
expr ing subscriptions. P'nrhaps some other condition prevails which you wIould like to have remedIed, and
The year just cosed has been a ly d one which the circulation-pulling power of WNU Printed Service will help you remedy.
thae haInks to your aastance o'r the At Least Ask Your Local WNU Brench for Full Infoermatea
To do h ve r ceivYoure very truly. onw n
(Signed) IAL:ER MOX.

Western News paper Union.
Wes-tern-Newspeper Union

------- _ 733 bvaa *MR' AUXIUL&T.

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"^ ^^^^S *--- --- ----- I"---- m llwi t worm *tole as I s. w arns huh ;g mast h1at i aOiD ..L ItS eric. aur e wth-ln
as. COtM O s T.U LA!W t h meAtu t asAITa? ea acit gut Cse a
P-l t a i t fu A.Le ar lTr e ot 'm- =ill tore "ear

t -l a, r at irS itea. Us tetoi.. Mg *YI.. W- .Ii*tr .. ., ,, 1..uua. I- ea eta.,_s B=t A aW., ,

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.... ... . .. ..
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rNul a M, ft", wer ea- a_ Il Z .e--.L e t .
,%b.' "'I W I r aInh orte . t a e a e is

a, a1 i *it -r. S1 tfiso orl H. n 4wt a IM oi Add $P e tlil s.. "Ite terO. i -
003 FO UN ES 0. Ci"' i I.L0Lr Y NI MNA INT*- tr trail st iMlnet pr.u e r n ..-aaaa-ar a.t .a A o r o. A bio
eMh- sh t ei .lsea; (e O..I-OAw*.D.EIR -iS .s s j.U. tw Sot i wl .t

l*w.- iIe. t t w at i ma lSAIME lME llM v r aetr ehe wI uawniirel teat. tel tea u_ at al. tak te.ec...i s
Fl orPr.omprtServicl eof*-II- Imp. .Sl "IoaSwL t. .i-Y4sss'iI 'a. s -- W So iW or = A: i
------N ea e".e- e.a W"te ur ..Ir r E rse. sOr SiMarhi.e
t erYa'So ll r ui -t. -A i- rids- tem atntr K- IS al Wa te- i t th e a e r

---------=ao-- .. i .. .... ... ... e. .nTt. dal ar ts p P . T r a. ra je .. e., .
D.. y= -A J.% r Sa s te *,rI.., =,,i. o
ATYPE 1. ..N.1, t ,.RT- WOP NEN*?Co

Printers a2uppU2-in s1 euttuerltrrn. rfi ea V*tEda CaS*^a y.d1j-*" ffi ^d1'^

L.enew- .t te t'. Sa ,..IlW & 1etu. It K-te a bo I s.e., mWwl.r l T.O T. ta 1o rMs r Si S W it

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rt bilthl eiar Ae e:etbiao price o tep 0 ara rt.
he I o ti o iles eh et at.. usu t rt Alt i--. app l iu t tt re t btport n d ro ri n. t t IlM

H vt"wS35 .^ ^ 1 l o *,a ii,. LI. 7 Jt tPRAD A-I-S tets...a t ee .ah earn ^ -T*.

h nm mlA um l I .. ....T = 23 N.... ... lrn- K ... ... .
.ir ei fix IErflertrllalt Ij u st ertileltlnADAMS tI mljhA--

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.x ""`= ""c tan ta auta with

trlr i^^ af Vt Is 0eme -2- orl. 'wC? n O', Y' A' ',".;."A*b mI-d io .'a i'; "' Mtie s t ^
eat tn a e ra. Stakeehirta trt.n"i3p. AMS tA I. I t taI.*t tAr. l trip" U t lien r -Pt War. t AN ; inel. s P.?Tll .I piNer

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a"n n.tb .Ika up t ; ..+l."" filte atet eht, A-li I i -i wes al an ptl. se .ttTln e atA N
TIri i Y. r&YPE FOUNDERS CO. tatgll ag= OItert a o e srL. heh tailcl et.
.ere. s1eK 1peitt ... e tch so- t. to ea teat ao -cI. was at WAN l SD- itR tAltH ate 11

.we- aen a Ea rtaii. as tnu it arr- I an rnlia ,t iet. eoo -sho arL u Ih N T end AiY ATlu WtlA laI tm T ti e yr.- ee:14ec

.. -l ... ... .. _ ,K T h t~l~l 'hn 1, Ar n =ir-, 16.'l' Adu \ L'+ A-1-"" 4 uw4 1,d" W: Mr"= tior d Me" r HM i $"1
a l i t i ah; em LUA 40 .. fllM T |ON AI TE A .e' jab pea. o us e .,,; . W*.t t.eeat.h.L -. r .h i atarrttr ..t. i- t. e.a.tai,,
a t o ,Y I I i i i i l l W "

aA ... ..a 1.... eat. . .nt, It as....Ie... t e.ats. Ta ren.... e... A.1. do. a. a....
*i;'*' omm lnm~ m T k___l._ i ' .;-si"m ko P t sWl k t .ll-', s -. p. r lu is l W -- o IS ".i ilu roh lC,
W= O S t ae t at h it .Wettu WOWh na O; tl I at Wads AolT,= r
I enr .d "I= Pl~y SPOi o o, A Ft r ii. waArOR CUUNTN
_ph. :i;all i M ll. ate he M i l. .t.s .:
it.4.1 te s ft.d. ithe Fa l s,.4 N o I
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Wil-hsN n* tet, m r W. r t ANr.huP' T IYCS IHN aot ICe ALy 1hcnIt T U eastl west e nn eU= = 5
r,.6,aw.. -at a, g.-a .r e . e.a:. a.- .- N ata Kol.ar te =- .' o et.y.,r*.I t . .at ,l A.t a W
WIN 0:0= A r. taltt tue a e t . Prrra lacticue. ir eapep ei r est ate

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S t e n i. a -' CtNIt r C ita Cu t y Unt ii' I e iss.* 1t teri* asa% =eea.W ANTED iA L R U Ot c
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"o' W r*. . rW.r n S- on . A d i n .in ., to : r Footr t- V ad N I . 11= '
l.i1 hUH i ,r dil. old U.l~klyl ArN IV 1,1h"o, vr 1 An de,+= M1 ool' 1- -s I -i,,
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