Title: Publishers' auxiliary
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Title: Publishers' auxiliary
Physical Description: Serial
Language: English
Creator: Watson, Elmo Scott, 1892-1951
Publisher: National Newspaper Association etc.
Place of Publication: Washington, etc
Publication Date: January 21, 1922
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So Declare PrIMI i Fon e
Maine Proes Autelm t
Opening f ietfl f All

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ith il o tutumse etrseT tiar wit
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i.r ti. I, weln Ue iewer Ia Ut
c.es,,rt rti.her thee b e huIse
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r. it. new Tar ImiJT tP 1 *
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ks.,u tr 'urtl- what the editor
a ''"lit n rk nrotilly. for meet of
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c. '. tI se '> d ,rperetloh D which r e
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as. . s'ti'lait and what Ii true
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tru< s cikllem. ter they h th
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whis, "a irv-'lnl o1.n a the Inarsr
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Ii' r+ ," '*> tt.rsii r. whether he hIe Oe
It' nJt wrpk ot r pubhlihlna
t u t's r nttit id to a r proe t on
.'1 i NIlstterlal Ju.t llr Mime
. 'its tr or any other r-
'1 i s tM oinly when a man In
It." t1tsiK *it his cvtrhiMd soni
i s *' riterproea tit e tst t h
I ',,,. I,, to g ie that In vrder
S nrtd >IMth bitills he mint take
'' tttt shin he Mxa. iail. Ttll
't" s sic bhe brought out nt
t.e M ,t*r rimetillsn which
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''"" i<>r i si i green n tgglatennts
-" ''it -I with a noud rtiff
,i, t i n1, charge a lt r
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"it >* "11 I. fur him to Tae ad-
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lhtt tiittrn ay of at he Ia se1
ii, 'r n c, + e t n" eel rd with
iMtrt ir ion. Should nOl he allowed
t" iii' i, wHhiut taktlB aderntief at
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. 1uMn.M P .t00 CAe

t. mt... PRICE 3.00 A TEA.



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Id brought many favorable comments.

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Lt11hin gthe, refund file aEe V. TtACIS K N I-The W largher
KLA tL th M Iitployl l PrinterOK La -A te ventaln, ws piV enr to al t called e meeiing to ordtr, and
midwiner meetlig at the tha ebd emtleiing amp pu thrblll ghDe t polity. Y thi roll ll, which lu ned iely tl

Siler of Oklahoma City, he r r thi en nF epr d ie S e leem. loweda, diclot d J ooly 14th. er o

Poea City weM e si faor he Id- iIt ,trti.k Mathe v meeting of the miainm'ri tpia-nt. The editrl iil. "At
eimmer meeting a r atploy eg Priat. Okluholm Prsm Assectitleon t P~e tendl llr Misetlagi," which recently ap-
t 1 w. O.W.Opm. er to be held sm tme April Cityt. Disussion of dvWetiite id poired In The Publishera' Auxiliary.
See 3W V .. C pger. wife at the .the pert a newspaper plays in memld. evidently haid not been without effect.
*er the Pde (Utah) Hi Ad. Feollowthg report of peI t hy public ophltinlen oaepld moe of the Mr. Skelton led a general discusalon
toeatis. Iekateim f of the department [terry Jolly 6t tfie Carnegise Hrld,. diy's seslen. on I'me M.Problems Now Fatdnag News-
at ort the l ist r-edtioe a tihe annul address was nle by Pr-. Ned Simpler of the LIwtao Com.- O. JOHN MEI. Ipaetrdtat..' Oi net Ihe mot notable
Wewme a a dent Co rell, his remark@ flowta titulon poloted out where polittal Abovi e I a potrall of ir. JohI M dil'lnl""ret woi In connect Ue with the
a3er tw. and the cwe-Ade.ate r ly Ilea the thw of the growlg advertising begin In ceaneetion with swal eeei_ dent of thie Frl hynenlits obtained through Home Town
IP ee aneweptontlly twelledited l atcy oin the Ioldme rule apilyta handling of new teile cotnceralng fuart ette eis. la es Id.a Isoe of the pnper Week. It was the eunenimo
ted Nar s Cper I to the printing trade e1 well s ther pollti. Expni an ot editorial Opl- "Are ertan rre t to e s otlaof publhe pre st thet
* i. havi i e bilMi. O lio of th ton n tnhe no columns concMnInlt o ntin, between thl Unltd Iti won a splendid propl ition. the reel
WeMe'e Federated laubs. in whlei Tlsa United Typothtee Mnd athe pallice we condemied by helpii sa Gerany. vilut of wsich could hirily be judotim
she held varim eWtaefm ple oll t he member, to "Do unto the and the Ime metiment was echoed "- - at thle time.
other allow e yoe wish to be doII in riund-tible di mWlon at noon. How Ie Get the AuM-
by." wee outlined aid elarged upn Advertelatl rates hod M be m l Je.se U. Perk, publisher ofat the
by President Cockretl. il.,'d a bit during the coming year. CaselnUit Republic.an, mee to have
M I Nartines Lbter. aerardilng to L M. Nichole publisher helI d a e nvlillh, record amongst pub-
VII RI IlUBL TO A summary of tihe national &hou 'If 'he r"Ist Reaord' Tbhat rateI at IN liWhI of fhe "avere country week-
aetfTtion wl presented by WI. It. U" t'he reo-ent time produce scarcely Ily" or s.eeuring advertsing. Hie wa.
tleema pO"reident of the Oklahoma enmtgh to allow proper newa display therefore requested to give a talk o
A O I t(ly Graphic Arts Assmoeatieo. we the conseMsus of opie of All I I AderIluIw l He Uet It'
I I l II j. hi. Crane of Topeka .. hI th I- = PPRaTIrPk molt=ly d"elmed "I

spoke ai "Prograee In National A- trailed a warm welIome to the p ie a better advertising patronage thin
O I I EDIT lvltile and the Twelfth District." Mr. ieri'aitlon. and urged everiyoe to be aly__ other publisher. Lie paper
O i_ mle committeeman ot the United present at the May Imtitg. a i-corlimn quarto and ibl re ortd
Tyrpotheti amid member of its execu- f- RniUiti AskI for CMd ofst fr lr2-1 elhowed he aver.rWd 00 per
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PIl However, a Many were not forthcoming oan Thuarady. LLr RLIDULEI by Eniployer and I. T. U. i.1 rate on a nmtrect for Ion- .-
Tonical Subewts Show. em it was decided to continue theme -- ectivlle week--o aid to ie leas than
r'anfren'Iw with Simllar MS n ri CIIARILOTTE, N. C.-At the chi- ci% Inrhes at any tihe andl the ails
Sthe Oklahoma press Aiolatlon, met Iing mlemiai of the Norlthi C arlltn Press tot iciupy the amle p.itiolh aich week.
INlIANAIl1. I.l.-All--i t dor==IMAS- |nC Friday. E TTS Aisaucatism, held at Wi -llseMleiellu, tun.ld-ir this plan he wae assured of
n iltlretsnIl hn l; .s arri.. it tl Pr Cent AepM tid aet Mhell a RES. resolution wa adopted dru ing drill not t e tithan 227 lurhe of advlertiling
J. Halei.e-k-. Pr. il,lntl for It-. mid- Frtorwing election of omrt Ine the Wontdrs Wilu.u Fou"iidution enil every week and oitf tirIe the adver
winter omn.lli .ctrs t II. Ilii. uttii- ifteln.i o. Titotea P. Ta otn o f hewm Idi ist'l-li ti nmuplrlt of the Nc tiU h stw untII more c*ola. on miaO oc
lti... I, .'rils..Aoea. ia.tr., whil Wrt I i~*r di rweued "Emplainnt m opeltra-a -nis" iiei.ti|-. L i tWomu. Tle pilua las convicted bhut
be held at the tietrhin hat'el, Ind'i.n- "hen," and L C. ty of Enld, i ----- All|,ther i|portaitnit re.inti.on, f-f. that It init puaid.
e. T r pn t, e on "ur l n fd . .Jrlr s oi ir it ,i- "Adierillmlt t'ut Srlh-e-lmw It
JIllkni.tt llr"l. Th*,lm n will It N i .renihnt-rit-nt i ereThn" notCcr C ux Gest of Honor at rd yit* hii.d uJcclilnoUo l itt.l'ptt d, lt Ayt" Tlls rultf l t Ai' dlwitseid
.1,. .kr..i M le More than 7. per tent t he print Boston Meeting Other ,| s f..u.: pt .oll. hrt tolks on n-li en
Inrolmitrinl I tthh I ."lile. hli.. in intr indslatly nl Oklahema wae ren Dtinguished Sypakrs "Wl.trui. a itih school citg,,iti'n ln ts t.rcit-nt'I. were Klven Ity I it. V t. onde.
thir.-l nit is- el.r. ii l lhlr s I~iltntt l 1s t "Itt eriir Ilt tie firt uly.l r venly m. n ettivestiaon. r tlt a ,.la.n u to a ompih.t t 5 i ; i itls-t ] t' ,]e .ti-1irr + Iti le, N tldlihi'oIntId hotl otli h m~0 4ni Malles Cla u at Uni- B OSTON., MAi.-Tlhe annual meet- I *el"ea. thi national i.i 'l.- V. il tlery. (inl,.ld; V. V. ltd.
lrett Im. i ih l th. varsity. 1s;. retail ann ltlir.t of rteMii aw ofhi.litunchs wor'k."", s'i L y rio hy tenl C,,ntind:
The e 1ak-r aIt tIIh ope.ninl rnoiion. Addition of a InIrool for mn lin. 'etu. hin I res A iM'itlaillnt i wan l 1 e whe.n a. it.i.c'r.itv mn> t,..n it t A. Wllhlrl, t'.lilolle. Many er-
will to E ;. i. l.liitkll..k, trt.il. .letl. rnli o the mlnil rIt.. s r 1"iI oft hs i Ir to ito tyc tie an their rsat nt
lert- ee f 11- et Ittt: l r t -N-lt e i v t r i its i, itte s f hu .a tuto'tit:' t irtutitti' se Dele and rit. 1t tatfi lli-teit e
i'rr'- f th l Illt. tllit..i.i sll t the ( tilveti. lly of Oklalonl.n. X,,r h ioue isti,,n, u Otd se. i one it the rnttlttc ltocl c ci tnltlhillitly to lithe ni-l.igr c.iimUnity
re,ry, Uail l Ore 1. l.lll' y i. f t lhe ilan, wis rlr.lneilld l in n J..int r,.. l lt-.i|ttiill- aII l lll1 ot listerestineg North inttlr.t oi e u lsr w re st'rtughly threiled
Mariem Ihr.nle.rlh. t ic l.r. St1ltl.- d nhm bn hv lh kl nla IT'It leo i n 1,1 rnti a-Prio- m. ,,-t-lll. After Political Advertisers...t.
iil tlliii lillrl.4 wlll r|l.rt h Int l r -sh ituri- Aermeltllon annt Emrplo)iihg trti-i 11i T Theli rlni cisn r- t l a l i' c' i- '; .s Afteor P iltictl t u' A kr ( 1Adverl a e1i.
lthm i nniiiittiei will he iiinltIdll FrlIdays m n lll t lltiont mtlltte i lng ru lull,. Ii stle ith-., rt ...e s-u .h ru. lllul 'rer ( sne-ila Ptert) il.ede-l
In the lfternrM n .. it. riiti lr- i Appr. ntmpntment of n tilnding lcfIl-t- hing addrn-mme\ ly E. I. N`els1n. ,r- ti rre' encn.r. t l.ttr aI i 11 iilrei unlf-rin lpously returdlin
bnllalih l lI ll Kfr of I nif ldlil|lllna di e I nlliitl follwm W i t ihe 1nalllil li- ry-innn r t f I thI Itheti n TYITllta h- "hi hold lln HrdtI I '' t l. l l ll l l, irt*ilml br. l Allld lhat
Newi. mlll talk it l "I l illhing ltirul-: f the rt dllltlim, a. m ptid hy it rieill,111e nni f Trd, nnd t:cdwuird tl|ol" "i th t oiil II' ttI iic, lh il.na l sit isnt iul s it tl in ulitillty
1lll"; Will 4). fItlllei r :of thl Bush- I i ,e I. 8. lturm of tir Wi aunrk:l ,.r< ll.minrdl. lllitr If the Aln lh.n o-,,;. n s i' .. %:'irio' i'- d there lli ].iI'il..il1 lhy lshlull
lilte Itsrun litll. o n ".o l ltsirllntg lit l Newn-.mi ra.t-rit, .1. W. Keiyer of 1t*' PrIm. N0w York. Imth lltdhlrccnP e- is two. o, aitot- te.e-. nr appr..' i ''l 1 rs nllr pllict for it.
t." l J. A nirtk M1l. rit nitl o rf S'ihyr it Ihicknih i. anit letter t. t*oTs'< in pt hiy w in a ing the ilitr uch Ti l' N rtl 'tirlll I t'i t h i ; u.ne rnl dii the Attii le.r, ir-Trlhnl l n '1nh I te pMiinim Sinr win apl.n inti dI faiteorthii t. rtli hlies at It le 1 s ic I. t ul.rts r'ot esl bllh i ntres tilng eiitd
mT-riptlhn Itllr-." m i .ilen rt o f the ririnlllt -. New Officers. Iprn lllsoctln I l l lI i I lort -it'ti i il :
At fi lli. m '..lr lAltirivi. I *sssoiti. FI.llt inh n Iit,- fore-ord of Ithe prt i TliI' -Illsect n o.f olitirr fotliwel the r oluetiroi. Are twe gillgi rate utlltlrs lthe mlrilt
tl.irgP ti- if t' lcirntm Tlli 'Ti 1 -Illt of cthi Inhtutl1ii1 Ioc'rs-ea Aes- t-.:t iddnl lr- om., thems- lrin h eelrth' for thie ------- Ir.lllll.Itl
snlk I 'elt|i| ig l..' in A.ith rlti- IIn. iJ. I.- Newalund f ite Fnelhri-ck i ,i t ii.t r: l' rs.ildient, L. It. IIll. b S MEET "" '""" ir'"' -I" """ I
Ins"; 'liitnlrh I. NeRIT rf ir .it ..lusn leader, tJin )ilnt .- i-n l b... tl-Wnh l 1i 1nr ` ..1.. W-tPiiOii prTovO.li-etnN: m1 ESS MEET still rrill]in AIr tnid Iltw In i.
lHerti, rt "Ail-rtlnlin .mi.I.gl-Ls iii li ,viiN'tirve' disem-utlon of "A m-eriT.lin l;ii rinir E. I'itplh11. 1ititi. Waketlfl,l: ----- ttoril tt
FIose-lint Hlinc lilu tiI nd A. N;. x i I J, b Prhiling 'isele" thy lUi1-0ll I,. iL Itohiiil.l TrIhul ., flinlhriigel ; New Tw Tim i February 17th and 18th Why h .utt lid frtei n.fl.i. s ..f nlI
Iltbler i f It e Cro n I'sitit It sltr l.lr 1 Intmrn ow f Ih l 'st i'er lty of Oknloll ni I.. i. (liinw llh .lintnilt., Piilnier; i'..- it Watertown. .. |,.tii ,r- nrt l ilhitl im,. i iiiti. trlii is
'i- Phi'r gitIn t In trcr etim ir H it emltu of jotrni llc m. P-.tH ryt. trl t'f. tPior t. Neewell"acr." h l the t sim lll eront rr ii. rlrv 2 .0) employlin printer $nitl Tr rlnecrilt, Wernvmi lh; Illlailtor, J. It i AN I'IIEEK, N. Y.- TI aitiii :t oin, rd vi.lli. itnl.
rie. t'l.inrc WIt'-t r it .i i f ithe In. f ile tl r were Pl r l ent A l the Jrltt ]it lilldlhimn Trlhnine. Ia rmhdrid:o trel i- nn.etis-iI ,i .' h .N t-rotlhrn .\. N k si aolllt .iitrn ln-It titi t nlti llnl
dl llmtl|allh X- Ne1 s wil lt msI s l ten-i l, making g It ithe l lt i r. l t illt tine. ilr t S I. ttterhot ut. Nt. IInd. Icr-ost A e ln ti ntsi h tt ] I .. .-' I.i, ` l lt.l l s iiitst hl lllhll h.l In l' I
drie su '"Tn- W mo'eulin t 're"; John kinti fa r hie d In Oklahome. tun; hiiterlst n, Alexander Sturtiuck. etld will tukite hplu I 'eltrii 17 h i. i l?
dardli., m*il.i-itate r n rnil if tlhe irnt A. W. Andereion of the Conell I In- i-.tarl s Trltune, Walthnam. a lnit i tIth at lhl' teW1 ralruil, 4tr iit l tr T l.rr .iloll.nit n .i whrs- ttI-. *rit-
tlNte.v -i rmntii o nl "s r Tintermtiitl rit maih 1n Italere lling preoi1lloiln t Beea Ml as ie a uc town, N. T. intt-iiii' c l.,ulil Ibe lil w:,t. lalk ,l
Aficdtil sof Hworn e nitllle" a tnd Tiho sllsr It. Aitlsllr t thfi Traveltvle a II HN well hy IarnnM Inti I lailIr won enroll d In the hotel annit ly r ,1 neti.tun t Itih th, r' l tie eiti n t tom tIh si l ixttll'
Vintslllim ConnlUHrtrllt on "Tihe lI i E. fIronM-r of the El Iteno Ameri- prloc r, the lllqnset hinei ng rr l ilt illi irre iits nllo w u tttv hiist al, I. t rittli llir,.
ltrlal IUngil-" cnn guve alt Interesting desriptlltnm f *;l:,7. At whilh HPnmeitonhuselts' rhlf IIlnel Wolrtul will lnit b ,.,in.i-i'i ----'y-
GO S r l trip iry dle giteir to the World tr.i ntlIv, tin. Wocldnnnn t I. noIt. i ro m untt l 4erly in I'iFebruary.
.e MCray a p-ewr. .e Congnrm, held ltst summr.r t the tnit Il dssid e the vice prlc idelt, tlh llInnlula. "lisnw il in wonderful. Sem kerm ltilnig Wiitnflrld II. Brnwk. heing arrutisi y t ire tle silltt ititl -
litpikern at the Imla(lqUet will hie tinvt. iiiitulinllhent, gorgertu, Ie aiu dy a nd in t lilithy llio s.m, Alhtl, who talked n it i uonlkthtlitly iexc tied Tlhe i tti' til ionl Chlrter Special Train to Miet
Wirren T. Mciraoy, auI r t Ilrry eentlnlly Jtponese," according to Irrii olsem-tnlsn InI .itnpn during him r,- ntir will brenk all l-conlrd. Oklahoma Editor in Kannas.
New, 11itItor James K. Wtlurl ntll inn. nxtennlnntlon of the ntill cit vilt in that en tntry, nntd toland At the hInqueirt to be Ielil i iiiI -
Mrs. IJalay Douglla Itarr of New CA- Hawanllan by the Japnlemer and its .' T. Patten of the Inileprnd-ent-lteporter. eliit, February 17lh, thi ii ii -i]:'1 KANSAS ITYt 1i.t.-Titut Ixlht.
tie. n(mpnlllyin dlingern w n parti-ohinrllt Skowhe tn Mr., i rertaryi of the nrin tif WVittrruwn 1will IT li.t n"i itnhiitilitr f thil. 1iiihkt.us i lkln.t
This Im etliig will mark the opening Strti ed during hil talk. Itlnifiit Seilnne Preisn Ano-lantion. if the asNto Intilon. T l it'l'' 1 *"r' Iilly Ihdl "t' ii- o nl- -il li' i ti. iln
or tse ItepuT ilbIm remp|lio lhy Vlt i hroerht ihn e large num Mer of inletr- In the evening the entire nmpnny treal of ite E liglhii" wni it: Pre'ldent t'rldge, heialg hhil first ap- Ing and lindel ildellhtl of hls trl hit onntltutned a thetrl prtIry at Keilh'r. I uluH nte the surinmer metlli, l h ; s it r,1it toi n ,11 h I.ili INt In lIh
pInrance In Indiana, and %ill he at- U'nder Ihl picturesinet presentation I ui rlenthurd rlhr fr..in 'int. KirI-. I oi.l:it phli
tendil jIy a large coaovurne of llitoe. of lgIhtlr and wonder. everyiloif OZARK PRESS ASSOCIATION ---- --- ....... "' .. .. """it ... """It "
their wiven and friend. mmnY Of present made a mental tow to he .n. Bt ItD'' o t cc -sit
whiom hae alredy mdrle rwesrvat n. the nest trip. ow o TO MEET AT CARTHAGE, MO. M'DONNELL IS PRESIDENT .""i I, ic ,
for the tialqet. Presentation of "Apprentlmi nndl -- OF WRIGHT COUNTY ASSN. ,,,,,| s, .' tn. l. M-.
Thleir nrontable Usen" by Elmer V. JOPLIn. fl.-P widtent hinrl.e W -- lii.y. If. o;..t- i it rnitt. Fnrid
Jennee of the Mangim lStar blroui i PFear of Jpilln And litretry Frntik WAVERL.Y, MINN.-Th.- ntlit1i, 1. ii, ":: l lnt . EllI-,
SMTH ELECTED PRESIDENT north an Intremtln dlineglon of ths rtierle of lieymomr annonce thnt thatr int.iIing o f the Writlight cnit', lr.-- .,.| ..t ,lIt'., .Ir., i.a I 'r. I'.
OF WreIt neeNTYd of tAninltg along i tohf l er. f dnt e for the tnn l mteein e of lhe Atw ltintt n, woe held ,,me'ti.r l ithI rhir :,f M ,it .m',>.- I.r. r.ie ri'.,...
CIN T A which eemt1n to be trillion nn Oln rk c t Is Ameuheltion an l i-VI1hrti i n nd pror-tilully every Itmirr it, t, -- wrk. r 24th and 225th. and the place of a'slrty waso rnitr-unrnled iet ii-s n .- irniy to Mttlstkters- t o' n,, t.ittrn, cra mt
WABASIIA, NINy.-The newsp per "It' a very herd thing to employ meeting wilt he Carthage. Mt. Thei Ilr. lnulnerso matters and s tpi o.f lt orre. nnil the pl:iti, t costo toikni I,
a tof Waiksle isuty h a v wr es a ll-rmtid men ai d then to have ameintlon is tcimp ll id of pihthllem Intere to to the craft were til-'i'l.d itie hrlitlnhm (hitrh himloital. htr.
teirele m e agl re t i to olpw lltlllds atre learning n on editors of tirl, eetile In rImnth. tAd Jnmes P. McDonnell of \ti'r- neot mnieting Is n rot.ittrllli.. r.o .
the yer. iolm all t a cgm eny w- the adie,i -I Jmeae. After a wet MitatMra. iej Carort l111 hr and 0. A. Kon.t-tl of It,..Lnrl iri,.'i d p am having li]rssvro. s'i..ttlcr
erietsh wi dhiem at elfngthit, -* Htl I, l at Uthe bjet a rie- made to mhimr IS a ttendanrie of were exerted president sand -r- rival I Atilt.
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tr Si alh in teema : i Kinked fr MIllllek Ine asnetlton Iownopr of the Ofitch country. The tlon will he held at Annandale, when .,n. Kon.. hit found thiy would he
lm R. L ithL Walletb with tkhe ieaMitlle Ath ed at the raellad wirllt een ex hange lr fr- Mr. enP d Mdn. TyereL n of the Advent innirle to mike ren a rtlesmn anI i se
f slit aeMaut Md QIlge ete ahetagg. temee ti the wny ot trip Utikets for will be hbrte to the Mewapitr tory went mo a spe-ial traia troa Tats
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St ossuth u Advance

IN FUl OF SUBSRIPIION FROM 1 T'. '..... I b ..O;, 'rl'ldp ,'; I'r "!i 111 ' ix Si;iii ; n?1^ ll Il I i
MICKIE .h"r)li, 111LIlg nl,+lll rut |he ;,' ' + I ISAY wm1lld 1141I10 I1 1 0
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i i ll. :,s-d, a n h:,l lo "Pi rrl l li. r ii l. It. i, iio.$ "I ....... ,r ,'*,.n

iuo ALGONA. IOWA4 i" '1 ', : ::
se M t Aa I S !l- lle aront e l hroarlrion Kaon in on fr d h t e Is brt n t r
Si D PLt l' 'i-r, r1 i.... .or ta i ll. .W hnlit i II i, ll k ll lltin cck thai rlt n d I ll tr o. al.. ..o MA iIlly t the pn..iTTS i an tha
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ill lT r tI n I ,t- [fail youn It. I.h, 1 a4
t. i hor .c t of 'J. -e t tr it' HAWI I. h l ih ticiccl lt.1'. KANSAS. octe r1I

S.-of the I Thr c t u mii Io r. IL who wan.. I Pa I ill 1 11 t.' Cl,
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s'i tit e ea T h llic if'o sc icc ar ip tt on e ahei t Ii h as ecit a it.s cc iqictt cit.t. L oci i it ci 'tb ... ic I fcitic tin. .11cc aM W LO a
t hh y IDAHO. ILLINOIS. h." la ie ;s -tw
0 iver i t e echii ent'la an thr''i' ''iltt.tl, 's cr yor wike t openi ai .i h.ii i" I ci '.'.i; 5.' ,icc'ii betto '' "5 't" ittcu'tichL+ Ic d """d u r.I' ec ir y n. A a
Ad fre I ofr, It
eette m 'tido sa cc the hcishr in nta nc ii-ime u hi ror. Wiorf -'. hIii o
Si o suca Ic hIti '' rc" blt w i..l th. IT fl l .' i Il~ el a n od c
l t r i n c it ... i ...... B te ............i i.. ... ..... r 4 1 r "o

signed by the party w ho receives it. W hen he realizes w hat it is, Pt r.. h;rn cc ittcio ocitoT! h. i. it ,:to 11n "1 certic *'' tcd sa' in"'oit itt. 3. iteStSto me
I rci I ccce tr 'tthe humor of the idea further appeals to him and he signs and II i I and ,t Ih', P.thl i Si II

writes in the name of his bank while still in a pleasant mood.
.ctRegari.'. dig. '" M s p E r W'. .. . Dewel writes the Des n' t ...' ... i c., .. d .c r
M oines ,, 'tofi e as follows:. i W e hrc bie ., i ic e vi,- r .S.... ........ ,,?, ein,.,.t' 'i tAih ', ... tro % t i,-,it ifc. 'I w. while te. O

this way for al years and it is a puller. Our subscribers have .' .c..-"'.... Ii5 h t.
co. c i.. 0t cli tt.o i ..ti n o
l'dr.ne.d to- J-e h --r ic mb ...'dmtm the pc i r it i Tidt ll
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pre l it- i iIcci it' l 1 ll uh a d if.r h... pil, tii t1 1 ii c i It h hA
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;1`t.lr ul, fh mily during, 1h1, l n-r m with1,, I hk fillh- I'll lhe Ilhol Ai ... u t -

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a DOLLARS ''h Ri. Ft If -, nit..' mir cuutitit it. I-It io rrca
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Z Kossuth County Advacte Ia .......i...i. it."~cc it.' .....ci licco ecciec i 'l .........
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i'iihcg cittiri+t'. t'. Wh l ''o cii, U''' cc i'i-i-t'iine '''Ithr Nualb.l. SSS
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Pretty cute eh?.ho ...... ....i n... ........ |_ricrtt ao cr n m.c

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Another Serial Taken from the Popular
Romances of the Authoress Who Has
Immortalized Squatter Folks

IBOUT twenty years ago Alice Hegan Rice of Kentucky,
wrote "Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch," the most pop-
ular story that had appeared in a long time. It made a
fortune for author and publishers and on the stage was
equally successful. Its heroine ani characters were chosen from the
most humble surroundings.

Then along came Grace Miller White who took for her types a class
of people even more downtrodden and in circumstances more squalid
than those of Mrs. Rice's novel. The first story, entitled Tess of the
Storm Country," was instantaneously successful. Printed as a serial,
it established the prosperity of a prominent magazine for women; on
the movie screen it made the fame and fortune of our best known
actress. Succeeding tales of which Storm Country Polly is one;
dealing with the same types and locality, practically have duplicated
the success of Tess."

Maybe you printed one of them--" The Shadow of the Sheltering
Pines "-put out by this service as a serial. If so, you gained direct
knowledge as to the popularity of these stories, especially among
women readers. The squatters of Lake Cayuga, with whom the
authoress frequently weaves their antithesis in the aristocratic resi-
dents of Ithaca, N. Y., and the classic environments of Cornell Uni-
versity, have been given a heart-interest most agreeable to romance
lovers everywhere. The great charm of the tales exists in the unusual
character and appealing qualities of the heroines.

" Storm Country Polly has a wide general interest for fiction lovers.
It has a special value in the vicinity of, or wherever the Storm Coun-
try is known.

whflzpt .$r 2 1s 00
s fo.r advem mmemes. Ui
mome, = a s lumme. Prie f the
Se plates .....................

" Storm Country Polly," now ready for release, differ from the aver-
age serial and Ih moc pleasing than many of them.

'Western Newspaper Union



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'IIII, 1. l. r, all I )h t t will --I .s. -Tll ei nIi itll ltlp I l .e l>t n . on lh mrt or t vn r n.t a la i r- g

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illl,.l'ani all,riihtl .l-. e im s ch.ll. Chir'h o W... ll h o rI .,,,i t ti h per, a,1 nalurnl l look, d for a,. b eS ,nly uh l p o l iX Mil l, a i, "o 't tIiI itt o w ll *..l | i ten Ito ; i- > A g.i i
mw au rhiiiinerr I" haventlil that ro ll It'- n i n I" ,ris "'*n irlesl nounrmnnit of Mendaysr vth In appov. eter markl, *ndl dare write as btha gaagt wiHM h (Mt- --ip^
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l l ~ i v l e ,, 1 ". t n t PI c ttI mpi I ll ~ ,Im - m i .. . i f,,I' o t ~l ivh.l+ l b "mo n t t o l n i t l t ) l n I s l .
i, Mrs. Ittail tmll~ ( e yi' or11 ill wayb st,,I +ill [w I, .,i W, i l lh, f I i t' 1,11,\, rVlwre 21 the f,,lhr ill,_, ,s h- m la. .ylu "Y ,1. 1 imly It~b- I, rl h-1- I ....... tl~lril) I onllll ai triiU l A. lll alit. AI@
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I. .,.i .lIn.lltv if ItI were nt ao ari- s nin Vd Ste s and not a daospah two-.
.lIid h hIlann." i arhy. Ito people Ina d no fetal arnu- ter I..A." liF TIl- 0''SNNINi;
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S.11.F I' .0t'-- .n ht.-llno a 1 rIn 0 rt i tll h l i. n ll. 'lnli .llnilrinl tiln l, blnl ,.l e..i '1 tll. l' h f"t '' n-l.. i
Sin fl.-+ir ft inll-l"r llln an1|sell. Mr. (i .l.llllo.l'H ilrwf* ltir I' mrlt,". '%.ll n3' r l.hv lr o i.n0 s J ,
%i-'..'Ir. Ifa-' r'.l Ilnna rdltn1 i" On- filtl" 'r, (111) ll- thn oral orl 11'n.1 ..

t ',lu i o vh,, |1,t Th ll, I 'ftI moat oflllnl IvI t iitio. o h l lri l i 111 ur o .'l i h lvli .t
',I hl r ihata llt S `ll p la ta rl'I ii i'*, a tsreatou lh- lllm i i -nr il va., ll-' i ft, r

.11' l iv one l l,,o= l n't llnr i, ,' It n irrn oi" 0tl, 1Ph il. 'I ". .ll i l tll Kon, ll'' 'I I'l ve'
'- (lI ln o nl o ttln n l I r llh n refit in hhMr lfi re l n m llywe, -Mi i' o if'l lilI l' n hl'll wInj o111
niohlh Plt..r I nillv filli 50 i ih vI +(10 i'' on' l. oln','l r I I. t lii o n r
hr ii t *h ro lt 1 niti aht n hvl l'' IniI I .' t in nIt tll ,, rl- efiAll"'N 0 i 1 oi ii il.e It 1'i '11 -

tt i i ectoir-. edknon wo nr i ioi llc 0,00.'' h l, a -.lllvi", 0. (|i.r,, lv0llri' lei,.. h'.lit. lhtl1.lt l''
I vi' ,,m iny I lled I n dell r1 a t orl l nr lil. 'to w1iIie 0 ldv t. l r het0 Ilr U 1,l(,''

in ll.,h1 rliohovn(i. a cinr bni g amrinmrhb, toilt S rt to lriol I lino.tnt ,llnv r h'n.n l tl ,
'' r ,. Pq nol n i+ a l h' In tv.1c *h*1 w l In w lh r pInl frcal on,. h f ,+' ,I I april% a i,- J lt, Ma,,i, ; ir ,+

0 a on e ll llmcnt AfIvnn obn tt' TI'r afn l nt r t ,iri: n e ,hi I I .. ,l. .. ll nil, Irn .0 h1 allo Iir 0I-
I hvnr,'ooes m nor.nln'-r tlh on b Inu.. n I frd ie.lll- t | i+iil.'it'I, h.o l m.llll' 0'il l'tI'l
1. c. I rn t idal n nsld rr lt l ,'e. Tll, in n t mtnb l t l | .i. riI e o r 0 .l n rl0 h o1 r 1 ii, i
li 111 Sr donulI m n. o s o' oe hlnlr. Oc lt ne to olli rl I lll iI' lpa.ii, tn't n tIvan iiII
,I' 00I1 the lo i nl'l, a' ,n lIn lno prrn hn bn 1.,l Irc. f. ,n' ni t i 1 So ii(Ir. yi e (ttrvA'lh I. .i .f

nlk h'.il anod long sw. lawa rlf t ol lone iv g.'Oerll.hllta to ntnrhl n ll,,
."" h'ii mn t t'adf yrea- n'hl onel" wl. -nt mado t hri. I rllNth n ,is tmh nna Ill
to "I lorot wero eoa In tl, ton t T r tn ine lnr f v ,.I m i.n s11n Om' li YmrS n T ,,ill
'il ld v Indl otla P rin fl It wteall tthe Immen sel e ri i in.t t.o n1.r. 1 . .. n hoie.. arl yrvf'il

l"lI n* .,ft sa m to a t-, wp t aI e fths big aos nwr to ne.1 inio t han America Jroeno "Bnm.
oic' ir n anlltin i n ops re lat a+ .tr the tnr t mcln litn, an at le ;owlt m rhi n ,not in -ra l.
ZI g wen eiidl p, tine tot n toadw. nn I" l, h Mje I' l.I:
ri, I' inlm lf J n fl aruo il In -wy se 1a tan In llt cer l lf r. Ia ndnr n o ,,, era-..

I' .... hlnnd ast ung than e S- SSS torte frlom the bIby Tinl.o facsn tli o Tnhe Atatlisrn." it w1it
rh,.. N d in Jst th os efthe tha t thetr tllg A.e. h, thi tnt to th

till. ',I,.r imunit.nto issi atl. r n. mar a tm- te" Cnenaessnr, th" e s I Aililt the niod mnveynn is toni
aam, -ltml it Iea msa ttti7he~ c las ltlmlyrl a o N I tf a n m erof
T an.il, n l S t ,hfnenllyll h we st 'i mr thn sado ha e l i atl"ori ii
.er,,,- tr III, to unik 11 or if an Iad ostel"
1..,ld'tlql'111111 fli tl- sml ia a 5 Mt ljMl i the 4. sal m Iss was lint is It lnd-tsrlmin1e
ti',1 II,. Nc nrnlllll tot a aa te Ia a!l simiar inf I* M t seals --- fnttlns that d it. ll
At no. i" a tE 1tils it n; 1P of al- awl wuohmibtle. 1hen th e Sto2 t Wit
h .a t.vall owri' o ,insntb Pro. tctnsth to ewiitnes anti r te to write
dtstr-- Aasvw5 ge- p "e"emij '' In Wa- *i wto theal s n
tn n weitsrA i pn i flsb emast emo-rati their fita on thetle h noe arvers
lile T '. "I- i r M I'e e Sse sib ahent 4essit" 0ygp- wham l verp shin-
"As.. this p e -n a m-i 4. a been q s. nwytl Ir diaa la'-aP .- aien
na- el th to ao aem n- ar than mesesi, i si

pinn I, b e set ess.sse.' o msmta in, ar lee S he ti rs ti

inr hi tg you" o bt that a name -I. "'" t a es m Ofm teII

@at e T *

Read What They Say

George M. Kimball, publisher of The Craig Empire, Craig, Colo-
rado, was impressed with the Edward G. Lowry series, Where
Your Taxes Go," but thought it well to get expressions from rep-
resentative citizens. Below is the result, clipped from The Empire
of recent date. It coincides with the general view regarding this
series and is an excellent way to advertise it to the public.

"Co a's Best C =omuiity Newspaia"



With this issue The Empire begins the publication of a series
r of articles entitled "Where Your Taxes Go." As you know, it is not the
often that The Empire prints syndicate features., but the present wh
the series la an exception.
re Every article of the thirty dealt with some phase of national tin
government and the expenditure of funds raiser by government tax- the,
In the Unitedi States piays a Sizcable sun (I--hi Ncar to suinppl't the s
national governincut. *i
The series is written by Ed,.ard G. L, 'vry. .ii author ofi iin ev ii
t- national reputation. Many Empinio re reatl- r'. dIiloulile-a ltipiliar i ,ia
with hill writings. iiTiily of wh-rh have ".'''.i,'; iii Ih' Satlurdiy
Evening Post during late years.
'i- Before The Eimpire purchased the exCr; v I1 "lihti t') thi rit rt
Id series, twenty or thirty proof copies wI. 'I'.. al il sli triu 1
among various btii ll's.i i ilal' proftisSlotlj! +: 'i ;iil ]u,!i Ir' l '
is WOomen of Moff'at oui(tlt. The Empire 1.t;-.i -.' I I r 1ill x'I h i. i '
ty of opinion en the series Here are whav' ;I, i; lo1til thi I, i .
articles: '
Coullty Tr.al llur ir. ',
"I es'" conaludstr lit r it he ti l a-Ty.It- "+]' . .1 i .ie iv I
e ontmii r et I- tn mu t. Th '
be c t lloliff Of H + kill V< i' v+'lt ..!" I |111.11 i ; W.. i 'I ] i i ,, ,
be I -njoyed rt.0lsing itop : ,l.v .i:-It l -l '!''-i r- r '
l.hall look forC I ;'l 1 r.--'.iitl i l L IT r. .1 I
vIdit, I h
mlld a -il>- tf Ihf.- w I In 1h el~m.t I I :l,; ,,,,ii ,;"
l appear in h le, IiI: pt lr '' z. i 'h"
r "I ou t res y i l tti I n til. I lt-' Jiug' Ie i '' . I
S w hit h 1ii i t i d w il:ill i i ot rt ..ll iv lil i I i. n. '.i t' . .
t hou ht to I,, .a N'vry -l,,i j l -l" ,, '"','l-, '. n' ',' I , + *
e inr'l uctlye, u i! i lt ..,,,+ +i I ], ,,, '
Ii TI. J i'. I` i% R :., .l.C l:,. i
iO* "I'vp lev, an r t1onu :-dl l r :ith "Th, i 1 ;,a | read 1h m
T II n lot of thitn s.v l lt -I I inti :t I niO-V t i hi 0 O iilt ,rI l > i' ,' .
ie ll ithat Mr. liowrv' tll lclb f a vem t in, 1 ; i,,1r i, ,t;i lr n t
ai new n, ll ll m lin l^ol'*^nn t, ., lh ll ,;,i i+nlI ,, i., t
he Tihlon t ;mp inr ,' Ie o tho thinking. tlf e ;r 1: .
l* Y F tR. I KASAN'I

qm-e a nkl i a

SIwahlooul 0ake thI I- 01 herf s
,t" *I isratI' < litlJ~edl r.., 111. h '

Soexot 'ee l.e will te llink Y hatl tr p op .u you }n u ins' j
bon t these articles In rheof i rantine vrai t frt ltic. i io t
iv / below, and you will agree with the other, who have read th.ni, .yj
i the t that they are "the best ever." One or mor, rliticley will atiear in .
t b The Empire each week hereafter twi

to wil.

! I wish you Would take wha Is written here as a pers"n"al
P report addressed directly to you from me about your business, `
S Don't think of It or read it as an article about politicscs" or I
j reDmote public affairs at Washiplon. It is not ifiLat all. jL._

2.gtieStl*gtI you to thioniA nonal business l t
dori .....

II -U N ELo.P"W -


kow5 is haw wth tha departmolt
as ito wnrd 'vurt" wtim ilera alo't
so *uh word. TlitI snelig w tot
you, .tell you. Read an'
"'else. oan a time tloa waS a
OlilAT iUUhNIvU "NoWP'Atwl.
Thl U. hi. N. rmpholed slahy in-
portri nc lo iot lthe nw. aind wroa
iI up In Mrul old sl)le. Toi U1. II.
N in iolfil a. ia ollf.
'stidi nly i lai do n tore.r ain a.
toi.H hanld i.tl.dOileal 5o fih 111bel
ar'". In Ibn ka. I oI w. lld by a
%l* i r- \\ li)l of tuor .'ttes. tist"
aeoi'd heIre. therf r ndt men'n'here.,
It ll "nIrd el In every 'head.' It it-nt
c' "0!..10 io cvtry adje il r. It ituck
01t1 -ia. It |niia.ind aoru Ioensihb Itan,
v h lioon or ilt a. m. N ut
.' il. .fl.r' islt l n irm a 'r *rr`
.O.Iliillo ri ltl.. p cr .
in d '*--' I ni I Iin io Il .."L'..'t
i. '1in ellay anlisd hull da.).:' tur
'"ri'.. 0 tbl I (ion %'1l11

do' ) ,,4 t. y tuill on h,,. t l lvtl,'
I'll- Noi H)|H( a.. llu Wor,
'ili., i ii Ii lt II -iii ds'llrlt iin
aiP Ill' ih K 1 tn,I W'llrr' .I. It.,
y* Kt 00 .
w'1 wM trel. T'I('FC. AIutln-itI'-
e'1:-i: Wr pltentloi. l-oirlhltld. uhl
n.ladI.. carbon coplte of IJ. n.d aiked
1 n s. l-idy lob. II ii d lit iitll
andl oel llfh nome irate of ftaor.
wllhsooid inualnhor of kickn, and u
still olairlinl lie dledJetlve.i At ba t
r'i II as ilUheaky and tlhrlvier,
"Aftrr Ihis exptanatlon It will 0 rl
billy ie fed bit f polMinloed ineal
avi 1Jnlniw4d to Oiu. ollb uof It dl-
pilard anceatr."

SGettinviq the Money 'n bse i ..i lh otld I a"I
hI I 1lh lif.m Irl.. hI ilhl o. m . .- ilh raulhr

DILINQUINT ACCOUNT FOR i I IN' ,i I J ll lilt rii i
or i ALt d I t in bhod lll lia, m'all rsnt\l'r lt-ll| siii, in. dil
S Tio arbli d It- i-nil i I l i till *i ry 1 lln A n .t llt ol Ii lho t.
hti s t in w ll liir.i :cy vll .:e la o fit.i lt t.
I ill far allhrilsl fir lr Ielltillsmlt -- --
tim........ Is' 1 Siiiiiii, i" l''riil (0 11ti n 'ii how lonive i

tI bi fhil I. In,'1.oll sI I. B i b l i o g r a p h y
.i..... I.l I.I .....m ...... i. I,,, de.. .l.ai e ..- ..lh' '."m '' '".

bll tli iM | lf l l it Ir t al . n i
11 |lirltllhi I" tl.0 by J nm .. .' .. .o iwa-

e*i e rn ol 1 1. .II I iTr, .. l. i in 'iE.
l llo r. d lne un i l J I.
poner ab N liftr. l. rrl
Fora. Clean. Press Q" ..........
SN' nIN, |.' If-l: .mb' a ainbi ll 'iiuvtolb.
PRINTING THE NEWS. ivoeoretl, Janiury 1i
itblii' ill .'.bsli l',lllh 1 h i,,.1 l.llhl no Iin'. lihlllihlb i 'N' lO.l"o'l., Joivia i
IH'l- if' llls| 'I ik 'llll. llntll\iol Iia11i I- l oMIIl den'l -l.
vii,]. IM 0 ilIll I.| i hlll "'. 11(i m ll' iio s etr hll. lh io. by io IselM
ll ba, i yii 'ntia'i f ,,llhl lha n tilli It s orer I "rh le and t,,ollisilr. Janh m t.-
i lic l il't. ent *I ri". Edltor lvd toibl'ohe..r, Ja.ini ry I1.

y I I tIyniiI I I hllrly Oii iim' lrll' Or d lv niln .i'iiiiiidni. ty ni lph li erryi;
if'ti'i'. s l |lrli1,.1 I., '..,hill U l ldIy dllor am id i'ul lniil ir. J.nusry It
uu illhhl't nllll HlNl ,r Iiii rhl rPll n "Why i -rlne. Cit.ill IMo a inboproT, by
Or libli l |iilint 11l h li pnie yn Edl it i. thi 'r nkllfl svu u Jl ly.
in it rrll er I.-I tl lh ri ltli Mlkh I"" k for il. Joy "I I".. hor
nIf illlnlgh ltut W0 tIno i'lI hii n'w abho I I t lrrl tlliuon le1n ul'ihklln idv Inhi



Thirty-Seventh Annual Conven-
t o: to Be Held at Colum-
bus January 24-25.

13,I .. ,3,, i ,

S ,,, t I. c .. . I i
33 r ... ,i 3 h I .ii, I, .. .iliii 'i

p, ,i c,,,, 3, I. 3. i.. .., II.3...

I, i

,, r 3 ,. yr
l.h t Th ;l lll ld l \ I l r 't

i. 1,] ,,ilira If+' lllll Ill l~l Jll

S .. i k,, i,. i .,


,Ii ii3 cI i'ip'ihd 3* .33 .3 i ii)1.
3.333~~~~~~~~~~~~3'.. liii illi333 3,.i .h 3 3 \ S,. ',,~~
3 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Ch,) 3,, I 3.3 .3 3 ..I ~ ii lt**
33.3, -- tr .3 .,3,irMiiI I
iii 333 ~ .. 3...33.3., 3,)) 1I'iM~

r*...3. 3dit. pod'a.
WASH 3~3INGTO.33. i ~ i3.i3i lo))
33 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ d )03,.-.33, ii I. ,.i,31i o lf


,3.3i. lh i .icI,3. 3,iIi 3,333,3 t ,r)l~ 3 3

.ii -nl. P.iA.

1a4a .11 -Af 1,11111
Pr-, A0..,,cc

a, at III. SM.

WaS? VIRGINdIA. ,.iadit.oin..1
t V_.0 I
3 i c,,i~r ei~'cifloflu..i. 1.3 LnMIb
S33) ii ,).i 10I .,).) 20. ~.a. i a

WISCONSIN. .,.li.f~~~tO

"d""., ;Id ,;nl

WYOMING. d,,a.i~cii
..,.,,iii~,* ) I...JANUARY

good Printing on
Continental Bond
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Western Newspaper Union L
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df tha. N.-
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=743333, -. .
,1 01 301 333043
.,I bl .41.3 w e433
do,.. 1.013 *3*333003 Aw
0,,.) ml.41 o b. R 0o 1
I I. .. .4 nal a to o
to,' I t". on, .430 30

-Imill~I ll one ides"" U

.tl~ 0 .... -_ b o e el
N. !Ak MV.=

526 By gap-% C. 0. 3.
.013 -almluw u 3410
Itr, J." Xr rr

.. B ill .4040
,,.. A4103"' .411 '"ma" the
3)0)11 .3 4 Rotor3 k reed
S.,,,. .I ~U
wimir= Intioned i le ~
IY I" amY

The Mlek of Seivie 4
TSE 40343 thing in di.
ooad .o0 14 I. 33 1
'k w0ill to It
-:yne. A Cll t&A m
iho .ee3 Vi .k loo the
I rool It P,13mn m l13-.
to _114-idin iuuAition
eke,.4.l weekeele 430 10
I. 3 (i Po lhil l..o .
0033r .0 40031 0030 303

i__ InlLu- ~

The Daily News, N. Y., Says:
Tt 2,, herr I In 1- 1.
N 00: 1. .1 b Col r.*0 3)orl'l1
I lo. 1. 4!.... .11, 001.00,
'1')l' 0.0 13 h l"..)8fl." -
1 _ orrial it~~rl hl.
I 10110U 11 31483331. 4.l 4.- I

For Prompt Service

In ,, k1 I* Intakn1wito Shipw
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1".. too:.

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031&. F... AN 8.-sb.

NOW$pgpgi Usiam

.it ftImr
r;-44 rw G.:

-WB in tuA
Mnow LesAM OrW OEM is A. e lP.
tMe WaMted Ads Frme *W."
Loundon D will rn. @e% "t." all
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Other CoeIomtl dalUle may follow
the example of the Day. am of the
po*mnrilve papers op the Nutmes
ut.te, Mld try to reUev e r memploi.
3met ildttlotn la h onnectieut. wihn
New Haiven Hartfod. Brdgpor,
WaterburS other ordlnarly bug
anMuuicture n 0 towu an loaded to tki
uards with Idle p3.
Hpop. Thedtoth Boumilo. twice
ecrenri of 8ir, owns sod publishes
the l ay. speakun ofthe fgree ad for
lill Mwlk him sid:
"Thin city hs great many mn
ia wa willing to do good work if
th4 (el the ell)r10 I take no stok
te that fol cfIsk on the part of man
poepto that the m3an olt of a Job dos
not w at 0o work 0 n33 7 1 tlo expe*l.
.1l4- ham bween 141 tI mvrase norl
main 1wil work. nd work. wall. whe
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"W. y bear ft3m 3 mm of the pro-
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t b d o buk b1t 1l. M. New -o
Lm"lno r 10.4000) peopl; the om0ty 7
has T75,00. 1)I..3



Again *

We Remind


February holidays are not far --
away. Publisher in general fea- t
ture Lincoln's Birthday and -IA
Wahington's Birthday. St. Val-
entine's Day, while not a holiday, Moo.
receives consideration.

Increased observance of Febru- ,
ary 12 and February 22, has been ms
noted the country over, for several years. We ';o
believe there are few localities which show
an exception to this rule. The reason is easy o,
to find: The national spirit and national
ideals are best exemplified by the lives, char-
acter, spirit, ideals and leadership of Wash-
ington and Lincoln.
This service offers 24 columns of special '.
material for the featuring of the February .
occasions. It comprises six columns of diver-
sified material devoted to Lincoln, six col-
umns diversified, devoted to Washington and
a combination including two columns of Lin-
coin, two columns of Washington and two ".:
columns of Valentine Day material. The
combination release presents a variety under
each of the three headings, the Lincoln and
Washington material being different from
that in the other two releases.

A serial story especially appropriate for start- ..
ing in February, is "A Man for the Ages,"
Irving Bacheller's great romance based on
the life of Abraham Lincoln. It is a prose WAN
epic of the Emancipator, of the growth of
democracy and of the settlement of the
Middle West..,
Advantages of this serial are its good effects
upon citizenship; the general approval which
it is sure to enlist and the facility with which '
it lends itself to advance advertising. In addi-
tion to the usual displays and advance read- V"
ing notices, Th Daily News of Newton, ..
Iowa, introduced it to readers by securing W
endorsements of it from leading citizens, "
notably the city and county superintendents
of schools. Other publications which have .'
carried it, also adopted original advertising
methods. AL

F uMry Feamre May Be Used -
inAdancof teHodays


likaeseen Waspld Slimade W~emd
A3.3.1 Si de Ir 7 b 0 0. 13 4
P I- 51.33 ad-llr 3 me l. 300433P
Pubi 4,6 1. es 1I. p..o 11" 4
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!?: ..... % ,1 . ...* 'L .r ; . i, -s I. lln' *- ...A" V- "k T''*"- "aW tr v aa.'l BB' S

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^ ^ W ^ ,. ^ '; ;; -. ,; .."I1 .1 I ; ;; "- '. . .." r .." .141v .; ;,il^,, ,,, . M i ami ;:;"I -i-d. TT14 .i. .n bXZ.
; ,, . . .l1 ,. .r K ,,.,, :, .: . ..7T ^ : ,; I. . . i :,.I 1', , '. :'.^ ." :,:i: .-" ;' I. A' ; "I. <1 I K .--.r I ". .. . C. -.! . ," _i+ " **, I11 % I 11 f- I ll' p I11 1 H B ll l
.11 . t. 111.I.' I., ,. "'I*, r,;t,. ,r* ; , .. It I I I -.- An,*,*..'; ..,td,*V ;dI W h;ll- *S A dH,; ' M ." ;|.:. ,I|;;;;," 'K: ...... t ...'' Vi ,,ll A +1- g ,- I N .O I ,. "141
.- --. M1,.i, -- V .. ........28 II.... ... ....... ............ h .. ..I'

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..1,,. I ; ..! ., I... I... I Ih- ;' +l.!ll+ I,, .t+3 +i l 1 o l tl -1,sl n"Ed'tu+ .inr~ lal Alh i, k,+t,lat ,, a l h.t t+r i+,,iiS r I J .l .44 p 'n I
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..." F:i .I I' : . I .,J l '.l q t ,* ,h,+ i+) +?. .'+ I I~ I I ll ,,, I ., .. - ;; !.i _. -,I ... -,,i t.n ~ -'. r rpp ,as it ~, L I.,, I ,, ... -, ,-, ', ,1 .": -. ii. Fi f +I 'ALMI QI "
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.klr lr ".ll~l. --,, -7 _' . -- I +, 1 ..... i h .i ",.. i 1,k I l., :` .,.; ,U1-~l 11 11,1. I~ .I 11 I~ A +.: iv !44: & IrI Iua
" ,l,::- .,,!i l,h,., 1,., 11,,I++,,,. A , I ,,I, h , ,I : .A+ :. ; + 'e + I r. ..r .l +r U. L T e W ,h ,t ,r', *. .h I ,a e } l m lL 4 l l f ,n h lt w l l e u '' ; m .r ~ M I
.~~. . -,K I- 1,f ,I.,, -...~ T. It. --vl . -- '1. -% I.~l I IX 11b ,, A--f *,,," . ,Li
I., ,,,,.r .; ....... :" t % -,, ..- +l+ll ... "- .... +I I In I", lln O v r . + .t+"l1 .'' .X k .. %IA LK It~ _-._ I .... 1 ... .. .,!: 1. ." I iit2 ._ ., .- .1 lltl' I.,rm+"' .`";' .,, ,Hk .r. I S ,.t
I.. I~,.L. i,.:':'," :. I I .-,t4,! .i .,' -. !, -- "
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ir"` +, l ;+ i l th I A.I, I. .. Ii I ,+ !r ,iit i}, -' .1. ,, r s 1h ; t .. + l k r r I i i i ? i . ... i~ x A % i 1 1 1 11 t l I', ,n l l .l ~ l+ II I I I
,,l -I+ X.111 111 1 . ,%.11.1I .... .. l) k , lL + l I .. . j+, 1: p X ".. ..+ ur -,l. ~ , n I l I .. .. c ll ll, n n M -- i ,i 3., r in i I ~ + I'' ~ ~ .
,-1 ,r +, I,, + Ii. + rt .J u l ~ ~ n I l c ........ r' -l .r.h ., I.0 .' I! i ,i \".,,;,: _,, .1, l r ,,l m ,+ i. l ou u r4 u n ., + ,z .1 lI' l ll i
A ,) ,i +.t `I+ I .-l +, a n, ,l , '. --- Ar I+.,i '. I- .1 ii. ,, A1111,,) t 1i i ... -,+l i b % .i + i i, % K k ;Ly W AIN T% IK 111' ,41+- p mm
............... .. ...y..... ....1.... ... ...... .......U.. .......... ... . . .... ..... ... .. ... I:Till` :-2 1 ta l:Vj;+ '. "" . T
I. -l,- ,." h 1 .1-t .1 lh I. l .- A i.. - ,,I, \, -, ,,. 'II' .....-.. .. I 'I -i _+ I 1- M_. r- .,i +, l "I'll 11.ll 1 M+AI O IMPLE -' III
l N'Ik~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~l{~~~ :N~ I -_} %'7~ .,-,.i.,. l,- 1-4 1 I' ...I ` -1,. .. I ld 1 I:~ I= !,, ,II, .. l11 I. .. i-1..... ... ... h h ..... .I. .. ..;+,l ... I ... 'A'T T;- -I F+ b y p=I I MI I
D1+ ii 1 ......... .. 11... V l ....... .... l k .;..- I .. .":I :.. I ,! ,- ... .. ..... .. Ih .+ .. -"i. .. "I. al .. I, + I- ..~ lil il O f
+1 I.1111 111 Il._ ,.. . . -- ,,i- ,,,.. N i ,...... r .r I .A.hl il "Le 4111
.:1'.~~ ';, *t. i1: :.'.%, 1. .1''Y I + -- -;" '- *- 1 ... 1 -- " -- .. .... i.I N I' ..,,yI 1: .!:7l m. ... ; ,lt np .... ...I--~ ld -..... + i.n rmn 'k L MO ~ ~ ~ .
+. I.,,. l ,}li, ,Ii*,,I .T. l~++ %-lE~h,+-; " .. Illl,, ., t...r ,,r ..... + ... un,.," -7 "'t ..
. . . ... . ........ .. ....I i ol lh r I .I .. .. h , ,h . . . . . t l r .I4 A 2, 2 i~ I `, . . .... I 1. 1 I I i .... U U ro V .;"; rill h 'lI I i. M
.... .. .. ... .. . ... . .. . ........ . I ... ... .. ... . . . ... -V .. ._ i +i
U A ,h, (iii. 'rItr n 1..- '!' ..; ,",,.:,l Th ,, t I ..II, I InJ+ ~ .n .~n --+ ... ... IA I 1l- .. ....i ;.' I..,,.+,".=114. ,, ,.,,....A ,j rr *i . . .
T ;., ,' ,,:L .,+K' I ,,,, +... ... ' ." ;% .". .... .... .. .. -: 't .. .N it... .. ..... =,
-i .1i .1'..,i* ,% .I ..... M .. I' ,i, :, ... i ,W IM ... J .... ........ _ i,..in 't :. It'j ... . - ..I.T ...... -- ' t lP ....... 'il w. m II . U... 6,~l +
2 ~ ~ ~ ~ ... .. .... -... .,... . ?.... I .it. D. 11. r... ..... ,A ,, -. .. ...... ,,h ,,l *, M .1 I I' ,p,; .I r. I:{,i' 'i :,; i*, __i, i i : r+. 'lh p r,, Lr n l *l ~ tlll ~l~e Iil
1, ,, V. .-:... -. ".1( h~ .1 . ..... :i,i, i I i4. n ., .. ,: .. I iI.. .il lt I , r, I r + ', r r I ++ I I. r t A l V.rnsrlx W -Ii II+"A 4 h O I N TLA.
T; ". 1. I~l+y ,I I,1 n _.. .4.I ,1
.I,t ,',, ),',',', ...." : .....' ,, t', ' AllF :" I" I. 1,1 X E.v .";' :,' ... ..... '. ,,, '_ _:; .'_', I :_ ,_ I., _1 ........ _1 ,.." ," .. lrI .. I d.-... ... ."I n A....
.- ,:r r '" ; .'.. ,.;, ;,_ . ... .! M 11-"-- -- 1.. .;.. ... ,, ,,, .d w ... .. +. u l~
d ;. ., i'.:-- , r 1-.. -, ,I ~ -r I ... i" I.-- r
I.. . .. !.IIi11 -I D - ,l; .I. I-- .' a.ru -,;, . .I ' .". ."i" .I -N. I+ "" 1! IIAPT INe lO R B OX .+
IAI' I 1 2V, 2, t i ,,,i ". .. ,+' -+i, ,i, + Iht i.,. A I -+ --. I i- "+ 1 .',..,` "|KT , " -eA k F pli:% I '
..ht x y- _ _ , . :! l I .. 9, '. .. I. .; .r " 7 I- .. l li l
P.ya I ... .... . i, I -'... ] -I ... Ii,,S Lt ..... -f*lll' i" i' __ ..... A+ .... #I !. I. '. I tN ,.3" 'i 1;i '; I . .. MmI I. .n 11 Il, I ".. y I Pr im, I t" I'.L A
41l r a, i. nn, - i 'iI F . . . .- -i p ,, .. .. r I- . I !! 1 ... > ... ...... v- A,+ i ,,rl t 'b. -*-
..tY Nr .. t ' ".--.' *- -, I [- _,' 1+ ,, ,+I r5 + -
'..,, -. ,,, -, .... .. ..... .. ... n .,',. : ,,.-.Ii. , .. . .. ... .1 ... .. .. .. . ... F, A I. I -.,. ,, .l1 ..i. .. 'o1i-~l ~ l '
lll~~~~ll~~~l~ -,+ Ili, I1, ,,.. p~, l ,,, + % J '" "~ h % ,~ ~ lt, l h = I ,i t K -. . r' ro l ....l ... . 1, .. p,,l \ r 1.'-l,, I I I ..1.1 i 1, 9. I .."i.I......=
~~~~~~ ~~ ~ ~ 1 millrl ;";-' "I I111t -1r1.I. rI. .
. '. .- .- '. ._ A* .* I~ .+ -+ ,-1 -ri + h -' '- -_ ,+_ __. l I ,i .i +. IFII d
__ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ dlN 11o4 _I ,,,I. ,I,- .II~ I i.J1W .1 _L
.. .. .. .. ...... .. ..... U.' ie "'" '" .. .. - ,'+ ',', 1.: i,".' ...I. "Ih .d. r k1,,,,,,. .... ',,",r TIL 7 I., ,, ... '.." .,,... ,t ` "
A11~m I ,, +iii N .. i i, + iU. qp, N -. I..1 ,i + . ... .. ...T p,,; l iZ .a ,rn k. ,n.+air I I." Ih Al hl r, -*,,i i + l+I n iI~ll
.h + l 'r l, i,y,.'; ,, ,, ,, '+,,,$ "-' n'; . . + .l.%h t, ; , . .. h . 1. 1 . . . . . . . . .... . . ... . .. . ". : t . I . 1 I "- ; I .i : ti l ',h P . . .... .. . 1 1I S 0 -'A '- . ~
'l I .. 11II'";. ..... I-' .... ..rt' ." .. .. ... ... ..... j.1.;h . .. I.. -, : I.. In .1 .. h'I .. .TV or S
Il k ... I+ lf ,l ...1,,I l i,o ], tr,- -- V- _, i z jj,,.1 i -a." V o :.r:..&- LJO U l.- ""..,,,,;,.. $Ir,- .,,,, _
__ 71" ,_::Y !:, ',!::1 ,,,.". 7 %,. n I ... I.:. ...-... ,, r% -"+., al p. U ' Ii a. i... ~ ., It' d"+~ ~ v~ t# i ,,+x :,IVu l i.o
tin ., . , I .-+ ,+ + +: 11 .... ... ;, _., ':, : .. .t.r ... .. ;r !,,rt l I I d ., ", t; ." ~ l I I,+ Iws m
'", % : I :' P: . . ' r ,I -,-l -. . .. . . = Z P tI I- ." I .- t I -_-; - 1 PtU' ,,,, it O M*- I O ,,,r M I U I
1 1 ~ ~ ~ ~ i ,++I .. . m I .+ X~l, lf. i 11, .. .+j . . . I- ,+n .. '
M , hn Ul ..,. I :1 1:I M~lm . I P ,EV ,.,,i. i%] ,l 1; io... i .- ii ".I;u I' ifids .- It. ii ,prill+ Ie ._ ,# -= ;,:=~l..ll~l~
". i.... ... d pI , ,+ Iver -" X I-N At ,, M .i i, li "" Al1 -11 '" -m' I lk e N. #II I L
.. .1. . I V.ii .
A. ". _.. .. ...... I .. ... -., I..... ..... . .. .. I., -1 . . T "I'll",
11 .. . .. .. I ..."" ... ,,, , . ; I, .. . .... ,' I- ... .. ..... . ..4 WllrlN- ~ l.. I
...... . i ,...... ...".. ......... .... ..1 -.... .... J . .. .. 111 10 1 "I d. O
: . : +. "-. .. .. '.. .'...... 1.1i ....... ." ' . ... L ...... :N "':+ I .. . .1- L -A 1 t ._ ..,E.
++ I, ... .... ,. 1 .+ ..... ... . .. .. .. %T + ," I .. ... .. I.. .. .. ... .. .. ..tv,. ..... :-
I.. ... .,. : +" ',,,*, A!. E '11U "I NE '"'""''IN :, ,!,, "',--- I..,+ +,- rL A ..... ; Ili,. I.-.. "A '.. ... .1 I .Ii n =. : m a ,
". r. 141 Wer N'w,, I ii,) -~h I~, .. 1 I ~ W I i
". + 1.1 it,.',i, `m i"S t n,"", " :!,11.7 -I+ %,,12'." ';'I'. "',''RlF~,Il? ; l~ U'..'"', r-`i" +"nt' tl np. t lll, ___.. Ii I :,J
'..1;.1,., ,, `l .,I.,,rk. .
.I n 5 V ) l ii +11 ... i .. i- 11 ,: 1 .... i .. "' .'.- _ r yam .'hb~lrl l A 4.1 K .1{ ,
l _n M - -- '_ I : 1 l T F + + -- r- 1 1 F I " I -k '.. .. . II . I r 1 1 -h p 1 t R S 4 I i. ', I . % ,
" '~l ----- 1- I N RY I ,i p T .1.- l-- I. .. -.. ,.;:` .;.1i .F !,i ;,. r, -' ' "` i -,! ;I.,TrIIM I"-1--. i. h .... t I, ". ,..: 111. I ,.,.' 4. j.c -
.Id 1-,I ,-4 1ll ...i. l .. 14 r! fl!+ I "jq+; f,'',.'",..,, '. ,,` ::" I I I 1. , I I I I~ 1. i ..~l .... t .::,n ",th4r~~ l+l I" !,. -.=,1. I"'h1.41r,!7 .. .I
; .." p ...' ",- ..... .... . ... r.-. ',,... ...... ,-.... , .. ... .. ... .4l. 1. l*rn"' ;n , , +. . It II A t~ar -111- .- ", ," '1. n1 -. 417 4 1
II IP II ,= .. .. ":i.'-1 .1 -. ..1 =" w h7..+
U, _ A ... .. ,,, _, :+ p t I -m .. ..1'..i. .l~ h n
r', . ","!r` .",: .. .. .... .. . . .. ... ... .. .. . .. . . .. -I .. .n.,
t il .. ,Io I" .... ...... .... .. .. I~'- .' ..'... -. .. . ... .. . = 1
.. 'I:: ..+P I II ,',a t: ; ;.! ..... ,.! h'n t.". , -- ,- r l A -,l .I Ie n1w ll.Md A
-, fi c I T . . '- . V :, -+ I, .: , . . . . + "! .,y ... ... -+ ... :. ,, .! 1 7 ,, = m.or ,.
I~ .I.', .1 .-i1- An-L,. I' n.. %In!~ ..; !, -r I ,. .- .h ;I ,nln .l a III 11 i A ...lllll I.,I "r "III

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