Title: Publishers' auxiliary
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Title: Publishers' auxiliary
Physical Description: Serial
Language: English
Creator: Watson, Elmo Scott, 1892-1951
Publisher: National Newspaper Association etc.
Place of Publication: Washington, etc
Publication Date: January 14, 1922
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eiVm-SVaITH TZAR-NO. N. JANUARY 14. 1911. PrIC SI.o A TrAL
*IILSH iw~i IT TO iiIS~TER FI1 ""*'*1M a L THY MiHIE71SIto NORw *"* *b01*"" 1TH DAKOTI RATE
PI l ammoo bil In the b othowla Wblo B For Eastv l moth am..e leoal news
"M attention t ba ba elladW to demlmr have been artli. tabloid mao-
H. Ei. T ME1IIG and mofe partlclarly, to FLinHY19Z which deal prinpllelly with .eR
that bill jlust onr It was Pu the pubelct~ion@ It I. -aid, have foaes Into
s .Tin bill ptill Is imarid laed the handsq ofbhigh-thuml -anydeno, bth
BILL 11 HIYS l "".'retin \sst.'ma.:" Hi l l HbIRE^ O 11 sh a.nN
oop ent the tratistcalof slat. E ig h lr I rsAd tris relnts ind school tiff
tery an) cheating devices throe& the Milalmi hive complelled bitterly of
liIW s SafUW 9 NUiM ie IA@ Of / r#-#ggJW W Ert tll. filacl pr.e"'evlosams are dtmritL, he m.ora. effect of the .tlR on the
Agt^ ^*i y y $8B A. ./ 0. A., ~"This prtlei.,r otlon 5 makes it IRIInia ad oeartll o t dl ouln pope.
Ift J1,h f l bf fro dr as D la "an often fr toeWilpiipr to publish 3y,,r i tl Rt ta)l]or, lwhet inter-
rilui .lewL I favor tile bill. but a--m viewed. ald tlhat he hfl visited tile
..iTND T toa ra...m,. 5. 1 wx not Denver DItrit Attorneys, PoMie nw""s" em.poriums vem, e,-,oh= State PRW AMdati FPi
WA.4IIINOTON, D. (-C-That pmto* comlorma d about It Imd I hope this mebb* lb ts w.ere r3portelt tl (t
lbhotr. .may Judge, for inmeu mh no e~ h aay title does not pans. oltiiagll Ckb Deal Og natie, last that paosrreaiii the stuff elo aS
"'iller- .f .. car X al *rae w h blow to uSmut." will hhhdrn frh m view. Ile further
dear"Sll r'llllms ot the A noai-lo-s I t.^S ?^ I thd I y lt' o tadhi; that if ba, found oilymsuch heiy az In
pil.rlr II^as I mmfodm reen ly bIBt o .1 I-thll additlhnal curtalulmnt of the DENVER, COLIO.-A movement to "".Int tth fuIturel he. would r h FARGO. V. ,- ie n
din'l*d lllll lI g+ |l th elr0to, agaldm ofl thelh prss lTlwoha has base IliII In M R 1
di ,'l a llent wit h an appeao h freedom f the prss Tlre has hee aake the etahtlign Ilelleal by the of the Nstate law lorohiedng the dll- The ib.l lbo* As ilry t
isen. itoy of JIh bll ntd pt itm o W y s a very l s e dency of inte In that Wolelwn's e'-qlratlve I"""un I ard t e trlhutle n of churele Imntter. If that lwr Mt to the alta tla is MGM Di*
l11 .bt eJof ILyd Kid d *l to dioetlo, and I bm ure It ri eJstl ,tl ll e and the Time gialint a number falll, the uthorli aes ill t ,hle to k oa with pwr d to nat o le
T*I" "' a,.i....l l bil wSl S^t SSl that such tendency he checked. I am t iof .ket..l-,In rene ml anitmls na- ll baek on the federal law, which 'har fo the b l tat t1e de-
Tt,. orl ttal bill twalm m las ban W rmnded of Voltalre's ain tement: *I tdionut i Its effect bas ben stlarte bI prokls a mlimum n'tel of i ve client txi basei "I. i
toy 11,, 1 o.t Offll, Dapartoant. "at IP T or a h. as one lly disapprove what you my and the league through MrJ Mawel l,.ans years ihe na |,,r d a snaxl * l*at not bee fll amg*
ulpo. mel I prt al ` at by t ime mt tmie 1te o orr fet I wil del wdith myU life your right r*he. executive Secretary, in a letter mum tite of SUM Ir those found To clear up tanoy
P"an trthe deposit In th. *o but did It I" At,.a..I (Onlleri| DougIherty. Ityfr^ "h I .i lt 1 "mhuld. at the o 5t5e be= 5
,,ea ,.tiail t l a It am n e l l trut that tlo 5 will be stri. Th toke ll s gui t y oI fr ci n I to atch matt > "t
rul: nerrseet.Sh ga i. e. ha enh ad.Itr set n fromi the bi1L" to lring a1.ut lllvelntition of IIe mails, but they have beell given a na- eatlo of klesl notless iIn North1
rme ioa 15 e si n to t b i 5 wa e a hill b e x r c T i et ith I t i l e I a t t worn e g e e a T h e cm m u ntie s a r eio b a r d foms t e ti l t dla w i m r s a t t h e s Msa
I brl lhnn e non tarbl ure r k a an o. il h e t given n.r ln t1e a.
Str agInghneIH to Lat h rMiM H nanm- Mr i fot. to M in-ailn es In euliry Plate. to be fol- thMial diltnihutinln lIn expuDry and dItor a P b ti h

I.i.. **ar th rt four s ectios uu pr rr .n o, or m ht lead to mblin w deno ed C and Chtolet of Poll Wi llin Jame A. Dew e Luhe Aval h LI t
lo ia .i1 i will h e elen taI t the, re-l loawd Ys l etr' aS S -at, fr t ihe n Judiciary oall tt. .l li tte M. iltsed Ion sh di apterncn tlaraltl Atuirnry, S Maiat b idios.
911, :nllli hng i entrprie hro hb ln i ., d ,I.at vlidntI, or etenly al nger *nd uwr- .nn every newnfnd and drA h toreuh -- Te- ,.l w mS'
,lu m.. r.,l or I- e In outlewe i l h r *e rpim on nted l..l lo of the ls u erty of the ]b thn city of the *rple up." LUBOCKt TEX.telbrtingli the bosegior on th e sldttedl

d tr l no t alultes and thait l hli oft Hnykin offeriua priars de. press lnd the freedom of speech gkr- w hTrahhy Truckr." and all almilar dmall flxteenth anitiveranry of his tkiaK ty ever.
,... I aleli~.r.ly seeks In correct sad K .ntofsa ;, fai~rr$Ifi re upon st .r atec. by the ennalittilon. gan(azine of lewd *nd age-old jokeii. charg of the Lulbbo.k Avalanche. I~tshdb the ctlS e towS P.n
ther ilrit alau now o l a mAnat illa i, thinii. In- byla ri r glSanley Dof KentuckyM iemo- A t aI nvae f th e f i ewhl t andtr bo ok Jan mle Al Dow editor *nd ow r, g la a' Lel h ld lIo
lnI or = Z g~ -VIGIy patnd Inifmsiro to~ipl fall,.tl tll lJ m he f

l.r h,, ;. 1 I. llihand ou ate nt l hrillh e r an ra sottllt'ei, a'," l l" at deiarel the men ure to be "1- u torw s and drue toren when current a n nirhday" hanquet on New aenr' th eef kni l -eri notilfois e f inor e

lIiu;t in a- -apr~i could flnd any objee, re td t sh* h ers*! ^-on or wrori sy. "r to rtious and lialefenslhle." flenator Borall matimnilin are offeled for sale Wal" cn- eve to tile employees and a few frrends r i r e 11"^!'h'i"5ra IT waifed law
li.. i.. the ir llrt four a ions of the h S. lnnld o nln at nere a p s "f Idh- r ,nt epd""all 1.11 Hi iili .iie will undoubtedly ob. *" rpresntaiR l.t a staii a an linds. ernI cndii mnatiiiloi of all lelislation Wimeni Coniperative ILcapse. but none pilayers, thinr wivrii and fmiiinlln the typI fo tra" In" e '" on and ix ce"i
.lt n. kil.n or eili to lh pub .oino o fa + r "*'rr k or cotup entralised cenghr. of the objectionable pm lt could p ent nl r ry of Ihe hain- eu nrtonor v
The, u.lr, i.gl. or olthr belling th ,leh ong o;n-; k,.le t he prh nt lp of bI e pre the nd plan of th e he found rr of o mrac, e frlipe mnlatlveasr ml Ta tiom o1 z.lto r ; nbsd
t.l elt It] altl~ toe ,o tol-

all. ".!i'l at "Iun we n "r to "*u1"1e PUllcallons In ti M Noble and Mrs. W. K. 1ntio1 : ae Fort Wpbrisn anar-Telygram lrnd Ihe tiha I for ch Sub l to at Attotrine. Van
LI 1 11 1 n iIn th e ,nat fou p lans f r n i *wo l* ""u pon oIrh oulm. htllnr d of \faBthile n burel ucrt w an were told at nerly every Jatore I A.en oton hl Core o rvlfland other lonal bord then o ot K uT ;e. ton.t of
i, ad| 1,.,.l 'l er; t if t e .'t I ,h ,r l Publdhr, Urg Hll td the m.ine. wr d rded or ll, ,,ihnm ,,d the party o or- Irr e tat one n wa on r ait onamlr

l-l thol S u o t on I ^ l mm nl SI u red^ ,rhn In- ntnh f Ke nu i Immeoib ata book Jtne fA I wnj dt h deve d p omlfan su na.0
,t-It Ili, 1,111. |. -111t. been that they fe -r t thet dlna h e o p t h h thr l t m'Ii le of ir4

an gf entrprse donny .mnna-er )w tin W. ai y ediomre and ithervl C la- ever y pa in r getw terdsuifthe dr ung at ra whl le t wn a eone mangth." 7 ia. N o ubS( silek l at,

Text of rhe *III. I mU st Ther m utrter iri i ne ,r| lni ilaqii rer, uhed E r hl bake WTp a Ob, oth indd"g ti M O eli for ,"le. by "dltor l eol and varltah o of hi. em. toroir.)
lai. -I,,., 1., are lIntrested I sa;> r ''r;"" n, lls,.r of the cleveland Platn Dealer. "r* Noble si tha United Rt*e* players, som. of whom hgave been with .Attrey Oeeral Cannot Ch atte.
11 1 ,11l. l n i y r l hed olh, mr om, oll ire. ret;iy or to el d nh, ol, m hitteet oia ahal p mIeetn Altoney J. F.l . .u l.i | prov le masc ae *ud it n m ne u l oa ; ra o llly ii otn, ll l tmly en- dIve on- r om e a]horough livetlilla ton of t nie Mr. lhw t iak rhar ne of th t0 lnhw. tll l lnr of a lawlurt lhei
otitn.. st lll anrt or Oo f-'a, fu>n the readfhnlty of thec jira, l l t the a ldi, iIut e"u nitl.ey ha the a kngpe | l Lemk, phar b he att .ne-
I .1.1. ornl a ment mo |r ld ltor an al V r T a I M artrl.r a"',u n I'm It.- fo at nd ofn Kentucky.l o d ~l.n. i~l he pitfll T w as t e in owifo Anlb l ty1 o pbAi ot n

"EIr, mcnr ato drhis thil w sume rt o br e vn t ie united irl trmw o ot nt e noK
ha ino au n .1r bager s heatr of mil r s r rt--L U S I L O S S ON L Y oat
b. file ou that freed.hana n .'or orf I ru 1a --ithly nin e oCiOO ST T M N ow II 10A B I0P ITIGI .S
.wr .i rh: '_ I morly b'.k Plotin -1111 r|,ief i,.. t irea offered fI. aide wait noills The a n. kin h. i.,,ete n ar
I. I,,lutl nra four s r l l k n t hl m ot lunru l no or a run tin h Fiseltd Sc et'r all ry fi Itee (Iam- Nine u ento ulh'1 iflo o r
i,., -f thei ofr M tmal,, Ie ut t JihI agld e try nffi o s and noonilo e r of rrhte an. tile Cavaurh .i. llhh

?,l'I '" l;r . !..i' atm ll d *" *^.l"++ ('+l **** '"""**'mndll' m r" ""*" lU c IIt.*-ilal ils+ t n r.apin e pundert m advnenr 11. ..I Nol..--i. llnd rIuiir W.>g. .nIfllo- th F" rt Wo; lh tn'-*h'r"l lln th T I" ''" *"n Ile |irlA~ of*qun In uT l lr. A
i. . i.r rl... IN ... i., e ito t ki h dh1. I _nt, ,|f ,nuhlnhtp urent caltzed omn Wlif tile ntl t io n lle y poreild .U ca rrt, to r we lIrr l
"I I,,' t,,t .,.t 1 ,, r..n .,I oullmlr |fnii+ l l p res idnt 11rfr Tn atd ,e a n ,l lya b the I.
I: ,* ,, ilrt ; 1r ll ote .. I,, ,.. l l u. t'r" Ot iof lit- a nd Paing the f o e r i Cto me.reriif m fto line b1f A I- v : Io M1
deal f an t I r h r v arr a n- t ,l Ilet u i uld:estlhert i n the Jimn .r rn t.e Ir. wr. cTa mwtitr i nd t I anted

..*.- o1.l ,.r Ibin t i r I l llillm d, f th, ,]iPi, r tin n dk Io rlol y tll r 1- at l, *r ,. *< l. J. .i Nab. di F W orth S .,..i.rTt 1u n ln tile 11 "" at l' ear a
r 4. and ef1 Ni III .. ir rourrolaam l doll h t o t w n evinhe ws n e Tiilt A T u n nt I story aokfiti he ep be u it d

hv matt,,sh. ;,i ,*iiou nalro|e %e, ;*; t1 .. ra .l it r sn. ;. .."I Pfh n pr e a.t1 E I dlthrat th nte magnni nl ntn *. k r, y .al id th e p t of s e ort.. e .r .. t he nosi I
.n 1 + r to sum ot the e lamer l It f .Ml fr lkft t ti ahnt o tnduyn filteenl lylf b htor t eri pe r oed. (f, rm m alI tor w t d .11 el e hite
coffee s t e mp~ou r.. tf Blh r ls e o r wa r i ntoy I8. E lt h we re TInnt l Aidtin stheNt.- m ai l tw. T i A r in whist n of the driv e h It .l te 11 ( ets an

it'h r l r nn.r m n |hn ,. m .ai Ibte .f.eed of l r I w hh th nIII l, Tl T Ie 1 llr' P l. l wr i r ti n._ th e r? i | I I 1
Nt It l. It. WVort| d Vel l, tl.ti l, Chime Tlthi e tedr state and in aIIIII I t of t pr t with te r far

P. a .o l; hi p ea fD RE V L E MI h ween plannn g t mo ret r nh Iria found irn t ofufle town wt reo nte on 4 m l M ( iadtbuh
p1 i Tu- t t ii as of t t I or of the Cla- 1. OLDe T

irr ,t nw m a' hlt r al,^ "t Z'. ""nrl:I tou, t Editoir fr havnisn ,a vha rios of h P rlt- CI C Hl B N e
''~~~",% biut -:iti r lai K. It -- -uskirr +n) In;;p vl~l P

I theA phra sped eg, of sot i 'ta~l r 5, figr on ,t the hIst le#ve hedb th I a, II follow. I tle trouble hrlm l+.mhkim{ th t8 ratest I1 fiy llf'Gh-lim tl a nlfPthen h att q
. .. ....'l ."] ."'~ ] .l" "*'+'"]:'f '.*^ l""'l,",r, + "l'i'i '?l "?'.. .'?li'l .'.'" I'lSr j4 n' ,i |||,.| n'l rn l<> of ll ;;,,^ '" ,J '''*;",.| i "^ i'^ '' . . L t I A t~ y Oe ea.,]';,;; ],l]^ 'f I'"]l*t, '*. I ?''~'. .. .. ^ i ,- h l ~ .,ll .... ".'t '" III I 't- ""'I "**1< w "
lI; "i.:;.' , 'i. the lze' a e s IrN r ,, t a Nit w r l; l |.tT=ay h- ,,, ,f ll !h n I be ii*11 i' Attrne iG tn r a nn--- th a.
.. .. .. y orhe -. f,...- r pot" i let eti A ol .t .. .,A.t.t... ..ney lat.her p .'ans of r l M e erm A r to-- e- el ln il P wer o

it n o 1141, e h.i g h *.'. g r ke. ".rd t t 'wh*' hl u h, 'e PeIut s,. |a i l .11 i,' I.'sa n last r svinl grr l oil
n. :In bank. em. to r sh ne I f. inr w e ofltie to rhatig thet eruJ df to law tu 1r.

p" W l ,. amp" '.'pr i' `n ',e It Am e" "ta ne II' lt'"rl "e I s v a r" I r is I I n T r li, I m.. "+ t a W' -rilhla I. "; npl.

e.,o. o.fg ilt p le ohe i int mt',l eelhlnll S '.l Tiw S ,h l P di "h kin rhi r t w hhd t I Io tr ah rlhl ei t-ll el of l e fl".. .. l ,,at ., r i .. 1 l l ll- I n mlolslo n ti le "il-
*I" ... .\ ,l,r, m.v sh n ll. l t'ih l Tli n l e !h ,,r .TI l .1 i.or n t Inr l l i . M l *.*H l l~ ll rln lll I i il ~ nl r l ~ r t n ,|i ,| l,,~ l i|l~l that -lJll ni.lot o|r" .I n .. ]- Ii 'ir l .11 ,I rm ilr~ ii
I) i n,,, t rS d";no n t; I" -' text 1. prite I. j1" I- r" Calaradl ,it that f i l 'l %.III" ] I"' l"" n; tafo IIl. bo ". ll 1 II" I l "rl
I** I" A m ',;l'l'lvtIlllr l y ATi l u ru ; ; nluv e ," H i l wb],thI e n<... i ll. d e l t.l l,. l..lrpl..t l h, i l.'t. pl. I .ll ,11 1.1 l. I .

;,*.;. ~ ~ ~ ~ 4a 1,..1; fl uSh, .nn f S :"V -I n,1,.e ,.1 ,lil. .1_1 Ie|.~l~;elb be l~~i i-..I f h..lr.yt.,rr ,|l I. y Wlll].,,.., I, Pink.. then.l- attorney
;; *;. ,, r~, h T ;lull yf o d el r y e .in r. I. l y el" at ea i l t'i t "i eir*t. l i r h t* '"" hh ..ut- f .. rI. t itll" ,n_ I. 1l,1', l tl e tax |,. t w -m
^ *: .... -.. ,, r m' ne of nS k nd ir e t .* R o. ,r I----- ----- I N. IN 1, ] P P1 ] orf e tileI ;udiel"r;;auto. sl*j;rs.,;"'.:;';: f til ',.e y ,- + ,wl w Ian tha i tI
K .'." "T I --a Hh' I a wlh.l, i ; l I ,,il. nf the. thel,.l f i
ser T. T hat arh f l 41.S Kt iY ^ltin *mna te The- rn r"* o i ttv will flow s o K r"I) i 1"l -1.1mi ;.;;ty al ;:;?;;:;;
Ira t 'h = a e, IN I~ 'l~l ''K I'lve i ,fw -, rt e Til prce of poo Pao

* ",;"; ls tb l desired M r la.rarl> l m ; l EL eC RE l e, kn t .1 ..... , lieaue h ,I I l h hl W f

VX-**i"'& .,, a h.ln.oevt ey S If"-" '" '"' ">"m --, ilh .nll.e .nrhnl 11 I .,r. -;'n., o; X il,'^ .^".!; To I*"* P* In. ""- t I' .,m~r*" *"
i i ltl *n wimnfh ortrt sK i h of ad air caboo, sell. The h+ t- rpt tr bt throated.tnie tl .... I f "'p.re n d r tu-im i
t,, .i ..... tile erra t ic ad lln t rTly .. 1. goru, r B d l r. l ally hellrnrd l i ...... lion 1ll t 1'. r ...... iul ,::ul!!rroo 1,, uh Pp rIPNh ImA.. uh lt.
.' rl ror tSISS! a..r 1 l *Inv I nd ri m n npIt. matl ter w ll recommendf H ive L|,,re. ,,, ,, ,, w t. fth .
.. . ... k . . r I : . + .to lo earl. ier'l I,, o tin ghtIII weje llo .rt 4 .. e l.... h .. ..he.. ........ I.. lhlu-rh. . . . N, h.,j sln i ,a n .,ne P Ir. lex bee

'. ,' '4' l"al't eI r KI SF' I h, 'r w W .ri pp lleN)l yl hllt i i toll i. "f ,,.|e ,o hHnd ..i a,, Hnlie ,, I the No So'Im I.;' T ll .. Ii 11,1. NI"-

; 'a 'k., ,,.*h. flrn b nl. o s I"n I 'nt "'t fr` Iity to-iy, nnel ereiy de1 I e In t hem t ,?, \ little It. I 1,11-

+*...' I" +?S!l"r+hSSk'h i .... Irtn"('l ew w+hi .. >i~ rt l~ln -t tn lh s onPi+ n rllo w ifl r t. I ,e Ih rew llon nt .f.. ]euln W th, I!V pI wi',", *'r, .h."k *"I"""-*" "
-";? ... ;" +a u g y ~ f 3 4.. ii, u il.i 4hi h h. .1 ve 1^ 11+ ,';, "<:*, i" *- '' 9*** ,+l"* H ""*'' '" """ a,;^ iJ "a W ; ;,; -- i --
fr^ ,,:5^ ^ ".% &. Nil, o"" 5a I^ ^ ^ alerum, wild leieno al'*n sold he ? S :^ HCe_ AQE

.... ..... ..... ..... '.'':.".^ .... . . ,. ... .P.r.t n.. ,+, ph t ,.,. ," ^ ".,",", ....... ,.': ,.-" F^ ^ a "^^",rr .'r^ rfhe h,
.n ...'+ + m +rf '1 -T n 'r h .f fi, N o+, +,,+, i I)Itfl, i ,", \ h n L ,. i n I~ .,l :l h i

... ...nit.. h .s.s. T. ^. .51- 1 It i. I K'.'', ii.. .. ..... L S. .. .......
a.. ... I i ii iI.1 lay ni arbitrary m lr-i tol-t h']I.,. I a1 IN-r .%%iit,. itiIt._ t .
.. .. rf ra ... I. a y.. . . ......... I.. .......... .... f. S 0L .T T B ... ... ...N PIm f..: I It

-,, i*3B S B'.Ir. axn d -"'i -a.u I l nla. rf., r k- ,ki;i iL I t, til ,y il- .T.,,f be M!Ul u 4)M P>
... 1f.11W *^ ""i .. .. T o -rn. ti aS.u s- It -T I km In fil -a.- dnf the tIe I'l* "
ton .. Io, '' I.' h 1rane, -IB Feld r to tittera. I-, ^.^1h
+ ... .. .. .1. -1111.4 l lllo I,, L x 111 h m "I trS ,i r+ H? t f }t 1t v r t to 4 N w k w: ~ +,P In ,Ij,vIf i h I ,+ I+ amII kle tr'.
i~~~~~iI? ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ . I. Pz .s* .I Ihi II1P I' II . .. .. a p p .fyO fe ntl'ilN and I Ie dln l tor ,- I--r+,H a .a ],. la"' al ..lllld +.IH ,I I,"l]tlll+ IT Il'4 i, Ni Il~lh's li
. .. ~ ~ ~ ~ ."at" To..II III .. na lr ,o .rrilil 'lre o ToI`I1'T Pio, cut Viol `',ll I. .'(u x'+ hh ,,+lt' ''t'' ,,,lh I*9]It' u
+.~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ,-rt al 111,-I r 11N. andfr cf,.- ,, i, h-- t 1 ll.'r it.,- ill a+ -Iur .e |r
'~u '' 'i r' If IU tr 1,, ],,:,.1n n m '
9 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ i 11.. ,. h.l.tm ttfao . N ,, nr ,,t,,r l htr. ae gronan' 1,s -1 men- .. ...... I.u on+e- 11~i re-fp ItiI +
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;, I + ] k o w m I r +, m m n s p . ,ltie a l1 1 11 1 +l if b aIII ...i..'+I W lt ..il l ~ +P i h. ..... ] s I I I1 I I 1 q l m l+ i h y H 'a H tl l l l i l f h l f l t ~ 'h : l ; q *l
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"IME to be thinking of Lincoln, Washington and St............. ;. ... iy.,K"'% i ^ ^ ^" "; |: ....... d .........S d......btd
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s c i1 ttii lit tir turn Ni-c r tinirlr itt tir ,j I lrltrlei't?. wlrd hr h bl l i re laWh, Joalltl 'l'lbV l O
ft.Valentine! The shortest month of the year con- U ....... ...... .... r...... ci hc dl, at." .. . serioius
ains two holidays of the greatest significance in ,b H....... tZa.....eble'.... r...... blu. lt-.ll c d ie e
'lIiitrd a Nite h. fmullcili r ,'r. r Thilc li aufl inapnlle am hy+ l ,.., it-lli i-i Com is n H X,.

I-lreiv. llnf'me Ito ri Ir .trlao co lt-r hlr l irlla. 111 r ic cIiaeae I ar r11 rir-ritJ crli +iI l U hP.~
their purely national spect, and a day in which the . ....s "al Met. Y;. ..... c'r T-X..... ..' .... ... .. M. e n . f a.
eit aucoli in b;l t h. In It.snlnsen I rlo. i l Wirest .Ib l n I ei in bri dma NIi r an aw
patron saint of lovers receives recognition. Ihf the tend- c ue lit..... t ;.,Ih. t.io ....'I, i saw.l..la..'. i i ;; ........ ..it ... .... .. .

ency is to slight the latter somewhat, increased obser.- .'........,,1." ......... " .......... .... ....t..l.. o'l rI...,. I.cf,. ,,,f,, he.lar.to.... ........la N V..
htr hais hIh I' aI i ,r-c 1e I. t-ir >l, I.i imlnnt l nc vne n dVto he l, 'i iu t l lryo p lFrooee rk O

ance of the former two grows more evident each year; Of Ir^r:,",,.' ',l~ } AT".";";; ;;*; IF !;:;"I".";" W*' 0 pS3ii;.'"rt'r'S "d ......"^ l"L'"lt 'll th"
alrl three all for some featuring. O,, W,,,......r . dl t aht . e, l .. te.e-MNl
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p atriotioinfuneres, se anl theingsaiouIt p oefs, truet, e ri -. rW th xtdn th.. a. Ir"d lil

forism.Cultivation.of the spiri of tweky p lidaytio s and D'rt uriri" AW" Ii" i -"''. ; i,,,, ,'t.",.r ;hn"3u ;", r ,,.ti b wit a I*o n

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toae~ euko ann inrese asfect.

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a, slb" e wi l tl, o. for lar, I

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the ir purely national auSpec an d adayin whic hTtheU I tIthe n dr Wulr ti h a dui te.r O tll. 8R2t1 lii TC IIII
malo oehI le Mtlrcn- r l. ien r c bl I. te lnor i tr. I on I, Illh l a y.
trli- il.-,-. 0-I OW : M in rice T a

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MI WR RY ram

Back to the Soil

Breathes there a man whose soul does
not expand at the Idea of tickling the
earth to make It produce something ?

THE COTTAGE GARDENER is a feature of the most timely
nature, of interest and value to every owner or renter of a back-
yard, whether in town or city, in the United States. The cut shows
a reproduction, reduced to one-quarter size, of the first of a series of
four releases.
Every cottage gardener is now making window boxes or planning
hotbeds, and the material in this release should be started NOW, as
it deals with these matters and is supplemented with much informa-
tion regarding the early development of vegetables, plants and flow-
ers. Do not wait until window-box time has passed, or until the ma-
terial loses seasonable value.
Releae No. 2, is madd up of single column articles each illus-
trated and treating of the subjects: "An Early Start in
Paper Boxes," "Planning for Fruit in the Home Garden,"
Roses Suitable for Lawn," Growing Asparagus," "Grow-
ing Rhubarb and Tools the Gardener Needs." Garden
Information forms the fill-up material.
Release No. 3, is timed to the advancing season and contains a
two-column article illustrated with a vegetable-planting
chart, entitled, "When and How to Plant Crops;" a two-
column, illustrated article: "From Coldframe to Garden;"
a single-column, illustrated article: "Bees Good for Gar-
den;' a single-column illustrated article: "Training Plants
to Stakes and fill-up material of garden information.
Release No. 4, contains- three, two-column, illustrated articles:
Enriched Soil Will Produce Good Crops," Getting the
Most Out of Garden Space," Flowers and Vines Beautify
the Cottage and fill-up material of garden information.

The empOle series l 24 eolum.s $ 00
supeid le plate or mame, tr

Western Newspaper Union


IublterAuuxtitur 1si thpnFrr WHO'S WHO
Ah-bl sSAd SWW .....................
Rn assent d, I. I FEATURES h o N.wp Ut= T
Western Ne*wspaper Union ou natn, ti ,ades;t all -1, II t l

A usa lity Nw l er n l l r., l ....,t a PR
itliteli. Io ontl..tltet 21Sta IJ W .I.l "Fortunotly for the hblte of \* l i a e r r '
a. s.,."K"'"' ,,;, ,'; ,; n.,';; *** """ " '"; "c" Ad Rates Cam et A- ki
lit nawll A a.. 2l rf Nos trh ,ith it t I rI. 1 *nt osu er t*e I I 1 ui I W l
itoeetO. N iN:= 4Zli~ ott o II h e~ ill th2 , .or o f wh,1o a t. Ad Rats Cam he
iteethik. N V. North Divishtionkulgrin l S o*alt ownkwhe -op,, r Until poo pillslll IIi to
. .' ''P "'r t I. .. III ,, ,, ,t 'r who read for the Ieinpis ei up ,. ,,,,i,,,,,ly ,tr ,,i ., Pa
S.el ai*o.. t.iWtoiiia.l1ret h ,, it hl IT t' i t of Ianitit information as w ,llls -I t t --r 'i Tl I
ik 1 t oo uh Akltd t 1 for apsetis th ir times far ola.lg I l l tile iN, Mltin.t l ,. l By BSILL AMP LAW- i
,lwCotio.. I2aiiisi.uI li oun t hold of a talking. point' for tho i O ,i' e t M,,hto Ft! 'NT 4 B Ii AL o LIAWlI
MI.. lsi e L .a. f so. th 0i4 P uir. t L t id, itorol Graft., emoo t c,,IaI,,, r ,- .w INIr N. lIIAI I iLb i...

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Iltl, p w. 7 ew. ltln. 2W Ati--, :1,;ll tilll" i i. ak .Tha- America. Pa ul., by oI h- l1... 1 i I'llw i i' t
,l, o, T,..r. TK t.l d li..,'', l y\, te. -,.,,| hi, l u j l. Th i A 0 0rl. l e by "\\ e, I, m kid il 1* :i Il t.i eryo t1 ll o tele
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AfiteleSa ,;N .fooii r w e da.ons, oat the hoot of the wadls .i1l,.. I. i lllTil '0r5 m 11 .1 0 iil e It"l ors Thnalo y
(lo l e i te le d ti i,. i ,p, N\i ltll id I I 1 1].l literary bhail work. Symdio tes a i td t- (\l itnt hil IIIA Ilany hae ltlitr of shuopl toals we,
ike.n e ie., .l. uth Fi ftm, i t l .i fill t 'lrr Iil i5; M '11; It which saly he r epro a1 TOtlv o a rtfl
piorlu. -. Ore'.' .., uttrn r -o t five hundred new popep n- w r i- yl ll l li Ii eX r i rit1.e > hI e orew fsrit
S. .i. fl.. .0W' til ",.. G grammar F first. s,'d ousns .k. *l toy ahitad of hlst.it II l ean of
.lto Gita a.i. ri tr. iltan I n n,,l'.," tb i l williosa of popl-r c i .aford to eri lg ration for Sly
: V., 011dr S. e N i thl -,,1' .'t t i r ,, ..ti .l any ... .s.o w.'0 ntir' At Hipar- At His Own Expense. eti ,.,I hn p.or. of
isWiro ao.. Welios a dTreetuse alln eto tlllio', .S hl ". i -it ,,i.o ch. linsg the bist of fast and s .- I Ji! .ilin.son. i,.blidiiir -f thie t I l'g. 11i sib Poll:
. .. C l l;.. hl Tel.l' i rlil. lion. Th t pociali.t f o.tli l I -* \,irllr (O)re.) Obiitirver, thinks their ROBIN HOOD I.l Itulelogh l W W IL
ooh. ith 1.1 IYu~. r-r o u ii~t t i' t re tt o t sets s r'ho i d r r 'i Ne hV I.: Jodn D. s
lom^ ths.1s Il r.[. - trest an incrnasilIl numoei of 'idari G. cLlwre tit "olre N..r .,p.nr I n of t- e Char.otte ..am h J. 1
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A"-: _- L etters Koi h A cin trtrt oI l....i h ....... r .u.li'i ono Inku,
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.6 calm5ra0 t t.Lr e Dally Mall slod a hodrd ither | 0 Ist. cannot afford to ilscrilitebO dur- ulbllsliidl i theIla) y. T l Ie ia Q1l
January 14, 1t22. pbles.s- hI wi how qo. .sy a ing the time the series is running. Itse lt pi 1 Nitstr. Tex. IttI tie Atll l Tih e e Mr e k e
.,lit ,,r TI AUl u o Y. hea for llgoer a grou p thoe i addition to a colunm. arti i O re i iti liettl ol pka the plnk ts was thatl
W ltch Yo r St .' l ll o. sa t d I u ae r ui l tl ni.hed u l til.o nteepIe i theA M the front page introiullini Mr. I w- reior fllo r iie Arkaiiil Furni Iiturea. rat. t' ulnot i he id oed i
Ilo. n1 a 6 1o "I Lh.te.- ae o uh l pllis.ati; ll d.' Fid e tera lmos ry aI nd the series, thei Observer in Nir. Iltat I.. b a otf tihe fuat tIit hfe tn tIo Io kept uP to Ithi
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,,,.k from week to Week reveal a as.- .Ithe,- tinh. an t i It o la you. r ins 10 pa tho hoot s the ois ldte the is ed the fotwing notice ani of- i. i eoun i toiit a re ire et the uTh,, i deovi l, gtt altmte
ettin inig Inoornait'e or disregard of satri:ai N it iitat a it furunao lotar Ao r s poapl the h I. o o it i tlthli.i the I it il iei o t i et sair t a
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.li.0.iy te"l l.'. tliu, eI fur I t Iot .l t ll i shl'p within thoe o o y .f a ologia il., i ,tilt ,. h i flluit, it l,** rit't i.\ I t l I t ..r ,. t ll.t I ft elilllt. W i"lltlM t n- lr o nll W .
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lit Itt lhit r esaI l, p, 1o h ay is u- I11 1ost lo t toda. t py Io v l l er Tf T-1 11 .. ..l .i
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,.t. i. e.....-ir Nekovslktt i .d iitlo y i t e a i l ,loti e ti n u iB u t hIr' lard tio ikko- ist u-t it par .i.. . ,n '. .
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S.,ili ., .. ll. on, t r ., or si,, "els lv u ou l -lh a i ,, w r I A l ih .l. m illn.

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0 I lt'itl'to t i' tti'.' llly." 1 7. K e; r L, u tl ii IIl l i its ta 11l l i lt5 e t'o '' lit k,,l IW i til itI I,. | r..t.f orl /l a
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iiH .iurlrew h ,, i r 'e -rt - li I,,"' i h\ > , It r 1 ,,r Findlh Mi.. 4 ho
ini toer Ir II ,-tgt y mn inoh ha' Ir, ,, Mr 'I I .,, ., ,' ,,,, .', T- -f It p li r .ubil ..lT .1 .. ... Iran -A L ir T All.y ntrialtn

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a t rcoti I e t o deci.. .l -b. -1d "l in o I to a. c le to e nti o .c I od the
Atto n oe o ofh bes0t0 1 tIe lu, heoo p ot file Ittrlta 0n11 Ii-nier in It n- *In wore lowy of .-rn nb"p itt ha
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-.1 ff.0. -101, pant0 ted .m t t, ) i h na' tlo wonIto o-repnte the cunt hn th mt lsose almgolli" h toI llyt d
annual output or 000J.no itil en oI, to oto e ti p sowa thos v i. ro. o.i t b "etf t ittell.an fhtt. tlh e s i GIs enti
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tmIata Po of f ets l eahe d. or t tm daOy o homsm i len a sod hol ion f ides ptrlyoo0 road loht if the isA
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P R INTN INDorUSTRY LoASdRnhri phon "no fhl "wh i t, n o -intadne

PRI ATIN INDSTCS Y p s of si n to l ;'st i nd f ,oe MOl

Distribution of Plants and Employes '
by Labor Policy of Plants.


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*itrcdly c .lOtlttd as to Inin'r ia, liry,
Oi% of ohl phlnot rt'IptrtiBn wOut 00n
or non-oio I,, retort.,I ui 1
t r t pl, .iont It, l rc.lildla tI,, I l.
noo-uniolno 0p,.01-n itlc 1. h Ijttli-tils
al"d oln-a 1 -,th oro.
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at are made Indoor

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to Need

'---; *. J ment entitled
Are Made a
SBottomley has intr
attraction for the
lease, is proving
not well be otlhrw
and instruction. v,
The accompar
From an impendin
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needlework amdl
h'-- ?**'',,,* Mj^ mentsor doll]]s. Ot
-.. n.- - thing radically difl
S. ...... ... .. unique.
FT \.f l laholi r re h shlltIwIl. nlllny sI- .lui ahci oll t, lilln i il; tl"r bmu s of lia-
luring little hoino fiuri lngs- g e.. W oman F'at
nlade of silks uiilt rthll-IM, n nd lti.ol.t.t thI..- tin ,t ,1 ,,, inite ng- devoted tro f'a ioii
either frivolous. IIn .th .I Id li l ... .nl, ,l.. n ,..rh cll de-IotI l|,, l,,k-s O
Iurlchl of pglley to til.- r .i, they [ng oul hlir to rout -'hII KgIy tourlini tions signed bly M
ilnrn. Thm., wlll g illt l ilr,. i.f blaig-iilnr., lI.t -I,-h i. ll tanhl fi nit uel nl
(with the Mtitlulo tui. lI, i,0l-l) uti ln IIr ln stik uarr.. t ,i eith., l %tt I quently one of the
oulII..ly varel.l lii.erk- ,,ii.-iilitI, g,, i, .i no ili'.- l,. t.-n iio1 ero or lease w ill deal wii
are o'cupyllng mutt ch f It.c line qinl ooull ilulUib, ligurel. Il ghl. litr Are M ade a-t Hi u
itentlii of women Just n1t-. They ihrougli r.n -lilk bll. i even ll r. Are Made t om
are very well wnrth ohile; Ithe eltis- fume battle, lrnlito <. l truS. pin- ties- COntinulligill
faction one hllb In iienl lid-, nI t .begin clslioihnts ltre rgully dres-en l In mittlo.
to be measured by their t, for I that In the r f tinail fiurn.lhii.g All of the artic
Ia maill to ile womunin ouln nu mke t hown hinre H intl l. wllhli fred. cal for material.
thel for lunotogf. n klo t of root- i i.frd tiulfetoni ar
Their is o much to he sahl.of girdles ito eft*Tn the light fri n i elertri stores. They are
that they must make a -I o rlte Matory., inIiop. Time 'han sell t le fIlll. I tork
Ier loelrn howa anti ortin-nti, lr.e f rt hi,! l,,ly i ait s which ;wh lth chants and female
a', thin lb"ca re ,on, fur o a b** 'Iit mounted (in a mwie advertising and bI
SeI I I 10. of little floao.r. It Is. rframne reIudy fr te dirint. Two li n-
ir n wr thl, De e rot nt anih l hs on tshls of eulfn mke resting place
Narrow mlP n ltlte. not iu t os o bli.luo bathing girl. Z i
=ioer, l oke setet lhat rivel ti i **Ontllt and p
atlei Lawns i pelllsne. All of thes
af attIached to very smiill gilt safty
0e% na ,tr .*, sW on u -.e t.... Western Ne

"s Season


nent Turns


tell us that the depart-
" Pretty Things That
t Home," which Julia
oduced as a seasonable
Woman's Feature re-
very popular. It could
-ise, for it supplies ideas
ery much in demand.
ying cut and text art
go release. They repre-
igures adorned by home
serving either as orna-
her releases carry some-
erent, although equally

ture will continue to bhe
n articles and illustra-
rs. Bottomley; but fre-
six articles of each re-
th "Pretty Things That
e-needlework special-
uring the winter period.
les in Woman's Feature
I carried by the local
appreciated by mer-
readers, and stimulate

M to order this very
popular feature.

wspaper Union

EIEiHTESII DAD AT WASN iON, LD. C. i i w. i-- e
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t I Rt r I h h l I W al t nh or llael t2llellPll fl 0. J. t$ r-a ll 'if a siu. lig.d who is homera
,, I- 'o r ls .1 1- o. lI= 6ll- ltli r l roam III 11trh-lo hl c l iihIIn io ltla r Oive 'diser lsttll Hor'aga o Iis= = % a

CO M 11 ITS: ..r: - k;Ie Lu n ul :ni nth,:w ia rt of his bon rms onal 0iJs L rsia
OW N __ Ha I Buildna ."il C. S. Parker, Past 80, gust at n *^ r 1. lH l I nIL. Mr. .l Ind t it ftom u teal
arIowa N wetpaper Hal Dlu i in ring in '*' talr B e,.,i,.in r l" ai %a I.'l.llo. r. Tl a f an t lot.r. fir s loom
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|.f l l' t|, ii,, i 1, ,,,.t.[a, .l .Att,,,ua ll ll alh l 3, ll ilaMe eJlOl)lt ll n11 li t .1. I tem

potn|" tt O ~rgan 'iz )ltt'ion .,,a ial..sot 110.11 oKu ,.ar Kl t o A -I ;"11 0,.. lanqu.1 i,^ .ol to f Iva Nttl 31r. Kla O 11 n. al11 .... Ia t t. ou l. e, n -
ir i l auis.n Iti 1, 1 4111n, l. I,, % ill Wi t t h 11li m b r iW illit It.Is W o rk s avd h a n lhto

1,, N 1 1 11.. 1 | ,,, r. tite ll oll l , l l,.O l ,a l,,; i M lll. . ; ',"rh |a;'ell;; ,, IiihaP e.; ,* ii iill1F T >1ll, iB h b
Iowa rOl wIP Hal a s t a iling i.. t iCl .. .S. Parkl er, Past 80, Gue t at fiuhUl,1 r tIiiien Xlal i e Ill Iii. lla l. Slt. Cla ld. a nd two ilater. lai fls,

Large Enough to Houe ,I, -. ii. '; .o ou ook for in o
Ilr l E lll lh t h ulllr Il* m u ill liu ., iilfln illfpr I ied l l annis ,, r ,k ,,i ng I d ieitn ,Trsurl W'^^hll^Kxr te i r< r+ Illil-',J iliad ^rK l i i h-
1.i.+a h n t C l an Wt TraIde Iaos- .. e ar.. llttt lell nih tort
plfn rta, alAhi wi0r thnl >lially i ..*.w tha iaser ...l ...... no lon ..r n i .. ... i . urTo..- i. al llerki Iil ,,r Rliaht ale I,,II t ilo i tnlel, i ,lloi l l0

,1 IA 4N.t ,i i, ,1T, IA"l A, nii.a i,, ,. ,i ,,,;,,I .; ,S l ..f." ... E ;l ,i i ,; I ,. ll,, l ort e... t lle tit N. aa. PF in ish- ? ell leai
llll I. f .lrfi .ot Inr I >lllll. it :,tid ftile .1 th T e w o rile .iI.lllIn ,11. in I ,.n,. Ir.

f ..... iar us ... ... 'l S.r a il i il i I alh 1. l' lil. hlh ita tel I l.. lll. . ,. .I ls ,,r tilns ... l lil. Go. Bl .. I 9 K W l il --i
l.oe t tlY Ma010 ii,, No- ltrIr till II,.. tloItl .o. th30s to 011 h fllt P a.t into Worklist ioe of ta y
Hiio*nt tll*l'y sioorall it the Ii lleone 1ill of the .p r t.lla r of ti w lPui. iaI ada li:l:iI r. l ,a r 11 i n lt o

ti, deleuiria :g wradatin !;iow am" Prmten S a a r
Ih it" n l ti ill or Ktli l.l. lll b ill or t mi t t r im. l ai rl .i rr .n i l i r, l.1ir In int. r I ll i. l ioa l1 ilh tl
,I it l Ihi I a f lul r o lna11 r, .r I i te.l .a l aod ula t1. tll.l r i ll ll e r ol l ly illlllll . ,

l1. lih K a.l o.. fIlIhl. i .al . 1 ,i h. t tsl ho r , l.XII.ll-.tllal iP E R a IET
I~te r n tI llIhlor l a t li lle Et reRls-l i oillO,, Illl .l. M.,i l Oih rl inl. 1. ll i t
I hn ll wi ne x rt .helia Urt i f al IhloielllliT Ii I i n1. r"lly ilrs ll Ihh w i ,lNll r. tt. llt a i tI r. la a yla ..
ill It oio nll. bie l r 0 l h1, ll a URGi Tile. e ;I,,it, I 1 u ...l ...l W0 r .. l, i -. t l

r rIIr l ~ lct rrnlid srtiI IIwho sor .A llllRTISIN ME Dil,. .UMS ii .hlihr t lt I. ... a ... llebra eWllh n o oI
I futuIeI l Ih b Norf aill' rnil rllm i. I nro l il.l a nlnI Tlea n .,l.or i b l lrr . l.i. l ha | i. iiii mi IIi Ad o r.
i Mll,.. ta1. ll, l lt*ri ola. i ?i r a oull of ll s oulinnnloote. to ltethler D o lomkpe U o
tI i'a,,1 .ll ,I shl e b"talrl li Itn I ',Y.l, i'll 4h.l, P t l l.. li t ir l I a y.llea- II

hll l'li jl li, rlld ro ftla lllali ll l l ta I t | h 1,0 l o.t r y nHr il p.i ll- <' l i.ral l,1 t1nets+ I A U 1aD D I r
a eIa at~ara t o' l aa, l laati 1 1 ha Ial io rIter Ara bn r h I r h t hln t. thtr
Il c I ha. I lor atf llt aputr aih i otei I,,, feonioe h," oala ll. e l a ri olo llras
. 't,, .,,.1, .. ,,, I l.. t l". t t. e r, ;,"" l" o". """l. I ola oe A.
. 1I.-.-..e. I il'' l... '"""" ... I ......i. A"l ... "" .

i., 1,.o" tllnI i. i ton1e i .h hl lirtl I w eI.IIlm + Sllaper C \I Ir a 1 ,
Ie Ile'+i*I1 % h Ii.IaOII llliImll l . itt t hol l,=,in0 c li olorl r I, N Ii~ ta 0'll l' i,i r -k lllly .hI lr ... Iik afte rtile na,

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December 17, 1921. age it nOW ern0s8.
tni. perUion As a business enterprise, it is a financial success. For its present pub-I'.

I Gentl.,iemen: lll I sher it haeo been a stepping stone to independence and to prominence Iailli iloo o.
ank nIllo Inl er. o on Fl.thirty-three years WNU Printed Newspaper Service and the
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are taking care of the Leader through ond Infallible co-operation of the organization behind it has been helping
IA.sr rvIel by. MrIte Ir-lea. lGray accomplish these things.L.
I have been using this ser 11 vice forin thirty -three Il I llia Tl o f le
ears. You are certainly fine people to dea Like this ne f many ful newspapers thhich it h

it eous er leit. Wt et in ap been lonI associated-WNU Printed Service has kept pace with
rIa 1 I lluat l. .,.......... .o.teotte old o... ... al,

very truly your, changing conditions.
(Signed) OMAR D. GRAY. Tday it is a valuable aid to the publisher who would reap thel le

greatest possible returns from his field.
i n Clffnlae own i th n Ul l ph n llt llm In hal Mrllel (built by.
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wl llrty, thrw i. t .ll o .lla IESTERN NEW SPAPER UNIO 11 l
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Co nfer e nce C ente r. o itf, Wi llb, h a n ho l tle lieI Ott aUI AN PAPER nd G final,
'" I ..t. il lo air ....... attn .. G FAM R TO USE -,nlr %r'Mir.Prlogt ll, WALF'. Stocked wn nAtby
nititIoi .lvisit".l It tle p.i.o... In I AD PEr, M EDI U S " "iii'll i i Wby i s enA SI;e
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,oo .lr+ ,.i rI nlr l, .a .i. t. d,, I .. Il lil li ,,. ..... >' AUSTRALIANI PAPER GETS I
'1 .1k hla l till o uf lhf. t ilaar ill 1 ..a I AD I rO N E W S F O L OCDI I
.i.f ........ a. Ii la, a e ,,, aIr Io.... URGES FARMERS TO USE NE'nIi.:. ll~ w i l"rTI. WALit .--I Stocked in Al,
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SITUll I Gi E M hill IIlUR I DE in thehistory of Nrh eat MisOu ri.
P1r 3,IY-loUrry.I Kl l r ont onIi rnhl p Asgs ai ne saerCt has served wellitspurpose; itisde @Aer vingo fCt

h lii' I nili a y a llloltsl uit fiorl t.... doU-llar It.o pullv paper x ompanins settl Ditputl. l wilfeater Paper Coo Kfathessatt
and thankl y if the i ver e rxcelle n lt lway'you rf thir lty-threeyearsl IhI i Prite N waper S i avrn dr i t!

Helping Him for 3t 3 Years in His Mad Pursuit of the Dolla.

OeaAR. Yo ar' c l fEstablished 1866, the Sturgeon Leader today stands as a high litht
VeryOMI L. n the history of Northeast Missouri.
for 33 NL SK o.,. ,.,. ,. o. Ownerthi As a newspaper, it has served well its purpose; it is deserving of the

December 17, 1921. age it noa enjoys.

Sest. Let Uni a Aont nS a business enterprise, it is a financial success. For its present pub.

In my mad Pursuit for. tile dollar to pay ex- in the public life of the sItate.
and thank you for the verd excellent way you


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4.1 A IIIP I T A. 1E 4, : -P,:' T. '`` n.. __ .I . 44531. 44 441.14L 4
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,,4 .11.' 1. 113 ." ,, 4 l I : '.. . . 1 I l ; , ; l 3, t ~ I I 4 3.3 '3 3 a .. 1 3 3 3 . I A ."I I . . Lh F T N 1. A_ M .: 43. -43 4 I- 3 1,-4 8 1
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-II.T .I `'":i : ..' , .... .....". .'4 3'4 ,_ ':. l.4 4 ..4 44 1. ~ I 44 446 75 462
3_h-~ -_-.._ I,,,, :; 3, ,, y' IM ,11-; 3'l ~ I 1 I- 3,.l4 I- 1 .44 =34 .. 134 r24 N
: ,,,_ 11,,l'41 344 43 ,-,,- :,.' ... 1"'.jl .: ....l "- I 14.:, 3 3 3 I' 3 .~' ~ 4 .~II 4 .'.t,44444!4 3"4...
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I3.13,I- --11 t'.i-iti..'.' .., I, 'I' 3 4 3.1. "' .g.' 4 I I--I 1.4.7 ''4)313., T .. .I.I', 1 t ""'4. la t .4, 13.. %" I. Ais44 1741 312
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.I". :1. I-11 .. . ". I i., 1. 3 -434:, I."'. 43 11.tl,33 II,, !4M' Il44 Lh'Il,. :43 )'4 ,!:, -43 '`. ',!!` a!.,: 4,'a. 13,:3'"] !i I AN13' 4 34
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13 .3 1 ,113 il'' 31, r. . .- 'i~il. 11 I_______ I3 23 331' _ t 33 3, _ ..aI ,.4,, i
"'""4 .3 4.1,43'. r 33 43 L.3 13'' 3 ......... .'333333'..'J17-1 t I't''l i:;: ''; "4, ;3,1434.44wom
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Ia 43. ,344, _4 '33 3 3 4 3 4 ,3 "' ':. 431 ...,3 *." ,," I43 ''.43 33t !,3. .4 ."'b.. I, paL I ', ". : 4 .43 u 1. 'il I I' I.
...4 .244'144'313'I,.": 43 I"" .' 314 ,."4 it . 43, '43I-334t, --4,", .I ....' 3' t 11 3 a .4 4 7 4, I3I
3444.. I.. -, 1'","- ,, -I 44 4 1 1 4 II A4-t - A-' 3''41,1 33.13.' I, 1,13 I I. 1. I -:3'' r.,... .". ;
"I 1 .- 11-`-: .! , -il l .4I4I, 7 43!, 1443,4 ,, _4 ,, .4.,, 4.4:, 434IIT 1 T -i 14 I.7 I 7 1 441 -~ iv -. lavk aI: 311' s44 44k'44K 174 6..A.. D
.1:11 7.33 -4t4 ,4 'I4, "I ,i34, .1 1441 13' II','",.,'" ;" '. 4 4 ' 43 3'4,3 43a, R.ii.3 4.,..4 Ia 3 'y'l 11 _____ _a34
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*nal ,3l 1. i,4,3I I-E '-I I. .' ._. % I''4" 444, I'.i i a ..~ .., -141 I,447 ... 1174-4.2I-bl a I,_326
"" 43.'4. lt.... 133,, lil A IV L. 36U"nl'."i,'T -- ,I.. I "h .at -'11 44:43434 !llit I.' IN""- ,- 7-' ., Ia~t abt Iia ,,.4 6 (61 t
ita47I 41 5.1 .14t d'3 -i3 I,:..-. :3 .. Im 3,. .'.,,-':.,., '''-:1a4 ,l.1a4 .4,I.n1 Ir4 -g14 I,2- 1474434 la.d R bIn 2s1 I4774 it4 ..45.4I234
1 1.3-3,34V 1.17.1.;1 I 4 .I1.,4 '1r''I'ts.... -'W
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334444~~~~ ~~~~ -141. I3:4a 31 -I~ 4 1 '.. '. 13 1". LlavlA a 4434 ..:4 .' .4441' 4.' ..3 33t41. ,bt2 'b.45. 31 4 1, .1" .. ...I. A, ..
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*53,3 :4. '3 .. l3. 33.3- -_...,,3 '.'.,.. t Iaa 44a. 44 7,-444 .1 l ,1it 47 4't. 343 I.. 44i7l'..a, '''3 'I iI'1444 N3 4.aa ~ 4~ .A ..512363. f
4.d;;31 i.4%trt' ', .it, .',".` T, .i I~ _~ I~ 4'" 23 : v 2. p a ....m. t:,a -- _ _ _N 33.4 y,4a .A4ta. :irI I, I I
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43. -.4. `3 v1313 At 33:, I.'',3~a 46 t11.4.1317 31.403 414 234 1:.23364 4424427.4 ,-, 47'. 1 414:. 4 ".." '.a.'.."'.- I.t." 6443 'Nl.-. -I.i.i1
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.3" "'. ." i "441 .... ....lA "T.33 ., .11) 14 ,k~, ''.4313,14 ...bttsi' I': 4 %, I:31343. 41 3111".. 1 l" ''4 "" 47 4.."'.4a714 I 43 ea: Y ~'.fa.
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II. r "74. .1 11"..I. 31~ I 3 1. I, '.- I ,- ''r.-I I,, ,,, 1441444333 l4- 7I4p441 I., 74a-4 2 __3. :' .44'7 _I~ a : a a a 'a '

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3, .. 44:1.44 a 4 44A,1 ..l "33 44144 p ,. -'. .1 ". ," ..... A 2.11 711 I. -1 h3.4. "614 4.." 46 "62a441 WIl 2
31' 2..4.. 4 4.3. 4t3A,, "133 7a54 all, -41 1t. 441a4 a n I . P"W 41D..I'l 44 13133.3 1III ,U.l,36 4 ...g Ih 44 ... 4. 6 ..4 I34646,: ...o I I'l.A641:,, ,
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.' ,l:1i1 liI4 `443 2 .315 I24 .1,3.. I., 46 64343:T! 41.31.!' aI "2.4 .*43 .. .3433 'l . 33.76 al.r A,.t 3 Ct 3*6 4 tI-P 1 -. 6*' 1-I I1-1.1T .I ,,.I".. "
_., .I4 4127471133 .1311? A.3' A.I fln _.*.s I ,I mT.3a T41,i T. l4.3.3. -. I"..... hn~ 2 .6.. ;I! i ,. -r., ..I ,-,""-WI ..- r.

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