Title: Publishers' auxiliary
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Title: Publishers' auxiliary
Physical Description: Serial
Language: English
Creator: Watson, Elmo Scott, 1892-1951
Publisher: National Newspaper Association etc.
Place of Publication: Washington, etc
Publication Date: January 7, 1922
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TH YTiR-3. 1. JANAib Puhed. 19 a1 PRICr





hiasmon a Pqle Amer 1W-
fore Senate tkn ows.
mitte WHh ArIu nts.

Su'IIIN;TON. D. C-Urllna reM
.'! ti.'wnltrlot Paper end wood
0n,..I, 01 nlwsprint pIpW sd wend
pull, .', itrwel lit In the Nw tard
lu, i:ianti. I J. P up, blabhe of tt
OWrilll tI to (lUn ItlepuhlUeB ena
1nm.0.. iiim .' tle trUklnhnro' hyin
'icI.;i:ii.i anL no 5 t b b
bucii' nl milarif the Cor fltDg TD U
.n,,' ..1 ,i .iI ImD Io the popw
ll.i,-!h,'"" A Awriltle N&M pae
roilb..n' Aonaoiittoe, appeared be-
tori. lI' s'itale mlluce commlttle De,
Tl1,ir inri.ments followed the prof
eOintct, ..f a pia hr1 peneteile
bnu, ly I '.I Wll N = N Hkll"
aullllllll of tIhe c mtt
l,lt I,.rllin rae rl-tu y.
of n.t opriot menItrel a

oiarii). nweilen and Stain.e
Refner to CUoedl Ot p
W Ihur i.hl.sild llaklU d t c l-
pe il'aY ritr of0 duty, Ui Merume t
holiil-il 11hat neM ptouetei wans
enmali ii Cper well an giu t imp" fre
)lr. i';io' Sid that te Aerlcan
Iphlllhr r dilid not like to ami ti
EJlr;inil Io.|r it they ole hdp It.
lie IM. 1:,1 mIini t Ub J
le r1iiiiniithal Ikat th e prod-
el a I, ntanturel protet tn doe te
aul-,r iluillties nd aithr falto
etl.i'll 1 (10 per tel.
Mlr. TlitIuall Iasked that I on
tUlliO hl prl aolison whlch aroe lUIld
to alie i .atprirt nd wood palp pUre-
bul I, ll iin.tted eaillly. HO Sidl
tIll II.' pnolawd relitenllary da
Hlhil T..iil l Ie imapode by the Pmd
*l. ii.,-ri-Jy wound gnsvaeo ai it-
uI... II ein.ed tha" gtovuro
unl i :il i p'fi Ipero be apeld u
rtnl..: nIIII|Tr Ike defnlitia of nIld&
arnl tII> ithl -rni nir log, when loulart.-
a'I .1I I miinuld be included In the
fiv li-.
How Mr. The moet Reamnal.
t.l.iiiii.l. I ml, the reaeMns -et forth
h) lir. I ii,,.,tein for retaining new.r
d'rnI 1 1I -i..l pulp o n the fir lit
"'l i,, II rlutal onmptlon of
t' s-i,,i I|al-r liy Atneritln new-
Sl*11]' il* 1 i aitiimntloln ntet, n ling to
tIh -..",l trI l-rvihe lurean u, t 2,-
141- ,*i ..i ; 1i t l keb totnl newsprint
l'-lIIII a t l i.r Anierl't ti mll ll In t
II Ii'II T" 1 ,11 t1 o l or Icn e thIn
74: Itr it of thfe amount requirul
lur l..in,..ii. tol eirtllltti t that there
w0ll iiiiil,* ..ih dirloi the year llll.OlU
nil. I. o al.ii iniw0at toni or In per
t'h. ,.' hiin lintrln d frmI Canadi .
"l' ihl. tll w of tllll olivl a lin-
Ithlil ,if lit.. ,l.Torlra n iew print In-
IB I||II. 1i ,| in view of lthe sec O-

tIbi'. i oa .ltluent fir a 1trilf e npn
lti.n ~rin :I. ntEu pean tountrin
'Iot. I.*. I'rlvnl Inlker and ltore
"'",I l.ii.. ire denrlled to place
Alll'l.p ii niiiiIIIfortu n cI a tou-

l"o'..i i aI taI||.| ri f for ro e-
" l.iio-ne. IIhle aIw taken Into
I"*"lii i.ii. llratlonl e nd puhllc
o"m '** "I.I l. I tprodict In Pat nd
"*it II,, I'r.]lt I enllilled to igreter
i'nl*i.i...'ri.ll t thi ground than
*lntil; ilulr.n
rr. I.I'rIt. O.--At a end m it.
Il 'r Ii. n..hirerl, lad relin of s
fmlelii. ttnnmitte of ti fLon
1111I1 l-.liriel Assoieatioa hdM at
id"ll ii'l.'.- heoter in t team De
held IIme' tony KItlnemOm fie
d, ,np.dny harlMM M-- IfiII
sar inteT In Marel, ta df* to* e
Ialet.r. r. p. cm aes d C r. mka-
0b of RI. l wotte wM eee a
Ik lfrlnlnllemt rn ttt a
th rnur tee aI

-t the IMwUiter meeting of the
Oklboma tlate Prom Aloeatlloi
ed ie -pltorinf Printon of
Okltobma, Irank L Cane. prnl-
dent of Cruo & Co.. of Toan.k
will held Iwy. Mr. Crnoe
altayn ke been and stil I. an
irdott beeota r nykthlne to Im-
p eN the litloune of the rIlt-
lag ndautrl Ro i prorldelt of
kli owe printing oomprnu, and
wa roeeind at the Unitad TyE
th at ofM Amrielo eonventlon u
a maheler of the eoroutlve coimit-
toe fr the Twelfth district. con.m
pulling Oklihoma. Kneao. and N*
blake. He wa IMo relented .. a
lmso er of theo eicutive council
of the U. T. A.
rrenk Crkne always han been en
enthuailatie eupport.r of the U. T.
A. uld Ite principle. nd han ePant
a iraIt deal of time and thought
toward makin better dll.......
1. the priMnttg ame. Added to
.a1 thin. Mr. Crine Ie n all-'round
go fellow. Oklahoma members
will mith a orthing ir they don't
o to the mnetinr. The time Ii
Junntry lth to 14th, the place Ok-
eIoem City.




Secretary Rutledle Give Auur-
aM of Plea nt, Practical,
Profitable Time.
anluMal ludineca inI(tilti i thell Northi-
erni tlnaneaota Kditurlhl Askrlation to
Ih helt at Ikuk Centier Julunray 201th
.Tlh uanl 2Nth a irigruam has been
firefully III'l-'Imlr which will, I be-
lieve, brhili frtll diuNtaulntion t~rvertn
every aInle of the lprinltih and pub-
Iltsing buiilmnII' a witu I contain no-
clel afil enirrtultiion'it feolures thit
will nuke tlit iir'tltn u vary prillt-
able antil nJoy'ltle uo.-rmnn fhur lltian-
*wna edltoro, puhliihern ntd printers,"
mlyl A, 1. Illthtlie, senretary of the
asirlHatli, iho n, tieon ut auuk
Cenitrr ctiflrrnllg with a lonl cilu-
Mllltte h eeh-d by A. Walln.t, pubo
llhcr f the Iutk C(tnter l.reold.
"A gIartal Invitation to altend thia
metiln Iiat bo-en entradel lo IIll MIn-
nitelue' 'l.onlIl Estante' wlinlu hIrn
are In hanitony with the cxprIoned
atlndards it the Northenm Mlnntuit
Arodtcltin width are Amerkilltm,
annd a prontrenlve dtevehlplutnt of the
whole orf )lnneiut," ayl Mr. Rut-
lede. h dihltl nd publisher are
gFJnl throeuh n tlying period that hal
htrught up protiems that are msoelnl
them consiereble anxlety. What pub-
ltne.n should do to aid In getting beck
to al t a of the qumetloen that
is eccupin tig aojnda of the frater-
*IM wh will give the dlffereat
pparer at t he Center ...u ing
ve ben eatetod ecume they will
peInt pSnkcal tlks by editor and
pIf..i.ie of ain .MMg pnea of
ite cai, givig their expermetnce
with VrtIo meotods of promtling
bwaau that ave broeuht beoBe
re-it end at the amte tiee bae loft
a eed atse la the mounthL of meb -
cht u ad otherL who have e-
*Am IntmeMtIa ftiae om the pIf
gfm win be the rst to the MSat
Brnme ca fl fr OHslm iat ask C er,
whom e C tOil M eaU t wiln be t
m l ato the oate d C tn0l,
Iand ae be aMg e wale be
morrod end Ce a rnerao > | aa -
Il held ea Plday, IJan y St.
ee he ullt o Mo e toe be

0- Paly ai ha e but a red
M~ oii M mNWAe AN Se

Through an underground (although agall thee appeared a intlea n the
aot a underhand) channel I have plper to pay up, with a mild threat
learned of a content that took place that back accomal would be placed In
recently In IHell The object of the tbe hand of a lawyer for collection.
mcntet, al stated by the Devil himelt, An a aort of kop I went to the office
was to enable him to ascertain wto and lpid for a year on my Indebted-
amln his evil cohorta wasu ent ltted es, but never paid up In full, not
to seetpy the next hlghet oace In the to mention paylag In advance. Then
realm of Hell. I made Inquiry and found that those
The eonltanbt were iven a teir who did not reare' at the threat to
of year. In which to perfom i the mt tae lelt action wm not molnted
diabollal deed mec. cold devel. oa- or troubled. o ded I decided need not
tain autheticated proof of ltn actual settle, either.
performance and to present all at "In the moeontme, I got all the per-
der at a pu"bit m' t "*g" hold for that mael ment" nd publicity I wanted.
rpane. Uider bl nSalt the aDeil When"vr w pave a party or ad
otugad ilealt to reword it eo friends vilndti at our hboas the Ed-
winnlog the cotint Iby m Ing that her always pellhed a note of It.
one Ub Deputy, gT him power to Whenever death cam aIto the family.
rein with s oluto authority dn or me of my lldr. got married. I
lag the Devt' Inditpoeltl or a ba y wrote out a long accot Inl
awe on vreation end to paet i U I raed myt betng a reap
with a center meon l oly in MI reatle cttM of the comunlty
ftlltee to tLat of the Devil UInL@ end the Edltor alwkpe publihed It In
At the appointed tUime the chort d Weever os of my ken n or
Hell aembled In atoles ololae rs wnut oaf toh .ol the Mitor
and each oe in o the adlen wa in mentioned it who they gt high
breathless espectatlon to learn what imrk or woe dillUtleo the diMtor
the Devil (who had anmeed pe printed ao aeeout of It and I anre
ITo ly that he wa to he the hat I gt twice the vlue the sb-.
Judge In t he mntest) wold cenuld6r aipthe price each year; but, year
the mot diaboleial deed. by year. I lot forthpr and further
Armed with documentary evidence. behind with my payment
in mT.Ie i"etancen lllln to overflw- Tn I m d ay town
leg n leiayee brief ran, each con- bht a I ated to kaner the doin
testant emhiabled on the platform and In my old tow and knowi g fall well
a mile of elf-tlfctlon overspread that the home pper would chroalel
the colnteninre of the one who, et tall of the neidohug e well an pabilb
the cll of the Arehdemon, walked to a anything I might seid in f m
potlion t In front of the Throne and n hleg o that a fi s mliht
r-lMed his evil valor and mideoedl. hear from me without the ltouble of
Without golng into the detlo wt to them I g od the ppr
whnt wae a meet notlid reeltal of i to my ad.e The Eiter
tmtrder, inpie, crooked dealIng, 'fit' for util Impoaltlio and even
shme grdato, dlahonor and wrt out wtht ey get om
'aH 11 wnbeat. without 1.y!mgpol o frlo om
ern. It will lfflme to tell of the lat nare, a etligtlec Item about my.value
to present himself for the coveted to the community and the loan the
honnr. iem unty would feet et oy goIng,
Whe the n of a Old Ta tted fmlopat I l f e th pa i
lenbs Ikhhhe ee ofOhdTnted h elint thhi did ont induce me to pay up
nhteemltr tre cothit by the Arehdn- trove leaving.
rivn a solewhlt tunomtolUrl fmn1`tiY .r ws erI
stepped to the tfrln of the talge andl. my pIteeld Wa ill fo y e-o
alttlnr hir Ulne tty, Il'ine hhi recital, arrenar I recenoed a bill from the
There hane itle caiult bteu ahlelmrecinte dltor but paid no attention to It.
TI rtllnfy in .tlni.ke In atippoin n Hlem lI the first, ete nd, third aod
that he heloni odl In that mntley one fourth bill I received. Here. also. 1

,tha r he a plea nth a ,r otlerynI,. n,1, e t r e of
of evltdoerr, ntir d he carry a notlre from a lawyer and another
tblilcrn plo hl wu hog I ft ron oln. In e. Im a r b l to iney ing me
wdll l the exception if a few tlettela nid piy what I Justly owe the pape.
antar wter h ne hed eyo le. l tn le ren, ton. Ie villldn to the effect
lltlllue re fr Ip nor ored iv t.'oteel, at tlren di f-erent timre, l'd
Tnhirl. ofor the t v the Fiditr tiaIt I refused the
(Iwen pernnto el to piank. Ol p laper; itdi herr--"
Tinil.l enbbIerilIr rcllltntl hnot il" i.' "nogh! Enoul h !" erled hit Inel-
td ntil .rlhtrDl ft the, Iueal wr Hw 'tyne ot a little tolatel t the rlCe-
palwr a llmn ltr if Yearn nto. "At -tie retrtll. 'T1 Ir the mou t dell
lIrt." eniul lie. "I pal11 In nlornpe phll Ii.,lltl third that eir mortal could
Thir. Thle I frnnd nlt Ihth t fl.e Ed- irforal I
Itor woe n Itienoltnt ilrt eit po '" "Vent tlltl Is mnn with the roe of
Inlaltfl anoi hnrdlorkr otln ind not dlt-i -n ,: elerllle lint t, a place on the
lpootI to p..lnc tiir who wen r liI- lunule rPeuono l ionly to mlne; pl le In
(lrhitI to hint: I heron t leti nlm Vital tbeId 't eti oPfr of tthorityll
muh.ecritnion Intpr. Every now n I Inow the nhiu m the liruty Devl I"
Io-iin, eiutn.fl Ii the pirlitlIng or pubth- TIm r P. 1 i'nlc, Ulttle Aii lnl Herald.
beenu v. hi-utitinie ri 'ra- ldoln Northern A lmtal ion.
Idhlng Illldnlisrt." 0The NewW pcir .n a Mornlale tulide."
The prgruam fur the meeting fid- -a.udw I. to. Montevideo Nown, pair
0 -redc nt nt t..ti.m tle c olitl At n
ne: crlatlon, commnicdr t renth e trloct
THURSDAY, JANItARY I TIH. nliet tei Amerln itLron.
i pu ma.--av eIot nivc bY the Lhank Clln-
I P. m.--3SA'flvln, ;llOllmn edlEort !nd Nr Coonkelrcl tlub.
nthcrl at ftls I yomet hIluiro tflentriI, 'ocal thorniln r a lea. Fargo
),i ar dooe r n. r-rrulu cIen an aud N t outnm
ulmlnl i an tucar Sera, lmoe. r at C-'mmercil t1Club oom-An
Sp m--tlulnrc meatirn at ommtIer- %, Wallre. baauk Cenht r ilerald, pant
rtl Celub NrootL IIt. I'. IhiIte dnllt ,IIene M of tll Naortlern and A. ite Ai-
holte 10loocor prelenati Norhu Eren from or Mlnnilom dlAto,1l
hlcueta a~altr~AI"-'n \ lln ,'* lic N reh. 'rv O'im,
Aiilluil GiI~cet--A. 0. iutaedne, rnre- tuown Countp Journal. preldent Wat
tart arourer. eH ti
'Atr ir 'Today eand Tc er, -Addrile-R. P. Chan. state auditnr.
Ititt hetlalr Thhro InI Newr rp r Au- "The a.tun o I the North Unhlt Ptd.
tn-.r, citjullon--t.04mf iu. iehlmdin. 'i- iota ". Ann N-iidi'. Carno iN at)
4'louo iim'l;nIl A.I tlieim St Carom, poet ponidInut North Dathota
~naI Ihr~ldm-lvlw e ac. R. tiv.er I've.. Aai-llatlnn.
Wl~ irtI~u n- *lette. *"Welrmlnr the Rlctunn Nf North Into
FRItuAT, JANUARY l7'I'tt, l nterperim peat prei-deot elte. a11ala-
o ellOTimI.. i lAmid p prandineot penondnt i1theut irta
hdit, nea ctnsldet. Nttanno ananrintiort. et Orr
dtorl A1entaratlo A rt:-MnoC _Ian r.e Pal r oret
"Meking a ar e1 of Tone Conlema atnusuolon of tho Am;etran Laet, Belt.-
Mie nal7 Mi l all AnItion. 't- to Mlitcelol an Ita." Iin
radesUI-H. C. Haninga Ma ltn Mn- L-n i, a

toll Aanle edtlauaoni ATNRDAT JANUY. AIIT
i.. dP I ou Main W olh Wblt nt.lnnrot resan na e

Len I Atihou.r0rlnlno Prkm a Re Re-
WV__ t doredl"-_J C, Moartaion. =of,-ib.-,




S Cirulation, Wvert iglf and Job
\ rntig Ably HdmM at
LaMington Mtlge
LEXINGTON, KY.-Tht Kentucky
lPre AmMelllut nmet In the PIhoenix
hotel In Lenlinton -n Thursday and
I riday December 21th and alkb, for
Iti annual midwinter umeting. lril-
dent W. L. Daiw of the LUa unsmn
Era prmlded.
D. HENRY. Wood u. Dunlap, city commleleoar.
on behalf ot Mayor T. C. Bradley
i. D. Woanr, editor of the Cal n p- gave an addren of welekmao and war
trick Doau u actln pnXunma r, followed by L. L rltiuh of the Wil.
wi have Served under nve preMldenlt more Enterpri e in rponse for the
-pelt f ClvelaOd'. term duo to the editor.. IL. rcklirltdge of the Lex-
anioe ree U ed teomcnt pre Inton Herald gave a very able ad.
Ie an fellow bh Ihr- tholl
iT l n ade MeKinloy and Ioannvelt. dO n "Th C ountry Editor'm s Ml-
and two yarm n er Taft. Ben at torial st ae."
reniratien oft Dmoratle Inem-baal6 The rnmtiet feature of the mofti
bi tu andP at ta olnInu r was tme discussion at the Friday met-
acig paatmUInr and the Inoe
yetma betrwen a pOntMe. irU on The Buninens ad o the
Mr. H Mur aturtud and Mintlahdt NmtNap." Tl mis wu hld
en crne R aiitn r e am tn r a tih bdheatnfl Iw Ietin- hbot*e.
u!rsamhoet rL-"' r I te Never In the history te e (tadteky
throuahott the newmp.p atenity prls wai more ren l intet ar ued
ol tthe u ate anks tholh be IN well ad- than was started whm UM this eet
IvanO ln ara till 1ll of er was called The clTrelatien part of the
and kLmI up the rttln of the
uantrput o a thbe hat Lw subject wa to have bmn handled by
nto low. Warren J. Sheonert of Valmouth hut
owing to his aheence his pat was
taken e of In a very able manoer
y C. A. Hummel or the Jofferen twn
Jeffersonin. Mr. ummel has given
TRIE JOUR LIST tb clreulatlon part o biS new" paper
work qluie a great dei of study and
has been very successful In building
up na gol list, ie n yn that he owe
a lot to the country corrapondents of
TINI N ieper. fIe tainai n a reg lar or-
Sanlnzatino with thta,. and make them
TRAINING IOW bl agents In their territory-to gather
news and collect iubecrlptlnl,. lie
payn thent by allowing a very liberal
Prof. Frank Thay Teib AsUO- A *mmlos" onn all ubscriptios cl-
OiatiOt 0f Tacohmr How h.hllt n It. nnery of the lUemned
l hortol Hidl I ly llieglattr condtiuced a rmed-in-
Noihw~mTst Hadlee I ]hie on "Adveortlcln'." Mr. aiiiy ha.
r erra le ld quite n lot of fiofrli aI well
MADISON, WI I -- Pr i. Frank ni lobinl I alvt nd rl l...lll far hll pu-
Thayer of the ar'hul it j IIuniali lll at tper. li y Ihanit tile Iel, way to a't
Nortlweller Llllnivrlly, Ei.alllleIir. Ioal ldveltgId Is tio |ip re the coliy
Ill., ipuke to t1e crnv.lttlin fthei iti h lsaore oliti to te the uernllint. ntil
Alierinl Asoelalhton of Trlihirse o tlere i ll im the ropy with tile *linte..
Joutrnalam heir n te Ucembdr :onll In It will sI e nin e tltinle out of ten If
relation to the trnllgin of trnlle jiur- hanilltl In ltlils Iltnnler.
linlitlt., hand crpevally of e ll twit Chuarei Attedaneo o Qoln 200 Per
cuirni gtlven at Northwerot, rI UIa- ConL
verally. A dlyget of Ilrofelocr Tl'liyer' Harry Olovnnntll if thoe Itrlrton
talk ifolliow: eader gve hls xtperl'ntli lu Iliuntlliln
Actail contact with bhull inl IIIer chair advertnllno. A lonl dalltunlnhllt
prioblemnt 1i tilue witihword of the followed, which liotldugt out tiny niew
ctuertc.ln trotle joirnallse att he and valuhale |ionrlllllltl ,if lil t l ti.na
ocllool of Journallou at Northwi-sterm cb luk if livflertiln J. Slerniun o'nr-
University. f t trhe tio ciionra of. ter, one Of the mnot ,idelr y iknoln
fitd tile firt,. hllnlne I jiilinliin. newpIlnlcr amn in li ttliky, war pIrt-
Ireotl with the wrltltl prilhiiiiiat it reat and on thin nbJliJ.,t itlcl thiat l
feeling techltiron, trade tinil joitnitt. Arlticil ore wrillrl'tt ie l ni i IrtlrIh orginiiitlion In liexlliglon, lIe
sublllted to radh e papler etlirl- tllr Iid plint-i quiltr lilt o( adlvertiniin
Illltn le ltldy o o u lile rh lrl nl i nl d cllnal lnt r.illly r
tit e etlldy tf nofile. c hlrii f-r his coartc h ined cilineed tihe rglnri
methalme such n are at i nlitn' silim unciy lilnitr vIin t' l lalint
commt n d Il. thIn two hundred Itir cent nu attrnd-
The to otnd atcoue, promlb'li on In p oanc,.
Ddutrlal puallrhlt totaroi li p' ir it, Ithittn of Ilnrrodldour, nnd
lthenlte collltnit w Il the Ill lii-lur It. II. l ine of Snilhyvllle tihol iiddil
prodienem f Indelr nall terlliilii J i"r n, t vitlery gnod IoIUntliin in t lln
ctla. For tile merond welu 'elr tlll ailing of job prinllin lnl liualn'ra
yo tliiree pullitn-tlona ill I,, a ,uiilllntiil for tli linltry nro epua-r.
lirirlugbt t the strvirle lit Pil te ie 'i. h tilie.rm nail tlir lrwil nwr
abeso thl t *F her tpnn d thirw g witho
lrntanln thiilr hilllllntr nlivrti. ir"- typie ls n tinle Uilverilty ,if K.li
nii liretltlllon nod nth-il1i,iiii fIii'hy fit.ulity at n dtlnuer 'l'ltroniy
iililepml. In tlhie tny, eMrt it lit I' l i nlllt, and the Lexltinton Ibiord in
in tihe rlnn ll have In t i.irs t1lliti .lTriin eilI rctinlnl tIrIn tit Ilaineiiirt.
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Ustit. Mr. Laoahran hIRoodnewa- oat Io wltn d tblo e t t 1te. twi tl'e t and O his yaholatetl ba l w'
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n n y ur c s o m r s ta t o, ., Mr lnn, v e 'a w l- +k* ,^ +a n ")l,,bd on ; m@;l;;,;,; ;.?' I." 1a ,;nd pu lllh p t 'n S S fII
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It. Wh'. Griffith is reportedht therdalliJtirnal ten sues I ... ii.. tu' a''i "..t' i It I." "i s tro' "a tI'"r'.t ,l h r it a.t Nsre l' t It,. tttltti ,'ItI.hlp at I AI. t ?laie 5 n Itn w p athoeat
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sln l neraed to telt" Ihis lal s nh t ilit.a' I re ''.r Ile NORTH DAKOTA.
epic ,r lo, eutthe pac.,a at it toreaan te, orta.Iatltnoayiti Oai' tto't. A t N~tt sn rtrdstlad CIII
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labor, of hI Itt'N IIt l tt ,a s .Msoei I io tot o as asrk
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1K Y- PM^ & =* f ee Insw~ furnished b t t Ao t. Conn.' he poi or mf'l 'ur Rltvrw tt of attak* of on ear fai t- ti ly by 1. G.KftblNM editor of

knowln V.I" y "TllI"lB l ad w.A. Kelle'- y.S fo KTSKli'3 C~~tl^o n and plod tolre~i ndt~t~ A*i'l"! the "lt tt"hl1 *"lan from Herbert ". 'rivdb ll-Ato~ wiorw llr m S-nnie r U*MU I
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Western Newspaper Union I,..1 .' .l.o i..- a. l a .' ': r i'o. Has liok1 Editor of t-e ssOab (M l) O iWMRl
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.anAFrIncra. -Ii rL .n l' O i H i .- Olnllll t for advertlin during this ll, iti- ll h I t.lll|or sli l th tlii h 0 1 lt.r'l T II ',, thte ""l ,l r.. 1 "11.: ; tr.,, alul, oIn lper wrt h e t
S lWou. l tr nl.. l. alhh t1 n 9ri m.Hai l '',' t Ir r t,- ,tdl l,. li re p t, r ; l''l 'r I" ' 111 1 11 I.I 'e ri P Pn litan I so;
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8..-- ..U c1 '9C I P ,, ''' N "! '" other ispci' l lot i. i,. ll.r it tlr lltW Guy e ll. Morti' r .aw rry, l n a l... "J. I ..L l- 'o" .. i l 1 3 n t It' a r ol" la t
3 Mo ISo O C oolut i I oYear. 12.00 ll ,, Ilu Hc lIt,, J',,Be.n',gn l tlb reading limo of Ohs -.e ia %0l1 as entertlalilmetll. carY- H.1199t'tl' l.s'llehH' I 99911 A 'lfi',.l M.i,lo II ; .ft'r oIl, aid me Ian
'wpap9 i, A. 0 .i 9,, yea t y r. obvious ly it ir t o hoim to mll purb| ili er o f t.le f E nin. i la )llti 'I'Il I.... h ie r 11. 1i.'n '.v Ily ', Al. io I1-he It a l ls al
TC'rUA lso 9 I ,m '1 Iti'. t S, i ,.'.. 9 l p oo- or r. adr- tot t. Iw te gI'il lr rl cdio ll cr99 ;0;9 i'rl' 1,r ltl t'i i e l h. Ie r s o hI s11W
Aol dduS r $u I aH fHinal publ lueat tytio a noti kep u .: w i In ..r v ... .lonttur not ha. ou p al *tra And. At hler U
;I. i.il, Allp ep rdl. all all., i ni
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January 7,. do tI,- tallr raItPril. Onna a mau gel isnc os h "Ian tley tlilitoll d." r It 1 1e doe .t id Sr fh
In r 7.. 1 19.; lit U 1 ...l, .. .. lal .of lit 99p9 d ei d P N ewster ttl Itcr L aw Ia. during this l is t
l l I , t.lo r rMnil . lr o Ihbit of re oiher ouo lnd Im.e o licerw IH a |'r to tll1 I' to obe th. old Ip l
19 7 a. I.. loer9. 9 lio ns heI oit lih ro m Is a c V. ain t 9 I r .a 9 t c o IiIr i h velte for our h a

1IFelure in r l triet ar I >| ni,,,,.a. | 0 a 1 1
Newspaper Law.I t b, 1,h te tion I. luits likely to tn- ,ie of `II Guy V. Ilrtimir. ;, l.rhl n i ,, l"+ + lllth better fa o bill
9I s-. ';2li..is. the fl uS t .d i. 6 i I nl paihiel r of tile E 'i .g '1 .1 l l t i ir .r hI I t. A lld- 1 n It oI. ro5% '
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it .l i, t'k the 1 0,ol ,- i "q< *a mtrt peo, thlHat. rit'.i 9 9 h let I we r2' n w'19 Ii t j "ilt ra tto io nrodu lln y uso g Wi
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.... La I .. .it. I.e t re ofI..... It m k Ol .. ... whatitm ........ l ......... tn11 .. .. ho hia r bI .. l In te I_ ,y a
.11 11111I'l, tll el r 1 '' d rmor intoe rtlei during thb s period 99. 'aln. t 1ltal (ilA i, it ll t ' l litrll. i oi, L,'I i. t la 111lr nti' t late If they ewe T-

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l .1 ll' '11 1. l a i l 1irI.11 h 111. 11 1 l.. , of tb yon eI u onlurn ly t. s In al i 'i I li s o i r of Ur n lt r li- n i i I i. i. inr o fT l i llit' lI A I- t11, the
.I9X91991. I .1ll, I- .. 91 9 1 tic ll r,"- t ll pob li asr muwat bve recourse to 11 a9. I liI mI lt.olr to gt a
ll'. llitl, Il -e 1 uI l I Onlyt supIl fIs troo to. *l a H Grvane t e o p the increased r it k n r 1 ''. O nI .I" iI,,1 9 tIhI i t. iitl, ,. \ tI e all Ike the "kldi*l

'.. .... .. ...I ..r 1 .l...... dl, II n ..W. ll e... r i i.. b ...so p e k pe o..o s b.. .. M. ..... .. ..I.I . l.... 9,9..'..9.9 l
X, iI,, i, lll Iilll.- ir 1,T llllo1 1in '1",1 I"\\(" J thl, 1111(1 h .'.111 4..t'' d,;,r .,, ,,|1. II M .aiiLlll, ri Ilir I lr IL- ,I- ,. 1 lll%-- ll l k uJ It i ,

A t , r 11 1.1 ]al I il'' 'I t 9 '9, Irrh e w hrrci l d f lw tir hout h L I I II,-. S l.li : K I '.1ll i ll. .1 9 ri ia a iArn uptto tl

4le t ii ...th .. l. Lk t. i h .... in the n-I rll.. I I ie i ],, ] 'o i i u, 4 ,ti l. r.I ..rilr .J U|I circul.ato o. 1 n l i d '1' 1 on thl ir limin.. 4r HI II pr.... p r, 1,.l .y r i|...r .l|]|l 'ula , l p j l .n n t ;;lt
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'.l| l.9c.u i..l .rll..l 'ull irllI I t Il 4i9 t lltl0 us I l I lil ll c a io ae f .o e d ,lsth. ot |an CHAPiE 1- EW tA R 91 I 'r' l. Io-ll 9 9 r Ith Ifn .io l iI.. tn c tf 1., ll l .. lll | ] .ll ,.1 f Nl *I '' dh r o t 1' 'i to '' i,. i '.9fl'l X t ,l '1 A I 't I A
S, i 1, "i r',I.' -l' t' hi '. 'i' '' l IILn'L- Foat ure in trrlt rit ly a i. Ie-.' I ll.. \ t Iv ar ie abnn. Ii I. i %' 1tl
l'hn v h1. ,l' .1.1 , ll ti aval PblAa, 'bu9t i' t at thi ti me etha l

ou11. Ip II '' I n ul I I. e I o.i 9 ... , 9 ni,,, | f urni, 'iil on s th ... r ecrui, 1 o th e st ri .l A Illr prit.' lll9 1ndi ',ll i l | I i I -' A'..' 'I. 2hi t 1r' 1 lt.h. ] .' 11 P
SIt hi ll l .. al = ,Laary+ lIo. T h lerill- siiory i n tmo ir re iul. :N noth, |nt ,,pr (,,. 1l .:r'*)r t r ',, r",,1. I IB bIi ogrra t h, ," I 1, l ep .
atI. .m ore opl ll r d sorinl O rh i lr 'i'ii -I,'.ep 11 T e r i i i r 0"l1-n,' ..I1 9 10.1 1 ,il,.. i n, \ -'ll' II Ti tli < 1i.ini so l .
du rin,,gl'l ,.ll I n lI tIel, 'Li ,' w.inte t h' ", ill.vl. If. ro IIIt -.h.1 1 .1r 1" I IIII hh" ,.. a r
,,, .i.l.-.. .... l ......l .. ... tI.toe ing Lb wint. r m onths, if gi os" 'l.... ..... 'l 1' I .Il IIa i iII I .1. >.i.. Rc1 h i '' .... ... .' ... ...1 ""' 1.1' 9i 9 . ..'. I i 9.d .. I 0l.'.. 'Ir. I t
I "ll .9 . ..!. i.... i ..-. o. t h e o pp o Brl n i t. I s . t bhis rot. 9 1 ,. r1 9 9 1 9 ,9 9 :9,llii r 1991 19 II. I. 9se c, .t. ,, .. . ... .. lit. 1 t.. i i .. 1 1. 1 i 1,, l '9 9 9. ,. 9 I. I, t m "
'. n1 '...... 11... li,,..... nI .1 f F tfl* .ios.u.lyutheg t ue r oiol atis.st o ld- t.t.I l la s 'l riri i al l... . aI oI ... o. 'li .' I ..i. I' I 1 9' . .. ...ii CTl..e
%. lCi' H.'1.",I or.l. for it is rurs e t hi.ng for 7 '-9.l t Iltl', It tI 110 ailt 1 UIo iadU I.tg f1@It I a. ml, e.i. At' liir Ad 11- 1 1.. 1,w r i 9 1a i'llll o
V II. sa*. -o' i. It
V''lli. 111 111 r. I CHURCH. SCHOOL. NEWsPAPER. aone in tlop a Pper sli r comingf '.1 la t sl rights are 1. o i Et'orn.ch I'. ', t t i II I 't I esgo
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S nin, i i l ,. 1 ( ,,', (n,: l trtp|(in ]io) n. Ioll rll ll o lll ll t r n rl I ,iln forNl T. OIIl IIPIIIL III n lth ll t 1,,r t, y il .l l.n hI. IJh
l l i elll.le hOe . 'I, I i' 19 r tll f s i l o ry. It i trio C ot m sat e d ll l iIn a IT wt I e IIt l l n l fo' J.. thtli h I a wit hl9t IIo
N. 'I lH. '' IIrotant Iai It.n tttoes f T.rA.i it. .ae w oria ats n a i Illra e to Ir 19999l c r rh I '.o 01991 tari Iut it I' 1T, i, t1i I i o a
MI. P'-12 ri .. A]r. J, ti' l1 ,1 laI l 111.,r. lr9JrI%9 "fo1111 t1111e onlIroul sof Ulttor eatre of at-d } ttlH.'t -h..laH tt 111 .,.roLtll. 9 I% Ie .t 191' 111: 9'. 1lt'1.' i ell12 91 11291, I1l,.h. I 1h' Iti. r '-
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At" a.IIIt',st.,;, a0"t Ih. 'ayn w ill fellow them threoue tor i" 'fru IOt* 'o a ati 'alt tll t 111' i ,' t n e 'a to " .'n ,' iat asl tail 1
II'io. I s elitl' I l a, altr 1 t r ,..l 'II. i rt ,l' tr ,.l .. ,.' u t,,o lbe n W, aill o a srUs epti hle to It It It li o 1111irltI Il e l lt io- l i9 1 1 ]'r,-| il. tr il 1 ll,. 1111. m n 1, I= Ii ,iiA a

1111th t Ia tv a re te n t j 2999'' .99bt 9 th ? (r di'r e thleity s f ol r om of oolott by n ohip Tb I. n Itwh I iH' l.t'aihf tt t ntrIO I t'r0. the l murtT' k ftrl (ti IliC Kbtiht2 h* if i lt e E ten geto
lh i w h o n. t .n 0 i 1 1. ,t. |i I 1]I|, | t ho h G t e I In l l nll l l ttllith f..t tihw .r 1N | n . 11 t ilr o aiT e ti f

ttt..oe toiti, tile i tit tai t liei al p rtit n'rii t i t ltor th c irsoi L i TY olttll r 0 tIlt: ttt.lt all t 'I t a ir .rlaocrIit sIM etis S
will _1 An I. ithe ad.

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N t iet e l t oft te In- ll I '' l 1 ,rHf t will, ti. i1 pro1 aN U "rai d s cino aton s f frho l d on their I ,ie a 2, flr Ii l thi lraI t wI thl 'hICe 9111 a tllun I llA
ltt l ,; I e iar wt i Ti't d n ps t fw m tonth, l of nCHA yh l th'r;t^i alII' Wue t 1 ..t.. ...9 ..ii ... 0 .s.
i l,'!., It t fli'r uhp f flhl l 1 1 1 l I,, 9,3 p1ll9 E;I pIrcticall ll, ,1 ,1 Ir 9 S li l nl I 1 .1. y'i .I ,, .r .n AI I sd

illl I w ll-rt a rJ .f o r "ri ...riti t fenta phi -r d ca ti lon a I r ia Iahe na tI aTh oi l l'r 1 9.y i t tl i nI' r09 9l90t 1 in i i. l 99.' 9 r r ,m' Iim e s-,' t .r
l willh ri Wltn119h r tif' 94 'e til 'll i IH i ) qt'nreI hootethstrsroit sIo th seia .r nlaL tetorllr lr tilt toil} ",ae i r pit ia [ 199't I 4 'r tl.t It: It tWil, i. n'., t 2 Is|Ii I
it" '.i at Ilet' a tn Itll t ue so 1 .n r t 1 I II 1 e ift .1 t .i .9, t. N' a i .l tatI.... 1 Coh, GeO
Repnnt It..i 99.0 .'' 91.9; 1I c~ll llry tioti. TiII w hly pohItiatlost is thir sto atutI.191 .19 IH9'.a (t.i IlIf tiates. f r'l leh ti'it' I' OUF .si 0 ;so !
ti t till' ".Il ".1 .ell wI- ''t9 o ri ,i 1 i'1 e1 r et tli Nesio To riioiso T r oo n Serial IE,.'99.,i .Sr it, fl-.'e durin u. .Iai d'',.tti '."f I '. 1.i9 ll Allm v t il 9 thIit 0919 A vih M.C to
wo allt earl P r n Pape rs a t ha ve C H A P T E R I nt SanEr.h I tl n Ediso suit
b h e I o omIte ll n t .e r 1, t I, w D A I L Y h e l hg l f 1, 1,- m

I. 'litre 99.ii V t rrTh A illnir. for ArI.r-1 ilr,. 9. AppIrt Iil it I t I i ore than tw ent year9. O 9 -i.i r 9lll'y I'i" ll:nI. I 4 irkI it h i rn I, ,h, I InUe hi n S a e idlltr 1 2'11 .h i' e i l iR
I ii, 'll' I'.I ~ rl''l ,.' .. 11o11' iivtlkl'r J .' i d11 Rl','r 1n1 I, Ari ll' p y p1 II :I. I: k *-t t, f. B
"'gfir aod tvIn intt' nIdlt Oln m Aut, nI i thn l:t ged k ea-, a bt t A
ink t ." an.ii 't. rFi..t il Ir ten rral dr. a1 e n I" 1 yb ry little by ntrat. Thl Itn oft I m, ll' h Jto mo4 o m s 1 'i "'rf I',1... 74 1,r t W*t'e 1 a !e74
.A copI o oI e of thdail if it "a i p- 111*, l mhnitr th-f ilIt I 'i't and pe li iir. A t IM r. I.I I 's B
.l1h'. l h I'.99 l 19.t , iin t Ioi I119. de 'li 1.I0 .'' 11.tr 11atttn t ll,' theIn y g o pli hteli t ln Hi t pla s h ter w. I'r I, 2t. a, In s t rai i ll lflre, r-.a1,
"I i' r i lt'I' iH l I .t 19 9 11.9 liII' ex,.c t, t.9l.91, It! 9219mg R ev era e.d S o licitatio n. .. .. ,f :e9, 19 Slo 119n. Id i al. r .i u .l 11d 11 92 3290 0 I l- tf I 't lot lioso or M
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eprint ti, 1 11 t 1 ,1 ,,tl ,:u. 11 .'t11 9 1.llhl9 9 l t leH 'c l y Iia l l t tchetit' re. nrlo oahL h, ll. J') 'N III" ''I't'lttI tr'iI r. Ii 1. ,r 1,1', ,r hirIt ,19 1 ,1 ,' 19911 a.ltit, a''h, it

a ll ;- IIIIAI t. IIPAY I t lSe Ia to da'e NtIIt Ilt 'l. S to' t to- t o.. 1 90N T It t tIa' a i "l 1, it 'lt r I 'if -
i 9l. l.,''tr a ,t 9 ,% .w air 99 ol h- -o it'd till, I'at' 9,ir ''11sse tIi 'i'lii l' ...ties of '' sitt lat P e "sit mj i. litir an
19,.91' 2! CitO' 2i al,,xq1r iii1{ + or.1''. 9 11n9 i i t tl +xil h t1i999 t 99 itOelo 1 ro l lltlar if J i Ieatlltto f a liat d of l r i iln .i'p fI a lta ll'a', I'I til' ]'2HHMl T+i-' l tl'itlih+,r Ia Ii,. 1 eI,, eI ltn l h It'll o
Ia'I i +*fl99ln t'it' l l,' lt' +1 t919,, ,, It' l ltl I dI 14 1 99lr hI 1 +1t1o a rneo y O' aitltl'iit'l IIenerIp, ra t be II ] I It tt' s ji1ibliru 1,fr ilto at I t c11~1. i liit' tr tititril larr Itito f-,ci.itAlan| 901n, thenralitt
e l oc a l n( k r I IS ir o f n a Deu .I u

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j,, n {J lhl,-11 tl $1i ''to' lit,* It iJil)t I stales 11t id rI i1tii s tt il rii ItdI I- t o' t-tt'i' l I'I, i lotv 1 210r' hfI Ant t 1.p ''It' fr ar l t hll h tn y .
h'or a ila '9 l I 1 tttat, :.Llai NI.11 .11.. 1aina' nll. il te tn

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/i liih ihrio t Hit HillIIa' l 9. 1 IIIH' 'iI I1 e r I ll 1,1999 1 .lther ' ,i{i I ll f ll i 1, { l aIrllel n 'c ot of mott
a t 9 a I ct a I k1 triilv a. l111tF 19 e11oar ui, 'l l lit 1 Iill 3i'in 9 l0 1- IIl, .r, 'ri ll Ant 5t' ro hIr w ns Ii

t do |ion hoc .' 'a rl i,'a 99'I,, t tIiL OnIII -9 lit raittil) n letyII; onl l { follows fo a]lr. {4itter b 11'er II1aa I i Ii ltolly i t {o ..t A f 11,9, iiho K n e or od ya a nuet i nst. 3|1A
h,,,, fly, AYll r,,.1l~v P,,," w j l. rlllf' tillIIi
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it o l mar.' rr'l i ,I,1,. .','" a t)111 allhte atn'11 '. ) t 'fhlllti :nd If1i1 It' }|i r l..a+ed ] ~i l f11r thq t ",% II Ptl l n t Ib r 'l Ifln.rr l f'i to, ta t Ot eoI a@ 1
athiw a 191219' lt Ic'! 1 -r I' titrt.r ItilaI i ). Ia 99 1 19 1111 (111 tt''Ii' f9'ii,. 0 li.lut tl i i.'t i9' Htt'9I'lll tsrn I It til. II fi 'II i -, l tt' 111'1 .99' I h r.ti ptitfltt b wit h wa n oltCse I he5
th: F l tr r+,}g IhI A n...i. on .I{1( I ,-m ll u 1i', L eiftf 8 illuItratio- f slmh,. I ;t N..l. ]. llW 111. I P {I o T Adr

Thel I ta.',' I,?! t I a 9 at ,r'll t l e, lao-Ita' olr, aito a s r yet 0I .?
Iyla t'Aorliattt anr o All"l. la in t ae m seer soh r i eaa h ,.fy

Ili dn ,1i eoiil''.ctt1.'ttiaa.9'9,. I+' t ,ih ittk 9 Hrr e it e ,,.',l nnll rl1 ul '11. 9,i ii o F n Uh
9 thi tn all4if Tr Aa.i, itry f ,t ,,r T l ,,' .r t 'h air nro I fI ttt?. 9'ItO n I enit,0 ti I.i':IIIN liTIoN t (It talltlli t lliT l le 1 0 It'l. 'I'ao . I m-' r; h 0lsn l
"Il It a'h I r eiP(a r 1for of etr i Ind n iii r i \nai ir.i el'.ltt o rnc .I In fl
Ior Ia aitd 1ItI I''-tn 9t,+ .9l '. iu1 i t.iil tin .' ew Tareae ina ton Serial, therefre In ilr (, i t le t bttiO.a'I'to "" 1,1 111T ll 1-1 r i t', l'lly aA witeole hat e r t oTW
ta rl,' h'a" finl ( i t si de f ai onot.; .n ay ttll rtv httitI rso btroit ..,e ,. e of I 11o I i la t n t 9f I 12 atil l "otIn i. oftl lk at I
f'FoiIrtl .r ldiit C mo nlo i lt I A t ca it boothl 1011 t Ig9 .. As aII. It ')I m 1tiht' p tint li'. wrlt n 10t admat an,! hw a r pd.7 r
t.Ciit t o,. to ticie, toinoo fare be-In he''tr 4litf a m eTh Ilel'' V S

119- trll. 9llv 99 irh 901 c itir h fis popu lary fotblittea, me' l The ot atuitno the O r ntect 1W tn t Ib0 Ppo T lll.'- 1.111 ho viewer gowe ot "'ere lb hec u
c-u'attver sil tre wllee' on otgc ws it."' '' I'l I n e' oe 'Ol h Tti ngo a't"t o ntfs oo l mIIi et'h Itlot Aie w es- ny-o li-een -P
n1 air ot I I 1 taii onitr wr llow b enttr at li*(,ly J In mt h lilht1ian 1 f lll r1't ul Ofl ,,.n t ..itt 0 1 I II lll l t l l -n t am ese
",ne + I ,ho edlit wIrvv ,,.,r ,, I. 1, o. if x n

tidotlitr. nlo 0 itite i nImnLttttr o I n tho lMei '.a tt 00110 1.5 ni'. di n sot nt l n0littfII thn I a-son e I odertloemett 1lt8 li. "1!lpIn a3lrutillo, ftly.q beoth eins tamt b ist.or iW.Ts
to ofII'l ith i"- riito the sIvnt4 tP ComepTa. bunt a Ihlr oie. t it t s d d h bet-time mote pllm. t,- = yIh e
wtrl .._, fros sole, i he alset fur runt Ittiaatres'.8 LEGALITY 0F,,aa t %*Il( NEWSPA-1 ever %v,,r Aid then ille W) thai ilt
"n... 11 nrq at LVe Radn 91l-111 1,~ If yourr--r In n tle, w toi ill olutor Wi- a hlrll W* I T ( + '1. { l+ thF l.tl4 I Ii I d
h 1lr 1 ,fnnt thr ,'lld uqlr I+,o Niv, !Ili ON fillt, A, Ir.l l" -f I e t A F %ll l th- i. I11 br( io asI I,$ ht bad 00 hi N

A o fl,, t .ne ,of hhs ew IM-t, ri rl "lIIStI t nI wfvn llIth e dI At sod fpe-Iowl l If of flO weld i
01.y esto11 lt1 I ttl e teak he},i',v ill- 1anP e ttthp dI su it h Aits I am tilt I g

re|es ttli tOot ottrpolce 11y,,$pi'ythoveRt-'t a re h rtl4 Ilul .le at tnastl) {entrytialwe',kbon woopkt"

IoredyM O i'nllfV-llme Adisn mtl rnh d Morel Idan htotal years 0,-IjM A ful H A wok f

I -0.1v-w ,0.*-or-o W r't -TI .- -1" --.7 -_ .-
omuw. awr.

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IN MVT!" to 9ta bledang r
as o nilb th h te loss A TI I
..11i11. .'.". I the upn- lt lla ofa The
Sl.. lit' 1di.1 WnEldnato1 t'ldreri-
ith I Iid the rowing hanube of
.,, iIh.. i *'l0evt' publllihat lo of the
I. I,, 1,p. wh'hili ri ot.tlblde neaC-
,,,. iiiii reoectabl m cominitles
I -,. l t I 'I+ln tu Ia toife. The
lltorll amy.:
\, i i linmrnalm In hla OeoCag
l l lnii Univerillty hoa berone m
0, ,i i .0 l fath t ly hle bern
,,, :- .. i t e siprlea The oaint, tile
ll, li.iln. Thle comulamnt wao
i .,i rllrrt~-o mtrlAl drawn uon
ri i .ld.,ll etorl u vtlid tom In-t
l. tI ilgrio and unland lluii
S i,,I nh. prdltUra phrase of Ihe
ti'' -,, ll for a,. 1-.0 In
I-ie to,,1 ln o l.l iaiht llnti d
it year. prrellong lIe war
,1 few .ewopapfri "f alun-
l .tl InUnnant hainl a&nt a aulil
l, iil.l'tt wach made a .Pe-
,, iritflna oblhene pictuea.l nd
A. Iiitn t hi th of iagnuaeruv
\1 ll tein br hare iow baid;
,.. ,in tdireclleon o r-m of fo but
'- ,l i lIn heen ailed Ip an
, (irt elt of little Prkhet- d
Iil. L,'Iie htirh are, In ogeti. a
I,, ,1 toltion of othy and ill.
.-, J'kf. It c1 itnhienl to
r li ir id the plonre alt ieat
.i w ,ldt of neey from thbe oblt.
.- thla iarba..
lI lly, tlleee bad4omellle Iltt.a
,,,.rid lrea circulation amo
o. ;. r and The Ohalt hal
I., ,.1 o the hre1iua. Colle boay.
.. t huv toM inld hty tredi- ;
I, da of puttlen them tIn prnt
1, w iw departure.
p.i- t forbtaf the at It rashe
in .^.',.iroMiOni fthn, there li
d.'t -li \%ry littletoe Ito at ld aet
1 i|etra of the type of emaae
unlt .,iriikrern will dI a. natural
1.,nh Ir..r ithir own fO.eel. It tA
,,, i, .rt them that the market lI
h, t1. Uiloirdd with tler kind. Th
Iii.l>',',- result, of coort, iul he
t:. .-, 0i1 clho.e ti. other.
`11, g I iO lan I. that the saldot
S fr anom kind of ernmer.
4 r 1 .e.lnerihtp Is a dangeroua
r ilnrh to emohr-'rperlally
S' a' i clsmtorhip of ite prmm."
T 1\l'l .t holiday of lanuaMr
B i !itzhelldl lu nglklnl bihrth-
t, fih, It rt oM (l li. (lo. of lit.
1, I I. 1 1' itll'O. U Iot tIl' I1t0-
i I 011 t l ir .l.l'. "N., olut will

IlJ l Ih1 l1, 17 111. it4 0llt' III
1 II i ,i illi'i, lii 'it.lt i N l.w lrt'ork
Slit thc r thi t riiii holll-10
ir. hi -'Inm 1)to ltake the halltduy

rhi, h -> IinLr phillub<'hir, clbtoe.
11 ,ii.I iaerlo no blorn In mld-
',. Trl.' ramon 10 already ,11l
1 IL Ill t holiday's. If h,, had
.,, ', hmh In April orhur Arlel tir,
,,I', ,, Irto elbrate it. e-ntl o0
'. rL tntia couri would be Ir.
i,,- ', lut that would be aliow-
Il'. r .rl'ropratto remrd for Frank-
-:o. r',H extreme npoernie dianiprI-
Li ori. an alenlng of Cbes and
,., lret u Poe him a qualm uof i.n-
r,,.,.,- 'II- .- a tooul:ht Mahe January
1711. ii kl of a holiday liat would
I,,. I ';ll ,d Irnjamin hitirelf. Itet
,-, -.,,iy work double or trip
f 1. r old etllroth. put a eoulle
*f I.r in th0 bank ad merditate
t.lv on hise pronia short-coe-t.
I-. i;r wouldd bt a true holiday
I ;. I-r Illhard. It would Abe muh
I,"hl rI ale breach, probably."
H ':\l:Y it ittl). In "Mr. Ford'a
l' t f ilt' Iaraboilm Inldepeed-

l % e l '1 I. 1 hot++ ......I Ilk*r a rt. Ilio

I.I-',1 1. h ii rltd.tlltl erlt i rinrlllrt'. or
1,ll '.I' I lt+'l CirIl itf linrl l llit li ill' -
II']'' '! I r..ri ir'l I 1 1 i i 111 11 |> nh ll n1ll out, 1 tl he
IIl' i-: iii rrl.iL4 l'1 1t o' lf llr oIntry

i I ,i r '.i ; liiitlll > till* 'ItIl'I t tla k-
ti\',- ,* i ni,, llry iitoW p |lily r pi i|ilttC )lt
I",II *l,,' A.\t1 llhry "l'it f on. tp ih
I,: ',, i, H" n .,(flftry lhlnkn of lhe
a'*,-. "* l:,lior anni lhi1
",~~e h Otfve treolm-prbohnle In.
t,-i tK+ ir+ omf or ith nunmrous re-
'i 1- -i I ii h ore mode upon them-the
l 14 llt. if relliion have been late*
K' llllrI..inn the public Pre and it
t, h,11 rrfreshing to eblerrve how
1- or Iltm rondnid threnoh-an to
IVr '' A lumber did do, hut they
tl., ,r the 'i.- of men who rf0er
tI l.- emonthing pretty to Iy.
r1.1 r itan mntlurely think out a vtlu.
*ale ',>irlhition to the subjtct.
'il .,'l.r may be mid, thoemueth l
l oar the vroldi of thbe elan ois
h.lrlii,,Orr of ne Ia oatear than
a ,r Iit the power of the Pr an aa
n.1,1 of opiiono is en the ware.
"Tii lotler nta Mlal t requlree a re-
to. tlon people belteled everythlnff
fl r .. in p ,nt-t.he manle of p.n
Il, ,I 1I:I effort ea1n thair ainde,. Ti1m
I ,n anyo*o whoie Opnions ap-
t"*,r".I in print "a` rferied alaR
Slri. I'lnplo wor swayed by what
r.: ,I~. T bofact Of whalt 1`8t6,e
a'nr I. ti I amotntglentyr. But
0h ,I Ole thyr were meet Nee-er.
IIII,.til what Ihre rad, nedaa
tIl* inr. Juet na Often dllmdthled
"1 ",I1.hir-tvwih vltthpridth olseawa
C". iiIlcli re uer tar It What
a tI. tmpor ray. lea lik a I =n
lhe .r,.w4, if It tea rontasiineg mea.
"I alinndp: If It ft Ia Weak es.
no riven ettmltim. 2H0 swear
air-,r simply ImKaana it t.e a .e..
Piln. Illon)y matter .0f mi-rttry asd
S-I rh-rrlinpthlo to the un dtmUl-
'loIr i, m aehtUnei. A eaer In
erne le., ingradennd air s
""re. th talk a&net tha peU M m
10l, Ist Ike s am i O



itk els. a ta lo. et aa.. e-

pondtTy h heat end r ut thee

tn. le a lnO ca o th Ici ce Tuhte
Iagle of lb. btd Iniutent of lernrin
ntlr tlper. That kind of inluenet
ddervel more study tlhn it ilj re.
eolrtivld. It ai not 1t All liproblbil
lit l t nmot dUnie.rou.s PIulo~
in thbl Couniry culihl be t1.d to W1.i
tain tewlapulrn They are the dope*
a-ilre of t lir ourlollUle world. tle
iMllalgerti and lt procurram of th
lwvat type of newpiper-t-iadldg pub-
lic'. Threy afflite the wroIng tlilng,
they "iltate tie wrong people, tly
aU, a eontinual rrlitant to the nerves
of the etlel body.
"tentan-ea of ntrog moir giving a
ckharcter to their Inldot ulai npa.
pears also multiply lg. The new.
POWnr I. jIat u r"o4onle. a vehile
of the principles of It controller me .
amnd, hand VI WhaIt e j the heart
aH aind Of the m.e wlAo ak. Ith.
ewll peri, nshines tkhaual. In feet.
the neM pr bkolni ino rAetiuva
ot lth mon who nukmke tltnat a Mr-d.
ing e1 it it I1dicatet Jmot l boot how
.ny beoon. rmino the aam f,
theher te iltorary editor io thinker
or a mreo bholkin.k wlbothr tha edl-
tOl Writer. read their editorial
rtunr r ply pOer. of uliy ltudy
public qUlloM aed flamitfrie thIt-.
etyvaa witha 1a mor akatanril hor es
tnwpipor tnsa hinhert tha is murem.

P nte r a 0be end l-en Yb. taim ee
nter all tio hearto a 11to Ot .
eMrnlb" g nM meN s" 0 Mh a
min aM l ekn ar Ithle a r fi-S.
tos ras nell l- wa. to -bl e Mlte l

Itly i Mare ru tw n te. e I
dlhe fdrts rilmdl. a benla i lP
arlned. it d a a ren 00 to the nurr
.i:eaeeo he e n.. to a dannee .0 in.

Ae teit as nero Mlnet .1 =owern
htayCae --We. Th. lng od OW. Ien

maty deltndn notab l the earlMer li-The
Ceer Pe- Ie. h A newoder. 0
t hooll-Whando nr i read

yTbcr .ad.,. t-pll. to a pmirer.
did, oil t roeadlirs. birt on it. adOir-
In-. lirr tl r. ie il .-' tii ll -
il 14 t troil Ill hi' biking ar-tll. a
"rlierX.L-llrin -I1'W: wlli h mnitll a1.i
aIrf tiui etli|li rr or tilat prui| Ii i. trot A qtilo 1 of "'WI-b. It
Im & qartl tl. n It .rrld>Ill.- Ti'. ltlh.

rll walt n0ll I-n1lrrliw, or 0 in.l iy-
Pit or dore o r W al lyi it t rllmh
0hde.. fur tile If-dollefactlon it
r 11 ad lIi eI ill. i
tladyr tl Onrauiior Uie OK)tI-it of
tlil. tda. r?
t here'l--r an editor formuleteid tld
problem to abOicatoe hi. porilion. or
i lamn. u an I ..vlnible mouliir of
public opinion. 11e admit. it woe a
ftis sIlin, at leaIt a. fur mu lnimnelf
and hit pupor conoernd. 110e
lrtually myl. 'Thi paper Ito Ill prod.
uct not of its editor' but ot It a der-.
tiers; it Ie not our lriudlpl aInd open.
lune that knep us a&loit and mOake u
usefu but it to the proJetiUn power
of our dlvertlmr. The newlonpaper i
re.'lly in adrtertlinl board which. to
make Itat imr atlrartive odvrtllno
board, ei aeide a *mail trnVUoI of
alp.ur for prtltred rewe.
"It in true. of oure, that readers
are moet vltod by nrWempolper be.
aume thile Advertiilng rutl I huled on
the noumlr .f re udr--it 1i a rote per
thorImnd of realner.
"Uut thi alIe in trule-litore are
slill in a Poillion to I.' free, if tlihy
would only roulia. It. Freedom In, art.
rr all, temnper of the mind. It t In
ratio to tI lurolae of the indtvlitual.
Thi advertlerr has eui eedr In llfl.teol-
Ing tie frear of him on mome oillirr
llpllY br n-Am thosr 'rilters werr mnIn
Wid l Ioulil II fritlhllr,-d. It ie like
ndlnsiri' eld hobankriroa--Irklnr hlt
uc, ..dr4i In1 pulltnt tie fM'ir or dio tlh
upon Indliltry,. tlouilh Imnlllry I. rid
enough Ito hnak helknle oIff like I
Wilai of traow'. It It would. Tihe rl-.
tor 1.i till the big m.n, it he Ilt kilw
It. The prloilnr prepn In *till .ilh0ti'r
thain tilhe bank RCCOUIt, if it s ilurllnlt
with Bhalt of the kill wiliIh ItoIrk. tle
aoinlnllalon of the hbank alcr.it.
"Whe rlditnrl evade their task do
radorm of public opinion and era con.
tetl to b hbusilnes monagrr of madlor-
tiling hert. flrst, and f.llRwmr0C of
public opinion -acond. It .lorry
thlng for the country. Everything
Illicit then elarturen the apparent ap-
piroval nf t0 e Pro. which to not Premm
approval at all, buat mily the pro-Cmp*
lio of pac on the printed page. The
Prenee In Its nobhi, -n hie be- mi.
pin, ha tee sed, has been dearnided
by eVil Meometatloa. It oUght to com.
blak. It oulakt to et O the Job. It
aouht to -Mona iti tlk a* the esterl.
or raon enh of the unlmftormd multi-
tulde. It ought to peak oUtL It ought
to let a religion which oonavlnee It
that nothing wron s m InJU.. it while
It held. et to light. It ought to
get ilt bkrtth back, I that It no
pepak, and Il. heart back no that It raen
fight and it ought to lhak off litl
panllnte. that hve olumng to it and no
eaftly alpped Its peW.",

COLUMNS, paNe. almost CeaM
have boo written ot the plogai
of Henry Watteran. for fo many
years the editor of the Loulvlll
(lairtl.-Joumrnal, and It woulil be an
Impotillbe ltak to make eM short
tafia trca fm the boanidlle of eia -
pleI which have coellleted apoe him
unssles talent and parneuslity. But
tafrom dltor ad Poillhadr. New Tork.
the following ex ct frO am editorial
onveey a good id of what a enm-.
polte tof the Whole would bae ban:
"Mr. WottaeSo witingO geP-
e..id4 a reteedl Onr. that moo
and wm wlib 14d blood in their
mem lllLG A wa n Met en of Ike
1glamalte editma wke are ear-
eare tl 50to 0ft .e ke lff-wlne
of Mk -atl wiH wDkS lkel are

adha M ea dan b Ad Msa
60n Isift o a wa b lnot aa *
am ha foamales a

I ALasfFvomdmsGutnbwgDh, $ISO J


he aaa. o a ift luae hihim
aa It might ha t adere or tm
bl t. tie waa iillt dtof
ti erery neo of the weed. Al.
tioullh a dyatlin-tile-.wooi lt .
crat be could a vairtu In ItIpeplb-
ioe -N o batld the broad OUotoel
Oat it..
"No Jouranlist aot ila day wan
more of a coamipolitun thae Mr.
Wattero. sie wat almob t a.
much at home In sandon or Pore.,
whereo he pn.t much of hll time.
.. In Loul-olieo. i|. knew many
of the world thllbratie. Ieo oved
tile ott mnlot l i iii e iledra
it art. In munalo ud In tih drama.
In bhi youth hle wtl a planilt at
mor tanae ordinary skill. iu n-
trtaina- actor b Obom ha ko.w.
aud admired ut liam i:lulwv Cylim
Con Curle Cnlub In Lvulv-illl where
his wll and rvumr a* r, d-eply ap-
prelof atd. ilal frieInd wvre loeina
e'lvret hil oithel aidloired hilm.
"One at the tiling. frr wlhilch Mr.
Waoeraeon will ionce ho remam-
berkd wa. hi 4-aillliy of orilnat.-
ItnK Ihrse-i that In a frew worda
inv,,l vI wor I erd illct o. I

irrarn 011*1 lbora fe

mlluilure'l of t he o rt inh. aboard
(Iirl.lny I. ltre iJl-tul., u II 'To

a on-vt aa Ci tie doth f a yHenry
Wl'atttrron. Wa loved more men
like him In it editorial rOom oft
oar newpllperse-mni ot vione.
m.n of doop convtetlonn. mea whe
.orler i mnosan a tlll 01- tile bi,
itil ioestions soft tIle hour and
have no timo to friltlr away on
pretty politic. and tho lnconaoqueu.
tlale f lifea"

S IAKING at a nrtleilnk of the En.
t linering Advertiera' AMitoeltloa
of Clinego litftely. Prof. if. '. Itarrlog-
th). dlrectlI of the ahmil (ift Joutral.
late at Nortinwemtero tUniverilty. dio-
'U0m1ed the Oubjert, "-'ln a Nrlmpaper
Tell the Truth?"' I'-ffdoor HIaraiti-
hOU'i adlirea o wns luterelting all
ltroUlh Mcd 11 ilth ejtiryed by hll
halerr, hut tils lmtere will not pe-
toit of it lit full. BuiUe extracts are

"It ia a matter of regret that
miatokmt parude thermrlve. like
.ore thun it Ihe tnwcmppr. and
yut there I no condadlouia desire
to peak a 1it- or whittle a Jno.
Other factorl-oalde from olict
blortcomInan-rotl-r Into thit dil-
1-uvoIen o0 wihthli ra-n al-euratly rlirriile the tatl.
'1o not itln all rrprelters an
fIlrn, crnpltlico: by Buron Mun-
eauii,"."n, ilrnil"i ifN t sHlof rie fori
l|w law l olgl l"I V i, I Dln inolir'
c-ur 'II lh r Am-ri.n n0-0
a, tl.url fond of ul hr of nfornct-p
t, i l ',uaht o ar palId for.' Il-

I'f, I but1 Iti dtlr,- nt m r ,r, t futdr

l tlB,,,, ir rr.l I cI ,, ,,rt

'I'tl n ll i pltrd lo it .
Ith IL l I''- ,f -.0 m.1Iondl

th.. Ia A ruJ 'llr dentlulr r Cot ma
ton I atlrt rofirtr InCnotln old
wart c ali ltr and Illa. TI re-
a eloorurir theo llmewriimrl hilrliu

thlb .lre bostlte h n,,wyKc.rtt.o0.-
I I r a trilvlllan oltylnire It. mne.
W lad foldi' rnd o thrrno 1lnd -o*r|
tioled by the eovely 00d1 pea.
(Injriy ofa dty'. lindrama.
"Thlu het of hatrpy.benrtr dup-
rrrnlc rfeping smrli wogee.
coitribute enterprise and clever-
lile. but It 110-C not make for
toi .iti, reporting. A cub re-
porter I. eet la Ohro. inme.lird I,,
get ithen fat otraiht. ncs to mnke
ith.m Intolernting. It doe. not r.
nvrd tIre niwepurer ao a po'wlfril
intrument for soe 1.1 hbtt-,rmnt
through accurate presentation of
fato. tinC* ed. 0 rd-il ro, A p. h
tof the dignly and oclihation f
hie n P fne i tr..h
.., hop, the time will eoen wh,-
the waille of the aol 'lt r'lo torI.
wltill e high nonugh an ntot r nu -i
n*lI're A n a1nd ellndrr Jdrrmt
will be w i r-i' inrtd n ,t t hlt o ,' t', -

'Nour,o lle aer'nlrt lo ontrr- t

ft. r hot new. t-I R .ntl.n 'I' 0
nt,,P. aud It I1 th r': Tlii l I,' i llr

p r lv l mirrotha tint, nnl,,t [nl tlli}r
1,[11 11h1 ulrrt firiIto -ioff kllrrrrn

tnr. oTwhvi l ioc purtiflltol In I,,'
etrrirr lIhy report. Thor take, Ilt
A'Ptlermlny of other plo .le. in
with faulty vision and roy imllrol.i
nation. tlro whl think tile herrrw.
m-n who forget, men who hbeo
axle to grind and riirwllgl I,,
squnre. mon who.n buonoI 'e it ia
to moamre.nd dereiv. A reporter
munt find tilhe thread of friltl 1I
thil tnegl. of ill-asnorted human
"C". a neewsaper tell the truth?
Tre .nd 00! It cran if you met will
help It. If You will tell Ite r-pe-
.ertoitvel what you believe 1I tle
troll; it can It rao -1ll oupiort
tIn honest ceWepopr a.d eet on
Comedy for nscation ..nd thrill. nt
the exrproer of reliability; It can If
you will write a eoroetiatt to 1th
edltrr when a emittoee ororl: Il
can if you will not be ao frantic
for hot news. Too gentlemen bhey,
It in your power to make eitir
newsmpaer: by supportingp go-I
newnpapere that tint cad twist th
new:. The public Ipetn the sort of I
aewopapers it deerlave."
-I- I

lwn LegIoU past on the Paclifi Cr1t0
ntoposed awgtheltrely of ntmwpl.'Cri

4lth. It will he haewn gI Yt dtrt'k
a. Beach* Peat NO. 116, In boom of a

-I- k
61ll Ile lne nleO we n eehd
=Okel eeel baa. ~


ME U 1 U

Stoe and ra end 00lkals df Sa-w
hI War APlalet Pllnead PIIN.

IiNVER. l OLO.-Reoldmar of the
vllrlou1 vulgar iaperlback booklet
ouailiit which t.e rillted tagles dit-
trltl liostary ald DitrIctI Attorne
Vln i ile of oleverI have ItAidauroted
n iiii or I it. filtlow who "Ioler a toIt-
ti i, lo. IIl Ablout." olotilt aild Sat- I
I'hi.,f of t ldre Willllln will ma-
idol it l'- rnlil Url d aitlte au lthrillte
it iit Iq, t the. clrct lthe ttn of fte
toIk.. I|inih OI m flliWd w1th uilggethl
tiorlovi Uild 011 V nd pilturesa, nd
ally riUo Cligt with a 0tly Of thle
boik eiaunlnt which the iromlevutorm
%IlI i o lrt-,t their aierilfiti I h Ildl Ito
urr.-l. District AIttrney Val 'la,
Ullkihll a lettr to Chhlilr'f of l'l,
Willlin Fridav. urflut laii uIon-I-
ane In cleanllng file cily of thie
of.lililhe booklet hlit for etvterlI
tolim have btiti oll M0le o neeaw-
o11,hd1. Tie chlef nallellntoO Wn
(Cllod to the low wlhlir prohlbitl not
oily thie tra hportullrrn and ole of
th0 llque honki. but the mpoaootdoto of
ul-h publletliia.
It I. declared thatt the Iooks, al-
pouriil under murh names an the
'I-'rlele Pup," "ootfy Gago" atld the
"WhIx BUatink have attained a whie
tirrlutlon among the biKh school
glri. and boys. The youngiters. It has
been pointed out to the state and fed-
rnil oflelli. purchiwto the hoohnk maecret-
ly and read them In the ireriry of
ttlir rotan. afterward painting them
llImlg to friend.


shond-Rainre Net Ne dod In NOWe.
paper Prfaain, Says Wasabor Th e rov production a rom a photograph of a hlat from the GOutnberg Bl1lb
etr purcehled by the Brooklyn (N. Y.) public library for Ia0. Til e oa e l.11 br
10. o l nchie and i. from tile Acl of the Apoutlee, in Ltova. It Au printed betwems
MADISON. WIS.-oStudent who do laoi and o the a utenterirlf It.ble li u everybody knowe re the nat book ever
not feel icall" like that ofe o eold. printed by the oua of molihie rtytpo.
fltilotihei d evanelt hould out i abrioel Well, of New York boul:t Ithe copy in llEnland and fnding It incomplete
ol.tof j nalim Intoii folte th g denied d to li leif by i Itf. Tie book a ome fra the it oyal library In Ild, Ih.
eoir, for failure Io aheOd of tlhetu i,
Walter A. Warilburne. ie ty eiltor of tl o letoler In oiler liohlel, where, i]it 10 make theory effective til t lhort
fll-' frilnfo Even lll J'ot unll pai., ilunllitr can ble blirOlt i or appealed to order, and notlhin hut UIrfelldtllllg
fet-or of reIolrtii tt l tli t os ri th l llf it-e Suiintllo Court,." i rncttie In gathering t nnll -wriling tiwa
Jiutrlnlin onit o rllla moi lril iU'i. To u1l0tl In tll i chru Jolumilllln t will delhop the n um1ry fuilily."
l,-rlhr', iold in a litk U0 1he newI : Mr. .Wlhili hurnai Il. ll10e f il rl rt'l r9,
Irmlr-pr ItIlier.i* c o0lferule IntIt o li' th llf t thl alo Io Ia u b llie ,t tl II t ll i i hn t r I wI
N.Tll. n tlnlRGE. lI fre weI lm ir ,;in....a 1 1 A C ,
IrN-* hll nrtrlllr r (If tr-llll t O I l ow It I i r ailr i lr i ll ri hl uti i t i t ,' a lv.r-
.lot r m o r k li r d I s hl .rr r n +. yl l y 'l o o l td so l hlr ik n o dt l l w r i t e ll i a k l y a n i ld ', _' "' i i t" h o w- D o n "
If Jlourillhln. ille Ih ci rllr ) '. It l t -t ptime o ilaly 1i love wLth hi c t ,
headinrsh.' Mr. W ,a. S i. It ml Itl.e ,- l 0od I. live In thet
Aontill. Nl *XnVillilN i tho.r 1 It1 0 1. llh. 'Tl quallfy,. llhe ttlridllt ihoullldr pmrl e- 1, h l,. Ciiil yuu .r.,il:d k- i ,Ittri vill
rtlrll foir *ll .Ohd-rltl riin i lal 1t l l i 11.t c.-l I..llItlly." io ll hl. *"KnowhdlI' d le a I tl* arl lll I hr 1 lrl o wrA ally
nin>oimper ginJe. St'n'lirl.tirell will tf theory Is vulunale, but the reior tr unt Ml in '' 'd

D ON'T FORGET that we supply, in
plates or mats, a large selection of

special sales material made up in cuts,

headings, 'etc. Material for



constantly in stock to meet the demand at all
seasons of the year. January is the month when
merchants try to clear stocks preparatory to get-
ting in spring goods. We supply headings and
illustrations for




and other sales appropriate to to he season. Also,
we have a fine line of prepared ads for all kinds of
business, Want Ad Pullers and Advertising Boost-
ers, the latter to educate the public to read adver-
tisements; and we furnish special headings, cuts,
etc., for


These services are all designed to help the pub-
lisher, the merchant and the buying public. They
are very useful in building a co-operative spirit
between all three. Ask the nearest office for


.G. '-m A ,wVtWl.Ir UT~.


OF 10 THRIVES PLANNING EiRLY Bless 'em! What Town Could Get Along Without
f4 les~,0 ______

Samuel T. Adams Celebrates
Birthday With Ten Hours in
Sanctum and Court.
By G..,11. BRUCK

IN.,. 4 11;;`.YI
I N, I gil 1.'I II s 1''l 14

II .~ .... .. .. 44 5 4 it l ' I' .
.. .., .... t..'I.:.I wa I, -1 -.4ss'~I~

, Is I4~ ) l t t s flis t tn l 1 4 4. 40 1 41

451)11)b0 1,51 .45 434444'liI 141. hil4l

1.. 01 1.4 .
A..r-,. '4' 45 Is. Fret ch 111 144414

II IN.1 5 4 A1,4 4..... ho. . 1, ) a~ ro. I
I ....I., d -nt B w Boh red. I-
Yi.A~il~.. 45 4.54 ..44444'4s,
j~eC ilolii.C

Public Officials Who Withhold or
45 Suppress News to Be Called
to Account.

It 11 01A 1 % llii~~.'I fhe alre...

I.l ....I.' rs ... .. chii haw,li asr.
l'qok,'I4 I... 4......f 41 ...... ..5 srii... i~.i4r ,' .0 sI~

Ut)...I. hrs. lt s'-' I' Nw 1pp JuIIIIdg ent inted.

Il wl 0 1. .0. 1 1..5 ltt ItI'tstl li-i. s tri,a' r. t y sit d U S iI4
445)...... Wt "-- 1 r t -wttso Ill.' u-&fta fto oh
OKIAI -.ETT Mot An Bull
PrNk--- o oek oB 4n ofN! *itt I ~ 4 tot.Is .. .so ipbti
IIL N. dtl I- I .stl... I..... Iorrife ien e

ntt. il ls..' .11 5 t: ..... t.t... tI' l .1 i
ir~s~sts 554 It'.. -P. 0.oos t aorld 0
it11 .1.. NN,' In lit.. N YrIOI..Fls~i
hI.. 'st'.I ,f ilwNt n-fom to. Bull.'_________

555 Ts4 I It5h is,,) IN.t II, tIlts I IIt i3. li~t t I nuI a e t
1.1,,) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ T i to511 I), 14511 .111il4.4
11,15 s~llt~n~. 3, 441' lIt)41l'Si451151'4 ____
OKLA40 1.. MEET1 TO~s BE1441 A issl5.4CORKE 4slll4l''244 1' l'i N.Sis igi
Frank1 Crane of4 Top'? als toil4.1414'i i'tlllt On of. I ~

nh. OW~ANIt
in Ikam

IS11441115 4 14.4 0~.. 11) WOW~~e

till 1. IIM Cuotta.i

I...1 A '4 -1!,4'bI.. 1).."il

kill IN sufit I t'l q.4 il'~.

,j uJst a W samIlll,-p
from Release No. 3.
the latest in Charles
Sughroe's series of
comics entitled


of Our


Most of these cuts have
either a direct application
or at least a slant on the
newspaper business. Aside
from furnishing amuse-
ment to readers they con-
tain suggestions which
are a very distinct aid to
Release No. 3, contains 24
single-column cuts. The
two previous releases each
contains the same number,
making available a series
of 72 cuts for towns in
which they have not been
carried. If you carried the
previous releases, un-
doubtedly you will wish to
continue with this one.

Supplied i n either
plates or mate. Price,
$2.00 for each re.

Newspaper Union


-__ ilwaggeld
vas. sui %gi

114......4y Hooray' Han so
irl444'tl14 Poll! Whom wenai
.. lllleArowld fuef. Di
I... ,.....s.. A.M.l Iilo WonW Iu
Atl-is..A~loall hnilus" oh.
''1414 lNit.4C Is the best
I I ""Ii Moy. Up Witheft

an, as-cau. 5s wiaelgst i
sit no H11., whow his e AMN -
fsnse to. 11The Porer It gets, St
lie Alirortl. and. tile lAe bhe J
Is-, lth IP.orer it gets. Hie
.ll4 It t0Le 111n, tO go gut I

Every Circumstance Favorable

INHERE has not been a time within the last stance is the selection of high-class features
several years when every circumstance which will be available this year to users of the .
was as favorable as now for the service, in addition to the news service from
adoption of Western Newspaper Union state, nation, world. Pictures will be an import-
tinted Service. ant feature this year, as in late years, and will be
-- improved if possible.
i h~ll5I B IS d laus t tussi uum

ran1 'uporaUon i s asiisiu a nomiMsUsm,
and war taxes on freight and express shipments
have been abolished.

The price of the service itself has been re-
duced to a lower level than it has attained for
several years.

But the most important favorable circum.

One correspondent describes a Western
Newspaper Union ready-print paper as a
"Home-Print Paper Pls."

Every Western Newsaper Union manager is
waiting for your inquiry as to service, prices,
delivery. Won't you give him a chance to tell





"<". f


NIlEt CTLEm AM. J. t S hi M t Afera iniatGO 22COMET :a ;
Afl n. a ad 0 "e A ft issa nd Ie sra m e
WIORKOFICINi GOODIAND, IND.-Alvin S. Kitt, Te n Mark of a Serv ice.
M I H g l di..e.. T .......... a..
faI Milan e=: ."l-ather Ga-dh. TiEM n As.limits h ..md
adnd e lo ated Is the n. w. I. a i io bnnis. Allits I..* Lt-
MICHF *T o Ibunlts in fseriral othertob e fn --- U, arh. n town hna I
MtICH. 1 0, Ndr e o t. Ltt ,.r ta Tt
d t hi. home in Goodies an A." III Mawrkts of *,r.4 tihtaiidw:st..,.l? or
tDei asher olut follow ing ll" h t.ke, ta o". a to .O tt a. ,on a.
Owner of t e Mh na f aulrte d tS tadi gwp over ba -Psi atr os evZ = iu a.. :: .. t-i tt,.r.
GaliP M ~r ~tedill fur the puw.t two or thr"e dr i r l he wan i f ,
Appearitnift of Wakly. orm. His gmotb* who mi1 rece loom ill --Wi -n -S-
r In Irand n wtrbh d Iasiitr s mosi t X-. 1s
By NOWACK. "ay a few months . e.. wsat rir u A it-.i .
In rarnd RIXlhs "it Kitt will bors In LUlolo county. l, N.01 b q 'A. ll.nW..d
S\,'I:i>NA ) 1t M UIIcH.-DBeli cri- Ital.. July 1 IWh and wait there- O AITUTIUN WANTIEDI B N PA Pi
itdt-,l i l,.ni tia h tot I n. t.0 1awkI1nsh torne U frh 4 istr ih and It days MeoLa i |g o ; .o
illh ,1 ti h albi n in tin Herldt iw lof N IP at the time of Il ditl Tih e m i nI I u t
iii lt iii "a nw aper BI. IaiSn greeiter pa t Of hip life was l it in I- h ham hi' n fllthitut. anna.th-ir
oa, t li t ont tl Iiffert hI hlie lowslitpir buain h although Ihe Ann ,,iatl;Wt. titan WI N ao
"ii, t, l i sp doaw i.. him lln ai ub a 14 l ptiltln aie at hoolliln d for Wi I. C. Arthurt ir t nh nti u-norm. i
, .hI' ill severe lal ase. eroing olr both san a.i o- mo nLINOTYk Arh sIt n A-I I
ril' -l itih tOllw t ier Wlo MIrred trtlnl n and aking a rk l t el riclt pi ns .a t pni wi t a lr dosn It l a
i ni ntil. It ilt 1 t in fns his at pp-.r-tiklttl d s w ,i e i ton I in fil te tir t =it N. P.o1N
o, a; . rk lii.i fi w its 1n. ii ol t. his app lnCtijop t sh 1 ,iopi ant. Jaa epi t lt-alt i it aa.it o-.ta..
nII t,, l i e l hI iti style Wa imi- he rinlater't trde In167, i. allowing I l 0 i.. A .k- A-I I..
i r, ,ll il w In t-i tll ir e. which he wsai employed for mime tlow RAPHIC WRITE R. T.1 .In o' .
Weeklies, J a l Gasl mitn it haHiFi
-' ltea, i. ieOr Di;ti pll it1"el. Ian 1174. wilh A. IB. (sitrk. -Wlrt.-e ir t neti titttm'i r ll
.:'. 'i i ll lioypis d ielh- "etaitllted ithe en" int1 io rd, tri 0 f 6 Nt vty beat tqualty, in dili. :oeia toowt*tltrein,, tit.im
.. d thie ig cil pai mer wi thI s was I nblilled until 1877, When t to o U IC SEu Vuc iuhm u aotoltr237 ranchoflfice. t"-.n o.ci.i,,I.,..... ,,.
I i t i; in l r tmiiil thel w their plori ia s ll o suspnmdedml Hl e letter An an-n, T N a noirnon A -. a-s
it tt tot ts of t h h e r utoti elo ns o tur at- ftts
;. i 1r I t ion a the ItilIWr Intledent. ol Do You W ant t noern.. froll
iti e t rn t. i nittlli rtit l this I te lUr M ed the Good, o N s
Into, Itwt isler. later changing It. same S S Nrti n am? =11 M am W".'. X. M.
t' 1 h or pairs t iit In Corth ( n d Hlerald. Me conilnued Adw1
ni1 t. il ri-tim n rmary .ili- ,In, (til t-isl lervild nti 11 appointed
0. j. I li' 1enlnth ti %. lk rd .llier oc of".1 thl=t,h.a.w 1Y .taa h t e.an tlihw t
Si l 1alo nl a ri ii I e. n r A l Wii lie now he rI= tA. htW a mt .t' itr tt
h to c . h .. l .dI rill f h nt ( thl es s'h ieheld mI 'Red Z 1"ad Ad=
I Ii l t t li .t Fra l l tad leii lie lit-cold toe a while, p ino. 0.r. nia oat e't, a is t le Mian I Atl AN AVgalClATit, O tit. NI o A
I . r trl' e h dialiottl r i, ollorwing hit retiretmr et from the on..o h.- wt,," -i .
oa,,. neriM,, e nu the r ,o iMti ttroi te miut tie ta- it-n war hs; n ea erootw es iney- hen d r w-oltn Is ii"t ho -t.aia s w i-.
hwit, ouI... ussu. 11,,.a il) lt -4trO ltheln hm lwaya ," at -i .ts. n I '! t n.. insi in. s,
- Ii ].i arl. l nl 0i In o i. I li I rlit uli. at lt e r l l otitor. r n llM 1 Mhf rof t i hen. 1n d l Nb.
.tJt. ool In redi r r' e lhi.l loit the pts als niped l t. r y hrt ~0 r ele | ll w A-I-'
woekie to Stay. ,oi u thio.o Kiin hreai hit t.. at _. he lathn. WI. eT alNt hIEW SPA flFi hh tUN ON ..I.-a-IO, Mtiit R. po"l-tt .tt
I t .ti, tin-ll i hlrtll lltl IIPt t Fer oowler Trilote tilan l plillhled it fo r T all pitt. ake e o a nn Oh l os l.n...lllph ai: r a. hod ym
ta I nt.l. tatoe i e I1I him tp l.- gie llus p lltl he w ork aftpr h a, tie hh u It .
IiI 111 d-- L.. noio itot- a.. -tnt.A A ttlr ....a-
, i nstlietr Wi on t Ico ntnu o t .lll hlieah. slid gr'e, uit. ... i ri W, t ii. i i. t "Imtl to-tl A n-E II'dlittI.i iT II h^ -t
.ter s 'Vlsi i y l a 0 tttttt-t sb oilW _y n o t- i i. 1. -Wo
a Ittm a ttOr atit witi ban wti a. at l -+ts t e ud it It i- tStt tm hh n t -si tai WAi o lt mo ,iti NtPiti lit i- t a to
Wh1"4 it h hg hear "In W On. I0I RO -u N IAITER 1l
lIe lh tillle a o ll : : rit tl ln e leil h i r I Ii n to pea an a AI .t ia;: .. i.
-t- e...a. uian ott- l.,,; lt *urah-n ,heno" "I" .
lith- I ij tt wlltl g 1 I InMu t and h nt i -taint Dt i rn h'a W 4t on ad

An, as ti.d. MI -,.a .t Wt.i...oot
itt-a. tna, Ps ia ,,I,,, ,*. i t-ah at. -a* i.t*-b.t t-ot.*.-- -- .. a.
Itt wee ,,- t le nes l ,ter i. ;;Ir Ite dhl l uirvi-e look. Tn 10$. By Emaisona, C. 0.D. A 0.it ".. t N .A .1... .7 i -i
ae.1 .tt..l..l lvr tmrnt four children. -1h-4i" -iatiinn T.tit n l. ain Ikg I. . Ft gl"'t a"i i anl|r-
", ,Mr. Kilt o.., llt teat tbloior itt-it ,.t a t- attn nJdi t- iilattlt t,. se t'nha o n itie Gt i b t+ r u'k ui. 'ott-it A I +-
ii -- --ri n Ike tf of the ttata toma ieaneonginnnainlaosm a l.,tuat out, .a i i t. ,t '. ttitA'tIt*. lOti tiAN. Wn'-at tint.
it' iit_ Ittairnil litpoi&) o t Ito titlla i- hull lit (ittl t u itt iet a- ww tn i t t n-aat-. -n tialic. Ohi -t- ra.Ih alt
tic itir- Itt t ltit ti Ul l In l Ii Ne ts Otiti n-om a n t t nI a ?IiT..i.ollI' n.e tr 0Bet t ltI .;istot aso. ni trr-- i t i.tk..ihdi ht hi ,a,, t .-,l r
101 Ith l t laman o fsmt -1 anu Ha te ll '. in .--,- u p I' ln ,1 tt \hiat
Aitl Of t ld Ort ih t d iiI .lltl ll- i l y-of-toyl Iti i-a n- n..,-w etnt . .. a. nl ;it on tor. ,..wna oo .i.,.n W t -... i .
totistll..n.top ie- Atdl S IAN a- i t- 'r vu-'s-
R.... F l i ao r I tor m. nitttll n ounitt y. a n fr It-iro ion. t a l* it. [u = Iti. tnl .-.. ui tt t n.%-k t -t u,.lta, Iq
Biitn-. ,R T a c sr omorn. ttsaetnt s" po wnnd ut-i-tnt a t e i- -ite to iiit tnt-tn aton.-- tnT hail lit prt-r Iit-t--Un-. h>ct it Itt
...... ...... ,B2 ......,n. ,,l,,,.'... . ... ,. '" a ; -...... __ ,, .. I" .......... t -
i t-.' .. iliri-issni li pi tt o te h i'1 1 il e t t r iet nt i it- a ti Was t too1 ...a"sit- t .ttt .. .. tt-it ,ot, in= a'i, n n .'.. s -.'AT .-
1 t :'I tiltyr teriug Ito tell e I to i i i Jil al-tive p In the e-o i .
Ii ii .n ll laits ro.l ol. I ll l thtr h .-t ro s I( kI U W;m m ' . t t i a0 ,. '... .' ". kd", ,-- ;
,k ,' : 1 i i ,at le r iora Iiiiiiii. nd t l rPn As1 , i .; t. ...t., .. i 'r i t ,
t- t oi-i tot ], t day. nstil hi seu- lit .I Ir ..u ota nt t, '., '_ ;;;:i';,;',;,_ l,;",.,.'.- H elp W antu ';"-- ,- a .i. . ..tt t .it t .t .. t ........
e, aI e atln th e Ia a-it t o ut| naltAT I rwi ..1. sa. t i 'i i n a ia n W ht n 7 a.a l + la
I r i < i alh l l unbro Iken I i Int llittint l ,lll t 1 lelllIt llTln In lhe ANr- er|ellt t w ,1lttnll i on o ta t ia = tian t t"-l = a iiI
t- t t t I e nTaOMs-C- h wit m ua oh wt t th itt atA i t t. alt _".
-.it t ll te ry. a0.lC. i1l 10" Mh--- J at- ."s -,.' ttn .ow sg Iba tam1 ooao-'i 1. o al.' ti i lt.. it.. - . u . .-' . t it-
MONu .ET TO Ha I VBt W EOI doaihsno.n... a.a. i..... tt.. -- 'il it-,. i"t, t. t ,. to; o i ...7.......--, -.. .. . ..-
Hon4e Teen oh Naled C aotit, r n nnt l a iht+ .M e.ha i in t- A 'ofF l -,i
rIf Fas aor M .f a wui Pleads fla impor. I liaieoaM t . .. .. .
P r oud f r ke a. tat Dapbrtont of paper. -1 t wacoI l..- ---- - ....---, .. 1 ,,i,, i .,,
r t- fur Ill*' elt-'rltl l iii Mnl.illhi-. 1l1,--At thr risieotliw Help Wantod
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ll ... + 'h 'J. I 'l .. .... .. = I, -. :.. :"' Ir, ...... I ] ,, .... I .... I : L n, I C.- . I + ,, ,-I- ,I .. .. I. n RU t - I j,."... .. . . .. ", i .11,Il ...... -
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III .. .. .. +. .:. jI" d + (r, .I " f .. .. .l+ i% ., 'b A.. .... ,. tI .r.. t". ".." 1: I I : .cIl lAAA
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..-_ m, + ),b .,ilr,+% ., ,ruq .. =. - .. I' ill" : 1 ILI'l I' L; .- +r ..;t" ":: : -" l. I ..p T"N K ~t I iM T
I.. .. ..... .... ... .......I I .h .....I .- ""! ; *.P*'+." + .. ...... .. I.. F _. ;l I% I- i' -J I 4C .. ......... .. .... I I .... ... T. .. ... .. L M ak .. . t2dll
_,. q .. + +,+.I L -, 1- 1+,0 o ,., .'"I" I I ... "I.. 1:, : I, .." . ? u ..,n . + . . ltl 1 .11 .1111I
I'll. ,, I.,; ., +." I... ,I, I. _. .... .0 - - _1_11 -I -- _---_._:,: + '.'. ', ,L ," "- .+ +
`;;, 1. t I, A: .. .., `B"l' .;1 l'`,J ...... ; .A ." ." l lr ,. . it ; h ;.. ...II . I I : 114 .LLI ~ ~ I 1 I 4II I- U ....II: 7 h, I ~ ,K . . . .n .." I -l_ -I I .i ,... . 1 .. I N - -W 1ei, I T I T - d - II. 1 I .. 4 k N .

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- I I+ ..Otl ,+ o I+ .l,,.,i K ,,I l t+ : i Z ... ..- -" j I. , I L -. ..I V ,%... u . - 1 I l N. . I l t .. : I .. .. i. I ,r i tI .B
I., +r,,, i.. .. .. . I.4 d.)l wl o* i r1 ~r. "" ,,mil "l m I ,,'l", """ " .. I .rB . I .. .1 :, . . L" .." i . Ia .. X ',I" H
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1i,., -h .- -11% I .... .. .'.. 1I.. ... -- -' -. ... .. .'w I. . ... ". I ." .
.i .. I ~ . .~ . t, l,, I.,.. . 1 . :. .1 I .. ,.,,,. ., ... I . ... I ... . .. ..... I 'I .. _.' . .. ... .. I .,, I,.

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III .. b .. . I -,i =- -'s Li+ .... Iq I. .. I+ + I II
. n i 1 .. .1 -+. '; -B.- h I 1.. .. L I -, n. I. I o.I "

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;:Z11411, 1.1'... ,, ". ,r ...... ." ,n . ,-I I _... P.. i., I" I jI
=i. .nl.,: ,;,, ll II .ll+, O,,Id ) - ,_ l N, .,.,, jl dpia ,X .V UM .., V. .- ,. I i . .; ... ... ""I '. .,.,,,!- . .. ..'I ....U. .l -I "... l- ,:-w- ",l 1.II .. ... ':.'; .', IA.,O00

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ft, r h . h .. - m TU ., I ... , A -I -I ":i s ".' ....
h~ilhl ", twll. "N.~l~ !' I+ k ih+ I, rm BA. .. ,, U. kJ . I . -.. .. I . m...... :IP ,r .. .. A. Ii n : I JI" WI 1-,,rll N W.II -

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A.I. . iAd A il .. I n . ,+ e.i + I + I pI ,,K,

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A.. Il.. ...l r drut Xr- r- I n., ,, .; .. .. 1* VA. hi llU,4 Il- 4. % "'....'4.4 i l i e I ,i T l m
... I.( .II n- J .... n11 n 1" .. I .,.. + ,,I l. ,n _.. ..B.% ,I .- -U ,., .r .,, - .. ,, A. .

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