Title: Publishers' auxiliary
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Title: Publishers' auxiliary
Physical Description: Serial
Language: English
Creator: Watson, Elmo Scott, 1892-1951
Publisher: National Newspaper Association etc.
Place of Publication: Washington, etc
Publication Date: December 24, 1921
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Sas i er- saxiliwa

FIFTT4Y M aY LthiT i ,11 DHKocai .4, Iist. PRICE N8.00 A YEAR.

t at lt -WASRINrGTOllO D. C.-RIate an
al s M r. t b newsprint paper from Portland,
o T h. T7 ago .t O r.. In group point to Montanlo
TI a. T f ro rm, iti res ital.l andj il, IIjI uitr,
a la s Maot lari tC oah
POIT MEET ..lO bna.pill lnost. Montane newspaper oIll COCRES
** oL w o 1M an u lt f at B n c-Ulllnt asserting tih t other ter-
New Hampshire and Verient AI-." u byo.'*. iNel- 'l.?d n h The good ship "Columbia," courageously r.,,l ..... erei, to ,t President Williams of the A. N. P.
so Invited to r b.w. htoPpr u ,e k d.. putting forth from the port of Precious Priv- The raloSlon, r.fun...sd pern.i.. A. Calls for Help to Kill
and Job Printk Contet. .. p .p t ilege under the guiding hand of the Master al,, t,,,,l."...tes..-ruir. toa the Measure.
I o".' .. ano s o O d a a t hr Marineroftthe IlimitakSeahslipoured theoil for the ll vlo t to ha. o e' An.rl.u i.- r Ion.ui-,.
.. til t almouth t utal n ee o O f peace on the turbulent waters of the world. Montana poae ,t ;; ,;o i
i .,I.ti Janoury fob aloo 13th, oll.. nl(* w el ltloIl tho1e '0 0L0h titl 'I I a
h .os .. Ad, he .. ad ar (a ro Whter Hope cordially beckons to 'I., ti' on ,1 Arlh'l ne0w0;; p ap,lh
-wry oIlnd f. at.Ittm of witn ttih te r wor. tr, for thne .O,- ft rn A-r r q
lod la.t ,o,01 joolo ... ..at earlo d r a cles tofrnalcethebase levelof wa t1|f| tUoMl ole toorotoy r. oio
nt axo,....t !.n.ew'. a.,. n. and hatred, and conspiracy, and envy, and ,0* UlLrUi. n it nL 1 3 ;l..!; ,o.
L 00. hri e ,,., a t ,.. i h., lb onndi. R... ,r . jealousyandintrige,anddisrust,andavarice, ,I_ T i, o
pub l i. am.I. Swag l 1X to be >...l .-. In, Weahly....... a ,.._ IN. .... ..nt., 1. a ne and | 11 to a Ih I ar IIi tl.r H s. lmitt I- niw
I.i.i .ot 100t<.... -pt. traitno, ah and negled, and fojh& her to a new height AN RI ITO s, T 1 pblit pu0llt-e
...1 t N.,,. .. l,,. are" Wal BI ilT IMM 'S for a changed perspeite of the future. She 1..T I. I ,Pae of n .,.o news.lely
............,ito puilbl* shers od a a ItWitold t ll ol e equll p-
It t toolollobo0th Pa uuurt 09M stands at corae npolse and point to those MEET I 0 UpId a to a"ewe. It woll eqantity or
..... T hdenties t cnx characters, clad in garments of service ana of ____ ,I ill..tiai od othnrnewr nomnh ar re.
" ,..,, ....nt ,,e M ll: T I R enthusiasm, who will adminiter the affairs of joint M eeti Ilonl l o in nmany citle.
One ndned ,el-are In I the world: Tolerance, Courage, Trust, Sacn- wry 12, 13 and 14 at "T ... fr bte t**lld renno ie s prm.o
1:. i o,,.ey to Illh extent at 01 0Po'lotol too by tile hill le ltnolf 0ore Ihin
0,0 ... oor hT beait .. fe, ood Will. In the background, eager to Oklahma City. hmuOmt fo n I.t. ts embargo
, m ,1 i .00. oS Job work aT hbe a W I n ir for th
'. ookl0 n e advance and occupy the daweng-pacesoj ail OKLAHOMA CITY. OKLA.-Tle -rwr inforlmtio o o tew arsines in.
t.,oo Fro d -r 3 land tott li of the second week in Jul... ter0t 1. 11 wrong additional rewasr.
0 ,,,. 0 to sotptab. aoi -. oho. l o iw. -... ..i.a mankind, stand Life and Love, Prosperity oiat iIt of tlo ...... oo e n Ia Jo.. ".r I "a *..... Illh i retuiol .
S.ll..lhr.- ld Vermo lll, P M I I J lry in to be a iusllng lile fronl an eil. No urhl alu lllahivou Ilterfe.rence with
, 0 pl o i ra 0100t na Eve p er A Au.- f and Ha iness. torliil a1- printorial |lnt of view. 00iron fr.o-olowo loas ever befarot boeo
and 000001 I ad to on n. riW an 8 6 s. t rhe l 0 n, lri t i l lotrouolt of view .i illl 00 .. . o'ooootty.
i.. ..r .. will be dlild i to i A . h Oklalo a Ire. Abila litl.on will .riel.v plir il In thl iuntr.
.. III tO o *eond ad 1 (t third. I End of Ne paper. A p le is the su4m tOtalofjs units-poiti- ileet here In the I:llh and 14llth ia "liiomlu, plloloe i,, tol prevent It from
aln" Nue w imphlr e HICAGO.-Ip klna bfore the lbEli.et o plea wil tnrer'tonehaetm t0 the lr lh. ilolonlt nolt.
print drll se ... of journlali of orthweter Upon the attitude of individual toward ndi- .,ar,,,.......n hIve Iw m. lade, h -I s h.et shol00 h:e Im-
I o tl lost. they *l'nvelll on ,mi00her 010h, on "The 0er. to aldl jolit ilttling of ni0n. prthed uloI the Seo-,e J iclary
.. .. . ..,.'|....,E.. up. -o. t.... I-t l.on.s of a lNe aper Circu.laton vidual rest the units Which enaCO s all the r. .. aI ol i uoh oroi.olaiono wherever Nesopa Or.... f..r.ll.ly l,.t.t It0 d01et
V rlU lr lllll h r I- iV.l r stlihe unllits Anwh0h0r rlco al th *a o bt lo theu Iox,; rl lo- iwhele. ''\\\ ille ll, lr,,l.
0.0........ a f 0!..0e.. Chicrago Tlfl. a $vies of the whole people. The kind of Ti.' ..... hn, n wil i, i. hi. .t ii I .......iu-
lr dater n N t.. 1 l ..... h i. l tO he LTh. II a'rnuflt ...n vil l .. .open wt i .... i iin I. t tl t i ould "at-.
.o.. an f.. t w nr, a. o oa : attitude governs the kind of unit and its kind .,,i. io ,rlOt -,t, iprtunt iten o ,f 1- t. i ubi oio' of baseball
t or mpli o work "The Mndern newspaper of today inern r lt o pr-tile. eot-tl. o ns
o. on.o at a .l i n"ih"l"inb s lis own equipment for the of adOo and influence. ,o:, i'd the mlo)lt 1ill I. intr.elunul "luWil.l l.ler "o. It toi i r intelve n
0 ,. .1 to their I m erit, iolliory of Its pilern. It amilblnbin y IltirIell Ml rnet of ile Oklhliilil hliro ilhol K 14 Io makie i ihhrlirinlell de,1-
.. o. d h ap ed llt t ,, e garen a. all otiler c o.ec e Lik e gm.ets like. M enCC are Cm- I .rsly s l if jourillu. re.- .. ra n nani it i the n-ia .,
,i, t 0 e. la les. Itnd t0 0re ,t'a do artilment hI,-nt .0. I?. Newibliand ii Seclretary. I1. .I iliicla ..... inep r l ho Indclate O. adth o.f a metropolitan lunth1 pa nn Ulatt. jood thou snghts and good intentionsr r llr...n l ..e l .i 0 W
slemptowll hend Indolote thr of to mtro olntan lily o urv n wii finr ow.randto rr Q-. f to ilrelomani ie l Isuted ,,O n i ury itn001
fwiih h t Oh r oredl r u i. l. Te f tno.o (;ignd I ) "T. It. WILLIAMSL"
..... ob a he 0 .0 ...... Tm. n, ....t ., .10 and good deeds and good twll encourage the r,,. 0,., 000, ,,..... r ,ir or o....
L ,. t .l1 l m1. of the slendr ipl.a.re There *re Swit or trick' all "l .ilers ilit lubject.l whibh are l. - ----
S o. nor. int ... t i .4 oAso other of v. growth and deveopm of good thoughts and tr .t to ,er, pui.li..,r u. i.e
....',r. toll not bh harro~d from Veylnoee oilnyoelb. whihlo make for ilorol 0. ,vry .ielion. "Meint.. I.l-li MANY CITIES WOULD HAVE
-:;, W'olltt b...l 0 0" "er o .. oIo' d .aoloyal. Ylo u will rmlake good intentions and good deeds and good wtil. i .. ii-iti..i st i hlvo n,.. I,,. OZARK PRESS ASSOCIATION
'i ,, ,to porwlto 0 us0 oat Int ver PRESS A S O A I YON w l realhz
ther.... t.o.. r....... i.t h fta ton t ra -l Yo Fo r you, our readers and friendS, we beg it, ll lll Ius, o.,.-A .n
"."'", o nlntn oalber onI hot hsol n owe e moot SOT r SS J1 Si, ii 0-i 'o 00 oo 0 1. l f v:+'ia't:o ,t ly (.-Atn.. .. ing
i .... A.~ .ill.. Iow el. t. riruln-ie i-rlinpio one-half mnllton or i-nlission tO express arn earnest T olish for l'""inilt .r < ->' rlo I'll. A. I.Ool.ll ear, a t 0 o 1,illh ,on -r o ti In a few bam. p 0a,,O l|r..iralt I0 loot toi trolt-O tol 00ll or 01,|. nt .... I rll i. 00n "I 111 l' 've yiou a few enermial fts peace and prosperity, and to give you a "t r n, i n r h ou l iIi 1r1 ih.ie.rinry 1nn ar i r, pitao
mi e .ent In iple m lout relm alltlie of newspaper in (hlhlllI |llirlara|h orna : "J'lre w ill iye Io b}. sltrrl.'i. 'reijilll n Ifrl
I s.. nheo .. o. r.t' Sd ite Stat.e. The. a publishii d cordial assurance of our good will. r0uin .. it t0, 1 ra11 I w .. i ..k
*- n n Jalnuary Ilth. In tills nnlry 2,0118 moilsnio *n l 'V m- Ariil Inltiti Frilay nl-hl ilgii l o lt i l rot irt thnlii alotn i l oitlo s hlot, o\-
*. *...... .. .r of h Ine. i..... tl! o En""" nh .l.ni .lhn e o. oor TH E PU BLISH ERS' A U X ILIA RY fl.l ".tl, i llo tlOll "Ut .lo, 0 ll0ln .,. ,l1 A ,l,..ll I0 I l,t .tot .-
.* pnir- e n *ppolcalo n fotr pTpry dlly. Their clrl ulnti min tiot l Air.tllog. CNiii ;"10 01ilto i. b.,i loo i Il'n
S o n' over 21:1.a cople every dny. The Pr.es Meet Progranl.ll'..l Anrun i .ml riliilil It
.*r t he ltot.aorlad tl illl Sunild y el1rcualllon of Otlt aim Plao I, ... ,iI I.l,,i,, 1 l
hioy 0 i0eNwlpIr .l|ili llse In the I i ..' I .. n i
--- 1--I'-iltll Stltnhi I ll0.00.170 copieP tb 0. i a li lt. l..lloliiB 1 tO llo,0,.l.r. t.0 Or

-- "0 plllll "lro.t.lh.llh nmit for n 'r .'l,' ,r r J I. ,OVES INTO ITS NEW HOME ,,
0,000li0, s tone t oh e .dgr ht fio. to it nr Me 00 0n,00. 0 ,rh00 I n rl o ast, '0 I

IoIoIII. Thnt Oholh"" tebot" tO l ooolIi '" I .. 0 l l ,1,.o.Ir t. lorolll C Ct,',Yn

r t d f v rtis r on .140 wf' d 'she at N--r
00h. I0ir 0it-t *iiiilllre aTs nE ..r- .,0 . 0..il
-T ,,,,',': "lo^ ........ f., r ;: ,",,"" oo.o peS Plea RO IIOKA TOLEDOIr (ILL) DEMOCRATM .i tooO ;0.0.......0: 0....". .
to.. ..... .... ........ Iti 0t-iiiM 'N M.1-, ...... ,\*(i \lin i'i ,", .'
0..p,,- iAO ilAh,.rlltol'oo d,- by oCn,0sA E f r i. MOVES INTO ITS NEW HOME .. .... 0. h u1 o .... 0,

'TATE ThR rpA from Irish and . str es I "." .. :
IS-, .. I-tr to wn. fo, oo P E V E i,, .,$,MR r *An0.o ,;N, -1.*
l i-r l ilar.-rl IMlo oi 1 ll iii t mh try ne YE R ,l. dlnl ed t I A i n n IIofl.-lylln-tlh r n r n *ara 0. L A Plr o d 1

car Stth 2r.T < &** * *1 ^- p r e s ma te y t i rt*. n q- I r e m l b m O I, l l hrol,. yooit S to,.r A ,' I im Ist J .*niu t rht i ,
i"Tio- ll lvr 'ltorioA di att 1 iot r wlt .oo. h l 0. '000 IM 0 0 -

0i d lI.port b b. lo lhoo r-Iro'oio o Cah i.e T + %ite T1 Pot 0n *I ilii I tl < lid rl llld ll ll h t 'r I.0hi 0'1, Poth Pr o *0 A.4000 o 0, .. o,,o |lW o RE EN O
It n o1 I 5 rot,, r I d i I t, l
iitl o fool 01.0 he el.ai fll. foo lri 1n0 Ihn-tI fiel lot 0. I I o- lI I v. 0 oo

>ol flll'r organ at tig Po a .agifg g ---- rgin h* PiinndMor p .ia ti attoo 000l i 000 0 000 ity Itko t he o rki o f 0,1 mid0-1 0 rl.1 .iml..n will be h el i na h e w
l,0i, ,orOt thIof hlal. the fO M I 0hi-- pon0 Ii th l p wereid e nt oftul thellnlth'0 wi o r lf D.h 0olldt I f it.-l0ic. T.-i he "1. ilr 4.r St fINITG. 1 O.RA J C PN'
ostolol vialioo,,oanothothtoo Ohgiloloal Amr ih e0 ii ap. ,n la llit allle. ettlit oto Will 'elppe 00 an [h 4 o ha

.ponoo-oo mitoit he H l a tou a o op a r, oth os rgt.00 L'I"h spele l ,,, d ito 0 t0 w, Tof r l.t' ,, 1i1. .. .,. .. r Al
rco. OliiIi ,hit 11 d. k e rthed d lltlle l n rnt Itthr obe o tr. looN wore: 0 Iral dito- tOn o o, It'lIl 100.0 to llf illol atoh'o 10 y, 1 AI0 0 r 'Jt li 'OIoo.V .4 o.1.1 %O t .0 I tn r i
elo as i t te f a eiiog It i g r-be lvi on N. 0. -- - otrt o otton 0i f ,r 0, 0.0 ioll.od fl )t l.
lilts little dlflhl ilr In Ocilla. in I.H 111 I t Iml d ln t we r e:M F i i oi t'll t i i I I l t i mrl 1lni A 1111. ,Lf

Baut If llo ,roilltlla o nt reI s p0 o r, sn t i tl, t l.tHo x. M. A p P. a A. t of th Pit bur D
had fi t lo gl on O chief 00000 s*oe,wl u u t i de mao hlA, o. "11O ?*rnP n 11rdm Frnid h ch.'
manager ililat low to o re on nerod- 00.0 r r Ao..sl w *i' ,00 furniture ha0l Employers, Meet program.
en only those who will W esni d to l utiolo In memory of to t o -Ie ''e, o o o *110ot!i0 00t '.
t r t a 0n n r 0d 0f 'Ihloltr of I to inaoo hro no.0,,' hav.e 'u.," I, III e wl l e I,' ,ih0l0
h ero ploi-t u lea obrirnanm wh10 d hade r l i W I t '. I I r. 1~i0 1 and :.,, r -,000 0.,',, ,, 0000, ..''
W ,W Till. 000 snoe i .'ati o th ll .ho b-, of "t. o a.- oth o ia11ndi ',e'., o 111.+. 0 ,0 ,e ,n-
r3i tindit Burrelal Of I nn Itlh Is boham. formerly editor oof bo .o of' Ia this e'tl of bo o N1 ,. , 0 , .
lb t oanl bdfa en t I b I0 A.B.V i -10 1 : rrl ,f fl-Io, ,I
Ar mstrong W hautO"IOIhn att 1erooln, iho 101h. I"l'r HARLINGEN STAR EDITORS It i' i,,,.ooo.'000 R. I0 0 0 ,,
ei00 T ll r inrtall by advitoI llt atd orte ore h Iore:,h r.hlut had "oa, fisn the and. 0 \Nt" 7
.... an.i o of" ndort o BANQUET PRESS OF VALLEY . .........
'0"0.. .. t le.td 0 ld It f.1 O th. ""l only honest fialto nttot ,. n, shoh c T. ,.
'0 lreo r. Club of W I "h g o nl.hto. Auid1.itsl loMile .0t 19'0l --,,t TV 0 ,,, 0 I '... 00.0
i, '4 ...... r $131t. II,. Ion lItsol Is and the facto se maeil U. S. PRINTING II YEAR Vollo Pr, -n An at. t t..l. ..t. hr '. 0. 11 11 .... '.'. ..... .........
public. Aoy ad nthis orut, by x .b- COVER% 3 IU lUi E MILES oI n o ........ ......h en. 0 ,, ..... .. ,0, a. ....... ;,,
irtiblng he the le e of the A. It. ACl.l. ollen m il rloll Coo,nr1 mtl1r111 O1o" olo000'.0000' it0l.'h 0t 000.00 '0., ,, l,0 ,o ,, 0,0. ,.-
STATE 0RAIS 0M Y!T$ sees.. tha unlineld facta nhout a WAsiNo C--f the paper pusllthbon 0,1 0h, llleto,'oo 000W. A ..'0000l00 of Okhbtotooooa rl
WaINn he quatIbed tor A. R c. "ta"g the year wa, lad fist mt a thlobk- lend horte. S0. IOh-ne Waewi ad- ad1-i. I
FINT. mc;._-itl M addift" oedf it e she"t it would oarer nl- dreroed Ott o nrt om htuIgan ui ld i r- llr 'or of rnwlttre n ;,f 7,' LAIDLAW IS PRESIDENT OF
lOOOImi,.lon of the itt o g .linas s il It made bito etVO heek.. pllenl wo tell woul result In ro o- a t-u0 o n.ney of the 4S.ttoe h CONTRA COSTA PUBLISHERS
lhlO~lr 001 A SUrlM. wa d ftIM Ike NNW i-A ied ,t llo me te an b ~, they Wotd MI T m it0 tlon that wlb1d gl ive ari.or after li0.oOtnn, Ahomoore- l .
O~ib~ole~lonipill tn4toW I 5 pel am fer I kM No t sidle s o intoathe&I Pilafak Printl e (Car. bolnds w per paid. e 11 0 be .- I Tn I-N~tt.N (..Io.--. 0 r.,.,o0 mnret.
ptbo oth IP ieft heT i n me adeal tn ort, P r.o of PhlPpa and I. Pt Then.d IL. Coorol .0n0l. In of lion Contra 000.0iloithlohe
of t'.he pbhit tlt ill a ihaillg 80Ofif 0lblaiM Chaice tekl of the work of the told. rioldn'- essonnto will bt held In .on. A0warit in la, hel l. foolowlag
ullth. m t see U Eani t Od PaW WOO Iad 4lseleg t(ho whiter falr. W. D. Holllad of the j00ne0tla with the Ohllshbate Proes As. oilotrs were ele.t,t : I'remltolnt, W.
0l.1,0rita .,* ftan lftbh --eel bI 5Wna uL &will br oa aOmNOIine t&b Not Ken"d Tribe., apofs an c-st4aadtlon, with thlflin f inatoett tfor St. lnldhlow of thy tro ok-tt lSlgnl;
fliolhtt vt'oloitsip to ai w aln of the PO a ai d ,e. pring. IN IN died $oCk Dettor of both nlewlpape r ani d o.aomorimalml vhe*preolold,. fOorem Ityan of the
is no l f" I r saigs WC l.. 0 t 0e DIaN Lit abe n &- d lp Tat-h.Ir e pletut t. "-omeno of Rlhiormod Terminal; o -eer Ptrs-tow,
Z: 00 O'-M 00 U ytg e~tA0. I. K' Al PIIO pe Ppe.n a0. "Tobe NJ Prito.Chobo" ure., 0. A. West of the Pittsourg Dhi.
smu did anta. will be soh Sol tia Frliday. paoch,.


cm Iast-to-mast w ao gossip (*e amdo4%

CO NN ECTr CUT trr tnit CTiItCha4 J, .N.. .'..',h1 ta t.rt Ii Aa m lb e f

r'. .h a t t an d n h an d i J o b p r int . utp cn n e u i o la i W i td. .
n. mo tt,.t.... *.,rrnh tn tint no tnnd a " i i " "* .w "i i
A, r rKANn.. k ;'r ,,i,,gtraut a bd nsta. Mor-- r. at thl ar bnd Fotik.2u. AL .t n a
tll Yet Fest it t
mall l fi 1 1 1r bt ind;-t,,...- ,w. l tn oi .. "n tin le n i t. io l der, if rn ,- aytiel.
F", A R ZONA rile Count, mr Ir mh. tait ma. arl.1etat tie tt ii.n l'" 1., i..li". ?

Ev..i............ N.. li Mr.. by i 1t Le h weu. toreol

alth e IM*I i,+,n' Jto it i. ab id 1 *the l .Th I. ,4nd n hi *ng U o th ru n I 1 thwa guun tiu ir d ine it w- h' r rl* l't r nl't b aoet moa tU .p o h
hi.i iiir irll.tenlmtri tI-p ileTorm on h, l bh I 'l l *. .. T... ... h a ,,d r* "" ri". i n,, ; tr ,r* .. . . .
l l -..l ..rl l r e t l arrt n- Mu r y w a n rlth n un h eortlj on.at ,. m 1rad in N.,rrn I a Ju. hI>h m. i1.I ,*.. ti ,. Dup b.. wrho .l I.

M.. .. e o C ....... 1 C... ...1 ... u... . .. ,* ....,_ bI .. ...e | ,(n rr. .IM 1r. t yo. Cl, ." .. .d 7 r l; ,` ''; *' ;.. "r , ,, ., I r in wil
ha- r t.a ns, tt ha t Pa to bel-e thiI martaa mra e r.yila C.ian 'orwner iiai.. .i.T.her er r Roe r
. I,, t t .,. the C .eri ntw a ou nb, r i tt i u o ttete I ,'r ', ., h"v'd, ,N r tor h ,r.. L a
Nion wa bn Nry 'roth ice'nhbp i n no n m ,lhsaklbo. til- oon a- ..I.f.nto.re.. L. Ie rn and M=ea
hI tr ninov. n t o t rata it p nt It t y in m Ie "i 0 1.1, 1 at re *uI n

Na, IN pIa -h-pt IINat e -th dd-t a.ii ii rilr, I iL wk.t a maf. k, r 4 r . .uID a
it-atleas aan m, k, ad itene pandin apiId,. w hivni r. II ,ndtp r i m mu t W.

m a... r.... .. ntI.. ... I .. 1.r. . .... hre ... ... d k .. r ... a,', .. i m ...
nin l' rn iil i" in g h e i l nrrl h wI lr a, m l r o yrgI i.i n n. i i i .t l m*ima utedit whl -e
..d< ... Ti ...I I ... t r..l. ii.i l i r .... .. r ntiirt rhi .. .r .e k. ..lr rI .with Ch1 .. d ..... .. l O N ..i.. ii i. ll> o l li ".11O i n hi i i r tr ..... wp'I pr N
h r. or .. I o I- or y ilLtr Irsl r l.ln.l!. Ti n l rois anet .. .. ,' i i 1.w i 0 .1.1 Pse n. r' 'Ah Tlny Clt H UmtIlll ,.
TI ... I e ," r- .n t" i r *' AWA .ift t r 1 r r .T hot...ia.. am a.?h ... Th.. .,1 .,.r...e i lan .. .pl t.. i. ti ..... . M INIr O. .i ..i .. .. bI in p hlallh r>. et tb fe wt

f e ra e a r.di <-itir,.el th diuani ,t r a, r yn t, ,t .D nhe mt..ny. 7, In clnt, iyn g- atrpinri nkr e Ch, S,,I,, rer kh1 0. ni .t iTn I h I 1 a a l gn th Eia glinA
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Compil.Ji by E.'W. Pickear b0 n otoidh 004
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Talk, In AMSi o

It's Been a Big Year-

Get a Summary in

Chronology of 1921

or .

Review of theYear

Nearing the last call for these im-
portant features, one or the other
of which every paper should carry.
Many people will wish to preserve
a condensed record of the events of
the year. Others will appreciate
the opportunity to refresh their
memories by a convenient compila-
tion or narrative.
"Chronology of 1921" covers the
principal events of the year, includ-
ing important deaths and disasters,
in chronological order. Six col-
umns. Price, $2.00.
"Review of the Year," is the story
of 1921-a flowing narrative. It
follows the chronological order,
but is more of a news review than a
compilation. Six columns. Price,


SPRAARcPAA L W a lot of trouble. A pliblarto
was held thene In March, but bhak
RUWOGU W SLOW >Idea -nerted It was unllfir andi raft
E* In May the regiho wa InvadedI by
DURING THE YEAR ,5iohgiven he. y (fI l 011i i00nRiiw ih.i
erilnunllt and nldo hy 111t Frenlh and
there ua ceed Heavy Taxes, Chatic Financial beteln the1m and h lliiin vrli nteiw
f Ths. Th enntlle rnflmle oft the
Conditlols and Minor Wars illem wai tur to rucitlir. t0ul In Jiune
Ha per Re overy In 1921. I rilit t ri pso ,...tld the terrLitor y
ald bl"gn clelhring out the P'ole, Tha
"------ lute wna rerfrrmd lo tIle Itlinei
eoallEile oich eu thetilIlr u11-4 1Ur1ed
IFPE COMES I EAR ITS EH ..,l y 11; ........ a y
--tltI.l 111 ilhM'lol..n.
Washlniton Cnfoilnn om Aemumentl All Ithrilh ll hi yanr lile :rP ke
Limitation the Met ImpoeUtnl foillklht ihe Turkish iiiill.lllintll t Iii
Evlt-What Preldlnt Hard. All!Itlln. wtllh vi 10I f1 r lllllr, 1h11e
Inars Admiln hlet tlhot .and t hl allhIl I"d 0" r0 1held1 Il hf. tlo ulth
the Cotgr HaWe iffirilg ml hdlatlil Mllll ;rI''c r0
A oupti.. 0fm.d. In Novembper France Inile a
AomliM treaty with the Ke naln. t 5 :1l4rarrlenlt
*y DWARD W. PICKAR which aroued protepto fr.nm firlt
Ba ck to NArm ley wPICKAR 1 n rUlta d led to diplomatic n1 cIltin .
e, r l e w l h a -it h i ll In o n l
Of 1921, 1not only In Amerhl' lull It 7Th Unlted Iltlten forotlly lU'l1
Il1 the elvllleed nathll, of ll .rll. ,,peo nIh h iti poli l Irs, lld
Hut milnor wn.. Inliaol ernno.iil. di trat w11h AuvrlIw Pe1n l1,,. Ali.
turthIinir'.es chaolle Ananclal t.'illliiml g00t 24, that lthi Germany Aiitil.l .n,
In Eurlp,. wlilmpBrPl Un.niliin flt, and the pact wnh Iluingary Augllut ."1
families In Itummila uld other llnlratOneO In e B tretll Anterico ret.rlt Ii nli
mnae. progrte. In the rgttilg t .rtlon that wa given h|r by the treaty of
Flow, etlXtptinlg, perhaps. In the United Vera.IIles which thi. senate la. rh ,
lt**hte. 0ned to raUfy.
Wen the year opened thi people 1realdent l|ardlng on July 10 Ia.
waI grtmlnciny under the bourdPn of 0 e l04 t.lnil nlllVltItlIlIto l01 1t1 1t
thtton "inl adpreoslon mualting from Bitain, Frnre, Italy and .lilrl 1
the World wnr. As It drew to a donel "nd represoentliven to N ii lJlln t
thlly fity re .llll ne ninl but had i lo-d for eonfrterrllren l. iilr I ..lb
fully turned tlleir eyes toward Wash- nrmalment al0d Fur 2-t1 iiullrt'ill,.
Iniglon. wIra, the prelintlallvTm of Acoeptance trom1 blll 11110 ulnlll' Il-1
great tepoe-om W eg n olallll Intelr- ,urted by proclo of "f..,llilo 11J",'"
nlMonl Oareglwentu that Would 0ell ad on AugUst 11 lui f.rUiil livlitl-
0In0 0ome0 of thl. 1a0m0 vI >r. e,- ton mWenet out, ii clil, It..llIII. 11H,1.
perdllyl I the Far 3et, and limit lnd amd lPorntuil bring a al.-d t, Ir-
the meani of making war. In the tllcpat toI diiru.loll. n '.ilIolio tlihe
lceClUl f thill eOfw and ot oth- 0 oot. The fiorr..ii. t Mllotlllclrn It
rI0 thot might 1ow ot 1 at 10y tlor 0 11 Jlo i rP... vine iiiiil uIs
the time btlng thoe of huaniOtl. dofelt le all On on iOivlT 1r 12 1"
l011or0l to fore ti t100m. of ls I MentoU1 conifertIiel. i.i0i.d willh d 1u.
treaty of Vr.oll t rea llted In toa poin| 0 nmly. Alnmt liiillnllllee
fniet" mane meotm of the new nalioun ly Secretary IluIghe put forward
rested by that pact, mad lirveril of Amerlra's plan fir raluctl..i 11 ld
the Rldm, mtU1lo. watg Involved In limitation oft ivael inlllientl Inrlud-
warftrn. Oirmany, working fast to Ing a naval holiday for tell year.. ith
Sreco7 pomtII em It the world I.Frrapllt of nill hlillplhding pro-
of Cutr..ro. wo hampered by the = dat.m de.trictlon oa v'eml to il e r-
distnou deil na the0 value of Iltha alm point nd ti he aninten.ne t
mk and Iot ttd prote.led toor- he envle of Amercla. lr adt 1r11,tn
t"llMlly thikt 11 c uld ot 0,1Il 0 t1 l and Japan on at.-t I Illintl. TI, plan
pay thi w lidoMtll. Pote mIntoli. Iws oaeptle "In prilciple. hty the
tio ba t h Oe BrIItis goveemwn.lt ofifereliem, thulloIh the Jl |n0em0l
aDd Shmi Sio 0.t1e0M5 lrough .at Wl ed TO 70 per r at navy Intelad of
gO par ernt, *iid thlI were many
Imnor I0ints of divprg'le'e which
INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS w.re ths..bj.hwt or prolo,, d dia-.t-
-- l0inu in hnmmlt0te. It 0s reeoalnild
no L4" I o t Naitiela, though that Chin. as. the reityr of hllr Yer
t ,u WEMl I Itblt la. cooperOtln 3t p irobleam. and dam Chinee dell.
of tiki inlid EIil feoslplloha prt. tiley preno>ntd theIr prlrlkr n-
I ca411l thA year, al( thmrNO r colgoitIaO n aS on Independent nUt1i-.
It eo mell. which mo la Paris on rsIpaet for territorial rlihl. r1etil.*
Fb I U a Sr l4 IN tlltly onfty d tlo1 of tolied Vlo-0, bhandoolment
g mA d gte I e 0 msaent do,"l f rep "lvUeglo w10'
a semmo W -.eeI d e

T1UE PrWJHU' ILIANY. ________

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Western Newspaper Union FEATURE Newspepem dUterstr
Quali~ty~ad W ., Soatret intended of drd e6 1 1. h
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Jtnnno a... A j., 21341, Nlortia Ift I~lt ".k .a. *J Chrit-. fe e. . I, a -pals,.
Jtaff, III ji.aa "Is t'hlaons~t I ,, II~,. this.. or mu,. liberally themx. , h.~l ~Ia.I SS fJlA W Jk gM .
aon.a.N. C. m 14111-ord, Claiam Sto,- "%, a wop~ .b k
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1.1aaa .oa a, 1 Fa iss lls' rnt )I'a'lv.el I l l F justified the outlay. Doll 111111111111
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Satir,.al ..i~a I ~ '.,,., ..i.... ...~. 1,1 e it possible to .ih. op for AIh 1taIa'a ra.al. Al-" o .Ii.. i.I-'l Iiil-]alto h o l
.''Il~la'll.',,.~l,~l the drpr .i.. io of .ther perviodl. ., 4It a4' Alms 1 u IIt I".~ 5 l tal'lat A. ll j.Ii a;.liarl Ii 01-ria Ii'tat o th- lo
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oaaaraaal't 1141 I '~' '''' '''''' w.k.. to the fact thot there.I le . Ialaala vfr1111 ,,I~ tlllaaIa' t~ ~ta aia .,Ila, ,ay alOga roaitttfo ithe tb. at
sp,1, girit c ne ...tell with .11 holidays ~ I,1. a. ,taaaa~ Ii.aI)... al I.aI
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ill I. .' It-.l m,- iore,.ec.1 ..a.d.h. p isiakd the publisher 1.1, vill n..l I'l 1.1 16-11"aaat I.- I- Ia l .I ........ ta .t.tiiatatt ...t eu
Drenlacabe 24.,1921 ...11.1. ~ j l' tot teod thu woy. Wh.. the 1 11 1. al- till,11--a II ~. ,.lalla. lIal~a' __
LI1 1 .. I.,. atstau ait, bo phla Pe lhll I 1:l'.. I. 11. u[,1 Il a has a' .ht.. Laa.a t o1.w Io
1r0 i. l, ihfet.,. mowturil Ne Year's Featurea.IL 1. t. 1LIldla ia 11II. 1. .1, fla ~~et~
Norynialcy?-orSublitormafl y? I .lI I.' l-aI,,. drocird to hotiday. and obea pe 1'11 l~ll111t.11,.111, Ata I I a II, or1 Oil I., 1. a114toRgotnl
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..l l t as r in m. n e .t S rs f the W r ift d br.,1 M i nh it I .r 1 I ... so h
sIho m lsrnlns to t sat andi uhvtr'in 'F rk It.teN tnt in1s' mi. r Ii. 1Th Ini ng thrin' rh ih w r nel t
I t.. h h ol~n i l on".l e %e Snd ,nen depa rm t o F. as a !how, dnqrmli, insta ce-

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turn sah ns' 'n ttst l **T tn( .et tine Ith mint'l r
II ar ie'e Is' s't rt *tins' f ata ln l1 s' l '" ih ir i 'i e t s i i .f m, I
itt ui s. .%ill inois I n m 'n t i n. A i i irI hlll ii'i'I i nt's trim
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iftr a t le has Ithe u d b n e ate e t i .I ,, b I ll W i uN T t hee e t e of tin Is'tnt1
Iloa leteal Influencet flit fllt t gase uit ente rtsintit ZET N LEGION CRI TI

It wToeoutet Seeanreh with th r11 l- T hem. i I lione n i- Wi-I+
pr t.s."n "eadalm ha use hiatira 50 emtes 1 elle foud it s n. -
Iotorllseet, Pailasd e m at- i.e Is dteat' Ittecht If' nn s sf .tnei
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it e iii n. t111 1e p oltleatien ~ *~ 1"aul m ate ares the an i'. .th tir edo ing 1I n s RITrC
hauchall freedom hon metn of
a esti O I thel m e n ain the tlnoatanilc tye nu inl trtt, n'lr el'll+, n mX .einr
"tlan e Ich i r olh a uet I i at w 'ss". asd Jatora Ib'oo Blr hws. edisr in s verieus mhmber anshr1 h 'l isr t Sun'
tm oaty at the ped ieiai rs re fil ht assi t ne hiipu bo y wth rft i s tci n grPaific lfl itU-)in- i S u i ',rl tl nt t-

r o1i de hio qenr as sa t~ll rsyirea~aren s lt th PoSht b'llt ins itsel. l u inl lh. filtcliie. sent & 1nttt
"t Irli s nMs t nile Ws te f ro td Bests r w h eo u t IIeI

.. It h o felola at" a' e nit.i e their ldewa aot Pnn-Palto r ol nt wh it in e gi t deit stf t
heIthy Jel' t um mt oaunae, I rt llinsl' wiresImpo. td a ist "ifne in tine Lres Of ini Awcrieon CohhntreT"
suthtng imloliely tohasm o. Is tans toc-Pomemit lire lttmferesce rli tt sppeerest m e tins r ait hts.otnts'r
maondal hoaa the l t Ire.." rdiisr and Pfar:llbe Iy "are 111h. It n h I'seirt'si esa'sf-rensf itsl r'
Serosl what ge s t$ he a tuet, aitteal he W tigllis tt a mere Assete leti es ishInnuslle nsast
tInt tn ebisher ee it hi en iI the peal4ng fant'I s'r, tre Fiad a Mosei fmst Altoerit mu
* -1-11 I~ u na"i t M"eemelit ti' wIll peem:it Ied. gneda- hear."

"A Picture Can Tell

a Thousand Words"
Wesley 11. JolhnIM., publrisher of itie Prlter. Ink Weekly. Neeae.
N. D., receiving a s|,n ienly wail-.-up oltrv e inu prlited form from PiFargo
WXVL osit., wrilrt' liuillgeetalhl in:
Our lnntper %Ose S-nt Imade uip js follows: First patug. Maialine
alittio ; lr't'i l iutli, six coluitism of Net I'ln .reiS Illirn l piites two
oltimnl of iShlort ln.r's, twou cnislus of Atumrihuni Leet,'ii., tnu columns
of Mlte litBuinlitir); tinrth i 1e, t1ittrll.
"Senil is six Knitr'll tihe.se-n ,luini t iln ull r risliS. .,u nmany aend
us Mix of thest, e very toti weeks until fuilrnt'r nistil,. W', hive Irthdl tie
eapI n orlintent of t h1tif lnll e of ntritniis c* ry w' eek nIl IliItl thlt they are
mluskluI n re l hlit. sul,.rilpttblsh nr .'lintg in rlIn l -II11..t Our bob.
by und b eNl'itl inlnhino.r ihnt hutin i furlitlh illni.rult d i l tulter. We be-
Ileve a picture inl il U thliouiUsa words."

Fiction That Is Alive-



The realistic romances of Fannie Hurst will
be read with great interest by future genera-
tions for their frank depiction of the life and
problems of today. But the author is not
writing them for posterity. She hnas in mind
a living, breathing present. Because her
stories are so intensely up-to-date, the ma-
jority of people enjoy reading them. The
great publicity which Fannie Hurst has re-
ceived anti the clear realism and entire ab-
sence of hypocrisy in everything she turns
out, guarantee her about as wide a circle or
readers as an author is ever likely to obtain.
The serit'n comprises cihlit roniplete tonries
each with a title itf its oe. n, unst tilnliithlil.
under the general heading of "Funnie Huint
Noselettes." Can be run in shlit serial in-
stallmnents if so desired. Series coinnplete in
84 columns. Price for use of pluten, $21..10.

Harriet and

the Piper

By Kathleen Norris

An absorbing serial by another writer with a
huge following of readers, especially of the
feminine sex. This also is material of today
-a romance with a central theme of general
appeal and of very great present interest to
women. Fiction which attracts and holds

"Harriet and the Piper" is completed in 72
columns. Price for the use of plates, $21.00.


for good Linotype Metal you'll
/ find a minding our P's and Q's -

Promptness :: Quality

will reach you without delay
from any of our 37 branches.

Wester Newspaper Union


Northwest Missuri Press Association at St. Joseph,.Dec. 9-10




Four iatlonal Organizations tI



P url. he r s p a tr o m nl W N U . ..u
,i fll,,. .,, d .... ibrally i,,. Seattle Tnimes Man Appeals f0o
... bi oe... Wi hliane. the gms. More Editorials at Regional
ra record will chow that rein M a Chhl
j e tif .d the I t.lay. D tll Meeting at Chehalis.
in are largely a statm of amlad By ROYC H MITCHELL
.d it take' atItI ll 1 %1 t 'IT HE lir
eow condition in ha. Iat a na ,u i to~ I I.hl 7 ,--1 11.
erter. with holild trade. Poapla \ ..l .... \..-. ..I.ll
for t t hir ho..ir.... warll 1 1 the ht.' itt t I. I 11'1. I t I.,1 1l
anticipated joyl O i yuletide, ad lh ir' r 1 l' ''
S'pura .tr, nga loaoon up. t li u b , .l

Strlh dprhih hob come to th pri -

.... i t il gMr ant i in t l nrer cities t he -t :Sy lt ., l Hi ve Attention.
'', ke to th fact th at thar e i '. I .1 i i
ae lways period during the yaer
whe i it iend p li t id h I 11
I e reatio o o their pl y to t. ,
S 1I M err h.nb o in the larol citi os I J.t.' .-- 1. i i
St,, *.t %, I, ,I,,r, .t avmke to the fact itat ther-ita .... 11.ithlt t, tr t
irito.... io wlitwh i.1 holldala ih 1' 1. T
1 1. it, tr- iih nbea ihed forl h i. p-.. -I ill ,1 '

l t,, ,, t ... 'i h itra a tr a c nd lthe p blikan r t, p' "h t ." l t.' tt ...
r ,, . a. i ." t .e l t A* , ,

Meet at Madison, Wis., De- . It *'
com b er 2 8 th to 3 0 th ,h tl, n ',I ~. I tn a a e t e .i. tih T. onal p th .lla- I .. i > i. 1, ,
t t r l'il t.'t-tx t t t\ .- t ,, e d tvotr" to holldaya and other ap- t .. i l..t i. Ii .h ... ...
i.'', ."''' \ l Il, "" l, h I t't It:.. I' i .ttt t : vil oceai'ona. they ralitin that
bmbe.r -8h to3 t... h olwitae o aaidpl ... t timin 6.pTi t. '
a llll, l ,,t l ', i1 i, I s+ irai,, ll',1 li^i.'>' -> il I .,, i' I 'lh I .,*. Iride po l ibilitiie advertiala| , || ,il,.,i, | ,
olli,,l ,I flh+ .1 l i ,T,.. ,,, is immediately suggested. .l
i ii 1T t l Ol. .\ltr. l. tl 1. t ,. i ti 't h' l" '' Compare the holiday advertising Co opte atiw Buying impractical.
tilr A Iii.X '- ii INt i.t I of today with what it wa ten ynaearsi
i. int ,il. .i li i t \n 11. i ,, I...... i ago and ee how thi. idea of crlet. i ; t I .
'.'I.III.It i 1.l, l. ', .. ,' in' a holiday spirit has grown. l ....
Iti.l l; Leaving the Chritma holiday out ...
I l ,iii r '. t t ti ''i | ;; of conaideratoin, for it i s w all t 1 1 i
St .... .. ,., *I I ',- known that Chriatma produce ,
i" large volume of trade, merchant
re d ovrng that very holiday . ', .
iiii i ..., tt I, , ,,' m akea a dem and fo r certla in k ind I
S i i ,. of oods or some sort of s*rvic
I -, .. i',., ,,i \ i i \ I i i i t: worth advertilling and the pro ..
r i ' r rademan i out to s t i .. ,,
I 'I, t 5,tt; ,i''t this buctineal. ...
I,,.. 'h'" "'Sermons and Sunday SchooL
I' l ':T r r1 i 1 I ,1 % , '*I i l I . ,l i l l r i l D p lo r c s P L a c k o f E dl t o r ,. s .

I .' rniTr ii D. it Itat
l 11 .. .., Ii i1 1 I ,O r, ,i d -tDo .-

Ir lItt- tt

I '.1i I ii ?,,' ,I .ts it ',ii .i I I| hi .. i .. . Th ia Pre e t. .
s4..( nil ~~~r.it+%, ~~~~~~~Il~.p.id~.h~III .P,1', l.. l O o i (o R io a + "' i.'.-. I'.. 1 iin 1 1 II n P'n
a ......it.i. .I ... .. ..,... .. .. O e d ': . ..... -1.1S E B Y.. .n....a...... T g.

3> nr l. lU..I 1 ,1 ,1 1 li0' I, iil 11 1.il i -i ..I ti,. i t, It l .' 11110 'ii it, For 130,t ,st ,t.ts
....i Those present
'o hn c t lll n :i f h eochinii n' opportunityy for Religious and I

ringrI :'1,;I aod Nrn.'Wrlll iitO. snellii i.'3,hlhI v,-i to"t- t its ,i' I.. il.e DIYtrrht' i:irinile,
A o Iln li.oer lill e d e ChI Itlo, ld

l C inI i ... o .I .... ..e r h. I ,,f H1. .. i It |III hie of Idi le l r l : 1I

M irnie if the Aoi tn ea1ii tt at Ar. I-,111,"t l e. M 'r i ll.'1 l i. li| tt|n, t itai liit. rl i. f lia'.l I, 11, liI r'l 1 a i I i Ni it t i. i rt
.t.,t" .te Prolt' ig a net

,r) r l 1 iil ll| l, i .' iit i iri ANNUA i DI NN ER l N- + IOF STAF l'r. lllilll ..... I.. .
1 i2 1 1. ., l h 1 :. 1, ,

NVIS.,: A, III" on I ^ -f I .....
!Religious Thought and the Nipn aphJ h l i 'I" I ... I 2 h. NI, fill


ma o mitearn P r tr m coih r Il t th l 1 l .. h o il li ll -hIi, fe, A .. I .i ,I I A ti m ulati lii,+ r hlih r o i '
., Iof Ad rtiall ca. ...I I# l INt II u liwnt io lre fn r i n r.,xl ,.h l rident ., A.

th 'l l ~ i l i h % hh ,. 'T l'' l;llli Ix illlil ls th i 'l '" 1ItI'+'hitill~l~l lll 1 .t b -
mud Ni" apmrriA'vrt h --t\ iid:M rsumm II a lhllt lhi~l'le. -Iifl title I.fubic by stayinglliflll'l~ll'r rll
u ; ,,I, h u stle... '", , l, , .. n .. . , ,' ,. . , , , r +i . ,, A SN W P P R

I Auociation |p
-* rutialk IV

The Cinvention City.
S, n i int -Best Goods on Cs a
-n I* I 3a dd s it I i 'i otii ediie

I il, r l I tihl tti till) lll II . i i ll11 l lt.ill
li.,- l....i.. lllo l II >lill ,.l. Eve.n ,li. of |lieM
I I . i....- i 0t 3 i Ilol l. .-.. AIi t

'* t .. g;or il r Ily lll J IwIhI ',,|. --., f i le, W i ,
1. i .- 'i.. i, 11,|. p- t hall 1.re the aB m
I-ihIh i, No ti rlll 0 : fA aurAl Iwi ther g
.,,, ,,,.,1 ll T i I- r I I. ll I v .ill I t a,

,.,,ll. ,. 1l' ,.r B .il'f il'l Iili t ; I.t.. 'r llhll. ti nt while Inhl el m
I- 11. .lhh,, illll l.i3lre t ,,, i|.t, 't..ltll l lr 1lit l%:nilltTOlt f..rtla e
S l l.. ll, i.i ir sl silr, i tl t a

,~ I+ ,, I.' h,'l. 1 T i l., 'Ii ti.i 'liii. I H i tttte I|h l 'ei g
l" '' ll'.:i I ," Tit.''li A... i Ili lllai it'lly 4il Ilh

1 i,,,I. l h I...ll i .l.l Ih a new11. I .il iii | l (t .. ( tllle a

li t I ft l 't l 'ati *l i f i
-T Prndn Hai+ t i t h i it' i llt be a ib i 3it

w l.,, ..... li,., .. ... t .Air ; eang

', hI',' 1' , .. . ,'. ."" '+ """ '.'' 1 ", ++% I nllla

S."I.:'' l' 'htlttti.'3lt't iitt h MAINE WEEKLY GOES Ii t |1
h I-ifl. it iitviet.w a few
i W ,,,t p-resident Hi"' i' il'r l t tlaIn-fl

P insittJ l DI' P a"' 1 .1 I I' t" ll,,., ,| I I, Il i u irlt l t he
.I tith "' t*tll' t>i t f 3itlh t hv i'tlll.h tIlr
P iintat Yo re 1tw

.P. .. iC1aint 'lowon hey
...n ..e. eI.i AUGUSTA TO WATER

Ind 1'jtll. Iie
I I r.... Y I I I t n .ll, t aisinao

it em t tt lt I fi lit Il'it n a tn.h ika

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Poaintdg YourO wn the Ke
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andyou expe t prompt nouritetous atn

item aforitem waitho ut ub tietu to u
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to arre I at your ofcebt he or at

diet roh u teh and in g d I hcn dditio d
not aftr w n t or thr 1o lete Iwe

are standli g up for Just thst kind of h
kWestern Newuopaper Union
M t ,,ln t u p e Cdo m pt

Wles oCote tae ndo irep.

-ait your oi re o the wy
.. .. h e,+ '*1l lf+X. ..' ,wen at bra che l.,iste 'hl ,fitlm s hl
are. ,h ,\ ,LI,; stndu up for jus "',t'+,his ,l, kind of i~~e ll
serv T i, i cetd .i.iiii i x ~ h l+ %1,ii,~lll
r I+.I'I ~l1+ .X 4,lllJ, e ca b m sr ; L Il~l %iga .11h l4t I i.lil
''ql' ~ ~ ~ ro r'ivaing grow,, ''::P +I '~ P+I{ i UI
Wes,, tei ,,.. .rn Newspape, t I I llrIlml U ioWnII

UnO11ha ,im WNa b WasS
.."J -p ,,, q ... .. . pi r.' . . .. ''I . ;l';c .,i,-oo
f^^^ l o ik rutwr eu n ui*. t, wrir. *u.l -m *l to ,., )i,,..,rH -l,'l> I. -h I-
eLs6 6 4sels stk t u a

Ios ab hr t ith a aala. No : stlattd lri.. l .,l .r..loo t
a-- "ao DECEMBER, it 1911. .ihw nO-

e a r kll -l l . ........ I t.W.'ls ao. L
mIad". aoaalaor* *,A. ls ra
DECEMBoERo.,. 31 1 1 l. .....A.b Z' ...-..,+ I M1M=MiIwlll ,MMAAI
Si n lin r h p hl t l f h t ht a d 1 a-
no- so 1__it___. It .lli*

". "w__o d Titer tits tat1. tha dlI moWnp..l Macai, N I
Wy WNU IN M Or g ztho n% IL t IINL rHo nte ::1-T C s MA
tha -a Noti t a b- oplto & l atw TaudO
II tilel. E Wi. n lM er t"h mIl s t It M to hp mu 1F. Illl *.| O iill.. wk ti an .. I lot te l s
*in> Wii rlihtmyetioptehtlassryhe atshldbe ttiatahevlah t IVisi h tb- to hf o ITl l t'r L d. p l r r, 4 I IK oi.M ls 3SStS. A.S
ron. aet , i-dilii hio efort trt. t,, t O itln. ttliali,, our to Iria, h siliat rlioic l tlt" ,1 Ih, First Noitatl t l l th ,o h t e r;im' tiSle*tl WaH wad
De ar1l Xir ll o"1q.mm- l.W.blo, U1w.
thflT'-xs ~ ~ s. IN AEE5NO Plea N^r sta W.IF. I

of., ei tt. rod loto. are ush .o ,v.it l fau The weter uail. t or,-U r i Ia,,oa-, logs-t ll no'wuillr diiio.ill. &l,,a oi.,iil iitu lill W rsoa I t**r o so. I rOarHd r arata. sa-r td ha's gad T to
Iowa '"1,144 hoamwll one il nIi Wo IN goo el- 0f .mA, erW n i
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COIwIwS UC O L t t n. ca s e o > . oo a.,s ce. sort' TT. a.
l;," orhi se, ttti i l a rii tr pt anprnayili t otnr lettier oTft t e t ie to tau ,1irl o li'i'aa iiih t i.r>'aaiti i allon t arlrhta iili Ih, ll i. o IIti ls lit r nvPuit1 o11st 5 d Sathait l. sas r Sla esp y 'wit
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dlt ilIo 1 lt n. o( a t l ti h- loIae eIn dLt. an .ot l ., lihtly t li .. h lr IiSS ?.Y".S il.t

h Tia 'Ci i elieltter sni i ftort 1 il lttthi tB tio n i. t h it f f ; t ol io. li. l i sidtel oa.na.
', ,1 lihI.. tsfiwitg Nle rfrom| or fro tl f ti sIlit her. a tt ttt 'iiaoitnrac S Eioi-asliPR Si P t iiin iil af ita t r toily d i lhtii. I a r s r *t 5 aa ho. l, l 5 ai Sa, E..rMm S POWt.

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Situ tion W aited .M i t ycdali.5 1 ,, 00...... fI.l1',.o Scoan0 t'*idl. ....A'
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..... ..... .. Year s.re l...s..ly theen Seattle Times Man Appeas for, L.a att'.FM s .An r. s e ..... D o'5 St.

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Help Wanted r belAn. We hollo.- the I More Editoril at Re111gional I .i ..
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_________ By R;OYCE NM MITCHIELL I '"In ? i ;. rfr _11 'Aio
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"~e Ia n il, .- T-,.,:t% : ALL Mi I il 19.

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1 Ih tI . . . . . . . . . .ost Sysems HaveAttentio. I ..... ......".., .., n "NLe ....
I I I AT .I ' Allyingto .at. that

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......'. ,' I. -i,..i ...,o ;a.i .i ..i.i... I.- ,g ..oiie ri o.. ;- I.. .i.ada.t.. I "." .2.. ... "Stl l""OL." ill

C .. ii T l i, l .... A IT. t u ni Aft. I. _______ .Sitga' iI i ,.,.. l .I~ i to". .I ,I I. Inst. 01 f. ll.
i n .a Sii i ui' ''iik ,,, It ishi l o M
I'ii st L l 1 I ". . I ,' m hult is.. .. . to th U li i'sl- .l i ntS I Vi. I so or". lw ii,, iloli. t1r s
-., ". yI- . -,..I llles "'.ilod .a'. Ih .I. li'. .... 011,, -a1 aI~' IIIi ... -,i t.n t,,-u l IA' 1:11, 5'r._s r. w- p O
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I ... p 1, ', " Ip,* '" L t" 7': 4 I, : i,, 11,, ,,d"' ,F. f1h .... kl:,,+ ,r, w`* `v "I tl't "" .1 I I1L .`r-`111I1;; .ftI i r I I, ,i1, trl tlht ,".- ".l .. lul l Alll li.
,.'11 ,., .. . I :" Dif ~ .

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.- . ,, ,h- .r.. 1-- -,i .ad+ ,,,,,,+,+. = i j .l ,..(,. bL

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,it. . -- 1. 11-1111 %.1I, I Ii o ,, .rh .. ,s .....Y I'll",. .... ....-. i-Li- ll," t...r Is i .loiler' deI. well
.~ ~ 1Ak. i,,,,-+ l"d .y -li+'" t4 A -- i F % I ",,I ' J r .1 i ., .. % I... +, 1.. +iII +.-',+ """ _'l lU '%+ ,o~ i + : sJ-
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.M %.ii --" Nesapr for Sal .......... '......p,~,, ,,l.l ....... ~i+y1, .. -.. e,, Ml~l -: I. .. ,,Ji1 . .. I, I.+ ;. ... ...... I.;. .... lli 'i 'I ... i'l ...... R +ll 11I

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A,,!, . '.. 't.,. i .'.'. ADM- oi.. .. .. -11. .1 C .111-1. Ili. I. ItS-'. . .......... iat AL se....
... L_ a. kne

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t.... iI i I i i i i l l Iiir I t''' ..... .. li. us.di I Iti I Ii .. i .i..1- 11..ii n In. .I ....nl lA5 ..I.
-' t .. .. .. . 'li. -h1 ih . 's'.... ,. t "' "I'""""'ii", A U"' so...st.. Isnk lto s isr 505 AI
"I''"lli a'"i i ': i si" t I, I' . ..... .. .r ...i A. it i. .. .. 'o o

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iii' d il s o. .'-. i I.. li .. Ii 1i'ir lii I'll~io 0' ,i ." Sti 11 .. I. I T. Is '... 11.10. A o~ lM t x 1 1 A 1? 'ts s a e
::,+ . :' 1 1.", ,,> ,,,' i; ,-. ; . '. ... . .. L I , 1, 1 .... .. .. 1 l : ; ` I I.. I ; .. . , . . . .. . I A :. i.... .. . . ; I I :. ; + ,, A, 1" 1 14 . . . . . . ... .. f C O

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.i, i' l iII I ii i .. .... .. '' '' 5 t i r if .. ....... ..til ii i in 05's i lio. Aio'hae o. .ole. -
hI A .' Ihi h l h 1, 1 .... 1, IhD. i i I .. .. l l t .... I I I
.1"PI 1I~''''"% ,. "1 '... + 1, ...'' 1,1 .. ,l r ,,, ,,.r" 1%. htI" 1I 1:1.-1i I1! A !, Il'e \- VANf ..llll tnlllr. nln~ III
"'I'', '' , L 1. .I "Li'.. I N A

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' l" ) i" h'll 1l~nt

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dai 'n oIeaoobe Clty 00 ste..'
I. e: rs. eli.-. N n A. 7e, ,,,, de-. l,
,. : ', JiI L i i. . I .: ,; I , : ,: ; . ' ` 1 ',.I 1. I "I ". I 1. p JI I 1. i 11 .11 N .. .X i.+ 1 n+ i n i . .. A 1" :. I+ . __ -+ -,. Ii- l iso ...

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niiiitisorsso' dito'. ''' a;:"e.I'
",,. ,+'l," I , !, !, . . . I. ,. A, I -.
', ll"rh I[ I ,i J ,i 1 :: 1" . :, % ," : ., ; 1. 1.. .\ [ .lU l I I 1+ 1 ; 1. :... . l + .i U ,.:1, l l l ,il l 4. lf l l l i l I iIt i p r, -i .l ., + F uli i~ l l A I F A -T 4

1 ,e "'' ..... h ,r n e .w t i ,* ,bl dh,. ser le' [ L T + n

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t il.. t iItt i. I l It s as" .o I'I.. W i i t. 1 A.TI 5 oa

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> + -%% 1* ,1 xl,, ''iI,%+.%% 0 111 iii'l i i I I l 1J %' 111] 0 l i-~lsli, Is tis Oii ''ournill ''ii W a-k y o l.:rilsrois olt oll ll. .1 ri.Oerstall oe~ TIA. cetfi''r~ln
.I...""".i'Iiiii,, ..o I. ii lii i stli I''-ip I.ltr. 55. 05 I.Illtt. sNI e p I
"'T ,.!:1 ,!, , t ,, . 'I ii I." 1 1. -....1. ,I,. ;.I. I .1 S.e .. i.i.f a deify rI _ll l r -_ti. oo i'R i 0lr
I I ,, Iis, A, ii I .... I i....... a i It o ..tii is 1'tI ..ib e. s ;rsd IsI .-* r oir.
l' r ..i...... i,,l 4......... .I -!,, ,-, ,. i F ,7 I- - lid, A -, o-- A Aa- t.e ato e i 2 L Cl'Lb

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,,. llt l. I''i i l i, i. ,s to b on nr b

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dii. -'el sa :l''-' '''1_7! .15,i.!5' .i is tA I. A *ioililisi.soio~lr at' drkmi ltltsr.oslloes s-i.in t

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olis I t '.i ........ Il i ..l 't ,i"'is ..s f.st sl ... e. : ''is f' I bam W TI 'lInily, '5li't Ni oly l A l
') l -ii I , AT ,-Ai ,i i ti oil x rll' 1 I will tie.. ..eilse %l ri; C, i, ,ITt ti I s n i s ti c IwoI.lf. si, 11l os s g ,s: .'" .
.-'. I.' s d,..l ,1"' .'r... -. ..... 10 k, 0. .1 il n Its I -e- r a wl n. f c o Is'ebelldne i... i e. es no

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,I `. 11. f.lts lif 00 Uteo. in "ro I.' '-,o I ..or I i.

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.. .. ......... .. . lin I.... .... . . I ...5 A... 6.1.11.
1.,n,1,i s%, . oli I'. i1!L yi ,, ,111 tn ;a ..'t 'll .,k n-I oond. ,iS a In ltt Il f

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"s i t t lostI -i .I' ei '"i ilia s'"' I'i i lit."" tilhc 0"-., r. coeb .I-t r Ito o I rIionrr." ele k n' I IOtis ., l .rs..s. able
,td 4 .11 i . . ... I s I. , h ,I_.... I ., ... t.is h -,e l to i IIsi5 i 'l Ii `;.1 Ci,.."5"l'Cl... ..io'sfi ric i lowo r 511101. n te ree
S "' "h n+, , r,! ..- ,I. , l ,,.,,I ........, G!: I,".+1. i l ,, i w:11r -
;N I I i oas co .s It e Yt

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I .T i : . I i , I : : +' ,,-- A ., : Ik , ;l i % llh !' -1 ,!- I% ; + t x i i l r , hIt ~o + -,- 1 ,1-,,1 ,+ v r l + i ' ,,N - '" -' A r A
1.11. .. LII.I. 11 1,111 1 I. ,, L, .!,,.,'.i, II,. ,.1 i-X , .". I . .. .. -.AT lr t-I 'DTR-- .. ..- 1 "

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__' I .lrp .... r +,., + i, ., i. .. s ,, ,,, + . -. E ,, , -un ,h. -.- -,, -. --. ",. hu W- .I.,n I,~i .. ,.1r.. '. ti' l~

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o e i 1. 0.1 -, . W,, e to 1,0-s ; s C.a.sie.....C ll ns'i'I 'p, it lI -'1 il 01,0. ,'I,-ri i s. .-%. e i sf
.s i '.. 5 s- ai nr.. I' '.' I ntoI. .-.I- '.. ,- . t Ir II , o, t,,+."" ,list. - I ..
Aarh .ra ,..i. ..2.n' 1A l

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-Ai." el liiietts 'sn Cal -e P111 u, se... -. so __ii; Il j

"I ll % ." I A. s et I A :.. ...t l ' r I 1i "i, .i il t h 45 e t51,1 h u 7-1 to t4 r.t

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.';.'e oin... I. ... ~ A t. s s ... e .. .. .. . C n ..... .... ......... ....
I.. .o I, -c i_ I r l.L..` .;!'Tw'"l
. ': +. L ;L!'. 1'1 1," '.4 lIR II. KI I.%. ." I T -Ll I ":i" 11 "'1 I~ $; ; Ir.- II>" ITt~ l .l'*t .1.". Anl P -l! e r l h ,r tl~ l ( ,
,'I, ,t .. !,,, -l ,,r r ,, !:"... -l l, .. l l -lll l~. i if, -l~~l ~ l Al ~ l .i l l -, : i ~. I "., "'Ml~v Allpl l l (I ..o I.' I .I .4d r F .. 1 . I, 4 r 1.
1.1 I, lw,,., ,A:L nI !. ':~l \l. -ll* r .,ll ,I +l . '.. AI : ,'" *". ;I~ i-+n ~ 1 1 :p o ":." "' . .. . ,, '. "
',..,l I- -- .' I.. I, Ih "'11 .,,, ,,, ~ lr ,:, A-..-" ..",S'A II I -.:! ,;I''...l IT
..I IT. , +l-q ,, i, oi.1% I i: 1+ % 4+k w hi f,, lh h :l ,*'I''I ;A l.I 'iI.: ", "IPl, I .. M i ,.T: ',,r % ,;.. I. 11t.+q.4.1 ;1:<, .- 1 i-. .. :i ,i :";_ ,-,rl -;:i ... .. ir" I' Iii'% ,,.r ,- I I.. a II.I -l ll I.IA rf'+ II i I R m .;el ~ fR I Y,~ld d li i..

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r...'11.% I , ,i; !~f I f , "i .. .. ". ,:l I.,.I: "l,, ,. I--. . .. 1 "' . "1,"l 1 ii I ,, _ I i_ f _=El l1
i,.+., .-., Itl tl. t II T 1 'I. -I 11% I.,K I I 11-111 - V l,,a III A 1,I I
iI.1+ li: +:M, ~ ;e.nr RI ol11 chillt ,~ _' "I l, -+ -f II'..,iAI I:,-: -.IP ii l1o I: t:. l llW~lrH I Il~.I +* '
..... ,, i..!~+Pl+ I!+ .-lll' ,l ,ll' ll nI l ~ -_tl -~i -I l 'e ll ,~ l~i ,+ "1 'I " \l.'I t '" IA4/ e--- -1 'I .. T- I.
1,1.. ,(1 ,t % ," Ih t. . 1 I, r -1, .r t .1r- ,! 1,-:1t, 1* 1111 J .'n. .. i,+ .. ,RI ,:,r.'+ 1\1 1.!I .... ... : : :- 11 il" 1 1 I I 11 .
1.11- 111~I 1''..i ..,_n,, ," n I ', To.( _+!l .ll _. n : I:0 I A1'.t,;, ,, 1 ." :,I I .I) l 11. --- I: : roN.1 IS I.. 1A '1.-. I t I .i.~~
.... , ,, .. .. .., .,, m .. ,; ,,,- ,- 'I;'ll 1 .1. , . .......: ;p 1., ,:p . I .P..11 .1 .11 '
1, I 11 ". :- .... I .1 ~ ~ ln +' .,1 ~ I.L \rrt'L. ;1+% --II-\A - ... t
,,<,- ,... . I.. ,... . L .. ........ ....... .. ... .. 1, I A'.l... ". _ I i I .- I 1 y, .. ;,1++ l ,Ij,;'". `.: .1
It ,mf l , ... +t W I, .Iit + I~ .+~ I B I ~ m l i l ~ m l T T ~ I -- :,; i` .r ; .u, - i f A
11+. 11~ln l Id ,A-II -I , I 1 I, V -

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