Title: Publishers' auxiliary
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Title: Publishers' auxiliary
Physical Description: Serial
Language: English
Creator: Watson, Elmo Scott, 1892-1951
Publisher: National Newspaper Association etc.
Place of Publication: Washington, etc
Publication Date: December 10, 1921
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.,i' ilolri--to.l t rfy oI rle inte I Ua bTO.hll N SK ntl, It I I~ da -your bull-
.r i ,,' i. l ,l r a h i r h l th l I t h l v l I t 1 1 l .I s .y F R A N K 0 B O O NCO N D E 4 ... ilii,..., rirll ti> al n i *l e I .
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l i-.. i, t , at, i cic., -l,. ington and Lee U. Project. irt ,.- ..... .c ,.... y t .., Requests Complied With. c' 't c... ie"c to ti- i t Re ue st sC m e
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SI V S.nTl~h i ot ii. l 0 .1 i ., l.il.! "di ,ilueri''>"ht of niii *i-'iO Sr 'l ii h n". .fnl i i isl a ito tle th.o.naSl sra 0rOlrdon. wte ,,a, .H M Hlo"id t e .l What outwi M It d eta is t*I"ll 111. >.i Jm 11. 13d u
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ated w rirt ", i.i Ii 1,,,r : ,, ,c1nO .I 3,-rh'yWa"l serorPd n i. -tn aa .tau e sS
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to s +t: n.lun'" ei;l" .,,' S sle e i, Fr. rn Ir. ,I~ n.. in ...... as the 1-14e duru, IVo th1 Ih d d lll 11 h.pp your hoe h
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NOnTH DAKOTA, thie Pll Ohmloaon wad Ithe AalC
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S titLy Forum and p resIdeat of t1 tiroly of your holiday fLat.r,.."
.Itotary Club reouoily in- trtalak 5. Nipimer, who tsamed hfi
I.II t..I ltm ttalago., wherr he Ot- planet t b yrond can started u at-
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"L. 1 i.r atk World ore: *R.- Ah.I t1aras otf bit nw p( m tatr wlI be theB
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'lalul.r' dtrtnf lie aot were thot Commoerte put ot roantrat for bthe a
I,, -,ut w,r t ui:d dt ottnuua puhttIa-. i,'toin o f name for the new 1tub-
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OKLAHOMA. ar ultlr r artlels rgc1 nls the Pbnlilp-
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mm -Inee Hereld b. *ep adod Lfmrer Joden tiorge Iterory In the
A' Court of 3Ir0t Itnlanew. Its .-
TIL T.olt fereld au e npentded en rd ba intooa to Useal.
lahai .a,.- lb. plant I oW SOUT DAKOTA. e
h.tal,.,t c lub ihoy by Otto O. e S.OT m no.r.
.Thu Ktmnbe Orielto. Welior 0. boo
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'ralinna le golrn op-the'i whyt" d.r editor d 0 l. e tItI.e of lhb Toal.ly
O l., i.- t ar ch Irnlg r port f.om lournal rreotiy mu e ttp t Abr.

Holds Subscriptions

Daring Slack Times

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from Caur dAl.M. IS. by "Wd'c g. 1.M,-te
One yar ao. whea Mr. aMi T.. "o the IeIItdy'lit al e C
CulleA took over the n %ohom TribuneM, you a e the pt
It *a f al'O-a tn wIth W pa cent n.o.neme.t f tboe see
advnrtlteM Sew It Domyre e t to Our Linoln .e I I.
tweloe Doe.., with a per meat adverotl Thounht you wouM be
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Pubic Likes to Road About
Thingmo That Concern LUfs,
Sugimura Tolls Congrioss
HIONOlI.'Ll'. T. II.-What the Jap.
anes- reading publl IC lkte aind what it
duel not Ilke, wa ouIl lied lon n III-
tor.rtlins why during fll retilof ier.
lat Ihoe lI'-ar tP d'tgn m omf the World
inre by K. Mttlrtllitur f the TokYe
Atahbl tlllohuna. Tlht .ilc of hbi y-
laor awu "!l'l lhtli of New.
"I admit." lmid ]r. asuci murs. "tht
three rt, evorul otlit-r Iaves of news
value tlimu Ins itlh. loitolgy In alse,
eir'hhllnly ,Itnttlier. That I hven
hoebNd lo Ie doew tilt Itlmply that loeic
to the ule fartur In Judgtinlg ew v-.
n. From tIle IokI-al ilont tof view
thea lIl-talkld-ot deotltlluo of the
'news' In a bred eoe. canh be eIva
In a very ample, thorouth way. Newa
can be ald to be anythlnig thlat tile
RowIprr prnute hi view of uUtlling
Ito daily pub-i lleatun. regular npltettl.
wild.e and quclk.eloairclatimo cd th
endIg habit no the part of tle p cbl.
The mie them ckhatnculenla ot
ewownp u anM utlliled. the mea
value teow. oattee yqeis)lg.
Taking up olat the matter of dually
publltlliee. he mid the meot eanetfe
way of ltalnlne the tena wne dS y
news feor dally newuapen. A5d an
tfor dally anewppero, be emtlaMd,
they m leut lt the readn ead dly
rccuiunfs daily; that to* the iatit
InformaUem presented each day.
"T'he public." amid r. analogaus.
'wanla to road In the iowsapme
about whet they know. The thilng
in which they are cooatorued no what
they know beL. go they want to rend
about them.
"The public make. the moat of the
public's own dolog; that ut, human
life. No matter how ileoifinally the
planetary movements ar exainaled, It
will have very little newo value nlaanso
It Isa In connectlm with taonts dolly
Uife. In short. all Dnew atortei meet
smell human.-
He pointed out that In Japaesee
newspaper circles. It wai tha e.t.
to divide news Into two claMe tl t
"Kohan" or Ilisht new. and neodly,
"Nampa." or heavy newe.
The Speaker aId that to Japan the

laght the w ha attracted far case* s-
reisous than t luheavy oewa, olee Ibt
Yratst: Tlt urmle on ptdlitce -
Cttonullc. that I., tli heavy ewe In.
Iteret oflly a ClIA of people wh ae
ft.ewti-lly iauct.ered to auch aubact
11n the tli or huld., the aceeonte of
rdilmry. hiunre r. eltop imnt. tuleildo end
kllltlrtm mi otql tract the attentlen
of uny reader.
"It Is. therefore ladle. to oay.
thle spuker concluded, "that thm
stlrs relating to life Rooa treoiitly
appeal to the public, ead have the
meot newo value."
NLWl YOllK.-lluynti of tntemi-
titual Ilualer ahuar IS underettl to
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mlnt In slew plant ot fund diverted
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The proposal now In the mid. eat
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new comment Stock re eating tlgha
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form of a nitock divide". CoeMn at
the preferred stock weauld be anae- J
to carry out neCk a cheom. lin 9e
elderatlet for that ec at the Ialma.
tie In that prefertmd toe& will meade
a largr divldead. Pt. em p.in.
hi. for the plan are eouide. It Se aId
that they will be able to capy eat
their pla.
The fact that the PA et nsew
print will be cut another 110 a tea t
1o feor the Aet qunf let IM. emea.
pared with a high ples et 110 -*
In the war period, a act resaded 0e
an ehetace to tbe plea, atbseo t It
admitted that untue paduetha he
ctlmuhnlated greatly tbhe empany W
eal barely eutoflot to eew ene-
head and peerred divldnd. The
international Paper Coempany hanen
ample surplee.
lea Paper Chan"e Handa.
LOWDOy, I-.-On December lot
the LowdeO New. clnged handa, *hr
new owner benlg A. W. WBlubhoell. pub.
linher of the Stainwood (bl.) Herald.
The Lowden paper to eone of the leId-
leg weeklies of tbe tate and could
not have fallen Into better hllud. Mr.
Btshenell Is a therocus newupapa
man. and will beyond doubt glive thr
people of that vIcinity an Up.tothe-
mneto paper. Heretofore the New
har bea. an all-hee-peit paper. hus
Mr. iBuhnell, Immedtately after the
purchase, arlznged for printed abrve.

APUBLISHER told us a few days ago that
A he had refrained from 'ordering the
Edward G. Lowry series,"Where Your
Taxes Go," for fear the articles might be
political in their trend. Learning that he
had not read them, we requested that he
do so: Today we have his order.

Read the Series


You readily will see why it will interest your
subscribers and be a good thing for your pub-
lication, advertisers and community in general.
With the holidays approaching and publishing
staffs busier than usual, we realize that it is
quite a task to resid a series of this length.
Nevertheless you will be repaid for doing so,
whether you decide to print it or not. It contains
facts and information valuable to you in your
daily work, especially in the training of insight
into economic questions and the business of
government. The knowledge gained will be of
assistance to you in writing editorials.
If the writer of the series were less able and
prominent, and if the material did not justify
printing in practically every newspaper, we
would not urge it upon you so strongly-we
would not even urge you to read it. But being
confident of its merits; that it will awaken a
vast amount of interest among readers and re-
dound greatly to the advantage of your pub-
lication in good will and prestige, we ask you
to examine it.

Please Read the Series
F/, Ywr Taxes Ge"


The tho 0td PublilsllU C
wauhee wsa byr J an. Jurt De-.
at, ae.nd thA i Je h'ph P. 'IlbtA.. Tb
.ouN.y p t--.. o ue a. daily .r
Th. Mteocqua Onmt., which ha beon
pullstend tI ltnoaqtaa tor ttirty-one
y .rh., hs au*pended. Ymor several yean
% ar Lhmaty. with Kn... iher su di-
ter end -n-,nur. It wA the only paper
tn the northern yat of Onitda county.
tIte* possible tOitt the Tlimo nry resumt
publtcatlon M Lt spring.
The Stoughton Dlty Courier.Hlub on
November n tsued a twelve. -paedi o
tton to ontmmodato Ute axtr odvertL-.
tna for the bag Maei dy hIeld by the
touiihton mercbanto on Dtomber d1.
The merchantoa combined d and srved
lunch from 12 to 5 to all *hopper drawn
by the Courier-Hub dverttalog and oth-

CODRINqTOX.-Chri. 0. Codrinton,
editor od tliubllher of the D aInd (FIR.)
New8 for 3tb pest twenty-nine yer wA-
found dead In bed by member of hi
family wien they entrd hs room o
vmetr Silt. The ctueo of hit death w.
ot nmade known. Mr. Codrlnlton had
Ilon a muoimunly leader s*nceo uiln to
Itelsond In his early t=entlt. He won
61 yearn old. h mvnl ben born In Jumat'aI
Wel Indt. tIn t. It. t nurvvoed by
hioL widtw tnd two anon.
DAVIS.-tCrlyl Chann/in Davs,. Col-
ormdo ptntr. editor of Ut. firt n0w-
puter (ti L'lortnte) tn t.,edvtlt o .nd
former editor of t.e toky Mountain
N.w# anl 1ev0r Time, died November
Ith in Lo Ahoerst, Calif.. where he la'
liaed for a nu aber of year.. Mr. [tvel
.l.1 0t onl time pubtithed datly poper
Bt tant. ertalaro, Calif.. and w.- h1
author of a number of book. of r ailt-
torlt'al nature. lie Wa a Civil Wer v1t-
,ran and wwe 73 yearn old at the time of
hib death. He I. survived by hto nldnw
and one dubhter. Ml- Neol Made, me
1000.. who In. U- In o rane..
l)ANMlklSa-Mr.lt mily Auugas Dan-
1.el wife of 0. U. Itanhtl frnmvr owner
of the tOakland (Caitf.) 'Trbtue and at
prent head of tit Satie iBoad of Con-
tnt,. dIed in tOtkehid. Nr Danlell had
Dot ben n robust health foe mor thOan
a yar. bhe wae ote of the charter mem-
ber of the Oaklanlld Club ad prominent
h ith.e nite ar. Sb. as bore I.
"FonMyHlsLA--A. B r RS. Fa-urhell. one
of the moet widely known and Kreatly
hetovnd odito.a of Indadnea ueed to hit
nreard November Nth at the D aconee
bnrtl In ldU1iWapllI. Mr. noolhell.
badhbet on..ned tobi h. e t woot
maot of the fnre tohe preive. three
wIehFAe (en.r f rom n, trouble.
hat fill mrit
thedw be w rM o trt Zit

iee and

I Two

Important. Features

Chronology of 1921

Review of the Year

Taking it by and large, it has been a great old year! We don't know
what the other planets have been doing; but if they have had their
glasses trained this way, they certainly have seen some vaudeville.
Mars has been doing quite a stroke of business, but for the first time in
history his trade is threatened. Wonder what the old cuss thinks about
the prospect of closing up his very profitable branch establishment on
earth? Looks like a new kind of January clearance sale-warships
and battle paraphernalia
We call the Chronology and the Review of the Year, issued in connec-
tion with our regular New Year service, features; but so general has
become their use, that they really are staples. The year 1921, with all
its surprising events, certainly justifies recording in this form. Our E.
W. Pickard has been worn almost to a frazzle with his Weekly Re-
views, but he has steam enough left for a resume of the year. He will
compile the Chronology and write the Review of the Year.
CHRONOLOGY OF 1921 is a record, REVIEW OF THE YEAR is also a
with dates, of the chief events of the summary of the leading events of
year at home and abroad. In con- 1921, at home and abroad, but dif-
densations of one to four lines each,
it covers in chronological order, hap- fers from the other feature in that it
openings of the year, with a special treats the subject in narrative form.
department for those having an in- It is in fact a story of the year, elab-
ternational bearing; the necrology orating some events to a greater de-
and disasters of the year and a spe- e than the other feature and em-
cial summary of important dates and deyi also chronology, but in less
happenings in the fields of sports and bodying also chronology, but in less
aeronautics. detailed form.
Each of the features is complete in six columns. The price of either is
$2.00. Both are supplied in plates, mats or copy.
Samples of these features which have reached you, or which undoubt-
edly will reach you within a few days, are complete only up to the time
of issue and are merely to give you an idea of the service. As actually
furnished to you, they will be revised and will cover the year up to as
near the end of December as is compatible with the last minute of
Ma enr arwmUt *ari Remember ecluse sne of u or bth of
dhe fat=ahyea rM wown, will desJpd sMa the priority of yr erder.

wrsTa NlwnAmR UNION

.... +

a-I .-' I.t 't-,.,ii c d a- list ir 11.. I,,]>i I 1. v 14 w |ruinptlyl.f ,
Vubltshrri ,Auxtitarn; if NJEWSPAPER .': III.. j.. (:LjI H-v7'
A, .,,.',l ..i .it. o. F E A T U R E S i ,, .... .. . i so t .i...t ..~ 1 -II . I- .. r I. l 3,
Western Newspaper Union -i ... ,.. -, ,i t, I .. .....i ... .. .. t l ',-i I ,"' THE :MENb AWSM" ilt Ti
(Quality N.ew lsper S veice *. *al, .,,e, O li,, i.' i i' hI, t ofa l , alrai ,hI Aill' tVhnaC'it u itTinuN.g ,
Ala- s 12711 C:.. l Ae .....,-.l r Alett P ll t a 1.11 You ever n illy gie the
AvNtr, ;k i., ZT4111 Wrltrl Avitue IT r i *., 1 ii l'lulur l i. lly PaI telll .litof. the | al m aechat I t
B ed,,t-t. A ,.. 21; all Nohl.th i, Clear ad COl le, l'orh|t rua t i a t ght
So.e A l 1. i 2 I s .ll l ,,-t. i, 1- l t. y11,1 have seat -ee e-t. Cu0 Perhaps yes an & 11 dl l
lK N. V.4 'Nori etaSD r .... I .,-., ,- I which you have tet t eat may r... i, i i.-. I '.- 1 alild B. \ il i ildti at t tile a ll t Imtltn liae local ahlsOl sl d in

N C. i Nor, + d ra tew atSa tl. Sereeh tlin tt i t, *s. tt llr..y eyi i ,,t.a' .... w lI to b t l 11 i. l,, li' a\.- ." l It ll li Two I >. o t tl
Alos. I. 2o10 Saa* nassa.t fin It Sd it. wey aot. your helr br. I:-. --r a ..I I1\,i --r lit I. sl-t |i.. tlp' tlltt, to lure it will doate beame hso
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't'li.ine (A. In Wes i- d.4s4 ,'.,1.r", a. it W- .-ti d d a ny l ow.
0l)aa.AI 243 NthGiA highltd, Wet.hndiui -., alth stai dto at It willl ete h ,J i tht. lt, ii, lttt I t1 I ,,. Ito tt o.I ll client' III y s, s ee atc r theby f
IIalilit. h tI the ra a ye r da Yea r i i n 1t lr ,tt IIt a l i a lr e wyiO it th
iovri.. Cas. t Ca Wheil tl ai t h t -* i h,.i- -. L t ats -ll i. eiti we, h het ,*l r hn t''lt l l, i h r ,u.l h

rLr ..as i.. o' A i Sovt God' n .?LP .. p lrtio e n-t bu ,l.4l rul .1i-ll atl h , ,r,,,-: W.1i flylll a ll i t to'Illft

.-Maths.S r.M ."- n i r a i.. i rN. D hI 4W th Aee Noku .ttar loal wi erebt it .,at, a
ft. Wew. lad.. 437441 E astbee ,inhtet *IpI4tt ht lii w.i t ti ti h i ,, ..., i ,lay itt* I. iti,, t iJ t te proper llft s a. president at .y r _
lo.w. Toe. i.slWlhedthme, ,i- I, Lr Ili.i rtiic, l-'4 ,I ,J Tai elanp a t aay te get IIltiw Itf 13' irtnmeol t' i'il r atL and as u-o Saio
A.s-s T. Mt. - O 4 a .s, th wand. A th- U Reader Writes WNU. pault, e- t -fat f;ihh-t atis l la- t ndle l nhey ami mlae
id- omalo.fl .tina r U I u l t.,i .t I I, i li gl Te a taref ote t Smere th Ir'- I -, o i*,"I l, lan aerl l bewitu th ia tri lasn

Dloe- -ilN 10, Ir F rao h.e t a I,,,,,,, ,tla,.,t l tiniiIl i. -os iei it. g htstit anit-arttI tll.ta o llld l l lltwo t e.rkies t a tm yes il rimlP
M -aa WTt, C nrma, M arh i r-ln"*ha- Wi the t bot Word laP 1- l ,-i, ll .t f lp o ant o I- '.,i,i il n ,,t ll ,n.rl .% ,, mil m ie rf lr tl r flta I yI fM *
M~m+.,al ...,rl ,W h 1 11 l nl t.... f l tax" aling with Y 1111111

M .o iIIs..o-t, ehdistn tt.- l *i.. ... 'ehs, I wa .,ti i a m .a l l i lsft it li h o7 primfljf onl before *Wha ;h;e sl -tilr alln mlt oi f t11i
mo ".lrI vII 1k thi Ad~~ral.Imanih I ooi w ould le t e e itleeks. tha boas l.+it things 11, tn ill Il hea l ( f w as in o evi' l r hil withr IU o e m
i. VaWne.o t, Ih ow. (w.l, m W o ll,.l l it; ,r t An irors Opportunity. The pu blis- 1h r wh is t ole ti alt. _Il tewtIr rli' t slmltel,. e rdll l %. t,,w.I| I t kw. it il lltn r ll T lhey I W

aIi e. ll t oMllraid f li lura n i all t>i 'aIg ot1eaI lt" na h atiter "4 om' Til lt o e t t -rily, but l eiwt-liw, liuilnn w ill i tO Iltr iiii.. ,f illt, ts ei, |, lliitt, t w ail l o r i eri tlly the
ftea. *. l I all hutievy Si t 111 l4. 1.1t1 u lo I 1' i ll..r ,1 t. i r .I I l4,, I i bi.tu it sot soiln l ll O t &ri bIll i ttllt' li n itf t fill- i,-iet .11 N erl llllll. tdI I1 f l li
-la.lrl. a , N, C2 ic al nta. bli. tiev s a de sta ng Ilt jil 1 fr llttaler ft oan r l t l ln t i
>1 zi.. |.. l l..r ~ ,.,. l l h, ,, i Soin heh wla d. Cow e ts elnit 1'.' "ir i ..tl' It ll Tlilhlr .tt the of li u il NIoe. hi istutl e m u.
S..H s 1 ,1 t- t w IWao i.I,, i .. I ii I f. ei the rI. 1 ga- l ., f forward sor ,beah r ,d. k l I lt t. I t It t t i | 11,, a .' l ill, -ih er tb. oi e, th e
Sal lin L al A. i, till. i 241 .W re*i. l tI. rt It.hl tl i.lt ..il l l l....* .... lmll e l 1.... 'I,;,, til e l t.l s : l >1.,1 hl lr bus ,,m Ikll. l e ,'t1 S
].ll..o, r a ,.d lubi S.o.at.ni I.- Iu.-l SI ',IiJl i, Jaus try to ad ll hiei i l a b l ar. ll 1 ,l e I tuo 11 11 I it el el I"" ,.t lt o1, r lwr l;hii.111. 'lt' -It l eak Ii" leral l Alla bell
vI..i C i- J... Fitltnad; m |iiate;wiyet "u I I, l'l Il" FifiithIr- Y a wlii ,', teaii at l wilal lhs hi -*" -h l a 1- e r tilatli. i, ttu. 31 \ ,,',i, I",,.' tt l ,-t I. ti',l ,3IlllIl kie v teotit y aitn illie a 1e h le] l a l,
II, ia Sas.. Wila..I aid, Tta. t ti.. l,,r ii i -- t r 1 r.,i i'iiiilritlalo.. ti g g iva ,, ,i a' li tlll tlt l t h I i I -- --t--i ot-atI by' tie' t.-lu "o
5U55CmtaTlONo i 'i. A n ht ras O poelew It 4 -... ilto Iti l l t .e itihi.t tall tO un.-tt al ia 't w i th e rtami aity is apmt it.I.
I UaM. C I i TIO I I-h it-.h i.I t' -.1,, .. a,,s.i,.rlemlti, oel. A ber e.htl.kiitt t uEL il l l itielu..I h l Ti ,. c Irt I t:irL, W ere "Itvo'lrly,;"r sl.

.i,.l l, l,, I ,,. ml,.,,,,. r Yn l.0 nI i- I .1 if tll.. lp t 11 1 il lr li lr. r i I nAir. w.e r t rF e .In h
aeen i ts et t.otn tais i w rirkt ime h li '.,l i, a tli o t c xI iaa' i t-lt''l- t.l I t I p e e r sa h o O ta sp p e s a lI IZ ~l t rl t l h ti a l t a hr t1 i vl-. te lit a Ot o d hit l oett e Is i
t'ltill. toot. 1iTc.- ll ,' lf ,.t' ee orl."iil T it o t t lt n i il ItIae t bet l nt Sr A ileis
I l.,. nn...>r -.+t a-lauIt-Ii., eI'lity Pastaa t fa1.o-b. A geed .leelo 'Reader Writes WNU. al'll,"I ,c,t tlhltd tltttl t 'itl time alid ktlra ien d m iwo
Sl li l r ir 1 i ll J'i rlil -'' l 11h e til lli n paper tun- d .ln t r l nl Jt oH d W

Cal applearanictle Ih their 40 t1 iige t tladtsll in mhilifor th lia k i l
t ti l he rl q u e s ll o t l mli. l l.- i 1 ,h' i -l r i ar .. ll t f ll flt'ti a ol t b y se r bs a n i l b a dh d i l i'i f lhI t I .r l l 3t1r i trO l tilr II e l I' l' l Iil l ll t till t .l.tll U llit t b ha h h L
elol tliny.a itd l iatoritt Itid.o'o ITeIy1% Ii.. le hlt skl to ttrit t tlthnuieti olr orti..- oaheet t-al aoel h ede. TI-)" ly rttlrl, Jtt utile 0 itlltlslllIlo t tf toh ,'ll'l'tatftt' Iit Iioaitil..a et lIE I t l. th iled, t4 t
tIt Chltitge., ti'. fto 'tI tlliell'ut1t1tt of li ltitaIt Il i 'tt itt'Il t' hav te do. aem thihg. oa ow we Ita'~ oltt printing one before the i 1-411lltlil tilltt lis . I" l |I he ai etlitlltI.l thea- to
u o .t t .y y t h e l .'l ir e g i l h. l h l - ti.. . l h ,,-i l - fI h.e. hl Iu W o u l d b a y t h e m e p o p e r e o w l e a l s o l .t .l .Ntt. e t t, t o il % o. h e a r f r o n t I I ll . f. i e t I I tf.t i t. te o I l e?
ltllr tid lti ln.1 o 'iilet i''. Wili l I' l I It ll- i i, t Thi p ilh r y l i t i L tl l w Ot l lli'i, f i e I l t i 'll el ii lt t bill t o h Im 8
lnh u ttg l ite o eli lh l .. t ll.. .. .. t -..... iatO i t Iati t Iohk f pD rio by hrre kt 1.i-l',ll t N -, A ir il 1,.il tlllirllIfl tIathA- 3e1Vit Ir i ttt tl it t- lh a drte sei

ulllian in -, I lllNli I I I r I. ll hll ih lli lr n .,,, .h, i t It .i l h y ill hi hlr a ii" a ,i, ,i ,ii,.t i ll.- 1 II-i .illl: l, lile ll I ti ill s Ad illm!o t le
hi.t troiiadtula d pet Ilo k .is. .he 11- Take ..tt i n L-.ii, i 11kii Ilt I,,li, it Iin'r but h it

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ltie l-i i.li I ih llw' l al.lu , | .ti nl n i e l I ,i a l ,. il .th A& N WiI t ie i .. i .. I l -O.T HE it .lli ,, i -tl nt llt- tio hr. l t t

r.l ,. ro, II., .Ill._ ( l I_ I_ t r u l Gll" Zl toi Dol... D.a..s.. T-iIlly da yrl I.ibM.

Publication. 'tic 1ie- lli Th I h.t
I .. ... ..... II Illt 1it u to tht fl Il,. It. a...l,. ,ld sppo of tiel t. I 1 l1 ]rit Ililh1

ll r .l l l ,iaii.t ,Ii i.ht t - i 1 1. 1,| ,. 1' i-Tr. I, .t l ',.,ll, ,i,, | .'- ii it li l .n ll I it
wh.i ,hlr ihM lI ,.< ,f l.telmt b ll.lir "b1e t I In It h"',i l" 1 ,,I M ill tu" h t* '"l ti'* h',ri Il i ,rll 1 u I h l A u hlll ti e ciam I _11

I l i I l i the l i ,rl l l i i' 4. ,-,- I '. l..ri i 4ii It i-ITn Ils- Ito '1" 1 eir4d Y o, w ill have better lil. a.4t 1.ttl la eIT -,u S ei ls it =
llilHi .l.,w|.i|.r lil,,r I' n ii- i,,,, l i,. ,.r | h., 1'. nw,, Ow ...... I mUsion Ie. It ha |.lll,,me l -,,,, daily faul,, l ,,r ft,,,,, I. p.TI to hll lh' I1 lil*l'I lil illl i<

Clre | ]Ii 4t 0STiti k .... I Iii T t i fl t i,,t n v'o r V

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base trie ande proves ou in t I- I -I-- Vr- in t teth-adt
f i'. r i nt r .i hlhy ili n I uIe a rl ll-i. -. I- tnu o u. ,1 ,,re hl ,ii h Ii rri,' .h...l-r CIrthhrr'e Wnt r m er l n i l

k- t ptinipi l A NEoIatDSRd AdT

lliit l iri i 1..-. al-ti..l u l'hi io l l .St . . I "r I t at-* 4h u ,Ili4 fSra (i1,, T* i e... .t 'Tha in l, eI t he in idr d P riote rl l
.t. -il, l Ill~ I, -u .. .I. t r WI ,.i(,,,. lt ti,, h t1',t ,, t11\ t1nt,, ,n l r i r iiIl.s l --I I I Ir e
r;,:l* " l, li: i liq x ,;,";i '+,,: ;: l" ,,' '. -'; ',h Io'nT,,N-l t. i ve11,; ..... ... ...Ie
01't e ^ lPli --it .ur;"" I,-I, l el r ti. I i. i I I h i lol; '' i iT p, oi"-a I a t- Itie It i,. lIrU llt t .h I... .. Itw. i lla : il lhlrl r hoaihe h2 lsl

r i l i t f or' t l utit n 1 1 .,, ik, tl t Tt i ti-,i, n .t- n L, f u r 1143" G'o o" S e 1 1 t to t i t re it ti a l t le ttt h o e I t k i i it r 'fti g .l es I. l I N et-.l. a r la lt ; l i .'I e t i l l ti
of IIIs 4k, i, th- lIt t ndI e ae t e-

1 I' -ht t iul t, r i t',rittl" t ult. t rt t 'e tt te .h At ul, "II. aI r\tlht" 'lit" t* la tlt L rg It'Ile i -t t .i.e...ts.1e se1.

tit nitl'll r ihi lo.'i l t i,;itt ntoer 441 tSiit. I It ei I.ihti.r m tht- th I lt le ee"I -. rr tit,,,-,,la-gri lt tt. It t-at e i. -3m- im d, ,hIlltuitU t ltie etItan I sa ol t h.lST i B
t h- hir t, t t 'it ,tI'it 0 Iillay itm ul1 hiltl-a to I I ,I0,Il l 't Iw IIia tli It aw ml art ee k ht n t tt 'i ehis t or st' faw e -- itt, t iho t al lit-ti, A, ,, titt-r itlal so
ta' lit-11 1t,1 it- to ati rta l h ldail11 it l l Ien ', wrilt i-r teli t tIn I I illu t tih' Ierrll -tl ll,, a w h tW O

ti ll aruu t-1 'rd lh cnm1,h ngitr. Tahe I tta. a- il,., rri ,r I I pl, "'A t Ih %rt i Ith I r lt ],, at it!! fl r 's, 1 tie7 1 Hi m It r i W T a rI-
ain ch ii 1ti lt i3'idUl t i. h atmav l,..i n It- D 'i M E I NV E 1,4 'ti t-l i l 'ir'itt $n hIllt' tI t th o I t, ll- t hai h- at ,tih Ill 1 l r l ,rl n.4,uner i

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o,h i r h h i h h. i 11 h ,e .s- it, l o i h to tih I" ni -'... s e i I r hle II ll u

h u I\o t h I + ." ,,r 4 ,,, ,, he, .... It..t ,,d t he ettaof loyaa ,,tt arN w

t ltt-nllh l e th t'- t f ll ill ii, i a n-i i t llh-i l lt i oiii r p ,ttl tr Itt her j itt It had -IC y a e nO te i hill f a n
IiiiI +le t' h 't lhe Iv II f ln t ii r i t .... Ilin .I 1 Inh. SIr l a' t I +it i ti, ,hanle. 'Itt fie Ir i tit 'so thh'ea Ise I ha firt mse l ,, in y Peter

l~c ni l it if rrly mottia, litl ;ltttr to the e rthot w o i-. haehillong e i tia iiettiot tt h mi x tt ini s iaibi owa tt- thta Th ltvi- lts e i W oe t Th i sI' l. msi lr e o m hls
hn U lll er wit git... ....ut. atk. g ta gIve t a lIttle time sa h g t. ti uh lasur... T epril .agts ahtee .ah. .. ptio ii... .. .r.. ...ta.tl a e. l.at.


WHO'S WHO I Ei' FIT """"
MT"'0 opIl e= of thw etar with isagd
w.- ,+--'- KoI-- oIS -+ ... +-"
plel.h-Saa loa of a

Ls Anllet Times Writar Giv01es ."Wn prted ,n th Pe a
Valsk WE of E I ell, tim fol-ng Infrai rifiard
hangeso In th per a n. Al of It ts o,
p pr Histery on Coast. and .ar:
James It. Skewies. who far two y
0 LOS ANGELES. CALIP.-The re. ha lieen elit"r awni manuerr. has
lo cot introduction ofr little depart. his controlling Interest and will
talent of cm"odalil current news in li. mlunealed by Frank I'. HIonSias
Spanlsh lini uMe by the Lao Anpelhr Elgin. IlI. At the an1oil mwleetin
i Tim"e has brought forth a story from the tockhotlderr and directors on
the plrn of Julla NSortnm uMCorkle li Mr. SkeweM presentiil hin roll
whIle, ilhand i- Its Interesting telling. lion as Ipreildet Iand manager.
is of hltoilrlil value for Its Informa- The corporation eletetd otil rse
tfim concterning early ewnol aper of. follows: P'rnldmi.t, Josms A. iN
tarts III outh"ernl C'llfor-lia, Including vTit-premldent antd Iwalm rler. Franl
Inkldeols rlailling to thea eablliahnant Hanain; secretary, Chaude 1.i
of La FAtrlia di Lao Angeles, the Mr. Hianafin as eleled general n
Anglm Cuty's flort nisapaper. aver. He is a nicemti ful newp
-The artlet follows: uman of wide expedrlin, bhavlng
FANNIE HURST Wilth 11 ubllatilltio of news In tIrn yr hIben pmlrelllt and a
ni. m icaled and original w-a ni.lh i the Tino Is turning baek the aftr of lhl Eliln (lIt.) ComrllI.
frissur n ollh= of p oo1f history to the saxrltat da 0 r. Harana and other o lr
r 100y~lr horn ai' Lofa a Aaplee J onralirn. 13 named their dutls on De eemher
exrsldion. Nhle was bom in St. a yearsIm ago th11e rs L Anteu n w Mr. Slkew.w and W. E. Buackinglh
atiIl .*rly ,lerlchped a "shaow me" Iti. paper p red, with two pa of priei-.
Ti oov. lThi pthe ot bter charceter ID Sab te s o I. l English an for thmer falle lan of to le e P,
i.. oti l |.l e ryt lathn alo a ere tried o "lal A1SI mme." a fter Joau ary Elt to spend the wa
tc LuId of tIre .7tofn aek woleal Although the date had oeen admit. at the Parific cont.le. Skew. -
lain khI o ted to the Ula.t eight nthsm betaore pect. to return to the newspaper b
rl a Irnier an ortal- he dAd PPmw at 14 laltWrl. nmne in tfie spring.
b.11slha chrollincler und Itmiuln M. T, Iy H ll Cifornil m l ill eo-do
I,rr f lise maop and shop glri lui, eIbly SaMish ho pialltatio, lo s. --I--a-
,flor.i, l 1o hMr.. If bubble. Is a"o ap .t entoa. A n paper pilt. MARTIN SELLS EVENING
m,,,crily w.llo..t> IIts bltllt In li olyl In Ihll would NEWS AT MErIA T
cniIr i lit I erelf for hrc work In this ltained unread by muny of Ihe mot NEWS AT MEXIAK, TE
IIn,, Mi. llurlt fllailrlled he lf proslt M r alenlt and Inaluitisal ctlllisan of
eilh lif. inhlcd tIce dlrup tulrtinl and It Alcgelle aind the urroundlig onn. MEXIA. TEX.-A deal was cone
oh.>l, ucM Hrfikld aoa sailwutan a* try. t flitled on the "d whereby tile M
vlion., lnceli 1 a tlpw aud l"iirly a: mn the Ld Anl ltr elt EmNlting New. Iassed from the ow
hno Athoctalh I1t the artras IO nkISeO ecc1ncll fomris Ihe quaint bht meanty ship oJ J. L. Martin to Geoarge
1iAtI.ari t' fr, t '.O e tls history of the birth of Angeleo Qui,. S. ile a l
Al't. liccut h i n he Jo urf Joornalilsm. Nfewslplapr p tilclielon who plan Imll edlite Installation
t ru r f a le a plhl l ls a i ter dale tfr it. beglinla t In larg pIreo Ind new el
,.i. fr i f til l ie tItn..cl.lt rdih Idt the C(a llft a l. o wil n to the tlarte d ..e faetiot
l.artol it do and hha bsln le oat- that southern 'alifrhalm waN largely QIlpment "ttld Ihe erection of a b
ill.in et I ery efflieotlively er olnce. ramllc and little ,mounlry. with little ho1se for the olariilgel plant.
..oIo ..i tlle i lprlnittlt nlmagalinee ave Im lpulatllol outlhe pulhli-h*.ld hIer storia aed all are keen i nlh.h|Mec1kltgi ('allfornlans. No news. nouneiwl. It Io understood the purel
l. gt tl,rn. There I a I t *llsd ual- plrn were pulilahed In any part of price wna In the neighborMood of
o froakc ...n l. q ni"almfS.rnia while the stlet wal under IM1l. The n w noner. will for
I11. ii r.il,.~. aIItnli i orlgil n Sall.t l h e1nd M xlealn ontrol. o.irk cilcopay will 1 p tltlianl ofl
11,1 i uli ii it thII f l i Lild o tf i. .ti. First Newspaper. lli'itt to ct.ur for til de tlnds ofi
i.n O i lajoirity' of |i opiiwe owant to0 I ii Im I | ,, lhl I da Y ci ly |ftr o wmispeocar of metroplo
"r tcc,,,,o,. lli r c.l i n ...1,,.,1 Ccoiislntale icic c, cccicc"olcc r. 11 ,01 ; Itoo Ii c a nt proportloion.. cci tcc elolilec
,r.o!. i.,; .l In. Ias' nl I 1 .r. 3l tVnJt iii for ob1ltl vl".
W -,l,, l,, ga U l t t,,'.r U ) tr.ofY c |. l,. |' plt1tt .tt i l, te nttne cIt. .1te. I 1c 1h-i Wl l e;lg t ;
AI l b. c l ilii 3-r. 11 1*c.1-r y sIn Ti l :.asl Mon11 l i. n IS h lt l I*iH a llll r.Ic lltril rI
Il ;l.u.o.lsl tru III Illr alt .u liaioaromit y.r." dl of il, tre nic r lo Ic till el llatou.er im ofie1 ocf lth pal-r.
ll l 'lli rlly. lier fl t ltory W a..ter ll.tco.ot. ThliIr us;li1llc i cl ll .A. l.e ilA illoi l Aduir rl.t ii. h.i.
to r ..,, ,. scl.1 ra.....o clllilan ctt c '.lu. ] I, e u.1 I" t cill rntii Jhout illoc ., 1111.o 1 b III n... i A...l rl. A. I. t;raoly III h
i ...l ril ." l.iiil lillml icc 11114. I'-1C 1 hi lte it ling emll itti g l0i la- hfi d c.lcirie of, lic lm olv lc.c-ilntg dettalrl,
"Ci I i oi lo. I..lc c ll.n.l to-1 ilIi 'rO oiill N. II. l'il.reo .111 i. for.,cc-.
"I5 sllr hh1 ; i- slid.."fii+ ,lolt ll in Ill. tic. '.icr tr" l id. 1l: sirot U ii. tce.ich ch.:Il d..pcrtulltc t.
I sIoooI 'I -or It l .Iqcci|.r I lt
tn,,., fi.. li rc rit r to I.. ame. ., o, f t.. Anil eick. Ali. cl n ling of THE ADVERTISED ARTICLE
I.I. I,,,l ,, Io. .I .d il," T oh l l co I l boly h,.lld oni 4,hl.r 1I. lV.
]..,.c h.,.. i r..F t .. Ioii ii 11 'ltioii IS THE ONE CALLED F
l.ii. l.. ,i l .y Itle ol.ll.lo iiO c1 .n1- l ,lon. l llto I. ,. i oh ii lll. pti i 1 llc r i- -
li .. .I ., i c cl i .l'ii lc r i -..l c t .il 1 ..- mll. Itc 1c o l cll ll f or theIP rain t. I l tl. l.-t r l0li l n i
S,,' cI, cl c 11111 o i. l I cc1et iinJ11 : ic oc r hIcl lor llll cll tllll .ll mh ci nIt || ..II cIII d 1 tilr liro t M .' l I I > .
I "!filln3.. t for hbi" lrolin r ""r1" 11 1 "r o1' gnc ll d l.....1... i'11 ..f 111t' th final
1itoa o A.. w ic lorli. .. ItI.. As ll ecis, r i i,,. co o.i. p t I. loiiof T c n l
ls' 0 i I ci.. .I. irIlc h 'll l oli .. .l' ll itl ] ,, l.c l.r, ,l -. l Icn nlel. II tl 'lc 'I11l a i N, .- I hei ric' i ici
-li i r iiI ,n 1 he" n ii ciic iicco 1iii rrlii' il i h .c i5i, n 1, 1 i rit. l. l i 110" t llhr c r l I. yI ti' l. I i ali
.1; ,, l 1 .1hlllllt 1oil 'll. l l tl .'* ,, . .t. ccllllccll fler hlh-Iol :e l t ec 1. oil 1 h.r hl-ikly Il1c1..llor hen,.
Ih. li .l ] oi T III- oL III li tll- l lll1c i A ..... t-l. l .rllc fi'ico i Ii t IIc I
00 .0. o ,h I \ l < Ic l l I oIo.HII tlif chll ce 1 .'o1l c- r 11 ocico l oclioc.' ll ii iohl1 ii. lu ll 0i 0 Iiliniin II c t a r ll. c iil, o
. I a o it h 1 rll l' hii 1 ficc l tt til l lc c. llll l ii t Ii, n o I. l, O r i lr iulo.l
Ici ..,... 1 cI I 1 il niirl vI r -I. iieillch, c g oIi ci ,t orhri Ii it

S. i i, c* cltc I ci- a I r to Publication. I. I[. I'r tfr, in irtI1 I In;ii

I ,- ,,i cl -I ln ,r l occi an cd o .it O1n hy 17, lil lt il rioh t ill,- t o of l on l ir .i., lllii mihlresici l
c ,rc li i.4 '0 i omf illolt r o l lI ic .h-f h. 1 0 . IIll iorn r. :Il' I
II ..... ,l 0'l0lNt wl ll (lhl l clie O tIilt. .. I.III.' 1 1.11 i' r.llhtl l ,w r lt -" ii rlit o hllol i o.lt he iicol er.
. 0. \ .I cii.e. F olir Nan e N v l SIt rIts Po li tio Snr. tl 1 ii ]i.lii r. tV i cllcli-l,. ti lll iinuIt
I_ -,I 000 or b acd t lot on Iheoy 1; r l. li l Ic lir wl. ofl e r l.. he soi i o cf ccir t.e..
I--. .l----- Ir s suo e fi trl oe'll- ii'l It, i'mllrc.-' l o. i r luif i ii.tlc' 1i

IMPRESSIONS OF A ,iro.ll.|..l I. of 11. e.il.l.l lerr, --o- --"oe,
..- .... tII|I1 ,:.' by So.,irec l.ic.riel, NEW METROPOLITAN HO
"Ii '* io Ih i. I i. i hl iihiol i cll clcnM. tihc. tiir wiSo a wio kly f'li-r ll Ill TI. MINN.- Al. l' r n a
0.,' o ,,i I I. oichc.lh.-'.l I., lit' ll 1 0 .r c.....ill llill I plp rr, 1 2 hll i ll, II. h ii ii I|, r.l, iciic l li.t llolhlita 1 oi
... I I..? i 0, lir W iill tll on I.., llI,"lll lir the ol dally ,i i l Trll c i h ,h. ri o ie ri1iie
S poo.1 1.oi. 1 othr r. |ir.o c,,,lllll Ie a 'l IPti alte' nt "e rclc S ilt I e ilr ll. l l .llil tf llc.It t tihe 1.
n r o t 1 1m 1 1 r t, I l e i b. o f A, l to I, I|( lnll X .l l I I 1 1w h o m pl ,,o t o "h n I"
ionolulu Choace Appropriate. .e lor k,ll ,llueip. Tlh iir iorI c i l I.II|T. r llelllN l'ei l Pith I. tlUIm c lch
II _1 i i,.,ireilly uppro nllll lllllt $2111 1 sIq11ca, h)ih for lllt clollocl.llr IInl [ crild llllllll I 11 i1,
t'o I' iI'iioif1i cs I,. cIct lir o ll in i rt iemcil i t 1 for '. .llh ll a i- t lo in" in"' "i, i lUtc-ipt cro llilnl
li ,,I h i a 1 ia ti 1, ii lliinio Ueln ii t i..rttlon. Tic (-cirlioilillnt hill TIlie bhaildli1r in of four tlori,..
l ii ;. HpIot. i1 nlll ii i n tll, a I acnt erxeer l 0 Z otie Ilnc .m.ilint. Every deplrtllcellt
I, .iii ioiiin i -,ry p1'ro1.rly lternlt ica Eitin'lla is printlllld ion on i irt Puiplpe will tlie lccteet lacur
"h,- i,,i, i Pil 'lfle." be c hidel.-lw r r'rr1ao 1 lva ilciectl n Itci i chill I l oi r IMndililsIu tIhe hl nll
iI0. lh n -Ih ir l il aoll inronr1 e lop at iwlich I d mil le ti ot w J loeii r o i t l ye, lt iopii1nrll lly. oe tllci
InS.l.h.l. n,, il .. b rie t ri ...lc i cbn1. t,'wm l l d ie'l m i l c e le ll ad iorulllh s Iii.
'hu, :11.1 Atltfrallll. Irt.lilly no- m1' i' s ob of cIty wcr. c ny, wlli the t ifollowlnilg oSl
a.. i .. iih I world lltler sch hund white rlhlc ba dige fot r i le resident. Mille Bunnell; secret
5 iIi.iiiIMiiii,. "oc (cltiIal rnlel wlhl y Il oll", rew lvIlng V tfor the joi. Mlten, liltiell ll tm sorPr., It.
I, I. .il.I c ice a I tm to ic l fool t a it ir spin n the p lenlsh dearacter of Illnly. J. W. Nalt lI 1i lltr; 11
lh. II a lli nd All aeem at Ihe population of thsll time IsI empha- Austin. lnniiring edlltor; B. T. TC
I.1 0.,1l .iii cr it,a young people i re a iid. fer the Ildim ban In both .0a- llt, cily etll.r.
krli .,1,h,',,O hlice .Alrlcanelllhoodl tlhl ndi Spnel the word .iy ---- ---
wIHiial N'lotlielm nf ylMt and vl llt. OlaIn d I hl OOmm 0m i en.
w,.O ii.n moeon ory n ..e i dof "1; I ly iU. 1l 801". CHICAGO PRINTERS ASK
l"' .i,,,ii,, o,.r very fvarobly with t Ihe Wi tw FOR NEW YORK 8CJ
11 l.l-1 -lo,,.,ol .ytat. of the 1nmlanld Fla. thBee NM a halt yarS. leween
tlateh no seeme to agree that Ototeer 1. I1S 1 lM md 1ai. IS. Ihe-
If ltic 1. 0ny wro danger It UN t I t woo .d aon.. d CHICAOO.-The CilrgoS LIno
thI l. ,i, I .B wr Ida gd t tb lal ei old to (. PhisM Ben. Operators' SoriY last Sunday pa
tlo.1i r~n. ; to ar. hl le a ing, whe woed It In the pablieation a reolaltion opposadn arbeltatllo
Insltant nh.an & l rt O atof the WmhlM Journal, the Srt the Chelse Job printers' wag
."11o roitul, and their teritaal ewnalpper pIltlbdm Ino the matl Tt decided to ask employmt
nxenmnIlnt is worlkins o thi vry mtlde the clit of LHo Angela. The 'Tle of wages qel to that In
iolh-n> tHiot f o deeply Ner.M thue ppouarw t tho Jeuml martod tha s k, Y rami fm $0 to A a -
iItlo- Ihl., .srroumd the Pari.So ad day of W111ea' 9 m _" wt a Tiss-dt w 0 Ut
hhih ,e.ar now held to he p.amot s rity. for drin S woe tie l t t
tol,, 'l".le at m ddate of m t1he Itvellt taln t a igdo 25 a The mlI voted fund to
lItc' Ilote on m. IMI.t ofa b& twao p n ""v to Noew Tori
-p a pvtkwileU. the uo taIf, oeutefor with the lypes aplat

It' N t Lat do Aw g s onIn mmw hmmr puess hso oe n
5.10. as a, mes ir I. em t N Sn be e d
a a pa Nw te-=l INsmwt -ge ond btysom tgaetfeway in riIa
"o ame ""M at o-w sa itwee o trmr



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The whole world has heard of Fannie Hurst.
'AS Anything she writes is received with ready
i. interest. Metropolitan newspapers and maga-
"; zines are thoroughly awake to the fact. Read


m a

a Hurst

o Novelettes

OR A series of eight short stories representative of the best ability
of this very talented writer-the sort of stories that have
i Made her work one of the few sure-fire features in the pub-
n..lication field.
i With Fannie Hurst's name at the top. you may be sure tire stories
-"" will be read. The reason is that she writes the sort of stories
aii which the majority of people want to read. They deal with
types of character and phases of life in which the majority
Uiiof people have a direct, personal interest.
hit. Any sex problems in these stories? Yes! They would not be faith-
ful mirrors of the life of the day if they did not contain such
problems. If you hold that this very natural and consequent
m phase of existence should be deleted from fiction offerings,
thor if you are doubtful concerning the effects of this form of
,' realism, you had better not order these novelettes until you
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SSally or complete, people who read one are quite sure to
fiio read all of them. As an assurance of this interest-creating
quality, just try them on yourself. Samples are being mailed
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i.n The novelettes deal with modern city life, but not with high
',','; society, by any means. Neither do they all deal with sex
*r problems. Several of them are conspicuous for the very
of tender sentiment which they contain and several are delici-
ar ously rife with character portrayal, especially types of racial
. character. Multitudes of readers and many publishers will
m"p- thank Fannie Hurst for writing these tales and be very glad
of the opportunity to secure them through syndication.
"Fannie Hurst Novelettes" are complete, including displays for
L~E advance advertising, in 84 columns. Price for the use of
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,I pt.




,1 ., paseofexitene houd e ietd fom icionoferigs

[ Cooperation Between Home Paper and Merchants Gets Results

.... AIM

I- 1EB ILa *:^ .... t -. . ^
-!-s- *A- si -
11 -iS:=Z ^ **".-- Mblb "W"b"-L onf11MN i

L-.ty. sooss SUP

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- ".i -, I G Lb '


Vr -ldr---- - -o r Iklg I to in sympathy with lot other p. ar
1 wo ure lurr doilil "f -" r.str. r n .tt- e h effort. if this Ilportant group aspket at
N w OI.. .l,,n l l.,,", .f l,,,l.l> l , at t
tailamno tdy Il e o l i I on of usri rs, uu I hat faullure wil al- r siprsta g

GreaterOpportunityintheWorkshop .....Rqie1o11,, "' ,,'arl .. a : pueymd skil"4.t-e
i '1 f iell U it l t o Il l f f -p i ti i s h i t K v, f u, .i .. i ..
------r ., w Ollnillll.. r oqvl... to I. furru l ..... llir ll.............. hIly a1 poorl y Pl "h-
'm us l litr tI'll, "1i"el htl y pI lay of _11t 'T dlel-l"'d Jhur I"ll" at l o Point Alpo i
P y LEONARD A. BROOKS. ,.l l,, ,...f |..iee r inikhl. .111, Ir|,,,,|,ll.l v'luole lilo lollig. Ill rer t'" l be"en a huink e llli-upl Iinft
Prmotote Manager Chicago Americaln, i, 4'.l ,n .,,.fll aor Ir he o ,ern It ', |. i a l l I ." I1.". 1lfi bhen bUg llra l1 knI 1s fadrd t lheend ( I
t f orh t, r i p l i J 1.l C~ke t ,' I u l p l I l.e r h l h h, w he l .r. I 1 t | ,k. |..I I h 1 h Il o v 1.pp e r * i l pI r ol e i o 1" p l a n t f e w I t ai t w i t h t IM M
., r o a l t. Ito , .I ....> to .. I,.,- neverr.,s i.d ps .
S h~sale lll' lrin 't f h1ib hl Ihe g i, I crol olIt the oidltr. %file u'd1y of te l h the bleUve I I
;;;: ^;r:~~.,,uev ;;;~ biI at;,'^ ;:'^ '^^ ;;:;::.',

l 'l i I .. I I I l l l m1. 1 .. I. I -n -. l ,'n- it l h 'h l l. "I ,", *n1." i ,r l ho,,M. i l l ,1 r I ..: '-| h,, Iit i 'r ll .ll nl 'l t hc r d l ldt i . rl s t l l l e r e l l h l l tl |l .l ll w hi t h i h

I. d- o or o .r . l .o ll..th e e e l. l l "I. I r '';"""' i" 'uny :| l i.. t.1- 1. lll ml I -,n I.Iw.s -*Irr u i 1 u n il. 11.c i r endll t. The ggIW 1 r th* G
la, 11 1.1uin J 11k o "A a "": -l' I. u in, ,t nini It he of thei skirlodul h n tfiher Inrblem stl t at

from u,, l, l r ph .l l i l f t l" ,r.- l' I th'li-) rr l.l'ng lrw y "re ., l*,, il"" "** h el quol Is I ,,r -.. r, .. ..ri.oh s un w1. .,..1 uin han. t in .* hl,.il.. ,l..tlely u|pon eltoral l sad I
I L l l r o nti, I lH l l Ii I il lm l ,i l h i i. l I..i. l t ll i, r,. .lr e rl- .i m e -, r Ii o e" e1r. i "( , h I ,.l,tu,. w e ll al s re fi. l nli l h elll ti hlike L o in..11 ,iclnt e I" t|l| Ill m
n.ob he r M roa t Ih e Ir b e m.h .% to. r n t r y t t a d pu ao r l r s c n n g l s i orhtJ e rt int o t ic kt a* a ftl A Ie
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thI Iitarlll hilr n .lytia...l hower. it|l*nl..n l. 0, Mr. .r e l l'lI.- ,i 11, Il,,,|,th ]|cwoB| o( tl e M ohl e l fal 'ha it hllgllhti1ral De. I" Iin A i ne h Igh illl n.l tr "Ike y 11 I |1m it n, hwe. tooil l

a sound iphllo>liv wide twding! *nd un"' **rried the >Bme th lli who. 1." ,, s ,|i, ,,,.,,pay.r. anid to seenre partment. ""*e works"lop you "ddl lu"t llat much .1. Ini d os f fouastllm 1.l
UK ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ rbl. >bl1t loSie ltul? o. "I""' ..1 1" 1 "* i.,l k.*>. 1.... -1-lllln -6 1 r hv the I.,lk, 1 ,|.-, ,el,,> I '** V~ 1, f;-";-.11*"; norl, l.eadl ri. TheU~r |aithe4
iilll, ~I~n linor o( w h DI m 1 1. .. Mill M. v. I ll I ..o l i ..d e l .. ..a | .rf ... | ,,rv ,,llt .. t k In l th .t the "ui.n a e r isei rl'11 u i.r lit lo . IOnl in ".. . thao i ll lfhly dI...111 he ielr I iimw t mol lra
Al l th e i .w ill r h i n h a III a i n u po.. .. e th ou gh t r f t l cip u i ii ,iflu n,, e lr hi h, 1 m a. i u r b" It I ,i ,i,]. i->, lo p nii t i ni i p r ail o h a > "u l "h l l II. ;i f hlh I 1 1 t 1r t.
bulsire sD mands t dll I r .1 properly vn |l f r, ii n num rs n to know ,|| f mlitnsil bxe u n So, hlle you *ilre thinkUip a l prou rs.s,

torial staff have multiplied IUnd multl. r,ine., alongside thal.t lf>..na uind ,i,,,r hi n. w p>lied agala. But ea.chiBw demand has be met by miultiplylag men and aie| andl spred broadenit liy a Trib- nh. editorial lIneret In cdreniston li s, Not tondertand. something if tiw iprerse. lerrorype pla~nt trimsetting nllher' probkn~n to h-- m-
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n f .... ..te.i..o. of t( tr lning -.0,00t *|,n,| in Inked, with hi ciIn-tor.A
Inth iseouin eser -eII -I.,lI.", .al th nnrwokns fti r
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sected with nrwspaper maklllll. have ,e ed tat ,, ae scorn of b, |ines ,,,nu your editor 1 kand to 'lie the i
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otNtIM d the sel>es allh l.ooming w i cle cterl them.To ,h1m a*"*** thi "*rt1 rllele" an* lertter
.ore a ill l 'i .d l d ent lll l .h nIrlr In dll pr oterv warf. t t fn t.. u o ,. , pu bil al rt Ill 1.B1.nih 1hl d J /

IW .r l f ,,, |,- :,, |, ,.1 ih,:r,.ll,,e b lf: lle hs 1 ae q118an10iy 1 0 0
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rv, io hI fl writer lllld toundtabiii len weilh, I iim- l g lnont e rli.- if, t Jof r inyii. Ill, tIn "llt'l Il l i L 1 ile, "'_I iil11 local 661

irhe dnlll.r a ...... l l .ll h...ld ...n i d ly *, I w .. n n l t .... I ,. .. p o lwillr.. 11, n rti upduc at .l eaI d
.oun l i ty I ord r no i ke Iath ur.a .,ti ofineca ineess Onh.rwiforihe ontent.ba reorf and toI-s that ex-ril tcnotfle
,1O,. : "-r -1..r irl,, ryl, rmi il lhl woo io.1 ,,e Iii, A n hl.|,lr.d l a 1 i 1"*".k I'h I'l l grill' iii Ih C K h l alh l / h n it- l i'/

At lo time in lli< ri. l of ew Atu ath il* n hn f lu f t' r I.,]I ... ll u l ,f ih,,, i.J r ..l.. h, f l l .. .. I .... .... oI .t n th
l on > .r Iiiii In ..lI l.,. 1 ,.r >.lr 11. t| it riks ,,l grlea as giatr i ll.. oioul Ul 1. h..k i lraa ote prit a gere wI Iit
Iu kill. muourt y rport of h edi jthg of nr ots if in re I Iea 11w oo pbi th 'prrdulation ofth I. r.rftinma vrtstg
l 'iol s tI ianla loii d r nIII.I r kn lde of h.no .:.,oi .f th lhs .i.. ro.llh nnl i ,hl .lai paopl Buy Kin of PIa11 per Tiwy WaLn.I o m w h of ilutI.t t4
be. o~loliIv llll'se o flllyh l e At teF l lidildl of l ots fal. ` .1. I~ lkH.' T;kb [itrb,in istsl*l pa t l ive .lllll~N .... I h bu l lll. sholtd to notor 14 ,1- nltu t,I th e futur hlh -heditor ld, an rork uI unlot.~ hu, 1 Is
Siei p nht w r n n ,.trialulo knne w a ueriii i -r rlu,: hl.u tuered2 or %ol t of news would he I. rno 1h u still tot the tlutur pblh isher Ilh diiy l hstructuren adll

dealt num a Iuur elatha value calw y ll y let o o n l n n t i a f c m ei ive s h rnle- t r
the |ai ll lil to r ritle l l it Jul. r- di,.,al fo .,.u to cons e l.ih, W a n ], tnul,. 1. ,. s er t ho v lutlon l in % ,,w he as lake a Ill it l l .^. tl t I futu re nw s.- be iipgllln tl qw m---- I* iii

ll, <.,i,,.,llllh. l..,,,,||. ,,,,l ..... loi .. .......,n ...,,l~tnlldy f .mltlvl.nnl -,.. .I . . ,. o. ;.rl i ; ,,.,,. -- T.
nae 11a fIt]ih. end he old Ilhool o( 1.uhwtha h 'tli.a, ,11 h tho t ] i, npel i ]u ulnle uy o ih io k onltd oI newpsll In "Jll l Ofte Thrllnk wait Brild
Surlin.lll. s 1.e ll. fe pr. 1l-dIy [oind i,, .n re l ,f e ,tie t hia n s i.d i.0,M 3 e i l,,y wlaiosd l rt. Th l nie Is eI fey buy theo le. kind of t s e 1t U A01
Dhoolm If or ( he mu tipied iII n ul- i gi,...l at iiios n Ih a po r named,1 ll elb| I tol iI t h and Is ll r ...ll e I.d o( tWI B h g iy ta w hv IIa hr I t
An ll-l upllpo tish lhllh inoe |, ]uin. ,|. le, fimlllilt'ib e r]ilwy ii tt dlid tor. koditor a t p el pXI l ea ler o req uing|P r, i it' ; tI h ill w el yI Y pend 1 h llh o wl
T hi r inInlldy ll lmBn i lJ~ieuni uwioy at a r*dlfii th nwhbi flnm r i i n i l hlo n hich ibyur r ly Cnefere to tan o\
ritl eoluk, whio hlad IeI imf. lu d l l en ro wse li.] in u ir f mind, and yThir aul R.Coch rn editor a r "
dbvlune s I t du early luplf n th n -ing t ,si| ip roelingive oi anl thfle als a nt dtro nd krprietr of td*heh IL upo
of a ll st wfledlte r or m ult hlie r. d ll that dml I tI hllhnk til s fist m rillh m t i hI iu nil. I iot pepe Sopyll 1 ( o n n ofy tthilne to super ht Standardti o wl &ne f si CoalpO u srtPa., na
mehonds down lo Hthendaisti tel ioom fom the n el usr Uwe huri n o o the trinn 5 h.h0011.llr ann h d n t r barn rI it ne ircula rll-
slavldllill Ilol*. i ~ l ~ gall i.r. frum.l, d Sorn h e d Cl arl Y--lil l kl t1o1 o II1 w m ic2fioll are familiar
igi th e. tellrml21 toiiii~lii distinguish theq l~l eh dl-lll~l i~~ll'l Ild Io 2 m
to lla l m a n 11 iii Iti Is'r lH n on~ l I, l , h t uialll ng t~h atll l h e i Ilh @io n ho l lot l0 it tp a r h I' it. 1 ( l onltl itterlslle t
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ellllecte tll~lit i h iitiw e maing. have o1- ,da that1 'lll line l~ s 11ek ilng of uitioI1 )- I1r I It to sens the *'
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w bl e ies. who hdet ugly h letl. h luhr '.i.. , h Ah,.l lill11ol l~ll IllaM i lhll ifm, Ilii r.lyl P-IL ~ r sn edito
d~ell~ 2 lle rl y 1-f 1,, lllike~slhl _k sbPi Itlll e ,dl. iiI::y rn qif k} -rql a b popietros he
As' it I..1.1 l Isocclan 'e l reek l 2er II rh.t r:lllhll,ll phlh (|llll|'-i~l lLd l l oi l ol ip thisl~lll~l"
I hIll I n l erord- I ll nk. ero ofll -1'e. 1. fr] i i,, I, ... t. iousi w Ia I iIlllIll '.ll of su "Iiggs hlS lC dp a.
,be dl 11 11, i gol r adll h. tle~ a0* ;e i* il~lrll ll h l~ I- llll. 1 the lll sitist~l.llnlIsll~ii,
Ile Ivl an t rie 2)ot od lto i r I ht r ife l l ql r e g i e Ih oq l ll ll lr h Iutplur h by n I o 1r i. l rlnu e ry of ill. llgin'it ., In 11 thse- l ~

"I have given Black 0
Diamond News Ink a
thorough trial and it
has far surpassed my
expectations of news
ink. It produces a clear
block impression:unlike
ordinary news ink, it does not smear: it
also possesses a spreading quality that I
have not found in ink of any other make.
From now on Black Diamond News Ink
will be used in this plant until a better
ink is discovered, which to my way of
thinking is impossible. Black Diamond I
HAS,the qualities which ordinary news
inks claim to have."

So thoroughly are we convinced that you will be eqaally a
delighted with the superior results of this TROUBLE-FREE
news ink that we offer it with a "Money Back Guarantes."

You take absolutely no risk because full and complete aela-
faction is Iuaranteed every purchaser of

By T. J. CULLIN divied ulip '1 H1th i1,, nerviltnl' all .lul 2to Tmlkle it m.." e ll t for
haitor anetenmish (W ash.) Tribune. wo''l itl*ll- lhe irn, n dl the ihn to il-lse s o llthir i t .,.l .
lIhn, ,,i ,s .r vi lile a town andl 'I llln called for suli i 1ie on the see- In sIteo"f "Ir 'I "Iusii K I. ,spp,,'< .n
l,. l H rh l l i ti, Mlly v is it l to w n I n i 1t lat r d ly o u hi l i oI1 1 rf I hl.- i1. 1 y e a r S i llhi ll.u lk h Ih r tl
ii. i Ii ,' 'T 1- very w ords rang n it T h1 e drit ulllh w s held lost I o '- ahead1 ilhll ii110 1 w it iN Io. .l ii."1 an
Ih Ith l tiliispliere, Illd whether It wia lltr uni b e .iil ht a tiw i ( l I of new on "r ithe lnlnt lpr. ler oiti, tii f
hl M -'sii 11i 11i1i a p tillt ng of sli llar ex- 11-le to t low n. T l t ne t i nl t rl. t Hr Ih N orthw esl t.
Ilrl-..,i,.ii, "I1 l It it wna the town iinr, .l-
i.ll .il hi wi ti I "dloll io e." hIlll h h rllu j ll Ill''n i t: :. l ,,i111..1 ..| t y i ii ,'i:l*,ll, P;., ki.hr d
j ug g.rii er umoimin s men, re sll! . a.... ho l w- i-r milie o. i .rn .,,,, i I -, u, 1I. 1t 1.,,, inlwr.
ln t t ,,I t,,geotlbor Ian ormirnlad an Ity t h ue in f lie I ii 'l i,;r-r -t | ih > it.ul 'h ;|IT|l>-I <- .r) hsIlnless
AIl Ihlih. l \ Aftr lohrn in uailmsion Itg learned to \\rk P-gother Ilke Ill h floor elan1 in hre'iih nishi. Will,1" h1ii tniw.
hMy Trnhlue. a real live me. wId whol.u f Wik to11 n nihillllh d eii yullI --o1r flih,-r tslillinhg lhie -i.Perativa
fiI11.1 pl-sllidll. TlT ilh things were In 1i1t the ile1rt I> ll nrl if Ii iifNlle *. 1i1r'l. Il tl It iis otiil rr l tlint the
w't fuir rr 1 wok, very Thursday T nhe 1ierchartl d hiir' h lil* to l l d ii u i1 1wIi hll ,iln |lei.r'vi-ase|l in i',l isex |ll)nt
fr I. l. to 1 I li..k. nti which tIhe the fllture-thlt r ".lrmetion aly"--to m.inrr: Presidentl. Hurry Tniw-.
1n4lnilehn hin.e1 iA ni in lin1 nld talked tlake ilil .n 1 11 h le il e day Ii tfhi IrIldge. !f ihe Trolwbrilde S pply il. iuin.
IlTr zns illl kl.nl for ulilfullillng "MiirIiIn l '." Ill ohi'h w iiul inll h I tIlny; .B re'ntry, Min iis M ll,* S. An-.
thl tIwn. hthe f:urnl r t di.lss<> f their r o-. K'ell. of hlh Algeill illlinery s tnre.
I It Mll tlen tlht Ito novel Idel of au", Idki ... h I ln t hi i the club ,- e'xi uhll hlm ird, llhrh IIliaitir n,
Ill:nll .i "h r..Iri dil ay" iI1 ir. hliilli/, 1- ,ry mlrvl iihtlll Wia hlI d Iteeliiehtl i ilr i f llh e lltlilh. Stril l. 2. hlll lbn .1. W. Inl.
Iakeld toI (iil'tr "|Mlid'lll l." T i cnuhhe The th llti onf to rprpnting various i nte're'Mt aill in-
thle* f Skh Iine sih Trihninl to fe Wai to rlllinlh- trode m IIIo the iseiilrles iof fite .ity, and T. J. C'lillen,
uiled fr ItU fmIoultill invlt. It Woo farlme of ill- surromilding country. pubhllihr of Ithe nlnhomikl Trihtion.

A I'lign




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N .It -1d w l .! ll h ,t .. i - <.,L' .I : .. _ i .I.. -l.. ... I- "l .l. i KV N iillM i .I........-.-jI- h, nI l lldird i 'd._ r .7.1 ul t l m i e

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Tr- -> r II I ry ---; *O, %1i h, I"'!" A- A .d.-A. P b' 'ill I+ bld.
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PA. AS) ..d A r A tI. .i A ". L ...... .. p I, "I "'., -. I.,
All' Preset- and M h ..ie 'A A It"I ut A I ... ,I Al hA A ..t I AN. i t Dl u Z (.1 '.d -
I. ~ I . I. A. I. 1 r h + . : .i~ 1 1 A tl l l . . ll , I , I i, I o . + i i .. x,, .." .. i.id -nI~ i + i l i + 1 + b + + ~ m r

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S r.h. ho..-p ...AAA t- ... I I' A. '.. .. l A I 1 I .'.., .' .... ,+Alrdip l- I -Ill . AdAM,+ h 0+A- % V

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pa 'Nt.IAA ,I'w.K.I...'AI- Il I.14."1.' .I... ''IAIP A A '_ -:1,14 A IA ;1 1iI'", 1l 'i' V ....l... .. 'Nt N I "ISK Al .'T O
Al -"I..-'l ". I' h. h.1 "." .I, ll IIA AlT IVA A.AAINI1. IN AAA tl

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T h.K.I t A h 11,A .1d I ,,, ,',1 1A ,+ I I L ,* ." .. . ...... I T
b., .l K.h. -p --ArAAA...lI.l. ol'd l, ,A .' ....... .' I. i A A, .t = ,- 6

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"ll', -o __~i+ Il,"l.!"2 1 ,o .Inl,, .~ll~in ohut i.., .hZ. d~ I..",".tv A'- ;u..-I, 1, - -.1hTt i , - Il ,, .. W rf .n. AWA 11S l 1 1. L
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I,h h i'+,h "J .1t .11 h, ; 11.. 1 1 I_ !_ 1_ .
11,,,r'h ..A1 .' i t I+, Ank ., al ; 1 I, -1 I . . ....111 1 ,l r h .) 11- lt I he 11 -h -L- 11 o1- l. I.. ,I 1 ft ,- . ..., , T ,;iI :, .d.i ll ... ,. I +I, A Iq T + X
Newv'a'.es Wan te d ..... ,I I,; .. I I. ..... I -,, TM PItA.i ?
lia"i .Ad M I"w + I' ,'" Ad ; I- . .I I . 1 K i Il_ 0. .+: ,, 'l~ I",,k~ A .. .. It. -. I. i n:,1,, "' I. It T ; ., a ." I

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ll-n l ll lIn V + + "
n n t.i 1 A, 11' -J . .. IP ,I '. IA` 1J1 81 .1 11
-. L.' +i iiin. n...... "`"'.=``Id," P'..... i ... .. . . a .., hl hd i k' Tir~" :n ...I 'i'',

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h ri., .. I I' .11.... -, I AM I AS.II _i k i of IW .1 HT.. -- - 1.1. 'i'' 'A: Itjr ,
W .1f A IA L .111r.'. li ,'h A' I.. .! , L , + I III 4' 1 1,41 I PI I : I ..i.. I ..... .... Apins 1.10. 1l... A .I-A M Ia IM

At. l A I.IA 'A n, , t' A r, Al 1 I i I1 .' AII I.I.. 'M l Ih i lA 14I
s.. I. ; . I M. u; 'a
.TIIININ'A 1 4 I ".T-" , I., I'll ... I I& '' , .. ,'A
. ra s. -.tA -,A I .1 .. ,, I '- A , ,.
....... I I"'. L "Itll = 1 I ..d _i.. :,Im i/ v, ..." *. 2 I" ...."'t = A.1 ,r x
= `Mh = =Jlhh !`=M ` -'- .... ..,,- A I % ..., .. . .- - -_ .... .I~ I = M I .- ,.I I. .. 11 ..i i, ..

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', AII',,'. A 1 4I'..,",..-.,.l. ,,II 'SANS''.ZV%.Lv j l, M. ld-11

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tsp' -d .-td 1414 .- '..... I 1! 't .I :".I ;".I, t I Pr emiea an M a h n r I-A I ''' A 1..1 At Nult I;.,,- SIw.j

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!;1 11. ., .. I - '_ A I' A.' 7', IA I

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AAA INA A I ls ,d-,,A 1 II ,,i '11 i I II .. "14''''' A. .1 41 '' A ''. ". AtIuAAsI, A$ N,.
It. .n- ,,,,,. . II ..'. ... I1 = ... I ., ,_ Z .' .' 1

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Om"' u .1 ",. i,'M. ,lA ,r I.r ,t A I ... 1 I ," ,I III. 1hlI '. 4.'A I NIN
A14 All.' 5 II., Ill. .I 1 ''1.;1 "I'," I.. .. I"', 1.. .. MI Tr. ..' 1I Si._I..
l ln r e n u n A, 14 , ,_ , : 1, . ..."."; : .;: : ; .. ... , : L lI I . . .. I i ,, , m _Y F I- ,, _L% I .. l i I ,
IA. . --T I--'I I , I- 1 .- .,. : AA' .,11 1 INT 'l'.14TIt ill W T MPDW11Or

'~ ~~ ~ I: :L :: ... '1,' ,, ;, ",:,: ",, ;. : -:i',, ,,:,' , %.,' -.+ I ", ,. I. . ;, : I I, ,,', ",' ,; ",.' ". 1 ; i,*' , ,I ..! ,

Itt"i t ,AlIT' 141 11 1 11 i' 1 1'1 N P. Mu tt I., .1 .. . .. :ill s .. .. W.
.I I ..11.111. KVl, I :I I, - 1. Ill. I. I -11 V lt I I.

dl ,''t At I' IAAI l '. ..l t I . I ,l

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.Ih5.. I '.A lA ,- . I. I . II -ib 't ,A' ... I N.
511', r5?*g I f i1 l 9
tIA, IttI'I1, 1- I, - h- p -. MI -..
S- h..."' I A1 -A , h I I I , ,, -, ; .. I Pi '" 'i ,, I., I''I" r.AF t
s. 1A M p1 I IAI A' II I, ,L I .,. ,
t I. "'. eV I ";i. ,i1, " I' .. I, t ... .. "I ,. -'r I Al t) '- -N111 B+ B.
" ! :. I ` I%. 2 %" - ',I I > ' '' I It' I T I LI ,_I, "I II ;I I __ __ -- .- ;. ,,t 1 !,-l , r 1 w mlt ". '- ~ Al l.

I, In.. New papIr ,,, I I, I I I I.l ,- L ,I , I I+s,
- 1M. A l .tl.' I ll .. .... ... ..... . T 1 '' 1- 1 N t t
'I ;;l

tluI.it It AII L ,, I,- l',, I .'"' i, L- ,- t I I t pun Th. iAPA-
.. ..'I- ..... ........ h ...... ......... II..,, ... I ,+ !' I... .... I- ......' 11 1.1 I

al-- I, .. ,l.l I .... L I I II. I ` I 1 I' I f or I A I .f"t+l. p ,tj
I '. ", ... .. . i .. -t
.1. i. llT';11 ,111 --, ....ill ,+,. +,' ,r p * .. . I I I 'i '' I i%7 I ,,r ,i I, 111,,. I1" : ;.,1: "Il, %, flh+ _i AddII%,,+p +
".,,':"..!:,., ,Il ;_,"., :," , i 1 I "1 ... I. ,. -i 11 ,. ... I ,I Ai + I% I i -+ 1,> ~ '+i l l t, .. I Io Il Ill W'l a,r I I I1O"

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AI .' ._ ; ::, AI~' II I~ ~ I I' I I A I w M AI I '- 1 A." 1 l H

: ........... A f........ . ... I+, ",:,. .. '.,r". .. ',, ,,' I.... I ..... I .... ......... .... ........ "Il -..... ... .,:` ,111! ..... .., .... J,

;%-l' '- t,... ... 1'iA Ai uAf. -.1' M rP 5"11
I -. 11. A 'll'd I L I : ,I., I , I', 'C -I A-- .,
(NIull" .1A"1:" 11 N t, ll 'I 14. 141 I I I ,I I I I I ",, -1
........ ... .. ...,,,,,,. r I .. , . . ...I's-A .. S Lt
'5 ,I,' I I fl, ;:..; r lN
,~t'llM A.A MI,.ii '" ".', ,141 II 11 I. .. A - ,.S % .5u i
- -. ...II I..ll. 11111 .. . I ........ ... ...........I .. .. ....... .. 4.. I 'i1I ... ... ... I., It, N_ t uih ,J ,
A;i, ... ,L.. -,... ...'A I. 'l." .. ,, I ' .. ,f I _ __ ----
S..'I.T.. ., l. ,d 1 ,t, ,t.,It ... .. ... .,
'II N Pil A ..l.. A. I .1I,- .L 1- 1 I dI Id-l i ,, . ,_ e.: I -.-i. K 'AAI I1a t to u. as
" .1- ". .l.1,1, I 1 ,1,y ,t. T e tl the kind1 CAV NI. I '. I 'Il fll lA tI -I'l l. A I A I -.

.N.. ...... All,, ,. .N. I I -.'... "3 K ,.,fl' P. A N.l,
n ,h 11. f .l' A ..' I r t' .. I,111 the I nd of,1 Ir I .'M '', "' .. r.. i- Al'' "I flAte
A I.... l.b.. .... .. .. .I I '. I. . '_. :!.. .. .. .. .. .... ., . .' .. ... .... . .. . . -A... -I .
J-4 .-I ',, I. .... ..I n,. ..-.+ ... -- ... I .1.,,, vv-+ +.,..". +T"-1, th

K'I' I..' I IN'' 14 It--y manA Ill t' A ., 1o111y ( "
.. ,.. ., ,., ~~~ ~ I. ,, + ,, , ,11, ,. . .. .. ,1" I.. . . , , , , , 7l r i l. . ,, .. .. ..., .,- , ;i w .
....., I."I.....I..... .......... ........... ...........I . ... ,, I I ........ .......... ..... A.,,-: ....
01. I. t.1'' I I VA -1.tt AlA"Itl ''I rls 11

I T i II.II1 1 T + +P llP I I,I + :' i n ,+,, 1+, t1 I I% .* + .+ I++ Ip,. ,i I %% 11 Vi~ L'. ,~t ,,il ,+ '.. I~l \ I I1, 1 ,',,

,I 'll' '1 4 I" "'1 I A lI NK I .i I l. n n. wh i ..t
'r < "'I- n T I~'. .-- ,nl l '' I h, nI . I '. I' I" 7ll. ;I* t ",
+thl.-' rh .i l A,, r 111n 1A.I _i ,I.I 41 -mi .~lllt~rh I+W~l+,l,+r In 'h 1. I I : I I I I -l" II. t. "Alt.'. I, A,"l ,w 11n Mtu Il.ft s h e .
A ,I'' r 1 f'tt I I n -'b1idl ..lf.l uI'IP AI
M.Il' Z 'I A.1 -1 4 1,' IIN I I' I I .I .. I 1 II '.: i. 1 ~ 1 I .I ;". TA (I s4 I - -
h i111 .. " -...1 1. .1 1 I I 1 N e s a e B r k r l'T'1 114 l I.'i .' ,, I I A3 I A AA Pt tt A p thI nt , %.. I.. 1ALPS '
I' .11 l I ...I ".1 .".1 1. :II "11 1 I ,' ', I 1 1 41 I ,. ,1..111,4I' I. A 'I 1 41 .". , I. l A. "lp ls JM l If f M :' ~ ~ b S 1.
AI.'l I l I' I I'' I 'A II I 'l 'I It 'I '"I 1 1 ''. .IIIl..fl 'I .
t'~~.M PM tu'PAKNN~f A 'I E
.11.1.1 111'.. 11.1, l'tIAI.IA Ill~I~l~ll'I~lll~I.,I 11PM II
ll'A N., I'.lI~l.. 4.11 111 All t'I V A 'I. I'A ..ll ~ l.''l 141 tA.' I' II -P1111 MI' Il l""'l~"'3 fllj1 NAAAAP~f _
I' I '' '' I ''' Il.. 1 I IIAI..II~ll'1h..'.p.140 .npgp fp Stt. A-tp 0
s..oat~mW~..J :'.l-P""IP4'.l~tt.Pl~tt~tl pt., f K I. tin
IIIII .A .. ,.d T lNA ,-,, !AA A ..II ll 'l -' I" 1 Nl-t .11 \ I A PI A A Ius , 4 1 1 I I' It11 .. a.:` I I 'll ., IS s t t t t~'. g."l II. I ,- b I l

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