Title: Publishers' auxiliary
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Title: Publishers' auxiliary
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Creator: Watson, Elmo Scott, 1892-1951
Publisher: National Newspaper Association etc.
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Publication Date: November 26, 1921
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e ubtlhl

birzsm' Apu xiHEma


NOVEMBB Sn, 191.

.... a





Tentative Airangaentt Previel
for Extended Conventiln in
Utah, Montana and Perks.
'I li'.aii.-At a meeting of the
em ,.s m onit-tlllie of the National
Eslitmriml AsetlcitIon here on the 18th.
hi ssiilers were preenat except
lilt a. w P74
I;mre W. Marble m at ort an otat
K.... and II. U. Illley of Prtheton,
III., ho lihad not yet return from the
,r.. ('OtIre- of the World at Hono-

mlelsmaiMl lay the committee wua that
Sist' l tio of the 12t 2 meeting .
Trenty-.maeaa cities presented ltoitsl
thiss, a melitler of them by personal
rep ,lstat'ivel Widespread publicity
csuril ly tihe atate of Florida In con*
neti.n \lth the 1l121 meeting ban
Imndstialt that the editors ceoatltut
Iyr far the toeat Important gathering
atn sil lly can eolltoe un the
.,illallll i 'll ly it given a Vst amount
,if isilhla ily after the meeting a wonll
a' liasla-r.
Varied Program for Utah.
shlis sl.k City. Utah, and Miaoiulai
31i,,t. T '- Itentitlvely nelcteld as the
.isiii-n'OI ti lies t for next year. salt
I..k 1 i'l' Invitation contemplated
1.i. s.. is 't itot will he cut down
tI ain.. laSire tripe iare proposed for
l' a < i. n alid other points. Among
all- lis arlsa ontlincel arc: Firit aen-
itI-11 a ail t e raileol and addresa
tay l,.- r-a,*-neor. will opplortunilty to
-sa. al, laisaalt'll illh tie lproductlsi
of the a .al; Iailn ltn q t lit time evellning:
**l al n l asm l at lliot'l Utah,
vwillh Is os l and llinnter furnilshed
liv thl- .I..n.r. cimral Intlerelei; third
l 0- -c-- am.. uat Ilmtel Newhouie;
ti s l I a. ,ltn al-aitail at the Ma.r-
J,, i is i iaarlla. fall wel ihy Pa a reiv t-
laa, aiii iiiiotiiitl rele around Kail
1la1-. ti dat y. vlhlt Stellulr beaiM .
Zcito :'rs I la act "Ull tar, hathllt lladl
it i:.; ll'l imh it lirl laOl L'ity
l- II. ls, sslahrftl -oaplaar mine; Miiner
"ly I".ishas'rtlal i4 lul; veiv lh tliy at
T',I Vla"t llOl a gUltmM f the Mor-
a1s-11 hInsea m ilh udnalr by Prhildeut
4 11 ; ll I.l tl stut III tl.e ev.- l nc h a
qlirk. ,rI tlecinrl attl; K|Htnllal rftin-
l+i.i .aia-'|.s; eigialk day ut Ogdei.

TO Valit Yell nte e Park.
s.ll-mictsisor N~laltio al pIark will aloe
f t-Itl, -n raoulte to Montana. Ilor.
u.- .. Aa.hrthlts. euperlntemdedit of the
Finsk. Tl'l i*l al en. tria attlMon, In-
stiL' tils .bi-rvance of the itnul.
*1..~ath- >lir o,f the lark. Ittephden
I1Ital silasia 'ior of Itilmotl o park m'T -
I-- ,ir al, I '-drin menat of the Interior.
rr,,ii i , \< r~ii limll ,-1'i- lltmiam toatimton
IIh,1 !I of it t.il, talo,
Final enie*kn at Miadula.
i...;;Ihl. Mliitn .. ini to have the prit-
lI- t l .s-lnaima the a erlllal -lo,
"llIa Ill IIluille the eletUon of Of-
la rca, th'. .\l ,Ule l ha im natomber of
al"] a j asias em altetualnmealm to pre-

Im l-'11.saa tarenotrlled to the exect'
liar --lsaas... a:,v tim t'atotmerclal tuah
lat i..si5ss1 thpid forth the attractions
tof laisr ,lmnlu::ittlly and of Glacier
l'ilk. ai, a- ,1 n al way.
Thiasrs.;sr mf Tarery called partll-i
lear ,.l.iDi,,, Is "timle lnml favored by
t.aI sisald la, iliaillnn," hand of the par-
ti4l'Ialr lir 1 Itromt fiahln .
Thi. l tatillilpmnt Annoclatlon at
lialisn s-iria sid a vilit to the fanoim
hlIlk Illas vnlity and a tour of the
lI.-.ac ,,aa ll ihihliw*y.
Thl. hliu .r of Commerce at Kall-
tell tirIi a tour of the Glacier and
le'lhvahm1a. |rka through the Slat
1 .1al aillty itnd over Vliathed ilake,
two tIf Mintanai a oceni wooder.
A eaild wliome wat promland by
tl'e iia n'iI.r of Commerce, the Rotasr
f'ahls allmI Ihe KIwanel Club at lewle,

soll'taan' invitation was pNoniiad
by I ,I. llutchens, editor ofat the Dall
1iluiaian, In person.
Ill \like of MIlneapotin. epera*
t*iral]h h ..fr transportatlon of the N. B
A.. hmaosalietealy will go over the pror
l"er"l lii-rury and arrangi faor whi l
nllsilily wlilh a view of akilng the
rntali cia 'nv.ntion the reantent in
YIe. Talent for the program ltreads
I tliln iiaronldered.
Conaiden OGonieiet PuObtleIy.
Thi waml.ing out of the nant eai
1 u1ibi.ity land prni a
Iitely otmilel the Sln lee l e
by the irto.ernt twa n d
.nd It wa vaeted to -- Omlemmi
Iy It. Hardy to de sr 1 M8

M ute I en a 0 naeal 4 Silt iL

I be he40 n s a im
I"-L s".0- "1 a

PEORIA. tILL.-atnmeamag which
anaumed marvelous ortm during the
World War, never achieved a more
weird character than It did here re-
centlly when a newatper man, diam
ulalied a a.n old trme trunk. changed one

or his range e into SD caliber auto-
maeti platel anid arrested Matthisa
Iliau. would-be entortionlnt. Hannia
was comleted on the lIth by a jury.
which needed only thirty minutes to
do It, of attempting to blackmail lDe
Rehieon, owner of a chain of abtihan
picture theater. In a can in which
he was ordered to place $2f.00 and
throw into an empty lot from hbi lito-
mobile Roblson put a note with thin
laconale nuggeaton: "Go to bell"
Meanwhile Bn e. revpwich, alert
newaper man anomo4d the role of
the old tree sad, when Hann. Irabhed
up the can. took him Into eautody. than
upholding the majnlty of the law and
obtainalng a mwpp i yarn for hi paper.

be adected from the domilnant parties
and to be fee from political bhin
N. i A. Hoe Bilh O lald.
The owneio of the poah tolplnhr
ipriag at Bot lprling. Ark, tendered
a donation of forty aoro ot land tor
a National EdItorial eom. The ca-
mitte et having power to accept, thi
matter wa iferd to eoamlIttl to
report at th nest anum l eumadOMeo.




Denver Pastor Says Churches
Must Compete With Other
Activities in Ads.
IIENVEIR. tUJit,.--That it piiya to
aldvrlli', eve n t i hi. ne, it thyl
alaalla ,t hf ihve p. Juutott' Themia".
itator of the Graat Avemuo m tito-
::llt .!. -en of Ih'it . who taiikl ta
the slubjec atof -hr il adertirlll lt I.
fore the metimber of the Itlllnterial
Alliance in the V. M. C. A. building
"We nmiaistera itaid chlurehoeras
must fare thin situation fairly aund
squarely," thie Rev. Mr. Thaolnia aid.
"otld onl way to fate It In ly "rie-.
live advertliing. This In io tlime for
denotitallouiaal quarrel ulid lplty
jeelnousni, but it I. a lime whetl we
must all work together for the right
nor oa religious eiucatiohn.
a "Our churches should every one he
crowded to the dtors, and to do this
we need to mnd itit aIIn 0. 8. to the
ltileans of lDever to co-lseraue wlthl
thlt churches.
"The foran of evil carn very little
abiit tile churclien or what they think
alouit, the oiatnmercliallied enitert-lt-
ment of the city. But theite ame
forces of evil would care It we had
suficlmet barking, both as tlo quality
and to qui.a tity of Mtr citlxens.
"The i-hurch I dillffereut from what
It nied to hbe" Dr. Thonmas continued.
"and e umlaeiently we have to take a
dillferent view. For one thllng, tile
laurch) Is not no narrow in snite wn.ie.
hult In other way. we must li[e thanlk-
ful that it in inarotw.
at Appeal to Outtlder.
"I am for a seven-day week pro-.
gramin for our churclhe--a prItmin
when we crn open our d:or, every
day In lie week lititead of oMAly oit
Sunday. We have to make tila out-
ilder reel11t' that he tola ufllng a Ioo
e-r noin gioal mnutle and groal crm-
* mtniy tly tit olong to church, and
If w oan make him believe It. then
we wlP5atve our church pews crowded
with men who heretofore sat at home
on Balnday morning in pjalnas, read.
Slg the Handay neVtmaper.
"Thin can only be acrompllphed by
ae united advertising of the churches
and it Ia up to the minllaters to work
Sout Ionne plan whelrby this can he
Dr. Thomna in celoing ulggleted
I that the elihuche tie up with the Aamo-
Seated Advertsllng Clubs of the World,
and that. with this asn methima many
Sloral Ideas for eflectlve church adver.
timing could be carried out.
lHe euneted that a comnlttee comt-
Spoed of five laymen and vwe minister$
he appointed to look Into. the matter
I and me what might be accomplished.
At the doee of his talk there wan a
brief dic alone, when It wau decided
that the fern o the Mlilatteal AllI-
t ance and Dr. Thoans i at aO cit-
tee to work Oet am plain for a prea

toter heroic adertilag nwaig.

a amen go whiima g a

I IT I N4 = lE Y
vu g mu i

Tin there earlon i Crom the Chimeso Jonmatm of Comwmiten. The boy a foatoher
nid mother had lwmay allowed him to red the Chl<,Ro dellmai until tih morning of
tho deay wh-n the Church murder and the Arblkle ,candanl ilmont covered tle front
page of the papers. #That .ood of perver.en- s was -ommented upon editorsally
by The Auxiliary at the time) The boy wan told by his parent that In future he
could not rmd tho dally papers any more. Thie next day hb kanded lin father and
moethe he drawing which In reeroaltms-d here. mshowin that the only paper he had
Over read had left only one ImpeoIlon on hia m -nd-thiat being ot violent -rIme.
fatal acclidnrs domestlk tragclIes and siulldes, as to the nature of nen. Note hie
sre-.m ao "at -od ad rum. a v Can.t"




Mrs A. C. Hayward Tells Chi.
oago Woman's Ad Club Ads
Do Not Increase Cost.
1 IiCAG i.-Thalt aidvrtising In-
atramew the roit of a piraluc't a asi
trantlody refuted hby irce. Awtien V*ar-
rld1 lonyarlnl, weterli ricereaentatlve
if the Fruank Presirey Adlvertil hg
t'aoinlany, iII n addrsmn delivered hI-
facm ie iWo.mnalam* Advertilrlg CIlu ofn
lhim-aigI at tie IIoleit LaSalle on the
iMrn. lHaywiairl, who In the rrator of
"('niady Wihliit CAioHkinl" alvert)hislg
anid a nationally known writer oit
fai.e, mmlcI as other tlla, "Wihy Adlvcrc
tinlllfg th Foat i'rutNlelnl."
"l'lfortlUlUitely thIre In a feelilne
that alvertlimliag limcret-aame the t of
a isrlcti'-thait the iuyer always Inmla
for Ihie ia-lrciath.u" malda Mro. Itiy-
asrnll. "litt do iant forget that imane
al e hi n to play far gtrlling the gmao.1
frotI Ihe ImanUfatlurer It thi, deiaer.
If that i nolt lonle ai nrelay ly tadvr-
tlhing-hy icreatlng a hIyinal demaind-
le it l iital e, datae hy ,ilmIenne, and
Ilaitl I- t-vmin iare expocai-e,."
Dwecribes Ageney System.
It her unlk Mrc. Illnywanrd tld how
a Ilaroe nrienciy hanltles an liTport tant
nat, expalit'ed hbw advertlelng for evaiw-
rated milk would lie handled. Aimolni
ilha ImlcarclOtt eoalr'eaitmlo nre thp
eimpt oif the tcuiern. the quality of
the promtel. the betcoitou and thIe cast
of production, the aid.
"Atlverrtising 1 the motive power that
moves the inlahted product from thie
tnItufnia-turr to the consumer." nmid
Mrs. Itayward. "Take, for Instance.
a ren of baked beans. It has to hinil
the way from the malsufacturer lao
the whole aler, from wholealer to
Jobber, from Jobber to retailer. and
from retailer to consumer."
Makee Up Our Mlinhd.
The speaker pointed out tht that le-
man umanlly perform the flrst atlepp
of pettine the product to the retailer.
but that It was up to the grocer to
finish the task of making up the bay-
era' mind.
"Advertolflg help us to taske up
oer lada," Id ld. "It doea not
always mana that It it olog to lower
toe tot to im unmir, bh It I*wt
an that et Is l to mr e im it

pd Inui I I
I l-*e

Annoumma ment in made that Ray P.
Fraser lans, e oinaral inmnoa. r yt stae
IaullIc al-crpin ct li1trlh.m. N.-Is '-
avens-.r ;ec h. rIar. i-s-tr o i e ell kinonm
In newspaper cr I.i lhroiuKh nt Ilb
ticnl wtlh mirc a-islrao Ines .r-esmms Hll
ahela.o Triilnca KUId reesaIly p-*>l
at. I ul Ohdl-Iami.sict, sakih Il l
ltem InTr Maclle iltaisnt r 1A IIa a
iad) oflmI i Hi 4'l0-talu nAntI Il slr nt
Ieee an tosar Caesc ass-
N -w Yevk tea" av.em-al, 1- IA-
amerlznolt1on. iil end own mr imn -rili-
flshor of the MItIldhlan iM ine li'
ptch. More ricntly Mr c 'raianT hass
been nnianUcd eIn cdvertilsn, ork fhr
the T. E. Kelly amles a.l-tem mt Min-
Thie Pooitrire paper wna taken over-
aeout two yearc ago by a urorrnalnn
ended by Cla, l'rkinu. fIrmerly eC
the Aurora (Seb.i Itepuhlkan and one
ot the bhteknownm imewoP iere men In
1h eate. Mr. Peirkln hae bein ea-
amedM ain property and thle addiftin of Mr.
Framir to Ito stafr means that It will
maon rank amoai tlh rfaormost ienRll-
coy dilll- In tlhe Will
The oamtriloe Iily xcpcrem has had
an eventlful anid omie-,what onrbI
career ienee It was eptlhiih'dl hy M.
A. Brown. now c.-tier ,.f lhe K-llrn.m'
(Nb.) llially Hlub, ome ilrtly-siex
=elrlnio. W'alt Mnren n f-r niinv
larn e m barni of illc caff Tl-i Psir
w aclm e mwarma n cC til rc-c O 1. il-a
weiuplw one of thi fin,.it nfihl. In ihe
Munutr. and tmenr ni eery r.a man to
believe that It will *njoy a tpdraim 't
unrieratcented prparpaltr undar the
new mantmemrnt.
CHICAOO.--The newspaper findt It
way lato every hober Its advertle-
mmnta are local and pennaL El.ver;
haeoitea llnade It it et the eldo
to herSanyadvertlingmedadm. An,
-e apemL
I. II oan amarr et Soa AMn
etama a. ue


HONOLLU. T. t.-toeilnment l ilbution.
IiONOLUIo.t T. U.--tovernenta Tis In tainlnhed by the aniver-
s.f the world should uae the treme,,- o rhily am s ene, whieht i los nety
diasl force of paid advertliing to for linked up will the jounalimn deplrt-
ward thie onue.of ittlernatioil leave. miasml IThe I. mlpuilly olit maintalntl.
mld Riley H. Alen, altor ao thime ,ti.r nes f a til
Ilomaolulu iltar-lBulletin, hIn lab adlmc-c aIr ainl i'm aesi.I fili mel i,
before the Pream Conligr-n. of the turns In a story l lit iglt be lt
World which lately met here. stake ilterl.t, the publicly oitllve sem-oi
lDealing with tie toll, alloww Far tI on uhat eitludent. story to t.e state
Fr-edmin of the I'rea Dhesliralle aild ilr
Iow May It lie imfe*guardledll thei trhn a joiarcIian talent itirns
Ill,.itailal l t i tor mll lit a I no 0 icrt s a las masi. la,-.saine a.t the ha l-n.
of the world it illt-rntillolnal PIIC vIdoIo i.l,. mightt t' of. inter.,E
more del.ply hoped lr a hIta in l- tll ,I lo a. a iy itr locaity In
nali. lie onil t10t itt a al-inf ital -- Il e clas.-a r lm 1 l, thaat hiay or
iaia ihal is- ..er ein at o lmisat. la ,,,i.y ,at a he ls ude t'r s lory.
Illi isild illy p t-ellrely; initl hal.F ICt A aI. r- n -all, hiarllIv a today paoe.
lie leitlrain aheren ais d Inmi ilnt l riat I a ilmln laa aa ei ii lm i, a ei d>litlma, of
lir.lclenoi lu Ia i kepit irotn tliir tlias- jauria lliei t tin l-'nlvarrlly mat Arkail-
shlilas i lll f >lama oi of 1 r lh.- micha i ii iir in,,r.,l r over Ih.
Hlil la tila II,. nuhl hIt therer luhuld li i P neI J]- 'ah,. ,iii.^ ]1 ftqit1in. ,tery wrrt-
Umatter ind public or prhitir propa- -la a staldenlt wrilse aila e.eriallly
land, i-ul aliasr stcry lhe Jsarc:nlliumn de-
Tu'a lilal on Ihe lreait slril- which i pi rtlrnll wilt l as--I-t -lln sit'llim it.
propaiiaiiela a nnale during ti wair, Isa P Te .li'tr of l onse I- ll lown imnterni-
;ilil Ihat almost of lie ierniiia'I l -i, saainaatn lins already kaulrlI
l.r.a nla ndaila wa entirely Itahllnai ',. I|r,,f.i ,,r Sh lien Iaolnd al e tlllha ilhat
c-l ac imhluli.llty to proin ole t tl, t- I hi ) will mcl a latil hiiaann'e In stcurisl
f liar Ionl-s, recrlultitn or ralssincl' ll l f illr slam rhr.
of rela.f ftansl. II+ added. Ie l rI Prade in Their Work.
tliat while llan aanr ltie a oeail al. l rIf g; 'ls,| .i.naiaa a h. Is iI...t.a a pride
,II.aI -a. iat- donaslal hy the n le.W slsi.l l ,aasi j ii -a lins ,|.ats in .intia
for pIilrtlil mltives they saiIall hisat aila|maIs a 1 c1 p, i h | i lias a iay hl .rema
Ia ex.4a.teas tao give up their ni.sa- lansia to aliy almch extent ii IIl'e k iLi.s ,i r The .clis- aisa laishI
tinme. a,, I 1 s i .1.la- ..n. a ra... lia-ly eansli.
"Thlie overinnent lhoiul ra-aL.,nis Iuti at the b lahianlg of Itn. pris'lat
tie irreler p.lwPr aend h alTsI.i] ,ll irna hia a ],' .-|,i ,,|o unana ll'lsr.a -.
wl.i-a moern aiaertIslsir, willis ]i al- f, i, l. i nt in enrolhlirit in ltha
tin-tire typography and Ito lunitanarin olna amar.
ietlipsiti n, ean1n give their la..-..iilr . ... ,lhe.n. re ain h.Io r spirit of a
mcamn hen e laim- m 5 li ln rarril II, ,,saln a |il-s I t .rn l ih jat onrailii1s a.l-
Ih' nc-sac- laintalll.'" tarh catia. aasrllsla-naht assaillisa-a eh l tia-tt insaacaalaa-Cr
"I .li.'rnly illhve' tatil a vla ra' noad thlin .e-r beforee. I f.l, the. in la r-
veril.anis ianupalin, for p aC- -i.il- sity Jsurnall-ni; d lparIlalnt l iw rn-a.
mei liy the governments of ti.. a orll I I. isI. r i-,,[,,, rianl mtia ,,f Ir ,
wmuil I, nmore effective thann a latine 1iulh-lit i a.[I ."r, thl. A rkLna-.
af fort or i tllvlnin of Infianl ry -cr ar lr- inr l it, Ia ia- It a ll ar i ial i.
n lh1-t qf ltlttle ruilserec. Anlld l a alsil 'i I, rT ls .ril.y of Arkiasaa.i I. s rlI
me-t I- It rge ht little i 10n, al nll0l. alla-i-
li I plllld lIt to tile t t clnt- that i -, as. i ii a losraallam 5apl irlaa
Ilnwnll'sa msi t aurkent need o -tlhat I, thI1 a MIsa ei ., hlat iS ii I olllla is
tfor aelilrl- ,n- y lt glll etln tao 11,w Ia I 1,ilv's I- al iir riilIna itl islai as-hl--, ,
lhl IasldIla lhroaall patdl a lc- hl-I I. .n, i .l et n iso I a I.'-I- ,
a fraritk alal ltiitghtforwardl n llis r -_-slm--
whilh mnwini per menwn enl P'il i i-

VRIIA TO Northeast Mis our Prei Ass.o.tiaon
YNIhNIu EDU= & JAN 1t4'N ChnOea Rivar Town for Meet.

Riehmond Cheeen by IxKeutive Corn. MA- lMArON. M l "i i at l ;ts n
mitt far MI Midwee Motng. I fr itb lr.lasi a.r l...laha .rf Is'
RitIIMOND, VA.-De- in I, hold .i JrhllhrrI s i..n iilsa.ac a iis l al alils-
the midwinter mevetln of it,. Vir llh i h'a-la -s. il I .r .l iiliiri tili, ,t
P o'me Amandatlon, at M0urpli 'a lailaI I ths- ills- I 1f tlh ots- .r lr m.d hlIr,-
Illlirnmanl, on TueMday and Wsarliday. It thi saa-.as I asl- -\;1 ,
.Jiasalry 24th anoi 2lth, w0e llasath i w1a- a assisnll f-cr i- 'rfsi'
sat Ithe l, n llnlg of the etrsi'lllt In-" I Ilnt t f mat l's r -r.aa r.'v a i as isr lia l
isiiltI sf l i nieol. tion hi'.l -t Ma uir- and insrn ii lhllli f the rt -,,,r'
,lV'm tahotel lir. For the fill a iaral.t of Mliia ri., n I Prts I'ln I" Illa
lce timer tlsr wna a t100 I'r trvn oliona of the lemha ern of ha ,sias- o' rthl -I rtl .'* ',,u ,'1 ll -a'I', '
salitaaar. ta ,, a II s s 1,Ia is I l i-. ri a
ton Invitntlon Sl erretnry WV. I l i,;-i I a i-tr, .r a ras-, rhsn- aa
lin of Ithe Virglninia torll I '[ac-iIt I -,-, I ..i. 1. l,.k l .
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WAISHINGTON.--lere'. n bit of
Japanese enterpri to illustrate how
keenly the Japanes tmewopaper men
ara* Gfhtiln for "s ionl."
The minule lSel-reatry IHughm had
made hia startling taiial offer reprI-
nultative sof the AhlialIl If Tokyo, pre-
liured a 400.-worl lnminary, of Jioel
what the offer wao. every millent poiut.
They meat this aotuintry ur aent eaale
nt three limet the regular comnmertal
rate. It cost them 63 la word. For fear
the able might be dtila ed, they atnna
neat it urgent wireless at I a word.
no each of the 400 wsorlic of the ahort
dilpatch cost $1i or $2.4100 for the mne
They got a one word able of ron-
trutatlithm from their mauaking editor
for the heat




Honolulu Editor Says Govern-
mante Can Save Humanity
Through Advertiling.




Students in Journalism School
Find That Good Stories Are
Given Wide Publication.
the ntidenmt of journallil a persoumal
pride IIl the latctir wimch he writes
as a Iart of him classwork wau the
pur)poe of Murray liheehao, professor
atf jourmallau at the University of Ar-
kamiiaa, when lie began preachlDg the
ideam-"St.e Yourselt IPrit"-to hbi
students in news writing.
In thle ipnt, students oJt ournalim
at the uhenileIty of Ark.u.. have
done much of their work solely for the
work', ait ake. Thime student publticattilato
or the local newspaper would nouw-
times use their stories, tLough not
But now, when a student writer a
story well, he known that it will he
printed. Studeuta' otorle are used
frequently by the Arkanmsas Traveler,
aFyetleville Daily Democrt, but they
are used even more frequently by the
otate and local newspapers all over


Mast-to-Coat wusI ad ftoss f wgaal

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A. reI Yo I". Iim WAth You. 10sdah Iday" Pshpa r. I I u tionslwu V
!=.t ^,d pl .e r..lOr.. Ho1f .4, lid rIce: h veb*e" m.r. Tm Mlerott Hr. w le s ,t stav e you't mad,,uriec sin uponnl twenty ofn, Il r. ren IrV to= whan d- I
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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ i' W,,,ls o i +- \ # t t m # ,t,- whl e rmen m + , .11 1 Choet I n x du4
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",""^ u ro R N A; ^....., .....

Are Ju o- Tim Withrt' .1o.r Holoa Preartinsa

,,. r, hl +*1gt il ur. Hol. a evc ,a nev rt~ been++'+ morelt comle)lth* mlD111'.~ ld nlI1 Have you n*m+ a deP P yoih r decs ion ++ int+ re.#th d toI,+m that h a,- n d- ll.e~lpqlI
lie ~ ~ I includes pictures whchL D conve the deoft+iona. ll sid and som Hol.... ida Cover?.uT It"*' ttieSl.if+* In
]abel ti the gift-giving ( u ide of Christmas;tories. from nt onv],Ifrne w 's to six Itock areth l go ng!i hrapidly andl it.y soon' Nwi ll. KeAlastAcal
i~ll. 1+k k colu.w+m~ns inr length, m b' auhr t lentedl in tlO~ d lepic ertin and foel r .,, ers. Welan n seleted l feature and* a cove F ~l, r mateial
i" h l op I ng. t" I. -tirit .s essys Vr--t el y -s t w o geting out a hold a e tion.

+a.D ie Ark nd. h um o., u -,. tiles all baed ,, on th apo achi m ng w ol i att ouori- 1921 coverilo h bepr. ing l't+ :the ln h andso elst rvwe haved heverdl~ .1
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adhveird, si puIt"rpose-a rarcoe of I tg- Sale of spae on the bc pg lone, s, fu ld ,reuri
J ,Itlh., Itt+, I, 1 ,';...,. ,,,+ nh II. iar+,lll elet, 41-1 kh,,:h;nIMIdm l,,.ndm I1.i lltlI- 1-k- ~l. I l, t~t I lrI+ h l--'wl I l:"

If0s e i ev. dIa 1 A ..o I I.le 25. a 1 -,nd 3!o. prolt on the investm nt.raI,7-t and -1uIn,, Went
I Ou l, o Ir ;l J r to p n the I ,h p . . I IJ a r hi, -i a, n- pj ,I ,u- ,,+ requiring M,
...j StaTERN Nd A h l r .f "I .. u",
.. ..nr ti la r l 1, + , ,- . 1 Ih w i l 1. a p l e I l l -t r *, r n o n n
~ ~ ~ h V la (...... ... ......... ........... .... ne.w .... ... T-1 i, 1,.11.......... ........... ... .''3 m
k ,ri t iwe+ ,- "- -*i _r . + i....hl l, 1-0 IT"d .. ... V iU, . I.. ..,IX ep
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hIM.' nir,.t. T. 7t. 1,ustl'P11, ... .1d- .......i$,+, .,...,+. ,lc,+:tl ', . .ti. ,,x ,+ ,t l, ,,n*,hr ,-r -+ ll,rl I n,~, W Edars fa es ft
,hn i b a m l n q i W ., r ,iu ta% 'y tnt+ 141,+ l ,p d m
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ll u,*"*v ijl, r. h,, I +, .1 l_. 1". l. r,+ ,I r kll-, .l 1t 1P,,', i t.'* T hl il0 il Thu u+r t of t e ..! eI11T i. t+P e s h I+hi
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Are You on ofm With -,,a Ho lday fir ep arations?. I

Ou;,oid yS vi ee,; has :nf e r been Iore eomplete T.v you mader your heesso Inrg r ot a d

a n dH h u m o r o u s arnc e a l l. b a s e o nl. t hMpr a h n g hP-O r 1 2 1 c v r.en g t e h nst w a e e e
...... Isl h p i g r m n e s n n r v d h a i g i s u d s a m r t r c i e a d v l a l d e t s n
.us deoains..brdr.o.eeyknd..oidy.d..ta.ve;aditcsslesta ls er'+ev

someIthn for. ...r ...... 0ewe n.ow and Deere 2. ai Allsom proitonth ivetmnt


Our Holidaoldy Service has never bee prmore compe r-m prte Hmave youdm admte yordecsion inbl regard to ta ad
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the. gitgvn idea of Chrstas stre frmoeti tcsaegigrpil n tso ilbatcl
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KBgWW KeoMA. *OREG. wanVI-UU*f. ohd to A- VR-. ai.g Su ,6 n SE I S
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lb.u- .( the VICE'a V r N 'isjam, is editor Se Ito. Crews 15.&) "The i Ho us& ue 1- W
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A u;;'i;t ~.5 o Sne ~ aS.B3i^S~f~S*h~ ?"*X Lr ot the Omm. it.i~c^.. ~ i S of* MI OLMSri pro*li A Men troit sth*iy HIh"ni-
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A5 t l. l0 toS 1, 1.t. alow n i. toeo NOW-' i. st lb .sa t Nh N:t e ,rst l s .
editor "and thf Itow Nor lkK unde II~r l Q(tltk A-. Y a)tqu Me an.]

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t-11Iw~nill,.m bs r.. ik OKLAHOMA. Arnold Resf1t.hR;oo.V.lt teldord The series is a presentation of fact. and conditions which ha
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"To. .500 fle ] l ia ew to 'rnd Rihriin, a lonl-imo mera Videtn pi. isod~sl of theo urIghem t0in than to ormost aomo fairs. Mr. Lowry'si series reflects the
IO oII by fthen-go5 Nash. 3t sloyce ot theefllS, i ty Nrun wno a oil lab. lilor 10.1 v ew that tax conditions are not the fault of any political party or sny
t,,rio fo n rd -rt-lnroet. A Th Hnn i tlitper has in p-or wkkownd whir thtre usolied oy toe
01 lelrnfalnS .5 stdasit po t a rote4 s printed srvmirof Ito rsnderS WNI hors. cst of statWsmen or pohiticsl leaders, but the fault of the entire people.
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IkNT elLst Isn 11.,h ,.go.M o. .n.mr0 Mi. wil to arous theh"
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haol m- r just i. ot~u3S for3n5,rdy.Mr. Lowry's fiten years' residence in Washington studying and
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,ht..e a .n So K. Fre, C S- writing about the proceue of government, and two years' inteive f
r1 V..oiIto ho. no o I s h.. S0h 5 1 sice0 the war of the details of government bu u hill mav e
In eed is O ji t fe. oto him a reeog1ised authority on the subject. No one else has written
ner1 is .....n Ina the M I54 lht h h n

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Novmb 2, 1h21. ,i ii .r frliil i l .ilt.i Il ll hl.. |l lii ti l uIh r tih t l.e irll t| iilli money. mIn a T eul tse ae cary tihk at t of (nlllirl'ron vt int if ni -rI

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irll ]i+0 iirll lh.lsl. i. ii .Mlr to write t t lory about .lu I tlh advertisit n elea there tlhat lo "rhir lir.4" l:ri .l to r t.
il' l I'fhl 1*r cit 'ltr l iri g ra r, tl i lrt k* Atni l all-ue r r Ioo tILI.c e to a to mat e a om er h a tyal otie s t of Il r Tl ire Il.r ct 1 wi

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I11.\i l ,.l+r.111.irl. irl. rll l.] I,,. jii "l lull.. Ir.\llil '.1r l l ur+ 1 ir.1 rl, rr s "irnrs'h le I r. + 1, ll inAt dd e 1d pllir nau ly cuderllrlrll .ltl tult do. i- -'| ,
tli .. l .,r, idl, ri, .lhr f i rA i i i.ll II II, l, l ] . .. ,l ,ble publihek r t i should f la e rei n.l IsIii-c 1a''|1 t.I w ldl. ttao I 'e hiIp'.

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l,.r .h .. ,i,,l, ,1 ,l lli l n, II ,,| ,,|,| ,|,r I, ;I,, l ll. .lill li"l^ll Illisi ruin 10.1. rlri 1,5t I isiI itdh oi" r d* l rl. h. l m ul h fill II. hii har' r i'll hill' I's-i is- .1" I, "i .., t
Iii l l iii l kl.ei. f op, 1niii Iila hr l 'r+lr i. l hrl ,arB ri ion l h .h ti, li- lhl, tjin it I.I he w etil ll 0r il l t ie pro tltiv e purchua r rald e ardr -r rl .* l r 1.d ah i l ,l r lli it lor..i

l'l' i lr s r h r, i I li it r lh i ii trlln -Thri. n Mhnl, o zit l you aI a a iai tority on the aheudg. tli.- *rh ll l.i he i h, ii,
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Ii, I. ills-i.nu sri.,thi sil,; ririri ir'lrri, l l mai flat, oIld "s l i o g, s,.r. .l)i. 1,,,,
.ii- u i ,,, i .. r a i r I 'i. i.h. nit S, t.r. i r 11 il tih in ay JI t hi e wk o tk e try-dd i' iT,, hl i ti wl ll- if I .1 1d ith .
I. ,l.. .. r.. l I I- n.... . il .fa i"i,,I ll.t I i i rl d te tWi .ach na.. get st. thh ldek tli me Cet i rn.
-I I I il., lir l ill I l .r. I 'ile ,I u~r Is it .rl is i n ., l.be in A d r i a o I ill 'll l i1ii h r f I r
Iit. h, f "I, ,I h1l,1" |.i oI, , I-rd r tI maine hs n. .g nlU e nl I" l n.I IIl- i l i il.T ,nl ,, ,l|, .
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i. M I.,.. I I p,. I, .I ,l'r-,,,lir Il ln l t- \ l;.l.ll\ 1 u l | t. AI n ,dr otd n s ls i e y nlllll, d y. i, l, ,-- ill r,ii .,i,,r.
Iut1, h .lii I I i ltll '.o r: Ntwlpopnor Cnnuim i mrtln. lug ptsa hd n te'n l to-ith o llu itr1 .11.i h irs
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I... .. ,ii r .,i Ih oif ,,, tria -f aA W.1. hd it .u ll .,' -n dii ct.at i t p inn p oi f aoi dertgardg If s,,- i,,', J t I hi.ne g..
i, ,,.. i,, pIt be iI,| l, ;0 Itf,, .I r, li c l t.y lA. n an w au t r y ..t rs th Is hi hl Idl d' iu't, In i i-,
... t M. 1 f l, ,,s l i. It+1ii . r...... .... ,rr ilnt h n Inhnah t O ra J ae iudIn t wod nl Michi r "Ttuer t t I ,,.. i IJi hI wtlhlgltr i
1 l e ,I aih ... d n ill, r f ir ... It i i I, II I I ni in f rI tima w
Is I oI o.1ru -iI n. i ,, oI It ink e rsa ., t r nCr y .d, o., go unnie wituai g oty rea I lii. k o .
SIi rr to 1 lI arth l I h1n mr t, h"'in'I III,-n ,, -I- -h. 1 ri re
Ill. nd I i.. n pn..r.o t ; , f t i i,, ir r ,.I. ,, M ickie, Optimist, Booster, Etc. I "" il .l. .... I I, I
l .n \ u i t (lrlI.,I, Ial ip th i il n. .,., iitl, Ii n irn I, riil. II I studen o l ilaldlr ing.- ill If snl i.i.i .

.... . ... ......... l "A.. . N s p 1....... .. ...... .. . 11. I . in r .er r' I . . i u. ts -d.a. nmIesti sI ltho
a th irlr.n II Un. ,1 Theii I: ullulm li ins.. rinr -i doii in ti kinndnit rnfrr tirtrrutlb i n 15 I. iii Iwhich is. knw it lces

h h ii I, rilu-1 "IihiieIir IL I- 'i -I IIl ni rn 1 ful he1 o.nii r i nceae hisjOt onI hnhn n
l -lti., i i ln i i ii Or.- l I i t ...h ir isitr i I...I .1,i rii l I tlhIl nO I I O .ll eti I in . nl .v.l n lin d lil 1 ri 0l h., usefu d rci nl ilia
l t i .. .%1 ~h,,i ~ uraI t o alh l y l l iiti-I Ilf .w i N n r Ie if hr.r lIIr n 11b. I' puti.h sl i n, ll h'. ahI I n l5. i +

I ni+, 1r.. l-,, +int r- n I ni r ns i th, h ma, r ,,, tIrI- I. i ll :It, nI h r -: i yore, si i. ,,,r Cilh.. irl-, i, ciini, n h .Ia ih I irr h unk, h 11 0rh h r' I, -l h h
I,.. nitni, lnnn, 10 tsr *111 ...... i s ...ru. Ii ., wrlnten wish adv is,.sl I .n..rd a.., ti.t.I hit pp I.
Ill l ib l l i iri n ri.i i tintr 1 5111 It l ir, ii i li ii lh ni is i u .n. i t I d lli i 1
1 il h*u+i r ,s -I ill e t uir\V r4. dh.` ." I'.r nur I l ull,,' I IIt i ic op G rv ou k t IYio ii lli I. as tr 11r +I 1 1-1i rels li- ihher ofi th
Il I I unnaIl .ur liii isl iituit, .or ll Iu s- ire lh I, r rnl, n' Ji us .l Is-.
le.....ill.. rno....r lnr s III his an Insul t ..... ....... a ........ In e w r d s o. r sr. I l n... .... ..... t
i+1i 1h nil IIi Ih,, i,+.lll nina 1i315 ul~ss- nil ,r~lu. lu all, T1 -141-k ,.: 0... .f- "

tia I ie o ir h r p l ,, hull r. Ii T .oi Jtpur'h me rin hr Ill u i rh r heI rn.li In- Ill ntut o hl, ii nl .r 5$ i ll',1 i+ I,'rII ho Ii li*,ll'
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r1h', l.I ,il'lI I, hI l w lNlIlmb'h l,, l' rIl, -s ss sin 5 t I n r n I I ar r l I I n "inor r in the d, T hII Ii n10g hIll i, ,,ilos i- l lltinll sv ,rr+
run h.1 ihuit s I i I. ie oeih ,f of S, ffi-f.,-tI ineli.,nly.
eAl-u l.u r itr ..taNrililiii io ec.

trur e i p e tI lle fl d t II) "'l y tdr hOn i I smrlnitnr IuI ri nitun1 i t I rllru' n ("ol l -. l a los -al ,oi.
111el ;Ji",. l, le l th Hi In g .I sir f i tn"thll I I m i,,, hil hr .. I I iii 5, st, Bos Etc.

n e t ns e e i '... ......... t, -. .'In .. n I.'. Ilile e,.
ol sc. Hill.- in-1 s i I'hey o la, It n,, .I.ntr u..5 %. '". nt- i nrur ",IPlrl- ,I r Ill \s l h. at i g

ninn r ,rd t t1 a n y t'e laiate isIhev it--m.eto iSn uk os a I Instio unll ,r. 1 I io itup rnt s I" l v rie I l t. i s P e r, Iltrl, sP. .,

el al s lm e o f to s isat et toio ste perth ol Wl feIaill, t v i.fl ,
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-- 1 .iC II I rt .II I.II II II_

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I'n. llen a great fete i
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One yver ago the Dollar Day
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111r1 fipir was aT Dollair D
sh.pqptr." (;np.ie, c.rrie-l at the
,nrirr nf t!. frn,,t proae.M
Il;].iro hrlil twoi Iiakry Dl, fied
Lr. ..r. u h,, ,in ,f. ninrnr' <
,f ,ihr ,..,-. lhr,,, ,of rf rnitulre,
. r ,i.- ,f e,,thinis. fow
'..,,. l+,, ,,f t,: k .. three of
P.I'... .f f lin.rs in

li tho lattr groiip were a
*r1' *"-'e inl .in?.' r,-i... r I,]itri %
i ':1 L';I< !ip! l i': r. rmir u.lrrp. wo0 N 1

ist, ,i i- ry. f.irin r uirrea p
'raril .tir. rril pn.i r, miillinery, rM
nt. t it mll j 'ilry siltore.

Evidently Good Service.
Th'. Ilrily Chief, edited IN
li Irlt,. V. l;r.Ii at I'pprer Salndsir
.. -.I: "Siilubr.rilbe for Y-
IIhrr.in Town Paper Week, U*
hia jid-t i'l, woo a very T em I
ril i.r f,,r ih., Ilailv (C'ief, I
IOI t il..,riptioln being
ltirin till, wesk." MIr. Read ill
in a Jlhlr o r ror Columbus al
"Ourr onily publicity we Vi

Clif I. J.ilinlton, publisher
li,. IItrIili i l (Innl.) New .
"ir lFt. W11iin offirp am fitl
"l'l.-.., al'nll plate a*nd cuit
- rllrl ill your IHoliday
S.rviv: nl.,. Holiday Featr I
I'.'. Yiur II.liilny Dummy
'- I u.,l ilI.l. iolld ten mr
inr nn anljining town In le
two ilour liy thie nw Of it"




iM< awrrs i las been a nal eia
ta Ia. i.i"r iublllahen Ithrough havs
Iig tiillil l ~e many atoris oat gaat
laaria-i i-t wmiUni-tle very raadean
shll liih. pubihltie sad his adverti.-
er a- ia .o intret-aid she ham writ-
I at lIli lI sueh a way that they an
Ilaaal i-r rhlillantlon.
Thi I.I% hall. tIrua fro llclfoni and
I.s It.I..I af that -ectloe where writ-
ern ihal nS much Ia tlhe sevironuat
dig rn-ti froesn other m ctloa of tb
ot inl t they are allli to glie
ai aiiyllayy. a firo g at treatment
ail l Iiiaa aly tcoeis a totally s w view-
1l.In ahlr work. Lak the Indiana
wbh.,l whltkh repreets Middle
Scit., til'y anve departed ftrom the
New J:lha Ia1 formal which served ao
Iaa : i aaea tt Arican author
iliil> a.tal litive eltahllllhd what m1
al.l,.iri.it. hbly e termed the Pasde
lie. I ha'lest writln aince 1910 and
l-a iii iibuted to The Atlauotl, Aner-'
t.iat. Mil'lur'va, Everyolahy,1 Ladles'
tI ii1. Jarnal. Wuniantl'' l .nme Caom'
i,.asn, i..aturday Evsntln Iast, Good
11-I..l- k init, lihctoril Review and
nlia r iia-aiii.a-i and lcrlndMicola. Hter
itn W. t al radal boanik haVe beeN:
"TI,. h I Mir. Iturga yi'e." "P'oor Dear
MIri. ktlrh.vy," "Siturlhay.'a Child."
* nh. u i Mf .IIlIia laage.""The llert
tat 1 ,-I." "Jaalyn' Wit fe," "Th
aL 1 l.ornlllain L IatrI," "Sltrae"
nal Itf Ir t iiiT tihe l'llae."
h I Nl'i rr is typleal of her
lin ,,i Ih.r tiatyr i valt*as hlive I nlII
a-,t-:. ;..';o for lhe sting lihit wlich
Iti, v atn uliiir mI alhrn s- i., llt -ll i natil il aalera ursnt attb ,
'II.,i,, ln ha i iir c' l rii lt l. al l
ai-i-i> ,iil 'hl-alari tsrr In t'llifialliit
.i -- -I a'mh *t.- llfa llImltw ll
lir- l |:i-I il|Ii Iht. iifalr nilld aC-
I- -,,. -,: ~a- York 'iliy.

Curjaent Comment

I ail, l t yilaollll t .i. till he p -e.
.ft ;-I ;.., i ,11 it i u I i f r f'l oor vallin-
Il a *i a ti c1> |rl ,'Ion nie llnt InI (l

I.. iI t Ini ll l Ian ilr pl c i
vs1 ,I tii i antr, itt o h nruet vlnl -
iii, i l ilt ; Illl II lh..: I in a. If
,i.- ii. I-iiW.. "o ld be hlh.-lk altd
Il I. i. ^oh i iii n- Iainahtry lay the
li I o lir a are -taral d uo ria-ait
I'[ii ''liil;I I o r a a liis rialta nlrilt e a- if
kll:l-dy fIII, \olol |iiiii l frlWl otiILi news-
print tip-r tI is t aiitaaflntia sl, i and alm
fer iatauitaraii tawasiterint.
li. it.. irl.tl vt lnatllaon ilasn will
linaa, ,1i l otflll tci liargia on lln|rha
l it 1 r. a an o(' li ws-ill nslt a
hear .aia a'In .l.nirkel, In which ahe
ilo i l r th.n t m, -iaalf million dollars'
WOrtl h .r I-e lroil.ts nnually, taken
ai t li.111er by this method to aa-
-a1r tariff duties withliout a pro'
'ir l, tI,-,al ye r ending aune 80.
lalth a tiIiinI.i't 1taita1 Itn11tis were $1.-
'ItI NII. nifell h $71ttlin1ii,00 cme
t"ia ha t'ttlteil States and $lIThlTt-
I' ti.in ret are Iltaln. Canadian e.
I i i asm period totaled about
I lti~t. t, to which 41 pe t or
ioaiin t wnrtt tao the Ualted matel
"' Ir a-,t or &'1Wa0mSi0 wiet to
tsar hhrlhiln. All In all. Ouladall at
I' It-. lh ilitl Staten 4 per ast ao bee
lln' a nd 111.1 elved ta tbe t itea
Masis. <.i201:i.nOo"o worth Of good
ia1,,i Iali ante lent here, tale hal-
Osan- aahhieIally aIyringt the United
r'aaanhil' eedliel mai of ntalia-
IlIII rlar lihl milnmta loa Ia Irad
Will Iha t place an expt0 di dsy a
I'M'W'nilt. lanklnag It an khigh that r
si,]..nr.n will demand a Ut aMl of
hit tuturl.ian valgatago da s, Ohs
11111aia111s ho an at gns easans at
ma"utlrlt Ia a mcasa fthre tM

tt'tiaiiu.a, s larga or -MII WIC M
t itia..i he a. t"Magjgflabfl
'n- Ine t Inand is d Ma
at of the mmnn




Cengrm Askd to Form a Non-
partiuan Bureu for somat
of Country PapOrs
CIII'AGO-At the meeting of theft
eleutilve eaionultaee or lthe Nuatitonl
lditlital Aaaowlati held here Intl
watk. Paul It. (hKIdurd, erllltr of thin
Taewell C'iounty Itfeitrler, Wuashlii-
Ion. Ill., ail iif forater presolenl of tler
IllituIa l re A selatlith ,. alit, arcdl
l-furtt the uotanitttr uat 1Ill rnquet
aI1n edxplallenl the liretl for a n iouplr-
thail human of Infurnuatiu n WaIn W h
Thin mutatter already hiii hten op.
proved thy the llllntola prl AoeI-a.
tion, and after herring Mr. tluoau.td
tlae neeFutive committee panedil tile
following tlterale tIo Ciati gean:
We hold it -a a eltf-vtdant ftat that
a baa tlletd to Ui that oa iovcrA
nt a ta anhas a a*n1aiini
InlaM or arveled by aelfle linter-
rota. Tho tonaitnoton of the Unlited
llt pe r cvld e that Coalreme aln mUkn
no lawv a in latnl e fromm niof awla
or of tHe s. a seirv iboe tre dom
of the na a otbn d=~tsantn of gsv-
ara-st a ni Cogr- ran only t.
naluntallod by bealns under to e-ntel of
ainonaairaln publicity bureau. Wa toy
dowsfor then ooMnidratlon of the Con-
atn oa tM United ataa tboaa Ief'
Arel Tan aataaar ot the United
ttf ore tan atM ore.Im throtagh whish
bould How Ule Mnw of tM uavltla
Arl an mt ant hbei t atod
wtlh politsawl %i N. w wlnt bn trata-
ful so thnt tan lOopge aan na aenalwy
asft ftt iaon .1 atl aatel.
that taka flam gem to da y- tm
de ataet oU th e f t sbamA a
Aretlial ItltoUwrfbt IL It Ia
to btala at Host Ft laa en

nia Itnformation which willn ba reliable
In a re.adable ind eoned.n fa. irm.
Article e4. The owaeat-ra of th
rountly will Ib hind o puatllxh real
newa whirh they kntw Ic r..-lahle.
Threy wnan It Ieee trom aintah Innu-
arn. Tlre.y wn t It into -m- from
bhrela which ItlIy know hao ae ar to
nl thb depnrtm-nta ntf aiovrnmh'nt.
They want it while It new. The
newsopa ras f the country aeneralty
are noslt abah1hlnl neiww frotem Wnah-
Iraisnn f-r the ran that It Wa toii es
prncive trr th.em i maentnin Wnsh-
IlltIna a.airr.saadnn. Thor di nat
Si, tn uthtislh thi bnlletnas. whli
hate htrsn ent O.t, mare.de up to ai
tao harhy or seomt itn=rtmont hod
.ad sh,'h i my not a i rt t .wt" .
Art A oiee trthfaa an-
ortisant asr in a poallun to Junally
la latrra tnir dullen fa m tn a-lt-fvrin-
riirult lltir r iitf wi* la i t e- i w
Think will f a tt. l hii, t I ntrI
al oii-

Sirti n i t iar htkiett ao in t rudl

al ,r tn o i> lill iI r-. iinil to. a i o nia t rOi .
aottnl l Btr. Ia ii-a l oii at-i ur sreia i tih
hii lllh -n i talh," han r a n I l t il Im' at

ratn d rs ut s PrO liar of I enl ran.l
taerI ii th t r pr th r wh.
:I, eh I* r nl u l n If
ir hi' n ptc-ir l. r titi te -1.ci
-i 1 ta nh,- atri t l anr atrt-h, -.

--latir ift-ri i-t-i wat l d ea elo p to-
tiI, in I relftahncn I nd T *r

ArIa- tino i0rl.at tpre oTa rt la 0

iltai agt oi-aat twint art lout lhina
it,', Ia ,lata ahfpu ldhta t i tad oai"
t.i waih Ia 'atal n "eh -na (o.ro titn a a .
ftar old ag. KThronlg n lcr-a. a t

Itale the r stnl rltatn a itemia od
ii lthe erIht ehane or atati-anile'o.

iot law. can s Iha ir sd miudty Isnt t

itnl a nsosrtrelnt which sit haeP to
hla-Id Ii eahabk lnt*had a1 nld nt a lrIr
aart leta hreat oll nown tkanba l'c
hy tih t .pepln ea ao.f awI taa ligthnl taeal etmto Thnneere I nt a
slat--th bilianctad Itan heisla oait irf Sie
newht-alac tote hewn laWn pIa inod 11 n.
tra 1hy lals@ r. tlo lt ihitho lnc nn
al t I t n-a ltlahle to aat llte co at hunt
taltahaatatoi in,ta rata aouaiiit
cli-Ir l tl th ae pu lic e tlli-as of t-so oII-
tic ant it.a e rllln oa-ilhrlia i e a-r
trwhe Wa anoa nello waatll thet rlto
at-ao ta eennl tho f nr i n oinh r. tn
pihe mofme tn-ia-nd alw wr't h .. l i.ll-

rop laid ,anal wiurseo athee aa i"ite
ao ba fren- iao t allo n-ea.-s Ortaat
rata'eitrt 1 ih ba-co toe. ho. ct a lanu 1

aIth tlreao dora. Th't oabra i f for-
day abesI ycair tboseaitai prmtooamt&
hark ftho ellrh un te a t r iel edIl of
satot hr hw-w eon ha datnes pleop
rltall tI. That Nai tol lwi lac rlol I o-
Aatlae, 1ro1rs.malos itce .enFrtt of-
ct'ntlited Staa, patytil nt nronaea to
to Ia tho (lMae estllkaten the la men
mast and Io hflth the porln alt l ti
siastey inlk biatletisa sail -e1lahl1 rena
whie to toi to itrenrat n Ithe rt.t
at lta p doele In knos Hms lo aewa-
pewen at tha t'nnid atatat, wIth ia a-
nop, atnod andy ta asen teo at h,
onasn at in l e vr...lg a VIInlea st-ith

rldetla 1n. Wa easgant as n pls nans
sahek no work that a anroa aot a-ir
he eaa by st h at the p Wsltma itan
r ttlant racotnoM praenasted in liar I'nnto
ototes n Hoo. it on strea roa.d oat
he rlatiod beid h a csmcltto a an W la.
hat latna ihoad Ihle tao ha P= oh at
hnlalbtall aod t snalt ha rb to tho seallt-
atn at he l Intervlsy oad the "Ie"e

Tad p a the newaprist at-

.: Ist i Im what analc In
iiI amlM ast i d a ney aB lhew
Cv HaHS th e afn ~lan the Aetaea
aad nagie.

Uif Ualt .u( y o4 Oie lunitd.
Whille In Itluntit Ayr thie ltitti-r wn
tthor'e nottnii-.t ii ant Mrs. lln rd.
Ina,, att at i oat I.,,. hWiaiai Tri.t PEOPLE OF OUR TOWN
hIaI i lot of slatre thn. tlarIR o er fir
nr Tinorr p il e til lir. tlr lsint ie L .s
Inigel ao tlarl onerpltln Iinrall,
Mitr. iatairdllaing di-rmn t lher 'i*ii t -y
hlnsItry oili tlit of h e o nt Ar I l aili. ti-
forrm etol a iollsmonlli Irtn ,fl le it' n

Ing prilleNwsppo r Office, Sit,-
It l rl. tId thiln t sli was lkiel Oi, tAl ir hi l-

nfarltnil II mal n y. t h1 tiM r a t n Ill. Wi- hT"
'Ie lnhi i titaady Mall lr-in do tilul

Itn of the illtior itl l We r ick. oc h to th
lt. rtliaIa lr. Thrlfortil \i nn Ia c, but when "o" int
vull tn th, Knielft orat foi lit Well, ryone think, It t Pr, J
lrinrtln. soa tile to y Ar i o t tur. h d
ti-rn in t n t it orini writ In A rt but

VI the newopoper Na w ir l Nv Out for living
Ittfr forel r tnta l mtt i r Ii n t oea ve Put ln the aer.
feitinnrly whe lretteai lli' tae ownar. Itt
not A H yrnpery it f a Spr- Tlt PEPLE OF lUR TOWN
enelsn'r nrlwlti wan n i ally ealt h.
ier ninny yeita bhy irev. I. IIn. Ttnlf,,rd
p-whont. e thnt hI hil thirrItyl t tyla n we all kn.ow : II
hea of te e oi. esld than it It f lh. We r. a "Ioc' th tn th l
iraolnr. nlthintha lIr. Teilfairil In tin Int coo, but when "Di'" tin*t ht'asiaia
vtnd ld t ype Kenelnretlh hopitill I I Wa, everyone thinks it tile Prlle Joe
'lannarl. and onlllt e nto tnm n t it af tha Centry. "Dole ay hli dat -'
tentlona Is rilittiorhll wrilthi. It IiI, hdliava in Advertlinar. but te Wnet
itn am nolinr t whlth i eer yet eat Int h I Out for gi vna
altodfrl tfie oer ltne hanslr i m I`.w lanm Put in te t' i .
ittry traion iti e itf thre own tr. I
t,,s. th elip prrty atr i Illrr PEOPLE OF ORr TOWN
Mr. tefpurrler prtolltly wrill In t-il E
li t'erd-Nevl Ufi t when tle f lhiat t- it-

it n fttam eiliy wpn either lMr. SItnrra' -t.
Tohe iat enNor Ie jntr tile t. Titi-ifmt
Whieatvee It want, Mr. Ietarllse. aWsh i-

tte hTe rod-Notew mat lin t wl nfia aI

Feld her esatl act type pretty h .0t 1I.
Inquired inhttt the eittts'e ttn ret s-tlt-
'it In o Ianr tisme sInce any arlly
tramp printer htns "elll here." o c
sltopniad the teeors-N.ew stat. ,
ceranseom e. Mr. tactlnlt hy offherl>.I
to psee It he esld find natme wnrk fior
him. Tnkltn lIr. lrditnlg Intot the lanak
rcanot of tile plant a pilel wan fatnd
where he ea nltd in to witk nas
o tromp printer to he helped ott In
copy was given to the athytail
tr nlt. lMr. ardirng tak off h l h at.
chat end thvet, and hons thilt op ,tali
atnertd to act type. This wnerh hot it The $teat Loafer who Parkh an a
op nontl hiellehk It the evening- Pnramlanet Camer aend Jlakeal It.-
qalttlag tim fai tMe day. flts IleamO the OGils a they Panm
A God Cgtst a t. By sholId be Called to the A tention

Ima tt lP. liflag wOa lnkel 74=astag Him to the City Dump.
fawus kMl LU mayn gad re,




Another release In that
inimitable series of
comics by Sughroe
"People of Our Town"

Many publishers incline to
the belief that a large
amount of their feature man-
terial should be of a humor-
o u s character, especially
cartoons and comics. Wit-
)less the race among metro.
politan papers to outstrip
each other in this line.

Surely these caricatures
will brighten the pages of
your paper and cause many
smiles as readers fit them
to their prototypes inning
the "people of your town."
They carry bouquets for the
deserving and jolts for those
who never advertise, never
subllscribe for the paper, net'-
er help the town in alny way
antai generally are of no aic-
coiunt to the community.
They are constructive edi-
torials which you may bc
sure everyone will notice.
The present release contains 24
saintl-coluno n cuta ftollo inla the
general atyle of the amplea h,.re-
with submitted. They are siuppleil
either -in plate. or mata and the
coit in only $2.00-8 1-3 centa

Drop a li t tthea el* with
,hin e, a. b.aol an rata.
thin all with the weed, "Smal
Theame" year ma said that f
y..e mpa p tslm wsfta i.

Newspaper Union

Iluray I Hooray I Here com the
Printerl Pall WI hen we're Bllulser
than a One-Arned Snare frumunmer,
he never Adds to our Weai and hb
Always, Always lrinalg his Ad Ia
Early. And he ever holler that his
llname Town Paper is the hiest In tta
^And and IPtal Up Wllhlhot being

lASts 01 iot 0
pa iaso. asnaIs ntU
.1- )a V--- rim

Th.e Ifg.Feallng link la layIng down
the Law agall. Kter ileark sl a
Statement; every step a Strat; very
Pos a Plcture. He takes ilamelt
Seriously and pretemln to be thl Brain
Trust. ut personally We thlil baa'l
rlal of Prane.

Colorado Edi

Now Seems Al

.Claremn II. Mliit"usl to be a
day hie gt tlh Hid. that Ih waiuld in
tluwnr on his lowi halek. n. lie wo.lt
ilJaigir. That ah n tu'iitty.-lx )reaur
ful-Init aalar ilt. r a .tar r two, It l
ia ilttir to Mianager .indwu uf Ithe
lis, -0l:
"At thin tInia I d<|.irt to e*xlp
fulaniHil bly )iu. FSar tr lr Int
,IIs patiro.l. iand ll ii Metin to in' lli
.vnt'l iis inlotlualy hlilpri intg until I
qatiitly Ia sna rilwr 'ull ali nlh xpre
itory hl,-lllla jiulllhi ll, ulil I n1n1, l n
juidgaonllt Ian tih ,n- lhtti of t trial
lin tiln )i'ar unt. V.ur In.Ws wo-rvli
lnilrely mOallai l ultl thief i n-t ily-
mle. ih fuilt. atin the hlii iohn-prill IHlI
viaitt. Thanking you for itie mnan




Good Story of the President's
Chautauqua Days When He
Was Taken for a "Tourist."
CLARINDA, IA. The ('latonda
Journal prinu thI aniedote if preal-
dent (than s aste) Hardlng'is x-
pertiton Ian I owa town ulan mne
of s Ch utnaqua trips in ynenrl pant :
Ko m pagan ageo Mr., and Mrs. War-
ren G. Harding of Marhei O. arrived
In oulnt Ayr. Ia., where Mr. llarding
wan to deliver a Chautauqua lecture.
1Mr. Hitrdlnrini had been routed wrong.
Thil eoli hIlimnself inad Mll. lHardinig
It get Intl thae county nieat if ItIne-
sohl eaointly 0 lhly earlier Ihlan iti',
llane chlieduled for Mr. HllardilnK' l.. -
Mr. Ilarlling at the time was a
I'tlitedl Htutt st senator from Olhio. te
main owned a daily newspitper-the
iMarimon Star.
About ahl parlleular vilst nf Mr.
In.i Mrd. Finding. Willlinn F. Slipe of
Clarlnida. nhon was fit Mant Ayr A liat
nivc employed l a la in lyrr Il lo, try.
Iilg of a c-na'. lrvornil aonmthincg of
lunuiuainl Ite rcel ia- to ltl, a1i1trat-iter
iof the Iin whlo Inw IB l 'niawlhnt of
the t'nilltrl s lt t anita whlOe wi e I.

itor: "Service USE MUCH -F REINar ts.

most Perfect" PULP AN PIPER .. .
e- If so Ala u i 4 I1he l acilfc aihp ta .4rt
bil-to.wn printer tin Denver. But one YN o 1 la "aid" ai N"" n York.
o .llt -,, lhe |l, in nd ral n ins. N.or INn the Consit slat" count Ill.u,
out Io li t, i... .tI srled r IehtW IN I I n1 rl.llrl tiha nlra-n. t iaftpl| ,nlial i.t,
iIi., lll .11r. Mil t. ]i1i> l e. lu.l. nm wr to I re'llt nt |lll nitl. s '..
tur. u ,ii. The* l .llt r llma y h.i Ir,,-la --t Ftrlhtr. It iiii .l ait tea InI, dpenIldh.,l
WNL la-later o.li,,a and thia in h,,at Two-Thirds of ews Print lMod Z il as ae ar,. .r, ,nupl,
s.oa nia.alasr.,,aIth.,n a f Iaa t ie nei.a, Fromn Wood Gro mn ti FtOig Inllhe." tl.ln I..it... of 1he Unii.,l
a- rl .l I iln t.rva. irilt shl,.- Soil Says D pIrtmlat. .astern Lands Mult Ha Refereated.
ti cad,%.rhlt i-rl'Jd- flirtai:ha,-l iy"
aIt it san.IiiM nnlat ptarftlcl Fr*- -- Tihe rllandy I- tiwof.il; h m-atn tInr
r .l.n.r. Il rstinllln thl. x.ril il, kirrioPred rby ,e '.ntd sts Diprst oatinl mill- on tihe ilatl.' ll 1111. and ret trl-n.
AY ta. t t all s Vi I' xoeilllnally i'n..l TwItl-hllitr lif ltll nlw print u lIed ha lhe 1 iast
l.rl,-n frillliasho thie L.Adtagr tvol.,r fh, i I ottal State hn l. wul usadt "ltefortettlon ai1 ltak not .ailly
e ita. lair exleltie,, a.Ilai I uatal r ntfro at grawa l a f--rin i I, tllt kill. energy, and nmley." ay ti,
-rlil is. l, f l it taili tlr-.Mrs., of Ill thlln 4,.adil.liN tnl. of t fom ntleries "hut nmest mrIou of :ill.
rlil .r nhil'h I hiir, tll aUer- fpulp naititie for .itl 1trM sis i lanly eanrs must lott l Iapa fne the
yi tarlt, i le last," I ea paer e bnt alne frap t e n ,ll om'u,, i. 1:st eoa hbe pat an n th..orgly alf-It
Over $11ta.ala.a0lil f w |ld, for tihe wtaanrtinghiala. Y.' th.rel no .h.hlb,.
ylp wt.OI. f,o1, on ai Ir-1, d ptaer Ilm-left to us. T'el wnork mi st hb, mIltr'
ItllIt W-iw. oit uld Plp. tt pat e tin' taken. We llust have putat, anc f(,i
a In hi i. T int Ar Xt lan hoi d1lt the Ulile every year of delay we must [laIy la*
lh l nxt day. markets outllde its rintrol. reanslngly heavy pen ltle for nalis..t-
"-W,. llilialit glve yon amae woark Trlnae onTtrat y s ns nno Iouutte draw its tlg to the foraeata tfast it
tlhn." kindly volUitltrn.d tIhe sympa npply t oun r raplllyli, d~iw.aerlna the wood in ensumeil."
I all.lle lcane-N.ew man. eastern formts. A ai result primarily AI the rteult o tf unr'elated lumlir.-
".No, I will be buy tIomorrow and of forget depletion, tih coat of putlp I.I, It Is pointed "t. folinwed by firc.
conildn't help you," replied Mr. Hard- w-io rame m"rt than 11 pe pe eent In moae than SO,000.OI0 acrte of potential
ItIa. the fie yeanB pIrIal, 191-91I1), and foe.at land., moat aiccmible to Easrten
"Wlhit are you going to dorT the of wood pnip pter reat Iner 1018. and lIkematemlllhtan renow pt delin
Iitanal-Nrwa naih Wnalted to khnow. TlHe ianl other facts are ented nohing ar in iapoetlng a growth of little
"I uim Senator Halrdng," mid the in a holletin "Pulp Wonid ConnBmptlon Ure enept t fldlraeooa. If they were
printer. "und am sgallat to deliver a and Wood Pulp Proeanellt. 1920." pre- proeudnI only a third of a crd o pulp
lea-ltara at the Chnuntauqua tomorrow." partedn by the threat mrlew, Unlled wtl an acee every yer, the tolY
Very likely the Rtemorl-N.ewo mtn states Department of Akrinilttlre. In yield waalhl he 20.lOO.0 tod r a p-
felt JUst a anyone els would who e-nopeentlon with the Anmeorlen Pulp proximately twine the amount nledeil
might Ihve much a joke played an him and I'aper Amsrhlation of New York. to supply the entire Aimreia co.n
an the nie PrIMldent of the United Domntie Preduction Not Adequat. sumptIom at the plehmnt time.
Staten perpetrated in Mlount Ayr. Priorto 190 practicallyallthe paper Woodl-plp produetle0 In In110 Is
The next day In his t ount Ayr cnsumned In thin country wa mu. ple t P t' t am tnd the avr.
Chantauqua addren Setnator Hardlng fanctured here. TMis I no lOncur tne. ace valna ait mill at 117 pier ton.
told why he had aet type as he did In The United Statea Ia now becoming a lnaeam o tr $19 per ton, or 37
'the ecordaNewas offiSca, more and more an Impoatlig natom. Ipr east ~ 191i dgue"a.
He slid It waa for the aine ranges and the pIaper klni Indts try hba
that giendaotmher. didl knittlng, and grown until Its caepltallaatlon ap-.
mothers tatting. getting type enabled pronehea the billion dollar mark. EMPLOYIN ENGRAVERS OF
him to collect, hia taholta. to think "The troub e in p the i- e ENVER PROPOSE PAY CUT
methodlcally, and to help him prepare letln. "i that we have mlllo without mn
hl lecture, forests In the East and forest with-
Over at Mount Ayr they like to talk out mills in the West." In New Esng-' DENVER, COLO.-Aindrew Daniel,
ahant how Warren 0. Iardlng, now land and N ew Ynrk, whoee the formats i stes y of te Danver Enla.lnlallat
l'resldent of the United State., once hve hewen largely worke l out, there I Photo ZEograva n, which relreemnita al
let type In their town, mistaken for a the heanilett ronentration of mills leading concerns here, led a nollc
tramp printer, nnd how Men. llardinx In Alaka, whore there II enough with the state Industrial comnlalmitl
darned his tocks to a Mount Ayr sprein' and hemlock to supply present of a wea reduction to follow the en.
boarding houae. Amertean newsprint requirements In- piration of the present contract wllh
I it any w wonder that Mr. and Mt l dlfen'1itely, there ito ntily one mill. The employees on January 2d. Union owl-
lharding now lte in the Wtlie MlHoua Inutrya'- hnn retmalled tationary in ell t at once notified the comtmUilon
rlthein East while tlhe lumber Industry they would not co ent io a change
haas moved Went. of contract. The empliyerm' aiawl-
Miourl Paper SuspendL. "In Mitnnesota, for Isntanee, where ntlon elasninOr are: Weleh-Ilafnter
lthRIN.riF I.I). MIli.-The Springi- dointi-tle splrtni frinaio fIll per cent nf Prtnting Company, amllth-Branka tiloi-
Said Journal, a wWekly newapatpr pillt- tha oinsauitiin. pull) wood cn tl $10.40 aanay. t'ln tion Mitp ll pa'spy, Rl I.
llthell hy A. T. Wing. htin s llpelnded p,-r ton lan than In New York. If Ituolalt Eomrlving ColnltPany. Cark En-
pulllealltion, and Mts Wliig han gone New York pulp milll eaould have irafvin Company and the Coalorado
to Tnetnua, Wash. : itroglhlit thte pre from natlva fEnraving LComlmany.







T-ds Press Cangres It Would
Be Greater Than Any League
of Nations.
lieNOIAUIX, T. it.-A LeeanUe of
IRen ulleir Mel aun thle furerultuer of
a Il.ei ge of Notloti!
'Tijs o. t he thought enpreooed hy
Virnliu Ituilrlatiue Ileteta a vice pre-.
Wolit if the Irets t tcugtre o f ilhe
World. sho read a paper at flhe re-
root meting here oil "A P'retriuuet
Pmi i Congress ad the Ptedt of thie
B1efre lonl. declared Sdenor lie-
teta, thee will be a tribunal mare
lamout than wiat o The Hitaee. and
a league oi inlttuenhllil In Ie re-
saltf than the many proposed leagueeu
of untllim. alnd that will be a IEaute=
at Newspaper Men. It will be a
league lulll upon a prevloua and
larger community of pulinl of view
atuin Jlms Moioerlate, tie added, end a
Iru rt or trlbunal whowe dedlooi i will
le uire diffit-ult to Ignore becaee
Notu'liltied hy moral w nd not a mate-
reil florr.
Srenr Itletta. Central American del.
eiate, Maid In part:
"A great deal ha bheea l iud about
a oldiiue of nitlon., about a no-lepty
tf Inaothn, andi even of a unlon of the
imiutiuim tIat border the Pa'cille rean.
But a court or tribunal whose derl-
aloiisn shli be mW difficult to ignore
be 'noi neilioum d by a mural and
ant a material fore; a league bill
lipon a preliousa nd larger intmuntlly
tf poitnt of view among i s uwoctlaeum.
thil IN what only a wurtl prnti court
and n newimpalper nitn'a hiiue of the
world rnan nteimplith. Nthlt U lirtu-
llfian han ar inttlrillarIl n Ihll urw
and every-day betllr inidlerstol in.-
tltutlion known aM Ithe Ir-e ionoigren
fat the World.
Step I Logical.
"Arc they simply Utoipl, theolli-
Ial ittnlrUlloH IhMit the ctuogdn-es eao-
tertamlnM? Cn It. Ideal hbe of a re-
attiepti-itul lieatt li u linprueclaiil and
bheontd the world of remelthol Far
frhu it-. T'rlm Inuvemelt Is but a
hblhel step In ini proui-oive ev-hl.-
tlud tiC tae pirero, nilt In lha uony with
Iie iPnl trtnPld of iluu on nplira-

Th'ri ariies dIlttolr of peace, nre
ani In h pollit. ti pmnooer an under-

a tin uimlo i miln -ie ht It.c ut(11 ul -il
lileuir ue unlry'i life iintl t um.r, wtilh
ne-ount printarily the dlftie o- f ihe
iarlh-iie lieleuot.m nf t,'MtIi |itople,
ind NI fhile imt, ihe defense mif the
IMnrtih-uulr Idlel ofm each country. ad-
nIltllii In their iuomU leading t wnar
a rcnaoaaltle Mniolint of Idealistm. TIe
hitihro ,if thle government In every
toleIry mnilot reach a mntlual under-
Atiltlllun[, for Itinc. they are the man-
rutoirniurf their hptle they must attend
to Itleir vilal Interets, their needs and
wfll'n In "e'ry case. The dlgni-
tarile of relKinln are nla n In-tter .
poMiltlin to aenoelate them helven with
a peIsnw eampaign, an they ncust retkon
with the antanonism end dllTerence of
principles, dongnsH and nmtot. All
these grent forrei, ariny, pollllit tnill
thure.h that functhnt within the -o.
rill body, are Illulted e-n'h by Ita
Wmmiar Inold. end yet -n-h may rn.-
tribute not o little towinrd commonly
untedilecst inr hetweene altl ninkind.
It Is a great deal that thte army n.ir-
ril In tunny crnI'm not only the ilde
of national defense intt the battlefield,
but almn the much broader idea of Ihu-
man rights or the milvilging of 'iv-
Iliatlimo. It iN a great deal thllt nany
rulers of t(he people approve adoptting
and amplifying the lelumnn derived
frIm the war inward improvlnrn the
populalhr conception of libery and In-
dividual rlRhts. It Is a ge eat deal
that the variont fatllhs are rmining
IheimselesI to fhe level of tlri Vretr
*nd pIittlng anlde t1e old iailsiuinve-
new.C fuer r nct-pithl more In ui-mnu
with the ptincille of uilecrniil brol-h.
er!t-od and rhnritHy.
f In Mist, neither the nrmy, the stlit
aor the Phlrch, nor elP-li ilar pIpi'
thtnelv a *ware able to work wlilt ai-
lUilti1 freedom of spirit toward tIhi
atlalnmoniu it the brltherhool tif tnln.
In the fare of a fresh conflict, the
met they cne do la to propound their
views. to exhaust their arguments, to
nall upon the name of the Ideal, and
ll0h h heavy heart and Sery eye,
lrding lo the degree of their faith In
huniilly, l o abandon themselves to
Ihe whirlwind of alotighter.
Neiwpaper Allsa As.
"It is In Ihia hour when newapaper-
dnui sililih attempt to entlihine Itself
aN the imtriltonle of the Idel. It does
ant tieloii. eoanhiered In Its peanle,
Ia any exriuslve circle, army. aect or
gtnieneciinl whaiMet Moer, en than
that. it luet 1ou belong to any single
anotntry, and rian even Palae its vole
against the oldphini of the people. It
run he sytinlhtllied by a new AtJan wie
liitnly feels the weight of the world
litat he .Hrri tl on hla .limuldlers whill
1b, linltnl- ire a ftredtwidt forth In a
tIrul-- iltntostry- allltiude.
Ititinr as ifi I the inent dire-t nndl
ellipitrmiltmiitt s rk of Mlh Inthlthtlt i llt
th<- ti.tltuii.In ithut hIu1er r-iedtl It
ani hii- ii.-t If hi nitr7lh'utle. hi o11i
nmi.,. It 'ifletmih-a a eha alual exolutnipl

if Illnrl y idirarity, ilorolli', toler uimilttele. after a careful IItudy of
niv. o i i iti, tii firntunutlyh, the ite% k- iti.- 'tu lo N lla f toi th i propose l.
i1.o-ooi, vi--M. ucld ldeforumitin' of I rIw o.lved lnt to iteflrtallt It further.
lutrller, H ut Il putllh l u brighlit MoM-. Were- Itd tile iewwolaplera Ibfore the
,A tit- .u-lhh. of Ith. ih'lil. It libe 1 lit 'gltiiitn li f tlie outil t ito a cerntall
inoitlill ii l dil aluhta lilnl, indi 'on Itl. ti.- tiil fit'lilt g t lie hutea of the u
Irr ih iil anliy i tlh irhe illan i anltlate.. Ni upilt f ith of r .n t fr ii.. ii pinlt of view .f o
hill. 'Thio .h rnt iult pri-ll-t It it rt .h i iiiiiiuliii ? W nWhlin t -n Hit n
uhnst i111i ll the I wm ri f i nlluo rili Ine from tl i.- thclul Ieti nledl i
ht' ifillltill ot. I i pIoM tts i U dollhi l' pIlilihmhi | u if th he i prK gll ium l ii
%irtiii : lifi0rll0 ri l '% it n util iti l i li rit o i i- rry tlh prltosl, nif lii of thi e li
Thlirm rc.o, hlie p N. i o t im. pI wr plriir flili-r ifon s ...f vllw of tit tn
ail h ih b iit I l t he i Cll'rlts M lpir lt ll i Irr .'ihi- r .1h thr l n'il l th e-il of I
ih pl | ., rtlirith .It ihuul lnir u ilin i. i. > :i, 1, .l lea t of ull tihe I f
ir. tiliTr l. n hne-lrlilte buiy1 0 ll. hr fitls itill ti .it. i .. f r \ l l, i if ililunn i ty t h n

l ini.htlt it f ilbe of e tn h rOtwli l t hn- l ti t 1tt ne ll rentl lt o f It
Will n ii niouln4lie tio- piculinl.l lthe r ieades o tllt.1 i- 1 I l,- ir Iltoef il.wllo lnl ded t

t Lt|.r. Aoh e Hio ]h w 'p t ere'nin ti- it r. '.....l.in l mtt it riti t'lir flcni hilt i.
ti,|u Ilhe Jm tilnenl i k t C ia i"ril 1ito 11 li. i, ill, ril.ot in uie llltn i. i lte

l+IV I.T r ,i' iii ll e tilrilliilie ll. i thi iit o. i f,'s1 luii |l l Siicwi o n it ip. -oee tiffti.l l tn l ri Iin .o Il*lsl. 1|lt-ti .i i -ii o t.ti -lul itustl -
n-hu I-trlitit i tler tittittoti i Aereuiy tii,-re Itoter loIclu. n flt I-ng of i ueirt treo-e
fo il,-illnii- i eter ti ilot n Whnt f iilt o l i i ihi rll l-. fi- lt l frotm l whi pl
Int.i ie iNo >urt >vl r Af lio-ol if ti,111- h oi li m I it t r il rento lhn
loinl,.1 ll ii iiiingt .l f f i i r'l it ,,, tlti tltcil. toei t i liwi ly j-
ill L-ri'n1 il i lf ut n ultil. t il .li-,, ir .l.tlLI t., tut.ru ,itf- ti u lll l i
hllnl .. i-i.llit e n luuu itll l ilhi t Iront ll 11 it t-Mutt l*- or i- tltual llho e ,e
iimlny flloorsi tnPitly or >Il-I|I.%, li ft, i lt, [I fl .,r ,,1r I w.. Thlat o* lmllllsn
olirei Jtill.l togetheFr for othl l i.o-ti- i t.- ld iitt It.l i .r titrt.fl ohe OpNlortull
ii l iim llnmr-s-I l nUlUtii l t ir r .u l mi iti t ... .t nie t to top u wiIr thatul
g irollis ut, m e by s itu? lit Ii" ei ol il prt|i ,lull p t l y the
I t1u1 m. futr either of ltwo rmiii: iortils wil n I ,i w Pre in the i ili*lt of it.
Wlen it wfl.iset to plea the threaders i nd i hn It ,.- pes i self was divided
thIrMilgh hirs otif intern ting I torn l ,, Nut o .r u ,i.trodlet, ry Kr.u| a.,
whitlh tlle jilmallt kniwt ieVr ful's 1 ,rdlitg i, tiniii illti'h viewi. Thl
11i th5lt ,-it f I iUhl:i. t.r Wln It li t , 1, f Ien u n ,.u..re l tr tileu-
lit- ititl. of i t inf llhiK tliul ptlhnote: lt glr' fl.' th o in u r olhl.mn of th It n-lii

nItmilh In t uh m ke n I i he t n iruitl l r thI tri. t il fl h ilt l ii s woll Ud- f si i w llll
InI nuchrll ifI hl utte tiie hutr ih t sitrm n. oiit" ih u Ilt sin or luNtlloi for m
tihsli a utiltl y tfle hfitghtitt ferni f llt t lt u U llI t ii .l1. 0 t tre trying to
thllugh1tl? Already thlrl hfliavu beeni hil the fl tin for 11 utlure
nUtiortitiHIly few. inewlpiunrmi' l]eaniiuet NMl oo,
for ollill I enterprlmx. Why no i .' ,1t ti ltni, 1 Ito fill. h ci In atp-
-im ,IIc n |lc ll ? Al Icu of Ii.t li,- I, t,n. I,b ,ter uniilnrtUndln
itl-.or IniI all ile foini n ItIpn oe r t Il nw paltr i i of eI the viam -
leiall, f TItonlU Th-rt In th ll, Ir-I al htru. i tri t., lrimhtlly lltlo from
dtll .en-ll Ihll of n Tile Itrt l t l t t 'rm l t hi l iillois i thi t Ih ve iht lltlo e itl ob-
( ll.- o f while WorJ'd. n in.s .,l.ingtt Iti,.itin Ihelii. Tile- l 4
um ..lut e lld ern huni nl iiltiiiio tlil iin.i.ni,.id <.|1 n ihi. l It I I ui oplu.
iIl. i avnt l l- ro apilly t Im o inh row h i ,,ls h,'r i ,-l ot lv ,I n ime- l. over the
th i'l: iiilentln i nill m n1- lh- Iin t l l I, ,1 ii. I- n to fip foreful
short til, h; etween iits first .|pl1 r- ^j i niliii to. ii llhlef N w York
Ulno n. iii n t pr tint hiy l ii: lh* pi r iit n 'l I l I'ullhlll- r, who-I e
Wm,. rtni elnl a.iy lMh t it h I linge t mov ,,iii 1 i-i I i.i .e nni l..l M lm ith
IIt mdillutle with tlih frlr, e f hUilm i hr, h,...I, sr un h i a ittern to,

me tuid on th m, th nint atito nine I Ito t s i N
til iut- iptt tut u-l t i ti tti r lt n. i,;,[ ltn rst.|, i i, t, i tl t ii: oittii me-
*l.-. n f li~lli ll .-. priuted w --i "+1 i.,i i i,.. i.. i'd. f ,helurn-
tnitrlh tli ts i l h t Ii i li il r ti ih I i l itm iu t tt lt I-
,i 1ill. I li r i i l .t nlii, ,i.,, hi., folly,,.ri pr-i iio 11 ler
riuih l I.% ith slhmet io lliiaw of remit .n., .i, t, i1,,ir.f,'in .. ... ... ,ikting ,l..tn n -
"1iit- n tI utllen t IMi it r J lt hi- ,t ;it i 1 .ifo 4l n lth lia rl l rI l
in ii l t inte It ihe ttt itJi to t-- il h.r,. i. r ...r iif i da lly if l. n
ph h u In I .:I1.hit ,-pre ion t. it i 1 I s :1 ,* hard rI d I I. Iravel Iefore
fi tailillI qut lin t su Th*i t ie t- ue ._i tn g i f c i urth,
In l .i o llith witli thl ill7?t y rl i Nl t t iur i', ff Millxlnint n ri ill-
piit e df nii l frk. I>pur- Iho i- re r t il ) illh ti N. ir r the grtut lin
puf l hin.-e ei. nlnit, Inl motsI lt :n .I....l n- li n r t n lhte olf a ne Pr
I1 i ar i enuaiil*, iuniers. W, ,n i' mil+n rr.n i l m t Itt I .h. Ih+re
o ly uall th, pr,- ah illl wh1 e 1 ih- i11 ;;r- a : t illo Iipi that 1. based
ile i foru.,i t m id l ln It pilltir fth' l in- on liui-t,, to iiil ,an a r.' m
bhid'h enrry il hr n,,Mnh s. Th. t 11 l *<'tilreilu, liit,-t[ n tle iii. n Io |
lutn of le itio llt i t for i l-hileti uimi P .lt rl tmt t h n r-o tehe h oprr.-- t t fi
iitln l. of slreti.lnL' iti d Inm nioni i i ;ntl eini n of thf iirhl nr not otnly d1
the Ifeop11 waIs ".. lnin irt In. to irit sihrnh il l iut 1 '. --r .' i
iSlri ls tir tfftr- I tl.,fitr, the I ttml.-ii ii"ti h i.nf, hi w'fr, ill he t.I- irml -
prf inlinlit i, the hI idwrithen Itess t hll h ill l b ,ll llmlish a, hllpr tu
iln Ion ir nll IV, nii' o. n t lii t- i 'T. lo rt great step In atilg dilrt -
ilhoire of 1MarnIs AurpIllu. lnd I l ii t, h i1, Ih h.|> \hlu Ih I'... (* 111-
A,.rs llnnit to .IhlinM hI 'nir:In gries of thle World convenmL In lion
Ilhi .lrno. atin hliltlhimn or the l ht lleie tlilre in ti.il.oher, ili hing rhd h t dipt
ildl on thlP w irt :it a pric'p tlht ll, l. Il> .l. .. tlIl t gnllth-e hiio w shil
anh t clre iy w hich the e rteristed -I .. .tc.f. I.he ut Ih file hlll,, I
p nwerbly toweil itl the extilte hl lnt. j niit 1hl) .,1+ u .iln tlhwly Inilhlli ht- in
ef ihe v nlor:l from that time It 'ire1..*U lhl. I l 1n nf ll na n fi tnl
loSak a ihtlelit f ari1i nnttl rw In ,,i o pnwer nh It fell it- mlf oln ir lorn from thit ieol Ih, fri indly then id ti.
tht eri fillnr pig n Iuil li lnig n tleli, l tt in l o tlei ntu pprle w ith ro itn
pld on the lir t tif pnpere. It T r'n- .tt i'n.ii f tint niltif lng ni irtii.llni
il ttol to grow Ire etr'n.'tlit kr n hl il I'thro'l tt'
ulh int1 ilh liti oti .1 llliunh Must Support Congres.
mel d fit h i lo st Ai0 inrl l liti i tin : Tihe e 1r ,- b ',,n-
olerr- of ihe, Wirll shl uldl rtollehe Ilt,
Moment ls Historical. dIItld -lpt l Ill.rc r i *'t frd o pCiarns 4' the.
"Wn thrnd ant the hiteorlenl in. worldl.
unlit In which tliho prs, prolting "<*i of th inmfs powerful indl
fri ln tfh wlop os lll r shien f thi tinif |r.ilniliu ihi lillhio iio f tih t'npr l;il a
trihm to Imlprove Iltislf by tiu lirrr ilth iork for" u lincrir- l1 frih"nd-
iritei il exlllnllulltili. It ID on o fte slulh hill I rho ,o. ll i '+lil rihwltloln bI. wl u
nit of it. pon-r, hut hais not yevt th, utiroulni i'oiiilrh tlint I irihr tlir
ifti lull the Kii toni fii Itf isldrilual IPuilh' ,-< niin ilu n lnini wllihin tlhi
wrotllnlt Tlh ih tti|"nlstli y of ynolth pIricdl .f tip ImiH things of lhi prt-,
hitm mlislpl it f mm.whIt, mn"idhrlrh, ,ittnrof- 1. niit ,l u-igross of thf pr,.-
thet no human Inlstlluthon hls mit movei, f lthe MoIreml'doihnred countries.
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It ,rille to H,, nttitimnin of ilt pr < hrll ng thf O ie 1
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a vTI.w of (ext irillnhi n n"i'ui for Hlo
Imhbequenlt future of mankind. T@ Handle Papenr DIftultie
sunggelnes ofi 1917. WA.IIIN.fTON, I. C.-The rommli-
"At the rlhoe o file year 11917. lin crTntpit Iy Jilnt ioslntlion of
that in to mny In tlhe- mihldlt of the I oisarits to rniliint with Canadail
wnar, the editor of thl Th-triol Timnm -ihit'oringll 1)1 nlinfifaiplre of paper
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thf presel Cfsingr,* mileitl ie th- l. -, it wna sininitncfd at the White
vl llnlity of Clliih n ii metinr extra. II. ume. I i i riirtrx ld that Allegri
ondlnnary fn" the pnrplioe 'thlt the 1ll1srlnilutiiiii will lie ,tiled hy dl-
ledrl of'lthe Fouirth REint of (i711. ret mirtnitlt|il iwtierwen the State
i"lidm' might eCnmle to -tllhilh IlIl,- Depiirtllelit and tlie CMiad lin .ivere .
iNilNe for arlmile. The executive ii.ntt.


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it h-ld Its regular eomaniumnual so. .l.-liign a umae reductive of $4 a week. ier the e t.tmet ,for a a
n. velr fifth. The day wa They had tnen given the allterntive copy 44 feet. a0-0 bw
-it hit a gttr ral round-table di.clus- of a 4-bhour week or a rednltiot in nnmt. of brik Ceaea "
t of matter of lntere"t. Hlll.a Ipao. iumie wil be equipped ii 1
-t*ill-m wa given to piblhiher. who The hearing berto Judle Torrio l nw mact'hlna The
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Itin11 of lh.-t rates uond .st..s were gutiup of the Franklin Anik e@iollo tile Flod. who baa bees the
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MIAMI. FLA.-The Florida Rlty this m er had not returtd to work take over the Retrlimer S
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.I~ t -Ic *a dlar In I liae te I" ILdLa "KielI. F ib a~.. tW.i i M IT"I..'" ir"Ili hi-1. ItIe Fl it 51n. T.. 0 t i hll ht~ jt t.l c I.d 'A.. Ilslil C hl.. Ill b ~ ~~i iil rn.- Is I' AM .1i-n lae

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--`- Ii `,: I m l t t. "' ,f I I . o O h.- "I* 1i ` `-h! ,Aut n I.Vll 1 I~r p~ ~ f n I .; w IN, 0 A* . P I . 'b 11 .. I *t I .,w .. . ,,n i N w E. At l~ l I I r ni r e 1+I

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a; l D, t hl h er ran i c~l ec. Alece AsIh thtl.tilie heln 17101. Will e rlr .ld I "l"i l..Id At ie A .c 51 I I. alit I -ta nebtot. Ir -tratA6 -tr. A tia $ AiiI-
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llrlee- I L it.- ,I a. 1 ,. d t.id T ..It.. ei le. tIi. 1rT.IrI. 1Ich.. .Ii i 5 I .h Aii. A..p -iltNt i AS t i ltit tl dell Car I I AI,
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nal Nrnnea a ldoe eelC.l oI~iett nltaeth.A I r.wlla Ci nl.e,t 0-+lmPnl i litnr i Imrot + -r+,t iw r...i .. a*.d lot.-l ,'l abt I A-ta ea- tantol M
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i.t, K... l i- .. . I .... ..... Ire,. C Ab LI .. -... --..t. l I's i I ,d n i I, ,,. I s .i d' ."., .r.a-I ,,, 11,cr. I ,a:d ....... i e A. lt... d t, ,, A-,,. i,, ,,, ,t,': -I -e-e ,.- "r""a. ew pa.. W e.,ed
Laitt p.aAc.. -, I c W e-- ll ho... c 1111 0 Frs-al Co-e n L i A t-Il ni V. d '.sab .irei peteb h", t; s. let e O-n o. l I. tlIlt ., ,its, i-, CI e __ r__r Ai itaaA. Ie N. --- I
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it.Kl-. -l tareinli O-% liw u I.I JetiI, ,ll A 0 COI t 1b "Isea n. 1re ittId i re Ant PrI idle ... tiihtA it t-tLi WA, I70 I _i I- y PiI -Iaono 01 iaet t

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Iten g CanaanIH t1al note',, A er j~$ iil~+4 .F 11 I .~ t %:% ii hAit I A i-l y.1dn yr o ihlpi~w Aletlc in A-1 r- pee oe q A t. ntt-( ec M AIIX liti I l-cen lerl lA ol P. Ct t-l nil Wares. alserewst.
s ._t C C. oAan St cw Nocep ane t Neow It ce .A c ..- I ball -1..t..1s1, t ,- Iic P.r IA-inlin tnoJl .. tl t PM. rest. ..ow i

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'ic "d e p,h- e C I sal- t n.n i I-l ,ntl y shr e ice el l ttr, in l e-1 .sd. "I hi. lehap *asoh;n+ C ili n wt. I"tl llre., I CIt .. ... PeIr Slo, I L ease -. WAN W;Ei c
tilsist tca$. it.- 1 tlt.'l .l r Io i-nis. -.-s tit, Cur .I- ne le o .1 tle l ct ( aihInr i lit li t t pac I p1_en l Ii tr .t .... Ao-.- I
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a.h cr atic~ee tabto .ir -1 Ce lls S ie~to h*ts Iniotbec-llta 1 iii ith I sle -.t ....t1.-ill lt-t IA,t ,, s. ris Ill ., tredr c, ,t, %. C intl s s ,
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II e irreH csItciNRASd SCHOhL. 13 Fb ieC n ` A,.u'r` F.l ayer In I f C.' O I- c.e 'l .er ..c prs n t. -ha-i r.I"." stor .i Int A. .I -1 cye sir t.rn.li g a

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IsI110 01 rot AtO ND ita TiitI~t tsyeit AnIontt~o C~T A FeneleChlrin P.1.Oh O~. .1.3 Iahlltetion'r. 'I'onllo 11t C- .,1 p. otIt'l II lat Wit.ld, ee. Matss. II
i.tn.rn it' "-`ie sod Al' li.0 ". lNoiot o K erto -, I .. l t.. no. It 1 pi t iSil IlSI111. oe.0l.tec frtis F I II I in tt Attes .t
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I t .1131 red Cha AHislh t 15 .intia F-1o,otiitC It. I-1.1-1. Cid All .1-1.111- tI rl ...... N -,"t nII -, i~lT t .-t -i F-A lnict Ab erl -a Ats .ml a .R"
'A1, t' Ile r.elrtill a Ci 'e 'n I lit _7 1. *W..t" Icitttr C I0 or -a so sto t W o -S
.11.10 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ .14 C.dit1itrtfF Sfin E~Y lrrII FI.iIC I It ", __n Inretoly It IC' iem 11 AWh s llrto I Ii cit"i I 'lad sl"~ xu
n1 .ni in, oIc aIr ot1t roe .- 1.i son -n ...~lp. ....tll "t A "' rI j-tra h'iINi ,O PLN '.. tf Iitryroi' 1.r ir-tp1 m.71= hw
I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A I11 -i I1-1 are Ad tIE.. .-af A1, ot;itr'ns 111th It; Iwo ,.I so mile II tc FAc ,ao ,tatl ..elii Sca .... ..cpere dA.,ihnhats es lnrte C
IA Atol Ar.r..Riie PRINE POE. A l Aie l'c.lt A-li. Wilt Crahaer I" d." cc* it" ,o pis raolos I P It
A-49.1e' i"e, twn-thtstit C-ls-e Al'..t -in aIa.,bt -~ rI-F In.- .1 ils. pe e I uea. a-,L, -'". .
--,`.r""P.-T--C"l..nc. IA PI ,,M,,0hOSV__ re.tI S,1 -nectb -.-. ,aiiss.Lh 1
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noI"1o toter Ira -.-edo Istem pn .ahis pawnael I.an .... tileiwos I., C-i jut paotw PL- to- CON~sIa PeaS *qt -'`Tr 1tiy.jjA1,
I I eot. tncelm 7 ms- S. 1,;he 3tt-tlI-ry.D NTiipo W dI.SA .I IIA t-eAil ...~ti 11 Ia~ ,sa ,..s-et be, Isrccim, tmi
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crtlr jttrd ceaanaa a aw .api ,,m. S, rits I isIs-It Cc, GRAP ttltonIT at1 to' In 0-ia she1. l2 m.ii ..: Fi' ..re 055..ie .K.c ., --'.1 L II' ,
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ptre.I.... Estiitas .oaDs .it -.1. 5e f.,, alms 1.11- -, I~.n i.-.s Asi S Icr5 t0 c

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